Akinator [Entertainment] App Description & Overview

Akinator can read your mind and tell you what character you are thinking of, just by asking a few questions. Think of a real or fictional character and Akinator will try to guess who it is.
Will you dare challenge the genie? And what about other themes like movies, animals…?

Akinator lets you to create your own user account. It will record the Aki Awards you've won, the accessories you've unlocked and your Genizs' balance. They will follow you everywhere now, even if you change your mobile device.

Akinator is getting stronger and stronger... The genie has increased his knowledge, and now you have the opportunity to also challenge him on movies and animals!
Will you manage to defeat Akinator?

Akinator invites you to think outside the box. As you know, he likes to guess characters and to take on difficult challenges. To do that, make him guess forgotten characters who have not been played for a very long time and you may win the best Aki Awards.

Challenge the other players on the leaderboards to prove who the best is. You may write your name on the Last Super Awards board or on the Hall of Fame.

Each day, try to find the 5 mysterious characters and win some additional and specific Aki Awards. Complete the full Daily Challenge and earn the Gold Daily Challenge Aki Award, one of the most prestigious Aki Awards.

Using Geniz, you can unlock and play with new backgrounds and customize your genie to your liking. The genie will turn into a vampire, a cowboy or a disco man. Unleash your creativity by mixing 12 hats and 13 clothes to create your ideal combination.

THE ULTIMATE POTION unlocks all characters and removes all ads from the app, to ensure you get the best gaming experience.

Main features:
-1 languages (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, Korean, Hebrew, Polish, Indonesian and Dutch)
-Get 2 additional themes: Movies and Animals
-Aki Awards Board to get an overview of your collection
-Hall of Fame with both current and previous ranking
-Last super awards for Black, Platinum and Gold Aki Awards
-Daily Challenges Board
-Add magic by proposing a photo or some questions
-Customize your genie by combining different hats and clothes
-Child filter to let the children play safely
-Video recording feature in-game

Follow the genie on:
-Facebook @officialakinator
-Twitter @akinator_team
-Instagram @akinatorgenieapp

Genie’s tips:
-Akinator requires an Internet connection to use his magic lamp. Turn on Wifi or be sure to have a data plan.
-Don’t forget to scroll down the list to find and select your language

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Akinator Customer Service, Editor Notes:

iOS14 compatibility bug correction

Akinator Comments & Reviews

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- Love this app!

I love this app it’s amazing and in my option it could use more work. I don’t like how it has in app purchases although it might not be something that big of a problem to complain about it’s just me personally I hate in app purchases because it can sometimes leave to scams or bait. So just to take pro caution I don’t want to buy anything in the app but that’s just me. You can try it and see if it doesn’t scan for your money but just in case I wouldn’t put information about you or stuff like that. But again I have NOT tried it because I’m afraid if it’s a scam. And I don’t like how you have to watch an ad to see your rare charecter. Because it could be the opposite charecter you picked and it could be a waste of your time. And some tips to outsmart the akinator (if you want to) i think you should think of a hard charecter some of your family or friends don’t know about or you can press yes a bunch of time or no a bunch of times. I hope this review helps to improve this game a little bit more but other then that it’s a good app or else I wouldn’t be writing this review (:

- Good game but

So this is really funny and maybe a glitch well the first part at least ok so i was playing and my character was me so i said yes to girl and it said after that is your character a female said yes then came Up is your character’s gender female said yes then asked me is your character a male laughed said no then asked me if my character’s gender was male said no ok now the second part it asked me if my character used a female voice said yes then the answer came up as my reflection I didn’t know that reflections could talk XD ok now the reason i don’t like it dat much any more is cuz i did ticci toby once it said as his name ticci toby/toby rodgers ok yea you can call him just toby but his full name is Tobais Rodgers so I changed his name to Ticci Toby/Tobais Rodgers the next day i wanted to see if it changed did all the things as tobyish as possible then it said Toby was a rare character why now is he a “rare” character when he wasn’t yesterday please change him back

- AWESOME but some issues

After reading all the other reviews I was on the fence of getting this game. My friend recommended this to me and so I got it anyways. There aren’t any issues except for ads every time he is going to say the answer. I personally hate ads but about 5 seconds into the ad it gives an option the skip. So now that’s not really a big problem. The reason I didn’t give this game 5 stars is because of child locks. With child locks off there may be some inappropriate questions that come up, with child locks on it keeps the adult characters as VIP’s which you have to pay to see. So basically it’s a choice between payment and inappropriate questions. I would rather choose a non existent choice of no payment and no inappropriate questions. The game is very fun and addicting as you can come up with any obscure character answer questions and win awards for guessing that specific character. You can change what the genie looks like and he even knows when you are just making something up or playing randomly. I got Akinator a while ago and still occasionally play it. I recommend this game.

- Problem Gameplay

Look, this app is pretty cool. It’s impressive and whatnot. Sure, there are WAY too many ads, but it’s still fun to mess with for a few minutes. The problem comes when you check out the gameplay. The game encourages you to try to think of obscure characters. This would be fine, but when the game doesn’t recognize the characters, you don’t get any points. Not only that, but if the AI can’t figure out what character you’re going for on the first guess, it doesn’t give you any points. So when you actually manage to stump the AI, the game doesn’t give you anything. On top of this, the game has started giving players trick answers. Basically, the game gives the wrong answer to your character to see if your game is valid. This is super annoying. It happens too frequently, and on too many low point answers. The questions are often repetitive to an annoying level. The game will ask me if the character is from America (yes) and right after ask me if the character is from India (dude, were you even listening?) The genie is also kind of ugly. It’s annoying to have to look at the same ugly face despite customization options.

- I am confused 😳🥵😒

I really don’t understand the point of this game. I am very disappointed. Akinator is boring. All you do is challenge the genie and THATS IT. I wish there was some reward for when you “out-smart” the genie. Also, the genie isn’t really reading your mind. All he is doing is taking your answers to his question and matching it to a person, animal, or object. Does that seem like mind reading to you??? Yes, people could point out that you get things like the the Aki Award and dressing up the genie but that is LAME and it cost coins. One thing that makes zero sense to me is the answer selection you have to choose. Sometimes you can’t find a answer that would make sense for a question and you have to pick a answer that just doesn’t make sense 🙄. I would not have recommended this to a friend. This game is very confusing and I think these fails should be updated. Before I end this, I just want to say that this is Respectful Criticism and I don’t encourage you guys to spread hate on content that people have spend years on. This is simply just to share my ideas of improvement for Akinator. PEACE✌️😗 🍵

- Great game but still pros and cons

This game is great it's really fun to win aki rewards and dress up your genie but there is won thing I still don't really like, one time I was doing a youtuber and it guessed wrong I said yes because I thought it would give me points but instead it said it was a trap I didn't know that there would be traps I only thought it would give me points it's understandable that I got a warning for that, but another time I was doing the Incredible Hulk and it looked like it guessed it it looked exactly like the hulk but when I said yes I lost all my points in the ranking to be fair I didn't read what the name said but I'm sure that I'm not the only one who does that a lot I just think that you it should be changed. This is just one thing I don't like about the game, overall the game is pretty good. Another thing is that I just don't think there's that much to spend GZs on, haven't played the game that long but I'm pretty sure the only thing to spend them on is new outfits but some people would get those really easily, after you buy all the outfits what's the point of GZs now?

- How can he read my mind?!? But some improvements can be made

I was so, well shocked when I did this. It’s like I have something attached to my mind and then to the iPad, but that’s not the case! The thing that I LOVE is child mode, but when I tried doing the YouTuber denis daily it couldn’t get it because child mode was on, but since I’m a kid, I didn’t want to turn child mode off. So I couldn’t do him! But he got almost everything else I did! Sarah Jeffery, Lady kluck, and many more! It’s an amazing app but I do have some issues 1. Customizing the genie: I really like this feature the app has, but. Really don’t like how you have to keep playing to save up the gz. So maybe you can lower the price to improve that! 😀👍 2. Question dropping: with this, whenever you press No on a question he asks the bar below goes down, that means you have more stuff to answer!! This drives me nuts bot I know you can improve that 👍👍👍 It’s an AMAZING app just take that advice developers 👍

- It’s good but to me it gets boring for a little while

I love the game it was so much fun! But...it became boring after I played it a few more times and it’s not a bad game it’s just that I never new what else to think of and the more I answered the same questions the more I lack of even having a brain cell. I’m not hating on it I’m just saying because it just got boring for a while so if you want to download this app you can it’s just that if you do the same questions over and over again you might end up like me! Now having that much brain cells. But they will grow back if you just read a page of you messages you sent to your friends and family on your phone, iPhone, or tablet or just read a baby book and your brain cells will start coming back, trust me you would love to get the game because you tubers play it 24 . 7 but still if you want to try it go ahead I’m not trying to get you scared by not getting the game it’s not that ok! don’t think that at all I’m just making a review that’s all. But if you think that then stop reading this right now.

- Where’s my stuff

Was fun until it deleted all my progress I had a ton of great stuff including a black about 10 platinums and almost 20 golds. And like other people said in other reviews it gets boring. If you’re like me you’ll play it for the first few days then stop unless you think of a character that could be rare. And getting rare characters gets you points. Well there not called points I’m just trying to make it simple. Anyway these points help you customize the genie but all you get to customize is his clothing and give him a hat. But the game is actually entertaining and if you’ve watched a lot of movies, read a lot of books, played a lot of video games, or all of the above, then you can get great stuff but again the only thing you get from it really is bragging rights. The game really is fun and definitely helps pass time. I often find myself thinking about characters and then hopping onto my phone to see if anyone else has guessed them in awhile. But I dunno if it’s a problem other people are having but I lost all my progress.

- It’s very good!!!

I love this app it’s so fun to play with my family and friends I’ll keep asking them questions it’s kind of like this game I keep asking them questions they say yes or no maybe they don’t know but there is one character we need to find out we have 10 minutes to figure out the character but in this app there’s a difference you have all the Time in the world and you can choose any character but in the game I have made you need to choose a character that your friend knows there are some issues to it you should be able to make like an imaginary friend or something I think it would be so cool if we could make an imaginary friend maybe there should be a mod for that great game for stars there’s one problem it ask you some personal information so it’s pretty much your characters from a video game 🎮

- Cute party trick, has its limits

Our kids have been really enjoying this app, and us adults like to play with it to. It started out getting 100% of our characters, but as you go along trying to stump it, you begin to hit a wall. First of all, if you want to earn rare badges (as in, you picked a character not a lot of people try), Akinator HAS to guess it first try, or else you don’t get points. Also, it relies on your own personal knowledge of said character, and while you don’t have to answer strictly yes or no, the more specific input you give, the better chance it has of guessing correctly. Lots of ads in the free versions-LOTS AND LOTS- and if you do pick a rare character, you have to sit for a full 30 second ad. I forked over the $3.99 to avoid this, but I think the app is cute and don’t mind supporting the developers. Other users might not be so willing (and kids don’t usually have the means to do so).

- Fun.... but caution parents

I was enjoying playing this game with my kids, but am becoming a bit concerned. Just finished a round with my young son and one of the questions that came up was “Is your character a porn star?”. I was rather surprised, especially as I have absolutely no desire to explain what a porn star is to my child. Perhaps I am a bit “conservative”, but I fail to see how this type of question is even necessary in a game, much less a game that children will be playing. I cringe to think what type of question would have come up next if we had answered “yes”. Apparently there is a child mode I can and will use, but I would caution other parents about letting their children play without adult supervision. I would also love to see the developers take ownership/responsibility and remove this type of question/content. It is not necessary, the game is plenty fun without it. Thank you.

- Guessing issue

Firstly I would like to say this is a great app for having fun in guessing, but today I was trying to guess the bull shark (which was a platinum medal,) but instead I stumbled upon a black award (The great white shark) so I was really excited, then I started guessing everything I knew about the great white shark instead I got the mako from deep blue sea, the megalodon and the shark from jaws, I was extremely frustrated when I saw I got it again but it did not give me the award (because it was not the genies first proposal.) I continued trying to guess the great white but it did not give me the award. I was so frustrated I almost deleted the app. Anyways I hope that issue (the one where you guess your character on your second go) is resolved. This is a great app besides all the ads it is very fun I highly recommend a download. Thanks for reading, Bye!

- He can really read my mind!!🧠📔

This is soooooooooo cool. I love it. The adds are a little bit annoying. Every time he gets whatever I’m guessing a 15 second add appears but other than that it’s a great app. Usually he gets what I’m guessing in under twenty questions occasionally thirty. If it’s really though he’ll get in forty and if he’s having lots and lots of trouble he’ll get in in about fifty questions. But that’s sooo rare. Happened to me only twice. Anyway I love the game and I can’t wait to find out what u do next. Keep up the great work and I highly recommend this app. Hint: he usually doesn’t get characters from old tv shows or old boring news reports. He will most likely get any YouTuber even if he/she has two views a week. Trust me. Hope you find this review helpful. ❤️❤️❤️

- The game is glitched for me

The game is pretty cool. But there’s one thing I have too tell you. Something that’s really weird. Lately akinator isn’t working for me and is glitched for me. I don’t know why it is but it keeps saying error has occured press okay too retry. And it keeps on not working. It won’t let me play. And it’s really annoying. So that’s why I wanted too report u so that maybe u can’t help me. And I just updated my iPad. Or maybe I have too update the game? I’m confused why this is happening too me but whatevers happening too me must stop! I’m not gonna let down on such a good game! And I LITTERALLY just got it a few months ago like in November maybe. ( and if anyone else that is reading this akinator is glitched for them too don’t give up for such a good game but inform the creator of the game that ur having trouble with akinator and everything will be fine.) the creator will fix the bug.

- Keeps guessing with little information

I’ve played Akinator in the past and have thoroughly enjoyed it, so when I learned there was an app I was quick to download. I don’t mind the ads or anything, and the guessing is pretty on par to what I remember. The issue comes when the game guesses without having nearly enough information. For instance, when I wanted to guess James Dean, the only things it managed to narrow down were the fact he was a dead male actor with dark hair. Some games he will take a guess within a few questions, without even having the amount of information to narrow it down to 100 people. This wouldn’t even be that bad if it weren’t for the pointless rule that you can’t get an award unless he guesses it first try. That is what truly annoyed me when I attempted to name obscure characters. This stupid system has caused me a lot of frustration, given it takes a crack at my character far too early.

- Pls read this😭

I like this game but it has the stupidest awnsers like I do my best friend kaylin ( I don’t actchaully have a friend named kaylin cuz.....stranger danger?)and it the awnser is your best friend I mean I understand but like seriously like that’s...... ummmm stupid? But like seriously say the name!!! It’s a bit of rip it’s like lying cuz seriously 😒 you cant do any better!?!?!😤you r probably thinking “ pffft that’s sooooo stupid “ but hear me out when get this game and you want it to say someone’s name don’t get your hopes up it could be something stupid liiiiike you want it to say Carlos and it says your cousin and he is your cousin you might get frustrated also in this game it may say like I can not say cuz the kids filter is on or something like I don’t know tell me and like I JUST WANT A AWNSER so there is my feed back

- This app really impressed me 🤩

I did my mom and it did it right it probably almost always gets it right. don’t judge me for how much I have on here I am only 7 years old yeah I know it’s for 12 and up but I just wanted to see this amazing game and I am a girl lol my name is Pay well that is my nick name but ya try and see if it can guess me or you! Try this app make one of these and tell me your nick name and I will see if it will guess you! Yes I know this is a lot for a 7 year old to put in but I am is 2nd grade BUT I WILL NOT TELL YOU MY SCHOOL. But get this app and try it today have fun and you can also do a youtuber and wait one more thing you can also see if he can guess he or his brother! P.S last time I did him he guessed his brother LOL byeeeeeeeeeeeee.

- Horrible ad implementation

I understand the developer should make money and all, but the fact that you have to watch an ad every single time before he provides an answer is honestly scummy trash implementation for ads. The fact that you're free to answer all the questions, only to be prompted to watch an ad EVERY SINGLE TIME before being given an answer completely ruins any sense of joy using this app. On top of the ads you have to watch for every answer, even if the previous answer was wrong, are forced ads right after finishing a game. At this point, it feels like trying to use this app for 5 minutes gives you just as many ads as a television network does in a week. I can't help but find this app to be no better than just wasted space on my phone. I used to enjoy playing around with Akinator back before it was just pure ad Paradise. If the ads could be toned down, I might be able to tolerate using this app once again.

- Fun game! Ish...

This is a good game. It’s creative and I do like it. But I see that this game is 12+. That’s better than some other games, but I played and some really inappropriate questions popped up that are not for a 12-year-old. I’m 13, and I was playing this game with my mom. An inappropriate question popped up, and I got grounded for having this app. I had to delete it and I didn’t play it for a few years. Later, I downloaded it again secretly and played it. After a little, I couldn’t think of anymore people to use and this game got extremely boring. It’s now in the back of my phone collecting digital dust, and I only play it when all of my other games don’t work. This game is now boring to me and I don’t love it. Please give some warning at the start of the game so other kids don’t get in trouble for an accident. Thank you for reading.

- A fun family game but....

This is a fun family game that my whole family likes to play with me we all sit in a room and have many devices and then we play we are also surprised at how it gets almost every single one right I only hasn’t got one of mine right that’s it!! I love this game so much and have thoroughly enjoyed it the only thing is one time my sister character was laura Ingalls wilder in the game Had only asked a few questions but when my sister said that her character was Laura Ingalls wilder out loud to me when I asked to it was a couple questions later he guessed it so I think when you say it out loud they can hear you but I still love love this game and I also like how you can have a kids setting

- Great Game,but.....

....I have an important message! This game is fun, but they started telling me I was cheating when I wasn’t! So I eventually gave up on trying and went to objects to try and see if that would work and it did, so then I went back to characters and tried to do the daily challenge and still, it said I was cheating. 😔I wanted to see if maybe it was just the daily challenge so I tried to get Batman and it asked, ‘Is your character from Batman v.s. Superman?’, and I said yes, and it gave me Robin...😐 I gave up and said No and it told me that it was a test to try and catch cheaters. 😅 so please, don’t delete this app over frustration, just try to reason a little bit. After all, we are only human. 😂 Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

- VERY poor question system

Asks the same question multiple times, and asks questions which have been disqualified by previous answers. For example, it will ask if your character plays video games, you say no, it asks if your character plays minecraft, apparently forgetting your previous answer, you say no, it asks if your character is a gamer, repeating the first question. The question pool needs a LOT of cleaning up, and answering a question should imply answers to the related questions. If I say my character has blond hair, it does not need to ask if my character has black hair. Not to mention the gall of it to play an ad after kicking me out of a game. Update: Previously, watching an ad would give you 2 hours of vip. Now you have to watch an ad every single time it makes a guess. They this this will make people want to buy the ad-free subscription, but it’s only going to make them (and me) uninstall.

- The Awesomest Game Ever!

I love this game I mean once I tried Mickey Mouse yesterday because I was going to Disneyland soon but anyways this game is just like roblox powering imagination because you can think 💭 about whatever character you want. Also because I put my picture down in Akinators box so just to let you know if you want to try to guess me I like the color pink I live in America I have light brown hair I LOVE LOVE LOVE Shopkins and lastly I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Unicorns 🦄 this game is so good guess what I have played for 3 or 4 years! I feel like everybody should give this a try come in and join the fun please you do not have to keep it forever but at least try it PLEASE I BEG OF YOU PLEASE I am also 7 in age so Bye! Bye! Your Friend Abby.

- Rejection

So today I was making my character from a book I read that was time bomb (and note I never got the character) so when it gave me the character that was different I got black I was super happy. But guess what I was trying to make my character again but it got rejected and they said I was cheating some how. But honestly I just clicked on the character it gave me which I don’t know how that is considered “cheating” so when I try and make this character again I get a different result that was also rejected but get this it put my rank far back for something I did not even do! I got so mad I almost deleted the app so please fix your rejection system and don’t reject people for not reason or people will actually start deleting this app like I almost did if you read this fix yuor crap.

- Stupid and Frustrating

I downloaded this app again, and apparently it’s changed for the worst. It guessed two of my characters, each earning a platinum and black Aki Award respectively. I started doing another character, in which it got wrong several times. I eventually got tired of it getting it wrong, so I just clicked on “yes” to say it was correct. The avatar then proceeded to accuse me of just clicking random options and seeing what he came up with, and that I would not receive an Aki Award for this character. The next character I tried (not only was it incorrect) but he put a “trap” on it, saying that I could not receive who he thought my character was. Frustrated, I went to bed. When I returned to the app in the morning, the avatar informed me that my platinum and black character aki awards were no longer considered characters and I would have my awards taken away. This app hates me and I hate this app too.

- Best game ever!🤗🤪🤩

I absolutely love this game how does he quests it every time I know it’s not really reading your mind but still it is fun I would definitely recommend getting the vip it’s worth it but the only thing that I would request is that maybe you guys should just put a award if you outsmart the genie that’s all I am recommending but still really cool game and I love the coutures that you guys put they are so funny and cool and I just can’t say how much I love this game and thank you so much for the wonderful creators of this game I love it great game and thank you for putting it on the App Store just wanted to spread the word so ya that’s all I have to say so ya just saying 100% recommend so ya love this game😛😝😋😚🤩🤩

- Cool game, i guess.

I downloaded this app and started playing it so i did enjoy it. It’s pretty addictive but one major problem. I have an Instagram account so i keep giving the “akinator” hints that it’s my oc cause it’s popular on the internet even on google. So he should know by now who my oc is. All it gives me for an answer at the end is a random picture of an anime character that says it’s my oc. The old version was better cause whenever i made him guess my oc, he actually got it right!!! This akinator game just got even worse and it keeps asking you the same questions over and over again. Please, please fix this app! There are so many things wrong with it. Also, the ads are really annoying af.

- Elokence, do you guys know a TERRIBLE app when you see it?

Yes, I am a kid, 13 years old, to be exact. Anyway, I spotted a LOT of things wrong with this app. Prepare your popcorn, Elokence, cuz here we go...🍿🍿🍿 1.) You need to require Wi-Fi to play this game. This also enables you to share your games. So what if I don't want to share it with my friends? 2.) Can you at least tone down the pop up ads? It's getting very annoying, and they may not match my age. Don't bother asking me to do in-app purchases, because I'm tired of spending money. 3.) Higly inappropriate questions! Excuse me, I am 13 years old! 4.) Too many scary pictures, even though I never seen them on this app. Sorry, scary picture fans, but I am autistic, which means I don't like them. Sorry, I know that sounds lame, folks. 5.) Too crashy. It is a word I made up. Anyways, it crashes all the time. Yes, Minecraft has a lot more crashes more than this, but I JUST WANNA PLAY THIS GAME. 6.) Enough with this "watching videos to get all characters for 2 hours" thing. It is getting on my nerves. I hope you read No. 2. 7.) Also, I hate that you guys don't listen after you receive a review. Please listen to what other people, including me, are saying. It is very rude to ignore people. I hope you read everything, Elokence! If you don't listen, I will delete this app for good!

- Annoying updates.

I've got two problems with this app and some of its more recent updates. Issue one, the premium character thing. What the heck??? It wasn't like that before, and it's really annoying now that you've added it in. That's not something I should have to pay for. Issue two, the validity checking thing. Today I was playing the game, and going for some pretty uncommon characters and then some common ones. I was on a role, and started to go for bad kitty characters, because one I had gotten turned out to be a black award. Anyway the game accuses me of just answering randomly to win (well most of the characters were cats I guess) and then doesn't give me an award. So I'm all "huh that's strange" and go for doctor who. Well it gives the wrong guess so I say no, and it's all "you passed the validity check!" And it gives another incorrect answer. So I say no and "you passed again!" And then gives the right answer. Anyway it's really annoying, some of us know some obscure characters and get accused of cheating for knowing them. I really wish it would go back to how it used to be, no ranking, no 'validity checks' no 'premium characters' just a good ol character guessing game. Honestly if I could undo the recent updates I would.

- Not bad, but not the greatest.

It's a fun game to keep you occupied for some time, but as others have stated, the excessive ads take away from the enjoyment. Yes, there is the option to purchase to remove ads, but I think it would be more effective to have the ads appear as a banner at the top or bottom of the screen rather than a full-screen 30-second unskippable ad. I would also like to make a suggestion for the game: lists for all award categories. Right now, there are only lists for Black, Platinum, and Gold awards. I'd like to have a list for all awards because I'm sick of playing through and guessing a character only to get to the end and realize I already played that character! It would be nice to be able to look through all your guesses to make sure you don't play a character more than once!

- Annoys me.

Decided to install the game. I had played it a few years before and it didn’t seem inappropriate and pretty innocent. I went into objects and thought of what I wanted to play it as. The object questions were disturbing. Not anything about me but related to body parts/sex. I was disturbed. I wanted to keep playing though so I changed it to child mode. I stayed in objects and thought the same thing. The questions were the same but they were just words so I stayed calm and answered no. The Akinator got it wrong. I tapped know and it said “what was it?” Then it showed my choice at the top then a few other ones. Then it showed sex toy. I saw no body parts but I did see the toy. I was annoyed. I deleted the app and wrote this review immediately. I’m not someone to write many reviews. But, I don’t think that a 12+ app ON CHILD MODE, When I am an ADULT. Should contain such sexual things. Seriously. PLEASE FIX THIS.

- My Review On Akinator

Hello! Just to confirm, I am a kid. This game really isn’t inappropriate if you have the child filter on. I’m not sure at all if it listens to you, but I haven’t had that kind of experience with this game. Overall, the concept of a guessing/mind reader game is quite interesting. It was executed quite well. I think this is a great game to play with friends and family. Thank you for reading this review. Edit: So after a few months, I wanna try this again. And I go into it and it glitches out. Then I try again and doesn’t glitch right away. But after 3 questions it glitched me out of app. Can u fix this bug pls? This app has been deleted.

- Pretty bad unless you have someone common

The app punishes you for not being able to guess what you’re thinking about. For example, I went with L. Frank Baum, author of the Wizard of Oz. According to the app, that’s a “gold” medal character, but because it couldn’t get it on the first try, I was punished in-game. That’s just one problem with this app. The in-game currency you get from the rarity of your guesses doesn’t really go towards anything other than customizing the aki avatar. Every time the bot guesses a character, you have to view an ad, and you can’t even continue without seeing it. My advice is to just use the Discord version. It doesn’t track your guesses and their rarity, but it does basically everything else this app does without intrusive ads or false senses of progression while also ranking the rarity of your choice.

- This game is cool in all but,

I love this game I always thought it was really cool but then I started to notice weird things, I tested it out and turns out ankinator has a microphone that is recording your voice. I tested a character without saying a word, and it got it wrong then I said to my self “I’m going to pick ___” which was the exact same character, and ankinator got it right away. I tried this 3 more times and every time the same outcome appeared, so as much as I love this game, I deleted it because I did not want my voice being recorded, parents if your kids want to download this app, I’m not stopping you, but just take into consideration that this app is recording your children’s voice .

- Why do you have to pay for characters that are less common??

When I guess certain characters, it usually gets who they are, but when you give him a hard time or you give him an uncommon person, most of the time you have to pay for it and In my opinion is really greedy of the creators of this game... At first, they give a few options to choose from, like paying in “Gz”, watching an ad which lets you guess vip characters for half an hour, and then there is paying $1.99 for that one person. By the second time you go to do this, they raise the price of the “Gz”, for some reason you are not able to watch the ad anymore which really triggered me.... And that left me with the only option but to pay for just the dumb name and picture of the person!!! Akinator needs to be more considerate about their users and take that feature off.

- absolutely terrifying.

some people are getting mad because they didn’t guess one of the people/ animals they were thinking, but personally, you can’t expect animator to be perfect. in my case, he is creepy af. if you give him the right information, there’s a high chance he will guess it. he guess ryūko and mako from kill la kill, mika from owari no seraph, pico from boku no pico, and the one that surprised me most was he guess Shirotani-San from Ten Count. i was absolutely creeped out and shocked at the same time. Since Ten Count is a manga, i never expected him to guess it, but somehow he did. This app is amazing, i found really no problem with it and it’s really fun as well!

- Good but bad

So I was having a beach party then we went on my phone to play and ma e and my friends only got two awards so me and my friends were so frustrated so because we were so angry with the game we ran to the ocean so we could collect shell’s to calm us down after that we went back to playing the game this time we got a lot of rewards but 1our later it starts to get so hot the game glitches so it shuts off when it was ready to turn back on we lost all our game progress we all ran to the ocean screaming because we were so mad when we start again we got so much rewards that we we’re screaming because we were so happy

- Glitchy, frustrating, annoying.

Previous versions were much better. Too many ads and I don’t believe the pro version is even close to being worth $4. Hard to get platinums without cheating because Akinator will hardly ever guess who you’re truly thinking of, and when he does he’ll often retract any trophies gained for guessing them, for example I was thinking of Sleepy Dog and Donnie Dumphy and both platinums I got were taken back as they “weren’t real people” according to Akinator, despite him guessing both of them. I purchased the game for $1 a couple years back, but I certainly wouldn’t buy it in the state it is currently in. Not sure why I would want to pay MORE money for a WORSE product... either make the competitive part of the game better, or take it out as a whole and charge less for ads. Still could be a fun game if improved.

- Let this be a warning...

Okay this game has ALOT of issues. But imma start with the WORST one. I have been avoiding the momo like the plague because I haven’t seen the image of it yet. I was trying to make akinator quests “avatar” but when he guessed he guessed the MOMO. It’s all I have been able to think of for days! I can’t SLEEP because I saw it! The other main issue I have is how I awnser his questions. You have a few options witch are yes, no, probably, probably not, and don’t know. Well, half the time the awnser is “kinda” or “sometimes”. What if none of those answers the question? What if we can’t awnser the question because we can’t enter the correct word? Also, I just saw the momo on that app. If I saw THAT, then there is NO LIMIT to what I couldhave seen. Also there are some INNAPROPRIATE questions that he asks!! ALOT, actually!!IF you get this app (witch, just don’t, okay?) BE CAREFUL!!!!!

- Read this review before you read all of the one star reviews!

As far as the cash-grab goes, this game is very mild. You can pay a small one-time fee to remove ads. Very simple, very effective. And worth it. As far as the scoring goes, THE GOAL OF THE GAME IS NOT TO “BEAT” AKINATOR. You WANT Akinator to guess your character, but you want it to be obscure and difficult to guess. More specifically, you want to pick a character that has not been picked in over 6 months. That’s right, the goal isn’t to feel better about your knowledge because you picked a character Akinator doesn’t know, but to earn the Black award, the highest available right now.

- Please read this

Ok so, the app, in question is fun, maybe for an adult. Here are my reasons... When you first get the app it tells you that in order to play, you have to turn on your microphone, camera and location. What? Is this so that he can stalk you. I don’t know, it just kinda feels like something... or someone is watching you. Number 2, something very scary was shown. Something that I have a little bit of PTSD about. It’s a picture of a really scary woman named Momo. I’m not kidding. Momo scares me and it will scare you. Momo will give you nightmares. Number 3, very inappropriate. It asks things such as: “Is it have something to do with sex?” “Does your character work in the sex industry?” “Are they a porn actor?” I would not like to have my child introduced to this. (And yes, child mode was on.) Number 4, the genie accuses you of cheating. And I do not cheat! Not in any way, shape or form! Number 5: money scam. Once you get to a specific character he will make you pay 4 dollars! ( yes I know it’s $3.99. I was just rounding.) He will also make you pay for stupid VIP mode. Number 6: TO MANY GLITCHES. You can’t even get in the app sometimes. Number 7, TO MANY ADDS. Just a dumb, scary, scamming game. Don’t get. If you really care about yourself and your loved ones. Well, bye!

- Best. Answer. Ever.

I’ve had the app for a few weeks and decided to try something new. I answered the questions and am now crying from laughing so hard! I was answering questions to try and get “girlfriend”, but I got something even better. “Your lesbian lover.” WHAT?!😂 Not even girlfriend. Nope! Lover. Dang Akinator... who even came up with these answers? I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone call their girlfriend their “lesbian lover.” What I think made it better was that it said someone else got this answer 3 minutes ago. I was trying to be creative, but apparently I’m not.🙃 Anyways, I definitely recommend this game. It’s fun and hilarious. 5 stars! 👍

- Pretty good app, but it has a problem.

I love this app! Its really fun, and I like how it has different categories. I also like how I can customize the genie. But on almost every single character I try to get, it either takes an unholy amount of tries to get him to guess it, or every answer is a VIP, then I have to watch an ad. And sometimes it doesn’t even let me get out of the ad! It just sits there. I click all over the screen, but nothing happens. I end up having to close the app entirely, and then try to guess it again. It is SOOOOO a annoying! Its almost better to just use the website, which doesn’t have VIP characters. But otherwise, it’s a great app.

- Very inaccurate Daily Challenge trivia

Like another reviewer said... Daily Challenges are wildly inaccurate. Amy Winehouse is not a dead MALE British singer. Yesterday's challenge ("Top Five Donkeys") didn't include Eeyore, but did include Lampwick, Balaam's Donkey(?!), Baba Looey, and Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey(...) - even though Eeyore had more votes than the other four combined. Since Daily Challenges are one of the only reasons to play this game regularly, they really need to fix that. We also need to be able to fact-check the answers the genie gives, or report redundant entries. There are a *lot* of redundant entries, since the genie's list is user-generated. For instance, someone got a Black Aki award for guessing "Labron James - basketball player" which is obviously just a misspelling of LeBron James. Pretty sure someone else has guessed LeBron in the last six months...

- Clearly looking for money

The actual app itself is fun and I would be doing it, but there are several problems. The first is the overwhelming majority of "VIP characters." It doesn't even let me see 90% of my characters without paying, and now, instead of trying to challenge the Akinator, I am simply trying to think of a character that might have a chance of not being VIP. In this game, you get rewarded for choosing more obscure characters, but not too obscure because you get nothing if you can beat Akinator. Add on top of that that when you do qualify for a prize, you need to pay money to receive it anyway because it's a VIP character. This game needs to be more focused on being fun and less about conniving us into giving our money away for something that should be free.


OMG WHEN I SAW THIS I THOUGHT “ meh I’m sure I can beat it” BUT GUESS WHAT?? EVEEY SINGLE THING I THINK OF IS TRUE! I mean there was this one time when I was thinking Greenland shark but it couldn’t guess that type of shark but still soo close! Oh- but I know it’s just because you put lots of knowledge into this and it’s not actually reading a mind if anything it’s from all the questions and if anything a person would be able to read a mind and have magic more then a.. phone or well game but either way this is super addicting and it’s really fun wait? Same thing anyways this is really accurate and I love this going to play more and more each day!

- Repetitive and guesses too fast

A neat game but the questions are repetitive and it guesses with very little info, especially with more obscure or older characters. Frustrating when you only get a trophy for the first guess. Multiple times it guessed wrong, then guessed correctly with three more targeted questions on the second try. And finding the right answer on the list afterward just shows it’s not asking questions to narrow it down enough before guessing. Instead of asking twice in a row if a character is a YouTuber, how about asking once, retaining that info, and when I say no, ask about other occupations? Gets boring hitting the same sequence of yes, no, no, yes... get some newer questions. There’s no motivation to spend money if you get bored and irritated with a game because of monotony.

- When I press play always it occurred a error it never lets me oof

Maybe like I sended a message and it did not do nothing so I came back in 5 minutes and then agin u could not play so is this a game that is just your profile???? Thsi is really weird I could not play for days but I like this po the only way that I hate is how that I can not play oof 😕 but I have seen players playing this my brother does not believe that Akinator is reading your mind but I believe that he’s reading my mind now I think Ed in my mind and then I pressed play and then nothing happened maybe is this a glitch or just normal??? This is a error oof

- Soooo... yeah

So I m giving this a three because I was playing this with my 8 year old brother after a while it was fun I will admit that but when I got was bored of the game I let my brother use my phone to play while I m on my laptop 5 minutes later I hear my brother asking my parents “ what’s a porn Star? “ my parents were so shocked I was to I m like wait what! So then I realized he had seen the question from the game which asks “ is your character a porn Star? “ so I try explaining it to my parents it came up, but while explaining that my little brother was searching it up on my laptop. It was not good times but if you know what it means and your parents are good go for it if not don’t let young children see it

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- Great but...

Great app! I like how it enables you to add a child lock to the game so now inappropriate questions or characters appear. The game is fun and addictive and definitely recommended. I like how you also have my world where you can add characters that you know (eg. family, friends, self), add a picture, write their name and have the akinator get to know your character every time he guesses it. The my world characters are not shared publicly. Only, one problem. Adds. Way too many adds. After every guess he makes there will be an add, which makes the game quite annoying and time consuming. Also, a lot of characters you are thinking of, you never get to know if the akinator has guessed them because you’re not a v.i.p. To view most characters you have to either be a v.i.p, pay akinator money, (which doubles the price every time you use it), or watch an add. I am not paying real money to just view characters! My price to view characters has also gotten too high in akinator money and I am a bit sick of watching two adds after every guess he makes. Apart from adds and v.i.p memberships, the app is great and addictive. I definitely recommend it if you are a patient person. Also, there are mini games that come with teh akinator, (you get to dress him up( which costs akinator money), and have daily challenges, you also get rewards depending on how common your character is for people to guess). I hope this is helpful for the many people considering this app. Thank you.

- Great!

Amazing app, I'm often sitting there for ages trying to rack my brains in an attempt to outsmart him. Great game and one I can show my friends and family to stump and amaze them. Only problem is that it can sometimes be a bit buggy. It might get stuck loading on certain pages or it will be a bit slow passing from one page to the other. It's generally very updated although sometimes I'll find if I guess a relatively new character (a character that's come about within the last few months), he won't be able to guess it no matter how many times I try.

- Great! But there could be more...

This game is awesome and all, and very addictive too! It’s just thrilling to know if the Akinator knows your character or not, and the questions he asks you. But there is one thing, i am kinda sick of having Akinator give up and let you win after question 80 well, it is the point of the game, but is it possible if you can have a Infinite mode? Where the Akinator never give up and give you more questions than Question 80? It would be more challenging and thrilling to test out how smart the genie is. And what about searching for a character to see if he/she exists before starting the game? Can these features be added please? I would really like it!

- App meant to be fun but can be very condescending

This app is awesome don’t get me wrong. The fact that it can pick the most obscure characters you can think of really astounds me. There is 1 big issue though, the false predictions. This app has a ranking system which it seems to take very seriously. So seriously to the point where it gives you ‘false’ answers. This is a big issue when you want to play this socially, go through 30 or so questions and get Barrack Obama when really you were thinking of Marilyn Manson or something of the sort. I don’t think the developers of this game aim to embarrass its users but that’s exactly what happens. Even further to that, when the game does guess correctly and you say it was in fact your person but the game tells you that you’re cheating. The game then threatens to affect your rank for a false accusation. Very frustrating.

- Great but the tests are very annoying

The daily challenge today was bears so I tried paddington bear, but whenever it did it (answering the the questions correctly) it would tell me I was cheating by answering randomly, and when I clicked no it wasn’t my character it just gave me a new one but turns out that was a trap too to the point were I just said it was my character then it just gave me a warning for cheating. I would still recommend getting this game because it is really fun and usually works very well if you are looking to get this game then do it.

- Good!

I like this! It’s addictive and catchy in a way that you’ll definitely want to play-but not for long... The problem is how you’re suppose to outsmart Akinator- let’s say if there is a character that hasn’t been played in a while, you do that and Akinator can’t guess it-you don’t get a award, How is he suppose to remember something that hasn’t been played in like-10 months? And even when you confirm a character you don’t get a award... It’s nice and all but still-could use some improvement...

- Uh

Listen I love this app it's amazing but I just couldn't keep it because it felt like it knew where I lived. It wasn't the fact that it could guess most things, but the akinator traps freaking scare me. They keep popping up, of course I know it's not the person and press no but the traps keep freaking me out. They just make me feel like I am being watched because it's like they don't trust me and things that don't trust me, I can't trust. It's just a gut feeling, I'm sorry. Now Imma go to bed and have nightmares, Oof. It's not the game's fault I get them easily, and I figured out how but that's a conversation for later.


WOW just wow! How does he do that? Whoever plays the acinator is unstoppable and amazing I mean how do you do it. I've been playing for hours and just when I see me battery it's on RED!(because of how much I play this game ) but let me tell you I have actually bet this game! But still it's a cool game but I think if someone's thing of reaction time and you thinks of the answer cover your eyes cause the picture of him he puts up looks not good! But it's a fun game and I think everyone should download this game!😁😇😍😜😎😊🦄

- Great Job!

Akinnator is sooooo much fun! And it’s good if your looking for a game with child safety boundaries How do I describe this game? Well! ITS MIND BLOWING! How a Tecnolagy can tell you the exact Charecters your thinking of! The Akinator for me has thought of Ldshadowlady,SmallishBeans,TheOrionSound,LaurenSide,Cupquake AND SOOOOOO MUCH MORE!! (PS:It also guessed the yandere charecters) So Producers Of The Akinator Keep Up The work! Cause this game is Mindblowing (Like I said earlier) And If Your Reading this Comment I Hope You can enjoy the experience that I did! Have a Nice Day/Evening!! 👍😁

- Awesome!

Don’t get me wrong this app is literally amazing like HOW DOES IT ALWAYS KNOW WHAT CHARACTER IM THINKING OF??. (probably because I always do fnaf characters) As well as this app being SUUUUPER fun, it also makes me think hard which is good cos I always have to think hard TwT. And I like how there is a child lock so it doesn’t ask inappropriate questions in front of kids. My real question is what if there is something tracking you? Like maybe a killer (example: THE MAN BEHIND THE SLAUGHTER)

- Good app but

Stranger things is a massive part of my life and their IQ of it is very low. Don’t get me wrong, its a great app, and its also very addictive. I was just very disappointed when they said the Mind Flayer and showed a picture of the Shadow Monster. Im being picky but it’s disappointing. The rest of the characters they know and thats good. It also takes the Akinator a very short time to guess the characters.

- Loved it❤️

It’s absolutely an amazing thing to Have on ur phone- it’s just one of the best thing that u could ever have in ur phone. All of the answer are absolutely correct everything I have tried- I just wonder how doe she does that? And whoever create this is just such and amazing person. His brain is just one of the best brain in the whole entire world. This game and the person/team who created this shout get an award by Prime Minister. Just loved it❤️

- My opinion about this game🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🌪🌪🌪🌪🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️

I love this game it has to be one of my favourites and it’s soooooo cool when he guesses what ur thinking of and I love that it’s so funny when he can’t guess why ur thinking of reason is the add says “I’m allways right” but these sooooooooooooooo many adds and when ever well just say u have 50 seconds to play and a add pops up and it’s long I mean I under stand why they put adds and yeah that’s allll byeeeeeee

- Ok I guess.....

This game is insanely fun. I love how you can customise your genie and that you can get on a leaderboard. The genie is so smart I wonder if anybody could do it in real life🤔🤔🤔 The problem is child lock. If the game says 12+ that’s still children and that the inappropriate questions shouldn’t even be a thing. I don’t think this game would appropriate for even 12 year olds if the child lock wasn’t a thing. I think they should fix the issue I have stated so that this game can be 9+ and younger viewers can play safely

- All about akinator

Akinator is such a fun and awesome game it’s always getting the things that you think of ❤️❤️👳🏻‍♂️ and by the way that music is amazing who ever created akinator must have to be clever and I just realised that I can type back without signing in now I can send my good feedback on games that I play ever since I downloaded akinator I’ve bin upsest and have forgotten about all the other apps I have

- I love it

Honestly I wouldn’t add anything, I like how you can change the theme to animals and all that stuff and I just love the app. At first my family thought the app was listening to us because we would tell each other what character we were thinking of but then we didn’t tell each other and it got it right. Good programming!

- Stranger things

Although this app is Kool. I’m a little disappointed in its knowledge of stranger things. I got the mind flyer and it showed the picture of the shadow monster which are TWO DIFFERENT CREATURES. I would prefer you show a picture of the actually mind flyer which is also not the main creature in season three. The mind flyer has never been shown on screen before and if you search it up you can look at the fan arts of it. I’m disappointed of the laziness of their knowledge and they should know who the actual creature is. Please change the picture to the right thing. Apart from that its Kool

- Sounds boring but SUPER FUN!

I showed my BFF this game... now it's her favourite game she heard. It even does the most unknown and weird characters like Stevie t and LOL surprise dolls! You can also dress up Akinator in cool clothes. It sounds boring that it just asks you questions but it's super fun & cool that it doesn't know what character you're thinking about but it guesses it because of what you answer (if that makes sense)

- Good at First

It is a great game, but the more you use it, the worse it is. It tells you a character is VIP and makes you pay for them. As you play, more And more characters become VIP until it’s practically impossible to find a character you can access. It’s a good concept, just annoying at how often they try to make you buy VIP.

- Best app for while we are in quarantine!

This app is incredible and is so good at telling what you’re thinking about. I just got this app so during the coronavirus pandemic because I thought it would be fun! And it is! But there is one thing, Akinator, who I’m specifically talking to, maybe Akinator could try and have no adverts for free? Thanks - Corey (A 10 year old boy)

- Uh someone please read

The Akinator is getting very..stupid. I redownloaded the game and so much as changed. Played for a little bit and it didn’t even guess any of the things I had in mind. Idk if you made the program less creepy or not but seriously.. it became so bad. Smh what happened to the old Akinator. The Akinator now is so dang dumb, literally could not guess ANY of the things in mind, smh. I literally had Batman in mind and the answer it gave me was a furry, a furry YouTuber. Tf.

- Can Akinator hear you?

I was playing the game but before I started I said who I was doing to myself so I went through the questions and got someone else so I clicked on it anyway and it said I was lying and he would keep an eye on me so I said who I was gonna do again for me experimentation and I got it wrong again so I said that was the one I got and it said I was lying again I’m scared now I’ve deleted akinator and I don’t plan on getting it back anytime soon I’ll be waiting for a response from the developers for an explanation I don’t recommend this to anyone

- Cool app but wont let me in

I love Akinator I have always liked it I got it about a year ago but all of a sudden it’s not letting me in the app it said a technical difficulty has occurred press ok to try again I press it and it said the same thing I’ve swiped out the app but nothing I’ve got good stats I really don’t want to delete the app... please fix this mistake in an update or something over all its a pretty good app though... PS I’m on iPad Pro 1st generation

- are u jokin

aight so this game i liked but SERIOUSLY? those false accusations are ridiculous. i actually was thinking of one of the characters and when it guessed it right i said yes but it was like “nah sis, not today” LIKE WHAT? i chose that character, why are you saying i didnt? yall dont have access to my mind, yall dont know what i was thinking so therefor yall should delete that stupid function thing. it’s frustrating. i will be uninstalling this game. i am not playing something so ridiculous. as ari would say: thank u, next! BYE 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 yall r clowns istg. if i could id 100% rate it 0 stars.

- Great game but needs a dispute button

I had points removed because the game didn’t believe Psycrow was a character, he’s from Earthworm Jim, look him up. Also the game believed I was cheating because I clicked yes on the genie’s answer of Nog which was my correct answer. Add a dispute button and it will make things much better, other than that it’s a good idea for a game.

- Akinator

I got akinator because I saw you tubers try it out. When you go onto the app it will ask you if you want child mode on,and I Know about all the talking Angela app but this doesn’t do anything creepy all it dose is sometimes it won’t show you the picture but you can change that in settings. I think the app is safe.

- Akinator’s issue

Akinator is a great game where he tries to guess your character but if you have the child lock on he can’t guess some characters including himself and other child friendly characters but other than that it’s a really good game and also if you have lots of ads just press X then it will go away!

- Akinator

I’m gonna say the truth, I like this app but not as much as others. It is fun to see his appearances change as you say no or yes. I was recommended this game by a friend after playing it on her iPad and it was fun! But I get annoyed by the ads every like 10 guesses and those ads are soo long! Overall I recommend to those with patience. Someone

- Love the app!

This app is pretty challenging, but I have outsmarted him only two times!!! I would give this 5 stars if the app actually SAVES some of the Aki awards you get! I sometimes get black and platinum Aki awards and they don't even save!!! This happens once in a while and I hope you people actually try and fix this, thanks

- Turning into a Cash grab and doesn’t listen to responses

This game used to be a definite 10 out of 10 but now you get “Premium Characters” that are no different to others and give you the choice to pay 6 dollars or watch an add. It also asks questions that I already answered over and over and won’t even tell me who it was in the end. “Is your character Australian?” “Yes” “Is your character from Britain” It will also ask something you’ve clearly stated you’re not sure about. “Is your character over 18?” “I don’t know” “Is your character 17 or younger?” Also sometimes it won’t let me press any buttons. Other wise good. BUT PLEASE STOP GIVING ME ADDS!!!! IM NOT GOING TO BUY THE “WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE IN THE FUTURE” GAME!!!!!!

- Akinator

Awesome app! One of my favourites. You can spend hours thinking about it, while not even on it! The only problem I have is it asks the same question multiple times, either the exact same or in a different way

- Amazing!

This app is so much fun and it actually reads your mind it’s crazy man like this is my most used app now so guys you should actually download this fun app! Also you can change it to child mode which I found good so my other younger siblings can play and my friends! DOWN LOAD THIS APP!

- Great Game!

This game is a very fun game to play. It can read your mind of what you are thinking if you answer correctly. I love how it doesn’t ask you any inappropriate questions. This game should be one of the best rated games in this world! I recommend you playing this game.

- Amazing app

This app is great, and honestly, I can’t find fault with it. V.I.P is NOT a scam. Paying 5 dollars for this is perfectly reasonable considering how advanced this is, being able to guess thousands of characters. P.S: Devs, just cause I said VIP was worth it doesn’t mean you should make it more expensive

- VIP Character - every single time?

I seem to have a knack for finding all the VIP characters... The app was really fun at first but now it’s just annoying that every single time I think of a character, at the big reveal I am asked to pay money. The video and pay geniz option is greyed out for me too. I can’t figure out how to change that, but for some reason my husband can use the feature on his phone, but I can’t????

- It is good but.....

I don’t know it gives me the chills,it knowing everything I can think..... AND it is also it annoying to have to get vip TO SEE the characters..... it also get boring after a while... there are way too many adds But others than that it’s AWSOME! Download it!

- Amazingly weirdly creepy

I’ve had this for so long, and everytime I use I’m like...... is dis guy stalking me or wat. Like I tried tOdoroki. He asked like.... is he a boy? Yesh. Is he real? Ne. Does he have superpowers? Yesh. Is he in anime? Yeeeshh. Is he part of My Hero Academia? Yyyesh? Has he nedged shoulders with a vampire? Weird question 😂 but no. Has he been burned? Yesh. Is it Todoroki? WAIIIITT YYEESSHH! LIKE HOW’D U EVEN JUMP STRAIGHT TO MHA? WAT?! WAAAAT?

- What I think

I love this app so so much I play it's all the time I need to play it before I go to school before I eat and before I go to bed how amazingly awesome is this app I really am the really serious I need to know how the hell do you guess what we're thinking amazing job👌🏻

- Yes just yes

So I downloaded Akinator yesterday and I been playing akinator since I was 6 and I guessed The Eddsworld characters and I KNOW THEIR LAST NAMES!Oh and btw he just read my mind everyone should download this it’s a great game for any one theres a lot of traps!im not a bot but everyone should download this.

- Good but

I love this game a lot it’s so much fun to try and trick the Akinator I do recommend this game but there is some inappropriate questions he asks but they do have a child lock it just a child might think something is not inappropriate but Akinator does some when a child guess something the Akinator says this is not appropriate blah blah blah

- It’s so good but...

There is way too many ads but what I really want to do is play it at 3 am when my cousins are here and my cousin Louisa would probably freak out and so would my brother but my other cousin, Barney would probably play it with me! And it can actually read my mind!


I guarantee you. This app works 100% I think this is my new favourite app on my device. Also if you have a google home you can play it on there as well. Just say to your google home “I want to talk to Akinator”. 5 stars love it 😍. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

- Great but one thing I don’t like

One thing the guy is you know he calls people black and white and I’m like ahhhh he is rude but besides that I think the game is good when I started playing I said “Not too shabby” that’s mean pretty good anyways I’mma go get a cup of Joe

- Great!

Its amazing how u can Try guess Your character and it get it perfectly! and you design Your own Akinator! I love the details and the awnser you can choose too, and about how he feels Depending on how he doesn't know! its quite funny

- Really fun when you have nothing to do

Last night I couldn’t go to sleep and was really bored, so I played Akinator allllllllllllll night! There’s no lags or glitches and it has child safety which is amazing.

- Amazing

I think this app is absolutely amazing!! My whole family loves to play it and he is so clever! Can you tell me how it knows everything! I am trying to buy the VIP thing but it doesn’t work?!

- SO GOOD! But....

Omg i can’t believe this game is so cool! I ligit got it went on it and it guesses it straight up! You guys are amazing! This app is amazing! Good job and wow! 🤩 but the thing is when I downloaded it there were two of them! And I can’t delete the other one! Like epic glitch please fix this!!! ☹️

- Honestly Quite Stupid

More often than not, I will get a screen saying I “found a VIP character”. This is a horrible feature. I will not pay money just for an AI to show me what character I’ve supposedly guessed. Once you hit the “VIP characters”, you get sent back to the start if you are not a VIP and don’t sign up. I understand that money has to be made but this is an extremely frustrating way to do it.

- A fan

It’s a great app :) Definitely recommend for a but of fun. Even if it guesses wrong, it tries to guess again or ask you to enter the name if it’s unknown to the app. The performance and graphics are great as well!!!

- To easy

Soooo... akinator... I found out your secret... nice hacking into my mic when I didn’t say who it was you couldn’t figure it out... when I did say it you always got it... but other than that love it

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Good game but too many ads😡

- Lol

Good game but when I did someone from Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn it said 'Nicky Ricky DUCKY and Dawn' XD u should fix that

- Who cares bout' ads?😬

All the other reviews complain about the ads! Who cares about em tho?! I think this app is cool it can guess any character that nobody's ever heard of!

- Freaky

This app is freaky! It can guess any sort of character, musician, etc. from the 1940's to today, from anything...it's so weird but I love it!!!

- Fun

Great way to pass the time and test your own knowledge of various characters. As well as testing the ‘bot’ to see if they truly do know.

- Ads

This app is more ads then app

- Awesome

It doesn’t find all the one I was thinking of, but surely most of them. It’s pretty impressive, even counting the few fail

- Garbage

This game is garbage, you either have to pick people he will obviously get, or you have to pay 5.99. Jeez were the ads not enough. If you’re gonna make a game free, actually make it playable instead of being watered down until you pay up.

- Good game

Good game to mess around with when bored

- It’s not bad

But the way it knows everything is scary be careful because it’s gonna know all your info soon enough...

- Way too many ads & mislabels people

Far too many ads and literally associated Hitler with Anarchism. Wish I was kidding.

- Dreadful....

The game ask about pedophile. What the hell....

- Momo

Gave me momo to everything and got scared so I deleted

- Great game

Best game ever

- Game forces you to BUY VIP version to win

My character was a manga artist and Akinator thinks he guessed who, but get this, he wants to charge you 6 bucks to find out!! Baha! Are you kidding me?? You can't win the game if you don't shell out $6? Are guys serious right now?? Man, I remember when this was a great free2play game where you could outsmart the genie and add your character to the database. But now, if you don't pick the most obvious person/character, you have to get your wallet out if you wanna win. AND the browser version doesn't let you win either. This is even worse than ad spam. Sad. Don't bother getting this desperate cash grab of a game. Pathetic!

- Bad game

It asked me if my character was a porn actor

- Yop

Trop trop cooool!

- Sa


- Not bad

It has good gameplay but could use some adjustments such as every time I play either Akinator only gets it right or can’t get it because it’s a “V.I.P character” along with some other things but otherwise it’s a pretty good app.

- This game is awesome

I love answering questions

- Ads are aids

Half the time it paywalls you just to see what he even guessed, and even if you give him the coins you get hit with an ad immediately after 100% of the time.

- Akinator

Amazing. Such fun!! Unbelievable

- Wouldn’t really recommend

I wouldn’t really recommend this to people younger then 13/14 because my 8 year daughter was playing this and the answer she got was very inappropriate. So if you are younger then let’s say 13/14 I wouldn’t really recommend this game to you, but if your older then 13/14 then go for it, get the game!

- Too many ads, nonsensical point system

A metric ton of ads, but on top of that asks that you pay in order to unlock Akinator's ability to guess "VIP" characters. The introduction of points for guessing obscure characters was interesting, with more obscure characters worth more, however it is ridiculous that you must pay at all to have the genie guess those obscure characters. What was once a neat website to pass some time on is now a shameless, heartless cash-grab. Had a lot of fun memories of messing around late nights at sleepovers as a kid trying to fool it, it's unfortunate that no more fond memories will come of it.

- Annoying

after 5 tries there was a VIP thing popping up and it was not fun

- Actual theft, not exagerating.

I paid for the ad free version a long time ago. They have since removed that option and put the ads back, with sometimes MULTIPLE timed ads after a single play. What did I pay for then?

- This sucks 😠

When ever I actually come up with a good character that may get me a better award than the “standard” award it says “you have found a VIP character, to get this character and the award please BUY the VIP game..

- My issues with the game

I’m sure the game is fun but as of now it’s not allowing me to play it, and if it does I get through 2 questions before I’m sent back to the menus.

- Pay for dumb stuff

It try’s to make you pay to know some of the Akinators guesses and you have to watch an ad after ever guess

- Pay to see results

Used once said my character was a VIP and needed to pay to see who it is I don’t know if it even works

- Useless - can’t access most basic characters!

The app is useless. You have to pay to unlock characters for it to ‘guess’ at. The website version is better in that aspect, though both are inaccurate and unstable.

- VIP characters all the time

Pretty much useless because most of the characters to which I thought were VIP so I never got the results

- "Free"

Would be a cool app if ANY slightly obscure answer was not locked behind a pay wall.

- Meilleur jeu

C'est tellement le meilleur jeu au monde

- Amazing

The game literally reads your mind

- He’s to good

He really good I mean he got all of mine right I love the game but it could use a little bit of an update but overall I love the game😁

- Bad app

All I want is it to guess a YouTuber but the new version doesn’t allow it to guess celebrities and real life so it’s now you can only have it guess characters and non actual people it’s really annoying

- Rejected awards

I’m getting rejected awards for no reason

- Fun

Fun :)M

- Newest update crashes game

I can’t even get through one game it crashes on the 2nd or 3rd question.

- UwU

How do you pronounce the name

- Bad

Too many death possibilities

- Mistakes

I think this game is great it’s just he gets everything right! And it’s going to be very hard to try and get him to make a.mistake.because I tried Totoro ponyo and an arctic fox and he got them all right!

- Poof

i can actually read my mind poof


Everyone talking about the adds don’t seem to understand that if there was no add the game would cost money the game is super fun and interesting keep up the good work

- Epic dude

Really fun this app is really cool and freaky

- Cool

Cool app but sometimes does not guess correctly

- Akinator

This is a very fun app to play

- I love this app

I love this app it is very cool and fun I just love it so much🤑😘

- Wow

Wow it so smart it gets I right every time

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- Please Fix This!!

I was shown this app years ago and I wasn’t really interested. But the other day I was bored so I decided to give it a try. I went with Nate Fluerstein (NF) and the genie was right! From then on I’ve been hooked. Just one thing that annoys me is that I have the opportunities to get the top 3 awards all the time. I don’t have premium though. So, I watch the videos to see if he was right and he was. But it told me I missed out on whatever one I got because Akinator didn’t guess correct the first time. It’s really annoying and I hope I can get a response or some feed back. Thanks for making this awesome app that if possible I’ll be showing my kids one day!

- Love it but needs work

I love the game because it keeps you so entertained. However the ad time which means ad from ad is annoying. I can’t go 5 minutes without seeing an ad. Plus I feel like Alkinator knows my every move. Like thinking of something and then pressing random buttons and he STILL gets it correct that creeps me out big time but the game has good qualitys too. But if u turn on child proof half the answers are blocked and that’s what I think is annoying, the game saying, *Imitaiting in cute voice* “Oh you turned on child proof so this is inipropiate. Sorry! Tee-hee-hee” ............................................WHAT!?! But other then that, Alkinator is amazing!🤩

- A really fun game you should download

Akinator is fun so you should download it because it can ready your mind! I downloading it for many reasons because it is really entertaining and kid can play it! Akinator has a child lock so it doesn’t say inappropriate things. I have child lock on because I am a kid. So I would recommend if you are a kid you should probably put it on child lock so it is not inappropriate stuff. Thank you akinator for being a think and such an awesome game and thank you guys for reading this! Also this is my first time readying this and thank you pence again akinator and the people readying this! Good bye!❤️

- Fantastic! But...

Look, this game will give you something to do for a very long time. I have been playing this game for years on my computer, and when I found out that it was on the App Store I quickly downloaded it. My family and I have so much fun playing it. But I think that there is one thing that could make this app better. That thing is a "sometimes" button. I can't tell you how many times I have been faced with a question and I was thinking to myself "I wish there was I sometimes button." But, other than that this game is amazing and you should definitely get it.

- Great game! Must play!

This game is amazing! I first saw it on you tube and thought that it costed a lot because really cool games cost more. But this game is not like that! It is completely free! One thing I love about this app is that it keeps up with the times. Like when fortnite became popular, every time he would ask you if your character is from a video game, and you answered yes, he would immediately ask if it was from fortnite because that is what most people would think of. And it did that when undertaker was a big thing too! This gam does have adds but it is totally worth it. What an amazing app!😀

- Too funny I can’t stand it

So like I love games with like questions and it’s like so fun and it’s the best game ever it’s just the best game ever and it’s just the best game ever and it’s just that the best game ever I can’t stand it it’s just a really good game you should download it and I love it so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much Akinator just sometimes guesses it but sometimes he does it so it makes me really happy when I win and when she gets it I sometimes get happy but I sometimes get a little sad but it’s fine to me you should totally download it though so fun you would love this game so so so freaking much

- More Fixes Needed

So I read through many reviews and it looks like there have been some fixes to the complaints mentioned. I noticed you can choose to watch an ad to reveal the vip character rather than having to pay to reveal. There were some other problems people brought up that I can also relate to. However, as much as I was enjoying this game, there are 2 reasons I am giving it a 1 star review, because it kills the appeal for me. I like the trophy system because it invites you to think of the most obscure characters and you want the genie to figure them out. What kills it for me is that if the genie did not make the correct guess on the first attempt you don’t get the trophy. You cannot play through it again to get it as the first attempt. It remembers and you still can’t get the trophy, and because of that I missed out on a bronze. **Now the bigger problem I had was I was playing through (my character was Minccino) and he got it on the first attempt. Though instead of being rewarded the silver trophy, it told me it had to be the first attempt. IT WAS THE FIRST ATTEMPT. And now I can’t get that silver!!! Why am I gonna keep playing if I’m not going to be properly rewarded? 1 Star.

- Bruh

Look I enjoy this little app, it helps pass the time when I’m bored, but who’s bright idea was it to add “your oc” as an option? He gives your answer after asking like 20 questions, most of which are repeats of the same question. If you want the higher awards you have to just constantly keep trying to guess the same thing until you get lucky and he asks you a question that goes down the chain of questions you need, and that doesn’t include wen you go down the right path just to get knocked off into another path. And really, “your oc”? Who legitimately wants to guess their own OC? I can guarantee that I don’t need an Akinator to guess my own original character. So why is it in the game?

- Akinator knows everything!!!

My kids have the magic Jinn a toy that guesses animals and I've played with it with my kids and it knows barely anything but then I got this app for me and my kids and it is great it knows everything and what it doesn't know you can add on there it doesn't crash in the middle of the game like every other games I have which is a big improvement my four-year-old and seven-year-old enjoy this game a lot and so do I and I am 36 and when they're a little older I can put on the child lock safety key so over all this game is really fun and entertaining five stars

- Idiotic questions

Ok so I chose Colleen balinger as my person and you know what it asked me...... it asked ... is your character named Colleen like yes my character is named Colleen that can’t be one of the clues because I would literally have to give u her name and that’s what ur trying to guess!! ..... so there’s this other thing I chose Donald trump and u know who they guessed I chose?!?! They said “did u choose Ronald rump?” Like seriously way to disrespect our president! Also the first story I told u happens constantly it’s starting to make me mad like when I first added this app it never did that and it was awesome! So if u want this app just download it for a day and delete it so overall it’s a fun app but whatever idiot made up the questions is an idiot

- Meets my Expectations 😁

When I heard of Akinator, I was so hyped and ready to get the game so I can play myself; and the game definitely met my expectations. In the game, it is almost as if the Akinator can LITERALLY read your mind. I could choose some random, unheard of character from some 70s television show that nobody cares about, it doesn’t matter, he will still not fail. Now, I digress, he does fail to guess your character every so often, (he isn’t an ACTUAL genie), but he is pretty close to perfect 90% of the time. I really love this game and I hope you can have a good time playing it too. 👍🏻👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻

- Heartless cash-grab

I’m extremely disappointed and depressed that the once great akinator has been reduced to a cheap obnoxious heartless mobile game hellbent on trying to squeeze any money it can out of its popularity, even undermining the original website just to force people to either download the app or give up on the nostalgia and fun that made the original concept so enjoyable. Using the app is a needless chore and everything on it is cliché and cringey, on top of that it’s so cluttered and littered with cash-grab click-me’s that any enjoyment is quickly lost On top of that the program that is akinator has been brutalized and chopped up leaving it a husk of its former self, constantly repeating questions and seemingly failing to actually take in and retain any information, like the ai got scrapped for the basic programming of a dime-a-dozen horoscope quiz

- Amazing App/Software!👍

My friend first told me about Akinator and I used to use the website, but I eventually got the app to see if it was any better. Personally, I don’t like the tiles when you choose “yes, no, don’t know, Etc.” If they could make them maybe “stacked up” like the website (I like the websites looks a little bit better) it would look bette. And it also feels like it is slower than the website, now maybe that’s just because through the website, it a more “direct” connection to their servers, but I don’t know. It’s fun to try to have it guess your character, and since it’s free (with some ads) it’s pretty good!👍

- Really great game but could use some improvements

Soooo i’ve had this Game for quite a while and it’s really fun but it could use some changes such as.... Adding one more category I think that it would be a real help if you would add a music category where Akinator can try and guess songs. You should also add a thing where when you have child mode on you can still guess some YouTubers or something just only if they’re kid friendly. And instead of having to swipe down when you get a ad it would help a lot more people if you just put the standard x. Thank you 😊 I suggest you play this game!!!!

- It becomes a complete cash grab

After a while the game just starts to make every character guess a "VIP character" that you need to pay money, in game currency or watch an ad to guess. If it's not the right guess you can continue asking but guess what, once again it's another VIP character and then to add insult to injury, it's the wrong character once again. So say you continue again, are you going to keep watching ads or dish out cash? All for a stupid guess. The game is fun when it's straightforward and the ads after Akinator is done correctly guessing is okay but not when they're always trying to get you to pay money or watch an ad when you're just focused on trying to make him guess correctly. It ruins the entire fun. The game is not fun to play after the first few tries.

- I like it

It is a good game because if you don’t want your child to play it just put it in child mode and nothing that is not child friendly will pop up and there is adds every time he guesses it right but out of that I do recommend to children in child mode and adults can do it to in child mode or In child mode I just recommend it for people or children older than twelve it is not a bad game but not a good one ether Ps. Sometimes in would not guess your character no matter how popular or how many views and if you don’t now your character super good the akinator will not guess it repeat after my HE WILL NOT GUESS IT

- Fun but also very very annoying

It’s a really fun and creative game but the downside is when he does guess my character he’ll keep saying its a VIP character and I have to watch an add every time just to find out that he got it incorrect oh but no it keeps going. Ok cool he got on the second turn oh wait it’s a vip character time to watch another 2 minute ad you’ll have to keep doing this until he gets it correct. I mean after he fails to get it correct you have the choice to give up and tell him your character but what’s the fun in that the whole point of this game is for him to guess and when you start a new round or the previous round ends guess what another two minute ad please just hold back on the adds please

- A fun and addictive game.

This game is great for passing time or being amazed when it reads your mind. The questions are usually pretty good although it sometimes repeats the same or similar questions. If your character is super famous it will usually get it quickly. If your character is not famous it might take 2 or 3 guesses. Sometimes it won’t get it all, but the good part is you can add a character to the database and even add questions for your character. The game is always looking for feedback and improvements. So be sure to let them know. Overall very fun and addictive. I recommend for you to play it.

- Good

At first it is very addictive but fun. I did get sick of it after a while but still think it’s a good app. Honestly the adds aren’t even that bad, and there no worse then any other game in my opinion. I also just tend to click off the app and then reopen it whenever an add does pop up and that only takes like 1second to do. I do recommend this because it is exciting to answer questions and see if the alinator will actually guess your person/character. It’s pretty accurate too. It could although be updated more often since people’s lives do change often

- How Does it Guess the Character?

Alkinator is a fun game to play with friends, however there is a major problem. For example, when I was playing in the car with my family, Alkinator couldn’t guess the character, and then we said our character’s name out loud, and it guessed it immediately after two unrelated questions to the character. Based on that experience, we played it a couple of more times, and we got to the conclusion that Alkinator was listening. If this is true, I’m disappointed with the concept and disgusted that the creators would make a game that relays on listening to the people playing, not actually skillfully guessing.

- Ads and payment ruins it

I get that companies need revenue, but the extent that this app goes to just ruins the experience. If you try to make the Akinator guess a character that is in any way minor, it says it’s a secret character that you have to unlock by paying $1.99. That just ruins the point of the app. Not only that, but an ad plays after every round you play. This is very disappointing compared to the last time I played when you could have the akinator guess any character and there wasn’t so many ads. $1.99 isn’t all that much to pay, but it just frustrates me that the app is under the guise of being free. If you want any sort of enjoyment out of this app, you have to pay for it. Might as well just make people pay for the app to begin with. Very annoying.

- App crashes a lot and doesn't reward you properly, but a good app otherwise.

This app is a lot of fun, however I have 2 complaints: 1. The app crashes like every minute, and it ruins the experience for me. 2. The app has a rewards system that encourages you to pick obscure and forgotten characters, but you don't get rewarded if the genie doesn't guess it the first time. If the character is so obscure that he doesn't guess it the first time, but rather the second or third time, you should be rewarded for that. I spent roughly 2 hours trying to get a black Aki award and he almost never asked the right questions. But other than those 2 flaws I think it's a great app!


This app was fun until I saw some very inappropriate questions. I don’t want to tell you about them just because some people get very uncomfortable talking about them including me if you want to see them look at the other comments. This game is fun if you’re careful. But if you are sensitive to some inappropriate thing I wouldn’t risk it. Another bad thing about this app is it asks for your location thingy which is very weird and suspicious because you wouldn’t think they’d need a location. This app makes me very worried. So when I finish this review I’m most likely to delete it. So I found out that this app actually listens to you and has camera so it watches you which is really creepy, and it asks for your location like is it stalking you? This game is messed up do not get this app it will give you nightmares and your always being watched. One more problem with this app is way too many ads I’d say there’s an ad every couple minutes so that gets really annoying. I would not recommend this app for kids or sensitive people. I hope you are having a fantastic day, for your safety do not get this app.

- Cool but easy and many issues

This game is a very awesome one, from the concept to the way it works is great. I also really like the addition of rewards for guessing characters (though it sorta ruins the purpose of the game), that you can submit new characters, and even a system to prevent people from cheating. But there are so many issues with this game that sometimes i’d rather use the PC version. Such as screens appearing in random languages, to systems not working properly, constant ads, VIP characters, and the fact that for me, it instantly crashes when I open it. The game is also very easy to exploit and get constant platinum and black rewards. It’s very easy and broken. 3/5

- It runed my device...

The reason i delteted this game was because it had to many adds every time i have to watch a add to see if he got my charecter right and then after i watch it i see that its wrong and it kinda gets annoying so after i deleted it NONE of my other apps would work i tryed every single app mire the twice and it keeps kicking me out so i can’t use any other of my apps and this was the first time it happend and it was right after i deleted this game also when i did have it it was like it controled my device and its still like then even after i deleted it and most of the questions are very inipropret even with thing on after getting this app i think my device is ruind but i should never give up also if you get this app (JUST DON’T) BE CAREFUL

- Good game but also creepy...

This game is kind of good but how it knows what you’re thinking is kind of creeping me out so good game is kind of awesome but also kind of creepy like I said but is he watching us this game can be used for different stuff I feel like this is not good it could be tracking our locations he could be doing all the creepy stuff that trackers and find us can do to you it’s very very creepy I don’t recommend getting this game but you can get it if you want it’s kind of creepy I don’t recommend getting it again you can get it if you want if you want to be stuck that’s OK

- It’s great! But..... minor issue

So I had to stop for a little while I loved it but I decided oh I don’t really use as much I’m going to delete it, it’s a little bit later which is now I tried to download it again and it is a cloud in the download again thing and I press it and then it just goes back to the cloud I’ve been trying this and I’ve been deleting all my apps so I can maybe get some more storage maybe I thought that might be the problem that I didn’t have enough storage but I’ve been trying it and it just hasn’t been working please fix this 🥺

- So great

This is the best game ever I think they should make it easier to use but I love it it’s the best game ever I have been on it for a 14 straight hours no brakes new bathroom breaks no eating I love it it’s so awesome and even though some people don’t play I would I would tell all my friends to play it and even though people say it’s terrible I love it so much and I want to get to the point and is such a great game but it does ask you some questions if you don’t put the kid like thing on and I will say that they do give you some inappropriate words like boob vagina p***s

- reads my mind!

I like this , but... here’s my problem I was trying to make akinator guess the Daniel Craig stormtrooper but it said stormtrooper the first try so I said no then I answered the questions and continued and I try hard for it to guess it but it just didn’t say it. When it finally guessed it, it said you do not get the platinum Aki-Award. So I tried SO many times but it says stormtrooper always on the 1st try! =( I put the child safety mode on and then I see innapropriate ads AND when akinator guesses my character and I click no and then I clicked don’t continue, it showed me an innapropriate character.


This game is so fun until you get HIT with a validity. I was playing and enjoying myself, when I get hit with this first warning. Not know how to process the info, I play again, and it guesses the character I was thinking of. I click yes, and I get my entire rank knocked down over a thousand levels. I was at 65 and now I’m at 2178. It’s ridiculous and when I do pass the validity test, it only lasts for one extra turn, until it does the same thing again. This literally made me stop playing this game. I’m not sure if obtaining a black award has anything to do with it, but it is something that literally made me stop playing. If this issue keeps happening, than I don’t recommend this game to anyone.

- BS actually was having fun until...

The ads are annoying but that’s not the point. I stayed up really late because I kept getting a lot of points for thinking of characters that haven’t been used for days/months and then I came to one where apparently it validates you or something which I rlly don’t get the point of it and gives u a fake guess. I literally made it very obvious with my character and there are is like two characters that look similar but one had more of a role in the series and i clicked yes and it erased all my hard work and points (was one of the top 10) j because of some stupid mishap. Like I get it if you took a couple points but getting rid of all of them is a bit much. Already uninstalled it not worth ur time. What a waste.

- I love this!

I understand where the others who left reviews are coming from, but personally I don’t have a single gripe about this. My daughter and I have had a lot of fun trying to stump Akinator and we haven’t been able to do so once! The closest it has come to guessing wrong was an incorrect (though extremely close!) first guess, that required only two additional questions to nail down the answer! A lot of fun, an excellent time waster and has kept us both laughing for hours on end! Keep up the good work!

- Awesome but flaws

I overall love this game its addictive and fun. But just like all of us it has its flaws. I play on the apple IPad and it works just fine until it has to load. To me the loading takes absolutely forever. Ok the game is.. good? But my cousins can’t seem to find the button to start.. so that makes it hard for them and me to play. Next is that almost every time he is going to answer, this RaNdOm ad appears. Five seconds into the ad you can skip the ad. And overall I would totally recommend this Game/App. I hope this is helpful for you and your siblings!

- Good app, few suggestions though.

I like it. It’s fun to put in characters and have the app guess it. I do have a few suggestions though. In the old version, when the akinator guessed wrong it would say “you beat me this time”! I liked that bra cause half of the time, I was trying to make the akinator guess wrong. I also just randomly pressed buttons to see what it said. Now it won’t give you a metal if you make it guess again. I don’t really like how it goes back in to guessing when it’s final answer is wrong. Sorry for the long review, but otherwise great app!


I downloaded this game ready to play but I like being safe so I read the reviews and half of them are bad 1 star so I read the all it took me hours but I thought they where crazy so play and I talked out loud about hot this might be creepy of inappropriate and it heard me and didn’t ask a question he said I hear you it scared me so much I deleted it I’m steal scared about that also my sis downloaded it I warned her but instead she play and I heard her to and asked an inappropriate question it said how you seen them naked she said eww and deleted it dont down load BELIVE ME IT CAN HEAR YOU SAYS INAPPROPRIATE STUFF TO ITS BAD it really creepy and bad for ages under 17 it shouldn’t be on App Store anymore be aware of this game I would give one star if I can just be aware and don’t download this

- Needs major work

Okay so first of all, it’s very irritating when you the player gets punished/not awarded when the Akinator can’t get it on the first try. Like, that should be awarded as you beat the akinator! Also, what’s with all these “traps”? They’re intended to make sure the player isn’t cheating by just randomly picking stuff and accepting the result to get points. Now while I understand this, I’ve seen some people get knocked points even though they were playing it legitimately and going for a specific character that they simply may have had limited knowledge of. It needs major work and it’s quite irritating.

- Eh idk

So when I was going on the game I was having fun until he couldn’t guess anything and I made it super obvious so I did pineapple it asked me if it was a girl or boy I said idk so then it asked me of it was related to SpongeBob I said yes it asked me if it was yellow I said yes and asked me if it was green I also said yes my answer finally came out and it said Thanos and I was like WHAT DOES A PINEAPPLE LOOK LIKE THANOS TO YOU I got really mad So then I kept on doing pineapple and finally it said pineapple but it came out as a celebrity named pineapple 🍍 so yeah The ads are also very annoying but other then that it’s a great game! Thank you for reading byeeeeee

- A couple problems

Akinator is a good game and all, but one time I guessed a character that had a great chance of being a super award because most people I knew didn’t even know they existed! Akinator said that it trapped me and that I didn’t really guess them and it really annoyed me. It was even worse that my brother got a gold award an hour later with the SAME character! Akinator can make very annoying mistakes. Another thing is that there are some very inappropriate questions. Seriously, Elokence, a large proportion of kids play this game. Don’t say I can’t know that, because I am a 9 year old kid. If they see questions like that, it will really upset them. One final issue is that you ignore negative reviews. Out of all the reviews I’ve read, a very low number of them actually got fixed! If you don’t pull yourself together, I will spread the word that Akinator is not worth downloading. And even though it is free, it still takes up space on your device. Frankly, that’s the mindset I’m in right now.

- Uncomfortable...

I played this game a long time ago and deleted it because it made me uncomfortable. I got it again to give it another chance it still makes me uncomfortable when the Akinator knows it's you he starts to ask questions like "is your character an adult?" "Is your character younger than 18?" "Does your character go to school?" That's what makes me extremely uncomfortable other than that if you want it to guess characters and not family members then I highly recommend this game although I keep defeating him I don't get any medals so I never feel accomplished for anything I'm just to hard for him oh well that's all!

- Please Fix the Problems!

My friend showed me this game about 3-4 years ago and I loved it. I was never able to download the game until now. The game is amazing, but I noticed it has a lot of problems! The little avatar glitches all the time I can be playing get up to about 25 questions and it stops! The screen is frozen, with makes me have to exit and start over again. I’ve only had the game for 3 days and I had to delete it because it would not let me play anything! I’m reloading the game now and I’m hoping it will work. Please fix the bugs in your app, it’s a wonderful game it just needs to be fixed!

- Guessing

Okay I have tried a couple of different character they are side characters but still appear often enough to be known about but your thing can’t guess to save its life and then it will just ask the same thing over and over even when you say no every time then when you give up it’s not even one of the next few guesses and one of them just kept giving me the stupidest answers that I never even heard of then if you’re guessing all it wants to do is guess the main characters but side is common in the stuff as well so Id like to do those characters as well so please fix

- Mess Up At Times

It’s a fun game that makes you try to think of things that people wouldn’t have bought of for awhile. You get little meaningless awards and the Ads aren’t completely unbearable. My only issue with the game is that at times it will repeat the same questions and ask questions that it should already have an answer for based on other questions and then give a left field guess as to who your character is. “Is your character American?” Yes “Is your character European?” Why would you ask that? I just told you they’re American!

- Really cool! But one flaw.

I love this game! I played it with my family and they were as well astonished! This app is really cool, but I had one problem. There is daily challenges and you have to guess all the characters of a category. The category was naruto! I bought a hint and it said, “this character is the seventh hokage.” Obviously it was naruto! But no, I looked it up to be sure I was right, and I was. There has never been another seventh hokage beside naruto. But it’s said I was wrong and only gave me a standard award instead of a daily challenge award. Either I’m stupid or it was broken. 🤣

- Akinator is the best

Akinator is so good it read your mind it’s amazing and even though sometimes it gets it wrong but most the time is right and it’s so amazing how you press yes or no I don’t know or probably not and the answer is what character thinking or animals whatever you’re trying to think of and it’s amazing I love it it’s one of my favorite things to do when I’m bored or even when I want to do anything I personally think the Akinator is one of the best games I’ve ever played and you can bet that I am going to tell all my friends about Akinator

- This app is not worth it too much money with all the pop up add

I am very stressed from this game first they think I'm just pressing random buttons when I'm actually trying to get a character right but when they do get it right it's creepy like their watching me or something my whole family plays all the time and it just disagrees it's a creep when we type the wrong stuff and it comes out to what we were thinking if it isn't doing that than it is being annoying and on top of that I was watching a very long add to get coins but when the add was Over it said they are giving me zero coins ITS SOO ANNOYING I have had it with this game the prices the adds the lagging the repeating questions don't get this it's not worth it.

- Always "penalized"

I throughly enjoyed the app and having it try to guess very obvious, yet favorite things of mine. When I discovered the tournament and rankings, I started trying to make it guess more difficult characters, obviously. Since then i've been constantly "penalized" for attempt to steal other players' awards (characters), when mine were entirely different. Now every time I can no longer click "yes" that it did guess my character, without being penalized and my ranking being taken away. Almost as if it's telling me "there's no way you thought of that" 😂. The system works extremely wrong/unfair in terms of catching cheating/stealing ideas.

- Amazing

So this game is awesome I love it and so does my family me my mom and my sister and dad love it is really fun to play it can guess anything it’s so cool it’s like it can really read you mine oh and a lot of my friends love it too this is amazing one problem just one though when me and my mom was a playing it s ad came on ( there are barely any ads) a really bad ad came on about somone who was pregnant and her husband was cheating on her this is a kids game the game is fun a for children but can you work on the adds

- Alright until I found out about VIP

I went into this app being able to guess most characters like LittleSiha, Beth, etc. But with one character I tried to guess, I wasn’t able to see it because it was a VIP character. Because of that, it ticked me off how you either needed to pay up or Watch an ad. (The Watch Ad app didn’t really work either) The only issue is how I can’t really guess any character without worrying about that. I think it’s just stupid. And, I don’t know what qualifies as a VIP character but it’s still dumb. Besides that, the app is decent and most times it guessed each character I asked.

- Needs Improvement

This app has the potential for something great. I’d probably even be willing to pay for that “VIP” version if they’d make several major changes: 1. Less app crashes 2. Better app performance 3. Less redundant questions (ex: Did your character commit suicide? Yes. Is he dead? ...Yes.) 4. Better discernment (Akinator often makes a guess before he has enough information when guessing real people.) 5. Better/cleaner ad system 6. A reward system for beating Akinator, which would be viable if he was a better guesser. Since the last patch a week ago only included “minor bug fixes”, it’s safe to assume they don’t care to make any major changes to this app. Likely, this is a cash grab instead of their pride and joy.

- “Child Safe” mode isn’t safe at ALL!!!

Come on Akinator.....we are only as good as our word. If something says it’s “child safe” then I take it for truth. In your case, your word is false. Both of my children’s apps were set to child safety mode. One kid saw the big “F Word” and my other kid was suggested a “sex shop” as one of the guesses made by the Akinator game. That option shouldn’t even be available in what’s considered “child safe”..... How sad that you put a game out there with the (fake) option of keeping my child safe from worldly crap, for it to only remind me that no one holds the importance of my kids innocence in as high of regards as I do. Hey Akinator creators....DO BETTER!!! If I had the option to give it no stars I would....but it wasn’t an option.

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@Surge_Binder_ Maybe it knows more than it's letting on, like Akinator


I found you on Akinator 😂@REALIcePoseidon


i screenshotted the akinator one because i was trying to get clifford tomlinson and i thought that was a funny question

🖤WHEPPER🤍| ❤️SIMP🖤|🤍⏳⏳🖤

Decided to play Akinator, and made him guess Joel. This picture is amazing 😂


- I can't talk right now I'm doing hot girls sh** ..... ...... .... Jogando akinator 1000 vezes até achar a Bruna


@Zirksee yo i found you on the akinator game, but it says “youtuber” not “addison raes” BF


Mr.joon (Iranian meme), trend of December 27, 2020


@LazerzZHD When you got yourself on Akinator


if u go on akinator to try and guess a real person, if u say yes to "does ur character live in south korea" the next question is always "is ur character member of a group of 7 people" it's crazy

ザックズ 『zaxelox』🐔💀

yabai, Akinator knew it. #kfp

seasons yeetings

Kicking it old school and downloaded the Akinator app. My kids are amazed how their characters keep getting guessed by it. They tried to stump it and couldn’t.

🕷️ webber 🕷️

very accurate thank you mister akinator (im gonna try again just for funzies :P)

🕷️ webber 🕷️

okay time for akinator to assign me a kin *shrug* i'll post a reply to this with who i get :>


@iamjade4_ is that a good show my profile pic is a guy from it because my girlfriend got kin assigned bunny girl senpai by akinator and I think we should watch it if it's good

@fatuiharbingers JSJSKSSJS akinator's kin assigns have been so random yet somehow accurate on my part

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