NDI HX Camera App Reviews


NDI HX Camera App Description & Overview

What is ndi hx camera app? The official NDI® Camera. Turn your phone or tablet into a live video production camera.

NDI® (Network Device Interface) is a low latency IP video protocol developed especially for professional live video production, and is supported by an extensive list of broadcast systems from many manufacturers.

NDI® HX Camera turns your iOS imaging devices into high-quality wireless a/v sources for NDI-enabled broadcast systems and software on the same network. Your device’s output is automatically recognized by NDI-enabled* video systems, ready to be mixed into live shows or even for use as a web camera when used in conjunction with NDI® Tools (ndi.tv/tools).

* Note: Requires support for NDI v.4 or better.

Basic Features
• Easy to use
• iPhone and iPad compatibility
• Front/rear camera selection
• Auto Focus, AF Lock, or tap to focus
• Auto Exposure, AE Lock
• Manual exposure compensation
• Light on/off (on supporting devices)
• Audio mute
• Optional grid overlay

Advanced Features
• HI Bandwidth (up to 4K), medium (up to 1080p) and standard (640x480) modes
• Simple pinch zooming
• Automatic NDI device recognition
• Connection notification and tally (on air/preview) displays

• Knowledge Base Articles https://support.newtek.com/hc/en-us/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&query=iphone&commit=Search

• NDI Forums https://forums.newtek.com/forumdisplay.php/360-NDI-%28Network-Device-Interface%29

• Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XZujmgL3uc&t=4s

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App Name NDI HX Camera
Category Photo & Video
Updated 18 December 2020, Friday
File Size 4.04 MB

NDI HX Camera Comments & Reviews 2024

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Not ready for Mac streaming. The camera app for iPhone is fine, since it controls the internal camera. But there’s a utility missing from the Mac tools package that is included in Windows: NDI Virtual Input. Without this, you cannot use the camera output in third-party apps like Zoom. So yes, you can stream into your MacBook or other MacOS device, but it’s strictly one way; you can’t output via other apps yet.

Perfect. This, along with the other NDI apps, has made my life so much easier for multicam streaming. Thank you!

Coming from TC Camera. I definitely found this to be more reliable than the TC Camera app. I actually had to switch to this during a production when my camera connection went out. Really good product and great video quality.

unclear and confusing. The app is unclear and confusing with no help or instructions. There's no direction on which of the five macOS downloads need to be installed in order to use the camera app as a video source in e.g. Zoom. Pretty technological achievements are nice but the usability just isn't there.

Overall good but less configurable. There are only 3 options for quality level. The quality is not documented clearly. For example, highest quality on iPhone 11 streams 4K 30fps. I want to have Full HD 60 fps but I cannot find that option.

It’s a good start. I love the NDI tech over cat5 but over witless is not stable enough. This is a great app for testing signal but the latency over WiFi makes the camera and audio almost useless. I wish I could also connect via Lightning cable like OBS camera it will be a huge improvement but I understand it won’t be using NDI tech at that point which makes it null.

Gives us camera selection. It would be nice to have options to select what lens to use from wide angle to tele lens on iPhones.

Works well with NDI 5.5. Seems to connect faster and hold a connection better than previous NDI. If you are having issues with NDI performing inconsistently make sure your devices are only on your 5G network and aren’t switching to the 2g one.

I like this app but…. I love the idea of NDI. Still the best and easiest way to broadcast wirelessly within a network. However I don’t see why the screen needs to remain on during broadcasting, and needless draining the phone or tablets battery. DroidCam which is a similar product allows the screen to be shut off. If I need to review the "scene" I can tap the screen to turn it on. Otherwise I’m at another location viewing the camera from my encoder (VMix) and don’t need the phone discharging faster than necessary.

No IPhone to Mac broadcasting. The NDI tool you need to broadcast from your iPhone to your Mac is the NDI Virtual Input. This tool is currently not available for Mac, so there is no way to broadcast your IPhone cam footage into the Apps you use (Zoom, Teams, Skype etc). It would be nice to know this BEFORE you download the tools and go through all the setup. Useless for IPhone Mac combo.

Badly needs support for switching between the various iPhone cameras. The app streams very smoothly — as usual, NDI is a fricking great protocol. Unfortunately, *besides* the quality of the actual streaming, everything else is terrible. UI is very basic, basically no features. To be frank, that’s not a huge deal, to me; the point is the streaming, and it does that well. The one really, really serious issue, is that I can’t control which of the three cameras (wide-angle, normal, telephoto) the app uses on my iPad or iPhone. As far as I can tell, you’re stuck on the normal camera, period, until they update with more options.

Bugs or snake oil?. I purchased this app exclusively because it said that it will transmit video in 4k@60fps. Upon downloading NDI 5, it’s only recognizing video stream in 2k@30fps. On top of that, I can’t record video even in 2k@30fps without SIGNIFICANT lag. The only way to stop the lag is to switch to low bandwidth mode. I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max, a high-end gaming laptop, and as well as a gigabit fiber optic internet connection. I know my phone is capable of recording 4k footage @ 60fps and that my laptop and internet is more than capable of handling the bandwidth. PLEASE look into this! If I’m paying for an app, I expect it to work as advertised.

Great app. I think this is intended for ‘pro’ use but it’s a good solution for using an iOS device as a webcam should you need one.

It Works. Hello. Like this product :) it is good for normal people I am using obs with 3 phones. all have this app.. and as I use an haswel laptop I have some problems with cpu usage and HW accelerated decode is not helping that mouth …. just wish to have more options in video quality output… 3 quality presets is not enough for me :) the app has really not great support for an notches on the phone - is looking really hideous it is reliable app ;) hope this app gets som love from designers and developers :))) right now just 3 stars sorry

Great use case for an App Store refund feature. Essentially nonexistent configurability. Competing apps allow you to specify your resolution and FPS in advanced settings to tune as needed for your environment. This app has a cryptic 3-way toggle that doesn’t provide much info. Additionally there are serious issues between this app and the OBS NDI plugin causing audio stuttering on all sources if conditions aren’t absolutely lab-perfect. Strongly regret the purchase.

Game changer. I have been using this app for almost a year now. I use it to film podcasts and other online events. I love using the NDI plugins to run through OBS and I even use them to broadcast to Zoom. Thanks guys.

Color coded borders are cool. I’ve been using this every day since April. It is rock solid good stuff!! Recently, I have added camera operators - not just setting up 3 static shots. The operators noticed that when using this app to send video to Wirecast, the border around the image changed. Blue connected, Green in preview, Red the image is live. I love it, that really helps them out. There are red covers you can put over the flash on the phone because some video software can turn on the flash when the camera is live. I don’t know if this would be a Wirecast feature or an NDI app feature to enable turning on the flash. Being able to signal to the front of the camera that it is live would be useful to let people know what camera to talk to.

Good App Could Be Better. We’re using this app via a dedicated local area network with OBS (with the NDI plugin) We connect 3 cameras to the network via lightning to Ethernet adapter. We use OBS with the NDI plugin. Pros: Can control exposure and focus. Can mute the audio if unneeded. Can switch between different output bandwidth. Can use the front facing camera. If using multi cam, a red box around the frame turns green. Can switch between UDP and TCP (network stuff) Cons/Wishlist: No selecting specific frame rate. No selecting specific output resolution (it’s not clear) No selecting different lenses (zoom ultra wide) It would be great to be able to turn down resolution when source isn’t being used to conserve network bandwidth. It would be great when using multicam to turn on flash to show when source is live. This might be a long shot but remote control zoom, focus, exposure would be amazing. I would pay for in app purchases/pro version with these extra features. All around, it’s a pretty capable app, but a little more control would be clutch.

Couldn’t get it to sync for streaming. Purchased this based on a recommendation to sync it with OBS and it doesn’t function as instructed. It’s not quite the same as the NDI camera that was available before. Barely any options and no instructions or troubleshooting is available. Got what I needed from iVCam. I’d like a refund.

Heats up both iPhone 6s and X. I used the app on both an iPhone 6s and an iPhone X. It does look much better than a webcam, specially the iPhone X because of the camera. It was simple enough to connect it to OBS as well; however, I had some challenges: 1) Both phones heated up too much when running the app. The iPhone 6s even issued a warning and shut off itself which I never saw doing before. Therefore this avoided me from using this app to replace my webcam, which is why I gave it three 3 stars, because it’s a free app I didn’t give it a lower rating. 2). The WiFi generates a delay between the audio and the video, so I had to tune it on the OBS mixer, it took several tests, but it was ok. The real problem was that the next day the delay was different so I had to readjust the settings which was annoying. There should be an option to use the cable from my point of view. Again, since the app is free I didn’t want to give it a lower rating and I’m hoping the heating up issue can be fixed with an update. I want to try a different application which allows to connect the cable since I’m just looking to replace the webcam with the iPhone 6s. Unfortunately I’m hesitant because the other apps cost money and they have bad reviews.

Resolume 6 wont support camera. We downloaded this as a trial to try some fun things live with resolume. We are getting the need to update sdk that the app says it will do if it can’t receive it. Looking for work arounds?

It works great. I have been using this for 3 weeks now with OBS. It has a consistent 1300ms latency on my rig. Once I set the external audio interface with the correct delay, it has been great. The video did freeze a little at first and I was very disappointed. I put the WiFi in low data mode and that completely corrected it. I use it at 1080 without the ndi audio. I cannot thank you enough for this. Flawless.

Didn’t work when actually needed.. Ran all kinds of tests with this app connected to OBS. Never had an issue. Tonight I wanted to use it to add a camera to a livestream. Again, have tested this. Refused to work and there was no way to know why.

Missing a few key features for me but useful nonetheless. The NDI camera app is extremely useful and powerful. I use it in a wide variety of situations, including as a WebCam. The only things missing are the ability to use the volume controls of the phone to zoom in and out. This would make using it as my WebCam thousand times easier as I can just hit the hardware volume keys to control the zoom. Another missing feature is the ability to select frame rates currently it is locked to 30fps with no way to change this.

Great when you optimize connection. I’ve been using with an old iPhone 6 and Ecamm running on a good MacBook Pro (2012). Best results when connecting the iPhone to MacBook with Ethernet cable. Also had good results when connecting a 5g TP-Link WiFi to MacBook with Ethernet cable and having the iPhone as the only device on the WiFi. I think it would be better with a modern phone but the connection is key. I like to think of the Ethernet cable as a very inexpensive HDMI on a free video camera. Try this with Ecamm. I have used this for streaming church services for 4 weeks. Just got the Ethernet connection working. Recorded excellent video to Ecamm using an Ethernet connection for over an hour.

It works, but it does have latency.. Simple to install and configure. However, it had about 1 second of latency on a iPhone 8 Plus into vMix with wireless router just a few feet away-no other traffic. App bandwidth settings don’t matter.

Works Well, Lacks Features. 99% of the time it works all the time, but that’s not why this review matters. Auto-focus doesn’t lock properly, you can’t switch between various lenses on the front or rear cameras (like, you cannot use your wide angle lenses at all), white balance is a nightmare / non-existent, you can’t lock exposure properly, and updates are very few and far between. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Poor performance, Not Reliable. Poor Performance for a great Idea, I’m tried it with 260 Mbps down and 29 Mbps up, the app has lag and stuttering to the point that it’s not usable at all, I will not recommend to use this to do any streaming too expensive and it doesn’t deliver what they offer. You Better buy “Shoot - camera fees” cheap and reliable as the connection is made through your logging cable, I have use it for 2 iPhones as cameras as the same time and works perfect, you will gain so much screen view without being concern about performance issues, highly recommended.

Had promise but overheats my iPhone 6s Plus. Technically the app is simple and just seems to work. Unfortunately on my 6s I can only go for about 10 minutes before it overheats. I have no case on my phone and it was mounted in a cradle arm so it had good airflow around it. I haven’t tried on my other iPhones because I can’t risk the phone shutting down during a presentation due to overheating.

Can’t Complain; Worked Instantly. I’m running VMix on Windows 10, and literally the SECOND I opened this app on my phone, it popped up as an NDI signal in the input selection menu. There’s a slight bit of jittering at full quality, and in general some latency, but I’ll attribute that to not having flawless WiFi speeds where I’m at. I like to buy things that Just. Work. - It’s the same reason I use Apple products... Thanks guys!

Fantastic App. This is a great app if used correctly. Yes you will need 5ghz wifi. It can be used on 2.4 however found it optimal on 5ghz. Also it can be used with ethernet on same network. Make sure to use the appropriate drivers/software on your machine. Again i recommend this app. Excellent work NDI.

Works amazingly. From a technical perspective, this app (and the underlying architecture) is amazing. I had a bunch of friends over to play PC games and we did a stream of the whole thing with up to 8 different NDI sources all streaming over the network with remarkably low latency. My ONLY request would be to extend support for older iOS versions. I have a few old devices I’d love to be able to set up as cameras for the next one!

Latest version won’t retain settings. This app was okay until the latest release. The release last week broke the little bandwidth dial so badly that we are looking for alternatives. We always use it at the highest setting (1080p), but now every time we launch the app, it reverts to the middle setting (720p), which results in major problems downstream.

Does not work with Macs.. Wanted to use this for a Zoom/Skype webcam for my new Mac mini - no go. You can use the NDI Monitor software to see/hear the feed but no way to integrate it into apps like Zoom. I guess if you are a Windows user it may be a good option, but don’t waste your time if you are Mac user.

Wide angle support. It should take advantage of the wide angle lens on newer iPhones.

That’s it?!?. This is is way to expensive for the lack of features. Frame rate, resolution, and camera selection should be standard options here. For the cost of this I should at least be able to use all of my phones cameras. Can I get a refund please?

Was working great, started to get choppy. I was using this to connect my iPhone 11 to OBS on my Mac to record 1080p. I’m also planning to use this to stream. The video recording that came out was nice and smooth for the most part. However, today the video seems to be choppy. I tried using another app called EpocCam to connect to OBS also through NDI and the connection was much more smooth - and there was a lot less latency from what I could monitor on my phone to what OBS was monitoring - it was almost instant. The issue with EpocCam is it was not recording audio. Although I am recording audio separately from video, I use the iPhone audio in order to sync up the video after the recording. I am wondering if this choppiness was introduced because of the most recent update... my internet speeds are well above 200Mbps albeit on WiFi. I can’t really explain why just two days ago the app was working much better than now. Can anyone from NewTek help out? Otherwise the app and functionality are great. I do wish they would add ultra wide support for the iPhone 11 though.

Lock you at 30fps. It stated on they website that this tool can do 4k at 60 fps, however it lock you at 30 fps regardless of the pixel density you choose. Also there is no way to use a wired connection from you phone to you computer. Real waste of money.

Video is lagging. It keeps buffering not good for live streaming not worth the 20 dollars if I can get a refund I would have ask for one running on 1gigabyte internet

Don’t buy. I literally just bought this for Streamlabs OBS and it lags really bad. I have solid internet and I stream on a daily basis with a nice PC setup. For the price this product should offer a usb to pc connection. For just straight reliance on wifi I would not recommend buying this. Waste of $20. I want my money back. Like seriously don’t buy. It’s sounds great but the performance is horrible. I have an iPhone 11 Pro as well so the quality should be amazing. Literally like a 2 sec delay compared to my Logitech c922.

I like it. This is a great app, wish you had the option to select the camera lenses on iPhone 13

More IP cameras for OBS Studio. Today, Newtek provided this app for free. I installed the app on my iPad, installed the NDI-OBS plugin and Newtek’s NDI tools on my PC and voila: I have a new camera source to use in OBS. Works great on a 5 GHz WiFi connection. Thank you Newtek for this app.; love it.

Game changer!. This new app, capable of 4K clearly puts The three main competing apps in the toilet. Awesome performance and totally compatible with ECAMM as well as others. A+++!

Solid with Hardware Ethernet off of iPhone 11 Pro. Decided to experiment and got myself a Belkin lightning port to Ethernet adapter to work alongside an iPhone 11 Pro while using this app... Works flawlessly in presenting itself into vMix as an NDI source driving 4K video into our productions... Would love to see remote control options and support for different frame rates in a future iteration...

Is there a paid version without the NDI logo?. I like this for streaming except for the giant logo...can I pay to remove it? Or is there a way to replace it with our own logo? Thanks

Request to REFUND. It has big problem with using for me. When I tried to use this app for streaming before it was not work goodly. Connection wasn’t stable. Especially, This app just only can use Wi-Fi I coulnd’t using through desk top situation Please refund for me

Cannot get it working with OBS. Don’t work for me I have it on IPhone 12, and I can only get audio on obs. The screen is blacked out. Then can’t find the obs enabled in the privacy and security setting.

No Mac Support. BEWARE! I spent the whole morning trying everything to get this to work on my Mac, only to find that NewTek does NOT provide the necessary driver (NDI Virtual Input) for Mac! I had to search in the comments to forum posts to find this out after trying everything! Don’t waste your time or money if you’re on a Mac!

Works flawlessly as remote cam in Livestream Studio. This app is purpose built and if you use it for that purpose it’s excellent. I downloaded the app, launched it, opened Livestream Studio and added an NDI input and the camera feed was picked up immediately and looked crystal clear. Blows the Livestream remote app out of the water. My home WiFi is so-so and the feed was stable. Thank you very much for the app. You guys rock!

Perfect. I went through every other ndi app (free apps) with very little luck gaining a stable, high definition NDI source for OBS. Setting up the stream with the tools provided was effortless and only required me to go through the process one time. I plan on upgrading to the pay app ASAP and will remain loyal to this developer.

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Works perfectly. This helps me have a webcam on my stream it’s amazing! Twitch/ allwoody 🤟😊

Just awesome! A true wifi enabled webcam. The built in webcam in my laptop is awful, and the quality poor. I downloaded the app, and in 2 minutes had a hi-def wireless webcam with mic! I had to download some drivers from the web site , the only feedback I’d give is perhaps the developers could just slim the package down and provide only the drivers required for a one click install to use your iPhone camera in apps like Skype and teams :)

Not working at all. The website is not clear, the software it is not friendly to use. Terrible investment for my teaching classes.

Does not work. Whilst other NDI devices work fine, I could not connect my phone to my laptop on three different networks, including my hotspot. Every time I would be met with the horrific “No NDI Sources Found” error. To compound this supporting documentation is sorely lacking. In my searches for a solution the internet provides me the official set up video, which provides no troubleshooting steps, and then forum post after forum post of people detailing similar problems with this app, to no response. Truly an awful experience for a paid app.

***** Feature Request *****. Please add in the function to allow image flipping, this is for DOF adapter users. Thank you for the useful app, keep up the good work!

I have been waiting for this for so long. To be able to leverage the power of phone cameras with NDI tek is something I’ve been waiting for and this works great for streaming and recording. Very powerful tool

Lacks professional features. The performance of the NDI stream is great, even at higher bandwidth modes. The biggest disappointment for an app in this pricing bracket is the lack of manual framerate, resolution, white balance and shutter speed control (I would like a 1/48 shutter angle running at 24fps). The exposure compensation option is not good enough. This app is severely crippled due to these basic pro feature that are missing. I do not recommend this app for professionals.

Awesome, easy to use. Doesn’t support wide/Tele angle camera. Cameras are detected almost instantly on my computer. Minus one star as I wish it could support the wide/Tele angle camera as well

Just works. Using with livestream studio. It simply works.

Works well but…. Very low latency and great quality over network video. Unfortunately, it uses the standard (wide) camera and not the telephoto and ultrawide cameras.

Currently not working in 15.2.1 ☹️. Not working with current iOS

Decent but developers don’t address feedback. Works, but has pretty basic functionality. People have been requesting simple improvements such as multiple lens support for zooming in and out, but they have not added this for over a year.

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Newtek with Ipad air 2. Edit After playing around a bit more realized that if you press and hold for a couple seconds it will freeze focus. Have not tried for more then an hour but seems to work well with good Asus 5g router wifi. Feed is delayed by about 150 milliseconds but image looks good for an Ipad Air 2. Still would be a much better app if it was just a source feed then you could use Powerpoint or Keynote and also choose other camera apps. etc.... 4 stars for the app but 5 stars for NDI Tools😀 Works not bad but I can not believe that with the recent update they did not implement focus control as lack of it kills the entire app. Ridiculous.......Camera is constantly refocusing unless your filming a picture with no movement on a tripod. Need manual focus!!!! Kinda useless and until this is fixed a waste of $27.00:(( As well why not make it for the whole ipad rather then just the camera then this could be used as a dedicated source. If it was not for the fact that the NDI tools are free I would feel ripped off with this app. Shame as the NDI tools work perfect.

Great For Live Streaming!. Very user-friendly and straightforward. Once you setup it up right, you’ll get good results!

Thanks!. This is an awesome product and the discount came at a great time

Network lagging. Sometimes outputs a Green and Red Line at top , and even in low bandwith mode , can barely do 5 fps. Even though the Wifi is running 1.3 mpbs it is not working well. Network runs any source , including other computers on Wifi better than this app on iOS . Dissapointed , especially that Newtek should problably pffer it free with this kind of unreliableness .

Doesn’t work. First, there’s very little info on how to make this work with SLOBS. We get tons of frame loss and there’s no info on how to fix it. We even tried directly wiring it to the router and there was still frame loss. This app is a total waste of money. Don’t buy it.

Feature request. Any possibility of remote control via VISCA over IP to allow for Pan/Tilt/Zoom?

Great for social distancing!. I’m using an iPhone XR, NewTek Camera Capture, NDI tools Studio Monitor, and zoom screen sharing to broadcast my Pandemic Legacy board game to my buddies. The picture quality is amaze-balls! I look forward to game night each week and follow social distancing rules. Thanks!

Don’t waste your money. Lousy product Support non existing Very disappointed Can’t use on Studio 6 or Vimeo

0.5x Camera. Please enable 0.5x for iPhone 11 Pro

iOS + Wndows Setup. This app is awesome for iPad, but does not seem to work for my iPhone X.For the price of the app I expected more....

Serious Audio Bug. This app has not been updated in over a year. I’ve been using it since May 2020 on my iPhone 11 to send video and audio to OBS on my Macbook Pro 16-inch 2019 - there have always been intermittent audio issues. After recently upgrading my laptop to Monterey and my iPhone to iOS 15.2, those audio issues are now permanent. The signal sounds okay as I monitor in realtime, but the audio on recordings or live streams is extremely choppy and unusable. Support? Non-existent. Sent a support request on Jan 17, 2022. Received an automatic reply saying “an analyst will be providing a response to your message, generally within two business days.” Nine business days later, still no reply. Eventually found a far better app with NDI that is updated regularly. I have no further interest in using any Newtek products.

Needs more controls. It would be nice to have full control over choosing which lenses to use on iPhone as well as full control over locking all settings manually and what resolution and frame rate.

iPhone 11. Very poor performances, doesn’t connect half of the time, very unreliable

Amazing. This app is amazing! I am able to run 4K at high FPS using my iPhone 6s no problem to OBS. To those who gave low star ratings because of heat and low frame rate: First off the only network component that matters is your wifi, not your internet speed. Second, of course it gets hot! I would expect nothing less. I put a heat sink on the phone and problem solved. If you are using your main phone for this, well you should expect heat. Awesome product!

Ultra Wide Angle?. Please enable the Ultra Wide Angle option for a lens on the iPhone 11 Pro.

Needs a caring developer. As this does not cater for the current multi camera phones. It just uses one lens so there is no high quality method of zooming in to your subject, just degraded digital zoom. Also greater colour control such as white balance & gamma would make this app much more appealing.

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Can I get a refund?. Spent an hour trying to figure out why the stream wouldn’t show up in xSplit and never found an answer. Can I get a refund since I can’t use it?

Works great (as long as you don’t use Zoom). One thing you have to keep in mind is that you need a strong WiFi signal for the phone to send video to your pc to make things work. Also, as of right now (5/6/2020) the video format doesn’t appear to be compatible with the Zoom videoconference app that’s becoming popular and highly used. If you use Skype or the Microsoft application then it appears to work just fine. Hopefully enough people complain and Zoom will get with the program.

Easy? LOL. This app didn’t work and required complex troubleshooting to see what was wrong. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

For 4K output, get a Lightning-to-Ethernet adapter. I just picked one up for $22 from Amazon, and now I am getting true 2160p output from the phone to my Mac Mini... completely blows my GoPro Hero 8 + UltraStudio Mini Recorder 1080p webcam solution out of the water :)

Irritating Logo. The app works as advertised. But for $19.99 I was incredibly disappointed to discover their logo permanently displayed in my videos. I would expect this for a free version, but not a paid app. This inconvenience restricts how you can use the app. Can’t hardly use it for professional recordings, weddings, significant events, church services etc. I will look for another product and seek a refund.

Resolution is too low. Just I buy this up but the resolution is too low, Please fix the resolution.

Don’t buy. It didn’t work! I had hope that this would help me but nooo! Waste of $10!

Horrible. This does not sync to my NDI plug in in OBS. I want a refund.

Grossly overdue for an update. NDI v5? Etc

Cannot Input Server Address. I have a Mac on the Internet I need to which I wish to send video. The Mac has a real Internet address. I find no way to enter that address into NDIHX Cam. U can do it in NDI Cam, but I don't see any video from that app.

NDI Tools 5?. It’s July and NDI 5 is missing? Wow, epic fail

Is not working. Please don’t spend your money in this app is not working, 1 start is too much for this app

Does not work. I am going ahead to get a webcam.

Does not work on iPhone XR. I have all of the NDI camera apps and this is the only one that has a stutter/delay in the video feed straight from the phone. Does not matter the quality setting it still doesn’t show a fluid image. Please refund as I cannot use this. The Android app and NDI cam app both work fantastic compared to this App

NDI Get it right or get out the game. Tried app on Mac book, windows 7 and win10 wouldn’t work on any of them. A picture came up once and never showed up again.?..GREAT CONCEPT ,,,, please refund... and fix your app.

New update crashes. The new update make the app crash all the time

I want a refund. The app is awful and keeps lagging. I don’t understand why is cost $20 for a app and give them a free test trial first. This felt like a scam.

Doesn’t work with Mac. Does not work with Mac as of June 2020. No warnings. Waste of money for Apple users. Company is hard to contact.

Not working. I need help

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Language English
Price $19.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.6
Play Store com.newtek.HX-Camera
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

NDI HX Camera (Versiyon 2.6) Install & Download

The application NDI HX Camera was published in the category Photo & Video on 14 September 2019, Saturday and was developed by NewTek [Developer ID: 573312611]. This program file size is 4.04 MB. This app has been rated by 140 users and has a rating of 3.2 out of 5. NDI HX Camera - Photo & Video app posted on 18 December 2020, Friday current version is 2.6 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.newtek.HX-Camera. Languages supported by the app:

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NDI HX Camera App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Now serializing the bandwidth setting. Bug fixes.

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Find on this site the customer service details of NDI HX Camera. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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