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What is google voice app? Google Voice gives you a phone number for calling, text messaging, and voicemail. It works on smartphones and computers, and syncs across your devices so you can use the app in the office, at home, or on the go.

NOTE: Google Voice only works for personal Google Accounts in the US and Google Workspace accounts in select markets. Text messaging is not supported in all markets.

You’re in control
Get spam filtered automatically and block numbers you don’t want to hear from. Manage your time with personalized settings for forwarding calls, text messages, and voicemail.

Backed up and searchable
Calls, text messages, and voicemails are stored and backed up to make it easy for you to search your history.

Manage messages across devices
Send and receive individual and group SMS messages from all your devices

Your voicemail, transcribed
Google Voice provides advanced voicemail transcriptions that you can read in the app and/or have sent to your email.

Save on international calling
Make international calls at competitive rates without paying extra for international minutes with your mobile carrier

Keep in mind:
• Google Voice is currently only available in the US. Google Voice for Google Workspace users is available in select countries. Check with your administrator for access.
• Calls made using Google Voice for iPhone can be placed through a Google Voice access number. All access number based calls use the standard minutes from your cell phone plan and may incur costs (e.g. when traveling internationally).

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App Name Google Voice
Category Productivity
Updated 05 February 2024, Monday
File Size 122.48 MB

Google Voice Comments & Reviews 2024

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iOS 14 broke Google Voice. Ok. So I am a google voice power user. I do not even know what my phones real number is. Everything was fine until ios14. It took me a few days to figure it out. Here is the problem. Under the setting that says “Make and Receive Calls” the choices are “Prefer Wi-Fi and mobile data” or “Use Carrier Only”. The best choice is Prefer Wi-Fi and mobile data. That was what I always used and it worked great. However, since the iOS 14 update that choice breaks Bluetooth in the car. No one can hear you. Also, calls keep dropping. So I switched to “Use Carrier Only”. That works fine with Bluetooth in the car, but “hey Siri call John smith using google voice” does not work with this setting. Also, creating a shortcut to call from that Siri command does not work with the setting “Use Carrier Only”. Please fix it so that Bluetooth works perfectly with the “Prefer Wi-Fi and mobile Data” setting so that Bluetooth works in the car and I can use voice commands to dial through google voice.

Decent, but could use some work. I use Google Voice as a work number so I don’t have to give out my personal one. I love that it’s free and that I’m able to keep my work life and personal life separate. I also love that you can record as many voicemail messages as you want; when I’m out of the office, I just switch it to a different voicemail and I’m good to go. Having said that, there are a couple features I’d like to see/bugs that need fixing. I’d love to see more options for the display when someone is calling through Google Voice. As it stands, you can either have the name “Google Voice Call” scrolling on the screen without knowing who is calling, or you can “screen” the call so you know what number is calling, but you don’t know if it’s a Voice call or a normal call from your personal number until you answer and hear the “call from Google Voice” lady. Can there be a way to see that it’s a Voice call and also see who’s calling? I’d really like that feature. One of my biggest complaints is that do not disturb doesn’t seem to work. When I’m on vacation, I don’t want any work interruption whatsoever. I was visiting a childhood friend in another state and kept getting calls from clients despite do not disturb being on in the app. Texts, calls, voicemails, everything just kept popping up on my phone; it drove me nuts! Please fix this feature!

Used to work better. I’m not sure what happened, maybe an iOS update, but it’s not the same. I have this number to use the recording function, I am a medium student, I record readings and send a copy to the sitter after each call. The calls are never automatically transcribed, which is fine, I honestly don’t need or want that function (it should just go away imo) but instead I get an email with a link option to listen. Unfortunately how it opens has changed and is now causing issues. In the past I would open the link from the email (it would open in safari (didn’t matter if I viewed or downloaded) and then copy the link in the browser window and send to the sitter via text. Now I’m getting “open in iMovie” only option mp3 format and the sitter can’t open the file. I don’t see anywhere in my phone or app settings how to change this. I don’t know why or what caused it to change.

Not small biz reliable. From the beginning texts show up from different numbers at different times on the Google Voice app and my phone’s texting app. I have to figure out how and where to add people to contacts resulting in 7 Becky Smittys. Phone calls now don’t seem to have any info about which line they’re from and I’ve missed calls and texts over the years so I still have to give my personal number out too. I get 100’s of calls from the same exchange, all hang ups or spam calls, so the list of users is distributed fast and far. There’s a new change coming that I can’t remember but it, together with the fact that I was never able to find any help or support for the issues above, is what’s forcing me to find a different option that’s reliable for my business. There were links in other answers here that might have helped, but they can’t be copied for some ridiculous reason. No hyperlink. Another dead end. I really tried Google. It shouldn’t be this hard to be loyal.

New app says I don't have a phone number. I used Google voice daily on my old iPhone. One day, the Google voice app shut down and would never open again because it needed an update, but it couldn't update because it wasn't compatible with my iOS. I couldn't update my iOS because the newer iOS didn't support my 3 year-old iPhone. So I had to get a new iPhone in order to continue using Google voice, even though my old iPhone was working just fine in every other way. I downloaded and logged into the Google voice app on my new iPhone. I am definitely logged in to the correct Google voice account, but it says I don't have a phone number. I clearly do, because if my old and new phones are next to each other, Google voice calls ring to my new phone. I have no way to make outgoing calls, see missed calls, access voicemail, or send and receive text messages. Google voice does not have any way to contact customer service. Google, if you see this, how can I get the Google voice app on my new phone to recognize that I already have a Google voice number? I know Google voice is a free service, but this is a big enough issue that I require some customer service, please.

Voicemail playback is losing its user-friendliness. I love the service and have used it since about 2006 or 2007 (I think). My only issue is that the app is making it harder to listen to voicemails. Oftentimes the voicemails play back on a low volume, which is on me because I have to wait until a message is playing before I can increase the volume. That isn’t the app’s problem... Because it starts at a low volume I have to replay the message after I am able to turn it up, and I don’t mind doing this. The problem is that it is almost impossible to scroll the voicemail bar back to the left now that they added a feature to delete the message, by swiping left on the message. When trying the drag the voicemail bar back it ends up sliding the message over for the delete feature. Frustrating because if I have a long voicemail (1min+) I don’t want to have to wait until it’s done before I replay it. Especially when I have multiple voicemails to listen to. FWP

Needs some work, especially customer service!. Google voice covers the basics, you can make phone calls and send and receive text messages. For the most part, it has done everything I needed. I work for mental health facility, and when my job went remote I began using Google Voice to contact our patients about meetings. It worked well until I received a series of private messages, including a photo, via text message which was not intended for, or solicited by me. Out of respect for my client, I wanted to delete the messages without having to see the photo. In order to delete any of the messages in our conversation, I had to open the entire thread which meant opening the photo as well. I searched several times for an alternative, and deleted the app from my phone in the hopes that I would delete the messages. There was no alternative, and no helpful filter for unsolicited adult pictures. There was also no way to contact anyone at google about getting help. As soon as we resume in-person meetings, I will be deleting this app permanently.

Great in theory, so-so in practice. I love the idea of having a second phone number that’s separate from my mobile but accessible on it. I’ve used Voice for years for all kinds of things that I want to keep one step away from my “private” number. In the last couple of years, though, I’ve found it periodically stops working with iOS. I have no idea if this is Google’s fault or if it’s something Apple does in its updates, but I hit these patches where I can’t get it to ring through the app or through call forwarding if I delete the app. I do all the suggested fixes online, and it still might or might not work. I just have to wait for an update. I’ve missed a couple of important calls this was and have to say I don’t think I can rely on it for everything anymore. I’ll still use it for things like making calls through my laptop (great for conference calls - the sound seems to be much better than speakerphone), but I can’t recommend this for anything really important if this issue keeps happening.

HANGS UP ON CALLS WHEN TRY TO ANSWER. UPDATE: The developer response provided a link to a generic troubleshooting guide that didn’t even list this issue, and a link to the community forum that while discussed this exact problem no fix exists. I had already checked before posting this review. However this raises another issue: a complete lack of GOOGLE technical support. There is no place to contact experts at GOOGLE itself to report bugs and obtain actual fixes instead of work arounds. The community forum in general can primarily come up with work arounds but cannot patch the actual bugs in the software. Barring a way to directly contact Google this is the only option left🥲 This app used to work well; however, for some reason the app no longer answers calls. When a call comes in and I swipe “answer” it silences the call and sends it to voicemail. I can never answer calls made to my Google Voice number on my phone any longer. And this needs to be fixed.

Getting worse. At first I considered using Google Voice for my business as a means to save a little money but after reading the fine print I decided it would not be worth it due to lack of privacy. So, I use it as a number for signing up for rewards programs and text subscriptions for companies that I shop at (a lot of businesses these days offer discounts and special sales for those who sign up to receive text messages). It used to be that every once in a while I would receive a call at my Google Voice number that was meant for some other number, yet somehow it would come through to me. This is happening more and more often now. While I don’t expect great service since it is basically a free phone number, it’s becoming pretty ridiculous. I definitely don’t trust it for anything other than what I currently use it for, and it’s becoming bad enough that I don’t even think it’s worth it to save a few dollars while also not giving out my real telephone number. Hope they fix it.

App keeps Freezing up while making a call. This is a new development and I’m not sure if it’s because of an update or because of the Bluetooth headset I stared using. When I hang up or if the call is dropped, about half the time the app will freeze on the call screen. All the buttons will be grayed out and I can’t go anywhere in the app. I can leave the app by pushing the home button on my phone, but it will act like I have an ongoing call until I push the end call button on my headset. Some times this unfreezes the app as well, but other times I have to delete and reinstall. The trouble didn’t start as soon as I started using the headset, but I thought it might be a contributing factor. If possible, please fix. I really like using this app for teleworking, as it allows me to call customers without them getting my personal number.

Love the App, But Contact Management Needs Work 🌟🌟🌟🌟. I'm really pleased with the Google Voice app overall; it's become a staple in my daily communications. The app's user-friendly interface and seamless integration with other Google services are major plus points. 👍 However, there's a significant drawback that needs attention. It's quite baffling that there isn't a dedicated Google app for managing Google Contacts. In an era where everything is app-centric, having to resort to the web to manage contacts feels archaic and counterintuitive. 🤔 As a Google Voice user, the inability to directly add, edit, or manage contacts within the app is quite frustrating. It's inconvenient to juggle between the app and the web, especially for tasks like adding photos or editing contact details. This limitation hinders the otherwise smooth experience of using a cloud-based service. I'm a big fan of Google's dynamic cloud-based applications, but this gap in contact management is a real letdown. Can we get an update or a new feature to streamline this process? It would make a world of difference to have an in-app solution for managing Google Contacts, aligning with the app's overall efficiency and user-centric design. Here's hoping for a much-needed fix soon! 🙏 #GoogleVoice #ContactManagement #UserExperience #TechNeeds

No Numbers—ANYWHERE. I recently upgraded my phone and for some reason when I logged on to my Google Voice account that I use often and for years, my phone number was gone and when I search, Google Voice says there’s no numbers—anywhere. So I made an entire new Google account and tried again, but the dams thing happened. I literally typed in every single state in the US and the app claims there are no numbers. You’re seriously trying to tell me that all the numbers in places like Wyoming and Montana are taken up? Yeah right. There’s definitely something wrong with their app but it’s literally impossible to receive any type of customer service. Ridiculous that a company this huge can’t make an app that works. Now I have to change my number with tons of businesses and people. I wondered why I was not receiving calls and texts. Now I know why. Google Voice cost me a lot of business by doing whatever they did to make their app not work and take away the number I had for years with no warning.

Updates are making use more difficult. I was really happy to see GV getting some love again with actual work being done on it... But soon into the changes I noticed the first downgrade in functionality. Before, I was able to use the dial pad to search my contacts' by name using the letters associated with the numbers AND could just search by the phone number itself, but it changed. Instead, searching by number became the default and to switch to searching by alphabet I had to tap a button that brought up the keyboard. I don't understand, the first way had the best of both worlds in one... is it because we don't associate letters with dial pad numbers as much anymore? Then this new update came out (mid-August 2018) that got rid of the alphabet search function entirely! I have to go to the contacts tab and search for my contact and go through so much more now to just call someone. I was annoyed before, but now it's very frustrating! Not having much of a problem otherwise... Please improve the dial pad contact search! Bring back the all-in-one method!

Mobile data calling is broken. Google Voice claims you can make and receive VOIP calls using WIFI and mobile data, provided you configure that you prefer this option versus using your mobile phone number. However whenever you are off WIFI and on mobile data, the app says your “Internet Connection is unstable” so it’s going to use your mobile phone number anyway as a fallback. I assure you my LTE service is excellent and I have no trouble with Zoom and Skype and WhatsApp video calls over LTE, so a voice only call on GV should be a piece of cake. By saying your “Internet Connection is unstable” Google is just making up an excuse for their app being broken. It’s actually Google’s app that is unstable. Too bad they killed making and receiving calls in Hangouts because that worked perfectly all the time. UPDATE: Lowering rating to 1 star. Google contacted me to say I should test my Internet bandwidth while on LTE. Obviously the developers didn’t read what I wrote above about other voice and videoconferencing applications working fine. They simply cannot believe they have a bug and they’re going to blame it on something else. What hubris! And by the way I see similar replies to other poor reviews of this App. Google, Ookla Speedtest shows 11 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up under the worst of circumstances. If that isn’t enough for a phone call, I don’t know what is.

Quit changing the settings. This isn’t a bad app. The problem is that every time Google makes it “better” they make it worse. Leave the settings alone. Urg!!! Now callers either have to say their name, and most new callers don’t want to do that or it connects directly to my line. The other option is to see my Google number as caller ID. With the first option, if callers don’t say their name ( and new callers usually hang up ) I have no idea if it’s a Google call, which I use for privacy, or a personal call. There’s no privacy anymore. There’s a reason I have a Google number!!! It used to be that I could see the caller ID, and there was an announcement that it was coming through the Google line, which was perfect for deciding how to handle a call. After this last update, it sent Google callers to my private VM until I could get in and change it. Leave it alone!!! Don’t change settings when you update. I don’t need you to adjust things for me. And include the option for me to decide how calls are answered. Quit deleting options.

Save money with Google Voice. I am an American residing in Costa Rica. For some time I’ve maintained my US mobile number with an AT&T prepaid account, which includes wi-fi calling, to handle US business, which was dependent on wi-fi availability, and to have service while traveling to the States. I also have a Costa Rica number which requires a physical SIM card. I recently purchased an iPhone 13 (iPhone 14 doesn’t have a physical SIM card slot) and the world of eSIM was opened to me! After doing a bit of research I found that if I ported my number from AT&T to Google Voice for only $20 (there’s no monthly fee for Google Voice) and install an eSIM from Airalo I no would no longer have a monthly fee. All I have to do is top off my installed eSIM prior to traveling to the US. An extra added bonus is that while I’m in Costa Rica my US number is no longer dependent on wi-fi because of my Google Voice App which works using my Costa Rica SIM data! This change is a win win! I no longer have a monthly fee, I can use my US number anytime I want and the service is fantastic! As inexpensive as the Airalo data is, with Google Voice being free, I am pretty sure that if I returned permanently to the US I would likely continue using an Airalo eSIM and Google Voice.

Calls no more ?? And no address book. Still not improved!!! I have been using Google voice for nearly 4 years. I needed a safer way to contact clients while Keeping a low profile as well as a way to contact guys I date and block them if need be all while having the ability to archive messages to reference later since I’m also a writer. Overall the service works great but why no address book was included in iPhone app version is beyond me. So I had to add the clients number to the iPhone which became problematic when Facebook linked my profile to these contacts and all the sudden my privacy was violated. And because you can add and update or block numbers from the app only when you log in via your email it gets super annoying. I also wish google had allowed for pictures to be sent out not just received. I recently downloaded another Google voice 3 app which I hoped included an address book along with picture sending and since downloading and using that I can no longer make calls using regular Google voice app. I also wish the messages wouldn't be separated into various conversations with the same person. Why couldn't they archive like regular text message for the same number. Google please fix!!

Not bad. The Google folks have been working hard on this app since they give it the functionality we all expect when we text. I have every faith that they will finally get it together and that one day it will work effortlessly like it used to before they added the features that we all asked for. Google voice, in general, is a service that I cannot see living without. In my opinion, google voice must be something that God created on the eighth day after he rested on the seventh I love it that much. I feel sorry for people who do not use Google Voice as their primary way to contact people. I can't think of any way that they could possibly improve google voice's incredibly rich and awesome features, except to finally get the app to stop crashing a few times a week.

Acts like this is 1996. Seriously, this thing feels downright prehistoric. It has a horrific lag time that Google has never fixed. When switching from another app to this one, Voice freezes for as much as a minute or more just to go live, then the keyboard allows maybe one character per second until enough time has passed for the app to load. Text conversations show as just the originating number for several seconds before they are retrieved from your contacts. Searching texts is amazingly terrible for the world’s biggest search engine company and produces no results more often than it actually works. Seriously, it’s even worse than iMessages which is the gold standard for poor quality text apps. It’s weirdly reminiscent of the slow, dialup days of the internet and not at all like a fully functional message app in 2023. It’s handy to have an alternative phone number for sources likely to spam you, but it’s painful for day to day use. It’s little wonder alternatives like WhatsApp are so much more prevalent.

Minor issue but over all pretty good. I use my GV as my business # that I give to my clients instead of my personal cell #. It works pretty well and for the most part I’ve been happy with the app. Recently I was having problems not being able to make calls when the wifi/mobile data was on. It kept saying my internet was unstable and I’d have to make the call using my carrier. I could do everything else (make/receive texts and receive calls), but just couldn’t make calls without it using my carrier. It was frustrating and when it would use my carrier, my GV # that my clients are used to wouldn’t be shown on caller ID, it would show some weird #. I tried shutting off and restarting my phone, turning off/on Wifi, checked to see if there was a new update, but none of that was working. I ended up having to delete/reinstall the app, and now it works as before. I like the fact that the new update now shows that the caller is coming through as GV, so I know that’s it’s a business call, it wouldn’t do that before and I wouldn’t know if it was a random caller or business. It would be nice if they added a feature where you can set a separate ring tone for the app.

Please Consider. Many shelters allow donations of older phones so that those who wish to help a crime victim who may not have access to WiFi while fleeing a dangerous situation/ or homeless individuals who may be working through temporary changes due to storms, fires, or any circumstance- the use of Google Voice is very important for those who cannot gain a Government phone until within a safe setting ( when a crime victim )/ or who may opt to avoid such a phone due continued safety. Google voice utilizes cellular data/ does not require WiFi/ works in older devices- which helps many client families served. This app has saved lives, helped lives, & blessed many. Google, please consider allowing a timeframe of 30-60 days of access to the older version of this app. Why? It seems fair to consider ALL people instead of a sudden block of the use of an app that could be the only safe mode of reliable communication for many. Many may need time to secure a newer device. Many may have housing/ transportation concerns to work through to seek help gaining a newer device. An update that forces an unforeseen need/ expense - creates a hardship for those who may already be in the midst of hardship. Please consider. Thank you.

Google Ruined It !! Now It's Back !!. The latest version has some nice improvements but added some other issues. I like the ability to send photos and use emojis. I don’t like that it no longer recalls and suggests the numbers that you have sent texts to. Because I don’t link my iPhone contacts to it, If I delete a text string I now have to look up the number to start a new one. It should suggest numbers that have been used even if the archives are deleted and allow us to delete a suggestion we no longer need. The opposite is true for phone calls. It not only archives the phone numbers of calls you make but there is no way I have found to remove them from the archive. If these two issues were resolved I would rate it 5 stars. I'm updating my previous negative review to a positive 5 stars. Defects have been corrected and it is easier and more reliable to use. I especially like the ability to easily and permanently delete conversation and call history. Thank you Google !! Totally non functional for texts. Used the prior version all the time now there is no way to send a txt because the ">" that used to be there to send is missing. Also, after you enter the destination number you cannot get back to the message without starting over. This is a total train wreck. (Using iPhone 6s with latest iOS update).

Forced Updates?!!! What happened to don't be evil.. It's absolutely cruel to lock people out of their means of communication with no warning. The old app still loads for a few seconds before displaying the lockout message. Google locked people out for no reason. UPDATE: Do you see the developer response on this. It's a canned response I've seen on many reviews asking people to go through the app to provide feedback. We've been locked out of the app!! One reviewer mentioned people in shelters using donated phones who have now been locked out of their only way to communicate. This was done with no warning. There was no response to that review. What happened to your mottos of "Don't be evil" or "Do the right thing"? Why make the update forced? This blocks out users on older devices that can't update to the latest OS. Not everyone can update. I can understand users on older versions not having access to new features, but to block it completely is just wrong. People depend on this app. It was working for two days after you rolled out this update so it isn't that the older version can't work. It was working. There's no reason to lock people out.

Concept great but some big issues. They really need more options on the notifications, I want sound on calls but not for texts etc. That is a hugeee issue, I do not need a beep every time I get a text. As well customized notifications for each contact would be huge, the ability to mute someone but not block them etc. Also it would be amazing if we could pay to have mutiple numbers, and that we could have multiple GV numbers that go to my cell. I’d hand out one GV number for personal reasons, and another for work reasons and then I’d be able to filter them automatically. I’d pay for that time saver! Rather than to have to customize options on how contacts calls are sorted. And then if you need to you can filter them additionally on top of that. Instead of a pyramid filter think of it as triangle on top of a triangle filter haha. Also a watch app would be amazing. I usually leave my phone behind and it would be great to hear voicemails from my watch. Thanks for your hard work!

When you don’t want to give your real number.. So I got this APP years ago when I was selling a few items on Craigslist. A great comfort when you don’t want just anyone getting your home/cell number. Most of the time the APP/ service works great. Yes, its sometimes hard for the transcriptions to be accurate, just like any type of voice recognition. But it does a good job notifying you if you have a call voicemail and such. I have no problem “verifying” my forwarding number, but I have to wonder. Just got a new iPhone, and you know Apple, once you buy their products, little support or concern to the customer after that. Especially when it comes to 3rd party APPS. Anyway, I had to set up the APP again AND verify my number. A week or 2 later google wants me to reverify? Maybe an automated thing or bug with APP. Anyway, still works good.

Why do I have to have iOS 14????. I use this program every day but now they say I have to upgrade but I need iOS 14 in order for it to work. I have an older iPhone 6s Plus that doesn’t support iOS 14 so now I can’t use the application anymore This isn’t the only app that’s trying to force me to buy a new phone even though my old one works fine and does everything I needed to do it’s pretty frustrating to be pushed from several different directions in the spending $1500 on a new phone when I have an $800 one that’s only six years old that works fine as long as I put a new battery in it every two years for $25 Update: Google was kind enough to provide a response and I followed the link to update the software but it still won’t allow me to load a version that will work with my iOS 12 point whatever it says I need iOS 14 and Apple will not let me put that on my old iPhone 6s Plus so I guess I won’t be able to use Google Voice any longer

Crashes regularly, many bugs. I have been using this app for 1.5 years because I love the concept of a free way to text message and receive calls, but the app itself is the worst app on my phone. It crashes several times a week. When replying from the lock screen, it often does not actually send the message but doesn’t let you know it failed. I cannot send or receive video messages. A new message notification may pop up, but then when opening the app it may be super delayed in appearing. I regularly click on one text message and it opens a different one. 90% of the time if someone calls me, we can’t hear each other and I have to hang up and call them through a different app. I have to forward my calls instead, which works well. I have to use Google Hangouts to make free calls, because using the app either doesn’t work or uses my cell line that costs money. There are a couple of pictures I tried to send once and failed, but the app still shows them as pending months later and there is no way to delete them without deleting the whole I have to scroll through them every time to see the latest message. Google obviously does not care to invest hardly any money or time in improving Google Voice. If I knew of a reputable and more reliable free phone and text service, I would use it instead.

Important note to developers. This app used to be extremely slow and now it runs fine on the same exact phone and iOS for me I used to use a very old google voice account on this app (over 10 years of history). I had tried to increase the speed by archiving most of my conversations but I still had at least a few with history going back many years. Now that I transferred my google voice number to a fresh account with neither many active conversations nor long/old conversations, the application is quite fast (when hangouts was an option years ago, it was perfectly fast on my old account). This suggests to me that the app is trying to load more than it should yielding the slow behavior even on a nearly brand new iPhone. Perhaps if it instead only tried loading a more modest bit of information (e.g., the last 50 conversations and 50 messages) and caching it locally better, this wouldn’t be an issue on older accounts?

Good but could be much better. The whole purpose of using GV is so I don’t give out my personal number and avoid unwanted calls. When people call my GV #, it rings on my cell like my regular network #. It would be great if I can get (sound/vibrate) ring notification within the app that is “separate” from my regular phone. That way I can tell the call is coming in via GV # or personal #. Tried multiple work around but doesn’t seems to work correctly. An online article suggested downloading Google Hangout App and have the GV # forward to Hangout instead of my personal #. Doing that does allow a separate notification in the Hangout app when people call my GV # and regular number would ring normally. However, downloading 2 apps is a hassle and cause problems with other functions and more confusing. Why need 2 app google? when GV app can be improve to ring separately. Also, if contacts can be manage within the app would be better. Not sure why it wasn’t included with the app creation or update.

Do not disturb, not working properly. Do not disturb feature is not working properly and has not for quite some time. Prior to a month or so ago, I was able to set my do not disturb hours and have them correlate with my working hours. According to my Google calendar this has worked fine for the last four years again up until recently. As of late, the working hours feature of do not disturb all does not work. Also, I am not sure who changed the setting of do not disturb that now allows for text messages to come through. If I don’t want to be disturbed, that includes all forms of communication. This feature not being correlated with my working hours on my calendar has caused a major pain and inconvenience as well as contributed to major inefficiencies in my business. The app basically goes on and off do not disturb whenever it wants and also sometimes during do not disturb a phone will ring or a text message tone will go off. I am not sure if I should be looking for a different app, but this is getting really bad.

No more linked texting. I use Google Voice texting app for my “On-Call” as an Admin at a statewide Hospital for Doctor’s & Nurse’s that affect patient care. Before when I get paged to my google voice phone number it used link-up to my actual personal cell phone and that particular notification would be a HIGH PRIORITY page and identified based from the phone number listed in my own personal contacts so the paging would alert me in the middle of the night should anything go wrong. Instead the page only shows up on the google voice texting area for only a single “ding” that is easily missed. I have checked and rechecked my settings and as far as removing my personal cell from the linked phone to only re-register my personal cell for only the same results. Please Google support!!! I really need this to work as it was working before so whatever changed since mid-July-2020 should be turned back on or changed back. This has been an AWESOME alternative up till now. I will rate this app again hopefully when it is polished up.

What happened? Crashes a lot. OMG! Do you know how annoying it is to write a text and then it crashes and you have to write your text over multiple times? Infuriating. I use my app for business and it always worked perfect and I couldn’t complain at all. However, in the last 2 months, the app just randomly crashes and it happens when the app is open for longer than like 65 seconds. It’s insanity, I really hope you guys fix this! It’s such a waste of time right now but I already have this number printed everywhere so please please fix it. I would gladly pay a small fee just for it to stop crashing. I have to text my texts in another app like text or notes, then copy + paste. Or copy and paste as I am typing just in case the app crashes. I’ll change my rating if the app gets updated and the bugs fixed. If it doesn’t get fixed I’ll be rating the app even lower. Cmon google, lets get it together! This is unacceptable.

I use this for my work line and it’s infuriating. I run an animal rescue and I meet all types of total weirdos and sketchy individuals that try to call middle of be night, try to look up my address, give out my number to total strangers that have absolutely no regard for other people’s lives. Insert google voice, to give an additional line to my phone so I can keep it on me all the time without an actual second phone BUT have at least a small amount of privacy and keep track of my work people from my home people. BUT THIS APP CRASHES ALL THE TIME. ALL. THE. TIME. Almost every day, and often multiple times in a day. I will be trying to have a convo by text with volunteers giving time-sensitive information so they can have written instructions to refer back to later when they’re at the vet and I can’t get because it won’t stop crashing. It’s absolutely maddening. Very little options in settings. The whole app is very clunky and SO. SLOW. There’s a substantial delay using Google voice. If I knew of an alternative to this I would absolutely use it.

Fantastic. I’ve been looking for a way to have the type of functionality iMessage gives you on iPhone/iPad/Mac, but with Windows instead of a Mac. This is literally perfect for that. I get messages, calls, and voicemails on any device, any OS, truly what I needed. Would love some of the silly niceties of modern messaging apps like stickers, read receipts, message reactions, end-to-end encryption if it isn’t already present, etc etc... If there were any way my non-GV contacts could see my messages as if I were on an iPhone, like if Google Voice were able to send my messages through iMessage servers via some kind of deal with Apple, then that would just be icing on the cake. My communication on any OS, but without my iOS friends having to deal with the green bubble issues like insecure communications and low res images and such. But for now, I really do love this.

Great for teachers/distance learning. As a teacher who initially had to work from home, having a Google Voice account helped me keep in touch with my students’ families without having to give out my actual personal number. There are settings to establish notification times as well, so you can set up “out of office” or contractual hours times, where you won’t be notified until you are ready to start your day (for those families or students who are only available to call or text you during the evenings or nighttimes). It really helped to re-establish work/home boundaries. The texts came in like regular texts, and the audio for voice calls were just as normal as through my actual phone. I am pleased and thankful!

Love it. Excellent for Legally Recording too!. I have had this Google phone number attached to my regular number for quite some time. I downloaded the app to my iPhone and was exceedingly surprised at how user-friendly and convenient it is to have a second number that is really attached to my main number. And I do not have to download "sketchy" apps that want to download my contacts to their server and all the other things that are so questionable these days. The part I do really love and have used, is that when people call my Google number, I can press the number four on the keypad, and it plays a legal recording telling both parties that the call is being recorded. If they continue, that is their legal acknowledgment and then Google sends you that entire recording to keep or archive on their trusted servers for as long as needed. Overall, I really cannot say enough about the Google number feature. And the app that I am reviewing here, is just an added bonus that deserves 10 stars in my opinion.

Google is great but should take some notes on refinement from Apple. Somehow, online, Voice is marketed as a way to receive texts using your phone number. (For me, my number shows up, but I can’t register it. I will have to spend more time to try and get it to work.) Something Google should take care of immediately is how their Gallery app handles videos. Right now, it is the literal embodiment of a carcinogen in software form. A cigarette takes 11 minutes; getting a new video player, not having it work, finding cables for a second monitor (settled on using Windows) took around an hour, and that’s an hour unable to be spent watching my lecture video on a higher speed. There should be a California Proposition notification before playing videos on that app if it keeps on going to the next file whenever the left or right arrow is pressed (this resets the video too). This action is hardwired into my brain for over a decade. People pay over $300 for a chromebook… Does anyone working there actually use a chromebook? I like how Google has software availability and speed, but for users paying for Chrome OS, this is not a product I could recommend anymore.

Use different # to verify… Really?. Waste of time actually it’s very similar to the issue of getting signed out of your Gmail account because you lost your phone number and they have no way of verifying you yet. This is the same company that is literally the search engine for the entire world and has information on everyone. Very annoying please try verifying with a different number. Do I look like I have seven different phone numbers? What is that? Obviously, I have access to the number that your old number is attached to. It seriously a bigger problem than just Google voice because I still have no access to my Google account in my Gmail account and I have lost so many accounts because I can’t verify myself. Just to have a hole in your email and a whole new number and I try to use the service and I can’t because my number is attached to an old Google account and I wouldn’t be surprised if that person that signed out of there and all the account and can’t access it. So I would recommend that you save yourself a headache because you might have a number that is already affiliated with an account. Which is stupid because they should all be in the same thing isn’t that the whole thing with Google Docs etc. so it just doesn’t make any sense because I already have a phone number affiliated to my Lincoln. He said that I want my calls to be forwarded to my number anyway it’s just dumb.

Finally!!! An app update that makes this stable. I love google voice and I love this new updated stable app but I absolutely hated the old google voice app on IOS devices. Slow and laggy, would constantly crash or become unresponsive my favorite little quirk was that at time you would click to type a text and the text field and keyboard would both disappear and you would be forced to force close the app in order to possibly get it back up and running. NOT ANYMORE! This update resolved 99% of the issues that I ran into before the app performs faster and smoother and doesn’t have the little quirks it used to. Thanks google for finally tossing us IOS users a bone and getting this fixed and done right, next time maybe do it a little quicker than 2 years.

Powerless to stop spam. UPDATE: Thanks for replying, but I had already read that article and attempted it all and I still get 10+ calls a day. I literally only need this to answer 1 specific phone number, but I get constant, random calls that interrupt my day and aggravate me to no end. I refuse to pay money to solve a problem I didn’t create, so it looks like I’ll need to find an alternative to this poor excuse of an app. The only reason I have a Voice number is to activate the front door lock on my apartment building, but somehow, spammers got a hold of my number and will not stop calling me. I get dozens of calls a day and none of the features in Voice help mitigate them at all. It’s insanely frustrating and the only solution seems to be paying money to change my phone number, which still wouldn’t ensure that my number won’t get scraped again by another spam service. I’ve got 200+ blocked and spam calls in my history and my number only needs to answer one caller. This is awful and I wish there was any kind of solution.

Love the service, not crazy about the latest update. **Update. App version 2.8 on iOS 11.0.3 iPhone 7 on AT&T. The app constantly crashes to the point where I have to type text messages in a different app then copy & paste into the GV app and quickly hit the send button before it crashes. It is not a matter of “if” but “how fast” would it crash... I am a total GV fan and extremely thankful for the service which I would gladly pay for. Now, considering this is a free service and a free app it seems ungrateful to criticize but my intent is to provide feedback rather than complain. Since the last update the app (on iPhone 6, iOS 10.2.1) is SLOW! It takes forever to show new messages/voicemail and when searching for a contact, it takes a few seconds for each letter! Another aspect of the update I am not crazy about is the way the dial screen works; you can either input a number on the keypad (default) or if you would like to search by name, you have to touch a keyboard icon which then takes forever to bring it up and another forever for each letter you type. Not sure why this massive slowdown but I am at a point where I am looking for an alternate app for GV

Favorites gone ?. Update Oct 2, 2019: Are there any plans to implement feature for favorites? Many, if not most, use the app from the car, and it’s difficult to browse the contacts or call history... ———————————————— Nice look and feel - but would say a D grade on functionality. The favorites feature was already barebones- with “suggestions” having to suffice as “favorites”. But now, it’s completely gone!?! Like many others, I use this while driving and I want to be able to call someone with just a tap, rather than search. Why not have a tab with 3x3 (say) tiles for your top 9 favorites, and set another tab for “suggestions” or leave it incorporated with “contacts” ? Please (re)design a functionality for favorites, pretty please!! UPDATE 10/8: Things seem to go from bad to worse. Now the suggested contacts are gone, and I have to constantly scroll through the contacts list, find the person I need, open the contact screen and the choose the number. In the iPhone app, it then asks you to confirm the call. Given that I (and many others, based on the reviews I read here) use this to make calls while driving, using this app has become a very hazardous task. While I really love the app for its cheap rates and simplicity, the lack of valuable (and commonly available) features is very disappointing. Please implement a “favorites” option.

Hmm. Normally love this app to easily keep my iPhone separate from my Google Voice account & contacts. One issue I have run into as of recently has me really irritated. I love having this app accessible on my iPhone & still be able to try to keep it from cross contamination. Although I’ve realized now that if I try to add a contact to my Google Voice app, in the contacts tab, it only adds my new contact to my iPhone Contacts app & not to my Google Contacts where I actually need it to go to use it in the app & to keep things separate & clean. This is so frustrating! Also all the help sections say you should simply be able to add the contact in to the app & it work seamlessly with your Google Contacts … Doesn’t mention this issue at all let alone address the cause or solutions… I have also submitted suggestions via the ‘Help & Feedback’ section before leaving a review here. Thanks.

Good flexible calling app. Lots of stuff to like here. I really like having a second number I can give out instead of my personal cell number. Excellent call quality if you have a solid data connection. I can use my Google Voice account on multiple devices and my laptop browser. I don’t travel much, but when in Europe I can call back to any US number for free if I can find WiFi, plus some of the lowest rates I’ve seen to international numbers. Unlike Skype or WhatsApp, this uses a regular phone number, so the other party doesn’t need some specific app, just a phone. Supports multiple accounts so I can seamlessly use both a personal number and a work GSuite number on the same device. I can transfer calls between my devices; start a call on my laptop, then transfer to my phone. This is really a wonderful platform and I’m happy to see google giving it more attention lately. I’ve been using google voice for years and it keeps getting better. Thanks!

It doesn’t work. It would be nice if the app actually worked or at least there were instructions on how to use it. All I got was, it accessed my phone book. I allowed that. But when I went to use the app, i.e. make a phone call. It told me that I had to click on something. But there was nothing on which to click. Then, it came up with two notifications, which I was unable to see or delete. After fussing with it awhile, and then looking for some sort of direction, I gave up and deleted it. App writers need to look at things from the view of the user! Maybe they would learn something. ——————————————————————— So, I reloaded, thinking that it would work. It doesn’t. It has the same issue: once the number has been entered, it says to push an icon. But there is no icon to push. Hmmm! The last iteration of this worked. But now it doesn’t again. I dial the number and it says it can’t make the call. Sad. It still does not work. i don’t know why someone from Google does not respond to this issue. It works on my computer, but not on my iPad.

Google Voice helps me get by without a phone, on the iPad Pro 👍🏻🥳🥰. I’ve been a Google Voice user since back when it was called Grand Central, and it works out great, now that I’m without a mobile phone, and I’m using an iPad Pro only, which doesn’t feature built-in telephony capability, on the consumer device end of things, at least. Google Voice manages my 2FA sign-in duties, messaging, and most website sign-in requirements - it’s enough to get by, well enough, as a web denizen, of most pursuits and recreations, and I do try to cover a large portion of things that ought to be done, on the web. People get to pick their own phone number, using the sign up interface, and I got myself a pretty memorable phone number through Google Voice. The service is great! Thanks so much.

I hate this app.. I added this app to my phone so parents and students could reach me. Shortly after I began missing calls that were being made to my personal number. So I brought a prepaid smartphone so that those with my Google number. However, that’s not what happened. Now I can’t get voicemails and most of my calls are going to the other phone with Google voice. All I want to do is get this app off my cell phone and separated from my cell phone number, actually I want this mess removed from both my phone numbers. I know there has to be a way get get rid of the app. Someone please help!!! I did make sure I was logging into the correct account. I even sent the calls from Google voice to my personal phone number but my personal calls made to my personal phone number still were answered by my Google voice voicemail. I feel like you are forcing this app on those who decide that they no longer need it. Now I’m missing very important call and messages. All I’m asking is to have the Google voice app from both my phone numbers. I’m asking you to please remove the app...please!!

Still Terrible with updates. Google Voice used to be awesome, since updates, stating stability and improvements, I continue to have one dropped call after another. In fact I’ve had multiple calls that have dropped 2 and 3 times during the same initial call, having to call back not once, not twice, but three times in a 20 minutes period. This app continues to not be stable for the past several months. Very disappointing! I have deleted app and reinstalled based on someone reaching out regarding my negative review. It only seems to help somewhat and then temporarily. Yes, the app is still less stable and more glitchy before the last several months of stated “stability and improvements”. It also takes longer to load as well. I’ve also had a lot of problems with transcription and phone numbers listed not dialing out properly on my apple product. I took screenshots but no way to attach here, thanks.

Nonexistent direct customer support and unhelpful support forum. Got this app for a new phone number. Made the unfortunate mistake of deleting my number before changing it as I meant to do and now have my number blocked from getting another number. There is no direct way to contact support, instead you have to post to the forums where the "helpers" will repeat the same 3 unhelpful explanations while berating any users that may respond with the same problem. I saw a similar problem as mine posted in the forums only to be locked for bringing up the problem outside of the original post. If a competent customer support function was added and if there was a more clear explanation of how changing / transferring / deleting phone numbers works, this might have earned more than two stars. Additionally, the commonly asked questions and explanations from google themselves should be updated for relevant information instead of describing the now defunct UI. Thanks.

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Ridicules. Our American brothers can use this for free, and we need to pay? Make it available in Canada please.

Useless. Not supported in my country

Not supported in Canada. Can’t use app due to lack of availability in Canada

Works fine in Canada if you have a US Google #. Just downloaded and it works great. I have a US Google number but using it on my Canadian phone.

Doesn’t work. Downloaded the app only to be told it doesn’t work in my country… Isn’t the apps on the App Store country specific??? This has been going on for more than 4 years based on previous reviews. Google you need to remove it or fix it

Useless app. Waste of data doesn’t work in Canada. Remove it from store then.

😖. useless in canada

Horrible. This doesn’t work in Canada! Why can’t google put on the Canadian App Store?

Ignoble. Dans la liste des pays où Google voice est disponible mais inaccessible

Trash. It’s horrible doesn’t work for Canada like why I just want a free phone number like Google is stupid

Completely Useless. Completely useless in Canada.

it available in Canada. it available in Canada it available in Canada it available in Canada it available in Canada it available in Canada it available in Canada it available in Canada it available in Canada

Useless for Canadians.. I live in Canada and I’m so sick of being ignored by USA. I feel like Canada is the lest popular country. Please fix this soon

La langue. Pourquoi j’ai google en français et que tout les avis ou informations importantes qui devrait être a ma disposition facilement et être pareil en toute langue son toujours en langue étrangère??

It doesn’t work in Canada. It does not even work in Canada can you please update it so I can use it🥺

F..k. They canceled Hangout online phone. They also don’t let us use Voice in Canada

Garbage. You can only get a number if you verify an existing US number

Too bad app. Can’t go to the app in Canada. And can’t log out either. I must change password so that the account can be logged out.

if the service is not available in canada then do not list in Canadian App Store. Downloaded and tell me not available in Canada? Then why list it in Canadian app store?

I want my money back. Why is it that we can purchase the app in Canada if Canadians can’t use it? I want my money back. I imagine this issue is why this app and the website don’t have a way to contact support. Because they run it like a scam

It won’t work in Canada. It’s only work in USA

No good.. Google Voice does not work in Canada. You better fix it so it does or people will not be downloading the app.

Have used GV for 13? Years. Solid yet some bugs. UPDATE Still very buggy with texts giving notifications, yet they won’t show in the app. A great free phone service I use in US&A and Canada for all those years. You have to have a US&A IP and now phone number to forward to to set it up. I make and receive calls via the app for years. Alas, GV in Canada used to be able to go out from gmail and the app without a number, yet was taken away, partially due to spoofed CallerID and scam my types abusing the service. I still use it and rely on it heavily whichever country I’m in. Google could bring it to Canada, would be easy, maybe slightly higher cost for Numbers? Termination doesn’t appear different or concern to them as calling Canada has always been included. Current issue is text messages are alerted, and in the message count on the app, yet don’t appear in the app at all. I have to try to find the push notification to open it. Also. Missed calls don’t always appear in the history list, problematic for a while now.

Not see the benefits of using this app. Lots people complained about them only found out after download that it does not work in their country. To be fair, it is clearly mentioned in the descriptions though. Anyway, my question is that I don’t know what is an access number? If calls made through an access number is using minutes from my phone plan, why would I not just use my phone to make the call? Why bother make a call through this app?

Not in Canada. Bro google is so American I hate this app

Doesn’t work in Canada. This doesn’t work in Canada, you can download it but you can’t do anything in it

Not working in Canada. Not work in Canada makes no sense

Absolutely moronic. Why did they release this in Canada? It doesn’t work here. Looking at some of the reviews similar to mine complaining about the region lock, the Developer Response is “sorry, not available in Canada yet “ THATS EXACTLY WHAT THE REVIEW SAID HOW DID YOU DINGUSES GET A JOB AT A TECH COMPANY

Explanation?. Have they ever explained as to why you cannot use this in Canada? It seems like a solid app to use, especially if you needed a backup phone number, but the problem is since you can’t use this in Canada, it’s garbage. And as far as I can tell, there hasn’t been much explanation as to why that we can’t in Canada. It’s a shame, it’d be cool if they can get it to work in Canada.

Why keep it in Canadian App Store?. If Canadian accounts can’t use it, then why keep in Canadian App Store? It’s bloody frustrating that you constantly remind on Hangouts that it will be available soon and users should switch to Google voice and then make google voice unusable. Doesn’t your one team talk to another?

No Canadian support. No Canadian support. Stupid. It's internet calling. How is it not supported?

Works great on every device but my actual phone. No matter how many settings I’ve tried, it will not ring on my phone when people call it seems to only allow calls to be forwarded to my actual number, which defeats the purpose of using it in the first place. No information anywhere from google on why it does this Also, really lame to not make it available in canada. It’s a perfect product except for these two game-stopping problems

Terrible app. It’s a terrible app because Canada is not available and it’s Google, so how the hell

iPhone. Does this work on iPhone?

Sms needed. Canadian business owner here. App works well for calls via g-suite package. But no SMS. When will SMS be offered to Canadians? Please give a timeline as I might drop this device if there is no plan to roll this out in the near future. Thanks.

No good. Not supported in Canada, worthless app

Doesn't work in Canada. Very disappointing that you can download the App but can't use it in Canada.

Tells you to use Hangouts but.... It’s ridiculous, it says to use Hangouts for calls but then Hangouts says no longer integrates with Voice. Both useless apps in Canada. Why it’s on the App Store?

Bring to Canada. You should bring this to Canada

Not Available in Canada. Why is this even available on the Canadian App Store? So stupid.

4 Years Later No Changes..... So for over 4 years you've had a problem that hasn't been fixed. This application will be reported to apple app store. Frankly it should be taken down from the app store in canada as its only hurting you. A 1 star app? iv never seen that before. This is a very simple fix to make it available in canada. Im not sure what the 4 year hold up is... and im not looking for a copy past developer response thanking me for reaching out and that you're working on ways to improve the product... BECAUSE YOURE NOT. and I will not be referring to any help articles as im simply just not interested at this point. i also wont be sending feedback as this review section should be more than enough... We expect better from google... Its been a year since you had a good review, and the dude said "yaaaaay"💀 before that the last good review this app got was 2 YEARS AGO! this is ridiculous. How about a developer response that say yea we messed up and should have done better half a decade later but we just don't care. Id appreciate the honesty to be honest. Have a wonderful day. The rest of us will be going with you competitors. 🤡

This app doesn’t work in Canada. This is so pointless for Canadians when they can download the app from the store but cannot use it. Come on Google, Americans and Canadians are brothers and should be in the same North America market.

Useless in Canada. This app doesn’t work in Canada. Completely useless.

Useless. one word: garbage.

Available in Canadian App Store but unusable. Downloaded this app to replace VoIP calls on Hangouts (calls now disabled) but it does not work in our country. Only USA. Why even make it available to Canadians? Don’t waste your time with a VPN you need a USA phone number to complete the process. Two thumbs down to Google. Very disappointing and nowhere to complain except by writing a Canadian App Store review.

Devin Morris is sleeping and miss the target. Again, Devin Morris at Google is sleeping and miss the point. Even if you already have a Google voice number, to use this app, you absolutely need to pair your Google number with another number you own. The big issue is that you cannot pair it with a canadian number. So it makes the application useless in Canada. Give us back at least the option to dial out (without the additional fwd features of Google Voice) as we used to have in Google Hangouts

Worst app. Make it available in Canada app stores but after loading account or making one it’s not available in my country. Then why release the app to an Canadian Apple store

Why have the app if it wont work in canada. I dont get it

It’s on the Canadian App Store. It’s on the App Store in Canada but we can’t use it?? Why we literally share borders and have a good relationship why can’t google put this on the for Canada

Not available in Canada. Not available in Canada.

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Developers made some useless response. Here is what I wrote. For some reason, I cannot make a call which is a hard line in Korea. It is very unreliable. It sometimes works and sometimes does not work. I hope I do not need to worry if I can make a call or not. And, now they sent me a link about how i could make a phone call. As you can see my feedback, the issue is not that I cannot make a phone call at all, but that I cannot make a call reliably. There is no problem with my internet connection for sure. Even so, sometimes I could make a call and sometimes I cannot. If it happens, i do all kinds of things including turn off the app and even turn off the phone. Sometimes this helps and sometimes it doesn’t. Very unreliable connection. I would like to know why the connection is unreliable, rather than some rudimentary manual for beginners. This happened recently. I do not know what is going on.

Incredibly disappointing. From the first day I had issues with my phone line showing busy to my costumers. I opened a case with Google Customer Service for them to analyze the problem. I assumed it would be an easy fix. However after speaking with different service reps, and having in depth conversations where they asked me to provide multiple instances from different phone numbers not being able to get through (including screen recordings of dialing and screenshots)… the answer they came up with was wait 24 hours. 24 turned into 48 which turned into 5 days while they “had engineering look into it.” Now they are asking that I provide proof that is newer than 3 days that the phone still isn’t working. Business phones have been down for 5 days now and they are asking me to start all over proving that it doesn’t work. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Using Contacts With Google Voice. I may be doing something wrong, but using contacts with this version of the app is almost impossible. The easy search function of a previous version has disappeared. Moreover all contacts are listed alphabetically BY FIRST NAME. Perhaps this is controlled by a setting, but as I never have and never will sort my contacts by first name, I don’t know why they have now defaulted that way. I don’t have the time to research how (or if) I can correct that. I think I’m going to stop using the app for a while and revisit it in 6 months or so to see whether it’s been improved. I really hope it does get fixed because it used to be much better than the closest alternative. Thanks!

Calls constantly drop. Google voice worked perfectly fine until their last update. We are required to use google voice for work and it’s frustrating when I’m speaking with a client and all of the sudden the call is silenced and I can’t hear them and they can’t hear me, then a few seconds later the call disconnects completely. It does it from both the desktop and my cell phone. I end up having to get the clients email from them before the call drops or text them asking for further information. It would be nice if the app had some reliability and didn’t cause so many issues. This occurs usually every other call, if not more. But my last call it dropped 5 times in a row when I was just trying to get the customers email address to continue our conversation. It’s embarrassing also having to explain this to clients..

Useful if you move abroad. I ported my US number to Google Voice when I took a job overseas. This has allowed me to receive texts confirming my identity (eg from a bank), other texts, and transcriptions of the rare voicemail message. I connected it to Hangouts, which I use a lot already for work, but they also come through to Voice. I can’t use the Voice app for actual calls since I don’t have a US SIM/service plan. It would be nice if Voice would have a system by which I could receive calls over the internet that were dialed to my US number, now that it’s not going to be linked to Hangouts anymore. In theory, I could receive Voice calls with Hangouts, though that never really seemed to work.

Good idea, needs functionality improvement. I think it’s great that someone can port their number over to an app and keep it for their own personal use going forward. Because of this, I am able to have a work phone/personal phone all in one instead of carrying around two phones like most of my colleagues. The unfortunate part, however, is the fact that some basic functionality improvements are highly needed. The app will continue to show an unread message alert well after I’ve read the message. Several times even. Using emojis, or any other keyboards for that matter, is complicated and requires 30 clicks of the same button. Texting is so much easier on my iPhones texting that I find myself reverting back to its use instead of this app. Yes, I love the idea of this app, but because it’s so cumbersome to use at times, I don’t use it as much as I otherwise would.

They suspended my account and I can’t get it back. So I had been using google voice for about a week and my google voice stop sending messages and I could not make calls. I decided to go on my computer and see if it would work there. It said my account was suspended, and if I believed it was a mistake I could fill out a form and they would review it and possibly grant me my account back. I filled out the form saying I don’t know why my account was suspended. I got a response a couple hours later saying, “ We have reviewed your request and cannot reinstate your Google Voice service. Your Google Voice service has been suspended for violations of our Google voice policy.” Which was literally no help. It’s been a week now and my google voice still won’t work. Would not use this app if you would have to rely on it for work.

Good app but I wish I’d be notified my Google Voice line was ringing!. I’m applying for jobs, for scam purposes I didn’t want to give out my real phone number so I got a number from Google Voice. It’s super easy to use and works well. I haven’t had any issues with it crashing or anything and the texts come through quickly when I use that feature. My issue is that I don’t answer calls when they are coming from unknown numbers so I keep declining these calls (because it’s not ringing directly to the app but it’s forwarding the call to my actual phone number) and I can miss an important call rendering the Google Voice redundant. Even if there was a little notification on my phone saying Google Voice call or if it rings my personal cell from one specific number, then at least I’d know...

Voice Mail Picks Up - Doesn’t Record. I bit several years ago (2014 according to my oldest messages) when Google voice popped up and said “Use me! Use me!”. I used it for many years with no serious problems. Back in October of 2021 I noticed messages weren’t being left and I just thought that people weren’t leaving messages, and because I was distracted and extremely busy with other things I didn’t give it much attention. Recently. I called my number from another phone and discovered that although I heard the OG message and I left a message, it did not show up in my voicemail transcripts. I don’t have VM with my carrier. This is a serious problem because there are probably people that have been trying to reach me and think I have just ignored them. The fixes I have seen on Google support don’t work. I haven’t had carrier voicemail for years, so that’s not the problem. How does this get fixed without me losing my older voicemails?

Another service ruined by google. Now GV seems to “lose” more texts than it actually successfully delivers. Don’t know what they did to screw it up even worse, but now more than half the time I wonder why someone didn’t reply only to find out that they never got my text! Awful and unreliable!! Prior review: This app is clunky and slow, and crashes. Sending and receiving of images (MMS) is unreliable, and there are often periods when the service has trouble because I get “Unable to send”. And the biggest issue is inability to send texts to international numbers, even though I’m perfectly happy to pay for it. And now I’ve discovered that the app is uploading all my contacts to Google without my permission! I allowed it access to my contacts only because I assumed it was only for use on my phone (since it never said otherwise)! Google is the worst about abusing your privacy and stealing your data without disclosing it!

Missing feature. I have used Google voice on and off for years. Reinstalled it thinking it could be the solution for robocallers. I thought when the filter asked for callers name they then had to press a designated digit but not. If it did, and that digit was randomized and given like “Please say your name then press 5”, it would thwart most robocallers. If it were a two digit number, or if a wrong key press sent them to voicemail, then would be almost foolproof. If there were a feature like this available, I would be willing to pay $10 a month for it. I am currently using a service with call director to filter calls, but still not foolproof, and costs me $140 a year.

Obviously they sell data. I downloaded this app for a job, before even using the app of giving the number out to anyone my phone started getting BLOWN UP by some mortgage lending company called loandepot. Obviously google sold this phone number to them after creating it. Not at all exaggerating, these people would call me at least once every one to two hours from 9 am - 8 pm, 7 days a week, even Sundays. In fact it was a Sunday that these calls stopped. They also would call twice in a row and by pass my do not disturb feature which was extremely annoying. Before realizing the calls were coming from this number and not my personal number, because the app doesn’t specify when calls come in, I was driven crazy, I called these people begging them to stop calling me, I made legal threats, I even reported them to the FTC for harassment. Ironic, I feel like maybe google voice should be reported.

Nothing spectacular. It’s a very boring app that does not forward 90% of phone calls or texts to your linked number despite what they say. I have missed countless calls and texts because this doesn’t forward. Also, the alert sound for texts that is the default sound might as well be muted. It sounds like any other sound on the iPhone so you are never really alerted. They give you no option to change or do they ever change that sound. Most numbers are treated as spam or junk so that your phone won’t ring or texts don’t alert you. Basically it seems like google doesn’t put much effort into modernization with that app. So it’s a 1-2 star rating. Good luck, as mine isn’t great and I was one I’ve the first to ever get a gv number.

Increasing Disappointment by the minute.... I have increasing disappointment by the minute with the fact Support Teams do not reply to reported concerns within a reasonable timeframe. What exactly is the Service Level Agreement to respond to consumer queries? It is alarming that my personal data has been compromised and extorted and there is little to no support to correct all of the issues, service denial, and accessibility. The consumer seem to have zero rights or alternative means to resolve this blatant disregard for the customers that utilize the “services” delivered to the customer. This is a total abuse of rights and responsibility. Even the previous reviews regarding this indicate the degradation of service that has gone on for entirely too long; at the expense of hard working customers. I fully intend on reporting these issues and concerns to all of the necessary official authorities. This is not a game, people’s lives and livelihoods are at stake

Finally!!! An app update that makes this stable. I love google voice and I love this new updated stable app but I absolutely hated the old google voice app on IOS devices. Slow and laggy, would constantly crash or become unresponsive my favorite little quirk was that at time you would click to type a text and the text field and keyboard would both disappear and you would be forced to force close the app in order to possibly get it back up and running. NOT ANYMORE! This update resolved 99% of the issues that I ran into before the app performs faster and smoother and doesn’t have the little quirks it used to. Thanks google for finally tossing us IOS users a bone and getting this fixed and done right, next time maybe do it a little quicker than 2 years.

Positives and negatives. I love having a second number on my phone that is separate from my personal number. I love that I can access my texts, voicemail and call logs on my computer especially since I type faster on the computer when texting. I also like that I can read my voicemails because I am deaf and need my voicemails transcribed. BUT sometimes the transcription is unavailable which means I have to ask someone to listen to it and translate it for me which is a pain. I can’t use emojis on the computer. It would be nice to have more of the texting options like GIFs and more. You can’t “like” a text. You can’t reply directly to a specific text as you can with iMessage and even Messenger. Overall it’s a good texting/phone app but could be better. If they make updates, I will update my review.

Incredible until it fails. I have loved using Google voice for my work number for over 3 years! It has been SO helpful to not use my personal number while still using one phone. HOWEVER for the last 4 months there’s been a huge issue where the system indiscriminately refuses to send some text messages, and will send others. The worst part is there’s ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I’ve seen other people post about this issue— but zero answer from customer service. Google voice gives generic responses about “not sent” texts. Clearly this has become an issue that really needs fixing. No app update changes the issue unfortunately.

Worked great before it became a nightmare. I created an account to try this out and was so impressed that I ported my main number to google voice. For a couple months it worked great, I used it to keep in contact with friends and family (many of which don’t have FB or use other messaging apps outside of texting) and it is the number I received my 2FA texts on. Then without warning my texts stop going through. When I checked on their web portal it said my account had been suspended for “violation of our Google Voice Policies”. I have reviewed their policies several times and submitted two appeals which were swiftly denied with the same automated response about their policies. They give no additional information on what I supposedly have done wrong and now I am cut off from the phone number I’ve had for over a decade. Google voice is a security risk and I would not recommend using it for anything you want to keep or maintain access to.

Please make it so I can tell if incoming calls are from Google Voice!!!. This honestly is a great app, I use the number for my business, and for the 8 months that I’ve had it, it is not buddy or troublesome at all! My biggest dislike with the app, is that since the calls are linked with my phone, I can’t tell if the calls are coming from my business number (Google Voice) or not, and this is a big deal! Since I want to be able to respond professionally to a call for my business! Another dislike I have with the app, is that the the notifications sound for texting, is the Tri-Tone sound that comes stock with notifications from all apps. This is annoying because when I hear the sound, I am unsure whether it is from other apps or Google Voice. And before you think you can change it to something different, specifically only for Google Voice, you can’t! Google please fix these issues with a solutions that’ll make it so people can tell if an incoming call that they are getting from Google Voice is coming from Google Voice or not, and also allow it to have one different or a variety of different sounds for incoming texts than just the stock sound! If you make these adjustments, I will publicly proclaim the greatness of the app and system all over social media!!

Switched back to Hangouts. Update 3/2/21: It seems Google has removed voice’s messaging from Hangouts. This Voice app still doesn’t have muting notifications per group. I’m in the process of moving my voice numbers out of Google’s ecosystem. Just dropping a message here for the Google devs. I have now switched back to Hangouts for a single crucial feature that the Voice team seems to never care to prioritize: mute notifications on a per group conversation. It’s very frequent that we get stuck in an SMS group that we cannot easily get out of. Such group produce massive spam texts that we don’t care for and we simply cannot mute just that one problematic group. The only solution today in Voice is to turn off notifications for the entire Voice app, which is NOT ideal because I do want to be notified on individual SMS conversations. I am aware that Hangouts is suppose to be deprecated from using with Voice numbers, but I will continue to use it until I am unable to for this one feature alone. If one day Google decides to bar me from using Hangouts with Voice number and the Voice app does not have this one feature implemented, I will be forced to migrate my Voice number to my carrier and stop using Voice number altogether. It’s unbelievable how much a single crucial feature is simply ignored. I’m fed up with it.

works but low quality. This is the poorest performing app on my phone, launching and changing modes between contacts, call, messages, etc and the app becomes unresponsive for anywhere from a few seconds to 20+ seconds at a time. Call quality is below average of all the calling applications on my device, including mobile calls, and calls are dropped regularly. These issues are consistent throughout all the versions released from March 2020 into October 2021 (using the new iPhone SE which is fairly performant). I find it rather remarkable these issues don't change in any substantive way over such a span of time. As a result it's unclear whether I should pay for equivalent Skype or other offerings on the market. Google is well positioned to capitalize the investment, I’m not sure why they don’t, and why the software quality is so low. Perhaps the product is being eliminated soon?

Meh 😑. OK, I have his voice and it has been really good but then my old phone broke so Got an iPad. And I cannot sign in when everything that I typed in to sign in was correct I tried deleting the app and trying again but that didn’t work so I tried shutting down my iPad and starting it over, but guess what that didn’t work either so I kept trying and trying again but guess what that didn’t work either and when everything I typed in was correct it Took me back to the first page they had the button to said sign in. And my Wi-Fi had nothing to do with it when I used it on my old phone it actually worked but when I use it on my new iPad that has better properties then my old phone, it’s a little bit flabbergasting, so you need to fix this problem.👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

Incoming call notifications. I have the latest version of Google Voice and iOS 13 on my iPhone. The app used to show me incoming calls to my iPhone were being routed via Google Voice along with the incoming phone numbers caller id info. Not anymore. Now all calls coming through Google voice appear to be a regular incoming phone call to my personal iOS device. I don’t answer unknown incoming phone calls to my personal number as nearly every one is a robocall. However, I always answer every phone call coming into my Google Voice number. I haven’t been answering a lot of legitimate Google Voice incoming calls over the past month or so because my phone no longer shows it’s coming in through Google Voice - it looks like a regular phone call coming into my personal iOS device. I am not sure what happened. It used to work great but not anymore. The only solution I can think is to have incoming google voice calls show my google voice number as the one calling my phone. I used to do that but it’s nice knowing who is calling you so I switched it around a few years ago when I realized the phone showed it was an incoming google voice call. Back to the way I had it set up many years ago until this gets fixed. I am not sure if it’s a Google thing or an iOS thing but it’s annoying.

Game changer. I use Google Voice as my work number. It’s really awesome because then I don’t have to give my personal number to clients. It also makes it easy for me to know if I’m getting a call from my work number or my personal number. Does a great job filtering out a lot of spam. I get way more spam calls and texts to my cell number than my Google voice number. I only wish that when I added a contact in my phone, it would save across devices. I think Apple and Google don’t seem to play nice that way. Or possibly I’m just ignorant in how to make that work. Google voice makes me more productive and helps me feel safer because I don’t have to publish my personal cell number on my website.

Can’t stay on call if phone screen is asleep.... I have been using Google voice for years, and although it has never been perfect, I have at least always been able to make phone calls from my Google number. The new format (where it calls entirely from the Google voice app instead of through the phone app on my phone) is absolutely horrible compared to the old method. I was just on hold for 40 minutes and my phone screen goes to sleep and it disconnected the call. You should still be able to put the phone to sleep and have your call stay connected, like with any other phone call you make. Sometimes too on the new calling screen I cannot use any other apps or go on speakerphone unless I have google voice pulled up on the screen. This makes the phone basically useless if I am trying to also refer to other information-through an email for example. Please fix! Thanks!

Does not send texts to at&t customers. We have used this program for years and since the last update, now at&t and cricket wireless customers aren’t receiving any texts. This has been happening since the last update 1 week ago. Very frustrating. Spent an hour researching and just got off the phone with at&t engineer to fix the issue but no resolution. The only thing we can link it to is the last update. Please look into this google voice. Thank you. Updated: for 1 week we couldn’t send messages to at&t and cricket customers. We called at&t and had engineers working on it there. Then after 5 days we could send pictures but no text. Finally resolved after a week. This happened 1 year ago. Overall, works great! Updating review. It’s happening again where customers from at&t don’t receive text messages.

Really Good. Not Perfect.. This app is great as a second number. I’ve used it for years on and off. I tried using it as a primary number but found that it’s lacking in some respects. One thing that I find annoying is that I can’t access or send texts while I’m on a call. There have been a few times that I need to send a message or refer to one while on a call but couldn’t access them. You either need to hang the call up or hope the call doesn’t run long. The other issue is if you hit the power button to shut your screen off, it will cut off your call. If I’m on a call and I’m using a headset I often shut my screen off so I’m not consuming additional battery life or accidentally hitting an on-screen button. With Voice you have to leave the screen on the entire time you’re on a call.

How to know if calls are GV or cell phone number. If you want to know whether the call is coming from your personal number or your google voice number without having to use the awkward call screening (where it asks callers to say their name before the call goes through), then don’t link your phone number, granted you’ll have to use the default option to make calls over WiFi and data instead of using your carrier. Now all google voice calls will come through the app, so when a call comes, you will see that it is a google voice call. However, if your data service is weak, then the call could be dropped, but at least you’ll know it’s a GV call and you can call them back later.

Difficult to use speaker phone. When set to use speaker phone, the app is still obeying input from the front facing sensor used to disable the touch screen....thus it's very difficult to use on screen controls. This should only be used when NOT on speaker phone so your face or ear won't make contact with active screen controls. This sensor is still engaged even if the Voice app is in the background, making it hard to multitask while on a call. The sensor that disables the touch screen should be disabled or ignored when speaker phone is enabled. Also it's annoying that switching to speakerphone is so annoyingly difficult and slow because we are forced to use the air play controls. Please let us switch to speaker phone without going thru an airplay control. If we want to send a call to an airplay device (which is extremely rare) provide an airplay control. Everyone uses speakerphone all the time and they don’t wanna use an airplay device! Just let us push speaker phone button and instantly be on speaker phone! Apple's native dialer Doesn’t suffer any of these flaws. Come on Google get it together! it’s so annoying that using this app for years and suffering the ups and downs of Google support (and nearly killing it off), it still has basic user control flaws. do us a favor, fix the usability!

Could & Should Be So Much Better. I appreciate that Google makes this app for ios and that it is free. However, like Google Tasks and other Alphabet products, the proof is in the execution. It’s the inconsistencies that are troublesome. Why, for example, do my messages sync across devices but notifications do not? When I go from my iphone to ipad (and vice versa), I’ll see a badge notification thinking I have a new call or message. Alas, it’s the same message/call that I had already read (or listened to) on the other device. A more significant defect, however, is the actually call forwarding from Voice to my iphone. I receive forwarded calls maybe 1/3 of the time. I’ll see a notification for a missed call, but my iphone never rang. Lastly, a greater contrast for messages would be helpful to the aging eyes of many users.

Google is good for calling but need some more work. I’ve been using Voice for almost 5 months now and the problem I’m facing from the very first day is sometimes it does not rings. The call is missed even on my phone and the web and then I have to call them back. Second and most important problem is lack of Desktop application and auto call recording. You have to record a call manually if you want but it’s not automatically on. Other than that you cannot start a conference call directly. We must be able to put someone on hold and add another person in the call by just simply clicking Merge. If they could work on these problems Google is the best VOIP service. A Desktop app would be much appreciated

Great Phone number to have. Google and I have a love hate relationship, and Google Voice is one out of the 3 Google apps that got put on my iPhone. A Google Voice phone number is worth its weight in Gold. The app doesn’t have adds, I’ve never encountered a service that it didn’t work to sign up with, with the exception of another Google Voice number, it can be transferred to another Google Account, can forward to multiple numbers simultaneously, and there are some very cool feature in the Legacy site but apparently that’s going away. Everyone should have one, or two or three. Then you can have a full blown conversation with yourself.

Bugs in preferences make this a 1 star product.. I use both Google Voice and Google Fi. I was shocked when I used Google Voice to call the United States from outside the United States to find a $55 bill on my Google Fi invoice for cellular minutes. The preferences in this app only allow two choices: 100% cellular and PREFER WiFi which still leaves the app free rein to stealthily change the call routing from WiFi to Cellular. From low cost or free to insanely expensive. What is missing is a third preference of USE WI-Fi only. Another reason for the 1 star rating is Google CEO Sundar Pinchi fired the great US based support team and moved end user support to lowly paid, untrained, unempowered morons in India. Who are forbidden to issue refunds and have no escalation or feedback path to the developers. There is a workaround courtesy if Reddit. Use Apple Automation tools to turn on Airplane mode whenever Google Voice is launched, denying access to the radios in the phone and keeping the call on wifi. There is also a bug in the Apple automation tools. Pushing Google Voice to the background allows the call to continue as it should. But the automation interprets pushing Google Voice to the background as Closing The App, clearing the way for Google to reroute the call in progress through Google Fi and starting the $0.20 per minute Fi Billing Clock. No notification, no permissions requested.

Good for start up business. I used this app for this first year and a half running my business. It worked -ok- but there were many dropped and missed calls. At some point it stopped ringing and saving voice mails inside the app, so the line between my personal and business calls because very blurry. It also saved contacts to my actual phone, not inside of the app. Sometimes not at all. It was slow with text notifications and keep in mind if you have to use other software or apps that need to verify your phone number, a google voice number won’t always work. I’m sure I lost a lot of business from using this app, but I also got a lot of business as well. It’s a good option for those just starting out and a business phone doesn’t fit into the budget yet. I just got one so I don’t need this app anymore.

Voicemails won’t play. Update: I have done as suggested and uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I have doubled checked to make sure that Do Not Disturb is off. I’ve had my partner and a couple of friends test by calling and leaving a voicemail and now the voicemails aren’t showing up silent; they’re not showing up AT ALL! Downloaded this app for my small business and now I’m wishing I had done my research beforehand because the google voice number is what I put on my business cards. The voicemails people leave are completely silent and don’t have a transcript. I’ve turned my phone on and off, I’ve deleted and redownloaded the app, I’ve tried listening on my laptop (which is a Chromebook so you think it would work). Nothing has worked. I did some research and it seems this has been a known issue for years. This is literally affecting my livelihood, can your multi-million dollar company get an engineer on this to FIX IT for the love of god.

Google V w/Hangouts on my IPhone 7plus. I used to like this app until it became confusing ! It’s great having a second number that can be called within the Hangouts app! Or by Google Voice only! Thing is the transition and ease of use is taking too many steps and not really as functional as it claims! I don’t have as many crashes now but I can’t seem to get my regular calls to come through from my cell phone when friends & family call on my cell phone # But it’s fine when friends or other ppl call on Hangouts with the google phone number ! It’s seems to reroute my iPhone # calls to Google voice but I’ve not set it up that way! I’d like the 2 numbers to be used when I’d rather be talking on one or the other. Or just have ppl call Hangouts that aren’t family or close family friends! Just use the Google V with Hangouts for acquaintances!! Why isn’t this possible ?? I can’t get the thing to disconnect from my carrier ! At least that’s what I think ! I added credit to the acct. so it wouldn’t charge my carrier ! I switched my iPhone on to WiFi calling only !! That should keep data down on my carriers calls and usage CORRECT ???? Would be nice to have at least an online means to contact the google apps and calling features !! Help us out more‼️‼️‼️

Keep nuisance calls and text messages down on your land and cell phones. I’ve had this service since is began and love it. Job hunting is hard enough without the spammers going to those sites and falsely acquiring your private information to add you to their call lists. This way if there is a legitimate inquiry they can leave a message either voice or text otherwise it is often blank. My regular cell phone is ringing all the time. Special events also are a good opportunity for this app. While you can monitor the calls from your cell phone you are no being interrupted during meetings or other moments in life when it’s not convenient to take these calls. It’s great

Google voice works - simple basic free app that works. There are a lot of phone number apps that aren't free and are not nearly as good as this one. The app does what it is supposed to do which is send and receive text messages and phone calls. The phone call quality on my cell phone is actually clearer than when I use my own provider. My provider is one of the big 5 nationally. What I read on negative reviews is that it saved text and call number history. That seems to not be the case in the version I am using now. I did something no one else mentioned which was delete the app from my phone, restart my phone, and add it back. Once I did that all those issues were gone and never returned. Yes this is the iPhone version lol.

Latest version. I have an older iPhone with 12.5.6 iOS. I have no intention to upgrade since this phone is perfectly fine. This app requires 14 or later, but is supposed to allow for a comparable download. IT DOESN’T!!! Soooooo I guess I’ll no longer be able to receive calls from my google number anymore?!?!?!?!?!? That’s just not right. I shouldn’t have to upgrade a perfectly good phone just to have access to a calling feature I had before the latest overpriced iPhone hit the market. Edit #3: STILL UNABLE TO DOWNLOAD THE LATEST COMPATIBLE VERSION FOR MY LATER iOS VERSION. I can receive calls since I saved the G# to “My Card” in my contacts BUT I cannot get caller ID info nor am I sure about listening to voicemails. I’m sure I’m not the only iPhone user who doe not upgrade their phone just because because because. COME ON GUYS, either allow me to Download a compatible version or remove that option.

Version 2.1 has serious bugs. I’ve used this app for years and I loved it. Among other things you can text via internet with no cell reception. But about a week ago, m phone became totally unresponsive and kept getting worse. Finally I looked at battery usage and, despite not using the app, Google Voice was using 43% of my battery just churning in the background. I uninstalled the app, rebooted my phone twice and zoom! Was back to it’s old quick self. Hoping it was a bad install of a good app, a day later, I reinstalled it. Even though I never even signed into my account, a day later my phone was sluggish and unresponsive. I once again uninstalled and rebooted and zoom. My phone is bright and peppy again. Conclusion: do NOT upgrade to Google Voice until version 2.2 comes out. This, by the way, is on an iPhone 5s

Please read this Google.. The app is fine and all, but when I had someone to my contacts through Google Voice, when someone texts me only their number shows through notifications, not their name. Plus, when i get texted, i get notified, but I have to find who texted me because it won’t show me in the app. It will say I have 12 texts or something, but I don’t know who sent them. Please fix this. That would REALLY be helpful. Oh, three more things. When I call someone (even if their in my contacts) it was say something like, “spam risk” or “restricted caller” for them. Second thing, when someone calls ME, it will either send them straight to voicemail or ask them for their name. And the last thing, I can’t send videos. :( Please fix these! Thanks.

What?. Almost every time I try to use the app to call a number, it always asks me to choose a number? So, I know it’s more than likely not because of the update, but I’ve had this app for a while and I give the number I chose out and when other numbers call they come through but when I want to make a call I'm always told I need to choose a number to use, as in pick a number to make my Google Voice number. Also, when I manage to call a number from the app using the G number, it changes what the phone number I’m trying to call. The correct phone rings but it shows it incorrectly during the call?? But my main issue is that I can’t easily open the app and make a phone call.

Great idea. Terrible App. I use google voice for business as I’m sure most of its users do, but for business I need to be able to send and receive my calls and texts. I have been notified that I have texts but when I open the app I can not see them and my current clients have made me aware of all their attempts to reach me both in calls and text and I haven’t received any of them as well as they didn’t receive my texts to them. I wonder how many new clients this app has lost me. I use to love this app and told everyone about it but now it’s causing me to lose business and causing me to have a reputation for not responding back to clients. Google wont miss a chance to take their clients money but doesn’t seem to mind their clients to lose their chances at getting money in return.

No data or Wi-Fi service. I can’t get any calls over mobile data or Wi-Fi! They go straight to voicemail. My only choice is to forward calls to my cell phone. No outbound calls over data either. It only works by using my mobile phone to call a random google number first. I have never seen Google Voice display a call to a contact like on the screenshot. And then there’s the times calls don’t ring at all. On the voicemail page it says the call did not ring and it links to a generic page that doesn’t explain how to stop this. I have missed important calls from work with numbers in my contact list like this. I have been a GV user since back before Google acquired it. It’s still getting updates so I haven’t given up but maybe it’s time to consider porting my GV number out.

Would be great if the contacts in google would be be in their own tab. ***UPDATE 3*** All contacts now show up on the contacts tab, no longer limited to 60, thank you!! ***UPDATE 2*** It would appear that only 60 contacts from google show up in the contacts tab. The rest CAN be searched, but what’s the point of having a contacts tab if you’re not going to display all the contacts? PLEASE FIX! ***UPDATE*** Wow I’m impressed! I’m not sure if my review made a difference or not, but the app has been updated (same day) and now the contacts tab properly syncs with google voice! Thank you so much!! ***ORIGINAL REVIEW*** Please make the separate contacts tab update from google contacts, not phone contacts. I like to separate my google contacts and my phone contacts, but it’s a hassle as of now. If there was a separate contacts tab THAT ACTUALLY WORKED it would be absolutely great. Adding contacts through google voice adds them to the phone address book- WHY?? This defeats the whole purpose of google voice, I don’t want to mix phone contacts with google contacts!

Good, but DOES crash & lacks user design attention. I have been using it for couple years now. Like the integration w/my Google email, etc. BUT, latest version seems to crash w/in 15-20 seconds whenever I try to create a text to send. I think the 'split personality' between Google Voice & Hangouts is confusing. I prefer the GV interface for communication, it's simpler; and I think the voice call quality is better (probably because it requires calling out via your cell number; Hangouts allows calls via wifi or 'data' connection.) BUT -- the GV app really does need a comprehensive design makeover. It doesn't have an option to group messages, it's confusing & cumbersome to delete messages (and it's different from Hangouts cumbersome system), it doesn't have a way to 'mark' messages you want to come back to, etc. In other words, it's potential as an effective and desirable voice&text communication app is squandered by what seems to a design-by-techheads -- user friendliness is not in their consciousness. And boy does it show. (Hangouts, for what it's worth, seems more bent on trying to be the 'cool' app; it's shortcoming are similar but it leans more heavily on texting side, I think.) Wow. GV could be great. I can't figure out who's got the brain block at Google to explain why it falls so short..

The new update freezes the app. I like the previous version better it didn’t Freeze it was very fast, the new and improved updated version Freezes a whole lot. It’s very frustrating because you have to wait until it’s Unthawed to send text messages. Trying to make a phone call the first time around is impossible the other color cannot hear you, you’ll hear a ring and then after one ring your screen is just black with the phone number you’ve called and the phone options displayed on your screen but no caller is on the other end. None of these issues was present in the older version. You have to call the number back like three times in order to get someone to answer. And it’s embarrassing because the caller on the receiving end questions your carrier service.

Good but.... I like the app. It’s easy to use with clear functionality that allows for smooth usage; although, the quality of phone calls is often spotty with interference or calls being dropped more often than on other apps. The app has a lot of interesting function, but feel as though the extras aren’t being used to their full capacity. For example: Google voice’s “Do Not Disturb” feature has to be turned on manually and then turned off again. Why isn’t there an option to set a schedule for example? Or maybe a way to set dates and reoccurring exceptions, similar to what digital calendars now do. That would be very convenient, but we’ll see if it gets there. Either way, it’s not a bad app and can be useful for many things.

Be sure to set up service before you travel.. My wife and I are currently vacationing in a location that, sadly, has no AT&T cellular coverage. Fortunately, there is WiFi so I thought perhaps I could use a VOIP app to call a local pizza joint for a delivery. What a mess that idea turned out to become. I download this Google Voice app thinking it might be the quick and easy (free) solution to my problem. In order to set up the app you must link the service to an existing phone number for verification. So Google needs to send a text message to my phone so I can verify that I am who I say I am or something like that. Problem remains, though.. I’m in an area that has no cellular coverage so I cannot receive the text message. If I had cell service here I wouldn’t need the VOIP app. Ridiculous.

How do I separate my personal calls from google?. I use google as my work number and my phone blows up all day. I have a lot of personal calls through my provider phone number as well. What can I do to distinguish the two? In my iPhone contact list it shows the google voice number that called me and I mistakenly call them back using my personal number because I can’t tell if it’s business or personal which is a big no no. Is there a feature to get this fixed so that I can still use my phone to receive calls and texts through the google app but strictly through it and it not popping up on my iPhone caller list? Also when someone calls and while it’s ringing is there a way to set the app up for it to tell me if it’s google voice like a color change on the ringing pop up or the app near the phone number?

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 24.4
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

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The application Google Voice was published in the category Productivity on 16 November 2010, Tuesday and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This program file size is 122.48 MB. This app has been rated by 59,389 users and has a rating of 4.3 out of 5. Google Voice - Productivity app posted on 05 February 2024, Monday current version is 24.4 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Google Voice App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Stability and performance improvements.

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Find on this site the customer service details of Google Voice. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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