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Turn your ideas into magnificent piece of artwork with Superimpose X, the next generation of the Superimpose app.

Packed with wide range of editing capabilities from multiple layers, blending modes, masking, adjustments, brushes, smudge, warp, effects, clarity to casting shadows, Superimpose X is a modern tool for creating your photo contents.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you will be amazed by the power Superimpose X gives to your fingertips. Composing images with multiple layers, double exposure, superimposing is easier than ever.

All your projects are saved in beautifully designed session area. So, you do not have to lose your current project if you want to move to another one in the middle.

And of course Superimpose X comes with Masking Library, where you can save all your masked images, like stickers for later use.

And all of this, packed in a beautifully designed interface that does not intimidate you, despite the amount of capabilities it comes with.

To list out a few features...

• Multiple layers. (Up to 8 on iPhone 7 and above).
• Blending modes, 18 of them.
• Opacity control.
• Numerous masking tools. From Magic Wand to Magic Lasso to predefined shapes.
• Automatically mask out people from photos using AI.
• Filling of a layer directly from camera, with real time rendering with its mask and blending modes.
• Built-in shadow creation tool.
• Built-in Light Wrap tool.
• Masking Library to store your masked images.
• Session Library, that automatically stores all your projects.
• Non destructive adjustments and layer blur.
• Non destructive beautiful photo effects (63 of them).
• An amazing Clarity tool.
• Advanced adjustment tools.
• Tools like Text, Selective Blur, Motion, Zoom and Spin Blur, Lens Blur, Gradient and more.
• Number of distorting tools like Warp, Perspective transform and more.
• Numerous paint and effect brushes and option to customize them.
• Smudge brush
• Clone stamp brush
• Brush for Darkening, Lightening, Desaturating etc.
• Option to export PSD with layers.
• Access to more than a million royalty free stock photos.

...and more.

And if you are already using the classic Superimpose app, you can seamlessly transfer all your masks into the new Superimpose X. This is how you could transfer the masks...

1. Open the original Superimpose app.
2. Press the "?" button on the top right corner of the "Home" screen.
3. There you should see an option called "Transfer masks to Superimpose X".
4. Press that and your masks should be available in Superimpose X.

Superimpose X App Description & Overview

The applications Superimpose X was published in the category Photo & Video on 2017-12-16 and was developed by Pankaj Goswami. The file size is 171.04 MB. The current version is 1.10.3 and works well on 11.2 and high ios versions.

• Improved photo and sessions browser.
• Improved text tool.
• You can now move a layer more precisely. Tap and hold in the Transform section to activate this mode.
• Bug fixes.

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Superimpose X Reviews


amazing app  Angiebeverly  5 star

i love it


Excellentttttt  Lisha234  5 star

This app helps out really good for perfect thumbnails...😌


GR8PHOTO  seahawkz  5 star



Ugh  Gugyghjbbhjb  1 star

When you merge with shadows on, it makes an unreasonably huge shadow much bigger than you initially put it as. It keeps ruining my edits.

The Spong

Great!  The Spong  5 star



Great app!  boiledcabbage1296  5 star

It works for serious and meme edits perfectly


AMAZING  Jxtaro  5 star



Perfection  WTF_Actual  5 star

Use this every day


I Love It  BeccaTheBookNerd  5 star

I love it. Best editing tool. . . but the new update needs to die. Go back to the old format because I hate the new one.


Thanks for the Face  Ghostmoth  5 star

While I use SuperimposeX for the bulk of my masking, and always single layers, I still need their PhotoWizard app. I understand why because this goes on phone and iPad. But the space was nice on HD version. SuperimposeX, after you added the face feature made like so much easier. But PhotoWizard does fine lines the best. Math formulas and geometric shapes are terrific using PhotoWizard. And favorite filters, plaster, hot wax, etc. are missing from SuperimposeX.


Learning curve then awesome  MaroukInd  5 star

Great tool on iPad Pro. Bit of a learning curve for 45-60 minutes, then away you go.

Dance lover899

AMAZING!  Dance lover899  5 star

I’ve used her app for about 3 months now and it was very easy to get used to. I found that all the tools were easily accessible. I honesty think it’s a amazing app and worth the money!! 💗


One of the few apps that can do more than photoshop in the year 2000  Isstuff  5 star

I went looking for an app that could do at least what photoshop could do in the year 2000. This is the first one to actually do that, plus some other modern features. So many photo editors have all new tricks but no real foundation. Finally!

kewl kiddos

i have had superimpose for 3 years and superimposex for 1  kewl kiddos  5 star

they have been amazing apps for ages i prefer superimposex a lot more because of its features the only thing that is annoying is how often it wants you to rate it but i got used to it


Best photo app ever  Iravcl  5 star

By far the best thing I've got on my phone. Let's you do pretty much everything you need. Is perfect for quick edits on the go (meme machine!) or even more delicate things. A must have 👌🏻


It keeps crashing  wiggeroogabooga  3 star

I love this app but please fix the amount of times this app crashes

Donny baby

Donnybaby  Donny baby  1 star

The free one works great got update paid for it does not work very disappointing

Neon Blue 6000

Really fun app for experimenting with images  Neon Blue 6000  5 star

I use SuperimposeX primarily on an iPad, but also on an iPhone occasionally, and it is simply superb for playing around with images, layering and editing. It’s a fun way to experiment and I’ve created some really interesting results when using this app without thinking too much. +++

@istanariana_ on insta

AMAZING!!!  @istanariana_ on insta  5 star

Superimpose X is such an incredible app! I recommend it to every editor! I thought that Superimpose was good but this is way better and more easier! Superimpose X is easier and has layers! I really needed this back when I was using Superimpose though now it is way easier to edit! There is one small bug when I am using my blur radius more than once, it will take me out of the app. Though Superimpose X always saves your work for you! Such a great app totally recommend


Me  BAM11<3  1 star

How can I review when I have purchased it but it won’t download!!! Not happy.

This game trash dont buy

Amazing  This game trash dont buy  5 star

This has to be the best app ever. You should buy this app.

kiing sar

Love this app!  kiing sar  5 star

I use this app to make edits and everything works smoothly!


Good when it works.  vincentli3  3 star

This app is super buggy and always freezes (iPhone X v.12.1.4) It is good when it works, I just hope they can fix this.


Fire!🔥  XanYung  5 star

Use it for all my cover art! Music work🎵


Love it  DrMbogo  5 star

Easy to use. Great results!

Pamela Pitstop

SuperimposeX  Pamela Pitstop  5 star

This is my go to app. Masking has been refined beyond belief!

dat's da tea sis

I LOVE IT!!!  dat's da tea sis  4 star

I’m a complex editor and this app is a must have! I think it was worth it. I can use it to make overlays, to erase backgrounds, add shadows, etc. I would give it 5 stars if it didn’t have so many bugs


Not easy at all  Vance124  1 star

Out of all my photo apps I uses this one the least. Out of all my photo apps I hate this one the most! Why? Because it is so difficult to understand. You literally have to take a class to learn to use or waste lots of time learning by trail and error. I've had this app for 4 years and have yet to produce anything with it because it is so hard to understand. The tutorial videos have no sound and go too fast making them hard to follow and understand. Maybe it just me, a amateur photographer, but I have tried with it and now I'm tired. With the upgrade, I feel like my know has went 4 steps back. If you have time to waste, go ahead but otherwise find something more user friendly.


Best I’ve found  benatx  5 star

I tried all the free apps (and a few paid ones) for making memes and collages and this is by far the most powerful. Takes a minute to learn but once you do it’s basically like having photoshop in terms of combining images


Unusable Text  JayTee1984  1 star

What's up with the Text feature? Unable to use after double tap and typing! Doesn't impose on photo! I used to like this app.










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