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Theory Lessons features 39 music theory lessons from, presented in their original animated versions.

Complete lesson list:

• The Staff, Clefs, and Ledger Lines
• Note Duration
• Measures and Time Signature
• Rest Duration
• Dots and Ties
• Steps and Accidentals

• Simple and Compound Meter
• Odd Meter

• The Major Scale
• The Minor Scales
• Scale Degrees
• Key Signatures
• Key Signature Calculation

• Generic Intervals
• Specific Intervals
• Writing Intervals
• Interval Inversion

• Introduction to Chords
• Triad Inversion
• Seventh Chords
• More Seventh Chords
• Seventh Chord Inversion

• Diatonic Triads
• Roman Numeral Analysis: Triads
• Diatonic Seventh Chords
• Roman Numeral Analysis: Seventh Chords
• Composing with Minor Scales
• Voicing Chords
• Analysis: O Canada

• Nonharmonic Tones
• Phrases and Cadences
• Circle Progressions
• Common Chord Progressions
• Triads in First Inversion
• Triads in Second Inversion
• Analysis: Auld Lang Syne

• Building Neapolitan Chords
• Using Neapolitan Chords
• Analysis: Moonlight Sonata

Theory Lessons App Description & Overview

The applications Theory Lessons was published in the category Music on 2012-01-17 and was developed by The file size is 3.58 MB. The current version is 3.0.1 and works well on 9.2 and high ios versions.

• Adds full support for iPhone X.

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Theory Lessons Reviews


Great learning tool.  SnookFan  5 star

This is a great way to learn the fundamentals of music theory. I use its companion app Tenuto to practice what I learn. Very highly recommended.


Please add more audio !!  Ed15  3 star

Great app but please add more audio examples. For instance, I am trying to learn more about compound meters or odd meters and there are NO audio examples !! Frankly I am a little annoyed coz that’s why I bought it. Otherwise it’s a nice app.


Elegant piece of work  bldrtom  5 star

Great job. Covers the basics. A wonderful refresher and learned some new material as well. Having dabbled at coding, what a beautiful, refined piece of work. A keeper reference tool.


Very informative and easy to learn  2sammy  5 star

Great straight forward lessons on music theory essentials. Very helpful. Very well organized , very clear, very easy to follow. Excellent.

Antonio Morra


I am majoring in music ed at my college and this app is so helpful especially that my note taking is horrible. This app is super helpful and highly recommend it for those taking theory in college


Outstanding but...  TheReluctantReviewer625  4 star

... needs to incorporate guitar theory, not just theory demonstrated on the piano board. Where is the Circle of Fifths?

1 Al

Missing a lot  1 Al  2 star

Where’s is the circle of fifths?


Practice?  galaxykennie  3 star

The Music Theory website directed me to this app as one of the things for practicing, but there’s nothing for practicing notes, keys, etc. on the app - only explanations. I’m a bit disappointed in it.


Solid foundation  doormang  5 star

What can I say, this app is clean and easy on the eyes. Excellent as reference when you forget things, and as a learning tool the way it moves the explanations with visuals and corresponding sounds is very logical, also makes it easy to understand the lessons.


Almost perfect.  Verstft  4 star

Literally all that one needs in a very comprehensive package. Only gripe is that it doesn’t allow display of bass clef only treble clef.

Samuel Blashki

Brilliant way of learning music theory  Samuel Blashki  5 star

Such a good way to learn music theory. Short lessons that teach the basics of theory in an accessible way.


Easy to understand  Tptgenius  3 star

As a music teacher I have used used this app to help explain different aspects of music theory to struggling students. The step by step visualisation on each concept, plus the use of audio has been very helpful.


Great app, but questions?  Mumblesintopgear  4 star

Great app to teach you some basics of music theory. Have found it has really helped me to revise and learn. What I think would be a great addition though is questions/a quiz, at the end of each category, as well as at the end, referencing all aspects of the app.


Great stuff  Immune_Jam  5 star

With this and the developers other program Tenuto, music is within reach of everyone.


Great for Beginners  Primalfreeze  5 star

For someone interested in music theory, this is a great launchpad in terms of usability and ease of access.

Mr Piano Man

Needs the proper terms  Mr Piano Man  1 star

What the heck is a half step, a whole note? Give us the proper terms that majority of the world uses, not the american dumbed-down terms... Or at least the option to use one or the other. Could be dead easy to implement... Just use an option that replaces particular terms.


Great App!  WNN8  5 star

iOS 7 update is awesome! I love this app because it has helped me understand music theory so well. It's worth it!

Cassi Clair

Simply amazing!!  Cassi Clair  5 star

I never do reviews, so this must prove that this is an awesome app!.. This app is very easy to use and is very easy to understand. It provides very helpful examples with visible keyboards and staff's with highlighted notes to help you understand the lesson being taught. At the very end if each lesson it gives you recaps and guides to help you remember. I love this app and would recommend it to anyone!!!


Just Plain Great!  forbestalley  5 star

Great tool for theory review. Easy, beautiful, relevant, and effective.


Incredible resource for theory students.  1234531232  5 star

I take AP music theory and this is very comprehensive and has a great layout


Terrific Reference  TOSONA  5 star

Very good music theory tutorial. The subject is presented in a clear and concise format. The illustrations are excellent. Don't let the dimmed audio icons confuse you. For lessons that have audio, the audio icon is enabled. I'm not sure why there needs to be a dimmed audio icon at all, but that is a very minor consideration. This is one of the best educational apps I know.


Finally Understanding Music Theory  Rm787  5 star

This app is excellent. I am finally starting to understand music theory thanks to this. Their slide show presentation style should be a standard in educational apps. I love the way you can see all comments on a topic at once to be able to move around the topic easily. I hope more music theory apps and content is made by these guys. Would love to expand on knowledge from them. Nice work!


Great app!  derfdado  5 star

Great App!


Sweet!  MeesterDude  5 star

Awesome iOS 7 update! To be honest, I thought this would be one of my last apps to get updated but it's one of the first! I hope they update tenuto as well.

Meriel Lora

Good app  Meriel Lora  3 star

For basic understanding of music theory, this seems to be a great app. However, it is very basic. It doesn't include any of the post romantic theoretic developments. It doesn't include nationality chords. This is a great start for an app, and as I said, for a basic understanding of theory it works very well. In the future id like to see it go Even more in depth.

Son of Orpheus

Education  Son of Orpheus  5 star

I can actually use this to teach

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