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What is eventbrite app? Discover popular local events, get event recommendations just for you, and see which events your friends are going to! Get tickets and quickly access all of your Eventbrite tickets and event information from your iPhone. Find something new to do -- concerts, festivals, classes, conferences, free events and more -- right in the palm of your hand.

With Eventbrite for mobile, you can:
• Discover popular and recommended events happening around you
• Find upcoming events for this week and weekend
• See which events your friends are going to
• Register for and get tickets to events
• Store your credit or debit cards for fast, easy purchasing
• View event details, including maps and directions
• Add your Eventbrite tickets to Passbook
• Easily share events with your friends
• Get into events with just your phone -- no paper tickets required!

Also available in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Swedish.

What is Eventbrite?

Eventbrite enables anyone to create, promote, and sell tickets to any event imaginable, while also helping people discover and share events that match their passions. Whether it’s a neighborhood block party or a sold-out concert in a stadium, Eventbrite makes it happen.

INFORMATION SHARING: When purchasing tickets or registering for an event, we provide the information entered to the event organizer so they can manage the event. Please review our Privacy Policy and California Privacy Notice for more information on your choices around information sharing.

California Privacy Notice: https://www.eventbrite.com/support/articles/en_US/Troubleshooting/supplemental-privacy-notice-for-california-residents?lg=en_US

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App Name Eventbrite
Category Entertainment
Updated 28 July 2023, Friday
File Size 88.1 MB

Eventbrite Comments & Reviews 2023

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Can’t find events. Had used app in the past. Didn’t have it on my new phone, so when a link wanted wanted to open it, I had to re-download it. Knew exact name and location and tried to find it, but would not work. Have had trouble with wi-fi giving location of internet service provider instead of my actual location, so when it asked for permission I clicked “no”. There was a search window to enter location, but it wouldn’t work. At that point, rather than go to location services to give it permission, I just deleted it. Don’t give me the appearance that I have an option if I don’t! I’ll use something else. Works fine when clicking on a link and it is already installed, but no good in trying to find events that you may be looking for.

Logging in. Good luck logging into the app to get the tickets you’ve purchased. There is no place to put a password after hitting login. I already have an account with eventbrite but all it does is say “this email already exists” and it automatically sends an email to change my password. Kind of hard to login anyway when there is no field to input a password. Good job evenbrite I feel like I’m being punked. It’s obvious they don’t care, if you read all the reviews about logging in all they say is contact customer support. Not even the developers know how to login on their own app. Horrible app and horrible customer service. After contacting I still can’t login. It’s sad that people use this and I’m assuming the rating on the App Store is purely employees trying to save themselves a job while they look for an employer and development team that doesn’t have their heads shoved you know where.

Unreliable and frustrating. This app is not reliable at all. I have reverted to using the web app. My events/orders are not syncing to my IOS app. They show up fine in the Web portal. I get emails on tickets or cancellations at the email address associated with my account, but tickets are not showing up in the IOS App upcoming tickets (yes I i have pressed Try again multiple times to no avail). I have deleted app, reinstalled, tried literally everything to get the IOS app to show my tickets but have to use the Web App now because the IOS app is not reliable for displaying my tickets. Latest IOS update did not help. Please fix syncing between web app and IOS app. I no longer can use Apple Wallet for tickets because they don't appear. Again, all events are showing up correctly when I login via web browser.

This app does not work for me as a blind person using VoiceOver. I enter act with my iPhone using voice over, a screen reader built into every iPhone. When I navigate the main screen of this app, I see categories I can select, but attempting to select them brings up no corresponding events. The window which would list events doesn't even open, and the List box at the top of the app doesn't populate. When I navigate from the top of the screen down, I do not see hashtags I can select, but when I navigate from the bottom of the screen up, I do see hashtags. I tend to find it challenging to discover what events are going on on the weekend, and I was hoping this app would present and easy to use solution to that problem. Until the accessibility challenges are fixed, this will not be a solution I will be able to use in order to become more socially active, and involved in my community.

This App is difficult to use. I have purchases 30 sets of tickets in the last year for Unlimited Devotion. The Hottest band in Florida!! Real musicians who play instruments in time! LIVE MUSIC IS ABOUT IMPROVISATION. This band has that magic. However; the app can be difficult depending on Venues they play. Like the crappy spot in Tampa —Jannus Landing. What a hole! Their tickets were hard to buy and upload. The Hard Rock, like last year; hard to interface the tickets. 80 percent of App hassle free. One thumb up. With the money your making you can afford to make this experience hassle free. Ameticans USED TO PRIDE THEMSELVES ON BEING THE BEST, no matter what job they had or what they did for a living. You all ruined that. What else you going to ruin? Tired if flat footed drunks standing in frnt of people who came to dance. GO HOME YOU BUSH LEAGUE Wannabes. If your not dancing to Grateful Dead music—YOUR NOT A DEAD HEAD. Clear out please and have some courtesy for those who actually support the arts. You broke bush cut in line young kids go to your rapper. We are Pranksters, not Gangsters. What else you stupid over populated selfish Fools going to ruin next in this Country?

Update: Beware!!!. Prior to today, the Eventbrite app settings did not have a toggle nor option to disable cellular use. What I find strange is that since my previous post, now, there is a cellular use toggle option. I know my previous claim was not overlooked because the app did not list in the cellular section. And when I checked the general listing for apps, inside Eventbrite settings, there was no toggle, nor cellular option to disable. However, there was location option that I allowed Eventbrite to use my location when in use. I am not sure if this was an app glitch or update, but problem was resolved. Therefore, I increased my rating from 1 to 4 stars.

App is disappointing - Website is the better option. There are a lot of great events on here but the app itself is a pain. You have to use back arrows to get to the home screen and other areas (like the search function) on certain pages because there’s no main navigation. This can be a real pain when you’ve clicked through a lot of events in a row. I just shutdown the app and restart at that point. The other problem is that you can set any location filters (like distance) outside of just where to look, so you’ll see results for events that are sometimes over 2 hours drive from the location you set. This is a bummer when you find what you’re looking for but can’t do it because of how far away it actually is.

Great product and terrible customer service if something goes wrong. I like the eventbrite platform. It’s relatively easy to use and I’ve met some cool people through it. I have run more than 10 events in the past and the first time I had an issue where customers of mine ran into trouble because of their UI for discount codes I ended up having to eat the fees. When I explained that it was an older audience and they thought that they were not going to be charged, they didn’t listen to my actual situation. They just followed their policy of not refunding fees. Without getting into the details of the conversation, the customer service was awful and frustrating and I won’t be using them to run events if I can find another viable alternative.

No Longer Feeling Lost. I’ve been trying to get my business and my life on track since this Covid insanity hit. This app has opened up a whole world of supportive people networking, sharing information and holding space. So far everything has been free. I am just now getting the hang of the app, but my calendar is already filling up with events that fill my heart with excitement! It been a wonderful discovery! So far I have nothing negative to report! Thank you for such a useful platform. This could prove to be life changing for me!

Total credit card fraud. I bought my tickets online through Eventbrite and it forced me to download the app to get my tickets. I can’t get into the app, I’ve reset my password, tried logging in through Apple, tried logging in through my email. The only option in the app is to buy more tickets. When I try to access the ones I’ve already bought it asks me for my password, which I just created, and says it’s invalid. This is illegal by the way to take someone’s money when you are on notice that they can’t access the product. No customer service number. They are scam artists. Stay away from this app. They also asked me for my birthday for my tickets which is an unnecessary breach of my privacy and could lead to identity theft. They could have just asked me to confirm if I was 21 plus.

You’ve been warned.... This app is garbage. Trying to find & recover over $600 of tickets that seem to have vanished. Every link in the confirmation email takes you to the same place on the web, can’t access anything in the app. Trying to reset a password just results in the “Log In” banner @ the top of the app screen turning white, then dumping you back at the same broken login page. Good luck trying to contact your “Event Organizer” too, guess what—you have to log in for that. Round and round it goes. Guess that’s goodbye to a fun long weekend in Sonoma, since all my info is gone. Thanks for ruining that, guys. Before you download, do yourself a favor and ask “Do I really want to throw my money away in an app, or just pay at the door?” You decide...Caveat Emptor.

Some major annoying features. I’ve bought tickets in the past and so I logged into the app to buy a ticket for a new event. Yet the app pulled my info from PayPal and now my tickets can’t sync to the app because they don’t have the same email address. Luckily tickets are attached to the email but it’s a really horrible pdf of the web copy and is extremely difficult to see and fit on your device. Makes the app worthless to be honest. Why is this a feature without an alert the information doesn’t match and to confirm if you want the tickets synced properly. I’m just extremely lucky the info that copied over from PayPal was accessible and glad I checked before I got to the event so now I have a bad pdf to show. Also - I had to read through the FAQs to figure out what went wrong. I almost cried thinking I did something wrong especially since the email shows the entire event day timing and not what I paid for. How is a company smart enough to realize a lot of people have this issue to put it in FAQ but not smart enough to provide a good customer experience and fix this issue/confusion? Very disappointing.

Should be able to purchase without saving credit card info. The first time I used this app, I could make a purchase without saving a credit card. Now you must save a credit card to complete a purchase. You have the option of removing a saved credit card in the desktop version but not from the app. Even in the desktop version, the screen to remove a saved credit card is a couple of sub menus down. Searching for "remove saved credit card" gives lots of hits, but the obvious page should be the first hit instead of much further down, mixed in with a hundred other pages.

Love for HOA. I have a lot of respect for Athletes considering myself as one because of my love for sports but ex specially for Mr. Brandon Marshall because of his positive drive. His motivation too accomplish some of life’s hardest task like be a reason for positive verses negative insurance is always supported by the out come. A lot of ways his strive has energized my musical career goal as my self thought “never quit if u feel it inside” has brighter effects on a person whose direction in life was not so positive at one point, Shout out too u man love what u an my boy Oco doing for selective few positive Americans like me who decided family an kids first! I see y’all Boys much love an respect always tell Mich an yuel seems like yesterday I was calling home an he was telling Annette that he just started a record label called “Brick Rich Records” an just did a fire song with Rick Ross called “Cold Blooded” an sent me my contract to sign cause we always been good with poetry lol, Love y’all tell mommy Michi I said hey an still dead before dishonor like she taught! 🦑😤🦑, up most respect love I’m here Fa whatever y’all need, Love Bostin DeaGo

EventBrite SCAM – Drake Halloween / birthday party performance at San Francisco city hall. Completely got scammed by eventbrite’s false advertising. Drake was set to make an appearance and perform, however, Drake intentionally showed up and enjoy cocktails in the bottle service area. Not once did he even address the crowd or pick up the microphone. I was told there would be no refunds even though the event was sold as drakes birthday party on Halloween weekend. Drake showed up and intentionally did not perform. A person in his entourage posted on Instagram that the whole plan from the start was to scam and mislead guests. IT WAS A MONEY GRAB I was Very disappointed and angry, as was the entire crowd. Surprised there wasn’t a riot. There must have been some inclination that Drake would not perform considering the amount of police presence. Furthermore, my group had purchased VIP tickets and there was no monitoring or guidance of what floors these passes would access. Additionally, certain levels of San Francisco City Hall Rotunda that we were said to have access too in the eventbrite description was denied when we attempted to visit these floors. Specifically the mezzanine level. No longer do I trust eventbrite

Where did my ticket go?. I have used eventbrite multiple times with no hiccups and the process has been seamless. This time it has not been so. I bought tickets Saturday evening for a show on New Years 2019 and after entering my information (email, phone number, credit card information) I received no conformation email with my tickets attached nor did I receive my tickets in the Eventbrite app. Checking my banking app my card was charged. *Update* there was a typo in my email that their algorithm missed when filling out my email but after sitting on the phone like for a good amount of time the issue was resolved.

“Add to Calendar” doesn’t work.. The “add event to calendar” feature is broken. When I hit the “add to calendar” button, I receive an error message saying, “Failed to access calendar. Visit Settings to grant access.” Access to my calendar has already been enabled for Eventbrite in my iPhone settings and it still won’t work. I have tried toggling calendar access on & off and have also tried deleting & reinstalling the Eventbrite app; neither of which was any avail. This feature does not work on Eventbrite’s website on any of my browsers either — I’ve tried Safari, Chrome, & Microsoft Edge. The Eventbrite Help page doesn’t offer any troubleshooting tips for this issue or provide a means of communicating this issue to technical support directly. I submitted feedback under “Updating account information” on the “Legal, trust, or privacy issue” section of the help page — hopefully, my feedback will find its way to the appropriate party; I’m posting my issue here in the form of a review just in case. Thanks in advance for anything you can do to help!

Too Much Data!!. Eventbrite requires too much data input! I wanted to buy four tickets to an event. All event tickets were the same price. I entered my info (name, address, phone, email, credit card). Then Eventbrite wanted all the same information for every other person using one of the tickets!!! (Except for credit card info.) I refuse to give out personal information about my friends to anyone that asks. I decided to use my information for all four tickets. Eventbrite doesn't easily allow you to do this by copying the data from the first ticket. I had to manually input the data into many different windows. What a pain-in-the-butt. There has got to be an easier way!

Event Bright. Wether your trying to be a social elite or not, very hip to what's going on platform in the application out to-date ❕Seriously it gives you inside scoop on events going on for the weekend,weekdays,popular, and you can also set the filter to your liking! Great application for this day and era. If you don't get out much and when do happen to get out, and your trying to find something to do or wanna make plans. But no clue or idea on what? I for one definitely recommend opening the app to see what's going on. You'll go from no plans to something fun and cost effective to do or even free! That's right F R E E ❗️ So have fun people who've never tried out take this App users word for it !

Awesome app!. This app keeps me up to date on all of my interests, local and otherwise. I am pleased with most of the suggested, similar activities that I wouldn’t otherwise be aware of. It is a little difficult to sign into live web events that are linked thru Facebook, but I’m hoping that changes soon. It is also sometimes difficult to sign my children up for events under my email address, since they don’t usually allow the link to work if forwarded thru my email. I’m not always able to change my email address when signing up.

Be careful and PAY ATTENTION. The day one of my favorite bands put tickets on sale I tried to use the Eventbrite link for my local hometown show. It directed me to the wrong show 1 day later, and I made the mistake of not reading every detail and made the purchase with excitement. AS SOON AS I got the confirmation email I realized there was a glitch with the link that I clicked on bc the show was obviously not the show I was looking for, so I immediately tried to contact Eventbrite to explain my mistake. I still wanted 2 tickets, but I wanted them for the show that I originally clicked on. They emailed me back about 3 days later and basically said it wasn’t their problem and there is nothing that they would do to help me, but that I am more than welcome to sell them to someone else. Thanks a lot for that helpful response. I will try to avoid buying tickets from this company for the rest of my life now unless they are the only ones offering them. Terrible customer service, even when the mistake was on both of us. I should’ve read the fine details, but they also shouldn’t have had a broken link. I tried the link several times after that to make sure I wasn’t crazy, and the same thing was replicated over and over. After they emailed me and told me there wasn’t anything they would do, I also emailed them back pleading my case and they didn’t even bother to respond again.

Loop to Loop. I registered for an event by clicking on a link from my email. Then when I attempted to log into t he Eventbrite app it said I needed to go to my email for security reasons & click the link sent. All this did was create an endless loop to a web browser that gave me the pop up link for the app. That took me to another webpage that said to click to copy information & redirect it to the app but when it went back to the app it just stayed stuck n the same original pop up claiming I needed to click the link. I come from an IT background & the whole thing is running me in circles for an event that I simply want to view. It’s inefficient & needs to be fixed. If I have this problem I can only imagine the frustration it would cause others who are less technologically skilled.

Enjoying. Easy to navigate, well filtered & have found many interesting events to attend that have been a blast, both purchased ticket or free to attend. Which is an easy, & quick checkout process. Very happy about the events found that wouldn’t haven’t been if not for this app, especially the well description (for most) Thought slacks some events that I’ve wanted to purchased tickets thru here due to enjoying the app, yet the event could not be found. Has not happened more than 3 times

Grouping old tickets with new. So I’ve never had a ticket issue with Eventbrite until now. Recently purchased some tickets to a local event and when I saved them to the Wallet app on my iPhone I couldn’t find them. After searching every single ticket I found them grouped with an unrelated even from another year. This makes no sense because now I have to either remember this or delete the tickets entirely and just print out the paper version. The point of digital tickets is that they or organized for you which I never had an problem with until now. Anyway I hope this gets fixed soon.

iPhone app unusable - crashes 100% of the time. I love eventbrite but this app is horrible and unusable. I cannot ever get it to work. Crashes 100% of the time. If I try to access an event through google calendar or chrome it takes me to the app where I cannot access any online events. I can’t access tickets. If I manage to look at information about a ticket (1 out of 50 tries) it crashes before I can read the information. The new update fixed NOTHING. Thanks for the horrible app and the inability to access any events/information from my phone due to the nonfunctional app that it insists I use. Please find a new app developer or delete the app from the App Store so I can access a **m* event from my browser. Straight up embarrassing shell of a program. There needs to be a 0 star rating.

Great but needs improvement to facilitate usage.. I really like the app, however I think it would be very useful if we could remove events we saw and are not interested on. For example, when scrolling down I see something I am not interested on I would like to swipe left or something and not ever see it again. Also, events that repeat every week are annoying. They are the first ones to show up and they are like surfing lessons or something and each week is the same thing. Even if I choose filters that do not apply to that they still show up. Finally, filters are not always helpful. I could select community and nothing will come up, but after searching on google events do show up and they are on eventbrite!! Maybe have people posting events answer more questions so the filters can be more accurate.

Scams. I’m so sorry but you are promoting fake events and fake organizer don’t buy no tickets from this app. I bough few tickets for a techno event in Dallas. And I just found out yesterday that not only change the event dates, but I talk to the manager of the artist and I can show proof of it. The event was for the 30 of March and now they are promoting it for the 13 of April. And the manager of Debora de luka just told me that she is not coming to Texas for like 3 more month, she is very easy to reach. And I don’t even have a answer from the event organizer. This is scam and don’t waists your money like I did. I hope this app resolve me with the money. I’m really thinking to sue this app. I been planing this trip for over 1 month in advance I have hotel reservation and everything and it’s not fair with the costumer be more seriously about your business.

What’s the point of this app?. I have tickets to two Eventbrite events but cannot see the tickets under this app. When I click on tickets they are not there and I am redirected to login to their website where I can see them but there is no way to get them to be on my app. What is the point of this app then if I still have to login to the website to see the tickets I bought? I signed up on the app with the same email and password. Also, thought it was weird that the app didn’t give me the option to sign in. I was only able to create an account or sign in with Facebook. Must be why I can’t see my tickets...the app is not linked to your already created profile through their website. Amateurs made this app as far as I can tell. So It looks like I have to buy through the app in order to see those tickets and vice versa. Makes no sense.

Passionate again!. I am always learning and researching. I love it. I haven’t done anything with other folks for awhile and I enjoy that communication. In my business, when making a flower centerpiece, I use vintage handpicked item. I only make one of an arrangement because it makes it special and I truly love variety. You offer so much variety and I absolutely love it. You have made my gratitude list everyday for a long time! I’m excited about my class in the morning, so I need to close. Have a blessed evening. Carol I have ventured into “ Excellence in Vintage”. Includes well know vintage wall art, gallery ready, vintage crystal , vintage vases, vintage jewelry, Vintage gifts including stuffed toys. All are growing in values. I love everything you have offered me. I live in the sticks (love it) but had horrible wifi and internet problems so I missed so many things! I have a new reliable network! I have thought of many ways to give back. I need to have a steady income first! I am so very grateful! Carol

Never had a problem. I personally have never had an issue with the app, but I take that with a grain of salt, as all of the local events I attend are run by the same group and have been for over a decade (and thus are a trustworthy seller and always keep the same dates from year to year, which seem to be what the complaints in other reviews are for). It is very handy to have my ticket digitally as I tend to lose paper, and everything transfers nicely whether I am using the website (way back before I found this app), or on the app itself.

Not enough time; works great otherwise. I attempted, three times, to purchase a ticket for An Evening with Lisa-Jo Baker through Sisters in Faith. The third time worked beautifully, but my first two trials were just that—trials! I had to go to a different part of the house to retrieve my payment card, and by the time I got back, my time allowed had expired and my reservation had been released (fortunately, not enough women had signed up to sell out the event). Lesson learned: always keep the payment card handy. Lesson for Eventbrite: please allow more time for customers to navigate steps before “releasing” their reservations!

Hardly a Glitch - Easy to Use IF.... I’ve used the Eventbrite app a few times now. Most of the time, I end up on the app because I’ve followed a link directly from an advertised event, which goes to the Eventbrite webpage, and then I choose the ‘open in app’ option. My only issue is that when I go to manually search for an event it the app, there have been a few times when the event doesn’t show in the results even though I *know* the event is taking place. So basically, when I can find an event I’m looking for, I’m happy with the app. But it makes me wonder what things I’m missing out on due to the apps selective search results.

RISKY……. Eventbrite is great when there is an actual event that occurs and no mistakes are made. Be VERY CAREFUL though, as Eventbrite takes ZERO accountability of what is placed on their platforms and any fraudulent activity. They are not even going to stop the activity that can scam you out of money and then tells you to resolve it with the fraudulent party using their site. Who games the system in ways such as just “saying” they will reschedule an event and Eventbrite has zero parameters around these types of claims. For example. My recommendation is to never spend more than $10 with Eventbrite. See if there is another platform you can use or way to validate purchases. I feel like there should be some type of class action lawsuit that helps protect consumers utilizing third-party sites like this.

Months of Not being able to login. UPDATE 2: not working again. Wish i could provide screenshots etc. It worked for maybe a day. I was able to see tic etc and now there’s zeros all around. Logged out, redownloaded. Restarted phone. Nothing. #overit UPDATE: developers reached out to me and looks like the app is working! Giving it a 3 for that right now and we’ll see how it is after putting it to use. Thanks! Review 1. Months of Not being able to login Honestly when Eventbrite was working, I found this app to be very useful to find date night events or to discover new things to do in the city. It’s been months of not being able to login or if I was login to access tickets. I had the app and out of frustration I deleted it. I redownloaded once I decided to go out and do some new things when I have visitors coming to the city, but the app constantly says that there is no connection. Even when I’m on Wi-Fi, I hope you guys figure this out for the iPhone XR

Unsafe conditions. I went to the Festival of life on day 1 at Lincoln park in Newark and couldn’t find a parking spot and if I did luck up I would never have gotten in. There were so many people in such a small park so I went home. I tried again on day 2. I found a parking spot and got in with no problem. Not as many people. The problem was them shooting T-shirts from that canon into the crowd of people. One was coming my way and I was barreled into by a group of people and knocked into the elderly lady behind me. My entire right side was hurt for 2 days. I hope the other lady was ok. Needless to say I never went back again. Freebies are just not worth it even though I left empty handed.

Terrible search results. So there is an event near me. I saw it on LinkedIn and the way you register is through Eventbrite. Due to the fact I saw this on the LinkedIn app, there was no option to go to Eventbrite app. I cant remember my password for Eventbrite, but I have the app so I'm already logged into my profile. I go to the app, copy and paste the title of the event, change the settings for ten miles, change the event to free (which the event is). The search brings up events that are not relevant to the the title of the event and shows me events on the other side of the state. You need to correct this.

More Options Please!!!. Show how many people are attending events on this app. I love the meetup app specifically because it shows how many people are going to each event. I don't want to show up to an event, and there is a room with me and two other people. I love to network, which also helps in the learning process. Also, can you provide more options for interests that pop up? I liked the business category, but that doesn't mean I want to know about every business meeting coming up. I'd like to see it be a little more specific to the types of business I like. Again, the meetup app is very detailed in this sense. Thanks!!!

Don’t get to choose seats on phone. I bought tickets recently, using the app on my phone. They were for a school performance at a local theatre. I wasn’t asked about seating, so I assumed it was just first come first serve. After buying the first 2 tickets, i had other family decide they wanted to go. I bought a couple more- no problem I thought, except when I printed out the tickets I discovered they were assigned. And because I bought the last 2 at different times- they were all in different places. This was frustrating. When I checked in, they explained it was because I used my phone. For some reason when using your phone you aren’t shown seating choices. Therefore, I’ve deleted the app.

So fricken annoying. This would be a great app, if the login wasn’t impossible. If you go to settings, hit login and then put in your email address it doesn’t give you an option for password. The options are login with FB or get started. If you hit either of them they send you a reset option for your password, WTH!? You can login when you are registering for an event, BUT it doesn’t keep you logged in so you can’t tell what you’ve registered for and what you haven’t. I spent way too much time trying to figure out how to log into the app. Guess I’ll use the site from now on 🤷🏼‍♀️ Responding to what the developer said. You are WRONG. I am a developer myself, your app is flawed, it does not allow one to login. It has nothing to do with my password. I am not the only review with this issue and from appearance it has been an issue for more than 6 months. Fix it.

Hosting a community film screening!. I’m an environmental activist, recycLA professional and engaged community member. I wanted to sponsor a free screening of a documentary, The Story of Plastic. I had no experience with Eventbrite except for ordering tickets occasionally, but I have had a very stress free experience so far! They have made it so easy and convenient! They guide you through it in very simple easy to grasp steps, even for us less than tech savvy folks. Kudos to you Eventbrite for allowing access for free community based events like mine. What a blessing!

Completely Unusable. This latest version for iOS does not work. It is unusable. Everytime I open the app I get connection errors where you can’t even log in and check tickets. This happens on Wifi and Cellular. I have to delete the app and reinstall just to be able to login. Also, you have website functionality, but clicking on an event ticket just pushes the click to open the app: THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING. If a person is locked out of the app for whatever reason (like my above issues) then they have no way to access their tickets for an event. It’s great that you are committed to developing an app for the various phone OS’s, but website functionality should not be handicapped just because you have an app. I should be able to access my account and event tickets through the app in Mobile Safari.

Advancing the times. As a kid, I enjoyed going to the movies and watching my favorite characters and hero’s fight off villains and antagonist; or going to a concert to see and hear my favorite artist perform was super exciting! But securing tickets were always a problem growing up! Now…, here we are in the 21st Century- and things have gotten so much easier with ‘Eventbrite!’ This, “by far,” is the premier mediums to accessing all of your favorite plays, concerts and movies with the simple ‘check & click’! I love the convenience of digital access! Thanks for this platform and allowing me to experience this wonderful tool. And, allowing me the opportunity to share my experience! You guys…Rock!!!

Terrible unstable design. One of the worst designed apps on my phone. Very unstable with no QA. Links to events do not resolve in app ever, not one time can I click a link to an event and the app takes me to that event. Very difficult to resolve issues with multiple accounts being created when purchasing. The search basically does not work even when using the exact words on the event, I have to open a laptop to get to them. The event search and filter is atrocious, if I say sort by date then it removes all the results except for two. It will show events from the past. This whole thing works like it was built by a college student smoking weed.

Ridiculous and no communication. It is now taking me a half an hour to try to get my ticket. I had to register twice to get a ticket. I received the email because I first registered online through my laptop. I could print the ticket but there was no eTicket available. Then I went to the app and couldn’t find anything and there were no tickets listed under my name. There was no one to contact. The search would not bring up anything. I had to get rid of the app bring it back try again try to find anything online in which to talk to someone or chat with someone, or at least email that there was an issue. No avail. I cannot stand event bright because they are ridiculous and if you have any issues forget it your money your time is gone.

Disappointed. Disappointed with both the app and with their tech-support. Purchased tickets through their website, but tickets do not appear in app. Reached out to tech-support for help, got a standard answer that indicated they did not even read my request. Second plea for help resulted in them saying yes, we know about the problem. No indication that it will be resolved. If I can’t use their app to show my electronic ticket, what’s the point? I’m reaching out to the regular venues that I patronize that use Eventbrite letting them know about this failure.

Lots of glitches. Every single time I try to buy something and I want to use PayPal it won’t let me log in, kicks me back to the cart and has all my info (last name, email) messed up. I’ve used this plenty and all of a sudden lately it’s nothing but problems. I was able to buy my ticket today but not without hassle. This past weekend I was going to MDF and had trouble getting my shuttle pass. It just kept buffering. Finally after two days of trying I went to the website and it worked just fine. However, after I paid I wanted to view my tickets and the website only showed my shuttle pass, the app only showed my VIP pass. I went to my email and printed them off because I didn’t trust it. Also I add my tickets to my wallet (iphone) and it didn’t show the correct dates on the VIP ticket but it was correct in my email. Seems there’s a few glitches that need to be worked out. I can almost never buy anything through fb either. I have to leave fb and go directly to Eventbrite, even though fb event pages link you here. I don’t get it.

Easy to use. So far my experience with with this app is actually very simple and easy to do and I really trust it because this website when the static X concert got canceled they refund my money no problem and I got it as soon as they send the message so it was very fast so the website is very well managed and the app has exact same feeling plus is way easier than the Ticketmaster app from my experience because with Ticketmaster it’s good don’t get me wrong but if you have an Apple phone like me enough just me but I can’t access the website or the app because saying that or showing that white screen, so is only showing the issues that I know it’s not the case and it only works on my Samsung tablet to make a long explanation short the app is easy to use and I like it and the fact that it gives you two choices of an E ticket or get your ticket at will call the event itself at the ticket booth at the concert in the country has an option that will be in the options so that’s awesome too. You know it’s very easy to use in a straight to the point , so yeah, I really positive experience so far

No real customer support is organizer fails. Event Brite is designed for the benefit of the organizer. They can sell anything (concert/event tickets) however they want (with promises they don’t have to fulfill like VIP amenities). If you don’t get the service the way it was intended they still will not help you. They will tell you to contact the organizer. The website is only designed to get your money for the planner and for eventbrite to get processing fees (I paid $150 in fees). You will get charged two ways to use their service VIP tickets for me totaled at $1,150. Don’t buy any concert or event tickets unless you are ok with ANY result. Just know that customer service only will take messages and phone calls from people who are planning an event. Not people who are actually trying to get help. I didn’t get the full amenities of my VIP ticket and nothing was done about it ($940 wasted).

Contact support. Horrible app/website! I am very upset! I had an issue with tickets of a event that was going to happen next month so I decided to contact the organizer to help resolve the questions I had. I emailed not once but twice ,through their website not only was there no trace of my emails but no where to see if they replied or not ! So I decided to go through customer support even worse I don’t get why they ask for all the information and details of what my issues were if it was going to be like I never sent an email. Not only did I not get an answer but there is not even a place to check if you even sent the email because it won’t show up anywhere. It will only say “messaged sent” after sending the email and nothing more.

Email address management needed. I now have five separate Eventbrite accounts that can’t be merged together. There is no option to add a secondary email addresses, so every time I got a ticket from someone else to a different email address, Eventbrite automatically created an account and locked the ticket to it. The ticket claims path has no option to login and claim with your actual account. Customers typically have more than one email address. I don’t subscribe to one canonical email. Fragmenting my data across different accounts makes the app pretty much useless for me. It’s more efficient to just search email. The FAQ claims such futuristic feature requests are under review, while other apps consider this standard practice.

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Inaccessible. The webinar in registering for concerns aged care and disability. Ironic then, that this keyboard I’m using now is very hard to use given my disability. Hard for anyone to use, really. To end a sentence with a full stop one has to get into the symbols display. Are you serious? There’s no caps lock, meaning I had to press the shift key with each letter of NDIS. And more, including the necessity to make the booking in portrait mode on an iPad. But I won’t go on.

App problem. Eventbrite itself is wonderful, being able to create or attend events through searches is beyond complaints. However, the app. The notification system of the app is very flawed. I do not receive notifications of the event until it a few hours before it has commenced or outright the night of the event. Because of this I have missed many of my first events which I have signed up for. This has made me manually put in a notification from my calendar app to remind me and have completely muted the notification system of this app.

Great events but the app is a bit clunky at times. The app is great in that it connects people with fantastic events. However, searching for events can prove very difficult, and it’s only through persistence and a lot of time, that I have found an event that I know is on the site but just can’t find it. I’m sure this can be fixed though 😊.

Sold seats. Good experience, just couldn’t see which seats were available .. wasn’t easy to work out which seats I could select from!

Fix this, please!!. Constantly getting this “The resource you’re trying to access is unavailable at the moment. Please try again” It’s very annoying to say the least and it’s turning me away from this almost great app. I’ve tried to installing and uninstalling it and still hasn’t solve the problem.

Useful but terrible search function. Don’t understand how the search function can be so bad. Even if you enter the exact name and date of an event you know exists it will show you a whole bunch of random Other stuff instead. Otherwise it’s a useful app.

Ok sometimes but iffy & no real support. I like the concept of this overall, however the app crashes any time you try to use add reminder to calendar, keeps logging out on its own accord and there’s no way of contacting anybody for actual real support with such things it seems!!

“You don’t have access to the event”. I purchased tickets for two of my favourite online events, but both returned “You don’t have access to the event” even though I logged in and re-logged in many times. This has been an absolute waste of my time and it really is rather frustrating because organizers of both events replied that they could not get to the bottom of the issue. Please fix it.

They have clearly started an advertising revenue stream. It doesn't matter how much you search for a specific event - even if you have the event ID from another link , is impossible to book through the app for the event you re specifically looking for ever since the latest update- because the searches come up with whatever random event has paid for your eyeballs Impossible to find and easily book the events you want, as apparently it's more important to Eventbrite that they force you to go through the clumsy process of booking via a browser on your phone than using the app they made for this purpose Not sure exactly what this app is meant to do I've spent 30 minutes futilely trying to find a way to book an event in August - guess I will have to book through the browser Don't bother downloading it until they fix the search option .

Keep informed. Easy to keep up-to date with latest events. Buying tickets and payment very easy simple process.

Location. The filters don’t always allow for all events in area as with Canberra there are many events in NSW nearby. So 2 seperate searches, or more, are needed.

More and more reliable and great UX. Massive shoutout to how well this works now! The UX for apple is incredible! Hope you don’t start overthinking the design - the easy link and access to my wallet and calendar helps with making sure I don’t miss a beat - love the paperless functionality - Just hope Australian wifi and internet finally comes to the party?!!! - still reigns true even now!

Eventbrite - find events near you. Eventbrite is a great way of finding or advertising events of all kinds. Use search to look for tickets by location or type. Tickets can be saved to wallet. Easy and convenient - love it.

Email issue. Not able to update my email from an old one.

Easy app to use. Really enjoy this app. Have found lots of interesting events and no issues with getting the tickets.

Website is great. App could do better.. I like Eventbrite. But the app could to with a bit of fine-tuning. It tends to crash at times. And when you go back to a search, it starts at the beginning again, instead of where you left off. It would also be nice if you could specify what time you want to filter events for. Like, if you want to have a night out, you may want to filter out all the things that happen in the mornings.

Useless app with poor search capabilities. The developers apparently don’t understand that people might want to attend events that don’t occur in their immediate vicinty. Why else would it force you to search nearby? I am prepared to travel for events but I can’t switch off “nearby” for in person events. Even specifying a particular date brings up heaps of irrelevant events on different dates. As for wanting an online event from your own country!!!

Useful. I like that it has all the detail about an event in one spot. Date, time, location with map, a bit of info in case u forget what the topic is. I love that I don't have to go hunting for a lost paper ticket. I can link it to my calendar and get reminders. A great idea. The only problem is I wish the Eventbrite icon for iPad would appear the way it does on the phone. I don’t like that so much information is needed to buy a ticket. I’m retired . . . . how can I have a company name? Oh you don’t want retired people at the event?

So easy to book. I discovered eventbrite last school holidays and have booked so many new events. It works perfectly for me, let's me book multiple tickets and I just discovered it adds to to my iPhone calendar if I press a certain button. I love finding free events!!

Awesome. Eventbrite is the trusty source I go to for all my tickets especially music gigs. Super quick and easy checkout, great system to work with and it’s the preferred app for music vendors in Melbourne 🤗

Post-event notifications. When I’ve been to an event, I always get a notification of the upcoming event around midnight after it’s already happened. Not really helpful.

Could be more intuitive. App is okay, can be a little confusing at first and does not readily offer explanations for information requested. Also would be great if it could recall info from previous bookings, so we wouldn’t have to re-enter the same information for each new booking

Apple Pay capability. I was so grateful to find that I could order tickets using Apple Pay. I never have my physical card anymore and had a sudden panic they I might need it.

Excellent. I have had no problems with this app. It's simple and easy to use. The only problem I encountered was when I had to try three times to put in my password to write this review! LOL

Where is accessibility?. Hello, this app is extremely terrible for accessibility? All tabs are unlabelled, unliabled buttons, and unlabeled graphics??? Please, please, please, follow the voiceover accessibility guidelines that Apple releases and follow the website accessibility 3.0 guidelines for apps! This app at the moment gets a one star rating for accessibility! I expect more as a blind user of your app. I should be able to undertake all tasks that sighted people can do in the app!

Time consuming. Not easy to access regular events, not sure why the need to fill in the form each and every time with so much detail (full address, phone no, age and gender etc) even when logged in the personal account with Event brite. Also not able to select multiple events but have to go look for them again (ie in the Feel good program). Very time consuming for the repeat customers.

Search function is poor. This app works fine, if you have followed a link to a particular event. However, the search function is clunky, and frustrating. It would be so helpful to be able to expand the search area to greater than just a specified city.

iPad app???. I find this app ok in the sense that it works on my phone. But like many of us older people it’s harder to see the phone screen. It’s also harder to enter any txt on the piddly little keyboard screen on the iphone. Thus I like to use my ipad. Why or why don’t you have this app in ipad form?? Most holders hold the ipad in landscape mode - not portrait. Your app is small & portrait orientationed only. I try not to use it. Come on you app developers. Others can manage to have an iphone & an ipad version of the app. Why can’t you???

Can’t change my location, no support.. It thinks I’m in a different location. I tried to change it, found my area by searching, tapped it, but then it just went back to the other location that I’m not in. Tried to get support but they will not even let you contact them unless you have a billing or legal issue.

Works well enough. Never quite sure what is going on. Inability to associate an account with multiple email addresses or perhaps calendars. I have multiple ISP email addresses as well as gmail+outlook (which have calendars too). If I get an invite on one email address but my Eventbrite is associated with another, I do not wish to reveal that email to the organiser, just the email they already have harvested. Similarly I want to push some events to a private calendar and others to a work one. It works well enough but not great.

Educating me. The courses available are invaluable. Always finding lots of information and putting some in to place. Or finding out something I haven’t thought of and able to research further.

Great for local events. I can Honestly say that I love this app, it has allowed me to learn so much about my local community and become involved and educated in so many ways.

It's handy, needs more features. This app is great to find events, yes. It does need a lot of improvement though. One thing I've found is there is no option send suggestions or feedback via the app, there is no account settings, including profile/name/email change/location etc via the app, and there is no push notifications to remind you when an event is coming up, to remind you to register for events coming up, etc. These are all must haves for any app really.

Most difficult app to use. Most difficult app to use. Absolutely useless spent an hour trying to find tickets then put into Wallet as so much easier when lined up. Eventbrite app want crazy detail before opening. Basically setting up app again again and again. Crazy. Very poor administration to events that I go to. Even though I am on the site as ticketing opens it says all have gone in 3 seconds. I often miss out for being diligent

Registered Nurse / Midwife. Such a variety of choices of so many topics easy to access tickets and always plenty of notifications

Dates need attention. Please review date settings on the app. For some reason the app lists Sydney Ideas events a day AFTER they are held.... very disappointing to turn up and find you’re a day late!

Massive thanks. Massive thanks to creator of this App and whoever who’s involved to make thinks easy for us to get tickets to events and events so thank you keep up the amazing work one love.

A bit mixed up and buggy. Needs work still. I can’t find where to send feedback except here. Had my electronic tickets for an event and they had the wrong date on them. I travelled two hours from the country to city for a film preview and the ticket had the wrong date on it. I was furious.

Easy to use and simplifies getting tickets. I've found it to be easy to use, 100% reliable and it simplifies getting events into my calendar

Terrible. I need to reset my password but keep getting sent a link that requires my password to reset my password. I've forgotten it. Duh! And it requires the URL of the event I'm attending but I'm not, I'm just trying to reset my password. Useless. I'm giving 0 stars

App (mostly) works great - unless you’re in a different timezone. You can do everything you expect with this app - but if you’re in a different timezone, it gets confused. Normally I’d submit a bug report - but the Spectrum website just leads me back to Eventbrite. Go on: attempt to submit a bug report! I had a 19:00 event. I went; it was great; got back to my hotel; then *PING!* An alert from Eventbrite: “Your event is today!” Ummm... no. Sure enough, it was 00:01, the day AFTER my event. Because I’m at GST+11, it got confused. So, two strikes (timezones and bad bug reporting) gives this otherwise excellent app only three stars

Too hard to find tickets. Too hard to find tickets

Eventbrite. Well done Eventbrite Love the app so helpful and easy to use 👍Eventbrite you have done a great job can’t wait to go see my show with easy access to my ticket

Inoperable. Last week I registered for an event this weekend. Today the app doesn’t open at all? Tried on iPad & iPhone & wheel just keeps spinning? I’ve got the latest versions on all systems. What happened?

Incorrect date on ticket in app. There seems to be an issue with the event date on the ticket not matching the date of the event as in the event summary. I am involved with an event taking place at 6pm on Thursday 30 Nov but the event date shows on the ticket as Friday 1 Dec at 6pm. A day after the event has taken place. It appears to be a problem isolated to those who have an iPhone. If the bug could be looked into would be much appreciated.

Can’t book online events via Eventbrite on iOS app. I’ve been using Eventbrite for my clients to book into online classes during the pandemic. Today I discovered clients can’t book any online events via Eventbrite using their apple iPhone The team at Eventbrite tell me this is an apple iOS app developer decision and is out of their hands. So my potential clients see dates of online classes on their phone app, but can’t book them and are giving up. Terrible for my business. Now looking for a new provider that does permit online event Bookings via an iPhone. Very disappointing.

Annoying. It’s super annoying that I need to manually fill in the fields again and again (registering for repeat occurrences of the same event) and the automatic filling in of fields that works elsewhere on my phone doesn’t work here. Also have to fill in shipping address and billing address separately when they are the same. Also, finding events is difficult, there’s no option to sort by date for example when viewing the events of a particular organiser.

Quick and easy. I’ve never had this app fail me and I love how streamline the process is once your details are registered.

Quick and easy. This was quick and easier than doing it over the phone

Good Concept, Frustrating to Use!. Despite sorting by distance, and searching within a 50 km radius, I keep getting events in Sydney and Melbourne (around 1200 and 800km away, respectively), and worse still, if I don’t sort on distance, the first events listed are in Manchester, London, New York, etc, despite having logged in and set my location!

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Saved me during COVID-19. I moved to Rockland, which is near Ottawa, Ontario and before I could get to know people here COVID lockdowns started. I don’t know what I would have done without it. I’m an artsy person and there many free art classes, lectures about famous painters, portraiture and watercolour classes I took. My favourites are a weekly watercolour class still given for free by Connections Canada featuring Cathy Wild every Tuesday at 1 pm EST , Hike and Draw, art classes by The London Drawing Group, the Smithsonian Institute some random classes where I’ve learned about papier-mâché and some gardening and garden planning, and sustainable gardening. I am still participating. I have taken over 100 classes, most of them free or with donations as you can afford. I’ve grown as person taking classes in areas I never would have before because they are there, the ones I take are free, and what else was there to do. 😃

Doesn't work at all. I've logged in. I can't be more logged in! Facebook says I'm logged in. The tickets button just keeps asking me to log in! Piece of junk! Do something!

Dual account support needed. An MVP feature for this app should be multi account support. Having the ability to switch between personal and work accounts is key. Or at least the ability to add multiple email addresses to a single account.

Simple and effective.. Never had a problem.

Too expensive. The service fee is too much, it's kind of absurd

Difficile de s’y retrouver. Même si j’ai le nom de l’évènement, l’application ne me donne aucun résultat ce qui est très frustrant… Mais comme c’est souvent dur cette application qui est utiliser pour certaines activités que je recherche, je l’utilise tout de même.

Love it easy access also thank you. Great

Tickets made e-asy. It just works better…

A1. Good

Smooth Sailing. Have never had any issues ordering tickets through Eventbrite. 👍🏼

Time Wasted. I registered the event but nobody called me or there is no way to reach the job fair organizers. Fake job fair

Wait.... Not helpful to have to sign in and out for every different email you receive invitations from.

Smooth integrated experience. Spawned somewhere in the web app, in a browser, embedded within the Facebook app, id est: NOT in MY browser (hi Facebook! This ain’t cute and not what this api is for. Please stop becavz we hates dis. 🫠💅😎😘🚀); as such, we want to tap the ellipsis (…) to the bottom right and “Open in Browser” right away, from which point everything goes right: the Eventbrite app launches, tickets are selected, Apple Pay is available at checkout, and the tickets go right into wallet so we can move on with our life and happiness flows back into the Dao. This node is pleased. 🧘‍♀️🥰🌈🦄

Travel best bets travel - Oct 23, 2022. I would rate what Travel BestBet wanted to achieve as a 4 as I came prepared with the meetings I wanted to attend. If you didn’t do that it would have been total confusion. As a mtg professional, if the physical organization of the event was Event Brite responsibility, I would give a generous 2. The registration experience was very poor from a lack of preparedness of registering a large group of people to signage and overall lack of reliable information. The suppliers should be commended as the did a fantastic job. If TBB does this again, hopefully consider having staff who know how to process people and be prepared for questions - know the answer or be able to direct them to a separate person who has the info….I think the large forum was intended possibly for this but no one could hear or only came to attend the travel booths. I was very prepared coming into the event so was happy with what I went away with.. I hope my comments are taken as intended.

What a crap of an app. How every information opens up in web page? Why do you have app then? Also, when clicking on ticket in email, it opens in web page, it should detect app and open it up in app.

Its great. Discovery could be better

Simple front end. I’ve only registered for two events, and participated in one yesterday, it went smoothly and audio quality was excellent. Once I’d downloaded Microsoft teams and made sure I was on my original logged-in page it was quite straight forward.

Slow. The app was very slow

Awesome app for events in your community. If you are looking for something fun and interesting to do in your city check out Eventbrite. Most tickets are free and most is 20-30 dollars a ticket. Highly recommended!

Cool. Thank you, very user friendly :)

Note. It was quite complicated to register. I did not want to give tax information for the company

it’s a smooth process. Eventbrite just works…and it’s integrated with my phone or computer.

Beer festival ticket. Very good 👍🏻

Great app. Minor display quirks.. App is a godsend for finding activities and events to your liking. When viewing favourite organizers, the events/collections/about will scroll and upper panels roll up only when there is a lot of text to scroll; for small amounts the logo and name don’t move which obstructs some of the events/collections/about text.

Helps keep me organized!. Eventbrite is a great app to improve organization! It’s so helpful to see all upcoming events and tickets in one place. I also like how tickets can be saved to your Apple wallet so they can be accessed easily before an event! Eventbrite also keeps me up to date on future events that I might be interested in attending. Thank you!

No support for multiple accounts. If you have a personal account and a work account (for conferences, etc) you can’t view them both at once. Have to keep signing in/out

Ceo. Excelente

Great easy ticket booth !. What a great way to organize and simplify events and special occasions! Love the easy access!

Stuff to do.. Is vary good thing. Having to find things to do in a big city like Toronto. Guud stuff Event Brite.

Rating. Very good idea really like this platform thank you so much good jop

Super bonne App.... Très intéressant comme App

Not Disability friendly. An adequate resource for events, however, does not work easily with the iPhones voice reader, and can be blatantly unuseable for some features, preventing people with disabilities from fully accessing the service.o

Nice app. Lovely app

Payment. My only gripe is that you need to input your credit card info as opposed to just using Apple Pay. It needs to be an option.

Job fare. This process is a complete waste of time.

Purchase tickets…..process went very smoothly.. A really easy app to purchase tickets

Awesomeness!. I really look forward to the virtual events. Love Chuck Pierce.

Great job. Thank you for your efforts.

Very clunky. Signing in to this app can be a nightmare , it keeps you in a never ending circle bouncing you from your email back to the app I had to delete the app and try again just to get a ticket I PAID FOR. Next time just email my damn ticket .

Great source fir tickets and free events. I live this app easy yo reserve a spot and add to your Calendar

Great app. I enjoy how they have a date selection for events. It’s very informative, clear and a great way to learn about Calgary and the surrounding areas. Thank you!

Good. Very good event app

Review. Excellent! Fast and efficient! Yolanda

Ripped off. I bought and paid for an event as a gift for my wife. The money came out of my credit card. There is now no record of the transaction in Eventbrite and the event is sold out. I am now forced to buy a second ticket for a less convenient date. Eventbrite sucks.

Deplorable. Buggy app. Spent the longest time trying to log in. It’s faster to use online. Outrageous user fees.

Great app easy to use. A plus from my perspective!

Good app. Get decent tailored email invites and enrolling is easy as well as adding to calendar. This is a must to not forget!

Great Service. Notifications are awesome as otherwise I would miss half the events. Love this service!

Facilité & pratique. Toujours simple et billet informatique sous la main! C’est parfait

Good. Apo

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Best event ticket app out there + 1 suggestion. Better than any other ticket app for events, functions and concerts. After an organizer has invited you to an event once, you can follow them so you can see their future events in the app, regardless where they are promoting it. Only thing I wish this app had was 1 view to be able to see all upcoming events from organizers I follow.

Ver 5.2.6. Updated Review: The newest version seems to be working as expected. I like the look and feel of the app. My friend recently purchased tickets for us for an event using eventbrite so I created an account online. I decided to download the app and it won’t let me login. The message says ‘the data couldn’t be read because it is missing’. I even tried to reset my password and received the same message. When I use the link from the email with my tickets, the app opens for a split second and then disappears.

Eventbrite makes all of your events hassle free!. If you’re looking for something to take the stress out of what should be a great time in your life, go with Eventbrite! Makes all of your events hassle free and you starting looking forward to the events coming up on your calendar! It’s always going to be a Big Thing with Eventbrite! The best and you don’t have to do anything. But the tickets!! Set up an account.

Getting tickets and Accoutant changes. I purchased two tickets to an event and I used the email address that was the one I used for PayPal which I used to pay for the tickets…I got the email confirming my order on that email address when I clicked the link to download the tix on my app but it said I had no tickets…and the apps say I have no tickets for up coming events…the explanation on how to resolve it were of no help other to tell me I used another email that wasn’t assigned to my account…in order to reconcile the passwords I went into my account settings to change my email address and couldn’t…I emailed and no response…

Don’t find this user friendly. I’m sick and tired of having to download an app for everything in order to get access to what I need. It seems like the only way to get my tickets without printing them is to download this app. I feel forced to do this and I don’t like that. Then when I get the app, I have to go through a bunch of crap to get to the part where I want to see my ticket. For this reason I’m giving it a 1 star.

SO FAR SO GOOD. I have to be honest, I had a couple FREE events that I didn't make this past week. BUT... in my defense, I was notified of graduations at the very LAST MINUTE. So... I couldn't skip that. Other than that, I'm loving it! I have a few events to go to for FREE & my family are also allowed or can be included to attend then as well. I hope that there are MORE FREE EVENTS for FAMILIES. I think this is the neatest app to have if your one who constantly wants to go out, or get involved, learn, or just have fun!!! THANK YOU!!!😍

Cumbersome. I have used event bright for a number of events. It has been extremely frustrating as it requires me to completely fill out all information for every single event when it is a consecutive series of events that I want to participate in. Once registered, I am finding it difficult to be able to open up the event virtually. It is quite disappointing as I look forward to the events that I register for. Particularly the environmental film festival

I use this app weekly, and I’ve yet to see glitch fixes.. App is constantly freezing, glitching, and force closing, for no reason. I have a 14 promax, with the most updated software possible, with the most updated version of Eventbrite, and I still can’t access my tickets without the app, completely crashing and closing. When is it going to work affectively?! I have been using this app for almost 5 years and over the last three months, it has glitched so much I’m considering leaving the platform.

Great option, efficient, needs virtual links on tickets. Eventbrite is a wonderful option to create virtual tickets for your events and “buy” tickets to other events. It takes a few times to get the flow down for things like adding the event to your calendar and accessing your tickets. The app is helpful especially for in-person tickets on iOS devices as the tickets can be added to your virtual Wallet. My only real complaint is the tickets for virtual events don’t seem to include the virtual event link.

Free and Easy. My two favorite things in life are free and easy. Being able to attend a Events in my community for free and being able to reserve my tickets in an easy manner, makes life sweet. I appreciate Everbright for making my life good. I highly recommend using this service to anyone who wants to be involved, inspired and empowered by their community. This is the way to do it.

A Whole New World. I live 20 minutes away from Manhattan and have always known that there are plenty of interesting activities occurring but have lacked the means of discovering what was going on and when. Until now. I signed up for no less than four events in my first ten minutes of browsing through this app! I will definitely be checking it daily so I may never miss a fun happening again!

Won’t give my money back. I bought tickets for a event through JamUSA and Eventbrite was the platform they used for tickets. The show was then cancelled months later and a refund was attempted to a credit card that was no longer active. I contacted JamUSA who told me to contact Eventbrite. Eventbrite then told me there’s nothing they can do and to contact JamUSA. This is a joke and I have no faith they’ll actually refund me my $78 dollars they were happy to take when I bought tickets. I have the card number, order date, order number, everything you would need but it seems they do not care about returning the money they stole from me.

Stupid glitch please fix. This happened a while ago and I’ve not used the app in a while, but when I tried today, the same issue! I was following a link on a web search results and it did open the app and even flashed the ticket price, but before I get a chance to tap it to purchase tix it overrides the event page with “where do you want to go?” when instead it should take me to the checkout. It doesn’t let me use the link to get directly to the event. So I have to find the same event AGAIN within the app using the search button. This is very annoying.

Links are not opening correctly in the app. I rarely write reviews for these apps but the behavior of this app is completely bogus. I get many event links from my friends and when I click on them, the app does not take me to the events but lands on the home page. When I search for an event by the keywords from the title, I get nothing. My location is “local” to the event location, gps is enabled, no permissions are disabled for the app as a matter of fact. It’s not a single isolated incident, it’s a common behavior of this app. Restarts, logouts, uninstalls, none of that helps. How hard is it to make an app to handle the links properly in 2023?

Very disappointed with customer support.. I bought 5 tickets for NYC yacht cruise boat party. They have a beautiful picture of a yacht with a whole description of how nice the yacht was and when I get there event organizers and security were extremely rude i was told to get in a small boat totally different from what the description said. In that small boat was all about Latin party and Colombia independence celebration which I don’t mind but that was not for what I paid for. There is no place I can get support from this app and I would not contact the event organizers because I will waist my time they were very rude. Viator and GetYourGuide app have immediate customer support I like them now even more.

🤭🤭🤭. Reading the recent reviews have me a little worried. Fortunately the only issue I’ve had is remembering the events I’ve planned to attend or just over booking for different things. Outside of that I’ve had no issues with the app really. Twice it had been running EXTREMELY slow, but I just had to close the app completely. After that it ran fine. I’m worried because I JUST updated the app and so hopefully I won’t experience any issues now lol. Yet and still I love it! 🥰

Months of Not being able to login. UPDATE 2: not working again. Wish i could provide screenshots etc. It worked for maybe a day. I was able to see tic etc and now there’s zeros all around. Logged out, redownloaded. Restarted phone. Nothing. #overit UPDATE: developers reached out to me and looks like the app is working! Giving it a 3 for that right now and we’ll see how it is after putting it to use. Thanks! Review 1. Months of Not being able to login Honestly when Eventbrite was working, I found this app to be very useful to find date night events or to discover new things to do in the city. It’s been months of not being able to login or if I was login to access tickets. I had the app and out of frustration I deleted it. I redownloaded once I decided to go out and do some new things when I have visitors coming to the city, but the app constantly says that there is no connection. Even when I’m on Wi-Fi, I hope you guys figure this out for the iPhone XR

Could scan it off your iPhone or Apple Watch. Never had a problem. This is the technology right now. I don’t have to get up and go to the spot or place to get tickets. I’m technically saving money from transportation, even thou there’s a fee to purchase tickets on this. I could add it to my wallet on iPhone or Apple Watch and scan it from there and not worry about losing my ticket unless I lost my phone and watch. But then again it’s in my E-Mail, so I just print the ticket out.

Will be removing and never using again. I have bought tickets and the tickets never showed on the app. The event happened Sunday 4/16 and I been trying to contact them since Wednesday. I have proof the purchase was made. Emailed multiple times, tried calling the event and still no answer. This has been going on since Wednesday. How I buy tickets to not have tickets. Just really gave free money away cause it seems that I will not be getting a refund since no one is answering. I don’t recommend! If I can’t go through the event I definitely will not be purchasing through Eventbrite no longer.

Can’t change credit card info prior to sale. Some events on the service are very time sensitive, needing to enter your information very quickly before it sells out. It’d be nice to be able to pre-load your credit card information from the app. It does save your information from your last purchase which is nice, but if that has to change for any reason you’re out of luck.

Can’t find my tickets.. no support. Talk about aggravating. I get a confirmation email that I bought the tickets and think cool an app to store them in. I download the app and use the email where my tickets were sent. Open app.. no tickets. Send a verification email from the app and it sends it to your login email. See there.. the correct email address. Still no tickets. Tried then looking for support or a way to manually type in the tickets.. no go. Lost interest after fiddling around for 20 minutes. Deleted app. Pppfff I have a copy in my emails. App is a Waste of time.

Thanking you, suziebb123. Never thought I would live so long as to outlive what little money I had. Husband was a Navy vet and gone now 14 years. Sent 2 children thru private colleges. One deceased. Volunteered all my life for good causes instead of making money. And here I am, still trying to make a difference in this world. Tried the local Millsboro pickup but food not refrigerated and poor quality. Crossroads the best.

Broken links, long load times. The past several months the updates have not addressed the issues with links not being able open the app without long loading times or crashing. Sometimes is difficult to launch the app to get to your ticket. It’s become increasingly unreliable. I have to make sure to download the copy of the ticket from my email and take a screenshot of the event listing.

Cool interface; discover feature horrible; too much spam. I like the app design. It’s simple and easy to use. The problem is the Discover feature. First of all, I can’t reach for a date range anymore. It’s either anytime, this week, today, tomorrow, this weekend. Not helpful at all. Second, there are so many “free” parties that really drown out the other events. It’s a real turn off. *Suggestion* add a flag feature for spam or allow users to hide events from my view. Sort of like an unheart feature. Lastly, the “sort by date” algorithm could use some updating. When I select “This Weekend” and then sort by date, it sorts all the events by the start date. This means that an event that started a month ago but is still ongoing will appear at the top. Many however are not current and simply make the search results too complicated.

“Add to Calendar” doesn’t work.. The “add event to calendar” feature is broken. When I hit the “add to calendar” button, I receive an error message saying, “Failed to access calendar. Visit Settings to grant access.” Access to my calendar has already been enabled for Eventbrite in my iPhone settings and it still won’t work. I have tried toggling calendar access on & off and have also tried deleting & reinstalling the Eventbrite app; neither of which was any avail. This feature does not work on Eventbrite’s website on any of my browsers either — I’ve tried Safari, Chrome, & Microsoft Edge. The Eventbrite Help page doesn’t offer any troubleshooting tips for this issue or provide a means of communicating this issue to technical support directly. I submitted feedback under “Updating account information” on the “Legal, trust, or privacy issue” section of the help page — hopefully, my feedback will find its way to the appropriate party; I’m posting my issue here in the form of a review just in case. Thanks in advance for anything you can do to help!

Missing Tickets. I paid for a ticket (VIP Backstage Pass) to a Dave East/ PnB Rock concert, and received the confirmation email containing NO SAID TICKET! I open the EventBrite app and click on the ticket which it says I have... but there is no barcode to be scanned, and it says "This organizer has disabled mobile tickets." There is no option to print, and what makes it worse is that both of my friends who purchased the same ticket HAVE THE TICKET! They have the pdf version that is supposed to come in the email, and they have the app version than can be added to the apple wallet. If I miss this concert I will be extremely upset, and EventBrite better do something to fix this ASAP because the concert is TODAY!

More Options Please!!!. Show how many people are attending events on this app. I love the meetup app specifically because it shows how many people are going to each event. I don't want to show up to an event, and there is a room with me and two other people. I love to network, which also helps in the learning process. Also, can you provide more options for interests that pop up? I liked the business category, but that doesn't mean I want to know about every business meeting coming up. I'd like to see it be a little more specific to the types of business I like. Again, the meetup app is very detailed in this sense. Thanks!!!

Grouping old tickets with new. So I’ve never had a ticket issue with Eventbrite until now. Recently purchased some tickets to a local event and when I saved them to the Wallet app on my iPhone I couldn’t find them. After searching every single ticket I found them grouped with an unrelated even from another year. This makes no sense because now I have to either remember this or delete the tickets entirely and just print out the paper version. The point of digital tickets is that they or organized for you which I never had an problem with until now. Anyway I hope this gets fixed soon.

Love the app but would like to make a request. I love Eventbrite and the app. It stores my info it's fast and until recently it could search venues and pull all shows (I'd like that back) but there is one thing I'd like to see added. The wallet on iPhones should have an option to always add to calendar and to apple wallet. It should also automatically delete old shows from the wallet or store in a folder that's in the me tab on the app.

Plein Aer painting on the Mohawk. was a lovely experience, Gail was very helpful and pleasant to work with. I’m disappointed to hear that she is only able to have classes for the month of June and not the whole summer into fall like last year. It’s a shame as it was always sold out even though it was free to everyone! I would like NYS Canals to reconsider their decision to end this wonderful event that all can enjoy!

Wow. Ang is the real deal. The accurate details that she gives are amazing and confirming. I had lost my son-in-law 10 days before seeing her and he came through. She knew his initial and then his name and my daughters initial. The message was spot on, amazing. Listening to her readings with other people and watching their reactions is almost as satisfying as being connected with your own loved ones. I highly recommend going to she this amazing “comedium “ . Also, she is very funny.

Issue. I really enjoy using this app but there is a serious glitch with the application right now. You can access Eventbrite via the website online but if your trying to use the app it continues to close out. I’ve been waiting a little over a month to see if any update would happen to fix the issue but it hasn’t. Again I love the Eventbrite and use it quite often but I just wish I didn’t have to go online in order to access all the features and I could just use that app that I downloaded for its purpose.

Website experience is not great. It’s hard to locate events on this website, not sure why the user interface is so clunky. I receive monthly invites from a vendor I follow but the links don’t go to the event and instead take me to a generic startup page with unrelated events, so I need to search, often unsuccessfully. It feels like a better webmaster could correct these issues and I’m not sure if I’ve got settings wrong or why links don’t take me straight to events?

Don’t recommend!. Back in May I ordered tickets to an event and the event was cancelled last minute. I requested for an refund and waiting for a response 4-7 business days. There was no policy on refunds to the event I was going to. I’ve tried calling the company and they transferred me to sales, I was then left on HOLD for 3-5 hours every time !!! 😡😡 I hung up and called back again and again and I tried explaining to the guy but they ALWAYS transferred me and I was left on hold for hours! I’ve tried calling every other day and it was the same process. My claim for my refund is still PENDING. It’s now three months later and haven’t heard a thing. NEVER, EVER buying tickets through Eventbrite EVER AGAIN!

Upcoming purchased tix don't show but past ones do. I bought tix to an event via the website and downloaded the app to be able to easily retrieve them. My upcoming event tix don't show under my Tickets in the app, however, past events tix are showing. Tried logging out of app & back in, same result. This year's upcoming tix do show on the website when I login so they are not lost. I don't see me using this app much since it doesn't appear to sync correctly.

Let’s talk time for a new ticket process. Over and over again the irony when Covid started I reached out In Eventbrite direction for classes,workshops,lectures and next steps for access were seamless via calendar reminders automated . That was then. Now one is easily innondated with ticket updates and ticket status and even though one has a ticket often the event host does not provide access via a virtual link over and over again but the ticket holder you get to watch your inbox literally expand not contract and hope when you send a second request for a virtual link maybe the event host will see it?? Why exactly and how long before a solution comes along? Yo I’ve been spending lots of Corona time you know Wondering!!!

Web and App. I am a big fan of EventBrite. Congrats on your ipo too. My issue: when I log in from my mobile device on the website with my email address and the website verifies my credentials, I would have thought that the mobile device or the site would give me the option to open directly via the App, but unfortunately it does not. Please fix this. Many lost sales! Many times I decide not to buy a ticket or follow an event organizer because I am stuck using the website rather than the app I have installed on my mobile device.

Can’t log in. This app would be wonderful if it allowed you to log in. When you have the option and press the log in button, it gives you the option of using an email address or logging in with Facebook. If I choose email, there is nowhere to enter in the password associated with my account. If I choose Facebook, I get a message stating that I cannot log in because an account already exists with the email address. I can go to the mobile browser version of Eventbrite and log into my account but there is no way to do it in the app. I have an iPhone 7 Plus with the most up to date iOS.

Mother’s Day motown review in Richmond. For starters we waited in line for one hour and ten minutes just to get in and we were early. One door open to check in 1500 or more people. Ridiculous, employees were not knowledgeable about what to do. Cheap help… We waited an hour for the final act which were the temptation and they were horrible, rush through the songs with no feeling. We finally walked out be for they finished…Only bright spot was Lionel Burns, good performance, sorry he had to be a part of this disrespectful show..No water station unless you waited in a drink line for forty five minutes or more… very unsafe for a hot day… the whole experience was a nightmare!!!!!

Generally a horrible experience. Eventbrite don’t understand that people are mobile. I’m forced to have three (3) accounts at the moment because from time to time I travel and book for things in the US, UK, or E.U. Each requires a new account and new login despite the fact I’m the same person on the same device. Why is this such a challenge for them? Even more mind numbing is that they do not have “London, UK” or “London, England” or “Greater London” as a option for a location. The only option is the London borough of Westminster which is only 1 of our 32 boroughs. I only have this app installed because it’s often the only way to get tickets for events but if there was another option, I’d jump ship.

Great Navigation and Smooth Features. Great navigation. This app navigation works great I really enjoy using it compared to so many other ones that don’t match up to the quality like this app does. The smooth transitions are welcome and I like how the ability to add things to your calendar and forward messages is available. Great job development team!

Could Be Better. I love event apps, but Eventbrite lacks some key functionality. I mainly spend time browsing in the search for new events and I think the app can be improved in the following ways: 1. Remove events that have already passed from search. I don’t want to scroll through four days of past events to look at what’s going on the rest of the week. 2. Include an option to limit search by distance. I like the ability to follow your favorite event organizers and look forward to using this app more as the functionality increases.

Support. I need technical support and am unable to get it because I am not able to login to my Eventbrite account. I can’t login to my account because my email address isn’t accepting emails from Eventbrite. So when the link is sent I don’t receive it. It’s so frustrating when you cannot get actual help with the problem you are experiencing. I have registered for a training series through my work email and I cannot access the account to claim the tickets or to change my contact information. I have tried using the app and on my laptop with no success. Please, fix this issue.

Stealing money. Event Bright is the worst. They actually don’t verify if the individuals are real and they can actually steal everyone’s money. We bought tickets for an event, a bar crawl in San Francisco called San Francisco NYE Bar Crawl and realized it’s a scam because two of the bars were not apart of the event. Trade mark and the Mars bar in San Francisco, CA. There was no live music, champagne toast or anything listed that was supposed to be part of the ticket. One of the bars did not sign anything saying they were not apart of it and the other bar was closed down. There were at least about 50 plus people that bought tickets to this bar crawl. I can’t believe it. Never using event bright again. Thanks for the great service. This company will not last.

Frustrating, buggy, incomplete. 1. Things that I heart do not show under heart tab. This has cost me some time released tickets. 2. The search is build around finding events near a certain location, which is good for people looking for something to do. But there should be a separate search for those of us who are trying for tickets from a certain organizer. Difficulty in finding a specific event has cost me timed releases tickets. 3. Some buttons in the app do not work. For example, choosing to view event listing for past tickets does nothing. The app shouldn’t be this hard to use when I know exactly which event I want to try for.

From an investor. So I have been reading reviews. Your forgot password is not fluid. It should allow me to use my facebook even though I already have an account via eb. Your event managers should have a reviews section! I want you to succeed. Stay away from politics AKA I see AOC on the eb moments! I have about 2k shares in your company, you do the math and I have been in the tech game from Before you started. I do however think you can disrupt the market. Even more so with following those guidelines. CHEERS!

You’ve been warned.... This app is garbage. Trying to find & recover over $600 of tickets that seem to have vanished. Every link in the confirmation email takes you to the same place on the web, can’t access anything in the app. Trying to reset a password just results in the “Log In” banner @ the top of the app screen turning white, then dumping you back at the same broken login page. Good luck trying to contact your “Event Organizer” too, guess what—you have to log in for that. Round and round it goes. Guess that’s goodbye to a fun long weekend in Sonoma, since all my info is gone. Thanks for ruining that, guys. Before you download, do yourself a favor and ask “Do I really want to throw my money away in an app, or just pay at the door?” You decide...Caveat Emptor.

Accessibility for screen readers needs improvement. Great strides have been made with regards to accessibility with this app. However, I am not able to access tickets, favorites or followers from within the app. Whenever I double tap on those specific items, nothing happens. Once that issue is resolved, and it is a big one, this will definitely be a five star app for me. I am using an iPhone 12 Pro running iOS 14.6. I am a voiceover screen reader user because of my visual impairment. Warm regards

Enjoying. Easy to navigate, well filtered & have found many interesting events to attend that have been a blast, both purchased ticket or free to attend. Which is an easy, & quick checkout process. Very happy about the events found that wouldn’t haven’t been if not for this app, especially the well description (for most) Thought slacks some events that I’ve wanted to purchased tickets thru here due to enjoying the app, yet the event could not be found. Has not happened more than 3 times

Links through Facebook don’t work for me. So I missed an event I paid for that can’t be replaced.. Link through Facebook didn’t work for me, so I missed an event I paid for that can’t be replaced. I was offered another workshop by the vendor but none were anything I was interested in. The hassle of further complaints isn’t worth the 27 dollars. Buyer should beware. It’s unfortunate that with the pandemic we don’t have options.

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Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 9.35.1
Play Store com.eventbrite.attendee
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The application Eventbrite was published in the category Entertainment on 18 December 2011, Sunday and was developed by Eventbrite [Developer ID: 368260524]. This program file size is 88.1 MB. This app has been rated by 916,680 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Eventbrite - Entertainment app posted on 28 July 2023, Friday current version is 9.35.1 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.eventbrite.attendee. Languages supported by the app:

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