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Unlock your creative potential! Discover how to easily turn any Sun, Moon and Milky Way scene you imagine into a real picture… and start shooting truly legendary photos every time you pick up the camera!

Whether your passion is to capture beautiful landscapes, immortalize the infinite night sky, surprise the bride and the groom in their happiest day... or to travel the world, PhotoPills will make you love exploring new artistic possibilities to tell visual stories in a way it wasn’t possible before.

* All in one app
PhotoPills is your iPhone and iPad personal assistant in all photographic matters. It provides tasty remedies to answer most of the questions when planning and shooting your creative ideas:
- The First 2D Map-Centric Planner: Sun, Moon, Milky Way
- Sun, Moon Alignments Fast Finder
- 3D Augmented Reality: Sun, Moon, Milky Way, Celestial Equator, Polaris, DoF, FoV
- Photo Plans Manager
- Location Scouting Tool
- Key information: Sunrise/set, Twilights, Golden Hour, Blue Hour, Moonrise/set, Supermoon dates, Moon Calendar
- Calculators: Long Exposure, Timelapse, Spot Stars, Star Trails, Hyperfocal Table, DoF, FoV
- Widgets: Sun, Moon, Milky Way
- PhotoPills Awards… and much more!

* Endorsed by Masters
“PhotoPills is an invaluable tool which I use every time I plan a shoot.” – Mark Gee, Astronomy Photographer of the Year.
“A tool every photographer should have.” – Kevin Raber,
“It pays off! Using such a tool ensures that we are repeatedly capable of quickly planning powerful shots; leaving maximum opportunity for more creative ruminations.” – José B. Ruiz, Innovation Award, Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

* How it works
Have you ever walked around a place and thought: "What a pity the Moon isn't EXACTLY right there... I would have captured a great photo!"? What about the Sun? And the Milky Way? Well, now you can let your imagination fly and calculate when this specific magic moment happens in just a few seconds:
- IMAGINE: the Milky Way arching over a powerful landscape, a giant full Moon appearing from behind a nearby hill or a sunset between two rocks on a magic beach... The only limit is your imagination!
- PLAN: easily calculate the exact date and time the scene you’ve imagined happens. Work smarter, not harder!
- SHOOT: just get out there, immerse yourself in the great outdoors, and enjoy living and capturing unique moments.

* Become a Legend
Because we know the huge amount of time, energy and love you put in your photos. We want to HONOR them, SHOW them to the World, and REWARD you with up to $6,600 in cash prizes. It's easy and FREE! Just submit your creative photos from PhotoPills and join the Legacy!

* Never waste an unmissable scene again
Create a To-Do list of planned photos and get to the location on time.

* Get it right
Adjust your frame for the best composition before you shoot. Use the 3D Augmented Reality Views to see whether Sun, Moon and Milky Way will be at the desired position when pressing the shutter.

* Explore, discover great places and create your own database of locations
If you come across a location you’d like to remember, save it as a Point of Interest.

* Enjoy all daily information in just one swipe with the Widgets
Just swipe down from the top of the screen to get all the Sun, Moon and Milky Way events for your current location and date, in addition to your upcoming photo plans.

* Get more than an app
Our goal is not only to help you plan your shots, but also to help you nail them. Whenever you need help, take a look at our How-To articles and videos, join our free online courses or just contact us!

“This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take PhotoPills – you stay in Wonderland and we show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. Remember: all we’re offering are Legendary Photos and Goosebumps in your skin, nothing more.”

PhotoPills App Description & Overview

The applications PhotoPills was published in the category Photo & Video on 2013-03-21 and was developed by PhotoPills S.L.. The file size is 57.43 MB. The current version is 2.9.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Start planning your Field of View (FoV) and Depth of Field (DoF) with the Planner!
- Field of View (FoV): Visualize the Field of View on the map of the Planner based on your camera and camera settings. Or change your Field of View directly on the map to adjust the frame and find out the focal length you need.
- Depth of Field (DoF): Visualize the Depth of Field, focus distance and the hyperfocal distance on the map of the Planner. So you know where to focus to get the DoF you need in the photo.
- How to enable the FoV or DoF tool on the map? Go to the Planner. Tap on the Map Settings button (on the map, bottom right corner, next to the “+” button). Tap on Map tool (right after Map type). And choose Field of View or Depth of Field.
- Bug fixes.
Please, If you find a bug (or have a suggestion), send us an email to [email protected] and we'll fix it as soon as possible :)

Imagine. Plan. Shoot!

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PhotoPills Reviews

Colin Robertson

Incredibly useful, but sometimes confusing  Colin Robertson  4 star

If you’re a photographer, this is one of the most essential apps you can have on your phone, bar none. My only real complaints are that the user interface can be confusing at times. For example, I can never seem to remember how to add a location in the planner “pill”, which often has me going to The Photographers Ephemeris to find what I need. Besides UI tweaks (can we please have the ability to customize the pills order? 🙏), I would love to see an Apple Watch app! I envision customizable watch complications and small functions like long exposure timers and DOF & exposure calculators. It’d be great to see the sun & moon timelines in the large complication slot! I’m crossing my fingers that this is on the feature list… 🤞


Worth every penny  harrie10  5 star

This is probably the best photography app on the app store and worth the price. If you want to step up your photography game, this is the only app you need.


Very Useful and Great functionality  BebopGabo  4 star

The only thing I would considering missing in this application is a light meter for those that want to shoot film. I don’t believe it would be too hard to add and would really make this the only photo app anyone would need.


Fraud.  Shwrayz12  1 star

Downloaded the app. Looked around once. Was charged $9.99. No intimation.


Great App still needs more to be perfect  maglly  4 star

Please add spots near darkest spots for milky way...spots for moon shoots...for galaxy etc. And I beseech you to make the use of AR more’s a bit hard to fishier out for a normal user.. I just love this app, it can be much much better and a single app all your need for nature photography...


Lots of useful stuff, not very intuitive to use  FPU93  4 star

The planner function is quite confusing, the developer should make adjustments so it is easier to use. It took me a while to figure out how to change place (locates under “load”, which doesn’t make sense because you find a place, not load a place) and date (need to tap the tiny clock symbol). I still don’t understand what all the symbols under the plus sign mean, there is no explanation.


RA not working  anibalgf  2 star

I use iphone 5s and when put RA it show me a message *waiting for a valid compass value* for hours and nothing happens


Initial impressions from new user  droszel  4 star

Just downloaded the app after seeing it mentioned on the website of an Australian photographer. Haven’t used it yet, but have done the “tour” and gone through Settings. Have to say I’m impressed with the interface. Am also impressed with what I’ve seen of developer follow up to comments posted in the Review section of the PhotoPills app. After I use the app a while, I’ll see if it’s possible to come back and update this review. So far, however, I’m impressed with what I’ve seen.


Asks for Email for an Instructions Manual  Larry2Feet  1 star

Want to learn how to use the app? Great, submit your email address to them again. Is it not enough that you charge us $9.99 to download the app? Now you want our email IDs before you send us instructions on how to use it? I wish app developers were more aware of their users’ experience with their apps.


Does not work for travel  LibertyForAll234  1 star

As far as I can tell there is no way to get the map to go to your current location (like how most geo software will have a triangle to move the map to your current location). It seems stuck on my house, the location where I initially installed the app. Got to the location and was not able to use it. Fail! Need an app that can be used more than one location on earth.


Good focal charts and calcs. The rest isn’t so great.  Wikicheedia  2 star

So I can get calculators for star trails, Milky Way photography, hyper focal distance, dof/v tables all over the net. Having them in an app is cool but...... What I spent $15 aud for was the planner functionality. Which is great until you lock your phone. Unlock it and everything you’ve entered disappears and the app shows you’re in Majorca right now. I’m very disappointed after hearing so many good things about the app.


Best value app ever  Mediajuice  5 star

Quite simply, in my opinion, this app is the best value app I've ever used, irrespective of the category. No doubt someone will find a way to find fault, but in my experience this app is comprehensive, stable, completely relevant & entirely focused on customer needs & satisfaction - not on making more $$$ for the developer. The tutorials alone have taught me more about photography than everything I've read in the past 12 months. The developer even responded, literally within hours, over the Christmas holiday period, to an email I sent asking about how to use one aspect of the app. How refreshing.


Just keeps getting better  Trooper230  5 star

Unlike so many photography products that are for real photography. They will often just be a one hit wonder. Yet this and the support of video instruction and even more. Finally we have a company that is there for the photographer In so many aspects. Im just amazed but also so impressed. Doesn’t come along much these days. Yet I can highly recommend at any stage or level you are. Thanks guys I’m wrapped 👍👍🇦🇺🎞


Edited my old review  Runamuk  5 star

I decided to change my old review as I found the “night ar” mode and is what I wanted the app for. Has some great features.

Nic_Gregson86 Aus

Awesome  Nic_Gregson86 Aus  5 star

Just such a fantastic all in one app for planning photography. Thanks for releasing this guys and keep up the great work


Great App by Enthusiastic Developers  rtpix  5 star

I’m not a Astrophotographer by any stretch , but this app makes it easy to understand the night sky. The developers also email advice regularly to help you use the app more efficiently ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌕 five stars and a moon thrown in for the rating


Just great  Kukaraccia  5 star

I love this app is the best for planning shooting Milky Way especially with argument reality’s!help you see all the moon phases the visibility the altitude.!!you know excatly where and when the sun set and where rise!.help you with time lapse long exposure!!.it s the best apps for photographers on the run looking for adventure and new nice shot!!

DJ Benny G

As Good As It Gets!!!  DJ Benny G  5 star

If you want to take your night sky photography to a level that will amaze people... this is the App.


Excellent software  MedicRickR  5 star

This software is second to none for photography, from a mature to the professional alike. These guys are constantly making a fantastic software better and they have not let the software down!! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!!

Reel Obsession

Just Simply Brilliant  Reel Obsession  5 star

This is the kit if you are a photographer of any level. Just get it, nothing else like it on the planet. It will bring another dimension to your planning and save you so much trial and error on the planning of epic shots. Thank you to the amazing people who designed it. Just phenomenal!!!!


Fantastic!  JAdairphoto  5 star

As a professional landscape photographer this app is essential. This takes a lot of the guess work out.


So polished and feature rich!  THTaKAEVYXcMK  5 star

Everything I need to plan and execute even complex shots is included in this single highly polished app! Well worth the money. Looking forward to future updates and continued support for the latest cameras (e.g. Fuji X100F).

Steven Dempsey

Best app I've used!  Steven Dempsey  5 star

This is my go-to app for every special photography project I do, be it needing to know hyperfocal distance, info on shooting star trails, timelapse, depth of field, crop sensor versus full sensor comparisons. The interface is friendly and intuitive. I give this app top marks and highly recommend it.


Astonishingly good  timothymh  5 star

Okay, this is probably going to sound like a fake review, but this app is so great it's hard to even put into words. If you do any photography that involves the sun, moon, or stars in any way, or if you have a manual lens, or want to do any kind of calculation at all, PhotoPills has you covered. I've been looking for something like this for years, so I'm so, so happy to have found this. I honestly can't imagine it being any better. If you are at all serious about photography, I can't recommend this enough.

Samir V

Incredible app! Love it.  Samir V  5 star

Love the app! So much to learn but has ton of information.

Coconut French

Too confusing  Coconut French  1 star

This app seems nice, but once you get into it, it's the most confusing thing I've ever used. I have a pretty good understanding of exposure and the common lingo associated with photography. This app over complicates simple ideas. Do not waste your money like I did.


Essential App For Profesional Photographers!!!  KreatikOz  5 star

An app that should not miss in your professional photographer kit!!!


Unexpectedly wonderful  FYM_NYC  5 star

This is better than I could have imagined. If I got into specifics I'd be here all night. Worth 5x the price.


Satisfied 90%  Vdvdmm  4 star

Very helpful and detailed app if you know how to use it and if you are not a beginner photographer.


Aptly named, it's a pill- hard to use  Stock143  2 star

Updated: The more time that I spend with this app, the worse the User experience seems. The interface is overly complicated and for no good reason. Why do I have to put a point of interest in the POI area, save, then, go back to the planner if it's a known spot in the search, like a large park or airport. Waste of time. The pins are hard to move. If you get it within a few hundred feet to a mile, it's good enough, because the next tap will take you 1200 miles away. And why did this tell me the sun was rising from the south? Then 2 mins later it's rising in the N/NE? Which direction am I supposed to face? I'm planning on setting up in the dark, so after using this app, I'm better off getting there and just pulling out a compass. original: It feel like there are some really powerful tools here, but I don't know how to use them. The UI is really confusing and not intuitive. What I can do is find more detailed info about golden hour, blue hour, etc based on exact gps coordinates.










PhotoPills Comments

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