Tenuto is a collection of 20 highly-customizable exercises designed to enhance your musicality. From recognizing chords on a keyboard to identifying intervals by ear, it has an exercise for you. Tenuto also includes five musical calculators for accidentals, intervals, chords, analysis symbols, and twelve-tone matrices.

A short description of the exercises and calculators follows. For a full list of all available customizations, visit the "Developer Website" link on this page or open http://tenuto.link/features/ in your web browser.


• Note Identification
• Key Signature Identification
• Interval Identification
• Chord Identification
Tap the button corresponding to the written staff line. For example: if shown a C, E, and G with a sharp; tap the "Augmented Triad" button.


• Note Construction
• Key Signature Construction
• Interval Construction
• Chord Construction
Construct the specified label by moving notes and/or adding accidentals. For example: if shown a C and an "Augmented 4th" label, move the second note to F and add a sharp.


• Keyboard Reverse Identification
Tap the piano key corresponding to the written note on the staff. While similar to Note Identification, this exercise uses a piano keyboard rather than note name buttons.

• Keyboard Note Identification
• Keyboard Interval Identification
• Keyboard Chord Identification
Tap the button corresponding to the highlighted piano key(s). If the C and G keys are highlighted, tap the "P5" (Perfect 5th) button.


• Fretboard Note Identification
• Fretboard Interval Identification
• Fretboard Chord Identification
Tap the button corresponding to the marked fretboard position(s). If the 2nd fret of the D string is marked, tap the "E" button.


• Keyboard Ear Training
• Note Ear Training
Listen to the played reference and question notes. Select the piano key or note button corresponding to the question note.

• Interval Ear Training
• Scale Ear Training
• Chord Ear Training
Tap the button corresponding to the played notes. If E and F are played, tap the "Minor 2nd" button.


• Accidental Calculator
Display the accidental for a note and key.

• Interval Calculator
Display the interval for a note, type, and key.

• Chord Calculator
Display the chord for a note, type, and key.

• Analysis Calculator
Display the chord for a symbol and key.

• Matrix Calculator
Display the twelve-tone matrix for a specified tone row.

Tenuto App Description & Overview

The applications Tenuto was published in the category Music on 2011-08-30 and was developed by musictheory.net. The file size is 12.46 MB. The current version is 3.0.3 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

• Fixes an issue where a progress report in Challenge Mode would show the High Score rather than the Last Score, and vice-versa.

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Couldn't ask for more from a music theory app.  SETBoyDG  5 star

First thing you'll notice is the simplicity of the menu. No frills. Gets you right in the action. So much stuff to do without feeling overwhelming. Exercises for keyboard and fretboard. Very fast response, no slow down what so ever. Every exercise I've tried so far has a practice mode and challenge mode. Ear training is fun to use. No complaints whatsoever. Well worth $3.99


An Absolute Essential  Sinth64  5 star

Tenuto is literally one of the best apps on the App Store. If you are looking to hone your music theory related skills through many different customizable exercises, use this app. It's been a staple of my iPhone for several years. musictheory.net is the leading authority in this field. Thank you for making, improving, and maintaining this indispensable tool.


Amazing  Imdps519  5 star

Used this app throughout university and it was a life saver! Still helps keep my ear sharp 😉


Perfect  Sashafiercequeenyonce  5 star

This is literally the best thing ever for music theory kids to practice with


Excellent - so easy to customize for any skill goal  333M333  5 star

Wonderful! So many possible ways to use this and to customize it, for any level of skill, and it's so easy and intuitive to navigate the app. I love being able to practice skills when I'm not near my instrument. So well designed - and fun! Only regret is that the app doesn't offer an easy way to keep track of your progress, though you can export individual reports so that's a workaround of sorts. I hope the app offers additional options for logging progress in the future.


Fabulous! Suggest new feature  Tommer2yardsale  5 star

Really enjoy this app for developing my musicianship. I suggest a new rhythm feature where it plays a percussion instrument for two quarter notes and then you have to choose between patterns of 16th notes and rests for a pattern Tenuto played on the third quarter note.


Very helpful, love custom features  Ebizabit  5 star

This has been such a helpful app. I'm so pleased that something like this exists. Please add Fretboard Reverse Identification.


Not for learning  Anebciciwbqbd  1 star

I purchased this app with the intent of learning more music theory and was very disappointed. While it would be great for practicing theory, it doesn't offer any help at all for establishing an initial understanding.


Very Helpful  Blahblah414  5 star

I've been using this app for over six months now and it has helped me so much with learning music theory for both piano and guitar. My only wish for improvement would be to have an option where the answers could be there until I didn't need them anymore. The way it is now isn't all that helpful for learning and remembering because the revealed answer is only shown for a moment. If you were to fix this I would be very happy because of being able to learn faster.


This app is fantastic  Bryndo  4 star

A great app for any musician looking to hone their knowledge of theory and practice their aural skills.


Francesco Scarfato FScarfato 3 star

@ArsenaleKappa @fattoquotidiano @LVIX1 Serracchiani & Co subito han tenuto a precisare che si sarebbero occupate de…


Stefano B. stevenbaiocchi 3 star

@tossina_libera: è vomitevole il cattolicame che sciacalla su #charliegard un bimbo destinato a morire e tenuto in vita con accanim…


David C davidlapo1967 3 star

@FedericaJBJ Ahahahah per un attimo ho tenuto che tu ti fossi rivelata😂😂.. notte Patata !!!


Addictive  okidokitoo  4 star

I love this app - very addictive and effective in helping you impress ve ears and eyes. Wish there would an alto sax fingering exercise though.


Great tool!  Jazzman102737  5 star

Perfect Aural skill builder. Love this app.


FANTASTIC app!  Khanser  5 star

This is without question the first music training app I recommend to and use with our students. It is extremely helpful, and the students find it engaging and very easy to use!


Great for beginners  ZO∑  4 star

The main reason I purchased this app was to learn to read music better. With that said, I was severely disappointed to learn that you can't name the enharmonic pitches in the note identification exercises without getting counted wrong. Seeing as that is, in my opinion, something worth being able to do quickly, I would expect to be able to do that.

Madison Jonas

Use it in college all the time  Madison Jonas  5 star

I am a sophomore voice performance major at West Texas A&M. Our program has a high expectation that students become able to read music at the speed of music. I used this app in my music theory classes to quickly learn chord spelling and recognition. I still use most of the features in the app just to keep my skills sharp. This app absolutely made a difference for me getting through Music Theory I and passing with a high grade because of the ability to drill specific areas in a very customized fashion. Great app.


Excellent  Hampsteadmv  5 star

Super easy to use, fantastic variety of note reading and ear training exercises.


Great 😃  blover8  5 star

This app is perfect for memorizing the fretboard!!! The only thing I wish it had is a built in metronome.


Don't miss this one if you want to further your musicianship  MrMikeNik  5 star

I recommend this app to all my students and use it myself at times to sharpen up some skills. There is a ton of content here, which is customizable to target weak spots. (Such as ledger lines) I taught my 8 year old daughter treble clef in one sitting, using concepts then this app for practice. She was amazed that she can now read the staff on her own. Get this and Rhythm Sight Reading trainer and you can have some real musicianship in the bag. Humbly, there is some room for expansion. I would like to see a rhythm or melodic dictation feature added. Also, the chord recognition is very much classical harmony. Why not expand to include more extended or jazz harmony? 6th, 6/9, 9th chords, altered harmonies, suspended...all of these sounds are part of the musical palette that should not be overlooked. Great app as is, look no further folks!

Leo the Lion 55555

If you want to learn music, get this app!  Leo the Lion 55555  5 star

I've always wanted to learn how to read sheet music, I tried many times to get myself to sit down and focus enough to do it, But to no avail… This app finally made it possible! This app has great exercises to help you memorize where notes are on the staff and to train your ear to identify notes and much more! I highly recommend it!


Great!  mf7423  5 star


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