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TV Cast Pro for Roku App Description & Overview

What is tv cast pro for roku app? Watch any web video or camera-roll video on your Roku and enjoy the show on your big screen with the no#1 web video streamer.

With Video & TV Cast for Roku you can browse the web and stream any web video or online TV show on your Roku. Mp4, m3u8, hls livestreams, video over https and of course Full HD are supported.

Just open Video & TV Cast, navigate to a website, wait for link detection and send the video with a single tap to your Roku. The discovered link will be shown below the browser. A tap on the video link will start the show.

* SUPPORTED Roku Players: Roku TV, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Express, Roku Premiere, Roku Ultra, Roku 2, Roku 3, Roku 4, Roku HD (2500), Roku LT (2400+2450) Player, Telstra TV, NOW TV Stick & Box. Please make sure that firmware 5.1 or later is installed.

* NOT SUPPORTED Roku Players: Roku classic models (N1000, N1050, N1100, N1101), Roku 2000, 2050, 2100, Sky Ticket (WOW TV).

* COMPATIBILITY: Please test your favorite videos with the free app edition before upgrading! Compatibility may depend on your Roku device and firmware.

* iTunes movies, Flash video and DRM protected videos like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, DirecTV, Xfinity, HBO now are not supported!

* The app streams only the video part of a website and not the whole website content (No screen or tab mirroring!).

* Sometimes it is necessary to play the video on your iPad or iPhone first before it gets discovered by the app for streaming.

* If a specific video does not cast, please check our FAQ. If that does not help, please give us a chance to help you by dropping a mail to instead of leaving a negative comment on the App Store. We will try to add support for your video as soon as possible.


* Remote: Control your Roku straight from your iPhone or iPad. The remote works independed from video streaming and you can use it with other Roku channels as well.

* Personal Media: Cast unlimited personal photos, videos and music directly from your device or from cloud services like iCloud and Dropbox.

* Ad-Blocker + No Sponsoring Ads: The Pro app version has no ads and the Ad-Blocker blocks ads & popups on most websites that you visit. You can enable/disable it at any time in the settings.

* Bookmarks: Add and manage as many bookmarks as you want, either in the bookmarks menu or directly in the browser.

* Desktop Mode: Change the browser user-agent and cloak your iPhone/iPad as a desktop PC to load the desktop website instead of a mobile website. Please note that this will NOT enable video casting on websites that serve Flash videos in desktop mode.

* Change Homepage: After purchasing this you can set your personal homepage in the settings.

Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with Roku or one of its products or any other trademark mentioned here. ROKU, the ROKU Logo, STREAMING STICK, ROKU TV, ROKU POWERED, the ROKU POWERED Logo, ROKU READY, the ROKU READY Logo, "STOP DREAMING. START STREAMING.", "HAPPY STREAMING", "THERE'S A TON OF ENTERTAINMENT IN THIS LITTLE BOX," and "NOW THIS IS TV" are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Roku, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

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App Name TV Cast Pro for Roku
Category Photo & Video
Updated 27 October 2022, Thursday
File Size 50.2 MB

TV Cast Pro for Roku Comments & Reviews 2023

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Slow. Crashes often. Lacks features. The free version works better than the paid. And that’s not saying much. The “premium” app crashes constantly, disconnects from the Roku TV, and then you can’t get back to where you were in the web browser (there is no history to access). Very, very disappointing.

Least amount of hassle especially for Roku. I did’t have to load anything on the Roku side, just on the mobile device. Very easy to use. Ad blocker worth the extra $. I use it for surfing sites with too many adds, not just to stream or watch videos. A queue would be nice but not even close to a breaker. I have to set it not to automatically load because we have 4 Roku units...unless, for some reason, I’d want to interrupt someone else’s viewing experience.

Perfect Casting. I tried several apps before this one. I use it with (Roku). Easy to connect. No glitches, no lagging. Wonderful and easy to use. Thank You!!

Worth investing. I use this with my Roku express and it works great about 90% of the time the first time. The other 10%, the webpage typically needs to be reloaded and it then will work. The best part is once the video is loaded, I can then use the physical roku remote or the remote tab in the app to control the video. I purchased the bundle Incase I am on vacation and there is something I don’t own that is in the bundle. For how much I use it, it is worth it! Certain sites work better than others and it’s important to be patient and let the video load first if the app cannot find it. I usually start in Safari then share to the TV cast app so I can retain my watch history.

App stopped working about a month ago. Loved it when it worked. It used to connect on the 2nd attempt. Now it won’t even attempt to load. The TV screen flashes, but no pop up of a video trying to load. Seems impossible to get any response from support.

Connection issues. I love the app and even bought a paid version. Lately I start encountering connection issues every time I use. Literally every time, it just wont connect to my smart tv. I have to put my phone in a fly mode, even then, once I go back to normal mode, the app detects and connects to the tv , but only for few seconds and goes back to Connecting Loop. I have to find what I wanna watch first, go to airplane mode, go back to normal and hope, that this few seconds that I have after the connection would be enough to start streaming on a tv. Maybe adding a manual connection would help? I will change the review once the problem is solved.

Terrible. I’m so disappointed with this app. I paid $6 for this to stream videos from my phone and it doesn’t work. I’ve reset my phone, the tv and the wifi but continue to get the same result. It will play one video then time out on the tv and go back to the main screen. I have to power off the tv then it will play another video. If I don’t power off the tv after every video it will play the ad but then time out again. Really disappointed.

iPad. I use the roku pro from my phone and it works great, and it worked great with my older iPad (that will not update the the latest iOS.) Got a new iPad 2018 latest version, I can get the site I want to stream to load and roku will load but not pickup the stream. NBC4 DC.

Wouldn’t play from my web site. I have my own web site and wanted to cast some movies from my web site that I have a domain name for. This app wouldn’t recognize my web page as a valid web site and kept taking me to Google, but since I don’t advertise my site on Google it doesn’t know my web domain.

This app is a must for Roku. I don’t understand why Roku doesn’t offer this functionality by default. But I am glad this app exists and it is being kept up too date.

Issues connecting/advertisments. I have to constantly refresh whatever webpage im mirroring because my tv roku doesnt auto connect. The advertisements will play and don’t show my selected mirror video. I thought paying for the pro version would fix that but it didn’t. I’m not sure whether its the advertisements giving the issues but it hardly ever connects after the commercial and shows the same commercial when refreshing it. Very disappointed.

Great app. Figured it out - was a bit complex - keep trying it works without additional purchases!!!

Used to work, now useless!. I have now purchased this app twice. It used to give us great quality for streaming news, etc. Now the video quality choices are slim to none, the sound is out of sync, and everything looks terrible. Please bring back the old app!

App works for movie sites. I love this app only thing I do not like is continuous deny or except pop up ads it keeps giving me the option instead of allowing me to hit one button that will deny all pop-ups but the app works very well it does not kick me off the current site and it does a really good job streaming from any site anime sites movie sites I never have to buy subscription from anything other than Netflix

A app the actually does everything. Went through several dozen different apps to stream movies from my phone to my Roku tv without having to have the app open and screen on while streaming but I finally found this one that actually casts movies without lag and in great quality fully in the background. A added bonus I wasn’t expecting is probably the best Roku remote I’ve ever seen on a phone that this app comes with.

Effortless. This version is effortless and so far has been flawless! I had the generic version and it was a real task to get the thing to even work! So I downloaded the pro version, and I haven't touched my Roku remote in days! No pop ups or re- routing. I pick my channel and roll with it !! Word!

Save videos. Loving the App, and I have a question!Does your app have the ability to bookmark or save movies to a cache, so you can continually watch them?

Great App. I love this app for streaming any video from my tablet to my wide screen TV. Highly recommend the purchased versions to turn off pop ups.

Doesn’t work. I’m aghast at the poor quality software engineering on this. If you stream something that starts with an ad on the web site that is streaming it, this stupid app grabs the URL for the ad and never switches to the URL for the program you want to stream. Please bring back the software engineers from 1990 who know how to write operating systems and real software. Why did I bother spending 5.99 for this amateurish piece of garbage?

Only App that Works. I’ve tried several apps and this is the only one I’ve found that works without a hitch. Definitely worth the low upfront cost. I would like to see an auto-cast function for playlists so I don’t have to click the cast button for each video that loads but otherwise can’t complain. It just works.

Video & TV Cast for Roku. Loving the quality of the videos with no buffing and no pop ups. This App is well worth the download!!! Easy to cast video to TV.

Not up to par. Pictures are shown in one order only so “recent” pictures you’ve dowloaded could be wayyyyy back in age and very hard to find. Cannot access albums, no slide show of pixes or albums.

Glitches. App doesn’t work as well as expect. Wouldn’t connect to cast. I have an iPhone and it a pop up kept Asking if I wanted to retry or yes It work. But there is no option for if you just want to close because of frustration. Will be deleting, wish the had a free version because I wasted my $6.

Enjoy seeing my photos on the big screen. Really enjoy getting to see and share all the photos I have taken with my phone!!!!

It works on iPadPro and older Roku TVs. I tried numerous mirror and cast products for Roku TV and could get none of them to work with my ipad or iphone. I’m not sure why Apple keeps blocking casting to Roku apps for some reason or another. I did pay the $5.99 upfront fee and was able to get it to screen with audio within a few minutes. It is not intuitive but basically you bring up either an inbuilt app or browser. For instance I pulled up a Rumble video within the mirror app browser. make sure you connect top right icon to confirm you are casting to the tv. Then you must press the play button at the bottom of the xcreen. It started playing right away with TV audio and no noticeable audio/video sync issues. Not one hiccup so far. Happy with the app but hope Apple doesn’t arbitrarily disable it at some time like so many. For newer 4K Roku TVs, there’s the resident Apple AirPlay within the Roku TV so no need to use third party apps. Hope that helps some of you.

Yes!!! Finally!!. I rarely write reviews but this worked so perfectly the FIRST time, I had to say thanks. Another reviewer wrote a detailed description, so I won’t duplicate that effort. It works and it was easy. Nothing more to say except I am very pleased.

Great software, NEEDS QUALITY OF LIFE UPDATE. I live in a household with multiple rokus on at one time. The auto connect feature is fantastic and so many websites are able to be streamed. The one thing that could use the update is the auto connect. An option for auto connection or manual to different devices would make this app a 5/5! I use this app often and love it! Please make it perfect!

Booo! Doesn't work!!!. Shouldn't have paid for this! Had the free Video and tv cast for roku. Too much pop ups coming and it wont load so decided to pay and get this "pro" instead. What a waste of money! still same useless app! Dont waste money this pro and the free are the same! Just download the free app if you really want to, just the same useless junk!

Video failed to play. This app has been riddled with issues that won’t allow you to stream content. Keep getting “video failed to play”. Read other reviews to see that I’m not alone on this one

Working great. I was planning to buy another smart tv instead of my Roku tv. Because roku was not supporting to watch web movies through on my iPhone. It’s working properly. Thank you to developers.

Awful- free version works but pro version does not work. Not sure why i waste money on this whole bundle. Free version used to work. Pro version constantly fails to play. Videos i watched many times through free version wont work anymore... file is not compatible? Nothing is compatible? Wasted money. The funny part is the free version is not working either since i got the pro version...

Nothing bad to say. Works better than expected. Definitely worth the upgraded version.

It works!. Was at my wit’s end sifting through misleading, bad apps to mirror my !Phone to Roku. So glad someone recommended this app! It did exactly what I needed to do. Totally worth the price to me.

Automatically connects to a roku device. We have 3 roku devices on the same WiFi which leads to streams being bumped when this app automatically connects to one of them. Of course you can just disconnect it and reconnect to a different device, but whoever got their program interrupted has to look it up again, recast it, fast forward, etc. Update: hasn’t been working lately. Haven’t been able to stream a video in a couple weeks. Really disappointed

Works great but.... Bought it for streaming vids and works perfectly, but when i try streaming music from personal media i always get an error

Works great. At first I thought when I downloaded the bundle I had accidentally paid $10 for the chrome cast app instead of the roku one, but you get them all for that price, which rocks. Great for fapping 🤷🏽‍♂️

Works great!. At first it wasn’t casting to my TV even with the payment subscription and being compatible to cast my Roku. After the most recent update it works 100% the way it should be and I’m happy with my purchase:)

Works great !!!. Works great. Especially like the ability to set the home screen to the website I use this app for mostly, so it goes right to the broadcast upon opening the app (Pro Version, worth the money if you use the app regularly). Nice. Good job everyone.

Does Not Recognize My TCL Roku TV.. Update - Resetting my TCL connection to the wireless network solved the problem. Using the appropriate version, I can connect my iPhone to a Roku device on an older TV, a Samsung TV, and of course the TCL Roku TV. Works exactly as promised. Highly recommended.

Now Absolutely Garbage. This app was OK for occasional use. I got tired of the watch a video or “Go Pro” option coming up, so I paid the $2.99 and got a bunch of icons that say Pro on them. They still prompt you to watch a video or Go Pro. Since it was only 2.99 and the app mostly worked, I just watched the videos at the beginning. Today, LITERALLY, every five minutes, viewing was interrupted by a 10 second full screen add to Go Pro. This app is garbage. Do not install it. I will be deleting it, shortly.

Does not work. First of all, I searched for this app and the 6.99 version was the only one that showed up the very first time I searched it, so I bought it. Tried to use the app and all I get is “no roku discovered.” I have an iPhone 11 and a TCL QLED roku tv. Wish I could be refunded. Since I searched for the app to start a review, I see there is a free version which could not be found the first time I searched for the app. Apple 100% tries to scam people. I wouldn’t care if the app actually worked, but my money has been wasted.

video and audio Happiness ! 😁. the sheer ease of access + usage with Roku video + tv cast is mind boggling 😂 Everything loads swiftly + accurately ! out of perhaps 6 dozen times i used the App , i’d say once or twice i had a slight glitch (but it was NOT the App’s fault , it was the website for the Video that was epically STUPID 🤬) ..back to the Happiness 👍 of the moment..Me telling y’all how Fabulous the ROKU VIDEO & TV CAST is , my friends..🥳🥳🥳🥰🤩😝😍🤣🇺🇸 me n’ my lady, Mary , love us some easy peasy in whatever shape or form ! ..and you will , too !! 👫 from the heart ♥️, Mark Kaminski and Mary Lent ! Blessings !!

Stopped working recenrlt. Was working great for a while then a few weeks ago videos stopped streaming on Roku. Idk if it's Roku or this app because I also bought the chrome version which seems to work fine... Idk what happened it used to be priceless!

Solid app, good customer service.. First of all, this app just works. You can trust it to do what it is supposed to. It is a little slow when it first starts as it is trying to load the opening page and searches out compatible devices, but it speeds up and works fast once those initial connections are established. Finally, the company is responsible to customer needs and concerns. I had commented on how the app loading on the Roku was clunky and stated how I would like it fixed. They wrote back and said they would work on it and now starting the app is smooth and simple. While I'm sure I'm not the only person who commented on this issue, it is nice to know they are listening to their users.

Amazing - A must have for streaming videos. I love this app along with the chromecast sister app. (I bought the collection of them) - this app is so awesome. It makes streaming videos from websites who don’t have the chromecast button possible and on more than just a chromecast. So far I have not a single problem with it. I highly recommend getting the full app so you can get the bookmarks and Adblocking, it’s worth it. Also I’ve seen people complain about it automatically connecting to the wrong device and it kicks people off what they were streaming. This is easily fixed by disabling auto-connect in the settings of the app. It’s a non-issue really. Highly recommend this app and it’s family of apps.

Tv connection issue on 3rd day. It was working fine with no connectivity issue for 2 days, but on third day, it’s not being connected to my roku TV. I tried rebooting app, iPhone, roku tv, router and all but still facing same problem. No customer support till now. I have emailed as well but only automated reply came through. Really disappointed.

App works. The app definitely works, I just wish the video didn’t crash every time you answer or lock your phone! Other than that it would be worth the 6 dollars.

Apps work great. I haven’t had any issues with the free or pro apps. The pro apps give you more control which is nice. The pop up blocker is solid.

Frustrating. First video is ok, but when i try to play the next won’t play. It keeps on playing the previous video. I had to try so many times before i finally get to play the nxt video. I had to exit, then play, then exit again .. And it happens everytime. There is also no auto play the next video even if the videos i’m playing is on autoplay. Frustrating.

No longer seems to work with Roku. Hi, I have used this app frequently to cast content from websites that do not have dedicated apps to my Roku devices and Roku TVs. It seems since Roku added Apple AirPlay, apps like TV cast no longer work on Roku even after multiple restarts of both the iPad I use and my Roku TV. Please address this bug. Thank you.

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No no no no no. 3 years in and still have never been able to get any of these apps to work. One odd-on charge after the next and I’m finally deleting the entire batch and the extortion icons that have become my folder of shame.

Adequate App. I am pleased with the app however it does not seem to allow me to cast anything but mp4, as most of my video library consists of mkv any suggestions would be appreciated thank you.

Works with Telstra TV 2. Finally an app that allows you to stream from iOS to a Telstra TV. A bit buggy at times but mostly great.

Useless. This app was misleading and then wanted us to purchase additional app to get it to work

Great. Works well with my roku

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Needs a QR Code scanner. Scanner

Lousy. I disliked it immensely! I would like a refund but it doesn’t allow me to cancel it!

Crappy. Doesn’t work with google play or most streaming services. Garbage

W. Okay 🥳🐯🐸

Very bad!. Don’t waste your money! Asking for a refund now!

Can't believe I paid for this. Doesn’t work, videos don't load.

Brilliant. I love this app. The app works great for free, However I was so impressed and satisfied I decided to pay just to help support the app.

Terrible app doesn’t work. Doesn’t cast what I want like twitch or YouTube. I paid for pro and it still wont work I want a refund.

Unable to cast video. Video loading failed

DO NOT BUY. DONT BUY. The tv connects to my phone but won’t show and video. It just has a loading screen but it says it is connected. It obviously isn’t and I wasted $9 on this all.

Ruko. Garbage! Waste of money not worth the purchase.

Review. I paid for this - why do I get pop ups and ads? Isn’t that the point of the purchased version?

Useless. Ever since I bought this app it hasn’t loaded a single video for me. Might as well just play it off the roku since this actually does nothing useful.

Refund please. Doesn’t work can not watch videos. Not sure what the positive feedback is all about I tried for hours to get the damn thing to work waste of time and money. Want a refund.

garbage. sucks...

Noovo. Meme en payant je ne peux pas caster sur noovo

App Doesn’t work and Most of the video couldn’t cast so many ad even on Pro version. I wish I could give you “ZERO” Star as your Pro Version doesn’t work at all and ruined my purchases fees. Please Refund the money and don’t give fake promise

Videos won’t load anymore. Used to love this app, however no longer recognizes video links

Waste of money. Does not do what I needed. This app was recommended with the Roku pro app wouldn’t work either. I would like a refund please.

TV Cast. I love TV Cast it the best .Excellent watching for hours no stopping and having to start all over again

Great app. Should make windows 10 app. Should make a windows 10 app plugin for Roku in opera chrome and safari.

Not working. The app is not working!

Waste of money. App can’t screen mirror and forces you to buy a second app for that. You’d think playing video from your phone would be easy and hassle free… guess not with these guys

Pauvre connections…. Difficile à connecter.

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No sound. I'm connecting to my Roku TV with video flawlessly. However when I try to play a FB Live or recording there is no sounds. All devices are turned up. Running sound from iPhone is an unacceptable solution for a purchased app. Help me. I want to give 5 stars!

I wish I could rate it lower.. Horrible connection and they charge for what other apps do for free and other apps do it better. This company should be taken to court for how terrible this product is. It's reprehensible that someone is "aloud" to STEAL from the public

Could use some improvements. With a house full of Roku the selection of which roku to use could be smoother. It took 5 attempts before the website video would cast.

Web and tv cast. Works sometimes, but works well when it does

Worth it.. Very handy for streaming online content or local content on your iPad.

Works as promised. Nice app for playing videos from the net, pics from your device, etc.

Fast forward bar doesn’t show up.. I bought the pro bundle with all of the apps and I have no problem with the Samsung tv and chrome apps. However, the Roku app does not contain the buttons for fast forward and pause. Not sure why, but it’s pretty frustrating.

My opinion. Actually works! Simple and worth the money.

Video failed to play. This app has been riddled with issues that won’t allow you to stream content. Keep getting “video failed to play”. Read other reviews to see that I’m not alone on this one

Seems to go to sleep. I think this app goes to sleep in 5 to 10 min which means you have to restart it 6 times per hour

Gotta have this app. What would life be like without air , probably like life without this app ! This app is fantastic and I use it exclusively ( instead of my roku remote.

Works great but.... Bought it for streaming vids and works perfectly, but when i try streaming music from personal media i always get an error

Scam. I paid 3.99 for something then 5.99 for this total scam don’t lose your money

Really skeptical of this app. It was so easy to set up and I now can stream my church service 😀

Great program. This does everything it says it will do. I love being able to cast movies onto my 55 inch TV.

Easy to use. Downloaded this app and immediately able to watch my pastors sermon live. So easy to use.

Horrible. Paid for 2 apps nothing works

Not working. Purchased this app over the free version because I thought it would actually work. Nothing plays on my roku. Tried restarting all devices and now it won’t connect what so ever. Wouldn’t recommend. I have the iPhone XS with the most recent software and a TCL Roku TV.

Very nice. Very nice product never had any problems with the app and you can do lots with add blocker is really nice it’s worth the paid upgrade

Best casting app for Roku.. Most of the time it works. Sometimes it doesn’t (I think it’s my WiFi connection) but it’s the best casting app ever.

Closes out my video. Works good but a lot of the time it closes out the app on its own and restarts, which cause it to stop my show. The fire stick version works 10x better than for roku

It works!. Was at my wit’s end sifting through misleading, bad apps to mirror my !Phone to Roku. So glad someone recommended this app! It did exactly what I needed to do. Totally worth the price to me.

App doesn’t work. Downloaded and paid for pro version and doesn’t work. (Roku) paired but when I try to open app on smart tv, get page to download app…? From the app icon. Emailed support three days ago with 0 response. Deleting app and requesting refund.

Not working. Payed for pro and now all you do is want to not work right

Tv connection issue on 3rd day. It was working fine with no connectivity issue for 2 days, but on third day, it’s not being connected to my roku TV. I tried rebooting app, iPhone, roku tv, router and all but still facing same problem. No customer support till now. I have emailed as well but only automated reply came through. Really disappointed.

wrote customer support. Got no help. Australia is premium and doesn’t work to stream Australian tv like it used to. I would like a refund please.

Bad!. Don’t get this app, it only works for one video then when I want to cast other videos it says that it failed. So I have to wait a while so I can play it again and it doesn’t work, don’t spend your money in this app

Check your tech. This works great but seemingly if your roku tv is too old (or too new? I dunno) the audio codecs don’t match and you get lovely video and no sound. Haven’t found a fix yet.

Browser feature seems to work well for casting. Good

ate my money. so i downloaded this for my roku and it didn’t work. i did follow the instructions, but the roku app wasn’t cooperating. i’m not sure if it’s a compatibility issue or something with the app itself, but i just figured i would be able to get my money back since i only had it for a few minutes and wasn’t even able to use it. i requested the refund and it was refused, so i appealed it and explained the situation and still got refused, so that’s $6 down the drain! would not recommend.

It works!. Finally found an app that actually works!

Reliable app. Very reliable and easy yo use. Only reason for a complaint is there is no remote built into the app for the Roku anymore.

What A Rip off. Was using the free version and seemed to work. Decided upgrade for the xtra features and now it just keep saying “retrieving” and freezes up and buffers constantly. Brought the Pro Bundle and they all do the same irritating things. They seem to get you as soon as you upgrade. DON’T WASTE YOUR $$$

DO NOT BUY. spent $6 on this app just for nothing to work. I tried to live stream my church service and couldn’t even cast it to my TV. I just bought a brand new TV with Roku, I have high speed internet and my phone is up to date. Don’t waste your time or money on this app.

App is terrible for Roku. Bought Roku App, have videos recorded in Landscape but this App will only play them in Portrait, FAQ tells me not to record in Landscape and then it will be fixed when played - never have, even recorded videos off of net, etc. are all recorded in Landscape. Developers are no help. Don’t waste your $5.99.

Will not work if there are ads. When I attempt to play content with ads, it plays the ad, then stops. It never gets to the actual content. Completely worthless.

Great App. Works perfectly, would highly recommend!

Doesn’t work!. Don’t waist your money! I bought the app trying to screen mirror then it made me buy another app for actual screen mirroring and I still can’t get it to play on the tv. Plus there’s no audio on the tv, it comes from your phone.

Not intuitive. Not intuitive. Very confusing to use.

Amazing!. If you watch movies from online websites this is the app for you!

Very, very good. An ideal way to play play internet videos on my TV. Not perfect but very, very good.

Need to improve access. Is completely useless

Review. Been using it for almost 2 years, best video casting app in the App Store in my opinion.

Great app. This app is perfect for watching on devices from your phone. We love it

Great app. Figured it out - was a bit complex - keep trying it works without additional purchases!!!

Does not work. Downloaded it because it gave me more then the screen cast app by the same developer. However when I click on that portion I still get adds. Why buy something if you are still getting the adds interrupting your broadcast

Garbage. I just purchased pro version and it won’t load, crashes every time after a few seconds. Have tried uninstalling/reinstalling several times while resetting my phone numerous times. Won’t work and now I’m out the money 👎👎👎

Browsing and streaming. The app is awesome . I can stream any video from Safari and any browser

Not for the faint-hearted. This is incredibly frustrating to have everyone tell you how easy it is to cast to your television and yet an hour later and I might as well be back in the ‘80’s watching “12:00” flash on my VCR. This should be easy!

Sound. The first couple of times that I used this , it worked perfect. Now there is no sound. If you have to pay for it then it should work right?

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What do you think of TV Cast Pro for Roku app? Can you share your complaints, experiences or thoughts about the application with Kraus Und Karnath GbR 2Kit Consulting and people?

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TV Cast Pro for Roku 3.8.1 Apps Screenshots & Images

TV Cast Pro for Roku iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $5.99
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 3.8.1
Play Store de.2kit.cast-browser-roku-pro
Compatibility iOS 9.0 or later

TV Cast Pro for Roku (Versiyon 3.8.1) Install & Download

The applications TV Cast Pro for Roku was published in the category Photo & Video on 2016-06-30 and was developed by Kraus Und Karnath GbR 2Kit Consulting [Developer ID: 477998014]. This program file size is 50.2 MB. This app has been rated by 4,039 users and has a rating of 4.2 out of 5. TV Cast Pro for Roku - Photo & Video app posted on 2022-10-27 current version is 3.8.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: de.2kit.cast-browser-roku-pro. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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TV Cast Pro for Roku App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Bug fixes

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Find this site the customer service details of TV Cast Pro for Roku. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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