Google Translate

Google Translate [Reference] App Description & Overview

• Text translation: Translate between 108 languages by typing
• Offline: Translate with no internet connection (59 languages)
• Instant camera translation: Translate text in images instantly by just pointing your camera (90 languages)
• Photos: Take or import photos for higher quality translations (50 languages)
• Conversations: Translate bilingual conversations on the fly (43 languages)
• Handwriting: Draw text characters instead of typing (95 languages)
• Phrasebook: Star and save translated words and phrases for future reference (all languages)

Permissions Notice
• Microphone for speech translation
• Camera for translating text via the camera
• Photos for importing photos from your library

Translations between the following languages are supported:
Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Cebuano, Chichewa, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Corsican, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Frisian, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hausa, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong, Hungarian, Icelandic, Igbo, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Kannada, Kazakh, Khmer, Kinyarwanda, Korean, Kurdish (Kurmanji), Kyrgyz, Lao, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Luxembourgish, Macedonian, Malagasy, Malay, Malayalam, Maltese, Maori, Marathi, Mongolian, Myanmar (Burmese), Nepali, Norwegian, Odia (Oriya), Pashto, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Samoan, Scots Gaelic, Serbian, Sesotho, Shona, Sindhi, Sinhala, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Spanish, Sundanese, Swahili, Swedish, Tajik, Tamil, Tatar, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Turkmen, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uyghur, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Welsh, Xhosa, Yiddish, Yoruba, Zulu

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Google Translate Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Text translation support for more languages: Kinyarwanda, Odia (Oriya), Tatar, Turkmen, Uyghur • Speech recognition input for more languages (Albanian, Macedonian, Mongolian, Punjabi)

Google Translate Comments & Reviews

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- Useless APP

Google translate useless app for bangla translations... There will be many improvements

- App

Apple informó que las Apple serían compatibles con todas las generaciones de los iPads. Estoy tratando de bajar esta app por necesidad y me dice que no puedo. Es totalmente innecesario yo tener que salir a comprar un iPad que la mía está buena solo porque Apple no permite bajar las app que uno necesita en el equipo que ya le compro y que tiene y que funciona.

- Can’t translate a photo

This app can’t be used to translate texts in a screenshot.

- 11/10 would do again

I like messing around to get funny stuff 🤣 it works great 👍

- Meh...

I think it can be useful but only for typing, when I go to voice typing I speak very clearly, but it types a totally different word. The scanner is ok, but it doesn’t really work, it takes forever, and usually doesn’t work. I think they can do better, for Google. Sincerely, Someone you don’t need to know

- ممتاز

😍 ي ج ن ن 😍

- I realy love this app however....

when you type what you want to werite in another language and tap/hold on it to copy and paste it just szys translation copied but it doesnt tell you whers??? so where in hell do you go to find your translation and how do you take to your email or other location to paste it. because this isnt explained nor written anywhers i grde it 4 stars what a shame cause its a good app. typical stereo beliefe that everyone is a data dink born of the computer age and already knows the simple fundamentals....WELL WERE NOT GD!!!

- Very helpful

I love this app! It can translate any language. I use google translate mostly for translating beyblade Takara Tomy boxes, and it gives me more info on the beys!

- Yes

I learned 20 languages Using This app

- So Bad

This is so bad I used the camera and it spelled gibberish give me my money back now!I will sue you for money so don’t even think about scamming me I will send my hit and to kill you and your business I’m so mad ima send a nuke to google grgrggrgrgrgrgrg

- Male voice

Is there a male voice option

- Very helpful

It works for practically 99% of the things you need. The only thing is, it doesn’t have the letters->characters (Japanese, Chinese, etc) setting like the browser version. Overall it’s certainly useful though.

- So helpful!

This app is amazingly helpful! I got a face mask in the mail, but it was from another country and all in Spanish, so i couldn't read how to use it. The photo translate tool helped so much with that. Great app.

- Remember more information google!?!?

Ok so the app is great BUT the thing that annoys me the MOST is the fact that you translate it and then when you try to tap the star it says “ErRoR ThE tExT WaS ToO LoNg” like B R U H I remember when I saved SO much information with the star just in case but now their acting like it’s SO much and you only save like 3 or 2 sentences which is messed up and WRONG so google PLEASE fix that N O W I want EVERYTHING to be fixed again so it’s better than acting like a dramatic person being like “oH tHaTs ToO MuCh WoRdS” like please stop

- This

So awesome and useful for pooping.

- Needs better translation

I just sometimes can’t even understand what the translator is saying. I’ve seen that it’s been switching words out and making it hard to understand. So I tested it, I put in the translator “I need to go and buy things from the store” in Spanish. It totally came back not the way I said it in the first place

- 👎🏼👎🏼

Y’all need to update this app on iOS because androids have more options on this app and iOS they don’t really have all the options I kneed ima go back to android HOPE YALL FIX THIS SOON!!!!

- Sort of works sometimes

Works half way. Talk to text is good but using the camera to try to translate print is really sub-par. It’s pretty much useless for this, which is really bad if you’re trying to translate from Japanese or another language where you don’t k ow the alphabet. Too bad.


🗣Hello👋 support team❗️ Please make tap to translate a feature that can be enabled in EVERY APP 📱 Including games - this way when your in a chat 💭 in a game and your teammates speak a different language you can simply tap their text And translate it, then type your reply and translate it to their language 👍 (INSIDE THE GAME WITHOUT LEAVING THE GAME)!!!!! Please apply this to every app and your users will appreciate this app even more ✅ Thanks 🍺

- Awesome, and some recommendation (for now).

This app is awesome! Been using it for a year now. I have some recommendation tho'. Do you mind adding a feature where it shows various dialect (accent), both in writing, speaking, reading, etc...? For example, Japanese. Japanese have three writing system (Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji) as well as Romaji, which is the Japanese way of writing words in English. So do you mind putting them in category or organizing them if translated? Would be nice if you add footnote for each words that shows like in what way can this word be applicable. This is the recommendation I have for now, and I do think it will change this app greatly feature-wise because there is still confusion because one word can mean many things, and can be used differently depending on context.

- No one read this!!! Only google!

Sorry google translate... it works completely fine... I found out how to delete one of my translations.. sorry for giving you the incorrect issue.. - your customer who is sorry

- Comment

Some words of meaning are lacking.

- Conversation interval too fast and cuts translation before finished

This app is the defecto translator app. I use it daily, however in conversation mode, the translator stops too quickly during a typical conversation where the speaker pauses. This is very frustrating! The app stops to translate before the speaker finishes. So the interval waiting before the speaker finishes needs to be increased. Before it was too long, not it’s too short.

- More languages

Please also put Kurdish sorani

- Languages

Plz add more languages and please update google translate every 4-5 days with a new update its very much needed and also plz add natural voice translation and a New much cooler look for google translate soon its going to be the 23rd century and google translate app still doesn’t have all the required languages to listen to translation and plz update google translate with a brand new redesign because this design is old fashioned that even Mary Poppins probably if she would of used google translate if they had google translate back then would of said to update it to the 23rd century and to always keeping adding a better more effiecnt updates every 3 or four days and to update the design of google translate

- Nice app

I like the app very nice

- Frustrating

I’m learning Chinese and this app will often give me many translations which are not often used by native speakers, and cause me many problems when talking with others. There is no problem with the functionality of the app other than this, but one needs to be careful following the translations of this app because it will often not consider context or the amount of usage of the words it provides you. I think this needs to be a disclaimer or there needs to be some way the app can verify context.

- A must have!

This definitely is a must have! Its easy to use and its free. You can even download the language you want for offline use if you’re traveling. 5⭐️

- Perfect app

It is perfect, I use it a lot. There is just one little things to mention: there is no “English United States “ in selecting language! I prefer to hear American accent.

- Cantonese translation

Need Cantonese voice version

- 1 star

Pig Latin is not included

- Best

I never write review, but this the best transfer App. I have used it in Spain and Italy. Translation is best.

- Haitian Creole

There is no Haitian Creole audio please update this problem

- Tarable


- Function

Hi Thanks for your excellent Application Recently Google Translate doesn’t work after updating. When I open it, it fly in iPhone 7!!

- Amazing

The translating is spot on but lien online but with the app you can use voice and even have a conversation and it will translate as you go. Plus the camera mode on this is jaw dropping. Fast, accurate simple, the camera translating is blowing my mind. 5 stars (I’d put more if I could)

- Google translate review

Sometimes translate gives the wrong translation but it is very trustworthy..........!!!!!!!

- Stan

It still stops on dictation! Yes, I did reinstall it!

- Sometimes right; frequently mistaken / incorrect / ridiculous

Just what it says.

- U

Thank you so much for adding Uyghur language.i hope you guys to add the (suggest an edit)function to the app too!!!

- Now I don’t have to learn all the Eastern Asian languages😂

So. I absolutely love it! I’m working on using the Chinese server of Miracle Nikki, and this app is really helpful for when I take a picture of the Chinese text, it can translate it almost perfectly! The only thing is that when I use the camera feature, it gets the words jumbled up and changes the words constantly. Another thing, is that when I download Chinese to translate offline, it takes forever to load. But that might only be because I do not have cellular phone service. Overall, this is an amazing app, and I only gave it 4 stars because of my reasons listed above. Thank you for using your time to read this review! Good day, ~Mari

- Translation tops

Easy to use helps to see the written and have the voice to listen to

- Wow


- This is true diversity

Now support the Uyghur language, that’s why I respect the google.

- Love it.

I love it. Easy to use, and pretty accurate most of the time. I wish you could add Cornish (Kernewek) and Gaelic. I’m learning Cornish and I would love to see it added.

- No Cantonese support

Downloaded this app thinking it would have support for Cantonese, nope, it only supports Mandarin Chinese. I have to use Microsoft translate instead of this. So useless!!! Deleted the app.

- Lovely!

I’ve been learning how to speak Spanish so I can communicate with my grandpa more. This app helps a lot! I’ve also got a Japanese keyboard so I can communicate with one of my friends. Thank you so much Google!

- The best translation Said dis

Wow this cool app blows my mind I feel like this need some more stars because I did’nt understand Spanish and then I stumbled upon this app when I needed to say something they would understand because I used this this is a very useful app


Dear Google team I hope this message finds you well. We are a group of linguists in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. We kindly request and ask for your help to add (Kurdish-Badini) to Google. There is ( Kurdish-Kurmanji ) currently. However, more than 2.5 millions Kurds speak and write ( Badini ) , which is has Arabic alphabet style. Your support of adding Kurdish-Badini dialect will help this large accent speakers to search and access Google more smoothly. Our group is ready to support this accent with words and dictionary once you add it to Google. We hope that you review our request. Looking forward to hearing from you.

- chinese communist party & Google

The Google translate app removed Traditional Chinese. It is now worthless for the translation I need. They must have caved to china as they now only offer simplified chinese. What a sucky move google 🤯👿

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- Needs to improve Punjabi dictation

Good to see Punjabi added for the voice thing but it still needs some improvement as it doesn't recognize some words.

- Horrible

I can’t say about other language pairs, but English-Russian (and vice versa ) is horrible.

- Google

Honestly, the translating for language is good. Although, the feature to use the camera translater is really terrible. I can’t read Chinese and i tried to translate the Chinese. Just to find out it was a blurry mess

- Great app

I love this app.It does translate quickly,especially when you use the camera.Really quick!

- Line Brennan

Like it

- Cantonese missing in 2020 (political reason?????)

It is unprofessional approach that Google removed Cantonese in 2020. It is a terrible mistake that millions of Cantonese speaking Chinese in the world can no longer use this app. It is a must to put our language back ASAP!!!!!!!

- New Tap to translate feature not showing

The app is fine, but the new tap to translate feature isn’t working. I updated the app and everything, and copied from the vid what to do, I copied text I wanted to translate, but the translate icon doesn’t show up. I also watched a video where a guy turned it on in settings, but I don’t have the same thing. I have a iPhone 7, if anyone knows how to resolve this, please lmk.

- Great

I was watching other friends and it was on so I got a great video idea

- Aramaic language needed

Com’n please add Aramaic language.

- contexte

traduction mot à mot sans contexte

- Super Ugly Dark Mode Header

Yes, it finally supports dark mode, but the bright blue “Google Translate” header is so obnoxious.

- Very slow

This app is opening slowly:(( Please repair this application:((

- Not even proper!

If you translate Persian to English it will not even get the right text AT ALL!

- So much fun

Really enjoy translating from one language to another, incredibly accurate!

- Doesn’t translate from picture album anymore.

Vital application for me when written text is not able to be copy/ pasted and don’t have way to live translate. Look at other apps.

- Nice

Camera translate convienent for doing my French homework

- Voz en español

Podrían ustedes habilitar una voz masculina para las traducciones en español? Gracias!

- Great app but...

when I was translating english to tagalog, I typed “what” and it told me (in tagalog) that it translates to “ano”, but when I asked my filipino friends what “ano” means in english, they sayed it means “some”. So therefore when you are translating english to tagalog, it is like 50% accurate. Also google even sayed theirself that google translate is 60% accurate. Btw, when I translate english to russian, it is 100% accurate 😊🙂. Btw (again) this is not a hate comment.

- Offline probleme

Works good except offline

- Huh? Transliteration?

Whatever the system this wonderful app uses for transliterating Thai is utterly unintelligible if one doesn’t have a background in linguistics. I wish there was a dumbed down phonetics that the rest of us could understand. Otherwise a terrific app !

- The X button(delete button) is not working sometimes.

The X button(delete button) is not working sometimes.

- No

Es muy malo para escuchar, lo que uno le dice lo cambia, uno habla y escribe o dice otra cosa que no tienen sentido

- Please add Indigenous Languages

It would be wonderful to see Indigenous languages, such as Cree, which his widely used across Canada and the United States. Thanks!

- So convenient

I love this app it is super helpful and I imagine will be a great asset when travelling.

- 🙄

Other languages download is not working

- Too slow

It's too slow. I have to wait at least 30s everytime I need to use it.

- Won’t load

Recently I have been using the app and at first it worked perfectly. However recently The app is taking longer to load or is just showing a white screen. It says it’s bad internet connection however when I use other apps that require internet it has no problems. Is there a way you could fix this?

- Won’t work off-line

What use is an app for translating that allows you to download the files for the languages but doesn’t work off-line. It keeps coming up with all sorts of errors. If you are going somewhere remote this app sucks

- Crash

It got stuck in white screen whenever I opened it

- Good but...Need Cantonese

Good App but needs to offer voice translation in Cantonese. Right now there is only Mandarin. Having Cantonese would be beneficial. Please provide soon in upcoming updates!!

- Great app, translation is ok...

I find the features of the app interesting and there doesn’t seem to be any big problems. Although some translations are not perfect, they mean pretty much the same thing and understandable. I also find the handwriting feature very good: I tried writing the worst I could but it still worked flawlessly.

- Google Trans

I like it but my teachers hate it

- Update the Japanese google lens

It said kiss instead of erase

- Boff

Il y a plusieurs fonctionnalités ce qui est bien mais la traduction est 2 fois sur 10 pas correct et une application pour traduire devrait traduire comme il le faut avant tout! C’est pourquoi je donne 3 étoiles sur 5!

- Google Translate

Google Translate was tying English and French

- Biraz cümleler devrik

Cümleleri devrik çeviriyor ve Türkçe konuşan kadının sesi bi garip daha güzel yapabilirler mesela öne çıksın diye beş yıldız verdim yoruma basılı tutup yararlı derseniz belki düzeltirler

- Amazing

Google translate helps me so much every day!!you should really get it if you just moved to a new place

- Good!

Very Good,but,When I hover over something sometimes it will change the sentence or word but other wise very good

- Needs improvement

One of the things that does not work properly is the voice recognition feature. Work on this app more as many of its features need to be improved.

- Punjabi Conversion

I found this app to be useful , can you please add the conversation option for the Punjabi Language ; Punjabi community will be really Thankful . Thanks

- Worst translate app ever

Some of the buttons dose’t work

- Fix your damn app!!!!

It has been over a year, and the app still randomly makes you lose your entire message whilst in the progress of being typed because of a bug with the history/recent translation filter!!!

- Updated needed dec 2019

The app needs updating please I have to double check everything cause it makes it owe changes... that dose not have anything to do with Conversation that we are having... English Spanish are the only two languages that are being used... makes it very frustrating... please update or give me option to pay for better app......, 🙏

- Androld version is so much smoother and has system integration

As usual iso version is inferior

- Worst update many problems now

I have been using this app faithfully for many years but since the last update this is garbage. The microphone now cuts out knlynonthis app, and I can no longer delete text after translation, and have to close the app and reopen after every translation. Looking for another translator now

- Needs Improvements

I use the app every day and found it very helpful and easy to use. However, I'd found that some Arabic words were incorrect and they are not exist in Arabic language like the word “ علشان".

- Great app

Great for when you’re on the go in countries that you don’t know the language of

- Saved my life!

I give more words of thanks. I cheated Duolingo and got my parents back.

- Problem!!

Not able to translate sideways, this is very Annoying!

- 🥳🥳

Really helps me do my French homework.

- Update Request

Great but needs Apple Watch app/support

- Horrible at listening

Horrible at listening conversations

- Перевод оф-дайн

Не работает перевод без интернета,хотя раньше всё было ок!

- Writing a review summary

Hello and good evening google translate when you speak in Nepal language it doesn’t translate into English properly.

- Excellent translator app

Thank you for adding dark mode. Now please do the same for your other apps, particularly Drive, Photos and Maps.

- Great app

I use it every day and most days more than once. Today I wanted to translate from English into Flemish but Flemish was not available. Closest I came was Fresian and Dutch. This is the first time I have not been able to find the language I needed. In spite of this, five stars.

- Not suitable for Cantonese

The traditional characters come up with Mandarin pronunciation, which is suitable for people learning traditional characters with Mandarin, for use in countries like Taiwan. This is not suitable for Traditional characters and Cantonese, for use in learning to read/write/speak for Hong Kong

- Doesn’t translate sentences

I love google translate and it’s sooo helpful, but the reason I rated it 4 stars was because it never translates sentences well. Like if I wrote out a sentence it would autocorrect each word but the grammar would be horrible

- Needs a rebuild.

This app does not load when starts up (white screen) and does not automatically detect the language being spoken. Not handy when I can’t figure out what language my customers are speaking.

- Great features, horrible UI & Dark Mode

The translation component for the most part works well. Could it do with improvement? Of course, but it gets you by, as does the OCR. However, the current implementation of Dark Mode is horrific, a fake dark mode colour scheme that clashes and doesn’t use “True Dark Mode” colours prevents me from giving this a better rating. What’s worse is that it’s inconsistent with other Google owned apps that utilise Dark Mode.

- Best 💙💙💙💙

It’s very good work

- Traditional Chinese in alternative translations?

Bug: If you’re translating Chinese to English and enter Traditional Chinese characters, the alternative translations displayed below it are all shown in Simplified Chinese. (if you’re translating the other way, from English to Chinese (Traditional) it shows the alternative translations in the correct form)

- Fantastic app despite a few hits and misses

On a trip to Japan, just realised how handy the app is. The camera feature is gold! Sometimes a few issues but overall indispensable

- Does not work in offline mode

Initially installed app a few months ago, and all worked fine. Latest version will now not work in offline mode.

- Great app!

Google translate is a very handy tool, and it has helped me through many projects. I recommend it to anyone who wants to try something new or wants to learn a new language.

- Great app

Translating English to Chinese, It is very good compared to other apps. It does pick up the wrong words from the microphone occasionally, but that’s usually due to noise in the background. Very happy with it and it’s free

- Crashes

Used to work but now it crashes!

- 👎

The Japanese to English translation using the camera does not work at all!

- Love this app

Such a great tool. Currently travelling in Italy it translates the menus live and texts below interesting tourist stops. Fantastic and fun.

- Just gets everything wrong

Am currently in japan tried using it and everything has been wrong so far definitely wouldn’t rely on it for language barriers

- Broken

You type something for 5 minutes and regardless of how many times it happens in a year you never know how it happens all your text is completely gone and an old translation is suggested

- No longer working properly

Hasn’t been working properly since iOS update. Translations not working, cannot delete sentences when pressing cross. Have to continuously restart app.

- It’s extremely helpful

I actually used this to translate and guide around in steam , which worked wonderfully , but using the picture mode sometimes it separates the words into different sentences . Other than that , when first getting the app it was automatically changed to “English to Japanese” so I was stuck a little at first. Anyways , this is a well set out app and it definitely does the job 👍

- request

please provide with georgian language audio also .. its too hard to pronounce goegrian .. thank you

- No app button

Why do I have to go through AppStore every time I want to use it. It doesn’t leave an app button on my iPhone.

- European Portuguese

I wish they could also have European Portuguese.

- Useful

I have use always to help me

- New language

This app has Arabic but what if people are visiting Assyrian places so please add Assyrian

- Apple Watch support

This would be amazing if you could translate speech to text using the Apple Watch!

- Incredibly useful app

This app has been incredibly useful in my lifelong pursuit learning new languages. It is extremely helpful and getting better all the time. One small feature for consideration please would be the ability to organise saved words by language. Thanks and keep up the terrific work!

- Translation

Still a lot of room to be improved

- Average translator

After using it in china on a daily basis I have to say that its ability to translate is limited, the annoying problem is that it keeps cutting off during transactions or conversations, the offline mode is almost useless.

- แปลภาษา


- I'm the two thousandth review

Ayo 🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️

- Gary

Doesn’t seem to work at all with English to Vietnamese

- Malayalam language.

Please download Malayalam language.

- China

If you intend to use this app in China be prepared for disappointment, the app struggles!

- Great app

You can do lots of things using this app. Had and old photo and wanted to read the text on it, but it was so faded could not even read it properly and use google translation: was able to get the text. Amazing. Note had to use two phones, one to capture the photo from other phone(second phone).

- 🉑️以


- Camera translation response speed is a delay and become slower than before

Camera translations speed is a delay and become slower than before

- Best

Translate very well

- Great for outside but useless in papers and sites and such

Works perfectly if your using it for signs or big ones. But however it’s really bad for small writing like papers or anything in the website

- Awesome

Greatest google app ever!!!👍

- Google translator pop view

Can you tell me plz why google translator dont pop up when copy text like andriod phones

- Great

It’s really great

- Handy app

Very useful, but can we please have the option to choose between a male or female voice translator ?

- No should be changed to 不 Instead of 沒有

Get this sorted no should be 不 instead of 沒有

- Offline translation doesn’t work.

Using the app offline, and as it promises that you can use the app offline, you can’t. I was translating something, yet it said that I had a network error, along with that, it’s NOT 100% CORRECT. (T_T)

- Voice

Some times it dose not say the right thing And I talk clearly and loud but it dose not hear me

- Translation

The translation is not very accurate.

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- Amazing

This saved me. One of the best apps out there. That is all that needs to be said.

- Kurdish Language

review the kurdish language

- 🇵🇭

Add Tagalog language Please!

- Why no Hebrew speaking?

Arabic is there so obviously you can speak Semitic language. iOS can speak it. Just override to iOS if need be. And the Albanian one sounds awful. If you are accepting something that lousy sounding why is Hebrew not even there? What kind of nonsense is this?

- kurdish

kurdish - english💙💙🌹🌹😍😍

- Language suggestions

Would be super awesome if you added American and Alaskan native languages too.

- Tanks


- A great tool for conversation, BUT!

If during a phone call like using Messenger or WhatsApp, I turn on Google Translate “Conversation” will the other person I’m communicating with (on the phone) hear my voice and the translated voice message. If so. Then this is the best thing since “Sliced Bread”! Please let me know as I’m trying to maintain a relationship with a lady in Thialand. I’m in the US. Thank you for your answer in advance.

- Super bad ☹️

I aim the camera at the words and it doesn’t even translate

- 不能发音了


- riyadh

تطبيق جدآ رائع ساعدني كثيرآ في ترجمة المقالات والكلمات أنصح بشدة تنزيل هذا التطبيق الرائع 👍🏻

- Kurdish sorani -Engilsh

Please add Kurdish to Sorani Kurdish to English English to Kurdish for the benefit of the people of Kurdistan and you are doing a humane job to make the program seem to be updated for the least amount of time Thank you sir

- To Languages Are Mixed Up

there is a big mistake in the languages which are added in the last few days by Google translate, in the place of Uyghur language, we write Kurdish Sorani Language we can translate for all the languages, at the same time Uyghur language can translate as well, I think it is Kurdish Sorani and Uyghur language are mixed by the system of Goggle Translate, please I think Google added Kurdish Sorani as well but it is mixed with Uyghur language.

- Gender problems

It can’t tell a girl from a boy in Spanish so ‘she’ translates into a ‘he’

- Doesn’t Really Work Offline

I have Spanish dictionary downloaded so, in theory, I can use this app when I’m offline, like on an 8 hour flight. Imagine my disappointment when I found the only words it seemed to able to translate were the basics I already know. So, basically, no value when offline.

- الدقة في الترجمة

أدق ترجمة ممكن حصلت عليها

- Downloaded languages not working

I downloaded the only language I need translated from English. When I have poor connection, it takes a while and makes a connection to their server to download the translated words. Today it took about 10 seconds to translate 4 words when I had poor connection. What’s the point of downloading a language if it still requires internet? I’m very confused here.

- احلا شي انج اذا جيتي بتقرين شي بلE وماتعرفين روحي قوقل المترجم لأنه يجنن

ويترجم بسررعه👼🏻🖤

- Photo import sporadic

Some days when I open this app, the ability to import photos is available. Some days, it is not available. Instant translate is always available, but it’s hilariously bad. Why is the option to import photos there one day and gone the next?

- Too laggy

Works great on android but it's too laggy on iOS. Especially when i press translate button it takes too long to translate a word

- Good translation on some language but has a lot of mistakes

I like this translate app but it has a lot of mistake on some of the language, like Japanese they get 60% of them wrong and 40% right, or Vietnamese sometimes it gets it right like 80% of it, that’s ok it doesn’t have to be 100% right, but sometimes the translation gets really bad. Like it just says the opposite thing of what I’m asking of sometimes, I just think it needs a little more fix for the translation, but over all it is a pretty good translator.

- Not the same

I like the app on the android platform. I know it is not the makers of the app fault. It’s APPLES FAULT FOR A HORRIBLE PLATEFORM

- What’s the Hurry??!

I sometimes wonder if these software designers talk to anyone outside their cubicles. While it translates well, it’s lacking at least one very important feature - an adjustment, and a way to disable completely, the timeout period. In conversation mode, If you stop talking for 2-3 seconds, say to take a breath, or momentarily search for the right words, the darn thing decides on its own that you’re done speaking, and it immediately recites (in the translated language,) what you’ve said so far. That’s fine if you’ve completed a sentence, but if not, it leads to improper translations, since quite often there isn’t enough context to perform an accurate translation. This is a particular problem for the elderly, like my 86 year old mother-in-law, who pauses for more then 2 seconds when she’s speaking. There should be a way to increase or completely disable the timeout, with perhaps an “I’m Done” button (in the appropriate language of course.)

- Doesn’t work

It don’t load it just appears on the white screen.


For example, the “vega” means meadow. The word “vegas” is the plural of vega and means meadows. “Las” means the. The words “las vegas” mean the meadows. Yes, it’s also the name of a couple of towns such as Las Vegas, NM and that other Las Vegas, where people lose a lot of their money. However, in the app, I type in “vega” as the Spanish word to be translated and the English translation is given as “vega.” Similarly, type in “vegas” as the Spanish word and the translation is “vegas.” Type as the Spanish words to translate “las vegas” and the English translation given is “Las Vegas.” Really? Ring the “Gong Bell.” GONG!

- Pretty good except one thing

I want dark mode it kills me at night

- Kudos to dark mode

Finally dark mode implemented, great job!

- Dark mode needs redesigning

The colors are just awful. Needs revamping

- Doesn’t work

Also doesn’t bombard me with ads. 1/5

- What a complicated mess

I used this two years ago on my last trip to Puerto Rico and it had been an incredible 5 star app. Unfortunately I just assumed it still worked, and was stuck with this unusable mess this trip and unable to translate things when I needed them. I’ll definitely find a working app before my next trip. What a disappointment that Google felt the need to screw up a once incredible app. :(

- Not good at two way conversations.

Pros: It’s great to help you say what you want in Spanish quickly. Will be a great accompaniment to learning apps for Spanish. Cons: The app has a conversation feature but it only works if you are using the same language. Which means you wouldn’t need a translator. It will state that it’s listening for both, but will only translate one language. The other it will only repeat what’s said. You will have to switch the language back & forth for accurate interpretation for a conversation. So you will have to ask it how to tell the other person to hold on while you make the switch. It’s a helpful app, despite the work around for conversations.

- Offline

Can not use offline even I downloaded

- Missing language

Please add pilipino Tagalog language

- Not quite as advertised

This app does not work offline except as a camera. Unless you are paying for a data plan on your satellite phone you will not be able to communicate with your Vietnamese tour guide taking you on a trip to ancient ruin sites. If you are in the middle of a hotel lobby chances are you won’t need a translator because most everyone understands English. Get out in the country with no internet where no one speaks English and good luck telling a driver where you want to go

- Broken

I have a iPhone XS Max app opens but won’t do anything at all

- Tốt

Rất tốt khi ghi ra nhưng chụp thì hơn cj tùm lum

- 10/10 would recommend

My freshman Spanish teacher sucked. This app saved my grade.

- Fun

Cool but camera doesn’t work all that well

- Google Translate

It is a good app to talk to your friends with in a different language or learn other languages Please follow me on Instagram @tms_allexx And follow me on twitch at

- I kind of like it

Heil. I only use for a few. I would use way more if you added Norse.

- Update problem

The latest update is not working in iPhone 6s

- Le falta 1 sola cosita para ser 5 estrellas

En la opción de captura para traducir deben hacer que el botón no sea molesto para leer porque obstruye la vista

- Brazilian Portuguese Only!

Useful app, but really should include European Portuguese as well. Only Brazilian Portuguese is currently included, which is markedly different from what is spoken in Portugal. Overall, has been helpful in getting the point across.

- Patience, long loading time and crashes often

Others have pointed this out and iOS 13.3.1 is worse that previous. Crashes are much less frequent on Android but slow loading common. What I’ve never seen before, is a bug that you translate too many words at once, maybe a short sentence (typed input not photograph, but likely also true of voice input) if there are too many words, you can read the translation at the bottom, but the 3 buttons at the bottom are covered by text, sliding that up to select “copy” or “fwd” or 3rd choice aren’t selectable unless you can use two hands (I’m trying that, but since I haven’t experienced that “feature” aka design insult before....If Google and Apple could focus on the users half as much as the race to remove analog jacks (selling expensive wireless loosables allowing Google and Samsung to follow) they would take competitive advantage apps and let the competitor drive the development on their own platform through X-liscensing, bilateral openness while protecting key differentiators from others (unless they want to agree similarly). But different pricing models and brand loyalties allows for price gouging and a huge disparity in UX quality. consistency, efficiency, and ease.

- Wrong words

When I use this app to talk to people from a different country they won’t understand me because they’re the wrong words and I know that because im vietnamese and I can speak it when I go on google translate and use it I can’t understand it because it’s written wrong

- احسان

Thanks for translating the message into SMS, chat and ..... Thank you

- Helpful when I need it

It’s overall a good app. Good quality but there are some troubles some times the handwriting doesn’t come out the way I want it too. There are also other ways you use the app to translate words/sentences

- It helped to ...

It helped me to talk with my Korean best best best best best best friend

- Тёмная тема выглядит ужасно

Простите, но для тёмной темы вы подобрали одно из худших сочетаний цветов. Ладно, пусть нет ни одного чёрного элемента в интерфейсе, но что за кошмар творится с цветом верхнего бара? Почему он светло-голубо-фиолетовый? Это выглядит очень плохо. Переводчиком в тёмной теме пользоваться просто неприятно

- Super slow startup (FIXED)

Startup is very fast now.

- Un gros ZÉRO

Il faut tout le répéter sa veut pas la marde ses la réalités

- Only Spanish from Spain

What about other Spanish speaking languages. You should really have different Spanish languages. Especially Mexican, please add this in your next update

- Translating

Although very grateful for all the hard work put into this app. The Hungarian to English is not very compatible. It can not distinguish when to put from English to Hungarian plurals. And visa versa. Then when you do switch to check if what the person is trying too say it loses the whole explanation all together and outcome is completely different from when you started the conversation which causes SO MANY issues. I understand Hungarian is a unique and complex language. For those of us that are trying to learn these types of languages the app should work extra because of that, so the experience will be more enjoyable and less frustrating too both people trying to have a decent conversation, besides just asking for where is the mall? OR where can I find this place? Thank you very much for your time.

- The wrong words..

Sometimes google translate has the wrong words. But I don’t blame them! Overall. 3 is good to me

- Best everyday tool

Easy tool app on my everyday job duties. Just want it to have a dark mode feature and it’d be very helpful to be able to add it into the widget function as well for an easy and fast use.

- A real breakthrough

Sometimes tech raises the bar on our human abilities. The camera live translate feature is a game changer. I see so many ways travelling, reading documents, signs, newspapers can be done easily with just a pointing your phone. Great job! Looking forward to this eventually being perfected and opening up new doors.

- Fdp

Traduit mal cou me prennes pour un con


I’m not a bot, if that’s what you’re thinking. This app really helps me talk to my Spanish friend at school, and it’s the only translator app that I know that has FREE offline translation. THANK YOU!!!

- Import photos option missing!

Many times I want to translate something from a photo because I need to screenshot things from my phone, but the import photo option seems to disappear when I need it the most. This NEEDS to be fixed.

- Камера не работает

Трохи трухнул телефон и все заново не советую качайте лутше електро словники

- It works

They lie believe me from experience google translate works

- Come on

Come on this app is falling behind this app needs a watch app so you don’t have to pull out your phone just to talk to someone who may not know English. You need to do better

- Why can’t you refine amharic translation and text to speech?

Amharic is the second most widely spoken semitic language in ethiopia, having over 50 million speakers. Why can’t you, oh Google, add text-to-speech for this language; when a language like Finnish and Hungarian, which have far fewer speakers have a fully fledged text to speech pronunciation for every word? Currently, there are absolutely non for the amharic language and one is desperately needed. Also, improve the quality of the translation for Amharic. The transliteration includes these “i” in the word “mebilati (to eat)” which shouldn’t be there or be pronounce. It should just be pronounced “meblat”. The translation from english to amharic sucks also because it can’t even reliably tell me the infinitive of verbs. Addressing these things should be high up on your priority list considering amharic is spoken by so much people, yet it’s been overlooked in favor of Europe and languages

- Cool

Love the new live translations

- Can’t zoom out imported images

1) Select camera 2) select imported to import an image for translation 3) Can’t zoom the image out to select separate text Much prefer the earlier version of the app when you can still pinch the images to zoom them out.

- Great

It's great

- Offline

Despite having downloaded the necessary languages, it will not work offline.

- Awesome

It is great app and highly recommend Although I would like see grammatical gender

- Wow

I’m so impressed!

- Needs updating

You need to develop an Apple Watch app.

- 👎

Yapılan İyileştirme uygulamayı berbat etmiş. Sürekli donuyor, yıllardır kullanıyorum son versiyon malesef çok başarısız. Umarım düzeltilir.

- -.-

Why do you keep changing the order of the saved translations? I like it to be in chronological order, the last one I save all the way at the bottom, not at the top. Very annoying.

- Wow

I’ve tried many free apps, this one for me is the best!!! Thank you!!! French and English ...

- Canot Tell Time

Don’t expect this app to know that English “half past ten” is Dutch “half elf” or the equivalent in German or that the French is “une heure et demie” and similarly in Spanish or that “twenty past one” is Dutch “tien voor half twee”, whole in French it is “une heure vingt”. Dutch, German snd Russian use one similar model to tell time. English another and Spanish and French still another.Google Translate doesn’t know any of them.

- Great for words, not for phrases

If i say a word or two it works perfectly. If i begin a sentence it cuts me off. Suspect it’s stuck in some 5 second maximum. Nice toy, practically useless. I have updated this to only one star as i find my 5 second assumption was too generous. Stops after only 3.

- No dark mode

There’s no dark mode, until it’s added this will be a one star app

- French-English is horrible

The voice recognition does not write anything down. When you hit the done recording button it deletes everything. Very slow user interface. When you hit a button it won’t work.… what 9th grader made this app? Extremely frustrating to use. Version 6.3.59158

- I wish I didn’t update

For some reason every time I import an image to the app the image gets cropped out. It’s very frustrating to work with so I hope this problem gets solved. I really do like this app and so if the problem does get solved I’ll change the rating

- English&Spanish

Is good to understand when someone text me about what they are say something and is very easy that way to understand them and to me.

- Does not translate

Something wrong with the present version. Camera doesn’t even view words. Hard to get it to focus on the words at all. Does read text let alone translate. Nothing. You have one job. To translate. That’s it. That’s all. Used to work not so all. Fix please.

- Add dark version

As title

- iOS 13

It does not work properly on IPhone Very slow and freezing

- Fantastic!

Can’t really say more than this app is fantastic!

- bug

importing photos doesn't work. I get half the photo or none at all.

- Unreliable

Downloaded the Spanish language pack and it only works maybe 1/3 of the time. I tried using it for business and it would freeze, crash, or just not translate at all. Most of the time it’s useless. Be better please.

- Bad translation,fuses languages!

When I translate ”do not enter without asking, it translates it into “do not enter without suggestion in Chinese! 我不喜换 “Google translate”,booooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Also,google ads is even worse! Google premium want 11.99$ a week and that is sooooooo not worth it! Internet explorer is way better the any google!

- No choice but to use it

I won't stop using it because I need to travel soon. Two major flaws: the copy button is next to a Very annoying half the time you will click the other button...why the heck is it so small these buttons just make them larger!! Another flaw I can't press the enter key...only one sentence translated why?

- Life saver. Must have for any traveler

Survived rural Mexico without knowing a word of Spanish thanks to this app. It quite literally saved my life. Offline features are huge, and you can even point your phone at a sign and have the app translate that. It’s insanely useful.

- Amazing

I passed my French class with 100%

- Cantonese

I wish it can include Cantonese (HONG KONG). Thanks

- amazing conversation translation

I’ve tested Pt to English, really nice, worked very well. thank you for such handy tool.

- Translation

Translation works well, however the off-line option does not work unless you’re connected to the Internet.

- Voice recognition is awful

The voice recognition is downright atrocious. It barely picks up any words at all and when it does, the words come out messed up and incorrect.

- Inuktituk

Puisqu’on vit en Amérique du Nord, il serait bon d’avoir les langues Inuktituk, crie et innu merci! Since we live in North America, it would be good to have the languages ​​Inuktituk, Cree and Innu thank you!

- Stopped working, started crashing

Can't open it anymore. Just crashes. Cannot use. In China, can't communicate anymore

- Wondering why?

I spend a lot of time in mexico and use this app all the time. In the past i had no problem using it and when i signed off the logo was always saved so i could use it with ease the next time i needed it. Now when i sign off and then come back on and i want to use it the logo has disappeared and without much searching i cannot find the app. How can i have quick and easy access to this app. I am very disappointed. Please help.

- Liar’s

When ever I wright something it tells lies.when ever I watch a video who tells the right thing and when I translate it it’a not the correct answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Appreciation

I found this app so good and useful though it needs much more aid to be completed especially for languages like Persian. I really appreciate the founder and the supporters of this app and as I’m trying to do my best in completion of it I suggest it to all people round the world. Good job 👍

- Nah

Completely useless on an iPhone.

- Ok

Sometimes this app just doesn’t translate that well

Libertex 📈

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- A masterpiece of engineering

1. Perhaps what do I need already exists, but I can’t find it anywhere. I would like to sync across all devices. Please make this possible. 2. I would also like to keep ALL translations that I make as a favourite, and telling me that a translation is too long does not help. Why do you limit the number of characters for favourites? 3. Another useful tool would be to allow users to copy & paste two languages at the same time instead of leaving and coming back for another copy-paste; dual language copy-paste saves time and my request is because I put both languages in the message/text box before I send it. This then allows me to see what I have typed, I can follow and re-read a conversation thread, and it also serves as a teaching tool. 4. I wonder if there is a way to have this connect directly to any app using an API maybe? Twitter already has a built-in translator, but the majority of apps do not, especially Instagram which we all know is very clunky and is in desperate need of an update with regards to translating within the DM section. If you have a way of connecting the two it would be absolutely fantastic! In all, though, I constantly use Google Translate, and I couldn’t talk to people around the world, otherwise. Thank you thank you thank you. It’s a masterpiece of engineering. 4 stars only means that there is always room for improvement :)

- Kurdish

Please add sorani kurdish it is very important to me to be able to understand and speak with my family.

- Google translate

I like so much my google translate all time full-help thanks..

- 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Good app peeps so download it today!!!!

- Very useful

I particularly like the live translations using camera. Would like to see a safari translate action added though.

- My daily Companion - Crashing daily basis recently...!

I love this app, i use it everyday on my journey to learn new languages, its fantastic, but UNFORTUNATELY recently it started to crash alot, i was hoping the recent update for the App was meant to solve this problem. It Crashes every minute...!!!!!!

- works great


- Hehe boi😂

French homework has never been easier

- 💙🥶💧

This is good also it helps me at skl w my German 😋

- Great


- Гавно

Мне ни панравилась патамушта йа пешу «превед» а он ни пириводет

- Super helpful(^O^)

Its very easy to translate words in different languages with google translate! I really like the import image tool to help me translate screenshots! However, I think translating Chinese to English is very difficult with this app and not accurate enough. But other than that, this app is perfect as you can even change the accents of the speaker!

- It’s good

This app works well but it can often mistranslate something or make grammatical mistakes so if you’re a student and you need to translate something I wouldn’t recommend this app, however if you need to know something quickly or you just need to understand something then I would for sure recommend this app!

- 👍


- Best by far

Absolutely amazing app - camera function works very well and is extremely quick! By downloading offline guide you don’t even need WiFi to translate stuff Perfect for me - I recommend it for anyone who needs a fast and accurate translator Don’t hesitate to download this app!!!!

- Perfect app

I live in Greece and just cannot get my head around learning the language properly. I speak French and German but Greek defeats me. I’ve tried numerous translation app before and they are rubbish. This was recommended by a Swedish friend who lives here and it is brilliant. My Greek friends say the translations are 99% correct due to regional variations like any language. I can now hold proper conversations in Greek either written or spoken. I can’t say what the other languages are like. For Greek this is perfect and highly recommended. 10/10

- Igbo

It can translate Igbo Ooga booga ooga booga ooga booga ooga booga

- Love this app!

This is a amazing way to learn a new language and to communicate with others who don’t speak the same language as you. This is a family friendly app that anyone could use this app. This app has helped me learn a new language that I will remember so my experience of using this app is a very good one.

- Not Great

So far it’s unable to translate clear Russian text to English, using the photo/screenshot option. Text that other apps can translate accurately. So it’s not due to a typing/spelling error or some photo issue that would make it unable to read the image. I currently use another photo translator & occasionally it misses the odd word, so thought I’d try this- Don’t think this is the app for me as it’s skipping all the words. I tried s few images that should have easily been able to be translated.

- Not working

Not working since the last update at all!!

- Food Translation

Don’t bother if you are trying to translate the names of food from German to English. It’s apparently too difficult for the biggest tech company in the world to manage.

- Ability to turn off dark mode needed!

Great app but only 4 stars because one cannot turn dark mode off within the app. Dark mode looks awful and I think Google could of done a better job. I always use dark mode but when I open this app I don’t want it to be in dark mode so Google needs to add a toggle within the app to turn it off.

- For an unknow reason, the app is opening slowly.

Thanks for the dark mode! I waiting this feature long time ago! So for this, i give you 5 star! 👌🏻😊

- Buggy

Just laggy and nothing wrong with internet or mobile

- Doesn’t work

Used to work great but now will crash and will not let me press anything. Shame.

- Give us dark mode

Please give us dark mode for iOS

- Google translate Tim

A Magyar-Angol foditojuk alig a kezdő szinten van. Ideje van a fejlesztésnek. The Hungarian - English translator is just getting started. Is time for development. Regards

- OHHHH yeahhhh

Ayyy we out here u can image translate toooooo we out here all the others you have to pay for but google out here doing work ayyy 👌🏻

- The best.

Really the best. I tried several. Most want you to subscribe after a short free trial and are complicated to use. This one is free, easy to use and efficient. Missing Cantonese, spoken by millions in the Guangdong region with a population of 113 millions.

- App opens to blank screen

The app was working fine untill recently where the app opens and is blank, showing only the bottom bar. I have tried reinstalling to no avail

- Best translate app!

I love this app sooooooooo good for homework!!! The instant feature is so good and it works so well!

- Better than the other options

This was the third app I tried and the only one that worked. It does everything I need and a bit more. Sometimes the speaker doesn’t work that well but that’s understandable because I’m probably not speaking clearly!🤗great app🤗

- One of the best free translators

It is absolutely terrible at trying to translate Vietnamese/English.

- Just so incredible

This translation app is extremely useful and and you can translate with your voice writing or handwriting even with camera translations. It is amazing how this app improved my English since I downloaded it. It is really fun too

- Google translate crash

I open google translate and it keeps crashing

- Used to be great

It doesn’t work properly anymore and crashes often

- Not accurate

Does not use correct words or misses them over all not good don’t use

- Daddy

The best app in the world! I fully recomanded!!

- brilliant app

very useful and brilliant but one thing,can you make the app something that you can log into so that you can continue with what you have saved if you lose your phone,just that and everything else is fine

- Absolute rubbish

Very slow with only a few words at a time and inaccurate.

- Doesn’t work anymore

It used to work. Doesn’t work anymore.

- iOS 13.2 Haptic Touch Context Menus Don’t Work On

Haptic Touch context menus, e.g. “Translate to...” no longer works in iOS 13.2 on an iPhone 11 Pro. I use these shortcuts everyday. Their absence inhibits the apps use to me. Please fix.

- Good app until it crashed :(

I've been using this app for a while and it's helped me a lot. But a few weeks ago I tried launching it. The logo did show up then the whole app just crashed. I've been trying ever since and it still crashes. (I use it on an iPad 2018 (6th Gen) WiFi)

- Slow when open it

It took a while before responding every time I opening it. My iPhone is XS and not full. Please fix this issue

- An amazing and must have app

I’ve been using Google Translate for many years, before it was even an app. Over the years I noticed a remarkable progress in the quality of language translation not just from and to English but also from and to French and Russian. The addition of image recognition made it an indispensable travel companion. We are now at the beginning of synchronous speech translation, which is the promise of a future in which less language will die and we will all benefit from the diversity of world views it will enable to safeguard. Bravo Google!


It is not always correct! If you’ve watched a few videos they make crappy translations and for example if you say: ka and then add lots of other ka then it will mess up the translation and you will end up with the most bonkers translations ever! I do not recommend this app if you are learning a language. I hope the creators understand what I’m talking about. Sincerely, Google translate review person.

- Brilliant 👍👍

This app is Amazing and I use it everyday and everywhere. It is very useful and when I am revising for my vocabulary in french I use it to help me. I would recommend this app to everyone and anyone. Well done app creators Mollie 👍🙂👍

- The app is opening too late!

Just a week ago everything was perfect about this app. But nowadays it opens the program too late. What is the problem with google translate?

- Love this app!

This app is really good, it has the most official languages that are needed.. I have just noticed that Arabic doesn’t have different types, since Arabic has different types of it could be hard for a learner of the language or even a person who is trying to speak English, I hope this update happens!

- Couldn’t live without this app

5 out of 5 for me.

- English to English help kids with reading difficulty

In the last 6 months my child was using the google translator as a tool to help with his reading difficulty. It was a great tool which we set up as an English to English translation. Unfortunately after reloading app to his new iPad we are no longer able to set translations English to English. Hopefully this is just temporary issue and developers will modify this function as it was extremely valuable assets for kids with reading difficulty.

- Bad and good

It’s in the middle (Witch means bad and good).

- English speaking to Germany

Not that bad.

- I use this for one reason....

To swear in Russian

- Ok

Good for Chinese and French

- Excellent app

Omg this makes traveling so easy love it.

- no internet connection

the "no internet connection" sign comes up even if using offline translation pack.

- Great App

I love this app thanks for created for free

- Google translate.

Very good but sometimes the grammar / word order puzzles the reader / listener.

- Spanish

Spanish is cool and I love the language but there’s some words that need to be fixed but google translate has helped

- Camera doesn’t work with new iPad Pro 11.

The camera doesn’t work with the new iPad Pro 11. Get an error that says ‘The Camera is not available. Exit split-view to enable camera’. Am not in Split view, have tried turning off allowing multiple apps. Suspect it’s the fact there’s no home button and you will always have the app bar to access apps. Others have reported the same issue online. Only use it for the camera translate.

- Awesome

Awesome app. Use it daily! But in the past 2 days it won’t work. I open the app and it glitches out for 2 seconds then closes. It’s the only app that is doing this on my iPhone. Please fix!

- Offline translation doesn’t work

Otherwise, it does basic translation OK.

- Camera translate not working on iPad pro 3rd gen.

App claims Split View is in use and demands it be closed. Well it isn't. So fix it, eh.

- StT

Won’t do speech to text for some reason

- Needs improving

Improve translation to Punjabi and add the ability to speak in Punjabi

- Mr Tee

Please fix it.. give incorrect translation.. why??

- Bad

I can't do Thai to english

- Kinda works but privacy nightmare

Written languages, most common, are reasonably ok. Camera translations will see your success vary wildly. Voice to voice is ok for basic stuff but requires internet connectivity at all times. Any camera images you take are kept by google. There’s a toggle in the privacy settings to disable google from keeping the images. But the toggle auto resets back to ‘Allow’ all by itself !! No idea why developers would build a toggle that is pointless and obviously privacy rating for this has to be zero. All images go straight to google forever.

- Translate: Good or Bad

I actually use it quiet a lot but frankly, I usually do not understand much

- Gender Isuues

Great app but only gives a audible translation in a female voice for languages I have used (Chinese English). In this day and age is so hard to set up with both genders and allow users to choose?

- Spanish on iPhone

Using for my travels to South America . Downloaded offline Spanish. Works well with Net connection but not offline , maybe because of iOS ? But you can text what you want to say and comes up in Spanish, just not voice , unless connected to Net .

- Translator

Very disappointing,hard to use

- Good but a few adds

So where I live there are A LOT to of different languages but adds annoy me FOUR STAR

- Brilliant!

Italian/English spot on!

- Animal Translator

I heard from a friend that there’s an app that google created that translates what animals are saying and even saw the YouTube video for it but I’m not sure whether this is where it is or there’s another app for it...

- Animal Translator

I heard from a friend that there’s an app that google created that translates what animals are saying and even saw the YouTube video for it but I’m not sure whether this is where it is or there’s another app for it...

- Animal Translator

I heard from a friend that there’s an app that google created that translates what animals are saying and even saw the YouTube video for it but I’m not sure whether this is where it is or there’s another app for it...

- App translate

In this doji app said oui as Yes and ineffective

- Very happy with this app

Best app easy to use

- Needs new languages to Combat iTranslate

Please have Cantonese mode for traditional Chinese if added then will rate the 5. Also fix the phrase by phrase translation into all at once.

- the website is better

It doesn’t conjugate verbs like instead of mangio is says io mangi (Italian) just sayin’

- Good app, great for traveling

It’s not perfect but considering what it does it is pretty impressive. Will definitely get you out of trouble if you’re in a bind. Also, lol at ms I can speak 8 languages two reviews below this one. Your whole review was basically a look at me humble brag with no helpful information about the app at all, I’m sure there’s better places to talk about yourself than iPhone review pages.

- I need a 1000 words & a picture to explain

Even thou I don’t agree with all translations let’s say about 70% I remember like it was yesterday few years ago i think 5 years ago I cried with like blazing fire in my heart for hours and hours because this app helped me translate and understand just few words i think maybe 20 words from the Holy Quran القران that night, and I continue using it with precaution till today حتى لو لا أتفق مع جميع الترجمان، دعني أقول حوالي 70 ٪ متفقاً، أتذكرها تلك الليلة كنها البارحة قبل حوالي خمسة سنوات بكيت لساعات وساعات و بقلبي يهزني الدموع تذرف لأن هذا التطبيق ساعدني في ترجمة و فهم كلمات قليلة فقط أعتقد ربما 20 كلمة من القرآن الكريم في محور تلك الليلة، وما زلت أستخدم مع الحذر حتى اليوم.

- anon

For someone who speaks, read and writes in 8 languages fluently and currently learning a 9th, It’s fine if you’re able to understand enough of the translation to “just get by” but it’s got a very LONG way to go and of fixing the multiple issues before getting translations 100 % correct. It translates to the “proper” grammatically correct ability of languages only, not understanding that in 2018 NO person of origin speaks this way, yet in “dialect” forms of their birth region. For the record I’m fluent in Cantonese, Khmer, German, Greek, French, Italian, English and Korean with French, Italian, Greek and German being my mother languages. English is my 4th language, and Cantonese, Korean and Khmer self taught for Business purposes and my current language of Indonesian being self taught at present. I am 29 years of age, however it’s never too late to learn something culturally new for your future such as that of another language.

- Worst app ever!

It says I don’t have wifi when I do!

- Happy now

8 years I had trouble communicating with my in laws. I updated and tried the new conversation device. It was fantastic to communicate with them. Well done and keep up the good work.

- Make the text selectable

I can’t believe this is still not sorted.

- Immense Help

Every translator isn’t perfect with only certain aspects of a translator an inability to translate a certain text. I personally only ever use a translator overseas. Furthermore, I love this app in any situation overseas.



- Greek Instant Translate does not work

I have downloaded three languages - one being Greek and the instant translate does not work.

- Conversation needs perfect data connection

Despite having the foreign language downloaded, the conversation mode does not work (or takes a very long time - which kills the conversation!) if the data or wifi connection is not perfect. Sometimes this happens with the photo mode, too. Overall it is an extremely handy app.

- Urgent Message for Travellers

Please do not update to the new version. It doesn’t work. Hitherto I relied totally on this application during my trip to China - now I cannot translate at all. Don’t get caught

- Amazing app

Very versatile and accurate (most of the time)

- Good

Very good app

- Deleting

I want to delete unwanted languages but It doesn’t allow. Please fix. Otherwise I use it all the time. Thanks

- Love it

Professional, handy

- Pretty good

What this app really needs is a horizontal vs vertical button. I’m living in China and far to often it tries to translate vertically instead of horizontal and vise versa.

- Very Ordinary Application

Only translates the second or third attempt of spoken English and Chinese. Suffers from the slightest network variability by failing totally. Cannot pickup the end of phrases nor sentences. And often stops listening before the speaker has finished. Has a very poor understanding of Chinese and English, it cannot recognise syntax nor grammar correctly. Is totally lost with pronouns. Is not an offline translator. After attempting a simple conversation it often fails terribly to be seen as a another tech-joke. There are voice translators out there that work.

- Fix the app

Unless I am actually using messenger, I never receive the calls and it comes up with missed call. It doesn’t ring or anything.

@touya_huji: [英語スキルいらなるんじゃないかと思う、非常に便利な英語関連tool] 1. DeepL : 翻訳ツールの新星。明らかにgoogle translateより凄い 2. Grammary : 文法修正ツール。定番の地位を獲得した様な。ユーザー貢献性…

@MuteUSA: Daniel Miller spoke to @MagazineTrax for a tribute to Gabi Delgado-López (DAF). Google translate and go: …

@HabibaChoudhu @ReadeAlexandra She’s a Russian tool! Use Google Translate to under her Russian propaganda below!

@puppy_hyun @b2SHCBlQy71vFyW i don't understand what google translate is tryna tell me

@CortioMalties @JoanFMO

@DAVLOMU: Ministerio compra mediante licitacion directa a Strycker corp. Esta empresa ha sido cuestinada mundialmente por negocios truch…

@honeyheIios Unless its Johnny or Mark 😂 Taeil replies in english when he knows fans used google translate 😂

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Google Translate 6.6.0 Screenshots & Images

Google Translate iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Google Translate iphone images
Google Translate iphone images
Google Translate iphone images
Google Translate iphone images
Google Translate iphone images
Google Translate ipad images
Google Translate ipad images
Google Translate ipad images
Google Translate ipad images
Google Translate ipad images
Google Translate Reference application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Google Translate Reference application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Google Translate (Version 6.6.0) Install & Download

The applications Google Translate was published in the category Reference on 2011-02-08 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 88.19 MB. Google Translate - Reference posted on 2020-03-01 current version is 6.6.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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