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What is google chat app? Google Chat is an intelligent and secure communication and collaboration tool, built for teams. From ad-hoc messaging to topic-based workstream collaboration, Chat makes it easy to get work done where the conversation is happening.

• Group collaboration that allows Google Workspace content creation and sharing (Docs, Sheets, Slides), without having to worry about granting permissions
• Side by side editors, one click meetings, scheduling, document creation, and shared files, tasks, and events make it easy to get work done
• Google search functionality, with options to filter for conversations and content that you’ve shared
• Ready for Enterprise, with the full benefits of Google Workspace security and access controls including Data Loss Prevention, Compliance, Admin Settings, Vault Retention, Holds, Search, and Export

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App Name Google Chat
Category Business
Updated 03 April 2024, Wednesday
File Size 254.64 MB

Google Chat Comments & Reviews 2024

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Needs a little TLC. I use Chat as the main Communication platform between most of my friends and family. It’s missing some basic features. For example: ability to edit a message after it has been sent. Ability to delete images after they have been sent. Would love to be able to delete a gif that I mistakenly sent. Images are slow to load compared to hangouts. The new spaces feature is handy, but a little confusing. The app is slowly getting better. I can easily send messages from my mobile device or PC. The app easily manages multiple profiles. The search chat feature is nice. I love that I can make a video or voice call straight from the app. Currently on my pc the Chat app shows up as another chrome window rather than a standalone app. Making it really difficult to quickly check messages. Not sure it that is a bug in the app or a new feature. Overall this is a great app with a bug or two and some missing features. Nothing that cannot be fixed in an update.

Worse overall, better in some areas. Google’s “chat” replacement for hangouts seems to fix some critical issues. First off, it has so far eliminated the “phantom” issue with hangouts showing someone as reading a text only to refresh and find they haven’t opened the app in hours. It also seems to be snappier. However, the app is uglier, it’s harder to see when someone has read a message and it’s impossible to know if they’re typing or not, and light mode doesn’t work. So in my opinion, they’re removing features instead of fixing them. Not like the hangouts app was much better, but still an unwelcome “upgrade”.

Latest update is awful. The latest update makes it basically unusable on iOS. I expect Google has plenty of IT department customers to test it - anyone already using Google Apps who was desperate enough to save money would be willing to switch over since it's part of Google Apps. Chat was released broken and totally unfinished. That being said, Hangouts Chat has slowly gotten progressively better. And it's interesting to see the features they prioritize. They aren't trying to match feature parity with Teams or Slack, they're doing their own thing. But this latest app update is horrible. It's harder to see what's unread and what's not. And reading a message won't actually mark it as read most of the time. I've moved away from using my phone for chat and now just miss work messages. This update has made it much harder to communicate at work and much harder to work from home.

Hangouts was better. I was told to switch to google chat a while back but I didn’t force me but I was forced to switch sometime last month and let me tell you it just isn’t as good as hangouts when I got to the app and I am messaging my friend and we decide we want to call well the call button is gone so I can’t even call him without going over to gmail and calling him from there. You can access it from gmail and can only call from gmail so you should only have gmail at that point. I also miss when you could group call instead of having to make a meet don’t get me wrong a meet isn’t bad but it just takes less time to just group call. But it is still ok if you add the call button I would give you 5 stars and it’s a plus if you bring back the group calls. Thank you for listening.

I can’t stand it. I can’t stand how both participants of a conversation are on the left side, not on alternate sides and colored in different colors so they can be differentiated like in Hangouts and other traditional messaging apps. I can’t stand that the status is only “active” or “away”. In Hangouts you were able to tell if a participant was active in the last 15 minutes or 2 days or a week for example or you could turn the status off. You could also see if your messages were read. Also every time I leave a chat and close the app, when I re-launch the app my most active conversation has disappeared and I have to re-add the person I was chatting with. This is so annoying!! And I can’t stand that I’m being forced to use this crap app. I’m seriously thinking of deleting this app its that irksome. Plus, I’m looking through other reviews and I’ve seen as far back as a year ago, the same concerns being brought up by users and obviously they haven’t been addressed which means Google chat developers are not taking these concerns into consideration to make updates so that’s a hard no for me. I’ll be looking into other ways to communicate with family and friends.

Liked Hangouts Better. The function of the app is fine, but I found the chat layout of Hangouts to be much better than what this currently has. (At least make it match the way chats currently appear on desktop.) There’s no immediate obvious visual differentiation between messages you send and messages you receive, which I find annoying and visually clunky. Other messaging apps like iMessage and Telegram distinguish your sent messages by putting them on the right of the screen and tinting them a different color. This app doesn’t do that. It also separates each message you send by your name, which is mildly irritating if you’re sending a series of pictures. I would love to see an update of the app’s appearance to bring it up to speed with other messaging apps, including the legacy Hangouts app.

An insult to anyone naive enough to download this app.. It is frankly astonishing how bad this app is. In general, it is worse in every way compared to the competition.... but specifically on iPad it reaches a new level of horrendous. It *literally* is worse than Hangouts was on iPad, and Hangouts on iPad was already abysmal. There is not only no slide-over support, nor side-by-side support, but the interface itself is just the blown up phone interface. It is honestly incredible anyone at Google even allowed something like this to be released ever, let alone while they are constantly badgering their user base to switch to it. Congrats are in order to the Google Chat team. You have made me switch chat platforms away from google for the first time since the _original_ "GChat" from like 2006. Well done on finding new lows on what I already thought was a rock-bottom of user interface design.

Disappointing after Hangouts. Google Chat added the ability to have rooms where specific topic threads can be created. That’s really nice and a feature we were hoping for coming from Hangouts. Unfortunately, that’s about where the improvements end. Google Chat is at its best on the mobile app, but if you’re using it regularly, across mobile and in the desktop chrome extension, you’ll quickly see the questionable choices made by the developers. I used Hangouts and now use Chat in a professional environment, for more casual short form comms, and it’s clear after 6 weeks of heavy use that Chat wasn’t designed for anything more than light usage. It’s completely unwieldy with more than 20 active conversations. The alphabetical sorting of conversations means hunting down the person you were just talking to. The conversations are spaced relatively far apart and take up way too much screen real estate. The color scheme is blindingly bright. Et cetera. If you’re only using the phone app and only for chatting with a limited number of friends socially, which is clearly the use case they have decided to laser focus on, you’ll be fine with it. If you’re on the mobile app only, ok. If you’re hoping to do more with it, you should look elsewhere for a more thoughtfully designed, and scalable, communication method.

Upgrade. I don’t see any similarities between this app and hangout and to make it worse you take out the voice call option and now forcing everyone to use Google chat☹️☹️ that’s so ridiculous… All of my colleagues at work who use hangout said they don’t like Google chat and it’s all because of these voice call, that would definitely be a plus and make Google chat less stressful than it already is.. I can’t see how many minutes my friends where online anymore, just active and away Mehn that’s not cool you guys really have to reconsider your option or think about putting hangout back on here for everyone and not force us to use something because you guys think it’s nicer without considering every other persons opinion and this is a market place but you treat your customers like we don’t have opinions.. please take your time to understand my review I really love Google apps and I want hangout app back or put the voice call option on Google chat please thank you guys.. we are family I hope my opinion matters, LOVE

Worse. Worse in every way than Hangouts. Adding reactions to individual messages is nice but not a feature anyone asked for. Messages don’t always send if you exit the app too quickly. Notifications are unreliable. Stickers are gone. Overall just another step in Google’s consolidation of everything (built-in compatibility with Mail, Drive, Calendar, Meetings) but Hangouts had more personality AND worked better. I get that not many people still used it, typically favoring iOS messaging or Discord, but I might prefer switching to those rather than this inferior replacement. It might have gotten three stars on its own merits but the fact that it axed Hangouts on its way in loses it two of them. I don’t foresee this being useful outside of a work context, in which case I’d probably still prefer email.

Honestly this is bad. I miss hangouts.. Ive been using hangouts for 3 years and I accidentally deleted it. So, I was forced to download google chat. After hearing my friends say how awful it was, I was weary. But, they were right. It’s very hard to navigate, I can’t see other peoples statuses, I can’t change my profile picture, I can’t change it from light mode to dark mode, I can’t directly audio/meet my friends, all the chat on one side is just horrible on the eyes, and it’s very hard to send pictures and videos. It takes upwards of 5 minutes to send one picture let alone more. It will only let you send one picture at a time and not a couple like any normal app would. However, I use hangouts to talk to friends, I guess it would be fine if I used it for business? But I miss hangouts.

WHO is writing these reviews that give this GARBAGE more than 2 stars?. Google is HISTORICALLY inept at chat, and they've done it again. They had a pretty decent chat app (Hangouts) and killed it, to be replaced with a gangrenous "chat function" sewed onto their new Frankenstein (Google Workplace) that wants to be Slack but isn't, wants to be Zoom but isn't, wants to be an office suite but isnt Microsoft 365. Google, WHY? You're a RICH company. Surely your top hundred developers are among the top 500 in the world. Why are your best developers NEVER in charge of a project? Because you don't know WHICH of your developers are the GOOD ones? Using the Chat function is so obtuse, that it reminds me of those "helpful" electric window buttons that insist on rolling all the way UP, or rolling all the way DOWN. Getting it to stop where you want it requires a miracle. My God this is an ugly duckling of a chat app. Hangouts wasn't actually very good (because it was abandoned before it got a change to mature), but at least it wasn't a ToFurkey or a TurDucken, and it didn't make the user ANGRY. Chat ONLY works well, and cleanly, when EVERYTHING that isn't chat-oriented, ISN'T THERE. That means that all of its UI design elements will be chosen without ANY regard to Google Workspace functions. Make a chat into a CHAT.

Only giving a 1 bc I can’t give a 0. I deeply miss Google hangouts. The video quality was great, always adjusted to strength of wifi & prioritized everything working over everything being the highest quality which made it the best for talking to friends and family across the world. The UI on mobile was super easy to use for me and my whole family which includes a lot of older folks. I used to be able to make international calls on it for free of pretty cheap when the app was new which now I’m pretty sure you can’t do at all now. It was superior to any other video call platform I ever used and the stickers and ability to mess around on each other’s portraits were how I bonded over a distance. Now that’s gone and a new thing I have to look for. Google meet already exists for companies, I don’t understand why chat also has to be directed towards those types of people and has to take over hangouts.

It was better (Please read Google!). I really like the ease of use and look of Google more than hangouts. But the fact that you can’t even make a call through chat is kinda sad. Google turned it into a business thing instead of a way to connect with loved ones. Now the only way you can make a call is trough a Google Meet. So Now someone has to check their phone to see the link instead of hearing it ring. It’s just so much less efficient and frustrating. Google, if your reading this review… Please add calling!! It makes no sense why they would remove it.

I don’t really like it. Hello, I wasn’t too happy to see that I would be having to switch apps but I had no other choice. My friend and I used google hangouts as one of our only ways to communicate with each other due to certain circumstances she’s in. When I switched to google chat I thought it was very confusing. The messages are all on the same side. The feature I hate the most is the fact it won’t let me call anybody..? For some reason the option to call someone is disabled and I have no idea how to fix it, I think its very inconvenient. Im a mobile user so I have no idea if it’s different on computer but I do not have access to a computer and I feel that is not fair to have certain limitations on mobile. I also find it annoying that the messages they send are also linked to my gmail. So when they send a message, I also get a notification that pops up every time from my gmail inbox, I think there should be a feature that allows you to disconnect the notifications from your inbox. (or connect whenever you choose).

Not as good as Hangout for chatting with friends. I switched from Google Hangouts to Google Chat for about a week, and now have switched back. Chat separates group from individual convos in different tabs. I only chat with a small group for friends and it was nice to have everything in the side bar with my most recent convo at the top and open. In chat every time I open it I have to do 2-3 extra steps to get to my group chat which is what I use most. It’s annoying and I don’t like it. Also uploading pics and videos is easier and more intuitive in Hangouts than Chat. For me Hangouts is a great app for chatting with friends individually and in small groups. Google Chat seems more tuned to business use. Don’t try to make it an all in one chat app, it will only be bad at many things instead of good at a few. *I have deleted this app and will be using Hangouts until forced to switch.

Chat is a cool idea but has many downfalls. Some of the biggest things I don’t like about chat is that the rooms and chats are separated making it really hard to switch back and forth, and I don’t like the wording and text being on one side Constantly confusing me on who is texting. Also to video call you have to use google meet unlike the regular built in video call option on hangouts because no one actually knows if you are getting a call because it is a meeting link and not a call. Otherwise it isn’t the worst but those thing make me not want to use it. If any of this could be changed in the future I would really enjoy chat.

I was excited that google chat was an easy transfer from Hangouts. All my contacts and archived chats survived but I am not happy with the new platform. Finding invitations was a bit of a struggle but I found my way thru. The hardest thing to lose off Hangouts is the audio and video call functions. Sure I can use Google Duos but that goes off of your phone number. What made Hangouts better was I could make a call, video or audio, and use someone’s email instead of asking for their private number. If there are no plans to be asComparable to Hangouts if not better I see no reason to continue using this app. There are plenty other options out there. I’d preferably use Vibe over this version of Google chats. It is in need of some serious updating.

Hangouts was better. This app feels less streamlined and straightforward than hangouts. It always takes 2-3 taps to switch between messages or perform any action which used to feel smooth and immediate in the hangouts app. Multitasking between accounts, spaces, and messages is a chore. Hangouts was great. I was able to get my tech illiterate 76 year old mother to use hangouts for video calling and it worked great. After we were forced to switch to this app, she found video calling "rooms" concept incomprehensible. I got her on Facebook messenger instead, which is far more straightforward to use and it works much better for our simple use case. I'm not really sure whose needs the Google app is designed to fulfill but it seems like a step backwards in usability.

Constantly Changing for the Worse. Google Chat is lackluster compared to previous iterations of Google communication tools, and here's why: 1) Chat can only send ONE picture at a time and there is significant lag before your client updates to display that you've sent a picture, so multiple repeat pictures are common in threads because you don't know if it actually sent. 2) Video calls are seriously stupid. You send a "Google Meet" link into the thread, which other users have to click to join a separate call. This is absolutely senseless compared to the incredible ease we had with Hangouts. Members of my family have missed out on precious moments and announcements because of this. 3) No SMS integration. 4) gifs are hit or miss and some device clients only play the gif once. 5) Not P2P encrypted. Pretty sure Allo had all of this and more, and it worked beautifully, until it was deprecated in favor of trash like this. Why in the world do we keep going backwards!?! I don't know why Google feels the need to make their user base constantly change apps to keep up with basic communication functionality. From Hangouts to Allo to Hangouts to Duo to Hangouts to Chat. I'd just like a stable and secure P2P encrypted application to use where I can video chat, send pictures (yeah, that’s multiple pictures AT ONCE), and text.

Google Hangouts. I don’t like it because it is more complicated then using regular Hangouts from before. Another reason I don’t like too much of peoples personal information being shared that should not be shared like phone numbers, addresses, date of birth, personal family pictures, and many more personal information that should never be shared. If they could only make it simple and keeping everything personal and private then I have no problem in using it. Thank you for allowing me to share my point of view. Sincerely yours, BM.

Lifelong Google Chatter is fed up - Backwards move. I’ve been using Google Messaging apps for most of my entire life, much to the defiance (and laughter) of my friend groups - Gchat & Hangouts were good tools, I chose them over more popular ones like WhatsApp & FB messenger. This new “Google Chat” is a slap & spit (simultaneously) to the face of those - Google has gone BACKWARDS with this new useless iteration of its messaging app. The interface is more complicated, I can’t tell if my message has been clearly read or if I even sent it (all msgs are on the same side), pictures & videos take much longer to send, and I do NOT need a section for “Files & Tasks” - who asked for this app? Absolutely nobody… For the first time I will be not using this Google app - bring back Hangouts or significantly change this, look at all the negative recent 1-star reviews 🚮

An App the Borg Would Love. Wow, you know Google 'Chat' is a particularly characterless and sterile environment, with no customizable elements at all, that I can see. Doesn’t even have 'your' text on one side and 'mine' on the other, just one long column of text scrolling down the left side. Clearly an app that wants you to think "I am a soulless tool designed for team collaboration. Individuality is not productive. Design elements do not benefit the Collective. Colors distract from the Process. Expression must be solely in the Service of the Hive. Return to your Work." This is not an app designed for chatting with friends and family. Those things have no value. They do not serve the Collective. Your personal data has been collected, and will be reported to Google Authorities with the content of this negative review. Your existence on the Internet will be terminated.

Need More Work: Clunky App. The app is clunky when trying to send pics. There is a see delayed repsonse time from when you upload a picture. The send button starts to spin like it is thinking if it should upload your pic. When the send button is available after the spinning. Then you're able to send the pic. After 3-4 minutes, that's when you find out if your picture has sent or not. It doesn't show you trying to send the pic as a preview in the chat thread like it would for hangouts to let you know that is trying to send but can't for unforseen reasons. Instead, the person on the other end of the chat asks if you ever going to send the pic. When looking on my end, after 7 minutes has passed, then I receive a small message asking if I want to resend or delete. This need to be fixed. It's frustrating and my friends and family are experiencing the same issues.

I want this hangouts feature please. I doubt that this will work but I’m giving it a try. Me and my friend group always have used hangouts and it was amazing and google chat is more like a productive “work chat” app. If there is anyway this message can be seen by one of the Devs who works on this it would be amazing but my friends and I really want the feature that hangouts has that shows who has read the messages. Whether it could be an option a space manager could toggle or just active all the time. It would be so useful to tell who has been active and reading the chats. Thank you (In a direct message I have noticed it does show you when the person has read a message and what the last message they read was but I’m talking about adding this feature to the Spaces/Group Chats. Maybe it could be added like a space manager could toggle the feature since I’m sure not everyone would like to have it active all the time but it would be awesome just like in hangouts)

The least user friendly invention since the square wheel. 1. It separates one-on-one conversations and group chat rooms into two different sections, so you’re constantly switching back and forth to check on everything. 2. All wording is on one side of the screen, unlike a normal texting chat design (like discord) — while some might be used to this it can get seriously confusing, and there’s no way to personalize it to make it easier to read. Not only that, all wording is formatted in rows, not in text bubbles. This can make comments and messages blur together and get confusing if you aren’t used to that kind of messaging. In summary, hangouts is far more manageable and user friendly, and personally I think that chats should have merged with hangouts so that we could get the best of both worlds, instead if all of us being shoved into this circus of a site. Honestly, the only good thing I could find about chats that was nice was the dark mode (something google hangouts doesn’t have.) This is a big switch for a lot of hangouts users, and I wish that they would make it more manageable so that we could personalize it better. I’m sure in time I’ll get used to it, but I do think that this transition could have panned out better.

Works! (mobile+5, browser -5 yet) see 6.. 1. :D :-D works and does NOT change to smilie. AWESOME because it reflects me speaking to someone who is not like me, but is a dear friend. 2. Uploading photo did not take a lot of time at all. 3. It is easy to see who said what. Those who can’t, simply hate change because there is a WHOLE LINE of white space between people speaking! 4. Longer text do work, but have not checked Nanowrimo type work sending. I only have 10 lines in my trial. Friend and I used to send “what we wrote during word wars” back and forth. These would be around 2000 words. 5. No longer have to wait and wait and wait for Archived Messages to load up as a thing to select. I never archive messages anyway. 6. Browser: In browser I still need to be able to POP CHAT OUT. So still trying to figure this out. I need to look at chat while discussing email sometimes but chat covers email which is NOT ADA compliant! Too hard to discuss email with brain damage. Having phone app up AND email on 2 different devices is stupid as a work around! Thank you!

It isn’t that bad!. Ok, setting aside the lack of audio/video call features, I actually prefer Google chat over Google hangouts for several reasons. (1) there’s dark mode, (2) the interface is smooth, (3) you can react to messages with emojis, (4) I can actually see everyone’s profile pictures. Is it ripping off discord a bit? Yeah, but I don’t mind. The only downside for me is that you can’t switch between accounts easily, or see all your contacts (unless you have an open chat with them). But overall it works fine, and it feels much better than hangouts. Hangouts has been going downhill for a while (like mentioned earlier, I can barely see anyone’s profile pics + no dark mode). And the calls in hangouts never had good connectivity. I know this wasn’t a “me” problem because my friends also had similar issues. So overall, I definitely recommend Google Chat as a replacement for Hangouts, especially if you mostly text!

The Worst!!. Google should be positively ashamed of themselves! This is the worst chat app I have ever used. They took away hangouts and gave us chat which has significantly less functionality. You can’t even attach multiple photos at one time! What year is this, 2010!? Trying to get to attach anything or any other feature requires hitting small little icons that are easy to mess and layers deep. Trying to use the text box and move your cursor around inevitably ends up hitting the emoji icon and bringing up that screen. There is no distinction in terms of who is talking so trying to look through the conversation becomes quite challenging and hard on the eyes. There is no excuse at this point in time for a chat app to be this bad compared to all others. I have been using Hangouts since it started 15 or so years ago and now they lost me.

I Miss Hangouts. To start off, I got this app before because my friend didn’t have a phone number and it was great for texting and calling for the duration that it was available. I’m not saying the app is horrible, the features are amazing; threads, formatting, status, it’s amazing. It’s the app itself I’m not too happy with. First of all, in hangouts I could see all my groups and contacts in one place and I could name group chats which you can no longer do. Second of all, it doesn’t just let you switch to dark theme as the light theme is really a pain. And lastly, the app was so much easier to use before, there weren’t all these extra complications, hangouts was ideal.. this wasn’t.

This app is not for social chats. I liked Hangouts. I don’t know why they are discontinuing it! At least you can keep your chats and history though. This app is more on the professional side with documents, meetings, and projects that is good, don’t get me wrong. However, I used Hangouts for social chats so those things aren’t that useful. What is really bothering me is that there isn’t chat bubbles so everything is squished together and you can’t tell who said what. When I sent a picture, I sent it like 3 times on accident because it kept on saying the message failed to send. Also, you can’t tell if the other people in the “chat space” read the messages like it did in Hangouts. They also removed the stickers! Although this app is good for professional chats and business meetings, it wasn’t as good as Hangouts was for social group chats.

PLEASE ADD THE VOICE CALL OPTION TO GOOGLE CHAT THANKS. I don’t see any similarities between this app and hangout and to make it worse you take out the voice call option and now forcing everyone to use Google chat☹️☹️ that’s so ridiculous… All of my colleagues at work who use hangout said they don’t like Google chat and it’s all because of these voice call, that would definitely be a plus and make Google chat less stressful than it already is.. I can’t see how many minutes my friends where online anymore, just active and away Mehn that’s not cool you guys really have to reconsider your option or think about putting hangout back on here for everyone and not force us to use something because you guys think it’s nicer without considering every other persons opinion and this is a market place but you treat your customers like we don’t have opinions.. please take your time to understand my review I really love Google apps and I want hangout app back or put the voice call option on Google chat please thank you guys.. we are family I hope my opinion matters, LOVE

Hangouts was better. Hello there, let me start this by first saying that I haven’t used gchat all that much so maybe I’m not quite used to all it’s features yet but I think no matter what my point will stand: hangouts was better. I can’t frankly think of a reason why google would take something that had been used for so long and was very effective and completely change it, especially now when people are relying on online chatting platforms even more. I have used hangouts for 6 years and have never had any complaint with them, my school used it profusely for contact between teachers and students (as well as between students for group projects and clubs). Relating to this, a club I am a part of that heavily relied on hangouts as a way to communicate meeting times and important information is now struggling to figure out how to use gchat the same way - again, we haven’t used gchat that much so maybe we’re missing an important feature, but if it was truly that important it should have been more obvious to know.

It’s Alright. I just switched over to Google Chat from Google Hangouts and let me say, it’s different. First, I am not able to switch out of dark mode which for me, is unnecessary and annoying. I am not a fan of my screen being dark, but I guess it is something that I will have to get used to. Second, when talking with someone your text and their’s both appear on the same side of the chat which makes it more complicated to figure out what they said and when. Third, sending videos and pictures take up a lot of time. The loading process is very time consuming and it causes a pause in your conversation and confusing as to why you aren’t responding. The desktop version is great, but the mobile adaptation just isn’t cutting it for me. I intend on using this app heavily but with the way it’s going so far, it will take a lot of getting used to. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the different functions that have been added, but it just isn’t the same.

Disappointed, Hangouts was easier and better quality. Hangouts was streamlined and very user-friendly. Google Chat feels very antiquated. It was much easier to do video chats in Hangouts. With Google chat, you have to click the video icon, then it prompts you to join the meeting, so you have to click again to get the screen up (an unnecessary extra step). The video screen is much smaller than the one in Hangouts, and there isn’t an option to make it larger. One of the worst features is that it starts an entirely new chat window, so when you’re finished meeting someone, the conversation is gone. Hangouts kept the whole chat together in one window when you were on video with someone. So disappointed, I’m searching for a different platform.

Updates. I like the app due to I never used hangouts before the updates however the app keeps updating by itself. Before, my contacts looked like the preview and it’s been like that for 2 years until this afternoon when it just completely changed. The contacts where shoved to the left and shrank and instead of when clicking on the contacts and seeing the conversation with no other contacts in view, I can see the other contacts when I’m texting someone else and it disturbs me. One reason being that I’m so use to the other version that it’s hard to adjust. Another being all of the text has shrunk and everything is just off. Overall, it’s a very good app and is useful. This is the only thing I do not like about the app and I sincerely wish it was more like the preview page not whatever this new think is

Works for the Most Part, Missing Key Features. I used hangouts a lot prior to switching to this new version. For the most part, I’m getting the same functionality I did with Hangouts. I do like the addition of being able to link with Google Suite content better. However, because the primary purpose of my use of this app is to schedule meetings, I really miss read receipts. There is no way to tell who is caught up in a group conversation anymore. This was a super helpful feature in Hangouts (when it was accurate) and I miss it a ton. If anyone else is in the same boat, we should send feedback through their system to see if the developers will add it back in.

(RESOLVED) Read receipt avatar has been removed for the IOS Google Chat App. Per Google, in a 1:1 message, a small avatar of the person you chat with appears to the right of the last message they read. You can’t turn these read receipts on or off. This is no longer the case for the Google Chat App on IOS devices. During one of your most recent updates, the small avatars were removed from Chat so we can no longer tell when our messages are read. This issue has been shared by others but I’m also posting in hopes that it will be addressed sooner rather than later since you introduced the issue as part of a recent update. (THIS HAS NOW BEEN RESOLVED!!)

It’s fine, I guess?. Admittedly, I’m aggravated about being pushed to switch from hangouts, and that’s going to affect my view of this app, but dear god why can’t I put group chats and DMs in the same tab? Switching back and forth is frustrating and confusing. It’s also hard to tell who’s said what, and implementing literally any system for that would make a huge difference. On a less important note, I’d like to be able to assign a photo to a group chat so the icon isn’t just a letter (if there is a way to do this, I couldn’t find it, and I Looked). On the plus side, having the docs and sheets we’ve shared in a tab for group chats is really cool (I’d love to be able to see photos, too, as well as have this option for DMs), it infinitely easier to search than hangouts was, and there is dark mode integration. Overall, it’s fine, I guess? It feels very similar to Microsoft Teams, which is to say not ideal for a casual messaging app but probably a good option for work.

It’s great but.... I have been using Google Hangouts for years now to communicate with my friends who don’t have phones to talk with. I love the new interface they have added for Google Chat. But I have a few issues with the app. (1) In group chats or rooms you can’t see if anybody has seen your message or not. This isn’t something that would be a life changer but it would be nice to have. (2)One of the features that Hangouts offered was the icon features. In Hangouts, if your friend were to be on your chat with them, their icon would be visible. If they went off of the chat their icon would fade a slight bit. I would also like this feature just because it helps me tell of their actually online. (3) When somebody goes offline from Hangouts it takes 15 minutes for Chat to get the I formation that they went offline. This is a big thing that needs to be worked on.

This has been most people challenge on here. Google chat here, seems a bit complicated as compared to that of hangouts, I said this because, there’s not difference in the chat when you’re chatting with a friend or a family member… unlike hangouts, senders text is always at right and receivers text is always at left, that alone make it simple for you to understand your conversation easier, but here’s the case, google chat normally has the two so close to each other and also on one part of the chat surface. Another view to your app so far, I don’t know if others might’ve also realized that as well. The features “block and report” , that should be two things because they’re of different meanings, so it shouldn’t play a single role when you tap on it. For example, I want to block someone for a while, not permanently, but immediately I tap on that feature “block and report”, the person’s gmail is been taken out of google and can’t be found again to replace. Unlike messenger or any other with similar features , you can block someone and unblock to chat with that same person and can also report that person if you find that person ain’t the person you wanted or if that person is trying to scam you…. You guys really need to work on that, either than that, recommend your app as the best app ever.

A big convoluted. It’s nice to be able to search in this app, as opposed to Hangouts, but that’s where the pros end for me so far. The concept of chats vs spaces seems unnecessary and is what convolutes the app. I tried to give a name to a group chat as a space, but realized it’s then completely separate from chat threads (takes the whole history and converts it to a “space”), it doesn’t show up in the chats page, and searching in chats does not find matches in spaces. I decided I wanted to revert the (long) conversation history back to a chat thread but apparently that is impossible. I’ve also found multiple chat threads that include the same people, and sharing to Chats from other apps is very buggy. It was a much better user experience in Hangouts, with the exception of the search feature.

Why google, why.. Google hangouts was such a good app. The only problem was the scammers and suspicious accounts. Hangouts was easy to use, you didn’t have to send a “meeting link” (copying zoom much?), you could see when people are active, when they were LAST active, and you could see if they had seen your messages or not (for some reason the chat section of the gmail app has this, the app does not. Sloppy organization.) Google chat has none of these. It also does not have stickers. Furthermore, the design of the app is boring and meaningless. It’s basically just a black and white screen with slots for people. The notification sound is boring and not even close to comparing with the iconic hangouts sounds. This app is bad in design and function. It’s like hangout’s incompetent second cousin that everyone hates. Google, I’m disappointed. If you have any intelligence left, bring hangouts back.

Love it, use to chat with my friend group everyday but one suggestion. So I use google chat to chat with my friend group everyday, as we have a large variety of devices running on a variety of different operating systems and it’s easier to use a 3rd party messaging app that doesn’t come stock on one of our devices, then to use one that does come stock on one of our devices (I.e ios messages) but PLEASE make it so the app is compatible with split screen, I would love to be able to listen to music while chatting with my friends on google chat without any interruptions.

Just Make One App That Does ALL. Can google take some design clue from China’ Wechat? One app catch it All! Just combine Google Chat, Google Hangout, Google Meet and Google Duo into one App. One app that can Chat, audio calls, video 1:1, video group! It is confusing to try to explain to my mom why need so many different apps for similar tasks. At China, even a 70-years old know to use Wechat! It’s just one App they ever need to remember! WeChat is also Paypal, Instagram and Facebook in China. So powerful. It does pretty much everything. We can argue that is monopoly, however we can not deny it’s convenience and usability. Why can’t Google make a super app for everything!!! I understand Google intent Google Meet as a professional app with Monthly Fee. However, it would be so easy to design a mega communication App that is free for most users for simple 1:1 call and small group video call. Once a user tries to launch a call with large number of ppl, this app could prompt a message for app upgrade with monthly subscription or pay-per-use to allow large group video conference.

Disappointing transition from Hangouts. I know my personal 2 cents won’t matter much to Google, and will honestly seem silly to most; but… Where are the stickers??! That one bit of personalization made Hangouts so comfortable and warm for emotional expression in personal conversations. Yes, of course there are universal emojis and Apple memojis… but the stickers (especially the bunny and cat) are just perfect and ADORABLE. Why would you take those away? It seems like it would be such a simple feature to carry over. For this reason alone, I will hang on to Hangouts until its dying breath. Conversations just aren’t the same without them. For what it’s worth the discussion UI itself isn’t all that personable, either. Chat was definitely intended for a more business, streamlined discussion. Hangouts’ casual comfiness of the alternating bubbles per sender/recipient will certainly be missed.

REALLY GOOGLE!!!. I used to love using Google Hangouts to chat with my boyfriend daily while he is overseas working. But, now I can not even chat with him without either of us running into issues. So, tell me Google, WHY, why are you killing off an app in the middle of a global pandemic that everyone but you seemed to like? Why take away everything that everyone liked about your app and turn it into this? I HATE this app! You guys made an internal use only app public, and it shows. Want to get rid of your chat app? Then get rid of this garbage too! Want to join Yahoo and MSN? Then keep it up. We the users of your app, want OUR features back, and we DEMAND to have a choice as to rather we use this app or Google Hangouts which you keep refusing to allow us to use. See your app in the digital trash bin Google, right where it belongs.

A Google straight jacket. Once again, I’m waiting a ridiculous amount of time for a friend’s video to upload in Google Chat so I can watch it. I’m so tired of this nonsensical app that I have to say something. Here are all the problems I’ve encountered: - Can’t share files unless they’re in Google Drive (Google trying to limit you to using their products) - Videos are uploaded when you share them, which means it takes FOREVER. Hangouts shared videos right away, so I know they don’t have to do it like this. - Why on earth does it keep a copy of every link or image I send in the chat text box? Why would I want that when it’s right there as the last thing I sent? I hate having to delete it just to continue the conversation. - Separation of individuals and “rooms” confused everyone in my family (we use this as our primary communication). I’m used to it, but toggling back and forth to figure out where the new message is is still a nuisance. - WTAF the computer app isn’t a standalone app! You have to have Gmail open in Chrome to be able to use it even though you have to install it separately. Again, Google trying to keep you tethered to their products. There’s really almost nothing that’s an improvement here. Yes, you can react with emojis, and my mom no longer accidentally calls me when she leaves the chat open on her phone. But the rest of it is so annoying.

Desktop? Great! Mobile? Not so great. Hey, this is someone who has used Hangouts VERY often. When I heard things were moving to Chat, I didn’t mind. On desktop, it was great. I really liked the reactions and the upgrade on statuses, that was cool. But on mobile? Sheeesh, not so good. There’s this weird glitch where I can’t send videos, even when they’re relatively short, and I can’t hardly send photos either! You can’t send multiples at once like you did on HG, and there’s no way to monitor if they’re sending or not. You hit send and you’re just shown the chat- you don’t see the picture sending or anything and its kind of annoying. Also, there seems to be a lag in statuses. Me and my friend had both set ourselves as active (both using chat) yet to each other, we showed as away. Yet my other friend (me using chat, him using hangouts) appeared as active. 🤨 If you’re going to do a transfer from HG to Chat, could you have at least ACTUALLY made Chat better?

Still waiting…. I know you’ve made this for businesses. Yes, it is seamless and wonderful for people that are using this for their business for their offices and that since yes it’s wonderful. I use it to reach out to family. So I would still like to get back the stickers we used in Hangouts. I would also love if maybe you added more stickers or maybe different stickers if this app is supposed to be for everyone initiative also be user-friendly for those that use it for their families I use it to contact family that is away and I can’t go visit because of Covid. I use it to talk to my fiancé overseas so they said it should be user-friendly not only for businesses but for the average Joe.

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Awful compared to hangouts. Really suffocating and crowded. There’s no separation of messages, no more chat boxes with a clear idea of who has sent the message. Each new message appears on the next line with no spacing, all on the same side of the screen, and in the same colour. And any conversation/hangout that’s been given a chat name weirdly appears in a separate section of the app, compared with those that haven’t, so you have to flick back and forth between sections. It’s painfully unfriendly to use

Car play. This is good chat app however why it is not coming up in car play like WhatsApp?

Hamgouts was better. New update recently means I don’t get notification previews of the message?? Or even who it’s from! Do not update Also I still want the OPTION to switch to the old hangouts notification bell/noise. We were promised access to our old chats (older than a year) … but still I struggle with finding many old chats/ just make search by date function. Ideally I want to download chat from one person from 2014. All 8years worth.

5/5. This is such a good app, it also allows you to edit messages if you spell something wrong. I love messaging my friends and I definitely recommend this app

Google Chat. I think this app is very useable and has an easy way to communicate with friend or work colleagues.

Can I You Free Calls In Google Chat. I’m Loving Loving Google Chat ❤️❤️ But Was Wondering 💭 Can Make Free Calls In Google Chat? Other Then That I’m Loving Google Chat 💬

App not suitable for iOS 12.5.6. A couple of months back, I started chatting with people like normal and then suddenly when I would click on a group chat it would say to update to the latest version. When I would click ‘update google chats’, it would open the App Store and show the update button. After I had clicked the update button it would let me know that I needed iOS 14 or later but it would let me update to the latest version available for my device. This is normal and works fine for other apps. But when I clicked the download button it would actually download and the plugin just kept popping up and never stopped unless I had clicked cancel. Like I said, this is normal for other apps and works perfectly fine with other apps. But with google chats it just doesn’t work.

Can’t you guys stop updating it getting worse and worse I am about to delete it.. I can’t add my friends even I type in the their email it shows that no one is there. He told me that he downloaded it already. Miss the old one.😩😢

Google Chats - Love it!. I actually really enjoy this app! I find it very useful to use when others don’t have access to group chats on messages. So fun! 👍👍👍

Google chat. Very hard to distinguish text as they are very close to one another not the google hangout text will be in bubble like from left to right which makes reading easy. Also with group chat we can’t see you seen text. As I wondering whether this person has read text or not.

It is a step back. From hangouts to chat is a step back Cannot add gifs from mobile ….are we in 1980’s

Not able to upload any pictures or files. Everything works excellent and I find it very easy to talk to my friends separately and in a group chat. But for some reason when I go to send a picture I get an error message saying that the file couldn’t be uploaded. I have bee troubleshooting for awhile now. Other than that issue, this app works as smooth as anything.

Picture. I can’t see images which have been updated on the chat together, so I have to scroll all the way up till find the image… it would be nice that you can see all images in once like what’s up

All the audiobooks I listen to I throughly enjoy 💜. Wonderful to be able to listen to ❤️

Finding friends you thought would not talk to you. People you find who you think would never talk to you in an actual fact are just people like my self.

Bug in latest update when typing more than one line. Latest version has an issue where once you type more than one line or press return, you’re typing blind and can’t see what you’re typing until you press send Using a google workspace account g

Me. Can’t delete individual people if they use the same name as it wants to delete them all

Getting worse by every update. And it is now even more broken. Instead of showing the message itself, it is showing "You have a new message" in the notifications, and in apple watch. Why would one remove such a feature??? 🙄 Seriously. This tendency must be reverted!

Google chat. I would have to say that Google Chat is very helpful to chat with the people you need or want to. This app is the same as Google hangouts.

Missed the mark. This app looks like it was designed for office use only and forgets that people use this outside of the office. The features are so alienating and cold in appearance. Even in the office environment I’ve found that myself and a number of colleagues aren’t able to reply as swiftly because it’s harder to see when you’ve got a new message. Hangouts might have been a little clunky and old fashioned but it was more user friendly and warm.

Still gonna use it but hangouts was better. The only problem with google chats is that it’s extremely hard to make a new chat with someone new

Hangout. Google Hangout is a very good platform and app to communicate workmates and even family. However, why did they remove the voice/video call on this app? They should put it back because it is still useful to many.

Hangouts much better, chat is horrible. I have been using google hangouts for 2 years now. It was easy to navigate, add people, voice call and video call. But now they replaced it with google chat which is horrible. In google chat you can voice and video call anyone, and it’s really hard to add someone. Very bad app too complicated to use. Please add back hangouts I am very displeased. I can’t use hangouts anymore it’s forcing me to use google chat. If you want to make this better, make it less complicated to add people and navigate, and make it that you can call people. Hangouts will always be remembered but not google chat

Review please about Google chat. Please try to improve this Google chat features wherein you can message right and edit your messages if there are any errors in you're wording since at the moment you don't have these features that you can correct or edit feature plus add video call features thank you

Small avatar disappeared. Since updating iOS to 16.3 the small avatar of the other person has mysteriously disappeared please fix ASAP thanks.

Eh. I kinda miss google hangouts cuz thats more easier to use plus i dont need to access my email all the time

Not happy. Why change something good? Google chat annoys me with the repetitions of my correspondent’s last text at the top of the page, when the text itself is clearly visible. I am not at all sure it is as private as Hangouts. I have had intrusive messages on more than one occasion. Chat has been given a try but it has not lived up to the hype. Anna K.

Wow, kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk0000! (This isn’t for you, devs). I didn’t even know about that update until after I read your review! Who knew that the update wasn’t compatible with iPad! (did you know that I use iPad, too?) I haven’t installed the update yet (if you didn’t send that review, I would have wanted to)- that was a close call!

Not as good as hangouts. You cannot see who is looking at a group chat - hangouts you could. Too hard to see who has sent you a chat. The only notification you get is ‘1 unread chat’. Too many people in the contacts list. Most of whom you have never contacted.

No Access. Cannot use this. I use Hangouts. A message came up today saying it will end soon and a link. I use the link and goes to help page with no information about this topic. Nearest I could get was about Google CHAT. I downloaded it and then am told I don’t have access to it with my account. Seems you need a corporate account. USELESS APP. DO NOT DOWNLOAD !!!

Great app!. Google chats allows me to talk to friends easily and there isn’t much of s problem with it. It’s simple and easy to use for younger people. Many times I have accident sent something to the wrong person. Google chats does not allow me to delete any messages which is frustrating because it just stays there. Besides that it is a great app for all ages and perfect to use.

A backward step from hangouts. Hangouts was far easier and simpler to use and navigate than Chat especially if wanting to move from text to call to video call and back again. It doesn’t colour identify the text messages by person, therefore harder looking back. Not as easy in sharing multiple photos.

Seems to be a compatibility issue with iPads. Since your update about 4-5 weeks ago I CANNOT send any videos from my iPads in Google Chat (even ones that I have previously sent). Also, sometimes I cannot send photos either. And sometimes I can send some photos, but not others, it’s very random. I’ve been doing LOADS of experimenting to try and solve the issue, as before that I had no problems at all. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the App, several times. Nothing has worked. Yesterday I installed Google Chat onto my iPhone and it does work there. So I can only assume now that the most recent updates are not compatible with iPads. Very annoying as they are the devices I use. Please can you work on solving this problem. *Also, I’d love the have the bubbles back… like in Hangouts, where each person’s msg was on a separate side of the screen. The way it is now gets very confusing trying to keep track of conversation. And it’s very easy to miss bits.

Is ok. Pls add the stickers back it was soo good Also, can you put space between the text? And put one person’s text on one side and the other’s on another side? Like the hangouts format? Thanks

Disappointed. I'm really disappointed being forced to move from Hangouts to Google Chat / Workspace. I used Hangouts primarily for phone calls. The Google Chat interface is confusing and the phone icon is dull, meaning I can't make a call. This is very frustrating. Not everyone wants to set up a meeting or use the video feature. Why mess with a good thing, Google?

Enjoying chatting. It’s great chatting and connecting on Google Chat, Hangouts, being such a convenient way to communicate with friends, here and on the other side of the world. I’m appreciative and grateful for the service. Occasionally I enjoy being offline but if I’m needing and wanting to communicate, then Google Chat, Hangouts helps me do that thankfully.

What no delete chat function. Why no delete function on the app

Someone online. Would be good if could show when someone was last online and also be able to send larger videos without them being compressed down. I miss using hangouts. Can’t see when someone has been online/seen a message that is sent. Please bring back hangouts.

Can’t make calls. I hate how you can message but u can’t make calls on this app if u guys could add this feature it would make it so much more convenient

Great app!. Love this app, it works great for me. I already saw the options of creating a group & the option to take myself out of a group. I have enjoyed this app a lot. This is pretty simple. Thank you. I can see why you created this app, so it can be integrated into the gmail app. Very nice as I use this within my gmail app too. 😊

Google Chat. I find this app more than adequate in its aspects of conducting a social conversation with anybody around the world. There a multiple Funtional options to style up the social aspect of the conversation and a great feature of having a group conversation. More than happy to recommend this application to anyone of my friends and or family or colleagues.

Input lag on keyboard. There is a delay when typing. No other app on iOS has this problem except this one. The app can’t keep up with the speed of my typing.

Doesn’t work for iOS 14 and below. It’s great, but I can use it because I’m below iOS 14. So sending images and videos is so much harder on my laptop

Group chat problems. In a group chat the images don’t open. You tap on them and is just a black screen. There is not a confirmation that the other members of the group have read the message like it is in the individual chats. Needs improvement

Great App!. This app allowed me to talk to people all over the world. For business purposes and non-business purposes, this app was the perfect choice. I love how it always allows you to chat and there’s lots of choices, columns and it’s never crowded. It was amazing for just chatting with family and friends too! However, sometimes it did have some bugs. Sometimes the app wouldn't work and sometimes it didn’t do anything. Overall, this was an awesome app for communicating to people all over the world.

Useless app !!. I’ve been forever trying to get this app to work. I’ve contacted google but they are useless like this terrible app !!! Not recommended !! I use google suite which I pay for but can’t get any help from google at all !!! They simply don’t care as they only worry making boatload of money !!! 👎

Vicki8643. I enjoyed this social media app very very much. I am sure all users agree with me. Thank you so much for the wonderful services rendered.

You can’t leave group chats!. I thought this app was going to be fine but then I was invited into a group chat where I can’t leave! I do not like the people that are in it and I really want to leave but I CAN’T it is VERY annoying!!!!!

More features. Integration with Google calendar Ability to Reply a specific message during the conversation. Ability to Forward a message to other participants.

Stupid app. I’m not happy that you have closed down HANGOUTS and replaced it with this stupid App, GOOGLE CHAT….You said you can do more with it? What a load of rubbish. It’s garbage. Can’t send stickers only emojis, you can’t delete a message unless you delete the whole chat. I was just getting comfortable with Hangouts and you replaced it with thisStupid GOOGLE CHAT, I hate it, it’s for young people. Not for us oldies. C’mon Google, Get with the times and stop catering for the young at heart, think about us oldies who aren’t techno savvy. Kind regards RobGem12

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could be better. the app crashes every 10 minutes, and my computer is the latest one. it wouldn’t let me use it on my main account. and now the app is not accessible. it is also now apparently $14.99 in canadian dollars. come on google chat.

Meh. It’s good and all but takes long time to send chats and sometimes app glitches or shows poor internet connection when I show full bar connection.

This sucks. It won’t let me text my friends this sucks

4 stars?. I don’t know why this app got 4 stars. Very basic app that is worse than my own chat app I built for fun

Disappointed. I love google chat, I connect with a lot of my friends on there and have been one of my go-to chatting apps in the past year. In the recent month or so though my friends and I have noticed an annoying bug. Our group chat keeps randomly deleting people. There are about 40 people on that group and multiple people are getting kicked out. We tried refreshing, making MULTIPLE new groups and even using different accounts but it’s still not working. I absolutely love this app but PLEASE fix this bug. Thank you!

Could be better. I feel this chat doesn’t take full advantage of being a google product and being able to integrate all products seamlessly. The fact that you can upload one thing at a time is a big pain. The chat works, but it’s nothing more than that.

Love it. It lets me chat w long distance friends or else I would have forgotten them by now

it’s a no from me ❤️. it’s not letting me make a chat room, nor does it let others add me to their chat rooms. It’s a walmart discord.

i don’t like it. i don’t like it, it’s hard to find your group chats, i like google hangouts better. maybe change it back to google hangouts? me and my friend are having hard time. you kind of copied Discord with the bots and the : command. it’s like walmart Discord. and I also think the rooms are useless, at least make it google hangouts again? i can’t even use google hangouts on my school account anymore, i have to use google chat. please change it.

Banned???. Idk why the app banned me for no reason. I literally did nothing

Amazing. I love this

Not good. Limited functionality, threading feature is confusing. Really bad muting features. It's shocking that we haven't seen any updates to improve Hangouts chat yet

Why won’t message notification go away!?!. The little red icon won’t go away! Please fix. I have no new messages either.

Bad update. The new update removed notifications that shows you a message from some one and you have to be in the app to see the messages

Crap. Garbage, wasting time

Fake reviews awesome app no I’m not apart of company saying this so you get it. All these reviews saying “oh this is so bad🤮” are fake this app is great I honestly think all those reviews are just other companies and no I’m not apart of this company I’m just a student at a school and all these reviews saying it’s bad are fake lying this app is awesome!

Really good. Google chat is good at what it’s trying to do, although, some improvements could be made, Google chat should stop allowing anyone to kick out anyone from a space, the addition of roles would also be a nice improvement, but making it optional would make more sense, because not everyone would want to do it. Another thing there should be is separate channels in your space, this should be optional as well.

Hey, google team. Look down below, this is my complain.. Hey, I’m a student- I’d like, to complain that you and your team has shut google chat down. I know it’s not just me, my friends and classmates, talk about it. How am I suppose to, type to friends that aren’t near me. Also, how would I chat with my friends about our projects. Google chat, makes me happy. Why, well cause my best friend just went I could always talk to her. I have anxiety, she makes my anxiety better. So please, put it back up. Think about other people, google. If you think deeply, google chat might not be “popular” cause, another team could make a new chat. This is very disappointing, guys. I never thought I had to complain to google chat, but guess what-I had to. Thank you for understanding, Google chat/Google team.

Just one more thing…. In the laptop/desktop version of chat, you can send GIFS, can you add that on mobile?

Not super. Glitchy, limited features. Can’t even rename a chat room...

Dhdjisossodjdnsisuperidjdiosisidiidododododododlovllrodkkdjddjjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdj. Suprisingly good! Love it and like using it too talk to friends it’s annoying how they have to be in your country to talk to them tho

Lacks basic functionality, way too slow. No way to save an image from chat to the device (seriously!?) Super slow to load Won’t resume the app with your previous chat open Tiny tap area to open a chat from the list Lacking other really basic functionality for a messaging app. Never mind the question about why google now has 3+ messaging apps that do the same thing.

Help?. For some reason in a group chat, I’m most likely sure that I am the owner because I remember creating it, but for some reason my friends can kick me out and turn my into a member. I don’t know what’s going on, maybe it’s a weir or something I did in my settings? Please help.

Slow. Takes forever to download

Concerns. Hope it answers personal questions properly

Mon avis. J’aime bien car je peux parler à plusieurs personnes

….. to me… It works for what it was made for… But every update seems to just make it look stupider and stupider… there should be an option to just not update the look…. It was fine the way it was 😭

Ugh. I liked hangouts much better this app it’s just wierd in general can you please put hangouts back

Review. Beautiful

Good but not always notified. sometimes when I wait for a friend to respond I don’t get notified. But when I open the app I see a reaction. Do you think you can add notifications for reactions too? Because I need to know if someone responds or not. Thanks

Why won’t it work. I have been using this app for some time and now it just stopped working it says can’t load messages and no connection but I have good internet it is connected so why is it not working anymore

GMG. i think me and my friends (the gmg) are the only people who rlly still use google chat but WHATEVER GMG 🔛🔝

Good app. The app is good except why can’t I Google meet?If you can add that then that would be great but good app I would recommend and it’s not a scam

Miss Hangouts. Why the heck is google taken down hangouts???? I love it so much and they replaced it with this piece of crap? It’s so glitchy and way worse then hangouts. GOOGLE BRING BACK HANGOUTS PLEASE! 🙏😭

Not at all ready for full launch. Can’t believe giant like google could not pull this such a basic app. Slack is way more powerful than this. Can’t even share the google drive link directly. Seriously?


Trash.. This app is trash. I can’t text to any of my groups. I can’t sign into the old one. I can only see a few of the people I talk to. I hate it.

Sa vas les pirates. J’ai été arnaqué des personnes ont installé une application ba mon insu en disant que c’était moi j’ai désinstallé le chat

Question. Bring back hangout

Good I guess. No complaints but no other like idk good jobs either just thing good for family ig

Scammers. A lot of scammers on this site

One thing more………. I. Feel like u should be able to send a longer vid but like u can only send one for like 2 mins max CHANGE THAT PLZ

Can’t Leave Group Messages. You can leave rooms but you can’t remove yourself from group messages. As soon as you’re added to one with a large number of participants you’ll never be free of unwanted messages. You can turn off the notifications, and hide the chat, but then as soon as one of the 1000+ (or more) trollers says something, it returns. That’s a deal breakers for me. No thanks Google. Fix your product.

Glitchy. Super glitchy. Can’t use gifs in chats anymore and the badge always shows a ‘1’ even when I’ve read all my messages.

Could be better. The app doesn’t allow you to open group chats on iPhone 6

Mediocre. Can’t even figure out how to make a call like in hangouts…

The appt. Has a tendency to freeze and cannot continue chatting, how can this be redone?

NEEDS DARK MODE. C’mon google :( this shouldn’t be too hard. I’m tired of blinding myself when chatting with my team. How does google KEEP have a dark mode and not CHAT?

There’s a glitch need fixing. It could be that my iPad mini 4 is really old and can’t handle anything, but there’s a glitch that makes it so that the other person that i’m talking to messages won’t load for me until I send a message. It happens sometimes and it’s fixed when i refresh the app but it is an inconvenience, Also the google auto suggestions are insane and i love them please never change them.

Mr. Happy. In today's fast-paced digital world, having a reliable and efficient messaging platform is essential. Google Chat, with its practical features and seamless user experience, stands out as a top-notch messaging solution. One of the most remarkable aspects of Google Chat is its exceptional privacy. Unlike many other messaging apps, Google Chat does not require a telephone number to use. This unique feature ensures that your conversations remain private and secure, giving you peace of mind while communicating with friends, family, or colleagues. Efficiency is another key aspect of Google Chat. With its lightning-fast performance, messages are delivered and received in real-time, ensuring that you stay connected with your contacts without any delays. The app's efficient syncing capabilities across multiple devices further enhance its usability, allowing you to seamlessly transition from your smartphone to your computer or tablet without missing a beat. In conclusion, Google Chat is a reliable companion.

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Super disappointing Bring back Hangouts. This app is ok but it’s hard to use and hangouts was way easier to use this is more complicated and makes no sense at all you can’t do automatic calls like hangouts and you can’t see all your chats while you are using one like in hangouts which was a super fast way to change your chats now you have to click out of the one chat and go to the next one which is a minor inconvenience and a separate tab For group chats like what Bring back Hangouts it was way easier to use than Google chat Super disappointing R.I.P hangouts Oh wait and did I forget to mention that I enabled my notifications and it never gives me notifications

Weaknesses. 1. You cannot add multiple photos from camera roll then you can only choose one. This is a major step down from Hangouts. 2. No voice memo capability is poor. That is commonplace in other major platforms. 3. You cannot scroll through images in a thread. You can only look at one image and then come out and touch another image. This is a major step down from Hangouts also. 4. Right now in the Gmail app version there is no camera button in the main screen. You have to touch a plus sign and then choose camera. That is not good.

Worse overall, better in some areas. Google’s “chat” replacement for hangouts seems to fix some critical issues. First off, it has so far eliminated the “phantom” issue with hangouts showing someone as reading a text only to refresh and find they haven’t opened the app in hours. It also seems to be snappier. However, the app is uglier, it’s harder to see when someone has read a message and it’s impossible to know if they’re typing or not, and light mode doesn’t work. So in my opinion, they’re removing features instead of fixing them. Not like the hangouts app was much better, but still an unwelcome “upgrade”.

Useless!. I hate this useless app called “google chat”, I’ve been using hangout for a couple of years now without experiencing any kind of pictures loading issues but since your useless company switched it to google chat my pictures isn’t loading anymore, since 3 days now I’ve never seen a pictures my brother send me. Please kindly fix this issues right now or else I will delete this app for my phone now, we need hangout back not google chat please. I wish there’s any other way I can rate this app 0 star 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Hangouts is still superior. I held out as long as I possibly could before switching, mostly only for two reasons. 1. In hangouts the sender and receiver appear on different sides, making who said what easier to distinguish. This should be an easy fix. Please look at the reviews and you will see I’m not alone. 2. Sending pictures and videos is now RIDICULOUS. First of all, you can only send one at a time. Second, you capped the size. Third, the upload seemingly takes much longer. Please bring back the ability to send multiple pictures -at least- and lift the size cap 🤞 Also, if possible, bring back google voice integration. I want to see my text messages and voicemails in my hangouts/chat. I’ll continue to use it for now, because my entire family uses it… but if the Gmail pop up chat is ever disabled, I’ll definitely be moving on. It’s the entire reason we switched to hangouts from text messages.

Problem and I love Pinterest. I being there but are to many impostors that trying to get from the persons one way or other without moral with sarcasm from part of them and are treated the people and chased them to get they want with lies and make stories this is bad for you here in Pinterest you need to be more alert that some they said are celebrities and they don’t I’m one I give you a lot here I work hard to many years I’m a real decent person is not fair you have to do something really

Not a Fan of google chat. I recently was moved from Google Hangouts to Google Chat . It has been something that was pushed due google no longer going to support Hangouts. 1. Everyone’s text lines up on the same side of the screen making it difficult to watch conversations history. 2. Is a chat only platform, you can share pictures and videos but no longer supports calling or video chatting 3. If you do share videos or pictures with you contact, you cannot view the anywhere except to scroll backwards through the conversation to see again. I feel these are three large issues with the app that should be addressed. I only use it now if my contact can only use google chat. I’m going to stay on the competitions app (WhatsApp or signal) until these issues are resolved and will ask anyone to change there with me until they are fixed as well. Hope that there will be some progress soon that will help allow these services be used. Tim

Absolute garbage compared to Hangouts.. The iPhone app is fine I guess - but the iPad app is absolute garbage compared to the old Hangouts app. Having a single chat take up the entire screen is just a terrible use of screen space - Hangouts did this much better by having all of your chats in a panel on the left side of the screen so you could easily see the status of any given chat at a glance instead of multiple taps. It’s a shame Google has to constantly abandon or destroy their good products in favor of garbage. Please fix this trash app - especially now that you’ve forced me off hangouts to use this absolute garbage. This is ridiculous and is why people are abandoning your services.

RIP hangouts RIP chat. With hangouts slowly fading I decided to try Chat since I keep getting suggestions from google to switch. Chat is a broken experience on iOS. If I want to share something with someone on Chat like a photo or link to a web page. Chat doesn’t show up as a share option. Being able to highlight something and then sharing it over a messaging service is as basic as functionality as it gets in 2021. With it missing, it makes this app not worth it at all. Switching to a third party with more features. Not a hard sale to get others to join a different app with this app being so worthless.

The worst version of chat that Google saw stick to a wall so far. Let’s get right to the point: Google has had half a dozen different chat applications in the last 10 years. This application appears to be a synthesis of the worst design and user experiences from all of those apps, and then only partially implemented. Verizon’s own SMS application, branded as an afterthought, provides a more consistent experience. This app is missing things that GMail Chat widget- the precursor to Hangouts- can still do. An application like Discord, which isn’t even intended for use as a personal communication platform, is significantly easier to use than this, with better integrations. Go get that, or Teams, or Slack.

Still Can’t Unsend or Delete a sent message. You would think Google would get with the times and allow for deleting a text message or recalling/unsending. EVERY chat app but Google Chat can do this. If you accidentally send a message to the wrong person, you can’t unsend it. How Google, how have you overlooked this important feature for so many years? Didn’t have it with Google hangouts and you don’t have it here. I’ve been wanting this feature for years. In fact, I was in a Google thread with a developer many years back requesting this and he couldn’t understand why a person would want to delete a message.

Not an improvement. Ok, google hangouts I used almost every day. It was my most used app because I loved to call my friends, but uh google chats you can’t really call, you can send meets, but the call feature was much better and the fact That hangouts had both made it pretty great. Although google chats still works well, I mainly like to play games with my friend and when I call them I’m able to call and play, but with the new googles chat I can’t even leave and if I do rejoin, there two of me. In my opinion, I don’t really like the new google chats, I strongly feel that hangouts was much better.

No notifications. I am not getting notifications. I tried it on another iPhone they don’t get them either. Have tried deleting the app, turning off my phone turning it back on reinstalling. Messed around with the apps settings turning off notifications turning them back on. Did the same thing for the app settings in the phone settings. I use Google Workspace so I use this for messaging my team when I am away from my computer, it is very critical for me to have this app working correctly on my phone. I also called Apple support and Workspace support and it still does not work correctly. Works correctly on Windows computers. Please help!!!!!&&$!!?

Bring back Hangouts. I used to use Hangouts all the time for chatting with groups of friends and family, sharing pictures, all that good stuff. It was fun, easy, quick and simple. Now, after the forced migration to Google Chat, we just… don’t. None of the groups are very active anymore. Our one-on-one conversations have moved to text messaging, and the groups are slowly moving that way too. Google Chat is just too cumbersome to use, restricting in what you can send,(Seriously, only one image at a time, AND you have to wait for it to upload entirely before you can send?) and the user experience is horrible on slow connections. (I constantly have messages show up in my notifications, only for the app to completely fail to load and display them until I can get on Wifi or get close to a 5g tower.) Hangouts was not without its problems, but what they replaced it with is a disappointment in my opinion. When the last of my groups goes dark on it, I’m done using it for good.

Doesn’t show notifications. The app itself works fine. It’s still a little clunky but the issue for me is that notifications are disabled after I quit out of the app. I will turn them on and then they just……shut themselves off. Waiting for the fix so I can use the app like it’s intended to be. Edit in response to the dev: All of my notification settings are correct. The app sometimes shows them and other times doesn’t. The app has been reinstalled and settings updated accordingly. It just doesn’t work correctly. It only works in the gmail app which I don’t want to have constantly refreshing if I want to use chat features.

Hangouts is Better. My hangouts app stopped working and my chats were automatically forwarded to the Google chat app which I found sucking and less smart. It’s appalling to note that functions such as video calling as well as voice call functions isn’t working . Moreover the chats on this is jammed up as a single column format which makes it a lot of work looking up specific previous conversations. You won’t be able to tell how long a person is been on or how long they’ve left the app which makes a little old fashioned compared to a Simple and easy to use hangouts app. Come’on you can do better to improve the app 😞☹️👎🏼

Why fix what isn’t broken. Honestly should’ve left hangouts as it was. This is not easier to access, but more difficult . Before, I could go right into my google hangouts with no issue. Now, you get an option of whether to receive through email or directly to an updated app? I believe this is a bad design. What was working didn’t need fixing. It’s worth deleting, but I have family who uses this.

Get what you pay for. Used and vetted multiple platforms professionally for chat/messages. Google Workspace (Hangouts/Chat) is a last option. For a basic messaging application, it’s functional. The look of Chat is a significant improvement over Hangouts. Separation of group (Spaces) and individual messages isn’t too bad. Although, when compared with other options there’s a lack of moderator control functions for a space, voice and video are covered in a separate application, and individuals are unable to delete or edit messages. You at least want to allow your personnel a chance to redeem themselves when they send those accidental messages to the wrong crowd. A few better options would be Microsoft Teams, Slack, Cisco’s WebEx, Zoom (founded by former WebEx developer), Discord, and even DatChat (no current voice or video functions). Believe Google has a solid team when it comes to innovate ideas. Though their workspace collaboration tools could use a little more attention. If they need a good project manager in that department, may know someone.

So laggy. I had to download hangouts again. I am constantly having a “failed to send” for my messages. I will retry and it still says failed. But if I try sending the same message through hangouts, no issue. I tried closing the app and opening it back and it will still not send. During this time, I had no issues receiving messages though. On top of that, I keep having issues with messages not loading. I will get multiple notifications. Then once I click on the app to read them, it will say failed to load or it will be stuck on the “connecting” This is more of a hassle than whatever they intended it to be.

Get your act together, Google. There was a time, not so long ago, where Google Hangouts was the perfect messaging app. Then they decided to release 15 new chat and video conferencing apps, none of which with all the features I want. Then they removed direct video calling in Hangouts. Now they are removing Hangouts altogether, but some of my friends are still using it, and when I send them gifs through Chat they have to click a link in Hangouts and login AGAIN in a browser to see it. I don't know what's going on over there, but they've massively dropped the ball. Just add all the features from all your different messaging apps into Hangouts and get rid of all these other useless apps. It makes absolutely no sense.

Google hangouts is no more. I found out the hard way that google hangouts was removed, and it was replaced with google chat. On my side, I can’t do as much as I could on hangouts. Now, if I want to place a video call, it makes me set up a meeting or it won’t let me use video. I also noticed that it will not let me click the phone to call people. When I open hangouts, it blocks the screen with a message telling me to use google chats, but my boyfriend still has hangouts and it works great for him. I wish google gave users a choice to stay with old faithful, hangouts, or download the new one instead of forcing me to use the one that doesn’t work.

Google chat is okay. :/. I mean, I guess google chat is fine, but it kinda is complicated. Google hangouts had this really good design that didn’t take up too much space on your device, and with chat, the rooms bar takes up a little bit too much space. If you are texting at night, the chat design will prevent you from seeing well. It is way too bright, but other than that, it is kind of ok. Please make this better though, I do a lot of texting in the morning or late at night, because I am usually busy during the afternoon.

Please read my review. Google developers I just wanna say this app is AMAZING keep up the good work and I use this in class because I can’t talk to my friends but calls don’t work for me for some reason I could just be like school or something like that but THANK YOU for not a having limited amount of GIFs like messenger kids but this is like one of the best chat app’s I’ve ever used. Thank you for reading bye and have a good day

good, could use some work. i have been using the chat app for two years and it has been really good, though there are some problems. I hate that the ability to delete messages was removed, and that you can no longer add photos or files from other apps. Another annoying problem is that sometimes the app mistakes messages as unread sometimes, probably just a bug. the layout is nice and other than that, the app is very useful and I hope it can get better.

Can’t tell if they’ve read my message. I love this app! I’ve used it for a few years even when they changed it over to google “chat”. However (and I don’t know why it stopped), but the little circle with the picture for the account of the person I’m chatting with won’t pop up anymore. So I can’t tell if the person has read my message or not. I don’t know if it’s a bug or if it was intentional to stop showing that but I really loved that the app did that in the first place. And I’d be really disappointed if it’s not coming back.

Deleting a single photo or video issue. I love having this ability to chat however, the app itself is not user-friendly in so many ways… I wanted to simply delete a photo from my conversation and ended up having to delete the entire conversation which I did not want to do. I looked in the help, and it did not tell me how to delete a simple photo or video from the conversation, so I was really bummed out that I had to delete the entire thing.

Pros and cons. So i got this app a few months ago and there’s pros and cons: Pros: you can create tasks, there’s google drive/calendar options, and you can search your texts from months-years ago. Cons: its sort of confusing because your group chats and 1 on 1 chats are separate and that makes it confusing, the texts aren’t in word bubbles and sometimes its hard to tell who’s texting. So its okay i guess but i think hangouts is better.

Hangouts was better. There are a few things that were improved, like dark mode being added and the ability to search messages on iPhone. However, in group chats on iPhone you can’t see whether someone has looked at the chat or not, and half the time it won’t tell you if they’re typing. In addition it was nice to be able to see if they were currently looking at the chat or if it had been looked it. Overall, hangouts had the better features, and until those features are added, I wish that they would still allow Hangouts to be used.

Oh my goodness why is this so good!!. The advanced tech on this app compared to google hangout is so amazing my brain wants to explode! The fact that I don’t have to scroll through all my chats to privately message someone 😍😍😍. There are so many cool improvements on here like being able to tag someone, and also being able to react to other people messages. Anyway this goes out to all my weird friends that think google hangouts is better (it’s not). WHEN I WAS A YOUNG BOY MY FATHER TOOK ME INTO THE CITY TO SEE A MARCHING BAND!!!

Terrible at retrieving messages. It’s ok for the most part and I’m glad they finally added gif support for the personal accounts, but man it’s terrible at retrieving new messages. It notifies me but when I pull up the messages in the app the new ones don’t load, it’s just the blue loading bar of death. This happens in both this app and the gmail app. I often have to close the app and reopen it multiple times before it loads the messages, or even lock the phone and unlock it. A few times I’ve had to turn the phone off and restart it, even after toggling data/wifi on/off.

Bring Hangouts Back. For real, in this app you can’t tell one msg apart from another Looks no different from Gmail, if we wanted this design, we could have used gmail. What is this? I hate this design and it’s lost its feel. The profile pic doesn’t show up anymore when the chat is open. I’d rather have groups and individual chats in one place. I can’t tell when the other person has seen the msg. Nor can I tell how long ago that person was online. It takes away the personal and home feel. It’s too much geared towards businesses and professionalism. I hate this. Today I found that hangouts was no longer on the App Store. Very disappointed. It’s so bland

No Multiple Accounts?. I was already surprised that I needed to download yet another google app when Hangouts was working just fine. ALSO, it seems that I can only be logged on to one account in this app. In Hangouts, I could be logged in to multiple google accounts. I am a teacher and have a student account to chat with my students and a teacher account I use to communicate with teachers. I now have to keep the Hangouts app so I can be logged into my teacher account in Hangouts and my student account in Chat (because apparently you need to have the Chat app to see screenshots sent through the app.) Please make this less annoying.

Still full of bugs. I’ve been a loyal user of Hangouts for years. Now, Google is forcing all of us to switch to Chat. One of my favorite features of Hangouts was the ability to mute notifications for a certain number of hours. I had my new Chat app muted today (or at least it said it was); but I was still getting notifications. When I tried to fix it, it would not let me unmute it, it would not let me change the mute to a different number of hours, and it would not let me turn it on. In fact, I actually got an error message saying it was unable to access the mute settings. What a sloppy piece of garbage software. Thanks for nothing, Google.

Help me get this app removed from the App Store because of scammers. Scammers love to use Google apps to try to stiff their victims because they know very well Google isn’t going to do anything to stop them. I was contacted on Words with Friends by a catfisher and they asked me to move to Hangouts where they requested a gift card. I complained up and down to Google and ultimately sent a certified mail letter to CEO Sundar Pichai, he declined to respond to my complaints. This catfisher uses the name Mary Patricia or Patricia Mary and the Gmail name patriciamary620. I thought this scammer had been deleted from Google but they contacted me about a month ago using the Chat app. Will be calling Apple support back with an update on this issue and demand the removal of this unsafe app from the App Store.

My hangouts history doesn’t transfer over to google chat. So I only used hangouts to speak to one person, and despite my history being on for hangouts and google chat all of the old messages on hangouts do not transfer over and nothing I’ve read has helped. Also have found no way to reach out to google customer service/help center directly so I’m trying this. I loved hangouts but I have no problem switching over to chat but PLEASE don’t let my history be gone forever! I thought it was supposed to be a seamless and painless transition. No they weren’t deleted or archived, yet they can’t be seen on chat. Very disappointed. Please resolve this!

Google hangouts is better . Google hangouts needs to come back.. So I’ve downloaded Google chats after 2 years of using Google hangouts. (Because it sadly went away) and Google hangouts is better and way more easier to navigate. My personal problem with Google chats is the format . 1. In the chats, messages are all jumbled up when you send messages and it’s very hard to read and navigate. Especially when you write huge paragraphs . 2. Unlike Google hangouts, you can’t see when a user was last active or if they read your message. Which those features made Google hangouts way more easier to navigate. 3. All the buttons are just crowded together (the bottom bar when you are texting. The photos, stickers, etc option.) Despite Google hangouts being glitchy. I perfected it was more over Google chats. It just isn’t that good or the same. You guys really need to change the format. I hope Google hangouts comes back.

Here’s why this app is okay. Okay so let me start with this app is okay honestly for me a chat app like messages, google hangouts, and google chat. These are all okay because for me a chat is where I can text people who I care about and it still allows me to do that. Sure there are some flaws but every app has that and there are also great things I like about it. 1. You can change your status so instead of there boring green dot that says active u can put whatever you want! 2. You can assign tasks which are reminders of your goals which is great for projects! 3. You can add gifs! Who doesn’t want to make there friends laugh at a message. Overall great app! Please fix a couple of the flaws people are complaining about. Other then that keep with there advanced things!

Regarding scammer defense. Two major downsides: No way of blocking someone without generating a report and allowing google access to the last 50 messages. Not good at all. The other downside is no voice or video call capability. If you're transferred here from a dating site, your not likely to block a scammer (and google chat is infested with scammers) if you know google will read your last 50 very personal messages, and you won’t be able to directly see or hear you’re scammer, and scammers famously avoid being seen or heard.

Notifications keep turning off by itself. I had Hangouts for work and when they switched it wasn’t a big deal except for one thing.. Idk if it’s Apple not working with Google or what but I’d see a notification on the app itself on my Home Screen and think wait why didn’t it ping me? Well I go into the app to turn on my notifications and think its fixed…. Nope. Same thing keeps happening. The app keeps switching off my “notifications on this device” I also use it on a computer but not as much. Why does this keep happening?! I have to have this and know it’ll ping me when I get a message from my team! So frustrating! Either give me a solution or make one.

The transfer ruined the app. Hangouts was discontinued and this was used in its place. This app is so much worse, for a lot of different reasons. There are a few redeemable features, but they removed many of my favorite features from Google Hangouts. When accessing another website, you’re no longer able to tilt the screen to make the image larger. A small detail, but significant because of how often I used it. You can now only send one image at a time, and the load time for each image has increased dramatically. Instead of sending dozens of images in about 20 seconds, it’s takes 20 seconds to load each single image. The chat background is boring, and unchangeable. You’re locked into dark mode, and every text looks the same; you have to look at the profile icon to tell who sent what text. Splitting group chats and 1 on 1 is nice, but it’s annoying to change between the two if you’re having different conversations. This app could have been so good, but falls short because of all the lost features that we used to have.

It’s okay ig. Well it fine I guess but there are a few issues. Sometimes I’ll be trying to text one of my friend then it doesn’t go through even though we’ve just been texting for like hours. Also to update the new version I have to have an iOS 14, but I don’t and I CANT update it because I don’t have an iOS 14. So it makes me unable to go in or text in any group chats with more than two people. It’s very annoying and it leaves a notification forever but I can’t even open it. Not that I text much anyway, neither do I use this app often, but still. Anyway ty you for readingggggg <3

Out with Hangouts, In with Google Chat.. I (we) have been using this now for a couple months and I like the way it sends and receives the messages. Sometimes I send by quick touch a partial message, but it is easy to just resume with next one to send and is almost seamless. Photos send very well. This is a fine way to stay in touch with someone anywhere in the world as far as I know. Thanks Google!

Chats. 1 I don’t feel like rooms should be needed. Maybe you can make it to where we can choose if we’re using the app for just chatting or if we’re using it for an actual business. If we’re just chatting then we only get chat options if we’re business we get chats and rooms? 2 I should be able to make multiple chats with just me and one other person but if I try it brings me to a chat that we already made 3 I can’t see when my friends were last active only that they are inactive and I find that unhelpful. 31/2 I feel like we should see if our friends have seen our messages in as many chats as we make for them including in rooms. I can’t tell if my friends are actually reading what I’m saying. I have sent feedback through the app but I’m just warning people what their getting into. I don’t feel like hangouts should be taken down as I’ve used it for so long and I saw no problems with it. These “upgrades” could have easily just been put into hangouts.

No stars. I hate google chat. It’s not user friendly. You call for support so you can learn, for one how to delete individuals and get no response. I’ve tried numerous times to just delete the entire application since no one wants to assist but that’s not possible Either. It just keeps coming back. At least with hangout you could control conversations, who was deleted with this program I guess the only one with control is google Don’t bother to try support they are useless as is google. I will be notifying my company not to place adds with google Topping on the cake you can’t send unless you give this pitiful application at least one star

I’d rather be using hangouts. Hey use G Chat for chatting, oh wait nevermind join us for Hangouts, whoa here’s Allo, but you don’t have to use it, we’re not really serious about that side project, ohh you like Hangouts, you gotta switch to Chat, it’s the same but less features and more bugs. (One of the bugs that I get frequently is ‘cannot send message’!! This is a chat app and it fails sending text strings!) Google can’t seem to make its mind with the chat app and instead forcing this latest variant of their latest corp strategy. The voice call support is quite awkward forcing us to use Meet from inside Gmail

Please being back the stickers. I know this is not a very “needed” review in terms of other features and practicalities of the app, because I really have not experienced any big issues with the app. I do wish I could delete messages but it is what it is. My main concern is the stickers the hangouts app had and that are still on the desktop version (or so I recall). I miss them a lot. The bunny ones and the yellow blob ones were so cute. I use this to talk to my mother the most and I miss sending her those. Regular emojis just don’t feel the same. Please bring them back.

I want hangouts back please. Yesterday i got a notification on my screen on hangouts saying i have to use google chat now so i download it and compared to hangouts is very complicated. It doesn't have a regular call or face time button like hangouts did which was great because it's so much easier and not everyone can or knows how to do a google meet. There isn't the little gifs you can self anymore. It's also way more complex and harder to understand then hangouts was i really don't like it, i only have it for contact with friends but now it's even harder to talk to them then before. Please add a call and face-time button like on hangouts.

Ehhhh. This is good and everything but there’s a lot of glitches that happens sometimes and sometimes it just kicks me out which gets really annoying sometimes and I just don’t like it. However with all that aside you can have a lot of contacts at the same time and it’s really cool over the bad thing is you like you can’t call people on there unless you have to go to google chat and I just switched to Google chat from Hangouts and I honestly much prefer a Hangouts but apparently it’s close so the only thing I can chat on my phone now is chat so I guess it’s OK but I would definitely give it a three

Feedback suggestions. 1. Better push notification handling. When I receive a new message and I’m outside the app, I get a nice little banner notification, can see the content, and hit reply near instantly. But, if I then switch into the app, I experience a lag of several seconds as it downloads and renders that same message. This is frustrating because I know that you have already sent me the message - why is it then slowing me down as it downloads and re-renders the same message? It would be better if I could switch to the app, and immediately see the message. 2. Ability to share content from outside the app. I’m browsing in safari, see an interesting article, and want to share with my team. There is no activity extension from google chat, so I have to copy the URL, switch to google chat (takes several seconds to load) then paste it in. Slack lets me do this directly from Safari.

Delivery Issue. The upgrade is great but not so compared to the hangouts app. With this, you can’t multi select pictures or videos to send, you have to send them one by one which is disturbing. Also when you send a message, you can’t tell whether it has been delivered/read. Please do something about it with immediate effect. And if possible place a voice call option on it just like on the hangouts app. Thanks

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.0.252
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

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The application Google Chat was published in the category Business on 28 February 2018, Wednesday and was developed by Google [Developer ID: 281956209]. This program file size is 254.64 MB. This app has been rated by 245,465 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Google Chat - Business app posted on 03 April 2024, Wednesday current version is 1.0.252 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Google Chat App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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