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Create and save complete multi-track music projects on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Record,
sequence, edit, mix and render complete songs.

NOTE: There are two FL Mobile Apps in the store - 'FL Studio Mobile HD' and 'FL Studio Mobile'. These are identical. Two Apps exist for historical reasons.


• High quality synthesizers, sampler, drum kits & sliced-loop beats
• Step sequencer for fast percussion programming
• Configurable virtual piano-keyboard & Drum pads
• MIDI controller support. Play instruments and link to knobs/sliders
• MIDI file import/export (import entire MIDI files, export tracks)
• Audio recording (with monitoring), track-length stem/wav import
• Browse sample and presets with pitchable-preview
• Pan, volume, release and attack time configurable per instrument
• High quality audio engine (input/output latency depends on your device)
• Mixer: Per-track mute, solo, effect bus, pan and volume adjustment
• Effects include: Auto Ducker, Chorus, Compressor, Limiter, Distortion, Parametric Equalizer, Graphic Equalizer, Flanger, Reverb, High-Pass/Low-Pass/Band-Pass/Formant (Vox) Filters, Delays, Phaser and Stereoizer to enhance your mix
• Piano roll editor to enter notes & chords or to edit recorded performances
• Intuitive screen layout configurable to work with all screen resolutions and sizes.
• Save and load your songs, import/export to WAV, MP3 & MIDI
• IAA App support (Input/Output)
• Audiobus support (input & output)
• Audio recording, Instruments and Effects
• Share your songs via Sync to other Mobile 3 devices / installations
• Load your projects in the FL STUDIO* FREE 'Plugin' Version of this App#





Install FL Studio 12.4 for the PC and you can use the FL Studio Mobile Plugin. This is identical to the App, just inside FL Studio for Windows PC. Get it here: http://www.image-line.com/downloads/flstudiodownload.html


Please help us to help you! Register FL Studio Mobile and visit the support forum to report bugs, make feature requests and download free content:



* "FL Studio" desktop PC version (sold separately) is installed, on average, over 30,000 times each DAY making it one of the world's most popular and exciting music production systems. You can download the demo version of the FL Studio Desktop PC version and use the FL plugin version of FL Studio Mobile.

# See: http://support.image-line.com/redirect/flstudiomobile_plugin

FL Studio Mobile App Description & Overview

The applications FL Studio Mobile was published in the category Music on 2011-06-21 and was developed by Image Line Software. The file size is 783.21 MB. The current version is 3.1.83 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

* 'Add automation track' now works with MOD and PITCH controls on the Keyboard
* TransistorBass portamento bug fix

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FL Studio Mobile Reviews

Jamal cue1

Awesome  Jamal cue1  5 star

Í love this App it’s really good for beat making if your into trap and don’t wonna spend $900 for the PC version give this a try however í do wish we could put certain things in a folder like if you have sample you can make a folder to put them in instead of going to samples and having to find it but other then that 5 stars

tibby jordan thomas

How to transfer MP3 files from my phone to app  tibby jordan thomas  5 star

I was wondering how do you transfer MP3 files or samples from your phone to the app?


Very Hard to use  Keionp  2 star

I want to know how to use metro boomin 808 im pretty sure you know how so can you tell me ?

Morgan Douglas

Good app so far but…  Morgan Douglas  4 star

I installed this app because I was talked into it by someone from Amazon and I’m having a good experience so far. However, the kick instrument in the hard house set has no sound. I feel like this is something that needs to be looked into. It also lacks the ability to delete instruments that are not wanted in the songs, which would be a useful feature. Will update my review when I have more feedback to submit.


Fails Compared to Actual Software  Killshot31  2 star

Nothing compared to the actual software.


I thinks something is wrong. Help?  Noitalevers  5 star

Bought this app via my phone. It installed but won’t install on my iPad. It is asking me to buy it again. I really wanted this on the iPad not my phone. If this is true, I need a refund so that I can repurchase it on the iPad. Help? Update: All I needed to do is update the iOS on the iPad and then the store information was updated and I was able to download it for no charge. Looking forward to using this software!!


HOW?  TSully66  3 star

I want to upload a loop I made to Newgrounds.com, but I can't find the MP3 file I converted it to! Plz help!

The one 93

Help plzz  The one 93  1 star

Is there anyway you can change back to the other version , it was easier for me to make music.


Probably the most complete mobile DAW just missing 1 thing  justMW  4 star

Honestly the best mobile DAW out there. Looks great and stable but.... I Deducted one star because it seems to be missing the ability to adjust the piano roll and keyboard by key/scale. Also don’t see an option for chords. Would also be great to see an option for an isomorphic keyboard, which is popular these days.


I need help  Efrenh03  1 star

How do I get custom samples and instruments


Great app but limited!!!  TLMMusic  4 star

I bought the app about a half year ago and loved it, but immediately found it very limited, with the thing keeping on verifying my account ImageLine account for the special instruments. Compared to other iOS apps such as GarageBand and launchpad and such, it is great, but compared to Ableton live or fl studio in computer, I find it limited. Great for beginners or those wanting to learn a daw. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Via dardy

New update too difficult  Via dardy  2 star

I'm disappointed with the new update fl studio has had recently, it is too hard to make a simple drumbeat and I can't even find where the Kim's and claps are.


Pro keys  BigBossAU  4 star

Fun app. Some features that I believe would enhance the experience are; support for iPad Pro Smart Keyboard, scales function for keyboard, discount to buy all in app features at once. Thanks


Good, but...  TG4AC  3 star

I'm Gradually getting used to FLM3, however a lot of my old songs are different now, even since the latest fix. Some instruments are now on a different octave. Others have the riff written down but no sample. And when I drop the instrument back to its original octave it refuses to save the change. So next time I load it, it's back to where it was, usually one octave too high. I don't know what to do...

SomethingNot TakenPlease

Not very good  SomethingNot TakenPlease  1 star

Not a professional DAW compared to Auria or even NanoStudio. Also, the plugin names are deceptive as they have nothing in common with the desktop plugins with same names.


Grouse  J..Tap  5 star



FL Studio Awesome! (Beats recording myself beat boxing my bass lines)  Kimmo23  5 star

I started using FL desktop program for awhile although, I'm now an Apple fan and was annoyed to learn no OSX program was created (unless I wanted to piggy back boot camp, but I heard the output quality is so so).. Anyway, I've ALWAYS recorded myself beat boxing my rhythms and especially my bass lines! So I can remember and apply it to Logic. So anyone who says that FL studio "could be better", is off their heads! The latest update is great, lots of work has and is constantly being done to not only give us what we need currently in production but the creative team is thinking ahead.. Good to see and keep it up!!!


Great app  Bobaayyyyyy  5 star

I love this app and I use it heaps but idk how to make more then one songs and I can't get the only instrument packs I want for some reason but otherwise it's a great app and I recommend it


The best music app in the App Store by far!  MSPatron  5 star

A long time ago, I used a program called Fruity Loops to make music. It was the best program I had ever used and I longed to find a replacement. Fruity Loops has now become FL Studio and is now available in the App Store. The functionality is incredible, the user interface is intuitive and seamless and it is just overall incredible. For anyone who wants to make music on an iPad, I strongly recommend this. Worth every cent!


NO TIME STRETCHING = BAD  Matthew_good  2 star

Pleas include time stretching cus it would be usfull eg an out of bar or out of beat audio (1 out 5 audio tracks doesnt fit in with the rest of the audio tracks (timeing) eg rest are 4 bars while 5th is 5 bars u could time stretch it down to 4 bars so it fits with the other tracks)


Bleh  0mnicus  1 star

I honestly hate this version. It made the songs I already had recorded and saved sound off. Also, I've found there's so much change that I don't know how to do everything I previously did. I used to use this app multiple times a week but now whenever I open it I don't even feel like using it.


Best Mobile DAW  Poler125  5 star

It's honestly the best DAW you can get on iPhone. I don't understand why other people don't like this app. I have had this app for at least a month and had no problems yet. My favorite feature about this app is you can import sounds and samples which would make this like 1000 more stars but you can only do 5 so yeah. So basically best app for music production I suggest you download this app.

Player 4380

We Need FL Studio for the Mac !!!!!👨🏻‍💻👨🏻‍💻  Player 4380  5 star

Please I've been waiting for so long for FL studio to work on the Mac version 👨🏻‍💻


Terrible!  ArshI0516178  1 star

This FLM3 is TERRIBLE! Please do something about it. I loved the previous version and it was super easy to use and It was much more inspiring. Now it's much harder to work with and I don't get what I want from it.

Is it only me.

Audio Copy  Is it only me.  2 star

The Audio Copy just doesnt work at all for me. Fix this bug please.



You're gonna get charged $15 to have an app that crashes, and makes your phone slow. DONT GET THIS APP. I can't believe this.

Beg boi

To clear things up  Beg boi  4 star

The app is not nearly as bad as the reviews are saying it is. It is glitchy sometimes, but because they are always updating it and working on it I myself have them a pass. The main thing that's gets me is that they have the audacity to put in app purchases. That's why my review is at a solid 4 stars but I like the app.


Getting There  Guycoolio  4 star

I have used the desktop version of FL Studio for over a decade. It has a mad scientist vibe that has always inspired creativity. I was disappointed with the original IOS mobile update and promptly deleted it from my devices. This last update has changed my mind by finally adding some of the features found in the desktop version to make this a quality music app in the year 2017. I have actually started to enjoy using the IOS mobile app because the sound sculpting tools included are beginning to model what can be done on the desktop version. I hope the developers continue to improve this app as it has the potential to be one of the best on IOS. Sound is great but still missing too many features (e.g., IAA) to receive five stars.


Production Pads.  Ivaluemee  1 star

Every kit only had piano functions oppose to the Drum pad function. In order to be effective with a piano, it's better if u use that in person. The drum pads are more versatile and easier to use cause more space to press precisely. YOU GUYS HAVE IT BACKWARDS. At lease ADD the drum pads back. Deleted my whole app. Too difficult for someone with big fingers to hit little skinny keys and be precise.

Zombie ow no :o

Really like it but...  Zombie ow no :o  4 star

So far the app is really good, I just don't understand why I have to pay for in app purchases if I already had to pay 15$ for this app. Other than that this app is a purchase well worth it.

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