Superimpose download

Just with a few taps, create professional grade superimposed or juxtaposed photos on your iPhone! You don't need a computers and expensive software to superimpose or blend/mix/combine/cut/copy/paste one photo on top of another any more.

Here is how it works...

1. Load a background image.
2. Load a foreground image.
3. Mask out unwanted portion of the foreground image using wide range of masking tools.
4. Smoothen the edges with smoothen tool inside the app, if required.
5. Move, Scale, Resize, Rotate, Flip the foreground to place it on the right location on the background image.
6. Adjust the colors/exposure/contrast/hue/saturation etc. of the foreground and the background images if required to match both the images in terms of colors.
7. You are done! Save the blended image to the photo library at full resolution or share it on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also use this tool to do serious photo editing tasks like blending textures or overlaying borders or to do double exposure with adjustable transparency and 18 blending modes.

Masking in the app is the most powerful one available on the app store, just tap on an area of the photo, and the app will mask out all the connected area with similar colors. Or you can use brush, lasso, polygon, global color similarity, rectangle, ellipse, linear, bi-linear, radial gradient, mask from image, mask from text, magic mask and hair refine masking tools. Mask an area with this tool and that area of the foreground image will become transparent and reveal the background.

You can even drop a shadow of the foreground onto the background.

Superimpose App Description & Overview

The applications Superimpose was published in the category Photo & Video on 2011-06-17 and was developed by Pankaj Goswami. This application file size is 40.83 MB. Superimpose current version is 6.7.4 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

More bug fixes.

If you like using Superimpose, please do write a review or leave a rating in the App Store!

Superimpose App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Superimpose Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Ineffable_B   5 star

Love!. Always loved this app!

Sassafrass the real sassafrass   5 star

Literally been using this for years. I don’t know if this app is free or not, just because of how long I’ve had it, but this app is definitely worth some money, and i highly recommend this to anyone who likes to edit photos and photoshop on the go!

Jrfivjiveriuvfeuihefv   4 star

language problem. my app was always in english but now the app is in japanese. is there anyway to actually change the languag back ? great app , very good editing. needs fixing on the languages.

ChuckCh   5 star

Years of fun. I’ve been using this app for a few years now. I prank family and friends photos with it and have become the go to guy in the family for making funny pictures. I really like this app!!

Deepthoughtshipster   1 star

dont buy. i payed almost 2 dollars for this app only for it to not work because they have moved on to “superimpose x neo” why would it not tell me this before i waist my money, or why wouldnt they remove it from the apple store. oh i know why, because they know they can scam people out of money this way. boo

spenglerama   1 star

Bait and switch - only 2 photos can be superimposed. Paid two bucks to superimpose photos only to find out that the developer wants you to buy a different app with in app purchases to be able to do more than two photos. Other features are locked too, this is unethical and deceptive. Give your money to someone else there is a plenty of apps that superimpose two photos for free. Avoid!

Tyler the baddie   2 star

help!. i won’t let me exit out of this ad and it’s really annoying

Very angry customerrrrrrr   1 star

I want a refund!. I just BOUGHT this app only for them to turn around and make me install another app that has to be paid for advanced features . It stopped me mid way and made me get the other app , I just wasted my money! I want a refund .

Redwings5BD   5 star

Great. Thanks

ImRichieHan   1 star

Buy the pro, not this one. I bought this app to edit multiple photos. As soon as I tried superimposing a third photo, I was notified I couldn’t but if I bought their “pro” edition, I could. Don’t wait your money and buy the pro version. Even say that, it’s so some shady business practices here.

America's App Advisor   5 star

One of the Best By One of the Best Developers. Outstanding! Owned Since Day One! Amazing Support! Used Daily! my advice? check out all of his work ... I’m telling you, he makes awesome photo apps!

Lucien G.   4 star

Even Better than the X Version!. Superimpose is widely known in the mobile editing community, and I personally enjoy it. It’s not exactly the easiest thing to use, but I still enjoy it! Worth the price, and it’s much better and easier to use than Superimpose X.

MetasurrealisM   5 star

superimpose. rules the metasurreal universe

Toeeeez   5 star

Great app. Easy to use app with good results

mofuze   5 star

Best app. ✌️✌️✌️

Drew1819   5 star

Wonderful app!. Great for editing anything and everything 👍

Starr2Nite   5 star

I Love It❣️ I Love It❣️ I Love It❣️. I’ve used this app for years now and even if I use other apps, I’ll either start a project or finish the project on this app 😉

Gamer46782   5 star

actually helpful. Been using this for years, great way to combine images and stuff. Premiums worth it as I’ve used it so often. You never know when you’re gonna need to blend images real quick

jazzmiineee   5 star

Nice. It’s a really nice app if u like editing

Mklepka525   5 star

I'ts good. Great app!

Auntie Sammie   5 star

Why I love this. Other than drawing and painting... it can make anything look like anything else

Tiffany3397   5 star

Very good and simple to edit cool pics!. Best free editing app I can find

shardrix   5 star

Couldn’t do without it. Great masking and blend tools creates fantastic merges.


great app! been using for years. super impose is awesome and gets everything photoshopping wise done! i’ve been using it for so long and it helps me with a lot of finishing touches in my art!

Fregginpariss   5 star

Love. Love!

Twinkle kid   5 star

Best Editing App. I’ve used this app literally for years now... I LOVE IT. This app got me into editing. I literally create so many things with just this single app. I’ve made collages, turned multiple pictures into one, literally anything you can imagine. I even use it to edit things out of the background of pictures. This app is what started my career of editing and I will never stop using it.

unconquered82   2 star

Transparency on png’s lost after ios13. I can no longer add images with transparency after ios13.

Mxufjcudhgr   5 star

Great straightforward app. Used this app for many years and I enjoy it. Very easy to use

DeJordan863   1 star

Refund. I downloaded this app thinking it was something else and I want a refund

Mgibso37   5 star

Graphic Designer. Up and coming graphic designer love it !

Advertorial    5 star

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Taszka   5 star

Fantastic app 👌🏻. Amazing app 🖤 I do recommend getting it ! Great blending modes.

Nonicknamenothing   5 star

Versatile and easy to master.. Great app.

Rudolph Scammed   5 star

Awesome. I love this app and all the features

Maddiekitty21   4 star

Pretty cool. It’s pretty cool, although it is a bit sellout to make layers literally 3 more bucks.

Princess kingdom rider fake   4 star

Overall an amazing app. I love practically everything about this app. It’s my go to for editing any day. The only thing I would add is being able to have multiple layers at once. I know Superimpose X has these features, but it’s costly and I don’t know how to run it as well as Superimpose .. it isn’t much of a drawback but would be useful.

NessaNV   5 star

Awesome app!!!!. Great fit YT Thumbnails!

hilenscott   3 star

Question. When asked to allow superimposed to access your photos , why does it also need you to turn on location services?

Dance moms lover💃   5 star

Amazing!. I’ve had this app for years and it’s just like a mobile photoshop! So good!

Jdubblu17   5 star

Weeu!. Great app! Love it

tekyman007   5 star

Good job!. Easy to use

Hxxhhehfhhd   5 star

Great. Amazing really helps me out when I do edits

Annika Senn   4 star

Great. Great but complicated, people really can’t just teach you how to use it!

mayaakøzina   5 star

i love this app!. it is great for making niche memes!!

Samski   5 star

Luv it. I love this App, easy to use lots of uses

sammybachynsky   5 star

Amazing App!. I use it to edit things quite often. This paired with Phonto, is great for making covers.

Larrythelaunderer   4 star

😁. Marvelous.

Samluck   5 star

Best App....ever. Most used to enhance photos for friends....simple and that’s what I like most!👍🏼

Darkwarrior X   3 star

Good app but. I Have Used Yr Other App PhotoWizard For Years And It.s Great And This App Is Similar To It But My Only Complaint Is The Masking Mode In This App.. When You Mask A Picture in PhotoWizard You Don’t Have To Load A Foreground Image It Will Be Masked And I Can Save It Easily... But In This One You Need To Load A Foreground Image And I Don.t Like That If You Could Change It So You Can Just Mask An Image Without A Foreground Image That Make The App Pretty Much Like PhotoWizard Please Do This In Yr Next Update.. Thank You 😌

urawizardharry!!   5 star

GREATTT. since i am an editor, photos and videos this is greattt to make thumbnails, and to make collages (:: 10/10

Khadibeca   5 star

Emily. This app is works really well and is easy to use

Rovit639   5 star

GREAT APP!. I’ve had this app for about 3 years now and i haven’t had any issues! The price is really affordable for the value and power of this app!

Lists cd   5 star

Good app. Love it

Memories gone   5 star

Best app I’ve paid for!. I’m really hesitant to paying for apps because you never know if it’ll work how you want to, but this app!!!! is amazing!! I’m in high school but I’m planning to be a graphic designer & before I ever even used photoshop or heard of it (I bought it 4 years ago for making cool logos for no reason) & it really is super easy to use once you figure out the tools & I use it almost everyday. I make memes with it, make mood boards for art projects before I start them, I add cute images & pngs (the transparent images, you can make pngs with this app too—one of my favourite tools) to my pictures before I post them, I use it for school projects, everything! I never take the time to write a review but when it prompted me I was like, hey this is actually an app worth rating. It is worth the 99cents!! I am in the middle of making my boyfriend an outfit inspiration board with cool textiles & colors! Seriously so perfect. Thanks!! (My only thing I could ask for would be a square eraser/brush tool for straight edge erasing—or maybe I just can’t figure out the square/shape tool for masking)

Aki 💗💗   5 star

love love love. I love this app so much I make all my edits on this :) ps, MAKE A SUPERIMPOSE FOR VIDEOS!!!

Alissabish   5 star

AWESOME!. Great app to use for photoshoping and editing photos. Simple to use

raggedypond   5 star

Awesome, very useful. A solid app. I’ve been making things with this for at least 4 years, and I think it’s very simple yet able to carry out lots of tasks. It’s helped me a lot!

Karenloveoo   5 star

Best editing tool. I was suggested this app and honestly it’s the best app for editing. I use it for niche memes and it makes it 119% easier

100% honest:)   5 star

Very good. such a great and flawless app! comes in handy for many edits!

obessed with eyes   5 star

really good. good for edits and stuff, bought it a few years ago and have been using it ever since. a great mobile editing app

ITSMECOKE   1 star

Suuuuuuper Frustrated. This app sucks. I can’t even add more than two photo layers without it crashing. Sometimes it won’t even let me into it! I don’t know why everyone is saying it’s worth it. It’s a waste of time and money.

Advertorial    5 star

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adamch   5 star

Great superimposed photos app!. Lots of features to make your superimposed photos look realistic. Easy to use with comprehensive instructions. Great reliable app!

UgsvdhdhvRgkgjfafbc   5 star

good. good

BJ3110   5 star

Polished and clean app.. Great app, perfect for little Instagram post and other fun jobs

superimpose user   5 star

superimpose review. great app and not too hard to use!

Editing / Hacks On Youtube   5 star

good for picture edits!. i am a picture/video editor and i find this app really easy to use! if you wanna see what i make check out my ig! @pepsivogue

Robertsdatter   5 star

Favourite App. Superimpose is my favourite app - easy to use & pretty much the only one I now play with. Great for using with my own photos & artwork.

joe ljojoc   5 star

This is the best!. It is super useful for school projects!

Pops2004   5 star

Amazing. v good

Yo mamma 000000000000000   4 star

good app 💜🧡💛. Great for Instagram and stuff. It would be good if you could add more layers and that’s my only issue but it’s kind of a big one? It gets tedious to only have two layers, but everything else is really good so it’s not a huge deal.

mary donalason   5 star

Superimpose The best app. I would just like to say this is the best and so easy to use I just love it Tracy Saywell

Pipstarr   5 star

The best!! Thank you !!!. Just so good! From Perth Western Australia Thank you!!

hopey26   5 star

The best. I love it!,!

Taeyungiev   5 star

Taehyungiev. Great app

Molly Dakota   5 star

Love it!. So good for fan edits

AliciaLM   5 star

5 years +. been using this app for more then 5 years. absolutely amazing.

Amtbhferuimbcfyio   5 star

i love it!!. so easy to use smfhh it’s amazing

InternetSlang   4 star

LOVE THIIIIISSSS. Okay so basically this app is SO worth it. I have a fan account ( @swtner._ ) and I use this app for my edits. I also use it to edit my own photos (the filters and things) for my account ( @millynadene ) and it is amazing !! It is kind of complicated to use at first but you can use there tutorials or search for one on YouTube. Sometimes it crashes but you can reload the last edit if you delete it or it crashes which is really good. Sometimes the images don’t load when you don’t have wifi which is annoying but other than that I love it so much !!

Jessobear81   5 star

Hilarious. I absolutely love this app, so many laughs over the last year, unfortunately in the last few months it has been freezing. I have reinstalled it several times and updating it but I don’t know what is happening.

Levile13   3 star

Good. Pretty good & easy to use but on iphone X the erase tool doesn’t line up anymore. Can you fix this?

Boreas12345656472   5 star

GET THIS APP. This is by far the best photoshopping app I’ve come across on iPads/iPhones.

Dingleberry78   5 star

Amazing!. Easy to use and lots of great tools!! Highly recommend

kewl kiddos   4 star

GREAT. me being a quick editor this app is great sometimes it crashes which is annoying but other wise is great

Ellielt   2 star

Photos not loading. When I try and load a background image it just says “loading” for ages and never loads. I’m really annoyed because I actually paid money for this app. I hope you’re not neglecting your app to pay attention to your newer version because that’s messed up. We paid for this app and deserve one that works.

Red_Vaneer   4 star

Yes. I use this app for book covers on Wattpad, its a bit tricky to get a hang of but its easy to use once your used to it

Bddjsisbebehxh   3 star

Help. Great app but it keeps crashing when I’m trying to mask??

Sabombqwery   1 star

Terrible. Bad :(

Em P   2 star

Epic!. This app is spectacular! I haven’t encountered many glitches at all. This app is perfect to help me make Wattpad covers for me books! It also allows me to make funny edits of my friends and send them to them! I love this app keep up the great work! XOXO

IggyRoelk   5 star

Superimpose. I really like superimpose. It helps me a lot with my editing. I am a huge fan of warriors edits and I have an account for it (@falcons.edits) on Insta so Superimpose helps me make those. 👍overall a gr8 app :) -Falcon

BangtanBitch   5 star

HANDS DOWN AWESOME!. I really love editing, and this has helped me evolve my skills. I highly recommend this app, although you will have to look at the tutorials to understand it. Great app!

maorigal   4 star

Undo and redo button. Say that I accidentally merge a photo. I can’t go back so therefore I have to delete everything and start over again. Please insert a redo and undo option !!!

Nickggh   5 star

Super impose. I use this for my graphic design company all the time Amazing app Ease mask and crop Highly recommend

spookyykat   5 star

Best Photoshop App. I’ve been using it for years and nothing can compare to it. I never write reviews but this was highly deserving of one.

OwenGamerØ   5 star

Awesome. This really helps me a lot thank you 😊

binxks   5 star

Love it. Used this app for years! love it

jennifer Muñoz ♡   5 star

Amazing App!. I have time with this app & I truly love it. It’s so helpful and easy to use!

ishskahzizhzjaiaojwmxggsusj   4 star

tight. been using for years now, after some practice it’s easy to use and has become my go to quick edit app

i love u.   5 star

my favorite editing app!!. this is literally my favorite editing app ever. it’s worth the $$$.

donj quiroga   4 star

Bueno bueno muy bueno. Recomendable

Dr.dw   4 star

Great app on iPad. Poor on the phone a waste of time

Me295610453798213552   5 star

Great app!. Reliable and user friendly!

Kate03H   5 star

Kate H - Review. Yes! Love it!

Jazz_1011   5 star

HAS EVERYTHING I NEED!. Superimpose is where I do all of my photo editing and it's perfect and does everything I want it to! I love it💘 10/10 :))

Juixywrldtaex   4 star

Great!. It’s great! I have been using it for a year now for editing though it would be nice to save them in the app to maybe edit later if there is anything to change!

Fabian-c   5 star

The best. Nothing compares

Buddy408   5 star

Awesome!. This app is definitely an awesome one if you’re a creative one. I troll all my friends all the time with this app lol

Emily is Boss   5 star

Best photo app ever!. I have had so much fun with this app transforming photos! It’s the best and so easy to use!

UnclePickel   5 star

Thank u Superimpose. this app dank ! worth it 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 god bless

HOPPY FROG 1&2 ROCK   5 star

amazing. i've had this app for a very, very long time. probably since i was about 11 or 12. it's worked every. single. time. i love this app

jakobsykes   5 star

used for years. very good photo editing app. i bought it years ago for 99¢ and it was definitely worth it. i make lots of funny little photoshopped pics for my friends and overall i really enjoy it.

fifig,gfjjgjvkcodf   5 star

Love it. 💞love

Mc_puppy   5 star

ITS AMAZING. I absolutely understand it it’s definitely worth 1.99 you can make your own masks/stickers and it’s so easy to use I love it you should get it!😊

i'm random asf   5 star

i really liked it. this app is so good with my editing skills and the blending and masking is suuuuuper good!! such a good app!!

dnenfjcnw   4 star

Very easy to use, crisp, and clean. I love this app, it has many tools you need to make very unique photo collage. I just wish they have constraints, or a grid in order to more accurately space photos.

knoptop   2 star

I would give a better review. But the app would pop up this annoying request about reviewing the app. So after months of dealing with that pop up asking for a review, I’m posting one. The app works great!! I just don’t like being hassled to review an app I paid for. So I have this a low rating in hopes that they will rethink their strategy with paying customers about hassling them to review the app with pop up screens.

Anon-eee-mouse   5 star

:). Yup! :)

Sinfully Synical   5 star

🏴‍☠️. This is awesome and very user friendly

Patricia The Stick Horse   5 star

totally worth it!. you're looking for an editing app? superimpose is it! yes, it costs money, but it's sooo worth it! xx

^.^ haydenlover   5 star

Fantastic. This is a great app to impose and edit photos and images! The color and saturation feature is perfect!


Kid with not much to do. For only two dollars, this is the best editor you can get.

hannahhcowan   5 star

Awesome!!!!!. The app is amazing and has worked for me so many years. I love it :-)

Vitas Killer   5 star

Awesome app!. Does exactly what it describes perfectly I use it all the time and I highly recommend it!

palaniH   2 star

Greedy devs. App is great until you realize you can only work with one layer, and instead of adding multi layer support for the original app the developer makes an entirely new app and charges $8.99 for it. Greedy

Miro12345678910   5 star

Amazing. genuinely great app, I downloaded superimpose X and not gonna lie, it’s quite complicated compared to the original, still trying to get used to it but this will always be my number 1 favorite editing app. love this 💓

TheSmileyDino   5 star

It's amazing. Could be better tho

apippingirl   5 star

Handy Dandy Mandy. this is like the most handy app to have because you DONT have to use it 24/7 or maybe like 12/4 but it’s still so useful for when you DO need it!

Infinityslimeshop   4 star

I rlly like it!. I rlly rlly like this app! My edits are sooooo much better now! There are defenitly some things I still need to figure out but hopefully I get there! One of the things that would help me get there is if there was a specific tutorial on how to make fan edits like what some people use this app for! Or a more guiding and easier structure with labels and things like that!

KathleenG20   4 star

Awesome👍🏼. I'm very satisfied with this app. It's an amazing editing tool on a phone or tablet. But it's very buggy now for me for some reason so please make an update on the app to fix the bugs. Thanks 💕

Dedeedance5678   4 star

Great and simple!!. Quick and easy photoshop app for dummies

SuperImpose   5 star

Yayeet. Very Useful

Me72828191929   1 star

Bad quality. Whenever I edit a picture the quality goes down!

CrossyGurl   5 star

Love!. I love this app a lot. It's my favourite for making covers, and edits and colour changes. 💕

Rogerpaul98   5 star

Great app. I love this app and will be using it a lot.

Kookieeeeeeeeeeeeee   5 star

Fav. This app is my fav💓 can't find anything better than this honestly 🍥

Fai' ⚽️   4 star

good. Amazing app!!!

Hielllo   5 star

Great. great app, great for editing and making icons/logos

Bayshjskagsfaoahsysi   5 star

Best app ever. I use this app to do all my edits and pictures. it works great. I have been using it for a while now and gotten better at editing

Tchouchounne   5 star

Amazing. I love to edit with this! It's the best editing app I've ever bought! It was extremely worth the money🤗

❤️🍍🍉🦄💋🌺😍   5 star

I use it for icons. I think it's good for icons

Abby Dolomont   5 star

I love this!. It's kind of confusing at first, but then you get the hang of it!

Anteops   4 star

Nice. I used to love this app and now the update is kinda makin me confused and I tired to remove the background and the thing went into an oval?someone help?

TheM101   5 star

Great!. The app has been super helpful and fun to use, it's very simple too. So far, there's no problem. 5/5 stars!

iamabakedpotato7   5 star

awesommmeee ddduuuddeeee!. surfs up bro! this app is totally tubular! sooo narly! definitely recommended!!!

Ranz38   5 star

Love this app. Really user friendly. My go-to for photo manipulation for several years.

sophia180901   5 star

Awesome app!!. Honestly one of the best app I've ever had for photo editing. I make TV show edits for Instagram (which the app is popular for) and it's absolutely amazing to work with. It's also good for general editing or just for fun. I would definitely recommend it.

Anonymous9988771122578   5 star

awesome since i was 11. ive been using this since i made dance moms edits when i was 11 and i never had any problems with it. now i use it to crop my friends faces onto animals and its still great, although all im doing is cutting out and pasting.

Djdejcj   4 star

needs an extra feature!. This app is ALMOST perfect yet it needs just ONE extra feature: the possibility to warp/distort layers!!! If superimpose had that, I'd never use any other app ever again!!!

sip12345   5 star

Excellent App. My first experience with using 2 pictures and making elements of each into 1 was very rewarding. My skills have improved significantly after using this app for well over 2 years.

Bluberryicons   5 star

Awesome. Great for blending images and making icons

Clatoris rex   5 star

Love it. I can do pretty much anything I want to on here, the app has come in handy so many times

Governali girl   4 star

Great app!. This app is great! But the new update is bugging out a bit! I tried making a circle with the tool and it turned into an oval? It was really weird and I did everything I could to fix it.

Pig bird cat   5 star

My favourite image editing app. Thanks for such a great product. I have been using this for years and it's intuitive and simple to use and has such a small footprint for an app that gives functions comparable to costly and resource heavy apps that are in the same market, top job.

Pheeboc   5 star

👍. Worth the money tbh

Naomielkheirxxoo   5 star

Fix Background. I really love this app sm and it's the best editing app but lately I've been finding that every time I save a save or merge a photo, the background colour changes and starts to get very bright. Idk why this is happening but please fix it !!

Snoweh^.^^   5 star

love it. ive been using this app for year to edit photos and the frequent updates to fix bugs is really good 👍🏽

cindy_vuu   2 star

Fustrated. I've had Superimpose for around two weeks and it was fantastic! I loved the edits you could create but after a while, I noticed that every time I edited, the quality of the photo would go bright and very saturated without me doing anything. I'm really upset about that

A happy Aussie   5 star

Love it. I use this app so much, especially for concepts and iphone mockups. Very easy to use once you get a hang of it. Love it love it. Thank you so much.

Micymoo 22   5 star

Best app ever. Omg I love this for editing it's so easy I love it but the only thing what you need to fix is when you want to add text you can't so plz fix but anyway I love it FÔLLOW me on insteragram @dancemoms_cray

noizy1501   1 star

Totally ruined the polygon mask tool. I decided to update this app because it said something about to colour swatch tool was better, and then when I opened it once it had been updated I needed to edit something, using the polygon tool. What happened?! It's completely terrible and doesn't work! Please bring back the polygon tool from the update before this one! It was so amazing and now is just horrible.

Lilykitty123   4 star

Pretty impressive.. Superimpose is a very essential app that I think everyone needs when it comes to editing. This app is always my go-to whenever I need to do some masking or add a shadow, etc. Speaking of shadows, SuperImpose is the only app (that i know of) that has the ability to create a shadow underneath the foreground. Something that you should put into consideration is a Drawing option where you can draw over the foreground/background. Overall- Superimpose is one of my most used apps!

Wiggo600   5 star

Awesome. This is the perfect app. All it needs is the ability to stitch photos together. Other then that it's the best app for photo editing. I love it

Slow oldies shahid faith   5 star

Heaps good app. So easy to navigate around the app and edit/create images. Very, very, very useful app. I've suggested it to about 3 people now.

Chisel9050   5 star

Awesome. Best app ever how do you make the apps

Buster953   5 star

Really useful!. We use this app to check out how things will look in our house before we buy them, like art work. It's amazing that the superimpose quite often looks almost the same as the eventual reality.

That's loving Tom   5 star

5 Stars. Definitely worth the small price to pay, best editing app out there!

Lily098095   4 star

Good, but always room to improve. I use this app for 90% of my editing. It'd be cool if you could have multiple foregrounds at once, though.

Stormtruppen77   5 star

Must have. This is my "go to" app for any photo editing,simple to use and awesome results every time!!

MadameGiraffe   5 star

Best Photoshop-like phone all out. I have been using this app for years, and it is by far the best of its kind I have come across. Easy to use, great for beginners. All-round great app. :)

Marcy151993   5 star

Great app. Works perfect and does everything described!

Crazy confused girl :(   2 star

I love the app but it keeps crashing. Very often when I use this app it's become very glitchy and therefore the app has become almost unusable. I really don't want to delete this app so it would be great if these problems could be fixed

Daverah   5 star

Amazing App. I rate this app as the best app I have ever downloaded. I have used this App frequently for over 2 years and you can create some amazing pictures and artwork with it. I have used a lot of photo and art apps over the years and this is definately the best and most useful I have used. 5 stars for this great App.

Fifiknow   5 star

Love this App. I don't normally review Apps but I thought it will be unfair not to with this fantastic App. Been looking for long for something like this.

Micki radley   5 star

Fantastic!. My go to app for editing! 😆

Nikki0950   5 star

In love 😍. this app is amazing. I'm speechless 💙😂😂😂

Mae the bee   4 star

Text?. I really like this app- it's really clever, and enjoyable, and the zoom is fantastic :) but there is no way to add text onto the picture, and I would like that as a feature - so I can add text :) please make this a reality, along with the ability to have more foreground pictures then this app will definitely get a "5"!

Potatoanotor209   5 star

Nice app. I don't know what these other reviewers are talking about, mine works smoothly. It does take a but to get used to all of the buttons and things, but that depends on the person. The app is really easy to use and it's definitely worth the small amount you have to pay to get it.

chloe.723   5 star

download!!. love this app, i use it all the time. perfect for easily photoshopping & editing things on a phone

! A Person ! (Call me Jess)   3 star

Umm. What happened to my superimpose? There are no other apps like it, and suddenly it won't let me add pictures at all! Please fix!!!

Brookie131324   1 star

What happened?¿. Superimpose was my go to app for editing, after the new update it wont let me upload any photos making the app unusable…

_Kel_kel__   5 star

Easy to learn, hard to master. The beauty of this app is its depth. I've used superimpose for three years and counting, and I've found it simple enough for the simplest edits such as Facebook birthday photos, whilst also having enough features for more complex ones for major projects and advertising. Overall, a brilliant app I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone, regardless of skill level. (It really is so easy to learn)

Tori06937   5 star

Great app. Great app for editing

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