Amazing Slow Downer

If you're a musician who likes to learn new songs and techniques by listening to the same piece of music over and over but wish that the music could be played a little slower, then you'll enjoy Amazing Slow Downer.

You can repeat any section of the music at full speed, slow it down or even speed it up by changing the speed between 25% (1/4 of original speed) and 200% (double speed) without changing the pitch!

Change the tuning or musical key? No problem, Amazing Slow Downer handles that as well.

Setup seamless loops by touching the "Set" buttons during playback.

Amazing Slow Downer is the ideal tool for any musician, transcriber or dancer wanting to improve their skills.

Important notes:
Cannot play DRM protected files from the iTunes store (m4p and audio book files).

Amazing Slow Downer App Description & Overview

The applications Amazing Slow Downer was published in the category Music on 2009-03-27 and was developed by Roni Music. The file size is 7.80 MB. The current version is 5.9.7 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

New - The iOS "Control Center" now reacts to changing tunes.
Change - Removed the "Starred" playlist from Spotify (deprecated and empty).
Change - Replaced the "Dropbox" button with a generic "Cloud Import" button.
Bug fix - "Playlists" -> "Autostart Next Song" could possibly fail.
Bug fix - Spotify "Lost playback permission" error wasn't handled correctly under some circumstances.

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Amazing Slow Downer Reviews


Can't use with new iPad Pro  Pipikau  3 star

I still have the Spotify playlists, but all the music from iTunes and from my Dropbox is gone. There is no way to import music, either. What happened to this amazing app?

Steven J K

Amazing Slow Downer  Steven J K  2 star

Buggy to the point of being unusable


Pretty Neat  007Gigi22  4 star

I really like this but a couple of things....what would be awesome if they included a metronome/click track for the back ground, and also if they added when playing back at whatever percent below the normal speed it figured out what that tempo was like a metronome number. So if I'm playing back at 90 percent it would show up that new tempo. Another thing is the looper is kinda weird-not just in setting up your loop, but it doesn't seem to let you toggle between playing the full song and the loop back and forth and or saving it within the program. Other than that pretty cool.


The app I've been searching for!!  RMD1976  5 star

Great for all levels of guitarists. Import your music from iTunes and pick a song. Then pick a segment and loop it. Play it over and over. Slow it down or speed it up. Great to play along with to ensure you've got the timing down. Amazing. Worth the cash.


Awesome Product  vaifan515  5 star

Works great and is easy to use.


This is amazing  Bloomer1338  5 star

I love this app ! It does it's job perfectly


mp3s and m4as "unsupported file types"?  Cbarker  1 star

Can't import music, and get messages saying that ASD doesn't support music file types. (?) When I asked tech for support, I got an email back saying that the problem definitely wasn't due to the app. How was that answer supposed to be helpful? Not looking to assign blame, just trying to get the app to work. Problem solving was needed. Roni Music tech unable to provide support. I understand language barriers, and I don't mind having to sift through garbled English--I really appreciate honest effort. Sadly, didn't get experience positive customer service. Expensive payout for zero production.


Great app!!  Poporopo00  5 star

I wish it had a fade in and out option when importing or sharing files but everything is great...awesome. (They block my e-mail address for asking to much but oh well...LOL)

Hot spheres

Amazing Slowdowner  Hot spheres  5 star

Best app.!!!! Good job.


Fantastic for pitch and tempo shifting  Allquix  5 star

One of the best apps on the App Store for pitch and tempo shifting, definitely - the Spotify support is incredible!


A7X Korea Fan BOT A7X_kbot 3 star

*시니스터 게이츠의 음악용 앱 추천* Chromatik, The Amazing Slow Downer, Capo, iReal Pro 등...


440Software (fr) 440audio_fr 3 star

Telecharger Amazing Slow Downer v5.9.7. (iPhone, iPad / Outils / Edition Audio)


440Software 440audio 3 star

Download Amazing Slow Downer v5.9.7. (iPhone, iPad / Tools / Audio Editing)


Great Musician's Tool  MrPKB  5 star

This app is helpful and easy to use for learning parts from songs: currently using to take off Sax solos. Many options for importing files and sharing among audio apps, plus great and timely support!


So much fun  Citizen55555  4 star

I dig this app, it has provided me with hours of car singing fun. The only thing I would change is the pitch control needs more variable. The gaps between each pitch setting are too far apart.


Super Excellent App  Afratube  5 star

I have been using this app for a few years. It is the best out there for Professional and amateur musicians. This version takes iPad capability to another level by allowing imports from cloud services and other places as well. Let me let you in on another secret: It's looping capabilities are excellent for transcribing speeches as well. It is better than the apps supposing to be built for transcription. When you become proficient with its easy operation, you will be a transcription pro. I saw where one person rated the app low for something limited by apple. He has to keep in mind ITunes content may be DRM limited on some files. All the other apps, if I may share my opinion, are copy cats. A version of this apps for the Windows platform has been around since at least the 1990s.

B Floyd 1200

Guitarist  B Floyd 1200  1 star

This app will not let me import any of my songs from iTunes. It may be due to my Apple Music subscription where I can download any song. I'm not trying to steal or copy the song. I just want to learn the song in a different key which is why I spent $15 on this app. The details for this app had 3 screenshots and no details. This app says it's built for iPads and iPhones. Very disappointing.

Not Many

Excellent App  Not Many  5 star

Amazing quality!! First rate !!


March 17 update buggy  FHSGreenThumb  4 star

I have been enthusiastic user of ASD for several years so I did not think twice about updating the app 3/17. Bad mistake. The current version offers no way to add songs. The add button is no longer on the tool bar. That puts me in a pickle since I have added only ½ of Handel's Israel in Egypt. I hope they fix this bug in the near future.


Best App on my iPhone  Giantstepper  5 star

The title says it all. This app does what is says. Absolutely no problems. A must have for any serious musician!!!


Useful - But does not work with AppleMusic  LuisKeysNYC  3 star

Overall, very useful app. WISH I was able to import songs from AppleMusic. After all... This is an APPLE PRODUCT. Need an update that supports this feature ASAP! Other than this, I would've rated 5stars.


Best app for singers and guitar players  Mehran1335  5 star

I have been using this app for years and I love it. It has helped me with my guitar practice and singing. I never write reviews but for the little money I paid for this app I feel I owe it to them to at least show how I feel about it. I will not write about the benefits of looping and speed control and all the cool features because you already know. I just want to say thank you to anyone who had anything to do with this app. I appreciate it and I think it is my favorite app ever.


Broken  DannyNacc  1 star

First time I've used the app in over a year. Updated etc but no longer imports music files. Import hangs. It's a shame

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