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Diptic App Description & Overview

What is diptic app? Diptic, a former App Store App of the Week, helps you create and share beautiful photo and video collages. See for yourself why millions of people have downloaded this app!

"A simple, elegant way to use pictures to tell your story." – Macworld


• Create collages with photos and videos
• Super Customizable — Tons of layouts to choose from plus tons of ways to enhance each one. Save your own customized layouts for re-use
• Add text captions, filters, colored borders, textured borders & more


• Choose from 194+ layouts (additional layouts are available as in-app purchases)
• Combine up to nine photos and/or videos in each layout
• Customize your layouts to better fit your video or images by sliding interior frame lines or moving joints along the line
• Create rectangular Diptics (great for printing) with Expandable Layouts (in-app purchase)
• Round the inner and outer borders, as well as modify thickness and color, and apply textures to videos and images


• Choose from 14 filters, as well as adjust brightness, contrast, hue and color saturation
• Pan, rotate, mirror, flip, and zoom individual photos


• Personalize your Diptic photo and video creations with a text caption
• Adjust the font, style, color and size of the text


• Add music to any video collage and adjust audio start and stop time
• Pick any song from your Music library
• Customize video start and stop time


• Create Diptics with photos or videos from your library, Instagram, Dropbox, Facebook or Flickr, or take a photo on the spot with the camera
• Save Diptics for safe keeping or share them with friends. You can send via email, or share by uploading directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any app that accepts JPGs and/or video files
• High-resolution export for pixel-perfect images
• Import multiple photos and videos at once and swap media between frames
• Add music from your music library to any of your videos 

Let’s connect!

Twitter: @dipticapp

Instagram: @dipticapp

Facebook: facebook.com/dipticapp 

Flickr: flickr.com/groups/diptic 

Please reach out to us at support@dipticapp.com if you have any suggestions for the new video features or anything else you’d like to see... we’d love to hear from you!

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App Name Diptic
Category Photo & Video
Updated 01 February 2021, Monday
File Size 21.53 MB

Diptic Comments & Reviews 2023

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So far so good :). I needed an app to edit my photos for Poshmark and Instagram. This app answered all my questions. So far the layouts are perfect and they fit in my square size that I need. Can't complain right now if anything changes I'll write another review

Used for years. I have had this app for years. It is the only one I used to make photo collages. It does everything I need to! Love it!

Freezing... please update.... Same as many others have said, I’ve lived this app, I paid for the “full” version... and as many others have written in their reviews also— every time I save/publish an image: FREEZE. I have to quit the app and go back in to do anything more. Please hear our requests to update this app so it can go back to being a useful resource.

Needs updating!!!. This app had been the best in class! Unfortunately it has not been updated in two years! That’s how old the most recent version is. Sad to let such an excellent app languish and fade till updates of the iOS make it unusable. In iOS 13, you see it lock up on try to publish the images. Crashing like this is not a good sign. Hoping there will be a long overdue update released soon! But I fear I will have to perform Last Rites and bury the thing and move on.

Suddenly have to pay for options??. I’ve been using this app for YEARS. Today i realized they want to now charge me to adjust the aspect ratio, when it was always included. I can understand if they needed to increase the price for new purchases, as they have a right to make money, but suddenly charging within the app for something always offered free? NOT COOL. Will no longer use this app.

Best app ever. I have maybe written 2 app reviews in my life. This one deserves it and more. The best $$ I have spent on an app ever. I have only had it 3 days but have used it over and over again. Finally have a way to share our my photo library and make them pop. Super easy to use.

My go -to App to make a collage. It’s simple to use, has many layout options, and you can save straight to local photos OR share on social media directly from within the App. You are NOT required to sign in to social media to save pictures to your iPhone. For years, this has been the App that I go to to create simple collages and even animated ones. One suggestion to the developers, please add some more animations. Maybe charge for a pack of them? I hope they don’t abandon the App.

FIX the FREEZE. Great app, been using it for years... but starting approx 6-9mo ago it freezes after saving images. Then must exit the app, open Photo library to confirm the image was created, then restart the app. Come on dev’s, please fix this. Thx.

A Photographers Review. This app is exactly what I was looking for. This allows you to easily change overall image aspect ratio in addition to border size. Along with the flexibility of many different presets. Being able to ensure your photos are center stage when posting to the best social media app for photographers *cough* Twitter… is a huge plus. Hopping on the trend of posting multiple photos vertically with or without borders is super easy. And for the one guy on Reddit who was looking for a solution when posting multiple XPan photos. This is the app you want. I just can’t find the post. On the privacy side it claims not to collect any data which is always a major plus in my eyes. Most other similar apps have way to much being collected for something that houses your personal memories (check Instagram Layouts privacy labels). Great app!

Revising review. App works fine now for me. You must be sure you enable full photo access from the iPhone’s privacy settings. It took me a while to realize this. You will not likely hear back from Diptic on any support request. That’s my only issue from making this 5 stars.

Aliasing in latest version?. Have used this app for years so giving it 4 stars, but the image rendering seems significantly worse on the latest version and iPhone 13. Lots of aliasing and pixelation. Hope it gets fixed in an update because this app is great.

Works well and no subscriptions. I had been searching for a collage app but they all seem to have subscriptions of extremely dubious value. Diptic has reasonable In App Purchases but that’s it. Which makes sense for this kind of app. I don’t understand how anyone uses anything else. Highly recommend!

Great app but currently broken. I suspect iOS change is the problem. After selecting images to used step, the icons for the images no longer appear in the work area so you cannot proceed to the next step. I have rebooted and reinstalled, it’s still broken. ————— Review for when it works: I often create a animated 2 x 3 collage of photos for friends and publish it. Very, very nice. After publishing, I need to return to to the last animated collage and substitute a photo or two, keeping aspect ratio, frames and all other settings so I can publish a new customized animated video. Please, please add this capability!

iOS 13.1.2 update just killed it. I loved this app. I’ve come back to it time and again. But with no update in sight, after Apple’s most recent 13.1.2 update, the app removed the ability to save to device, and instead offers the options to send in text/messaging, post to apps, or AirDrop. People on the go, like myself, can’t always have a source to AirDrop to, posting to social media isn’t always what I use this app for, and texting/messaging myself the image is a lame option. I guess I’ll have to find a new photo stitching/collage app. It was fun while it lasted... RIP Diptic

Great app but missing a few major things. I have used the paid version of this app for years and do really like it. However with the latest update, they seem to have removed a feature called “square padding” which I used quite frequently to make a vertical image into a square image with solid borders so that I didn’t have to crop it for Instagram or Poshmark. I really wish they would bring this feature back. There are lots of templates to choose from, but many of them are over-the-top crazy and weird designs, so much so that when you actually add photos to them, you really can’t see much of the photo itself. However, a really obvious common layout would be a square with one single 25% lower corner subset photo. It seems like one of the most obvious, simple, basic layouts, yet it’s not included! 🤯 I would rather have more practical everyday-use templates than silly palm trees or stars or ocean waves. Fix these two issues and I will upgrade my rating to 5 stars.

Obviously a great app…. …but it could use one simple layout (a diagonal line going from one corner to the other, either way or one of each). Surprised it’s not on of the original basic designs.

Before your update July 2020 your app worked much better. Man I loved your app, used it constantly. Your last update gave it kinks and made it harder to use. Aspect: I paid to update aspect to pull it to any size I want- now it’s back to set sizes. When I finish creating one project and come back to make another, the old pics are still up there 🤦🏻‍♀️

Freezes Every Time!. I really want to love this app. It functions beautifully and is very intuitive to use. It has adjustments for everything. BUT.....I have yet to make to export a single photo. I’ve tried exporting to Instagram, save to my phone..... everything, but all I can get it to do is export to a text message. iPhone 11 Pro user here.

Not working. I just bought this app yesterday for work purposes, and it’s not even working. Just trying to put 2 photos side by side and every time I click a photo to use, it doesn’t show up in the frame. I have tried closing out of the app, I’ve reset my phone, and it’s still not working. Money down the drain.

Game Changer!. I love this app because you can change the aspect ratio! I make photo books that aren’t square (gasp!) and this is the only collage app I’ve found that gives you the option to make collages with different aspect ratios. I used to have to do anything that wasn’t square on my computer but now I can be anywhere and work on collages for my books which is so awesome when I’m traveling. Love this so much!!

Best collage app!. I have used this app for years because it was my favorite. It went a long time without and update but they finally updated it and it’s even better now!!

Long Time User. I’ve been using this app for several years. It’s solid and does a good job. I am disappointed that I don’t see new features being added. One feature to add would be the ability to save previously created collages in the app so they could be edited later. for example, I make collages of my pets and if a few months later I want to swap one photo in the collage, I have to recreate the whole thing from scratch and search all over for all the other same photos as the original. I would also like to see some new, modern looking collage styles added and maybe even a way to mix and match or build your own.

Remove from app store!. This app no longer works most of the time. If I simply join two photos and try to download them, most of the time the app hangs and when I go to my photos library there’s only a partial image stored. My workaround is to take a screenshot of that finished product and crop it. I shouldn’t have to do that. This used to be a great app.

Not complete, cannot Scale your photos!. Update; Absolutely NO RESPONSE from the Developer. It’s been 3 weeks since I first emailed them. Sorry I bought this app and all its in app purchases! App does not allow positioning / scaling of the imported photo/photos. Heads are cut off etc. The app scales and then snaps the photo where it wants it, not where you want it! Even the aspect ratio does not completely show the whole image in the frame. No response from developer on this bug.

Be careful. If you’re using this app to create fake google search results to prove points to your friends — specifically whom Moses kept around in his posse back in the day (in order to fact check French Montana’s “Moses”, in which Moses is said to have had “killers” with him)— Diptic will send: “Look what I just made on Diptic!” when you send your work. Completely defeating the purpose of the last 15 minutes I spent doctoring google search moses results. Sad!

Amazing!. This app is AWESOMMEEE! The only thing that I would say is some of the things it doesn’t give you enough room for the whole picture. Which may or may not be what you wanted. I hope you guys are having a great day! Byeeee! Please consider making more of them.

White photos.... This app can be frustrating enough that I came here to write a review. I’d say today 5 times out of 7 times I have tried saving a photo only to see that a blank white photo has been saved. It’s the most annoying thing. It has happened the whole time I’ve had this app, but never this bad. The devs need to tackle this, it creates a bad UX

They fixed it!!!!. Thank you developers you can now save your photos again!

Used to work great!. Used this without problem for years. But lately it’s incredibly glitchy. Freezes. Won’t save images. When trying to save a collage it will only save one of the images? Essentially worthless anymore.

Oof. This app was a terrific staple, but iOS 13 has rendered it unusable. It freezes up at export time or exports blank projects. You can screenshot your work if you want to do it that way, but that means you can't include videos, which had been a cool bonus. (I would have given It five stars pre-iOS update issues.) It seems like they haven't updated in forever, so I'd be shocked if they suddenly de-bugged it. Time to find another, alas.

Great app, no issues. I have used it for a couple of years and never an issue. iPhone X with iOS 11 Question - are you planning to update for the X’s taller screen?

Buggy of late. I used to love this app, but recently it’s been incredibly buggy. It constantly freezes or crashes after making your layout, and it doesn’t matter if you save the photo, share it, or copy it…

Used to be my go to - Not working anymore. This used to be my go to app, used almost daily for social media when wanting to post a collage of images. Lately the app freezes and hangs and many of then frames come are “published” missing images in the frames. I’ve had to resort to screenshots of the framed images and am ready to give up. So hope this will be fixed! Used to be superb.

Paid the $.99 and now I regret it.... I’ve had this app for years since downloading it when it was the app of the week and never had a complaint. I recently paid the $.99 to be able To put white bars on vertical videos and publish them but it’s only publishing :10 of it and there’s no option to do longer. What a waste. If I had known only :10 would be possible to publish, I never would have paid. NOT worth it.

Now Useless. This app used to be a go-to app of mine for years but it is now completely useless. Why was the save to camera roll function removed? Why are all of the photos exported to other apps such low quality? It doesn’t matter where I export, Instagram, google drive, VSCO, Dropbox, all of the photos are pixelated and EXTREMELY low quality. So disappointed.

New update is terrible. What is this BS about having to log in with Facebook or Instagram to pick your photos? I want to pick photos from my camera roll in order to create a photo with Diptic TO post to Facebook and Instagram. This is ridiculous. Congratulations, you just ruined Diptic. I bought all the upgrades and supported you from the start for nothing.

Very useful app without bloated ads. Very easy to use without ads

Essential.. I downloaded this app years ago, probably just for one particular instagram post at the time. I had no idea how much I would use it. Now I’m planning my wedding and it’s perfect for throwing together inspiration pictures to give to florists, jewelers, bakers, etc. when emailing a whole folder of photos seems like overkill. This is the rare app that I use equally for fun and business purposes. The variable aspect ratios are a game-changer. Have all my stars.

Upgrade bad news. Newest version: Now can’t upload directly from Camera Roll…too bad, used to use a lot, saw a new version, but apparently have to upload from other apps…bad news I've used this app for a long time, loved it, reviewed at 5 stars until this version which is freezing after saving two images or so. Reinstalling, etc doesn't solve. Please fix. I want it back to 5 stars! Tried installing the older version, same issues. Seems to be a problem in the interface between Diptic and the current OS as freezes happen when uploading or saving to/from Camera Roll.

You Need This App!. I searched for weeks to find this app! It does so much and is easy & addictive. So much fun and the mirror & rotate features make it all the more exciting. Thanks for making this app! UPDATE: still use this app and appreciate the ease and versatility. Thanks for making it great

Why do you need Cellular data?. …to use this app? I don’t use tagged locations and it’s not required so why won’t any photos load unless Cell Data is turned on for this app? Sketchy.

Happy Dance. I am so happy to see that Diptic has been updated. This was my favorite collage apps for years. It’s simple, clean, easy to use.

No longer usable. This app used to be great. Easy to use with plenty of options. Now it’s no longer work downloading. Crashes all the time. Fails to save to photos. Deleted. Too bad when it was working it was one of the better free collage apps out there. Now completely unusable. Don’t waste your time

Great app! With a few minor updates, it could be even better!. I really love all that I can do with the app, but as a filmmaker I really wish video length could be made longer. That’s the only really irritating thing about the app that I’ve had to struggle with more than once.

Used to work. Not too sure what’s going on but the app freezes now and I am unable to create collages. It used to create really good work. I used to do all of my projects now I cannot create even one. Please fix. Thank you.

Used to like this app. I purchased this app a few years ago and use it occasionally. The past several times I’ve tried to upload a picture. The picture just never shows up. I tried to delete the app and re-download so I have the latest version. When I tried to contact it would not open my email to send an email. I just got an error. I guess I’m just going to delete the app permanently.

Love this. I’ve been using this app for years. It’s a mainstay in my app arsenal. Hope it stays around for a long time.

Absolutely Amazing. I have only tried to use this twice and it is so easy and you get great results. All I can say is it’s simply amazing and I highly recommend it!!!

Loss of padding/canvas option. The main thing I used and paid for was aspect ratios and add square padding. Now, aspect ratio is free, and the square padding option is gone. Very disappointed, as this is the only thing I used this app for. I have been a user since feb 2012, sad to lose features.

Update from previous 5✴️. This should be removed from the App Store or bought by another company. Support page doesn’t exist any more. From using this daily for years (it was brilliant) I have gone to checking it out every few months only to find nothing has changed. For a while it was freezing on publishing of the final collection. (Shut the app down. Check photos to see if it actually saved. Relaunch app. Repeat). Now it won’t even upload any photos. If you look. All the reviews are OLD. So utterly disappointing. It used to be GREAT and I have found nothing to replace it.

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Easy!. It is very quick and easy. I mms my creations to all my friends after combining pics of us on nights out etc. I love it! If the pics could have the colour altered the same way as the border, I would have given it 5 stars.

Simple easy to use nice layouts- does what it says it does. I like the option for last minute editing, too! Nice app. PS: re complaints about in-app purchases: there's a very extensive range of layout possibilities in the app as is. The in-app purchases really are 'extras' that not everyone would want. Everything you would need is in the original ( very reasonably priced, imo) purchase.

Good app but the watermark money grab is gross. Paid for the full app a few years ago - today, a big honking Diptic watermark appears on all pics that you have to pay to get rid of. Summary : they added something so that you have to pay to get rid of it...

Love it!. Using this app makes it very easy to be creative with multiple photos and then publish these to share with others.

Love the new update!. For a program that I couldn't fault, I am once again blown away! The new update is ridiculously amazing and makes using this application even easier! Good works kids! :)

Functional poverty at current version. Easy to use but it has several limitations. Many photos r oversize for the frame n cannot be anchor on correct position that can construct meaningful ideas. Hope future version r better. Plus I paid 3 bucks for it but saw some reviewers got it free.

Updates are great!. I just updated the app and saw all the new layouts. They look cool and can't wait to try them. Also love the fact you can add text to them now. I'll be using this app before posting on Twitter or Instagram. Colour adjustments can be a little fiddly.

Getting harder to use. It was really good and easy and fun to use in the past but all the sudden it was so complicated and no fun to use at all. They must have changed something and upgraded the app.....but it doesn’t make it easier, it’s just much harder to use...disappointed!

Worth the money.. For the price itself, this app has done its job and excel on it. Had great fun with it and making 'story' of my pictures ever since. Keep it up, throw in a few more features if you may. Cheer!

Fun and easy to use. You can group photos together really quickly and easily then share with family and friends. The interface I find intuitive and easy to use. Very much worth $0.99.

Poor customer service. - none. I loved this app and now I cannot use it. I paid for it ages ago. I get an error message. No reply at all from developers.

Absolutely fantastic.. This app this the best photo editing and collage making on the market without a doubt. Its fantastic worth every cent. Well done Peak System, you have dine exceptionally well, 5 stars for sure. Recent update pushes it about the rest easily.

Bugs. When trying to save the file it freezes and crashes 9/10 times

Great idea, needs some threading. Nice app. Easy to use, beautiful results. Happy it runs on iPad too! One thing this app sorely needs (and why I am not giving 5 stars) is some threading for photo taking and importing. I want to be able to select all photos for the diptic quickly, without waiting for each one individually, as this makes the process slower and more tedious than it needs to be. Same when taking photos. In other words: why not save the last photo while I am framing/choosing the next one, instead of making me wait?

Photos not populationg. I’m selecting photos but frames are still empty. Even after saving photos it’s just plain image.

Useful app!. Very clever! Such a simple app that is a rare find! Does exactly what it says it does, providing a wide variety of frames to choose from and is extremely easy to use. I'm surprised it's free! Snap it up while you can!!

Absolutely NO SUPPORT!. :(

Great app but currently broken. Photos don’t populate into the frames. Frames stay grey even though the app indicates images have been linked. iPhone 10xs Max 14.6

Simple, but clever. It is often the simplest apps that are the most impressive. Provides an interesting way to present your photos with a smart, easy to use interface.

Having issues. I can’t get my photos into the frames. Tried clicking on the frame which takes me to my photos but when I select the photo, nothing happens. The frame remains blank.

Won’t work. Can’t get photos into the program with the updated format. Given it a few goes over time, still doesn’t work. Shame this was a great program when it first came out.

Use to be good but now keep freezing. I use to use this app a lot and loved it but now all off a sudden it keep crashing when I go to save my image. Tried deleting the app and reinstalling it but nothing works. Been like this for months now! Not happy jan!

Happily running an older version.. I love my current (old) version of Diptic. Clean and simple. Everything I need, nothing I don't. Looking at the new version, I have absolutely no inclination to upgrade. It looks cluttered full of tasteless features (though I'm sure it was much harder to program).

WAY BETTER. I've tried many others and Diptic is way, way superior than the rest. Great flexibility, useful options and very easy to use... And they print out beautifully to glossy paper. Not perfect but near enough for 5 stars.

Ms. As reported by another reviewer when u love ur photography apps this one is an integral part of the line up. Used like the quad cam, but perhaps mixed with pictures that u might use to tell a story with your own photos. Great fun!

Simple, useful, great!. I found this app really useful for creating images to post on blogs from my iPhone. They look great and the app is really easy to use. Highly recommended.

Newest update = downgrade. I'm really disappointed with the newest version. I now have to pay for things that were free previously. It was simpler and better to use before the last 2 updates with the newest update making things cost money that, like I said, were free before. I find myself not using this app as much now because I refuse to pay for something that was free when I first purchased the app. You always take a risk when updating apps and this is one that I wish I hadn't.

Professional mosaics. I use this app for my business and personal mosaics. Mods can be made while creating the mosaic, functions are intuitive to use. Results are professional and pleasing.

Annoying!. Check for bigs! I select an album - sometimes it comes up, sometimes not. Please improve!

Can’t remove watermark. Dev. don’t respond!. Paid for the full version years ago. Was fine until the past two updates. Stuck with the watermark on it and it won’t let me restore the app as I already paid for the full version and never had this issue. Sent two emails to the developers within the last two weeks and zero response.

Fantastic. Really happy with the app I've been using it a lot since downloading it. My only issue is it is slow to upload to the internet so I've been saving to camera roll and syncing to the laptop to manually upload them.

Broken!. Can’t get my photos into the frames any longer. The app has been completely broken for some time. Clearly the devs know this and have done nothing. Cynical me says they’re probably working on a new app that they want everyone to buy again 🤔

Easy & Creative. Easy to use, let's you diversify your wallpaper and create a theme using your own photos. Best of all it's free, definitely a fan.

Great idea but crashes before publishing EVERY time. It looks great, but nothing publishes. I read the FAQ’s and hit reset...still didn’t work. I switched my phone off and on again, still froze. I checked my phones memory, all good there (these were the suggestions if there are problems). So very disappointing.

Stop looking. This is the one.. Replaces and surpasses a folder full of other artistic editing apps. It is presented in a simple, incredibly well thought out way. Don't even think about it. Buy this app, delete the others, and enjoy your new life. Aha. Peace x

DIPTIC. So freakin addicted!!!! I'm always making new collages for Facebook and Instagram - Diptic makes my photos stand out that little bit extra! Anyone even remotely into playing around with photos should DEFINITELY have this app!!

Great app - why does it hide the status bar?. Great app. But why hide the status bar? Time, reception, battery - all helpful things that should stay available unless in a full screen game.

Nice. Very handy and works very well. Disappointed that you have to buy extra features though. Should be included in your purchase. This cost you a star.

Worth the $$. User friendly, flexible, lots of options, quick response. Totally worth the small spend.

Great app with room for improvement. Hey all. I've been using this app for my pictures for over a year now. I've only just decided to leave a review given that not many other have bothered either. This app is great and handy for all of my picture collage needs - especially for Instagram. If there's room for improvement I would suggest a layout that has the capacity to fit more images than the largest one that is currently available to users (9). More filter would also be cool but if not that's fine too; I have another app for that at the moment. Thanks!

Great and easy to use!. Amazing and fun! Simple interface makes creating the Diptics easy. However, I do feel it would be better to have more frames (even if it was an in-app purchase). The expendable layout is great but it isn't as useful as having the option to stitch more photos together. It will also be useful if users can upload their finished work onto Facebook directly. Apps such as Hipstamatic has this very useful feature and I believe Diptic should too!! PLEASE!!! Overall, this app is great and I can't publish my photos without using this app first! Keep up the good work!

Love it!. This app does what it says and it does it well. Love how easy it is to group my photos together. Makes them look professional!

Diptic. Really love this app I have been through many many frame apps this is by far the best, just have to get used to the new layout :)

I want a refund but I can’t. This is my first angry app review EVER since I first used iPhone n years ago. Downloaded this app’s bundle and a few in-apps (reluctantly) 30-40 minutes ago because my other brand app (which used to work perfectly for like 2-3 years!) was bugged and unstable and this app has high ratings APPARENTLY. Mad regrets because my other brand app can do so much more with less pricetags: - takes forever to load even after reset - still needs in-app purchase to remove the watermark?! - can’t seem to trim songs? I’m not gonna use an intro of a song for a video! NOR downloading another app doing it - in-app purchase for aspects? Why don’t I just use iMovie then? You might ask why did I purchase this? Well cos it has this hype on the Internet and now App Store has a no refund policy. Sincerely, angry customer.

Undo button. This is a great app which allows users to display photos in a creative way and is very easy to use. Although, it would've been a lot better if it had an undo button. Only downside in my books.

Easy to use. Fantastic app that doesn't take much to pick up and use. Definitely worth the money for it! ^_^

Great application, having lots of fun with it.. Does exactly what it says on the box. Easy to use & has a range of features that can be tweaked, like the border colour, the thickness of the box. Would give it five stars if I could apply a different type of border, such as faded or rounded, rather than just being able to change the width & colour of the borders. I would recommend PicFrame app instead as it's cheaper & has more options to change the frames.

Stylish little app that's doing it's thing!. That's the beauty of diptic. It does a simple job really well and makes it very easy to create a stylish dip/triptych or 4 or even 5 tyches (whatever 4 - quatro or 5-hex , are). There's enough variety and enough control for me. Diptic is a very simple little app that does what it does well. It's a little gate-way to presenting your pix in a very stylish fashion. mink[i]

Issues. Photos will not appear in frames. Fix please!

Value for money!. Loving this app, fantastic price point and easy to use. Agree with other users about the need for an 'undo' option. Also, I'd like for the photos I take with the 'in app' camera not to be automatically posted.

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Worth the investment. I've been using this app for more then 3 years always worked well! There is some bugs here and there but usually an update is released pretty fast to fix them!

Final Product Has Logo. The App itself is good and am happy to see the new updates include video and picture aspecting (like Instagram's Layout), but was very disappointed to see that you have to pay to remove their logo from your work. @Diptic, how about just allowing people to create great content and have the confidence in your product versus forcing us to promote your app on your behalf unless we pay for it.

Over Rated. Simple app but lacks some useful features. You can add text but not change its size. Despite allowing a college of photos only one text entry allowed per page. Be aware that changing the aspect ratio – to say 16x9 to fit your large screen TV – requires in app purchase.

Needs an update. App keeps crashing out on the final stage of saving. Won’t export photos at all. Using an iPhone XR.

Good, but.... Need to apply more then 1 text box!!!

wonderful. and easy to use, perfect for making your own kind of layouts

Can’t select photos.. Useless since after selecting first photo you can’t select any more. Your collage has one photo and the rest of the plates are blank. Don’t bother with this app.

App needs update. This is one of the best collage apps but it desperately needs an update because it freezes after export in iOS 13. Still using it because it remains better than all of the other collage apps if all you need is multiple photos in one frame, without anything fancy.

The Thumbnail photos don’t appear?. I’m trying to simply add photos from my album. According to your directions, I am to select a layout and tap anywhere, choose one or several images and once selected they should appear as “thumbnails” above the layout. They don’t. You’re app simply won’t let me add images at all. Wtaf?

Broken app abandoned by developer. Diptic used to be a useful app that I used frequently, and I purchased several of its premium in-app features. However, it began to freeze at the point when photos were being saved, so I tried to contact the developer (Peak Systems)—but no response. Then, I noticed that Diptic hasn’t been updated in three years, and other apps by the same developer haven’t been updated for even longer. Not sure why abandoned and unsupported apps that are no longer functional are allowed to remain available for purchase here in the App Store.

Thank you for the update!. I was worried that future versions of iOS would break Diptic. Thanks for updating the tool I’ve used at least once a week for the past few years!

Stopped working. Not happy, used to love it. What’s the deal?

Décevant. Ne fonctionne plus depuis longtemps. Il ne prend pas mes photos…

Love it. I love this app. It's very easy to use and makes great collages!

Love !. Love this App!

Layouts are much bigger on ipad air2 than on my other ipads why ?. Layouts are much bigger on ipad air2 than on my other ipads why ? Cannot create a circle image without a background around why ?

🙂. I use this app a lot!

Not a fan of update. I’ve been using this app for years and even purchased it, but now I see that you have watermarkings on it and have to purchase it again to remove it ... seems ridiculous after I’ve already purchased your app once before.

Cool app. Makes interesting compositions out of your own images.

Decent effort. Simple interface, fun app.

Great Fun. Easy to use, brings out my creative streak.

Love this app!. I absolutely love this app. I can do so much with it easily. I'll definitely be keeping this one around.

Diptic. I was having trouble sizing a wallpaper photo using a photo. Using Diptic borders made it perfect. The clock stays on the border & the picture is perfect & clear.

Works great. I’ve been using this app for years. Mostly because it’s the easiest way to combine multiple photos into one. I often use it for just two photos for side-by-side comparison. The app UI is a bit clunky but, not everything in life is beautiful.

Doesn’t work. I pick my photo and it just shows the blank grey screen. I could have gotten and free app but I paid to avoid getting a buggy app instead all I got was robbed.

Update Please!. Loved this app for years but needs an update with ios13 — app keeps freezing when you go to save your image. Have to close out the app and screenshot the pic to save it to camera roll.

Horrible. This app worked for the first couple times and now nothing. Can’t add any photos.

😕. Stopped working

Sad. I loved this app but it doesn’t work with iPhone 11. It just freezes and never exports the photos

Was a great app. Was a great app but now it just keeps crashing :/

Not Bad. Easy to size pictures and meld them together. However will not allow separate text boxes for each picture. Disappointing.

Diptic. Awesome app

Pictures don’t actually show up !. As of the last “little while” the pictures say they are there but you can’t see them ! Super frustrating especially because I paid for the app!

So-so. A bit limited. Only 5 layouts and only one output size (1024x1024). The interface is also a bit weird. Doesn't autorotate on the iPad so you have to use it in portrait. Also, the interface forces you to change the mode for different actions (adding, positioning, adjusting contrast, etc.) which is a bit annoying.

Super quick and easy!. When you want a quick post of a group of photos, Diptic is the bomb

Doesn't work on my fully-updated iPad Mini.. No support options visible. Mistake, buying this. Money down the drain.

Great app. Fantastic for what it does. Awesome imessage app. Well done.

Needs an Update ASAP!. I’ve been using this app for years now with much success. However, with the new iOS 13 updates, this app continues to crash, doesn’t save photos or leaves photos out of certain segments causing me to re-do the collage again (or screenshotting it after much frustration). I’ve depended on this app for business purposes as it is straightforward and simple with no ads or watermarks (for photos). I truly hope there’s a resolution to these app issues very soon! Otherwise, the app is 5 out of 5 stars.

Very creative. Love it

Great app!. Super user friendly, lots (tons!!) of great options... Love it

Thank you so much for updating the app!!. I was sad to have to say good bye to my favorite stitching app, I am so grateful for the update

No updates for 3 years?????. This used to be my favourite app for combining photos but I think I will be looking for an alternative. This now outdated app has clunky performance, bugs when exporting and the app resolution itself is still sized for the iPhone 5. I’m shocked that Apple would even allow that considering how horrible it looks on new devices. If developers are still reading these reviews, it’s time for a new version. I would gladly pay for something more robust and updated. The only reason it even gets two stars is because it’s a useful app although ridiculously outdated.

Not user friendly to add pictures. I have used this app so often the last few years and with the recent update adding photos to arrange on the layouts is impossible. I can’t bring up “all pictures” or “recently added”. Something’s up with this and it’s not nearly as user friendly. Looking for a new collage app now.

Wow!. What a great simple app! The wifey loves the pics of the kids together.

Great. I love this app. It's perfect for the kind if things I am shooting...

Doesn’t work at all - total waste. I bought the app but it doesn’t load any of my pics. I select them, a pop-up shows up, I confirm and then the template is empty. Restarted, tried a bunch of times... Wrote to customer support and haven’t heard back. A simple app that doesn’t do its one basic job. Save your money.

Fun forever. Diptic makes everything look so cool!

Needs update. I have enjoyed using this app for years, but it seems as my phone updates this app becomes less useful. It keeps crashing and freezing. Time for an update.

So easy. Love this app! Easy to use and provides a great way to pull your photos together. Lots of layout options that bring your pictures to life. We use it all the time to showcase our travels.

Pretty good. I have to use two separate apps because the text function in Diptic is so limited - otherwise a decent app!!

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What happened to Diptic?. I have used this app for a long time to make a collage of pictures to post to Facebook, etc. I went to use it a few days ago now I can’t get photos to pull from my library.... Why change it, it was great the way it was....

Not how I planned it.. Can’t save to photos. There is a save + location but since location is turned off it doesn’t work, disappointed. I can get it to work by sending it to myself then downloading it, but extra steps are ridiculous. Don’t know why there is not a save to photos.

Horrible. Don’t waste your money, interface is horrible and doesn’t work? Won’t upload photos from camera roll and overall garbage.

All this app does is freeze now!. When I create a picture it just freezes. Huge waste of time when you are working hard on something!

Diptic is very nice. I like this app use it a lot I just wish you could make the music play a litte bit longer etc. And you should get more animated layouts, they’re awesome!

Save = freeze.. The save function is super buggy. You get a bunch of choices but there’s no indication that a photo was saved. Or it just freezes on that screen. FREEZE. As others have said. There is no way you can save a photo without this app freezing and becoming useless.

Video option blurs the rest of the combo. When you add a video to one of the frames, the rest of the images come out really blurry for no apparent reason.

Can only use once. I made one collage when I tried t make another I could not add new photos and yes I gave the app access. Maybe it doesn’t work with the latest OS. I used to like this app

Retro Classic. I’ve used this app nearly everyday for 2 years... Easy and amazing

Diptic Doesn’t Work. Despite 1. Purchasing 2. Restating my iPhone 12 ProMax 3. Multiple “Resets” 4. Multiple re-installs Diptic App simply doesn’t work. Try to import images per instructions but all frames remain empty. Documentation is weak to nonexistent.

Too many additional purchases. I was trying to upgrade some of the features I’ve had in pic stitch for FREE, for years and years. Paid the $2.99 only to find out if I’d like to create an image that’s not square, that’s an additional $0.99.

Help.. The app continually crashes when I try to save an image ever since updating to iOS 13.

Will only save one half of the split image.. I used to love this app but for the last few months it only saves one half of the image. Support will not help, waste of money when it no longer works properly.

FANTASTIC & FRUSTRATING!!!. The photo features: unique frames, live frames and super creative borders are exciting. The video features HELP DESK: I have contacted that Dept. 11 times and still have not gotten a simple answer to my 4 month old problem: When the data was transferred to my new iPhone 10xMax the "DIPTIC VIDEO" app stoped uploading my videos!! The prompt says to change "the settings!" HOW???? Would like to give you 5 stars but as of today you have not earned them!! PLEASE HELP A LOYAL CUSTOMER & INFLUENCER!!

Not as easy. This program is not as easy to add pics as it use to be. It is more difficult to add pictures for some reason. Minerva5

My favorite. This is my favorite app I don't pay of apps but this one I'll pay for and did

App is broken for iPhone Updates in 2020, update 13.3.1. App exports only blank images and freezes during export screen. Useless unless you screenshot the image. This is regrettable as it was a fantastic product until now that I used in artwork regularly. Hopping the developers renew their interest in updating it!

Updated!!!. It’s one of my favorite apps again! Working great - it’s essential!

Not working. I’ve had this app for years. It stopped working a couple of months ago. I’ve tried everything — it’s dead.

Stop Searching-You Found it.. Best collage making app I’ve found. And I’ve used a lot. Best thing? Not restricted to squares. Various aspect ratios available. Custom borders and tiling too. And very easy to learn. In my book, this can’t be beat.

Terrible app/Terrible customer service. I’ve sent two emails to the customer service, no response. The app used to be amazing. Now images don’t upload, you pay to have the Diptic logo removed from video and it’s still there. Absolutely terrible

Needs an Update. Still functions on a basic level but desperately needs an update for larger phones and new versions of iOS.

Avoid this one for now. I’m a big fan of Diptic, it’s been very useful over the years, but it hasn’t been updated in ages, and the developers don’t respond to support requests. It no longer works in iOS 13, so steer clear of it for now at least.

Constantly freezes. I don’t know what is going on but this app constantly freezes !!! Have to restart it more than once every time I try to use it. Very frustration

This ap doesn’t work. I’ve tried several times but with no luck. This app used to be great. Photos will no longer load when trying to select your picture.

I use it often. Such a useful app. Get it.

App worked before the IOS 11.... I’ve used this app for awhile now and after updating my phone. The app isn’t working anymore. I have deleted the app and I might try to re-install the app later.

Finally regular updates. Thank you. Great value

Please update!!. Hey, the app is not working post iOS 14, imported photos show up as white, exports too, any suggestions?

iPhone X. Your app stopped working on my iPhone X. I can open the app but I can’t import my photos into the frames.

Best ever!. This is my absolute favorite app. All save issues are fixed!

New updates wrecked this app. I used this app for crop and zoom. It was quick and easy. New updates and added functionality wrecked it. Deleting and looking for something else.

Broken by latest iOS updates. Diptic WAS a great program ... sadly the developer has dropped off the edge of the world and does not respond to support emails. No updates in years I can only assume this developer has abandoned iOS.

Used to be my go to app. I’ve used this app for a few years now. It was great until the past month (Dec2022) when it decided to stop loading pics. It won’t even show my photo library. Fix it, please!!

Can only save 15 second videos. Despite the videos I’m editing listing the correct number of seconds, every video I try to save is just the first 15 seconds. Super annoying.

App suddenly stopped working. Loved this app. Been using it for YEARS. Would have been a 5 star if it worked.

Watermark?. I’ve had this app basically since my first iPhone, now all of a sudden I have to pay to have a watermark removed? I’m so tired of every single app in existence trying to squeeze money out of me. It’s an instant uninstall and bad review for me… 0/10

Sad.. I once LOVED this app and it really pains me to give it only two stars but it has stopped working properly. I’ve reached out to the tech support and have received absolutely nothing in return. I’m so sad about it. Is this app no longer being supported?

Need some New Layouts. I love Diptic! I have been using for a while and man this app needs some new layouts! I love the current ones but it’s time for more please!

Simply doesn’t work anymore. I’m not sure when it started, but only the animated layouts work. Any normal layout doesn’t show any pictures I have inserted and once they are exported all I get is a white picture 😞

Once great, now a dud. I cannot get it to upload photos anymore. Once I upgraded my phone and redownloaded the app it’s complete garbage. It doesn’t upload photos. What a waste of $3. It used to be my go to app for frames. Now it’s trash.

Scam .... Yes it works wonderfully. However, i already paid for Diptic Video and they discontinued support and made it non functional intentionally to force users to the new Diptic photo/video combo app update .... and then you had to re-pay for the EXACT same thing that we already paid for with Diptic video. Scammers

Customer. Yesterday I didn’t have to sign into any account so why today my business or work is not good enough for you. I’m giving you a 3 I would’ve given you a 5* if it wasn’t for today

Diptic. The app seems to be getting stuck every few minutes. It doesn’t give me a success message when it’s done doing an action. When I click on x on a pop up window that window doesn’t go away.

Please Update. Every time I create something and save it, the app locks up

App works great!. App is not intuitive but once you finally figure it out - it works great!

Downloading photos. Can not figure out how to down load photos in the app from my photos

Never works anymore.. Loved this app for years and then one day it quit working. I’ve deleted and reinstalled and it now freezes when i save collages and only puts one image in the collage, the rest is white.

♥️. I have loved this app for years but, WHAT IS GOING ON??? The app no longer will upload photos. Please do an update. It’s time.

Does not work!. Purchased this app for a project and as soon as I opened it to start using, the app didn’t work. I would choose photos within my library and once I hit select, the photos would not show up on the selected template.

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Diptic Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of Diptic app? Can you share your complaints, experiences or thoughts about the application with Peak Systems and people?

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Diptic 10.1.1 Apps Screenshots & Images

Diptic iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $2.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 10.1.1
Play Store com.peaksystems.Diptic
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Diptic (Versiyon 10.1.1) Install & Download

The applications Diptic was published in the category Photo & Video on 2010-06-23 and was developed by Peak Systems [Developer ID: 377989830]. This program file size is 21.53 MB. This app has been rated by 2,714 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Diptic - Photo & Video app posted on 2021-02-01 current version is 10.1.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.peaksystems.Diptic. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
Other Apps from Peak Systems Developer
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Layover 2.8 16 $0.99
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Diptic App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

*NEW* Home Screen Design - easier to browse layouts. *NEW* Image Picker - photos, videos, and colors now draggable from trays into layouts. *NEW* Image Management - selecting & using media is both easier and faster. *NEW* Expandable Layouts now FREE & included for everyone - common aspect ratios are easy to select. *NEW* Removed all data collection functionality. various bug fixes and performance enhancements implemented

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