Superimpose X

Superimpose X [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

Turn your ideas into magnificent piece of artwork with Superimpose X, the next generation of the Superimpose app.

Packed with wide range of editing capabilities from multiple layers, blending modes, masking, adjustments, brushes, smudge, warp, effects, clarity to casting shadows, Superimpose X is a modern tool for creating your photo contents.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you will be amazed by the power Superimpose X gives to your fingertips. Composing images with multiple layers, double exposure, superimposing is easier than ever.

All your projects are saved in beautifully designed session area. So, you do not have to lose your current project if you want to move to another one in the middle.

And of course Superimpose X comes with Masking Library, where you can save all your masked images, like stickers for later use.

And all of this, packed in a beautifully designed interface that does not intimidate you, despite the amount of capabilities it comes with.

To list out a few features...

• Multiple layers. (Up to 12 on iPhone 7 and above).
• Blending modes, 18 of them.
• Opacity control.
• Numerous masking tools. From Magic Wand to Magic Lasso to predefined shapes.
• Automatically mask out people from photos using AI.
• Filling of a layer directly from camera, with real time rendering with its mask and blending modes.
• Built-in shadow creation tool.
• Built-in Light Wrap tool.
• Masking Library to store your masked images.
• Session Library, that automatically stores all your projects.
• Non destructive adjustments and layer blur.
• Non destructive beautiful photo effects (63 of them).
• An amazing Clarity tool.
• Advanced adjustment tools.
• Tools like Text, Selective Blur, Motion, Zoom and Spin Blur, Lens Blur, Gradient and more.
• Number of distorting tools like Warp, Perspective transform and more.
• Numerous paint and effect brushes and option to customize them.
• Smudge brush
• Clone stamp brush
• Brush for Darkening, Lightening, Desaturating etc.
• Option to export PSD with layers.
• Access to more than a million royalty free stock photos.

...and more.

And if you are already using the classic Superimpose app, you can seamlessly transfer all your masks into the new Superimpose X. This is how you could transfer the masks...

1. Open the original Superimpose app.
2. Press the "?" button on the top right corner of the "Home" screen.
3. There you should see an option called "Transfer masks to Superimpose X".
4. Press that and your masks should be available in Superimpose X.

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Superimpose X Customer Service, Editor Notes:

● Improved stability. If you like using Superimpose X, please review or rate it in the App Store. We appreciate it a lot!

Superimpose X Comments & Reviews

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- Outstandingly AWESOME!

Cheers to the creators of this app for making something substantial, robust, fun, functional and above all transparent! There are no gimmicks here, just an awesome app made by people who actually care about making a great product. The price is perfect, there is so much freedom in the app, no add ons, just really great software. I used superimpose free version for years so I am very familiar with the tool layout and aspect of the product. I in fact still use both apps for different purposes. The new tutorials are so awesome. I love that it is compatible with the iPad Pro. I can do so much more than I’ve ever imagined. The only inhibiting factor (understandably) are the number of layers possible and size of artboard although I can’t imagine needing more. And I think both of these factors are just due to size of file. One other random bug I might have noticed was that imputing the color white from the color palette wasn’t rendering a true white like it did on regular version so I now use and underlay layer of white. Other than that I am always finding new tools and ways to explore. THANK YOU!!!

- The Best and Only Image Editing App you’ll need

I have downloaded and tried so many different image editing app on iPhone and almost all the time I have had to do some editing on one app, save image, open image on another app and edit then again save image and edit on another app to get the results I can get Now on only one App, Superimpose X. I have deleted all the other image editing apps from my iPhone except for apps that specialize in adding text because they have lots of different fonts. Superimpose X keeps getting better every month and there are some videos on how to use the app and it’s features. I have done and keep on doing flyers, photo montages, placing combination of two different photos and a lot more and the results are awesome. I definitely recommend Superimpose X and the learning curve is easy and you can do any kind of editing in the app. Just download and start using it right away and let your ideas flow and Superimpose X be your canvas.

- good but somethings should be added

alr so first, this app is really good. It’s easy to use however there are some bugs. First bug: when I use one of the masking tools, after a while, it freezes and automatically accepts it messing up my mask. Second bug: again, when using one of the masking tools, while outlining the object it’s beings to delay and the lines show up seconds later. Pretty annoying. Third bug: sometimes when I merge layers, It completely messes up the resolution of that layer. Okay, so now some things you guys should add. First, a lasso selection tool similar to the masking one however only selects the area marked. This could be useful to only blur a certain area or coloring one in. Next, this would be really useful with the selection tool...a color bucket fill. This would be REALLY useful instead of having to mask and color the layer underneath.. last thing would be to find a way to add custom fonts to text and be able to turn text into its own layer. That’s all, please do and fix these things. Would make the experience a lot better..

- Great, but needs a fix..

Ok, so I love this app. It’s my favorite and best one I’ve tried that are like it. Many ways to get a good cut out. But there is a problem. Shadows are very important when combining photos, and your shadow thing is far too simple and buggy. First of all, it doesn’t work right. You’ll have different shadows for different layers (obviously), but when you change the opacity or blur of one of the shadows, they can all change. Which ruins everything. And also, once you make a shadow, you can’t keep going back in to adjust it. Which isn’t good considering how important they can be. And sometimes when you take the blur or opacity all the way down to see the difference it makes, it like gets stuck. Then you have to trash the whole thing and start again. Notice I still gave the app 5 stars. Cause it definitely deserves it. Just PLEASE fix the shadow feature, and it’ll be an almost perfect app.

- Five-Star App Functioning Less than Optimally

I don’t know whether the app started being buggy after its last upgrade or when I purchased a new iPhone XR (I had previously been running the app on a 6+), but I’m having major issues with brush tools now. The brush size radius is enormous regardless of what size I set the brush. It affects far greater an area than the red dot covers, which makes cutting in closely next to impossible. I’m also having crashing issues, which wouldn’t be horrible if it were not for the fact that every time the app crashes, it fails to preserve any progress I’ve made between loading and crashing. That’s a huge bummer (and a waste of time and effort). Also, the hair-masking tool no longer functions correctly. It makes a pixelated mess instead of doing the beautiful blending job it once did, and that tool is one of the main reasons I upgraded from Leonardo. I have been promoting your apps in meme groups since I discovered PhotoWizard back years ago. Please fix these issues. I have no desire to use anything else for photo editing.


How I have missed coming across this app is beyond me, but today I am a very happy enthusiast photographer. Coming from an adobe background, I had high expectations for a layering app. I am happy to report that SuperimposeX not only met my expectations but exceeded them!! For five dollars you get an extremely powerful layers/blending app that has a very intuitive and beautiful interface! Clearly the app developer has a photography/art background because this app is really feature-rich! Today I needed a simple overlay of graffiti on a plain cement wall. The layering and blending features are straightforward and easy to use. In fact, the feedback was very positive from other photoshop users. I am still learning all the features, but from what I can tell, this app will up my go-to app for layers and blending. Thanks so much to the developers!

- The best of its kind

It’s intuitive and easy to use. I use it on a daily basis. It’s essentially perfect. All I would ask for is some ability to customize settings more. For example, I usually want new layers to default to the base size. And I want to be able to order the photo albums how I want; currently newly created photo albums always get bumped to the top of the selection list. Also, I do a lot of precise overlays, and I would like a way to move a layer incrementally with some arrow buttons instead of by touch only. Or, if no arrows, a way to stop the layer from moving slightly when you release your finger from the screen. Currently, I have to tap on another tab to do that. Regardless, all of these things are minor issues. Overall the app is great.

- Best photo editing app out there, worth every penny

Love this app, and for the price? It’s so worth it. I’ve had the old (free?) version of this app for ages, it’s been my go-to for a while. so when I found out about this premium version I didn’t hesitate to purchase. It’s a bit of a learning curve, (which took me no more than a day to learn the ropes) but this is essentially a $5 alternative to Adobe photoshop, which I’m sure is no less than $100. A photo editor of this quality is very difficult to pull off on an iphone app, and I would highly recommend this for anyone who looking for a user friendly and powerful photo editing app. In fact— app gives adobe photoshop a run for it’s money, for about 5% of the cost. Love it!!

- My Go To App

I love the features of SuperimposeX. At first I found it difficult to transition from Superimpose to SuperimposeX, but I found a few really good videos that explained the interface, and how to use the features. I travel and make travel videos; using SuperimposeX it is easy to replace a blown out sky, replace a background, or remove a person from one picture to use in another picture. There is a mask Library so I only need to create a mask one time. Photoshop and my MacBook are no longer needed. I had a problem with the program, I wrote to the developer and received a fix for the problem the next day. Feature packed APP, and great customer service. WOW! Thank you SuperimposeX developers.

- Slight Annoyances

This app is very great and user friendly, but their is a few things that need to be improved. Most importantly, the layer limit. It only allows for 7 layers in a project, which is very frustrating and hard to work around. Second, when you tap and hold on a layer to open up the arrow panel, it is very easy to accidentally slide the layer slightly when holding it down. Third and least importantly, when creating a new layer, you can’t make it completely white. When you set everything to the maximum lightest you can make it, the color is very slightly darker than white, and is a light platinum color, but this isn’t hard to get around since you can just pull in a previously white background image.

- Great Editing App!

Pros It’s basically a simpler version of photoshop on the iPhone. The user interface is pretty easy to navigate and figure out and it’s a lot of fun to edit with. The app isnt limited in what it can do like many other apps on the iPhone. It can do about 70% of what you can do on photoshop for way way cheaper. For any shortcomings Superimpose has I can easily make up for in other apps like Baazaart. Cons There is an 8 layer limit on edits. While it’s easy to work around by merging layers that you are finished with, by doing so you can’t undo the merge, meaning you are stuck with anything you have and can’t go back and change it later. You can also work around the 8 layer limit by just saving the edit and combining it into a new edit that only takes one layer, it is kind of annoying to take the time to do that and if you decide you wanna change something you have to go back to the other edit. but it’s not too bad. Overall a great app. I would recommend to anyone wanting to get into editing. It’s super cheap and easy to work with.

- Powerful app, best in App Store for photoshopping

This app is a step above most others on the App Store but there are a few minor issues with how the top layer seems to lose memories of the color and brightness settings if other tools are used. Also there is a major issue with saving masks to the library and then using them, they seem to have a blue and colorful outline around the edges of the mask that covers the entire outside of the mask and shows up when the mask it restored. That is something that needs to be addressed in the next update or I just have a bug on my software. Great app, great tools, I do wish there were more color correction options but that’s it!

- Best out there

For the past six months I’ve been using this app to train myself to draw realistically. I photograph the drawing, superimpose it in the reference, see what I got right, think about what I didn’t. My skills have improved exponentially. The other apps I’ve tried have weird subscription models, distracting ads, an underpowered interface and feature set, or all of the above. This includes apps made by very major players (Adobe). It’s almost a shame this app bills itself as a superimposition app with a dated icon because it’s a terrific all-around photo editing app. I’m afraid it will get buried in the app store by inadequate products with flashier branding.

- One of the most powerful apps on the app store

It is exceedingly rare that I will review an app at all, and even then, it is nearly always bad. However this app caused me to break that trend. It is probably my favorite photo app that is available. It is somewhat like Adobe Ps but it is optimized for iPhone. The app is extremely easy to use, and if there is something you are unsure of, there is a library of videos to aid you with that. I download the former version of this app years ago, and immediately upgraded to this one when it was available. I honestly don’t remember how much it costs, but it is WELL worth the money. 12/10 would recommend.

- Having so much fun

I actually got this because during the safer at home order and schooling at home I had set up a green screen for my son foe zoom. One of the assignments was taking specific pictures for spirit week. We have had fun manipulating pictures so that he is playing a game on the beach, reading a book on the beach, wearing his school shirt in front of the glass elevator on a cruise ship, and more. We are looking forward to having more fun and using more creativity over the summer. Some things were a little hard to find like removing the green screen but using the help we figured out the menu system.

- Really great just a few changes

I love SuperimposeX, it works beautifully and has an updated look, all tools work and with a little time in the app you’ll be able to figure out what is what. A few suggestions that would really work for the app is adding room for more layers, sometimes you want to add more and it limits you at 8 so then you have to merge some together and it’s a struggle. Next is adding more fonts, the selection is nice but could add some more that are different styles, a lot of them look the same. Adding a save option for saving your most used fonts and filters would be nice as well. Other than those things it is a really great app and I use it daily!

- SuperimposeX

First of all let me start by saying that I have about 17 photo editing apps and this one is by leaps and bounds my favorite! I have so many because I’m trying to narrow down exactly which one(s) is the best so I can delete the rest. The only request that I would have right now is that there was a feature to install a water mark as I do a lot of photos for other people and I would like to have a way of personalizing them. If I have any other requests or suggestions I will be sure and let you know. As of right now this is a great app and will continue to recommend and suggest to other editors.

- Excellent App... Outstanding Service!

This app is absolutely packed with useful and creative tools. It is intuitive, and is a great value for the money. I initially used it for making sports schedule desktops by masking and overlaying player photos on top of calendar dates. They came out great! I had a technical issue, and the developer, Pankaj, was incredibly responsive and determined to get the problem solved. He did and I love the app... and the great customer service. I also suggested adding a 4:5 ratio to the constraint options, and voila! Now I have a template for making AppleWatch faces by masking out backgrounds of family photos. Great app. Thank you!

- The best editing app!!!

I have been using the Superimpose app for about 7 years now because I do a lot of creative photography and not long after it came out, I downloaded the new SuperimposeX app and it is absolutely amazing! It has a lot more improvements than on the original Superimpose app and has made things easier also! And the best part is that there’s no subscriptions! It’s a onetime only purchase of $4.99 or $5.99 I believe. But it is absolutely worth it! You can do so much with it and I’m still finding new things! I highly recommend this app to any fellow photographers & editors!

- This Rocks!

I have only been using SuperimposeX for a short time but I am completely hooked. I’m using it to do digital scrapbooking, and it does all the functions that I am doing in Photoshop on my laptop, some of them even better. I had one thing I could not figure out how to do so contacted the developer through the app. He wrote me back within a very short time to answer my question. I also appreciate that it is something that I just purchased, no in app purchases or subscriptions or advertising. If you are considering purchasing SuperimposeX, I say go for it!

- Some nice improvements but not enough for the price

Superimpose X adds a lot of new functions which makes it more than a simple masking tool. You can now work with layers, and many other editing features have been added. However, aside from the addition of layers, most of the additional editing tools are mediocre. They seem a little clunky; there are other editing apps that are superior. On top of that Superimposes original strength as a masking tool has really not been improved on from the original app. In fact it somehow seems to have lost something; he masks are actually a little harder and the results don’t seem as smooth. I unfortunately can’t recommend this app.

- Amazing

When my computer broke I got an iPad Pro. I was able to do almost everything on there except photoshop, which is something I enjoyed using as a hobby. Superimpose was the closest app I could find that allowed me to use layers. However I could only use one layer at a time. When superimpose notified me of superimposeX I did not even question it and purchased the app. I have been using it since I purchased it and so far I have to say I enjoy this app. I love the fact that it allows me to use multiple layers to be able to get the most out of my projects.

- Big Recommend

This app is my #1 go to app for photoshop Superimpose X feeling even better since it uses layers. Most of the apps I’ve seen on iphone is mostly filters or red eye correction type stuff. The only fix I hope this app gets is the “Polygon tool” double clicking makes it do its thing which causes accidents mostly for me and you can’t just hit undo because if you do that the dots for the polygon tool aren’t there so you have to start from the beginning with that tool. Other than that it is a great app!

- Picture quality?

Recently the picture quality has dropped when I import it into my phone. It drops like, mega drops. Please fix this. Also, size changing all the time? What is this? My sizes are changing when I add a bigger picture to crop into the smaller one, specifically because I need to make it an icon or something. And it automatically changes to a bigger size, or a size that’s larger than what I need, but still in the frame that fits, so I don’t notice it until I go to submit it and I get told it’s wrong. This is an issue. This was the only app I turned towards to crop my photos in, and now I can’t.

- great app, sleezy developer

I’ve been using this developer’s app Leonardo, and then Superimpose X, and they were both awesome, until they weren’t. This editing software is actually really powerful, especially for an iOS app. However, the developer has made 3 different nearly identical apps now, and pushes you off the old apps by dropping the quality inside the app and saving images massively. It happened to me on Leonardo (which is also paid) so I bought Superimpose X. Now, it’s happening on Superimpose X, forcing me to go to Superimpose X Neo. This new app is literally identical to Superimpose X, but the cost of the app is now $20. Now, a $20 price tag is fair on this app, because it’s a great app, but I don’t plan on giving the developer any more money. DO NOT GIVE THIS DEVELOPER ANY MORE MONEY, PLEASE!!

- Perfect!

I use this app daily and have used Photoshop and Photopaint for years. This app has features that I wish those other two full blown softwares had. Your masking features are excellent. This is the best app in the store and I’ve tried them all. There’s a small learning curve but if you’re familiar with other raster image software you’ll have no problem learning it quickly. Thank you so much for this app. I love also that you continually update with new features and bug fixes. It’s awesome!

- The best all around photo app

SuperimposeX is wonderful. Whether you’re knee deep in collage work, masking as for blending everything, or you’re just looking for a strong photo editing app: SuperimposeX is the app for you. When Bazaart went to a subscription model, a big hole was left in its wake. I’m not up on the history of this app relative to Bazaart’s change, but I can tell you that this is an incredible app with so much capacity and control. It has quickly become the most used app on my phone.

- Love it! But Crashes a lot..

I love this app! I use to a lot to make book covers and is the best one I’ve ever used so far! But...recently it keeps crashing. It’s crashed about four times so far today, not counting the others days it has crashed. I could stand it before because no harm no foul since it is saved in the sessions. But now it is just getting annoying how many times it crashes a day. I love this app and want to keep using it, but the crashes are making me only able to use it for five minutes before it crashes again...

- So Awesome

I am not a big photo editing person but came across this app looking for a way to merge two photos. I went with the X version right away and while there may be a lot of options and it may seem complicated it really isn’t. Just upload one of your own photos in the app and then just mess around. You can also watch their videos online. All my friends love the pics I send and wish they knew how to do it too! Great app for a great price!

- Not easy at all

Out of all my photo apps I uses this one the least. Out of all my photo apps I hate this one the most! Why? Because it is so difficult to understand. You literally have to take a class to learn to use or waste lots of time learning by trail and error. I've had this app for 4 years and have yet to produce anything with it because it is so hard to understand. The tutorial videos have no sound and go too fast making them hard to follow and understand. Maybe it just me, a amateur photographer, but I have tried with it and now I'm tired. With the upgrade, I feel like my know has went 4 steps back. If you have time to waste, go ahead but otherwise find something more user friendly.

- i love it, but there’s a problem

originally, i was obsessed with this app. everything is so awesome and useful. but now, there’s a bug of some sort i think. any time i try to use to glitch effect or just stay on the app for like 5 minutes, it crashes the app. it will automatically close it and i will have to reopen the app. i thought that this was just be an error that could be resolved by clearing the cache, but unfortunately i couldn’t find a place to clear it in setting. i uninstalled and reinstalled the app, which resulted in me losing all of my previous projects and countless saved masks. not only this, but it didn’t fix the problem. i can understand losing all of the projects and masks, but i would really love for this issue to be resolved. i’d love to be able to use this amazing app again. thank you for taking the time to read my review and hopefully responding! :)

- Hands down the best photo editing app for iPhone

Works incredibly smoothly, auto saves your projects, and comes with literally any feature you can imagine. You name it, you can do it. Make artsy stuff or just dumb photoshops like I do, either way the quality can not be matched. Unlike other photo editing apps, I have never once had this crash on me or glitch out while I’m using it. Do yourself a favor and get this. Totally worth it.

- Amazing!

UPDATE FOLLOWING LATEST UPGRADE... With the addition of a dedicated people masking tool as well as hair masking, this is now the best and certainly the fastest pixel editor in the App Store! ORIGINAL REVIEW... There are several compositing editors available for iOS, all very capable. But this one has multiple tricks built-in, cleverly permitting the user to fine-tune the results. Apart from occasional software errors (when first choosing a tool, the initial stroke may be wrong but subsequent manipulation is correct), it's dazzling!

- Difficult to learn

Superimpose X is an impressive and powerful tool with many useful features. Unfortunately, there is no manual to explain the location and operation of these abilities. The app assumes you already know what every tool does, where to find each one and how to operate it. The videos do a nice job demonstrating effects but they have no narration, only captions. Worse, the videos move so quickly that it’s difficult to understand how the effects are achieved. Plus, each video uses the same terrible, repetitive music. Hard to believe they can’t offer a basic instruction sheet or pop-up labels for the tools.

- Exceptional

I’ve been using this app for months now personally I believe it’s worth the money you pay. The addition of tools that aren’t on regular superimpose are helpful and you don’t need to download any other apps to get the features you need for what you’re editing. (Me who didn’t have the outline option on the regular and had to download ibispaint x just to do that and ruined the quality quite a bit)

- Really, truly awesome - and PRIVATE!

When Enlight became Photofox I started looking for a non-subscription replacement. This is it. It’s very powerful, has SUPERB masking tools, and a sufficiently intuitive UI that you’ll be doing amazing work in no time. Best of all, it’s a very reasonable one-time purchase, and the app isn’t mining and monetizing your data. Yay!!! No extortionate subscription, no privacy issues - just superb ‘ware from an ethical company at an extremely reasonable price. What’s not to love?

- Great App!

I admit when I first bought the app months ago it was a bit buggy and crashed often which didn't make me happy considering I paid for it. However, it has greatly improved and I can honestly say it's one of my favorite apps! As a mobile editor it's a lifesaver and worth the extra few bucks tbh. It's amazing being able to produce work on my phone that can rival that done on a computer. Thanks SM!!

- Love it, but one problem..

I was very excited to buy this for one reason. We’re finally able to add multiple layers instead of having to merge a layer in order to add another one. But one issue I noticed is when I tried blending two photos together I couldn’t find a “soft brush” option like Superimpose has. If I could be guided with this it would amazing. If you don’t have this feature yet, I really really hope you add this because this is an important feature for me!

- Easier than I thought it would be!

I thought it would be hard to place one image on top of another; I thought I would at least have to watch a video first in order to figure it out. But this app is so simple to use that I was able to go right in and place one picture on top of another, resize it, and move it to just the right location. Perfect for what I needed it to do.

- Very Nice

I am impressed with this App for several reasons. 1) I was able to get started easily after watching the tutorials, 2) the options available are just right for my projects, not too many, not too few and 3) the price was right ... after trying the free version, I immediately upgraded. I made special Christmas Cards with unique pictures for certain people ... love this App

- Very Useful!

My husband is a pro and uses Photoshop but I needed something simpler for my projects and I wanted to be able to use my iPad. This app works great for me. It does have some limitations such as number of layers allowed and text effects aren’t as robust as Photoshop but you can’t beat it for the price. I have created art and flyers that look totally professional with this product. Very happy with it.

- I absolutely love this app

This new app is amazing! It is such an upgrade from the old version and does practically everything I need it too. My only huge complaint is however I am super happy we get have more then 2 layers, I the 5 layer constraint is really confining and is difficult to work around, it would be soooo much more fun with like 10 or 15. I have used this app to make many things, and I even designed my phone case and Wallet with it, I highly suggest it.

- Features Missing

I’m so disappointed that after all these years, a feature i’ve been suggesting is still missing from both apps. I have wanted the option to be able to create a custom outline of a png for so long. I had hoped that paying the outrageous price of 5 dollars for this new app would have at least that, but apparently not. The only option close to the one I want is the drop shadow, which is only available in a gradient format and is only able to mimic the shape of the png.

- Super easy to use

I love this app. I’m not a photographer or do photos shops but I love to see what a home project would look like. I’m not visual, so when someone tells me how something is supposed to look I can’t visualize it. So with this app I can take pictures and find what we want to add. Then merge them and I can see it. Like a new siding or a deck. It pretty much gave an opportunity to see what other people describe.

- Easy to use and incredible results

I’ve gone through as many apps as I could find that have features to mask and layer and this one is my favorite. Sure, there are some very powerful and costly photo editing apps available but this one is so easy to use and I love the results. On top of that, the support is responsive and the tutorials are great. Highly recommend. Use and enjoy!

- Love it EXCEPT for one issue.

I will be editing a picture and leave the app for a few minutes and come back and everything I just erased was reset back to where I started so I have to save everything to the mask lib after everything I do if I’m leaving the app and coming back so I don’t lose my progress. This app would be absolutely perfect without that, and if you could add a few more layers at once without having to merge!

- Amazing but...

I honestly love this app. I like to make graphic edits and this is an amazing alternative to Photoshop. I think it’s definitely worth the money. But, one thing that I highly recommend the app do is make the draw tools a little better. They really should have an eraser right there in the drawing section. I also think is would be great if you could download brush packs to use. If this was added to the app it could definitely be considered as good as photoshop.

- Amazing App

I LOVE Superimpose! The merging of layers is so incredible and the layout of this app is pretty neat. SuperimposeX is a confusing to learn how, so more tutorials is really nice! The only thing I get really annoyed about this app is that it only allows up to 5 layers, which in my opinion, is really little. I wish it had an unlimited number of layers. It would also be really cool to create image borders around images, but these are just minor features to improve it. This is an incredible app!

- Everything I need and more!

Superimpose was perfect besides layering issues! Superimpose X has everything you need and more worth every cent spent on it. Guys if you want Superimpose X or Superimpose please just buy it from the App Store so the creator can continue to update and improve Superimpose X which he has been doing consistently since it was introduced. I bought Superimpose X as soon as I learned about it! I love Superimpose X!

- Thanks a LOT!!! What a disgrace

Thank you so much for having me to thinking I was getting a cool feature in the 1.9.0 update only to realize that it won't even launch at all, so I had to delete it only to get blindsided again with another update 1.9.1 hours later and what a surprise it's on iOS 11, not everyone want to upgrade to iOS 11, I'm fine with iOS 10.3.3, now I lost all my work and I have to downgrade all the way back to 1.5 because I don't use iTunes as much,but, I have 1.5 backed up on my hard drive. Everything was just fine before this massacre of an update. I'm done, but, keep up the good work and thanks!!!

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Superimpose X is such an incredible app! I recommend it to every editor! I thought that Superimpose was good but this is way better and more easier! Superimpose X is easier and has layers! I really needed this back when I was using Superimpose though now it is way easier to edit! There is one small bug when I am using my blur radius more than once, it will take me out of the app. Though Superimpose X always saves your work for you! Such a great app totally recommend

- Great app

This is a great app, does everything I need. But surprisingly I always find myself going back to Leonardo, it had a much better interface and was more intuitive. On the technical side I’m sure they are completely worlds apart but why don’t you bring that fantastic app back and update it.

- One of the few apps that can do more than photoshop in the year 2000

I went looking for an app that could do at least what photoshop could do in the year 2000. This is the first one to actually do that, plus some other modern features. So many photo editors have all new tricks but no real foundation. Finally!

- Really fun app for experimenting with images

I use SuperimposeX primarily on an iPad, but also on an iPhone occasionally, and it is simply superb for playing around with images, layering and editing. It’s a fun way to experiment and I’ve created some really interesting results when using this app without thinking too much. +++

- Best photo app ever

By far the best thing I've got on my phone. Let's you do pretty much everything you need. Is perfect for quick edits on the go (meme machine!) or even more delicate things. A must have 👌🏻 Update: July/2020 - guess what has changed.... nothing! --- still love it!


I loved the normal superimpose app but this one has LAYERS! I instantly fell in love. It does everything the normal superimpose does but more (obviously). At the moment the masking is a bit slow and delayed but that’s to be expected with a new app. Apart for the slow masking I absolutely love this app!


I’ve used her app for about 3 months now and it was very easy to get used to. I found that all the tools were easily accessible. I honesty think it’s a amazing app and worth the money!! 💗


This app has everything that I wanted in the original superimpose + more!! (Layers, Text, better layout). At first I was unsure as to whether I should upgrade but I’m extremely satisfied and glad I did!

- Great App

Personally, I love this app. Totally worth the price. However, whenever I ‘Merge’ the layers, the whole app crashes and the shadows become like 69 shades darker. Please fix this soon.

- Almost perfect!

I love this app and it’s really helpful! On thing I found was that when I zoomed in the brush size doesn’t adjust and I need to fiddle around with another tool/ change the size before it will properly adjust. 👍👍

- Great app

I’ve been a SuperImpose user since its first release. A great photo-editing app from the convenience of your mobile phone.

- Good stuff!

Have had this for years and have loved every chance I’ve had to use it.


One of the most effective , quick , accurate design apps out there! My go to app on the IPad Pro. 5 stars !!

- Learning curve then awesome

Great tool on iPad Pro. Bit of a learning curve for 45-60 minutes, then away you go.

- Wicked

Very nice thank you just needs a few fixes Crashes if you try to delete a session... Please can you fix

- i have had superimpose for 3 years and superimposex for 1

they have been amazing apps for ages i prefer superimposex a lot more because of its features the only thing that is annoying is how often it wants you to rate it but i got used to it

- Best app since photoshop

Awesome app. With all the tools of photoshop available at your fingertips.

- Great App

Really enjoy using. Easy to use. Recommend.


Best most effective editing app ever!

- It keeps crashing

I love this app but please fix the amount of times this app crashes

- some bug ?????? what’s happening

Im so mad paid almost $10 for this app and it wont even crop the pics normally

- The best

The best and easy app ever

- So cool

This app is amazing 👍

- Donnybaby

The free one works great got update paid for it does not work very disappointing

- Me

How can I review when I have purchased it but it won’t download!!! Not happy.

- Good


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- Commercial artist here...

This thing is a miracle wrapped in science, deep fried in a pot of success and served piping hot to a family of recalcitrant children. Five stars

- not enough layers

for the money spent on this, i didn’t think there would’ve been a limited amount of layers that you could use. i think it would be so much better if there could be an UNLIMITED amount instead of five (for an iphone six)

- Brush : Retouch features make it pro !

There has always been easy workarounds to having no multiple layers but original Superimpose’s lack of subtle re-touching tools was a dealbreaker if you wanted to do more than gimmicky photo composites. Now it really is a full feature photo editor - bravo !

- Tout simplement merveilleux


- Best iPhone Photoshop App

I’ve used both the first version of this app and this version for years. this app lets you do everything from photoshop memes to correct photography. its easy to use and works well! it’s a universal tool that i've relied on for years and is definitely worth the purchase

- probably one of my favourite apps

excellent for photo editing, been using it for years

- Excellent & avoids hateful subscription model

You can transform and edit layers with a simple interface. The export options are great. I love the options including custom shadow tool. Subscriptions for photo apps are out of control and the single payment option is greatly appreciated

- Great purchase

Super clean, easy to use. Very efficient for creating branded content on the fly, worth every penny!

- Very good and simple for easy photoshops on my phone

I use this alot

- Amazing

This app is a delight to work with. There are many excellent tools to combine photos and more added on a regular basis. With this app I am the “go to’” guy for adding absent family members to group photos - what fun.

- Stop crashing

This app crashes every time I open it. 0 stars

- Amazing

10/10 would recommend - super powerful

- Fantastic App

This app does exactly what I want composting images. Using blue screen it does an amazing job keying out the colour. Easy to use . Thank you.

- Great for on the go

I love editing on the go photos with this app! Anytime I’m on vacation I always send the “ones left behind” their photo on my current vacay! Super easy to use. Definitely a must try.


I have never seen an application better then this for youtube thumbnails. SUCH WORTH OF IT

- Perfect!

People are asking me what computer software I use to edit my pics... they don’t even know all this magic was performed on a 6$ app. ✨🤷🏾‍♂️😂🎯


IPhoProMax.— Whatever update done on the App recently caused it to become glitchy & random.—It randomly selecting fotos & not allowing anymore foto selection & connecting quickly to the App.—THE APP IS NOT ALLOWING FOTO SELECTION THE SAME THINGS HAPPENED TO SUPERIMPOSE X NEO.—✍🏽😡✍🏽

- Amazing

Have never had problems with this app. My go to!

- Very easy to use highly recommend

If you’re you tuber struggle with thumbnails this app for you

- Awesome 👍

Incredible. I've owned this app for so long, but never played with it. It's so good! It has the most powerful masking tools of all comparable apps I've tried on iOS. For cutting things out of images, I think this is the best. I'll be using this app exclusively for this task. Buy it! You won't regret it!

- Exactly what I need

Great feature set

- Worth every penny

Worth it !

- Love it

I love it it works good for YouTube videos btw use code deadxy in the item shop and sub to my YT DEADXY

- Amazing App

Normally I Like To Use PhotoWizard For My Images But This Apps Way Better 😌

- I use to app to make youtube thumbnails and it’s perfect for it!

I bought this app and I never had any regrets with this app purchase!

- Tannashy naaaah

Very much worth the 6 bucks as youtuber

- Awesome!

I've used SuperImpose for many years now and it's such an amazing app. The only thing I can suggest is adding a rewatch progress feature. It would be cool to see a speed-create version of everything being designed that you can save into your camera roll!

- Mr Jim yoksimovich

I really miss the hide layer function on the latest update

- great app

i make niches on instagram and this app makes the editing process so much easier!!

- Pretty good app

I play around in this app a decent amount. It is fun to mess around d with all the effects. Very decent for a free app

- Love it

Making funny birthday cards is so easy with this great app. Can also make great compositions for art projects. Love it.

- Colour backgrounds don’t work

Colour backgrounds isn’t accurate at all, says its one colour & does a completely different one. There’s also no white, it’s like grey.

- Great app

This is one of. 'Must have' apps. The mask tools are incredible.


So i use this app a lot and i’ve seen the same problems since when i got it a year ago and now, CONSTANTLY CRASHES!! PLEASE FIX THIS OMFG!

- Love the app

I use SuperimposeX for my icons and at first I was a bit confused but the more I used it the more I learned. One thing I think you should add is more layers, for me it’s easier to plan out my icons. But either then that the app is so helpful!

- Very powerful

Well worth the upfront cost! Major upgrade from the older superimpose which I used for a couple years already!

- Wow factor

Love this app. Having great fun with my creations.

- Awesome

Works great, lots to learn yet but it’s pretty user friendly and the how to videos are great!

- Love it!

Great tool for editing!

- Very, very impressive.

I am yet to find a flaw in this app. So powerful, so easy to use. Masking options and implementation are excellent.

- Wonderful!

I am no beginner to editing apps and software, and I love this app! It’s beautifully simple and capable of producing professional quality edits. Sometimes I prefer it over photoshop!

- Improvement noted but some fixes still needed

In general, I like the features of the latest version, but there is often a tremendous ‘lag time’ in saving and starting a new piece. Often I have to go in and out of the app multiple times to have it clean the slate so I can do another work. This ends up being very frustrating— I don’t understand why there is such a delay—any fixes/ideas?

- Tremendous app!

Has virtually every single feature that I look for in a photo editor, in addition to an easy to use interface(once you become familiar), and few if any frustrations - all around terrific! Easily one of my best purchases on here, and one of my most used apps!

- Text edit

Le mode editable de text ne fonctionne pas encore avec cette revision.

- To gud

To gud to be true

- Amazing

It’s an amazing app, very easy to use I love it and a big thank you to the developers

- Great one

I have been using the developers other app called leonardo for a very long time. This one is just a bit different, i suppose some people like this interface more. I use both. This developer really knows this kind of software and bugs are extremely rare. I suggest getting both apps. I think leonardo is deeper and can do the same things as superimposex and more, but this one might be faster for some things. After years, i havent found better, not close.

- Amazing!...But

I love this app and have been using apps from this company for a long time now. It’s a fantastic way to edit photos, make “tumblr” edits or whatever you want. I love how easy it is to use. My only wish is that you could have more layers. It’s a bit annoying if you decide you want to change something later on but have merged it to other stuff since you had no more layers left. Other than that, I would definitely recommend this app!

- Excellent app everyone should have!

I’m not a photographer but I like to improve my photos when I can. This app allows sky replacement, layers, tuning and all sorts of edits. It can do more in one app than using 4 or 5 others. My go to editing app and so much fun. Works great!!!

- Great new version of Superimpose

This has always been my go to compositing app for still photos. Easy to use with effective tools the results were always great. Well, the new version is much better. The interface is different but worth learning. Pretty much just a huge upgrade all around. The 'cast shadow' function is amazing. Well worth the pittance they want for it!

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Superimpose X 2.5.6 Screenshots & Images

Superimpose X iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Superimpose X iphone images
Superimpose X iphone images
Superimpose X iphone images
Superimpose X iphone images
Superimpose X iphone images
Superimpose X iphone images
Superimpose X iphone images
Superimpose X iphone images
Superimpose X iphone images
Superimpose X iphone images

Superimpose X (Version 2.5.6) Install & Download

The applications Superimpose X was published in the category Photo & Video on 2017-12-16 and was developed by Pankaj Goswami [Developer ID: 1453844207]. This application file size is 522.96 MB. Superimpose X - Photo & Video app posted on 2021-02-27 current version is 2.5.6 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.superimposeapp.superimposex

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