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Turn your ideas into magnificent piece of artwork with Superimpose X, the next generation of the Superimpose app.

Packed with wide range of editing capabilities from multiple layers, blending modes, masking, adjustments, brushes, smudge, warp, effects, clarity to casting shadows, Superimpose X is a modern tool for creating your photo contents.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you will be amazed by the power Superimpose X gives to your fingertips. Composing images with multiple layers, double exposure, superimposing is easier than ever.

All your projects are saved in beautifully designed session area. So, you do not have to lose your current project if you want to move to another one in the middle.

And of course Superimpose X comes with Masking Library, where you can save all your masked images, like stickers for later use.

And all of this, packed in a beautifully designed interface that does not intimidate you, despite the amount of capabilities it comes with.

To list out a few features...

• Multiple layers. (Up to 8 on iPhone 7 and above).
• Blending modes, 18 of them.
• Opacity control.
• Numerous masking tools. From Magic Wand to Magic Lasso to predefined shapes.
• Automatically mask out people from photos using AI.
• Filling of a layer directly from camera, with real time rendering with its mask and blending modes.
• Built-in shadow creation tool.
• Built-in Light Wrap tool.
• Masking Library to store your masked images.
• Session Library, that automatically stores all your projects.
• Non destructive adjustments and layer blur.
• Non destructive beautiful photo effects (63 of them).
• An amazing Clarity tool.
• Advanced adjustment tools.
• Tools like Text, Selective Blur, Motion, Zoom and Spin Blur, Lens Blur, Gradient and more.
• Number of distorting tools like Warp, Perspective transform and more.
• Numerous paint and effect brushes and option to customize them.
• Smudge brush
• Clone stamp brush
• Brush for Darkening, Lightening, Desaturating etc.
• Option to export PSD with layers.
• Access to more than a million royalty free stock photos.

...and more.

And if you are already using the classic Superimpose app, you can seamlessly transfer all your masks into the new Superimpose X. This is how you could transfer the masks...

1. Open the original Superimpose app.
2. Press the "?" button on the top right corner of the "Home" screen.
3. There you should see an option called "Transfer masks to Superimpose X".
4. Press that and your masks should be available in Superimpose X.

Superimpose X App Description & Overview

The applications Superimpose X was published in the category Photo & Video on 2017-12-16 and was developed by Pankaj Goswami. The file size is 86.60 MB. The current version is 1.9.1 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

● Superimpose X got smarter with AI. It can now mask out people from your photos automatically! Find it out under Mask->Mask tool->Auto Mask People.
● Are your old sessions taking too much space but you do not want to delete them yet? Well, prune them. An option to shrink the size of sessions by pruning them.

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Superimpose X Reviews


Great  AmazingReviewerBoi  5 star

Amazing editor for only $6.


Easy to use and great quality  heidelba  5 star

My most used editing app 👍🏼


Best Photoshop Alternative  INST_Toxinz  5 star

5 Bucks for a app that has the same features as PS touch


GRRRRRRRREAT!!!  Janette92503  5 star

Personally, I love it. It’s basically just a smaller and less complicated version of photoshop, I have found it is easier to learn with a tutorial, but is not needed. You can let your imagination run wild on this app, and create whatever you desire, great app, 5 stars, worth the money. No doubt about it!


Great masking tool  Frattylaxbro  5 star

I use it to make white backgrounds for products I sell on Amazon!


Um  Gugyghjbbhjb  1 star

The blending option doesn’t work. If you choose “screen,” “overlay,” etc. and merge the photos, the blend leaves and ruins your edit.


The best of its kind  Metallianica  5 star

It’s intuitive and easy to use. I use it on a daily basis. It’s essentially perfect. All I would ask for is some ability to customize settings more. For example, I usually want new layers to default to the base size. And I want to be able to order the photo albums how I want; currently newly created photo albums always get bumped to the top of the selection list. Also, I do a lot of precise overlays, and I would like a way to move a layer incrementally with some arrow buttons instead of by touch only. Or, if no arrows, a way to stop the layer from moving slightly when you release your finger from the screen. Currently, I have to tap on another tab to do that. Regardless, all of these things are minor issues. Overall the app is great.


Freezes  Akio-  3 star

January 8, 2019 - It’s a really great app when it actually works. It constantly freezes while I’m trying to edit and it’s basically unusable for me. I’m on iPhone X 11.4.1


I am pretty sure this app can perform any task u need  iToNeG  4 star

This application is packed with tools. So the plus is that it should be able to edit your photo in any fashion u would like but with the amount of tools there will be a learning curve. I see there are some YouTube videos which help but I wish there were more popup help menus in application. I can see some people just turning away for something simpler as this is very feature rich which is a great thing but also difficult to learn. With some continued practice and use with application I can see this application getting easier to use.


Best app  pinsamoot  5 star

I love this app


Best photo app ever  Iravcl  5 star

By far the best thing I've got on my phone. Let's you do pretty much everything you need. Is perfect for quick edits on the go (meme machine!) or even more delicate things. A must have 👌🏻


It keeps crashing  wiggeroogabooga  3 star

I love this app but please fix the amount of times this app crashes

Donny baby

Donnybaby  Donny baby  1 star

The free one works great got update paid for it does not work very disappointing

Neon Blue 6000

Really fun app for experimenting with images  Neon Blue 6000  5 star

I use SuperimposeX primarily on an iPad, but also on an iPhone occasionally, and it is simply superb for playing around with images, layering and editing. It’s a fun way to experiment and I’ve created some really interesting results when using this app without thinking too much. +++

@istanariana_ on insta

AMAZING!!!  @istanariana_ on insta  5 star

Superimpose X is such an incredible app! I recommend it to every editor! I thought that Superimpose was good but this is way better and more easier! Superimpose X is easier and has layers! I really needed this back when I was using Superimpose though now it is way easier to edit! There is one small bug when I am using my blur radius more than once, it will take me out of the app. Though Superimpose X always saves your work for you! Such a great app totally recommend


Me  BAM11<3  1 star

How can I review when I have purchased it but it won’t download!!! Not happy.


Almost perfect!  CrazyBexana  4 star

I love this app and it’s really helpful! On thing I found was that when I zoomed in the brush size doesn’t adjust and I need to fiddle around with another tool/ change the size before it will properly adjust. 👍👍


IN LOVE!!  LNaxon  5 star

This app has everything that I wanted in the original superimpose + more!! (Layers, Text, better layout). At first I was unsure as to whether I should upgrade but I’m extremely satisfied and glad I did!


AMAZING  Simsfreeplaysimoleons  5 star

I loved the normal superimpose app but this one has LAYERS! I instantly fell in love. It does everything the normal superimpose does but more (obviously). At the moment the masking is a bit slow and delayed but that’s to be expected with a new app. Apart for the slow masking I absolutely love this app!


Wicked  Merrylo  4 star

Very nice thank you just needs a few fixes Crashes if you try to delete a session... Please can you fix


Best photo editing app ever  😂🙊💦💦😏🅱️💯  5 star

Best...just buy it

The Best Editing App Ever!  5 star

I’ve tried using many editing apps, but this is the one! There are so many tools and it’s very easy to use! If you ever think about downloading this app, I recommend paying a bit more money for the “Pro Version.” It is so worth it! 5 stars!


Photoshop-esque  Beachbum2004  5 star

I love this photo app. It’s the nearest thing to being photoshop, but without the whistles and bells. I’m now able to manipulate my photos with great detail using my iPad, instead of the PC. The app gets better and better with each update.


No text  Jokadaking  2 star

I can't add text to my pictures. That'll take you down three points. Smh. Please fix this so you can get your five stars from me.


Super cool.  mbeeeeeeeeeee  5 star

I love this app. It’s super cool as it allows for the creativity to just flow. Since polyvore has been shut Down I have been missing an app that just lets you create on a whim. I love it. Very relaxing and satisfying


God app  DR.ExtremeYT  5 star

I can do my thumbnail

kard tard

Awesome app!  kard tard  5 star

This app does so much. I can edit about as easily as using photoshop or gimp on my pc. I love it

Molly, too

Love!  Molly, too  5 star

I loved Superimpose but I was constantly annoyed with it and on the look out for something else. Since this one was released, all of that has stopped. I would have been happy with just having layers and a higher quality export but there’s so much I love now about this app! Thank you for making this!


Love it  4367854  5 star

I’ve tried so many apps to edit but this one is the best by far. It took me a while to get used to because there are so many features, but now that I know the app well I can do sooo many things with my pictures and they turn out great!! Definitely worth the money

Perez's videos

Superimpose x  Perez's videos  1 star

16.9 is bad only 9.16 is working fix please i use 16.9

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