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What is paranormal puck app? This App requires a Paranormal Puck 2 to function.
Designed to work with the Paranormal Puck 2, This app reads all 21 sensor inputs from the puck
allowing the user to data log, view real-time graphs and More. The App also features an ITC
communications section for those wishing to experiment. The App will only allow the logs functions to be reviewed without the Paranormal Puck being connected via Bluetooth.
As seen on Ghost Adventures

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How to contact Paranormal Puck (Digital Dowsing LLC)?
Find this site the customer service details of Paranormal Puck. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Paranormal Puck Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Paranormal Puck Version 1.3627 March 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon..

Paranormal Puck Comments & Reviews 2022

- Change the name!

I will admit that part of this is my fault, because l didn’t fully read the description of the app. But l was so excited to see the Puck and trust Bill Chapell that l got it on face value. I nowknow l can’t use the app, my fault. Bill, you may wish to alter the name of this app to reflect the fact that it is an agument to the Puck NOT a personal puck.

- The app itself is NOT the Puck, it works WITH it!

This is not a stand alone app, it was designed to work directly with the Paranormal Puck device that was developed by Bill Chappell. I don’t understand all these negative reviews that thought the app itself was all they needed to make this work. Most have mentioned that they saw the Ghost Adventures crew using it with great results & they’re disappointed that the app won’t work the same for them. You can clearly see when the G.A.C. uses it on their tv show that they have a round device that looks like a hockey puck that is bluetoothed to a tablet or phone. Then they use THIS app to ask the questions and wait for responses to come through the Puck, which are then displayed on the tablet/phone using the app. I just don’t get how anyone thought the app would work without having the device. I own the paranormal puck 2 and it works great. Have never had a problem with the device or the app. Just hate seeing such a low rating on this due to user misunderstanding.

- This is NOT a stand alone app! This is NOT the actual Puck

The description, the first sentence is “ designed to work WITH the paranormal puck 2 device” This app is a tool that works WITH a Paranormal Investigation tool called the Paranormal Puck 2. It doesn’t work without the physical hardware which you can purchase on Bill Chappell’s shop Digital Dowsing dot com. The puck connects via Bluetooth and the app gives the environmental readings using the software. It’s sad people give this app a poor review because they didn’t read the description. Now, if you DO have the Puck designed and built by Bill Chappell this is a phenomenal piece of equipment for the paranormal investigator! I’ve been in the paranormal field a little over a decade and have used the puck now for a month with investigations literally every weekend. I’ve had phenomenal results! The Puck functions like a combination of a REM pod, EDI+, and spirit box all in one. I love everything about this piece of equipment! It’s probably my favorite! Please read the app description and understand this app doesn’t work without the hardware. Bill Chappell designs and builds all of his inventions and they’re awesome. His rating shouldn’t be punished due to this not being a stand alone app when the description is very specific what it’s purpose is.

- Doesn't work

I am so disappointed this app doesn't work. Want my money back. I seen it on ghost adventures very very disappointed. Please fix. Fix fix fix please. I have written you several emails I know you received them due to your company telling me they received my email and are looking into the problem well it's been a few weeks and I see others who bought this app months ago. I will stop using and buying your apps till this is fixed. Quick way to make good cash on a non working app cause there is no way for people to get there money back.

- The email system is great

It’s great that it allows me to send emails through the app as pdf files. And of course you need the puck 2 to be able to work the app so people need to stop leaving reviews before they read the description that explicitly tells them that they need a puck 2. That’s all I have to say.

- Great device

I used the puck 2 at a haunted location back in October 2017. I had a St. Benedict medal on for protection because the location was said to have evil/demonic spirits. One of the responses I received said enemy dime. The Benedict medal looks kind of like a dime at a quick glance. The thought still gives me chills. The puck works great with the app. Keep up the good work.

- For the guy saying “I want my money back”

Don’t quite understand how you want your money back on a free app designed to work with a scientific tool? Buying the puck 2 this week, bill, you’re a genius mad rick Sanchez (from rick and’re like that smart and awesome)

- Where can I get one

Can we use this without the second device that goes with it? If not where can I get a paranormal puck 2 for a LOW price HUNDREDOR THOUSAND OF DOLLARS. are the stores that sell them?

- Uuuuum no

So when I first got this app literally NOTHING happened like it wouldn’t even give me the choice to do anything, just stare at it like an idiot and when I tried to do something it just kicked me out. I wouldn’t recommend this app but it might just be me. I would just say read other comments and if you want it, do it but I would never get this again!

- Need help

Having issues when I open the app with connecting to my puck. Never had this issue before tried on my phone and on my tablet couldn’t get it to work.


So it looked cool so why not? Oh I know it is that when you go in you can only click one thing and it will not let you do anything but send a email to someone this app is bad do not get.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

- Awesome app but

Some of the buttons are disabled please fix that glitch but anyhow everything is great

- Works great

Works great as long as you have the paranormal puck 2. I’ve had some amazing sessions using it.

- Doesn’t work

I’ve downloaded this app several times hoping to get a different result. But the only result that I ever got was the one screen. It wouldn’t let me ask any questions and it wouldn’t let me into the other features on the first screen in the intro. This app needs editing really bad

- Crashes

It doesn’t even give me an option to type in a question. It just shows the log and everything else is locked. My phone keeps crashing.

- Needs a fix

Keeps crashing when hit email symbol also no buttons work but the data log

- Needs updated

Loved using the app before iOS 13... now my phone won’t pair with the puck

- Requires a paranormal puck

For those saying "it doesn't work" you need a paranormal puck to make it work. Just an FYI.

- Awesome

People this app does work. You must purchase the Paranormal Puck for it to work.

- Work in progress

I know this is a work in progress. I love the puck so far, but the app really needs an update. Hope you guys are working on it! Thanks for the great products!

- App does not work

What more can I say? This app doesn’t work. The only thing I can click on is logs but I have to be able to pair it with the puck and enter data first in order to have a log

- Where is the...

I’ve gotten the paranormal puck BUT, I’m unable to find the paranormal puck 2 in order to make the first one work. Help me.

- Only Data Log Works

Such a disappointment. I downloaded this app this morning and only thing that you can click on with 1.36 ver. Is the data log and home button. Big disappointment and this is on the iPhone X.

- It’s not working on iPhone 8😪😦

I was very excited to download this app and I have knowledge in the paranormal field but as soon as I opened it it only went to logs and wouldn’t let you ask questions or do anything else please fix👌😬! I Love you apps though.

- Why does it require stugf

Why can i not use it

- Crashes

Worked fine once, then crashes every time I open it now. Even deleted and reinstalled it.

- Terrible

I downloaded this in hopes I would catch SOMETHING . I’m very disappointed the stupid app doesn’t even work . Wouldn’t recommend wasting your time downloading it !!

- You’re app is broke

I downloaded this app cause Ghost adventures uses it and it works for them but when I downloaded it nothing is highlighted except for the logs but I have no logs because I haven’t used and can’t please fix

- Not working

Only one thing is lit up on menu screen which is empty data log. Maybe I did something wrong but I don’t think so

- Bug??

Will only open the logs. Won’t open the other files.

- So disappointed

It doesn’t work.... was going to give it a try for my reviews... but it doesn’t work at all...

- Waste of time

I was really excited to use it! But sadly the app just keep crashing and the main menu doesn’t work at all.... so disappointed 😔

- Doesn’t even open on iPhone 6s+

Crashes as soon as I open no way to tell if even works.

- Doesn’t function

I downloaded this app and when I open it nothing works and will not let me in anything

- How do you...?

How do we get to the screen to type in questions????????????

- Doesn’t work

I just bought this app! Was so excited to use! It will not open for me to even try to use! This makes me so sad! Please, fit this!

- Doesn’t work

It would be nice if it actually worked

- Doesn't work

Oriented to left upper quadrant of iPhone screen, the only icon that is able to be selected is the log. Fully updated iPhone 7plus.

- Crap

Just downloaded and can't access anything but the logs.. app won't work at all... Very sad. Was looking forward to testing this out... Thank god it was free.

- really excited to use it but...

i was really excited to use this but it won’t let me use anything how do i use this app? 🤧

- It doesn’t work

I would like my money back for this app

- This app is broken

This works nothing like the one on Ghost Adventures! This app is a cheap knock-off don’t put money into it!

- I like this

I saw it on ghosts adventures

- App Doesn’t Work

Can’t access any features. Totally worthless even as a free app. Fix or take it down.

- Stay away doesn’t work

App does not work at all

- Worthless

Doesn’t work at all and just crashes.

- Doesnt work

Save your time app doesn’t work

- Don’t waste you money not worth it. It doesn’t work

Not worth your time or money

- Awful

Awful! App won’t even open now.. don’t waste time or money on the Puck.

- What a useless app

It doesn’t work at all.

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- Not working

The only thing that works is the data log nothing else does

- Device

If you download this app, you need to buy separate the Puck2 device to make it work, and to buy it, look up bill chappell. It will cost around $210 to $230 it may cost more in where your living, I give thumbs up 👍👍

- No luck

Installed this app months ago wasn’t sure if I needed to install anything else as I see it’s not working not even able to type out questions Is there any way to fix this so I can use it as intended Thanks 😊

- Doesn’t work

The app has 1 highlighted section that does nothing the rest of the app is unusable not highlighted to click and use very disappointed

- Fix it!?

Doesn’t even work. Try to press buttons but nothing happens. App crashes during every use

- Don’t like this app

Yeah this app is a total crash the data log is the only thing you can access

- Waste of time

Apps doesn’t work. You will just end up deleting it

- Does not work

Tried it but nothing works.

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- Needs to be updated

Unfortunately the equipment only works in tandem with the app. However the app has been force-quitting and refusing to open no matter what I do. It worked fine before

- Not happy

I can’t use any of the other features. It only shows/allows the logs. I was really hoping I could use this app but I guess not.

- Disappointed!!

Doesn't work.... :(

- Doesn’t work for me

Does not work at all

- Works fine

As long as you have a paranormal puck 2 then it works. It is just the app for collecting data from the pick.

- Hello all before you read the reviews.

Hello people I’m just wondering did anyone connect a Bluetooth paranormal puck two to the app ? If I’m not mistaken this is just the app which makes it convenient a gives much more control two the paranormal puck . I think you’ll find this an incredible add on to the actual puck two .try let me know I’d like to know as well lol good luck .

- Broken

None of the features work. Don’t waste your time, unless they decide to fix if.

- Horrible

Doesn't work, don't waste your time I'm deleting it. Disappointing.

- Garbage


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Memphis Ghost Hunters

Finally got the paranormal puck. Very interesting say the least

Erik of the Web

@johnmoe You do have to buy your own Spirit Box, Tri-Field Meter, and Paranormal Puck, though.


@BillyTolley Palomino Club with those amazing responses on the Paranormal Puck and the psychic confirmation. That shocked me. I definitely would love to investigate there.

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Paranormal Puck iphone images
Paranormal Puck iphone images
Paranormal Puck iphone images
Paranormal Puck iphone images
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The applications Paranormal Puck was published in the category Utilities on 2017-03-27 and was developed by Digital Dowsing LLC [Developer ID: 334264409]. This application file size is 3.33 MB. Paranormal Puck - Utilities app posted on 2017-03-27 current version is 1.36 and works well on IOS 7.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.digitaldowsing.Puck