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What is ableton note app? Note is a place to form ideas, experiment with sounds and find direction. Get your ideas out or play until inspiration hits using a selection of Ableton Live’s drum kits, synths and melodic instruments. Or create your own sound palette by recording the sounds around you into Note’s sampler instruments using your phone’s microphone.

If you want to take your ideas further, use Ableton Cloud to send your projects to Live (version 11.2.5 or later) without leaving the app. Open your project from Live’s browser, then keep working – you can edit all your MIDI notes, and all your samples and sounds from Note are exactly the same.

Begin with a beat:
• Choose from 56 Drum Sampler kits
• Tap out a beat using the 16-pad grid
• Quantize your beat to fix any loose timing
• Nudge notes to correct mistakes
• Add more layers of rhythm
• Create beat repetitions with Note Repeat
• Change parameters to shape your sound
• Experiment with effects

Start with a melody:
• Choose from 261 synth sounds and 36 Melodic Sampler instruments
• Play your melody or chord progression with either the 25-pad grid or the piano roll
• Set a key and scale to get instantly harmonic results, or leave your options open
• Overdub more layers of harmony
• Change parameters to shape your sound
• Add effects to experiment with sound design

Sample your environment:
• Create your own kits by recording percussive sounds into Note’s Drum Sampler
• Record tonal sounds to create your own Melodic Sampler instruments
• Manipulate your samples by cutting, filtering or repitching them
• Shape or transform your sounds with effects

Capture improvisations:
• Play something, then tap the Capture button to keep it
• Play at the tempo that feels comfortable and Note will detect it
• Note will recognize the length of the phrase
• A loop is created automatically
• Quantize it, add to it, or change the sound

Create variations:
• Note features a grid-based Session View layout
• Double your loops to create variation within clips
• Duplicate your clips and create different versions of your ideas
• Create eight tracks with up to eight clips on eight scenes
• Try different layer combinations and song structures
• Export your work in Session View as an audio file to listen and share

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App Name Ableton Note
Category Music
Updated 01 December 2022, Thursday
File Size 520.88 MB

Ableton Note Comments & Reviews 2023

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Audio Tracks?. Enjoying my time with the app so far but I feel it could be improved further by adding audio tracks to record longer passages. The sampler is fine for short samples but anything longer like full guitar or keyboard chord progressions or complete vocal verses or choruses, it can’t really handle all that well. These could also import directly into Ableton on an audio track. I feel this would really take the app to the next level. Any plans for adding this?

Great Idea I hope they expand it. Very cool app from Ableton. The more I dig into it the more I like it, it’s not a replacement for a DAW, but kind of like a little sketchbook that you can carry around and make ideas with. The main feature that it’s lacking badly for me is the ability to record an audio track that isn’t inside Sampler. As a songwriter it’s really helpful for me to be able to record melody or lyrical ideas with the music. Even a very basic audio track function would make this app my absolute go to for idea creation. As it stands it’s fun, but I will keep using my voice memo app for 90% of my songwriting.

Already going in the wrong direction. So we still can’t use midi keyboard controllers AND you remove velocity from the keyboard in the app? What do you guys have against keyboard players? This has the potential to become the most used app from my arsenal of IPad apps, especially as an Ableton suite user who also owns a Push 2, but if there’s no support for midi controllers on the horizon, tbh….I’m going to delete it and move on from it. It has some great features but if it’s going to hold me back by not letting me use an actual keyboard then the novelty is going to get old quickly, and that’s already starting to happen. I’ll just use the Ableton desktop app where I can use a midi keyboard controller. This app is already going in the wrong direction for me.

Lost 2 hours + other bugs. First off, I worked on a piece for two hours, and I had it in a really good spot that I was really proud of. I tried, pressing the back button, which is apparently the only way you can save a document, and nothing happened. He tried over and over again, nothing. Tried exporting it. No dice. Button was greyed out. So, I closed down the app, hoping that it would auto save my progress. Opened it back up, and all of my work was gone. It’s really frustrating, because I was really looking forward to it. The other things that bother me are when you’re editing notes there are absolutely no markers anywhere to see where you’re lining up your notes on the beat. There’s no way to drag and swap parts. Like, if I like the part on the third beat, and I want to swap it out with the part on the first bed there’s just no way for me to do that. There are a few other minor annoyances like that as well. Editing anything is its weakest trait. Actually, scratch that, the lack of a continuous auto save is quite ridiculous.

A great start but needs maturity. I’ve been wanting Ableton to make a mobile app for years. Ableton Cloud could be a game changer for moving mobile ideas to the desktop, but the two deal breakers for me are 1) no time signature and 2) no note editor. The absence of a time signature means that I won’t use the app if I have a musical idea outside the time signature of 4/4. Until a note editor is fully in place, the simplest modifications I’d love to see in the UI would be: 1) tap a note to hear it. 2) tap and hold a note to bring up a menu so I can duplicate it. 3) tap and drag a note to change the length.

Impressive, Simple, Worth the price. Just finished downloading and played with this app for about 20 minutes. I love this app and it’s well worth the price. Note makes it easy to lay down ideas and even finish them if you desire. Plenty of onboard instruments and fx to get you going. So much can be done right in the app and I haven’t even exported to cloud yet. Would love to just have even more sounds to play with and would also like to see Auv3/iaa support down the road. Would be nice to bring in other instruments from my iPad to play with. Midi support would not hurt either. I like knocking out riffs via keyboard so I’d like to see that implemented down the road. Also please add swing timing to drums. It appears there’s no way to do that and quantize it. But Great job Ableton…now I’m gonna go back jamming out. Happy music making everyone.

Fun and intuitive. Great pocket daw that’s very streamlined for getting ideas quickly, just wish there were more sounds to choose from. Not expecting the full live suite but I think doubling its current number of sounds would put it in an a very decent place to sustain its lifecycle as I can definitely see myself getting bored of what’s available to me soon just off first impression.

Changing the game.. This app has changed the game. I haven’t touched anything else on my I pad, my vast arsenal of hardware synths, samplers are getting neglected due to the ease and speed of using this app. Once you get past the tiny learning curve you will start to discover features you thought were absent but are in fact hidden in the UI. Each instruments clip can be automated independently! This blew my mind. Saves so much time/work when you import your project into Ableton live. Importing your whole project into Ableton could not be any easier. Just save your project from Note to Ableton cloud and everything is there. Grab the complete project file from your Ableton browser from Ableton Cloud onto your current project and it’s all there fully automated ready for production. If you get creative you can work outside of Ableton Live as well as an instrument, or for loops. Connect to an interface and record your projects/clips into logic syncing time with Ableton link. This is the fastest workflow I’ve ever experienced and my vote for best music making app for 2022 and all time. A must have! My number one recommendation is please please pretty please with cash on top, add midi controller support.

I LOVE this app!. I’ll start off by saying that it’s so quick and easy to get my ideas out with Ableton Note that no other iOS can beat imo. I love the way I can collaborate with friends easily and move to my Ableton Live in a breeze. The included sounds sound great and high quality. The UI is what you would expect from Ableton and it makes navigating a snap. What I would like to see: -More than 8 scenes or recording session view jams to a simplified arrangement view. -Time stretching samples, even just a simplified version of what we get in Live. -Note length adjustment and inputting notes by tapping -Master track effects -Mobile ports of Operator,Analog, and Wavetable.

I love it, really… but (edited). I take back what I said. I have gotten a lot better at not hitting the delete button accidentally… some practice with it pays off. I love this app. Yes it is limited, and yes that is the beauty of it. The way it forces you to write things relatively “on-time” is such a chop builder imo. Thank you so much P.s. chance mod would be 🔥📈

Neat tool, weird exporting. This is a nice little production tool. Maybe more feature-limited than I expected, like no drag-and-drop on midi notes, just basically a d-pad to move them by ticks. The exporting is my real beef though. You’d think that, if you make a 20-second loop, your wav or m4a is gonna be 20 seconds long. Nah. Try 90 seconds. It doesn’t just play the take you’ve selected, it plays all the takes, in sequence. I tried just moving all the extra takes to a new track and muting it: this idiot just left like a minute of silence as the muted track went through all its takes. Feels like they put an actual space alien, who doesn’t understand human interest in music, in charge of export design. Or it’s just an appalling bug that they don’t care to fix. Oh, and it doesn’t have an option to upload right to soundcloud, I have to export to google drive and then upload from there. What a mess.

Sequencer Setting Update. Hi! Love this little DAW its such a masterpiece from you all and it is so versatile and well put together. The buttons are where my thumbs like and the fluidity of it all makes it very admirable to use on the phone. My one problem is that I use bluetooth headphones on the go, and of course there will be delay because of the bluetooth. Was hoping maybe there could be a step sequencer setting to turn on depending on how the notes are quantitized? The pads given only show a set of notes and im sure it would be easy to have a scroll like function on the left side to scroll through all of the notes through the octaves. And a set of drums would be very easy with the little amount of sounds each kit gives you. And on the right side could select the measures throughout the time selected on the sequencer. Plopping and killing notes with a press of a button would be a million times better than having to only play it live dozens of times to try and get it right. I do love to play how its supposed to when I’m at home and can hear it in real time, but that delay when I’m at work or something really kills the motivation. Having some sort of step sequencing option would be absolutely amazing and I really hope you consider this elaborately-mad idea and or respond to this. Thank you!!

THANK YOU.. Feels like I’ve been waiting for this app for a decade. Every single mobile music app I’ve ever used has some sticking points that keep me from truly integrating it into my workflow. Not this. First day with it and I started a track, moved it to Ableton Live and finished it without any fuss. That’s never happened to me. Everything about this is so clear and intuitive. It feels like second nature. I hope it stays that way with future updates. It could use a few things, but please not at the expense of the perfect immediacy this app currently offers! A few first impressions- It would be nice if you could double-tap to reset knob parameters. They can be a bit fiddly. The ability to duplicate entire tracks and not just clips would also be useful. Not sure if there’s a way to change the volume of individual samples on the drum rack (maybe I missed it?) but if not, that would be great as well. Overall so excited about this app!! Thanks for all your hard work on this.

Lacks very basic midi and clip editing. Good concept, but I was very disappointed to find I can’t add or duplicate notes in a clip. Can’t change note lengths or choose start/end note quantization. Workarounds like spamming several notes just to have something to nudge around and delete is not fun. Clips need more granular options like time sig and lengths need to be able to be independent of each other outside of multiples of 1 bar. The resolution you can delete in a recorded clip needs to be much smaller, I can’t figure out how to trim just like the first 1/4 bar of a clip, it’s gotta be a full bar to trim? Hopefully updates can make this more usable, as is, I don’t see myself using this for more than a way to create desktop drum racks from live sampling with the iPhone’s mic (which can sound surprisingly good)

The best Music Production App for Iphone !. I work as music producer about 10 years , I was try all of the music production apps, this is the best in my opinion! This app gives new ideas bcs unique work flow, and every time has a different preloading instruments . Thank you for this app! And I use ableton live as my main Daw, so Cloud Sync make it all easier! I can say many more , but better you try it ! ❤️🔥

Fun app. Over all I think the note app is great, however I think it is important to remember that it’s purpose is not to make full songs but to make musical sketches. Its definitely not the ableton your used too. It’s hard to tell what things will sound like on your real monitors vs your phone speakers. I’m not sure if an I phone can use midi information but it would be super cool to be able to plug in a small midi controller. More than two fx spaces per instrument would be cool too. Over all I think it could be a super useful app when more features are added but for now it’s kind of just a dumbed down session view. It’s still a lot of fun I can’t really imagine taking something I made on it and competing it though.

Best way to sketch out music ideas hands down.. ⭐️Message to the user- Best app, from “this is your mild hobby” to “you plan on evolving your creations later” this has it, I made a synth wave bop, lofi beat, and a Drum and Bass style song in no time just messing around. 10/10. Would love more added but as is I’m stoked and LOVING it. ⭐️ Message to the developers - You guys created something amazing here. I can be in the relaxed mind set messing around in song writing and then come back to it with a technical ear later. That alone to me is priceless. ✨ •Some notes if I may, the ability to play chords within the selected key with one note push would be nice, along with the ability to change inversions (maybe even record in the inversion changes as you are playing and/or after the chords are put down too) ✨ •I wish the link play was a little different. It’s so cool how it works but I wish when my friends connected they could add patterns that I could see and edit. Almost like a shared project file that we are both listening/adding too. This would be next level. Thank you so much, this is amazing.

Goes a lot deeper than you think. I have a ton of audio apps and I also beta test a ton of apps-so I know a good app from a bad or just OK app. I will tell you when I first opened it up I was not impressed. I thought it looked a little similar to that horrible Reason Compact app until I used it and realized that this app is fabulous. I didn’t know it even had all the features it has until I watched some demo videos and was pretty impressed. This app goes deeper than you think-it will pleasantly surprise you. I have a feeling the devs will keep up with updates and making this app even better. To the devs-Thank you for making a great iOS app.

Workflow is intuitive and fast, but missing some very necessary features. I think the workflow of this app is awesome. It reminds me so much of why I fell in love with Ableton the DAW in the first place. Some suggestions that I hope to see sooner than later. 1) Adjusting note lengths. 2) more audio effect options. 3) and most importantly for me is it allowing you to play via midi keyboard (works for GarageBand). I hope Ableton continues to develop this further, best of luck!

Decent first attempt, missing a step sequencer and linear track editing. I use Ableton 11 everyday to produce and I love it so I had high hopes for this app. The concept is good, make a mobile daw for sketching ideas, similar to Andrew Huang’s flip, that can be ported onto ableton, but, the execution leaves something to desire. For starters when sketching out Ideas I want to at the very least be able to record an audio track, something notably lacking. To add Insult their is no easy way to sequence midi, instead you must play in every note and then go back to edit it. The app however is not all bad, the sounds are high quality and there is a decent selection for effects. This app could be great but it’s not so when sketching out ideas on my phone I will continue to use fl mobile.

Good But Latency. App seems to be very well thought out but for some reason if you use BT headphones there is not just AUDIO latency - which is to be expected - but the screen is also unusable. Why would headphones create massive touch screen lag? So, seems like they didn’t realize the biggest phone maker on earth makes phones with ONLY Bluetooth headphones. Factor in an adapter and carrying around a second set of wired headphones if you want to use this.

Beware this app will erase your work. I read a review when I first downloaded the app, and I didn’t understand what he was saying until it happened to me. Beware! This app has a major flaw in saving data if you have connected your device to ableton cloud. If you have connected your device and already saved a copy it will automatically erase all work you have created, when you connect to the Internet and open the app. Abelton, this is rookie behavior and should be corrected immediately. People are losing hours if not days of work because your developers are moving like amateurs when it comes to making sure that the save does not erase any current work we have created. We expect more from you. I am completely disappointed. I have been using abelton for at least seven or more years and this is the most disappointing feature I’ve ever experienced. I lost so much work and time all I could do was quit using your app out of anger and frustration. Abelton, I have never given you a bad review because I always enjoyed your products. And the truth is I was enjoying this app until it erased days of my work. this is just poor programming. Step your game up.

Missing a few key features. App is a joy to use and easy to get ideas down on. missing a few important features. You can’t edit note length after recording meaning if you mess up the length of a note you have to delete and re-record. There’s a few other unintuitive things as well but overall a great tool

Greatest Music App Ever Made. There is nothing clunky or cumbersome about the Ableton Note app like all other music app I’ve used. The MIDI Capture functionality easily makes the best music app by far. Everything is simple and quick and intuitive. I can’t wait to see how it is enhanced in the future because it’s already amazing. Domo arigato Mr. Behles.

Well worth the price of admission!. This is a great little sketch app by Ableton that allows you to easily bang out ideas and decide whether you want to keep them or not. There are plenty of sound and clip editing capabilities for you to work with. You’re not going to make a full-blown track with this app - that’s not the point, and there isn’t an Arrangement View to lay things out anyway, but it’s a fun, fully capable app for getting things going, and getting ideas out of your head. Uploading from the app to the cloud works really well. Once you’ve signed up for Ableton’s Cloud service (a free, painless signup), just select the set to be uploaded to the cloud, and then open the set in Ableton’s Browser (under Places in the new 11.2.5 update). I guess the biggest downside is that you can’t use your own plugins in the app, but that’s not that big a deal really. The sounds that are included are fine for getting ideas out, and you can record your own samples directly into the app. Overall, Ableton Note is well worth the $5.99 price tag. Thanks Ableton! It’s about time you brought the Live experience to the phones of the world. Better late than never!

happy to see it. i’m honestly thrilled to have an ableton companion in my pocket. having the ableton link feature in this app is going to make random sessions away from home a WHOLE lot more interesting. in a perfect world i’d love to have unlimited fx on my channels. being limited to only 2 is pretty rough. the MIDI roll is limited right now as well. I wish I had a more cohesive way to edit my notes. i’d love to place notes down without having to record everything i read another review talking about audio channels missing. if i could record a guitar or my voice through my iphone mic to get an idea down, that’d be gamechanging. you could totally write your song before hitting the studio to put the whole song together. worlds of possibilities here there’s a lot of room for improvement but i’m giving this 5 stars because i’m excited that we’re finally getting an ableton tool on iOS

Most intuitive music creation app by far (but missing some features). Ableton has knocked it out of the park with this app. The UI is easy to understand and everything makes sense but I believe the app is still in its infancy. The sounds included are great but the sampler leaves something to be desired. There is no easy way to change the stop and start points of a sample. I was hoping for an easy drag from the far right side of the sample in the sample window to change the end point and drag from the far left side to change the start point. However I cannot figure out for the life of me to change this. Keep in mind I didn't take the tour I like to discover things for myself. It's still one of the great joys of learning new software. In my opinion tho what makes a great app is if the end user thinks something should happen when you do something than that thing (swipe to change sample start and endpoints) should most definitely happen.

Desperately needs MIDI support!. This is such a great app with a great workflow, but man is it a huge pain to have no way to use a MIDI controller or import MIDI files. Without that, and without a step sequencing option, Note becomes a challenge to use for more than a few minutes. I would spend a lot more time in this app if it just had a few more basic note input features.

Grew on me quickly. At first I wasn’t really enamored with Note. Then i watched Ricky Tinez’s video and I stopped thinking of “let start with a beat” and instead started with a sample. The way it allows you to set your own tempo and pattern length is great but it takes. But to get used to Abletons way of doing it. I like it a lot and look forward to future updates (like Panning in the mixer!).

Exactly what i wanted!. I use ableton live for my music production and i always wish I could have a way to put down ideas on the go or just get something to spark my inspiration when I'm not in the studio. This app does exactly that! I really like the ableton cloud syncing so that if i do create a little idea i can work on it later. Super cool concept and i think it works really well. Obviously it is very limited to just creating ideas and not exactly a full fleshed out track, but that is perfectly fine! Good stuff ableton!

Has potential, missing some features. First of all I will say I am a hardcore Ableton user who has been using the desktop app for a few years. This is a great slimmed down version of session view with choice Ableton instruments and effects included. With what you get for the price I think it’s a good deal. However there are some features that are missing that make creation a lot more difficult than it should be. First of all, I’d like to be able to adjust the length of notes in clips. Also it’s weird that you can’t create a note manually, you have to play everything in which gets really annoying. Finally I think this should have audio track support. It’s weird they left this out, as Ableton originally started as a way to manipulate audio. I’m hoping this will come in another update, as I’d love to be able to play or sing something and have it in my song. I know I can use sampler, but I’d also like just straight up audio tracks to make things more convenient.

Great but unusable in day to day life. I think this app was meant to be a companion for musical ideas in the wild. Unfortunately really bad Bluetooth lag is kind of a dealbreaker, especially without a step sequencer. If you use AirPods, you won’t be able to actually tap out a beat, the lag is worse than any other music app I’ve used. I want to use this all the time, right now even as I am out at a coffee shop , but I am not going to bring a pair of wired headphones with me just for that. I hope they adjust, otherwise I feel a little miffed about the execution here.

Almost Perfect. This does everything I would want it to do without bogging it down. EXCEPT even just one audio track would really go a long way, and it looks like I’m not the only one who thinks that. I don’t want it to turn into a mobile DAW or anything. Just one single audio track. Really a perfect sketchbook for Ableton users and it will easily be five stars from me as soon as it gets audio capabilities.

Best music app I have used. I cannot say enough how good this app is. It’s simplicity is its greatest strength. With that said, there are some things that could take it to the next level. I would love to be able to record into a block with vocals instead of needing to make a sample then trigger it. The other thing is some folders would be good as I make a ton of sketches and want to find the keepers more easily. Lastly some more instrument options over time could be nice. Overall though fantastic app!

amazing app, some suggestions!. First off, fantastic job to the team. So far I have had no crashes, and playback is crisp and seamless. I LOVEEE the way the sampler works, absolute perfect for creative flow. I honestly wish i had the simple "zoom to crop" thing in desktop ableton. Instruments sound great, and the effects and basically the same as desktop. I realize this is a sketchbook app so i am keeping this in mind, but here are some thing thats would make it a game changer for me. Suggestions: - multiple effects for instruments, (at least 3, especially on the drums too!) one spot is usually immediately taken up by an EQ for most - left / right panning in the mixer - midi note editor needs to be expanded a bit, really the largest area lacking. just an option to click in notes after you make a clip would be hugeeee - master effects would be a nice addition but i could understand not doing it to save on cpu and it is a sketch app. - please add one synth, anything. just one operator option would change my life. THANK U TO THE TEAM YOU ARE AMAZING

A great start with potential. You can’t resize existing notes. My touches are often ignored. The tap and hod in session view is flakey. Cant change metronome volume. Cant change interval or octave of most synths. No master effects. No follow actions. Very limited effects. No dynamics or pitch effects. No arp. No MIDI input (yes, really). No copy/paste clips (only duplicate and move). The Ableton cloud only lets you store 5 sets. I know, it’s a great start with loads of potential. I trust Ableton to address all this stuff. Limited to 8 device tracks and 8 scenes. There are other iOS apps that can export as liveset that are a lot more complete, responsive, and capable. I will say the design is fantastic, just needs a lot more work and features and responsiveness to my touches.

Very fun and inspiring!. This app is great to have on the fly when inspiration hits. I haven’t played much with it, but for the most part it’s very intuitive. If your an Ableton person who likes creating on the fly it’s a must have. The one critique I have so far, which may be there I just can’t find it, is there is no way to edit a midi notes durations. You can nudge it, quantize, velocity, and tune, but I don’t see a duration function. Creates dead spots in your playing if you aren’t perfect that you have to replay to fix.

Finally. Probably like a lot of people, I've been waiting for something like this. And so far I love it. Even just as a drum machine, it's better than any app I've tried, with the exception of Patterning 2, which has its own strengths and weaknesses. One limitation, which I hope gets addressed in a future release: time signature is limited to 4/4. Time signature per track would be ideal, but even a global time signature would be huge. Looking forward to seeing what happens with this.

Finally a good DAW on mobile. 10-year ableton Live veteran here. The geniuses at Ableton finally gave us an intuitive app that works well. I messed with it for the past hour, can’t wait to come up with ideas on my flights now. Super easy to use, great sounds as well. The pads and scale functions are super cool. One thing I wish it had was a way to record your voice without using a sampler. I’m so tired of beatboxing ideas into my Voice Memos, so I was hoping this app would let me directly record my voice on a audio track. But it’s a loop-based app so I understand if impossible. Devs, I think a lot of people are looking to be able to record their voice ideas like an elevated memo app. Otherwise this is well worth the money!

Exciting but not ready yet. I am excited to have an app where I can sketch on my phone and get that easily into Live for development. However, immediately I felt the clip editing interface needs some improvement to be useful for me. There appears to be no way to adjust note lengths so correcting note lengths only requires re-recording and then repeating nudge correction on any mistakes made in the new take. For this to be missing when all the other controls are there is a big oversight.

A great start!. This was long overdue. Great interface, feels very familiar. Not too cluttered with extra options or trying to constantly sell sound packs and addons. My one feature request would be to allow the user to disable loop capture during playback. Sometimes I like to rehearse for a bit before hitting record, and I spent a lot of time selecting and deleting notes. Loop capture is great, just let me toggle it off if I want. Cheers to the Ableton team on the release!

Love it so far!. The simplicity of the interface makes it really fun and quick to get used to. I love that it mirrors session mode. I’ve been having a lot of fun jamming on my ipad with it. I like how it starts you off with a randomized set of drums, bass, synth etc- nicely curated presets. It can be overwhelming to start a song in desktop Ableton, given the endless possibility- so it’s nice to have the limitations of this app. I think I’ll be using it a lot to start new songs. The system for inputting initial recordings is really brilliant. I love that it automatically sets a tempo- or you can select a clip length. It’s also great that you can set the key and scale. It would be nice if I could edit the note length in the clip editor. It also would be great to have the Ableton Link feature. Overall- very excited about this app!

Check out Koala sampler. This app is really good with what it provides but at the same time I don’t take it seriously enough for professional use. Koala Sampler has everything this lacks. I love the idea of note but there just aren’t enough options to use for a satisfactory sampling workflow or idea generator. It seems very behind the times as far as mobile music production goes aside from the in-app sounds and instrument controls. I do like the midi recording approach but find myself dead in my tracks when I go to double the sequence and turn my 1 bar loop into a 4 bar then and 8 bar loop with continuous audio. I like the nudge feature but would prefer to also be able to manually move notes in a labeled piano roll. A couple of tweaks to this app and it could be a quick intuitive workflow but as of right now it’s just limiting enough to push me into other apps, however, as an ableton live user I watch App Store for updates.. hope this becomes something great.

Good app idea and great UI, still needs features.. As someone who uses Live for music production, I find that Ableton has intuitively implemented the workflow from Session View into a compact daw that could easily be used on an iPhone. HOWEVER, I find that it’s missing quite a few features if it were to compete with GarageBand and FL Studio Mobile. I find that every DAW on the market has some sort of piano roll to draw in notes on a clip. Although Ableton’s idea for the app might’ve been to perform everything into the tracks, if someone were to be using AirPods for example, the latency would just make the process a lot more challenging than it needs to be. GarageBand also has their version of the arrangement view, making it a lot easier to put ideas together into a full track. If Ableton were to implement that alongside a proper piano roll, that would make this already fun DAW even more capable. And one final gripe is the inability to pick and use additional effects like in Live. I hope Ableton continues to build upon this app as this could potentially be the best daw on iOS. <3

Superb application!. Absolutely beautiful app. As a long time Ableton user, it’s incredibly intuitive to those familiar with their interface. My only caveat would be that I really wish there was a one-touch chord function (similar to what Native Instruments has in their Komplete Kontrol plug-in) to sketch out ideas quicker. Everything else has been wonderful and a joy to play with. Thank you for taking your time with this!

Amazing app, they should be charging more. It’s very intuitive and easy to upload to the cloud and downlod onto my laptop to finish mixing. My only big complaint is that I haven’t figured out how to change the length of midi notes without quantization so sometimes it takes me a bunch of times to record notes the way I’d like.

Promising. Gotta love integration back to Live!. Just got it. I am a sucker for good software integration. Experience for ideas seems good. My brain works only in session mode so I feel at home already. Great starting point. Looks clean with good features presented in a subtle ways. Too many options and this APP will become tedious. I am glad they delivered enough to play with and bring it back to Live. Great job Team Ableton!

Great start for 1.0. The UI and UX are stellar as expected from Ableton. The sound design is great so even if not a Live owner it’s totally worth the cheap price for the sounds. Some features I’d like to see: Preset import from Live to note. In the piano roll, the ability to add a note and also hear note where it’s placed. MIDI in from other apps / MIDI file import Another companion controller app that’s more like Touchable or the one Bitwig just put out. Some way to see clips names on an iPad screen. The files app access to samples / import screen is done very well in comparison to other apps. Well done devs. Hard to imagine back when tinkering with the first versions of Ableton in the early 00’s this would come about.

Great app but… Ableton owns your music on the cloud!. I’m a long time Ableton user and I just read through the fine print. And it says… As between You and Ableton, You retain all ownership of any intellectual property rights that You hold in Your Sets. You are solely responsible for any Sets You upload, share, or otherwise utilize on Ableton Cloud. Solely for the purpose of enabling Ableton to provide the Ableton Cloud services as contemplated herein, You grant Ableton (and its Authorized Third-Parties) a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable and sublicensable, license to use, store, distribute, copy, modify, adapt, transform, reproduce, host, perform, display and communicate Your Sets including all contents and materials contained in Your Sets, without any compensation or obligation to You. You can still share the sets over WiFi so I changed my rating from 1 to 3 because it’s a great app

This is cute *goes back to Ableton Live*. This is an adorable UX demonstration and a great way for someone with no experience to get started making audio loops strictly with midi-based instruments. It does not appear to have any linear timeline, audio manipulation, or audio stretching workflows. It’s kind of like a really good soundboard with loops and quantization. Props to the team for throwing knob automation recording in there. The interface on iPad is about the same as the phone which results in my expensive and powerful iPad Pro looking like a children’s music toy. I would love to encourage the team at Ableton to see this dip of their toes in the iOS water as a well-executed success and go ahead and port Ableton Live to the iPad next. Great start!

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Easy and Powerful. Ableton Live has been a powerhouse tool in the music industry for years, and now many of its best qualities have been squeezed down into an accessible and easy-to-use mobile app. It comes with a surprising amount of content to create with and in-depth tools to let you go about as far as you’d likely want to before porting your set over to a computer. Especially for someone who is new to or curious about music production, Note a great tool for learning, creation and experimentation.

No Step Sequencer. Good start but without a step sequencer not a very practical mobile app due to latency with Bluetooth headphones. Look forward to future updates.

Still some bugs. This app is so much fun and you can do a lot with it but I’ve lost work several times due to bugs with the cloud sync.

Amazingly simple.. Within the first few minutes I could tell the developers put a lot of effort into this app. They’ve really hit the nail in the head with the design, ease of use, and sounds that are available. Worth every cent.

Make music on the move!. Great little app for slapping down some grooves and ideas whilst you get those unsuspecting inspirational waves. Easy enough to export your audio to your full setup and portable enough to not draw any attention whilst you program drums on your laptop and headphones in that cafe or on that train… Mobile and earbuds is the new movement!

Great addition to Live. Fun for kids and grown ups alike because easy to use but powerful. It meets the intended objective which is to help sketch out basic ideas while on the go. Impressive quality for a first release. You can tell that a lot of work from skilled pros has gone into it.

No step sequencer. Audio lag on Bluetooth makes finger drumming hard. Not good for mobile use. Really needs a step sequencer. Lots of free apps with more functionality.

Yo Ableton, nice!. Great tones and usability. 😎

Great place to start with electronic music. Would be great if you can add support for microtone intervals for some of the synths

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So…. First of thank you ! Been waiting for an official app from Ableton. It’s definitely a great app for what it offers BUT…it can be a lot better I feel like for the almost 10$ that it cost it is definitely lacking in features. I feel like adding support for AU3 on the app will open up a lot more doors I enjoy stock sounds but I’d love to be able to integrate my other apps for sounds, Second maybe a bit more midi control ?

Severely lacking and cumbersome.. Layout of the app is strange, it's difficult to get confortable with and cumbersome to use. It's missing must-have things like a piano roll to build chords with and clips that contain those chords which can be laid out in a traditional fashion like in ableton's arrangement view. Not having these things (things that app store competitors have) are deal breakers for an app like this. There is no compressor and no way to sidechain too. This is also a major letdown and turn-off. Overall I don't recommend this app. In its current form there are far superior apps in the app store to use for mobile sketching/notes/ideas. Will definitely update my rating if this app is improved and the glaring omissions are added later on but for right now with these things missing the competition is just so far ahead to the point that this app is redundant.

Good start. This yearns for a full Ableton Live App as companion on iPad Pro

Needs A traditional MIDI Grid. Then, it's perfect.

Great potential. Rad little app but it’s missing a couple things to make it a 10/10. Would really benefit from a piano roll, arp and chord mode. Velocity control would be a big plus as well. That being said it’s great and how seamless you can bring the project into ableton is perfect. I use session view to preform so it’s a perfect companion to live for me. Just needs a couple things to make it solid.

Everything you need for music notes. I’m loving every feature of this. Having tried most of the available music apps for mobile this takes the cake by a long shot for me. So much thought went into the UI to make recording, automation, and element building easier than any other app available. Very very impressed!

Awesome. This is a surprisingly capable mobile version of Ableton Live. The workflow is really intuitive and well designed for a phone size touch screen. Great way to tap out some ideas and pick them up in Live to turn them into full tracks.

You did it better. The clean interface I expect from ableton. Works phenomenally.

Amazing. Keep it up.. This is great, a lot of what I hoped for in a companion app. A couple of things: -after connecting a second iOS device I get “something went wrong” when trying to upload to the cloud with said device. -it would be amazing if this could app could one day be supported by the push 2

Looks good for a start but. . . .. But AUV3 hosting is a must. And Audiobus as well so it can talk with the rest of the amazing iOS music app community. No midi in/out, no audio clips? Plus I t would be nice if I could use my push controller.

Not a Replacement. This is an app for ideas, not full tracks. iOS isn’t a great studio tool, at least not now. This app realizes and uses your phone for what it excels at: taking notes to build out later when you’re at your real setup.

Very cool. One thing that would make this better is the ability to download individual drum kits from packs that I’ve purchased from ableton. Also double tap to reset dial to default

Superbly designed, fast and fun. This app is outstanding. The most standout aspect is the UI, which is super slick. Extremely fast and responsive and beautifully designed, with a lot of thoughtful support for useful gestures that just feel right. Ableton sweated over the details on this. Then there is sync, which is I think what is most exciting about the app from a process perspective. I am a bit of a minimalist with my setup, I want stuff that fits into how I do things seamlessly without having to learn a lot of new/different things, so something that "just works" with Live is great. Syncing to Ableton Cloud, then opening a Live set that sounds literally exactly like Note - with the same instruments and samples - feels near miraculous. And then there are just the overall features of music-making in the app itself, which are excellent. I love the looper-based way you create new material. The synths sound amazing and appear to be running onboard synthesis, you can even open up FM synthesis templates and experiment. Everything just sounds and feels amazing. Very excited about this new chapter for Ableton. It’s nice to see this kind of innovation.

Great for ideas. Love the workflow of this. Note is very much it’s own thing. Don’t expect “Live” or “Push” on your mobile device. Or a mobile DAW for that matter. This is a sketch pad, more along the lines of Reason Compact - an extension of your primary DAW meant to lower barriers to creativity and productivity.

Ableton sketch pad on mobile. So easy to use and I can’t wait to see where this app goes. Love it!

Save your money. Meh. Not there yet. Needs to be… more fun to use.

Simple, yet malleable!. I have lots of respect for this company and am happy they came out with a portable format for quick musical note-taking! They’ve done a fantastic job at making this enjoyable and easy to use yet giving us a lot of control! Look forwards to using this more!

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Backwards compatible. You should make it backwards compatible so i can load stuff from live into note and back again. Pretty good though

Great way to start a track. Does exactly what it describes. Great start! Super easy to record ideas on the fly for ableton. Love the midi capture recording. Innovative

The UI makes this app. If you try different mobile DAWs, you will understand how hard it is to create something of this caliber.

Voice recording without sampler. What about voice recording? It’s all I need :')

Love it!! Hoping for more. Great app from ableton. Would love some more FX (unlimited per track) as well as access to master channel FX. Would also more of a variety of FX (where ya at OTT, and beat repeat , etc etc. Midi probability and velocity randomization would be cool too!

Thoughtful, expressive, fun. This is the most fun I’ve had with an app in - long long time. The UI is very intuitive, and I feel right at home as a long time Ableton user. Job well done to the Ableton team - you’ve turned my phone into an incredibly fun (and addicting) instrument!

Wonderful!. What a great idea to be able to flesh out an idea whenever it hits you! Thank you Ableton!

Why only 5 cloud uploads?. Do you have plans that might allow us to have a nominal amount subscription for additional uploads?

Imagine using this with iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard. Either just make an iphone app, or scale it appropriately to ipad(including iPad Pro). You’re sitting at an iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard, and have to bang out a beat on the touch screen while it wobbles back and forth. At least give us midi control. I realize this is an ad for Ableton, but c’mon.

Almost perfect. I love this new app, so intuitive, so much going on, just one flaw for me, there’s no clear and easy way in the settings menu to map it to my mpk mini play to play beats on the pads or use the keys

Underwhelming. My main criticisms i wish i had known before buying this: - importing samples from Files isn’t very direct so it’s a little unintuitive to have to leave the app and find the wav in Files and share to Note - piano roll is clunky and prioritizes playing in notes, which isn’t ideal for bluetooth headphones - clip editing is nothing like real ableton and for me that’s kind of a dealbreaker If they update this to have real Ableton clip editing and au host support I’ll be all over this, till then I’d rather use other apps like Koala or Gadget

This is cute *goes back to Ableton Live*. This is an adorable UX demonstration and a great way for someone with no experience to get started making audio loops strictly with midi-based instruments. It does not appear to have any linear timeline, audio manipulation, or audio stretching workflows. It’s kind of like a really good soundboard with loops and quantization. Props to the team for throwing knob automation recording in there. The interface on iPad is about the same as the phone which results in my expensive and powerful iPad Pro looking like a children’s music toy. I would love to encourage the team at Ableton to see this dip of their toes in the iOS water as a well-executed success and go ahead and port Ableton Live to the iPad next. Great start!

Good first step into iOS. Stable. Clean, intuitive interface. This may be beyond the intended scope of Note. But I’d love for Note to be an au plugin and be able to record clips in real time in AUM.

Very limited relative to other iOS apps. I am excited for this app to have audio tracks! Until then, it’s not really adding any additional sketching functionality relative to other iOS apps that can export midi and export to .als It’s awesome to see the Ableton Cloud update. That is a dream come true. Just need audio!

🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨. Very fun and easy to use, but please add the ability to export perfect individual loops of each sound, or at least pick and choose which ones… make it so that we can export directly into AudioShare I don’t understand why we can’t fix these issues, and it would be a five star app all day every day

love it!. super fun and right in my pocket when wanna start a new project - been a Live user for a very long time! Nice work Abelton!!

Good Beginnings. This App is off to a good start however given where we are in 2022 with iPad OS Music Production, way much more is to be expected of this app. For the iPad it would be great to have a settings option to switch to landscape. Also, the addition of midi input / midi controller support (like Launchpad Pro) is an absolute must if we choose to refine creations from touch only. Those two would really help to capture ideas on the go before exporting to the studio DAW.

I love it, really… but (edited). I take back what I said. I have gotten a lot better at not hitting the delete button accidentally… some practice with it pays off. I love this app. Yes it is limited, and yes that is the beauty of it. The way it forces you to write things relatively “on-time” is such a chop builder imo. Thank you so much P.s. chance mod would be 🔥📈

I LOVE this app!. I’ll start off by saying that it’s so quick and easy to get my ideas out with Ableton Note that no other iOS can beat imo. I love the way I can collaborate with friends easily and move to my Ableton Live in a breeze. The included sounds sound great and high quality. The UI is what you would expect from Ableton and it makes navigating a snap. What I would like to see: -More than 8 scenes or recording session view jams to a simplified arrangement view. -Time stretching samples, even just a simplified version of what we get in Live. -Note length adjustment and inputting notes by tapping -Master track effects -Mobile ports of Operator,Analog, and Wavetable.

3 for now. I hope your team integrates external midi control at some point. That would be nice. It would also be nice to draw in midi/piano roll - and if I’m missing how to do that, please direct me to a tutorial or faq page. I’d give a full 5 if those two things were addressed. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing how you grow this app over time. I’m glad to see Ableton putting out an official app. This can only get better over time. The price point is PERFECT.

Great sketch pad.. I really love the way midi capture records that very first clip in a project 👨‍🍳🤌 I’m wishing for an update that includes Bluetooth/usb midi controller support and some basic midi learn to go with that 🧞‍♂️🤞

A great start!. Note is a wonderful sketch pad to get ideas going. I love seeing where the randomly selected presets take me. I’d really like to be able to convert clips to one-shot playback, but of course the idea is to finish the track in Ableton Live, I get it. I look forward to seeing where this app goes!

Wow.. The best music creation phone app hands down. And one of the most functional, impressive apps on a phone in general. If you are a noob or expert, and you want to sketch ideas or even write full songs, this is a must buy. Your search has ended.

Ableton Push in your pocket. No more excuses for not making music anymore.

absolutely love it!! needs icloud support. this app is amazing. the ui and sounds are incredible and the fact i can export it straight to my computer makes it the best way to get ideas down. would love icloud support so i can sync my projects between phone and ipad

good start but needs improvements. the 2 things that are keeping this from 5 stars are: -no piano roll (i don’t wanna have to play everything live sometimes, and i should be able to edit my midi sequences with some degree of granularity) -can’t import my own drum racks (i’d love to make some funky breakbeat stuff but unfortunately in order to do that i have to manually chop and import samples which is very time consuming and makes the creation process so much more frustrating)

No sample slice?. Haven’t found a way to slice samples. Honestly I would’ve expected that to be a base feature. Seems like this could’ve been better thought out and will ultimately just become an app to sell sound packs to people. Sad because I’ve purchased suite every year for the past few releases and even that is a buggy crashing mess now

Almost perfect. It’s almost perfect for an on the go writing companion. However, I would like to see some more sounds added in the future. I would also really like to see the addition of a step-sequencer.

Midi implementation isn’t good. There appears to be no virtual midi connectivity meaning I can’t send midi from one of the many midi sending apps on the same device to Ableton Note. VIRTUAL MIDI, CORE MIDI whatever you call it isn’t there. I don’t have a hardware midi controller but have tons of software midi controllers on the same iPad as Ableton Note but I guess I can’t use them. Very disappointed. I suppose there could be an issue having the capture timer run out when switching apps so make it adjustable to a degree.

Phenomenal First Entry. I'm incredibly excited to see an Ableton app on my iPhone. This first version is a great entry into mobile music making and inspires creativity from the start. A couple of things I've noticed early on that is love to see are support for chord pads and more editing options in the piano roll. Love the MIDI capture - I haven't seen it executed so well on a mobile app. Great work, Ableton!

Great start, just needs midi length.. Nice start with this app. UI is pretty intuitive. It would be super nice to be able to edit note lengths, and have a slightly visible grid that allows a user to line up notes relative to beat times, this is super useful when nudging and fixing notes.

Good. Only thing worth mentioning in case it’s a bug. No more than 2 pads or keys can be triggered at a time. On my iPhone 11 the limit is 2 pads/keys.

Unoriginal. I’m not sure why I’ve paid to use this very basic app, when I have various apps, free and paid, that do it better. A sketch pad, sure, for basic beats. But there’s nothing in here that you can’t get from other apps. Don’t let the Ableton fanboys fool you into spending the money like they did me. I’m unimpressed.

Quickest way to create music on mobile. They get nearly everything right here. It’s the quickest, most intuitive way to get a beat or song started. A great sketch pad which can be just that, or can be taken into Ableton to develop out to a full track.

Cool but please give me a midi roll. Dear devs; I just want a simple way to sketch midi that i can later use in ableton. Please give us a midi roll with scale highlighting just like the desktop version of live. Like a real actual piano roll. Copy and paste what you have in live to this lol. 🖤

I can’t play the on screen keyboard. Everything about this is amazing except the way of playing and capturing music. Please add MIDI controller support!!! I’d pay more for that feature. PLEASE!!! It’s unusable without it.

Great Start, but could go a long way with a few features. Excellent start, but there are a few omissions that could cripple this app if not added. Wishlist: 1. Ability to record audio directly into clips 2. Loop and fade options for sampler 3. External MIDI controller support 4. Increase track number 5. Ability to stretch and reverse audio 6. Granular options for sampler 7. Slicing mode for sampler

A FEW REQUESTS. NOTE is definitely off to a great start. To keep it short and simple, a few things to flesh out sketches from a sample based perspective: 1. Allow the SAMPLER to chop samples to be played out over pad/keys 2. Allow for samples to be imported from Apple Files versus only being imported into NOTE And as a general request, please consider allowing for more than 8 tracks. Thank you for an awesome product, look forward to future updates!

Dear Ableton. Firstly, thank you so much for creating an app that allows me to conveniently capture ideas wherever i am. The sound presets and drum kits are amazing and it’s really fun to record samples live and play with them. In case you are reading, here are but two requests that i ask: 1. Please add a ‘Filter’ to the track FX. It would be nice to filter an entire drum kit. 2. If possible please add a ‘Step Sequencer’. It is a different style to play the notes on a touchscreen, but the lack of feedback always feels off. And if there are no external midi connections(which i imagine you are working on) it would be much easier to program drums. Thank you again,

Inter-App option? MIDI support?. Looks very very promising so far but still it’s just a touch app, if inter-app audio was to be added it would be amazing, there are so many way this app could be used. MIDI mapping and in general midi support is another feature I’d love to see!

Excellent when cloud sync is not erasing progress. New, innovative, every adjective you can associate with Ableton. I’m an Ableton lifer, and this is especially good for its regulars, as it is a great way to start scratch projects. However, the most frustrating thing on the planet as a musician is having your work erased. I recommend not using cloud until this is fixed.

It’s cool but just okay. This app feels like it’s intentionally shooting itself in the foot to be a place to “start ideas” by not having something as simple as midi editing. Other than that the app is cool, but it you can judge and transpose the notes in the roll, not being able to change their length just feels stupid.

Amazing app, they should be charging more. It’s very intuitive and easy to upload to the cloud and downlod onto my laptop to finish mixing. My only big complaint is that I haven’t figured out how to change the length of midi notes without quantization so sometimes it takes me a bunch of times to record notes the way I’d like.

No sample editing or velocity sensitivity. Great potential, but I can’t switch over from Koala Sampler until those obvious features are added. Add those and I’m all in. Close, but Note is a no-go for the time being. Looks like feature updates aren’t released often, unfortunately

A update is requested by many users. It’s 2023 and people who support, use and payed for the app should deserve an update at least. When is the next updat to this app

A Suggestion…. Great app. But this does need a chopping function for samples. I do not use a computer or Ableton Live but this app can be used by itself. But as much as I love the adjust sample function this does need a chopping function for those who would use this as a sampler as well. Like me. Would it be possible to add?

Capture-record is a smart way to do on-the-go music sketching. The capture-record functionality is a game changer and super fun. This isn’t trying to be a full featured daw and that’s a good thing. Excited to see this get refined over time.

Needs MIDI export, new name. Name is pretty much awful for discoverability in the app store. Pick another musical term that is not so overloaded. The app is very slick and minimal. Would use more if it were easier to export to Logic. Logic is my preferred workflow to finish pieces. Have tried Ableton live for mac and cannot get on with it, hate the sound of stretched audio.

Chord Feature. Great, but would love a way to input chords onto a track

Ableton note on iPad, can't play clips in order, in sequence?. I can’t figure out how to play clips in order, in sequence. Is it possible that this feature is not available?

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Language English
Price $5.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.0.5
Play Store com.ableton.note
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

Ableton Note (Versiyon 1.0.5) Install & Download

The applications Ableton Note was published in the category Music on 2022-10-18 and was developed by Ableton AG [Developer ID: 1228664884]. This program file size is 520.88 MB. This app has been rated by 243 users and has a rating of 4.3 out of 5. Ableton Note - Music app posted on 2022-12-01 current version is 1.0.5 and works well on IOS 15.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ableton.note. Languages supported by the app:

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Ableton Note App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We update Ableton Note regularly. Each update update includes performance improvements and bug fixes to make your experience with the app even better: - Improved stability Love the app? Rate us! Have a question? Tap Help in the Settings or visit

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