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Quora Version 8.4.1629 June 2022

July 4th is Independence Day in the US. We wish everyone, wherever they are, the freedom to pursue knowledge and growth. Quora is the place to share knowledge and better understand the world. The Quora app puts the world's knowledge in the palm of your hand. With this release we: • Brought more topic diversity to your feed • Introduced Space Answers to email digest • Made some speed tweaks • Fixed some bugs Please let us know what you think by giving us a rating!.

Quora Version 8.4.1120 April 2022

Cool morning air Life begins anew How will you grow this Spring? Quora is the place to share knowledge and better understand the world. The Quora app puts the world's knowledge in the palm of your hand. With this release we: • Redesigned loading indicators • Added related answers to question pages • Fixed some bugs • Improved app performance Please let us know what you think by giving us a rating!.

Quora Version 8.4.623 February 2022

Bug fixes are red, Code tune-ups are blue, Please give us 5 stars, Thanks, we love you!.

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- Quora review

I have generally enjoyed reading Quora. The ancient history section is particularly interesting for me. Today I read an interesting piece on politics called the White Elephant in the Room which discussed how people in forum should take a breath and relax and show respect and truly read what colleagues are saying. He suggested people might actually change their opinion on certain matters. I remember when I would drive from my home in New York to Yale University, I would listen to an Evangelical channel. My colleague it’s whom I shared an office asked me why. I need to know what people of a very different opinion think The section on education is overly repetitive, and most of the questions could be answered by a simple google. Though there is a great deal of repetition in general, there are some interesting points and opinions. I don’t know if this site has an administrator (which it needs for the repetitive questions) or works by some algorithm. Anyway, no one is forced to respond to every question that might be one’s area. The atmosphere is relaxed and have not seen any disrespect or nastiness that are part of other forums.

- Frustrating to Navigate

After having used the Quora app for about two years, I have come across a few annoying issues that really ruin the experience of the app. Firstly, every time I open the app, I have to wait for the app the respond to my touches. It can take anywhere from around 10 seconds to almost 20 seconds. I don’t know what it’s doing in the background, but it’s annoying. Next, when I want to search for a question, it seems to freak out and freeze the whole app. It opens the keyboard, and I can type on it, but there is a massive delay from when I press a key to it being displayed on the screen; it only happens when I open the app after not using it for a while. Next, very often when I am scrolling down through my feed and I tap on the “read more” on an answer, it doesn’t respond to my touch as if the read more button doesn’t exist. I can tap and tap as many times I want, but it will not open the answer. Tapping on the answer itself does nothing either. This happens randomly and I don’t know why or what triggers it. The last issue is the most annoying of them all. When I’m reading the comments, and I accidentally swipe left or right just a little bit, the whole app with hang and not respond at all. I have to manually close the app and reopen it again so it can work. These issues sometimes hold me back from even opening the app. Overtime, it seems that more problems are being made than fixed with every new feature update.

- Forces giving personal data just to read posts?!

used Apple ID to login and the app FORCED me to provide my email address and name anyway. It said "optional" but after many tries, 10 minutes of waiting for the app to spin after trying to skip entering an email address (defeating the point of using Apple ID to login) I entered a random email address and I was treated with several minutes dealing with captcha crap... really?! If they have so many issues controlling fraud and/or Quora isn't sophisticated enough to deal with modern threats that they require more captcha tricks than I've ever seen I'm definitely not trusting any content... and most definitely not posting or providing my info. I see the app has high ratings... it might deserve them once you jump through all the hoops and provide personal data, but after such an inconvenient and annoying process FORCING login, FORCING giving personal data and giving info I don't want to give just to read something, I am deleting. There are far too many legit platforms I can use that don't do this... I'm surprised so many use Quora... sheep I imagine. Nevermind...I just skimmed/read a ton of so reviews... they are reviewing posts on Quora not the app or experience with the app. In fact, I stopped trying to reviews that weren't about content on Quora - only found a couple about Quora itself and they were 1-star.

- This app ruins the Quora experience.

As much as I enjoy Quora I’ve come to despise the app. It ruins my ability to access Quora content via the website or email by blocking website content and misdirecting requests to ‘read more’ from an email. Before I had the app I would get directed to the website from a daily email I would get. Right around the time I’m in the middle of a good answer, a pop up appears on my screen recommending that I download the app. The problem is that there’s no way to close the pop up. You either close the page before finishing the answer or download the app. Useless. Finally I had enough and downloaded the app. Now my emails open the app when I want to ‘read more’ of an answer. Unfortunately the app doesn’t take me directly to the answer I was interested in. It takes me to a feed with different questions. So I give up on the email question that brought me to the app in the first place and start browsing the feed and reading an answer to a new question. Right around the time I’m in the middle of that answer, the screen switches to the answer from the question in the email. Useless. After finishing the email answer, it doesn’t take me back to the question that it interrupted me from, instead it takes me back to my feed and that question is nowhere in sight. Useless.

- Tried to force me to download the unnecessary app

I stopped using the site because Quora puts up unclosable pop-ups when you DONT have the app. I downloaded it and there is nothing it can do wouldn’t be doable if they hadn’t played around with the mobile version of the site to make it less functional, AND it was slower, so I deleted it. Then I would spark up the site and get halfway through a question or reading a response and the unclosable pop up. I would exit, and it would be frustrating to find where I was. Trying to engineer my behavior in such an underhanded fashion has led me to stop using the site on my phone and my PC. I make sure to open Reddit and a few other similar sites a few times a day to get the stats up on their competitors. In making the switch, I found that Quora is much more likely to butt-in in questions and comments to engineer the conversations in such a way as to suppress free thought and any sort of disagreement that goes against the biased views of the Quora team. I really like how with reddit I don’t get notifications from Quora’s algorithm asking me to read and answer all the troll questions (there are a LOT of trolls on this site). If you are into that sort of thing, Quora is for you! Not me - I would rather actually get to see the well thought-out and politely worded disagreements with my views remain unmoderated.

- Loving Quora

Wow, just discovered it a few weeks ago and already it proves too much of a distraction! It’s given me many occasions to reflect on an issue that I know is important but maybe don’t know very much about -I have a particular blind spot re: Latin America - or it’s something I have studied but perhaps haven’t thought about in a while and thus am forced to collect my thoughts before answering. I’ve made some surprising discoveries doing that! It sometime shows me how or how much my views might have changed - strengthened in cases, weakened in others. I’ve had some very rewarding exchanges with people here. Happy to report something I wrote was apparently funny enough to make a stranger on the other side of the world pee her pants! I’ve also come across, unfortunately some disturbing questions or comments - most of which just show how deeply polarized a society can be. And then there have been a few intentionally provocative (in an ugly way) statements that I did not restrain pen or tongue long enough prevent me from replying with an uncivil post — a few of which have been deleted by the admins, appropriately in my view.

- I would give it a one but I can at least still use the search bar and look at other people’s content

I just got this app recently and everything was going good for the first day I had it. I wrote a question I got an answer almost immediately but the next day I wanted to type another question but I was BLOCKED I still don’t know why and for those wondering my first question was about engineering, nothing inappropriate just engineering, anyway I went to find customer service but the closest thing I found was a search bar for pre-written questions I also looked online and even Quora and they all said that it was probably one of my posts offended someone but the only thing I said on there was a question about how to get started on engineering. If your reading this Quora please help my in someway so I can write questions again then I’ll probably rate 5 stars because besides my problem this app is awesome! Edit: I’m not sure if you read my review or if it was a glitch but it’s back to normal so I’m voting 5 stars

- User interface drives me crazy

Lots of social media apps annoy me because I am reading something interesting, close the app for 5 minutes, open it again and the screen refreshes and often I cannot find the item again. Besides that issue, often when I’m trying to find where I left off in the comments of an answer, and I’m swiping my finger up in order to scroll to the end, I reach the bottom of the page (not the last comment, because I have not even expanded all the many comment “nests”—just the bottom of the comments visible so far) and inadvertently swipe the entire thread up and it disappears, never to be found again. Why are there no “expand all comments” buttons on many social media apps? Why does the same gesture (swiping up) both take me to the spot where I left off but also accidentally make the post I’m reading disappear? Why is it so hard to find things I started but did not finish reading (unless I had the chance to interact with it in some way, meaning it would show in my activity)? Am I the only person who finds these behaviors so frustrating? Every time there’s an update, I hope they have finally fixed these issues, but so far no luck.

- Not a good app if you like writing. It used to be but not anymore.

First when you report someone for doing something like harassment or sexual stuff involving illegal stuff , there is a chance if they feel it is not a big deal your own account will get temporary suspended. Not kidding. The amount of sexual content involving catfishes or non catfishes is unreal and takes away from the professional side though it is worth mentioning you have the option to turn off adult content but regardless such accounts that post possible illegal pictures aren’t being taken down by repeating offenders. Also if someone insults you and you report them they will likely not take action but if you do the same it is likely they suspend your account as well. Again this used to be a legit and credible site now it is going down the alexa ranks fast due to the over saturated ads and repeated not so thought out questions anytime you follow a space. Ex. If you like a answer about cheese , you will see questions like “is it bad to stick cheese in my eye balls?” Another thing is the community is really toxic though you have your good apples there are more bad ones even among topics that involves science and medicine. Please do yourself a favor and find a better place to find enthusiastic writers/bloggers.

- A lot better then yahoo answers

I love that I actually get real answers on this app. On yahoo answers people call you racial slurs for asking a question about Islam or I could ask “what’s the best movie to watch?” And people would tell me to F off or give a sarcastic answer and I would literally have have 28 “answers” on the question and not one of them would actually answer the question and it’s really messed up. Where as here everyone is so much kinder and not many trolls. I love this app it feels like a safe place and I could ask the strangest of questions and not one person would judge me for it. The only problem I have with this is few of my questions are still unanswered and it’s been 8 months. But most of the time they are answered fairly quickly. The other thing is I wish there wasn’t a limit on the number of letters used in the question and I wish is I wish I could comment anonymously. You might be able to but I’ve had this app for a couple of years and still can’t figure out how.❤️I definitely recommend this app tho to anyone. I absolutely love this app.

- In a world of Blather, sharp voices emerge

Not everyone, but the core of this site is the people who are passionate about their own pursuits. Look into the Shakespeare threads and you’ll find professors, academicians, actors, lifelong afecianados and more than a few high school kids or college undergrads trying to get the others to do their homework for them, and it’s lovely to see the occasional pedagogue call them on their shirking ways and steer them back to the proper ways. IT’S Not just the bard, of course...the other day I wandered into a thread of moterheads deeply informed on the nuances of V-8 combustion engines and how to make them faster, louder and more exquisite. No idea what they were saying, but there’s a pleasure in reading passionate savants go at it, no matter what the topic. Do you like antique watches but no one else you know gives a feather or a fig? Start a group here, or find one ready made. Nobody wants to hear your opinions on Betty vs Veronica? Poke around here, you’ll find dozens. G’wan, it’s omnispectic! Jump right in!

- The app always falls short

I love Quora—-the website that is. It’s educational, entertaining, and fun all at the same time. There are so many people who have a deep understanding of things and so knowledgeable in the way they provide their answers—-with some who are not so knowledgeable, though a lot fun to exchange replies with nonetheless. But wow a sharp decline in both quality and user friendly interface could not even begin to describe the disappointment that is this Quora. It almost feels like two different entities, where one is just a cheap knockoff. The Quora website experience, although sometimes clunky, is enjoyable in both content and site navigation. The app is like the Great Value or Wish of what the website is like. I mean the continued and almost neverending error you get while trying to even just open the app is just HORRIBLE. Then it lags while you navigate through the app screens, where many times buffering is so long it will just crash. So you try to open it again and guess what? Ahhh of course the neverending error of just trying to open it. I mean what a hack of an app and an embarrassment to what is otherwise a great thing.

- ALWAYS learn something NEW + VERY interesting ‼️

I enjoy Quara very much- so many , many different viewpoints and helpful hints especially about why men and women cheat, about why men keep a girlfriend from high school that they love on the side , yet because it’s so late in their life like being in their 60s the don’t seem to love the wife but want high school lover instead , about emotional and verbal abuse why women stay , about different races, music, science, human behavior , what men wish women would do and vice verse why our pets are important , backstabbing g friends, how our parents raised us and it’s affect on us years later when we are in our 60s, what love and being “ in “ love means - I’m truly addicted to this site such a diversity of topics and I enjoy trying to read them all ! It’s simply a very fascinating site that I read every day if only for a few minutes- especially subjects about why men do certain things and us women as well ! Thank you for having it for us keep it going please‼️‼️‼️‼️

- Quora review

I like quora ok but your website does not allow for free expression of thought or debate bc your website is too concerned with someone being too offended. When a person goes into the real world and have been sheltered from offensive things, how will he or she deal with job rejection, criticism from employers, people on the street telling an offensive joke, or someone getting mad at him or her and yelling with no holding back. They will need more help psychologically bc it will be a complete mental rush and may lead to depression and other things. If a woman asks “I am a single mother and cannot secure a good relationship outside of the bedroom, what’s going on?” And I answer honestly, your moderators will flag it bc it’s too offensive and this response has no name calling and just spills facts on the table. So how can someone get a real opinion if it is sugar coated to hell. My supervisors or bosses are blunt and while it may hurt feelings when being criticized to some, I find that blunt nature of my superiors to be great bc it helps learn boundaries and keeps people doing great things and creating an amazing product. Stop worrying about being offended and people will have better responses and while arguments may end up with name calling, who cares, sticks and stones.

- Loved it at first, but then..

So I saw Quora online and loved the questions and the nice well-thought answers people would give back. So I downloaded the app to ask questions myself. I got on, asked a question and scrolled through the app for a little bit and I was done. Next day I see my account says I have zero questions. I thought that was weird so I asked the same question again thinking the app just glitched. I see again today that it still hasn’t posted my question. So I go to post another one today and it says “you have been blocked from asking questions.” WHATTTT??? For what reason? I have not been using this app inappropriately or bullying anyone of the sort, so I’m highly confused. The only reason I can think of why I was blocked is because the question I asked offended one of the “Quora employees” if that makes sense. My question was “what should I say when my overweight friend asks if she’s fat?” It wasn’t a rude question, it was honest. My friend is well overweight and I’m concerned for her health and I’m trying to say something without offending her. So I’m really annoyed right now because I was looking forward to getting answers to my question. Since I cannot ask questions there is no point in using the app.

- Fine

The previous review was talking about political questions. Unless there was a no politics no religion ban, you will always have conjecture, rhetoric and biased points of view. It is an open forum, and aside from ad hom and foul language, people are free to speak their mind. But there is nothing wrong with an open debate that focuses on politics having spin. People are still given upvotes and if you feel an answer is wrong just don’t follow them, and if people keep upvoting bs block them too. The site is well managed, and while you can find nonsense in there..if you take the time to choose reliable people to interact with, your gonna get more reliable answers. My only qualm would be that people upvote people because of their celebrity and sometimes they make the content secondary to the topic and question. And of course being an open forum there is content that is not accurate. But these people are rarely upvotes and their content is ussually not found on your feed.

- Love Quora, don’t like being forced to the app

The app is great and works great for me. However, when I click an email from Quora to read more, it opens in safari and my feed proceeds there. Lately, not long after I start reading, I get a permanent message window, blocking the rest of the answer, telling me to download the app and preventing me from seeing the rest of the comments I am trying to read. There is no way to clear out of it. When I click to go to the app, it goes to the App Store first. By the time I get to the app, it is not on that question anymore and I don’t get to finish reading what I had started. I need to figure out how to have the email open in the app or there needs to be a way to click out of it or if I click to go to the app, it should continue where I was so I can finish the question I was reading. I couldn’t find a way in the app to leave feedback about this so I left a review here instead.

- A great site

This’s a great site to use. It’s amazing what you can find here. I really like being able to find and create content in other languages such as Spanish and Portuguese. The app is pretty fast compared to using it on a computer. My only gripes are it seems to glitch at times which can be annoying. Your drafts aren’t always saved, there seems to be a limit as to how much you can share (though it’s not clear), and the way it’s set up to how you can paste photos is very mind boggling. The original method was fine, why this one? Not only do you have to either save it in your phone or highlight the photo itself, but if you’re trying to copy and paste links, it takes more space than it should. It also doesn’t look good if you’re doing a photo collage. It’s also impossible to seek help from someone who works there. In spite of these problems, I like it and still am overwhelmed at how much you have to read. It’s amazing. Check it out.

- Q&A site where questions are judged instead of answered

Do not download this app I’ve been on it for quite some time and it gets more and more frustrating every time as not only are there a lot of really dumb questions but very rarely will I see or get an actual answer to a question as it feels like I’m more so being judged for my questions rather than getting a legitimate answer from it and I see this with other people ask questions too, and not only that but I’ve also seen questions where some people will end up getting offended for no reason and taking the questions personally. The other problem is that fact that you can’t delete questions after they’ve been answered even if there’s only one answer and it gets deleted you’re still prevented from deleting the question. And I think all of this could be fixed if the app were executed better and had mods who check the app frequently to ban the people asking questions that aren’t important and the people not answering questions respectfully, also get rid of the comment section it’s not necessary and it’s only giving the trolls more power.

- Power sucker

The developers really need to work on optimizing this app for power efficiency. It consumes way too much power to keep it running, even in the background (iPhone 6) You can actually watch the battery percentage drop while typing. And, needless to say, my phone gets very hot while using it. I have to quit the app, if I want to preserve battery power for the rest of the day. This is bad programming and not acceptable for an app that just views text and facilitates the editing of text. The other issue is the inability to highlight specific text while editing your post. The app will either scroll all the way up or all the way down. Extremely frustrating and ridiculous. This issue has been going on long enough and makes one wonder if Quora developers actually use the app in the real world. This wouldn’t be so bad if one could enter and format text in another app, perhaps adding style tags, then copy and paste the text within the Quora app and expect it to retain the formatting.

- Violation of privacy

I despise monopolised requirements to provide personally identifiable information for the sake of than selling that info to affiliates of the company thus pushing the consumer to buy something they are not interested in and making the company money. The sad part is the company denies this justified malicious business practice and smothers it with legalese and candied phrases connivingly scripting the companies representatives to ignorantly state things like ‘We do not sale identity information’ but refuse to admit that they do sale public information about you; like you name, address, phone number and your family and friends that you have an affiliation with. This ‘public information’ is stolen from your profiles of your social networks like - in this case - google or Facebook, that they force you to register with to ‘access all features and provide the best possible experience’. I say monopolised because a significant number of articles are exclusively linked to this platform meaning that it’s not very productive to remove this platform if you want to stay in touch. You can’t hide these facts from me I can translate the legalese, from you terms and conditions, into laymen’s terms.

- Good and bad at the same time

When I joined Quora I-don’t-know-how-many-years-ago, it was just pure fun reading stories and answers from across the world. Then I discovered the depth of experience and knowledge that existed in Quora, and I started looking for specific information. Next, I started asking my own questions; this had mostly positive results, but sometimes brought out crazy answers and attacks! It only got worse as time went on. I sometimes commented on answers, and gave my liberal opinion on the day’s issues. More craziness came out! I got reported for being offensive and attacking when no such thing occurred! Finally I had enough when I asked a question about Russian efforts/tactics in social media across Europe (hoping to get expert answers from across Europe) and I got a warning from Quora that I could get booted off if I asked such questions! How dare I presume that Russia had social media influencers! Enough! Now, I occasionally check on answers about cats and dogs! Sad that Quora has come to this.

- I wonder?

I often wonder why I spent so much time reading Quora? I'm an ex broadcast news reporter, which translate in my case to be a news junkie. But Quora is opinions. That being good, bad or indifferent, it is 100% personal opinions. Not based on research, not based on interviews, but instead based entirely on personal opinion. That opinion is sometimes based on solid past experiences and training, but opinion nevertheless. I believe I am drawn to Quora because traditional journalism based on who, what, when, where and why is 85% gone. Sure, there are still examples of crew journalism, and investigative journalism at some major newspapers, and other journalism organizations. But for the most part today's journalism carries little more weight for me then Quora. But at least Quora makes no bones about the fact that they are opinion, even identifing those people making the opinion. Whereas journalism still tries to present itself as fair minded and fact not opinion. I am a leaning left moderate politically and in most of my opinions. I don't pay much more attention to CNN these days, as I do and have to Fox news for the last few years. I enjoy Quora because it is fun to read, and helps me to widen my view on the world issues because of the vastly different opinions on such a long variety of topics. Quora is not a substitute or replacement for old fashion journalism, but Quora never said it was.

- Many More Goods Than Bads

I really enjoy people’s answers to questions about many things,. I like the Spanish version; I grew up in Peru and it updates my knowledge about Spanish culture and language. I really like the religion section because I get to talk to people who WANT to talk about religion. Most of my acquaintances in real life don’t want to talk about religion. Even at church we have a set way of talking about things. But on Quora I can talk with many people from all perspectives in life from atheists to conservative believers of all faiths. There is so much to explore there! I tried the app and was ok with it until something changed and the Quora screen would no longer rotate on my iPad. Every other app I had would rotate so I think it is the Quora app. I can’t type answers with my head sideways. So I had to delete the app. I guess they have a new version. I guess I should try it. I love Quora! If they would just let the app screen rotate . . .

- Understanding Narcism

I was married to a true narcissist. He has every symptom of Narcism. Starting with getting hit by a car at 12 years old. He was in hospital for a year. His family didn’t see him much and when Christmas came around that year, NOBODY came to visit him. That was the childhood trauma. Explain why he does super shopping and spent $10,000 + in Jewelry and other expensive gifts. The kids got EVERYTHING on their list and a whole bunch more. He’d go to Toys R Us on Christmas Eve and fill up Two trucks full of presents. He had to wrap them himself and on Christmas morning he sat there like the gift king and told each of us just how much he spent on the gift. That’s is Christmas. After that he is right back to his usual self. A narcissist. I could give you examples for every symptom but the list would be way to long. I was married to him 18 years. I did that to protect my children.

- Quora keeps erasing my responses

This has happened to me a couple of times in the past week and just now. Both before and after I upgraded my IPad to iOS 15. So I don’t think the upgrade is to blame. I am typing a response and all of a sudden my keyboard becomes unresponsive. I start tapping different spots in the paragraph just to get the cursor moving. Nothing, then suddenly the cursor will just jump to a spot or end up highlighting everything I just wrote and then everything disappears. All my carefully thought out points to answer the question are gone. It just happened to me a few minutes ago. However this time I was able to take a screen shot of what I wrote in response to a Quora question before it all disappeared. Completely unacceptable. Now I don’t know if this is an Apple issue or a Quora issue but it is certainly is an issue. I would like to point out that this has not happened to me while writing in any other app nor while I am typing this review. Please fix this. I will update my review once it is fixed.

- Useless Questions

Quora used to be an amazing app where I could learn a lot about life, ask questions and receive thoughtful answers, and learn other peoples wisdom, but now the only questions that pop up on my feed are ones that are asking “what is a screenshot that deserves 100k likes?” Who actually cares? Are these bots that ask these same questions over and over again? I personally couldn’t care less about these posts because that basically makes this site a meme website when it’s not supposed to be. I find these questions in the Psychology space In quora, but what does that have to do with psychology? Do I just need to reorganize the spaces that I follow on quora so I don’t get these stupid questions or is it a lost cause? And when I try to find some actual meaningful questions and answers it always comes back to the ones that ask “what made you smile today?” Or “what disgusts you?” It’s okay if I see these questions sometimes, but if it’s over and over again then it just gets ridiculous. Especially if it’s about celebrities I couldn’t care less about

- Disgusting

I clicked a link on Facebook that lead me to the Quora website. I started to read the article, but after a couple seconds, a screen popped up that told me that if I wanted to continue reading, I had to enter my email. Not wanting to give this website my email, I exited without providing any of my information. The next day, I started receiving emails from this website. The website knew my name and had compiled a series of articles that it thought i might enjoy. WHAT AN UNBELIEVABLE INVASION OF PRIVACY. I made the conscious choice to NOT give this company my email. And what do they do? Go ahead and sign me up for their email list anyway. Why even bother asking people for their email if you’re just going to access all their information through Facebook anyway? To give the illusion that you’re not completely invading our privacy, I suppose. To create a facade. I have absolutely NO TOLERANCE for companies like these. How dare you steal people’s information for your own benefit? Shame on you. I will NEVER click a link to this website again and I will continue to tell everyone to stay away from this selfish, desperate, and pathetic company.

- Variety of topics and levels of interaction for everyone

I love this app because it has multitudes of topics so anyone can find a large variety of things to learn about. I am extremely curious, especially when it comes to people’s views on things. I love to see the variety of experiences and facts that influence people to hold specific opinions. This helps me see many viewpoints and ways of perceiving topics I’m interested in. I have on several occasions even changed my mind when I’ve been presented facts in a new way (and/or) whenI was given an anecdotal story that made me reconsider views I had held prior to hearing that person’s specific experience! I love the variety of answers from short to long, overviews to in depth analyses, from scientific answers to more personal or emotional answers, and just how differently a question can be perceived piques my curiosity! I love this app!!!

- Forced to be here

While I prefer reddit and the app (Apollo), I tend to google things and stumble on Quora once in a while. The mobile site is great. However I wanted to expand a comment and was forced to download the app to read the last two sentences. I would only use this app once or twice a month and hate taking up space just to read a comment. As with Yelp and Pinterest this forced app integration is annoying. I google something click a link read it and move on. Instead I google something click Quora, read half, force to download app, sign in, go back to google, click link , open in Quora, finish , delete app. Something that should have been so simple turned out to be painful and complicated and *80% of the time I just go to another source. I choose to use reddit browser or app I’m not forced to. The app itself is not bad. It’s just the premise behind it!

- Good Premise Horrible Execution

Two very big issues have lead me to delete my account as well as the app itself. First is their arbitrary and seemingly biased enforcement of their, “Be nice,” policy. What my experience has been is when your views favor a conservative or really anything that isn’t fitting with a liberal, politically correct point of view, it will be flagged then deleted. Of course it doesn’t matter that you haven’t sworn or attacked someone personally. It also doesn’t matter what was written that you were responding to. Their attacks are perfectly ok. Whoever it is that’s making these decisions are completely biased. They are the ones who decide if your tone or whatever it is they find offensive is a violation of this ridiculous policy. Secondly the app itself as well as the interface is terrible. It’s not user friendly, confusing and makes looking at or for the very content you were just given a notification for difficult. The concept is great and hopefully another developer creates a better and fairer program that actually allows free speech. I believe it’s because of these issues Quora hasn’t become a big success.

- It’s good.

I saw this app on Google when I asked it some more elaborate questions. It’s a good way to get some decent answers to questions that Google can’t seem to properly answer. I like it! Most of the time you get respectful answers from experts or people with experience. One small request I have is that we should be able to expand on our questions. Sometimes I have to explain a scenario and it takes more than a sentence or two, and it impacts the accuracy of the responses or overall opinion of the people answering the questions. I also think they should relax a bit on their terms. I got blocked from using my account simply for not having my full name. Other reviews seem to have a problem with censoring questions and suspending accounts, sometimes with no explanation. This makes me nervous to post or react as often as I could. Otherwise, it’s super useful and I’m glad I downloaded it!

- Ask a question feature doesn’t work properly

When I try to submit a question as part of the Partner program, the flow keeps getting stuck. After I select the people to request answers from, it takes me back to the page where I select the topics. It keeps going on in a loop where I’m not sure if the question is submitted yet. But when I try to submit the question again on the mobile website, it seems like my question was already posted. Very confusing! I also don’t like how it’s unclear on the mobile web or app where to explain my question in more detail. The part below the question field only suggests putting a link there. Once I start writing a question, the list of similar questions blocks the field to submit an explanation on mobile web and mobile app. It’s unclear how to earn any substantial amount of money from participating in the Partner Program. Each question posted seems to only generate a few cents or nothing at all. Quora also doesn’t proactively educate partners on how to increase earnings or how to receive payments.

- Non valuable questions

I spend hours reading informative answers to interesting questions, but am bogged down by the relentless torrent of questions which have no apparent value to anyone. I am thinking of questions which run “how many words can you make from the word ‘language’ which contain ‘g’” or what is the next number in the series ‘1234’ which is not 5. I also find quite a large number of questions don’t have any meaning or context. Also trivial questions such as how do you spell ‘color’ or repeats. Finally the large number of questions which could be answered directly by Google or a Dictionary. It is the sheer labor of looking for questions whose answers are informative or personal experiences that slightly diminishes the pleasure of reading and writing answers to good questions on Quora.

- If you want your phone to boss you around, by all means download the Quora app

This app is exceedingly annoying. There is no browsing the website once this app is installed. The site will constantly nag you to use the app, and even disable pages midway through to send a notification that blocks the page and can’t be cancelled. If you click a link within the app and the website opens on the integrated browser, there is no option to share the link. Instead you need to share the Quora post. Functionally, the app is fine, but it doesn’t add much, if anything, over the website. I browse with a VPN. I’m sure Quora gets a lot out of making me use their app, such as access to my information, but really, what does forcing use of the app do for the consumer? Naturally, as there’s no added utility for the app *for me*, and it only serves to annoy me, I give it one star. I’ve never had an app do this so insistently, and it turns me off the service altogether. I’d rather not use it at all than get constantly harassed and pushed around by my own smart device!

- Forced to install the app to delete my account

I have had an account on Quora for years. I responded to a post and was flagged because the a moderator didn’t like my name, even thought it’s been the same on there for years. So, I tried to delete my account, but was forced to install the app to do it. Then, it wanted the password I used when I signed up, but I used Google sign-in, so I didn’t have one. It said I needed to create a password and sent me a link. When I got the link, it said it was expired and sent me back to the app. I tried to request it again, but was then notified that I already requested a password reset and wasn’t allowed another one. I had to log in again via Google sign-in to deactivate my account. Only after that was I allowed to request account deletion. Also, I received 502 site errors repeatedly during this whole cumbersome process. I already wasn’t using the app, because I found the features buggy and lacking. Then I’m forced to install it again to leave? Ridiculous. Keep the account. If you don’t like my name, you don’t need me in your community. Period.

- Biased left-wing propaganda echo chamber & unusable website.

This app makes the website totally unusable. You are forced to download it, even if you do have an account and are logged in on the website, because there are pop ups that you cannot close that will only allow you to close the tab or download the app. I suppose it’s for the best anyway, this entire platform is a giant echo chamber/hugbox built for the #resistance conspiracy cat ladies and “Russian collusion” fan fiction writers of the world, who will fiercely downvote your post to oblivion lest you contribute anything resembling factual, cited information and burst their self-congratulatory bubble. If you are looking for a place to have your questions answered by self-appointed “experts” and other such dregs of the bottom 1/5th of the IQ range, where the idea of quality contributions are the same copy-pasted generic prattle or pseudo-intellectual bombastic answers from respondents attempting to appear like wisened, respected academics and *not* the unimpressive, 45+ year-old part-time retail managers living in their parents’ homes posing as “experts”, this is the place for you! If not, avoid at all costs.

- Great, Thought Provoking Content

Your mind will be *challenged* to say the least. You’ll be pushed to the upper limits of your imagination and gain insight on how to cope with the subtle nuances of reality. It’s rather interesting. NOTE: not all spaces on this app are pro-enlightenment (meaning some folks are h**l bent on complaining about Twitter posts and triggering your inner cringe via microaggressions and senseless trolling..:even going si far as to flag politically correct and socially conscious comments). Simple avoid these spaces and avoid those who try and stalk you or trigger you via circumventing their remarks or responding to them directly with enough ferocity to repel them outright so that you gain a great night’s rest. At the end of the day, I earned it - you did, too! RIP Mamba Bryant, Nipsey Hussle, and all we’ve lost for no reason. Carry the torch into the future, we shall (Yoda voice). - OG Wan

- Discussing animals is always great, but…

I read Quora almost every day and generally enjoy hearing people talk about their pets. The love that is evidenced is wonderful to absorb. However, I have to say, on occasion I am shocked by the stupidity of some of the questions, the answers to which seem blatantly obvious. These ate the ones I sometimes answer and am often upvoted for. Things like, “ will my dog miss me if I go away?” Or “should I have my six week old kitten’s claws removed?” just make me crazy. I believe that everyone with love snd compassion and the proper resources should have a companion animal. Not only would it help free the shelters but it would immeasurably improve the lives of the people. However, when I read questions that have no thought behind them, I worry for the sake of the animal.

- Emails and app not linked

So I get Quora emails with articles I want to read, click on them so they open in a browser window, and then the message pops up halfway through the article I’m reading telling me to get the app. But I already have the app. And when I click on the icon (which you cannot ignore) to ‘get the app, it sends me to the App Store and even though I open the app from the App Store I will never find the rest of the item I was reading. I have all the pieces necessary but I still cannot read complete articles. I would like the link from my email to be more intelligent, detect that I ALREADY have the app, and open the article or whatever in the app so this does not happen. Also, if I’m reading an article on the browser and it wants me to read it in the app, it should link me to the app. BECAUSE I ALREADY HAVE IT. This is very frustrating and I may stop trying to read things at all through Quora and right now I’m trying to decide if I want to just stop emails and delete the app altogether.

- Advertisers get priority

Quora has gone downhill. Now, in the Mormon categories, the lds church has paid enough to Quora in advertising that they can “create their own narrative.” What does this mean? Content critical of mormons is collapsed or limited in views. Quora has several mormon reps that point out people critical of the church for two week edit bans. If you continue being critical, you’re permanently banned. It’s the worst. But it’s not just mormons - it’s everything. You can’t be critical or even question any religion, anything Jewish or Masonic, anything liberal or progressive, oh and get this - my answer got deleted for pointing out my google results of studies done on cell phone dangers to health. I hadn’t even taken a stance yet, I just showed some of the websites and their titles regarding research on cell phones - totally censored. It’s ridiculous. I use to love it, but now its all about the money. Oh and then you’ve got thousands of people being paid to ask questions. I haven’t seen anything decent to read on there in months.

- About the app, not the site

Quora is a great community, OK? That’s despite the increasingly high-pressure monetization of the site’s audience. Quora has also just suffered a data breach. I’ve just come from resetting my password after Quora warned me that my info may have been compromised. You can also get to Quora via a computer web browser, and I promise you the experience will be an improvement over this app. Nevertheless, if you access the site in a mobile browser, Quora has recently taken to hiding the site with an overlay — forcing you to download the app in order to continue. It’s a brute-force move that communicates contempt for users. At least that’s how I felt, having just been directed to the web — not the app — to reset my compromised password. I stayed to read one eye-catching answer, only to be interrupted by this insulting overlay. It had a shining sun and fluffy clouds on it. Now about this app: I use it almost every day, but I often swear at it. For a text-based app, Quora is (still) a huge resource hog. It will drain your battery as fast as many games. Connection failures are frequent. There is nothing you can do about it; just close the app and find something else to do. Fortunately the app is very good about saving your work automatically, in case you are writing an answer. Every now and again I delete the app from my phone for the sake of my mental health. I suppose that’s a good practice with any addictive app.

- Annoyed

I am totally annoyed. I’m reading emails and Quora pops up with some interesting topic. I clicked one and opened it. I clicked the show more link or whatever and it says I must read the rest from the app and to download the so if I haven’t already. Lucky me, it’s already downloaded. I click the already downloaded button and it still takes me to the App Store. I closed my App Store page??? and redo it all over again to see if my baby it was a glitch or if I could close the pop up... I can’t and it’s not a glitch. So once again I’m at the app page. I don’t write reviews typically, it seems bratty just like my complaint and it’s inconvenient but you guys made it extremely convenient since you forced me to your App Store page. By then I was like 2 clicks from the review button. If you’re going to force someone off of safari into your app, at least make the page load directly in the app. I should have to search what I was reading. It’s inconvenient. Sorry for the one star because I know my complaint is childish but oh well.

- So many problems I don’t ever know what to say

To start with I don’t know why you changed the old UI. It was comfortable and easy to use, and for me easier to use one handed. Why did you move the profile menu to the top left of the screen? Literally the opposite side of the screen from where the average right handed person rests their hand? What was wrong with the old design? Why do I have to go through 4 menu screens to see my questions and answers? I just don’t get it. Change for the sake of change I guess. Edit: With continued use of the app I have encountered 2 bugs that require a restart of the app to fix. And 1 that requires me to return to home then continue. 1. The keyboard will not retract while browsing the app. The buttons on the bottom cannot be seen or pressed. This requires a full restart of the app. 2. When clicking the profile menu in the top left hand corner it does not open my profile and instead opens the question category selection menu. This requires a full restart of the app. 3. The “Next” button when selecting people to request answers from does not work. It has the appearance of being pressed but after waiting minutes for it to do something that normally took half a second it does not do anything. Pressing it again does not work either. This requires me to cancel out, find the question I wanted to request answers to, and re-select everyone I wanted to ask. I had none of these problems before the update.

- Latest update is absolutely horrid.

When I started with Quora it quickly became my favorite place in the web. I loved the format. Ask a question, get more than an answer... Get an explanation, or personal anecdotes from the one answering the question, or some relevant charts or some pictures or... I'm sure your get the picture. Quora allowed oneself to sometimes be the student, sometimes the teacher, or just a silent participant. I go to Quora via my email, usually, and since I updated this app, Quora has been forcing me to get out of the link I'm in and use the app. Sometimes I don't want to do that. I don't want to open the app and when they force it down your throat like this I don't even want to read it at all. The news feed is getting to be too many sponsored links at this point, as well. Certainly they could model their news feed from something better than Facebook. I'm sure I sound angry and bent, and it's because I am. Quora is a fantastic idea and lately someone's been Effing with it and the results have been for the worse. When Quora doesn't force me to use the app I'll consider revising my WELL DESERVRD ONE STAR review into the five star app it used to be before someone decided I couldn't decide things for myself.

- Healing with Quora

I’ve been struggling with my feelings for over a year. Wondering how a strong, smart individual ( woman) could be so blind to the reality of life. By reading about Narcissistic behavior it has given me insight as to how I fell captive. I still don’t feel that I can blame the narcissist completely because I too made choices . However, I understand now how I fell deeper and deeper into the spiders web. My thoughts and actions were tangled in his web not the web of reality. Thank you Quora for the presence of your knowledge and the knowledge of the people that write to you. You have helped me immensely. I still struggle but with each day I become more gentle with my internal thoughts of my behavior . I will continue to follow you and maybe one day I too can be someone that helps others.

- Silly to force web users to use app

It’s quite frustrating to make perfectly happy users of the web experience convert to the app. I downloaded just so I could check it out and review. Appears to be undifferentiated capability in the app; Quora you have the approach reversed. Not sure what the strategy is aside from wasting users time and frustrating them. As for me, uninstalling the app and since web version doesn’t seem to be an option, so I suppose I’m done with quora so I’ll unsubscribe to mailing list. I install very few apps, only those with differentiated capability from web offering, otherwise the web wins. The company I work for has made a difficult but wise decision for our product offering; put apps on life support and double down on our web offering; seems like a good strategy for Quora unless they are sitting on a pile of cash with nothing to do or some fantastic app strategy. A bit interesting but typically for me has been a waste of time. Sorry Quora.

- used to be informational

Once upon a time, i would turn on quora and find myself hours later realizing i had become lost in the midst of phenomenal information. Pieces of history never previously heard, battles of war with strategies that gave a reason why battles were won or lost, information that was useful or could put the snippet away for the future, all were intriguing, But one day when i opened quora an article spoke about sexual fantasies, then another, then about death, sexual abuse and other life's very personal news events and associated weirdness. Such as how to avoid arrests, police searches, made up questions by the person answering and bizarre stories that were in most cases fantasies. With little or no oversight, a great platform became tragic and i lost the urge to explore, mathematical questions repeated OVER and OVER, with all those pieces gone now the main reasons why i loved the app disappeared in a flash. It's sad that a great app lost its vision and now its population is eroding to another useless platform of useless or bogus information.

- Annoying lately

Quora was one of my favorite apps in my mobile, I deleted recently as it became unbearable to mute or downvote the topics, authors, questions I might like. . I still search in Quora for all my questions. I used to spend at least 1 hr per day reading great people answers, options, wisdom in their answers and learn a bit or two from quora. Now, quora is very annoying as it keeps suggesting me ocean of topics / authors and it’s not possible for me to mute all those things. I’ve given 3 stars because it’s worth it. I can download the again only after I see better FEED algorithm which let’s me have more controls to choose topics I’m interested than the robo suggesting me what I like to read or follow. PS: I’ve no complaints with the links as that’s how quora earns money, but please stop all those suggestion of authors, topics questions I want to follow. Edit: I down voted(1*) quora as it is becoming more and more annoying and deleted the app. I would not download the app until I see quora feed improved. There is limit for everything.

- Walk on eggshells!!!

Had this app for many years, always enjoyed it and some good content on here. However the past few months I’ve been answering questions and leaving comments and as the title says you better walk on eggshells! The world is so sensitive and soft no matter what you say be it the truth or not will get you in trouble on there and I believe they are also sexist towards men. I left a comment and it was removed because they said it was “hate speech” however a woman left a comment that included the “hate speech “ parts and hers is still up. Plus you get the whack jobs who will insult you and they get a free pass. They let pedophiles on there posting illegal things and theirs young kids on there pretending to be adults. It’s really gone downhill and I no longer want to be a part of it so I just deleted the account! If you get this don’t post comments or answer anything especially if your a normal non popular guy cause you won’t be on for long to you see how it is!

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- Quora is a most enlightening app'.

Quora has really helped me to understand just ever so much as to the fact that there are many,many people out there who are experiencing personal social problems in their own lives which are similar to what I have been going through. One most significant issue that has been the bane of my life for a very long time is the subject of narcissism. I was not even familiar with the word let alone being aware that I was in a "friendship"(?) a particular character who was having a very detrimental affect apon my personal stability yet I was still unable to put a finger apon him and his most bizarre behaviour towards me as what I had always believed to be normal human behaviour just simply didn't apply to him. Well, A big Thankyou to Quora towards enlightening me in a most helpful way through your many participants and their own contributions that I have finally "seen the light" regarding my dilemma and have been able to finally cut through the confusion regarding this person and that my recovery is now in order !.

- Read, write, explore, learn & share

Quora is a highly regarded question and answer site that stands out from the pack due to the quality of its content unique features offered by the website that are also available through the Quora app. The Quora app is intuitive, stable and is packed with functionality: search for existing questions, ask new questions, read other people's answers to questions, add your response to existing questions and upvote anything that you really enjoy reading or that teaches you something new. Your customised daily Quora feed will provide links to questions about topics you are interested in or you search by topic to find questions and answers yourself. Your feed will also contain links to external content that is both relevant and entertaining. Get notified when someone answers a question you have asked or when someone has upvoted one of your answers. It's easy to join the Quora community and best of all - it's free!

- Hope of fans(all around)

I hope all my fans around the world are not fearless amd happily not settled. Because of fears and their sociopathic relationship between them and their family members. Haha baba reacts for reds in tinder and then also communicates me in my worldview. He is gentle but he is talking to me now :( . And I have my friend in adeilade whose name is prince he is junior or senior i think 19 he looks very cute but is samll i think but also still i dont know if i may be able to go okinawa ko meet my friend kentaro, whose eyes are really small and cute. Daniel james headchef of monavale and deepa owner of b-k cafe bar she is really nice and charming lady. I often miss her and my friend oshan who lives in dee why sydney. Kyle who I meet in hospital is really close to me now. And my friends samundra, Bøñįķ and bishesh(aus) they are close from my 🔴. The only think I care is my car which was trashed today by my mom😅. I dont know but it really gave me stress alot. I was lost all the time

- Quora is my favourite app

Quora is probably my favourite app. I am naturally curious person, my mind comes up with so many useless questions I do not necessarily NEED an answer to, however it feels as if I might explode from the pure unsolved mystery if I couldn’t easily find an answer. I genuinely think I would go crazy if I was born into a time without the internet. Quora gives me a platform where I can request someone from anywhere in the world, with any experience I could possibly dream of to help answer any question that comes into my my mind. Thank you for creating this app! The one problem I have is navigating the app. I find it confusing to find my own questions, view the answers to them and my notifications are all over the place. Nonetheless I’ll still continue using it. I’d give it 10/5 if I could.

- Excellent, but for one annoying feature

I’m trying to post a bug report for Quora, but whenever I try to go to the developer’s website, it opens the quora app instead. This in itself is an annoying bug, but notifications are another. I recently reset the settings on my iPad. Thus resulted in notifications being turned off. The app correctly asks me to turn on notifications, but then sends me to settings which has no option to turn on notifications. Because of this I am constantly being prompted to turn on notifications without any way to do that.

- A Measure of What People Think

Sure Quora can be viewed as a place to get answers but it so much more. It’s an insight into what other people, other nations are thinking. The quality of some of the answers is excellent. Responses that are well considered and researched by people who are not always academics but people who often have the experience to provide depth to the responses. Yes there are people who are asking questions purely to get responses and earn money; I’d prefer a model that rewards both question askers and answerers, but you soon sought out those questions and avoid them. A good app

- Find An Answer in a Flash!

I must admit, Quora is a site that will never disappoint! If you need a question answered ,no matter what type of question be it a technical, personal or even a ‘how to’ question, then there will always be someone on Quora who will answer it. Quora has a serendipity or bonus side to it that also tends to amaze me more every day, it puts you in touch with people from all over world, regardless of race, creed or color, you can connect with. Its amazing how much a ‘question’ can help, with Quora, a entire world of help is only as far away as your keypad.

- No limit on length of answers.

Unlike Twitter, answers have no limit, and so can be more comprehensive. Unlike Facebook, there is no concern about “Friends” viewing one’s opinions and answers: this can be annoying and intrusive. Quora also attracts answers from people who are amply qualified and experienced in the subjects (questions) they choose to answer. It is very gratifying, and enlightening, to receive answers from a wide range of people to a question one has submitted.

- Critique of Quora

Positive elements are the diversity of elements meeting my interest, relatively brevity and conciseness of articles. Negative elements would include the plethora of political and biased rants, the complexity of switching off topic streams and the difficulty of finding and following topics of interest. That said, I find your articles generally most engaging, particularly where knowledgeable input brings balance and clarity to articles. Thank you from an appreciative user.

- Mental Health

Quora has imparted the practical knowledge and experience of experts and lay individuals, worldwide, who enter into discussion and exchange feedback on key points that are more enlightening than any formal education or personal study could be credited for, in my view and experience. Quora is a priceless source of authentic information tested by professional peers worldwide. Anything quirkishness is immediately corrected or normalised by experienced readers’ and professionals’ feedback.

- Very helpful to people of any class

It is mostly said that facebook or others are the time passing and entertaining social media thats why people use them in their leisure time....but they don't know there is something better to pass their leisure time....And that is it,Quora.... You can pass your time with learning...I just say it is nothing than amazing...

- Navigation problems

I really enjoy this app but there is a problem since one of the recent updates. When following a link from a Quora email there is no way to get back to the Quora main screen without force closing the app. The ‘back’ and ‘X’ are missing. When reading the question and answer from the main screen it is fine, it is just when following a link from a Quora email.

- Informative and well written

A very big % of the posts on Quora are helpful and informative. I have enjoyed reading them for hours, and always look forward for more. Some seem to be inexplicably nonsensical, but I suppose it takes all sorts to make this world. A big thank you to the knowledgeable and expert authors who have taken time and effort to contribute.

- Questions anonymity tab not working

Long time user of the app, however am trying to ask a question and make the question an anonymous one however whenever I go to select the “anonymous” option for the question the app doesn’t allow me to select the anonymous option and can’t exit to go back to the main home page. This is very annoying plz fix

- Great app....BUT

It’s a very helpful app! Lots of information if you have questions and you don’t want to ask anyone like family or friends. But however what I don’t like is that I have to put my real name or else I can’t answer or ask questions and I don’t understand why it has to be my full name . I don’t like using my real for safety and privacy reasons which is why I have the app 3 stars, if only they can fix that it would be a lot better!

- V from BTS cheeky smile

I feel that V has had a great upbringing and is very down to earth so I had never examined his smile before but however his smiles is contagious as he has a wonderful smile with that cheeky look he gives you which makes me laugh and I appreciate how he can draw you in with that quirky look he gives everyone and he is very generous to his fans😁

- Good way to connect with others and pass time

I love this all, I go on here a lot. It’s an awesome experience where you can connect with others and talk about your situation (without giving away too much privacy) or just talk to people about random things. Would highly recommend!

- Invasion of Privacy

I hadn’t signed up for a Quora Account. Just asked a very simple question of you I became entangled in this questionnaire of yours, that was very invasive. Plus you never sought my permission regarding this long list being viewed by one and all.I didn’t have to answer so many questions to gain a personal loan from my Bank? Then it appears one must login via Facebook or Google. Well their track record for respecting users privacy is minus many thousand% ten times over. This new version of Quora was Acquired by Facebook somehow. Neither Google nor Facebook respect The Do Not Track request made by the Apple iPhone. I am asking that you delete all the information you acquired about me (without my permission) immediately. You never even answered the simple question I asked!! Do not contact me again. JMVH PS; Stand up for the little privacy the average guy has left.

- Sick of websites that force me to use their app

So I’m reading Quora answers and the stupid popup comes up forcing me to either log in or download the app. I rather enjoy reading Quora actually but guess what? I’m deleting the app now that I’ve downloaded and reviewed it. I will not be forced into doing things by websites that put up pop ups that appear half way through reading something interesting with no ‘x’ to get rid of the popup. Here’s the principle, Quora: respect. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, in other words. How about it?

- Sick to death of forced updates and login requirements

It’s absolutely absurd that one has to have an account and be logged in to READ answers. Writing answers, this is fair enough, but it is literally like Quora doesn’t understand at a fundamental level how the internet is supposed to function. Throw this in with a forced update that I really couldn’t be bothered downloading, and you have an experience where you simply want to READ an answer, but have to jump through a thousand and one hoops to do so. Absolutely pathetic - lift your game.

- I am so glad to be connected !

I really enjoy reading the immense stretch of opinions and information in Quora. Nothing seems to be forbidden so we are able to read absolutely off the wall statements from people right across the globe. Thank you everyone for contributing ! Doreen Akkerman, AM

- Good but

I only downloaded the app because you force people to download your stupid app! I’m not allowed to freely look at your website on google chrome iOS because you put up a stupid pop up saying to download your app! Why is no one talking about this? Allow users to freely using there google chrome and shove down your app to view stuff. I hope someone sees this and does something about it

- bug

The app content it amazing. however, there is this one bug that has annoyed me for a while now. whenever i leave the app, the app will need to reload once i reopen it. If i’m in the middle of reading something, and go to check it out on the net, Quora reloads and i lose the content i was ready. Would appreciate this to be fixed please.

- Works well - issues with notifications though

I enjoy this app, does what it says. Only issue I’m having is the notification bubble doesn’t disappear when I’ve checked the notifications... the only way I can get rid of it is to uninstall it and then reinstall and re-login. It’s not the end of the world, just an inconvenience.

- Great Content Impossible to Get to

I love Quora, but when I find something interesting to read that comes through via email notification, clicking the link takes me to the wrong page on the app. Sooo frustrating- hit link, wrong page, back to email, try another link, wrong page again, back to email, click another link, wrong page, give up and go buy something on eBay to relieve the frustration.

- A Force for Good

The user base of Quora consists primarily of curious minded people, and people with a spirit of generosity; people seeking answers to some of life’s most difficult questions, providing deeply interesting, informative and educational facts and anecdotes, and insights into walks of life people might never normally get to experience in any way. I love Quora.

- Great forum

This has to be the best place to come and read about Harry & Meghan. Actually, all subjects but I particularly like the Markles. To be able to write how you feel about topics and read others input is great I even like the disagreements. Well done Quora, keep up the good work.

- Refreshingly Intelligent and thoughtful.

The depth of perspectives in Quora make it a place of fascination for me. Seldom in this age of social media do we find a place of intelligent interaction such as Quora. I’m very new but getting encouraged by the diversity of opinions and experiences. Well done Quora, this seems worthwhile visiting fairly regularly. I hope it naturally evolves towards sustainment of original thoughts and intelligible dialogue.

- Needs more moderation

Some of the questions and answers on Quora are of high quality; however, too many of the questions are ambiguous or do not even make sense, and too many of answers are long and rambling. Some answers answer a different question to that asked. A drop down menu is needed to report questions that do not make sense.

- Great information

I really enjoy quora as it has so much information on many topics often from highly qualified people . However everybody mostly can have their say. Sometime the medical stories are a bit harrowing but hey one does not have to read them, and we do have to live in reality with no magic wands.

- Recent Update Problems

Recently Quora was updated, until that point in time the app worked perfectly fine; however now upon clicking on a specific answer to read it, I can only see a grey box, to actually read that answer I have to go searching through all the answers to that question.

- You can learn a lot from Quora writers

The best thing about Quora is the prevalence of very knowledgeable people. I learn a lot about many topics from such writers, and Quora in fact is far more educational than the mainstream media which almost inevitably have a predetermined narrative.

- Mr Manie

I like this application so much because it is so informative and educational in the most short amount of space of words without going into too much detail, which helps the reader better understand the topic. Well done.

- Love Quora - great there’s an App, but ability to zoom would be great

As an avid reader, my eyesight is not the best...though I wear glasses. But, I struggle with reading off my iPad Pro in this app because of the size of the text and the inability to zoom makes going through the posts very difficult. Please, please, please allow to zoom and I will definitely give the App 5 stars.

- My Saviour at times

If I’m ever struggling during the day, I know that I can get on Quora and find others who are going through the same thing. This makes me feel normalised within a crazy world.

- Amazing 👌🏻

The best thing about this app is how quickly I receive answers. On my first question, someone answered within 10 minutes! However, there are some slight navigation prob- and I just received another answer for my latest question.

- I did not want this app

I did not want this app. I wanted to continue to enjoy Quora from my phones browser, but changes meant that when I opened Quora this way, I would have a pop up asking me to get the app which rendered the browser based version on my phone unreadable. The app is clunky, frustrating to use, and I would have preferred to have choice about how I accessed this otherwise amazing site.

- Awesome app!

I always searched this on the Internet looking for answers, and I never knew they had an app. I would really recommend this if you are looking for answers in your interest, or someone else’s. Sincerely, Kered. Kered | $

- Enlightening and overall great but please stop the notifications!

Even though I have the app, the notification for me to download Quora keep showing up when I’m on the webpage. Sometimes it stops me from reading a interesting story and i can’t find it again. It’s really frustrating.

- Always can be better

Quora is a platform help us help each other by sharing our thoughts or different perspectives of the same things. We need more wise people to share their thoughts and wisdoms freely to help us live in a better place.

- Excellent resource

Access expertise on any field in hours. This App is one of the best networking tools about. Ask a question in any subject and get expert answers promptly. Spectacular networks of expertise and reference links on most topics.

- Helps so much with anxiety

so good to hear others are going threw what you are and they can help , also love the fact you can ask your own questions


Excellent program to learn. It needs a manual refresh button. It’s automatic refresh makes me lose track of the unfinished article I was reading. It needs a personalised read history to find good articles previously read to be shared.

- Why did you disable the dark mode???!

I finally started to get back to using this platform when they implemented dark mode in the last version (about two weeks ago) it synced nicely with the system and I don’t have to do anything, and now it’s gone , great I’m getting my eyes lit every time i open it, apps way smaller than this managed to make this feature available ages ago .

- To Quora

All I can really say is that it works for me. Some questions are easy to answer and others you can pass. There’s no pressure and highlighted personal interests are quite informative.

- Text sizing control needed

It would be nice if Quora could offer different text size options so I don’t always have to hunt for my glasses to read articles.

- Coach

Using the Quora app allow myself to answer questions I have experience with, to help others with ideas and strategies they may not have themselves.

- Losing time - learning lots.

I’ve recently started reading here frequently. I’ve discovered that it is a great place to unwind but still you learn a little about a lot of interests. Unlike other apps, I never feel like I’ve wasted time. I would recommend this as not just a distraction but a place to define and mine almost any information on almost any topic you may want or need to explore. Well done Team Quora and many of the contributors.

- Very easy to use App.

Yeah, it is a very easy to use App and very user friendly. I always go on Quora whenever I need to look at further information about something.

- Great site but some bugs

Love the content, but sometimes coming back to the app from another app your place on the page is lost

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- Disaster

I was using safari when a pop up forced me to install this app. It immediately froze.

- Don’t make me download the app every time

I just wanna read a couple quora entries here and there for the love of god stop making me download the app every single time i wanna read something online

- Annoying prompts for installation of this app

I don’t want to use the app, and prefer using Safari, but I keep getting unclosable pop ups that asks me to install the app. I have to install then uninstall the app in order to be able tu use the website again! Very annoying!

- Get bent

A modal popped up on the mobile website and there was no way to close the model so I had to install this app to continue reading.

- Annoying

Seriously Quora? Forcing people to download and install your app? It’s not that special you know

- Get app or else?

Hijacking a webpage and forcing me to get an app? Pathetic.

- LImited memory, do not want another Ap

I find it repulsive being forced to ad an Ap when I simply want to use a web browser.

- Why force ppl to use the app?

Why can’t I just use Quora in a browser? Crappy thing to do.

- Forcing me to use app? Really?

Just wanted to use safari to view quora but it forces me to have app(which i had) and to top it iff to update to the latest version. I had to update the darn app to use it wow. Forcing people might get you you’re app download count but i lost a lot of respect for you guys. Shame on you

- Why can’t I just use the website?

I was basically held ransom on the website until I chose to download the app. After the app ‘advertisement’ popped up, the only option was to download it. I couldn’t go back to the article I was reading. Not impressed.

- Buggy and Glitcy

Great app for reading and posting questions but the app is littered with glitches. One time not long ago Quora removed the dark mode option. Then randomly it appeared again. Same issue as of today Dec 30th 2020, now I can’t post photos to questions I’m answering. I can’t copy photos I find online, and or when I try to go into my own personal photos the photo icon doesn’t work when clicking it. Either I’ve been punished or banned from posting photos, or it’s in fact a glitch. I’m leaning towards a glitch because I’ve received no notifications from Quora whatsoever. I’m also not a child posting explicit photos and I always follow Quoras guidelines. I’m going to delete the app for a while until they can figure their own app out. Quoras safety policy is flawed also.. You can literally have trolls or complete morons post inappropriate questions on the site, but if you call them out for their questions you yourself will be penalized, and the original question that clearly breaks their guidelines gets to stay up. They are more concerned about you having a difference of an opinion and hurting someone’s feelings then moderate disturbing or harmful questions that are clearly being asked for shock value.

- Hate the app; hate being forced to use the app

I like quora. I dislike being forced to use their garbage app. Their links never open the right article. Server is constantly going down. It’s fine in the browser because it says 500, but on the app it’s impossible to tell whether it’s your fault or theirs. On the brink of giving up on Quora all together if they continue forcing app use.

- Delete unfavourable but truth comment

Quara is not a place of freedom of speech (comment) especially truth, the ugly truth. Everything required to be sugar coated. My comment was deleted about my travel experience in Japan, the ugly experience. This is not place to share real knowledge and experience.

- Annoying prompt to install app

Just like many other complaints. Annoying prompt to install app every time I want to read my Quora digest on Safari. Please stop this.

- Please stop forcing me to use the app, time waster!

I really don’t want to use the app, I prefer reading Quora from my emails or in Safari.

- Love it but it is glitched

Whenever I launch it it goes to a blank white screen.

- Annoying PopUps force you to download an app I don't need

I was on your mail list,but because of this stupid, annoying and unnecessary requirement from you (to download the app) I'm unsubscribing. FU

- Web browser hijacked

if you plan to hijack my browser to use this POS, you got another thing coming! Get rid of it or get lost!

- Blood sucking!! Forcing you to install it the app

I can’t understand how can you force people to install the app if you read its contents on phone. After reading a little it bring up this screen which you can’t get rid off unless you install the app or stop reading what you have read halfway through. It’s not the however if you read it on your computer. It’s like you are having your first date sex and you are refrain from cumming unless you sign a marriage contract. Deleted the app!!!

- Stop pop up

Stop the pop up please. Don’t want the app. Happy to use safari. Please help.

- Quora Stronk

Can we have dark mode and a better search function

- just dudes helping dudes

answers the questions you’re too afraid to ask anyone irl

- Terrible App, terrible service.

Terrible service. Forced to use app because viewing articles in browser more than a page long triggers a full page ad to download app and there is no way around it. Forced to use an app, nope. Never going to happen.

- Quora’s Become Useless

Most answers are from people trying to sell you something or link to their site. Other times, they’re completely unqualified and saying things that are demonstrably false. This site should be scrubbed from Google’s search results. Before you can click to see someone’s 60-95% wrong answer, you have to login/create an account, then get pushed to this subpar app.

- One of most pathetic apps

Those 4.5 stars on the app is a joke and biased reviews to lure people into using your app. Quora is wonderful if you don’t use the app. I have not seen another app with so many glitches. It is irritating to write an answer in the app. You want more people to engage in the app, better fix it. 😡

- I don’t want the damn app!

The browser works just fine and your app sucks. Stop forcing me to download it!

- Deleting

I don’t want to use the app, I just wanted to view it in a browser, but Quora won’t let you. Not impressed.

- Being forced to download a crappy app

Being forced to download a crappy app just to read an article is disgusting, you lost this person, good luck with that tactic to make you stats look better. You have lost me and a lot of others because of this tactic. Bye now!

- Pathetic way to bump up app downloads

Threatening to block content if app not installed ..

- Until you enable closing pop ups.

Why are you forcefully making people use the app? Never giving more than 2 until that feature is enabled.

- Stupid ads

Just want to use the website, but ads keep popping up to try and force me to get the app if I want to use quora at all. Absolutely stupid

- -.-

Annoyed that I had to download the app in order to keep reading my digest (it wouldn’t let me scroll down to keep reading it) when I was perfectly happy using the mobile site - boo 👎

- The app sucks

I was very happy using Quora on Safari until they kept spamming me with annoying prompts to use the app instead. Now I try to read the way I used to, by clicking links from my daily emailed digest. About half the time, the links do not go to the articles, but to a home page instead. The other half the time, it takes an absurdly long time to load the article and I watch the app cycle through multiple blank screens before it arrives at the article. Usually the article is collapsed, and it often takes several attempts to actually expand it. The overall process tends to take up to a minute. It’s to the point where I don’t even want to open Quora any more. All it’s doing is serving text and image content. It’s not rocket science.

- Unsatisfied customers

Why can’t I comment on subjects ? I am unauthorized to say anything ? Please respond before I delete the app.

- Stephen Halford

I’m quite surprised how many Stephen Halford’s there are on Quora. It’s not a very unusual name but I am happy that there are so many here on Quora. We could all get together in one post to discuss our situations. Anybody agree?

- Disaster

I have replied to comments or tried to post comments multiple times on the iOS app only to have it freeze and completely delete everything I had written. Writing this review after a lot of frustration and punching random stuff - because I just wasn’t able to reply to comments. Fix your app Quora!!

- App

Can read most Quora entries without app. I don’t want the bloody app for the odd one.

- Latest update introduces problems

The app is alright, aside from a few issues such as not being able to hyperlink selected words from a piece of text you are writing. What really grinds my gears is that the latest update has introduced some sort of bug that basically causes my phone to lag immensely while writing a comment. I.e. it’s borderline impossible to write a comment, especially if you want to go back and edit a previous sentence after noticing a typo. Please fix

- Great platform, stupid app

Freezes and released all of a sudden

- Why can’t I read with out downloading

I just want to read a few articles, it says sign in with Facebook, but still I have to stop everything and enter email, make up a password and prove I’m not a robot, not worth the effort!

- Law

I love this because it teaches me a lot , things I didn’t understand I learn from this app 👍please keep up the wonderful work.

- Quoradical


- Quora

Almost 90 per cent of Quora is rubbish entered by trolls. There are very few intelligent questions. I really do not care to know what I would say to someone who parked in my driveway, or who wanted my seat in an aeroplane, or what to do if someone brings Lipton soup to a potluck dinner.

- # 1 info source Quora

You can always count on interesting subjects & accurate historical information from Quora. Thank you from Saskatchewan Canada

- Lag and stutter when app is opening after being in the background for a while

Lag and stutter when app is opening after being in the background for a while so annoying needs bug fixes and performance improvements big time!

- People should be allowed to write anonymously

Without having to worry about their known people reading about their personal life, one should be able to seek advice from other people and share their issues without having to disclose their real name. It’s unfair that quora doesn’t let you do that. They should find a way to address the security reasons it says it has with anonymous writers rather than taking it away from everyone altogether. It’s very useless for me.

- Phone heats

It makes my phone heat way too much (and it does it within seconds).

- Ugh

Don’t make me download this app plzzz

- Great but too many ads

It gets confusing because of the amount of unsigned advertising there is between lines and comments and posts.

- Bring back portrait mode

Latest update seems to have locked the app in landscape mode. Bring back portrait!

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@allam_lulu I think so too :( muted words can't help, let's move to quora 😅

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@tanyainrl Quora, twitter, YT maybe

John Clarke

Learning that #TheMonkees were just a cynical faked package put together for money definitely put some of the first doubts about #capitalism in my mind.

David Gourgues

Answer to What are some uncommon habits that contribute to success? by @SchwekendiekL


"If the correction doesn't arrive immediately, don't worry. It will eventually." Answer to What are the early signs of a stock market correction? by Keywin Thomas

Samuel Waragu

So came a question on Quora directed to me because these are some of the things I help people to solve. My Answer: "Read widely. Read many books. And not for purposes of any formal exam"

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Quora iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

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Quora (Version 8.4.16) Install & Download

The applications Quora was published in the category News on 2011-09-29 and was developed by Quora, Inc. [Developer ID: 456034440]. This application file size is 27.16 MB. Quora - News app posted on 2022-06-29 current version is 8.4.16 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.quora.app.mobile