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Music makes the ball field come to life but until now being the ballpark DJ wasn’t easy.

Walkout Song DJ is here to make it simple to have every field filled with that pump-up music every athlete loves and needs for those big games.

Walkout song DJ makes the difficult task of playing a walkout song for each individual batter as easy as tapping a button. Simply enter the player name and number then select a song from your iTunes library. The precise segment from that walkout song can then be set by selecting a position and playback duration using a simple and precise editing view. Press the play button and 11 seconds later you have one pumped-up batter, and a song that smoothly fades as the batter steps up to the plate. You can also choose between imported, recorded, or computerized text-to-speech announcements for your players before, after, or mixed with their walkout song.

The game doesn’t stop between innings so why should the music? Walkout Song DJ has a view dedicated to inning break songs. Just as before, select a song from your iTunes library and set a position and duration. Since inning breaks are usually two minutes long and most songs are over three minutes, Walkout Song DJ can automatically fade the song out before the start of play. That allows the human DJ to take a break or get a hot dog, and not have to worry about the music interrupting the game.

There is also one-touch access to a situational music view. These are the songs that add character to the game, such as your national anthem, Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Jeopardy Theme Song, your team fight song and anything else that fits!

For pre-game music, there is a pre-game view that allows you to select a group of songs from your library and arrange them in a simple playlist to play without interruption and help the athletes get “in the zone” during warm ups.

If you happen to be a dedicated ballpark DJ and have multiple teams to DJ, don’t sweat it. Walk-Out Song DJ makes it possible to create and save song pages for multiple teams.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the game while playing the all-important music by barely lifting a finger.

Please NOTE: The only subscription music source that will work with this app is Apple Music. The app is unable to access files from subscription sources like Spotify, Amazon Prime, Google Music, Tidal, or Napster because those services either have no third party offline playback interface or will not allow use of their interface with a third party commercial application. I have requested commercial approval from several of them and have had no response. The app will also work with standard music files either purchased from iTunes or imported to your device from email attachments or from cloud storage services.

Walkout Song DJ App Description & Overview

The applications Walkout Song DJ was published in the category Music on 2013-11-17 and was developed by Joseph Vidunas. The file size is 6.40 MB. The current version is 2.5.16 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

-first time user tips and cue screen help
-use share logic for export data rather than just email attachment
-imported file manager now has icons to show where imported files are being used
-performance and usability improvements

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Walkout Song DJ Reviews


Perfect for what I needed!  Wjdhbdbych  5 star

This app makes DJing your kids games easy and fun. It even lets you do song edits.

Coach Highway

Love it!  Coach Highway  4 star

This adds to the game and my girls get a real kick out of the walk up songs! It’s easy to use.


Time intensive  zjrd759  3 star

It seems difficult to modify if the lineup changes from day to day. Should be able to drag and drop from a chosen song / player menu into a lineup.


Worked great with iPhone8 problem with iPhone XR  Tommygavin1146  3 star

First got the app for my iPhone8 and it worked great. Last week I got a new XR and now it’s locking up and won’t play music when plugged into my equipment at the ball park there the lightning connector. Also the pregame music doesn’t play continuous like it did on the 8.


Boo  😎🤓🧐🤨😋😛😝😜🤪  1 star

This app is so bad I want it to say who is batting but I can’t get it I hate this app


Thanks for this recent update  Ofhainc  4 star

Thanks for this recent update. The larger buttons are a big improvement. and the ability to have groups/folders is awesome.


Horrible  3745cool  5 star

This is a very bad app waste of 6.00


Last update, stopped working right  Takamurasan7  2 star

Before the last update it all worked great. Now I have to close the app before every batter because tapping the next batter’s play button does nothing. Not sure what they changed but I don’t want to have to re-record all the players walkup introduction and setup the music again. Voting down until it gets fixed.


Cue Time  NoNicknameNeeded1976  2 star

Great app but the most frustrating thing has to do with imputing the Cue time. Had I known this was an issue I wouldn’t have spent the money. I wish I had the ability to type in my Cue time instead of pressing the + button. You know how many times I pressed the button to get to the 1:10 mark of a song? I probably should have just stuck to my less expensive app where I can type in the time. Disappointed for sure.


Doesn’t play songs regularly  Madicord1231mbc  1 star

It will play a song & then won’t play it next time. Out of 10 kids it usually will only play two songs randomly. The kids are bummed their music don’t play. I would definitely purchase a different app.


Nice app  Copiahmom  5 star

Really easy to use

Algonac, MI boater

Wonderful App!!!  Algonac, MI boater  5 star

What an amazing app for baseball/softball fans & parents. Can I recommend that you add the ability to share teams/player name & number /songs? Great work and thank you!!! Update: Thanks for the rapid response from the developer! I am now rating this app 5 stars! My daughter's team loves walking up to the plate with their own handpicked songs. All of the other teams were extremely jealous!!! I did share the team names, numbers, and songs with my wife and it was almost too easy!


No Apple Music??  jblack03  1 star

This app would be awesome, if I could use Apple Music or Spotify! Maybe you should state that on there before consumers buy it. No good to us now!!


Amazing  Toolbar1368  5 star

We just replaced our old computer at our American Legion Park with an IPad which we hoped alone would make announcing games easier for our parent volunteers. But adding this App made our game experience 10x easier. Highly recommended. All I would adjust would be to make the play/pause and fade out buttons a little larger on the IPad. Worth every penny.


Wow!  putthepickdown  5 star

Wow! Beyond what I expected! Excellent App!


Pre game issue  Rickrude0221  5 star

Love the app but having issues in the pre game section. Songs will finish then same song start back up and play for 20 seconds or so before going to next song in line.


Life changing!  AGGrl01  5 star

I do not write reviews, but this app was so perfect, I had to! For 2 years I've been running my own 'walk up' playlist for little boy baseball, complete with ESPN drops, and situational songs - I'm pretty good if I do say so myself, but I work my butt off keeping up with the perfect cut for each song and fading songs in & out.... holy crap this app does all that for you! I might actually get to enjoy the game now & take pictures or something like a normal mom!


Great app... a few bugs to fix  JeffreyHof  4 star

It is certainly worth five dollars to have an app that is this robust… I used it this weekend at the Peoria baseball tournament and it was awesome. It has a few bugs, pretty minor ones, that need to be fixed but it worked great.


Best $5 I've ever spent!  Juststart5124  5 star

I wish all apps were this EASY!! This apps makes it easy to play walk up songs, inning change music, warm up music...basically allows you to find the song you need in seconds!! It even keeps track of what songs have already been played!


Fantastic and Improved!  goldnrodent  5 star

I contacted the developer last year regarding adding a feature to record the player names and #'s rather than having to use the digitized voices. I told him that the inability to record was keeping this from an excellent program. He came through! I really like the pregame, between inning and situational song categories. The app easily transitions between these categories and the lineup walkout songs and player announcements. Great job! Thank you for being so responsive and creating a very functional app!

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