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Epson Smart Panel App Description & Overview

What is epson smart panel app? Visit the website below to find products which are supported by this app.

When using a printer or scanner that’s not listed on the website, please use instead Epson iPrint for printers or Document Scan for scanners. Epson Smart Panel will not be able to find or connect to your product unless it’s on the website’s list of supported products.

High performance, easy-to-use mobile command center for your Epson wireless printer or scanner1. Easily set up, monitor and operate your Epson product from the convenience of your mobile device with this powerful new tool.

- Easily set up your Epson product on your Wi-Fi
- Innovative action tiles make your Epson Product simple and quick to use
- Fits like a glove -- auto configuration and customization tailors the experience
- Receive the support you need - register, get supplies, or find help all in one convenient place
- One interface for your Epson Printers and Scanners -- auto configuration tailors the app's functions to your device.

1. Requires Epson Smart Panel app download and a compatible smart device. Data usage fees may apply. For more information please visit for support.

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App Name Epson Smart Panel
Category Photo & Video
Updated 31 May 2023, Wednesday
File Size 164.85 MB

Epson Smart Panel Comments & Reviews 2023

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App is still reading old router.. This app is still reading info from previous app info I entered. Very frustrating. I’ve deleted the app. All EPSON ET-3850 software and drivers from my computer restored the printer/scanner back to original defaults and at one point had both WiFi router and printer/scanner connected by computer but I cannot connect to cloud services from WiFi bc of this app. I need it to delete all my info and let me redownload as a new user

Default settings. Frustrated with default paper setting from PC, MAC and iPhones. I have wasted dozens of glossy pages on docs AND TIME when they expecting default plain paper. Read all help pages dozens of times. Family using apps doesn't have familiarity with all app settings; they just want to open app and print. Otherwise, have had the ET-8500 for a year and LOVE the print quality and ink management! If you can update the bios to automatically retract the print tray 30min after use, I’d up my rating to 4 stars.

Fast quality print, WiFi connection capabilities are terrible. It’s a fast beautiful printer but the tech set up to WiFi is an absolute nightmare. We have to redo it each time and it takes minimum of half an hour to reset all our systems until it finally accepts the password and connects. Not user friendly for those that don’t want a timely technical challenge each time they need to print.

Wish it worked.. App says it is compatible with my phone and iOS, but for whatever reason I could not connect to the printer via WiFi. Printer was already connected to the same WiFi as my phone but no luck finding the device. Reset my printer and attempted the WiFi connection setup through the app but again unable to find the device via direct WiFi setup process. Perhaps it just doesn’t work with the WF model printer I have but it sure would have been nice if it did as the app looks well laid out in the description images.

Epsom customer service. Your customer service was awesome walking me through the set up over the phone. I used the app store and the first item that shows up says Epsom, but its a third party trying to get you to pay money. I was able to download the correct app on my phone and copying documents to then email was very easy with the app. Thank you

Epson Stupid Panel. There’s nothing “smart” about this app! WiFi was set up on the printer, but the app could never detect it, though it did know what printer it was. I ended up having to do a direct WiFi connection because the app was too stupid to connect. And where’s AirPrint support? My bad for not checking before I purchased. Seriously Epson, you want my location data that much? Was in the verge of returning the printer, but after the WiFi direct worked it made a nice print. But I’m dumping the app and will just connect via USB from my Mac.

Enable the “ok” button so I can submit the WiFi password. Cannot submit password via smart panel app because the “ok” button is Greyed out and not enabled. Frustrating and not smart at all! Could only connect the printer via the touch display on printer and was able to print from networked desktop, laptop and phones so hopefully the printer is better than the app. The app however sees the printer but won’t connect so basically the app is a brick and useless to me. Don’t know if you should fix the app because not sure what I’m missing out on because it won’t function. Oh well, what a colossal waste of time trying to get the app to work.

Need to track my precise location in order to use printer. It is absolutely insane you require not what state, not what city, not even which road, but the precise house and location I’m at in order to use the printing software. You have to grant precise location not approximate. What if I want to VPN into my network to print from a different state? Oh that’s right it doesn’t matter one bit where I am when I print. But you still ask! Pay $900 for a printer and you still have to make a few extra bucks spying.

Really disappointed.. This printer has so much potential but it’s all wasted by the lack of ways to access it without being forced to go thorough the Epson controlled menus. I was hoping for a more unified and ‘natural’ way of interfacing with the printer, like every other printer I’ve ever used. I should be able to simply pull up the printer and start printing. Instead, I must pull up an Epson menu that lists all my pictures or documents on my iPad, select what I want, and then select print. Extremely awkward. Not sure it’s worth keeping it or not.

Kicks me out of App. I just set up my new printer and downloaded this app to use with my iPhone. This app has so many issues and needs to be updated. Whenever I use this app, as soon as I connect to the printer the I get kicked out of the app automatically. I have been resetting my phone and redos loading the app and it’s the same thing every time. My phone is up to date with the most recent IOS. This app won’t even let me stay on it long enough to use it. I’m super frustrated. I downloaded the Epson Iprint app and that works just fine so obviously this app needs an update.

Epson Won’t Work With Apple Products. I’m on my second Epson printer, currently an ET-3850. I’ve been through the Epson Smart Panel settings many, many times. It hasn’t helped. If I do some combination of restarting the printer, restarting my computer, reselecting the printer through settings, etc, it will eventually print— maybe. If it does, I can then print various documents. However, if I don’t print for a while, such as overnight, it won’t print again. I then have to go through all this again. It consistently does this with my Mac desktop, my new IPad, my wife’s iPad, my iPhone and my wife’s iPhone. This seems to be a common problem with Epson printers and Apple products. Epson should make it very clear in their advertising their printers have major issues when you’re using Apple products. This is simply ridiculous and unacceptable!

So easy!. I love this printer, copier/scanner, it’s great! I have had 2-3 printers before that were so difficult, I ended up throwing them away. This printer is so easy, I can print, copy, and scan from my iPhone or my laptop and it does that using Bluetooth. If you need a printer, copier/scanner for the family, or for your home office, this is a great choice.

It Works!!!. I must say I am impressed with the quality and user friendly setup. It’s great to be able to send a document to print from your smart phone, tablet, PC. Many reviews say that ink last a long time. I will see since am working from home and it’s getting a workout. Will update if the ink is all that. So far very happy.

Was great, now is a brick. When I first started using this app, it was great. Hooked up to my printer/scanner WF-2830 just fine, allowed me to update firmware, gave me ink status, etc. very UI friendly. Since the most recent firmware update on my printer and the update on iPhone, I have been unable to find, much less connect to my printer/scanner. Other printer apps are still able to find and print to it so I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve searched forums and even Epson’s site to no avail. I can’t recommend a bricked app to anyone until Epson figures out what happened and fixes it. To Epson: my printer and my Apple device have been tried on both regular WiFi and WiFi Direct connection and it still couldn’t see the printer to “set it up”.

Not user friendly for large printing projects. If I’m printing a larger project, like homeschool curriculum, and I need to just print a page or two from the middle of the curriculum, I have to sit there and scroll hundreds of pages until I get to the right page, then find the corresponding printer page number to make sure I enter the correct page numbers to print. Then when you have to enter the page numbers in the settings, it won’t let me enter them manually, so I have to sit there and click hundreds of times until it gets to the correct numbers. REALLY annoying. If I could use another app I would, but this one is so far the only one that will print the curriculum correctly.

Doesn’t Automatically Choose Paper Size. While I love that you don’t waste cartridges, this printer is very frustrating because it doesn’t automatically select the paper size like our Canon printer did. It is very difficult to print pictures from you phone because you have to manually select the paper size in the printed, even if you’ve inserted photo paper. So, you have to put the settings in twice. Given how difficult this printer is to use to print photos and other files, I would definitely NOT purchase again. Our old Canon printer was much easier.

New vs old Epson printer. Our new printer is not as convenient to print my photos from my phone as the old Epson printer!!! Prior to this new printer I could select the size of photo on phone and print now there are several more steps and must use the phone and the printer to obtain the desired product! We purchased the new printer in order to have larger ink bottles - new printer is not as handy and pictures are not as clear and defined. Waste of

Printing photos. Ok, so I got this printer about a couple of months ago. I haven’t tried printing documents yet. I basically got it to print labels for my business, that part works well. I had a photo of my husband and my self I wanted to print out, just a 4x6. The printer kept telling me wrong paper size, I checked and rechecked and it was right for what I wanted. Printed photo and about 1/2 way through printing, the paper slides and I ended up with a “rainbow “ effect on the end of my photo. So I printed again and same thing happened. I gave a 2 star because money is money theses days and you should be able to print good quality photos but not with this. Would I buy again? Yes, only for printing labels . Buy anther printer for photos because this one isn’t worth the money.

Failed to find printer via iPhone. I’ve got a new L3150. The old Epson iPrint app works fine on both connecting through iPhone and my Windows laptop, but the UI is old, and no optimization when iPhone is set on large text display. I was looking forward to this SmartPanel app (which seems to be Epson’s newer and well refined update), but it just can not find my printer at all. I have tried: (a) resetting router following instructions many times (b) allow location track, BT, all “on”, same WiFi network (c) tested on both “wireless” and “WiFi Direct” mode. All failed to connect the printer to my iPhone. Also tested on all iPhones from other family members, still not working.

Cryptic, not user-friendly - buying it was a mistake. I bought an Epson printer after years of HP - the salesperson convinced me it was superior to HP, mainly because of how the ink is refilled. However, I find it is FAR more difficult to use - it is not the least bit user friendly. I haven’t recently had to puzzle out how to refill the ink - I did it a while back and it seemed doable but I’m not confident about next time. HOWEVER, everything else about it needs to be puzzled out each time I want to print something out. Also, there is a ridiculously long wait period for it to be ready to print after I turn it on so when I try to print and get an error message of “printer not ready” or “not detected” I don’t know if it isn’t being detected for some reason - such as not being connected - or just hasn’t taken its 15-minute warm-up time. I feel buying it was a mistake but since it’s new I’m stuck with it - I won’t make this mistake next time.

Wi-Fi. Just bought the 2400 eco tank model. Print speeds of black and white is great. Color is decent too. Photos are pretty slow. The app was pretty user friendly except when connecting to Wi-Fi. You just have to press the Wi-Fi button on the printer which I figured out on my own. Other than that setup was a breeze. I’m pretty happy over all. Prints over Wi-Fi easily from my phone if you select the documents from the app. The only part that is less than desirable is that it requires that you save the document then open the app and select that document to print it rather than it letting you print straight from an opened document. Overall would recommend this product.

Prettier than old app, less usable. The older app is less colorful and doesn’t have as many cute features but it is significantly easier to use. New unable to locate printer while the old iPrint app can find it right away. Old iPrint app also has the ability to add the printer directly via IP address, which is a great option to have and save time for those who know how to do it. New app has no such function. New app also makes precise location sharing a requirement. This is absolutely not necessary to set up a wireless printer and a privacy concern for people like me. Going to stick with using the old app.

5++++. IF I COULD GIVE 10 STARS, I WOULD! EPSON IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST. I plugged the printer in, hooked to wi-fi, downloaded the EPSON app and it immediately found the printer, connected, updated firmware. Worked. Everything worked in less than 10 min. I had an hp printer, “had” being the key word here. I spent literally HOURS of my life going around and around and around, trying to get it to sync up on my phone with their app. which cannot automatically find the printer and once manually entered by IP address, won’t show up in the app. They have so much going on with their auto ink scam, that the functionality of their printers and their app are all compromised. Not to mention the 17 emails I got while trying to do a simple task of connecting my printer. Emails prompting me to complete the setup. …it was set up. Over and over again! Grrr! I even paid for a subscription and still spent more HOURS of my life, looking up troubleshooting, reading blogs, reading their website suggestions and even contacting them. All failed. Will never buy hp again. Thank you soooooo much EPSON. I can’t tell you how happy I am! Beautiful print quality on my ET-2803 btw.

Stick With the Manual Install Process. I downloaded this app to install and configure my new ET-3850 and it worked … up to a point. The first attempt put at charging the ink went nowhere so I backed up a step and restarted it. Worked ok the 2nd time around. It didn’t do much else after that. I opted to go down the path in the “Start Here” instruction guide that DIDN’T use the app and everything appears to have installed fine. Of course it took me through the ink recharge again and I had to manually connect to my Wi-Fi because the auto setup didn’t work, but being an IT techie guy it wasn’t a big deal. I pity the folks who are not tech savvy in trying to do this. I see a few support calls in there future. So far the printer works great! I replaced an Epson Workforce printer that I’ve had for 15 years.

This is an AMAZING app for printing things.. I really like this app because it lets me print all my stuff without having to go to the computer next to the printer. It also lets me print out so many more variations of prints that are really nice and good looking. I think that this is a great app and if you have an amazing Epson printer, you should download this app onto your phone or tablet.

Epson hate Apple. Epson seems to universally make their products difficult if not impossible to use with Apple products. While claiming that Epson printers are AirPrint compatible, I have yet to ever get an Epson printer to consistently work with AirPrint. I have returned 3 Epson printers and replaced them with Brother or Canon because those brands live up to their claims of being AirPrint compatible. The only reason I’m keeping the Epson printer I just bought is because it’s for my business which requires I use a PC for software reasons. But for my personal use I am exclusively Apple having am iPhone, 3 iPads, and a Mac, none of which can consistently connect to this printer via AirPrint. I managed somehow to get the stars to align and printed from one of my iPads twice but have not been able to get the iPad and printer connected since. However this stupid app, which I shouldn’t need since the printer is AirPrint compatible, can see the printer, no problem. That means that the printer is on the network and this iPad can see it but AirPrint isn’t working. There is little to no information about troubleshooting the AirPrint connection in the Epson documentation so I have to conclude that Epson is trying to force Apple users to use the Epson apps rather than AirPrint which is for the birds. I guess this printer will have to go back to the store too.

Excellent and easy. Super easy to use from my iPhone ! Has been wey practical and besides the negative few comments I have had no issues at all with the app, in fact I’m not tech savvy at all and have been able to connect to my wifi again easily following the online guidelines . App is very user friendly and isn’t overly complicated !! I recommended this app to a friend and she purchased a printer from this company as well ! Fantastic

Epson is best of the best of the best and a beast. Tried printers from everywhere and every company, bar none the best software especially compared to the hot mess HP has right now. Other than large format Canon photo printers and plotters The Ink tank is beast and is a tank. Been using continuous ink systems since 2002 as a add-on product. Auto priming and cleaning with maintenance carts. Get on board to a hassle free experience, with only the rare and super quick restarts for issues with some wi-fi access points. Honestly even that isn’t Epson fault but wow do they restart fast. Get in!

Poor setup and connectivity. The setup for the printer is gruesome. I would not suggest buying this printer as it takes about an hour to get it connected to wifi. The quality of printing of far less of printers that cost $50. I’d really just like to get my money back honestly, but the problems with the printer are more realistic than me getting a dime back. Anyhow. I’ve had to reconnect the printer to the app and then to the wifi, yes separate connections. And I have roughly 5 more hours than I want invested, just to use the machine. I could give negative stars I would. But sadly they don’t allow less than one.

Epson xp4200. Could not get my epson xp4200 to print called customer service for help. First gal couldn’t help said she would send me to customer tech support. Chris told me he couldn’t help and would send a request that someone would call me in 24 hours. I do want to wait 24 hours to set up my printer. After telling him that was acceptable and asked, why if he was tech support he couldn’t help. Then he tried to help and couldn’t help me download my printer to the computer. Now he is sending me instructions through my email. Too much hassle for help. If I can’t get the printer to work with my phone and computer I will pack it up and take it back. Disappointed with customer service.

Broken. The app won’t connect over WiFi. It will only connect through the WiFi direct setup. Start there and it’s a mediocre app with limited functionality. It requires a second app Epson creative print to actually get to a lot of the functionality Epson is marketing. There is no documentation around features like connect to Google classroom. I suspect all this is new and it’s a new product so documentation and support are lagging. But until those catch-up, I would recommend you avoid the huge time sink into trying to find some useful purpose for this app- because it just isn’t there.

Warning exposing my data online. This app is limited, yet seems to get around pretty good inside my old files. When I tried to pursue a solution by going to its webpage link that I found within its app, it was a dead end. This is just a tiny little app inside of a multibillion dollar entity that has been around since 1948, providing convenient tricks with our own data, and distracting its collection tactics by pointing out the favors it’s doing to make our lives easier, that is until we find ourselves at the mercy of an app that should be back on level ground in the playing field as consequence for being deceptive to the innocent.

Constantly disconnects, then nowhere to be found!. When we first got this printer, we liked it; despite it having no touch screen, it seemed to work okay. And we were lured in by the economical ink use. However, it seems like every time we want to print, it has disconnected, and it cannot be found! 😡 Then we have to start setup all over again, and over again, and over again, and over again, ad infinitum! 😡. Do you know what it’s like to try entering a complex wifi password on their tiny “keyboard” with no touch screen? A very time consuming process that would be bad enough if we only had to do it once, but absolute torture to have to do it every other day! Grrrr! 😡Today I tried numerous times to re-connect this thing, but it failed every single time, both with wifi, and with the Ethernet connection, nothing worked! 😡. I’m getting pretty disgusted with this terrible printer, and pretty fed up! It’s still not connected, and it’s dead in the water, a pretty useless paperweight, as far as I can see right now! EPSON, why can’t you make a printer that actually consistently works, and stays connected to a network??? And don’t be blaming the network either, we have a very fast and very capable high speed network with a 1GB fiber connection, with most devices including this printer, connected through hard wired CAT8 Ethernet cables, except for our mobile devices. Epson, Let’s get your printer to consistently work for a change!

Works great unless there’s an exception. Just got a new Epson ET-3830 and went thru setup (I think). This app starts out great but is somewhat unforgiving if you make a mistake (mine entering WiFi password). I finally got another chance and connected okay, but the touch screen on the printer does not respond very well. It said fine tuning or some such was the next step but when I touched it nothing happened. Looks like I’ll need to access the details in the user guide.

My Epson printer. Love this printer. It replaced an older HP printer that developed a mind of its own and would either print or not depending on its mood. Ink wells on the Epson are large and easy to fill, we’ve done a gob of printing and haven’t used much ink. My wife prints recipes she finds online so she keeps the Epson busy. Do yourself a favor and buy the Epson, you’ll be glad you did.

I AM IMPRESSED!. We bought the EPSON ET-3830 last year when I opened up my small electrical contracting company. I know very little about technology and I am able to use this app flawlessly. Scanning or Printing I never have hiccups and with this ecotank it NEVER USES INK!!! Thank you Epson for making a SUPERIOR PRODUCT and making my business run smoother, faster and more efficient. Shawn

I’m so happy with this printing app. If you have this app and got a brand new Epson printer, you don’t have to worry about the initial setup and daily and professional use of the printer afterwards. This app presents all functions you wish under your fingertips. You don’t have to waste your time and get frustrated not finding options you’d like to use. Simply the best!

Selecting page. I just bought this last black friday so I don’t know if the ink is going stay for long. The printer doesn’t get connected through Airprint. It also doesn’t print MSword so I have to convert the MSword docx to PDF just to print them. Selecting a page to print is much of a hassle, it wouldve been easier if I can just type or scroll to the pages I want printed from a 600 page PDF file and not pressing the plus or minus just to get to the page I want printed. Imagine I just want to print the first page of a 600 page PDF file, I have to click the minus sign 599 times to get that first page printed.

Best printer I have ever used.. I bought the Epson Eco tank 4850 about a little better than 8 months ago. Since that time I have used it more than any other printer I have owned. Not only is it more user friendly but I have yet to have to buy ink. The other printers kept me ink poor. Thank you for an exceptional product. Bryan S Larochelle..

I DO NOT recomend this app!!. Usually my reviews are always positive, but it is not the case with this one!! I am really frustrated with the way they make it!! If there is a way the Epson people could change this, it would be easier… well, ok, this app looks so cool, and when I downloaded it I thought I would NEVER regret. But oh boy, how wrong was I!! It has all these cool features that you can never get if you do it on your own without using it. So yeah, that is cool, but I even didn’t get to USE IT. The thing is, is that it tells you to find your printer (of course) but when you try to put in your Epson printer, it cannot find it!! Though I have it on, and when I want to print directly from the web or from photos, it works perfectly!! But when I try it on THIS APP, it doesn’t work! All the things that we have tried to do, it doesn’t work! So if that can PLEASE be changed, this app would be PERFECT

Tolerable but not great. The printer prints well. The controls to do anything besides print, such as scan - not very clear at all. For example: on the printer’s home screen is a option to scan. Unless I connect the printer to my computer with a cord, this option DOES NOT WORK. And, no it is not the wifi. I have a friend in IT who came over and walked me through the reinstall and he had no luck with it either. So the only way to scan is by using the app. Fine. Through much trial and error, and using my iPad or iPhone the scan feature can be utilized. I painstakingly added info to scan directly to my Google drive on setup, and yet that option does not appear anywhere. Nor can I see the original users added at the first and second install. The device also has its own email address, for remote printing - that option hasn’t worked either. Look, I am admittedly not the most tech-savvy person, but what is the point of bells and whistles if only those with tech training can get them to work?

Printer set up. Took almost an hour to set it up. Started out OK. Connecting to the Wi-Fi was hard. First it couldn’t find my router. Then I tried to enter it manually. Did not work. Turned router off and on still could not find. Turned off printer. It started to find the router but would not let me enter the password. Took me at least 10 times to enter password. Everything it said to do would always shut me down. Finally I just pressed return and it worked. Not easy to understand the steps? I hope I don’t have to do it again…

Really good. It’s a really good app. I really like it. you can print any picture you just have to search it up on Google or something find the picture you want and then it’ll print it. you also have to press the button and stuff. I think it’s probably a five star🐶🦄

Needs Precise Location? Why?. It’s a printer. It prints. It’s not a GPS…I don’t expect this app to help me navigate around traffic. I’m only using this printer at one location, why does it need my precise GPS location? Do you want Epson to link our WiFi SSID with my location, because that’s exactly what this app lets it do? Epson can hide behind the claim that it doesn’t associate this data with a user, and that may be true, but it doesn’t stop them from associating the name of you WiFi network with your location, which is valuable information when collected from hundreds of thousands of users.

ET-2803. Just bought one today at Target for a project that I need to print. Unfortunately, I had to stay by the printer all throughout the printing time because paper are printing and jamming. Once pulled off from the printer, I had to turn it off and back on in order to find out that I have to reset to the pages left off in order to continue to print. For a first day, it is quite annoying. I call it quits tonight and will try again tomorrow.

This is cool. Never printed over wifi before but definitely could get used to this. Only complaint is I can’t choose specific pages I want to print, just a beginning and an end. But other than that this app is quite user friendly and can do most jobs without having to get out a computer and hard connect to ur printer.

Great Family Photo App. Great for easily printing photos from your phone suitable for framing and hanging as family photos. Not as customizable as a professional program, but it’s money for casual photo. Could have better instructions; not easy to figure out how to scale or customize your print size; defaults to border less and whatever size paper you are using. Some layout options would be nice. NOTE: Saturation, contrast, shadows and highlights all need to be adjusted in some other program before printing from this app.

Best Printer EVER. We’ve had several printers that don’t cost much but you have to sell a body part to pay for the ink cartridges. Then to make it worse, the jets keep clogging and you use half your ink to clean them. This EPSON Ecotank ET-2850 is by far the best printer we have ever owned! High quality copies, easy WiFi connections, this is the whole package. Absolutely 5 Stars.

Ink. I very tied of you guys blocking my printer with the notice to upgrade. Just so you can control me, after I paid you for the printer that should be MINE! You want to tell me who’s and what ink to buy. I hate control and not letting Am-r-Rican out of debt. Church for your printer and leave us alone. We’re not a communist country. In fact, we’re not a country at all it’s a business.. Shame. Rise your price on the printer, leave choses what ever we want and if the heads get clogged with the cheeper ink then we’ll buy another printer. Every time I want to air print I got to get up and dismiss your “request for an update “ i don’t want your update! I want to stay in my wheelchair and print without have to get up where the printer is mounted and worry about falling because of you control. Ed Rodriguez

Fun with printing!. Great machine, I bought it one day because I was operating my backhoe in the community that I live, a natural gas main was ruptured, it was my fault, so I needed to apologize to almost 200 individual homes who lost the use of that utility for a day 1/2, but the ones closest to me got rudely wrangled up, by me, to get everyone 1000’ from the danger. I’m famously long winded, so summation; I made really cool cards for everybody in the community. One gentleman even said, hey man, I like your style, you got style, he said. The printer is fantastic, thank you Epson

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Don’t waste your time. Bought so we could print from our phones but once setup it does not save your password anywhere so you can retrieve to set up again if required you have to jump through hoops for over an hour to setup. What a waste of my time will never buy another Epson product again

Great print quality- poor functionality. We bought this printer after having a cannon for years and wanting better value for money. It certainly is good when it coming to quality’s of prints and use of ink but you have to babysit it while printing fro your phone… has poor range of wifi. So you can’t just press print and go about your life

Like this printer. Happy so far with this printer. Had it a few months. I can connect & print from my phone which I couldn’t with my other printer. ✅

Good. Very straight forward set up very happy with it

Frustrating. While Epson says it is supported in Mac this program is only available on iPhone and iPads so I can print from my phone but not my laptop. Every time I try to print from my laptop I get file info not pictures. On the app does not help me fix it. It had better let me print from my window laptop or I am finding every review platform to trash it. Other printers I have bought in the past have had a plug and print no hassle set up. Everyone raved about these printer but I am calling bull and wishing I had bought another brother or Hp.

Get this app. It helps so much with school work and so much more

What a disappointment. The Epson ET-2810 is a huge letdown. It has taken a week and a number of educated people to get this thing to connect. If you are not a computer expert, don’t buy one of these. Also I cannot get it to print with yellow or magenta. A real disappointment.

Not able to AirPrint. Followed all the instructions on the app to set up. Connected to my wifi network. However won’t allow me to AirPrint. Instructions included are not adequate. I’ve owned many Epson printers, this is the worse.

Amazing. Super easy and free, also many options and reliable! 🤩👍

So far so good. The set up is a little fiddly - it took a couple of times to get it set up properly. This happened to the multiple devices we set it up on. Once set up it works well. Printer quality is good.

Worst Printer I’ve ever purchased. I’ve used Epson printers for many years & loved them & until I got the ET4800! To print on double side, u have to sit there & flip & feed each page urself!cannot see how much ink is in these ‘clear’ ink tank windows! U have to set paper size on both device & printer… on a good note - once u sit & google for an hour or so to figure the setting to get a decent picture print - it can print great photos!!

Brilliant. Once you set it up and understand it all Never looking back Jack👍💰💰

Useful. This app is genuinely useful if you don’t have a laptop or computer to use for this brand of printer. Personally, I use 2 sizes of paper a small size that will fit my page and one I’ll have to trim or cut out and stick in. It’s really quick and I’m glad I found this.

Never buying Epson again. I had an Epson previously so I bought the same again (or so I thought). Set up was not as straightforward as I expected, I was called away during the download of the app and when I came back I had to start again but even though the message said it had not been downloaded, when I went to download it again, it said it was already there. After much frustration and deleting and reinstalling I tried to print something using ‘print’ in a document I had just typed up and nothing happened. Apparently you have to close your document and open the app (why?), but the document I had just created was not visible in the app, I ended up saving the same document 4 times and it still didn’t show up in the app. I had to wait until the next day before I could find it. Then, to add insult to injury, I couldn’t work on anything else while printing. Nor could I walk away from the iPad and go do something else because if the iPad hibernated the printing would stop. Now, that might not be a problem if you’re printing text only but recently I had to print a crochet pattern which included photos and the 8 pages took 40 minutes! I’d rather watch paint dry! NEVER AGAIN! As soon as I run out of ink again the whole lot goes in the bin.

Terrible app forces location data. Abysmal app that won’t let you use it without giving them your location. Laughable excuse for taking any kind of privacy into consideration. Iprint at least let’s you use it without data location being necessary.

Epson ET-2810. We’ve only had the printer a short time but super impressed with the printer quality and speed. Very happy with our purchase.

Happy customer!. Had my last Epson printer for 10 years, and it finally started to malfunction so purchased the Epson ET-2811 today. Set up was amazingly simple and quick using the app on my smartphone and my first print run was perfect. Should have upgraded sooner! So far, highly recommend.

Creepy app. This app forces you to give it your precise location or it won’t allow you to print even on your local network, even the Epson IPrint does this and is proof you don’t own the printer you payed for, but any other brand than Epson for your privacy

ET-2810. Unlike others I had no problem connecting to the wifi but it has taken 2 hours to work out how to print from Pages on my iPad. I cannot select them on the app, they are greyed out. It took playing around to accidentally find out how to do it. Not self explanatory

Great printer - well worth considering. Cannot fault, love the wifi connectivity allowing quick and easy use to print via phone, print quality good, only downside is the limited size of paper storage within print feeder, but that’s neither here or there for my needs

Sufficient. Sufficient for basic printing but I prefer other apps (which thankfully will work with my little Epsom printer) that have features I have otherwise taken for granted all my life. Like being able to set printing of pages in reverse order as the default so ai end up with a document with its pages in the right order. If by some chance this app does allow for this in it’s settings, I couldn’t find it!

Work well. Import your photos, adjust as necessary and voila prints easily. Would like to see a feature that's allows you to combine photos on one page but works great for a phone app.

Works a treat. Bought a ET-2811 printer and setup was easy. Tested it by printing a document from my phone with good results. Really happy so far.

Awesome app. Fast and easy to control everything from your phone wow easy

Why is the scan function so slow?!. Overall quite a good printer but the scanning function is so slow!!! Please fix. Everything was fine until I do the firmware update a few weeks ago.

Simple and easy!. Real simple and easy off a phone - MacBook is a little trickier though

It’s soooooo sloooowwww 🤯😩. Can not understand why it is so slow and laborious. Just took a full 60 seconds to access my photos. Then another 15 seconds to open the album I selected. At every step of the way it pauses interminably. Nothing is quick and easy like my previous printer which operated without the app. Excruciating.

Flawed Wi-Fi Setup on ET-2811. Our actual Home Wi-Fi network was not shown among those the App could see so I chose to manually enter its name - unfortunately while it accepted the name it did not then prompt for its password to remember on the printer. Consequently it then failed to connect the printer to it although the app on the iPhone was connected. The app then suggested it connect to its own dedicated wi-fi network and did so. That however meant that it could not then see anything on our home network including files we might want to print. Furthermore when you then print a photo or document the content is not proportioned reasonably being truncated or just a narrow slice of the document or photo. Why can I not select the printer from Microsoft Word or Camera on my iPhone as I could with my old printer a Workforce 645 that worked brilliantly for years until it started to fail?

Waste of time. This app was not easy to set up and was very frustrating. I already had the Epson app and this was an additional requirement to use the other functions on my printer. What I thought would be a simple, easy to use printer was a waste of money. The printer is poor quality and is hit and miss when it comes to working via the online app.

ET-2810 connected printer. Overall reasonably happy with app However there is no way of changing the size of what is printed using this app on an iPad Pro Thus it prints out in the default size of fit to page which is useless for plans etc that need to be printed at actual size The printer can certainly do this if connected to a laptop so why is the option of printing at actual size not in this app

Nice. Product actually works

Very cost effective. I used to go to office works to get my printouts most of the time. This ecotank printer is very cost effective and very convenient. I even can print from my phone without using any cables. It’s a time and money saver

Epson printer. The product is crappy. It relies on a Ap to be able to operate rather than a direct line cia the printer in word. Which mean you have to down load the app on every device. I wish I had never purchased it

Its me. At the beginning its going awesome but bot too sure once the original ink gets empty how it behaves with the new cartridge.

Expression Home. This printer is way too difficult to use. Nothing is simple or intuitive. I would never buy another one!!

Highly recommend. Best home office printer and scanner I have ever used and the app is super easy and user friendly, saves time and works very well on all our Apple devices, without my hassle setting up. Thank you Epson!

Can't find ES-60W. Connected to wifi direct and the device cannot be found by the App. Need something when on the go and so am not able to use infrastructure mode. Wasted an hour trying to connect and returned it.

Works well. Good quality and works well

Not user friendly on wifi only. I’ve had so many issues getting this printer to talk to my laptop, iPhone and iPad, even while they are all on the wifi network.

New by but finding it easy…. Finding it easy to operate… enjoying it.

New printer. After setting up my new xp 2105 was easy to use

Difficult.. It’s a pain to link to my I phone.

Great app. Easy to use, easy instructions. 10 minutes of use and I’m loving the experience !

Don’t bother with Apple products. This app and whole set up is so frustrating. 4 hours later and I’ve only just printed what I needed. How do you even print an actual email sent to you from your mobile device?

Unnecessary app that should’ve been integrated into the iprint. Just more steps to what should’ve been a simple setup, what a way to waste consumers time, having to go through the same t and c’s, same setup again as the iprint and have it ask to take your information and location on your phone before even connecting to the printer, over 2 hours of setup and the one page I bought this for remains unprinted... disappointing brand that I will avoid in the future.

quick and easy printing. you can change the paper size, quickly print pictures from your phone gallery, print documents from your phone, etc. everything is so easy. super glad i got this printer. only issue is that i always have to convert word documents into PDF files otherwise they don’t format properly

Awesome app with perfect features. This app complimented with the dual tray (A4/A3) paper loaded is perfect for my home office and kids school printing. No messing with opening on PC’s or laptops just print construction drawings, plans, photos or saved images straight from your phone to the printer!

Setup. The setup was often not clear in the instructions on a iPhone 14. My xp540 was much easier to setup. Perhaps setup in a mobile is not as easy as from a laptop. When trying to print anything in my iPhone photo album it did not print in A4 format.

Slow & cumbersome. Very slow. Very cumbersome. Like that you can resize before printing but it takes over 20 minutes to load a photo through the app and print, very frustrating. Easier to just use air print.

Smart little printer 3 in 1. Connect to your smart phone and the way to go. Smart little guy perfect for home use.

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Very Good.. Easy to follow instructions but it takes awhile to figure it out. 😀

Works great!. Does the job!

Slow. This Epson ET – 2400 is way too slow for my business. We print out a numerous amount of things daily. The quality of these images being printed are not good.

Epson 2850. I have to say the Epson scores very high on the scale for efficient ink usage, tracking ink levels and replacement costs. However not so much on user instructions, no user manual came with the machine, very hard to find online, very cumbersome and way too many pages to print. The screen is too small to read, for all the instructions and the print of the instructions and symbols too tiny! Very frustrating when try to change printing set up profiles!

ET-2850 & Epson Smart Panel app. printer ET-2850 ios app: Epson Smart Panel I purchased this printer for use at home and found that it prints, copies, and scans quite well. Unfortunately the printer has a major fault in it's design. The message screen is VERY SMALL (1 inch x 1 inch) and when you print with the Epson Smart Panel ios app, printing will often fail. The app then asks you to go to the printer message screen to see what to do. Then you need to bend down under the table to the printer shelf, bring a magnifying glass, and determine the next steps to take. Often it's just a paper size setting that was incorrect in the ios app, but you have to press various buttons on the printer, go back to the ios app and print again. Instead, why don't you update this app to display the error messages from the printer? One should be able to operate the printer from the app without needing to go to press buttons on the printer. As it is, I need to move the printer to a table at eye level, and to keep a magnifying glass beside it.

Not bad but could be better. Needs to be more user friendly.

Et 8550. Epson is the one and only printers that I will use for life! They think if everything from A-Z. What a quality what a product , wow! I highly suggest any Epson product, bravo Epson!

Doesn’t work with iPrint. When I try to print with iPrint, I always get “printer not found” so I have to use the Epson app. It should be a little more seamless.

Printer. I just got an Epson 2830 & it popped up when setting with this phone. I downloaded this app & tested it out & I'm impressed.

WF-2960 printer. I was blown away when I seen the quality!

New printer. So far so good I am enjoying my new printer, the fact I don’t have to spend a fortune on ink is amazing… but In saying that the price will probably go up 🫣

Great printer. Finally a printer, scanner and copied that works!! Prints from any device and easy enough for my kids to use.

WiFi setup does not support space. For new printer setup, If there is a space in the WiFi PSK, the app doesn’t accept it.

Worth it. Nice complete package. Hardware and software are great.

Returning this item. Very difficult to install this printer! Poor quality colour! Very slow! Took 2 weeks and a computer geek to set up to my computer and my phone! Never would I buy Epson again!

Imprimante as raccordable. Malgré plusieurs tentatives, vraiment compliqué

Constantly lose connection to the printer. Constantly lose connection to the printer

Super achat 😊. Acheté chez Best Buy Laval, Québec et le représentant de Epson était sur place pour conseiller. M’a expliqué les différentes imprimantes Epson, options, encres et les économies d’encres d’une imprimante à l’autres, etc. Très satisfait de mon choix et de la qualité d’impression de ma ET-2800 et surtout des conseils reçu du rep.

Simple to use!. I’m quite pleased with this app, as it is fairly intuitive to use. I haven’t checked the size of the app but it doesn’t seem to be very large size files so that is a plus as well. I am actually very happy with my Epson printer super tank. The HP printers I’ve had for white long time and my last one to 4650 I had subscribed to their HP instant ink. I ended up having two sets of cartridges and you have keep a close eye on your mouth that you’re printing to adjust your subscription levels to make it worthwhile. I feel HP instant ink is money grab. They will not reimburse you for extra ink that you received. They will give you one or maybe two months free subscription for you to get caught up in using the extra ink and you hope that it hasn’t come dry anyways the Epson print service plug-in here is perfect. I don’t know if they have a plug-in for on the browsers, I will check that out too!

Smart panel , not so smart. This is such a ridiculous program . I should be able to hit print on my device / computer and have my wifi connected printer connect with said device and print with one command. Such a ridiculous process . Very frustrating. The only great thing about this printer is the lack of needing cartridges. The app is frustrating .

ET 28-59 printer. Hands down the best printer I’ve ever purchased! Top quality I totally recommend this printer.

App difficult to use. App super slow and difficult to use. Way easier to delete the app and just use your phone

Wow. Ce logiciel et ma epson et-3830 sont superbe merveilleux meilleur jusqu’à présent

Epson ET-2400. Just purchased this copier/scanner & printer. I love it for all the features for the price. I do small batches of documents & do a lot of scanning & printing of one page beautiful colour feature sheets for my business. The unit fits conveniently on my desk & is compatible with my iPhone 11 Pro Max . The ink is easy to load & the set-up instructions are so easy to follow! Thank you , Nelson the realtor

Why do you need my location?. Stupid setup.

ET-2400 printer. Very convenient

Epson ET-3850. I installed the ET-3850 printer with this app and it installed perfectly with no issues. The app took me through the installation step by step from unpacking to filling the ink tanks, setting up wifi, to calibration.

ET2800 review. Setup using my iPad . It took about 25 minutes without hiccups. The initialization for the ink took a good part of that time. Added all the phones after. Works great. Haven’t tried scanning yet. Only wish it had a document feeder. Came with enough ink to fill the 4 tanks fully. Should last a long, long time. Goodbye trips to Office supply store.

Frustrating. Very disappointed Really hard to accomplish my task Find it extremely frustrating!!!

QR code does not work. I tried at least 7 times to download the Epson Smart Panel, it would start downloading and a 1/4 way through it would stop. Not pleased

Epson et2850. Love my new Epson ET-2850!

Scan feature does not work. Scanning feature does not work at all even after installing latest update. It’s very slow, after a min or so I see printer scanning but at end there is message no device found.

Hopefully fix soon. Doesn’t seem to work with iPhone 13 works fine with 12 and older. Well since I sent this there has been an update and now works well with iPhone 13. Now if only they would allow the same app on note book pro 2021

Epson smart panel. This Epson smart panel is so easy

It works but a bit inefficiently. The process to connect to wifi and reassure everything is in order is a bit confusing to get used to on the app, but the printer is lovely

i don’t know how it gets 4.6 stars. I initialized the printer on app, after completed i have to do it all over again on the printer display as if i wasted my past 15 mins pretending to set up a printer. I wasted three 10 mins to initialize the ink.

User hostile. Tiny display, something as simple as fit to page is difficult to find, many prints turn out blank. Not my first rodeo, I’ve used many printers.

Sn00py Fcuekrs demand location data!. Scerw you epson! My location is none of your business! Why do these corporations feel entitled to invade our privacy? You don’t need to know where the printer is. You don’t need to know where I am. Fcuk off and mind your own business ahssoles!

Bookkeeper. I absolutely love this product. Easy to use. Ink replacement cost is fabulous. Love it

Don’t want to upload photos to app. Want to print directly from phone not after uploading my personal photos to app.

Sensational. After the initial setting up.. the 2800 printer is fantastic! Ink lasts forever, love this machine!!!

Not working well with all programs. Not having as much success with my new printer, does not have enough information to help you in the help file, or anywhere else that can be found not very happy

Constantly drops network. When my ET-2800 actually connects to the network it’s great! Quality is great app is great. Normally takes 30-60 min of screwing with the printer to have it connect and print EVERY TIME!! Epson used to be rock solid now it’s sketchy as a 3 dollar bill, wish I had gone HP or Brother!!!!

Very difficult setup. Two hours to setup…

Epson Smart Panel. Sometimes it finds my et-2800 printer & other times it searches and tells me there’s a communication error

Beats the expectations. Most printer apps are used are garbage. Not this one. So far it works in sync with the printer like a well oiled machine. I haven’t had to troubleshoot anything yet, which is quite a miracle.

Awesome Printer. So easy to setup and tp find the printer. Had another companies printer and it was a nightmare to use. It also had less printing capacity then the Epson. Hands down my favorite printer

App is crashing. Hi I’m a iPhone user and my iOS version 16. Whenever I using Epson smart panel app to find my printer it is showing me a printer and when I click it’s crashing and automatically close the application. If you could help me with this appreciate it thanks.

Garbage. Massive tangle of badly written documentation, pointless ‘help’ tips, products and applications that say they can’t see each other even though they just showed you they see each other. Simple technical fix - boxed up all this Epson junk, took it back to store and never touch anything by them again. Hello Canon.

Why the need for precise Location?. It is awkward to ask for location info already let alone the need for precise location. It scans the local subnet for printer or scanner that I can understand, but location? Come on Epson, the scanner is standalone without internet so why can’t you quit sniffing around and focus on making your printer, scanner and app better.

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Still does not work on iOS 15.x phones. Give it all the permissions it asks for, and it still can’t find Epson printers already connected to the same network as the phone. Printers trivially found and already in use by both wired and wireless Windows PCs on the same network. Surely Epson developers have access to Apple support to resolve such issues BEFORE releasing yet another non-functional update. You might think…

Useless app. Never work, demand that you open up all the privacy thing to let them sniff your network then it still never work. Manage to get it to setup the printer, after that it refused to connect, even a family member tried downloading the app to the iPad has to go through the setup process? They sell same printer with totally different model name so they could have their mafia hand with different pricing!

Demands user PII to work. Beware!. Falsely claims that it requires access to GPS data from your phone, which is completely ridiculous and misleading. In the same statement they say that they do not use that information in any way which obviously begs the question of why they demand it fron unsuspecting users who may not know enough to not randomly share PII for apparently no reason at all. Security and privacy risks here are pretty obvious. I'd stay away since they can't be honest about their data usage.

Epson app is the best user friendly app. From the very beginning offering to show examples and tutorials on how to navigate the features was a big deal. All i had to do was press a few buttons and dome. The interface is made simple for anyone to understand. GREAT JOB DEVELOPERS!!!!!

Should work independent from App. Really? I have to keep the screen open on the app otherwise the print cancels? Seems like once the printer has received the information, it should be stored local and not need to tether to the app. Just starting off with this printing and downgrading to this one. All of your troubleshooting links are missing and don’t connect to anything. ALL of them. Seems like a forgotten product.

Epson ET-2803. This application is super easy and friendly to use. The printer is absolutely amazing. I would recommend to everyone. Once i get my own place i will be purchasing the larger unit just be cause i must have it.

Difficult to print.. Printer is not found when you designate print. Must use app to print and send item to app in order to do so. Too time consuming. Should modify so printer lists when you designate print.

Easier than expected. I’ve spent more than an hour trying to figure out how to get a scan sent to my email. One I downloaded the app, it took less than a minute.

Ripped off. This printer Epson LS251 is more than disappointing….. it’s a scam rip off…. it claims to be WiFi but……. Only if you print from their “special” app….. no ability to “air print” ….. you have to first save it as a document or photo and the access via their app….. Is it possible a company is so stupid to create a product like this in 2022? I will be throwing this piece of crap off the highest building I can find….. and never purchase an Epson product again! No excuse for this..

Printer overall. Printer overall is ok. Not a quick process. Spits out blank pages when doing jobs. Have had to reset and reconnect with devices too many times. Chose this over and HP and almost regretting the Epson purchase. I see how this could be a great unit but the nonsense isn’t acceptable. May buy Hp next time but for now I’ll deal with it

Reconnect every time. Each time I want to use it I have to reconnect the printer to the Wi-Fi it also will not connect to my HP chrome book it absolutely refuses to connect to it so I can’t use it with my computer I have to use it with my phone and I can’t do anything else on my phone while I’m using it so not great

Love this printer and the Epson Smart App!. Our ET-3850 prints great. Only problem we had was a router problem. Got on ATT site and they fixed the router remotely. They fixed it with AI chat. Prints, scans, copies, and they all look great! Best printer we’ve ever had. We highly recommend this product!

My new printer. I love the printer! Super easy to use and printing from my phone or laptop wirelessly is great! I have an older computer that works with the usb cord as well. My last Epson printer lasted 16 years so I was for sure going to replace it with the same brand. Totally happy with the purchase and it’s worth every cent!

ET-3850. Excellent once the self intuitive system is understood. MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR Negative is absolute confusion changing paper size printing modes. Print 1 envelope and return to 8 1/2 x 11 letter size and it is extremely extremely extremely frustrating.

Printer ok. Printer will not connect to my laptop. I have to email my documents and print from my phone. Photos you have to edit them to fit 4x6 photo paper. Other than those two issues the printer is nice.

WORST APP EVER. This is the worst app I have ever been forced to use by a manufacturer this app has introduced a nightmare step into what should be the simplest use out of the box product!!!! EVERY TIME I TRY TO SCAN FROM APP IT SAYS PAPER JAM ! EVEN THOUGH THE ROLLER NEVER TOOK THE PAPER THROUGH IN THE FIRST PLACE - NEVer was there a paper jam yet it says paper jam 100% of the time - i even exchanged the first $400 printer because the app made me think the printer was malfunctioning! Second one - same issue! This app is a menace!!!

What about mobile faxing. It’s great overall but it’s lacking with the capability to send faxes via mobile devices, which for me would have definitely put this at a true 5 star rating

Curtiss. This printer is absolutely marvelous and I am shocked. Why would anyone waste money each week on those ink cartridges like I have for years. I wish I had done what Kim Commando said every day on her radio show and bought and EPSON! Thank you thank you EPSON.

Really good but I only have one problem that I’m trying to figure out.. So I do have his app I use to make stickers with but Everytime i print it it only comes out blue. Do you know why this is happening? I’ve been trying to find out for 10-15 minutes now and I can’t find a solution.

Good ux. This is a surprisingly intuitive and well-working app for such a large company I have not had any major problems with it and was able to do what I need to do

EXCEPTIONAL APP. Finally an application that even a Senior like myself can follow, understand and execute without any help from customer support. From opening the box to successfully Wi-Fi printing one of my photos this app was the best instructional app I’ve ever seen.

Very user friendly!. The app is very user friendly. I was able to set up my printer easily with the help of this app. Definitely recommend using the app to set up your new printer.

Works fine. I would prefer Epson to use AirPrint with all of my Apple products. But once you figure out how to set up the Epson print application, It works fine. Just have to remember which printer I’m using because you have to select Epson Smart print instead of just print from the drop-down list.

Poor connection. When this printer prints it is very good. Nice clear documents, good color. Trouble is, the connections are terrible. Almost every time I try to use it I have to set it up again or even move the printer to get a better connection. Even switching to another WiFi network didn’t help. Very frustrating.

A life time of photos :). Thank you so much to our family’s Epson printer! We just love being able to print family and friends photos in the comfort of our own home! Epson’s printer has great quality and the printer ink last super long! Finally a printer we can count on!

Works good but after the IOS update it’s not as convenient. Maybe there’s something I don’t know, but after the IOS 16 update, why do I need to turn off my cellular data in order to scan with WI-FI DIRECT when before it was working perfectly fine? Would like an answer on that soon, not a huge deal but makes it kind of annoying when I want to email scans out from my phone.

Love this printer!. I set my Epson 3850 today. It was easy and the instructions were understandable. Didn’t take as long as I expected it to. Love that I can print from my iPhone, iPad and my computer. Thanks for getting me back to work so quickly!

Obtuse Setup and Print Instructions. While the setup instructions in the app at first seem straightforward enough, they don’t mention having to complete some steps via the online instructions and some via the tiny printer screen. Paper size and type settings are likewise a hit or miss proposition, with the printer refusing to operate until everything is set just right. In addition, most documents on my phone are not supported by the printer. Finally, while I was eventually able to get the machine to copy a document and print a photo, it was a rather lengthy and frustrating experience. This machine is far from intuitive to operate.

Convenient but slow. App is a little slow and sometimes difficult to get things done with loading and error readings. However it gets the job done.

Will not print pdf from WhatsApp or any other App. The printer will not print a pdf document from WhatsApp or any other App, you have to save it to files, then launch the Epson Panel App an print it from the app. What a pity Better download Epson Iprimt, ugly interface, but it works a lot better, and also you can send documents to print direct from any app direct to the printer, just like the Apple Iprimt function.

Great Stuff!!!. So far I am excited to continue growing as a small business and make my customers lives easier by going digital with my proposals, invoices, and receipts. Thanks for making the job easier!

WORST APP EVER. You DO NOT need to know my precise location ALL THE TIME! Deleted the app when I found out this REQUIREMENT! I also walked my Epson printer out to the curb, because you do not need to know where my printer is every moment of every day. I'll just use my color laser printer, since I really don't need the pain in hassle of Epson or HP telling me how I can use my equipment. The only reason why I had an Epson workforce in the first place was so that I could use the document scanner. For 50 bucks on eBay, I got myself a document scanner. Bye Felicia!

Poor quality pictures, turtle pace, can’t print 5x7. Printing from the app distorts the picture, making it way too light. The app is extremely slow. Printing takes days. Also, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get the printer to pull from tray 2 (the designated 5x7 tray) instead of tray 1 (the 4x6 tray) when I try to print a 5x7 from my phone and my computer, using the app and not using the app. I’m tech savvy and I’m still scratching my head, like what?! This app/product is very disappointed.

Privacy violations. The app works, so it gets a few stars. But… it asks for location information on every startup, regardless of if it needs it or not. If I’ve already connected to my printer, then it does not need to know where I am to function (hit the back button and it works just fine). It loses several stars for not making this obvious to non tech people.

Et 3850. I’m only torturing myself using this app, because Air Print is unreliable at best and sometimes not available at all on my new ET 3850. I only bought it to try the EcoTank. I may return it and see if an HP printer can print from my iPhone and iPad without spending an hour or more trying to print a document, spreadsheet, or photo. Wait, let me guess, it’s Apple’s problem. Well, my other printer is an HP and it works flawlessly with Air Print.

Eco yes, but mainly because I can’t print. Bought this as I wanted to do the right thing regarding reducing waste (of ink cartridges). However, set up wasn’t easy, (and repeatedly loses internet as you have to Re connect to the Epson WiFi every time). I now can only print from my phone, not my laptop (Epson says that’s my internet provider’s fault) and I often have to be in the same room as the printer in order for my phone to find it and paper jams are frequent. It’s going back.

Can’t handle Wi-Fi password with spaces. Seriously disappointed that something as basic as spaces in Wi-Fi passwords aren’t supported in the app during printer setup. Took a while, a waste of time, figuring out why the app wouldn’t accept my password. Had to configure the Wi-Fi password manually in the printer, which accepted spaces just fine, and then finish setup manually in order to use the app at all.

Great home computer. Easy set up and no issues. We just replaced our Epson 1100 the maintenance box went bad then I couldn’t get paper to quit jamming. I recommend this printer it will save you a lot of money in ink.

Won’t show/connect to printer. I just set up my new ET-4800 printer, and the printer is connected to wifi, not this app just won’t show my printer on the main screen no matter how many times I go through the process. When I try to add device to app it just sits and says searching even though I’ve already tested and even the printer’s own report says it’s connected to the same with my phone is on. The old Epson iprint app found it instantaneously, so it’s an app problem, not a printer or network or phone problem.

ET 2800 Printer. I am a TechnoSaurus…Rex. I was able to follow the instructions, using an app (1st time) on my iPhone and I was successful setting this printer up and connecting it to my Wi-Fi. It obviously took a little time, but I actually printed something from my iPhone! We can choose to embrace, technology or resist it”. Choose wisely, my friends!

Color printing is not as vibrant and you can not scan pictures to a computer. I bought this Epson ET-4850 for the Eco tank and for the scanner. I do a lot of picture scanning and I can’t scan to my computer. This scanner does me no good. What a waste of my money!!!!!! If there is a way to let me scan straight to my Apple computer let me know. The color printing also is not as vibrant as my last printer. If there is a way to darken the color print that would help also.

Convenient. Watching tv in my easy chair. Document I requested from a supplier hundreds of miles away comes in. I select print and it’s done. You have to love the convenience of this technology.

No option for collage. I would have given a higher rating if there was a option for a collage as if I need to take a printout of 2 pictures i have to use 2 a4 sheets.I would give a 5 on 5 rating if there was this option

Excellent mobile print. I just love being able to print from my phone instead of having to log onto my computer. And the photo print is perfect. Love it love it love it!

worst app ever. the app works so poorly i’m debating returning the printer i just bought. i was able to connect my printer to my phone but the issue is when i try scanning something (i bought a new printer to specifically be able to scan things). i would put the page i put in, the app would load for minutes then tell me there was no product found. i tried this with multiple different documents and it said the same thing. i’m able to print from the app which confuses me more because there is obviously a connection established between my phone and the printer which allows me to print, i can’t understand why i can’t scan.

Epson ET-2850. This is a wonderful printer it has an unbelievable amount of ink that actually last for 2 years, imagine that, I want have to purchase anymore ink no time soon, this was a no brainier I’m extremely happy with my purchase.

Choose a printer. I have 2 of the Epson printer 2800 & 4800 series. When I want to print I don’t have that choice to choose from them. When I go into the smart print it give me 1 of them. So I have to go back into the setup part of it to get the one I need. This is on all my devices. Need an update to have all your printers available.

Epson Eco tank ET 2850 white. I would just like to thank Epson for putting out such a professional printer it is so nice and easy to set up and very easy to use I don’t have to worry about going down to the store and try to find a printer machine thank you Upson very much.

Direct from phone. I followed set up process which was really breeze thanks to the app. What’s so annoying is that when I try to print from my phone, the setup keeps defaulting to driver from phone to printer versus through our wifi. I haven’t been able to find a way to turn that off or just set the default to go through the wifi. It shouldn’t be that difficult to turn that off. It causes problems with formatting, connection, etc.

App connecting to printer does not work well at all. Had a new ET-2850 connected to the app and then a few weeks later had to reconnect. The app was not able to locate it but then when you went through setting up a new one, the assistance shows it already there. But then won’t connect it. When I start the process again, it doesn’t show it again as in the network. Really terrible performance of the app.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 4.5.1
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

Epson Smart Panel (Versiyon 4.5.1) Install & Download

The application Epson Smart Panel was published in the category Photo & Video on 31 March 2020, Tuesday and was developed by Seiko Epson Corporation [Developer ID: 326876195]. This program file size is 164.85 MB. This app has been rated by 62,816 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Epson Smart Panel - Photo & Video app posted on 31 May 2023, Wednesday current version is 4.5.1 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Epson Smart Panel App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Fixed minor bugs.

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