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What is goodlinks app? Save links effortlessly. View them later, from anywhere, on all your devices. Sync, organize, and share your links—privately, without ever creating an account.

GoodLinks is a powerful bookmarking app with a sleek reading experience. Save the content of the link while eliminating the ads and other clutter.

Adding and viewing links is super simple and lightning fast. If you want to dig deeper, GoodLinks can be fully customized.

No account. No ads. No creepy spying. GoodLinks just works.

## Features ##

• Universal App :: GoodLinks is a single app that works on all of your iOS and macOS devices, so you can access your articles anywhere.
• No Account :: Sync links, tags, and reading position without needing another web service account. iCloud Sync means all you have to do is install the app.
• Simple :: Save articles from anywhere with a powerful Share Sheet extension. GoodLinks is so easy it feels like part of the operating system.
• Readability :: Put the emphasis where it belongs—on the article you want to read. GoodLinks extracts the article text and removes web advertisements and other distractions to provide a wonderful reading experience. Pick the perfect font, spacing, and size.
• Organize :: Tame a large list with tags and starred articles, so you can always find what you need. You can also search based on title, author, and description.
• Actions :: Actions help you manage and share links. You can add article to Starred, share to other apps, export to PDF, plain text or Markdown... Build your own actions to export and share your saved links.
• Customize :: Adjust how your links and lists look, change swipe behavior, and more. Tailor GoodLinks to fit your style.
• Themes :: Switch between beautiful themes: Light and Sepia for light mode, Dark and Night for dark mode.
• Siri Shortcuts :: Deep support of iOS Shortcuts. Save a new link, query links, open a specific view, and more.
• Log in to Sites :: Log in to paywalled sites to get full access to their content.
• Widgets :: Get quick access to a list, or open a random unread link from your home screen.
• Archive :: The full rich text of each article gets saved in GoodLinks, and your reading history provides a natural archive if you need it. Save as many links as you want.
• Private :: Your reading history and favorite articles should only be private by default. GoodLinks doesn’t track you or your information, and nothing is shared online unless you choose to share it.
• VoiceOver :: GoodLinks is fully accessible via VoiceOver.

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App Name GoodLinks
Category News
Updated 23 March 2024, Saturday
File Size 37.78 MB

GoodLinks Comments & Reviews 2024

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Work Great. Easy to add articles. Easy to read them. Works fine on Mac and ios!

Solid, minimalist article reader. If you just want to save articles to read offline, this is a good app. However, it is missing many features commonly provided by other services: highlighting, annotations, notes, making and sharing text screenshots, etc. The developer is aware of these limitations and said the features will be included in a future version. It's a good app, but please be aware of these limitations; it may not be ready for you yet.

Works great. This app has been a great read-it-later app for me. Looks great, easy to understand UI, and I have no issues with syncing.

iCloud Advanced Data Protection Issue. I am loving this app except for one thing. I’m tied to using Firefox on Windows for my work computer. I added the extension and it wouldn’t work. When I went to the website for help I saw this: “If Advanced Data Protection is enabled on your iCloud account, please note that the Chrome and Firefox extensions may stop working. In such cases, we recommend using the Safari extension or the Share extension.” Unfortunately that doesn’t help my situation and I won’t be able to save links using my work computer after all. I mean, I could try to get the link from my computer to my iPhone and add it from there, but that’s not entirely convenient.

Great but could be amazing. I was looking for a clean and light read-later app. This one is great but missing a couple of key enhancements. 1) does not show word count or reading time for an article. If you’re like me, you want to pick your next article to read based on how much free time you have right now. Hard to justify when all competitors have this feature. 2) Twitter threads do not display all tweets. I am forced to load in the browser instead. Not a huge deal but it is inconvenient. Everything else this app offers is excellent. I still recommend it if you are looking for a read-later app.

Great App, but.... ...there is no way to contact the developer from the App Support link. It's a HUGE oversight that one cannot paste text into the description field with share-sheet or in the app. I left a $5 tip anyway. If you've been juggling Pinboard apps for years and have been getting frustrated with recent issues iwth Pinboard (growth and the fact the guy that runs it is a jerk) this should work for you. I will evenutally drop Pinboard in favor of this app, FWIW.

Privacy FTW. I looked for an app like this one that does not come with a lot of trackers or requires an online subscription. This is just AWESOME! The elusive ONE star (to make it PERFECT) is the lack of Apple Pencil support (for the iPad) -- imagine being able to scribble on the document, it'd be PERFECT!

Fantastic for reading, there are a few features I miss though. I’ve tried a bunch of read it later type apps. Pocket is pretty good but overkill for what I want. Mostly I use Instapaper since it works everywhere, allows highlighting, and syncs with Readwise. However, the capture and rendering in GoodLinks is far more reliable than either Instapaper or Pocket. It does a better job of actually grabbing all of the text and images while stripping away all of the extra stuff and leaving the text still looking great. If GoodLinks added highlighting and either integration with Readwise or csv export of highlights it would be perfect. I’d even be willing to pay a bit for those, if that makes the difference.

5 Star. For some reason I can't get the review to let me select 5 stars. I've been using GoodLinks for more than a year. I rarely leave reviews, but this app warrants one. Simple and intuitive, I love everything about this app. Seamlessly integrates with iCloud so it's the same on all my devices. I have a scorching case of ADHD and this allows me finish articles without going down the rabbit hole of another link on a website. GoodLinks has made a dramatic improvement to my comprehension and effectiveness. Thank you for creating the app. A suggestion, not complaint. Have you considered allowing tags to be capitalized and be more than one word? Please consider tipping the developer (s) so they can continue to support and improve the app. And, I am not affiliated with the developer in any way.

One Missing Feature for Me. I haven't been using GoodLinks very long, but it is already becoming something I can see myself using long term. The being said, a big missing feature for me is not being able to sync via another method rather than iCloud. I was planning on using this at home and work, but I am unable to login to icloud at work, but I am able to use DropBox. If there were more sync options, specifically DropBox, this app might be a homerun for me. I would also like to raise my hand for apple pencil support, being able to write and markup links.

Best Reading App!!. I’ve tried to get into Instapaper and Pocket in the past, but honestly they were just a bit too bloated. I don’t need an app for long term article storage. I primarily use the app for reading longer articles that I want to save the position on and then I delete when I’m finished. This app is super lightweight, perfectly holds reading position. Great options for font and background readability. I also really like that it uses my iCloud to sync instead of proprietary sync. The app respects privacy. My favorite app purchase in some time.

Love the App; I wish there was an All view. I love this app and it has replaced Pocket and other RITL services yet I wish there was an all view.

Great App. After years of subscribing to Instapaper, I ended my subscription and moved to GoodLinks. I haven't regretted it one bit. One feature request would be to have a link import feature for people moving from Instapaper or Pocket. But this is a great app. Worth every penny.

Best Offline reader for web pages. It does a great job of download and formatting web pages. Best of all, you can also download from sites behind a paywall if you're a subscriber of those sites.

Great app! 👏🏽. It's super straightforward and works just like it says. I always forget to check back on my saved articles in Safari. I'm also using Chrome and Brave a lot more often. I love having this on my desktop and my iPhone. I can check and read articles without having to open Safari. Plus, they update it often. I always look for this history to see if it's worth the investment. The developers care about their app and users enough to keep it running smoothly, even WITHOUT a subscription.

please. make for older macos..i can't upgrade from mojave.

Great app for saving and organizing links. I use this almost every day to save links to content I know I will need later or don't have time to read at the moment. The ability to simoply add tags from the share sheet makes this incredibly useful. Thanks!

Sync and Sorting Issues. This is a great idea but sync barely works - there's no way i can tell to reset your icloud data to start fresh - also the sorting of items between devices doesn't sync.

GoodLinks is easy to use. I really like how it makes it simple to just throw your link in there! No trying to goad you into choosing a bunch of qualifying days. They know you’re in a hurry and just want to safeguard the link. There are more customizable methods should you want to go back when time permits, and give them tags, for better searching. This is all I’ve used on this app so far, but I think it is my most helpful bookmark app so far! Going to get into the unused features as soon as I get time! I’d advise it is a no-brained though for its streamlined and concise entry system and overall stability .

Finally - a read it later app that works for me. I’ve tried several read it later style apps and a bunch of workflows for saving links. I had landed on pocket, but the formatting for many articles and sites was unusable. Tried GoodLinks after heard about it on MacStories with Federico Viticci. Sounded like it was worth a try. After using it for a couple of months, these are things I particularly like about it: -Syncs great across all my apple devices -No logins or accounts need -No advertising (that really killed pocket for me) -One time cost -Great formatting for reading -Share sheet works great Overall a great app that I use every day, definitely worth the modest cost.

Nice Concept, Way too many bugs!. Issues on syncing and app keeps crashing.

1/4 Baked. For a straight port from iOS, this thing lacks all sorts of polish. Save your money -- this isn't ready. It's clear that the developer doesn't use this on a Mac and is just cashing in. There is NO keyboard navigation to speak of. Absolute waste of money. Great idea with the iCloud syncing (privacy!), but holy crap -- tedious.

Great read later app!. I love this app. It's super clean. If you're a fan of apps like Things3, Bear, or other super clean apps, you will like this app. I am excited about the forthcoming browser extension. The share button works well but the extension will be much faster, I suspect.

Finally actually reading all the stuff I save in Pinboard. As others have stated, one of the best things about this app is how well it integrates into the Apple environment. Saving things on my phone and reading them on my iPad just works. Like it supposed to. I picked this up because I love the developers other app 1Writer, which I have used for years. At first, I tried using it more for bookmarking and it just did not work as well as Pinboard for me. When I finally started using it to actually read the things I bookmarked and pin board, it has become one of my most used app. A great decision by the developer to allow importing just my unread links from Pinboard because my desktop workflow is still Pinboard-centric.

Cannot reccomend if using mutiple devices. I bought a new MacBook installed the app. All of my hundreds of articles will not download. Everything says This page is not available offline despite being downloaded on my previous MacBook and iPad. The whole point of purchasing this app was for offline use when traveling. Very dissapointing. Switching back to InstaPaper or maybe Pocket.

This app has potential. Please consider adding the ability to find any text within any article from the search bar on the main page. This would make sifting through looking for something that was saved much easier. Search is a little pointless currently. Could also use the option to mark all articles as read, without having to scroll down to do so before saving. Just a time saver. And lastly, this could use a folder option, if you like to keep certain tags grouped together. On another note, picture previews when going through a tags links are only showing black boxes currently.

Finally, the ultimate reading app. There have been so many apps doing this for so long — it’s like a definitive category in the history of the App Store — and yet none of them ever got it right until GoodLinks. Finally, a reading app with standard interface and typography that feels like part of the system. Finally, a reading app that is entirely backed by iCloud, requiring no third-party services. Finally, a reading app that saves and syncs your reading position *every time*, instead of 1/3 of the time. I hope this app is around forever, because I’ll be using it that long.

Piece of crap. Really doesn't do anything at all. What a waste of money. DO NOT BUY THIS RIPOFF PRODUCT.

Fantastic app, with one huge flaw. I love everything about GoodLinks with one exception ... I can't save a web page with an article that spans multiple pages with a single click. Unfortunately, that keeps me with Instapaper, for now, as my main read it later app. Everything else about this app is perfect.

Fantastic. GoodLinks is a snappy, Read-It-Later app. It’s fast and search is extraordinary on iOS or iPadOS. Tagging is awesome. With the latest update, GoodLinks on macOS has the ability to share links via the standard macOS Sharesheet option. For those who want to drag and drop a Safari link into on macOS, that works beautifully too, including dropping a link directly on a specific tag in Goodlinks. Also, once you have a good link entry, you can drag and drop it onto any tag to add additional tags. It would be nice (on macOS) to have some sort of tag entry auto-complete similar to iOS and iPadOS. Sometimes iCloud sync between OS’es can take a moment.... Not a big deal. I am sure this can get sorted. I have other apps that utilize iCloud sync just fine. Regardless, the latest GoodLinks updates are welcome and helpful improvements, especially to macOS. Simply loving GoodLinks overall.

Syncing Needs Work. Pretty good app! My only complaint is that if I save a link on one device, I have to quit and re-launch the app on a second device, in order to sync that link. How about a "pull down to refresh" in the iOS app and a refresh menu item or button on the desktop app? Edit: Changing my review to 5 stars. I emailed the developer about my syncing concern, he responded back and it's working great now!

A Must have. One of the best purchases I've ever made!

Excellent alternative to Pocket and Instapaper. Superb! GoodLinks, Pocket, and Instapaper must have different algorithms for different sites/sources, and none of these captures every site, but overall GoodLinks manages to capture better than most alternatives on most websites. None of these capture Apple News articles well (or at all). (Maybe I need to log in to my Apple ID account via GoodLinks?). The best Apple News capture tool I've encountered is the Notion-built share extension. Would love to see GoodLinks add a built-in text-to-voice reader like in Instapaper or Voice Dream Reader.

Great tool !. Thank you very much for developing it !

Great service, App is nearly there. Goodlinks MacOS is a powerful yet simple way to organize and store digital links that can clutter your day. From news articles to social media posts, Goodlinks helps you collect important references in one place. I recently began using Goodlinks for MacOS after a decade on Pocket and have been really impressed with its features and UI. First and foremost- Privacy. I also love that its native, and uses far less storage or ram than pocket by a mile. Furthermore, Goodlinks allowed me to seamlessly import every link I had saved over that 10 year period, eliminiating a lot of stress in orgazining alll my old articles and memories, and even let me add my favorite subscriptions to bypass paywalled articles! While the transition has been good so far, there are a few things that would really improve the expeirnce for us MacOS readers 1) Adding the ability to select a 3rd party browser for opening links without having to change the share extension settings; 2) Offering users a feature that allows them to export an article as PDF like they do on iOS; 3) Adding the ability to scan or identify broken/dead links when importing, and a way to bypass cookie notices/cookies pages in the article download. 4) Automatically tagging subscription linksto allow easier sorting; 5. When you finish dragging a link to a tab, the up/down slider of the tags menu resets to the top- when sorting through tons of links by tagging, this can get a little frustrating as you develop a large list. All in all, Goolinks has been a revalation for this former pocket luddite, and I highly reccomend that you check it out, especialy if you’ve been wonderina about finally getting through your doom pile of information ; )

Love where this is going. GoodLinks is fast, private and solid. I like where this is going. They've added nearly every missing feature that has been highly requested since the 1.0 and I'm excited for that to continue. Biggest missing feature so far is a good way to manage, edit, and organize tags & links in bulk. You can only select one link at a time and it's hard to tell what is downloaded and manage what link is downloaded. Similar with bulk editing of tags if they were drag & droppable, allowing for a hierarchy of tags and sub-tags, I think it would really help users with hundreds of links.

Gimicky. Offers nothing that can't be done in browser favorites and built in functions of Mac OS.

Solid app, a few additional features would make it perfect. I greatly appreciate GoodLinks’ payment model and privacy focused structure. The app is solid — simple and highly functional. I love the tagging shortcut from the share sheet prompt. Syncing between devices is a little slow, but I guess that’s why it’s called a “read-it-later” service. The only features I would like to see added are highlights, annotation, and maybe a PDF generator. Overall, this is the most elegant read it later solution I have seen to date.

If you value your privacy. You'll ditch Pocket & Instapaper, and use Goodlinks. Awesome product!

Love the app. It is one of the better bookmarking app in the apple ecosystem. The developer is honest and dedicated to his work. I also appreciate that the price is fair unlike other rip off apps. It works very well for me.

Replaced Instapaper for Me. I enjoy using read later apps for research and leisure reading. Good Links is a beautiful native app, available across all Apple devices (setting aside the watch and the TV). Getting articles in is easy — the new Safari extension works great — and the reading experience is very good. I highly recommend the app. I'm hoping for the developer adds highlighting and the ability to organize highlights, etc. Keep up the great work!

One of my favorite apps. I love this little thing, and I much appreciate the non-subscription model. I would love the ability to highlight and annotate, and I am sure others would as well.

I use this app for everything. This app is well worth the price. It’s easy to customize and works extremely well. The developer was very responsive with the ONE issue i had with it after over a year of hard use. It works so well with other apps (share extension, URL scheme) and it’s easy to import your links from other apps. I stopped using reading lists and browser bookmarks altogether and use this app for everything. It’s worth much more than the asking price, and a big thank you to the developer. peace

A beautiful and simple way to store web stories. I've been using Goodlinks now for about a year and I can't stop saying good things about it. It has a nice, clean, user interface - and adding web stories/pages is super easy with the web extension. And the ability to tag your saved web pages makes it super easy to keep things organized. Overall, this is a great app, and keeps getting better!

Needs a browser extension!. The iOS app is great, but the Mac app needs a browser extension for Safari and Chrome at a minimum just to quickly add links when on the desktop.

It works!. I have been loving this app for some time, however I just had a bit of an issue with saving Twitter threads. I reached out to the developer. He responded very quickly & helped me. Ultimately, the issue was on my end, but he was very patient & responsive.

Great app at good price. I love this read it later app. it doesn't cost monthly and does a great job. it also respects your privacy and doesn't collect data. well done!

Great!. Terrific app, incredibly useful to me. Has very nice dark mode also.

Amazing App. Well worth the price of admission. The only bookmark/readlater app that doesn't require a subscription and stores everything locally. Worth twice the price. The only thing missing: being able to import bookmarks from browsers and content from Pocket, etc.

Great app - One small improvement needed. This is a great application for those who gather information for later research. One suggestion for improvement is for tags to auto complete.

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Another hit out of the park for 1Writer developer. Given how solid and useful an app 1Writer has been for me for years, I jumped at the opportunity to support Ngoc Luu. So far I’m very impressed. The same attention to detail towards the most useful functionality, a clean minimal design and urlscheme actions for the adventurous has been applied here. Goodlinks also takes much of the best from Instapaper(reading experience) and Pocket (quick save with option to tag while saving) and brings it under the privacy and speed of your iCloud account only and as one of the only handful so far of universal iOS/iPad/Mac apps! A couple features that would push this to 5 stars for me would be: * Some links (all that come from Apple News) do not get scraped and require tapping a link to fully download * sync preferences through iCloud (except maybe text+layout size preferences) * swipe/tap pagination (few read-later apps incorporate this and I still prefer long form reading this way) * background downloading (the purpose is defeated quite a bit if articles aren’t already downloaded and offline by the time the app is opened next). Otherwise, a fine job thank you!

Best read later app yet. Have been searching for an app like this for ages. Lightning fast, very solid and doesn’t require a log in to use someone else’s web service. I have moved all my links from Instapaper and Safari - so good to have everything in one place and synchronised across my devices just using iCloud.

A great read later app that is built for privacy. Beyond it's good looks, this Read later application uses iCloud syncing to store your links. Keeping your reading private.

Effective and useful. I didn’t realise just how much I needed it until I started using it. I’m a convert.

Better than Instapaper, Pocket!. The reading experience is better than Instapaper and Pocket. Please have a highlighting function soon. Love it.

Excellent app. I have used many similar apps over the years but have never found one that has “stuck” . So far I am a huge fan of GoodLinks and it has already become an important part of my workflow. Having just started a University Degree I needed something to gather and manage the multitude of websites links I was rapidly acquiring in my research and studies. GoodLinks has proven to be the perfect app for this purpose. It’s fast, has a beautiful UI and very easy to use. It syncs perfectly between my Mac , iPhone and iPad which is important for all the apps I use. I use Tagging extensively in my workflows and GoodLinks supports this perfectly with its easy to use tagging system and helpful “tag picker” built into the UI. It integrates well with other apps, including Siri Shortcuts I believe, and is an area of the app I’m currently exploring. Definitely a 5 star app for me and throughly recommended.

Why would use Pocket?. I wish I’d found this earlier! Good links is so much easier to use and a delight to the eye…

New improved version for MacOS. You can now use the share option to share a link to GoodLinks from your browser. This was the "missing link" (pun intended :-) ) for me to give GoodLinks 5 stars for MacOS. It's already 5 stars for me in iOS and iPadOS. I use it many times daily and it's now an important part of my workflow.

Simple but effective. This app is an example where it has a very limited objective and it fulfils that in a very simple UI which doesn’t have any friction. Most of the apps have to try too hard to justify their purpose and so the UI. Became a homescreen citizen very quickly.

A "Read Later" app that gets it right. This is the first Read Later app that I've used that just gets everything right, and that works perfectly across MacOS, iOS and iPadOS. With the share extension, it's incredibly simple to save articles. The app grabs all the relevant text from the web page, and stores it so you can read at your leisure, in an easy to read format. It's also great for archiving pages so that you can always have access to the content. Support for searching within Spotlight would be a great addition.

Excellent read later app - just missing one thing. Thanks for the great app. I’ve used 1Writer for many years and immediately downloaded GoodLinks when I read about it on MacStories. It’s almost perfect but for one feature: Bionic Reading. Any chance you could incorporate BR as a text format option? Would definitely be a five star app then.

Potential. Looks like a great app with an elegant, simple design. I love the speed and that it doesn't require syncing via the developers systems. Just a few concerns impacting my rating at the moment: Saving via the share extension on mobile works but doesn't show up until you load the app on the device you just saved on. So if you save using the share extension then open Goodlinks on another device(iOS/MacOS) it won't have the saved article. I need to go back to the device saved on, open the app and let it sync first. Syncing in general is imperfect. Yesterday I moved ~600 links out of Pocket and into Goodlinks via my work laptop. Work laptop now shows ~900 links however after restarting devices, etc my personal laptop and iOS devices still only show ~300 odd links. This is a concern because I've since added links on those other devices so I hope I don't lose the new links when the others finally sync through.

Best read later app. Hopes future version support highlight annotation and full text search

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One of my most used apps. I use this app everyday across an iPad/iPhone and Mac. It’s bulletproof and requires no subscription to a third party website. My only gripe is there if there is one, is the lack of highlighting to export to third party note apps. There’s a work around, but I’d prefer a native feature. Still gets 5 stars for the cost, features and brilliantly responsive developer.

GoodLinks is great.. Fast, simple and private in iCloud. Great app 👍

Thank you!. I’ve been waiting for an app like this to replace Instapaper, Pocket, Reading List for ages! Thank you!

Mac App needs work.. App shows a lot of promise but it still needs some work to make it my go to read-later app, espeically on the Mac side. The whole Mac app is buggy from top to bottom and not really useable. Looking forward to updates.

Love the UI !. Really like it ! But should be possible to highlight some text or edit the text when we downloaded it ! And also be able to create folder to categorize articles that we want to organize. It would be perfect then !

Incredible. Replaced Pocket for me. Got tired of using pocket due to the ads. This just works. Clean interface and great share/extension support that makes it easy to use.

the dawg. works great

Finally, a replacement for Instapaper.. Instapaper, Pocket, etc. have felt like subpar tools for all kinds of reasons for years. This is a beautiful app, a private app, and a native app, across all platforms. I haven’t run in to any of the manliness in stripping of ads, etc. as I have with those tools either. This is incredible.

Excellent; goodbye to Instapaper!. All round very sleek, effectively and customizable. Only wish that it had an independent login service so that I can save articles on non-Apple devices.

Much prefer it to Instapaper. As a long time Instapaper user, it wasn’t long before Goodlinks won me over. I love the recent feature that saves Twitter threads

Awesome!. Smooth works really well.

Simple and perfect!. I wish there were more apps like this. Simple, clean and perfect at what they do. Also, the dev team is on it adding new things for iOS 16 right on time!

Very good app ! - Très bonne application. Very good application. It allows you to keep newspaper or magazine articles without having to pay a subscription. Works very well. What is missing is having it in several languages, including French. Très bonne application. Elle vous permet de conserver des articles de journaux ou magazines sans avoir à payer un abonnement. Fonctionne très bien. Ce qu’il manque c’est de l’avoir dans plusieurs langues, entre autre le Français.

Superb App. A must-have app that I will install on every possbile Apple device with a browser that I own. Many thanks to the developer, Mr Ngoc Luu.

Clean design, need more features. Liking is a lot. But I need autocomplete for tags and drag and drop into tags for quick marking (Bear style).

Excellent Bookmark App. Elegant design. Simple to use and syncs with Mac. Would love to see more organization options like folders or smart searches.

GoodLinks Great App. This is the simplest and easiest app for grabbing an article and saving it for later that I have ever tried! Stripping out adds was one of the biggest reasons I purchased it. Syncing across my devices makes my readings available anytime, anywhere on whichever device I have at the moment. Excellent!

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Such a lovely experience. This app is so lovely. It is fast, keeps everything together, and keeps a history of your reads (I hate it when I know I read something somewhere but can’t find it). This is why the App Store was invented. Many thanks!

This is the app Apple should have made themselves. Locking away articles in Safari never made much sense to me. GoodLinks is the save-it-for-later app Apple should have made themselves. Don’t forget to tip the developer. GoodLinks is worth it.

My favorite post link reader. Clean interface, great organization and a clear ad free reader. I suggest donations to developer for his good job and stay up with IOS changes. Your call

The best read later tool. I’ve tried a lot of read later apps/services, and GoodLinks wins for me. Its combination of features, versatility, and iOS/iPadOS plus Mac support meet my needs exactly. The ability to bulk edit tags, for example, has come in handy multiple times. It’s a carefully and beautifully crafted app that I enjoy very much.

Great app, getting better all the time. This is a really nice app - has totally replaced my previous one. The privacy orientation was what interested me, the great link adding system means I couldn’t imagine going back. And the developer just keeps iterating, adding features and making things better at a really rapid cadence. I am a big fan of this app and am confident I’ll only like it more over time.

Surprisingly Necessary. It’s amazing how much I count on this very simple seeming app. This is used more on my apple tech then any other application. It’s more useful then it seems at first glance. Also I love love love having so much of the information I need, want and should probably ignore ( but then what fun would that be?) all in one place but easily pre sorted

A treasured app!. What a great little gem! I love its ease of use and its colorful design. This is the kind of app that I happily recommend and use. Thank you for creating it! If I may ask, is it possible for this app to get Face ID support/Touch ID support? I personally lock all of my apps that have this feature and I find that to be a peace of mind. Thanks!

Tab/bookmark hoarders: LOOK NO FURTHER!. READ THIS: GoodLinks will become sooo ESSENTIAL to your browsing experience on iOS that you’ll forget how inefficient and unproductive using all of the [insert competitors name] felt. I’ve bookmarked 7,621 links (PAINLESSLY) using GoodLinks at the time I write this review….THAT’S INSANE! To maximize productivity: Add GoodLinks to one of the first three spaces of the top row in share sheet (so it’s always visible immediately when clicking share). Go to the link you want to save. Tap the GoodLinks icon. DONE! NO ANNOYING ANIMATION DELAYS OR POP UPS! In case of emergencies: Enable the Safari extension too. If your share sheet is glitching out/freezing on you, click the extension icon instead. Jeez, I’m such a loser for having so many bookmarks but at least I haven’t wasted hours of my life like I would’ve using other apps!!!

Please add highlights and notes support. Bought the app to support the developer. The app is beautiful and snappy. Just needs highlights and notes support so I can actually use it. :)

Does a great job. This app is easy to use. I’m happy I can own the data and don’t have to pay a monthly subscription. The developer is kind and easy to talk to when you have a question.

macOS Version a big disappointment.. As far as i can see there is no way to send a url to the app in macOS. You have to copy and past the url and then name the article to know what it is. You can't drag a url onto the application icon nor into the app itself, you can't create new folders to keep things organized but tags do help in keeping articles organized to topic. I am sorely disappointed in the macOS version and can only hope they will add a share extension that will work with Safari.

Love it so far, but a couple improvements would be welcome. I’m loving this app so far. It presents a clean and consistent reader view, isn’t bloated with unnecessary features or tracking, and is easy to get things into. My review really deserves another half star, because the only two things I would like to add aren’t critical. But I would like to see persistent tags that hang around even of all articles tagged with that tag have been deleted: I don’t keep articles forever but I do tend to save the same topics. Secondly, if there’s room for Apple News support I’d love it, as the articles I’ve saved from there still require me to open in Apple news. Maybe that’s a limitation of which I’m not aware. Overall, solid app and I love using it.

Great cross-platform application for managing reading lists. Overall a great application which delivers on being a great read later / reading list. It’s out of the application’s lane, but I kind of wish it was part RSS reader, but the fact I want just a little bit more out of the app is a signal to me the author scoped it well. Keep up the great work and thank you for your time and effort.

Best books marking service. Two things set it apart from others for me: 1. excellent share sheet action. 2. great shortcuts support. I have a couple tags I use all the time. I can create a shortcut that saves a link with that tag. And, it’s fast!

Improving :). With the latest update, GoodLinks has the ability to share links via the standard macOS Sharesheet option. Works like a charm. And for those who prefer drag and drop a link into GoodLinks, that works beautifully too, including dropping a link directly on a tag. Once you have a good link entry you can then drop it on any tag to add additional tags. In addition it would be nice to be able to 1. Globally edit tags. Right now you can just delete a tag. 2. Have some sort of tag entry auto-complete similar to iOS and iPadOS. Sometimes sync can take a moment. I am sure this can get sorted. (Recommend talking to Drafts App developer to check-in about how he manages to get iCloud sync to work between devices with ease. Regardless, this update is a welcome and helpful improvement to macOS GoodLinks that is thoroughly appreciated.

The best I’ve found. The only two things I’m missing in the app is highlights, and feature parity for macOS app. GoodLinks is a great read it later app, no subscription, not a bloatware, and I really like the design.

Just a fantastic, iOS design inspired, link saver / reader app. This app is so simple and easy to use yet feature rich for everything I would want out of a reader. And no subscription, just one generous price. I can’t recommend this app enough!

Excellent app!. This app is phenomenal. The article view is better than Pocket, the app is more customizable (you could even customize your list swipe actions!), and no subscription is required. You buy it once and then it syncs through your iCloud.

Easy to use! Just one thing…. I love the idea of being able to save articles that I accessed on Safari onto the app with just one click. The saved articles are very easy to read with no distracting ads. I do have a suggestion that would have the potential of being the top reader app: The ability to automatically download an article when it is saved. Such features would keep me coming back!

Great for reading it later. I don’t normally don't write reviews. But once in a while I come across an app that impresses me so much that I am willing to share my feedback. GoodLinks is one of them. I use the app daily for my research and to save articles for reading later. Ngoc, the creator of the app, is very responsive. I sent him a bunch of feature requests and questions and he responded right away. This is the way!

Blows the other read later apps away. Years ago, I used some of the competitors, and recently tried them all again, along with other newcomers. GoodLinks was the best by far, from design to rendering. And since I use this type of app only sporadically, a straight-up purchase was key for me. Loving this.

Great app, highly recommend. It has all the features you want and seamlessly keeps everything in synch across all of my devices!

Overall good app. I enjoy the app overall. I like that it’s not too fancy, and was a one time payment. I do however wish there was the ability to sort these links into categories.

Fantastic!. This is my to-go to for read later app and it should be yours too! It is modern compared to all the competitors, it’s well maintained, it offers features in every aspect of the Apple ecosystem and it’s a very well made app!

Best Read Later app. This is the best read later app that I’ve found. It doesn’t try to be an ecosystem or do anything except it’s main task and it does that extremely well.

Best Read it later app. I’ve tried all the big read it later apps and GoodLinks is by far the best. It just works without being overloaded with useless features. Little touches are nice too: one super handy thing I use all the time is copying a text as markdown. Thanks!

A must have app!. I like to read a lot of content and go on sites that sell cool stuff. This app makes it incredibly easy to save anything your interested in and return easily when your ready to go back to the stuff you’ve saved. Once incorporated into your web browser it’s a piece of cake to use. Easy instructions to set up. What are you waiting for. Download this app now!!

So simple and reliable. I’ve tried lots of document-savers. They all frustrate me mostly because they don’t do a good job of importing, they have too many steps and they also want to be a note taker or something else. GoodLinks is so easy to use, captures almost every kind of document—at least the ones I use. And it makes it so easy to find documents, tag them, etc. it’s the best I’ve found for IOS and Mac.

This is the way to go. GoodLinks delivers a promising idea in a gorgeously designed native experience. I hope it'll be continuously maintained for years to come because I want to use it forever. PS. I can see myself easily paying $10 or $15 for this app, so perhaps consider adding a tip jar for users to purchase some cosmetic perks such as themes or alternative icons? Many indie devs do this so I assume it's working out for them.

The best app for offline reading. It is simple, effective and economical (no subscriptions). Allows you to quickly save any page you want to read later and organize it with tags.

Just what we needed!. This is a wonderful app that allows you to save websitesYou visit right on your iPhone. Without needing a subscriptionYou can also have it on your MacBook and other devices that use the iCloud and it will automatically share access to those sites that you pick. Even has ability for you to set up categories which makes it easy to go back in classify hundreds of entries.

Fantastic App. Such a simple little app. I absolutely love it. You don’t need to sign up for another new service. The UI is a perfect example of simplicity without the lack of flexibility. There are features like tags, custom actions, Siri Shortcuts but if you don’t want to use them they are out of sight. Phenomenal app!

Great app, needs Mac share extension. Nearly perfect - great reading experience and love how it syncs so quickly between platforms without yet another account. I don't seem to see a share extension - that's about the only thing stopping me from giving this 5 stars.

App is great on multiple devices. I like that I’m able to save articles and pages on my iPad and I’m able to open the same saved items on my phone. The only thing I’m wish was that there was an option to save the articles fully for offline. You automatically save the text, but I would like to have the option to save the photos. All the photos appear beautifully in the app, and it’s a shame to not have an option for fully offline.

Perfect. Everything I wanted in a Read-It-Later app: clean, minimalist design; ability to just use Safari View Controller rather than some proprietary in-app browser; extensive Shortcuts support; no spam or curated "suggested reads" to distract from the content I saved myself; great support across iPhone, iPad and Mac; and full reliance on CloudKit without the need for another account to maintain.

I love this app. Knowing that the data is mine (by way of being housed in my iCloud account) is great. Rather than sitting on someone else’s server. It has all the features I need and then some. The developer is very active with this app, and keeps it current with capabilities of the current iOS.

Great Read-It-Later App. I have tried a number of read-it-later apps, Instapaper, Pocket, Matter, Safari Reading List, even tried using the read-it-later feature in Reeder. They all have their pluses and minuses. But for me, GoodLinks has the best balance of ease of use, options, speed, and just plain delight. Thank you for a great app and keep up the terrific work.

Not good with images. I tried to love this app, simple and beautiful UI, however, I save a ton of articles that include images which for some do not get saved correctly consistently on this app. Some will be saved with images but most don’t. I’m not sure why Instapaper works for this every time while Goodlinks doesn’t, but I’m back with Instapaper until this feature is more consistent ir simply works.

Best Link Organizer. I’ve tried using Pocket and many others, but GoodLinks is definitely the easiest, cleanest, most intuitive app for me to save web links. Thank you for the great work!

Simple execution. GoodLinks does a great job creating a read-later experience! Simple and clean interface. Immediately returns me to my last reading state upon reopening the app!

Finally, a private app for saving articles. I was glad to pay for this app because I’ve been looking for a private article saving app that doesn’t compromise my data. I love how it follows Apple UI design principles and syncs my data between devices (Mac/iPhone/iPad).

Fantastic, useful app. This is one of the most useful apps I’ve downloaded recently: does its job and mostly does it well. My only disappointment is with the iCloud syncing: that doesn’t work at all, so my bookmarks on my phone and laptop are completely different. I hope the dev fixes that soon, but the app is very good even as it is.

Excellent “Read it later” App! Just one suggestion. I love everything about this app; especially the easy tagging. However, there is one feature missing (which is why I give it only 4 stars) that still has me returning to Instapaper: highlighting. If GoodLinks gets highlighting (and possibly notes) capability, it will be my go-to reading app with a 5-star rating.

Awesome. This is one of my favorite Apple apps. I’d been waiting for something like it too come around for some time. This app completely destroys the need for subscription-based reader services like Pocket.

Almost. I’ve used safari reading list for years now and wanted something that allowed me to save articles and organize them a little more. This app does that but getting pages to load correctly has been hit and miss. And the big one for me is anything with images seems to be hit and miss as to whether they will load and how they will load.

Add Highlighting Features. Please could you add the text Highlighting feature. This could be a paid upgrade. And also should be able to export highlights. Love the App. It will be a killer update to the the App.

Almost there, but some serious setbacks. Overall a huge fan of the app. Interface is gorgeous, capture works well (though is sometimes unsuccessful), and there’s plenty of customization options. I love the widgets, too! The problem is, syncing just doesn’t seem to be working. The number of unread articles on my iPad, iPhone, and Mac all vary by about 30 in one direction or the other. Sometimes, the link doesn’t even get saved. I’d love to keep using GoodLinks, but I need to be sure the things I’m saving actually get saved.

Works very well except when it doesn’t.. LOVE that it always saves my place and takes me back to the last article I was reading by default. This is something Instapaper and Pocket can’t seem to get down for some reason even though it seems like the very least a read it later app should do. I am disappointed that some articles don’t render correctly or at all, mostly NYTimes and New Yorker. Instapaper doesn’t seem to have a problem with this, so I guess I’ll be keeping both apps for now. Hopefully this will be addressed in the future.

Best read-it-later app — with a missing feature. The title is self-explanatory. This app does everything exactly right, from article organization to tagging to archiving to app integration. What it does not do, however, is allow its users to highlight the articles. I would use the application a lot more often if I were able to do that and perhaps add annotations. Goodlinks would kill apps like Pocket and Instapaper, if implemented.

Fantastic. GoodLinks is a snappy, Read-It-Later app. It’s fast and search is extraordinary on iOS or iPadOS. Tagging is awesome. With the latest update, GoodLinks on macOS has the ability to share links via the standard macOS Sharesheet option. For those who want to drag and drop a Safari link into on macOS, that works beautifully too, including dropping a link directly on a specific tag in Goodlinks. Also, once you have a good link entry, you can drag and drop it onto any tag to add additional tags. It would be nice (on macOS) to have some sort of tag entry auto-complete similar to iOS and iPadOS. Sometimes iCloud sync between OS’es can take a moment.... Not a big deal. I am sure this can get sorted. I have other apps that utilize iCloud sync just fine. Regardless, the latest GoodLinks updates are welcome and helpful improvements, especially to macOS. Simply loving GoodLinks overall.

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Language English
Price $9.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.8.8
Play Store com.ngocluu.goodlinks
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

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The application GoodLinks was published in the category News on 10 June 2020, Wednesday and was developed by Ngoc Luu [Developer ID: 476810735]. This program file size is 37.78 MB. This app has been rated by 405 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. GoodLinks - News app posted on 23 March 2024, Saturday current version is 1.8.8 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.ngocluu.goodlinks. Languages supported by the app:

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GoodLinks App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Added 'Export Article' Shortcuts action to export an article in plain text, Markdown, or PDF format. - Added 'Get Article Content' Shortcuts action to retrieve the content of an article. - Various fixes and improvements.

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