Clear Wave App Reviews


Clear Wave App Description & Overview

What is clear wave app? The app plays sounds that can help you test your speakers.

With the help of a sound level meter, you can find out how many decibels and hertz the device you are checking reproduces.

You can also find out if the microphone on your phone is clogged.

Privacy policy:


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App Name Clear Wave
Category Music
Updated 24 February 2023, Friday
File Size 33.91 MB

Clear Wave Comments & Reviews 2023

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Liveeee. This saved my life!! I was listening to music while I was in the tub and I had a towel over my phone and I tried to pick up the towel to change the song and the towel pushed my phone in soupy water and the towel fell too and I was shaking freaking out and I used this app after testing everything and it got so much water out !!

love this app. I love this app so much because it immediately got my water out of my speaker and it also test it and it works very good but warning it is very very very loud so I expect it to do it under a blanket or somewhere that won’t disturb anybody

Omg it worked. I went to the lake and was taking pictures. Well water got into my charging port or aka (lightening port). Nothing was working, but within 5 minutes, this app fixed it. I was a little skeptical at first, but the result is what I was hoping for.

About App. So apparently I drop my iPhone in water and the speaker having problems and after search everywhere I found out about this app and dude this app worth more than 5 stars so much water came out from my iPhone and I truly love this app and yes this app is real and 100% working I would recommend use this app this 100% will work and not gonna make you upset and I bet you will rate it 5 stars Thank You For Reading.

and then I don’t downloaded this app and I’m just so thankful I found it. I dropped my phone in the shower and I was getting rude because I can hear anything and then I don’t downloaded this app and I’m just so thankful I found it

Why I don’t recommend this app. I saw an add about it and I couldn’t believe that it was true so I though I should try it for myself and it was horrible it played some weird noises and a song but nothing really happened it was useless it didn’t meet my expectations at all because in the add I saw the dude said that any water or dirt will get out of your phone and nothing did it also said the phone would vibrate nothing like that happened

I LOVE THIS APP. I was at a pool party and I got my phone wet and I couldn’t hear anything and plus my phone was saying it was connected to a device but Bluetooth was off. I tried everything and nothing would work I was watching TikTok With no sound and then I saw an advertisement about Clear Wave and it worked and the test wasn’t even complete.

Great but hate that you need to pay or get free trial. I decided I wanted to take a shower with a little music. So I brought my phone in with me and put it on the side. I didn’t realize how bad my speaker was when someone called me and I couldn’t understand them. When I was watching videos there’s was this weird crusty sound. I knew then that I had gotten water in my speaker. I downloaded the app and the got the free trial. It worked great my speaker works perfectly now. Also very good music too, when using for the sound test. The thing I hate is that you HAVE TO GET THE TRAIL. That’s the only issue. Thanks!

Love this app!. This app is so helpful! I just dropped my phone on a puddle of water on the floor and this got rid of it so quick! I saw it on Pinterest and i was like might as well see it myself and it’s unbelievable how it works! Although the noises can be annoying because my mom goes what is going on in your room lol! But other thank that this is a great app! I will definitely be letting my friends and family know about this! 🌊🔉

Rating. Honestly it wasn’t that bad just if your family’s trying to sleep you should do this outside or somewhere far 😅😅but other than that it get the drops out too

Amazing! Saved my iPhone 13 Pro Max!. I tried to balance my iPhone 13 Pro Max on the top of the shower, which is about 6 and a half feet high. It fell flat on its back and slid into the shower stream. The audio immediately sounded distorted to the point that I thought the impact had knocked the speaker connection loose or busted the speaker! I turned the phone off and wrapped the iPhone in a towel while I finished my shower. When I got out, I made sure the phone was dry and decided to turn it back on and test the speakers. Still distorted. After a quick google search, I found the Clear Wave app and voilà! You just press the test button, place your phone face down, and plug your ears (if you are sensitive to certain tones or pitches). Cherry on top: After it runs through the cycle of water and debris clearing tones, you get to test your sound with a pretty fire beat! I was so satisfied with the results that I actually rated and reviewed an app like a real grown up! Thank you, Clear Wave. You did what my mom has been trying to do for 35 years. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to file my taxes or something

saved my iphones speakers life. my phone fell into water and the audio was distorted, I used this app and it went back to normal. It took the app about 40 seconds to clean my speakers. Depending on how much water damage your phone has it might take longer, but for me it was fast. 10/10 app would recommend to everyone!

Love this app!. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING LIKE THIS APP IS SO GOOD!! I definitely recommend to just have this downloaded so on the go if u drop your phone in a puddle or something just go straight to this app!!! But if you don’t already have it downloaded it downloads super fast and it takes like a millisecond to download!!!!! Hope this helps/helped. 🫶🏼

CLEAR WAVE. this app is really good I dropped my phone in the shower and it sounded really bad when I took it out so I started to look on tik tok for tips on how to get water out and they said download this app and I’m so glad I did it worked for me!

Somehow, it works!. Dropped my phone in a puddle, kept hearing a buzzing sound in my speakers after that. Downloaded this app not thinking it would do anything, but somehow it actually worked! Totally fixed the buzzing sound.

Thank you so much. So I was listening to music in the shower and we have this rate to hang your rage on and I put on Thierry it was square and it held my phone I put it on one for the rages and I pulled on it to dry my hand so I could turn my music up and it fell and I grabbed it so quick and download this app so fast it better now

Amazing! Clean! Annoying!!. Perhaps the most annoying app in the world! Yet it has completely ejected every bit of water from my iPhone speakers. Earlier, I thought I would listen to music in the shower, which shouldn’t be a problem given that the iPhone is water resistant. I didn’t think, though that the iPhone would fall in the shower directly end of the water with the case falling of off of it. I have had this app for some time and have a times used it after a visit to the beach with sand got in the charging port today I was able to eject every bit of water from it. I subscribed to this app on the suggestion of friends. Officially it is not for cleaning water out of ports and speakers… unofficially it works like a charm!!! Rice is for Eating & Weddings!!

Quick and easy and it works!. Had my phone in my pocket and got stuck in a rain storm. Wouldn’t charge after that. Kept it out to dry for 12 hours and no luck. Charged immediately after using this app!

Wow I usually don’t do reviews, but this actually worked and I just did the limited trial!. My phone sat in water for quite a bit before I realized it was there. It sounded fine after I dried it up, but the next day is when I noticed the problem. I ended up having water in the ear speaker. I googled what to do and a bunch of articles said that you could play sounds to clear it up. I went to the App Store and just downloaded this one. Played the noises with my phone faced down and volume all the way up and it worked!

Great app. I was just playing in the snow when I got inside I noticed that my phone had some water in it. Then my friend told the to download clear wave and then when we looked it had taken the water out. Overall a great app!

Cleared water quickly. Used my phone in a pool and got a lot of water stuck in the speakers. Used this app through one cycle and it worked well. Make sure you turn the volume all the way up… but this emits really loud tones to clear out the water. Make sure you’re somewhere that this won’t bother anyone. Takes about 30 seconds.

Very smart solution and it works.. When water splashes into the holes of the phone or when they get dirty and clogged, we try to clean it with old school methods. Forget about all. I used this app on many phones and every time they are cleaned like new. Too dirty, do it twice and see the results. Thanks.

Best app. My phone had water damage before so when I dropped my phone in water this time I found a easy way to fix it I love this app so much and I hope that others can find this app as helpful as I did

Great other than ads. This was so good. I put my right AirPod in the pocket of my jeans and forgot so I put them in the washing machine. Bout half way through the wash I realized I had left it in there so I quickly took it out and went to this app that I had gotten just a couple hours earlier today… I had to put my finger around the AirPod to act like it was in my ear to get the sound to work but after that I turned the volume to 100% and watched it do its magic… the ads are kinda annoying but it’s fine since it saved me 250$ 😅… Apple AirPods ain’t waterproof (as they say on their website) so I was so shocked. This worked so good 🙏🏼

Worked perfectly. This worked! I dropped my phone in water on accident and I thought it wouldn’t work because I couldn’t hear anything until I saw this app! At first I thought,” this is not gonna work it’s like the other apps just trying to make u download it”but surprise! It worked

Bro I was panicking😭. So I dropped my phone in the pool and I was looking everywhere for apps and everything but then I saw a TikTok that said download clear wave so I downloaded it and I basically blow dried my phone and now it works so I’m not gonna question anything but I’m am gonna give a update if it starts not working again😭overall 5 stars🤩

Go. I didn't know about this application but once time, my phone fall in Water & i load this application. But i suprize that my phone sound clearly after used this application. This is very useful for me

It is the best. I love it I just dropped my phone in the water and I can think of is clear water and it helped me so much and thank goodness my still work because I don’t know what I will do and I’m 11 years old one more thing……who ever made this app thank you 🙏🏽❤️

Impressed!. Couldn’t hear out of the speaker very well unless I put it on speaker phone. Used this app once and it made it so much better. I Can actually hear volume when I use my phone regular without having to put it in speaker phone. I’m definitely impressed by this app.

Yyaah N. it's save my iPhone 13 mini a few times because sometimes people are just really annoying and ignorant and this time it's literally save my phone. My weird cousin use the hose on some stuff that I needed washed and my phone was a little too close and he splash me and my friend's phone and I use this app to get all the water out of it and it worked really extremely good and I am so glad I got this app a few months ago. Thank you.

To clear wave from Aniya monjet. This app actually works I had dropped water on my phone and it got in the speaker so I downloaded you guys and it actually fixed my phone thank you guys for making this app and I really appreciate the help ❤️

DOWNLOAD NOW. This app is the best app I have ever downloaded and honestly it works so good for me because I play music in the shower and I have a shelf in my shower and I put my phone there and sometimes it falls and gets into the water and I have to shake my phone like crazy to get all the water out but when I downloaded this app it was amazing. It just got all the water rattled. The sound was perfect if I did it myself and just shake all the water out the sound is still a little shaky, but with this app, I love it you will love it too and I guarantee you that you will not regret down loading it!

amazing. i dropped my phone in the bath and thought i had to go to apple i tried rice and all the hacks nope still didn’t work so I had to use this app. Amazing. Thank you for whoever made this app. I thought I would have to go to Apple and they would probably charge me money. Thank you.

Great idea for a App…!. Have you ever dropped your phone 📞 in water, like a pool, ocean or even a toilet…., then your like running around like a craZy person trying to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to get whatever water there is out…?! So when I heard about this App, I was like , Wow….pretty cool! On the home page there are Icons that make different sounds that you can use to vibrate your phones speakers and supposedly it 💧 💦 🚿 it helps to extract any water out, I gotta say, does it WORK…? Idk, but in that situation, you’ll be Happy you got this App… Try it, even to just show your friends and I’ll bet everyone will be like” wow, cool”.

This app helped so much!. So, Basically I got milk in my phone. I had to wait a while because it was frozen. So, I got on the app but nothing came out. But my speaker was better! Everyone must use this app.

Clear Wave. This app is great because when I put water on my phone, it takes out all of the water and I’m able to hear my phone clearly again

Layan. I read it a five star but it’s a two star because it doesn’t work. I tried it several times and it needs money like excuse me for what money is someone going to buy this? I recommend to just put it in rice.

SCAM ALERT ‼️. When their customer service blatantly refuses to stop the trial period and continues to extract money from your c.card every week without your permission, it’s a classic SCAM. They aren’t allowing you to cancel. The only way to stop these people from scamming your card, is to authorise your bank to cancel the card, and reissue a new one. That’s what it boils down to at the end of the day. Their app and customer services, are there to rip you off‼️

Best thing ever. Yes it does cost money for premium but it made my sound a lot better. I dropped my phone in water today when I was doing dishes then I saw a Pinterest about it so I downloaded it and it works try it this app is amazing

The best. My phone got water everywhere when I was showering so I had water in my phone for about 20 min and then after I tried watching a movie and the sound was muffled I tried it free with all my volume up it’s like new I can’t hear any water in it anymore the best .

It really worked!. Accidentally spilled Sangria on the phone and didn’t notice that it went in my phone speaker until I had a call on speaker and the person’s voice was crackling. I freaked out because I just got this phone and fixing an issue this minor wouldn’t be worth the money, but it was still really annoying to have that crackling sound. I googled how to fix this issue, and found this app. Let me tell you, it worked wonders, no more crackling!

This app is amazing. I didn’t actually think it would work, but it worked when I put my phone face down on a hard surface. Definitely had to leave a review, this app is legit. Thank you

OMG THIS SAVED MY LIFE. I was taking a shower and I was watching Ginny and Georgia and my iPhone fell and I panicked bc I had literally dropped my new iPhone I got from breaking the old one then I was scrolling on TikTok and I found this and mind you the speaker was so distorted I was crying😭 and so I had found this clear wave thing and when I tell you it saved my life I was shocked you should really get it. And even though it says premium you can get the non- premium one and it still does WONDERS thx clear wave for saving me.

Timur. To be honest by the reviews I thought it is gonna work . It did said that there is water 'muffed' in my phone . I did exactly as the instructions asked but it didn't really wasn't effective. Hope you fix your app 🙏🏼🙂

Actually saved my life. I been watching videos and sounds for removing water cuz I drop my phone in the shower and a lot of water got into it so I saw your app and tested it out and it actually got all of the water out of the speakers I got scared that it would never come out but I was proven wrong thank you

Yes this is a SLAYYYY. Download this app right now even if he did he get water in your phone you have to download it just in case because it literally worked. You just need to do it with let it do it’s thing and then test your sound and I promise you will work perfectly. I rate it a 10/10 would recommend 👌🏾

Best app ever. This app is so good it helps take the water out your phone house which is fine. I was going on with the speakers. It is really amazing app and I advise multiple people who have been having problems with their phone. She get this app because it is perfect to help and help me find out what was wrong with my speakers and take the water off my phone so I why is multiple people to download this app

saved my phone after i dropped it in my pool. although my phone is waterproof, this app helped me so much. My audio was broken and I couldn't hear anything either it was very muffled or I couldn't hear anything whatsoever. Once I downloaded this app I did not expect it to work as well as a dead I could hear what I was playing and it wasn't muffled and my phone didn't feel like it was filled with water and it also stopped giving me the notification that says your phone is full of water. This app is so helpful and I am so happy about my phone not being water damaged. Thank you for this wonderful app and I hope that you could create more like this or create more apps because I will always be there to download it. Thank you <3

😁Good job app creator 😁. Wow this app is great I dropped my phone in deep snow and dug it out with my bare hands I brought my phone inside on the verge of tears and I remembered there was this app I calmed down and downloaded it and yes there might be funny sounds but I was so happy but I put my phone in rice just in case great job 😁

It really works. I used it after my phone was on my pocket and I felt in to the lake and swam with it for 10 minutes, the speakers was making a buzzing sound after I used this app for couple of times it fixed the problem!

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works really well. 10/10 would recommend, saved my phone

Msjdbdj. She’d

Awesome. BEST THING EVER. THE BEST THING EVER. I dropped my phone in the toilet then using this app I could here everything as good as new. THANKS

What dog. Hi

100% Recommend. Very good

Speaker clearer. Got most of the water out. Very good

good. nice and valuable

I call it BS. Dodgy subscription and doesn’t give me any results after a test. Regret to even try

Great. Its a bit great but still good

Helped. I dropped my phone in the water and it actually helped lol

So useful 😍. :)

Hana. Somalia

Amazingly satisfying app. So good

can’t believe this is free. absolute gold

Clear wave. It’s the best

Ghdttt. It got a lot of water out

My phone spat out water. 5/5

Sooo good. Omg if I could rate this a 100 I would it works sooo good definitely gonna keep it

Awesome 😍. I love this thing I just dropped my phone in my bath (somehow still working) and down loaded this app quickly to remove water and holy it’s very good water squirts right out

Top. Top

Did nothing. don’t bother downloading

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Out all water in my speakers. Insane

👌🏻. Five stars

Thanks did a great job on my phone I guess<3. 10/10

Nice. Very helpful

Clean waves. C’est vraiment essentiel si tu tombes ton téléphone dans l’eau

It’s okay. It didnet do much but i mean I don’t really know-

Amazing. Obviously a very helpful app for every iphone users. Recommend!

Improved my ear speaker nicely. It made my ear speakers louder and with stereo mode too

slay. it’s good but the premium is hella annoying when I go onto the app but it’s rlly good download it if u get water in ur phone a lot

stupid. doesn’t give money back

Work. Works fine for limited version

Bad kinda. I’m not paying to use this

تطبيق جميل 🤩. جدًا جدًا

Works. Good👍

Bobliby. Amazing

Amazing. 👍very good

Clear Wave. It is a great app.

This help me. This app help me A lot when I sister put my phone in the water when I was in the phone I got this app right away and it’s amazing

Neat work. Seems to be a pretty good product even in free version.

Very good. It’s good bc I had water and when I played the sound it took all my water out u should download this is soo good inded good it works perfectly I didnt need to pay for anything thing witch is good!🫠

I’m shocked it worked. My phone fell in the tub and was fully submerged. The sound was messed up BAD. I obviously first did the rice trick but I put it in a tall container so it could stay up right and gravity could help me out. 15 minutes, sound still messed up, 30 minutes, sound still messed up, 45 minutes, sound STILL messed up. So I google other way to help with the problem, found this, did the test once and my sound is back. Since I’m still in a little disbelief I’m going to do it two more times. But it does work. It Actually does. Who would have thought.

It's a good app but. Do you know while you're waiting for the cleaning and you can get bored with it I know it's a simple app is it could definitely use some more tools I guess technically it would work with this app

Ho. Really good

the best. this is the best iPhone speaker experience i’ve ever had

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Does not do anything. No sound plays even the instruction section in settings does not bring up anything.

Wow not real!!!!. Does nothing!!!

Perfect. Perfect

my dad tickles me. good

Clea wave. Good app

Amazing. My microphone was not working (water and soap finished inside it- no questions) and now it works!! Wow

garbage piece of software. pay a monthly subscription to get the same experience you could get by playing a video on youtube. actual scammers

Doesn’t do anything. What’s it supposed to do? Tap icon and nothing happens and no instructions for use. Glad I didn’t pay for it.

You have to pay to use the app. Went on the app to get water out my phone and I had to pay 10$ to use the app waste of time

best app ever. i accidentally dropped my phone in water the sound was so wired but then this app helped with the sound

quality. amazing 👍

Good. So I wanted to say the thing where it shakes your phone is not working

منتهية بسرعة مية. عالم تلتي خارق حارق متفجر

iPhone. Très bonne

Lisa. Nulle

Good app. Good app

🙏. Plz don’t get this it literally does nothing

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It’s cool. I got a small amount of water on my phone and it went into the speaker so I used this to be save even though it was very little water it seems like it works🤷🏽‍♂️

Dropped my phone in hot tub. This app clear almost to all the water out my phone would definitely recommend

Download it is the best. Is the best thing I could ever had now I can hear better people can listen to me better

Clear wave app. I love this app it really helps you get water out of your phone if you drop it in water, shower,sink, but it really makes A LOT of noise so I suggest you DO NOT do this at night. I rate this app 10/10

Impressive. As an ex sonar tech, I happen to try out a few sound apps. This app just stands out. Easy functions. I’m going to use this on my next few projects. Thank u for the excellent interface

Nice. It works so well a lot of water came out and i would recommend this if you have water in your iPhone

Review. This app is perfect for when you get your phone wet! I just got my phone wet and it got every single drop of water out! Definite recommend!😁😁

Amazing. It gets all the water out on anything you want the front the back get all of it out I would cover your ears though

Nice job. Didn’t think it work but it did, so I take my doubts back. It’s definitely an easy app to use, I’d recommend it to my friends and family.

It helped. So I couldn’t figure out my phone speaker was sounding muzzled and fuzzy and scratchy so I downloaded this and it helped so much I sent my mom a test text and it sounded normal again! Thank you so much!

Good job. So I got this because I accidentally dropped my phone in the toilet. And I could literally see water dripping from my phone it worked so well. thank you for reading

Clear Wave. I haven’t had a chance to test my speakers yet but it seemed to clear out something that’s been “out of synch” for awhile. Thanks for that. Tried to give it 5 stars but it wouldn’t take.

Best thing ever. I dropped my phone in the sink and I always used rice but my speakers were never as loud as what it used to be but thanks to this app my music and videos are louder than normal thank you so much😊😊

Charging my port. Dropped my iPhone in the sink and my phone told me that I had water in the charging port and I downloaded this app and now it will charge

My response. It actually worked after I drop my phone in the toilet

Amazing !. Although my cell had no problem, i just used it as test but the results are amazing….i think i never heard my speaker that clear ever ! Definitely 5Star

It’s so cool it saved me. I thought that I had to pay money you have to click on a limited version and it works

Definitely use. My phone had tons of water in the charging port and it’s easily take all of it out in less than five minutes

Application that works. Speakers were very muffled as well not performing sound as whites for the application Jed Wyatt it was supposed to as well performance with output volume. Most definitely keeping this app!

10/10. I put my phone in the pool by accident and my speaker were porly and I downloaded this app and I got all the water out

Nothing is happening. Can’t access instructions. I installed this app, and I don’t know what is supposed to happen when I press one of the icons, but nothing is happening. I closed out and re-open the application, still no dice. Additionally, I am unable to access the instructions. I haven’t yet reset my phone to see if that resolves anything. Will try that next. Reset phone. Still no dice. Instructions inaccessible. Nothing is happening.

The best app ever. Every time I drop my phone in water or something little that has water in it I turned the app on and it’s amazing 5 stars and the best

Well done. I dropped my phone in the lake and my kids told me about the app. Quickly downloaded and thankfully everything was working. I never rate an app but this was worth it

Worked. Actually worked

Couldn’t plug up my phone. Works amazing at first I couldn’t plug my phone up but now u can this really works try it out!

Terrible. It’s one store I hate it. It’s just it didn’t work at all now my phones at 1%. I don’t even know it’s gonna work. Thanks a lot to this app. I could be doing different message to help but no I was doing this one because I thought it would work, but no, it did it, I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. It’s terrible terrible. Terrible. Terrible terrible infinity more terrible’s.

wow. IT WORKS REALLY WELL. I shower with music and i for some reason in my phone in there. but i did this and then the audio was 100%! MUST GET ( you don’t need the premium btw it works just fine)

This was a 10/10 it got all the water out of my phone from all the noise and the vibrating. 10/10

Ok. Whattttt?????? 😲😲😲 I was so frustrated since morning coz of some water got into my phone and the headphone icon was showing while no sound was coming from the speaker. I didn't expect this app to work... OMG.... This is awesome... Thank you for this app creator. ❤️

Really good ! 5 stars ⭐️!. It really came out A LOT OF WATER since the time it fell on the pool,I hear it so much better!I always thought it was a old speaker but it was water,i totally recommend!

THIS APP IS A RIPOFF.. so I was waiting for the app to finish installing, and when it finished downloading, I opened the app thinking it might be a good app. I was wrong. Right when I opened it, it said I had to PAY. Sorry but I’m not paying just to fix my speakers. Absolute MONEY BEGGARS!! Do not get this piece of garbage app. They want money from you. Get something better that doesn’t cost money instead. bye babes 😘

Unsure of features. Db meter is good except that the time doesn’t stop along with recording which skews the results. I can’t figure out the test feature but it seems nice.

Great. I just recently dropped my phone in the shower, and It got flooded with water and this app saved my phone 10 out of 10 if I could

Works like magic. I Js dropped my phone in the shower with I was on a FaceTime call with her. She couldn’t hear me neither could I so I got this app and bam. No like it actually works no cap.

H. Works as intended,might not work from the first time run it a several times it will work eventually keep running it until it works. Perfect🌟

It works. It actually works and also makes your sound 10x better

Wonderful. I got water in my speaker and I thought it broke but with this app and tapping the bottom of my phone (which ever speaker is wet) against my hand and my speaker is fine now

Super good. Good so I was listening to music and I was showering and water got in my phone so I downloaded and I had to try it 2 times because the frost time it did’t work but the second time it work so it’s super good

Helped my phone. I was playing and my brother took my coins and I dropped my phone in the tub and l downloaded this app and it helped me so much! Thank you guys so much for the awesome app I love you guys!🗿

It really works. I tried and tried looking how to fix the water damage and I seen a tiktok and a guy was showing the app and I checked out the app it actually really works!!! I give the app 5/5 stars

hot tub. This app helped my speakers when they had water in them, after i had my phone around the hot tub. they are work much better. get this app to help get the water out, or just to clean your speakers.

Phone calll. I dropped it in the shower and I couldn’t hear a thing😭 ft my friend couple minutes after using it and it worked like magic!

WOW. Really? I don't know what to write or what to say. This application is really hopeful he he me and a lot of things because I wasn't here anything in my phone. But when I use it for the first time it's really really really really help me.

Good. Works really well this helps me alot because I’m very clumsy and also I see the water coming out from my speaker and I like that it gives me a speaker test

Wow!. I’ve tried everything to get my phones speakers to fix but this fixed it immediately! 5 stars! Amazing!

Awesome sauce app. If you can see your apps and get it to play this after being submerged in water this will totally get rid of all the water within the speakers

This actually got the water out of my phone in seconds. I give this a five star rating

OMG. Literally, so good it got rid of all of the water in literally less than a minute I thought my speakers going to give me messed up but there not now!!

I don’t usually rate apps but. This is awesome I dropped it into the pool and quickly grabbed it and used this app everything works fine !!!! So I 100% recommend this app

This actually works very well. At first my sound was weird now it’s perfectly fine. 10-10

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Clear Wave 1.2.5 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Clear Wave app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Appchi LLC and other users?

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Clear Wave 1.2.5 Apps Screenshots & Images

Clear Wave iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.2.5
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 14.1 or later

Clear Wave (Versiyon 1.2.5) Install & Download

The application Clear Wave was published in the category Music on 14 March 2021, Sunday and was developed by Appchi LLC [Developer ID: 1716729189]. This program file size is 33.91 MB. This app has been rated by 9,062 users and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5. Clear Wave - Music app posted on 24 February 2023, Friday current version is 1.2.5 and works well on iOS 14.1 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Other Apps from Appchi LLC Developer
App Name Score Comments Price
Lock Screen 16 Reviews 4.5 7,010 Free
Clear Wave App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- minor bug fixes

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