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Tenuto is a collection of 24 highly-customizable exercises designed to enhance your musicality. From recognizing chords on a keyboard to identifying intervals by ear, it has an exercise for you. Tenuto also includes six musical calculators for accidentals, intervals, scales, chords, analysis symbols, and twelve-tone matrices.

A short description of the exercises and calculators follows. For a full list of all available customizations, visit the "Developer Website" link on this page or open http://tenuto.link/features/ in your web browser.


• Note Identification
• Key Signature Identification
• Interval Identification
• Scale Identification
• Chord Identification
Tap the button corresponding to the written staff line. For example: if shown a C, E, and G with a sharp; tap the "Augmented Triad" button.


• Note Construction
• Key Signature Construction
• Interval Construction
• Scale Construction
• Chord Construction
Construct the specified label by moving notes and/or adding accidentals. For example: if shown a C and an "Augmented 4th" label, move the second note to F and add a sharp.


• Keyboard Reverse Identification
Tap the piano key corresponding to the written note on the staff. While similar to Note Identification, this exercise uses a piano keyboard rather than note name buttons.

• Keyboard Note Identification
• Keyboard Interval Identification
• Keyboard Scale Identification
• Keyboard Chord Identification
Tap the button corresponding to the highlighted piano key(s). If the C and G keys are highlighted, tap the "P5" (Perfect 5th) button.


• Fretboard Note Identification
• Fretboard Interval Identification
• Fretboard Scale Identification
• Fretboard Chord Identification
Tap the button corresponding to the marked fretboard position(s). If the 2nd fret of the D string is marked, tap the "E" button.


• Keyboard Ear Training
• Note Ear Training
Listen to the played reference and question notes. Select the piano key or note button corresponding to the question note.

• Interval Ear Training
• Scale Ear Training
• Chord Ear Training
Tap the button corresponding to the played notes. If E and F are played, tap the "Minor 2nd" button.


• Accidental Calculator
Display the accidental for a note and key.

• Interval Calculator
Display the interval for a note, type, and key.

• Chord Calculator
Display the scale for a tonic and scale type.

• Chord Calculator
Display the chord for a note, type, and key.

• Analysis Calculator
Display the chord for a symbol and key.

• Matrix Calculator
Display the twelve-tone matrix for a specified tone row.

Tenuto App Description & Overview

The applications Tenuto was published in the category Music on 2011-08-30 and was developed by musictheory.net. The file size is 12.57 MB. The current version is 4.1.2 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

• Improves compatibility with new iPad Pro models.
• Fixes an issue in Fretboard Interval Identification where the "Distance Limit" customization would not always work.
• Changes scoring for certain Challenge Mode customizations. When a "Question Limit" is set and "Multiple Attempts" is turned off, any unanswered questions will be counted as incorrect when the challenge ends.

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Tenuto Reviews


Everything I ever wanted for music theory  Griffini  5 star

Normally I don’t write reviews but my God I’ve been wanting an app like this for the longest time. I’ve gone through so many bad music theory apps I almost gave up but this is completely worth the money. Beautiful interface, perfect for guitarists/piano players wanting to learn music theory/read music or even vocalists as well.


Great learning tool.  SnookFan  5 star

This is a terrific interactive learning tool for music theory. I use it to test what I learn in its companion app, Theory. Highly recommended.


Love it love it love it  cccchlkkkkjghj  5 star



Great customizable practice and quizzes  sad9gues0gw  5 star

I am a beginner music theory student. From my experience, this app can be used for beginners on to practice theory learned elsewhere. It does not include theory lessons but instead contains many different kinds of customizable testing and practice tools. Some of the tools are not configured for beginners, (or perhaps simply not configured is a better description), and can be overwhelming if you just start using them out of the box. You can simply change the parameters to fit your skill level. There are a number of different tools for practicing notation reading, keyboard and fretboard identification, ear training, and more. For me as a self study music theory student this is really an excellent tool, which I imagine will remain useful as I continue to get more and more advanced. My thanks to the developers for being so thoughtful, this is a really helpful app for me and I expect one of the best practice tools for music theory learners.


Best Music App!  jvz773  5 star

I have dozens of music apps on my phone. By far, this is the one I open and use the most. It offers so many things and the look, layout and design is wonderful! It’s Easy to use and intuitive. I’m a guitar player and the hours I’ve spent doing fretboard exercises alone has made this app priceless to me. I credit this app with helping me finally memorize the notes on the fretboard. Thanks to the developers. Keep up the great work!


Better than Sudoku  wkrasl  5 star

I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve wasted playing Sudoku or other games while idle. Not any more! I started taking beginner piano and voice college classes last semester and, while continuing those this semester decided to add music theory where that teacher has us going to the Musictheory.net web site for supplemental lessons and practices. That site is so fabulous and valuable for my music studies that I decided to add the paid apps to my iPhone. Now, instead of wasting time in some game when idle, I open Tenuto for worthwhile brain-teasing in challenge mode. Carnegie Hall, here I come!


Everything I Wanted and More  Pogovia  5 star

This app is impressive. I absolutely love how customizable it is, as my motivation was interval ear training. Since I am just beginning I can pare down how many intervals it questions me on, so I can get major third, perfect fifth, and octaves, later I'll add in perfect fourths etc. I've found that other apps and websites have an all-in approach that I can't imagine making any progress with. The customization also lets you choose to hear the interval (in an impressive number of instrumental timbres) again after you've selected the correct answer in an almost spelling bee like format: major third (plays interval) major third. And I haven't even mentioned yet that this app also has exercises relating notes on the staff to keyboard and guitar fretboards, key signature recognition, chord recognition... Easily the greatest value I've found in terms price to sheer amount of practice and information. Thank you musictheory.net!


One of the best apps I’ve used  Dhjdjdjdjfjfkfk  5 star

If you’re a musician, this is the app. It’s got all the stuff, well laid out and elegantly functional.

John Gumas

Great Ear Training  John Gumas  5 star

Picked up intervals very quickly using this app daily. That alone was more than worth it but the app offers a host of other features.


Take a more contemporary angle?  Swaggysweg34689  5 star

I love this for everything: ear training, Notation practice, and guitar chord/scale id.... However, me being a guitar player i would like you to introduce more contemporary chords (6th and extended) or at least add sus2 chords


😊😁  😇mello🙃  4 star

This app is awesome it helped me so much its made playing the piano so much easier🎹😀👏☺️😄


Fully Customisable and Great Experience!  Lightzofffffffffff  5 star

This app helped me learn rapidly, it’s so intuitive and easy to use with full customisability. Best music app out there!


Must have app  Thundercrack1100  5 star

Every musician needs this app, great app for aural practice and basic theory. Definitely recommend it. 🎸


Best App  Cbeesyd  5 star

As a music student this app is fantastic for helping me with my studies. I use it anywhere on the go. Can’t fault it, it’s helped me learn so much.


Music  Gdjdufufh  5 star

. It Helps Me Allot On Piano And Other Music And I Love This App

Tez from Oz

Very good  Tez from Oz  5 star

Get it. Comprehensive. Flexible. I use it alongside other apps like "ear trainer" and "right note". Good for guitar and piano. iPad and phone versions are both very good.


Move the play button  CammoCablamo  4 star

Can you please move the replay note button to the right hand side, away from the back button? I have never written a review for anything ever. That's how annoying it is. Otherwise this app rules. Going to use this everyday.


Helpful  Megaji  5 star

Lots of useful utilites here. App works fine on my ipad.


Really good, but...  AuralSex6969  4 star

The only thing I wish could be added is melodic and harmonic minor modes to scale recognition and 6th, 9th, 11th and 13th chord extensions to chord recognition. A melodic dictation section would also be handy Otherwise this is a perfect app for me as a drummer studying music. Quick, easy to use, plenty of options and very helpful! Cheers Tenuto!


Good app for your reading skillz..  Regotron  5 star

Good, clean, intuitive interface for testing your knowledge on strings and keys.. Use it every day!


Fabulous! Suggest new feature  Tommer2yardsale  5 star

Really enjoy this app for developing my musicianship. I suggest a new rhythm feature where it plays a percussion instrument for two quarter notes and then you have to choose between patterns of 16th notes and rests for a pattern Tenuto played on the third quarter note.


Very helpful, love custom features  Ebizabit  5 star

This has been such a helpful app. I'm so pleased that something like this exists. Please add Fretboard Reverse Identification.


Not for learning  Anebciciwbqbd  1 star

I purchased this app with the intent of learning more music theory and was very disappointed. While it would be great for practicing theory, it doesn't offer any help at all for establishing an initial understanding.


Very Helpful  Blahblah414  5 star

I've been using this app for over six months now and it has helped me so much with learning music theory for both piano and guitar. My only wish for improvement would be to have an option where the answers could be there until I didn't need them anymore. The way it is now isn't all that helpful for learning and remembering because the revealed answer is only shown for a moment. If you were to fix this I would be very happy because of being able to learn faster.


This app is fantastic  Bryndo  4 star

A great app for any musician looking to hone their knowledge of theory and practice their aural skills.


Very helpful and useful!  MardyBum+Sugarplum  5 star

I really like this app, it helps with practicing a lot, also very suitable design (it doesn't take the attention out of the study process). And it's easy to train your ears on the road if you have headphones. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS WONDERFUL APP! ✨


Absolutely excellent  Kk0231  5 star

This is how you make an app. Looks pretty, works consistently, does its job well... I am studying music at a university and this is what I use to drill the fundamentals. Good work.


Perfect for musicians and music majors!  KL0190  5 star

Love this app!! It's the perfect for musicians and music majors! If you enjoy studying and practicing music this app is for you!


App Crashes  Jshshvssvsvshsubdbbdhs  1 star

App crashes immediately after opening. Tried on multiple devices and even as the only app running.


Great application for practicing  Aeather  5 star

This is a great application for practicing notes, chords, keys, and anything else that has to do with piano.










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