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The Guitar Pro application allows all musicians to view and play sheet music and tablature made with the famous Guitar Pro tab-editing program for Windows and Mac.

This mobile version is the ideal companion for you to practice your favorite songs and share them at any time, anywhere! Coming up with some arpeggio, a riff, a chord sequence? You can now note and save it all on the single-track tablature NotePad.

Powerful score player

• Supporting GP3/4/5/6/7 (.gp) and PowerTab (.ptb) file formats,

• Tab (with rhythms), slash, and standard notations,
• Compatible with mySongBook portal to sheet music (monthly subscription excluded),
• Load files via WiFi and web browser, iTunes, e-mail,
• Integrated sheet-music library with search, filters, and favorites,
• Multitrack player with soundboard: volume / solo-mute / soundbanks,
• Metronome and visual countdown,

• 3 zooming levels,
• Guitar or bass fretboard (for right- and left-handers), and virtual keyboard,
• On-the-fly tempo changes,

• On-the-fly global transposing by half-tones,
• Playing any selection in loops,
• Simplified navigation between sections,
• E-mailing files directly from the application,
• Exporting files to PDF,
• Compatible with the Fretlight Wireless Guitar.

NotePad tool to create a tablature

• Use the NotePad to edit a single-track tablature for guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, and mandolin,
• Tablature for 4- to 8-string instruments,
• 19 built-in sounds,
• Customizable tuning and tempo,
• Export your ideas into Guitar Pro 6 and 7 formats so as to later carry on with your composition on the Guitar Pro desktop version.

The app will be updated frequently, so feel free to contact our team to send a question or give your feedback.

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Q: Can I create or edit sheet music with this app?
A: Unlike Guitar Pro for Windows and Mac, this app does not let you change the notation in an existing Guitar Pro file, or create sheet music in standard notation. It is however possible to edit a single-track tablature with the NotePad tool. Editing a drum track is not available with the NotePad tool.

Q: Can I open the sheet music I have purchased on mySongBook with this app?
A: If you bought a single tab or a songbook (single buying option) on you can read your purchased music with the app but you cannot print it. If you use the monthly subscription, it is currently not possible to access your sheet music.

Guitar Pro App Description & Overview

The applications Guitar Pro was published in the category Music on 2011-01-15 and was developed by Arobas Music. The file size is 33.42 MB. The current version is 1.8.2 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

Thanks for using Guitar Pro! We provide regular updates so it continues to work great for you.

This new version improves compatibility with Guitar Pro 7 files and allows:
- Reading 9 and 10 strings tabs
- Opening password protected files (files locked in Guitar Pro 7 software to prevent opening or editing a music score).

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Guitar Pro Reviews


Wish there was more  WH1FFL3TR33  3 star

Don’t really care about lack of tones. Wish there was a way to make multiple tracks. Drums would be a nice feature too. It’s good for keeping track of some base ideas if you have the patience. Tabbing is kind of difficult on the app. Some note options aren’t there that make hard to tab what I want to. It’s not bad for what it is but it isn’t great. It would also be nice to be able to send compositions from the notepad to friends from my phone(this is the biggest issue for me).

Heritage Guitars

Great app, limited features, great price  Heritage Guitars  5 star

I’m not sure why all the grumpy people thought this app would include all the features of the pc version. It’s limited to basic features for reading and playback of tabs. It’s also a tenth of the price of the pc version. I’m cool with it.


Can’t use it  jddj_23  1 star

I can’t register on the website because it asks if I’m human and no picture pops up for it


A great convenience  Dorito13x!  5 star

I write my music and tab it out on the guitar pro in my pc, then send it to the band mates on their phone app, and we jam out. Love this app!!


Useless  travtrav3145  1 star

One of the worst apps ive ever used. UI is absolutely terrible, and the app is rendered useless to me since there is not a way to download mysongbook tabs with their subscription service.


Weird issues (fixed with reboot)  Cr3ate  4 star

Had issues saving tabs downloaded from web and then the audio was all distorted. Reboot of the phone fixed both issues.


Not functional for beginners  rkilpatrickii  1 star

No matter witch direction u turn your device or what size u set score to, the cursor always moves lower into the diagram so that eventually u can’s possibly see what’s coming up in the bar on the following line. For the cursor to work properly it should stay near the top so that the completed lines are always moving up and away; or at least 2 inches up from the bottom of the screen until u get to the last line.

E.M. Shorts

Worthless ripoff  E.M. Shorts  1 star

No multitrack or editing capabilities. Wish a refund was possible I will never use this. Don’t waste your money, plenty of free apps just as bad as this, move along


Rip Off  An0n666  1 star

I expected it to be more like the pc version. We want multitrack capabilities,we want drums,we want a better sounding guitar tone,we want what we paid for. This was not worth 7 bucks. Don’t download this crap Wish I could get a refund


It doesn’t connect to my fretlight guitar.  acoustic.henry  1 star

I bought this app. To learn how to play songs. I search on the internet to find out why it doesn’t connect to my fretlight it has the bottom I pres to connect and nothing happens for me to writing this is because I being trying for the past 2 days to make it work and nothing happens I try to email you and ask me for user Id ? I bought it here in App Stores what user name ?


Dual staff  Eriordan  4 star

Happy with it besides the fact that I can’t view my lyrics and guitar tabs at the Same time like on my guitar pro 7.5 on windows. If you update it to view in a dual staff that would be much appreciated I would pay for that update and adjust the score sizes to suit.

Crash for Cash2018

Guitar Pro... great desktop software terrible app.  Crash for Cash2018  1 star

It was a sunny Wednesday in Australia as I clicked buy on this app. I had just decided I’d stream line my work more efficiently for next year will having 60 students a week it was going to great to carry less books ect. Well at least a book can’t crash when you open it. A page may fall out but you can fix that. So take point for the book and fix this dogs breakfast of an app Talk about terrible development for an app. Every time I open a file it crashes, try to import a file it crashes. Look at your IOS device it crashes, thinking about what to have for dinner the app crashes. Waiting for your dog to do its business when you are out for a walk.... The app crashes. Last time I watched anything crash this hard it was when we had the GFC. Fix the app please, develop a new one or issue a refund. Merry Crashmas

Cool For Cats 99

Great app for putting down Intro and Solo tabs.  Cool For Cats 99  5 star

This is a perfect app for putting down tabs onto your iPad. Not too complicated, but does everything you want. I have created tabs for dozens of intros, solos, fills and I export the PDF to OnSong so that both the lyric/chord sheet and tabs are filed together. Sure beats trying to write tabs using |- -3 - - 2 - -1 - -| Highly recommended!


Finally, guitar pro 7 support!  Snags141  5 star

So glad to see the mobile app finally being kept up with the windows version

Annoyed very angry person

You won’t find what you are looking for!  Annoyed very angry person  1 star

This app has like 10 artists and that’s it, you won’t find the tabs you won’t, you won’t find pretty much anything in it!! Don’t waste your money it’s a huge mistake and the app is very misleading!!


Definitely worthwhile  Avifg  4 star

Pretty good. At first the left to right scrolling felt a bit giddy but soon it was not an issue. Having my tabs on the go has certainly increased my access and improved my play.


5 stars  Bondee-007  5 star

Very nice handy app! Recommend it highly.


One man band  Dogskate  5 star

Guitar hero for guitarists. Pick your favourite song, mute the guitar track and play with slayer! Best guitar app you can get.


C'mon, even serious musicians want use an ipad from time to time!  DanieLionius  3 star

Include drum and multitrack programming! We want to compose on the move. We could do that stuff on a PC 20 years ago!

Maddog Mitch

Corrupt file message for all tabs after latest update  Maddog Mitch  1 star

I receive a corrupt file message when trying to load any of my tabs after latest update. New iPad with iOS 8.2 (12D508)


Go away pop up.  bipartisanbutFUK  5 star

It does what I needed it to do. Therefore, you should download it. Because reasons.


Efficient as a mobile version  MAC37755  5 star

This app is great! People don't realize that this is only supposed to be a MOBILE version of guitar pro, so of course what you can do is limited! Also, it's very possible to adjust the tempo, you just don't have to be an idiot. Very happy that I can export my mobile files into scores and then email them to myself as well. Just wish they were a little quicker to send.


I can't work on my songs  Joeshmock  2 star

I got the app hoping I'd be able to edit and work on current projects I downloaded to the app, but it won't allow you. It's the only issue I really have, but it is the main reason I got the app. It's perfect if you're just trying to learn a song that you downloaded to the app.


Does not recognize Guitar Pro 7 files  JimmyMooreGuitar  1 star

I had to update my review. This WAS a great app for guitar students, and guitar teachers alike, but it doesn't recognize gp 7 files. I used to be able to email and receive gp files to students so we could open them on our mobile devices. However, when I updated to Guitar Pro 7, I was no longer able to do that. Hopefully, they will update the app.

Gravy 17

Misleading  Gravy 17  1 star

This is not as good as guitar pro for the computer. I was not able to get tabs from ultimate guitar loaded on this app. I play a lot of metal and I don't always play popular songs so I am upset that I paid for an app that only allows me access to songs I don't want to play.

Iron Jeff

Awesome software!  Iron Jeff  5 star

I've been using this on my PC for years. Great software!


This app Rocks  ClickX2  5 star

This is a great app companion for your guitar. Adjust tempo, set loops, select individual tracks, etc. I think it's awesome, and is my go-to app over Guitar Tabs, Guitar Tab Pro. And it works with FRETLIGHT GUITARS!


As presented  ArrowNy  5 star

As presented


Terrible  Ftcjr  1 star

You cant practice the songs you write because it doesn't give you the option to adjust the tempo


Easily the best tab software on iOS  Ben_Dover99  5 star

Second to none


Guitar Pro  Derm251  4 star

Good app. Could improve sending files from iPad to full computer version. Still, it' got a lot going for it.


No multitrack view  AtletLee  3 star

Not bad, i'd appreciate an update with multitrack view, i.e. being able to see vocals and tab at the same time

Clara Laming

GP  Clara Laming  5 star

Best app on my phone

Leigh Ferguson

Great App well worth it!  Leigh Ferguson  5 star

Great app for tablature on the go. Makes it really easy to transfer GuitarPro files to your phone from your computer and it even allows you to download files from a website using the phones browser. You can compose songs although it's a little tricky to use, but it's great if you got a tune in your head that has to be written down in a tab. You can access the "mySongBook" service from the app. Just like the PC version of the software, it plays tabs although the sounds aren't as good as the PC version, it does the trick for getting an idea of how it should sound. Overall for what your getting it's definitely worth it!

Brian Hennessy

Needs to be fixed...  Brian Hennessy  4 star

Great app but it keeps crashing all the time :(


EPIC  MuseMan92  5 star

just bought it and i am SO HAPPY! plus its only 4 quid, given that on the pc its 60! definitly get it if you a guitarist, did i mention its cheaper then tab toolkit


Brilliant  SPORKoDEATH  5 star

Get it. It's almost perfect, all we need is to be able to compose music on it too...


Worth it  FilMacU  4 star

Go for it, how did we live with gp files???


Long awaited but perhaps worth it  Rogernicus  5 star

Finally there is an alternative to 'tab toolkit'. Both have their advantages and drawbacks. I am hopeful that the increased competition will benefit the end users in terms of upgrades, new features and price. This is an excellent app especially for a first attempt. It provides a basic read only version of the desktop program 'Guitar Pro'. Well done. I look forward to further updates

gr4n173 m4n

Werhaaay!  gr4n173 m4n  5 star

At long last!! Quite simply the best app ever for aspiring guitarists everywhere.

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