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What is ilremote app? Image-Line Remote ( IL Remote ) is a free Wi-Fi MIDI controller for FL STUDIO on desktop and laptop computers. It works on Tablets or Phones. Just open FL Studio on your computer plus IL Remote on your iDevice and the connection is automatically made over your Wi-Fi network.

Control FL Studio instantly or link your favorite instrument and effect plugins just as you can with any MIDI controller. Use a phone, tablet or any combination with up to 15 devices simultaneously.

Use the included controller tabs covering functions including; Transport Controls, MIDI Keyboard, FPC control, Harmonizer Keyboard, Performance Mode (Clip Launcher), Gross Beat FX, Mixer and more. If the control you want isn’t available then you can create your own.

IL Remote allows you to add custom tabs and add controls including Pads, Faders, Knobs, Jog Wheels, Mixer, Clip Launcher, X/Y Controls, Piano Keyboard, Harmonic Grid and Containers. There is a complete range of customization options for each control so that you can create virtually any virtual MIDI controller to suit your needs.

For more details check the online manual here:

See the video tutorial series here:

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App Name ILRemote
Category Music
Updated 27 July 2016, Wednesday
File Size 9.98 MB

ILRemote Comments & Reviews 2023

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Crashes on layout changes. The default layouts mostly work, and the feel is great, but any layout changes or attempts at creating custom layouts crash the app and changes are lost. I'm a longtime fan of FL Studio and I'm really looking forward to a stable version of this.

Cmon, really?. I’ll give props to one thing. It’s perfectly synchronized. PSYCH BOI THIS THE WORST PIECE OF TRASH EVER. Are you serious with the coding and the designs? Because it’s straight up awful. Not only does it look like some 12 year old made it in a day, the customizing is almost impossible due to the lack of effort for making its designs. Please follow up with an update. Look at GarageBand. Their keyboard function is easy to use and user friendly in terms of designs, functionality, and performance.

Like a rough draft. Trying to play a chord on the app and it only registers up to two key presses at a time, kind of a joke

Connect via USB?. Is there an option to just connect to it via USB just in case my Wi-Fi is shotty? I really don’t wanna buy another MIDI Keyboard.

amazing!. Worked instantly, which is rare for me setting up a new midi device. Using an older iPad 3 too. Impressively low latency. I LOOOOOOOVE the custom layouts!! About to make a midi bass guitar out of old ipad and iPhones!

It’s great but there are some problems (I’m on 12.1). It’s a great app if you don’t have a midi keyboard. I do use the keys function but there are some problems. The 3rd fader controls the low eq on the 1st insert. Please fix that. Also, I want Parametric EQ2 controls on this app. -Anthony, using FL Studio for 3 years

Awesome App, But I Have A Problem.. The app is a great use for away from the keyboard functions. The only problem is that none of the custom functions that I make work on the computer. One thing I looked forward to was the trackpad function, but it won't do anything on the computer.

It's good. To me, it works great, I really just got it for the piano roll to be able to use on my phone whenever I don't have my midi with me. The "mix" section didn't really work, I wish the app would sync with the project you're working on, so the mix levels would be the same. Other than that it's pretty cool.

Thanks Gol & IL team!. So grateful the Image Line team released this app. Just started to use it and am sure it will improve my workflow. I've been using FLstudio for 10+ years and these types of innovations make the DAW a king in the arena.

Redemption Song. Okay so it didn't work after one update...months went by, and somehow everything works again, better than before as it feels a bit less laggy...not sure what fixed it but just glad that I can use this app again! Thank You!!!

doesn't work anymore. it used to be perfect, now it doesn't want to connect no matter how long the app is open. please fix it!!

Best controller I have used. This app works perfectly with FL Studio, and is now one of the most useful tools I have on my iPad. Great job with this Image-Line.

I need it for decadance. I can't afford to by mixer and tables, and you literally just took the only thing I had to make myself look even remotely professional away. With no exam atom either. Like, I love FL Studio and all, but Decadance is important to me so why man?

App is awesome, when it works. This app is awesome and adds a fair bit of convenience to music production. The ability to create my own layout in the app is one of the best features, but it also has a fair bit of bugs. Some of the objects in the layout editor don’t work, the “container” object for example is too big to fit on an iPhone XR screen and thus is not possible to resize the container. The biggest issue is that saving your newly created layout causes the app to crash. The only way to save without the app crashing is to save the layout after every single edit, which is pretty inconvenient to say the least. I’ve been using FL studio for about a decade and I think this app has the potential to revolutionize workflow within FL, but these issues need to be ironed out. If this info helps: Running on iOS 13.6.1 on iPhone XR. Crashing on save happens both while connected to FL and not connected. Does not crash if only one edit was made, does crash if more than one edit is made. Saving between each edit doesn’t seem to prevent crashing, so saving after one edit and then restarting the app seems to be the only way to reliably edit a layout.

Fl studio / ipad piano roll. I knew there was a way to hook the ipad up to fl and use it threw piano roll This app is dope My music just took off to the next level!!!!

Wow Good App Image-Line!. I love this app! No complains! Is it possible in the next update can you guys add support for a wired connection too? Like through the phones usb wire? I wouldnt mind being able to charge without being on wifi using the app.

Not a bad start. Honestly, I only use it for play/pause so I can sit back from my laptop and listen to my tracks. To use it for any of the mixing functions, the touch screen isn't accurate enough to practically use the mix page. I haven't tried making the custom layouts, but the app needs to reflect what is happening on the screen. Even if the mixer section had more than 10 slots (maybe scroll left/right to find more) I might use it more. Better yet: the screen should show one plugin at a time so I can modify parameters on the touch screen! I applaud the easy setup process. Hopefully this app will expand!


ALMOST PERFECT. only missing an undo button!!!!!

Better than any hardware midi controller. Well maybe not. But it does provide a really clean way to work with different elements of your track. I have Maschine, and I like it, but I never could quite get comfortable with using it to control FL. This is intuitive and easy to learn with. The limitation is the screen size of the iPhone, but the app makes use of available space well and it's not too crowded. A really good app.

Absolutely wonderful!. Use this to record from an isolation booth or your closet. Thank you, Image-line.

So Far So Good. I’ve tried this app a year ago and noticed response time lagged.. but today I have not seen that issues so far.. I am currently using IPad Pro 2nd Gen IPad OS 15.1. I would like to make a request for velocity levels on the FPC pads. Example —> if you press the top area of the pad the volume of the pads sound would be at the lowest, then highest and the bottom. Thanks in advance, you guys did a great job.. also I wouldn’t mind beta testing future updates.

I LOVE THIS. BUT IT NEEDS LOTS OF IMPROVEMENTS image line please work on this, it would be such a great tool if the synchronization was right.. I've been using fl for a long time and this is what I've been waiting for! Please don't give up on this IL

Disappointed. No sound

Crashes CONSTANTLY. Look, fl has horrible control surface compatibility so this is the only real option. Please update the app. When it works, it’s incredible, but any time I load a preset it crashes.

Great start. At last a remote app that works without midi terds or midi add on devises,most have troubles with almost every PC os. IL remote came to life as soon as I configured my firewall as per instructions. Haven't scratched the surface yet but it lives up to its name. Brought FL studio back to life in my studio. Thanks

Great App, nice way to compete against Logic Pro X and it's remote app. Way to stay on top the game. Give logic a run for its money. Logic X has their remote app, now Fl, way to go. Kudos to image line. If you are not now the king of DAWS, you will be quickly by releasing such great support for your customers. Take that logic. I just can't stand when people say Logic Pro and Protools is the standard. They are good DAWS but people, please don't put down fl studio without trying it. To me, FL is the standard for music production opposed to what protools is for audio and everything else that follows. Just because the word pro is in the title, it doesn't mean it's the best DAW. A bunch of BS. I guarantee if fl studio would name its daw to image line pro or audio line pro, fl studio pro etc and loose the stigma of the old fruity loops name, people would say its an industry standard. We all know fl studio is the standard when it comes to any production and we don't need pro in the title because fl users are intelligent and use fl studio because it just works phenomenally. On another note with this remote app. Please fix the bug where the mixer only recognizes 16 channels I would like to bank over to as many needed. Cheers from Los Angeles CA.

This could be something..... This midi controller has a lot of potential. I currently have many of the knobs and controllers linked to my set up. And the response time is spot on. It's do easy to fiddle around with the options that I'm wondering if this IL Remote may end up redefining the FL Studio experience. The only drawback I found is that, the controller is limited to the MIDI CC categories, which means if I'm using a plugin like Edison I can create a button for the 'record' and 'play' and link them because they lie within the category, but I can't link other buttons with anything else because there isn't a 'controller number' to link them too. Honestly, the major reason I downloaded the app was so I could control Edison while I'm on the microphone recording. That way, if I need to stop, start, select options and review song loops, it can be done in a mobile position instead of having to resort to the computer. All in all,I still love this remote and I hope these issues may be addressed in upcoming versions. I'm a strong supporter of Image-line and I stick by them always.

This is literally trash. Even if it did work which it does not. The interface looks like garbage. I can push buttons all day and nothing happens.

Almost. This is almost the coolest thing on the planet. The idea of being able to control a project from your phone is incredible. Some of the buttons and faders don't really do what they're supposed to. The synchronization is WAY off. When I hit Mute on the Mix panel on one of the faders, it activated a kick drum. On another fader, it starts/stops the track. And on another, it rewinds the track to the beginning. Lol. Needless to say, if Image-Line can work on syncing the project with your phone better and simplifying the functions, I think this will be a hit. Til then, I'll be starting and stopping my projects from the back of the studio like a BOSS. 😎

Underdeveloped but still really good. Easy to connect... does its job, if you have a tablet, you should definitely give it a try

I can't get the sound to work. I HEAR NOTHING!!!!! I'm sure it's a great app, but I don't know what's happening. I can't hear audio or anything. But I can hear on other apps. But can someone help?

Prepare for Hours of Frustration. What a mess. Hasn’t been updated in five years and it shows - want to build custom layouts for a particular plugin? Enjoy adding one button at a time, saving your layout, and then adding another button only for the app to crash (without fail), losing any changes you made since saving. It’s a shame really - the responsiveness of the few things you can manage to program before crashing is on par with a hardware controller. If you’re a “time is money” type, skip this and buy a hardware controller. I’ll see you in a year when I’m finished crashing my way through creating a layout.

This is a really dope concept. If it got updated I would use the heck out of it, but right now it crashes too often when trying to build new layouts

Outdated. It work at first, but it needs to be updated for fl studio 20 to be useful again. Logic Pro x just updated their remote to match their daw newest daw update, it is fire. Fl studio is starting to lag a bit in the update department in some of its apps. Hope they got something in the works before fl remote becomes an forgotten app.

Has lag and disconnects. I was hoping the app would work better, but it does not stay connected. Often drops and picks up again. It is easy to setup and use. I'm using on an older 4th gen iPod, so maybe the app works better on iPad and iPad mini.

Excellent app. Great app. For a recording engineer it would be nice if this could control Edison directly so when I'm alone recording my self I could tap record from my device other than running back to the computer, not that that's a super important feature though.

So much potential, but never updated. Hasn’t been updated since FL 12. Crashes frequently. Loses saved presets. Crashes. Clunky UI interface and scaling. Not going to hold my breath for an update - I know this isn’t a focus for image line, just a forgotten app. But if they or anybody else would be able to craft something similar: I would love to see this updated for FL 20. There is so much potential here. Add a line editor window. FL is built on line editors. Add LFO tools. Fix the clunky UI and shaping. Fix the crashing. This app is borderline perfect, but it falls short because of these heavy flaws.

Please update the app! Would love to use this as a keyboard for my fl studio! 😆. Title

Has potential, but.... This app definitely isn’t what it used to be when it first came out. Using it on an iPad mini 4 running iPadOS 13.4, it often freezes whenever I try to save a new layout or edit any part of my existing layouts. I am really hoping that I can get this working reliably as I am not able to purchase a proper $60 or $70 launchpad or alternatives at the moment. I am really hoping that they update this app again (it has been three years since the last update).

Stoked!. I have been waiting for something like glad image-line did it. Thank you!!

A little more work. This is such a cool concept. If image line could go in and update it to fit fl 20.7 it would be such a useful tool. But right now it’s to old and bare bones for it to be helpful.

Has great potential. I hope the developers can read this, because I only give this rating because I can't connect the remote over my wifi. I spent days, literally, trying everything. Nothing worked. THERE NEEDS TO BE AN OPTION FOR USB CONNECTIVITY THROUGH THE IPHONE CABLE! I know it's possible. Plz imagline! I'm so anxious to use this!!!

#first. Haven't tried it out yet, but I can't wait! It's about time Image-Line came out with their own remote! Anyways, not much for reviews, but #first

Doesn’t Work Anymore.. I have an M1 MacBook Pro with the latest version of FL Studio on it. This app no longer works. It just shows the signal trying to connect, but it never does. I have the “Enable Image-Line Remote option enabled in FL. This app desperately need updating. It hasn’t been updated in over 6 years. Come on guys, please fix this.

HOw I get around the latency. Like I said I love this app...5 stars all day...I have a behringer guitar link....for some reason it can handle 64 samples which is ultra low when i run all out puts through it via asio...If you have a Guitar link ur in there like swimwear just turn the buffer rate down as low as it goes and u will have no latency and u hear it immediately.

Where’s the Image Line I know and love?. This app works, but it hardly improves workflow at all. The interface is ugly, and it feels mediocre. I wish they made the UI the same as FL studio 20. I would also like to see a way to make the FPC look the same as it does in the software. I would pay money for that.

Dope!!!. This is super dope. I record my vocals as an audio clip into the playlist. Instead of running back and forth, now I can record and playback with ease.

It is okay, but. I like it, but it doesn’t fill my screen.

Works amazing!. I didn’t have high hopes for this app at first but boy was I blown away! The control is smooth, and everything responds the way it should! Hooking it up was as simple as enabling it in midi control and I was good to go!

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App crash. App crashes when deleting more than one tab. Please fix.

Versatile and useful. Working away from my keyboard while traveling, the ILRemote has being a lifesaver. Keyboard has always been an big part of my production in terms of inspiration, despite the fact that this app connects through wifi, it is still incredibly responsive and has an wide range of assignable knobs, faders and etc, and plus it is also extremely simple to use due to its compatibility with FL studio. Definitely a must get app. A note to the IL team, the app seems to have some difficulty handling rapid simultaneous pressing of the keyboard, not exactly sure if it is my connection or the app itself

Please Fix This!. I have been using this app for a while, and I have seem to have lots of crashes when saving custom layouts. This is the 5th time I had done it, and I'm really disappointed. Please fix this as soon as possible

Very satisfied. This app is great the fpc integration is sick, so is the mixer and midi keyboard you can also customise the app to anything you like which makes this really versatile, I would recommend This to any fl studio user, good work image line👍

Love it but.... I love this app but my wifi is really bad so it would be better if it could be connected over Bluetooth or via the cord.

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Sweet!. So sick! Works flawlessly, and it's very nice to use as an alternative to using the computer keyboard as a midi controller! I would like to be able to toggle the EQ on the mixer off, because I never use those for eqing, and they take up a lot of space.

Greatest music control app!. Really cool if you don't have a midi keyboard. Awesome connectivity and many features. Really cool with fl studio 11! Great work image line! Glad to use great software for my music production service! You just won another customer!

WTF!!. Downloaded it and won't open not vary cool man not cool at all

Works well, even on this old ipad. Works well! Love it.

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Awesome app. Works well with fl studio have not tried with deckadance

Always been a fan. & probably always will! Must get!!

Absolutely wonderful!. Use this to record from an isolation booth or your closet. Thank you, Image-line.

Very high quality. As to be expected with Image-Line products, this software is very good. It works flawlessly with FL Studio. Great work guys.

Useful and easy to use. It can temporarily replace midi keyboard to a small extent,Besides, many other functions are integrated, all of which are very practical.The current version of the connection is very simple and fast. The only fly in the ointment is the delay caused by Bluetooth connection. It's not obvious. In short, it can improve a lot of efficiency

Cool app. Great app and useful

Soooo close. Update: App hasn’t been updated in over 3 years which is frustrating. The good: This is such an awesome concept, and getting it connected without needing extra software or configuration (like TouchOSC bridge for example) is so convenient. Works well on Mac and PC devices, and real-time control has no problems. I probably wouldn’t use it live, but I wouldn’t use any sort of WiFi controller live for that matter. I’ve hopped over to friends studios with just my laptop and phone and had a great, functional, and convenient DAW and controller setup for a session in seconds. I generally like to have a very basic midi controller with toggles and faders / knobs, this saves me from having to buy/carry around extra hardware for that. Also, it’s free. The bad: Unfortunately when trying to edit the layouts or create new layouts, this app loves to crash. It would be really nice if there were a way to create a default layout on my computer and send it over instead, or if the editor in app didn’t crash so regularly. It would also be nice if they implemented iCloud storage to save the layouts you’ve made for syncing between devices. There’s also a few graphical bugs and things don’t always “snap” when trying to resize in the editor. In general, editing layouts needs a ton of work, but I get that IL makes an awesome and very affordable DAW that probably requires way more real-time attention from their coders than this does. With just a bit of time and effort this could easily be a feature that would completely set IL apart.

Amazing. :DDD

Question. Does it work with fl studio 10?

Fl Studio. Great app!

Awesome!. Very happy with it :)

Great. Really good

Fl studio En2. Genial app IL Remote En2

Cannot connect. I have used this app on several Android devices with no issue. I can’t get the iOS version on my iPad to connect to FL Studio. I’ve found the app really useful on other devices, and I’d love to be able to take advantage of the extra screen space on my iPad, but unfortunately it just doesn’t work for me.

Latency!!!!. I got this and was so Excited. It's Great. My only comment is maybe add a bit more functions, and fix the latency. No matter what I press there is late a .75 second delay. Makes the remote undesirable.

Amazing!. Does what it says amazingly!

Nador.morocco. تطبيق رائع شكراً لكم

Question for some1 that really knows..... This's super cool, but I have an iPhone, will I be able to control FL remotely that's installed on PC, or do I have to have an android phone? I hope I don't have to wait for the full Mac Version for FL studio. I'll come back to check for responses, will decide the stars I really rate. Thx

Great Great Great app. Thank u so much 😍😍 This app just saved my million dollars 🤑🤑🤑 Just keep updating 😊👍🏼👍🏼

So cool. This is really cool but it looks weird on my iPhone 6 and is s little confusing. Really great though, could potentially replace a midi keyboard. 👍🏽

Greate. amazing app for flstudio users . love it

Fl studio for mac?. Will there ever be a native version of fl studio for mac?

LOVE IT!. Thanks for image line making this app :) It's very useful

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.3.4
Play Store com.imageline.ILRemote
Compatibility iOS 5.1.1 or later

ILRemote (Versiyon 1.3.4) Install & Download

The applications ILRemote was published in the category Music on 2013-12-31 and was developed by Image Line Software [Developer ID: 432850147]. This program file size is 9.98 MB. This app has been rated by 75 users and has a rating of 3.5 out of 5. ILRemote - Music app posted on 2016-07-27 current version is 1.3.4 and works well on IOS 5.1.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.imageline.ILRemote. Languages supported by the app:

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ILRemote App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. Feedback support when used with FL Studio 12.3 and later (movements to FL Studio controls will be mirrored on the IL Remote App) Fixed bug when assigning CC number for accelerometers and the microphone Fixed bugs in the mixer (on/off buttons all sending the same note number, errant MIDI message with "low eq" knobs) Updated splash screen to feature link to the manual and a new design Play button flashes in-time with FL Studios tempo Fixed a rare case where the connection would be lost when an important amount of data is sent Fixed a bug sometime causing the very first message to be ignored by FL Studio Fixed a crash when trying to select/move controls with invalid parameters Deckadance support removed

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