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See your face when it’s old with Oldify, a fun camera booth app that lets turns your iPhone or iPad into an instant fast-aging machine.

Have you ever wanted to see an older version of yourself? Maybe one 10, 20, or even 50 years into the future? With Oldify, you can hold up your phone and swap your current self for an old one, on camera at least. This video and photo booth app lets you change your appearance from young to aging, or nearly aging to really aged.

Aging isn’t scary when you know what to expect. With Oldify, get answers to “How will I look when I’m old?” and have some fun at the same time.

Let Your Camera Show You the Future

MTV says, “Take a look into the future.” Oldify lets you do just that when you use your phone’s camera to take a photo of yourself, or even your friends! Want to see what you’ll look like when you’re 100? Live that long and you could be a bit wrinkled with grey hair, and maybe a tad shrunken. Change your appearance to whatever old age you want, and have some fun while you cough, yawn, or otherwise play the part of an aging man or woman.

Hilarious Animations

Oldify lets you make funny faces or body gestures as an old person, and it offers hilarious animations that you can show to your friends. With Oldify, you can even record your own voice and make custom old-timer videos with yourself talking - teaching you lessons from the future or offering wise advice.

Face Your Aging Self

When you download Oldify, you have many free tools at your disposal for facing your old age in the present. Prepare yourself for aging by facing your old age while you’re still young. Huffington Post says that Oldify is, “the perfect way to confront your own mortality during the springtime of your life!”


Oldify is one of the best photo booth games in the iTunes store, offering the following fun features:

● Make your face old with your iPhone or iPad camera
● A fun photo booth app
● Snap a funny pic of your old self making old-timer gestures
● Take a picture of yourself when you’re 10, 20, or even 100 years older
● Share your photos online with friends
● Answer the question, “How will my face look when I’m old?”
● Change your age and record video

Select Your Age

Find out what your face will look like when you’re 20, 40, 60, 80, or 99 years older!

Try tons of fun props

Have fun with Oldify, trying on glasses, top hats, hair styles and more.

Record custom videos

Create fun personalized video selfies from yourself in the future, to yourself now.

Mix Effects

Oldify lets you combine effects from our other apps (including Fatify, Stacheify, Baldify, Beardify, Zombify, Monsterfy and more).

Make New Old Friends

Share your silly pictures and video with online friends, or your own friends and family, through the app, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, MMS, and Email.

Old age hasn’t looked this good, ever. Get Oldify!

Oldify - Old Face App App Description & Overview

The applications Oldify - Old Face App was published in the category Entertainment on 2013-05-23 and was developed by Apptly LLC. The file size is 65.45 MB. The current version is 3.1.3 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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Oldify - Old Face App Reviews


Not worth a dollar.  hhhsndndndk  1 star

Not worth the dollar. It’s awful. Filter doesn’t line up. And hairs stays same color breaking the illusion of old age.


Do not download!!! Dose not work.  hbghfhj  1 star

Luke 2:10-11 but the angel said to them, “Don’t be afraid! I am here with good news for you, which will bring great joy to all the people. This very day in David’s town your Savior was born—Christ the Lord!”


Waste of time  pricked69  1 star

Don’t bother

Called to Worship

Ads???  Called to Worship  1 star

I paid for the app and there are still ads. What a rip off. Also the app is lame.


Decepcionada !  ecarmita  2 star

Poca cosa

Big Daddy Dad

Just don’t do it!!  Big Daddy Dad  1 star

.99 gets you a handful (one hand) of stupid filters. Not worth it.


Ok app, ads even after you buy it  HouserPhoto  1 star

I know it’s only a buck, but if you buy an app you expect it not to show ads. Constantly. It’s annoying.


Not good anymore  Batman2287  2 star

This app was better in the past. The updates obviously have not done it justice. I re-downloaded this app to use it again and SURPRISE! It was not good. I restored my purchase of the 99+ and still have adds! Not to mention, the old effect doesn’t look as old or as good. It isn’t a good app anymore. Between the effect and adds, this will not be in my iPhone anymore. Of course, if the developer improves it then yes. I used to really like it.


The upgrade is a joke  ktpyb  1 star

I bought this app to take 100th day of school pictures for my class. I bought the age upgrade and ended up paying for it twice and I still was unable to get the upgrade. It keeps telling me that I have to buy it again - even after it already came out of my account.

Punish Jigsaw

Used to be better  Punish Jigsaw  2 star

The older versions of the app was a lot more fun and used to make the person look ancient. Now it only makes you look about 60 years old.


Annoying ads and need to purchase to do anything else  gregkaba  1 star

It's annoyingly that you purchase an app then have to pay more to use any of the functions. Plus, there are constant pop up ads to buy their other products. Avoid this waste of money.

Kazzarina 52

Oldify 2  Kazzarina 52  5 star

Even more fun than oldify 1.


Restore purchase problem  Jerry_2010  4 star

I can't restore my purchases app needs fixing


Oldfy2 review  Spazzyx10  5 star

So funny, laughs for young and old pardon the pun lol we could all do with a laugh these days


Oldify 2  Inv4der22  4 star

Awesome and funny I use it on my friends


So good!  B_a_r_r_y  5 star

Oh man everyone at dinner loved it. So real. Lol


Vincentcia Claudia Fredericha  Vincentcia  5 star

So thankful for this app. I can see how i look in the future 😍


Best app ever!   김가현23  4 star


S Ghosh Dastidar

Awesome app get it  S Ghosh Dastidar  5 star

Insanely Addicted

anngelow Winehouse

Would recommend  anngelow Winehouse  5 star

I use it all the time! Obviously one of the best apps 

Lavanya kumar Somu

Don't waste 99 cents  Lavanya kumar Somu  1 star

Not as expected. Delay in video capturing. Oldify effects are not realistic.


Nice, slightly freaky fun app.  Beaudrizzle  5 star

Very nice, somewhat weird really fun app. I always wanted to get an idea of how I might age.


More junk  dhdhgdfgd  1 star

Even though i paid for this app i could not find a single thing that i wanted to do that did not cost more. After more experiences like this than i can count i have decided to stay away from the app store. The enjoyment factor has been about ten percent and the anger level has been about ninety percent. Apple needs to get its act together and stop forcing its customers to do its job. Stop the fake reviews and start checking these apps yourselves, apple. Your brand is becoming a joke.


😡😠Do not get it  Tryfufudhdhycffh  1 star

You have to buy almost all the stuff to have fun it sucks😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡


Nice but is very inaccurate  Sofie😼  2 star

Since I am a kid it doesn't do accurate faces. I look nothing like my grandma who we look exactly alike also I look like my mom too, since my grandma is my moms mom. Also when i do older people they look like there 90 years old😓👨🏽->👴🏽 What I want:👵🏽->👩🏽 I like it but only works on people from ages13-40 Needs fixies in the programming.😔🙏🏽I would really appreciate it!!! I'll tell everyone I know to buy this app!!!😊😆👩🏽😻

To fly day

Dayday fatfiy  To fly day  5 star

Funny af this is to hilarious


I'm ooooold!  Mojotickles  5 star



Awesome to download  Shazam03  4 star

This app is awesome but it's not as great as the first one but it was free so I got it but other than all that it's really fun and it's a win win.

Coolest person ever 👍🎵🎧

Not bad  Coolest person ever 👍🎵🎧  3 star

It's cool

Keep calm and ride horses

Creepy  Keep calm and ride horses  1 star

I think they access your camera or something cuz whenever pyou blink it bling a super super FREAKY don't get it


Oldify 2  JadeYsinghxx  5 star

Twas great craic !


Oldify  Penneysman  5 star

Knocked great craic out of this!

The pony club 10203040

Cool :-)  The pony club 10203040  5 star

Great app!!!!!! - thumbs up! :-)(-:

Irish SuperMom

Brilliant  Irish SuperMom  5 star

So good makes you look so old !!!!! DOWNLOAD NOW


Works really well very funny!  JohnShenno  5 star

Very very funny and looks realistic


CREEPY BUT STILL AWESOME  Lucia1982x  5 star

Best of its kind I've seen. Utterly amazing effects and detail. Two thumbs up for sure


Embarising  Zppaddy  5 star

I'm sooooo shocked how I look

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