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What is ghost science m3 app? Developed by a team of professional engineers, we believe © Ghost - Paranormal Science Toolkit to be the most advanced paranormal research toolkit available.

© Ghost - Paranormal Science Toolkit is an extremely advanced, yet very easy to use, paranormal research toolkit. Don’t let the advanced feature set intimidate you. © Ghost - Paranormal Science Toolkit has been specifically engineered for both the professional and amateur paranormal researcher.

Disclaimer: This toolkit is designed to aid you, the paranormal researcher, in the identification of unexplained phenomena. However, as advanced as this toolkit is, it cannot prove, or disprove, the existence of the paranormal. As a result, this toolkit is provided for entertainment purposes only. We are not responsible for the use, misuse, or interpretation of this software. Please use responsibly.

© Ghost - Paranormal Science Toolkit provides a suite of advanced paranormal research tools that utilize the full spectrum of your device's powerful sensor array.

Audio Instrument
The Audio instrument utilizes your device’s acoustic to electric transducer to analyze complex audio signals.

Barometer Instrument
The Barometer instrument uses your device's barometric sensor array to detect extremely subtle changes in the environment's ambient barometric pressure.

Dashboard Instrument
The Dashboard instrument provides a centralized presentation of your device's sensor array, including the accelerometer, barometer, camera, gyroscope, magnetometer, and microphone.

EMF Instrument
The EMF instrument utilizes your device’s magnetometer to measure the ambient electromagnetic fields across the electromagnetic spectrum.

Geoscope Instrument
The Geoscope instrument utilizes your device’s gyroscope and accelerometer to detect extremely subtle movements and vibrations.

Ghost Box Instrument
The Ghost Box instrument performs a sweep of live streaming audio channels.

LiDAR Instrument
*Available with the iPhone 12 Pro (and up) series of devices.
The LiDAR instrument uses the iPhone's LiDAR sensor, driven by advanced CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine processing, to interpret the ambient environment outside of the visible electromagnetic spectrum.

Luxscope Instrument
The Luxscope instrument utilizes your device's light sensor array to measure illuminance and spectrographic color distribution.

Twilight Instrument
The Twilight instrument utilizes a combination of GPU driven rendering and hardware configuration to amplify the small amount of light captured by your device’s camera.

SLS Instrument
The SLS instrument uses an advanced vision machine learning model and neural engine processing to detect human figures in real-time.

SSEG Instrument
The SSEG instrument uses an advanced deep learning vision model and neural engine processing to semantically detect human figures in real-time.

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Ghost Science M3 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Ghost Science M3 Version 6.0.408 December 2022

New Analytics Tool.

Ghost Science M3 Version 5.0.930 September 2022

Tool enhancements Bug fixes.

Ghost Science M3 Comments & Reviews 2023

- Cannibal

I’ve downloaded a few of these apps before and they always invite things but I’ve never had anything super bad come out of them. Me and m friend we’re curious and decided to download this app and when we did it was quiet for a bit with not much going on. My spiri would occasionally say something or one of the spirits in her home would. After a bit the app went crazy and started saying die and cannibal. My spirit immediately started getting restless and I kept saying let’s go down stairs. I hate her basement. Their is bad energy down there and I never want to go down there. After a bit my friend suggested we delete the app and go make food. We kept hearing things falling in the basement and I kept saying let’s go down stairs. After a bit my friend pulled out her dowsing rods and asked if we invited something. It went straight to yess. After a few more questions were asked she asked if it was a cannibal. Hard yes. We had invited an angry cannibalistic demon. We did a cleanse and decided to never download the app again and I went home. The demon followed me and is sitting in my food storage room(ironically). I’ve done a couple more cleanings but It’s pretty content to sit in the food storage room and chill. Idk how to get rid of it lol.

- It’s 100% real ! Too good.

I’ve used many of these apps and I’m going to put a warning out here that it is 100% real it knows things only I know and I have even talk to people I know who’ve passed on. For me I’m safe because I’m a natural medium and using the app to open up. If aren’t a medium I send lot of caution your way and recommend not using it inside your own dwellings be cause without a single doubt this is real and bring all sorts of things many of them h aren’t prepared to deal. Get no on the creators part though wow I’m so impressed it’s better than a ghost box no guessing what words are just heed the warning. At first when u turn it on it won’t say much it has to heat up so to speak. Then it will shoot out ransoms leave it running undisturbed for about an hour after u turn it on and don’t close it will start all over again and u won’t get good results it’s insane how well this works, I thought there was a person on the other end working in the app typing back to me that is until it brought up things only I know about and what’s going on in the environment your using it in, be safe and responsible

- Always read and use your context clues smh

Ok I never ever EVER purchase apps ever! (did I say ever!? lol) but..1st If anybody had the intention on purchasing a “high-quality paranormal tool” from umm The Apple/iTunes Store or left a negative review and/or demand your money back because of and I’m going to be honest here, sheer ignorance from reading some of these comments, really shame on you! 🙄🤣 Here is where I stand on this app and the 5stars I gave: I am a super novice on paranormal investigating but I know how to read and do have some common sense. I’ve noticed a lot of the neg. comments mostly have to do with ppl not realizing or took the time to understand all the functions on this app. So with that in mind, check out the help section before you go into the functions and it will define in great detail what each thing does. Also, everything can INDEED be recorded. I’m not sure why anybody who owns any version of iPhone does not have a record function🤔This app does exactly what it said it would. Kudos to the developer for the descriptions in help on each function. Ty for update.

- Extremely well made app

I really love how accurate And useful everything is - this app is beautiful and very well made. Very easy to use, and I really like the direct readouts of all your phones sensors. It is very nice to see the RAW information from your phones sensors, unfiltered by the app. However, I wish there was more information on this "computational algorithm" that the evp section uses. It just makes it less believable when I can speak or make a noise, and somehow the Mic doesn't pick that up whatsoever, but it can piece together words that an entity is saying? Also, it would be nice if we could listen to what was picked up on the EVP, That way we could make a decision ourselves on if it was a false EVP or a true EVP. In either case, it's still very interesting and fun to use. Fantastic job on the app - thank you for your work on this, and please keep it updated. This is exactly the type of "ghost hunting" app I've been looking for, for a long time! And if you could, please provide us with a little information on exactly how this EVP computational algorithm works!

- I had a full conversation and it was weird

The app ended up getting deleted I don’t remember deleting it but I can say if you want results this app is the way to go the evp is dodgy and needs work it if you could please make it easier for the ghosts to put in input that would be nice it’s like they almost say something after I ask a question and then it just doesn’t make it through so if you could some how fix that the emf works but it also doesn’t sense low energy spirits but the geoscope you can make it easier for them to get though so if you turn it up till there’s only 5-6 left and you say tap the phone 1 once for no 2 for yes then holy cow you get some good results I talked to a guy named Greg and he wasn’t good but I don’t think he was bad bad either he wouldn’t tell me his last name or age he said it was a mystery and I can’t say much else because the evp sends out random words if they aren’t powerful enough to get through so if you could make it easier for them to get through the evp that’s my only complaint

- Awesome

Finally an app that uses the technology you already have (your iPhone) and puts it to use to help look at our paranormal environment at an affordable cost. I never wanted to buy all the tools they sell because they were so expensive and you usually had to buy them individually. And you never knew if they really worked. Who wants to buy a Ghost Box for $300 and get it home and it doesn’t work? With this app, if it didn’t work I was only out $10. But surprise surprise, it does work and it’s awesome!!! The only thing I found was with the SLS tool, you have to be careful to cover up all paintings and portraits because it will map them no matter what sensitivity adjustment you make. I give this a 10 out of 10!!!!

- Expensive word generator

This is basically a random word generator that also offers a couple camera filters you could get for free. I’m not really sure what the radio station scanning aka Ghost Box feature is logically used for but I don’t think anyone could actually pick up a word out of that. It says for entertainment purposes because that’s what the company has to say to avoid any liability. It also prevents you from qualifying for a refund under the basis that it doesn’t work. It does exactly what it claims it will. Entertains. This should be common sense to the reviewers. However, it costing money implies that the company is trying to pass it off as an actual piece of ghost detecting equipment and of course those that download want to believe it is. I was curious what a ten dollar ghost hunting app did and I am disappointed lol. It doesn’t do anything you can’t get in a free app. Don’t spend your money and be so desperate to believe that random words the app shoots out means something. I wish I could get a refund. I thought it would at least attempt to be believable, but nobody with an average IQ or higher would think this app is detecting ghost voices. Sorry.

- Either creepy and real or fake

So I wouldn’t consider myself a ghost hunter but just someone who has had ghost experiences and has always had an interest in the paranormal. I’ve enjoyed using another app called Ovilus for word capturing and love that it records the words. For this app, the EVP function is similar but I wish there was the option to record the evp, listen to the EVP that the words are generated from, and look back to a history of what words were detected. This is especially important since I received several alarmingly creepy words in my house through this app “warn, go, poltergeist, scary”. If these words are picked up through the EVP, it would be nice to listen to the voice that the app is detecting. So my thought is either the app mistakenly forgot to put this function in and I have a not so great spirit lurking my house or the words are auto generated and that is why you are unable to listed to or playback EVP.

- In depth

After my first review I went back spent much time going through the app I recommend for everyone to do this. The questions I post initially were answered through self instruction and found many answers to the questions I had. I can say for certain this is by far one of the most advanced technological development tools I’ve used. Unbeknownst to me on my job site I had the recording going it picked up the sound of bricks being loaded in my wheel barrel from a far distance and appeared as if they were very close so the Mike is highly sensitive. Again I use it for many other reasons, so far the only issue I have some applications in it will not go online.

- Good tools, but a bit confusing

This app is probably the best ghost hunting app out there. This app has many tools that are generally considered essential, and some that are even rarely used (but still useful). However, even after reading the help section on all tools, I am a little confused on some aspects of the app. What is the algorithm for the evp? What do the colored bars mean in the evp? In what situation do I use the lux sensor? So many questions. I also have not used the app yet for an actual hunt yet but I plan on it soon. Some improvements to the help menu would be greatly appreciated! Otherwise an all around great app. (EDIT) Forgot to mention! Please add the ability to customize the dashboard! I would like the ability to record audio and possibly have the twilight cam on the dash.

- I can’t begin to tell you how real this app is

I was extremely skeptical but the more I used the more the words being said were nothing but truth and definitely not general things that fit a lot of people, specific and personal words were spoken. Started with slight proof of actually working like when i had my phone down on a pizza box and it said the word pizza but got even more detailed like when I was whispering to my husband at the kitchen stove and the app says the words “kitchen“, “stove“, “husband”, and “whispering”. But then things got too real and a little scary so I had to delete it for a while. Be careful with it, messing with the paranormal IS NOT A JOKE!

- Incredibly amazing app it will blow your mind

This app is amazing especially if u have abilities like, only thing I would like to see get better and bigger is the word bank needs more and more words I think words should be added every couple months or something like that this app is phenomenal and with more word for them to use will greatly increase the conversations between parties and have better ones too I noticed them having to use words that are similar to the ones of the word it’s supposed to definitely needs more names it would make this app so much more mind blowing than it already is

- Pretty convincing

I have to say the EVP is pretty convincing. It tends to mention things in my surroundings, and use names that I know were affiliated with the ranch I live on which is 100 years old. The spelling is even correct. I asked if it knew who I was and it said my name. Today I was watering flowers and it said “flowers”. There are parts of the ranch where it is far more active which is also makes it very convincing. Places on the ranch that should be active due to certain historical events. I would like to get more use of the spirit box, but it has yet to convince me of any legitimacy.

- This is great, but I have a question.

I really like all the features on here. It’s a great fun app. However I was wondering if the evp function is basically a random word generator? I caught some weird stuff on it. I was sitting in a silent room, not talking, and eating while I used the evp part. Well, I finished eating and a few seconds later it detected the word “eat.” Then I picked up my phone and started playing with it a bit to see if there was a way I could actually record these evps to listen back to later and it picked up “test.” Finally I spoke. I felt dumb for doing it but I asked if there were any spirits in the room. It picked up the word “me.” So of course i immediately exited out of the app lol.


At first I was sceptical but after using it a while it got so accurate and things started to happend like my bf and I where using it and he joked to the spirit about using whatever battery was left in his phone because his phone wouldn’t even charge with his charger it then a little bit later decides to power it’s self on and never came back on he had to get a brand new one. We have been touched also and so much stuff gets crazy accurate but it’s amazing and cool experience it was definitely the tool I was looking for.

- Love the app but what does this mean?

I love this app it’s great and works perfectly. I love the ghost box most of all the radio frequencies are perfect and I get clean conversations. My only problem with the app is the scales and measurements. What is it measuring, what am I supposed to be looking for, what am I collecting, etc? I could simply look this information up online but the app should come with a section of guides and instructions. Should have a detail of what the scales and data charts are collecting. Besides that I love using the app and couldn’t be happier!

- My Go-To Paranormal App

I was iffy about spending money on an app, especially one that claims to track paranormal information. I must say I am overjoyed with how well this app works. My partners house is super haunted, and we wanted proof in order to show people we aren’t just crazy. I got pictures, recorded audio evps, and clear communication with beings not in the flesh. If you are considering putting money into the paranormal, this is the way you do it! Thank you guys!!!!

- Great Tools

The only thing that I don’t like about the app. There’s all these great tools but no dedicated recorder to copy all these “incredible” things. Get a record option and I’ll change my rating because parts of this app are real scientific tools embedded into the iPhone. So there is some credibility. But yeah. I don’t want to record my findings the hard way. I want it to be a part of the app especially if you bought the app like me. Many awesome things with the cameras that I could have recorded and make this app a real part of science and technology.

- Game review

Hello everyone, I’m typing this review because I bought this app thinking everything would work for my phone. I also bought it because I’m in love with finding the truth of the paranormal. I’ve also meet some paranormal people in my life like Elton Castee and Corey Scherer including their camera man Jerry and Elton’s girlfriend. I’ve been believing in the paranormal for about 7 years now. The first paranormal experience I have had was at the Stanley hotel… which changed my whole world around and how I viewed everything but yes I got this app thinking I would be able to use and I wasted $10 on nothing…. I would love a refund but I do not understand how to get one.

- Right beside me.

2020 is an unusual time. The spirit world is right beside us. As an active Christian if 43 years, I have never seen such activity. This app. assisted me in finding out what that spirit wanted. Thank you. My Church believes the spirit world is right beside us. Just because we haven’t seen, heard, or felt it, doesn’t mean It isn’t there. I held that truth above my head until it was revealed. It is true. They can be right beside you.

- Unsure right now

I’m a little unsure about this app right now. You have to hit a record button to make anything work, yet it’s not really recording anything.. Some areas you can record and play back while other areas you can’t, yet each area has a recordings tab. Like EVP.. I hit a button to make it work, yet there is no recording option.. but there’s a recordings tab.. Doesn’t make sense. There are no directions on how to use this app at all.. I most likely wasted money on this 🤷🏼‍♀️

- Just another money seeking developer

This app is fake, along with all the rest but the worst part is that you pay for this one. I am a huge skeptic but an open minded one, I was really hoping (with all the positive reviews) that this app would aid in our journey to find “truth” whatever that may be. Anyways after messing with the app and various settings I can say that it appears to be completely random information being presented. This includes all of the emf and other “measurements” of the environment. I have yet to discover any evidence of ghosts or such, but I can say don’t waste your money on this app. It will do nothing to get you “closer” to the dead.

- Well made. No luck with ghost box yet.

So I like the app I’m very happy with it overall. I was just wondering if anyone ever has any luck with the ghost box? It works fine but so far after many tries I think I might’ve got a “hi” at best and I’m not even sure lol. I’ll keep trying I know it’s not the developers fault it works like it’s supposed to. I was just hoping maybe someone else has had good results with the ghost box in general. Thank you

- 5 Stars

I am so glad I got this app and if you are in need for a real app and thinking about getting this then you won’t be disappointed. I know there is ALOT of fake apps out but this isn’t one of them. I have caught a lot with this app so I want to say thank you to the makers of this app and thank you for putting in the SLS camera it works great. Keep up the great work 👍👍👻👻👻

- Not sure...

I do agree this is a beautifully designed app but... While for some this may not require instruction it will for others and I have found none anywhere. Normally I would contact the dev to get the information needed but the information provided seems to be missing as well. The information provided within the app does not work. I do hope to hear from someone in the near future as I would like to use the app and also complete my review.

- Awesome

This app is probably one of the best paranormal investigation apps, it has almost every tool you need and some that are useful but you rarely see used. My only complaint is there’s no way to record EVP’s, only reason I gave 4 stars cause being able to record evp’s is essential Edit: so after further testing the EVP is more of an Ovilus, it don’t record voices it records the words that pop up

- Accurate app

I absolutely love the hard work you guys put into this. The only issue I have is the EVP Doesn’t have a record option. It has recordings on top right and has 2 circling arrows but nothing records. Otherwise I’d 5 star this. Microphone is set to have access. Anyway the emf is so accurate that it blew my mind away. I’m still adjusting the sensitivity options as I write this.

- Super easy to use!

A lot of tools for the price, and you have the choice of a quick and easy to start dashboard with several great tools running at once, or you can use them independently and fine tune your investigation and have an even more immersive experience! Well done Weber!


Update the SLS camera is incredible great job I have one more request you guys should develop a thermal imaging instrument. You guys did a amazing job at creating this app this in my option is the best ghost hunting app available I do have one request could you add all the instruments that ghost hunter M2 had like the p-Evp? But all in all I am very impressed and amazed Thank you so much💯❤️

- Ghost scienceM3

Out of all the “ghost apps” out there I like this one. While I question why it looks as though EVPs are coming thru but no sound, the other functions seem to work well. There have been a handful of times where the EVPs were spot on. That’s just hanging out with it as background noise. Thought it seems there’s a lot of nonsense filler in the EVPs. I’ve recommended it to others. It’s worth the money

- Great appTo use

Like the Ghost hunter M2, I use mostly the EVP tool. I also use the camera part as well. In both cases I sometimes get the right results. I would like to see a radar sensor added to this app, and also an Echovox-like tool added as well. I would prefer that to the added ghost box tool which requires an internet connection.

- Amazing!

I’m somewhat of an amateur paranormal investigator and I use this app on all of my hunts. I’ve caught multiple figures on the sls camera and gotten many words through the audio recorder. Would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to get into paranormal investigating!

- Amazing

It actually works I was about to doze off in my bed until I got “wake,poltergeist,stand” I was crappin bricks this occurrence was around 3am so it definitely works and advisory note if you can’t handle talking with spirits if you dont want them possibly messing with you

- This app uses iPhones sensory hardware. Very cool.

This program uses the large number of sensory devices on the iphone to turn your phone into a conduit of sorts. A auditory and visual filter, that can help discern imperceptible occurrences. It may be for entertainment purposes, but it uses real sensors. And under the right conditions, could be very useful. I recommend it.

- Voice

Hello Developer, Can we please change the voice in the EVP app as its soooo creepy deep slow male voice.. can we make it not soo deep and slow? maybe like an female voice would be nice but not slow… male voice is ok too just not slow and deep.. thanks.

- Amazing tools

People don’t realize what their smart phones are capable of. You don’t need To spend hundreds of dollars on tools when your phone has amazing apps like these that do the exact same thing.

- Great app literally

The only feature I’m having trouble with is the Ghost Box. I enable the feature...but what I don’t get is how do I know when I get EVP’s? I understand it’s snippets of music and all of that. That still doesn’t answer my question. Frustrating.

- The best

I hate doing reviews but seriously this is the best ghosty app ever. It honestly has all the tools you need. It works. I use it at my work sometimes because its an old elementary school. And yes I’ve gotten loads of evidence. Its great.

- It’s the real deal

I’ve been using this ghost app for a long time now, very easy to used interface and very accurate on technology it uses to pick up spiritual entity’s. It’s very well made, easy to used. I’ve caught audio and visual spirits/Ghost with this app.

- Love the app

Will you implementing the lidar feature into the app for the newer iphones? Another developer just made a night vision app which actually works so i’m wondering if you’d be able to do anything with it.

- Pretty accurate but…

So im a beginner ghost hunter.. And i would give it 5 stars if it wasnt for two things. 1. Lidar doesn't work even though i have an iphone 13. 2. I cant hear the EVP voice well enough when it talks. But it is accurate. I’ve experienced many poltergeists on this app. Thanks for reading this! -Felix

- Sweet

Not sure if it works and it’s not all big scam but they all seem to function properly even the Spirit box flips through channels really fast to pick up voices made by ghosts

- Wow

This app uses your phones tech.. been checking everything out in a non haunted area. Everything seems legit! Worth a buy if you want to hunt the 30point ghost!

- Re-rating 5 star

Amazing app so far can’t wait to see what I can get now that I actually found the rest of the features

- Oh dam

So I was on the dashboard and was recalling a dream I had yesterday when someone was standing in my door and slowly shut it. The evp came on and said yesterday. Total to the bone electric for me, hair standing on ends. Yayyy!

- Does this app actually go online...

Easy and fun to use! Only question is. Does this app actually go “online” or is it just a term you used for the function to be active. Thanks for a great app!

- Best paranormal app ever!!!!!

Wow I been investigating the paranormal for 10 plus years now. I have to say this is by far the best app there is. I have used many and nothing compares to this. Keep it up!!!!! Highly recommend!!!!!

- Finally a app that’s more sensitive than Gen Z

EMF was so sensitive it actually picked up on my cats chip. Really impressed with the interface hopefully I can get some answers.

- Awesome app * would be 5

Only issue is very current phone but it kept saying important features were not stored in my device

- Doesn’t save recordings

The app appears like it would be useful but it doesn’t save the recordings and since it doesn’t work, it actually does not allow you to request a refund. I have emailed the developer for help. If I get a response and it starts working I’ll update the review, but until then I’d say don’t waste your money

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- Seems legit

Seems legit had my daughters name come through and her name is definitely not common

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- No sound

There is no audio for this app on iPad Pro. I spent money on this con. Bryan Cox

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Ghost Science M3 iphone images
Ghost Science M3 iphone images
Ghost Science M3 iphone images
Ghost Science M3 iphone images
Ghost Science M3 iphone images
Ghost Science M3 iphone images
Ghost Science M3 iphone images
Ghost Science M3 iphone images
Ghost Science M3 iphone images
Ghost Science M3 iphone images

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The applications Ghost Science M3 was published in the category Entertainment on 2018-03-29 and was developed by Michael Weber [Developer ID: 349078052]. This application file size is 70.87 MB. Ghost Science M3 - Entertainment app posted on 2022-12-08 current version is 6.0.4 and works well on IOS 15.6 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.jedasoft.ghosthunterm3