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Koala is the ultimate pocket-sized sampler. Record anything with your phone's mic instantly. Use Koala to create beats with those samples, add effects and create a track!

Koala’s super intuitive interface helps you make a tracks in a flash, there is no brake pedal. You can also resample the output of the app back into the output, through the effects, so the sonic possibilities are endless.

Koala's design focuses totally on making the music making progress instant, keeping you in the flow and keeping it fun, not getting bogged down by pages of parameters and micro-editing.

* Record up to 64 different samples with your mic
* Transform your voice or any other sound with 8 superb built-in fx
* Resample the output of the app back into a new sample
* Export loops or entire tracks as professional quality WAV files
* Direct export to Ableton Live Set
* Copy/paste or merge sequences just by dragging them
* Create beats with the high-resolution sequencer
* Import samples using AudioShare or just open them in Koala
* Import samples with the Files app
* Keyboard mode lets you play chromatically or one of 9 scales
* Quantize, add swing to get the right feel
* Normal/One-shot/Reverse playback of samples
* Add any (or all) of the 8 effects to the entire mix
* AudioBus 3.0 and Inter-App Audio compatible
* MIDI controllable - play your samples on a keyboard
* Jam with others over WiFi with Ableton Link
* Free copy of Ableton Live Lite included

Built-in Microphone FX:
* More Bass
* More Treble
* Fuzz
* Robot
* Reverb
* Octave up
* Octave down
* Synthesizer

Built-in DJ Mix FX:
* Bit-crusher
* Pitch-shift
* Comb filter
* Ring modulator
* Reverb
* Stutter
* Gate
* Resonant High/Low Pass Filters

Koala Sampler App Description & Overview

The applications Koala Sampler was published in the category Music on 2019-02-28 and was developed by Marek Bereza. The file size is 6.36 MB. The current version is 1.29 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

* Made Ableton Live Lite install button easier to find (bottom of menu).
* Now you can sample via IAA MIDI

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Koala Sampler Reviews

Sifi 315

Outstanding!  Sifi 315  5 star

It’s like having a sp-404 in your pocket. The UI is such that when you go to do something, it is done in a way that comes naturally without having to think about it, such press for duration of record and drag and drop to duplicate. The features and limitations are in perfect balance to foster creativity whether quickly getting ideas down or doing something more sculpted and spending a little time making. Dev seems responsive and involved. One of my most used music apps as of late, def recommend especially for the price.


background app refresh please  OgbMatt  4 star

omg really tho. plz add this multitasking feature??

Solomon of Kleptolia

Highly recommended for sample heads!  Solomon of Kleptolia  5 star

Simple, intuitive, and yet very powerful. Everything you need, nothing you don’t want. I have a Korg Microsampler. This thing reminds me of it. I also had a PO-33. The instant effects remind me of that. The mic effects are a GREAT touch. Particularly the bass synth effect is handy for turning your voice into slurred synth lines. Great job. Absolutely terrific.


Great app  Littldevil  5 star

This app is slowly becoming one of my go to apps for sampling percussive kits on the go! I was so sad when real beat stopped getting development but this is better and getting better too. If there is one thing I wish this current version had tho is landscape mode support when running on iPads as it’s somewhat awkward to have to turn the device around when running along side other music apps via Audiobus or AUM.


Easy to use, versatile, with even greater potential  bqiu86  5 star

Thanks for the awesome app and the rigorous updates! Please consider adding IAA/ audio bus support so that users can sample from other instruments within iOS. App does not work well with external audio interface at the moment. For example, it still shows “mic” at the sample page instead of the actual interface name; you’ll have to menu dive to setting to switch the audio input; the app does not support audio interface with more than 2 inputs.


Poor midi implementation  j03rul3z  1 star

Cannot select midi channel. :(


NEXT LEVEL! A work of art!  JDavidBo  5 star

koala is a true gem! It is the closest thing to perfection in an iOS music production app. The balance between minimalism and functionality gives the artist the right amounts of limitations, and forces you out of the box! I hope that the developer continues to manage that balance. A couple of more upgrades, could turn this into a central workflow app at least for me. Amazing! Worth it it three times the price… Or Hell, even for times! Bravo!


Awesome Sampling App!  UltraK2  5 star

Just got the update giving one the ability to import from AudioShare. So so good! Lots of fun!! Don’t hesitate to buy this app. I haven’t had this much fun making music in ages. Spontaneous frictionless fun. Update: There have been a lot of updates since the comment I wrote above...such as the ability to pitch samples, one shot or latch mode, Ableton export, reverse samples, the ability to export all of your Koala created samples into a zip file and much more... I’ve always wanted either a piece of hardware or software that can do what this app can do. Using this app and importing from Audioshare, I’m getting nice long stereo samples! Another Update: Now you can sample in stereo from another music app or even over USB! This app is amazing, I would give it 6 stars if I could!

Ben Efitofadoubt

Fanfreakingtastic!  Ben Efitofadoubt  5 star

I have quite a few sampler apps, but NONE of them are as intuitive as this little gem. You can hit the ground running with this. Brand new and the wonderful developer is already adding even more improvements. Don't hesitate. Highly recommended!


Top 5 out of hundreds of music apps I own  capedape  5 star

I’ve got a couple of decades of music making experience and know some hardware and desktop DAWs inside out. Just nuts how much faster I’ve got ideas out from this app. So immediate, fun and can get quite deep with resampling.


This sampler is DOPE AF!  Dazz26  5 star

It’s so intuitive, fun and instantly rewarding. I’ve made more music on koala in the first few days than any other app. Just buy it. You won’t regret it.

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