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What is vrbo vacation rentals app? Beach house? Condo? Cabin? Your perfect vacation home awaits. Travel better together with Vrbo.

• SEARCH from over 2 million unique places to stay in 190+ countries
• PLAN and collaborate with friends and family using Trip Boards
• BOOK securely from your phone or tablet
• TRAVEL anywhere and share trip details with your group
• STAY FLEXIBLE: Vrbo offers free cancellation

With the Vrbo app, you can:
• Browse vacation homes with pools, backyards, and all the room you need.
• Find vacation homes you won’t find on many other travel sites.
• Filter by what’s important to you and your group: price, location, amenities, and more.
• See property photos and reviews at a glance.
• Have questions about a property? Get quick answers from our virtual assistant.

• Tap the heart to easily save and compare places you love.
• Invite friends and family to join your Trip Board and help you plan.
• Leave comments and vote for your favorite properties.
• Keep your trip conversations in one place and chat with your group from anywhere

• Have questions? Message the owner or manager to ask about the property.
• Book and pay securely on the Vrbo app with your credit card.

• Quickly access important booking details like check-in instructions, WiFi passwords, and arrival information -- even when you’re offline.
• Share important trip details with friends and family by adding them to your trip.
• Access your conversations and message homeowners from your device anytime.
• View a trip countdown and get helpful reminders on your Home Screen by adding the new Vrbo Widget available only on iOS 14.

Find the perfect vacation rental with Vrbo.

Note: currency is displayed as USD in the property listings unless otherwise noted. Please visit www.vrbo.com/mobile for more information about the Vrbo app.

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Vrbo Vacation Rentals Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Vrbo Vacation Rentals Version 2022.0910 May 2022

We continue to update our app to make finding and booking your perfect vacation home even easier..

Vrbo Vacation Rentals Version 2022.0407 March 2022

We continue to update our app to make finding and booking your perfect vacation home even easier..

Vrbo Vacation Rentals Version 2021.24.324 December 2021

We continue to update our app to make finding and booking your perfect vacation home even easier..

Vrbo Vacation Rentals Comments & Reviews 2022

- I always use VBRO

I book all of my vacations through VBRO. I’ve never had an issue thus far. We purchased an expensive cabin in Colorado as a group costing over 10,000 that had to be paid upfront. I used my card to reserve 11 months in advance. VBRO has a 100% cancellation refund up to 60 days of arrival or maybe it’s the owners. Either way, when COVID hit we talked to the owners concerned we would not be able to fly four months before our June/July 2020 trip. They agreed to hold to the 60 day cancellation. We ended up having to cancel and the owners were unable to refund all of my money at once. This was the first tim I had to pay all upfront per owner rules and first time I did not get a full refund. They asked to give them two weeks and we agreed on that in fear they had only refunded $2800 initially and scared we would not get out money. VBRO emailed me inquiring on whether I received my full refund after two days of the $2800 refund. I said no the owners said they would refund more or all in two more weeks. we think VBRO pushed it because we got our money within 24 hours which is NOT what the owners told us. We didn’t even complain to anyone Because of that and fear of us losing money, I will never use another app unless I have no other choice. Plus I’ve never have experienced a problem with VBRO and I have booked many many trips as we travel about ever three months or more.

- Scammed by my owner and vrbo took their side

Hello, We have been users of vrbo for over 10 years and have a five star rating. We booked a last minute trip earlier this week and we’re stunned at the level of danger and filth of the house. First, the house was said to be safe in the safest school district. When we got there, we checked the ratings and found it to be 1/10. There were bugs on the table, broken window locks on a ranch, very creepy neighbors checking out our van, garbage and raw meat in the backyard, beer bottle caps and cigar butts all over, no smoke detector in kids room, broken chairs, peeling paint in bathtub and bolts and screws all over the kids room. We felt 100% unsafe. We reached out to VRBO who took the owners’ side and asked us to send pictures. We did; they never responded and our money was never refunded for a place we could not stay in due to lack of safe conditions. We drove 9 hours to be left homeless and find a hotel last minute for our kids and two dogs. And, we had to pay for that and the rental that we never stayed in. VRBO should NOT allow a property in this shape to be on their site and misrepresented in the pictures as this was. Their lack of support or even really caring will ensure we never use them again and let everybody know so they don’t end up in the same situation.

- Vrbo

I am disappointed I have to leave a review, but this company does not know what it means to be a business of the people. I rented a home on this site and upon arrival I was told by the homeowner that the home should not have been listed. Fine, I did just waste time driving here but I will gladly take my refund and move on. Oh but wait, the person who received the money needs to initiate the refund.. ok. So what happens if they don’t do that??... the answer is nothing. According to the vrbo guarantee this is not vrbos problem. I mistakenly booked a rental that wasn’t available and it’s my fault... makes sense right. Vrbo should not be in business, a simple google search will lead you to others in similar positions as myself. Vrbos response to me was to “leave a review” 😁. Awesome thanks guys! The vrbo guarantee team to the rescue! Oh by the way, the response team will only communicate to you by email, so if an issue arises and it needs to go further than their customer service line you must wait on an email from the vrbo guarantee team!! Oh boy how convenient! We can screw people over and don’t even have to speak with them! Awesome! Basically I can put my current apartment on their site and receive the funds, then tell the renters it’s not available, then I can just disappear awesomeness!!

- Our rental was disgusting, Home Away/VRBO didn’t help us

We weren’t allowed to check in to our house until 45 minutes after check in time. It was gross. Hair all over the back porch from someone getting a haircut, the floors were filthy, there was vomit in an upstairs bedroom, just to name a few. The boats we were promised were not available, the hot tub that was supposed to be ready wasn’t even filled and there were no chemicals. Homeaway said we needed to work it out with the owner. we tried for two days to work it out with the owner. He was unapologetic. We tried for two days straight to talk to someone at customer service. We were told they don’t have managers??? I should not have been forced to stay with my family in a disgusting rental home. Nevermind during a pandemic. They didn’t do the bare minimum. The house was not ready to rent and hopefully they will pull the listing. NOT impressed with how they didn’t help us when we got stuck in a dirty home for our one and only family vacation this year.

- Cool Features

So I am writing my review on the app and my experience while staying at our Vrbo cabin! Our family decided to stay a couple nights in a charming cabin just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee. We booked through the app and it seemed really easy to make all the arrangements. The owner of the property was quick to respond via email about some questions my husband had and send the information we needed to unlock the door to get in! I would say it’s pretty cool that you can make these kind of reservations through an app on your phone! So neat! We get to our cabin, park, get our two little kids out of the car and head inside our cabin! Get inside and find that the place hadn’t been cleaned from the last guests who had stayed there......We were in awhhh....So we tried to reach out to the property owner ASAP and let her know that the place was not ready for new guests! We waited a short time and still no reply. So we decided to contact Vrbo instead. They were very nice about it. They reached out to the property owner who then contacted us shortly after. Long story short, the property owner refunded our two night stay. We still had to pay taxes on that and was charged a cleaning deposit still of $100. Anyways. Vrbo doesn’t take financial responsibility for refunds etc. Its not their fault at all this happened. Anyways.

- Do not trust, you might be recorded for your entire stay

VRBO has an explicit policy that hosts are not allowed to have outdoor audio or video surveillance unless it is explicitly on the listing. We booked a 3 months stay and our host has a doorbell camera and audio recording device that records all of our conversations in the living room and kitchen areas of the apartment and observes us anytime we come in and out of the apartment, which is located in a secured building that has plenty of professionally monitored surveillance. VRBO decided that it is ok for the host to violate the policy and that we cannot leave unless we forfeit the $8k we paid to stay here. Huge violation of our privacy and literally ruined our honeymoon. We are under stress now daily and cannot wait for our holiday here to end. In addition, the host harassed us by asking for documentation for our service animal, had a camera inside the apt which he eventually let us take down, told us we can no longer get mail or packages after the incident, and tried to intimidate us by threatening to send the police on us if we refuse to be surveilled by him. He also lied to us by saying that the recordings are monitored by a team, only to later say that only he has access to them. VRBO continues to ignore our case, and insist that he is in the right. Never use them. They are horrible. If you have any problem, you are screwed.

- Disappointed in VRBO

Disappointed that VRBO does not hold owner accountable for their mistakes. I booked a trip March 2019 for March 2020. I reached out to the owner and told her we were excited to come. In May, the owner sent me a message to my personal email stating that there was a mistake in the booking and our trip would coast an additional $100 PER NIGHT (plus additional taxes and fees). The email actually went to my junk mail and I just saw it (Sept 2020). I contacted customer service and was told that it went against their policies however nothing was done. They advised I could cancel for full refund, however the availability of other places at the same location was slim and closest thing in our price range was $300 more. I asked if they would waive a portion of their service fees on the new booking and they told me no since it was so far away. There is no way to write a review on the owner. She admitted to me that she sent a few others the same email in regards to wrong price so I know there are others that she did this too. Had she informed me right away, I would have understood however she waited over 2 months to contact me and when she did contact me she sent to my private email address instead of thru the app. The situation is very shady and VRBO should require owners to honor their bookings when it’s their mistake or help vacationers find another place comparable in price.

- Unacceptable customer service experiences

The app is okay at finding rentals. However, my first experience with VRBO was so terrible that it will certainly be my last unless they improve their customer service support and fix their cancellation policies to protect renters who get ignored by the rental owner/manager. We unfortunately got a rental that was manage by someone who did not respond for days. I VRBO directly first through the website online chat support, which seemed to be positive, but then I was told to call the corporate customer service hotline number to speak with an agent to “escalate” my grievance about the lack of communication from the rental owner/manager. Because of the lack of contact from the manager and a negative review on the property I was confused about how to proceed and whether or not this rental was legit or a scam. I requested to cancel, and the manager finally responded by cancelling the rental and keeping the $1,700+ for 4 nights. So now we are out $1,700+ and have no rental! The agent from VRBO kept referencing policies and sounded cold and unable to make any changes or even partial refunds. At times, the agent could barely be understood. The customer service was abysmal at best. Apparently, VRBO does not do a good job at quality control and keeping property owners/managers in check to ensure customer satisfaction and good communication.

- Bad Service

I booked a room with this company. My card was charge twice. I immediately file a report about a duplicated transaction. I was told the refund will take three weeks because of COVID. I was already disappointed, but I understood COVID makes everything more difficult. I waited the three weeks and decided to called. I was told they need to call the hotel to confirm my transactions. I kept going back and forth between this app and the hotel for two weeks with no answers and no refund. After the 5th week I was told Vrbo will not be responsible for the refund because it was Expedia who was in charge. I never made no deal with Expedia, but I was stock with them. Once again, I spent hours calling and asking for answers every call was at least 1- 2 hours with no answers. At the end this company blame the hotel and they blame Expedia. The hotel blame Expedia and Expedia blame the hotel. Bottom line I am still stuck with out a refund and no one wanting to take responsibility for the transaction. This is the first and last time I would ever use this app. Their customer service is horrible and I wasted at least 20 hours trying to fix something that it was not even my fault. Bottom line I paid twice for my same room. Saving a little money cost me twice as much the money I was planning to spent. This is so disappointing 😒.

- Stick with AirBnB

We had a few different places rented in Dahlonega GA for our wedding in April, some on VRBO and some on AirBnB. When the quarantine began in March I cancelled all of my bookings. AirBnB immediately processed my full refunds and had an excellent response to the changing needs of their customers. VRBO on the other hand has really dropped the ball. It took them weeks to process my refund and I had to get the owner to actively help and make sure that I got my money back. VRBO only has chat support and the operators have no idea what is going on. Even worse, my father also had rented a property through VRBO. He wasn’t lucky enough to rent through and honest owner like I was. The owner took advantage of the lack of communication between the company, the owner, and the renter and told my dad he would have to book a new date before the original date could be refunded at 75%. So my dad rebooked first the end of May and the original date was never cancelled or refunded. Now that the quarantine is going to last through the summer he is stuck with a second booking that the owner and VRBO refuse to cancel and refund. Save yourself a the headache of poor customer service. Don’t use VRBO. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Stick with AirBnB.


After using Vrbo for my first time I was extremely upset with my stay. Hotel was dirty, the room was cleaned twinge and still was dirty, extra fees that where not stated by the owner and after leaving the owner a 1 star review he went and trashed my name. I couldn’t even defend myself from the review left by the owner. If Vrbo looks into the last 3 people who stayed with this owner. All 1 star review. The worst part is the property owner was so disrespectful in his review. I had to sun it my review 4 time before Vrbo would let me even post it. Stating it’s against their policy to report pricing on specific hotel. If I was a customer I would want to know that the hotel charges an addition $60 a night after paying all the fees and taxes on Vrbo. They charged us for towels if we swapped them out, got charged for toilet paper, they charged us for blankets on the pullouts. This wasn’t stated in the contract. Then the owner on top of it all state in his review that I should stay by the freeway where it’s cheaper. It’s not about the money, it’s the fact that he’s not stating the extra fees in contract. The owner is a liar and Vrbo has no support to remove his review. Crazy how mine got kicked back 4 times at that point most of the things I wanted tot state in my review where deleted. I WISH THEY LET YOU REVIEW THE OWNERS WITH THE TRUTH. THEY DONT!!

- Two Terrible Experiences

My husband and I go to Las Vegas every year for CES in January. In 2019 we reserved a two bedroom, 2 bathroom condo that was very close to the LV Convention Center. The place smelled, there were burnt-out lights, the blinds in one bedroom fell the middle of the night and everything was worn out, i.e. the bedding, kitchen cabinets. For our trip in January 2020 we made a reservation for a condo at the Jockey Club. On December 9th we received a message that our reservation had been cancelled and a refund was being sent. It is very hard to get a decently priced room during the week of CES, which is why we always book early. My husband contacted VRBO. They said the owner is not allowed to do that. They tried to reserve another condo for us and said they would pay the difference. They also told my husband that if the owner didn’t respond within 24 hours they would call him to help book another place. They didn’t. We will never book a place to stay through them again and are telling everyone we know. BTW, a friend of mine who goes to Hawaii every year has had several people tell her about the nightmare experience they’ve had with VRBO. At least two of those said when they arrive at their destination, found out that the place they had paid for was rented out to someone else.


I recently booked travel through the APP to stay at a cabin in Asheville,NC. The process was very easy for them to book my stay and the money was sent immediately upon reserving the cabin. I also purchased their “cancellation insurance policy for 45$. When we realized we could no longer go on our trip I called VRBO to cancel. They told me they can not cancel my booking and the insurance policy was through a company called CSA. CSA travel insurance claims have to be filed online and you will be waiting weeks to hear back from them. The process to file a claim is the worst I have experienced. The other option was to call the booking agency for the cabin itself. I called them and they would only refund 50% of my money even though I was cancelling months in advance. They said they had nothing to do with VRBO or CSA travel insurance. VRBO is racketeering with CSA travel to have you pay travel insurance then making the process ridiculously hard in order to receive a refund to make you not want to cancel through them and they still keep their profit. VRBO is fast to take your money but provides little help when you need to cancel. In the military I have travelled for 15 years using various apps and this is the worst one I have seen thus far. CLICK AWAY!

- Great Getaway

A quick four-day getaway to the FL Keys landed us in a lovely resort at Hawks Key. Our choice of a two-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath villa with all the amenities was everything we expected and more. The area is beautiful and well cared for with the added security of a full-time guard at the entrance. There is a great restaurant called the Angler & Ale located within walking distance of our villa that offers excellent food along with a beautiful waterfront view. Our villa was easy to find and very clean with comfortable beds and plenty of storage. Mike, the property manager, was easy to reach and quick to reply with answers to all questions. His guidance with a problem we had with some overzealous guests at a nearby villa quickly took care of the issue. If you are looking for a Florida Keys experience, we highly recommend you give the Hawks Key Resort a try.

- Search needs improvement

Not everyone plans their lodging around their vacation dates; some people plan their vacation dates around lodging availability. Need to enhance search where a user can specify a duration of stay (e.g. 7 days), can specify a date range during which they would like for that stay to occur (e.g. June 5, 2021 through July 31, 2021), and maybe even go so far as to allow the user to specify which day if they week they would prefer their stay to begin or end on. Currently, users have two options: specify the begin and end date of the stay and browse available properties, then change the date range and browse available properties again to see if there are any properties available on another date range that were not included in the first result set; or search without dates and manually review every property listing for availability. Many properties have seven day minimums with check-in and check-out on Saturday only, but many are flexible (e.g. 10 day stay that begins on a Tuesday). To limit search capabilities is a disservice to both the customer and the owner.

- Horrible process

I tried to book this property several times and it kept giving me an error saying that the rates had changed and it would not let me book. I was on the phone with Vrbo three separate times and each person told me to do something different. First it was I should use a PC instead of a Mac. Then it was the fact that I was trying to book with an American Express card and they told me to use a different card even though it states clearly on their website that they except American Express. They finally told me to send an inquiry directly to the homeowners who then sent me a payment request. I tried to complete the payment request and it gave me additional error codes the first two times and then finally went through on the third time. We booked a different house for a couple of days on our same trip through Airbnb and had no issues at all. As a vacation rental home owner myself renting through Vrbo, this is very concerning to me. This, in combination with the shotty customer service we have dealt with in the past has finally made me decide to switch over to Airbnb. Can’t believe Vrbo is even still on the grid as I’m sure I’m not the only traveler/homeowner who has experienced this nonsense.

- Very limited features

The basics of the app work well enough, but searching is waaaaaay more difficult than it needs to be. There are several filters you can apply, but they have no persistence. If you do a filtered search, switch to map view, and accidentally hit “search in this area” (because it isn’t automatic) twice, all your filter selections disappear. If you create a “board” to save your favorites, don’t assume it’s saving your filters too (other than date, although click around a couple times and that disappears too....) So if you add properties to a board over a couple days and then want to compare them, you’ll need to re enter your filters, and look up each property again separately. If you don’t, you are looking at the price for a single adult, no pets, which can be hundreds of dollars less than say, four adults, one kid, plus dogs. I know they think I’m more likely to book if they present me with more options, but if I’m planning to travel with my family, I’m planning to travel with my family. Period. I’m ACTUALLY more likely to book if their app is easier to use than Airbnb, but this app is not.

- Works pretty good, but needs improved features

Not buggy at all, but functionality could be improved. The map feature is pretty limited - would be nice to be able to switch to satellite view, get directions, see what else is nearby, etc. The rate display is not great either - even though you enter in the date range when you search, you still have to select an entry and then select again to see what the total will be. And even though it shows the nightly rate when scrolling through the search results, just because one entry has a lower per night rate doesn’t mean the overall stay is cheaper, because taxes and fees are not factored in. So you could see one place for $200/night, and another for $215, but the total for the latter could end up being less overall. And lastly, when you share a property with someone, that person has to get the app to see it, instead of opening the website. P.S. While writing this review, I tried to select a word and “Look up…”, and then was locked out of the keyboard. I could select text but not type anymore. Not sure if that’s iOS or the app…

- Vrbo will scam you

If I could rate them zero I would. They literally stole >$6K from us. We booked a property on the platform in Mexico for a family vacation. Got confirmation from Vrbo of instant booking. Only a few days from the trip still zero communication from the property owner with confirmation of how to access the property. Vrbo says their policy is owners must respond within 24 hrs or be kicked off the platform. It’s been 7 days and no contact. So I guess good for Vrbo that they can kick off a bad owner. But we have talked to Vrbo customer Svc for hours a day for multiple days and they just say pound sand, zero refund offered for us even though we paid for something that they can’t deliver on. They also charged a $500 service fee to use the platform and “protect us”. They laughed at us when we asked if they were at least going to refund that since they didn’t actually do anything for us or provide any actual service. They told us our only option was to actually go to Mexico and they would accommodate us if we got there and had no place to stay. Yeah right! Who in their right mind would travel to a foreign country with young kids with no confirmation that they had a place to actually stay?!?!? Total highway robbery!

- Missing some key search features

This is a pretty good travel app overall. I’m frustrated about a few things, however, and want to pass them on to the developers. (1) Add a button next to the heart (favorite) symbol to allow us to remove a property from a list if we’ve already ruled it out. I would suggest an “X”. I can’t remember which properties I’ve already considered, especially if I cant return to my search for several days. (2) Add the dates for travelers reviews. I take recent reviews more seriously than reviews that are a year old, for example. I think the property managers would like this as well since it allows them to recover from a bad review. (3) Break down “washer dryer” into two pieces - in unit and shared. I won’t stay someplace without a w/d in the unit and there is currently no way to find this out without contacting the property managers. (4) Break down the “free parking” filter into free onsite, on street, and valet. Again, it is nearly impossible to know the parking specifics without contacting the manager. Hope this helps. I love VRBO and have been an owner and traveler for 20 years.

- Scammed as well! March 28th

I had the same experience as the last unhappy reviewer ! But let’s add a few more gross details there were light fixtures hanging out of the walls by the wires there were 3 bathrooms and one of them the toilet didn’t flush and the other the sink didn’t work so we had just one fully usable bathroom. There were two bunk beds and two of them were broken . 1 sat on 2 by 4’s on the floor and the other held together by rubber bands. There were and additional 2 mattresses shoved in a closet with broken doors and they were covered in pee , bed bugs and even unidentifiable stains! There were 9 of us and do to the late time that we arrived we were unable to find accommodations that night. We slept on the floor all together but camping would have been a cleaner experience. I was able to find a lovely unit the following day in a much nicer area. Here’s the kicker, we were there for 12 disgusting hours and the owner refunded 40% ! VRBO just keeps saying it’s up to the owner to do the right thing. I spent the entire vacation trying to talk to someone and I’m on the hamster wheel to nowhere! FRUSTRATING! I feel like Ive been robbed of my money and the misrepresentation is attrocias!

- Will never use Vrbo again

The app works great. It’s the company I advise not using. When renting a home for our vacation we had NUMEROUS issues during our stay. None of the amenities worked, pictures posted on Vrbo were outdated and did not reflect the home at all, and when I reached out to Vrbo to get the issues corrected because the owner would not communicate they basically informed me there was nothing they could do. They could only reach out to him and request he “fix” it. Of course nothing was addressed because the owner did not want to communicate or acknowledge the fact he false advertised and refused to refund some of my money. Basically they just collect a cut from the owners rentals and do t care about customer service or how these owners treat their customers as long as they are being paid. James Watson has over 15 bad reviews with the same issues I had and more. Verbiage policy is to remove clients that receive too many complaints and are not doing a good job... but yet James is still renting this home with over 15 one star reviews. Worse customer service I have ever experienced. With the owner and the company Vrbo. Beware!

- Not helpful, poor customer service

I wanted to vacation in palm spring for my birthday and my daughters 1st birthday in July. Planning ahead, I booked a home that had everything we wanted and needed to have a nice stay. The owner of the home pulled the property from the program and is no longer available. There were only a few homes that fit the criteria for what I was looking for, and they only suggested 3 homes that didn’t meet that criteria. The prices were higher, less beds, less space. Highly disappointed. I did some searching on my own and found a home that I really liked but was slightly out of price range and I discussed this with costumer service to see if they could help me find a home similar to the home that i was interested in or honor the price I previously paid since this experience was such an inconvenience and unprofessional.. they wouldn’t even transfer me to the re-booking team.. they wouldn’t even let me speak to a manager or assist me in searching for another home since “I can do that on my own” is what I was told... I wish I was making this up.. what an awful experience.

- VRBO are crooks

We made a reservation through VRBO (like we have done several times in the past) and paid a large deposit ($3300) happily as we were excited for this vacation. A couple months before our arrival date, a few weeks before the balance was due, we got an email from the homeowner that our reservations were showing as cancelled and he wanted to know if we cancelled and what we wanted to do. We promptly reached out to both VRBO via email and phone and the homeowner via email. Homeowner does not respond and VRBO says they can’t get a hold of homeowner - all the while saying not to worry and they’ll work it out. Long story short after dozens of calls to VRBO and several dozens of hours on the phone VRBO says there is nothing they can do because the homeowner has been paid, they can’t get a hold of him and it’s up to him to refund. After tracking down the homeowner we emailed them multiple times to finally get a response that our week was rebooked because he claims we cancelled, VRBO never tried to get a hold of him and we were out $3300. VRBO works for the homeowner not the vacationers so buyer beware.

- Property and Owner Christopher Button

I have no idea what to rate the property itself, but if I could give the owner Christopher Button zero stars, I would. This is a strong buyer beware. We had a death in our family one week before our trip, when I contacted the owner to see if they would work with us in changing the dates, he told us we would have to cancel and reschedule, and that he did not know what the policy was in regard to a death. He told us we should contact VRBO. Both of those show deception. Each owner sets their own policies. VRBO has nothing to do with that, nor do they have any standing to persuade an owner to work with a renter. If we had cancelled we would have lost 100% of our money, and freed him to rent the property to someone else. At that point, we discovered that at the time we booked, 45 days out, his policy was for us to lose 50% for a cancellation. Shame on VRBO for representing owners like this. Shame on me for booking with this owner once, but to think I would cancel (allowing him to rebook the property), pay him 100%, and turn around and rebook with him is crazy! BUYER BEWARE!

- VRBO will not offer any support or assistance if you need it

RecentlyRun to the house through VRBO. After checking into our rental we noticed a few maintenance issues with the house. Refrigerator wasn’t working because it was not turned on in time to reach proper temp for our arrival, Extra linens just thrown into linen closet on floor, extra rollout beds were in horrible, worn out condition, pull out bed soiled and old, cigarette butts overflowing in outdoor ash trays, several lightbulbs burned out. After reading a notice that stated to call with any concerns, we reached out to the owner. She sent a handyman 10 hours after we arrived who did nothing. The next morning, she refunded only a portion of our $ and promptly put us out! Gave us only a few hours to vacate. Her reason was that she felt the property was suitable for us! Excuse me but I think that would have been our decision to make. We were left scrambling to find another rental instantly. I called VRBO, stayed on hold for over 2 hours only to be told they can’t help us. I’ve called 3x since to try and get the balance of our $ back to no avail. VRBO IS TRASH!

- Great Rental Company-but Fee’s Galore!

I have booked through VRBO for years and have always been happy. It seems to me the fee’s are now so out of hand that it is now making it hard to find accommodations for our group. We always find wonderful properties but by the time the fees and taxes are paid we can no longer afford the unit. Some are close to $700-$1000 for just booking fees! I’m not sure if your goal is to put more money in the owners pockets by making the consumer pay all the overhead, but the consumers are your bread and butter. We are having to either travel in off season or take a less desirable location or property to visit the Gulf Coast. This has stopped me from booking Several vacations, and from traveling as often as we would like. Somethings going to have to give. For some families it is their only vacation that they have been saving and looking forward to all year. It’s sad that fees and frivolous cost (and possibly Greed) are keeping lots of family’s in the Gulf Shore or other not as popular vacation spots. It’s great to get there, but a family has got to eat! Plus families like to try to get into town and see the other tourists trap/family fun things but can’t because they blew their budget on frivolous accommodation fees. It’s got to give somewhere. I know that owners need their income but they shouldn’t expect the consumer to pay their overhead. Just Saying!

- Don’t use this app. Scammers use this app

Bad company. I would give a 0 if I could. Don’t use this app!! I had an issue with the owner of the place I rented. She was a scammer. I notified the company and they did NOTHING about it. They told me I had to contact the owner to resolve any issue. Why would I contact a scammer to resolve an issue? After talking with 3 different people telling me something different, someone pretended to contact the owner and said they will call me back. It’s been 3 months and they haven’t contact me back. During this process, the homeowner had the company take down her listing. She knew that I had an issue and she tried to run and they did nothing about it. They didn’t care. Also, when I called the first time, the guy hung up on my face. They do not check the people’s listing, so the pictures you see could not be what your renting; even the description could be different. The listing I had was completely different when I arrived. This company will not solve issues. Customer service is terrible. I wouldn’t use this app again.

- Love the trip boards

I like that I can create and save different trip ideas and properties to a “board”, which is like a folder that allows different places to be saved. I have boards titled “Fall TN ideas” and “Beach getaway” to save properties that look good in different cities/states! I am also very glad to see that the dates that a review was written have been returned as a feature! It’s very helpful to read when a review was written so if they complain it was cold and rainy, you can see the time of year that they were there! Likewise, if a bunch of reviews complain about an uncomfortable mattress, you can see if that was 4 years ago or last week and decide if it’s worth the risk. I also like the owner descriptions of the properties because they are insightful as to what makes their property or area special.

- The worst company in the world.

The owner of the place I rented canceled on me a couple days before my check in date. I have been in contact with 7 separate customer service agents over the course of the past few days on the phone for a combined total of 6 hours (not exaggerating). All I’ve asked for is help with finding an alternate place to stay considering the fact that my 7 friends and I are flying across the country tomorrow with no accommodations, and their refund still hasn’t hit my account yet. NO ONE has been able to help me at all... My interaction with the most recent representative sums it up pretty well. I asked the agent if she could help me at all. She replied “No.” I then asked if she could transfer me to someone who could. She said “No.” Frustrated, I asked if she had a manager or superior. She said “No.” Finally, I asked if anyone at all at the company could help me in any way. She said “I’m sorry, but no.” I was astonished... the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I can’t even believe this company exists. Wish I could give negative stars.

- Terrible experience

I booked a rental through VRBO for New Years Eve months in advance. It was cancelled by the owner through no fault of my own, and I found myself without a venue for my event only a month before the holiday after friends had already taken off work and made plans to be in attendance. I contacted VRBO support who said they would help find me a comparable place and honor the rate within 4-6 days. After 6 days of silence, I called back to check in and was told that the customer service rep had lied to me and (despite their “book with confidence” policies) there was nothing they could do. After spending a lengthy amount of time on the phone trying to get some help, they emailed me two property listings in the specific location I told them I was not interested in. I have been searching for a new property independently for weeks now with no luck and VRBO has not so much as followed up with me. As a first time user, this has been an appalling first time experience with the site and I highly recommend against renting with them.

- 33 Redondo Mission Beach San diego Ca- Excellent

Great owners Sandi was wonderful- Hostess Katherine was superb. Unit was in a Great Location in Mission Beach on the Strand. Near everything! Parking inside a secure parking garage under the building with an elevator is a BONUS in San Diego! Especially at the beach where parking is impossible! This condo is good for a couple or family with 2 small children or a second couple who don’t mind a pull out couch. Equipped with everything you need - plus a bbq grill and beach chairs. Coin Laundry on property. Bike and Watercraft rentals are nearby. Boardwalk is one building away - only 55 steps! Restaraunt’s and stores are all in walking distance. Sunrise . sunsets and view of Mission Bay, Pacific Ocean and City lights are all there on the balcony. Clean and Comfy Property that is great for a beach getaway! 20 min from San Diego airport! Close to all the attractions!

- Awful during lockdown

I had rented a lakefront house, for a “staycation” about 50 miles from where i live. Well then the lockdown happened. I am a physician with a young child, who was exposed by a patient to COVID-19. I contacted the person I rented the house from and Vrbo. After multiple emails and phone calls, I basically got a response of “too bad.” The person I rented from was not pleasant to work with and worse yet, because I never stayed in the house - due to the government regulated lockdown - VrBo won’t let me review him. So basically I paid all of that money, got zero money back, even though Vrbo said they were encouraging renters to give “at least 40% of payment” back. The only money I got back was the deposit, despite being told I would get $400 back. I feel like I was scammed. I expected so much more from Vrbo, during a national crisis and pandemic. To add salt to the wound, AirBNB fully refunded its customers who had booked places during the lockdown. I encourage everyone to think twice before booking through Vrbo.

- Hard to rebook if you have to do a Covid cancel with credit

Like many people I had to cancel my July 2020 reservation in CA since Covid shut most of California down. The property owners however, refused to refund my money. Its a year later since I booked the first time (booked in Jan 2020) and things are opening so I tried to rebook and use my $2000 credit the property owners still have but they insisted I use the VRBO site to book. The VRBO site will not allow you to book a reservation without a credit card payment. I had to call VRBO, sit on hold 25 minutes and have them contact the owners and it took another 30 minutes to get the reservation to go through. Additionally, VRBO charges a hefty fee to use their reservation service but I never received a refund for that. Fortunately, they did not try charging me the fee this time. I will never use VRBO again after this. They encourage owners to refund money in valid situations but that’s it. Owners do what they want and VRBO does nothing if it’s unfair or out of the customers control such as Covid was.

- Less than pleased

We have stayed in another floating house at Whitman Hollow in the past and have really enjoyed our stay. I would have to say that we are leaving this time and cannot say the same. The house is advertised that it can sleep 14 people. There were 10 of us, and yes there was plenty of room for us to sleep but there was very few places for everyone to sit together. There is a small futon in the living room, 5-6 stools at the kitchen table (1 was too loose to sit on), 7 chairs on the deck. The grill was in very bad shape and did not work properly. All of the beds need to be replaced, they are very uncomfortable and make noises when you roll over. There is a TV that we were not able to get the cable to work on. There is no wi-fi, and very little cell phone service. It was raining and we were all stuck inside with no TV and no service. Overall, the house itself wasn’t that bad it is nicely decorated and has potential to be a very nice place!!

- Very disappointed,

I booked a rental for a ski trip with my family. I paid in full $2000 for a two night stay on New Years. Three days after booking I was notified via email that the owner of the property cancelled my reservation. There was no reason why and no explanation. I sent a message to the owner and they said that they had to cancel my stay due to COVID and my family size of 7 in a house that they listed sleeps 7 during the pandemic. I politely asked for details about this new COVID regulation and was ignored. I went back and noticed that the dates around my reservation where completely booked. When I originally booked there were open dates to the left and to the right of my reservation. It seems to me that there may have been other reasons the property owner cancelled my reservation. I called VRBO and they said that they would review the incident but they couldn’t do anything but refund me which would take 5 business days. I may have to completely cancel my trip. I don’t recommend this app to anyone.

- Our stay at the “Top of the World”

This was the worst trip to snowshoe ever. We are from Tennessee but are very avid skiers despite having to travel to ski. We booked two nights at top of the world. We arrived early enough to ski for a while before we got our room. After skiing for several hours we tried to check into our room. Check in time was 4 o’clock, our room wasn’t ready yet. We called the owner several times to get him to send the cleaning crew to get our room ready by 5:15. I complained about this and he cancelled our reservation and made us leave. We paid for everything up front: car rental, lift tickets and room for 4 people and had to leave. Everything was booked and we were unable to get another room. I lost money and time, it was taken from me. My family, friends and I will never be back here to snow shoe again. My advice is to rent from someone who is affiliated with snow shoe, that way you can have any issues taken care of on the spot. Jim Walton, property owner. Lives in NC, not here.

- Terrible listing no help

We had never used vrbo but had heard good things about it. Our experience has been far from satisfactory. We reserved three places in Florida. The first was as described but we had in formation posted as to how to get in. Owner did answer phone and we were able to get in. Our second was the same. We did reach the owner but found a place that no one would stay in that had paid that much. The only thing that worked was the air conditioning. Everything else was a disaster. There was a mattress on the floor shower door broken screen door to lanai broken toilet seat not attached and leaking. The refrigerator was filthy and full of old food. The cabinets were full of open food. There were was no silverware. The tv didn't work and there was only an over grown path to the place. Now vrbo did nothing to help us. We have spent 12 days in a hotel room because that was all thar we could find in the Tampa Area at this time. No refund from the owner because OUR standards were too high.

- Terrible

I am very dissatisfied and disappointed with my experience with VRBO. I find a contracting I would pay the money confirm the reservation they took my money for six months and then canceled my reservation two weeks before my trip when every single hotel is completely booked or three times the rate if I could even find one. I have been I’m up on three times by the customer service at VRBO who is so graciously offered to help me find another room when I have already looked and there are none available. What I want is for them to uphold their end of the contract and provide me the room I paid for six months ago. He should not do business with peopleWho would cancel a reservation that has been in place for six months and paid for for six months with no explanation whatsoever. My children are now unable to go on spring break because there is nowhere to stay I am out the money for plane tickets car reservations and a week off of work. I would not recommend this site to anyone.

- Horrible experience

I will never stay or recommend this apt to anyone. I have never in my life of traveling experience such horrible customer service, poor response time, and lack of communication. The apartment was not ready when we arrived. We had a wait outside of the house for 15 minutes until someone arrived to let us in. I reached out the to the property management office several times prior to my arrival and a day before we arrived to give them my arrival time and no one ever responded back to me. I had to call twice to finally get someone on the phone to let them know we were heading to the apartment. I asked for the head of the property management office to call me and see if they would accommodate us for all the hassle we experienced. No one ever called us. There was mold in the bathrooms, the downstairs bathroom leaked water out of the tub. The toilet upstairs lid was broken. The door to the apartment was so hard to open. We just had a horrible experience. Never ever will I stay or recommend this apt to anyone.

- Best Vacation App

I love VRBO app. The way the pictures of the properties lay out is so easy to look through I like the general look of the app and I was even saying to my husband(who I added to my hearts lists I made for the destinations we liked- so smart you can do that!) that it would be nice if you could write comments about each location AND YOU CAN! They’ve thought of everything. Except maybe being able to rate the properties and move them up or down inside the groups to make looking at them easier... but now I am rambling, seriously this app is great. Very user friendly. I am a deep dive hardcore researcher and I’ve tried many many websites and always read every review and look into every option so if VRBO suits me you can be sure it is good lol

- VRBO Does Not Help When Property Manager Steals

I booked a home on VRBO for a property in Bend, OR. The property is managed by a company called Arrived LLC. Turns out they have numerous complaints with the BBB and rating sites like Google and Yelp. VRBO still allows them on their platform. When the fires broke out in Oregon in September, numerous roads to the rental were closed and the smoke was at hazardous levels for weeks. With preexisting medical conditions, we tried to cancel and get a refund. Arrived LLC flat out refused to refund us during an ongoing natural disaster. They did offer an empty gesture to relist it and refund if someone else wanted to BOOK THE HOME DURING AN UNFOLDING NATURAL DISASTER. VRBO was zero help and told us they can not interfere with the property management company or it’s policies. Now, my wife and I lost several thousand dollars on what was supposed to be our first anniversary trip. If VRBO cannot help us in a clear case like this, then I suggest only using the app to find a property you like, then vet the property management company (BBB/Yelp) and BOOK DIRECT!

- Could be better

This app appears identical to the HomeAway app other than it tends to run a lot slower. Sorry but I find that as confusing as vrbo's name. Reviews are not contained in the app. Requires a web page executed via an email. As far a vrbo is concerned, I view them as a necessary evil and a major step down from when HomeAway ran the show. We've rented via HomeAway for well over a decade. Every year at least 2 European homes. With vrbo and now beginning to rent in the USA, our experience has taken a decided turn for the worst. The US apartments tend to be furnished in the cheapest manner possible, some major systems/appliances invariably don’t work, check-in times (USA only) are directional at best and there’s inevitably last minute changes communicated to us by owners we never see. The app is fine for Europe. Renting in the USA is caveat emptor but I can’t suggest any better web based agent. It’s the nature of the USA. I’ve rented luxury apartments for over $4k/week and the places were a dirty mess with designer kitchens full of stuff that didn’t work. Leaving bad reviews can get in the way of future bookings. So I only leave good reviews or no reviews. Judging by the low number of reviews per property, I’d suggest either occupancy rates are far below what it takes to make money renting or there are many others that use my approach.

- Love the map option, total fee search needs work.

I’ve been using Vrbo for over a decade. I love that you can search by map, but what bothers me so much about the App —and the desktop site— is that owners and management companies will sneak in all kinds of fees. So you can search by price per night, find one you love —only to realize that the owners or property managers have appended 15 different fees which often times are collectively more than all of the nightly rates on the property combined. This is a really shady practice and I have been in touch with some of the management companies about it. I’m getting the same response over and over: that they submit their fees to VRBO but cannot do anything about the way VRBO decides to display them. TripAdvisor lets you search by price per night, price per night with taxes, and price per night with all fees combined. VRBO needs to get with the game here.

- Vail Realty/VRBO

Booked a condo in Beaver Creek over July 4th. After 1 month after reservation made, received an email from Vail Realty requesting yet another list of “don’ts” over the July 4th week that I needed to acknowledge and sign for confirmation of lodging. My family has paid over $6000 for 3 days of lodging in Beaver Creek, not including food, drink, shopping, etc. I was told ONLY the “assigned guests” could be in the condo, no partying, etc. Funny guess you can party the other 51 weeks/year. I signed in protest & received an email back from Vail Realty stating that I was the “exact type of guest”they look at renting to. What is that? I believe they have an issue discrimination. Most of guests in Vail Valley over the 4th of July are white, young, professional! Not ALL tear up the Valley! Maybe these rental companies should take some classes on how to deal with difficult guests and NOT blanket ALL the guests. So very disappointed. We have been coming to Vail for 30 + yrs. We will find housing from private sources from now on! Judy B

- Cancellation

First off, I booked two different homes for my vacation. The first home, the owner wrote back that day to let me know that VRBO listed the property for the wrong price and they had to decline and ask me to rebook at the higher price. The second place I booked, the owner came back to me and told me that the listing should have been listed for 7 days, rather than the 3 days I booked for. They were surprised I was able to book it. This happened time and time again that I got so confused which properties I had already put an offer in for. Finally, I booked a property. Immediately after, I realized this new house didn’t have enough bedrooms. It said it could accommodate many more people than the house had rooms for. I immediately cancelled. Of course, I have heard nothing back from the owner or VRBO. There is also no way to get a hold of VRBO. $1400 later, I’m still waiting to be reimbursed. The VRBO fees are high. I went straight to Air BNB and I will never look at VRBO again. Do yourself a favor.


For over $200 a night, you will be greeted with trash left over from the last party that was here. Every item and surface of the house was sticky, food left all over the kitchen and bedrooms. Doors will be falling off of the hinges/tracks. The beds won’t be made but there will be complimentary stains on them. Oh and don’t even bother to contact the host, he won’t get back to you. Vrbo’s response will be “the cleaning lady was running behind.” Unacceptable, and unprofessional. To top it all off, you will get moved to a new location but you need to check out a day later and go back to the same house still left dirty. Vrbo’s response is still that the cleaning lady is running behind and she was not able to finish cleaning. Making this now the second time they were aware of the time I was coming by and it was still left trashed. If you want you and your party to be completely inconvenienced and like paying for dirty houses, this place is for you!

- Tedious and incorrect messaging

As I worked through the challenges presented by my credit card company's fraud department (canceling and then delaying purchases for rentals in multiple countries), VRBO sent a message to the owner of a property that I desired to rent stating that my transaction was denied due to insufficient funds. That was not the case, and if it wasn't for the grace and patience of the property owner, my family and I may have missed out on a vacation home we desired to rent. VRBO has made communications with the owner exceptionally difficult and with its less than truthful descriptions of actual events has made me question the veracity of their processes and marketing material. Can any message you receive from VRBO be trusted? It would be great if this business connected owners with potential renters in a smooth and reliable process...I wouldn't mind paying for that. But as it stands now, my last two rentals via VRBO have been nothing but hassle. Will consider using other connecting businesses with future vacation rentals!

- Avoid a nightmare don’t book with them

VRBO customer service is absolutely terrible, avoid a travel nightmare and don’t book with them if you want peace of mind. I had a trip planned to Hawaii several months in advanced and got a message from the property owner 20 days before canceling our reservation due to “double bookings”. We had already bought flights, paid for at home covid test, and arranged excursions. I tried to contact vrbo about finding us an alternate location to stay at. No bookings were available within our price range or anywhere near our desired location with such short notice. I ended up having a total of 6 calls to VRBO (all of which were dropped) and over 7 HOURS on hold. I asked to speak to a manager numerous times and NEVER spoke to one. They were extremely unhelpful and rude, and could not care less about our trip plans being ruined. My advice, book with a company who actually has customer service who is contactable and has human decency.

- Horrible sharing features

Incredibly frustrating to plan a group trip when the link generated by the app is a ridiculously long url that takes up my entire text screen and doesn't work. On the rare occasions a working link is generated, the link forces people to download the app, and still doesn't even open to the property page through the app. The whole runaround is mind boggling and impossible for both non app users and app users alike to quickly view the property details. Trying to keep my elder family members in the loop for housing choices is already challenging enough without having to walk them through these technical difficulties. We got so frustrated we decided to use a competing app and service instead. On a computer through a regular browser the website works perfectly fine, but the app has been an excruciating experience for collaborative planning.

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- Great App

Easy to book and pay

- Totally unreliable

This app has a super disorganised back end - I was trying to book a house for hours and kept getting wrong pricing, houses that were in fact booked but showing available….then comparing some properties to the same ones listed on Airbnb and seeing them on VRDO HUNDREDS of dollars more expensive! Avoid. Stick to airbnb if you want to know you’re safely booking reliable accommodation.

- Don’t even deserve one star

Booked a room with a vendor and then decided I needed a bigger room so I booked a bigger room with the same vendor and requested a cancellation on the smaller room. A month on, hundreds of dollars spent on international calls to Vbro, the smaller room is still not cancelled. Worst part is that Vbro team hangs up on me when they don’t know what to do!!!!! All those security labels on their site are a SCAM!!!! Buyer beware!!!!

- Can’t load messages!!!

Whilst this is a good service the app itself is rubbish. I can’t load any messages and get the check in details of my accommodation. Luckily I have the owners phone number from a previous stay otherwise I would be screwed. Please fix up your up VRbo

- Availability

Its really annoying when properties are listed as available when they are not.

- Poor sign up / login process

Not a very user friendly login or sign up process. Couldn’t get past front screen

- Slow with poor usability

Needs attention from an expert UX designer

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- Easy to use

Enjoyed using it!

- Easy to use

Such a pleasant experience dealing with VRBO - easy to use sums it up.

- No communication

I have been trying done 9 days to get in touch with anyone at vrbo or evolve vacation rentals. We are trying to cancel due to the state being on lock down, and have still not heard back from anyone. They have now gone and processed the entire payment, after 9 emails, Facebook messages, comments, calls, and 5 messages through app. This is a joke!


Used to love VRBO until recent buyout by Expedia. They couldn’t process a simple payment on my recent rental leaving me scrambling to contact the owner myself. Multiple calls and online chats ended every time with promises to get back to me, elevate it to tech department, a resolutions department etc. All went unanswered. No responses until I re-initiated contact. Their final resolution? PAY THE OWNER DIRECTLY IN CASH!! Spent 3 days of my “vacation” travelling across a Caribbean island to meet up with the owner and pay him as much cash as my debit card would let me withdraw each day. On the third day the bank flagged my card due to multiple large cash withdrawals in a foreign country. 2 hours on hold for that.... I have used AirBnB as well with NO issues whatsoever. They have my business now. VRBO - never again. Cam I give Zero stars?

- Worthless

App and company are both worthless. Will not refund any amount or allow you to reschedule a booking even during a global pandemic. They could step up and force the policy but refuse. Use AirBnb at least they actually care about people.

- Greedy Scammers

VRBO refused to issue a refund after i was unable to travel due to Covid19. They would not assist in any way and their live chat was frequently disconnected by the chat agent anytime it was convenient for them. Do. Not. Support. This company.

- Despicable Company

This is an Expedia owned company that didn’t help us out when we weren’t even allowed to leave our country to travel to our rental property during the COVID-19 pandemic. Greedy owners took all of our money, and VRBO just stood by and supported them. AirBNB did full refunds for their renters - they get ALL my business from now on.

- Oops!

For a couple of years now, when I try to access my bookings in the app, I get the “Oops! Try again” message. So frustrating. Never happens in airBnB app so what’s the issue here, VRBO? I just access my account via Safari now.

- Scam

Don’t use this app. The host cancels on us last minute. Excepting a full refund however they charge a service fee. Terrible app.

- Very responsive and helpful

All of our experiences to date, with VRBO, have been positive. Owners are very caring and responsive.

- Terrible

Scammers that take your money and never answer customer service calls, I have been on the phone 3 times today 30+ minutes each. It rings after being on hold, goes quiet, then hangs up every time. Very disappointed, USE ANY OTHER APP THAN THIS ONE!

- Good app

Wish there were a few more filters. We are always looking at houses with a games room in Florida. Needs to be a filter for this. Would save me a lot of time. Otherwise great app.

- As good as it gets

Usual first class service and peace of mind knowing that you are booking with a 5 Star organization.

- Horrible

Negative 'stars' This is the final time you'll hear from me. Your support with a difficult owner/manager is dismal ... during a pandemic ... thanks for nothing. I couldn't be more disappointed and angry. Geri M Smith wow can't even leave a review..

- Currency

The web site gave the option of choosing Can $ but when booking the final option was US $ only. This was very confusing. I contacted VRBO and was given different answers from the virtual chat. Eventually called a live person who advised I could choose Can $. We went through the VRBO screen together and at the end Maria said I could only pay in US$. There was no option to pay in Can S.

- Easy Peary

So easy to make a reservation! The site is so easy to use and you can contact the rental owner with gyrations at any time - love it 😊

- Use any of their competitors

Highly recommended that you avoid using vrbo and use ANY one of their competitors. Our group of 10, which was inclusive of individuals who work as first responders/essential services (nurses, teachers, seniors care, firefighters, lawyers and law enforcement corrections) wanted a deserved break/kid free weekend and decided to book a property in early December when the region we were staying in was still in the “green zone” and allowed indoor gatherings. However, due to the uncertainty of future events, it was confirmed in writing by the owner of the property that if for some reason he could not rent to our group due to government mandates, that we would be issued a credit and allowed to rebook for a future date! When the covid lock down occured and the "stay at home order" was imposed in Ontario, we attempted to reasonably come to a resolution to rebook for a different weekend, which was previously stated by the owner to not be an issue. But to our surprise, the owner went back on his statement and instead told us that he didn’t offer refunds or rescheduling and that he would not allow us to rebook for a different weekend as previously stated because “he could still honour our booking and recommend a one household limit” (even though he charged us for 10 people) and that we would be responsible for any fines issued if we were in violation of the rules. He then suggested that we cancel our booking (no refund) and rebook a weekend that worked for us (charge us another $2,100) so that he could attempt to rebook our dates and only offered us a “chance” of receiving a refund based on the funds he could recoup. We were then threatened with fraudulent claims that we would be held responsible for damages to his property for the weekend we had booked even though we told him we were not coming due to government restrictions. I contacted vrbo multiple times to get help in resolving the matter and on many occasions I was either hung up on or disconnected from the chat. They didn’t want to deal with any of it. They also just kept saying they can’t change the cancelation policy, which I wasn’t arguing with them. I was arguing the fact that one of the owners they advertise for was going back on a written agreement that was in place before I booked the property. Needless to say, they did nothing. Their customer service is a joke. Following our weekend, in which we didn’t attend, I received an email from vrbo to write a review. So I reviewed my negative experience with the owner and how useless vrbo is in resolving any issue and to use caution when booking a property through them. I then contacted vrbo after 2 weeks of not seeing my review posted and was told they rejected my post because “you didn’t stay at the property”. So I wasn’t allowed to review my negative experience with the owner (to warn others) or with them as a useless company because “I didn’t attend the property” which I wasn’t legally allowed to do...I also asked to put in a complaint about the owner they advertise for and was given an email that doesn’t even work. In conclusion, I would avoid using vrbo. If it was so easy for this one owner to get away with taking money from travellers and not receiving any help from VRBO in rectifying the issue, I would assume that it is common practice.

- Terrible experience

After many hours and 4 failed calls with customer service I gave up trying to navigate the set up. Nothing but error messages and frustration

- Bad experience

Do not install this app!! Worst customer service and people fraud on this app

- Vrbo app. issue

I have used this app before on other trios and it was very good This time the app would not load my trip info. I’ve been somewhat in contact with tech support but they were not very helpful. I am a bit disappointed

- Bad very bad

I booked a place for my birthday and the day I was suppose to check in... I was outside the place but no one showed up. I waited there for 2 hours and then I got an email that my reservation is canceled. DON’T TRUST THEM

- VRBO makes vacationing a breeze

We have used VRBO to book holidays all over the world and have consistently had positive experiences. I highly recommend this app!

- Worst place to book

I’ve planned trips frequently and was sent some links from buddies they found off vrbo. The first place I booked said they had availability for the week however this was not the case. The second place I booked, I received no response from the owners. The third place I booked was a scam that required a certain amount of guests therefore upped the price but advertised it at a cheap price for less than the maximum that turned out to be the minimum number of guests at a set price. This app is god awful, owners don’t reply/have no obligation to, there is no commitment or service for the customers wishing to rent a property.

- Payment issues

I wasn’t able to pay through the email link you sent me. I had to go on the main website in order to make the payment.

- Damage deposit takes forever

Takes two weeks from ending our stay to initiate the damage deposit refund then takes 3 to 4 weeks to process. Will not use this again.

- Confusing and note helpful

Wrong price advertised. More than doubled before accepted by owner and then couldn't book it. We spent 1.5 hours on hold and 3 phone calls to VRBO and multiple messages to the owner. Both ssy they can't fix it "call the other party" and neither would call each other to solve their/our problem. Frustrated beyond!! This is not customer service! Next time will use air bnb or another booking agency.

- Prices

When I put my price range for a nightly rate the list shows that but once you click on a house to see it the prices increase- therefore they don’t show the amounts in your price range

- Villa for 2021

Spent a great deal of time searching for villas in Southern Dunes for next year as my place has already been booked. Using VRBO was a great time saver to review places in this community. Booking was easy and confirmation immediate. Thanks for helping get settled for next year!

- Why show unavailable listings?

This app shows me listings that are unavailable for the dates I selected, does it want to waste my time on purpose?

- VRBO crooks during COVID pandemic

Our March 21-28 VRBO booking on St Maarten, Smaart Vacations PM John, refused to refund the other 50% of our vacation in spite of COVID-19 pandemic. We are both health care workers and unemployed with no income in sight. Our loss was over $3000 CDN. We can’t believe how heartless these people have been! Our family will never book with VRBO again unless this gets rectified. We have written to everyone and one of the agents did call us back and said that almost all owners were giving full refunds in the light of the situation, and we are in an unfortunate 1-2% of owners who are instead choosing to be very greedy, steal our hard-earned vacation money and run! Despicable. At the end it’s the owner’s discretion. We have, however, been contacted by a lawyer looking into a group action suit against VRBO.

- Twin Palms Vrbo # 358482

We rented this home from Dec28/ 2019 until March 15/ 2020. We moved out of the house on January 22 due to numerous issues . I think vrbo should ensure that pictures on their web site are accurate and updated . The outside furniture looked fine in the photos but was in fact broken and the paint was peeling on the bench that was also rotting out . The kitchen cupboards were dirty and open food was left in the cupboards and fridge . The atrium in the master bedroom was not cared for and the last straw was an ant infestation we had to deal with . This home is not what is shown on the vrbo website . We would like to forward to vrbo Cecile and Rob Neil

- Price trap

The lead price should be the price paid per night.

- Disappointing

That the pricing shown on the listings does not reflect actual/final prices....teaser prices to get you to book then horrendous additional “fees” to both Vrbo and owner to overall total. I find this practice to be very deceptive.

- Does not work

I’ve always used Homeaway seamlessly and now that it’s VRBO the app won’t let me sign in and keeps saying unexpected error Can’t even view upcoming trip.

- Terrible App

This app is totally non functional. Non of the actions work. Including trying to make a payment. It was designed on the cheap and they won’t spend the money to fix it. I would give it no stars if I could.

- Argh

Canadian issued MasterCard that is not acceptable for VRBO while I am in the USA. Does not make sense.

- Can’t use the app to book

Stick with the website app is useless

- The VRBO captions are tiresome

100 people looking at it always booked good find etc etc etc Just the facts and forget the hype.

- Buggy APP. Great idea and very useful if it works

Dates malfunction. Payments malfunction.

- iPad

Poor performance when using an iPad

- Great Service

Used VRBO for years. 99 % success. ( only one bad experience ) Thanks

- Programmer for this app should be fired!!!

Worst most useless app ever!! VRBO get a new programmer ASAP!!! You are probably loosing tons of customers!

- Worst booking experience ever

What has happened to VRBO’s user experience to cause it to be THE WORST travel booking experience on the web? After 6 weeks we can finally get through the payment process. Do better!!!

- Question

Why are the prices in US dollars?

- Haute Bohemian Hideaway

Kelowna’s best kept secret, a cozy cottage downtown! We loved our stay, the place was spotlessly clean , lots of towels and best of all he beds were comfy . Decorating was something out of a magazine ,it was perfect . Check in was easy and being my first time using VRBO the owners were super helpful and responsive to any questions I had . The Guest book was also very well laid out and tried several of the suggested restaurants too! Cheers,Melissa

- A fantastic tool for any traveling

We have been using VRBO for many years now, and our experience has been in all cases absolutely flawless. Thank you very much!

- Impossible to contact anyone!!!

The app has no help or way to contact anyone at VRBO. VRBO website is also broken. I have an urgent question. Why don’t you have an email or phone number for people with questions!!!??? Airbnb is so much better for service and they aren’t great.

- Top Vacation Rental site

Our family has used VRBO several times over the years and we have never been disappointed. This is the #1 vacation rental site!!!!!

- The best way to travel

We have stayed in about 10 home away/ Vrbo . Have stayed in some amazing places . Thank you

- Excellent APP

I have used this service several times and have always gotten excellent service. It is so user friendly and gives me peace of mind that my information is secure and everything is professional. I only book a vacation from VEBO and recommend it to everyone.

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greta 🍁💀🎃👻

swear to god if i get one more ad for vrbo vacation rentals telling me to go island hopping in greece during a global pandemic i’m gonna scream

Travel + Leisure

Instagram Was Obsessed With These 10 Vacation Homes — and You Can Rent Them on Vrbo


@radiocolin Look on VRBO at VA beach. There were a TON of very affordable rentals last I looked. We had planned for a vacation this summer but with COVID, it didn’t happen.

Uber Real Estate

A or B ? Comment Below. #uber #uberrealestate #uberbnb #travel #tourism #vacation #realestate #realtor #broker #property #rentals #rentalproperty #bnb #homesweethome #rooms #experiences #traveller #travelguide #airbnb #airbnbhost #airbnbguest #vrbo #booking #oyo

Rafa Piña

Instagram Was Obsessed With these 10 Vacation Homes via @TravelLeisure #SocialMedia #Instagram

𝕁𝕦𝕤𝕥𝕚𝕟 𝔾𝕒𝕣𝕕𝕟𝕖𝕣

@NikkiBraendlin @emilybest @lmcnelly I don't know if this is true or not, but AirBnb's biggest competitor, VRBO, has been advertising like crazy on the cable channels. So I have to think they're seeing an uptick in vacation rentals.

Travel + Leisure

This Futuristic Looking Beach House Sits on a Pole in Australia — and You Can Rent It For Your Next Vacation

Uber Real Estate

Say YES if you agree! #uber #uberrealestate #uberbnb #travel #tourism #vacation #realestate #realtor #broker #property #rentals #rentalproperty #bnb #homesweethome #rooms #experiences #traveller #travelguide #airbnb #airbnbhost #airbnbguest #vrbo #booking #oyo


Stay at this futuristic-looking beach house in Australia for a gravity-defying experience

Hauspost - Homesharing News

December 27, 2020 - Instagram Was Obsessed With These 10 Vacation Homes - and You Can Rent Them on Vrbo (@TravelLeisure) #vrbo #travelleisure #hauspost #homesharing #shorttermrentals

Uber Real Estate

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Samara Info Center

VRBO Super hosts Danilo & Jennifer invite you to enjoy their fantastic well-appointed 2-bedroom condominium overlooking the beautiful Samara Bay. Stunning ocean views, amazing sunsets, and luxury accommodations await you. VRBO Link...

Vrbo Vacation Rentals 2022.09 Screenshots & Images

Vrbo Vacation Rentals iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Vrbo Vacation Rentals iphone images
Vrbo Vacation Rentals iphone images
Vrbo Vacation Rentals iphone images
Vrbo Vacation Rentals iphone images
Vrbo Vacation Rentals iphone images
Vrbo Vacation Rentals iphone images
Vrbo Vacation Rentals iphone images
Vrbo Vacation Rentals iphone images
Vrbo Vacation Rentals iphone images

Vrbo Vacation Rentals (Version 2022.09) Install & Download

The applications Vrbo Vacation Rentals was published in the category Travel on 2017-07-19 and was developed by HomeAway.com, Inc. [Developer ID: 416091680]. This application file size is 287.04 MB. Vrbo Vacation Rentals - Travel app posted on 2022-05-10 current version is 2022.09 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.vrbo.traveler