FORScan Lite - for Ford, Mazda App Reviews


FORScan Lite - for Ford, Mazda App Description & Overview

What is forscan lite - for ford, mazda app? FORScan Lite application was developed specially for a computer diagnostics of Ford, Mazda, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles.

Supported adapters:
- OBDLink MX+ (recommended)
- vLinker FS Bluetooth (recommended)
- vLinker FD BLE (recommended)
- other ELM327-compatible WiFi or BLE adapter (not recommended). Attention: this application may not work properly in case of bad quality ELM327 adapter used!

Supported cars:
- Ford, Lincoln, Mercury models of 1996 - 2022MY (some models of 1994-1995MY are also supported)
- Mazda 1996-2022MY. Attention: Mazda 7G models (new Mazda 3, CX-30, MX-30, CX-50 etc) are supported partially or not supported!
- Vehicles other than Ford, Mazda, Lincoln, Mercury are not supported!

- Analyzing an on-board network configuration of the connected vehicle
- Read and reset DTC for all modules
- Read sensors and other data (PIDs) from all modules
- Execute tests
- Execute majority of service functions

Note: Configuration and Programming functions, as well as some of service functions, are not available in FORScan Lite.

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App Name FORScan Lite - for Ford, Mazda
Category Utilities
Updated 09 September 2023, Saturday
File Size 74.46 MB

FORScan Lite - for Ford, Mazda Comments & Reviews 2023

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problem. I have the device makes with an Bluetooth I bought it that it makes an I hope that the program is modified to operate Bluetooth or I want to recover my money with thanks Judge / Walid al- Muntasir

You forgot to mention the part I have to buy. It would be nice if you mentioned this free app requires a $139 device to connect to the vehicles ECU

BMS reset is worth $6. bought this app for $6 instead of paying a dealer to reset Battery Management System on a 14 Escape. cheap for what it does. Thanks

Excited to see I phone it works on my laptop. Wow I was so excited to see that forscan was updated to work with iOS, I have a blue tooth 327 adapter it works on my computer but not showing why I can barely move, thought the update would be better as it has been a few years. No it won’t connect, I have a k-3 brand if I can find it, looks like you need that adapter for I phone don’t see that in the reviews , was optimistic because the free version helped me even cleared old codes on my laptop Bluetooth But wont connect with I phone.

Supports limited Bluetooth scanners. The title says it all not the best app for iPhones

Awesome. This app makes you wanna buy nothing but fords and Mazdas!

Part time mechanic/ rebuilder. I had an airbag (SRS) light on the 2014 Mustang I'm rebuilding. I had already replaced the airbags and had the control module reset by MyAirbags, clock spring, seatbelts, etc., but still had an SRS light. I had an old ELM327 but was reluctant to buy an App because many people said the ELM was only capable of reading ECM codes. I gambled and purchased the ForScan app and it worked perfectly. It gave me the error codes (faulty front impact sensor) and cleared the codes so the SRS light is off. (I had another impact sensor to replace it). ForScan saved me a hundreds off what I would have had to spend on a dedicated SRS reader or dealership expense. Thank you

If yo own a Ford, you need this app. This app allows you to access more data about your Ford than you know what to do with. You get access to every single PID and the testing and mode $06 info is great. A must have!

User attention to detail pays off. Tried it on my iPhone and it worked great Tried it on my iPad and I got a odbc device chipset error saying odbc device was a clone and not compatible. Removed odbc device and reattached, followed the prompts about the different can bus toggle on , etc, when it was done with the setup it worked fine. So basically if you switch devices you have to re set up I got more than what I expected interns of functionality and actual data that is represented. Lots to learn about the odbc ii modules Great app

Missing PId. Most recent update removed a bunch of crucial PIDs. No longer can monitor oil temp and icp or ipr pressure and many others. Basically all the most important diesel monitor pids are now gone. I wouldn’t get until they bring them back.

Gauges not working at all. Could not figure out why.. Used the recommended ohp wifi. The iPhone 6 shows its connected to the phone and the ForScan shows fully connected at the bottom of the app. It does let me run all the diagnostic tests like injector buzz test, just not displaying the PIDs I selected, like engine rpm, torque converter slip, tranny temp etc

Make it full version !!. Does not do much there better app that do way more

Defective. I’d give it zero stars if I could. Totally fails to connect to my truck. Been to the forum, done all available troubleshooting. It talks to my truck and gets the basic info on the “vehicle” tab, but refuses to connect so I can actually do anything. Just wasted an hour of my life and $6. Just buy the USB plug in and hook it up to a laptop. This iOS version with the Bluetooth/WiFi version is totally defective.

Does not work with iPhone. Does not work

GARBAGE WILL NO LONGER WORK FOR DIESEL. Garbage app. Cannot use it any longer for diesel 7.3 ford. They removed the pid in the last update. Save your money and buy another app that actually works

Obs 7.3powerstroke Diesel. Nice looking app. Doesn’t connect to my obd2 port through the elm327 device. Other apps work fine for my Japanese vehicles. Was told this would work on numerous accounts for buzz testing. Can’t even connect. Waste of money for diesel application.

Trash. Don’t work, don’t waste your money

Fantastic App. Used on my Ford C-Max hybrid and Ford Excursion 6.0L Diesel

Crashes. For basic usage, it works ok. The interface is...odd. Under service tests, “Rmode Rebalance” it completely crashes. Even just clicking the “i” causes it to crash. And apparently no way to display temperatures in Fahrenheit?

Garbage app. I am so tired of screwing with this app! Have to turn it off and back on again a dozen times just to MAYBE get it to connect! I spent an additional $90 buying the one elm this company recomended, same problem. If the developer is reading this, FIX IT! It’s not like the software in the cars are changing from one day to the next. So obviously the defect is yours.

What happened?. I have a 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid and after last week's update it doesn't connect. The connection icon goes green but it never fully connects. The blue led on the adapter keeps blinking never goes solid either. Please revert back to old version

Doesn’t work. Won’t connect. Want my refund

Great app. Just need F and PSI. I would give 5 stars but I cannot find a way to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit. Or kPa to PSI. It’s annoying to do the conversions. But it’s a great app. Also wish the display was customizable. Used on 6.0 Powerstroke Ford.

Finally works. Originally never works and then after multiple hours of testing and reconfiguration it finally me decided to work

Forscanlite. Frustrating app. Keeps giving me error that it can find connection. Wired hard from 327 to iPad with adapter. Every time gives me error. New 2023 Ford F150 XLT. FRUSTATING!

It’s a subscription not a onetime payment. I bought it and was charge a subscription and not a one time payment and it does not shows the subscription on my phone I had to call Apple to cancel it

Buying was mistake. It’s been over a week and still Forscan Lite will not find the adapter. A big error message appearing every attempt. Numerous emails to connect@forscan have resulted in innumerable data dumps, do this or that, but no results. The adapter works fine with the OBDLink software and Forscan Viewer software. Stay way from this product and save your money.

Horrible. I do not know why this cost 6 dollars when free scanners did the same exact thing ignore not reviews!

Doesn’t work. It specifically says that it works for OBDLink MX+, but it can’t connect to it. Waste of money.

Useless. Won’t connect to my OBDII reader. Other apps have no issue. This one can’t see it even though Bluetooth is connected to it.

Exceptional value. Actually provides more diagnostic info than my Actron scanner!!

Please make temp gauges available in Fahrenheit!!. Love the App but can you please make the temp gauges available with Fahrenheit readings. Thank you.

7.3 powerstroke. This app is awesome!!! It has so much info and so many gauges and tests. It DOES do the injector buzz test for the 7.3 powerstroke. Well worth the money!

Works great. You have to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit by tapping on the pids and selecting Fahrenheit when adding them to your data view. I didn’t realize this was possible for a long time. The app works great, allows me to see a large amount of vehicle data that other scanners can’t see or they just get wrong. Works on my Mazda too.

Sorry. Not working. I have iPhone 10,OBDLinkMX+. Which also claims to work with both FORScan and my iPhone AND my F2504x4 With the Blinking Blue light on the ODB the Forscan program reports “No ELM found”

Amazing. Very easy to use and it’s one of the few that allows my diesel to run injector operation checks!

Can’t connect. Used this app for a few months now it won’t connect tried to contact but in the support under contact us you need to upload a data log well if I can’t connect I can’t upload anything also no PID I could find to monitor boost psi

OMG The App I have been looking for!. For months been having transmission issues after install....was able to clear TCM module through this app!!!! Save me money and head aches...

Great tool. Best scan tool app I've used. Easy to set up. Tons of useful PID's, easy to set up graphs, and the ability to email reports. Add on modules allow for key programming. Also reads chassis codes and software versions. I don't see an easy way to get readiness codes. Too bad it's only for Ford and Mazda.

Needs quality of life features. FORScan is an absolute necessity if you own a Ford or Mazda and do your own maintenance and repairs. It’s a terrific and powerful app that gives you access to sensors and functions of your car that other apps cannot. It is very powerful and affordable. For about $35—the cost of the app and a *real* OBD-II HS-CAN/MS-CAN scanner—you can have a diagnostic tool that’s as capable as the one at the dealership service center. That makes this a no-brained to have and use if you do your own maintenance; it’s one of the best tools you can buy for your tool collection. That being said, I wish it had a “demo mode” that saved the last known connected vehicle’s information, so I could explore the settings without wasting fuel or draining my car’s battery. The app is very deep and can be overwhelming. I’d like to be able to sit down for an hour or two and just explore all the options without being connected to the car. For instance, you can set up “dashboard” panels to display different sensor readings to help you monitor the car and you can save different “dashboards” to quickly reuse later. There are hundreds of sensors to choose from and they’re divided into different categories that can sometimes have cryptic names (fortunately there is a search function). It can take a very long time to sift through all the sensors and pick out the ones you want to monitor and you need to be connected to the car to do so. I’d like to be able to take some of my free time—watching tv on the couch or something—to set up my “dashboards” and have them ready to go when I need to use them, saving time during the actual repair or diagnostic. I implore the developer to look at the “Car Scanner” app in the App Store for inspiration and an idea of what I’m talking about. They have a demo mode where you can use your last connected car or a dummy, default car. It really makes learning the app itself a lot easier and more convenient. This frustration doesn’t ruin the app, though. It’s really a fantastic app, that could just be a little better. Don’t hesitate to download it and help support the development. We need more resources to help make it easier to work on our own cars as the industry (and corporatism in general) tries to make it more and more difficult. And a tip: you do need a fully-featured, non-bootleg OBD-II scanner dongle. You can find more information on FORScan’s website, with specifically-listed makes. Basically, it needs to have the ability to switch between “HS-CAN” and “MS-CAN” modes to access the different kinds of sensors (most of the bootlegs only access HS-CAN sensors, I think). Look for a scanner that specifies it is HS-CAN/MS-CAN capable. If the dongle has a mechanical switch, it’s a pretty good giveaway that it does, since that switch changes modes. Also, you can just consult their site for recommendations.

Cant connect. Can not connect. Can get other apps to connect but not this one!!!

Pays for itself. I used this in combination with vLinker MC+ obd2 adapter to fix a rough idle issue in my mustang GT. I did the “reset all adaptations” procedure

No adjustments. You can only reset and view codes. You can’t program anything with this garbage.

Trash. I bought it and it doesn’t work..,

Absolutely amazing!!!. This with a wifi odb2 and your iPhone makes a great ford scanning tool. Best $5 I have ever spent. I hope they expand and make a VW and Toyota too. Great app and great service. Keep up the excellent apps.

Just what I needed. I paired it with the kiwi3. Works fantastic on my ‘99 Powerstroke 7.3. Was able to do a buzz test on injectors, monitor trans temp while towing etc. lots of great features.

DOA App. I’m guessing iPhone updates killed this app off. I no longer can connect to the vehicle. It says it did and shows he info then that’s as far as it gets. Laptop is is for the real version to run.

Reads both ODB2 and body modules. Excellent diagnostic tool for ford cars. It reads the body modules and ODB2. I used it to fix the read parking aid in my SHO. I appreciate an inexpensive way to diagnose my car. Thanks

Great scan tool for ford diesel trucks. I was skeptical about this app. With Larry mixed reviews I thought I’d give it a shot for $6.So glad I did well worth the money. I have a 02 7.3 power stroke. it dose everything I needed KOEO tests KOER test, Injector buzz test and cylinderContribution test To name a few.I guess the laptop version allows for programming as well but this is a pretty full comprehensive app for your phone.

NOT a Lite app. This app is not a lite version of a more robust app ... it gives you an enormous amount of insight to your vehicle ... a bit of a learning curve but invaluable. I had problems with my Elm device st first and the customer Service was excellent and helped me fix my issues 100-percent. I have already saved a lot of money being able to diagnose problems that the dealer would’ve charged me a ridiculous amount of money for and I was able to fix myself. For a Ford this was better and cheaper than all of the other apps out there and I have tried many! The developers continually keep this app relevant and up to date. Thanks for this app!

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No Transmission Temps. Unable to see TCM PIDs. Is there an update or fix for Ford Falcon FGX

Great app. Great app for using with BA-FGX falcon & more fords

Best ever OBD software. Loaded onto my iPhone 4 and iPad 2. Works perfect and give me a huge amount of data. If this is the lite and very will to pay for the full version when it is released. Great job note: I used this on a Mazda3 and Mazda BT50 On other cars not in the car type list it will not work. Had to use a generic (far less information) OBD

Does not connect. Iphone XR , Vgate icar pro BLE obd adaptor, 2011 Ford vehicle, 3 other apps connected within seconds, obd fusion works, car scanner works, OBD auto doctor works, yet forscan supposedly for Fords will not connect. Apparently no elm device connected, yet all other apps have no problems, go figure. Spent a couple of hours trawling support and internet, enough time wasted. Hopefully vgate icar pro gets support some time. Disappointed with app and connection options in it.

Great with OBDLink MX+. I’ve been using this app with the ODBlink MX+ device and it performs very well. The layout of the dashboard isn’t as pretty as some other apps but it by provides comprehensive coverage of PIDs for Australian Fords, something that seems lost on other app developers peddling software to the Australian market. If you have an Aussie Ford and a suitable adapter (e.g. like the ODBLink MX+) then you won’t go wrong with this app. I gave it four stars only because it’s not that nice to look at and the steps to set up tests are a little convoluted.

Money back. Unfortunately I can’t hook my OBD2 up to the app is there anyway of getting my $9.99 back

Disappointing. Very disappointed. The app initially connected fine with my OBDLink mx+ Bluetooth, but then only connected intermittently and now not at all. That is a shame because I could get the PIDs I was after and they displayed well - hence two stars rating rather than one. Perhaps wifi is a better option. However useless to me due to lack of connection.

Excellent app. The App works well and provides the data as described. As others have said the displays are a little small but do the job. I would like to see Apple car play connectivity. Just for the display function alone would be a great addition. That way it wouldn’t matter that the displays are small on an iPhone. Cheers Mark.

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Great app!. This application used with the appropriate protocol adapter gives access to all modules on manufacturer bus! Can monitor hundreds of parameters in real time and display/clear fault codes. Some minor bugs such as application closing when deleting many items of monitoring list.

Great!. Forscan is great. Those who know, know. I loved it in the computer and being able to use it on my iPhone is even better, no cords. Keep up the good work!

No connection. New buyer Jan 2023. Unfortunately the app would not connect to my high quality ODB Bluetooth device. The device works perfectly with other similar software, in the car in question. I purchased Forscan to get additional functionality for a specific car brand. Obviously, I cannot recommend the app.

Doesn’t work. The demo one is working and when purchasing the lite version won’t connect, i highly doubt that this product is a scam

Great app. Don’t believe the negative reviews. If you use an approved OBDII wireless connector (see recommendations from their website), this app works flawlessly. Helpful for uncovering issues or performing resets of common functions, especially for newer Fords and Mazdas.

Not working with IOS. This app is not compatible with IOS bluetooth OBD. I am little disapointed, i will go to buy another app for OBD2 Reader

Works great. Used on my 2015 F350, works great to monitor all pids.

Didn't work. This application didn't work. Might as well save your money, and use something else. My Elm 327 works just fine with other applications.

In A Class Of It’s Own. Better than anything out there. Take the time to learn it. You won’t be disappointed. This is as good as most scan tools. Use this especially with my 6.0. Highly recommend.

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Disappointing very not user intuitive by any means.. 02-26-2022 Re using iPhone 13 pro: What I find disappointing the greatest about this is when you go from selecting Pids to dash view it will not return itself to view instruments on dash. My friend who is a 18-year software developer for aviation equipment and also a dev for an open source FPV flight software equipment he and I spent two hours and a half contending with this thing and it’s just no anywhere near where it should be even on a bad day. Nobody likes to completely exit the program to go back to the dash view area! Essentially starting over from re engaging connecting to the wifi every time you want to go to Dash viewing after selecting pids. I’d rather see them pay me to utilize this program vs me pay them.

Best Ford App ever. A must have for ford Lincoln mercury Mazda owners Pure wizardry and the desktop app is even more resourceful.

It's terrible! Doesn't work.. Needed to check my Lincoln LS. Hooked up the wifi adapter and could see it start to connect... keeps trying... then says it can't identify the car! I downloaded a free app that worked better than this!!! Waste of money!!!!!!!

Severely limited functionality. This isn’t that much more advanced than the free code scanners. I was expecting a lot more functionality from this app based upon description. I specifically bought this hoping to be able to program new transponder keys, but that is not supported. Otherwise has a decently polished look to the app, and so far no crashes.

Buzz test. Got the app for my 2003 7.3L Power Stroke Diesel. Buzz test works, very nice feature that you can only get on very expensive scanner tools. But, the “Key On Engine Off On Demand Self Test” throws an error. Says “test cancelled” and a pop up says “contact developer”. What gives?

Doesn’t work. There is no wrench like on all the YouTube videos to change that numbers to change stock settings. Big waste of money and time

Waste of money!. Waste of money- download the free version on your pc you can do way more! Needed to change a code on BCM to activate remote start The app on here will not do it. Download the pc version!

Fixed my AWD on Ford freestyle. I had a AWD malfunction indicator light on for 6 months and my AWD was not functional. I had another app that would not read or reset this code (only engine codes). This app read the code and allowed me to reset it. AWD works now and the warning has not come back for weeks. This app saved me hundreds on a repair.

Saved me hundreds $$$ if not thousands!!!. I used this to recalibrate the steering on my 2008 Ford Escape hybrid after replacing the steering angle torque sensor. Code was b2278. I replaced the sensor and it still didn’t work. Then I read online it had to be recalibrated with fords ids system at the dealership. Figured I’d give this a try after reading online many people say the dealership made them install steering racks and power steering motors for $1,500-$3,000 or $400+ just to calibrate. Figured $6 was nothing and am so happy it worked. Cleared my codes and calibrated. Good as new!!!

FORScan IOS Lite. No ‘Invitation Code’ was sent so I can’t register to use the app. I’ve used the free FORscan app before on another vehicle and it’s really a great app that saved me a lot of time and money, but the one I paid for I can’t use yet. Go figure right..? Two stars only because of a correctable oversight I’m sure.

Junk. Just allows code reading and resetting. Can’t change program issues w truck - like tire size

Works great, found codes other hardware readers missed. IF you have trouble connecting to a wifi OBD reader, keep denying it Bluetooth access. It defaults to Bluetooth and then connects to wifi as a last resort. It takes a minute... Aside from that, the app is great. There are MULTIPLE on demand self-tests for different components that you can run from your phone. The selling point for me was having the injector test at my fingertips. The app is THOROUGH when showing codes. When I bought my truck, I put a AutoZone code reader on it, and no codes showed up (no CEL either). Later, I did a scan with the app that showed multiple soft codes that never tripped the CEL or showed on other apps OR hardware code readers. The PID monitoring is a bit clunky... To be fair, I use a different app to monitor things like oil temp, coolant temp, trans temp, battery volts, etc etc, but it DOES do it. All in all, a 5 star rating and definitely worth the costs.

Great App for F250 7.3 diesel. Auto parts stores scanners were useless on my 7.3 diesel. This app gives me everything There’s so much info that can be obtained other than error codes. You can see the and clear the codes like other scanners but you can also conduct live testing. Select the info you want to see in the dashboard and see it live. I performed an injector test. Checked my oil temp and injector pressure among others. This is a must have app for any 7.3 owners. You can easily change the temperature reading from C to F

Excellent app with their adapter. This app works great on android, and even on my computer. I purchased the iOS app to see the info on the go, but it won’t read any of the cheaper adapters. I was told it was because Apple didn’t recognize them, however, I have multiple apps that read my elm327, but alas, forscan for iPhone doesn’t read it. Someday when I have an extra $100 around, I may buy their adapter so that I can use the app on my phone.

Best Ford Diagnostics App!. If you have a Ford and work on/troubleshoot problems on it, you need this app! So many options!

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FORScan Lite - for Ford, Mazda 1.5.20 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the FORScan Lite - for Ford, Mazda app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Aleksei Savin and other users?

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forscan lite - for ford, mazda iphone images 3
forscan lite - for ford, mazda iphone images 4
forscan lite - for ford, mazda ipad images 1
forscan lite - for ford, mazda ipad images 2
forscan lite - for ford, mazda ipad images 3
forscan lite - for ford, mazda ipad images 4

FORScan Lite - for Ford, Mazda 1.5.20 Apps Screenshots & Images

FORScan Lite - for Ford, Mazda iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $6.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.5.20
Play Store com.astech.FORScan-Lite
Compatibility iOS 9.0 or later

FORScan Lite - for Ford, Mazda (Versiyon 1.5.20) Install & Download

The application FORScan Lite - for Ford, Mazda was published in the category Utilities on 02 November 2014, Sunday and was developed by Aleksei Savin [Developer ID: 892347086]. This program file size is 74.46 MB. This app has been rated by 111 users and has a rating of 2.9 out of 5. FORScan Lite - for Ford, Mazda - Utilities app posted on 09 September 2023, Saturday current version is 1.5.20 and works well on iOS 9.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.astech.FORScan-Lite. Languages supported by the app:

EN DE HU IT PL RU ES Download & Install Now!
Other Apps from Aleksei Savin Developer
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FORScan Viewer for Ford, Mazda Reviews 2.6 87 Free
FORScan Lite - for Ford, Mazda App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Vehicle database update - Migration to core 2.3.56

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Find on this site the customer service details of FORScan Lite - for Ford, Mazda. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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