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Global Interview App Description & Overview

What is global interview app? Having trouble booking a Global Entry interview? This app alerts you when slots open up. Appointments don't last long, so use this app to help you snag one.

No login or account creation is required to use this app.

1. Download the app from the app store and open it.
2. Tap one or more nearby interview locations and enable alerts.
3. You'll receive a push notification when an interview slot is available with the constraints you set.

This app does not book an appointment for you. It does not interact with your Global Entry account in any way. The sole purpose of the app is to help you book your Global Entry interview at busy locations.

You are responsible for booking your interview. The app only alerts you when slots are available. Keep in mind that certain locations are heavily booked and open slots disappear quickly.

Global Entry is a registered trademark of the US Department of Homeland Security. This app is not affiliated with, endorsed by or supported by any government agency or entity.

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App Name Global Interview
Category Travel
Updated 19 January 2022, Wednesday
File Size 536 KB

Global Interview Comments & Reviews 2023

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Made an appointment within 1 hour of downloading!. LAX didn't have appointments for one year out every time I checked the website. I found this app recommended after browsing Reddit and made an appointment for next week!

BUY THIS APP!. First review I ever written. Such a great app!! Could not find an interview available anywhere prior to buying this app. As soon as I downloaded it, I began getting notifications (I selected three desired locations) and soon got the perfect place/date for an interview. It’s a one-time purchase of just under $5. Best money ever spent. BTW, I sent a question to customer service and received a personal response very quickly. Awesome!!

Scheduled within 1 day!. I was up for renewal of my Global Entry and conditionally approved after submitting my application. I needed a remote interview and there was no availability for the next 2 years. I downloaded this app and set up alerts for remote interviews and had an appointment scheduled for that week within 1 day! This app made the scheduling process easy and stress free!

Got an interview within a day after using other alert systems for months with no luck. I never write these reviews but this was so worth it I can’t *not* share. Like others have mentioned, this shouldn’t have to exist but the current system is SO BAD. PHL has been impossible to schedule. I paid for a subscription alert service with email notifications and it was just too delayed, by the time I’d open the website, the times would be gone. I was getting really discouraged after 2-3 months of this. I downloaded this app and set up a few locations for notifications, and within 24 hours I got an appointment for a weekend afternoon for the next week! One suggestion for improvement: I expected the alert to have a direct link to the scheduling site, just as some other notification services do. It would be hugely helpful to make sure you can move even quicker- I ended up adding a shortcut to my home screen right next to this app which worked, but took a little more work on my part.

Worked Flawlessly. No need to fly to other airports for an interview - this app alerted me to every appointment opening for my selected airport. I was able to schedule my husband and I for the same day and time within a couple of days of being conditionally approved. $4.99 for the app saved a lot of stress and disappointment. Just do it!

Worked like a charm after initial hiccups. I ran into some trouble after adding multiple airports - the app would just completely freeze up with a blank screen, no way to do or see anything. After deleting and redownloading, I added only my two closest airports and received an alert that a time slot had opened within a few hours after that. I had the app for less than 24 hours and I had an appointment that I’d been trying for weeks to get on my own.

Initially confusing but got it sorted. ETA: I got a quick and gracious response from the developer to clarify the confusion. That's greatly appreciated and I wish you the best! After downloading the app, there is no page other than locations and available appointments. I could use help defining "constraints" and whether that means the only day it will search, the first available day you're looking, or your final available date.

This App works!. Within a few days of buying this App, I secured a Zoom interview. Once you get notice from the App that appointments are available, you need to go to the gov TTP travel site and log-in with your user name & password. Then pick an appointment time. Time slots go fast so need to act quickly.

Decent but too delayed. It’s close to being the perfect interview alerter, but notifications are too delayed for overly packed locations like SFO. I had the interview scheduler open and prepared and was actively on my phone; yet when notifications for desirable slots came in, by the time I immediately swiped right on the multitasking bar to my browser, the slot was gone. I had managed to secure a date two months out with this app though, and that alone is decent enough for SFO’s absurdly busy schedule. It also successfully notified me in time for interviews at a less busy airport in another state, but this wasn’t overly useful. In the end I stumbled upon a next-day slot while tabbing back into my browser to prevent the site from logging me out. I took about 15 seconds creating the appointment, not expecting to give a reason for rescheduling, and by the time I confirmed it the app had not notified me. The slot I got never appeared in the app at all. Still, if your airport isn’t too busy or you’re patient enough for later timeslots, this app is great.

Snagged 2 interviews at the same date/time. I had given up on the dream of my wife and I getting our interviews on the same day, even though the closest location is about 2 hours away. I downloaded the app at 3pm and by 7:30pm had booked two appointments, one for each of us, at the same date and time! Well worth the money! I wish I had gone this route sooner!

Does what it promises. This app successfully got me, within a couple of weeks, an interview at my local airport, which initially showed no future availability whatsoever. You do need to be quick when an opening occurs, so be ready to log back in to the DHS site once you get an alert for a date/time you’re interested in. This app is really a great public service. Many thanks to the developer!

This app really works. Like everyone else, I’ll reiterate that this app actually works. When I went to book an appointment for my Global Entry renewal interview, the soonest I could schedule within 200mi of me was literally a year out. I searched Reddit to see what could be done to speed things up, saw this app mentioned, downloaded it, and saw appointments opening up every hour or so. After a few tries (you’ve gotta be fast on the booking site) I managed to get an interview for TODAY and am now writing this review after completing my interview. Totally worth the $5 and I only needed the app for a single day.

I feel like an idiot. I have been trying in vain for 3 months to get an interview for my 2 kids (I live in a busy metro area with 2 options within an hour drive), I only just learned about this app (offered at a fraction of the cost from some competitors). Within 2 hours of downloading to my cell phone (and set up took less than 3 minutes), I was alerted to appointments and have both kids set up with interviews. What an awesome piece of technology!

Must have. I never review apps - this app is so helpful. I was originally looking at a 3 month wait or having to drive 6 hours to get an appointment. In a week I got the location 10 miles from me within a few weeks of when I got approved. Thank you so much!

Lifesaver ! Actually works and is affordable.. HUGE thank you to the developer for making this easy to use, accurate and most importantly affordable. I was having anxiety about being unable to get my son an appointment as I had checked sooooo many times and nothing was available for months. Not only was this app instrumental in me securing an appointment but I was able to reschedule for an even earlier one. Peace, blessings, and much gratitude to the developer.

Perfect. I live in NYC and my scheduled appointment was months away. Using this app I was able to secure new appointments for both myself and my partner almost immediately, in the only non-airport location in the city which I imagine is especially competitive. I was also able to reschedule several times when even sooner appointment times popped up. A very nice app that’s amazing at what it does!

A must for Global Entry interview scheduling. If you need to schedule a Global Entry interview, this is an awesome application. It allows you to select locations and time frame to set up the in person interview Without this application for some sites you may end up waiting over six months. this app will alert you when an appointment becomes available even for next day appointments. Well worth the price of it.

Leveraging Technology to Overcome Government Bureaucracy. This app shouldn’t have to exist, but thank God it does. I know it wouldn’t be that difficult for CBP to implement a similar tool for the Global Entry interview process themselves, but they haven’t and likely won’t, so it’s up to us to fork over $5 for this simple yet effective app to tell us when to make our interview appointments. Which, by the way, was about 10x harder than the appointment itself 🙄

How I got my interview in just a few days…. The app is perfect to get a fast interview for Global Entry. Now, there are some tips: - When you receive a notification for a date and an hour that fits you, jump on it ! Have in mind that available that are fine in 2-4mn. I have set in my notification that I wanted notifications for appointment in the coming 2 weeks. - Don’t always take the first one you’ll see. Residual of the door is in a month. Most of the time you’ll receive between 1 and 5 notifications per day. Sometime in a few weeks, sometimes it can even be for the next day. - you can check their Twitter account and narrow to your location. You have an idea of past notifications that have been sent. Good luck ! At the end I made an application on Sunday, got pire - approved on Monday, downloaded the app on Wednesday, took the appointment on Friday for the following Monday !

Not fast enough. There is sometimes delays in coming dates vs what dates show up in this app. In some cases app does ignores some dates from same day. Overall, it does meets the need but in some cases you have to be faster than app to capture the slot. Overall, such app is a great motivation to reserve a slot. Always keep your phone and laptop ready because weekend slots are taken in split seconds. Keep refreshing ttp website for new slots that get ignored. In my opinion its tough to get slots during weekend.

Works exactly as advertised.. This app works perfectly. When appointments open up at the locations you select, you will get push notifications. From there just be ready to jump on your computer/browser to book your appointment time. Really, this is a must for anyone looking to do their interview sooner than later. Well worth the $5.

The app did what it said it would!. My fiancée and I were able to reschedule our global entry interview three months earlier thanks to this app! I got two notifications, and when I logged into TTP both appointments were showing available!

Get the App if you want to minimize the wait for an appointment. Like others have mentioned, I never write reviews for apps. After checking the website several times a day and finding no appointments at any of the airports I might find myself at in the next year, I purchased this app. Almost immediately, I started getting notifications and the app found available appointments. I was able to schedule an appointment at our nearest airport within a week. I was even able to reschedule the appointment for a couple of days later. The app simply does what it says it will do and I am now approved. To use the app, you simply pick the airports you would like to receive notifications from and then wait. It's that simple. You should make sure you are near a computer in order to confirm. This is easily one of the best $5 I've spent.

Worth It. I found an appointment two days after downloading the app. The key to scoring an appointment is to have the booking page ready. I missed out on several availabilities because the appointments get taken up quickly.

Life (and time) saver!!. I was a bit skeptical of this app but figured $5 was worth a shot. Signed up, marked the site here in town plus others within 3 hrs of here I’d drive to and waited. I received TONS of notifications of appts being added every day. Scheduled an appt for about a month out at a facility 3 hrs away. 2 days later, appts the next week started to open up right here at home so we snagged those! Definitely worth the $5 to not have to sit on my computer hitting refresh all day! Totally recommend!

Amazing app; glad I spent the $. This is the first time I have ever submitted a review of an app. My husband and I submitted our renewal applications for Global Entry and needed new interviews. Zero remote appointments were available and zero were available for the airport 20 miles from home. Next available appointment was five months in the future at an airport 80 miles from home. I learned about this app and installed it three hours ago. Since then, I have received several notifications of appointment availability at our local airport and several notifications of blocks of appointments for remote interviews. My husband has already completed his remote interview and received final approval (within about four hours of his preliminary approval). My remote interview appointment is tomorrow morning. Very pleased with this app!

Amazing Time Saver!. Great app, worth the money! I was able to get an interview on the WEEKEND within 2 days of getting the app. You do have to work fast but I appreciate the ability to be approved for my global entry in less than a week from application to interview approval!

Got appointment same day. After clicking all locations within 2 hours of me relentlessly I coughed up the money for this app. 20 minutes later I had an appointment for the same day just 45 minutes away. Thanks.

Very excellent work. I got conditionally approval within 24 hours then I can get interview available within a few hours later and I went to interview 2 days after. And it’s work for everyone in my family to get appointments. It’s worth every penny. Love it!

Works Great!. Got this app on suggestion of a friend. Initially I wasn’t even able to schedule an appointment as everything was booked 3 months out in my city with no future appointment available. The app was initially able to alert me to one 2 months out I was able to snag. One then popped up 1 month from now and was able to also snag that one. You have to act quick once an appointment comes available and login and claim it. I missed a few by not noticing the notification for 15 minutes and by then it was gone.

Genius. This app worked perfectly. I started the global entry application process less than a month ago and was approved/finished today, despite my local office being booked out over 10 months from now.

It works!!!. I’m not a review writer but I have to this time because I’m so grateful for this app. Four in our family needed interviews, with the govt website constantly saying none available in our area. Thanks to this app, we now have four appts, back to back on a Saturday, at the closest location to us. Hint: when the appointment notifications come in, you have to be very quick to log into your traveler account and grab them. But it’s definitely possible! Have your login info ready and be familiar with the process for choosing your appt location and time, and you’ll be good. Well worth the cost of the app!!

Amazingly Helpful. This app did exactly what I had hoped: alerted me when there were interviews available at my local airport and I was able to schedule one within a couple of weeks. I originally scheduled a few months out, but was able to rebook easily using this app. Well worth the money!

Highly Recommend!. This app is a timesaver! Appointments near me were booked out for months. I used the app on Friday and snagged an appointment on Sunday. When I arrived, the agent asked when I got the appointment because I wasn’t on the list he printed out Friday. He saw my name in the system and the interview was over 5 mins later. Great app!

Doesn’t work. I don’t get notifications unless I sit there and manually refresh the app, which makes it useless. I’ve double checked that my notification settings are enabled and the app can run in the background, and there’s no issues there. But when I refresh the actual scheduling website, I see several appointments that the app hasn’t showed me. I’m guessing the refresh settings are too slow to capture them, but they’ll exist on the website for > 1 minute so it’s just odd. So unfortunately this app was a waste of $5.

So worth it!. I was a little skeptical, but figured $5 what the heck? After 4 days of just barely missing out on appointments that opened up, I got an interview @ Logan only 2 months out! 10/10 would recommend. There’s a free Twitter account that you can stalk, but ability to only get alerts for location you want was great.

Great App if you are desperate to get an appointment. I used to spend hours searching for a appointment in Global entry portal . I was frustrated since I could not find anything for over three weeks. At that point, I browsed App Store and found this app. It was unbelievable. With 10 hours I could find get an appointment at my local city.. Kudos to the developer 👍👍

Best $5 I Ever Spent. I was conditionally approved within 36 hours but interviews were nowhere to be found. I checked the site daily but couldn’t find anything. I found this app thinking there must be a way to be alerted when interviews became available. Obviously the app has no control over interview availability, but thanks to it I was able to get an interview scheduled at my local airport within a few days of downloading it. The interview is 3 months away, but I’ll continue to use the app until my interview date to see if anything sooner opens up.

Useful but could add a feature. The app is easy to use and is very helpful. I was able to get appointments after a few attempts... not easy for Orlando airports. My only suggestion is to have a clickable link either in the notifications or the app that opens the login page for CBP. That would be really helpful. Another useful feature would be allowing us to select specific dates to receive notifications for. I live 2 hours from the nearest enrollment center and want to try to get an appointment for when I'll be nearby.

Great app. I don’t usually write reviews or pay for apps but here I am lol. Prior to getting this app, my interview date was not until March 2023 but we’re planning a trip out of the country before then so we knew this wouldn’t work. After doing a lot of research, I came across this app and decided to purchase it after reading the reviews and it did not disappoint!! I was able to secure an interview for October 1st 2022 (next week) within days of getting it app. Just wanted to clarify for everyone since there seems to be a misunderstanding to some — this app only notifies you when a spot becomes available. You will have to sign into your account yourself and try to get that date that becomes available. They do go fast, so you have to be fast; however, people cancel all the time so you’ll most likely find another date that works for you if you keep trying! Overall, this app does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It’s worth the money for not having to keep checking the website for availability because new availability can happen at any time of it day, it’s hard to gauge. This app does the job for you, and it’s really accurate from what I’ve seen too, and way cheaper than other notification apps.

Great App - CBP Officer Recommended. After expressing frustration that Enrollment on Arrival was no longer an option at PHL as I went through customs last Tuesday, the customs officer mentioned that he regularly interviews people who have booked appointments days earlier via this app (didn’t know the name but knew cost). Downloaded over the weekend and have my interview today - 7 days after learning about the opportunity. Best $5 I’ve ever spent. And, HUGE thanks to the Customs Agent!!

Don’t hesitate, just download it already. I’m so glad a redditor mentioned this app! I downloaded it and in two days got a notification from my local airport there were appointments opening up! Immediately rescheduled and in three days after downloading this app was at my appointment. If you want real time notifications for Global entry interviews opening up at your locations, get this app! Now go ahead and download it! Thank you to the developer!

Saved me a bundle!. Downloaded yesterday morning and had my interview today at my busy major airport, where it had shown “no appointments available.” I thought I was going to have to take a flight/car rental/hotel trip to one of the remote border towns where appointments are readily available. Trick is to keep signed in to the Global Entry site. This app tells you when an appointment has opened up, and you go nab it in the Global Entry site. Hey Developer, there are lots of stupid annoyances like this out in the world. Keep coding and fixing them! Thanks!

Invaluable tool. My wife and I signed up for a Global Entry pass which offers you advantages going through customs when returning from a trip as well TSA Pre-Check status at airports. After filling in the form and getting initial approval you need to schedule an interview. The issue is at our local site literally the .gov site show absolutely no openings from March until the end of the year. We checked the site for several days and would see occasional openings but nothing that worked for our schedule. I had seen the Global Interview app on the App Store and wondered why you would need to buy this app? Long story short, I bought it, and was receiving notifications on my phone and watch real time. Within two days we had the appointments we needed. Also there were two interviews sites that weren’t listed on the app, I contacted the developer and the sites were available within a couple of hours. Best app & support, well worth the price!

Worked in ***2 DAYS**** !!!!!. Well I have tried for nearly 3 years to get an appointment for Global Entry Interview. I’ve checked all days and times and never found an opening. On a travel blog, I saw this app listed and thought I had to try it. In 2 days I had an interview at the facility and time slot that I wanted. In fact, the app continues to notify me of additional openings. If you travel internationally and apply for Global Entry, this app is worth its weight in gold! BRAVO FOR A GREAT APP!!!!!

Worked to perfection. I never write reviews but this deserves it. Upon my pending approval, like so many others, I see my local airport had no available appointments whatsoever through 2023. But the same day as downloading this app, I was notified of an availability and was able to book an interview only 10 days away. Worked perfectly.

Approved for Global Entry in Less than a Month. I applied for global entry mid-May. Once conditionally approved, I logged in to try to get an interview at CLT as it’s the only location available in NC. However, the Trusted Traveler Program website said they didn’t have any appointments for the next 365 days. I needed an interview prior to my trip to Europe in August. I did a quick google search for bots that would notify me when an appointment at CLT became available and stumbled across this app someone recommended on Reddit. I was hesitant at first, but decided to purchase it. After downloading it, I couldn’t get it to load any locations to select to I contacted the app creator and he fixed the issue immediately. After that, I was able to make an appointment a couple of days later as soon as I received the notification. I had my interview at the beginning of June on a Friday evening and received my officially approval the following Monday. I just used the same app to help my brother secure an appointment as well. I’ve recommended it to a few friends and will continue to recommend it! Definitely helped me get Global Entry quickly. Thanks for creating such a great app!

Incredible app. Needed an appointment at CLT for GE and of course they’re booked out indefinitely. Used this app and started getting random slots immediately. You do have to be extremely fast logging in and I missed the first several appointments but eventually got one by being fast enough. App will give you notifications for every airport you select. Beyond worth the price.

App that should already exist. I never write app reviews, but this app is worth the $5 to avoid the headache and terrible interface of the TPP scheduling website. Why isn’t this already something the TPP gov website provides?? Sends push notifications when interview apppointments open up at the locations you select during your selected time frame. Made booking an interview so much easier. Wish I knew about this app sooner!

UDATE. Out of date. After my raring below I was contacted by the developer who corrected the problem. And then an appointment oped up Dec 1 near me and I got it. I’m not sure he is responsible for a new opening but the app worked! It keeps sending me appointments for September 5. 6, 7 of 2022 etc. it doesn’t seem to know those dates are past. No future dates show up. So??????

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Global Entry Approved in 1 week. Helped me get an interview in my city within a week of being conditionally approved. As far as I know this is the cheapest way to get notifications—I saw a website that was $20/mo for interview notifications which is just stupid. Props to this app.

Not working so far. I get a lot of notifications for remote and in person but the site still says nothing available.

Worth it! Got an interview time within hours. I tried to get an interview for a month with no success until I got this app. I was able to get an interview within hours of downloading the app. Well worth it!

Appts. Once you receive the notification for NC, and immediately log-in to your acct, the state of NC doesn’t ever come up.

Genius. This app worked perfectly. I started the global entry application process less than a month ago and was approved/finished today, despite my local office being booked out over 10 months from now.

Awesome. Awesome value and super helpful, thanks.

Very excellent work. I got conditionally approval within 24 hours then I can get interview available within a few hours later and I went to interview 2 days after. And it’s work for everyone in my family to get appointments. It’s worth every penny. Love it!

Get an appointment within a few days.. Only took about 24 hrs to get something within a week. Love the constraints you can set.

Absolutely worth it!. This app rocks! I got conditionally approved but the next interview was 5 hours away over six months from now. Within an hour of downloading this app I got an appointment in two months at a nearby airport!

Helped me get from conditional approval to interview in <10 days. Absolutely 100% worth the $5. I couldn’t imagine getting a GE interview without this app.

Got appointment same day. After clicking all locations within 2 hours of me relentlessly I coughed up the money for this app. 20 minutes later I had an appointment for the same day just 45 minutes away. Thanks.

It just works.. After nearly two years of being unable to get an interview within a six hour drive, this app got me an interview 15 minutes away within two days.

Works perfectly!. Was able to get back to back interview times for my kids!

Does the job. Got an interview in DC within 12 hours of downloading

Made an appointment within 1 hour of downloading!. LAX didn't have appointments for one year out every time I checked the website. I found this app recommended after browsing Reddit and made an appointment for next week!

Incredible app. Honestly, I was super sceptical about this app and thought it might be a scam but for $5 I was willing to take a punt. 3 hours after downloading this app I had a remote appointment for later that day! Well worth it and a great app!

Great app!. I found this app recommended on Reddit and it’s sooo worth $5. I got an interview in my top choice city in 2 weeks. When I was searching myself on the website, I couldn’t find ANY options across multiple city options.

Not Worth the Effort. Every time I received notification of an available appointment, I immediately logged in to the Global Entry only to find there were no available appointments for the given location.

Worth it. I got an interview scheduled within a day of purchasing this app…worth the $ to not have to spend time refreshing the web page everyday.

The app did what it said it would!. My fiancée and I were able to reschedule our global entry interview three months earlier thanks to this app! I got two notifications, and when I logged into TTP both appointments were showing available!

Worked great. Didn’t want to pay $29 for one of the online services. Downloaded this app for $5 and found and booked an appointment within an hour.

Not worth. Had this app for 2 days and never received a single notification (SFO). I followed a twitter bot and got 4-5 notifications a day. Was able to get an appointment scheduled in 2 weeks by just keeping up with twitter and checking the TTP website religiously.

Great app - does what it promises. Best $5 we spent. Cannot recommend enough if you are have difficulty finding a GI slot.

Best app!. The best 5$ I have spent! App works wonderfully and got so many options for appointments!

LOVE this app!. I purchased this app and in about 12 hours was able to schedule an appointment…for the NEXT DAY! I’m so grateful! Best $5 I’ve ever spent!

GET THIS APP. Best $5 I ever spent. This app took me from being told there were no interviews in the next six months to having an appointment the very next day I downloaded it.

LIFE SAVER!. Couldn’t find an interview spot in my city for months. Had the app for less than 24hrs and found one. Highly recommend.

It works. I know $5 is steep in app land, but trust me when I say it’s worth it. Within a day I got a notification about an open spot and was able to book it. The app is simple and straight to the point, no frills. Exactly what we needed. Thank you!

Didn’t Work. I found a cancellation myself. App didn’t alert me even though I had push messages enabled. Fail.

Amazing Time Saver!. Great app, worth the money! I was able to get an interview on the WEEKEND within 2 days of getting the app. You do have to work fast but I appreciate the ability to be approved for my global entry in less than a week from application to interview approval!

Great App - Worth the Money. I never write reviews; however, this is worthy! After getting my conditional offer for global entry, I spent a week trying to contact someone in 1 of 3 offices to figure out HOW to make an appointment (when I was checking the CBP website there weren’t any appointments through Dec 2024 available in my area). Over a two in a half week period, I was logging in to the site multiple times a day with no results. I just happen to stumble across this app looking for a global entry app for faster log in etc. This is the best $5/$6 I ever spent!! Especially, to avoid the headache, stress, frustration, and worry. Here we are (August 29, 2023) I downloaded the app. I was notified within 30min-2hrs of appointments becoming available in 1 of 3 locations. I narrowed my search to two of the locations (closet to me). I was notified via the app, signed in to CBP, and scheduled an appointment for (August 31st) with 4hrs of downloading this app. I had my interview today (8/31/23)! This app is worth it and I will be recommending it. Thank you to the developer for creating this app and making it affordable! You are appreciated.

Worth it!. I was checking multiple times a day with no luck. I had an interview scheduled within 2 hours of getting the app.

Worth It. I found an appointment two days after downloading the app. The key to scoring an appointment is to have the booking page ready. I missed out on several availabilities because the appointments get taken up quickly.

HELP. This app frankly stinks! Notifies me of Ann appointment opening but the icon to accept that appointment does NOT work. Ridiculous and extremely frustrating. No stars!!

Didn’t Work. Got the app to try and find a remote interview time slot. Notifications were enabled. Happened to check the Global Entry website and found 7 open time slots. Pulled up the app and it still showed no availability even after refreshing.

No luck. I may be doing something wrong. I purchased this app last weekend. Since doing so, I’ve received several open interview appointment notifications at selected airports. I immediately went to the GE website and the airports have all reported “No interviews available”. I’m getting very frustrated. Any advice would be appreciated.

Doesn’t work. All positive reviews are fake. This app doesn’t work and doesn’t show any appointments, while another service I purchased later, notified me about 2 appointments within 5 minutes that I was able to book.

It works!. This is a magic app. I installed it today and already was able to find an appointment within current month.

Not worth it. The app notified me of no appointments. I was able to book an appointment by myself using TTP tracker for a day later. This app did not even show me that appointment to begin with. Do not waste your money purchasing the app

Saved me months. Earliest dates at my local enrollment center were ~4 months out. After a few hours with this app downloaded, I was able to secure an appointment for 9 hours from now! Well worth the $5 price.

It works!!. Have found multiple open slots within minutes of installing this app.

Great app. I was able to get appointment for next week using this app. Otherwise wait was 4 months.

In this environment, do it!. Went from 6 month wait for an interview to this app finding something for me next week. Best expediting fees I’ve ever spent. Thanks to the developer on this one!

Definitely works. I wasn’t sure about the app because it doesn’t have many reviews but then the notifications started coming in. Everything is booked up on the government’s website, but I was actually able to make an appointment the next day with this app. I’m writing this after my GE interview so thank you! Definitely try this app!

Not worth it. Save yourself the money. Just fill you your Global Entry app and sign up while you’re there.

Totally worth it!!. I usually don’t give out reviews, but for this app I had to. Within 20 mins of getting the app, I got an interview notification for next week. Would recommend to anyone looking to get global entry interviews!

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Language English
Price $4.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.0.1
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

Global Interview (Versiyon 1.0.1) Install & Download

The application Global Interview was published in the category Travel on 18 January 2022, Tuesday and was developed by Brian McBurney [Developer ID: 688652938]. This program file size is 536 KB. This app has been rated by 159 users and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5. Global Interview - Travel app posted on 19 January 2022, Wednesday current version is 1.0.1 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Global Interview App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

The list of currently available interviews will now refresh each time you open the app.

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Find on this site the customer service details of Global Interview. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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