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What is sampletoy app? Sampletoy is a radical new musical instrument/plaything; part sampler, part granular synthesiser. Use it to capture sounds through the microphone, then play, loop, pitch and distort them live on the screen.

There are plenty of features under the hood, such as resonant filters, delays and envelope. You can enable "stepped" mode to play your sounds like a traditional keyboard, or keep it in "free" mode for some microtonal madness.

Once you've recorded a sound, use the main area of the screen to play it back at different pitches (up to 5 fingers at a time). You can crop the sound by dragging a selection over the waveform. The crop area is also multitouch and you can adjust the crop while playing the sound too.

The y-axis is pitch of the sound, and the x-axis is configurable to control filters or envelope.

You can record your performances on Sampletoy and send them via email within the app as a CD-quality wav file (mono or stereo)

* Create your own instruments out of any sound.
* Email your performances as audio files straight from the app.
* Built-in resonant filters, delay and envelope.
* Auto-saves current recording and state and recalls it again on next launch.
* Stepped mode allows chromatic, major, minor, pentatonic and whole-tone scales to be played.
* Totally multitouch - play up to 5 notes at once.
* 44kHz/16bit - professional quality sound.
* AudioBus3 output
* Import any audio file to Sampletoy from Files, Voice memos, DropBox etc
* Open non-audio files and hear what they sound like
* Bluetooth / Airplay support
* Built-in comprehensive manual.

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How to contact Sampletoy (Marek Bereza)?
Find this site the customer service details of Sampletoy. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Sampletoy Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Sampletoy Version 1.2.516 March 2019

* AudioShare now supports non-ascii file names.

Sampletoy Comments & Reviews 2022

- Oh my goodness thank you so much !!!!

I have had and used this app since my very first iPhone 4 in 2011 it has always been one of my favs and I can’t even tell you how many times I have referenced the fact that it never got an update , I was actually worried about the developer and thought perhaps he had passed away ...... I got an iPhone 8 Plus last month and was just devastated when it told me that this app would no longer even work at all on the new iOS I almost considered downgrading everything just to be able to have it again Imagine my sweet surprise right now when I just accidentally discovered you updated 5 Days ago !!! Thank you thank you thank you and I’m so glad you are alive still !

- Update

I love this app and I also adore the koala apps. This app is so cool but you could do so much more with it. I know it is more novelty but I would pay for an in app if you could do more with cut off, filter, lfo , HPF, or other effects can actually really tighten up instead of clicking on or clicking off with no in between. I’m not slagging the app at all but it would be great if you had an export that went directly into koala. Either way it is a great app and I use it quite a bit/I have been in iOS audio apps for over 10 years along with my software in my hardware in my studio. I just think you make some stellar apps and I hope that people actually take the time to review just how good your apps are

- Hidden Gem

This is like my OG iPhone app. It was literally the first thing I installed on my original iPhone 3GS way back in the day. I have loved and used it more than probably any app on any device I’ve ever owned. It’s easy to use and fun to play. My only ‘complaint’ I guess would be that the newer version does not seem to offer the hold function when you slide your finger to the edge of the screen. I really appreciated locking in on a particular loop and jamming along with synth, other hardware, or whatever. Maybe it was just an oversight, and the developers will notice they made a terrible error and replace the hold function. Otherwise this app is great! It has everything a music app should: it’s easy to use, versatile and inexpensive. Thank you!

- Mad Genius

Simple put, bought this app because of the confidence I have in elf-audio’s KOALA. Once again, was NOT disappointed! Look, apps on the iPad and iPhone can be characterized as SPG’s, Serious Professional Gadgets. Love what they do right out of the box by themselves. They get you there quickly and easily. That being said, they have tons to offer in the form of creativity. When you have people like Marek, they understand what the future of productivity looks like. I hope they continue to keep one eye on that future and the other on what’s needed today, and seems like he does. Looking forward to creating some interesting projects with this one, thank you.

- Looks goooood!

Wants- level adjustment for input, backwards playback, sample edit(select and delete) maybe more FX options......not quite as cool as Filtatron by Korg, but still very useful. Awesome that you can email sound sample/performance w/ QuickTime. Sound quality is VG. Holding it down wit da K-Nutz krew Nyeeyonkah.

- Sampletoy is fun.

I’m a big Koala Sampler fan, and sampletoy is for me! One ui/ux suggestion- move the controls to the top of the screen. On iOS, 15.4, using an iPhone 13, it’s very hard to use the repeat slider, for example, without accidentally closing the app. I’m seeing this with a few apps lately. Tapping at the bottom of the screen is no problem, however, any slide gestures at the bottom of the screen are problematic. Cheers!

- The best audio toy for iPhone ever

I’m so glad this app has survived the legendary Apple culling, because I would be so truly lost without its quick and easy little creative utility. This is the app I still think about when thinking about mobile sound apps that are legitimately useful for design work

- Awesome and simple to use

A novelty gadget that could also have some serious uses. Record in the field or import your samples easily. So good. Thanks for making it free. Would pay up to $5.99 for something like this. Will stay tuned for more apps from this dev.

- Overlooked gem.

This app is vastly overlooked in the sea of iOS samplers. Super fun, super immediate, and can get wild pretty quickly. I don’t think it needs any other features as that would take away from the simplistic beauty, but I do wish it had a hold button.

- Pretty useful

I loved koala so much I bought this other app by the same developer. For such a cheap price it's a pretty useful little thing and I'm sure it will fit in to my arsenal quite well. Simplistic but powerful in the right sample junky hands

- Fun!

Very simple. One of those apps you don’t have to think about when you’re using it — it’s built right and just makes sense. EDIT: I don’t know how I missed the de-clicker; it’s right there 😆.

- Very useful synth

Buying this to support Koala. Really useful for creating interesting sound just missing a couple of things. .1. Hold .2 Normalize

- An absolute joy

Oh how I wish this were a VST, so I may use it's power of lulzy sound. Granted, I could just use a regular granulizer, but this has FILTERS. And TOUCHSCREEN MODULATION. If the company who made this reads this, please make this a VST. I'd buy it.

- Update??

This is SO useful in my work with voice patients! I am a speech pathologist and this app provides visual feedback to them, like the “Visipitch” machine in a clinic. Waiting for an update! Please :)

- Awesome

If this the kind of thing you like (you know who you are), you’re going to LOVE this! Brilliantly simple but powerful.

- Two Suggestions

I love the app. However, can we see an update that allows the uploading of samples from a desktop? Also, I'd like to lock a selection, so that I can move a segment along a sample without resizing it.

- SampleToy will not run on iPad version 4.2.1

Just so you know. It will record, but the app will crash on playback. I emailed Marek Bereza 2 days ago about this. Have not heard back yet.

- OMG IT’S BACK!!! =)

Loved this app years ago, until it was no longer supported. BUT IT’s BAAAACK!!! <3

- pretty cool but

it does record long enough samples only about 5 seconds , would be sweet if it did a lot longer

- Still buggy

Not tip top on 7

- YaY

sampletoy is back!!! best regards

- A brilliant app!

I will use this app with my home recorder to make Simmons Drum snare sounds... you can simply record yourself making a "Shhhh" noise with your mouth and by adjusting the sample with the easy-to-use controls, voila! Instant Simmons drums! Just what I needed! Suggestions for updates... Please make it so a sample can be edited by allowing a selection of the sample to be deleted, then combine the top and bottom sections to make one sample. Thanks for a great and useful app! P.S. The people who have reviewed this app as "useless" obviously aren't into recording and don't understand the applications a tool like this has. If you don't know what a sampler is and what it does, you may be dissapointed. But if you're curious about how they make a lot of the effects you hear in music since the 1980's, this app is a simple to use introduction to the world of sampling. If you're the creative type, this is a great app. If you aren't, you won't understand a need for this app.

- Amazingly Professional Sounds

There is no end to the wild and even beautiful sounds you can produce with this, by starting with your own voice or whatever else and altering it in many ways, and then playing it with a well laid out interface. Anything from retro science fiction to really meditative and ambient chops can be produced, saved and altered again. Looking forward to updates, but great as is. More advanced saving of compositions would be nice. Just download this. Blows away many of the iPhone synth apps.

- Really great

If bebot were a sampler and granular synthesizer, it would look something like this. This may turn out to be one of the more useable iphone instruments for me personally. 2 functional things: I can usually make a note stick in stepped mode if I move all the way from left to right. Also, personally I think the range function should work when you are in stepped mode as well, thus you could do away with bass mode altogether. Wish list: More mangling efx such as distortion (bit degrade?), etc. Possibly a more customizable scale choice a la bebot. Also, it would be great if you could select the direction of the sample being played by sliding your finger forward or backwards over the sample bar. Anyway, by far the most useful (to me) granular synth/sampler app I've tried.

- Amazing!

This is EXACTLY the thing I have been looking for. I would have paid at least $10 for this without hesitation. The only thing that would make it absolutely perfect is the option to play the sample backwards. Other than that, one of the best (if not THE best) audio apps in the app store. Low app raters have no experience in the audio field. This is more of a tool than a toy, but yet it's still fun as heck!

- A very intuitive and responsive musical instrument!

Oh, I can't believe there are some reviews calling this boring! Totally reflective of their own lack of creativity. Anyway, this thing is a fabulous compositional tool. Very intuitive and immediate. Not only can you record your own samples; you can also record your improvs/gestures and send them to yourself for further editing, processing, etc. in your main DAW. Use it on the iPad in 2x mode for more screen real estate! Can't wait for the iPad version and feature updates the developer is planning!

- Great app!

In 2 years, this might be the first time I've felt the desire to write a review. This app is fantastic. It does everything it claims and the sound quality is top notch. Those giving it a bad review probably had no idea of what it did before downloading it.

- Thermos79

Sold me.. Thanks bro! This app is awesomely awesome, take thermos79's review and slap a ditto on it for me.. (although it's hard for me to pick a favorite app in this genre I love them all) I must say.. The delay.. The scales.. The multi-touch.. Perfect.. Definately a MUST buy for any audio geek.

- Worth 20 bucks

I am using this to create atmospheres in a home studio. Trent Rezor/Twiggy Ramirez caliber sampling on your iPhone. Finds it's way into every song. Can't wait to see what features updates bring.

- fun

I'm a recording artist and this is great for making new sounds. I love it. this would be worth hundreds in a music program but its cheap. Its fun too.

- Very cool

Easy, quick, and expansive. Very high quality. A no brainer at 2 bucks. Can't wait to see what updates may bring.

- Total Fun!

This is the most fun I've had with a sound/music app yet and I have about everyone that's hit the App Store!

- Well done.

Excellent and engrossing app. I've been looking for this kind of instrument since i got the iPhone. Thanks.

- I love it

SampleToy is good at what it dose and that is mangle sounds. I found it to be fun and easy to learn!!!

- Boring

This gets boring quickly.

- Kinda useless??

I mean what do you do with it anyway? Boring and stupid waste of 2bucks don't buy it.... It's really freaking stupid

- 

Stupid, boreing.... And the sound is more like a freqency mixer...if ur a weird person ud like this app

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- Nifty but doesn’t seem to sample

Rec button doesn’t seem to turn the mic on for me (it’s meant to yeah?? doesn’t record what’s playing from another app.). Mic seems to be fine in other apps. Happily however I can at least take the extra step of importing recordings from elsewhere, play around with them, record the manipulations then export them. Fun app with a creativity-friendly interface.

- Good app!

Simple, inexpensive app but it does what it says in the description.

- Great little instrument…well worth the price

Bought on a whim as already have a few iPhone sampler type apps, but this is now my fave. Easy to get results that are different to anything you'd get thru more conventional studio tools. Would like a file sync tool for the desktop but email works fine. Truly creative and fun to use. Teamed up with a slightly better mic (I've a $20 job that fits in audio output) than normal iPhone mic and the results are really useable. Works fine with internal mic too of course. 5 stars now and hoping dev adds more fx and mangling tools.

- This app totally rocks

After adding effects the samples produce extraordinary and great-sounding loops. I am a musician -- the potential for recording loops or incorporating this app+iPhone live on stage is huge! But even if you aren't a muso, this app will amuse you no-end. Try singing a few notes into it, make some sound mods, and then use up to four fingers simultaneously on the touch pad -- you will be amazed with what is possible...

- This thing rocks!

Amazing. Instant sampling, polyphonic playback. If you have any interest in sampling this will blow your mind for the price of a cheap coffee.

- Small but creative toy!

Fantastic app for sound mangling on the move! :) And it's great fun to use!

- Super!

Fun sound mangling app, very nice quality audio too.

- Wow

Incredible tool for when inspiration strikes!

- Awesome!

Cant wait to use this on stage!

- Great app

Great app, well done.

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The applications Sampletoy was published in the category Music on 2010-03-03 and was developed by Marek Bereza [Developer ID: 329604853]. This application file size is 23.56 MB. Sampletoy - Music app posted on 2019-03-16 current version is 1.2.5 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.mrkbrz.sampletoy