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Discover popular local events, get event recommendations just for you, and see which events your friends are going to! Get tickets and quickly access all of your Eventbrite tickets and event information from your iPhone. Find something new to do -- concerts, festivals, classes, conferences, free events and more -- right in the palm of your hand.

With Eventbrite for mobile, you can:
• Discover popular and recommended events happening around you
• Find upcoming events for this week and weekend
• See which events your friends are going to
• Register for and get tickets to events
• Store your credit or debit cards for fast, easy purchasing
• View event details, including maps and directions
• Add your Eventbrite tickets to Passbook
• Easily share events with your friends
• Get into events with just your phone -- no paper tickets required!

Also available in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Swedish.

What is Eventbrite?

Eventbrite enables anyone to create, promote, and sell tickets to any event imaginable, while also helping people discover and share events that match their passions. Whether it’s a neighborhood block party or a sold-out concert in a stadium, Eventbrite makes it happen.

INFORMATION SHARING: When purchasing tickets or registering for an event, we provide the information entered to the event organizer so they can manage the event. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information on your choices around information sharing.

Eventbrite App Description & Overview

The applications Eventbrite was published in the category Entertainment on 2011-12-18 and was developed by Eventbrite. The file size is 98.23 MB. The current version is 6.4.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Meet Eventbrite 6.4.0. In this update:
- Articles: Get the best from our suggested list of articles, now available from the Eventbrite feed
- Event page improvements: Swipe right to close event pages and go back to the previous screen. Also, easily find organizers refund policy and event age limit, if available.
- Fixed issue with follow synchronization
- Numerous minor improvements and fixes!

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Eventbrite Reviews


Purchased a ticket. No response from Eventbrite or from organizer  bloxdude23147  1 star

I bought a ticket for Patty in the Park. My bank account was charged. I did not receive an order confirmation email. I’ve sent emails but no response. There is no phone number to call for help. I STILL DONT HAVE MY TICKET FOR THE EVENT WHICH IS TONIGHT. I want either my ticket or a refund. Please help.


PROBLEM!  problemsolver1900  1 star

On March 1 I purchased two senior tickets for Mesmerica show on March 29 at 8:30 p.m. in Phoenix, AZ. The receipt disappeared from my iPhone. I called the bank, they gave me the info, authorization number and date of purchase and your contact phone number. I called your phone number and got a msg that said it is no longer in service. I have tried for two hours to make contact. Please send my purchase receipt again or call me. Thank you!


Log in Or Reset Password  kedar411  1 star

Log in option looks faulty. It automatically sends you a password reset link. How do you log in in this app?


Another dying app - suicide by social justice Leftism.  Newtexican  1 star

So disappointed. Stay away from politics. Deleted


BIGOTRY!  #respectmattwes  1 star

I am deleting my Eventbrite app (which I have used quite often in the past) because EB blacklisted Bridgette Daniel! Bridgette Daniel is risking her life to let us know every day how our democracy and our lives are in danger in the future, which SHOULD BE allowed as free speech!! So, for EB not to let her use her words means they’re afraid of something and they’re blocking her and so therefore I’m blocking and deleting you and your App EVENTBRITE !!


Satisfied as Hell!  Flereuj  5 star

It an awesome app just only one downside is that you gotta make sure the event has a number to contact just in case. Other than that it’s a sweet and smooth cruise.

Silvia pilar

It’s the best app for register for any event  Silvia pilar  5 star

I'm in love it! Because it's so easy register as be also know each event an interesting for assist.

Coffee plus...

Needs help  Coffee plus...  1 star

Not sure what exactly changed, but this app freezes all the time now. Its gotten to the point where I can’t even utilize the app anymore. Someone needs to look at what’s going on and make some repairs.

the actual goat

Wow.  the actual goat  1 star

You would think a company with resources like theirs could build a half-decent login. FYI @eventbrite, you currently cannot even create a login. So nice work.


Angela  isaacsarah  2 star

I just bought some tickets and to get them or my invoice I couldn’t get the App open. It’s still not opening, please help!


Post-event notifications  Romanak99  3 star

When I’ve been to an event, I always get a notification of the upcoming event around midnight after it’s already happened. Not really helpful.


Too long  Simfish1001  1 star

People wanting to volunteer to a cause should not have to spend so long filling out so much stuff, multiple times. Gets worse every year


Need more feature  Euclyn  1 star

Why can’t I cancel my ticket order through the app. Why do I have to do it on the website. So annoying.

Brne 1295

Where is accessibility?  Brne 1295  2 star

Hello, this app is extremely terrible for accessibility? All tabs are unlabelled, unliabled buttons, and unlabeled graphics??? Please, please, please, follow the voiceover accessibility guidelines that Apple releases and follow the website accessibility 3.0 guidelines for apps! This app at the moment gets a one star rating for accessibility! I expect more as a blind user of your app. I should be able to undertake all tasks that sighted people can do in the app!


Very very intrusive  jac8020  1 star

Wants blood in return for ostensibly helping coordinate your access to tickets. Don’t like it but it’s the app usually locally for almost everything!


Shuttle bus services  adriennegum  1 star

I cannot find the shuttle bus services for Aintree Victoria


Easy to use  LynM123  5 star

With app it makes it do user friendly


Tickets  Bailey--  5 star

Great for storing your tickets. Very updated on events.


More than one email  kmh_75  3 star

I have work and private emails. It would be great if Eventbrite allows more than one email per account.


Tickets  grannypotts  5 star

This app is so easy to use, very convenient 👍👍


Wish I could combine accounts  JesusBenNazareth  3 star

~2015 : Other than that really great app. Mobile tickets work well in my experience. 2019 Update: I accidentally bought tickets with the wrong account the other day and it was really difficult and remains problematic to transfer them to the right account.


Love it  linefine.design  5 star

Great new user flow, interface, buttons, logo, orange, suggested events, search. Wicked sick. _drew


Generally a horrible experience  sjelms  1 star

Eventbrite don’t understand that people are mobile. I’m forced to have three (3) accounts at the moment because from time to time I travel and book for things in the US, UK, or E.U. Each requires a new account and new login despite the fact I’m the same person on the same device. Why is this such a challenge for them? Even more mind numbing is that they do not have “London, UK” or “London, England” or “Greater London” as a option for a location. The only option is the London borough of Westminster which is only 1 of our 32 boroughs. I only have this app installed because it’s often the only way to get tickets for events but if there was another option, I’d jump ship.

Brad Simonson

Eventbrite  Brad Simonson  5 star



New  DAVID BLUE  5 star

So far so good


Tickets always accessible  martigraceashby  5 star

Great app.


Great app  carmello86  5 star

App is great I always know what is going on in my city


Organizational Treasure  JuliK85  5 star

I love how I can look back at the events I’ve been to, see a photo of the event to jog my memory of which workshop was which, and have the upcoming events/workshops right there to remind me what to prepare for next. I sometimes forget if I signed up for a continuing education class and on Eventbrite I will know whether or not I did. I really appreciate those features!


Very social impactful  Teeeeeeea  5 star

I like Eventbrite so much. Great App


Very cool app  odogman  5 star

Good app


Social Justice Ireland  mistyrv  1 star

Can’t book both events for Social Justice Ireland which are on the 12th March ?


Well-structured  BarryWP  4 star

I found the app very well-structured and it worked very well too.


Complete user experience  nicknamaura  1 star

If you can book a ticket on the app then you should be able to cancel a ticket on the app. Write a review is even tasking as you have to come up with a nickname!

Nick Createname

Invasive and redundant.  Nick Createname  1 star



A bit clunky!  'piycs  2 star

My first impression of the app is not great. It seems slow to save tickets on its wallet and is not easy to find them afterwards. The option to save them in the apple wallet earlier in the process would be better.


The Best  A1fonzo  5 star

This my favourite app to use to book anything. The quickest and easiest booking site/app I’ve come across. Everyone else should take note!


Portugal masters 2018  SPRINGCOURT  5 star

Great site bought tickets in 5 mins

angry vk

Good app but with major flaws  angry vk  1 star

Bought tickets through this app for family and friends, event got canceled and now I’m €500 down :( , Eventbrite doesn’t take any responsibility even though money was paid over this app. I call it scam. Be aware! Won’t recommend for any paid events


Bugs bugs and bugs  xbrunohenriquex  1 star

Simply it doesn’t work... shame :(


App  KaseylovesJustin  1 star

App keeps telling me there is no use crying and to search for something else even when i click into one of the categories very annoying.

Eventbrite Comments

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