Theory Lessons

Theory Lessons features 39 music theory lessons from, presented in their original animated versions.

Complete lesson list:

• The Staff, Clefs, and Ledger Lines
• Note Duration
• Measures and Time Signature
• Rest Duration
• Dots and Ties
• Steps and Accidentals

• Simple and Compound Meter
• Odd Meter

• The Major Scale
• The Minor Scales
• Scale Degrees
• Key Signatures
• Key Signature Calculation

• Generic Intervals
• Specific Intervals
• Writing Intervals
• Interval Inversion

• Introduction to Chords
• Triad Inversion
• Seventh Chords
• More Seventh Chords
• Seventh Chord Inversion

• Diatonic Triads
• Roman Numeral Analysis: Triads
• Diatonic Seventh Chords
• Roman Numeral Analysis: Seventh Chords
• Composing with Minor Scales
• Voicing Chords
• Analysis: O Canada

• Nonharmonic Tones
• Phrases and Cadences
• Circle Progressions
• Common Chord Progressions
• Triads in First Inversion
• Triads in Second Inversion
• Analysis: Auld Lang Syne

• Building Neapolitan Chords
• Using Neapolitan Chords
• Analysis: Moonlight Sonata

Theory Lessons App Description & Overview

The applications Theory Lessons was published in the category Music on 2012-01-17 and was developed by The file size is 4.84 MB. The current version is 2.5 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

• Updated graphics and tutorial text.
• Bug fixes.

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Theory Lessons Reviews


Just info no interaction  Famwith3  1 star

This app is just information. I am looking for something for my tweets to practice theory. This is not it.

Mad Thrasher

Well translated !  Mad Thrasher  5 star

Very well translated. couldn't be more clarified!


Wow Just "WOW"  Fluffyduffydo  5 star

Never knew how easy it was to learn until I got this app. Everything is put plain as day in front of you and everything is there for you if you need to return and relearn anything. Easy and quick!!! Love this app! Music made easy!


Woah  Jzo18  5 star

Gonna be honest this app, in addition to the website, taught me all the music theory I know and it was made so simple and easy. Thank you for making it easy for beginner musicians to learn this. I hope you guys add more stuff soon though.


Excellent  bentford  5 star

Love this app. A cheap way to learn the fundamentals of music theory.


Amended - Audio doesn't work  TheOnePutter  4 star

Audio DOES work. Only available on some slides. Developer can stop negative reviews by making it more clear that audio isn't available on all slides. (Old Review: Installed on 6+. Audio grayed out. What's the point if there's no audio?)


Outstanding job! One tweak.  Hi9087654321  5 star

I am truly amazed by the quality of this app. Well worth the money. I have learned so much here and I feel as though I can really take music to the next level. I have one suggestion, however. It is tough to retain all of this knowledge without having a good way to practice some of these lessons. I understand that there is a sister app, Tenuto? I would be one hundred percent more satisfied if you released an update for this app or Tenuto that included exercises identifying chord progressions, practicing things like the more complicated triads and such; the vocabulary is very hard to retain despite how well the lessons were put together. Thank you for your hard work!


Audio Doesn't Work  theflyingnun  2 star

I just downloaded this app onto my iPad Air 2, but audio controls are greyed out and unavailable.


Finally got the motivation to learn music theory  Praise_the_sun!  5 star

This app has finally made learning music theory easy enough for me to be consistent and make progress. I am so grateful for it! The app is fluid and intuitive as well as feature rich. It is obvious that the developer(s) put a lot of thought and effort into it.

Gary Fellows

Great intro to theory!  Gary Fellows  5 star

Beautiful minimalist animation accompanies equally minimal but surgically precise explanation of the fundamentals of music theory. I learned a bit 30 years ago. This brought it back and put me ahead many paces in about three days. Great reference source, too!


Excellent App  Yoshiracer09  5 star

By far the easiest and best app for anyone to learn music theory. I love it!


Music Theory App  Truheo321  5 star

It's simply the best 1.99 spent to improve musical knowledge.


Best application for serious music theory learner  Jeeesi  5 star

I start to learn piano and need to learn music theory as well, after some while I found I really love those music knowledge and want to study seriously , so I got some textbook for music college, but feel a little frustrated since I am self-taught. This application did me a HUGE favor to understand the basic rule. It worth every SINGLE PENNY! Thanks to the great musician who create it!


Awesome.  Cdcdude  5 star

Great for brushing up on some theory while just hanging around. Highly recommended.

Jolly Roger 1

Straightforward  Jolly Roger 1  5 star

The lessons are straightforward and packed with great information...without the fluff. Great for learning and as a reference.


Great app  Kdapple..'  5 star

Definatly one of the better ones!


Excellent  Renn71  5 star

As a music instructor, I usually take students who have some background in theory or expertise at their instrument. Branching out to a new student who wants to learn how to read standard notation, I wondered how to easily and systematic start from the basics. After reviewing the material on, I am working in conjunction with this app because it is so fantastic and easy for my students to understand. I will be downloading the Tenuto app as well soon to have the exercises available. Great product! Thank you so much for being so concise and easy to follow. The perfect way to learn basic music theory! -Jonathan A.


Good App!  Hhghjngcdghkkngdf  5 star

Good App! Logical progression, clear explanations, and a good user interface. Recommended for learning the basic. DAVID COLEMAN


Relative minors  brandon856  5 star

Everything is great! But needs relative minors and more stuff for guitar players. Like scales and there relatives


I like it  KrisMuse  4 star

This app is useful for review of a lot of different theory topics. It's organized well with graphics that change when you touch a paragraph to illustrate the topic in the paragraph. There are several analyses of songs that follow the same steps I've learned in my theory class. It will take a while for me to get through all of it. What I've seen is solid and it's presented in way that's very approachable.

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