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What is tenuto app? Tenuto is a collection of 24 highly-customizable exercises designed to enhance your musicality. From recognizing chords on a keyboard to identifying intervals by ear, it has an exercise for you. Tenuto also includes six musical calculators for accidentals, intervals, scales, chords, analysis symbols, and twelve-tone matrices.

A short description of the exercises and calculators follows. For a full list of all available customizations, visit the "Developer Website" link on this page or open http://tenuto.link/features/ in your web browser.


• Note Identification
• Key Signature Identification
• Interval Identification
• Scale Identification
• Chord Identification
Tap the button corresponding to the written staff line. For example: if shown a C, E, and G with a sharp; tap the "Augmented Triad" button.


• Note Construction
• Key Signature Construction
• Interval Construction
• Scale Construction
• Chord Construction
Construct the specified label by moving notes and/or adding accidentals. For example: if shown a C and an "Augmented 4th" label, move the second note to F and add a sharp.


• Keyboard Reverse Identification
Tap the piano key corresponding to the written note on the staff. While similar to Note Identification, this exercise uses a piano keyboard rather than note name buttons.

• Keyboard Note Identification
• Keyboard Interval Identification
• Keyboard Scale Identification
• Keyboard Chord Identification
Tap the button corresponding to the highlighted piano key(s). If the C and G keys are highlighted, tap the "P5" (Perfect 5th) button.


• Fretboard Note Identification
• Fretboard Interval Identification
• Fretboard Scale Identification
• Fretboard Chord Identification
Tap the button corresponding to the marked fretboard position(s). If the 2nd fret of the D string is marked, tap the "E" button.


• Keyboard Ear Training
• Note Ear Training
Listen to the played reference and question notes. Select the piano key or note button corresponding to the question note.

• Interval Ear Training
• Scale Ear Training
• Chord Ear Training
Tap the button corresponding to the played notes. If E and F are played, tap the "Minor 2nd" button.


• Accidental Calculator
Display the accidental for a note and key.

• Interval Calculator
Display the interval for a note, type, and key.

• Chord Calculator
Display the scale for a tonic and scale type.

• Chord Calculator
Display the chord for a note, type, and key.

• Analysis Calculator
Display the chord for a symbol and key.

• Matrix Calculator
Display the twelve-tone matrix for a specified tone row.

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How to contact Tenuto (musictheory.net)?
Find this site the customer service details of Tenuto. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/459313476/tenuto/contact

Tenuto Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Tenuto Version 4.217 August 2021

• Adds support for Dark Mode. In Dark Mode; menus, dialogs, and settings have a dark appearance. Large white areas, such as the background of music notation or piano white keys, are dimmed. • Raises the location of answer buttons on certain devices to better align with the system keyboard. • Fixes an audio lag issue when using certain Bluetooth headphones. • Fixes various minor layout issues..

Tenuto Comments & Reviews 2022

- Umm, Cb is a "thing"

First, "themanchicken," as a professional pianist & pedagogue I want to let you know [very sweetly—& I'm certain *you* know a lot of other stuff better than I do] that Cb [C-flat] is, indeed, a "thing"! (It occurs fairly often, actually, in standard literature—especially, say, in the KEY of Cb MAJOR! It can be found as an "accidental" [which, just in case your terminology isn't strong yet, doesn't mean someone accidentally wrote it in or anything—it's a term of art] in other keys, and of course, it's enharmonic with [has the same sound, as a single pitch, as] B. BTW, Fb is also a thing—same idea.) 😉 Okay. This is the only music theory app I suggest to students, and even I [one who's been doing this "music performance thing," etc., a *really* long time] use its calculators at times. As well, there've been occasions when I've brushed up on some [relatively advanced!—this is a great app] theory with it. So, if you think a music theory app will help you, and you have the $4 to spend, just get this one. —Poppy A.

- An App Worthy to be on Every Phone!

I’m not new to Tenuto as I purchased the app shortly after its original release years ago in order to keep practicing the skills I gained during my undergrad music studies. As a professional musician and guitar teacher now, I thought I’d finally leave a review for this magnificent app that is simply invaluable to anyone who is striving to become a well-rounded musician. If you are a musician, fledgling artist, music student at any level, get this app! The training you can put yourself through by adding a few minutes of ear training or sightreading training to your practice routine will be invaluable - you’ll really be on top of your game in theoretical knowledge, when playing with others, etc. It’s the real deal! As I continue using it in my routine, I always find it useful and recommend it to all of my students. It’s an app truly worthy to stay on your phone, unlike many other throwaway apps.

- Great customizable practice and quizzes

I am a beginner music theory student. From my experience, this app can be used for beginners on to practice theory learned elsewhere. It does not include theory lessons but instead contains many different kinds of customizable testing and practice tools. Some of the tools are not configured for beginners, (or perhaps simply not configured is a better description), and can be overwhelming if you just start using them out of the box. You can simply change the parameters to fit your skill level. There are a number of different tools for practicing notation reading, keyboard and fretboard identification, ear training, and more. For me as a self study music theory student this is really an excellent tool, which I imagine will remain useful as I continue to get more and more advanced. My thanks to the developers for being so thoughtful, this is a really helpful app for me and I expect one of the best practice tools for music theory learners.

- Great app, just wish there was one more mode.

I love this app and the note identification ear training helps me a lot. I just wish there was a mode where it plays a chord and you have to choose exactly what chord it is, kind of like the note identification. There is a mode where you pick what type of chord (major, minor, etc) but there isn’t a mode where you chose what chord it actually is (c major, d# minor). For now I just have to close my eyes and press there random notes on the piano for that, so I hope that is something they add in the app later. But even without that this app is amazing and was 100% worth the purchase.

- Students and Teachers MUST have this app

I’ve always had a passion for music and over the last year I‘ve been trying to learn Piano, Guitar and Bass guitar. I struggled with reading Grand Staff, fretboard identification and chord/scale identification on frets and piano. But this app’s customizable exercises let me practice all these things at ANY time. Waiting for lunch? Practice time. Long Uber ride? Practice time. Hiding from my boss in the bathroom? Practice time. After a few months I could read music and I could identify notes on the fretboard. Now I’m working on chord and scale identifications on the fretboard and my music theory has progressed substantially. I told my teacher about the app and he was excited that you even had the option to learn in Solfege. His only request from the Tenuto team is to update the Solfege to use di, ra, ri etc instead of Do#, Re#, Reb etc. My teacher has sold this app to 4 of his students so far and they have reported substantial improvement in sight reading. Must have app. Worth every penny.

- Best App

This app by far is the best one there is. I think I paid $4 for it but I can use it forever. You can adjust the activity to a few things or everything. For example if you want to identify certain scales or chords you can select a few you want to practice on or practice all of them. One thing I wish they would add is an analysis activity. They have the analysis calculator (which helps a lot) but it’d be cool to add the analysis activity so we can practice on that instead of going to the calculator. Other than that everything is perfect. Will update in a few months if anything changes!

- Suggestion

I love this app, it’s extremely useful! I really like how customizable all the exercises are. I just have minor suggestions for new content. I wish it had rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic dictation exercises. It’d also be cool to have learning and interactive part writing exercises, like writing a piece and being able to play it with a play button to see how it sounds. Also, maybe some exercises regarding form like periods, cadences, etc. More music theory 2 & 3 stuff basically. Teoría has dictation exercises but I have to go on their website and I like Tenuto’s style for personalization a lot better.

- Great tool for musicians of all levels

This is an awesome tool if you want to practice many events of music theory on the go - certainly worth the price of the app. The only feedback I could give would be in the “interval identification” section. It would be cool to be able to spread the notes more horizontally as they appear in real sheet music. In the current version the notes appear right on top of each other in a vertical line. Adding some horizontal space would be more applicable to reading music out in the wild.

- Excellent! The best!

This app is highly sophisticated, allowing you to customize each exercise for difficulty and many other parameters. It performs flawlessly ( the developer worked for Apple ), and the graphics are stunning. Each exercise is realistic and as demanding as you wish... you can go to advanced levels if you wish. Everything that is important and relevant to music theory is here. I grade this app A++, and I am very happy that I found it, I’m using it every day.

- Best Music App!

I have dozens of music apps on my phone. By far, this is the one I open and use the most. It offers so many things and the look, layout and design is wonderful! It’s Easy to use and intuitive. I’m a guitar player and the hours I’ve spent doing fretboard exercises alone has made this app priceless to me. I credit this app with helping me finally memorize the notes on the fretboard. Thanks to the developers. Keep up the great work!

- Couldn't ask for more from a music theory app.

First thing you'll notice is the simplicity of the menu. No frills. Gets you right in the action. So much stuff to do without feeling overwhelming. Exercises for keyboard and fretboard. Very fast response, no slow down what so ever. Every exercise I've tried so far has a practice mode and challenge mode. Ear training is fun to use. No complaints whatsoever. Well worth $3.99

- Autoplay function??

This is a great app - one of the best sight-reading/ear-training apps on the market. However, it REALLY needs an autoplay function. Having to press buttons on the screen makes this app impractical for sight-reading practice with an instrument. If the user had the option of an ‘autoplay’ function, in which notes/intervals/chords were flashed at a rate of say, one per second, without having to touch the screen, the app’s usefulness as a practice aid would be hugely improved. Please consider!

- Keyboard Chord ID

Probably, the best of its kind. Improvements? Key change customization in the Keyboard Chord Identification exercise. Nice dark theme, but the exercise staffs, clefs, notes, etc., should be white on dark grey or black. Because the dark mode as it is, defeats the purpose: one’s eyes adjust to a dark room, you launch the app in dark mode and your eyes are fine, but once the exercise is presented your shocked with bright white light and the entire dark mode thing is moot.

- Amazing for teaching

This app has not only helped me, an experienced piano player, but I have used it with my piano students for ear training and reading and it has helped them a lot. The only thing I think could improve the app was that if there was a teaching mode. For example, if someone doesn’t know what the Aeolian scale is, there could be a place in the app where they can go for a reference. Other than that, the app is simply a blessing. Thank you

- Consider adding SRS learning to the app

No doubt, the app is well laid out and super helpful. Wether you are just brushing up sight reading or pushing your theory brain a little there’s plenty good. I would love to be able to have the same app with SRS learning built into it’s quizing. Essentially the stuff you get right you see less often, the stuff you get wrong comes up more frequent. Just that little tweak to the next-in-queue selection process would really be helpful.

- Amazing app

This app is simply awesome. I had tried the web version and was very impressed by all the possibilities. However, in order to be the ultimate app for music learning for all levels, it should enable the use of instruments through MIDI, so that the users can learn to sightread. In addition, some rhythm exercises would be a great addition to the app. Looking forward to future updates!!!

- Piano oriented, not great great for guitarists.

If you are a guitarist and you are purchasing this app to use the various calculators, be aware, there is no fretboard tool included at all. There is only staff or a keyboard. If you are trying to find a tool to help you calculate and visualize chords, scales, intervals, etc on a guitar fretboard, this isn’t going to do it for you. If you are a pianist, or you are quite knowledgeable about staff and written music, this app could be a life saver. As a guitarist not very familiar with a keyboard or written music, i’m very disappointed with this app.

- Everything you need

It has everything you need! So much customization allows you do hit your weeks spots. The only features I would add is maybe some sort of way for the app to suggest areas where you are weak. Maybe a guided path to master some things like intervals. And maybe some explanations.

- Great for Training Perfect Pitch

I love how many little settings you can tweak here and there. By removing the reference tones at the beginning of some of the exercises, I've been able to brush up on my pitch memory and relative pitch to get an approximation of perfect pitch. I love how many instruments it gives you to pick from. No other ear training app comes close to the quality of this app.

- Great Customizability

I really enjoy this app. I have had it for around eight years and have been consistently satisfied with its performance. I love how customizable it is so that any user can make meaningful progress. I would like it if there were a chord progression ear training exercise, but otherwise I can’t think of any way this app could be better. Excellent!

- Everything I ever wanted for music theory

Normally I don’t write reviews but my God I’ve been wanting an app like this for the longest time. I’ve gone through so many bad music theory apps I almost gave up but this is completely worth the money. Beautiful interface, perfect for guitarists/piano players wanting to learn music theory/read music or even vocalists as well.

- Very good

I use most of the tools in this app and they have been very helpful. I have played guitar for decades but didn’t put in a lot of time in theory. This app helps with things like interval identification and even note identification on the neck, among other things. Very nicely made. I recommend it for a useful way to improve your knowledge of sight reading and general theory.

- Music theory

I'm using this right now to review notes since I haven't played my clarinet since high school(on a regular basis). I'm now learning more music theory so these exercises will be a big help. The key signature recognition is great. As soon as I get a chance to use the rest of the exercises I will leave a second feedback.

- Goodbye doomscrolling, hello Tenuto!

I love this robust, straightforward app -- it's a fantastic way to learn even if you only put in a few minutes a day. When I've got a little free time, instead of popping over to my favorite news sites to see how the world is falling apart, I open up Tenuto and learn some music stuff. Great app all around!

- dear drummers

As a person who plays the drums, I don’t really get to train my ears or read notes in terms of scales, chords and so on. This app is a perfect little tool to help my eyes and ears become more familiar with, recognizing, and understanding different sounds besides what the drums can produce. The app is simple and clean, easy to use and you can customize many things in it.

- Professionally designed

I use this app primarily for learning to read C-clefs as part of my conducting endeavors, and this app has helped me so much with my reading speed. There are so many different modes to train yourself and you can be fully in charge of what you want the challenges to be (time, accidentals, line/space notes etc.)

- Adequate app for ear training

I think Tenuto has great ear training exercises. I use them almost everyday 10 minutes on chords, scales, intervals, and notes. It has great benefits from training that can really be translated into real world hearing experiences. I love this app. I’d buy it 5 times the price of it now and the ear training works very well. 4 stars since it doesn’t have as many scales and chords as id like it to.

- Wonderful App

Every musician should have this app under their belt. You can’t beat the knowledge and the skills you get with consistently using this app. Do it for like 5 minutes instead of checking social media, and you’ll thank yourself that you did.

- So much awesome for $4

I have a bunch of other piano and sight reading apps. This one does everything they do and more, and does most of it better than any of the others. Stop looking and just download this one - it’s the best one, and it’s cheaper than buying all the others that I bought.

- Good but could be better

I would urge my school district to purchase this if: - completed assignment score would automatically be entered into the district gradebook - the piano pop-up from the website (especially the mark feature) was included - more control over levels for excercises. For instance, level 3 to level 4 can be quite a leap!

- Amazing App

I'm not a teacher, but I love using this app to keep my ear training sharp. Also the guitar fretboard exercise is AWESOME. The ability to improve your guitar skills without a guitar in your hand is such a valuable resource. Only adjustment I would make is have the user name specific chords on the chord fretboard exercise, not just chord types. And add bass and mandolin/violin :)

- Worth it

I’m an adult music baby. Been playing piano just over 2 years and am finally learning theory 🤩 I’ve been using this app to help my ear training mostly, but now that I have learned a small bit of theory, this app is proving to be very useful! Absolutely worth it.

- Awesome for any musician

My experience with Tenuto has been great. As a guitar player (also working an 8-5) having the opportunity to train my ears while I'm away from the axe has proven invaluable in my overall improvement as a musician. The app is incredibly user-friendly and customizable. Keep up the great work guys!

- It’s perfect

There are so many different ways to quiz your brain on identification and reverse identification of chords, scales, notes, etc. Daily use of this *will* especially strengthen your aural identification of intervals, and of everything else. Customization is generously allowed; no part of this app needs improvement!

- The most helpful music app out there

The user interface is smooth and clean with no lag. The exercises in this app are very helpful! Each exercise is straight forward and helps drastically with memorizing notes, chords, and basically anything to do with music since this app has it all.

- The best music and theory app imaginable

This app helps you learn everything you need to play your instrument and understand music theory. My piano teacher recommended it and she’s the best, but if I had to go without one of them for a while, I’d keep this first!

- Almost perfect!

The exercises work great for my ear training and theory practice. However, I’d like to see a better way of measuring and viewing score progress over a longer period of time. You should be able to see old scores within the app and something like a graph that shows your progress would work too.

- Music Majors Best Friend

This app has been absolutely phenomenal for me especially as a music major! Whenever I was having trouble identifying an interval or chord, I could literally get on the app and drill myself over and over until I callus hear the difference and it has made me a better musician!!

- Must have app.

If you have any aspirations to become better in music, you will find something useful here. Even if you don't care to learn music theory, the ear training section alone is worth $4.

- Good and deep

Honestly I’m blown away by how much settings you can adjust with each exercise. I’m a total beginner and I recognize how far this will take me. I tried a few free ones and nothing comes close. If you are serious about music get this app.

- Very good app

I’ve found Tenuto helps me a great deal in ear training. I’m at an elementary level, so do only intervals and occasionally scales. In short, I’m so far using only a small fraction of the app’s potential. One suggestion: it would be useful to be able to train descending intervals as well as ascending.

- Incredible Memorization Tool

This app is amazing for so many applications! I love it as a memorization tool for sight reading fretboard and sheet music notes. By gamifying the practice sessions, you can master these areas, which are tough to practice as effectively via any other means.

- Amazing App and Crazy Helpful

The functionality of this app could not be any better. From learning to mastering notes this app will do everything you need it to and more. So helpful! I could not have spent my money in a better way!

- A must have for staff training

If you play music and use a staff, get this app. Highly comprehensive and flexible, you can customize just about any type of exercise you need to help you with music theory. Tenuto means business, happy customer here.

- Does so much, easy to use

User-friendly and feature-rich. Helps me review things I once knew well and to explore skills that I never had the chance to develop before. Well done.

- Tenuto

AMAZING. My music teacher uses this all of the time and it has helped us become better Musicians and has helped us develop our music skills to where we can identify notes on a staff no problem. 👍👍👍😀🎼🎼

- Just Wonderful

I’m an old, highly-educated beginner piano student. Words cannot express how good this app is. If your time and rate of learning are important (of course they are), then you’ll see that this app would be a bargain at 10x the price.

- Incredible App

This app has been extremely influential in my ability to read music fluidly. Highly recommend to anybody who is looking to increase their skills in and understanding of music theory.

- Best I Have Seen Yet

Combines a lot of training tools, and highly customizable. Easy interface as well. I haven’t found another music training app with this many tools. Worth every penny.

- Awesome

Exactly what I was looking for. I've been looking for a way to practice reading music when I'm not at the piano. I would love to see the name of the chord appear after correctly identifying it in the chord identification scree

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- Brilliant

I love this app. Simple and elegant. Amazing tool. If I could make one suggestion for a future feature (hopefully you are still keeping this updated) speech recognition would be amazing. If I could say the note name or interval or what have you out loud I would avoid having my thumb muscle memory become what is trained and my explicit capacity to recall the information would be trained more deeply. That would be amazing!

- Great app

Really useful has helped me learn lots I highly recommend this app if you easily want to learn music in your own

- Fully Customisable and Great Experience!

This app helped me learn rapidly, it’s so intuitive and easy to use with full customisability. Best music app out there!

- Best App

As a music student this app is fantastic for helping me with my studies. I use it anywhere on the go. Can’t fault it, it’s helped me learn so much.

- Great app but needs...

Drills where you need to input things onto the fretboard, for example drawing in a scale/mode around an octave shape

- Must have app

Every musician needs this app, great app for aural practice and basic theory. Definitely recommend it. 🎸

- Amazing music app

The best app out there for ear training!

- 😊😁

This app is awesome it helped me so much its made playing the piano so much easier🎹😀👏☺️😄

- Music

. It Helps Me Allot On Piano And Other Music And I Love This App

- Helping me reach my solfege goals.

I love this app. I use it for ear training exercises every day. Each exercise can be modified appropriately to help scaffold your abilities (I'm a relative beginner) and I can see significant improvements in my performance on interval identification, chord identification, and scale identification after only a few weeks. My only criticism -well, it's more of a wish- is that it had cadence identification activities, as that is something I'm also working on, and I'm sure Tenuto would design it 10x better than the other apps I've downloaded for it.

- Excellent. Truly comprehensive.

As someone trying to teach themselves music theory and develop their ear, Tenuto has been invaluable. I work on it everyday. I've also shown it to a number of professional musicians and university lecturers and they've all found it equally useful. Great resources, wide variety of exercises, easy and accessible. One of the few times I've felt compelled to review an app.


Great product, well worth the buy, has helped me with on the go music study. although features like ear training for cadences, other contemporary used scales such as blues, pentatonic etc should be added to ear training and written scale identification. GUI is so easy to use also!

- Learn to sight read without picking up your instrument.

Awesome app. Just a minute a day will dramatically improve your sight reading and note identification. Lots of options to adjust exercises to your level. A reverse fretboard note identification exercise would be a great addition.

- Move the play button

Can you please move the replay note button to the right hand side, away from the back button? I have never written a review for anything ever. That's how annoying it is. Otherwise this app rules. Going to use this everyday.

- Really good, but...

The only thing I wish could be added is melodic and harmonic minor modes to scale recognition and 6th, 9th, 11th and 13th chord extensions to chord recognition. A melodic dictation section would also be handy Otherwise this is a perfect app for me as a drummer studying music. Quick, easy to use, plenty of options and very helpful! Cheers Tenuto!

- Fantastic Theory App.

Beautifully presented app which gives you a clear, clean and highly relevant basic music theory. Learn just what they are teaching you...and you'll be well prepared for your musical journey. A really top app!

- Great app

Tenuto has helped me pass many musical exams. It's a great app to improve your skills. However, there should be an option to do the intervals from one note. I've already tried changing the range but it doesn't allow me to. Please help and this will be five stars :)

- Great app!

Very handy and useful app for a studying music student. What would be a helpful expansion on the app would be to include an inversion option for the chord analysis. Still very handy with what is here.

- Best in App Store

This app taught me to read music, I use it everyday. It's a big help. Well done to the developers for making such a well thought out app.

- Excellent App

Great app which has helped me immensely with music theory and aural training. I'd love a rhythmic dictation feature, melodic transcription would also be a huge bonus.

- It's awesome but!

It's missing a rhythm section. Would be five stars if it has it. Overall, it has an awesome interface. Much cleaner to the ones that are on the App store.

- Tenuto

The best program online for ear training!! This WILL be the reason for my results in year 12 :))) the beat way to study and achieve is with this app!!

- Very good

Get it. Comprehensive. Flexible. I use it alongside other apps like "ear trainer" and "right note". Good for guitar and piano. iPad and phone versions are both very good.

- Absolutely fantastic!

This app is great. It's clean, easy to understand, you can customize your exercises and the interval recognition part is fantastic!! Also I'm very happy to only have paid $5 for this app. I would've paid $10. The quality of this app is great. Why haven't you bought this app yet??? 👍👍👍👍👍 🎤🎺🎷🎸

- Good app for your reading skillz..

Good, clean, intuitive interface for testing your knowledge on strings and keys.. Use it every day!

- Needs compound intervals!

Great app - needs intervals of more than one octave though.

- Needs chord progressions

Great app, helps me with all the ear training required in my year twelve music course, except aurally recognizing chord progressions. Please include this in a future update!

- Simple training on the go

Great for killing time waiting for trains, or for practicing at home.

- Helpful

Lots of useful utilites here. App works fine on my ipad.

- Great app

Only missing one thing. A high score 'game' or 'test' option, that would be a great motivator.

- Mmmm

Great for music theory study!

- Fantastic

Really Helpful app. Will get me through my degree for sure

- More improvements for aural

Hi i was wondering if you could add chord inversions for the aural.

- Yep

Still the Best!

- Great for Learning

This app is great for anyone. I'm currently studying a bachelor of music and it helps me so much! Easy to use, with many different settings and exercises from beginner to advance! Does suck the battery up quicker then usual but it still survives through a whole day of use.

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- I think good

I can’t speak of the app on its own but I’ve learned more on their website in 15 minutes than I have listening to hours of audiobooks. Music theory is such a dry subject I was considering a different hobby all together. Looks like I’ll keep at it 🤓

- Perfect for the intermediate musician

This app is perfect if you already have a working knowledge of basic to intermediate music theory. Between sight reading training, ear training, chord identification, and more, it’s a perfect set of drills to help keep yourself sharp. I’ve been doing a handful of drills every morning for 30 minutes and can already feel the effects in my playing, composing, and arranging. Best of all, there’s no ridiculous subscription model - you’re one and done, no ads, no locked extra content. Folks giving this 1 star may be looking for a beginner app, which this is not remotely trying to be and shouldn’t be judged as.

- A

Super cool.very satisfying

- Wow!

I’m only nine and I’m only learning piano and it feels like music is my life this app is amazing guys. The people that gave it like one star are just weird!

- My favorite music theory app

My favorite music theory app

- Nice theory quiz app helps learn reading and intervals

Not a tutorial. Does not explain anything or even itself though. If you need something to explain what m3 means versus M3 then you may find this app confusing. The ability to customize is what makes this app good. Range of sight reading notes. Key signatures. Clefs. Etc.

- Best drills app

Fantastic for learning how to read music using drills

- Great app

I’m just learning music theory and guitar. This is a great tool for learning. You can’t drill this tuff enough,

- Meilleur app

Meilleur app que j’ai trouvé

- Missing dominant 7th in minor keys

Hey! I love your app! There is one thing I would like to be fixed though. When you practice chords with level 1 (no accidentals) you only get dominant chords in major keys. As we know dominant 7th in minor keys have one accidental, so the level 1 doesn’t show it obviously. But when you set the level 2, not only you get the dominant chords in minor keys, but also all other dominant chords from the entire circle of fifth! Because with accidentals you can basically build any chord. Also, a related problem, the 7th chords you display do not correspond to the key signature. For example: I’ve got a key with one sharp (either g major or e minor) and for that key the C7 dominant chords was displayed! It’s the one which has one flat accidental, which resolves to F major or f minor, and is not a dominant 7th of a key with one sharp. I believe, the level two accidentals should only include harmonic/melodic minor keys accidentals. And they should only correspond to the key signature displayed. Please give us a way to practice dominant 7th chords in minor keys without having all the other dominant chords. I will change the rating as soon as it fixed! Thanks!

- Not for guitar

It does not work well for guitar. Keeps going back to piano settings, even in middle of testing.

- Note Filter

5 stars for the new "note filter" on fretboard identification.

- Knowledge makes a great musician!

And this is the app for knowledge.

- Tenure

If they add more to it, it'll be awesome. Other than that, it's really good practice theory.

- Tenuto

I've recommended musictheory.net to students for years. So glad this is out!!! Excellent music theory tutor!

- Worth it

Good practice

- Great app


- A must for every musicians

I would highly recommend this application for every musicians. Tenuto is the tool you need to practice your reading skills and practice your ear. Only thing that is missing here is dictations, but I can't complain!

- Fantastic App for sight reading & fretboard memorization

I have been using this app for a while now to retrain myself on sight reading, intervals, and improve my ear note recognition. Best feature for myself is the fretboard mode where you can drill yourself on note placement. Loses a star though as the developer didn't include reverse identification like they did with piano; a much needed feature for those drilling themselves for sight reading with stringed instruments.

- Very useful

I bought this app after going to their website. So useful. Helped me learn ear training quickly.

- Best music practice app out there

I'm a piano teacher, and I recommend this app to all of my students and colleagues. There is no better or more inclusive app out there. Some apps are a waste of money. This one is NOT. It's worth more than they charge (but please don't raise the price - my students actually buy it because it's affordable). Seriously, get this app. Oh yeah my PS: INCREDIBLY customizable to ANY student's learning needs, from the most basic beginner to the most advanced student.

- I love the website

I only bought this app because of the website. It has helped me greatly, so I have purchased this.

- Great app

Great app. Worth the money. Customizable exercise. Really well done

- Tenuto app

Absolutely the best theory and composition app I have come across. I recommend this to anyone who is serious about improving their visual and aural skills in music. Bravo tenuto!!!!!

- Cadences and Inversions please

An amazing and easily customizable app to work with! Excellent to practice for my piano exam. Could be complete with cadences as an option for ear training and with an option to test for inversions of minor and major triads in the chords ear training section. Overall a great app thank you!

- Fantastic App

I use this app all the time for my students, especially those who struggle with note reading, chord ID and fretboard ID (I’m a guitar teacher) I recommend it fully to anyone who either would like to develop greater reading skills (regardless of your level, you can benefit from sharper skills!).

- Perfect!

I have never given an app a 5 star rating. This one IS that good. Are you serious about Music Theory? Then why are you still reading this? BUY IT NOW!

- Feature Rich

The icing on the cake would be support for midi. Bought it to support dev. of such feature in future!

- Love It!

All I need.

- Highly useful

I bought this app over a month ago and still use it regularly. Perfect for training your ear and theory skills anywhere you go. Nice and sleek looking and working too. Much more use yet to come. You can start easy as you want and tweak the exercises as you improve your skills.

- Perfect for ear training

The only feature of this app I use is the ear training, but that alone was worth the purchase price. I'm in my second year of a music degree and this app is, bar none, the best I've found for practicing for my ear training class.

- Amazing for a music student

I am in the university for music education and ear training is a crucial part of my program. Using this app a couple times a day has improved my Ability to recognize intervals, scales ect. Amazing and worth it

- Very useful

The only problem with this app is it's more fun than learning Italian vocabulary. I like how I can tell it to ignore the easy bits (C,F,G key signatures; P1, P8 intervals) and focus on the harder ones. I can tell it to do all the chords I should know, or just a few (dim and dim7). The option to play melodic or harmonic chords or both is great. Currently I'm working on white-key intervals, but tomorrow I'll go back to key signatures and accidentals. For now, though, back to drilling vocab. Not nearly as much fun.

- Music

We need possibility to select only major or minor first or second inversion.

- Great teaching tool

As a piano teacher, I use this app more than any other for note reading and ear training. While it basically doubles the exercises found on MusicTheory.net, that's a good thing because my students can either use their computer or their iPad to work on exercises at home.

- Great

Good for study

- Good, but missing some things

Good for the beginner ear trainer, but missing modes of melodic and harmonic minor. For chord dictation, there should be an option to list the inversions, as well as an option for chord progression ear training (with inversions). Great app otherwise.

- Great app!

Everything you could possibly need.

- Fantastic Application

Wonderfully comprehensive. This app contains so much, and is a great price. Is almost the only music app I need. The only thing it needs is an inversion tester. (both chords and intervals). I haven't found one in any apple apps yet. Tenuto is the most useful and well designed music theory application that I have seen. I definitely recommend it.

- Phenomenal app for music theory

Absolutely amazing application. It definitely favors the piano with this theory, however the applications in regards to the note readings translate to any instrument. There is also a great tool to get a good understanding of the guitar strings and notes. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a audio or visual learning method / an interactional learning style. Books are one thing. This app is real time, fun, practice.

- Great app

One of the few apps I have bought that I truly cannot find any faults with. A really nice mobile interface with the quality I have come to expect from musictheory.net. It would be hard to imagine an app that does it any better!

- A must-have for every theory student and musician alike!

Every bit of this app is invaluable to anyone wanting to improve heir musical talent.

- Pitch Perfect

I've been using musictheory.net for years and I'm loving their new apps. The UI is beautiful and the price is well worth supporting the site/not paying for a generic theory book. I love the interactivity of the app (the way music should be learned) and with a few small bug fixes this app will be perfect. Thanks! : D

- Fretboard

I thought that learning the note names on the guitar fretboard was an impossible feat, but i used tenuto and now i've memorized them all. Haven't used the other features but that alone was worth it.

- Great application

Hi I am a music teacher and this app is great to help students review intervals and as an ear training tool it is also good for guitarists that want to identify notes and keyboardists to help them learn new chords at the piano. I am very impressed with this app

- Bravo!

This application is a must for any level of musical knowledge! I am incredibly impressed with the level of detail provided and user-customization from the tools, exercises and calculator. Ear training and Identification for intervals, chords and scales is very well presented and very user-friendly. I also purchased the application called "Theory Lessons" (also by musictheory.net) and find it equally remarkable. Bravo!

- Great ear trainer!

J'ai essaye plusieurs ear trainer Mai's celui la est parfait pour moi. Il manque juste une chose a mon avis, c'est un test de note. J'aimerais pouvoir entendre une note et choisir la bonne reponse . I've tried a couple of ear trainer and this one work really well for me. The only thing that it miss is note earring test(perfect pitch test) you can ear test scale you don't have note test (ear).

- Beautiful

Fantastic app from the great website musictheory.net! Highly recommend!

- Quite Impressive

Title says it all. Still I wish there was an ear training mode when trying to learn individual note sounds :)

- suppose to work

it says its compatible with my ipod touch but when i went to senc it says it not. @_@

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The applications Tenuto was published in the category Music on 2011-08-30 and was developed by musictheory.net [Developer ID: 459313479]. This application file size is 11.32 MB. Tenuto - Music app posted on 2021-08-17 current version is 4.2 and works well on IOS 12.4 and high versions. Google Play ID: net.musictheory.Tenuto