Oldify - Old Face App App Reviews


Oldify - Old Face App App Description & Overview

What is oldify - old face app app? See your face when it’s old with Oldify, a fun camera booth app that lets turns your iPhone or iPad into an instant fast-aging machine.

Have you ever wanted to see an older version of yourself? Maybe one 10, 20, or even 50 years into the future? With Oldify, you can hold up your phone and swap your current self for an old one, on camera at least. This video and photo booth app lets you change your appearance from young to aging, or nearly aging to really aged.

Aging isn’t scary when you know what to expect. With Oldify, get answers to “How will I look when I’m old?” and have some fun at the same time.

Let Your Camera Show You the Future

MTV says, “Take a look into the future.” Oldify lets you do just that when you use your phone’s camera to take a photo of yourself, or even your friends! Want to see what you’ll look like when you’re 100? Live that long and you could be a bit wrinkled with grey hair, and maybe a tad shrunken. Change your appearance to whatever old age you want, and have some fun while you cough, yawn, or otherwise play the part of an aging man or woman.

Hilarious Animations

Oldify lets you make funny faces or body gestures as an old person, and it offers hilarious animations that you can show to your friends. With Oldify, you can even record your own voice and make custom old-timer videos with yourself talking - teaching you lessons from the future or offering wise advice.

Face Your Aging Self

When you download Oldify, you have many free tools at your disposal for facing your old age in the present. Prepare yourself for aging by facing your old age while you’re still young. Huffington Post says that Oldify is, “the perfect way to confront your own mortality during the springtime of your life!”


Oldify is one of the best photo booth games in the iTunes store, offering the following fun features:

● Make your face old with your iPhone or iPad camera
● A fun photo booth app
● Snap a funny pic of your old self making old-timer gestures
● Take a picture of yourself when you’re 10, 20, or even 100 years older
● Share your photos online with friends
● Answer the question, “How will my face look when I’m old?”
● Change your age and record video

Select Your Age

Find out what your face will look like when you’re 20, 40, 60, 80, or 99 years older!

Try tons of fun props

Have fun with Oldify, trying on glasses, top hats, hair styles and more.

Record custom videos

Create fun personalized video selfies from yourself in the future, to yourself now.

Mix Effects

Oldify lets you combine effects from our other apps (including Fatify, Stacheify, Baldify, Beardify, Zombify, Monsterfy and more).

Make New Old Friends

Share your silly pictures and video with online friends, or your own friends and family, through the app, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, MMS, and Email.

Old age hasn’t looked this good, ever. Get Oldify!

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App Name Oldify - Old Face App
Category Entertainment
Updated 27 October 2018, Saturday
File Size 65.45 MB

Oldify - Old Face App Comments & Reviews 2024

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Not as expected. Minimal options. Only adds wrinkles to face. Dies not allow to change hair color or any other details. Waste of money.

Great update!. Props and effects work great! Lots of fun!

Worthless. Please give me a refund

Pretty bad. Doesn't do anything. All it does is add wrinkles. It doesn't really age someone. Better off downloading Snapchat and playing with cute filters.

Absolute waste of time and money. Doesn’t work

Doesn’t open, at all, even after restart. Not sure what the issue is, but the app opens and immediately closes. I’m on iOS 13.5.1, iPhone 6s I want my money back. Seriously.

Not worth the money. I expected there to be a lot more options for a paid app. They description is very misleading. It only adds wrinkles and age spots and there is no 10 year option - which is what I needed for a project. It’s definitely not worth paying for.

One Star because I can’t leave zero. This was a good app three years ago. Now it adds a few lines to the face. That’s it.

Waste. Used to be much better - don’t waste your money

Ok app, ads even after you buy it. I know it’s only a buck, but if you buy an app you expect it not to show ads. Constantly. It’s annoying.

Don’t get it. It is super cheap but I can probably fine something for nothing I’m 11 and I did plus 20 years and I looked super old like 60 maybe I did on my freind too and it did i it so it is not just me

Only fun if you're a teenager. This is app only overlays some wrinkles on your face as you are looking at the camera. I'm over 60 and on the one saying 60+ looks nothing like me, it just adds some "general" wrinkles over my face. I think if I was a teenager I would really have some fun with this app, but if you're already old, wondering what you're going to look like in ten years it's not really even worth a dollar.

The game should have been free!!!. It looks like a great game, but once you buy and launch it you realize, the game looks more like a demo rather than an actual game. Even though it's not expensive, almost everything inside is locked and needs to be purchased. 1 star is for selling an empty game, it should have been free. I might have purchased some in app stuff, and not feel cheated. Anyway, that is my humble opinion, hope it helps

Wouldn’t Work. Kept going out before I could even get a picture

Was great. Live does not work correctly if you are wearing glasses

Love. I just love it so much 😍😍😍😍

Waste of time. Waste of money. Nothing interesting at all. Adds some Lines on your face. Zero effort. Weak AF app. Don’t bother. Should be a free app. Wack AF

Oldify. This game is great I like playing it I also love all the fun filters

What happened???. This app in the past was awesome! Best writing project for 100s Day of School. Now it’s horrible!! Keeps freezing and not quick to save pics. Old one won’t work with IOS11, says developed needs to update. New version just freezes! Aggravating!!! And I paid for this headache!!!! DO NOT BUY this!!

Do not download!!! Dose not work.. Luke 2:10-11 but the angel said to them, “Don’t be afraid! I am here with good news for you, which will bring great joy to all the people. This very day in David’s town your Savior was born—Christ the Lord!”

Not worth a dollar.. Not worth the dollar. It’s awful. Filter doesn’t line up. And hairs stays same color breaking the illusion of old age.

Not good anymore. This app was better in the past. The updates obviously have not done it justice. I re-downloaded this app to use it again and SURPRISE! It was not good. I restored my purchase of the 99+ and still have adds! Not to mention, the old effect doesn’t look as old or as good. It isn’t a good app anymore. Between the effect and adds, this will not be in my iPhone anymore. Of course, if the developer improves it then yes. I used to really like it.

This app is so stupid I want to get this app of the AppStore or my money back. This app is so stupid I want this app of the store or my money back now

Don’t buy. There is a much better one

Good fun app. Good fun app when you have some free time to kill

Funny app to make people smile. Good

Worth a dollar Nono. Bought this game for my son next day it charged me 2,599$

Worst. App. EVER!. I want my money back NOW! This game is worth NOTHING! If I don’t get my money back in the next two hours I am going to rate of your “ games” and say something untrue about them!!!!!!🤯😡🤯😡🤯😡🤯

Not even worth 99 cents. Audio will not record and effects are disappointing

IT DOESNT WORK GIVE ME MY DOLLAR BACK. Even in the clearest photo it says no face detected

Used to be better. The older versions of the app was a lot more fun and used to make the person look ancient. Now it only makes you look about 60 years old.

Made my farts smell. Totes

Delete This App Please. Must be a lot of fake paid reviews. I was just conned out of $1 to put some fake looking squiggly lines on my face. I need to make a crappy app too and have The NY Times and USA Today praise me.

Don’t waste your money. This app just slaps some lines on your face and calls them wrinkles — no effort whatsoever. Don’t waste your money on it.

Junk app. Not worth the money. Doesn’t work. Garbage junk

Don’t add reviews often... but pitiful. Quick and simply. Thought it might be fun to add friend family members see funny shots .... but waste money.

Waste. Do not pay for this app when you use it it gives you an option of 20 years 40 years or 60 years then you have to pay for more… It showed me looking the same at 40 years from now and 60 years from now where I would’ve been 111 yrs old looking exactly the same… Not impressed

Umm, that was scary...but good to see. Dose of reality :-)

This stinks!!. Nh

Lacking creativity. This app works by superimposing a set of wrinkles that the developer has already drawn onto your face. It was kind of amusing but in no way accurate, this is not a program that predicts aging based on your specific facial features; it’s basically the digital version of having someone project a static image on your face, like standing in front of an overhead projector. Or drawing on your face with a sharpie. There are only three drawings included: +20 years, +40 years, and +60 years. Meh

Not worth it. This app cost a dollar when their is another app that is way better and is FREE. I would like my money back please and thank you.

Does the bare minimum. Skip it. There are better apps. This does the bare minimum to create an aging effect.

Terrible app - not worth the dollar. It just adds lines to your face. Total waste of money.

😉. Bro this app ok maybe if you like 35+ years old, but if you be under 30 yo not gon trust the way it make you look when you like 20. I tried dis dope app on my 5 yr old bro and +20 make him look 200! Pretty 🔥 tho!

Free apps are better. This whole line of products (I got bald, age, and beard) were extremely underwhelming. They aren’t accurate and don’t do much. I downloaded a free app that blew this one away

The upgrade is a joke. I bought this app to take 100th day of school pictures for my class. I bought the age upgrade and ended up paying for it twice and I still was unable to get the upgrade. It keeps telling me that I have to buy it again - even after it already came out of my account.

Not worth it.. Not worth the dollar at all. !

Worth a dollar. It’s fun, but definitely not very impressive or accurate. They basically just throw some wrinkles on your face and say poof! You’re 40 years older! I was expecting just a little more for something that wasn’t free

Just don’t do it!!. .99 gets you a handful (one hand) of stupid filters. Not worth it.

Ads???. I paid for the app and there are still ads. What a rip off. Also the app is lame.

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I want my money back. The other age numbers don’t work, all I can access is the 60 year old, it’s a bit annoying.

Great app. This is so good. A little terrifying though

Great. It is great and a funny game but it has too many ads. Also glitches a lot.

Pay to not work & no updates. As above usless

Too many annoying ads!. Good but far too many ads popping up when you're in the middle of something. Also your options to oldify are limited so it wants you to buy older ages you can apply to your face.

Shock. It came as a shock to see a pic of my grandson aged 2. 40 yrs later ! Fantastic !

So much fun. The best app I have used !!!

Stupid. Don't get it it's a waste of time they just keep and adding wrinkles to your face if i could I would rate it 0/5😒👎👎👎👎😒😒😒👎👎👎👎

Updates ruin everything. I remember this app years ago along with the other apps (Fatify, etc) and I really enjoyed it!! Now this update just ruins it and makes it look like some Snapchat filter... see this is why I hate updates they barely make things better.

Oldify 2. This app is freaking awesome keep up the good GFX and work

Love love love this app!. You can even make photos fat and record voice and it plays it in a video haha so much fun

Fantastic. Love this app, the whole family has had a great laugh .

OMG THIS IS SO COOL. Haha this is the best app ever! Can't wait to trick my friends! They will be so shocked!!! Haha LOL this is really awesome keep making apps like this.

Works and Makes You Look Hideous. Nice.

Not Accurate. I oldified a picture of me in my 20’s and looked at what I would look like in my 60’s, looks nothing like the current me lol. Luckily it was cheap.

Ads ads ads. It is a good app but paying plus ads = bad

Funny as. Laughs around

Hilarious great time waster!. Heaps of fun wish there was more extras though included! Very funny though - channelling my inner two year old sense of humour!

Vincentcia Claudia Fredericha. So thankful for this app. I can see how i look in the future 😍

Oldify 2. Awesome and funny I use it on my friends

Still getting ads. Paid version constantly offering paid packages. Wouldn't expect ads in paid version. App itself is good

Amazing app. Does a lot of things well

I look so old :(. Ha ha! Great app. The only thing I don't like is the tag on the pics. Part from dat it's great :)

Cupboard 1797. It's extremely satisfying to play with this app. I do recommend.

firsttoreview. Okay so it's pretty good and on the amy-0-meter I give it a 6/10

Amazing must have!!!!. Awesome app

I need to moisturise!. Great detail. Very realistic

Too many ads. Does what it says but I shouldn't have to deal with ads in a product I paid for

It was awsome. I really love the app

Good. Slightly better than others because there is more options etc etc

Annoying ads and need to purchase to do anything else. It's annoyingly that you purchase an app then have to pay more to use any of the functions. Plus, there are constant pop up ads to buy their other products. Avoid this waste of money.

Gaaaaayyy!!!!. Don't get this game waste of time ! I took a photo of my little brother he's 3 and at 23 he looked like my grandad!!! Don't get this game!!!

Hilarious. Worth a play

Hfhbhbvjvb. you could make it better by making it not exactly like Snapchat

Oldfy2 review. So funny, laughs for young and old pardon the pun lol we could all do with a laugh these days

110%. Great app it's really cool you can add all of the FYI together so great app

Awesome app!. Had a great fun time using this app! Credit goes to the developers! Keep up the good work lads!

Would recommend. I use it all the time! Obviously one of the best apps 

Oldify 2. Even more fun than oldify 1.

Game. Amazing what! What if you could make old people young?!

best app ever!. Thankyou for making this app!!So fun :) haha

Restore purchase problem. I can't restore my purchases app needs fixing

Great app. After the initial shock I think it is interesting what people will look like in 60 years. It is lots of fun to see the expression of people when they see themselves aged. Good work

So good!. Oh man everyone at dinner loved it. So real. Lol

Good App. It's a very good app but I wish you didn't have to pay extra for the older settings when you have already had to pay for the app....

Good laugh. This app is so easy to use and cracks me up Everytime I use it. Worth Down loading for a laugh.

Pretty funny. Looking for some silly apps and this one is pretty funny lol

Young!. Hey luv this app but can u make older people look younger?? I mean really half these people would've paid for the app and not receive what there looking for!! Great app any way, thnx for reading bai

Older fly. Great app

Like it. Funny app. Runing well with my 4s

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Hilarious. So funny, I work in a LTC facility so this is great.

No. Don't like it horrible

Absolute Garbage. Wish I could get a refund. Bought it to make one photo old. It tells me there’s no face. Absolutely useless to me.

Funny, kinda cool, worth a buck. Its fun to play around with and pretty realistic graphics, the voice/recording thing works but it sounds weird. Its cool and worth 2 bucks I like it.

Fun fun fun. What could be more fun in maybe seeing yourself down the road, 40, 60 ,80 , 90 years of age and getting fat and even include a uni-brow which I really don't have , but I do now !!

Old fogey app. It's great, made me and all my friends die of laughter !!😂

Fun. Cool

Not bad. It's not bad i don't usually play this kinda stuff but i thought I'd give it a try and it's actually pretty cool

It is awesome. I thought it was really funny and they should continue the oldify

Oldify2. Funny app

Awesome. Cool

Best App EVER. What a fabulous waste of time!! 

Top. Trop drôle ! Vraiment super bien fait !!!!

LMAO. Tons of fun around the table!

Love it. Cool

Creepy but cool. Its really creepy when they move but its fun.

Cool and easy. I like it.

Very happy. This is awesome :)

Great but a sound bug. Great. I can't hear myself on the app when recording

A waste of time and money can’t get any photos up. Not worth it even if it was free

Oldies. I think this app is cool ,and fun ,thank you

Middle aged woman. Awesome must have its sooooooo funny turning your friends and yourself into old people 😂😀👴👵 love it

Horrible. I don't get it it's just making fun of old people that's mean

Oldify rocks. I love this new game I look so old

Loads of fun!!!. This is an app that everyone will have a lot of fun with on long boring trips , hanging out with the family, or having a long boring day at the office and you need something to keep you entertained. Everyone that I have shown loves it . Great app and will defiantly recommend it to everyone ,

Great. I love this it's hilarious and realistic, the only thing bad is where u can switch it to +20 or 40 or 60 years is inaccurate because they don't know the age of the person in the photo, they're just adding wrinkles and undereye bags

Pretty funny. Like playing around with the face styles:)

Good laughs. Hilarious movie part!

Waste of money. Don’t bother!

oldify 2. best game ever love it 😂

Cool. You would like the game

Great. Actually works like shown in the pictures

Crashes. I loved it at first but then it kept crashing and I can't get it to stay open longer than 5 seconds

Winepot. Fun

Amazing. This app is just so much fun

Awesome. Best game ever😀😀😀

Work very good. Work very good

Hi. Great application Just love it

Luv it!. Wow! Just: wow!

BEST. This works perfect

Bad. Took out the cough, sneeze, etc actions

Too old. It's cool to see myself "age" but this app makes you look a bit ridiculous. Firstly it should ask your current age then the a aging should be toned down a bit. My three year old niece definitely won't have wrinkles at 23 and I won't look like I'm about to kick the bucket at 47. Cool to see but not really realistic at all.

AWESOME. Love this!!! And it's animated, scared the crap out of me, lol!

Love it!. So awesome!

So awesome!. Not crappy but so realistic! So much fun!

Funny. The app is funny

Best App EVER. The best app ever...

Pretty cool!. Works great!

Amazing. This works amazingly well there are a few glitches but they don't effect the apps rating at all because there minor glitches and it works very well and makes you look super old!

So fun. It's so fun to approx see how you would look like in 60+ years

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Sooo Funny :). I was just bored And downloaded this app for kicks and giggles... And I'm pleased to say I'll be keeping this app and laughing at all the hilarious pictures!

Scary but funny. When I tried it out at first I thought it was for losers but then I found out that its actually funny buy scary at the same time

Best aging app. I tried all the other aging apps, and this one is much better. I love the way it brings people to life with blinks, sneezes and other facial movements.

Awesome!!. I love this app! It's amazing how well it works to make you look older. It's not like you always wanted to look old, but what I do, is I make myself look older and then send the picture to my friends to scare them. It's pretty funny!

More junk. Even though i paid for this app i could not find a single thing that i wanted to do that did not cost more. After more experiences like this than i can count i have decided to stay away from the app store. The enjoyment factor has been about ten percent and the anger level has been about ninety percent. Apple needs to get its act together and stop forcing its customers to do its job. Stop the fake reviews and start checking these apps yourselves, apple. Your brand is becoming a joke.

Fun!. I love it! It's really just for fun and is very accurate . I would recommend this app if your looking for a fun way to mess with your relatives

Oldify. Oldify is a funny app that allows you to grow old. From your age now to 99 and a vampire?!! The app is a fantastic app with most hilarious photos. Its one of my favorite apps on my i touch. The app is a nice app with no rudeness or adds, there are adds once in a while but on other games there are ones that come up after two seconds.

Hilarious & terrifying!. Started cracking up right away! Quick and easy to navigate. This is going to keep me fascinated for a long time. The photo MOVES!

It's ok, but... Bad. I took a photo of my mom who's 34 years old. I put it 20 years old, and it look older than she is right now. I'm really mad right now, this app makes people not happy because it makes you older than who you are. Do not look in the future, look it the past instead. You'll never now what will happen! Maybe your not old as the photo! Do not be scared when you see your photo taken of your future self, do not get this app I repeat do not get this app!

BigSmilez. This is a great app. I'm having a lot of fun with it & sending it to friends and family TOOOOO!!! They get a good laugh!! Next is to EVERYONE on FB... Enjoy this & LAUGH at yourself, it'll make EVERYONE FEEL SO GOOD!!!! Just don't change US for EVERYTHING!!!!!

Love!. Too fun to share especially with your family and close relatives...you can see the resemblance. That is scary but in a hilarious way.

Another excellent release. These guys crank out solid apps each time. Oldify was fun but Oldify 2 takes it up a serious notch. Which freaks me out because now I know what I will look like at 80 in HD. Keep it up!

DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!. Do not get this app, it only comes with 3 features and you have to pay another dollar for the rest. When you use the play feature the graphics are horrible. I wish I could get a refund. The ages are bad too all they do are add wrinkles and make your face sag. Spend your dollar somewhere else where you can actually have fun.

Awesome,perfect,great,best. I LOVE this app I did it on my baby brother he is 2 it was so funny.I also did it on my mom she is 36 and she looked so old. Yall should get this app I love it so much it works great.

I like it with caveats.. Neat app. Makes great old people pics and video. However, video won't upload to Facebook. Pics will. Also, I understand the need for advertising. I don't see an option to buy out of the ads. If I could figure out why the video clips won't upload to Facebook (they're pretty funny animations) and buy out of the ads, this would be a 5 star.

Great app!!!. This app had my whole family laughing with the hilarious aging. It looks realistic and works very well. I have had a lot of fun with this app!

Nice but is very inaccurate. Since I am a kid it doesn't do accurate faces. I look nothing like my grandma who we look exactly alike also I look like my mom too, since my grandma is my moms mom. Also when i do older people they look like there 90 years old😓👨🏽->👴🏽 What I want:👵🏽->👩🏽 I like it but only works on people from ages13-40 Needs fixies in the programming.😔🙏🏽I would really appreciate it!!! I'll tell everyone I know to buy this app!!!😊😆👩🏽😻

Senioriffic!!. Gives you a real sense of how you would look as a senior citizens. So easy to use and realistic! Must try this one!

I really like it. I took photos of my family and friends, and show them it makes them laught. And I also like it too.

Great but.... I wish the app would let you get every age group. But other than that it is pretty fun! I love playing it with my family and making celebs old! LOL

Pretty funny. I don't usually download apps and silly games. I got an iTunes giftcard and splurged, and this has brought tens upon minutes of laughter and creepiness.

No. Bad

Such a fun app!. This app is hilarious and so realistic! I love surprising my friends with their face from the future. I'm definitely downloading the other apps in the family, too - Fatify, Beardify and more.

I can't unsee it.. That was truly frightening. I wish I hadn't seen that. Minus one for being really scary- My photo made a terrifying face! I hate being scared. But it's well done for those of you that want to have horrible nightmares. I've already deleted it.

The older you get!. Fun to play with! No telling what you can end up with, just plain fun to while you time away!

Oldify. This App needs voice options for now! Maybe a full body talking and dancing App. Currently this App entertains the whole family it is gut wrenching humor and it is up to your imagination how you use it. Thanks Oldify!

Long time user. I like this app but it has many features that ruin it. It downgrades the size way too much. The edit points work for the wrinkles but works against the beard. They don't line up. Needs way more edit points. They force you to use a filter when using a specified age. The filter runs off the face into the background, ruins it. Fact is, this app runs on a very ancient SDK. Time for a redo developers. Take all that new iap money and hire someone to vamp it up, alot! With all these constant errors I've still partially enjoyed your apps for years.

Good stuff. Great old effect. I'm not sure why the confusion about changing age… there's arrows on the screen, you can touch or swipe… also, very disappointed to see people ignorantly rating low based simply on it being "scary" or "creepy". This is an app with a purpose, it should be rated on how well it fulfilled that purpose, not by how scared it made you feel…

Great, but.... Works great, but the descriptions says you can select your age. There does not seem to be an option for that, unless it means you can purchase the older (80+ and 99+) packs from the app store.

Too real. This creeped out my daughter when I showed her what she would look like old. It freaked her out so much she didn't want to go to sleep. lol

Awesome app!. Ages well and realistically, I only think that it shouldn't cost so much for all the extensions, maybe offer an extension pack with all of them for a dollar or two off and then I would give it five stars!

Creating video?. I am so confused on the creating video function! Please help! When I think I'm recording the oldify farting it saves to my photos/videos as breathing deeply or sneezing.

How to change the age. To change the age, swipe your picture to the right and you will see a minus sign. You can -20 years a few times. To go older though, you have to pay for it. Good app, the age works pretty good. Very creepy.

So realistic, so much fun. Oldify 2 is a ton of fun and almost creepy it's so realistic. I love showing my friends and family what they'll look like in 40 years!

Laughing out loud. Seriously, I must say, this app had me in tears the second I saw myself aged 60+ years. The blinking, coughing etc. makes it fun to watch though a bit scary. It's not worth $0.99 but I purchased it after reading other reviews. 😢😂

Quirky. Fun app for playing around with friends and family going to try the other, but I will never pay for this type of app

Oldify 2. This app makes my friends and I crack up so hard when we see ourselves as oldies. I love this app it has good guesses of what you will look like and getting 95% of it right.

AMAZING. Hello there I know you probably won't read this but I just wanted to tell you thanks and that your apps are AMAZING so keep making them and I will keep downloading they are truly amazing and inspiring so thanks

Never gets old. !!!!!. Having lots of fun , make you , your family and friends the senior generation now. , why wait get this app now !

Don't download this. They send out spam to your contacts from your number. I'm reporting them for this. Professional contacts of mine notified me that they got this spam from my phone number. At no point during my using this app did it ask to access my contacts, it just did it anyway.

Well done!!. These effects are very realistic and it’s so cool when the photo comes to life. It’s the closest thing to Harry-Potter-type photos I’ve ever seen. My friends were passing my phone all around the bar the other night Oldifying everyone. It was a hit! The whole thing is really well designed.

Awesome.. Thanks for an app that you can have fun with friends and family or just to joke around. I look forward to more apps.

I'm crackin up!. Literally and figuratively. Woke my bf up out of a dead sleep to show him and he even started laughing. Usually not satisfied with apps like these but this is great

Addicting. Just want to say I love this app and I'm so addicted that even while I'm supposed to be working I can't help but pick out more pics to edit. And it's so fun to share with friends. I definitely support people getting this app. Only issue is there can be too many ads where it can get annoying.

Oldify app!!. Hello this app is great for everyone any age honestly and also is fun for the family another reason this app is good bc you could post ur pics on any social media website and get a lot of likes thank you

Not bad at all. This has to be the best aging app out there. The only concern I have is when you add 20 years, it looks more like 30. I'm 19 and when I put the +20 years on, I look like I'm in my early 50's. Other than that, excellent.

Oldify. This is stupidly funny. Me and my 7 year old love this. We took pictures of my but, the back of my bald head, our pets and much more.

Love it.. Love it yet hate it cuz I don't want a preview of what I may look like when I'm old ... Mind u when I haven't slept for a while and tired af it does look like me.

It's fun!. I like this app, although it's a bit scary to see us so old. Very easy to use and the effects of movement are weird is a good way. :)

😂. Hil

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Language English
Price $0.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 3.1.3
Play Store Apptly.Oldify2
Compatibility iOS 8.0 or later

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The application Oldify - Old Face App was published in the category Entertainment on 23 May 2013, Thursday and was developed by Apptly LLC [Developer ID: 480016024]. This program file size is 65.45 MB. This app has been rated by 1,381 users and has a rating of 4.2 out of 5. Oldify - Old Face App - Entertainment app posted on 27 October 2018, Saturday current version is 3.1.3 and works well on iOS 8.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Apptly.Oldify2. Languages supported by the app:

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