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---iStroboSoft for iOS---
Peterson Strobe Tuners' popular StroboSoft tuning application for the iPod touch® and iPhone™. iStroboSoft™ offers the unmatched accuracy of a mechanical strobe tuner for the highest degree of precision available in a software tuning application.

Plug in and tune your electrics and acoustics quickly and easily with 1/10th cent accuracy.

Peterson Tuners has offered tuning solutions for over 65 years and is the only company specializing in hardware and software tuning products for all levels of musicians.

• Stand-by mode to reduce battery usage or freeze the display.
• Guided Mode Tuning offers an alternate strobe display that slows the strobe bands one-by-one as you come closer to tune.
• Speed control for strobe display; dampen the response for a longer note display.
• 12 Temperaments with adjustable root control.
• Display all sharps note display.
• Assisted Low Note Detection (ALND) helps capture very low frequencies.
• Mains hum filter option reduces the chances of the tuner latching on to 50 or 60Hz cycle hum when using a direct line-in connection or while using the app during device charging.
• Smooth, real-time strobe display allows you to achieve an unmatched level of accuracy.
• Note/Octave window displays the correct note and octave for the note being tuned.
• Cents display allows you to see how far out of tune your note is in cent values.
• Tune in auto or manual mode.
• Toggle the display to show: cents, Hz, MIDI note value for the note being tuned.
• Glowing flat/sharp indicators assist when tuning a note very far from the target position.
• Noise filter: Use the noise filter when utilizing an external mic or clip-on tuning device to help reduce the effect of extraneous environmental noise during tuning.
• Input boost: The input boost will raise all input frequencies by +24dB.
• Calibration mode: iStroboSoft can be calibrated to an external source guaranteeing 1/10th cent accuracy.
• Drop/Capo mode: iStroboSoft will auto-transpose notes up or down to one full octave.
• Adjustable Concert A: Change the Concert A reference of the tuner to accommodate tuning to a fixed instrument, such as a piano, or tune instruments that do not utilize the typical Western A440 reference.
• Full screen mode permits the strobe display to be maximized on screen to allow better viewing from a distance.
• Change strobe display colors to accommodate different lighting environments or set a preferred user color for those with limited color palette recognition.

Use the built-in mic on your device for tuning or connect directly via the headphone jack using an approved adaptor cable or interface.

Devices without a headphone jack can connect a pickup or mic using the lightning-to-audio adaptor.

Optional adaptor cable for direct line-in access as well as mini capsule microphone available from Peterson.

Support via email at: [email protected] or call 708.388.3311 M-F 8am-5pm (CST)

iStroboSoft App Description & Overview

The applications iStroboSoft was published in the category Music on 2009-03-31 and was developed by Peterson Tuners. The file size is 5.35 MB. The current version is 2.96 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

- Optimized for iOS 11
- Fixed UI issues

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iStroboSoft Reviews


Being in tune is worth way more than $10.  ProfessorX81  5 star

It is a steal, even at $10. This app is a successful implementation of Peterson's virtual strobe proprietary technology. The application compares very favorably with my original 490 and my StroboStomp 2. I am a professional musician and stringed instrument tech, and even though I can tune to within 5 cents by ear, this is an invaluable tool to constantly have in my pocket. To the reviewer that defiled the ratings out of ignorance because it's "IOS 11 only" - if you have a legacy device, as I do, the workaround is to buy the application through iTunes on a computer, then "get" from the App Store on your device. To the others who removed a star because it doesn't have a pitch pipe or metronome - where in the description does it claim these features? This is a tuner, and a damned good one. A used replacement for my StroboStomp would be $70. Many naysayers here probably have a $100+ Boss TU-2 on their pedal board (it is crap, has no pitch pipe or metronome, and employs LEDs to get guitarists vaguely close, yet nobody's whining to Roland) Sorry to bristle at ignorant reviewers, but they detract from the quality of this tool. Get it, and tune up already!

jendkngfid dj

Good  jendkngfid dj  4 star

The icon for the app is black and white but i cant make the tuner black and white. I thin im just being nitpicky though

Jonnie Axtell

HELP!  Jonnie Axtell  3 star

Sorry for the three star review, I love this app, I have forever… But I can't get to my Buzz Feiten sweetener, with the new update it's too high off of the screen. I can see it there but it won't respond to a touch because there's only a sliver of it visible.


iOS 11-only?!  esxmac  1 star

Latest version requires iOS 11-only?! At least I didn't waste any money on in App purchases...

Cui Bono?

Excellent  Cui Bono?  5 star

[Rig: iPhone 4 / iOS 7.1.2] Excellent, accurate tuner.

Ron’s Songs

If only...  Ron’s Songs  5 star

Wonderful tuner just as are all their products - in my experience. It might be perfect, if only they had included their sweetened tunings for Pedal Steel.


Some issues when used with line-in  N2LLC  3 star

When used with a line-in adapter, you may need to close and restart the app. Otherwise, the mic stays on and the app can't get accurate input. This may have something to do with iPad going to sleep hole the app is in the foreground. A bit annoying since I do use this at work, and it requires repeated restart.


Best tuner app period!  roger45365  4 star

This is the best easiest to visually pin point tuning app out there period. I would give it 5 stars but at times it does display wrong note your are running, just pluck again.


Fantastic tuner  ts532  5 star

This tuner is fantastic. It's incredibly accurate. That being said, it's not meant to be used in a venue setting, the iPhone microphone isn't good enough to filter out ambient noises, but easily fixed with an input cable. Great app


Accurate and precise!  dclayburn  5 star

Very pleased with the accuracy. I can really hear and feel the difference! The clip on feature is a great option for noisy situations. I can never go back to regular chromatic/needle tuners!


Total Ripoff  RavenFrmTheHollow  1 star

From the images it looks like you are getting all the tools. You are not! Go get a free version elsewhere. The upgrades would bring this app to over $100aud. All you get is a regular fake stupid strobe tuner screen with the usual configurations. It's way over priced at $15 and ridiculous bate-and-switch for $100+


Frustrating  hallamonger  2 star

Appears to be a problem with 'harmonica sweetener ' package ($20 in-app purchase). Cannot register purchase in order to get a ticket for assistance, because the product does not appear on the list from which a product needs to be selected in order to register. Very scant information about use of the app with sweetener package. I wrote twice to support but have not received any acknowledgement after a week. Maybe the tuner works ok but the $20 sweetener pack appears to be a dud



FANTAST!CO Real tuning is no longer a chore but a Joy. * Shane E Murray Australien


Excellent Tuner  Kon311  5 star

I find the iStrobosoft to be a quick guitar tuner and easy to use.


Great app  OzMaz  5 star

Most impressed. I've found that for best results you have dampen all the other strings apart from the one you're tuning. This cuts out sympathetic resonances and makes tuning a breeze.

Stu Doc

Yes.. But...  Stu Doc  3 star

I like the idea of this app.. A classic strobe tuner right on your phone..! I really want it to work for me, particularly with a pedal steel guitar.. But it jumps around a lot.. One string can quickly be represented as 3 different notes, even with filters and boosts. You get a couple of strings, a feeling of confidence, then... I have had success in a quiet room, with the phone mic and an acoustic, but things are never quiet for around here for long.. I have the Peterson cable for the phone, sometimes it picks notes up, sometimes it's lazy and no amount of jiggling the cord will bring it back...


Awesome  Beereerrrrrreerrrreeee  5 star

Works really well

Hop Harrigan

Great for set-ups  Hop Harrigan  5 star

Stroboscopes have always been the instrument of choice for luthiers doing precise bridge set-ups. This Strobosoft tuner achieves the same degree of accuracy (or better) at a small fraction of the price of the original. Fantastic for players of instruments with floating bridges, e.g. banjo players. Fantastic!

Bleedin Gums

Sensational  Bleedin Gums  5 star

Quick, amazingly accurate and very easy to use. Can even cut through a loud band warming up with the noise filter on. A great purchase and one of the best apps on my phone.


Great App  PeterB7858  5 star

Best tuner I have used. Period. Great value for money. Thanks, Peter.


Not working on 6s  Mus65  1 star

It worked fine until I got a 6s and now it doesn't work at all.


Best tuner around!  Casper700  5 star

Simply the best...

Jake The Shevy Dealer

Best App Ever, But...  Jake The Shevy Dealer  4 star

Peterson Istrobosoft tuner app for the iPhone is a very powerful tool. I believe it is even the best tuner app on the market but there are several things that I think it is missing that every musician can agree would make it much better. This app deserves a pure 5 star rating, but it is missing a pitch pipe function and a metronome. Some might say, "this is just a tuner not an all in one" and I can see that in account for the metronome but I think any tuner app needs to be able to give the pitch as well as correct your instruments pitch. I do a lot of vocal work and I don't have perfect pitch, I have relative pitch, and I, and probably many others, would benefit greatly from this app if it has the ability to give the EXACT pitch. This app corrects pitch with incredible accuracy, I think it should be able to give pitch with the same accuracy. I will change my review if I see future changes addressing this.


What more could you want?  ClintiePoo  5 star

A little pricey, but a very accurate strobe tuner with support for sweeteners (with purchase). The tuner is very sensitive and it makes my instruments sound great.


Great  GirthTanin  5 star

Even my kids can tune with this!

Chaz Draves

Excellent  Chaz Draves  5 star

Really a phenomenal piece of software for the price. Noticeably more accurate than my Snark tuner, I find myself using this app to tune more than any other tuner I own.


Superb tuner now super fun  CGil155  5 star

I bought a VS-1 when they first came on the market, and all my personal guitars improved to the point where I was getting hit up for guitar tech work! I eventually added a Stomp Classic to my pedal board just to clean up my act in that department and couldn't be happier with it. But this! The HD app on my iPad was already truly superb tuner. But these extra display options are SO MUCH FUN, that I retired my old VS-1 tuner and passed it on to a newbie in need. Thanks Peterson!


Not for Steel guitar!  Rdrawb524  1 star

I purchased this app and the download for the steel guitar sweeteners. The preset I wanted to use was SE9. The Es on this preset should be 9.8 cents sharp. But they are 17 cents flat. I've verified this with two other tuners. The user can't program their on presets. While the app seems to work it doesn't work for the application I purchased it for. So I can't recommend it for steel guitar. There are better and cheaper apps that can be programmed by the user.

Bass Ray

Yes, this is the one!  Bass Ray  5 star

Fantastic app! I use it constantly , in my daily practice and on stage. I recommend it highly!

Ramslo Quartet

Great tuner  Ramslo Quartet  5 star

As a luthier and repair person I love this tuner. It is very accurate and easy to use. Great features. I have the large Peterson strobe tuner, but I use this one more. Great App. I highly recommend it.

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