FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile [Music] App Description & Overview

Create and save complete multi-track music projects on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Record,
sequence, edit, mix and render complete songs.


• High quality synthesizers, sampler, drum kits & sliced-loop beats (see below)
• Effects include over 15 FX modules to enhance your mix (see below)
• Step sequencer for fast percussion programming
• Configurable virtual piano-keyboard & Drum pads
• MIDI controller support. Play instruments and link to knobs/sliders
• MIDI file import/export (import entire MIDI files, export tracks)
• Audio recording (with monitoring), track-length stem/wav import
• Browse sample and presets with pitchable-preview
• Pan, volume, release and attack time configurable per instrument
• High quality audio engine (input/output latency depends on your device)
• Mixer: Per-track mute, solo, effect bus, pan and volume adjustment
• Piano roll editor to enter notes & chords or to edit recorded performances
• Intuitive screen layout configurable to work with all screen resolutions and sizes.
• Save and load your songs, import/export to WAV, MP3, FLAC & MIDI
• IAA App support (In/Out), Audiobus support (In/Out)
• Audio recording (external and internal sources)
• Share your songs via Sync to other Mobile 3 devices / installations
• Load your projects in the FL STUDIO* FREE 'Plugin' Version of this App#


FL Studio Mobile includes in-app purchases of two Instrument modules (Groove Machine Synth & Transistor Bass Synth) and some sample library content for DirectWave (sample player).

Included Instrument modules: Drum Sampler, DirectWave Sampler, MiniSynth & SuperSaw.

Included Effect modules (all Effects modules are included): Auto Ducker, Chorus, Compressor, Limiter, Distortion, Parametric Equalizer, Graphic Equalizer, Flanger, Reverb, High-Pass/Low-Pass/Band-Pass/Formant (Vox) Filters, Delays, Phaser and Stereoizer.

Included Content: Drum Samples - 1031, DirectWave Instruments - 272, MiniSynth presets - 147, SuperSaw presets - 155. The user forum (tap HELP and USERS & SUPPORT FORUM in the App) includes access free DirectWave, MiniSynth and SuperSaw content. The USER MANUAL + VIDEO TUTORIALS further explain how to import your own content.


Install FL STUDIO 20 for macOS / Windows and you can use the FL Studio Mobile Plugin. This is identical to the App, as a plugin inside FL Studio. Get it here: http://www.image-line.com/downloads/flstudiodownload.html





Please help us to help you! In the App, tap 'Help > Users & Support Forums' to register FL Studio Mobile to your Image-Line account and gain access to the forum. You can then report bugs, make feature requests and access free downloadable content:


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Bug fixes and stability improvements NOTE: To report bugs please tap the HELP button and let us know in the USERS & SUPPORT FORUM thanks!

FL Studio Mobile Comments & Reviews

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- Please fix it

It has a lot of bugs For example: 1-Every time I import midi file it says “something wrong occurred” OnLy midi files that I open directly from the mail work. 2-I loose the sustain pedal info in imported midi file. 3-Application freeze every now and then 4-During playback some notes has no sounds. 5-piano sustain keep going even after I stop the track. It’s kind of unusable for me Pleeeeease fix it

- Directwave sampler instrument

Dear Developers Would it Be possible to have the Directwave sampler instrument in fl studio mobile 3 have the same features in the current plugin version I’d really like to see where this could go I’d love to see the program zone and sample features as well

- Extremely frustrating

I use FL Studios on a laptop and granted, the systems are entirely different but this app is not worth the money. The sounds are terrible, it’s too difficult to navigate this version without a glitch blocking you from going where you actually want to go, and you can’t delete the tracks you added in a new template. So if I start on an empty template and add a synth track and a drum track, but I want to completely erase the synth track, nothing I do works. Not worth the $13, Maybe $2 max

- The keyboard for mine won’t make sound any help ?

Please help just bought the app and the keyboard won’t make sound

- New Synths

Can you add new synths like Poizone, Toxic Biohazard, Sytrus, and Sawer?

- Honestly pretty under rated

It’s one of the “professional daws” out there for mobile I guess. It has pretty ok sounds but it needs a better Quantization setting the snap and groove lol. You can only do so much on tempo beats with an iPhone 5s

- Great DAW, but....

FL Studio Mobile is a great app, it's very affordable and it's easy to produce your own music. Though, I would like to have the ability to add your own synths and/or have a large variety of synths and instruments to go with the ones already included in the app.

- Good but plz update it

It’s really good but there is a limit amount of things you can do so plz update it and put some more beats and sounds to make the app better

- Awesome

Love it :) I would recommend it.

- Just OK

There are definitely lots of features that can be used. But everything is so hard to find compared to the desktop version of the software. GarageBand for iOS is by no means a superior DAW, but at least it’s very easy to learn and find what you need. Everything in FL Studio Mobile is unnecessarily convoluted. I WANT to like it. But I can’t.

- Good, but could be far better than it actually is

Id lean more toward one star because I’m unable to finish a track with it, but it’s got good aspects to it. Good to get ideas out, but finishing a track is a migraine waiting to happen. I am a dubstep producer and am disappointed gms has no phase reset/lfo reset. Can’t get lfos to fall into place. You can make great sounds with it, but I can’t do what I want with them. Fl mobile has a good concept but it needs more. It’s 2020, computers are dinosaurs. If I was capable of being your competitor and had knowledge in app creation, I’d do it and go way over your heads. Get with the program. Laptops are the past. Phones are the present. 1. Allow third parties to incorporate plugins to your daw. 2. Have more plugins like serum, sytrus or massive or at least improve upon the ones already there. Stop making me feel like I am using a stripped down skeleton of fl studio. You can do it. Caustic did it. 3. Still sidechaining using volume automation, you need to integrate that into a compressor. 4. Put in a multiband compressor. 5. Think beyond what you have accomplished, it’s pathetic how it’s been around for this long and there is barely anything to it. If we need to pay for add ons, so be it. Makes us happier, more money in your pockets.

- Deleted Everything

Works pretty but there’s no way to store all your sounds in an orderly fashion, the app also deleted all my beats at some point

- Sharing options are terrible

It’s a good app but there needs to be better sharing options. When I share it to my google drive it can’t even open and also the places I can open it the audio difference is worse than what the app offers

- crashes when opening

i love this app, and everything about it. though the controls are a bit clunky, and i’ve used it for about 2 years now, i’ve never really had any issues up until recently. it will not open, no matter what i do. help

- It’s 2020 and no AUV3 support?????

Ok, to be fair, if you want to use it on its own using all the built in instruments and fx only, I’d say it’s a 4 star app, I wouldn’t give it more because it still doesn’t have a decent built in sampler, but I prefer being able to incorporate 3rd party apps via audio unit. It’s 2020 and I don’t know why there is no AUV3 support, and even when using IAA it’s still cumbersome and unreliable.



- Hello , can someone help?

Hello I just downloaded the app on my iPhone 11 only to see that it doesn’t fit my screen . Can someone please help me out? I don’t want to go through the refund process and miss out on this great program thanks

- Flm

It actually works really well and it’s pleasing to use, although after I pay 15$$ then I don’t wanna buy plugins, but overall amazing app keep at it!

- Plugins

Im pretty sure plugins is a really important thing to create good music so I hope there is a place where we can download free plugins and some paid plugins and put it in fl studio it would be amazing

- Bad

I didn’t like this app at all.

- Pretty good

Obviously the computer version of fl studio is much better, but for a mobile app it is good. I do wish i could add more plugins, but aside from that its worth the price if you make music and cant afford a computer or the fl studio software on it.

- It the best

It’s good

- Best mobile DAW

So I got this app and now I own every single in app purchase on this app. Everything is amazing on it and I only have 1 concern: there’s an error that happens when sending .mp3 to a social media, it says to check my connection and make sure that I’m logged in. I am using Spectrum and I usually never log out, pls investigate.

- Why does it not fit on my screen?!

I have the BRAND NEW IPhone 11 and your app is 13 dollars for it not to fit?! Than why buy the app just to have to pay more!? Unclear directions I try watching videos on how to do it but I can even see half the steps come on now!

- My Instruments

Everytime I try to add instruments to the “My Instruments” category of FLM the application crashes the second i omay the instrument. This is my only problem but other than that great app

- Not what I expected

Hiya, I hope the devs read this, because its about some of the biggest flaws with FL Mobile. I own FL 12, (my computer couldn't handle an upgrade to FL20, so I'm stuck with 12.) and it has complete plugin support, a soundfobt player, and can load FLPs, I am very dissapointed in FL mobile not being able to load FLPs because FL mobile is about composing on the go, don't you think transfering your work would be important? And another thing, where all of the good plugins!? Wheres the hardcore mixer, fruity soundfont player, VST player, sytrus and many others. Someone sent me a DWP of the Ultimate Guitar Kit 2, and I couldn't amp it because of FL mobiles limitations, and not to mention, anything I create on FL mobile I can't use on FL Pc because it can't read FLM, so maybe a cross platform plugin can be used? Thanks.

- Where’s the reverse button?

I seem to can find the reveres button when trying to reverse a white noise it was there before when you would hold down on the sound in the editing area. This app is great but simple changes like that can kinda mess with what I’m trying to do. If there is a reverse I can’t find it.

- EXTREMELY hard to use

I got this app to make beats obviously. It took me like 30 minutes to figure it out and honestly still don’t know what I’m doing.

- Why ??!

They had to have gone out of their way to make this a difficult app to navigate through..

- everything is up to par

worth the money, the presets are amazing but at a few bucks u can get some extras - obviously not anything like producing on a computer but this is easily the most compatible / versatile piece of software you can get for your phone 10/10 mane :)

- Lost everything

The app is good and I spent a decent amount of time writing some songs on it. I’ve been busy for a a couple months and hadn’t used the app. Went back to use it today and it wouldn’t open. Would literally crash seconds after clicking on the app. I checked for update and nothing. I figured the only thing I could do would be uninstall and reinstall. However, all my work is gone. I figured it’d save as files but I don’t see them in my files on my phone and they aren’t in the app anymore. I know there’s a google drive backup but I never got to use it. I just wish the app didn’t bug out and I didn’t lose the files.

- I love this app but there is just one problem..

Theres so much crackling sounds! When i try to replay my song it just crackles so much fix this!

- HUGE WASTE OF MONEY. Impossible to use. Poorly designed.

This is a complete waste of your money and will only frustrate you. The features are difficult and it’s hard to even navigate through the app.

- Great in terms of making music, but absolutely terrible performance wise.

I’ve made some really good beats with this app, but lately it’s been crashing while performing the most simple tasks, such changing from step to 1/2 step on the magnet thing. At this point, it’s crashing so much that it’s unusable.

- Well done! Best DAW I’ve ever used! :D

This is a great app! I have everything purchased and made a few songs! It works so well. Keep up a great work! :D also, I have experienced crashes on this app. It only happens like once or twice a week. But, overall, it was Excellent!!

- Good, but could be better

It’s a good app, but it is really frustrating. When I save my songs and reopen it later, all my instruments have changed and the percussion track has irreversibly changed to an instrument track and is virtually useless

- I love the app but...

I’m scared to update the app, cause it’s a hit, or miss that the update will be good, and not mess up what I have saved. So I’ll wait.

- Can we have a slide button for 808s?

This app is very useful especially as a mobile tool💯 in my opinion everything is perfect so far but is it possible to be able to implement a slide button feature for the bass/808s instead of using pitch automations and trying to make different slide patterns for the beat? FL studio on the CP has that effect and it’s much simpler. I would hope it would be possible if you all can add it in too😭. PLEASE

- Why can’t I here anything

When I go onto instruments I cannot here them play. Plz help

- App crashing

I’m only able to use the app for a minute or 2 before it crashes. Any tips?

- A Beta Released as a Finished Product

UPDATE: As of 3/21/20 IAA and AUv3 support is terrible, scanning causes crashes, many apps not seen by FLSM, those that load crash frequently, CPU overload for many third party apps, audio record workflow terrible. This dev obviously wants to keep users inside the FLSM sandbox and it is the reason this app is considered a toy in the iOS music market. With some modest effort this app could be a contender as it is it is a toy. ________________ It's not possible to record audio using IAA in FLM NOVEMBER 13, 2018! Here you see a prime example of upgrade insanity. A one time benchmark app made into a third rate bore. The developer misrepresented the feature set of this app and I fell for it. People lost countless hours of work and were stuck paying extra for nothing. Interconnectivity with other apps is hit and miss, the workflow is stilted. This is a good time for a competitor to claim this space. Right now BeatMaker 2 (yes 2) runs rings around this app. BeatMaker 3 is far superior, it accommodates voice and audio recording and IT SUPPORTS IAA! And this constant audio latency reset is unbelievably stupid.

- I liked the old one

I have no idea why they changed the interface, I used to be more motivated, and its like if its not broke don't fix it, and it used to have a unique look and feel, this one looks like everything else, and the UI is not as user friendly. I wish it was easier to use. Im response to developer: You know it might be nice on the iPad but on the iPhone 8 plus some stuff is painstaking, and I still miss the life-size keys for sequencing maybe there is a way to re-implement that some way. I appreciate your response and always have had luv for FL but just didn't ever care for the new ui, I used to be motivated to try to get on FL mobile, and the new ui just killed my motivation. I guess I just need to try harder to learn the new app.

- Crashes then I try to buy stuff

It’s a really cool interface, smooth, sounds good. But when I try to make in app purchases the whole app immediately crashes.

- No MIDI Connection

I like the app itself. Very similar to the computer version. Only flaw it does not recognize my mpk249 :( main reason I bought the app

- Songs are gone. Idk how to get them back

So the forums were no help. And I’m not able to post my own claim so I came here. My phone does this weird thing where it’ll uninstall apps once I run out of storage and that happened to this app. I reinstall and bam all my songs are gone. Still have my purchases. No the backup didn’t work. What do I do? Or am I just screwed and this is a bug y’all got?

- Surprisingly Simple

WOW, even for a music dufus like me, YouTube tutorials made it simple in just 10 minutes. WOW. On,y app that has REAL bass, and it’s so customizable. IDC about the price.

- No auto tune

There’s no auto tune tools and there needs to be considering I had to pay for this weak app.

- Issues with App

When I’m in a project I want to audition a new instrument or sound I start going thru sounds then it sticks on a sound I’m auditioning playing it continuously. I’m not able to stop the sound nor can I push any other buttons it’s frozen. This has happened in the middle on song as well start playing a mini synth note then freezes on the note continuously playing the note, screen is Frozen cannot proceed must Force Quit App 😒

- Lacking a little

Please add Auv3 support it would increase the value of the app tremendously

- Not intuitive

As an FL user I didn’t expect to be so lost. I also expected to have a general sense of how to use the app but I can’t even open a keyboard without looking at a manual. Overall unimpressive, lots of potential.

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- My review

This is a scam I’m just a little kid tryna make a name for myself and I spent 20 dollars of my hard earned money just to realize that most of the sound packs cost money this ain’t cool I literally paid for the app it should give me the full version

- Crash

Just bought the app and I can’t get in it keeps crashing

- Notes and more

The note labels are great but I’m mostly having trouble finding the sharp and flat notes on the midi piano.Im hoping that will change in the next update + I’m most think when you lay out the notes the Column should have notes to make it easier. The second thing I have to mention is that there are no Dubstep basses and Leads I hope that will also be featured in the next update. Otherwise it is A great app!!

- Please add Autotune 🙏🏼

I’m paying 20 dollars for an app that doesn’t have autotune. Sorry can’t give 5 stars because of this.

- Good

I love this

- Great but also great

I really like this app, my only problem is how many buttons you need to press to get to a new menu

- In app purchases reset?!?!

I have had in app purchases since I got the program went to use it after a couple of months of no use and all my purchases are no longer there.. it’s telling me I have to pay for them again?

- #1 music making app.

Only app you could use to make good music.

- Convenient pocket daw

Would like to change the tempo with automation

- Audio units

One thing that bothers me is not being able to easily communicate with the developers of software that I buy. I just want to ask a simple but important question. One of the most important things for an app like fo studio mobile is support for Audio Units. I can't find anything on it. I searched the Image-Line web site for audio unit and AUV3 and found nothing. I think the app is pretty good but without audio units and not being able to contact them about anything is a deal breaker for me. It's a shame because I really like the app and the cross platform capabilities. I am open to knowing more.

- Its ok but ...

I thought it was very good because lot of music producers used it so i bought it but i didn't know you had to pay for so many things. I tried to make a beat but if i tried to use a instrument it would say u have to pay ... for this thing

- My favourite app ever!!

I have been using this for quite a while, and still love the music Ive made on it. Though at times it presents some editing challenges (if you're overly picky like me.) But I’ve often found ways to make it work, though patience is optimal in such times. However, on the bright side, it often leads to better more interesting sounds in the long run. That said, this app does not deserve its low rating. Some people just have no patience. Consider this: the average band will release an album with 10 songs once every 1 to 2 years. Thats not what anyone would call a rush. Thus, the result of such dedication, is great music.

- Waste of money

Such a waste of money in its way to complicated to understand and so hard to put your music pieces in the right place

- We. Need. More. Sounds.

It would be terrific if you could add more sounds, whether they be for free, or as an in-app purchase. You could possibly add things like VSTs such as; Nexus, Omnisphere, etc. We also need more drum sounds, especially trap drums. One last thing; 808s. We need more 808 sounds. If we could get a whole lot of new sounds, that would be amazing!! I hope to see some add-ons to the sound library in the next update.

- Awesome

This is great! Only thing I would like is for the ui to be customizable but that is just me. Great app!

- Awesome

Awesome app, but do you think you could allow us to remove demo songs? They seem to take up a lot of space

- Everything is great! But it doesn’t seem to be compatible with AUv3s!

Everything works well, and is pretty straightforward, without sacrificing control. My only issue is it seems to not work so well with AUv3s. There are some pretty cool instrument apps that I would like to add into my sessions through Audiobus, but things seem to not-work-as-they-should during session. I emailed the devs of those apps and they claimed it was because of incompatibility with fl studio, the best music making apps work perfectly fine with said instrument apps in the aforementioned scenario so I think fl studio should definitely take a step forward in that direction.

- Please Make iPhone Notch Improvements

The devs just made the screen bigger with adjusting for the notch in anyway so you have to keep rotating your phone 180 degrees to get to the UI elements hiding under the notch. Otherwise it seems pretty good I just can’t stand how the notch hides things on my iPhone. On my iPad it looks perfectly fine and is of course more user friendly due to the larger screen but it would almost make more sense to shorten the width of the UI and place a stereo sound level indicator on the top and bottom or something. Similar to the sound level indicator they have on the desktop app. Please do something to fix this. UPDATE: After playing around I am getting used to the notch hiding the on screen buttons and using it with my iPad I am extremely impressed so I was a bit harsh above. I still think using the top and bottom sides of the notch for UV Level indicators would be really cool. Just seems cheap the way the devs increased the size of the app but didn’t consider the notch. They also didn’t even consider the rounded corners because the icons get cut off there too. Either way if you are getting this for an iPad it is very very powerfu and I am having more fun using Fl Mobile compared to using FL Studio on. Y desktop. If you have an Apple Pencil it is feels tangible and more similar to using an analog device with real faders. When using a mouse you really loose that touch but here they retain that hands on feeling. I think they should enable haptic when rotating the knobs or moving the faders to add another layer of interaction. I am playing with this and my OP-1 together and they are a nice little pair. The lack of an arpeggiator from what I can tell sucks but I have been trying to find another app that can send midi signals to FL for that feature. It’s played well with a few apps with Midi such as DRC and I can even play the DRC synth and the FL Synth at the same time to add sound layers. Really fun I am sure my concerns will be addressed in the future. I am looking forwarding to using this on a newer iPad Pro soon so I hope they have updated the app for those newer screen sizes by that time.

- App issues

I´ve been using the app since 2013 and it is great. I updated my iPad Pro to the newest iOS and now all my projects play at a different bpm even though the bpm is set to the one I chose, please fix it asap!!

- Crash

It was great, but currently unusable since the recent update as it crashes upon opening.

- Not working

It keeps crashing, I can’t even open the app now

- Still on the top 🏆

I have this app for a while and still is one my top music app.

- Awesome

But needs work on the menus , it’s not user friendly you end up searching a lot

- Don’t get this app

Doesn’t work no sound for certain instruments not easy to use and laggy over priced.

- Major problems

I usually rely on FL Studio for the many options I can utilize, but this app lacks proper functionality and is very unstable. First, you cannot register on the support forums because the Captcha is missing. Further, you go and try to save your work regularly yet the program failed to save it so you have to rework on what you lost. Then RANDOMLY the app will dramatically increase PITCH and TEMPO (yet the BPM is still the same) virtually destroying your work and forcing you to start over from scratch. I am about to request my money back if these are issues that cannot be fixed quickly. If Image Line can correct these issues quickly, I will change my rating, however for now it is unusable and I am not happy. Using iPad 5th Gen

- doesn’t work

After purchasing the app I quickly realized that it is very bad. It is always very laggy and crashes often. It doesn’t let me do anything. I can’t create anything. I am very disappointed and I would like to have a refund. i don’t want this app anymore i want a refund please.

- Not working on iOS 11.2 update

I did the update today and the program constantly freezes and crashes. Deleted all my songs too. Tried reinstalling but no luck. Really disappointed.

- Not impressed..

There’s anyway to get my money back...?


It’s a great app especially for starters

- Lacklustre

While it is an easy and fun to use program, FL mobile just doesn't cut the mustard. Very limited in every aspect of music production. Very few sounds, poor drums, and a waste of $20. FL can do much better 😢.

- etdtbh

bvuyinb dt

- What the hell?

Most of my samples have disappeared with this update. When I go to import them again it doesn't work. They either play nothing or are a totally different sound. WTH? Edit: thank you for the reply but I am already on 3.1.59 and that was the update that caused the issue. All of my external samples became completely silenced. Either that or they become extremely distorted or high pitched. I love this program but until this is fixed I won't be able to make any music.

- Drum sequencer

Can't seem to record kick in drum sequencer?

- It won't work with audiobus

Don't ask questions on the support forums; they don't like it. "Hope" will be resolved soon. Update: How? Let me ask on the forum how to contact them so I can be redirected to the forum. I have a problem, can you help me? -no How can I solve it? -next update Do you have any idea when...? -no, next update. We don't give dates, it serves no purpose. When found the contact form... Please don't email us again-use the forums. Booooiiiiiiinnnggg....!!!

- It's simple but could be way better

I have purchased and used all kinds of FL Studio professional software for my PC and Mac. I was expecting more from this mobile app since I paid $21 plus another $30 in effects. Channels should be easy to maneuver up and down to categorize and you should be able to add an FX channel wherever you want without having to resort to the manual. Should be just as convenient as the PC software

- Still great even after two years!

I still love using this app, after seeing Deadmau5 ((Deadmouse)) and a few other great artists I've deiced I wanted to try do beats and such. And after doing little searching Ive stumbled upon FL studio, expensive as heck to get all upgrades and such but totally worth it 👍 And not to mention its a lot less buggy then back then, different looking but still amazing!

- Needs a lot of work for 20 dollar app

Looked better in FL 2, this thing sadly a lot seems not to work. I had high hopes for this after buying just now. No midi copy paste or import. Damn thing doesnt even support open in. Also audiocopy and audioshare are not supported. The interface is not usable at all with windows that cannot be closed. Pro midi i paid 3 dollars and does more for a 2015 app than this sad stuff

- Audio clipping

This app takes time to learn but there's an audio error with a lot of the different sounds and instruments. Some sounds cut out in a matter of seconds and some drag out for long periods of time I don't know if there's a bug or a failed to port over but it needs to be fixed

- Garbage

This is by far the worst update I have had on any device possible. Now I can't even re-load FL studio 2 even though I paid for it. I liked the older version than this new or version that is made for 13 year-old monkeys. I am sure you have let so many people down need I say more. Absolutely do not buy this app!!! And believe me this gets no stars but it made me give one star just post this so screw you.

- Good, but has been better.

I enjoy making songs and such, but now I can't export them because AudioCopy only supports 16-bit audio. I have previously exported tracks to AudioCopy but now when I try to it just reads "AudioCopy only supports 16-bit audio" and I have to restart FL. Please fix this!!!

- Horrible

Please release an update, taking us back to FL Studio Mobile 2. This new layout & navigation is BOGUS!

- New Version is Awful

The new version is impossible to work with. So confusing and editing the track records is a pain. The old version was easy to work with and natural. New version is a trash.

- So powerful. But watch all the videos. A bit clumsy UI.

Very powerful. Kudos! My main gripes are with the quirky but cool UI. You have to read the manual and, more importantly, watch the videos or you will miss a lot of things that aren't very discoverable: How to preview presets at different pitches. How to resize the keyboard height and width of the keys. How to get triplets going for a drum track instead of being locked to 16ths. Also the app may work well for the devs in a simulator, using a mouse to interact. But with actual thumbtips and fingertips it's somewhat clumsy to use. Too much of a desktop feel to the interactions. Good job in instrument settings for the dedicated, blank scroll margins. Although it's not needed on both sides? I don't like the slow animations for select menus- or the menus themselves. I also don't like the fact there are up and down arrows for some settings, but they don't work- I have to wait for a select widget and it's animation. I am using an iPhone 6 Plus. Anyhow with more tweaks this will be really rocking. Just at least for one thing make the animations for menus optional.

- Confusing as hell :)

Really confusing, put it down after few minutes. I would really need to make time to learn all the angles. Brb with more...

- Be prepared to spend

Just bought this app to make some jams and every 10 seconds it'll ask you to register for an Image Line account or you cant buy any addons. To make this bloody notification go away, you register for an account, not a big deal. Then you go write a jam and save it and close the app and come back to it and you get this stupid error saying that some sound modules are demos and have been disabled. But they don't tell you which ones they are, how much they cost, which ones are demos, and which ones come with the purchase of the app. Exporting is a MAJOR pain as it doesn't look like there's any way to export the audio file into other apps without audiobus or anywhere else other than a pc If you like notifications and spending extra cash and notifications to hell then id recommend this. Other than that, the sound of each instrument seems very professional (to me at least) with a very clean, intuitive, and easy to use interface. Gets the job done sorta

- Bravo

What a piece of work IL,bravo ,this is a real DAW on mobile, with a special charm, very good stuff, very intuitive , 2 min to figure out where is everything, CPU light ,work like a charm on iPad third gen , i rarely write reviews but this is something, and I'm an FL user for 12 y now Plug your headphone and have fun ,literally !!!

- A step in the right direction

I loved Fl Studio 2, but felt it was a little too simple and no very professional. I like direction that version 3 is going, but it still needs work. One major feature that is missing is the ability to play MP3 files from your devise alongside your. These feature is important for those who wish to remix or remaster songs. Other than the lack of that feature, everything feels great. The new update makes things very complicated, but that's good for people trying to get into making music such as myself. We need to learn to use more complex tools as most programs aren't as simple as Fl studio 2.

- It's good but could be better

Whenever I start a new track the app automatically puts a reverb effect on it.

- The open hat

The developer should fix the sound of the open hat soon, I think this app is really awesome, but the open hat needs to be fixed just I can get the sound I want

- Not worth the money

Sure it's great to layer tracks into and etc, but lacks many options that don't make it worth it's buck. I've found myself finding more use in apps that are free even. Would like to see side chaining, volume automation, and drastic improvements in the piano roll. Most beats sound quite washed out and would like to see more samples available.

- Very bad

There are WAY too many glitches and bugs in this app most of them being problems with audio not playing, AUDIO NOT PLAYING. Also, this app is like a maze. It’s very hard to get around and can be really tricky to get used to. It’s also very expensive for what it can do and in my opinion isn’t worth buying. I can’t understand why the developers didn’t just allow the “actually good” Fl studio to be on mobile instead of this Fl stupidio joke. Also, judging by what I’ve seen, the developers of this app haven’t even looked at all the reviews from this Fl studio imposter. I expected a lot more than this.

- It’s okie

It won’t let me record my voice what do I have to do???

- GarageBand is better!!!

Did you guys even tested this app?! It’s way too complicated and it doesn’t have the benefits that GarageBand has. It’s a shame that I can’t use GarageBand at the moment because apparently it won’t be available until it reaches a certain software update which I still have yet to get!!! GOD DO I HATE APPLE FOR THAT!!! Now I just wasted twenty dollars just so I can afford this awful app and I can’t get my money back! Thanks a lot, thieves!!!

- No appigator.

Need to go in a round about way to create appigeos.


Hey guys I was wondering if anyone can help me with this issue, I’m trying to record audio with the beat playing in my earphones like I’ve seen people do with this app on iPhone, it says it’s recording but is not picking up any audio unless the earphones are unplugged( which is useless to me) I know it’s not my earphones or phone because it works on GarageBand.

- Unfortunately Disappointing

I got FL Studio for mobile hoping to be able to further my interest in music, and maybe even produce something. I got FL Studio in particular for it’s good reputation, and everyone was recommending it to me. I went into this hoping for it to be really easy to use, and to quickly make and produce music. Instead, what I found is that the system is not user-friendly in the slightest, the sounds you’re able to use are quite limited, and half of the buttons don’t properly work. This is really disappointing considering how much this was recommended to me, and how much this costed. In my opinion, it isn’t worth it.

- Good game but one problem

This is a really good game it has lots of synths and instruments to choose from but I have one problem my songs keep deleting themselves for no reason it’s done this 3 times I’ve saved them but they keep deleting can you please fix this?

- FL Studio Awesome! (Beats recording myself beat boxing my bass lines)

I started using FL desktop program for awhile although, I'm now an Apple fan and was annoyed to learn no OSX program was created (unless I wanted to piggy back boot camp, but I heard the output quality is so so).. Anyway, I've ALWAYS recorded myself beat boxing my rhythms and especially my bass lines! So I can remember and apply it to Logic. So anyone who says that FL studio "could be better", is off their heads! My only dislike wand unfortunately it's stopped me from writing as much as i used to, is layout in its entirety. it's just so confusing. And also, restoring instrument sample packages that i purchased on the first app platform in 2014. I don't like to moan but when you've spent over $50+ on packages it's a tad frustrating.

- Great BUT!

Can u make making music easier? 👍

- Crashes when using Audiobus

iPhone XS Max 1. I can’t get anything going with audiobus/IAA Synthesizers. No sound from the other apps. I tried Model 15, Reason compact, Elastic drums - FL Studio just crashes. 2. I resent having to use the forum inside the app for support because I need to type in my username and password every time there is an update and the thread UI is awful. Why can’t app support be here? 3. Audible clicks/latency even when using the stock synths. If these 3 issues were resolved I would happily give a five star review.

- Great app but limited!!!

I bought the app about a half year ago and loved it, but immediately found it very limited, with the thing keeping on verifying my account ImageLine account for the special instruments. Compared to other iOS apps such as GarageBand and launchpad and such, it is great, but compared to Ableton live or fl studio in computer, I find it limited. Great for beginners or those wanting to learn a daw. Thanks and keep up the good work.

- New update too difficult

I'm disappointed with the new update fl studio has had recently, it is too hard to make a simple drumbeat and I can't even find where the Kim's and claps are.

- Pro keys

Fun app. Some features that I believe would enhance the experience are; support for iPad Pro Smart Keyboard, scales function for keyboard, discount to buy all in app features at once. Thanks

- Good, but...

I'm Gradually getting used to FLM3, however a lot of my old songs are different now, even since the latest fix. Some instruments are now on a different octave. Others have the riff written down but no sample. And when I drop the instrument back to its original octave it refuses to save the change. So next time I load it, it's back to where it was, usually one octave too high. I don't know what to do...

- Not very good

Not a professional DAW compared to Auria or even NanoStudio. Also, the plugin names are deceptive as they have nothing in common with the desktop plugins with same names.

- Grouse


- Great app

I love this app and I use it heaps but idk how to make more then one songs and I can't get the only instrument packs I want for some reason but otherwise it's a great app and I recommend it

- The best music app in the App Store by far!

A long time ago, I used a program called Fruity Loops to make music. It was the best program I had ever used and I longed to find a replacement. Fruity Loops has now become FL Studio and is now available in the App Store. The functionality is incredible, the user interface is intuitive and seamless and it is just overall incredible. For anyone who wants to make music on an iPad, I strongly recommend this. Worth every cent!


Pleas include time stretching cus it would be usfull eg an out of bar or out of beat audio (1 out 5 audio tracks doesnt fit in with the rest of the audio tracks (timeing) eg rest are 4 bars while 5th is 5 bars u could time stretch it down to 4 bars so it fits with the other tracks)


Really good on PC and mobile, started off not knowing what to do until I studied music and fl studio now I know what to use and do if I make a mistake. Haven't made music before I found fl studio and this update is great. 5 star rating from me.

- Absolutely Excellent!

A must buy for any music enthusiast/producer. Worth of at least $100 for desktop program for only $25. Well done imageline!

- Love it

Bought this a few weeks ago and have had no problems, definitely recommend it

- No sound?

I bought this yesterday and it worked fine, I was very pleased. Now today, no sound... What gives? This not good enough. Before the program gets to the App Store it should work properly. Very very very VERY annoyed. Fix this!

- Major bugs.

Whenever I go to playback the tracks I've made with a minisynth pad. It freezes, no sound comes and it is virtually unusable... Please fix this soon. I'm on IPod 4

- Need to update ASAP - crashes every time music imported

Need to fix import function. Pre update worked great -now completely useless

- Update

Really good so far except with the latest update it won't allow me to upload music from my library without crashing. It would also be good to be able to assign the effects to certain channels and not just a an overal effect as I would like to use different filters for different tracks

- Great

I Love this app !! But can you make it like the Pc version so it will be more easier to use?

- Y U NO MAKE 4 Mac?

Hi, I once used fl before and I really enjoy using it to make dubstep. The only problem is I don't understand why you don't make the software for MacBook Pro. This is very confusing and I hope you can fix this.

- Good, could be better

Fl studio HD has some great sounds and it's fairly easy to arrange your song once you get the hang of it. Unfortunately in the step sequencer there are no smart tap and drag or adjust options, instead FL requires you to tap on the tool you want before you edit any of your notes. So if you want to move five notes to different places you have to select each note then hit the move tool, then move the note instead of a simple tap and drag. This is also the same for scrolling and zooming out. The makers of this program have deemed scrubbing more important than navigating. A simple tap and pinch to zoom or slide to scroll on the bar count would have made this program much more user friendly.

- Love it but more instruments

Hey I use this app as my main outlet for music composition at the moment and I love it completely! I reckon you us should keep churning the instrument add ons to this product for purchase!!!

- Good but expected better

I bourght this thinking that it could help me make my rhythms faster but it doesnt even have piano roll. waste of $20, the computer version it much better. And i would suggest you buy that.

- awsome

best house music app

- This app is polished and so much fun

I've bought many music apps to test out the Line6 MIDI Mobilizer and this app is definitely the best I've purchased to date. Even without an external MIDI controller, the interface is a credit to the developers- everything you need and only at the time you need it. The sounds are good, the effects are very good. I would like a super easy way to expand the sound sets with my own multisamples and maybe have more than 1 FX bus. I would also like to be able to use my MIDI keyboard controller buttons to operate the play/record/rewind, but I'm very satisfied. Price is high for an app but it is significantly higher quality than any of the other apps I tried. Overall this is a high performance music workstation that doesn't feel like work at all!

- Great app

This app looks and feels amazing, as a long time fl studio user im STOKED to see that this has come about, to the guy with the issue with difficulty with the technicalities of the app; this is for people with at least a basic knowledge of how a DAW works, in particular fl studio. Its not supposed to be easy right off the bat, its a proper technical app with real life practicality, im so stoked that you guys at image line have made this happen, MASSIVE props!

- These people don't get it....

I think everyone's missing the point of this app here. This app is designed to be used with the desktop FL Studio, not as a full DAW. You are meant to use it to quickly jot down ideas when they come to you. For example a new melody might come to mind, so you quickly get out your ipad, note down the melody, find a sound preset you like, and add some drums. Then, when you access FL on your desktop, send the track to it, and finish everything up there :D It's simple. Once again, this is not a fully-featured DAW, it is used to jot down ideas for you to transfer to the desktop FL, and finish off. Hopefully you guys'll get it now and stop complaining. Well, THANK YOU IL FOR THIS AMAZING PRODUCT. For me it's very useful, I dunno about you guys, but previously I would hum melodies that came to mind into a sound recorder. Now I can just jot them down on this! Thank youuuuuuuu! ;D

- Disappointing

I dont want to be another person that complains and wants something for nothing, but, when I compare this against other apps around the same price for example Beatmaker2, this is really disappointing. I have been using Fruity Loops or FL Studio since 1998. One of the defining aspects of FL Studio is the incredible ease of use and the ability to get a great sound real quick. In my judgment this is App is a very very 'lite' version of what the full desktop application has provided for years. I find the FX setup whilst promising, it is very limited in that effectively you are limited to 1 effects send across all of your instruments. The instrument pool that Imageline has provided is lame, and has no editing capacity/ sound manipulation beyond ADSR, Volume and Panning. The pros: step sequencing and recording piano roll instruments and looping is easy. Where I think this app is really let down is the poor FX bus, zero instrument editing, and a dull mix of bundled instruments. In short an elementary app. For the same money, try Beatmaker2, an incredible app. Or for a $5 the mighty Xenon Groove Synthesiser!!

- Excellent and getting better

This app is not a copy of Music Studio as someone claims below. It's being developed by the same team. Music studio doesn't have... * Stepsequencer (awesome!) * Drum pads * Ability to load your own instruments (coming in the 1.1 update). Image-Line said this is just the beginning. Excellent app for making music on the do quickly. Definitely worth the money and you will also be getting plenty of free updates and goodies according to Image-Line. I wish people would check the FL Studio Mobile forums before posting :(

- Another Toy

If you put all the ipad music apps together you could get a decent workstation. Don't know if I'll use this one. Apple should make all contributors write apps in an evaluation form so you can see if it's useful. As it stands buying an app is a gamble. And on this one I think I lost.

- :)

Love this app, being able to start a beat when I'm on a break at work or where ever then having the ability to export it to my FL Studio desktop version and finish the track later. Brilliant Would highly recommend this app to anyone running FL Studio as there main DAW, Very helpful Cheers image line, been waiting for this one

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- Ok but one problem

I really like this but I’m trying to record music with my beats Bluetooth headphones and it does not record it just does nothing when I record, please fix.

- Missing Basic Functions! Super disappointed

I need to be able to preview audio clips all the way along with being able to slice audio clips.

- App is not what I thought

Purchased this app but it’s not what I expected and would like a refund.

- Quality of Life

Very good app overall, but missing some super basic quality of life functions that I’m absolutely baffled an app of this price doesn’t have. It’s kinda driving me insane. Namely, there’s no way to disable vertical velocity on the virtual keyboard, meaning notes are effectively randomly assigned velocities based on where your fingers happen to hit the extremely tiny keys. I get giving users this option to adjust velocity on the fly while playing, but it shouldn’t be the default and ONLY option. Please PLEASE allow an option to disable vertical velocity so all notes on the virtual keyboard are played at default 80% velocity no matter where the keys are tapped. You know . . . Like literally every other mobile DAW. I’m tired of recorded melodies going from spooky ghost mouse to trombone player exploding based on millimeters of movement. Of course the velocities can be corrected later in the piano roll, but oh my lord the constant adjustment is a chore just to get stable velocities. Another thing is there is no option to disable accidentally pressing the minuscule slivers of white keys between the black keys, making this very very small virtual piano (even when fully scaled up) next to impossible to play complex melodies on at a tempo above -6 bpm. Please make it an option to disable white key presses between the black keys, so we can actually play a competent melody on the fly without 14 billion misinputed notes. On a real piano, the black keys are elevated so you’re safe from randomly smacking a white key unless you move your hand down - why is a similar function not the default here? (trick question - I know it’s because of the aforementioned vertical velocity thing so you can play the white keys all the way up, which is, again, a completely wack an unhelpful default.) Pretty please? Again, the app is really great and far more powerful than the competition, so having these basic keyboard UI oversights completely bogging down the experience is an utter bummer.

- Pretty looking Daw missing important feature

I like this software but it needs AUv3 support.

- Stolen money!!

I had additional sound packs and plugins before I updated. Now wants me to repurchase!! Songs have to be remade!! Wtfff!!


10/10 app amazing. Wish more apps were like this 👍👍👍👍

- Rift machine

You guys should put the rift machine on the mobile devices it would be so much better

- Crash when rendering on new iPhone pro

When I render it trigger settings notifications and it crashes fix this ASAP

- Not too bad..

The app isn’t gonna be as good as PC DAWs, but this is probably the best music producing app on the App Store. I recommend it if you want to make some small beats or songs. Not anything too fancy.

- Thanks Kevin



Been using this app for a few years now. The recent update took away some plugins I have already paid for and wants me to buy them again. They’re locked in “demo mode”. So just know that’s a possibility. 5 stars otherwise but this is a massive inconvenience.

- Please Add Helpers Scale Piano Roll!!!

I love the app and it’s amazing to display my ideas on the fly. It’ll be much better if you add the Helpers section from piano roll as you have it in the desktop version.

- A little disappointed but looks promising

I just bought this app for my birthday and I’m very excited but I’ve run into a few bugs that have stopped me from using it. I can’t figure out how to get a hold of support or how to create an image line account either so I came here. The main problem is I can’t select the instruments icon even if I flip the screen. My touch screen works perfectly fine outside the app too so idk what to do. When I randomly click it, and it works, and I put in notes, it plays random melodies that’s not what I’m clicking. When I went to buy sound packs it freezes and or spams me with messages when I click the buy icon. Besides these few things this app looks amazing. I’ve been using GarageBand and this is easier to use and looks like I can do way more. I don’t have a computer either so I can only produce music on my phone. Help would be greatly appreciated

- All projects are doubling when I save after working on one.

I’ve been using the software for years and only found issues in last 4 updates

- Slides ?

It would be awesome to see an 808 slide button instead of using a automation clip.😕

- Love it

The only things I can ask for to perfect imthis app is more expansions and add the paint brush tool for the playlist and keyboard mode

- BEST. APP. EVER!!!!!!!!!!

I personally have never tried the desktop version of fl studio, but for me, this is the right app. You can manipulate all aspects of EVERYTHING and it makes the app so AMAZING! If you find the right tutorials, you can make solid beats with this app. And if you go into the files app, you can put custom sounds in the "my files" folder, making this app even better!!!! The only complaint I have is that if I disconnect and reconnect my airpods to my phone, the hi hats sound muffled and sometimes the music doesn't even play. Other than that small complaint, this app is AMAZING!!!!!!!

- Amazing DAW, but it ain’t perfect

I’ve been using this app for months now, and all I can say is that those some good $18 I’ve spent! Now, I do want to point out that I feel that this app definitely needs an auv3 extension option that would definitely open up many possibilities for music production on mobile. I would also love to see at least one more synthesizer like sytrus or harmor or even harmless, obviously adapted and optimized for performance on mobile, just like the GMS. Even if this meant an extra 3 bucks, but I would be willing to spend it to have a sytrus on mobile per sè.

- Need updates.

Please add basic functionality 1.song auto name generator 2.Overwrite save for select song (once user exported wave and change the file name user needs to re-save and re type song name...) 3.Scales in piano roll and visual collapse to note 4.Render in place to audio from any synth 5.Group support for better mix Support this app you rewrite it after all. Dev I don’t need support or help using fl studio, please add some basic daw functionality, see my list of suggestions. Thanks

- This mobile DAW rocks!

Really loving the app. It’s intuitive and fun. The sounds are great and editing instruments, midi, and samples is easy. I really enjoy automating parameters with touch and the beat pads are very responsive and snappy, given you have a powerful enough device (I use iPad Pro and it’s real smooth). It took me a while to get used to, but after watching the tutorial videos I was up and running making beats. It’s worth the money, watch the tutorials and read the manual and you’ll be happy.

- App won’t open

Once installing a certain amount of my own sample kits (40Gb) app does fine... but once I install 80+% of my kits.. app won’t open...

- Missing Basic Functions and AUv3

This app wouldn’t be so much of a problem if it weren’t for the fact that this app doesn’t allow a free splitting feature that GarageBand offers, but rather a cutting feature that only works if you add multiple loops. This is ridiculous considering how often I have to fix complex patterns in audio/midi sequences. It’s more than time consuming to have to duplicate and then trim track after track. Also not to mention how you can’t properly change the pitch and tempo separately. There’re more things I can rant on about, but those primarily are the reasons why this app is so lacking from the very start you open this app. Unfortunately, despite such great tools of virtual instruments and probably one of the most helpful effects I've found in an iPad fixed DAW, the basic audio editing features are less than user-friendly. Because of this, I have to resort to neglecting most of FLSM’s potentially fantastic and integral features for GarageBand’s simple editing components. Simple yes, but undoubtedly important for a digital audio workstation. Please, I beg of you to change my opinion for this beautiful looking app.

- Free hardstyle kick sample

I love to use but I will love to have some free hardstyle kick sample

- 👎👎👎👎👎

No iPhone XR comparability or mention of compatible devices. Thanks for wasting my time and money 👍

- 14$!?!?!?

14$ For This Junk You Can’t even pick The song you wanna remix I wanted To Remix Bille Jean By Michael Jackson And Get it off on Spotify this Junk Don’t Waste Your Time On This App


hi this app is pretty epic i reccomend . the bad thing is it doesnt have FUCJNG M4A AND SO I CANT SHARE IT WITH PEOPLE. please add m4a files thank you

- Nice app heres a few ideas

As someone who cant afford the “real” FL Studio but really loves producing I appreciate you guys making this. I think its an extremely well crafted mobile DAW and definitely the best I’ve seen, however It feels like you guys consider FL Mobile more of a side project. It doesn't really feel finished yet. I’d love to see gross beat, and plugins added like maybe Omnisphere, and Electra? Or at least plugins like FL keys? Do u guys have any plans on adding stuff like this? I’m especially interested in gross beat & bpm automation. Could we expect something like this in future updates?

- it said it was free

it charged me $10 but it said it was free

- Refund Please !

I am an everyday FL Studio user and this is not the best mobile option experience at all! Seriously just not a lot of user friendly capability to be honest! Just my opinion tho...

- I love the fl studio, I have one complaint

Could you all make available for mobile user like myself share their music on platforms as SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook,etc. overall fl studio is great

- Big/Issue

I have an issue where I import a .wav file but it doesn’t show up in the folder I send it too. It successfully sends and imports the file but it doesn’t show up at all please respond

- Recent Update is Terrible

In the recent update, background play was removed so I can’t play projects I haven’t exported yet in the background like I previously could. Also, Varazdin Orchestral EXP, which was previously a free instrument pack was changed to a paid instrument pack, which ruined all projects that were still in progress that used that instrument pack, and the only way I can restore those projects is by paying for something that was previously free.

- Flstudio # 1 laptop version still is the best

Why won’t they make the mobile version of flstudio just like the laptop version -?

- Funnest app on my phone

Very easy to learn! Also importing wave files from my Mac into the FL studio app is super easy and I’m able to come up with new ideas for my other projects while I’m wasting time at work Worth it

- Almost the best mobile daw

It’s a very good tool, somethings can be better, one of them is developing the compatibility with Audiobus 3 to record through the app, an another thing is like the FL 20, link the mixers to each other, it’s a very important function and I miss that.

- Add a mix and mastering feature

I make songs on this app but when I’m finished I want to mix and master it but it’s soo difficult. Please add a mix and master feature so my songs can sound better if y’all do that I’ll add 5 star


I make music and my producer sends me wav/mp3 files to add to tracks. The icon is greyed out and fl studio won’t let me add mp3/wav to any track for audio recording. When this is changed I will make a better review. I’m not a producer, so when people send me beats I need to be able to put them in a song. Really sad this isn’t a feature, complete waste of $20 and a disgrace to image-line. Also I’m on iOS

- An EDM artist’s dream studio

I have FL studio both on my iPhone, and PC. Surprisingly, I use this version more than the computer version even when at home. This DAW is just so easy to make a song on, and it’s clean appealing layout is a wonder on the eyes. It’s sound quality is great, offers great sound options and FX as well as a ton of instruments from the get go. My only complaint is that GMS and AudioBus don’t come with the app. These are two huge synthesizers that should be bundled in, but for an extra 5 bucks, it’s not that big of a deal. With this app, you can make a banging dance track on the go, and for 20 bones, you can get a full music studio. Thanks Fruity Loops for giving us this music making option. As a high school student, I have produced music through this app, and got signed on to a record label, which has allowed me to make some money on the side of my life. I love this app and recommend it to anyone who is interested in making music on a budget. 11/10. Stellar app.

- My sound doesnt even work with the app I want my money back

This some bull I want my money back it’s full of crap

- Not accessible

This app is not accessible. For the visually impaired, I can see some of the buttons but I don’t know what they do. Could we please get this fixed? Make it accessible with voiceover. Thank you

- Won’t let me use plugins that I have bought or got on my phone

It shows up “failled connecting to iaa...” or smth like that, it never use to do this but when I downloaded it to my new phone it started doing this 🥺

- I just wasted $3.00 On Here

I just bought the GMS Synthesizer and it has yet to be unlocked on my app. I’m am furious because I planned on using it today!

- Good, could be better

So, I love the app for jotting ideas down but there’s one bug that is very annoying. Whenever I try to record my voice it crashes, it works after I open it though. A suggestion I have is being able to write lyrics inside of the app, that would be so cool.

- Hands down 110 x better than garage band

For pros and beginners this is an amazing app !! :!:! Plz help with a recent issue I’ve been having and cans find answers know where. When I record vocals it only comes thru one side I don’t even know how this happened I must have accidentally changed a setting. This is just as good as fl studio for pc if not better because it has the convenience of the built-in keyboard available on the smart phone and or tablet. I literally recorded and composed an entire cd using nothing but fruit loops studio mobile. highly recommended app. I have the paid version. Mind u it does not have all inatruments and sample packs, witch would be cool but , it comes with more than enough to be PRODUCTIVE !!! Thanks fl studio !!! Dont listen when ppls say that garage band is better, bahahaha , they are either lazy and willing to settle for basement(garage)recordings over some sold-out commercial beat, or simply haters.

- Please refund

I downloaded FL Studios to work with my Voloco app but FL studios keeps crashing, sending me to app store prompting a redownload and isnt recording any vocals even though my mics attached. PLEASE REFUND!!

- Infuriating to Use

I’ve been hoping for some time that this app would receive some update—some update that would magical fix it. And alas, that has not happened. In Fruity Loop’s attempt to make their app more like the computer program, they’ve sacrificed the pure speed of FL mobile. This app is the Vista of FL products. The patches, and UI for the patches, are good. There are more options to control timbre and volume and velocity in this version. There are more patches and unique oscillators to utilize, more effects. However, and really: HOWEVER... The step sequencer, in this program alone, is harder to use than anything I’ve ever composed with. It feels impossible. To move a note, you have to hold down and then drag. To make a selection box, you have to hold down and then drag. Accidentally tap the screen and you’ll make a note. Unlike previous versions where you just press and instantly move things, it takes forever to correct notes, or drag them. The Snap To option is no help, and far inferior to the options in the old FL Mobile. There is no “change by octave or semitone” option, and when dragging a selection of notes, the sequencer has the habit of lighting up with black bars, so you have no idea where you are in reference to the keyboard. There is no “turn into...(note value)” option, so I can no longer select a great swathe of music, and then turn every note into an eighth note, or a quarter note, or a whole note. Brilliant option, no longer available. And lastly, the mixing and reverb is terrible. I don’t know how, but it’s terrible. It sounds like every instrument is trying to fuse together, instead of standing in individual parts of a room, and then blending. I don’t know why my new IPAD with FL Mobile 2 sounds awful compared to my old IPHONE 4, which sounds clearer. Clearly, no one who actually composed with the old app had a hand in creating the new one—this app is really really difficult to use. All they had to do was add automation and velocity control, and then FL mobile would’ve been perfect. Really. So overall, I’m sorry, but one star. I’ve tried using it for hours on end, and with much patience, but it becomes infuriating to use.

- Audio recording ruined

Why are all my recordings either playing solely on left or right side instead of regular like it’s usually been avid user and this is unacceptable needs to be fixed ASAP!

- I want my money back

This is some bull i doesn’t say that you have to buy beats and it’s so hard to use can I get my money back

- fucc this app

just downloaded it and it’s glitching making me go to the home screen

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iOSアプリのFL STUDIO Mobileです!

@RSNqIi8W21yqSHJ Uhh I used fl studio but you can also use garage band but I hate using shit on mobile so I’m tryin…

@o_artwo @jackkkkie_ @jhuIao na realidade todos essas daws são um lixo o negócio mesmo é FL Studio Mobile 3

FL studio mobile、もうかれこれ一年近く触ってないな

@Sakhi_mathunjwa: @DJFreshSA @PrinceKaybee_SA @DJTira #StayAtHomeSa greatings please take your 20s of your time and hear it I used F…

@MUSIC_FESS fl studio mobile

@mamira4649 FL Studio mobile 始めんの?教えようか????????😏😏😏😏😏

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FL Studio Mobile 3.2.85 Screenshots & Images

FL Studio Mobile iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

FL Studio Mobile iphone images
FL Studio Mobile iphone images
FL Studio Mobile iphone images
FL Studio Mobile iphone images
FL Studio Mobile iphone images
FL Studio Mobile ipad images
FL Studio Mobile ipad images
FL Studio Mobile ipad images
FL Studio Mobile ipad images
FL Studio Mobile ipad images
FL Studio Mobile Music application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
FL Studio Mobile Music application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

FL Studio Mobile (Version 3.2.85) Install & Download

The applications FL Studio Mobile was published in the category Music on 2011-06-21 and was developed by Image Line Software [Developer ID: 432850147]. This application file size is 259.64 MB. FL Studio Mobile - Music posted on 2020-05-04 current version is 3.2.85 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

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