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What is fl studio mobile app? Create and save complete multi-track music projects on your iPad, iPhone or Mac. Record, sequence, edit, mix and render complete songs.


* Audio recording, track-length stem/wav import
* Browse sample and presets with preview
* Effects modules (see Included Content)
* Full-screen MacBook and iMac Trackpad and Mouse support.
* High quality synthesizers, sampler, drum kits & sliced-loop beats
* Instrument modules (see Included Content)
* Load projects in the FL STUDIO** FREE Plugin version of this App
* MIDI controller support (class compliant). Automation support.
* MIDI file import and Export (Single-track or Multi-track)
* Mixer: Per-track mute, solo, effect bus, pan and volume adjustment
* Piano roll. Edit notes or capture recorded performances.
* Save and load WAV, MP3, AAC*, FLAC, MIDI
* Share your songs via Wi-Fi or Cloud to other Mobile 3 installations
* Step sequencer
* User interface configurable with all screen resolutions and sizes.
* Virtual piano-keyboard & Drumpads#
* IAA App support (In/Out), Audiobus support (In/Out)
* Audio recording (external and internal sources)
* Share your songs via Sync to other Mobile 3 devices / installations
* Load your projects in the FL STUDIO* FREE 'Plugin' Version of this App#


FL Studio Mobile includes in-app purchases for the DirectWave sample player. You can install your own samples and don’t need to buy content.

All Instrument modules are included: Drum Sampler, DirectWave Sample Player, GMS (Groove Machine Synth), Transistor Bass, MiniSynth & SuperSaw.

All Effect modules are included: Analyzer (visual), Auto Ducker, Auto-Pitch (pitch correction), Chorus, Compressor, Limiter, Distortion, Parametric Equalizer, Graphic Equalizer, Flanger, Reverb, Tuner (Guitar/Vocal/Inst), High-Pass/Low-Pass/Band-Pass/Formant (Vox) Filters, Delays, Phaser and Stereoizer.

Included Drum Samples: Cymbals, Hats, Kicks, Snares, Toms, Percussion, Risers, SFX

Included DirectWave Instruments: Guitars, Keyboards, Orchestral, Synth, Bass, Synth Keyboards, Synth Leads, Synth Pads, Sliced, Drums, Drum Kits and Effects.

Included MiniSynth Presets: Bass, Keys, Leads, Pads, SFX, Synths

Included SuperSaw Presets: Arps, Bass, Bells, SFX, Leads, Pads, Sequences, Synths


Install FL STUDIO 20 for macOS / Windows and you can use the FL Studio Mobile Plugin. This is identical to the App, as a plugin inside FL Studio. Get it here: http://www.image-line.com/downloads/flstudiodownload.html




Please help us to help you! In the App, tap 'Help > Users & Support Forums' to register FL Studio Mobile to your Image-Line account and gain access to the forum. You can then report bugs, make feature requests and access free downloadable content: http://support.image-line.com/redirect/flmobile_forum

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App Name FL Studio Mobile
Category Music
Updated 14 September 2023, Thursday
File Size 263.37 MB

FL Studio Mobile Comments & Reviews 2023

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It’s cool but it’s hard for me to take serious as of now. I think what would make it even better would be to optimize key commands/shortcuts for users who are on iPad using a keyboard, just like on FL Studio Desktop. Not being able to do things like copy & paste with Command+B or Being able to quantize with Command+Q makes producing on this such a hassle. Also a strum feature would be amazing on this. & why not be able to go through tools like in FL Desktop? I know that FL Mobile PROBABLY wants to be it’s own thing, but to ignore the features that make FL Desktop great is a big mistake. It’d be an update I’d like to see :) so that I can potential start to make more music on my Ipad. I think a great way to implement this would be through the settings menu, & to add a button that says “Enable Desktop Shortcuts”. Moving across the piano roll with commands like Shift+Down Arrow/Up Arrow makes it tremendously more convenient than having to constantly click/touch & move the notes manually. It helps get ideas across faster

Very important extras needed. The main reason I gave 3 stars instead of four is the editing of samples is needed. Timestretch and cut of loops and samples are a must in any daw. And with slicer in manual mode if I can’t add my slices where I want them then it goes right back to being able to cut, edit, and timestretch when I use audio clip directly on the timeline. Slicer is a great addition, much appreciated, but sometimes we would like to manipulate samples manually as well. Thanks for the update. Works wonders especially on my phone. Also repeat mode would be great with time signatures as well. Plus you can’t control how many slices of a sample you want until it’s already in the sequencer. Too much work. Even audio clips don’t have the option of slicing samples.

Quite an update. This is how you do an update. Hear the users and less then month later,everything we asked for is included. We get copy to Sonoma clipboard to export out the audio without having to use any Internet connection or file share. User added samples means that anything you want to add to your tracks can now be added very easy. Just get some sounds,put them in a zip folder,add it in the file share window. This make FL mobile a true player now. If all we ever got to use was stock sounds then everybody's songs will sound the same. This new feature make every song your own. Thanks for such a speedy update. I only wish that other developers could update with such huge features so quickly. Awesome.

Somehow a bit worse than the trial version.. So I got this Tuesday, and after a bit of fumbling I did one (1) song. But the app is really odd. Well first of all soundfonts, for some reason the app doesn't support .sf2 (soundfont) files, something the trial version on PC has, so importing a certain game's instruments is difficult to impossible. Next is the shop, for while there are filters there isn't any way to specifically SEARCH for what you're looking for, which for me at least a is a bit of a nonissue since I never needed anything from it. Next, the UI feels really tight, the piano roll for example, the piano itself takes if a major portion of the screen and it's really awkward placing down notes with it, and the module, opening it is easy enough but closing is very specific. The app can be good but wow does it have a bit of raw bits left.

Can’t Import any MIDI files!. I’m giving it three stars because I’ve created 90% of the music I’ve made on this mobile app with relative ease and despite the reviews, I’ve had a lot of fun with this over the computer version only because the PC is a little too sophisticated for my liking. This app has always served as the middle ground for me and I liked it for that reason. Ever since the most recent update which introduced some new instruments and some new layouts, the overall function of MIDI seems to have been impacted although it seems to be the action of importing that has been damaged lately. I used to import midi files and edit them or do whatever was necessary within reason, but now whenever I import any file whether it be MIDI or an audio file, the app crashes. As long as I don’t import files, the app works fine but whenever I import it seemingly crashes, which, is a huge headache. I’ve gone the whole 9 yards of reinstalling the app at the cost of sacrificing my songs that I’ve already made as well as restoring my purchases. So, that’s where I am now. Hopefully the app updates and fixes the crashing issue because I’ve sunk money in on this app and I really don’t want to use garage band for my production needs. Thanks!

Absolutely a must-get DAW software! 🎵. As someone who is a hobbyist and not a self-claimed professional, I will say the price is still definitely worth it and is a very good investment for anyone who loves music production. I will say however the one downside of this is the steep learning curve. The idea of getting any piece of software is to learn the tools provided and to use it as productive as you can. I love this app’s ability to integrate professional tools with a clean and easy DAW experience. I never felt like going out of my way to make time to learn FL studio was too challenging. Everything from the ground up feels well-developed and worth learning. I love GarageBand and how many features they pack in a free app, and FL studio proves that there are still way more features to be utilized. If you love making music and want to take your EDM music to the next level of professionalism, getting this app is a no-brainer.

Missing Basic Functions and AUv3. This app wouldn’t be so much of a problem if it weren’t for the fact that this app doesn’t allow a free splitting feature that GarageBand offers, but rather a cutting feature that only works if you add multiple loops. This is ridiculous considering how often I have to fix complex patterns in audio/midi sequences. It’s more than time consuming to have to duplicate and then trim track after track. Also not to mention how you can’t properly change the pitch and tempo separately. There’re more things I can rant on about, but those primarily are the reasons why this app is so lacking from the very start you open this app. Unfortunately, despite such great tools of virtual instruments and probably one of the most helpful effects I've found in an iPad fixed DAW, the basic audio editing features are less than user-friendly. Because of this, I have to resort to neglecting most of FLSM’s potentially fantastic and integral features for GarageBand’s simple editing components. Simple yes, but undoubtedly important for a digital audio workstation. Please, I beg of you to change my opinion for this beautiful looking app.

Fl Studio is grate. I love FL Studio and its features, but the main problem I have with the app is that it’s not voice-over or screen reader-friendly. As a blind or visually impaired person that loves to use different DAWs for audio production for music making. I would love it if the developer makes this app voice-over friendly for us blind and visually impaired folks out of those that love audio production. Above everything, else the app is great I just want it to be a little more acceptable for the blind music makers.

Bugs and lagging. I’ve been a long time user of FL Studio Mobile, this just started happening recently but when I open the audio clip to upload it into the channel the app freezes. I’ve closed the app and tried again multiple times and it still doesn’t work. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it and it still freezes when I try to upload an audio clip into the channel. Another problem comes when I save an audio file into the samples folder, some of the audio files are not showing up in the samples folder. Developers could do a better job by trying to make it possible to copy and paste an audio files directly into the channel without having to save it in the samples folder. I’ve done it with other apps, I’m sure it could be possible with FL Mobile too. Ironic that the app recently updated to fix bugs and that’s the very issue we are struggling with. Until this issue is fixed I’m not going to be satisfied with this app.

Hands down 110 x better than garage band. For pros and beginners this is an amazing app !! :!:! Plz help with a recent issue I’ve been having and cans find answers know where. When I record vocals it only comes thru one side I don’t even know how this happened I must have accidentally changed a setting. This is just as good as fl studio for pc if not better because it has the convenience of the built-in keyboard available on the smart phone and or tablet. I literally recorded and composed an entire cd using nothing but fruit loops studio mobile. highly recommended app. I have the paid version. Mind u it does not have all inatruments and sample packs, witch would be cool but , it comes with more than enough to be PRODUCTIVE !!! Thanks fl studio !!! Dont listen when ppls say that garage band is better, bahahaha , they are either lazy and willing to settle for basement(garage)recordings over some sold-out commercial beat, or simply haters.

No Auv3????. Ok, I’m sure this is all you need for people and it has everything they want and everything they need, but for me personally I’m not going to give up all the auv3 instruments and fx I’ve invested in. When I first bought Fl Studio for the IPad there was no auv3. Tbh if I hadn’t already bought it , by today’s standards I would easily skip over buying this app today. The Ui is so so, it’s just not inspiring, but I could probably get past it if I could use 3rd party auv3 instruments and fx. I don’t expect auv3 support anytime soon if at all because apparently there’s still an issue with getting Audiobus and iaa apps to work without crashing and it took over a decade to port a native desktop version of Fl to Mac. I think the real issue is there isn’t someone who really knows or understand how to really program for Apple products. And also, why isn’t there a real sampler yet??? Image Line, it’s 2022, what are you doing????

Please read and fix. First off, I love this app. Even the mobile version of FL Studio is the very definition of professionalism. I am working on an album that will be released later this year. But lately I’ve been discovering some problems that prevent me from producing my music properly. A little while back, the audio somehow converted to mono, and I checked the 32 bit and normalize option. The issue resolved after 20 minutes of refreshing the app over and over again. And; as of May 19th, 2018, I tried to open FL Studio again to work on my latest creation, but the sound and visuals were slowed down by what I approximate to be 30%. Other than the minor glitches and lag, this app is perfect. Please fix the issues in the next update, so I may continue producing music for my (five, apathetic) followers. Thanks.

Doesn't separate itself from the pack.. There are currently only 3 serious daws for the iPad this, beat maker 2 and nano studio. This is a descent daw but if you have used fl studio before on the pc this might feel it a bit constraining. On an iPad 1 this app runs great definitely better then beat maker 2 (which frequently crashes) it has better sound samples out of the box then beat maker 2 (by light years ahead) but I always go back to nano studio( their sound samples are provided by loop masters). This app is not as fluid as nano mainly because it's not as intuitive and can be almost clumsy at times . I'm also not sure of the best way to get my own samples onto this app quickly nano has a program that sends it instantly I wish this had something similar. The drum step sequencer is superior to nano and beat maker 2. But editing sound samples is vastly superior in nano. I got this app the day it came out on the store and hoped that it would be improved on in many ways but it doesn't look like fl wants to upgrade it too much from the launch version. With this app You are getting a daw that is portable on an iPad I was disappointed that I have to buy it again for my phone while beatmaker 2 and nano are universal.

Almost impossible to master. Im just going to say what I don’t like first. This app is very difficult to create a good workflow on. To many side bars and options so its almost impossible to navigate. I would think that if you’re working with a smaller screen you could simplify and then have optional advanced drop-downs. Most people who do music production just want to access the basics first. Secondly, the drum sounds are not good. Too harsh and compressed. Aimed at obtaining a sound that is not really universal or flexible. These are things that should be down to the artist to refine. It is like expecting every painter to paint with the same 4 bright colors for every painting. It definitely loses interest quickly. To sum my not so positive view on FL for mobile, its is not a good tool for someone who wants to pick up their phone and start creating upon inspiration. This is a tool that requires patience and focus on the complex layout and quarks it has. No doubt, awesome music could be created on it but not without much time and effort overcoming its unnecessarily complicated layout. Positive take aways are: the ability to load drum samples. Tweakability on individual drum sounds, and the fact that it feel more like a DAW than garage band in general. Garage band has this app beat on simplicity by a large margin. Example: the first time i used GB it I created 3 songs on pure inspiration that night. I still cant make anything enjoyable on FL despite loving the styles of music it is famous for being used with. FL could be better and easily surpass GB but FL feels unfocused in its current state.

Keeps deleting my files. Fix the issue where it overwrites a song over another song for no reason

Works great for me and a suggestion to users…. Still looking good! About due for an update. Learn to use it and you can fly. For me the interface is great. Needs a few minor tweaks but I can get things done with it and have fun doing it. Isn’t that what making music is all about? IMHO this has a better workflow and capabilities than any other iOS DAW. MIDI editing and audio tracks are easier to work with as well. Like many, I was hoping for NS2 to get audio tracks. Since that may never happen, FLSM is now my go-to iOS DAW. Its got everything I need to get things done. I have used all of the major iOS DAW’s and for my purposes, FLSM is the best overall. ***If you’re having issues or feature requests for FLSM then go to the FLSM forum. They are very responsive. Posting here is pointless.***

Good... But could be great. This is one of my favorite iOS music apps to use. This could be so much better though. Very simple interface and is much easier to use then GarageBand or beatmaker. Though some features that are lacking are needed! Drawing in automation data is needed. Side chain compression is also needed. MIDI effects like scales and keys would be very helpful. Being able to load midi data in an individual track would be nice so I could load multiple midi into one song. Also having synths like sytrus and morphine would be nice. You only have one custom synth and would be nice to have more. All of these samples and my sample get a little boring after a while. Some updates for the audio effects would be good too. Saturation. More options on reverb. Eq 8. I would pay like 50 dollars for these things and this would instantly be the best iOS music making app on the market. Please don't change the interface though, as is very easy and efficient to use. Hopefully these will be added soon because then this is the only app I would be using!

Useless without swing!. You can’t add swing to any instruments! I repeat, you CANNOT SWING YOUR MUSIC! Everything has to be stiff and straight, completely locked to a grid. It can’t make serious music, and it’s not even good just for fleshing out ideas, because the timing is so bad. Forget about pop, house, funk, jazz, anything electronica, any kind of dance music, or any other genre. It will only make little rinky dink jingles that are so frustratingly lifeless, you will be too embarrassed and ashamed of them to ever show them to anyone. You will eventually give up even trying and regret buying this. Curiously, you CAN add swing to drums, so I know it can be done, but not to any other instrument or sound. It’s such a shame, because clearly they worked hard on this and they want it to succeed, and it could have so much going for it, but all the features and development are rendered useless by this one huge flaw. If they could fix it, I’d easily give it 5 stars, but as it stands you’re better off spending your money elsewhere.

bad. bad

Visualizer Update. Honestly, it’s a good app, but if it had a visualizer video type of update, then I wouldn’t really have to exit the app to use another app to edit the songs that I make. It’s only a suggestion though, but I do wish that you add a update like this. As of right now, the app is fine, and pretty good.

Problems, some but huge. So I’ve been using Fl Studio mobile for the past 2 years and somehow the audio files that paste onto songs somehow crash the software. I can’t let as much loose on music because of it and it’s very irritating at best. I remember I’ve put on lots of audio files and made some arrangements with the plugins. It turns out in static, hard to maneuver around, and even crashes for no reason. On top of that, it’s oddly limiting me from making further improvements on songs. That and slide notes don’t work with sliders (ironic I know) and if you pull up a slider with how many notes on it, it’ll crash if so many audio files and plugins are placed so I’m forced to basically delete some of them. Overall however, the new stuff being added to the software has really changed my music game. But I would love it even more if you focused more on fixing your app. Thank you for reading.

Well worth the money!. Ok so I struggled with this purchase because of the $20 price tag but let me just say that it was worth every penny! The app feels very similar to fl studio maybe not quite as much you can do with it but if your on the go and you wanna play around with melodies and beats this is your app. The keyboard is solid as well as the drum pads not as old as the real thing but the touchscreen feature is pretty excellent, they even have a tilt activated pitch bend of which the sensitivity can be adjusted to your liking. Tap tempo a few assignable effects with an xy pad is pretty nifty and if your worried about the sounds it comes with don't be. This app comes with a pretty good assortment of loops, fx, synths etc. as well as 2 free packs (the other 3 you have to purchase with the most expensive being 5.99) but I'm pretty sure you can use your own sounds I haven't quite figured that out though. I'm running an iPad 4 and I've not experienced any lag whatsoever, however I do recommend turning off gestures in your options otherwise when your playing the keyboard you might swipe up at the bottom of the screen and cause the quick bar to pop up which will stutter the App and stop the recorder but this is hardly an inconvenience. Give it a go, Dj Kid Chameleon Don't expect

A little disappointed but looks promising. I just bought this app for my birthday and I’m very excited but I’ve run into a few bugs that have stopped me from using it. I can’t figure out how to get a hold of support or how to create an image line account either so I came here. The main problem is I can’t select the instruments icon even if I flip the screen. My touch screen works perfectly fine outside the app too so idk what to do. When I randomly click it, and it works, and I put in notes, it plays random melodies that’s not what I’m clicking. When I went to buy sound packs it freezes and or spams me with messages when I click the buy icon. Besides these few things this app looks amazing. I’ve been using GarageBand and this is easier to use and looks like I can do way more. I don’t have a computer either so I can only produce music on my phone. Help would be greatly appreciated

Getting There. I have used the desktop version of FL Studio for over a decade. It has a mad scientist vibe that has always inspired creativity. I was disappointed with the original IOS mobile update and promptly deleted it from my devices. This last update has changed my mind by finally adding some of the features found in the desktop version to make this a quality music app in the year 2017. I have actually started to enjoy using the IOS mobile app because the sound sculpting tools included are beginning to model what can be done on the desktop version. I hope the developers continue to improve this app as it has the potential to be one of the best on IOS. Sound is great but still missing too many features (e.g., IAA) to receive five stars.

Good, but needs improvement. I'm using FLStudio science 4th version, I love it, and i can't believe I have FLS icon on my iPhone and ipad, I'm very happy, the program is good, but definitely needs improvement, one of the main things is piano roll, fruity loops has been known for it's the best piano roll, no other DAW has this kind of beautiful piano roll, but here on mobile version it's not the same, why? The keys are silent on it, and it's not as easy to use as on desktop version, please Image-Line Make normal piano roll!!! Similar to desktop, And I'll give you 5 stars, and please make normal automation clip function, so we can edit them like in original desktop version, I hope to see those features in the next updates, this are the main features we need, but there is much more things to improve, I'm sure Image-Line will do this in the updates, other than that, interface is beautiful, easy to use,FL Studio will be the best here on mobile market, just like the PC version! Good luck Image-Line! Hope to see updates soon!!!

Still needs some features/Bug fixes. I’ve been using fl studio mobile for awhile now and it might be my device, but as of recent and only recent, I keep experiencing the same too bugs that are very annoying. For one, sometimes when I open the app, it doesn’t let me play at all and the play slider doesn’t move along with nothing making audio which makes me have to restart my device because opening and closing the app just doesn’t work. The other bug is less common but basically whenever I’m playing a song, out of NOWHERE the pitch and speed goes all the way down, basically slowing my song down which sometimes I can fix by opening and closing the app, and sometimes I can. And finally, the app still needs features that would be awesome in my opinion, for example: tempo automation. Just like in the pc version, tempo automation would be so helpful as it allows you to not have to make a brand knee project or just some work around to get tempo changes in your song. The other features are to make slide notes work when using the slicer, swing on different instruments rather than drums, and overall just bug fixes. Thank you for reading and have a good day.

More Unnecessary Changes. First the UI feel was changed for no good reason, making it slightly clunkier. Now MIDI imports have been changed to a literal nonfunctioning menu, half of which isn't even displayed on the screen correctly, making it impossible to use MIDI at all.

It's not what I expected. The app had a lot of hype and was well taken from most in the general production community but it as its downfalls. In some ways I have no one to blame but my self for misinterpreting what this app can really do. Image Line promotes it as something that you can get ideas out on but by no means is this a full fledged mobile daw. It has all the same functionality as regular fl but In a watered down fashion. Almost like comparing color richness to that of acrylic and watercolor. I am a sample artist and one of the biggest issues I had was that the drum pads did not have a trigger or choke function. This meant I had to hold ever pad to cue a sample and let it go right I hit another. Needless to say this completely changed my workflow and took seem naturalness away from using the app. This is just one thing I found to be a bit annoying and reason enough to pass for anyone who uses samples. All and all it's not a bad app if you can get past some of its downfalls and the support is has for external hardware may trump some of these issues. All except for the playlist workflow, but for the price of this app I would pass. The best thing about it though is the ability to export to fl so if working in a flawed but well put together enviro net is worth twenty smacks to you the by all means get this app. Ask for me I will be sticking with externals like the Oregon keyboard and the mpc fly.

Works great on iPad mini 4. This app was super before it updated. Thankfully, I have own the older version on my iPod 4 and I fell this tiny device can make super tracks than on my giant home PC. Now, I own iPad mini and download it. It provides the latest version. The UI is great. Friendly to use. However, I noticed that the sound quality distorted a lot. I did modify the sitting and now it reduced the sound distortion. And the app crashed a lot. I don't know if developers didn't test it on iPad mini. I feel my improved device with this app is like running its PC version on Intel pentium 2 Update: I bought IPad mini 4 and use fruit loops mobile again. It works like a dream. I hope any further latest updates will not made me to buy another IPad

FL Studio Mobile, Finally!. It's finally out and it is worth all of the excitement. I would expect nothing less from the people who brought me my choice of DAW for over 10 years running. It's simple enough for beginners to learn, yet advanced enough for seasoned artists to quickly sketch out whatever comes to mind and later transfer to their PC. My favorite feature so far would have to be the quantization toggle. Turn it on to keep a more traditional structure, or turn it off for more complex polyrhythms. I also love the fact that it works with my Korg nano key, and supports velocity input along with pitch bend. I look forward to many great things form Image Line through this app and FL Studio.

Great as usual, but the bugs aren't helping.. While I love the app and I understand updates can bring bugs and you won't find every little problem before publishing an update, I do wish they simply opted for more testing of the app instead of quicker updates. For example, I for some reason can not seem to use the higher file size Dwps I've imported as of after the most recent update, another example would be a while back when it would start you on a different song than you left off, but kept the same name (usually leading to me accidentally overwriting the save with another). I just wish some of the more crucial aspects were checked on before releases. Like I said though, love the app!

Best Music Producing App Out There!. First of all I’m impressed by how much FL Studio offers as a mobile app, I was pretty satisfied when I seen all the features it had, so the 15$ was worth it. I haven’t had any problems tbh, just that sometimes when I get a call or I go to another app, FL Studio freezes or I press play but it doesn’t respond, but it doesn’t really bother me that much. When I got started getting into making beats I only had a iPhone and most producers use FL studio but on the computer so I was kinda disappointed but I searched up FL Studio on the App Store and I’m that they had FL on iPhone too, I’ve been making beats, whenever I don’t have anything else to do and the thing is that it’s easy to go straight to the studio wich I like alot and all in my hands. I have one suggestion tho, it would be dope if you guys added the effects that the computer version has like the gross beat, and more sound or effects or features added to the mobile version from the computer version.

Crashes and DWP being corrupted. I have been using FLM for about 6 months now. Before this app was fine it function perfectly for one I appreciate the new EQ’s added but now the crashes is just so infrequent it’s terrible. Drum tracks have an insanely high chance of crashing the app. Plus when it crashes and you reload the app. All your samples you have put into place are gone which is insanely annoying. The app has so much use but this new update killed its performance heavily. Even enabling multi core processing doesn’t help as it causes audio to become all chopped up and actually increases the crashes. I use an iPhone 8 and it ran the app fine but now it’s like if you put one thing wrong on the app it’s like an ice lake and the whole thing collapses below you. Please fix this ASAP! I don’t wanna have to keep doing this when it crashes!

Top Notch DAW App. First of all consider the obvious. This is a fricken Mobil app so it's not going to be more powerful the computer version. That being said, I've been using FL Studio since 2.7 when it was called Fruity Loops. It's my #1 tool for music production. But when I'm away from the computer I'm going to lose a lit of song ideas. So finally having a mobile FL Studio tool those ideas can be laid down anywhere at any time. And then later I can export my work to seriously do it up on my desktop pc. Not to mention the ability to import your own wav samples to create instruments and kits (iOS version only). This alone make it 100% awesome for A.D.D. Beat makers like myself. I had low expectations for this app, but high hopes. Now that I've got a good handle on how it work I can honestly say it is THE BEST mobile DAW app out there. The people at Image-Line are genius. The people who say otherwise either had unrealistic expectations or don't have enough experience to know any better. I am absolutely satisfied.

It’s great but there’s a bug that I found. Whenever I try to edit some clips it keeps crashing for no reason, sometimes restarting from where it last saved my progress when it was before I made any change. PLEASE FIX THIS IMAGE LINE!!!! Edit(i found another bug where selecting preview Dont only play the part you selected but the entire time the instrument plays without registering slide notes. If yal can update this I would be pleased with your service image line) edit: there’s another bug involving the slide notes, when ever a looping clip is tampered with and has slide notes, the slides notes wont correspond to where they are placed and just keep rising and falling on the pitch bend till the next note is played

My Honest Reaction…. This app is PERFECT. It has literally EVERYTHING you would need to produce music. It has a sort of weird UI, but once you start toying around with the app it all gets easier from there. It has this really cool feature where you can import audio from your device and use it in the app, for things like drumkits, using the audio file to make CUSTOM INSTRUMENTS, putting it in the slicer tool (yes, they have a slicer), or just slapping the entire audio file into your song, which is cool for things like remixes or loop packs. There’s MIDI support, you can make your own MIDIs, and you can even export your songs into MP3, WAV, MIDI, and many more. You can import custom DWP files (instrument files) made either by you or other FL Mobile users, which is cool if you’ve checked out the stock instruments and want more. Sadly, no SF2 support. I would love to see that happen. There’s also PITCH BEND NOTES! Sadly, they do not work on the slicer tool, I would also love to see that. There should also be a setting on the slicer that makes it play only the note being played instead of going through the rest if you have the “hold” setting on. There’s also things like levelizers, settings for your presets like distortion (with bitcrush settings for distortion too), reverb, autoducking, flanging, and more. Did I mention you can make folders to store your songs, audio, instruments, and more files? There’s also an option to copy paste stuff and share the project files of your songs. If you told me that this app had all this, and it costed almost 15 bucks, I’d agree with that perfect price range. This really meets up to the PC version of the app. Gets my 5 stars, but I’d still love to see the two things I requested to be added! Thanks for reading this giant wall of text.

One thing missing…. So far this app is great and all but the thing that bugs me the most are the slide notes that don’t work for the slicer feature. I really want this feature really bad to make some chromatic notes.

Fl studio, best on mobile. This is the best app I’ve used for beat creation, I’ve also tried Cubasis 3 and a few other well known brands. I’ve never had an issue until iOS updated 3 days ago. My app kept crashing so I went online to image lines troubleshoot page. I uninstalled then reinstalled the app. It stopped crashing but when I went to connect my Google drive it began crashing again. In other words a year and a half’s work is either lost or unavailable until the crash issue is fixed. I will update my review when this bug gets fixed. Other than that issue I’ve been in complete freedom to create and tweak countless musical ideas and have made endless samples with this program, the automations and effects packed in make you forget you’re on your cell phone. I played a beat the other day for someone and they could not believe I made it on a cell phone.

You messed up. Look, I like when slide notes were introduced, but the problem now is that when two notes is one on top and one on bottom, It’ll sound weird. Go back to the old where two notes makes different sounds

This app is amazing, but one problem.. You cannot change keys after your project is made. It’s Very irritating.

This app is NOT garbage!. My god these reviews are pretty ruthless. I didn't think there was or is a thing wrong with this app. I love it. I learned it on my own and it's a great tool for the beginner producer. That being said there are two complaints I have. The most frustrating is one that involves no sound coming from my instruments when I add them to my drum sequencer. I will get audio from the first two slots i.e. my kicks, and then nothing else after. If I load a Nother track the audio comes back but when I go back to the track I’m editing this problem persists. The second complaint I have is one during live recordings, when I am switching back-and-forth between wave types and when I am switching oscillation times. If I switch to 1/4 from 1/2 it will live record it as 3/8 or 3/4 if I’m going a full beat . I don’t know how to fix this even after the recording is finished. If anyone has any tips on whether or not I’m just dumb or how to actually fix this let me know

VERY EFFICIENT AND USEFUL. BUG ALERT!!!!. I love the app, it has all the things to give me a certain range of ideas and to put them down in tracks, I could say they should add more instruments, always useful since not all of us have the privilege to upload WAV. Files. BUG ALERT!! This terrible bug has been ruining my experience with this app, and it's almost hurting my ears to physical impairment. Every time I have a project open and I'll get a notification, sometimes I'll go to that notification and it will make this LOUD terrible feedback screech that litterally makes me rip off the headphones. It has happened almost every time I switch apps from FL studios. please fix or else this could end in a law suit if I go deaf because of it.

Amazing app, but…. I been using this app to make bangers for about 6 months+, and I absolutely love it, but the only real issue I have with it is the limiter. What I mean is that a song can sound really good, but when the limiter is added, it honestly sounds bad. Like one of the instruments has a compressor and some other instruments don’t mix right, so you have to basically readjust everything again even though it sounded PERFECT before the limiter was added. I suggest just removing the limiter and let the audio play out like it would when someone is developing it. Also, a song sounds quite different when in the FLM, and Rendered. If you have a solution to this, I’d really appreciate it if you please let me know. Thank you.

New update is good but. Some direct waves don’t work as they used to in the last update. Whenever I press them it’ll be a different instrument instead of the one I clicked on please fix this issue

Pretty awesome!. I use this mainly for remixing songs and so far it's awesome! It's easy to use and very intuitive if you have a general idea of how a DAW works. It's great for producing on the go. Rarely, there are some bugs and crashes but they get fixed fairly quickly once the developers find out. Good stuff! :)

GO BACK. This app used to be perfect. in every way. it was awesome and I used it for two years before upgrading to my pc. And I go back to mobile for the nostalgic effect. And its completely different now. It used to be simple and great, there weren’t accounts that you had to make to restore purchases (which btw soft locked all of my old purchases) Im not saying that the app is crap, even now its pretty good for beginners. But if you want my personal opinion for if someone who has the power to act on this statement. Go back. Go back to the way the app used to be. It was compact. Simple while still allowing you to make your music complex. And it didn't crash every second. The downloading and extracting of the .mp3 files or the .wav files were impeccable. And now if your phone is low battery or your wifi isn’t the best it could be it will affect the way your app sounds when using lets say an aux cable or especially bluetooth. And sometimes when extracting the files not only does it take a long time but sometimes they come out sounding like a microwave. Fix the app. Or dont. I dont care that much i've got it on pc which is like 100% better. But I feel like more people would download and like the app if you changed back to the classic or at least released a separate app thats just the classic. Later!

<3 this on the mac store. Been using this app on iOS since the first release, before the redesign. Completely changing an apps design is tough to pull off, but these guys did it well. For the iOS version, you really shouldn't sleep on this app, it really is a beast. Seeing it available here in the mac app store was a nice suprise, installation was a breeze. Up running and sync'd my iOS work in just minutes. A native iOS app is now available on the mac app store. I dunno what FL has planned here, if anything, but i'm looking forward it nonetheless. I purchased the full FLStudio for mac suite during their annual end of year sale just last year. Its a great deal and a great product to support. I'm a Logic Ableton guy tho and had no real plan to dive in, yet at least. It's a different workflow for sure and one that will take time to learn. But this mobile edition of FL is a step away from the core FL imo. Here's hoping that this mac app store release is a sign of more FLS Mobile developement to come. This thing has all the potential to stand on it's own and i hope they push in it in that direction.

Please add some features. I have been using garage band when on my phone because it had some features I like, and decided to try FL Studios. I’ll start by saying FL studio makes sequencing simple, compared to Garage band that wants you to play perfect than manually adjust notes which takes a while if you aren’t a keyboard player. So FL studio takes a win there, but it loses in the fact that I can’t figure out how to import one shots and samples I have saved in my files, and I cant use my external audio apps.( I currently have Octane and Animoog, they work in Garage Band but I can’t use them in FL). I would also like a chord feature to play chords. Once again I’m not a keyboard player, and I like how garage band enables playing chords in the song key with the press of a button.

Major issues. 1. No recording quantization of any kind whatsoever. So you either play your patterns in perfectly the first time, or take the extra step of manually adjusting or snapping off time notes AFTER every single recording. When virtually every other daw, groovebox, even music making toys aimed at kids and casuals has recording quantization, it’s unforgivable to omit it, oh but thanks for letting us change the colors, big help there. 2. The user interface is very very fiddly and an absolute chore to navigate through. Surprising, because the app is fairly simple in design. Yet somehow, even after knowing where everything is and how to do everything, you still find yourself wrestling with the interface. One panel/page always seems to be obscuring something else or cluttering up the screen and it’s up to you, the user, to keep the screen organized by constantly scrolling and moving things around. Not fun. On a positive note, the sounds are very good and I particularly like how the instruments and fx are sort of organized within the same window. Scale selection for the in app keyboard was a welcome addition as well. It’s unfortunate that the aforementioned glaring issues make it a chore and a grind to use what would otherwise be a very awesome mobile daw.

Exactly what is so bad about it?. I say, this app is worth every buck. I find it extremely useful, especially since I’m “on the run” a lot. I really don’t have hours upon hours of available time that could be spent on a much better suited program on my laptop or computer. Some people say that this app is confusing as heck, and in the beginning I have to agree with that. For me, that’s just how any app shifting from PC to mobile may seem. For some people it could be a downgrade because a smartphone will never compare to a gigantic CPU, but this app really isn’t all that bad, and for only $15 , I believe? Moral of the story, if you like anything mobile and you want to start making some beats, this app is perfect. If PC is more your thing, just use it on PC!

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Not worth the money. Whatever you do do not download this app because it cost $22.99 and after a while it crashes and then you can’t use🤬🤬😡😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬🤬😡😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡😡🤬😡🤬🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬. So I’m telling you do not download this app!😭😭😭😭

awsome. best house music app

Need to update ASAP - crashes every time music imported. Need to fix import function. Pre update worked great -now completely useless

Love it. Bought this a few weeks ago and have had no problems, definitely recommend it

Good just fix this bug. Whenever I want to use a sample from a another song and put it in my files in does not let me load them in

New update too difficult. I'm disappointed with the new update fl studio has had recently, it is too hard to make a simple drumbeat and I can't even find where the Kim's and claps are.

The best music app in the App Store by far!. A long time ago, I used a program called Fruity Loops to make music. It was the best program I had ever used and I longed to find a replacement. Fruity Loops has now become FL Studio and is now available in the App Store. The functionality is incredible, the user interface is intuitive and seamless and it is just overall incredible. For anyone who wants to make music on an iPad, I strongly recommend this. Worth every cent!

Network error. Keeps saying there is a network error or storage error when there’s nothing wrong with my storage and network, I’ve tried everything

Crashes when using Audiobus. iPhone XS Max 1. I can’t get anything going with audiobus/IAA Synthesizers. No sound from the other apps. I tried Model 15, Reason compact, Elastic drums - FL Studio just crashes. 2. I resent having to use the forum inside the app for support because I need to type in my username and password every time there is an update and the thread UI is awful. Why can’t app support be here? 3. Audible clicks/latency even when using the stock synths. If these 3 issues were resolved I would happily give a five star review.

Great. I Love this app !! But can you make it like the Pc version so it will be more easier to use?

No appigator.. Need to go in a round about way to create appigeos.

Disappointing. I dont want to be another person that complains and wants something for nothing, but, when I compare this against other apps around the same price for example Beatmaker2, this is really disappointing. I have been using Fruity Loops or FL Studio since 1998. One of the defining aspects of FL Studio is the incredible ease of use and the ability to get a great sound real quick. In my judgment this is App is a very very 'lite' version of what the full desktop application has provided for years. I find the FX setup whilst promising, it is very limited in that effectively you are limited to 1 effects send across all of your instruments. The instrument pool that Imageline has provided is lame, and has no editing capacity/ sound manipulation beyond ADSR, Volume and Panning. The pros: step sequencing and recording piano roll instruments and looping is easy. Where I think this app is really let down is the poor FX bus, zero instrument editing, and a dull mix of bundled instruments. In short an elementary app. For the same money, try Beatmaker2, an incredible app. Or for a $5 the mighty Xenon Groove Synthesiser!!

Good, but.... I'm Gradually getting used to FLM3, however a lot of my old songs are different now, even since the latest fix. Some instruments are now on a different octave. Others have the riff written down but no sample. And when I drop the instrument back to its original octave it refuses to save the change. So next time I load it, it's back to where it was, usually one octave too high. I don't know what to do...

NO TIME STRETCHING = BAD. Pleas include time stretching cus it would be usfull eg an out of bar or out of beat audio (1 out 5 audio tracks doesnt fit in with the rest of the audio tracks (timeing) eg rest are 4 bars while 5th is 5 bars u could time stretch it down to 4 bars so it fits with the other tracks)

GarageBand is better!!!. Did you guys even tested this app?! It’s way too complicated and it doesn’t have the benefits that GarageBand has. It’s a shame that I can’t use GarageBand at the moment because apparently it won’t be available until it reaches a certain software update which I still have yet to get!!! GOD DO I HATE APPLE FOR THAT!!! Now I just wasted twenty dollars just so I can afford this awful app and I can’t get my money back! Thanks a lot, thieves!!!

Great BUT!. Can u make making music easier? 👍

FL Studio Awesome! (Beats recording myself beat boxing my bass lines). I started using FL desktop program for awhile although, I'm now an Apple fan and was annoyed to learn no OSX program was created (unless I wanted to piggy back boot camp, but I heard the output quality is so so).. Anyway, I've ALWAYS recorded myself beat boxing my rhythms and especially my bass lines! So I can remember and apply it to Logic. So anyone who says that FL studio "could be better", is off their heads! My only dislike wand unfortunately it's stopped me from writing as much as i used to, is layout in its entirety. it's just so confusing. And also, restoring instrument sample packages that i purchased on the first app platform in 2014. I don't like to moan but when you've spent over $50+ on packages it's a tad frustrating.

5 stars. I only rated this five big stars because I can make mr beast

It’s okie. It won’t let me record my voice what do I have to do???

Grouse. Grouse

:). Love this app, being able to start a beat when I'm on a break at work or where ever then having the ability to export it to my FL Studio desktop version and finish the track later. Brilliant Would highly recommend this app to anyone running FL Studio as there main DAW, Very helpful Cheers image line, been waiting for this one

Another Toy. If you put all the ipad music apps together you could get a decent workstation. Don't know if I'll use this one. Apple should make all contributors write apps in an evaluation form so you can see if it's useful. As it stands buying an app is a gamble. And on this one I think I lost.

Great app. This app looks and feels amazing, as a long time fl studio user im STOKED to see that this has come about, to the guy with the issue with difficulty with the technicalities of the app; this is for people with at least a basic knowledge of how a DAW works, in particular fl studio. Its not supposed to be easy right off the bat, its a proper technical app with real life practicality, im so stoked that you guys at image line have made this happen, MASSIVE props!

Unfortunately Disappointing. I got FL Studio for mobile hoping to be able to further my interest in music, and maybe even produce something. I got FL Studio in particular for it’s good reputation, and everyone was recommending it to me. I went into this hoping for it to be really easy to use, and to quickly make and produce music. Instead, what I found is that the system is not user-friendly in the slightest, the sounds you’re able to use are quite limited, and half of the buttons don’t properly work. This is really disappointing considering how much this was recommended to me, and how much this costed. In my opinion, it isn’t worth it.

Excellent and getting better. This app is not a copy of Music Studio as someone claims below. It's being developed by the same team. Music studio doesn't have... * Stepsequencer (awesome!) * Drum pads * Ability to load your own instruments (coming in the 1.1 update). Image-Line said this is just the beginning. Excellent app for making music on the do quickly. Definitely worth the money and you will also be getting plenty of free updates and goodies according to Image-Line. I wish people would check the FL Studio Mobile forums before posting :(

Update. Really good so far except with the latest update it won't allow me to upload music from my library without crashing. It would also be good to be able to assign the effects to certain channels and not just a an overal effect as I would like to use different filters for different tracks

Good, could be better. Fl studio HD has some great sounds and it's fairly easy to arrange your song once you get the hang of it. Unfortunately in the step sequencer there are no smart tap and drag or adjust options, instead FL requires you to tap on the tool you want before you edit any of your notes. So if you want to move five notes to different places you have to select each note then hit the move tool, then move the note instead of a simple tap and drag. This is also the same for scrolling and zooming out. The makers of this program have deemed scrubbing more important than navigating. A simple tap and pinch to zoom or slide to scroll on the bar count would have made this program much more user friendly.

Absolutely Excellent!. A must buy for any music enthusiast/producer. Worth of at least $100 for desktop program for only $25. Well done imageline!

Major bugs.. Whenever I go to playback the tracks I've made with a minisynth pad. It freezes, no sound comes and it is virtually unusable... Please fix this soon. I'm on IPod 4

KMc. I Need Keppy’s Steinway Soundfont

Problem with the recording part. so i found a problem with the audio recording. every time i try to make a custom sound to make a beat. when i hit record. get it down and save it to use it it turns the sounds i make into a 1 tone high pitch sound that isnt what i even recorded. can you guys try to fix the audio recording please. Thank you


Pro keys. Fun app. Some features that I believe would enhance the experience are; support for iPad Pro Smart Keyboard, scales function for keyboard, discount to buy all in app features at once. Thanks

Would be good if it worked. For what ever reason right now it is not working on my Mac Mini M1 after the latest update. Would be nice if it did.

Good game but one problem. This is a really good game it has lots of synths and instruments to choose from but I have one problem my songs keep deleting themselves for no reason it’s done this 3 times I’ve saved them but they keep deleting can you please fix this?

Refund please. Refund please, the app would have been good if itdidn’t glitch. I have a new iphone and updates so i dont know why this isn’t working. Most of the time the headphone sound just drops out for no reason, and a lot of the time I’ll find what i like with the presets and then the app won’t record anything when i press record. It says it saves presets but when i open my project its back to what it was before, i keep having to change the autotune key every time i open my project.Disappointed because i do like the layout and seems really easy to use but it keeps screwing up.

Great app. I love this app and I use it heaps but idk how to make more then one songs and I can't get the only instrument packs I want for some reason but otherwise it's a great app and I recommend it

Great app but limited!!!. I bought the app about a half year ago and loved it, but immediately found it very limited, with the thing keeping on verifying my account ImageLine account for the special instruments. Compared to other iOS apps such as GarageBand and launchpad and such, it is great, but compared to Ableton live or fl studio in computer, I find it limited. Great for beginners or those wanting to learn a daw. Thanks and keep up the good work.

No sound?. I bought this yesterday and it worked fine, I was very pleased. Now today, no sound... What gives? This not good enough. Before the program gets to the App Store it should work properly. Very very very VERY annoyed. Fix this!

Thank you for fixing the bug.. I have returned my rating to a 5 star

This app is polished and so much fun. I've bought many music apps to test out the Line6 MIDI Mobilizer and this app is definitely the best I've purchased to date. Even without an external MIDI controller, the interface is a credit to the developers- everything you need and only at the time you need it. The sounds are good, the effects are very good. I would like a super easy way to expand the sound sets with my own multisamples and maybe have more than 1 FX bus. I would also like to be able to use my MIDI keyboard controller buttons to operate the play/record/rewind, but I'm very satisfied. Price is high for an app but it is significantly higher quality than any of the other apps I tried. Overall this is a high performance music workstation that doesn't feel like work at all!

PC vs MOBILE. Really good on PC and mobile, started off not knowing what to do until I studied music and fl studio now I know what to use and do if I make a mistake. Haven't made music before I found fl studio and this update is great. 5 star rating from me.

Not very good. Not a professional DAW compared to Auria or even NanoStudio. Also, the plugin names are deceptive as they have nothing in common with the desktop plugins with same names.

WONT RECORD WITH EARPHONES IN. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone can help me with this issue, I’m trying to record audio with the beat playing in my earphones like I’ve seen people do with this app on iPhone, it says it’s recording but is not picking up any audio unless the earphones are unplugged( which is useless to me) I know it’s not my earphones or phone because it works on GarageBand.

These people don't get it..... I think everyone's missing the point of this app here. This app is designed to be used with the desktop FL Studio, not as a full DAW. You are meant to use it to quickly jot down ideas when they come to you. For example a new melody might come to mind, so you quickly get out your ipad, note down the melody, find a sound preset you like, and add some drums. Then, when you access FL on your desktop, send the track to it, and finish everything up there :D It's simple. Once again, this is not a fully-featured DAW, it is used to jot down ideas for you to transfer to the desktop FL, and finish off. Hopefully you guys'll get it now and stop complaining. Well, THANK YOU IL FOR THIS AMAZING PRODUCT. For me it's very useful, I dunno about you guys, but previously I would hum melodies that came to mind into a sound recorder. Now I can just jot them down on this! Thank youuuuuuuu! ;D

Y U NO MAKE 4 Mac?. Hi, I once used fl before and I really enjoy using it to make dubstep. The only problem is I don't understand why you don't make the software for MacBook Pro. This is very confusing and I hope you can fix this.

Love it but more instruments. Hey I use this app as my main outlet for music composition at the moment and I love it completely! I reckon you us should keep churning the instrument add ons to this product for purchase!!!

Good but expected better. I bourght this thinking that it could help me make my rhythms faster but it doesnt even have piano roll. waste of $20, the computer version it much better. And i would suggest you buy that.

Very bad. There are WAY too many glitches and bugs in this app most of them being problems with audio not playing, AUDIO NOT PLAYING. Also, this app is like a maze. It’s very hard to get around and can be really tricky to get used to. It’s also very expensive for what it can do and in my opinion isn’t worth buying. I can’t understand why the developers didn’t just allow the “actually good” Fl studio to be on mobile instead of this Fl stupidio joke. Also, judging by what I’ve seen, the developers of this app haven’t even looked at all the reviews from this Fl studio imposter. I expected a lot more than this.

/:. Since the new update came out yesterday the buttons on my screen have not been working properly. I touch play, it presses the button to the left. I press on settings it presses something else. Atm currently unusable. I thought it was my phone at first but by using an older version of the app I could press all the buttons fine. Pls fix!

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We. Need. More. Sounds.. It would be terrific if you could add more sounds, whether they be for free, or as an in-app purchase. You could possibly add things like VSTs such as; Nexus, Omnisphere, etc. We also need more drum sounds, especially trap drums. One last thing; 808s. We need more 808 sounds. If we could get a whole lot of new sounds, that would be amazing!! I hope to see some add-ons to the sound library in the next update.

Exactly as advertised. Waited sooo long for this day and it has arrived. Smooth app and runs nicely. Very few glitches to note. Well worth the purchase.

My review. This is a scam I’m just a little kid tryna make a name for myself and I spent 20 dollars of my hard earned money just to realize that most of the sound packs cost money this ain’t cool I literally paid for the app it should give me the full version

Amazing. The new feature to edit synths is absolutely awesome! Thanks for adding it!

Uhhhh....are you ok, Fl?. Doo doo doo doo doo doo...wait heh? I was starting a song from the Electro House template. Kick Mix. Ok. Oh here’s my drums. *goes to make a clip* All the sudden this glitchy thing appears. It looks like too many instruments on the left. And it shows too many things on. Green on 1000 pixels Yellow on 7000 pixels Blue on 500 pixels (Just kidding) But it just looks weird. Absolute glitch. I can still add instrument notes, but they’re... A. Invisible. B. No play button. And C. Why do I have to restart in order to get rid of it? If I could send an attachment you would have enough info and just get rid of it. BUT NO. I HAVE TO ACTUALLY BULLY YOU TO FIX IT. It just hurts my brain to look at it. And please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. JUST FIX IT.

Amazing till the new update. I just hate the new UI it’s on the bottom now like Bruh Also sends!? WHAT ARE SENDS!?

In app purchases reset?!?!. I have had in app purchases since I got the program went to use it after a couple of months of no use and all my purchases are no longer there.. it’s telling me I have to pay for them again?

Fantastic app!!!. Love it!!!

Damn, it’s so nice. Really awesome, can I get a discount on fl studio producer edition for my broke a**

Touch tap probleme. I cant tap anything look like the app is not compatible with my iphone 8plus... did reload it and still... the touch control are in the wrong place

I like it but. Pystrance Is pretty cool Can you more stuff like Cyberpunk,Dubstep,Tropical house,Electro,Complextro,Trap,EDM,And other genre sample packs to directwave please. It would be awesome

It looks far better than it is to work with. :(. Having just spent the last hour plus, working on my Tangerine Dream ambient tune idea ... inserting / editing notes in it's notes area is a major P.I.T.A! One of the most difficult things is placing the notes in the view, with proper quantization. (Doing it without, is quite difficult to place with any strong timing accuracies, hence, bringing you back to quantizing to help yourself out. :( ) But - dotted note lengths? Wholey schidt! Talk about even FURTHER pain in the a! Anything outside of 4/4 quantization is extremely difficult to do. I've had to do the note placements by eye and ear. I got them in to their satisfactory positions but ... is it really worth the time required? (I don't remember ever having troubles like this working with the few versions of Fruity Loops that I did in the late 90's and / or early 2000's.) Next - changing things over time. Recording wise, you have _ONE_ set of effects, for the entire collection of tracks in the sequence. Not, per track, like the other sequencers that I've seen so far. That helps to take away from the 'mood' of the piece if you're using an effect to help accentuate a sound. (I was using Filter Cutoff and Resonance on one of the presets to give it some animation through the 1st 24 bars. As soon as I added a bassline, IT had the same effect applied to it. Nope. Can't do that. Thereby, lost the Cutoff/Resonance changes. :( ) Next - trying to zoom in and out of the track you're working on as well as moving the track along to look at it further into the tune? A horrible method for doing both of those! I haven't seen that many sequencers yet, but their method IS by far, the worst way of doing it that I've yet seen on the i-Pad 3. :( Next - volume changes have to be done note by note. They can't be recorded over time. Overall - composing by manual placing notes (as opposed to recording things by playing live) in the current version, takes way, way too much time away from the creative flow. It shore looks great but ...

Very solid DAW. I seen the other reviews are old, The app has improved much since then and there’s many useful features for making music now. The piano roll can now sort the keys according to scale and I’ve noticed that this app runs way smoother than before

Bad. The computer version is much better

Used to use it all the time. I like the new additions of everything, but however I feel like the app’s capabilities of handling very large projects with 30-40+ channels isn’t too good as if now. the apps audio come out very chopping to the point where it’s just no sound at all… Still the potential of what you can make with this is unreal…

Opinion. It will be better if it have patterns Which is not. The sound inside don't really sound good. If at least it will have the vst Sytrus it will be awesome . But it's good when you have an idea and your not at your home.

Fl studio please. it would be cool if we could use plugin in fl studio mobile

Pixely audio. I love the app, been using it for quite some time now. But a couple days ago when ever I go to record my voice it would always come out pixely, even when I have vocal monitor on. I searched up how to fix it but couldn’t find any results, and there no options in settings to fix it. I was wondering if you could help my how to fix it, cuz I can’t.

Great. 20 bucks is peanuts for what this can do. Incredible.

Your solo ain’t operating. To whom it may concern, Your solo button doesn’t work for me on my iPhone 11 I need it to function as its intended to so that I can individually eq the sounds and instruments accurately. When I click the solo option for any sound I hear nothing please fix.

lol. Funny music making app lol

Great but one request. Add a way to change tempo mid-song like in FL Studio 20 Also why does it play earrape or no audio when playing an audio file that came from the site: ytmp3

I love fl mobile and i use it a lot, but one issue. Can you PLEASE make slide notes slicer compatible like in the real fl studio? Thar’s my only real complaint everything else works flawlessly

Slicer slides notes and tempo change automation. The app is good but its still missing the slicer slide notes and tempo change automation. are they gonna be added on future updates?.

Needs improvement. Glitchy and can’t make up its mind, copy paste function almost doesn’t exist. Could be great, but isn’t.

Getting better every update. Good for quick ideas but rough around the edges. Can load projects into pc version

Audio glitch. The master track just randomly pauses. (Playhead doesn’t move when I click play) Clicking play again does nothing and the sound only works when it wants to.. it’s unusable and honestly I’d really like a refund unless someone can help me.

100% worth the money. PC edition is better, especially for Mac, but mobile even is great, although can’t download any other sound packs. But love it as usual, FL Studio is great for young/beginner music producers!

Crash. Just bought the app and I can’t get in it keeps crashing

No Audio?. I can't hear anything and the audio of my piano

Bugged. I’ve spent a lot of time making beats for fun but now when I open fl it’s completely unresponsive. I’ve deleted and lost everything and re-downloaded still nothing.

Where does the audio keep going?. Ever since I had either downloaded the last software update for my iPad 11” pro or downloaded the update for FL studio mobile, the audio keeps crashing. It’ll be playing and then hear a static sound and then the sound is gone. I’ve come to learn that I’m not the only one experiencing this technical issue. It happens nearly every time I start the app but yet any other apps audio works fine. Fl studio mobile won’t work again until I restart my entire tablet. Since it’s an audio app, only 3 stars until this bug is fixed to stop the failing audio.

Add fruity soft clipper. You guys should really fix the stability because I hear a lot of popping when I play my beats and I don’t like it

Drag and drop samples to the main page for future update. I know it’s possible Thank you for your time and consideration

808. Weeeoh wahweewoowahwahwoah🗣️

Excellent sequencer, solid sounds, some limitations.. This is a more in-depth review with comparisons to other sequencing applications for the iPad. I've read that this app is a co-development between Image Line and the developer of Music Studio. You can definitely see the similarities, but there are some useful additions such as the step-sequencer,drum pads, and more. The user-interface is very well designed and I didn't even need to scratch the manual to start writing with this. One thing that isn't mentioned in the description is that the sequencer can be set to different time codes, including 3/4, 5/4, and 7/4. Switching this around and using the step-sequencer its quick to create polyrhythms. The sequencer can allow for 99 tracks which makes it easier to manipulate your compositions. That you can export MIDI tracks means you can polish up these sounds later in a more powerful desktop app. It seems like right now every music app on the app store has it's strengths and weaknesses and FL Studio Mobile is no exception. It's strongest abilities lie in its notation. It is not a synthesizer, however, with practically no ability to tweak or modify the preset sounds. The instruments consist of multi samples and are quite clear and punchy. They are suitable for arrangement and the drums are good enough to be used in production or with some post-processing. It has no ability to import samples, though I read this will be in an upgrade and if that is so it will greatly improve the application. The effects are mediocre and the routing is very limited. I recently purchased iSequence HD which I found too limited with the number of tracks (only 8), time signatures, and odd implementation of polyphonic ability (only one note per track). It does have better FX routing ability. Plus it also allows you to create your own samples and resample. It also has some basic instrument sounds and no true synthesizers. Song creation is basic compared to FL. GarageBand has some of the best sounds and playability, but sadly no piano roll or note editing. For the price, it is incredible, and useful as an audio recorder/mixer. Very basic sampling and only 8 tracks. The other app I've used is Nanostudio, which has a very good sequencer, almost as good as FL Studio. It also is limited in the amount of tracks. However, it totally kicks every other app with it's FX and virtual analog synthesis. It also allows you to import your own samples. In both these respect it's much better than FL Studio. An iPad update is coming for Nanostudio. Currently, FL Studio Mobile is easily one of the best music composition apps available. This is mostly because of its sequencer and high track count. If they can add a synthesizer, a sampler, and audio tracks and it will be bliss. Other apps worth checking out, iMS-20, Electribe, Rebirth, Musix (really cool app for learning and playing chords and scales).

The songs never play. The songs that I right rarely play and I have to shut down fl studio just to hear it once

Good. I love this

Y. Best app

New update not good. My pluckin's won't even load, i have full version.

Great but also great. I really like this app, my only problem is how many buttons you need to press to get to a new menu

Good DAW (but missing vital features). One of the best workflow daws out there but it’s let down by some major shortcomings. No auv3 support, which would have been fine if we could “freeze/render to new audio track” but you can’t even do that. Gotta solo each track and render project one by one then menu dive and drag the audio in.

Extremely Well-Designed. Very polished and full-featured app. The instrument quality isn't on par with the level of GarageBand, but the sequencing tools are incredible. It would be nice to have a larger array of drum kits, and perhaps upgrade the acoustic kit with more options and higher quality samples. Or better yet, be able to export the midi tracks to use. In GarageBand. All said, great app and well worth the money.

It’s good but has some bugs. So I tried to make a midi file but it didn’t work at all, it just sent me to a blank file with 120 as the tempo, and I didn’t click New Song, I clicked save and opened the file, please fix this

App stuck a lot. Too much lagging, nowhere closer to pc version. No option to undo deleted channel. Totally disappointed. I request the refund please.

great. It's kind of complex at first but once you start playing with it you'll love it :)

crash. at least make this app more functional without making it crash every five minutes

#1 music making app.. Only app you could use to make good music.

Scam. I was charged without my permission a month after I get this

Nice for beginners, restricting for others. Got this app because I thought it was a direct port of FL Studio on Pc so i can use it when im away for home but it is its own thing. The amount of instruments is restricting because you cant import your own and your better off using garage band or any other free production app.

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Great, but could use a few things.. I love this app. It's great for producing, and I've made several songs myself. However, after using the app for a long time, it gets old. It's the same synths, the same bass, the same drum kits. What would make the app 100 times better would be to add many more instruments, creating a larger variety for better music production. Also, customization to the instruments themselves would make for more variety. In short, more variety in instruments, like on the actual software, would make the app much, much better.

FIX THIS PLEASE. Really good Music Production app so far. As I've gotten more comfortable with the basics it's gotten easier to experiment and my work sounds far more professional. However, this app crashes on me at least 12 times a week. Usually it's more like a bug (The audio isn't audible, fx won't take affect etc.) but lately it's been down right crashing on me every time I try to edit something. And this app needs to be more customizable. Find a way to make more sound packs available that users may get on their own. The lack of this feature really puts a halt on the potential this app has. But if anything is to be addressed first, please make it the crashing issue. Only made it one star because I'm hoping to be heard.

Well worth it. $20 seems almost dirt cheap once you get to know this app. It is extremely intuitive and easy to use, while at the same time extremely loaded with features. This version does lack some nitty-gritty elements of the desktop version, but it looks so nice and functions so great on the iPad that it brings something completely new to the table. Highly recommended over any other music production app. I've worked with both music studio and isequence hd and have to say that this app takes those two mobile production studios to the next level.

Absolutely Amazed. I don’t write reviews for apps. FL Studio Mobile deserves it - I’m blown away by how powerful it is, and how intuitive the layout is (this coming from someone who doesn’t use FL on a desktop). I figured out how to navigate and compose very quickly. I can’t speak to how it feels on a smaller device, but on my 12.9” iPad Pro, it looks amazing and responds perfectly. I’m sure more limitations will make themselves known as I continue to use it, but right now my only complaint is the lack of ability to change time signatures.

Important message review. Hi my name is Brandon also known as Knowlegin I'm a hip hop songwriter/prod My reason for this review is to get in contact with you your app opened a door for me in a broke tight financial situation for years I've been trying to find a way to record my music i did research on iOS devices androids and tablets finally I found a way your original fl studio mobile app changed my life I found a way to record music I saved and saved and paid for a iPod touch 6 gen just to get your fl studio app because of its quality. Built a career making music off of it gained fans over 12,000 and you guys did an update that destroyed it all please I need not want need that original fl studio mobile app without it I will lose what I have gained please contact me help me my dream of becoming great are at its lowest now I've tried your website I can't contact you this is all that's left please reply back

Thank you. All the best things about ios music making finally packaged in a way that allows for maximum ease of use and customization. I love how easy it is turn a few midi clips into a composition in short order. Some apps are great, but have limited functionality, others are too ambitious and complicated to fit within the mobile schema. But this is a DAW with a simple enough design to work well on a mobile device, and none of constraints that make you wish you were on your laptop.

App is glitched.. I downloaded it because i wanted to make a song and my friend who has been using it to make music for over a few months now has had no problems but when I downloaded it everything I go to click is to the right so if I try to click on something where it says I’m clicking is to the right so I have to click to the left. It makes it impossible to navigate and I can’t even start a new song. And it’s not my phone cause everything else is perfectly normal it’s just this 1 app. If there could be some way to fix the calibration that would be great I tried closing it and even deleting and re-downloading it a nothing works. If there is a way to recalibrate the touch or if that could be added that would be fantastic others wise I want my money back.

Can't use your own sounds and samples?. Why has nobody else complained about this? I'm downloading now so I hope I'm incorrect. But I've been using FL since 2003 as well and not once have a made a track using any preset sounds whatsoever. FL needs to accept the fact that their program is highly used amongst hiphop producers and not just techno producers. I use FL as my main daw on my computer. But I have to resort to beatmaker2 for the iPad when I would REALLy just like to use this FL...but no samples? Man... I'm kinda let down. I'm hoping that you can and it was just left out of the description. I really would love to use this instead of beatmaker. It's a shame.

Good start but... What made FL Studio the bomb was it was one of the original PC music production application that allowed importing sounds and also carried on board synth creation. both of these powerful features are missing for the mobile version. Which is unacceptable giving the fact that other applications on iTunes took this concept from FL Studio and made it work. Please..Please provide this with the next update to reclaim your original luster and beauty. For us fans of your PC version making this addition even as an add on purchase would be the minimal expectation to keep your crown! Until then Nano Studio is the Music God of Apps.

Just know it’s not much of a full package, so to speak. I love FL studio, and have owned full kit on PC for years now. But the layout and what you can do on the app is very different. There are nice features that I don’t think are on the pc version, like selecting the key, and it’ll only let you use the notes of that key. Stuff like that. But as far as instrument packages, and synths, and things alike, the selection is a bit limited. Also, construction the song on a playlist and all that, it’s not as easy as it is on pc.

Great app for creating new music but some minor issues... :). There are some glitch or some lag that makes weird and irritating sound and sometimes, it hurts my ear. Especially when I come back to Fl Studio after I do other stuff like Web or apps. But trust me, when you download this app, $20 is so worth it. You can make like millions of songs based on what they have for drum kits, keyboard, SFX, and drum loops. Love this app. I want to get the FL studio 10 on my computer but its $200 for the software.... Just too much for me man... But I will get it in the future :)

it’s cool but app keeps closing. Fl mobile is a great app. I’ve been using it for years but as of recently the app just keeps closing at random moments while i’m using it and it’s really annoying. It usually happens when i try to export a project or import a file and whenever it closes, it pretty much deletes all of my progress I've had done on whatever project i was working on which is mad frustrating. i’ve restarted my phone and redownloaded the app several times and i’m still dealing with this problem. PLEASE FIX THIS IMMEDIATELY.

Just not that usable. A couple problems I have: You can't loop audio recordings - it doesn't quantisize like instrument and step sequencing. - so wherever you click is where the beginning is. - good luck hitting that perfect spot to copy and paste. I miss the sequencer for the sequencer. It's quite annoying to have to go into the studio view and copy and drag your steps or instrument loops into place. Please bring back the simple sequencer for the sequencer (where all you do is place a square where you want you loop to go in the song like when FL was Fruity Loops - haven't had the desktop FL studio yet - Mac user - that sequencer for the sequencer would make this app so much more usable). If you plan on trying to make whole songs and not just drum loops I would look elsewhere. I love the ease of the drum sequencer but everything else seems very lacking. I want to love this app but I can't. It was one of my main reasons for purchasing an ipad, but I'm quite disappointed. Thank goodness for Animoog and Alchemy and Celtx.

Sounds are great. UI is horrible.. The sounds are great and I can make some great sounding tracks FOR A PHONE. There’s a lot of versatility and things you can do - but the user interface is so impossible to navigate as well as constantly clicking or changing the wrong things. I know it was made to be simple for mobile for people unfamiliar with a DAW. But coming from an audio engineer who works in recording studios- I like it for the sounds but using it is an absolute nightmare. If I could take the sounds out to use in a DAW that was made more traditionally (like the computer version) I would; and will. Love that this exists at all, but the User Interface needs some major re-work from the ground up.

Nice app heres a few ideas. As someone who cant afford the “real” FL Studio but really loves producing I appreciate you guys making this. I think its an extremely well crafted mobile DAW and definitely the best I’ve seen, however It feels like you guys consider FL Mobile more of a side project. It doesn't really feel finished yet. I’d love to see gross beat, and plugins added like maybe Omnisphere, and Electra? Or at least plugins like FL keys? Do u guys have any plans on adding stuff like this? I’m especially interested in gross beat & bpm automation. Could we expect something like this in future updates?

Great DAW, needs .sf2 support. One of the best mobile DAWs out there, and its probably the only one powerful enough to make actually well-produced music. The app itself is very user friendly, but powerful at the same time, something a lot of mobile DAWs have trouble balancing (GarageBand was always hard to navigate to me for some reason). The sample library is very large and the ability to add new ones is fantastic. The only gripes I have with the app in its current form are pretty minor: - Earlier versions are unstable and crash often, although they has been mostly fixed now. - Midis sometimes have trouble loading, although not as common as you’d think. - Sometimes the app is very laggy. Aside from that, this app is really, really good. The only other thing I want is support for .sf2 files. Most of the music I make uses Soundfonts in some capacity, and other mobile daws like Audio Revolution now support them. If that were possible, I would appreciate it being in FL Mobile, especially since .sf2s are used very frequently on the PC version. Thank you!

By far the worst music making app I’ve ever downloaded. Seriously, even dragging and copying midi is a chore. Say I wanted to drag some midi from a drum track to match it with the bass...can’t do that. Say I wanted to change my synth sound after setting it, oops that’s also too much to ask. How about preserving white space? No? Okay. But maybe just maybe when I copy and paste, the pasted loop could actually go to the start of the bar right? Wrong. Everything is behind hard to find menus and I mean seriously I don’t ever write reviews but this thing needs these little features. Literally iMPC gives you better control seeing as somehow it’s piano roll is so much better than this one. I’ve never dealt with a worse piano roll in my life and I’ve used reason/Cubase, this is worse. Oh also moving a selection of notes is also apparently impossible.

Great Update!. I’ve had FL Studio mobile for a couple of years now and I’ve never been as happy with it as I am after the update. With its newest version, the interface is MUCH more flexible, a lot more user-friendly, and offers shortcuts to newly incorporated features. Also, there are no latency issues (which is spectacular) and a range of the basic plugins. Let it be said, I’m not professional, but I do enjoy using FL in my spare time and, in my opinion, it is totally worth the money.

I love ittt. I honestly have no idea why the ratings are so bad right now, because it has everything you need to make a decent song, and I’m pretty impressed the developers were able to fit so much into a mobile app. Even as someone who’s not used to making music, it was relatively simple to learn. They also have loads of tutorials to watch and those are pretty helpful. If you really wanna make music but don’t want to download softwares on your laptop or pc, I’d definitely recommend this.

BEST. APP. EVER!!!!!!!!!!. I personally have never tried the desktop version of fl studio, but for me, this is the right app. You can manipulate all aspects of EVERYTHING and it makes the app so AMAZING! If you find the right tutorials, you can make solid beats with this app. And if you go into the files app, you can put custom sounds in the "my files" folder, making this app even better!!!! The only complaint I have is that if I disconnect and reconnect my airpods to my phone, the hi hats sound muffled and sometimes the music doesn't even play. Other than that small complaint, this app is AMAZING!!!!!!!

This will help you learn to produce.. I first bought this app when my laptop broke because I didn’t want to stop producing and lose my groove at it so to speak, I wasn't optimistic at first but after delving into the software because it lacked a large amount of samples for the 15$ purchase although I realized that there was essentially all the tools you need to make a quality song... if you know how. Using this limited version of fl helps you get back to the basics of the music and really helps you get creative with your patterns and effects. I would say this is an excellent practice tool that people should try.

Pretty Decent.. This app is good but it could be better, let’s start with the good, pretty much the entire app is good I have nothing to say but good app 👏 but it could be better tho, 1. I don’t understand why you need to pay money just for a simple 808 bass it’s not like it’s gonna give you powers or some crap. 2. When ever I make a automation track and delete the channel it delete the other channel and it’s very buggy and annoying. 3. You should add a button to go further to the start I think it will be easier for people.

FL Studio Should Be Improved.. I have been using Fruity Loops Studio for not even a full day yet and I love it. There is a huge selection of drums and synth sounds. The only three problems are that there is no autotune or vocoder setting (when recording your voice). New voice effects should be included with the ability to import iTunes music. FL Studio Mobile should also fix the recording bug with the kick drum. Every time I try to record a kick drum sound, it's muted and it doesn't even look like it recorded. The other drum sounds record. Hopefully the creators can fix this bug. The rest is awesome though.

AUTHENTICITY 🦾. As experimenting continues within the 3x Oscillator, you can sound design just about any sound you’d like… from a pan snare to a raw wood rim shot. I’m all for this addition to the team of growing plugins! I ran into a problem because I’ve always been the one to accidentally run into complications and fall into “breaking” plugins due to overextending their use. Was wondering if you’d be able to strengthen the maintaining over the 3x oscillator, when I run two or more the gorgeous plugins drop out and it has now sound- honestly it could be my fault. 🥹 Love Elyxium Society! Keep up this authenticity! 🦾

Only One Concerning Issue. I’ve been using the app for a while and it’s been great. I enjoy making music on the app occasionally. I’ve had very few issues, but the biggest one I’ve come across recently is a bug. The speed and pitch will shift either slightly upwards or downwards, no matter the tempo. It depends on if I open the app with headphones on or off. If I have headphones plugged in, the phone speaker audio will be shifted in some way and vice versa. At first, I thought it was a problem with my phone, but the problem is only on this app, no other apps have the issues. However, if I save a project as an audio file, it’ll be completely fine. It would be great if this were fixed.

Music recording. When I record music I can hear when I hold down a note but it doesn't record the way I hear. When I record pressing down on a note and replay that recording all I hear is a quick tap. All the musical instruments are the same so for example If I pick a violin that I wanted to record a long violin sound to help make a song all I would hear is a quick tap of that instrument. I can still hear the instrument but nothing of any length. If This feature was fixed I could record many wonderful songs:)

No crashes, weird zoom. Thank you Image Line for finally updating and bringing this high prices app some stability. Months of random crashing was harsh! It is very stable, even with complicating multi-track songs. The biggest problem was songs with a mix of wav and midi tracks, especially when there was more than a few of each. Though there is reason to celebrate for those of us who forked the $20+ for this app and upgrades in-app, so far I've found one problem and hope that is all for a long while. I have a 4:10 minute song and while editing a few of the wav(recorded) files when I return to the main track screen, the screen stretches itself to the biggest setting possible which is irksome. I had to in stretch the screen 3 times. 100+ bars stretched to fit one bar on the whole screen is problematic, especially if it happens most of the time when editing wav's. That aside, thank you for finally stopping the constant crashes!

Great app, mis understood. This app is amazing. Anyone downloading this app and doesn't know how to use a music production software or how to write music I feel would not give this app 5 stars because they wouldn't know how to use it and complain about features. This app is obviously isn't going to create high quality music, they want u to use it in association with their computer production software so u can make songs on the go and then remaster them with the program. Neither the less u don't need any of the above things to acchualy enjoy it, the app is great for making music.

Amazing DAW, but it ain’t perfect. I’ve been using this app for months now, and all I can say is that those some good $18 I’ve spent! Now, I do want to point out that I feel that this app definitely needs an auv3 extension option that would definitely open up many possibilities for music production on mobile. I would also love to see at least one more synthesizer like sytrus or harmor or even harmless, obviously adapted and optimized for performance on mobile, just like the GMS. Even if this meant an extra 3 bucks, but I would be willing to spend it to have a sytrus on mobile per sè.

Really good App, Really needs Tempo Automation-. Let me be clear, I’ve used FLM for literally everything, all of my music making stuff, but something it’s definetly missing is some way to automate tempo. Having a slow intro and then a faster paced song is something I’d die for, but unfortunately if I want to do something like that, either the intro has to be way too fast, or the rest of the song has to be way too slow. In whatever the next update is, this would be a really nice feature that I’m sure many would appreciate.

No other choice. Had to improve….. My computer crashed while running FL studio 21😅. Well, let’s be clear it wasn’t FL Studio or my computer’s fault at all. some idiot, who refuses to be named, decided to learn how to use the VX key mapper and the channel rack so the instruments would run from the channel rack to the mixer to be further FX’ed from there, and this person(🙃)decided that running FL studio inside FL studio using patcher to load an empty sampler with VX key mapper and the instruments loaded into the mixer at the same time during a 🔥 cook up all without a power cord connected to the laptop 🥹. All I can say is😌😑🤬! So after a lot of 🤬in my sleep I decided there’s no better time than now to be as proficient at FL studio mobile as I am with the full workstation, FL studio 21 and I friggin love it!! Shout out to FLStudio Mobile team and FLStudio 21 Image-Line Team for years of hard work. It really shows your dedication. Peace Love and many blessings 🙏🏾 to you, family and friends!!! ✌️ P.s. I’ll tell the genius[idot] you said Hi.

Bug Not Allowing Saving of Pitcher Scales. Flawless app, seriously best app ever. Only bug i run into daily, is while recording vocals using pitcher plug in.. saving the song with a D#min scale, or any scale, for some reason FLM will not let me save the scale. Upon re opening the app after saving, the pitcher plug in always reverts back to C min. Numerous attempts and saving methods have been tried, and Pitcher always opens as Cmin, never as the previously saved scales. Thank you for your hard work on FLM, making productive musicians everywhere.

Easy transition from PC. Been using FL Studio for over 10 years, mostly for hip hop with heavy sampling, was really hesitant about paying for the iPad app. (PROS) Everything is pretty familiar, lets you customize literally every instrument just like on PC. Even lets you sample directly from your iPad into a live project, let’s you cut and edit it just the way you want. Pre loaded drum kits are pretty good, big selection, synthesizers are basic, nothing special but sound really good as far as clarity. Mixing and mastering is super intuitive, I was surprised how easy it was considering I’m used to only using mouse and keyboard with physical drum pads. Tried a bunch other apps with better reviews only to find out you’re not really making your own music, everything was pre chopped pre mixed pre mastered and let’s you hit some drum pads with pre recorded samples meaning there’s gonna be thousand different beats with the exact same drums and loops. There was other apps more like FL that are similar but if you been using FL for years I highly recommend this. (CONS) Cant think of any of top of my head.

stay away. Spent 3hours trying to record anything with either Synthmaster 2 or Animoog Z. Even bought Audiobus 3 since FL Studio seems to require that. The instructional video for using Audiobus 3 with FL Studio is 5 years old! Even the FL Studio manual does not reflect the current version. E.G. there are 2 instances of FL studio in Audiobus: FL studio Mobile and FL studio Mobile State. When I select the first, at least I can hear the sound of the synth when playing. But it does nor record anything inFL studio. When I select the latter, no sound and no recording. I have Cubase 3 and it took me 10 sec to record these synths! I wanted to use FL studio on both my windows PC and the ipad. i think I will buy a windows cubase license and shelve FL Studio. What a waste of money and time!

This is what it's all about.. FL Studio has been my main musical outlet and focus since 2003. The only thing that has held me back all this time was not being able to put to paper (pad) what I was thinking without lugging around my laptop. While I know that all my VST's won't be available here, I am excited about not losing the thoughts and ideas I have while waiting for my laptop or PC to boot. God Bless the design team for putting this out there!!!

Best composition app I’ve ever seen. The only flaw I would say that this version has is when the play button is under the FL icon at the top left, the play button has priority control opposed to the FL icon that lets you see previous projects. When I went to tap on the FL icon to see previous projects, the play button was hiding right behind it and instead of taking me to my previous projects it would play the current composition. Nothing to big I just moved the time marker to the first bar and was easily on my way! Thank you for the app image line!!!

Great App but not quote perfect. This app is awesome. It's fast and intuitive, great capabilities and it has everything. Well, almost everything. It's missing a few fundamental capabilities. It should be able to import other formats other then MIDI, and maybe even record live, like Garage Band. For remixing it would be awesome for direct iPod library imports. Second, it should be able to export files as mp3. It's true that the demo desktop version compensates for that, but it's kind of a pain to have to depend from it. Other then a few missing features the app is great and it lives up to the price, but it needs to be updated and completed.

Lost everything. The app is good and I spent a decent amount of time writing some songs on it. I’ve been busy for a a couple months and hadn’t used the app. Went back to use it today and it wouldn’t open. Would literally crash seconds after clicking on the app. I checked for update and nothing. I figured the only thing I could do would be uninstall and reinstall. However, all my work is gone. I figured it’d save as files but I don’t see them in my files on my phone and they aren’t in the app anymore. I know there’s a google drive backup but I never got to use it. I just wish the app didn’t bug out and I didn’t lose the files.

One HUGE Issue. After fiddling around with the app for a while, I had a nice little track ready to upload to soundcloud. Unfortunately, when I press the 'connect to Facebook' button, the app directs me to safari and brings me back to the sign in screen without ever signing me in. I can't upload using this app in its current state because the Facebook connect feature is faulty. PLEASE FIX!!!!! The app is very easy to use and I found that I was able to create things with ease. There is always room for improvement but it is a good app. Also, $20 is kinda steep but I'd gladly support the FL Studio software.

Fantastic but with some issues. The best app I've ever gotten. Worth every penny. But there are a few problems. If you have more than 250 sounds in the audio folder when you go to add sounds from the audio folder the whole thing freezes. Also it's not clear at all on how to do audio copy. Finally there in issue where if you press the undo button it will almost erase your whole project. If you didn't save all that time you spent is lost. This is the best app ever but you need to fix these things

It’s really good but I wish they could give us some usable plugins. I really like this app, I’ve been using it for about 9 months now and I’ve been making some banger beats but we need usable plugins, not like omnisphere, just little extra plugins we could purchase or upload from 3rd party websites, I can understand some plugins wouldn’t be able to run without the app crashing but even little basic ones like sausage fattener for instance, it’s a really nice bass booster and it’s super basic but it does a lot, we need things like that on this app, I can’t use base plugins forever.

Great but could DEF use some add-ons. Since I downloaded this app it’s been a long learning time, but even though there’s a way to make a gross beat sound, it isn’t the same but half-time or gross beat added would be great. The fruity slicer thing has some issues, like it won’t cut it onto beat nor will it go with the tempo that’s set, I normally don’t use it but if it could be fixed this would be something I’d use 85% of the time instead of having to go manually chop samples. I’m no computer expert but even though VSTs aren’t supported, a make-your-own synth would be PHENOMENAL. This app is worth it, and I don’t know why so many people are so upset about it.

They actually listen.. There were a couple minor complaints I had before the recent update but they were fine and easy to get around. Then, the recent update happened and there were plenty of bugs, and it was really getting to me. I wrote a review describing some of the bugs and issues I had. And these legends actually listened and fixed every single big I knew about. Thank you so much for being an amazing development team. The already best mobile DAW just keeps getting better.

This angers me... So I was starting to eat the hang of the app and started to make the coolest beat iv’e ever heard in y whole life. It was so good it could’ve been very popular. I pressed new to go to test more instruments and after I came back and the song was gone. It poses me off after all that work for it to be lost because theres no auto save in this app. I don’t know if theres a way you could get the song back to me but if you atleast respond and help me I’ll up your rating from 1/5 to something higher. I actually beg of you. This is the first time Iv’e enjoyed this app and probably the very last time I’ll enjoy this app. But from the mean time I’m just trying to get help to save my song that you would bop your head to also.

Please, please add this. Please!. Please Image Line, pleaseee add in a feature that askes you a second time before you overwrite songs. :( I've already replaced 3 songs by accident because of the lack of this (which translates over 30 hours of hard work) with no hope of recovery or ever being able to show it to anyone else, and it's destined to happen again. Please hear me out, not only for me, but everyone else as well. It is the worst feeling in the world when you accidentally push a button once and everything is gone forever. Again, please help.

This mobile DAW rocks!. Really loving the app. It’s intuitive and fun. The sounds are great and editing instruments, midi, and samples is easy. I really enjoy automating parameters with touch and the beat pads are very responsive and snappy, given you have a powerful enough device (I use iPad Pro and it’s real smooth). It took me a while to get used to, but after watching the tutorial videos I was up and running making beats. It’s worth the money, watch the tutorials and read the manual and you’ll be happy.

only because it crashes every 5 minutes. So i’m new to the app and i’m sure we had a hit in the making and boom the app crashes on me. So when I loaded it back up my project was not present and i’m sad because it was a freestyle session that was absolutely fire! I was going to bring my revenue back and invest into the app so we can make the whole team better. I would like a reply from y’all about this bug if that’s possible. I just wanna make sure y’all are aware of what y’all potential is from developing this amazing app. ONLY reason it’s a 1 star is because of CRASHING other then that i’m very much recommend and love the quality it can produce. THANKS 🙏

The Best DAW out there. This is probably the BEST DAW on the App Store and I love the synth awesome things! (In fact, I figured out how to recreate the Portal 2 lead using SuperSaw on Supersync with a bit of lfo on the osc. sync) This app is absolutely FANTASTIC! However, there’s only one problem... There’s no soundfont support or anything :( . For a little suggestion, just a small little suggestion, can you please include Soundfont support in a future update, or something, because I literally used all my money to buy it, so i can’t get a different app of FL Studio Mobile entirely :’) thanks ;)

Good software to use but.... I liked the software for FL Studio Mobile version. However, I paid $14 just to learn that I have to buy more sounds! I just paid 14 fricking dollars! And this is what I get in return? Although this was a problem, I also felt that the software was very simple to use, but very large similar to GarageBand. The starter tutorial was very nice to see, as it helped me learn all the components of the software. The loops were almost the same as GarageBand but they were easier to manage, and FL Studio is definitely more precise than it. Overall, this is a good software, but be sure to be willing to pay for it! :)

Not what I expected. Hiya, I hope the devs read this, because its about some of the biggest flaws with FL Mobile. I own FL 12, (my computer couldn't handle an upgrade to FL20, so I'm stuck with 12.) and it has complete plugin support, a soundfobt player, and can load FLPs, I am very dissapointed in FL mobile not being able to load FLPs because FL mobile is about composing on the go, don't you think transfering your work would be important? And another thing, where all of the good plugins!? Wheres the hardcore mixer, fruity soundfont player, VST player, sytrus and many others. Someone sent me a DWP of the Ultimate Guitar Kit 2, and I couldn't amp it because of FL mobiles limitations, and not to mention, anything I create on FL mobile I can't use on FL Pc because it can't read FLM, so maybe a cross platform plugin can be used? Thanks.

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Language English
Price $14.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 4.3.19
Play Store com.imageline.FLStudioMobileHD
Compatibility iOS 10.0 or later

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The application FL Studio Mobile was published in the category Music on 21 June 2011, Tuesday and was developed by Image Line Software [Developer ID: 432850147]. This program file size is 263.37 MB. This app has been rated by 28 users and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5. FL Studio Mobile - Music app posted on 14 September 2023, Thursday current version is 4.3.19 and works well on iOS 10.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.imageline.FLStudioMobileHD. Languages supported by the app:

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FL Studio Mobile App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Fixed loop points in Synth Bass EXP presets for DW Sampler

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