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The Guitar Pro application allows all musicians to view and play sheet music and tablature created with the famous Guitar Pro tab-editing program for Windows and Mac.

This mobile version is the ideal companion for you to practice your favorite songs and share them any time, anywhere! Coming up with some arpeggio, a riff, a chord sequence? You can now note and save it all on the single-track tablature NotePad.

Powerful score player

• Supporting GP3/4/5/6/7 (.gp) and PowerTab (.ptb) file formats,

• Tab (with rhythmics), slash, and standard notations,
• Compatible with mySongBook portal to sheet music (monthly subscription and single buying),
• Switch between Dark and Light viewing modes,
• Load files via WiFi and web browser, iTunes, e-mail,
• Integrated sheet-music library with search, filters, and favorites,
• Multitrack player with soundboard: volume / solo-mute / soundbanks,
• Metronome and visual countdown,

• 3 zooming levels,
• Guitar or bass fretboard (for right- and left-handers), and virtual keyboard,
• On-the-fly tempo changes,

• On-the-fly global transposing by half-tones,
• Playing any selection in loops,
• Simplified navigation between sections,
• E-mailing files directly from the application,
• Exporting files to PDF,
• Compatible with the Fretlight Wireless Guitar.

NotePad tool to create a tablature

• Use the NotePad to edit a single-track tablature for guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, and mandolin,
• Tablature for 4- to 8-string instruments,
• 19 built-in sounds,
• Customizable tuning and tempo,
• Export your ideas into Guitar Pro 6 and 7 formats so as to later carry on with your composition on the Guitar Pro desktop version.

The app is updated frequently, so feel free to contact our team to ask any question or give your feedback.

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Q: Can I create or edit sheet music with this app?
A: Unlike Guitar Pro for Windows and Mac, this app does not let you change the notation in an existing Guitar Pro file, or create sheet music in standard notation. It is however possible to edit a single-track tablature with the NotePad tool and export your work into .gpx and .gp formats to finish your composition in Guitar Pro 6 or 7. Editing a drum track is not available with the NotePad tool.

Guitar Pro App Description & Overview

The applications Guitar Pro was published in the category Music on 2011-01-15 and was developed by Arobas Music. The file size is 40.55 MB. The current version is 1.9.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Thanks for using Guitar Pro! We provide regular updates so it continues to work great for you.

This new version makes import and delete Guitar Pro file functionalities more visible in the app and fixes minor bugs. Traditional Chinese translation has also been added.

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Guitar Pro Reviews


Was a very useful tool  24Guitardude  1 star

This app was perfect until the recent update stopped you from accessing files from the internet. My band literally sends our guitar pro files back and forth via email but now I can't access these files on the go. I'm very upset. Please fix this right away as I'm always on the go and don't have time to run home to my computer every time I need to double check my bandmates file update.


Hate the recent changes  BarefootBen  1 star

I used to love the app, but the recent changes have put it 500 steps in the wrong direction. Why are all my songs not in alphabetical order?! Why aren’t artist songs divided by album anymore? Why do I have to hit “On my iPhone” when I’m on an IPad? Why is “My song notebook” displayed separately at all?! Why do I have to manually hit maximize on every song I open?! Do they think I want to view my song in a small window? What happened?! Did anyone test this before they put it out!?


They screw the app  Alxromo  1 star

It used to be great when you were able to download files from Safari. Now you have to do it from the computer


Songsterr better  Troy759  1 star

Get Songsterr or ultimate guitar app


Why would you remove Safari import?!?  Bones3010  2 star

I’ve had this app for a long time, and I accepted that it was not intended to compose but rather to practice to more than anything. As for importing, while cumbersome it was a quality app overall for being able to load and practice on the fly and I always trusted updates to ADD features or fix bugs, NOT to remove functionality. Each update made me hope the Safari/internet import feature would be improved for a smoother experience, so when the latest update came with a major overhaul I immediately updated only to find that safari import has been removed altogether and now the only baked in options are to deal with the extra steps and hassle of downloading the files somehow from a computer and import them through iTunes, or use the simple and easy “MySongbook” method, which is -surprise- subscription based, but the only simple option for loading tabs on the fly. So in other words, no quick/simple way to import songs anymore unless you’re willing to pay for a subscription, which strikes me as a lame money grab by the developers, and because of the maddening restrictions Apple has on blocking user’s ability to rollback updates now I’m stuck with this version. I was about to purchase the latest full version of Guitar Pro for desktop to dabble in composition but now I’m tempted to hold off due to a practice that seems to want to stifle competition and manipulate users in to paying for an unnecessary service. At least the ultimate guitar app/site give you the option of using their program instead of removing access. I’ll happily delete this review and add back the stars I took away if developers add back the browser import feature.


Can’t connect to Fretlight  Nicknameisallreadytaken  1 star

Can no longer find the option to connect to my fretlight guitar since update.


It doesn’t connect to my fretlight guitar.  acoustic.henry  5 star

I bought this app. To learn how to play songs. I search on the internet to find out why it doesn’t connect to my fretlight it has the bottom I pres to connect and nothing happens for me to writing this is because I being trying for the past 2 days to make it work and nothing happens I try to email you and ask me for user Id ? I bought it here in App Stores what user name ? Sorry for the respond late. When you bought the app obviously you use your password to buy the app. And you downloaded you open the app ? And works right? If you respond is yes and that case you are ok. Now you say that you press the the guitar bottom and nothing happens? Now this could be a simple problem 1. Check the guitar if the battery is charge if blink it means it is 2 when you open the guitar pro. Go on the right corner where you see a little sign square for chords where you want to learn any scale or go where it says lessons when you are on either one ones you have open and you are ready to learn. You gonna see a Bluetooth sign is like dar gray color click that one. Is going to blink until you press the bottom on your guitar. And when both are connected that Bluetooth on the cellphone will turn on blue which means is connected but make sure your guitar blinks first before you connect because if the battery is dead it will not respond to your Bluetooth I hope this help you. 2


1.9.2. Update won’t let me edit  Helldawg  1 star

When I try to go to a certain spot in one of my compositions it won’t allow me to edit the note. When I try to select it by tapping on it the curser goes to where ever I stopped on play back. I have to go back out and not play it to edit. That and almost every time I go back into the composition the app crashes. This app is pretty much useless to me now.


Great for reading downloaded tabs  Chamomileon  5 star

However I would love a more intricate "composition mode" specifically can we add grace notes please?


Landscape tempo control!!!!!!!!!!!  Ihatethisproduct;P  1 star

I have been wanting this for years for the iPhone. I HATE using the screen vertically, but I do t want to flip my phone, adjust tempo, flip it again. It’s a hassle to have to fumble with a phone when I’m trying to increase my speed(or decrease) fluidly. You are doing so well other wise! Maybe a little verticals slider for increasing/decreasing tempo on the side. Oh, make it switchable in the setting for lefties or righties. Don’t be bias. I’ll change my review if you slap that on the next update. Luv yuns🤘🏼 Hey! And also, for making note:WE WANT TO CHANGE TIME SIGNATURES HALF WAY THROUGH SONGS. ENABLE THAT FEATURE FOR MOBILE PLEASE.


Not entirely functional for writing.  bookerbrooks  2 star

A good app for reading guitar pro tabs and learning songs with your iOS device but that’s not all guitar pro is for so I don’t understand why there are so many limitations when it comes to input and exporting tabs. Considering the price, surely having an export to PDF file (it only has export to GP OR GPX)for your notepad ideas would be ideal to be able to share quick ideas with people who don’t want or need to edit it further. Also, the ability to put in chord diagrams is surely a no brainer.


Update Schmuckdate  JimJimJimJim5  1 star

The new update has made the app unusable. When in the notepad fiddling with different ideas. If you dare so much as to press play than you are in for a treat. Because once you pause it that is the only best you are capable of editing until you press play again and pause on another beat. Really such a shame because the only negative to this app before the update is that you couldn’t write multiple scores together.


Stop nagging me for reviews!!  Eaglesport  1 star

Very disappointed in being hassled so often. You get 1 star.


Dual staff  Eriordan  4 star

Happy with it besides the fact that I can’t view my lyrics and guitar tabs at the Same time like on my guitar pro 7.5 on windows. If you update it to view in a dual staff that would be much appreciated I would pay for that update and adjust the score sizes to suit.

Crash for Cash2018

Guitar Pro... great desktop software terrible app.  Crash for Cash2018  1 star

It was a sunny Wednesday in Australia as I clicked buy on this app. I had just decided I’d stream line my work more efficiently for next year will having 60 students a week it was going to great to carry less books ect. Well at least a book can’t crash when you open it. A page may fall out but you can fix that. So take point for the book and fix this dogs breakfast of an app Talk about terrible development for an app. Every time I open a file it crashes, try to import a file it crashes. Look at your IOS device it crashes, thinking about what to have for dinner the app crashes. Waiting for your dog to do its business when you are out for a walk.... The app crashes. Last time I watched anything crash this hard it was when we had the GFC. Fix the app please, develop a new one or issue a refund. Merry Crashmas

Cool For Cats 99

Great app for putting down Intro and Solo tabs.  Cool For Cats 99  5 star

This is a perfect app for putting down tabs onto your iPad. Not too complicated, but does everything you want. I have created tabs for dozens of intros, solos, fills and I export the PDF to OnSong so that both the lyric/chord sheet and tabs are filed together. Sure beats trying to write tabs using |- -3 - - 2 - -1 - -| Highly recommended!


Finally, guitar pro 7 support!  Snags141  5 star

So glad to see the mobile app finally being kept up with the windows version

Annoyed very angry person

You won’t find what you are looking for!  Annoyed very angry person  1 star

This app has like 10 artists and that’s it, you won’t find the tabs you won’t, you won’t find pretty much anything in it!! Don’t waste your money it’s a huge mistake and the app is very misleading!!


Definitely worthwhile  Avifg  4 star

Pretty good. At first the left to right scrolling felt a bit giddy but soon it was not an issue. Having my tabs on the go has certainly increased my access and improved my play.


5 stars  Bondee-007  5 star

Very nice handy app! Recommend it highly.

Thankful Musician

Falsely Advertised  Thankful Musician  1 star

The app doesn't allow you to have layers for full composition like the PC version. Unless you plan to use the app for purely tablature of other songs you could find for free or learn by ear, or to use it to tab out purely guitar, it’s not worth your time or money.


Not for tab edition or creation  KKcool-o  1 star

This is just a visualization tool but the cool edit or create features are missing on this... there are other options for less cost than this... disappointed


Works perfectly  Davethescylla  5 star

No complaints at all

Amir Hajian

Doesn’t work on * .gp files  Amir Hajian  2 star

I payed for this app while in google play on android devices its free and it wont work for guitar pro 7 format files In compare with android version. Definitely doesn’t worth paying 7$

Stuart Guitar

Great app!  Stuart Guitar  5 star

Guitar Pro is really easy to use. I've composed about a hundred Compositions using Guitar Pro without a single problem. Some of my favorite features are the unlimited time signatures it allows for composing, and the audio playback always coincides with the notation perfectly.


Unable to edit tabs  RickIsWright  1 star

App devs should not say tabs can be edited if that feature is non-existent


Worthless  Antknee999  1 star

Piece of crap, especially for the price.


Great tool for teaching and learning  Yourdickness80  5 star

Love this app!!!!


Potential  Funnnnn5924  3 star

It has potential but it is missing a lot of key functions. Like for example you can’t layer tracks and there is not a straight up drum instrument. Please fix a make it like the Guitar Pro I know on the pc.

Hélio Mesquita

The best to help to practice!  Hélio Mesquita  5 star



Guitar Pro  Derm251  4 star

Good app. Could improve sending files from iPad to full computer version. Still, it' got a lot going for it.


No multitrack view  AtletLee  3 star

Not bad, i'd appreciate an update with multitrack view, i.e. being able to see vocals and tab at the same time

Clara Laming

GP  Clara Laming  5 star

Best app on my phone

Leigh Ferguson

Great App well worth it!  Leigh Ferguson  5 star

Great app for tablature on the go. Makes it really easy to transfer GuitarPro files to your phone from your computer and it even allows you to download files from a website using the phones browser. You can compose songs although it's a little tricky to use, but it's great if you got a tune in your head that has to be written down in a tab. You can access the "mySongBook" service from the app. Just like the PC version of the software, it plays tabs although the sounds aren't as good as the PC version, it does the trick for getting an idea of how it should sound. Overall for what your getting it's definitely worth it!

Brian Hennessy

Needs to be fixed...  Brian Hennessy  4 star

Great app but it keeps crashing all the time :(


EPIC  MuseMan92  5 star

just bought it and i am SO HAPPY! plus its only 4 quid, given that on the pc its 60! definitly get it if you a guitarist, did i mention its cheaper then tab toolkit


Brilliant  SPORKoDEATH  5 star

Get it. It's almost perfect, all we need is to be able to compose music on it too...


Worth it  FilMacU  4 star

Go for it, how did we live with gp files???


Long awaited but perhaps worth it  Rogernicus  5 star

Finally there is an alternative to 'tab toolkit'. Both have their advantages and drawbacks. I am hopeful that the increased competition will benefit the end users in terms of upgrades, new features and price. This is an excellent app especially for a first attempt. It provides a basic read only version of the desktop program 'Guitar Pro'. Well done. I look forward to further updates

gr4n173 m4n

Werhaaay!  gr4n173 m4n  5 star

At long last!! Quite simply the best app ever for aspiring guitarists everywhere.

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