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What is baby monitor 3g app? The First HD quality Multiplatform Baby Monitor is here!

BABY MONITOR 3G is a universal video and audio baby monitor for your phone, tablet, or computer. Hear every noise, stream live video, and soothe your child remotely. Works with an unlimited reach (WIFI, 3G, LTE) and is trusted by more than a million moms and dads.

* Awarded by Apple in the "AppStore Best of the Year" in Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria
* Won “Show Your App” Award 2017 and became the best overall app in Germany
* Featured by Apple as "Editor's Choice" in Germany and Austria
* Top 5 in Lifestyle apps in more than 100 countries
* A million happy parents and their babies around the world

- Works with all your devices - iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Apple Watch. (Mac version is available on Mac App Store and sold separately).
- Easy to use, easy to set up - less than 30 sec.
- Live HD video anywhere - you will not miss any detail
- Unlimited reach - over WiFi, LTE, 3G
- Enhanced Baby Activity Log
- Hear every noise - see every motion
- Lullabies to soothe your baby
- Talk to your baby with your voice
- Adjustable Night Light
- Discreet Vibration alert
- Nice Personalization
- Secure and Reliable usage
- Fully localized to 13 languages

Baby Monitor 3G works across most modern phones or tablets you have at home, and you can use them in any combination. See for more info about supported devices. Versions for each platform are sold separately.

The app requires two devices. One device stays in the child’s room, while the other one stays with you. Initial setup takes less than 30 seconds.

Baby Monitor 3G transfers live HD video from the child´s room to you over both wifi and cellular connection. To save data, you can switch to lower quality or to still photos.

Baby Monitor 3G supports both WIFI and 3G/LTE networks. You can have a baby monitor with unlimited gear that can be used anywhere without worrying about a weak WiFi signal.

Baby Monitor 3G allows you to check, how often was your baby awake, discover its sleeping patterns and replay sounds from current or any previous monitoring.

This feature turns the app into a night mode so you can comfortably check your phone placed on the nightstand even during the night without any unnecessary distraction.

Are you not sure what the little sound you barely hear is? Sensitize the sound for a moment so you can hear every tiny sound from your baby’s room.

Simply press a button and speak. Your child will be always one tap away from you.

You can soothe your baby to sleep by playing them some calming music. Lullabies can be imported from the music library or Baby Dreambox app.

Smart night light with adjustable intensity makes it possible to view your baby, even when it’s dark.

Make Baby Monitor 3G truly yours. You can set it up with the name of your baby, and the app looks differently depending on whether you have a baby boy or baby girl.

Reliability and privacy are our biggest concerns. You always know the battery level of the baby station, and stability of the internet connection is carefully monitored. In the unlikely event, something goes amiss, you’re notified immediately.

Note about privacy
We respect your privacy and that’s why we do not store any data transferred through Baby Monitor 3G or any personal information. The entire connection is encrypted by industry standard SSL. You can find out more details at

To see how video works and find more information, go to

Please send us your feedback to We love to implement new features based on your ideas!

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Find this site the customer service details of Baby Monitor 3G. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Baby Monitor 3G Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Baby Monitor 3G Version 4.16.010 March 2022

What’s new in this version: ● iOS 15 support ● overall video improvements ● minor issues fixed Thank you for monitoring with our app. We will be happy for your feedback!.

Baby Monitor 3G Version 4.15.211 April 2021

What’s new in this version: ● iOS 14 support ● overall audio and video improvements ● minor issues fixed Thank you for monitoring with our app. We will be happy for your feedback!.

Baby Monitor 3G Version 4.14.416 December 2020

What’s new in this version: ● iOS 14 support ● overall audio and video improvements ● minor issues fixed Thank you for monitoring with our app. We will be happy for your feedback!.

Baby Monitor 3G Comments & Reviews 2022

- Fantastic!

After spending way too much money on a fancy radio one that frequently cut out, had static, and required the baby end to be plugged in... We stumbled on this app. We used it between my hubs' and my iPhones and the iPad and then later with our old phones such that we ended up with 6 possible devices- all for a single app purchase price. It's audio all the time, re-load able pictures on 3G, and video on wifi or 4G+. Yes, it sometimes is finicky, but newer versions have improved and for the price and ability to always have a monitor on the go I can't complain! Its fantastic! Update- have used this app for the better part of 10 years through both my children and I still think it’s a super great option! The ability to walk anywhere on our property and have constant ears on my youngest is of value beyond measure!

- Peace of mind

As young, budget-conscious parents we were thrilled to try using an old smartphone as a baby monitor instead of paying big bucks for a new device. This app is incredible! We love seeing our baby girl on the video - I check it each night before bed. The app’s ability to sensitize sound and let you even replay previous sounds at the touch of a button is so helpful for seeing if she was crying or just sneezing or rustling, etc. I love that there is no text messaging or subscription, and the price was exceptionally fair. It’s great you can have it in multiple phones and even check it when you’re on a different wireless network; my husband and I love to check in on her! Truly a lifesaver app; we’ve recommended it to many other new parent friends!

- Everything I hoped for

I’ve had this app all the way since the times of iPhone 4. Our family travels a lot and this app is a life saver for a peace of mind and convenience. The best feature is that it will handle connection drops due to switches from WIFI to LTE or 3G so well. And when the connection is gone for whatever reason, it makes sure you know you need to re-establish it. Since using this app from around 2011 to now in 2018, there hasn’t been a single time our children would need us and we didn’t know. And for us, this is priceless. All the other bells and whistles the app has are very nice and above all easy to use. So, we recommend this app to all our friends for babies, pets or anything you want to monitor short-term.

- Brilliant “Sleep Mode”

This app is fantastic... such an easy and cost effective manner to set up a monitor system. Features we love: * “flashlight” for the video mode at night is better than any night vision promises other monitors make * the “only play longer noises” option is awesome for sleep mode, waking me only if the baby has made noise for more than 5secs, meaning I hear her when she’s actually fussing and not just every little grunt * that all it takes is two devices means we can setup a monitor system at the grandparents house without hauling anything other than our phones. I don’t often write reviews for apps, but this one deserves all five stars and then some.

- Great value for money.

I’ve been using this for about 3 years and I have no complaints. It’s reliable and the picture quality is stellar. There is sometimes a tiny delay in video playback but nothing consequential. It even works with older model iPads thus giving them purpose where there otherwise would have been little. A lot cheaper than buying a stand alone monitor. It works seamlessly when I go to work and miss my baby and want to check in. I especially love being able to chat with the kids through the monitor as well. Cuts down on me having to run up and down the stairs. So yeah. Definitely worth it. Don’t need another.

- A great app!

Our 3 month old is starting to sleep less when we bring him downstairs with us so I wanted something to help me watch him upstairs while we were down. I looked at baby monitors and didn’t want to spend $80 just for something I would only use for a bit. This app was just what we needed. It works great and I can use an iPad and leave it upstairs and take my phone around with me to keep and eye on baby. I like that it has the little notification of how long it’s been since the last noise was made by baby. It really gives me peace of mind.

- Exactly what we needed for a fraction of the cost!

Everyone has an old smartphone laying around the house these days. We were able to use our old iphone 5 with a $5 camera mount and ta-da! We now have a portable baby monitor that has the features of a $200 system for under $10. I have the app installed on my phone and my husband's phone. If you have a sitter you can add the app to their phone as well. Visiting someone? Just toss the old phone in the long as you're on the same wifi it works! So so glad to have this app!

- Unreliable!

Short story: DOESN’T WORK. Just now the app told me “baby sleeping.” Baby is screaming his head off. App appears to be working but has NO clue. I’ve only been using this for 48 hours and I’m already about to tear my hair out. The app looks like it’s working — and then suddenly, something will happen that will make it stop working. Maybe it will lose its connection entirely. Maybe it will stop picking up audio. Maybe the video stops working. You never know what will happen! Worse, in order to fix it, you have to go back into baby’s room to restart the app on the baby station. Which often wakes baby up. Useless!!!! Worst $4 I have ever spent as a parent. Totally useless. Yes, I have a reliable WiFi network, phone plugged into wall, etc. This is all software issues. Piece of junk!!!

- Best Convenient Monitor

I never leave reviews but I feel like ppl need it just like I did. I got a monitor for a gift but it was too close in my home and kept giving me the screeching sound. I also wanted something that was on my phone for mobility purposes. I haven’t found a monitor that I like yet and good thing because this app is perfectly what we needed. So don’t waste big bucks getting a monitor until your baby is active and you need different views. I put my iPad in the crib and I’m less anxious knowing I can see her every move!

- Stable and polished

Really thoughtful piece of software, and really robust when I have bad or intermittent reception. When I’m in doubt I can go back and listen to that rustling noise to check if it just might be my little boy crying (it’s not), or simply watch my beautiful baby sleeping for hours on end (often) even while sipping my latte. So worth it ... we’ve used same app this for both our children for just a few dollars, while special purpose baby monitors that cost tens or hundreds of times more have come and gone.

- Better than most

I use this app when my granddaughter sleeps over. Her room is on the other side of our house. I like that you can set the sensitivity but also switch to hear everything if you want. The lullabies are a nice feature but I wish you could load more than one and have them shuffle play. My biggest gripe is that it doesn’t have night vision. It’s not a free app so you would think you’d be able to see your child sleeping at night when on video mode. It’s still the best, most affordable app like this.

- Still Amazing

We found Baby Monitor 3g years ago when JJ was indeed a baby. There was nothing like it at the time. Now the App Store is full of apps that use a second or old phone as the baby station. This one is still the best. Maybe because the developer has been so responsive over the years, keeps thinking, seems obsessed with quality and minimizing downtime. I’m still grateful for this app and the people who keep making it better, wherever they are.

- Great app, so many uses!!

I use this app all the time for anything I need to keep an eye on! Of course, I originally got it for kid use, but eventually realized the possibilities were endless! I can see when the washing machine is done downstairs or can watch out for food delivery, etc! Best part, is it works even when far away, so I can still watch out for something on my phone even if I have to run to the store for a minute! Amazing app, and so handy!

- Used this for years now

I’ve used this for years now. Love that it is made for a multi OS family. Bought it with our first kid 7 years ago. Still use it. Update: using 3 devices as baby stations and just wishing there was an easier way to monitor all 3 without needing to switch the feed. Still 5 stars because of all of the other features, but that’s my 1 critique.

- Awesome

I don’t even have a physical monitor. I was told about this app prior to my pregnancy. When the time came for my daughter to sleep in her own room downloaded it and gave it a shot. I use it with a Kindle and it works perfect for our nursery. Ever so often the camera glitches when logging in but ive learned I really only need the sound. Great app, especially for the price!!

- Way better than dedicated monitors

At least, this is as good as a regular baby monitor. But then we travel, and we don’t bring anything extra because we already have our phones. Or we go to our backyard and need the cell capability to augment the range. It pairs really well with the Apple Watch too. Even if you’re not in earshot of the parent phone, it notifies you and you can go check the monitor.

- Works great!

Especially if you have additional devices to serve as permanent baby camera/parent stations, there’s no reason at all to purchase a traditional baby monitor. This app works great and also gives flexibility of using any device as either the baby camera or parent station. Great for travel since it works on the devices you would probably bring anyway.

- Drains battery

Overall the app is great. I like the way it functions, and I can see my daughter very well at night. However one thing I’ve noticed since using the app is that is SERIOUSLY drains my battery. If I leave the app running on my phone (as is intended since it is a baby monitor app) when I sleep at night, even though my phone is plugged in on the charger, it’s only at 50-60% when I wake up. It’s like it’s draining my battery faster than it can charge. When I don’t have the app running? Phone charges fine.

- Great App

I have used this app for years through multiple children and have always felt it was a reliable way to monitor my babies. Thank you for creating a cheaper option than cameras that utilizes the devices I already have at home! That means I have less stuff to in my house. Keep your babies safe and monitor them when they’re napping with this great app!!

- Cost-effective and Thoughtful

This app is great! After lots of stressing over a good monitor, we found this on a whim. Don’t let the looks deceive you - it works great! It doesn’t have night vision obviously, but it can see in dim lighting like a room with blackout curtains during the day. We love the lullaby feature and use the rain selection for our child!

- Five year user

Not into extra cameras and gadgets, so apps on our phones and iPads worked really well for us. Bought it with my first son to monitor him while on vacation and still use it for naps and bed with my second. Not fancy at all but does the job and has never changed or been unreliable.

- Great for the price!

We have a small house and didn't think we'd need a monitor. But apparently our house has better sound proof walls than we thought. After we moved baby to her own room we realized we needed a monitor. I couldn't justify the spends ones. A mom group recommended this one. I love it and it's been great!

- Not great

The video quality is very grainy and hard to see even with settings adjusted to high quality and running on the same wifi. There are only 2 sounds and 1 lullaby in the music section, and you have to buy another app to add more. You cannot share the app for free with another device like a previous review said. My husband has to buy the app for his phone in order to see the monitor on his phone. Feel a little misled from the reviews and app description. Not happy with this purchase and would not recommend

- Great solution for us

I have loved using this as our monitor, with an old phone in the baby’s room and either our phone or iPad on our end. I like that I can even peek at her if I’m out of the house and wondering if grandma put her down for a nap. The only thing I sometimes wish for is night vision, but not enough to replace this with a different monitor.

- A well made life saver!

We went on vacation and visited my parents in Oregon. The bedrooms were all upstairs, unlike our house where our toddler can wake from a nap whenever and walk to the living room. We were worried we wouldn’t hear the little guy wake and be able to get him. This app came through! So we’ll made it made me thankful to the whole world.

- Great live baby monitor - one feature will make it awesome

It is the best live baby monitor app in the market. It works on LTE very well. There is nothing better than this. One feature can make this app awesome- ability to record the video on activity for a day or two and download when needed. We miss kids moments and it can capture those.

- With us for 3.5 years now! Superb baby app.

Reliable and easy to operate. We are an iPhone family and have had grandparents also download the app so whenever we are with them we can use it. No installation, no wires and cables and strapping cameras to walls and cribs!! Cannot praise the simplicity of use from the user perspective enough. Highly recommend!!

- Hats off. Flawless implementation for iOS

Great job developers. This app works flawlessly. This app working smoothly is one less trouble, which is awesome when you have a newborn. I love he fact that all devices can be on different Apple ids, but still use the same purchase, if they are part of the same Apple iCloud family.

- Work very well

The app work very. I like the ability to be able to check the baby from two different devices simultaneously. I can check my baby over WiFi in one device and over cellular on another device. Get it now.

- Best ever!

I have 4 kids and have been using this with all of them. Super convenient that you can put it on any device and you don’t need the same wifi, just need data! Great nanny cam, monitor for traveling, etc. Nothing but good things to say!

- Works great!

Works just like I need it to. Only complaint is that is sends notifications to my Apple Watch both to alert when there has been a sound and also when it goes back to quiet. Alerting when there is sound would be sufficient and the extra alerts get a little annoying.

- Why did I ever buy a different monitor?!? This is the only one I need

I have an expensive $100+ monitor and I literally like this one better. I did buy an iPhone stand. But considering how many old iPhones I have, this was essentially free!

- Baby monitoring app

Sound quality is amazing! Video is great! Can stream live from miles away!!! Love it. I only wish I could control the “baby iPhone settings” like when the internet needs to be reconnected.

- Love this app!

Lights up red when baby is making noise, tells you when baby made noise, and let's you know how long asleep. Has ability to watch what's happening,speak to baby from parent piece, and turn on light. Runs perfectly!

- Baby Monitor App

I’ve been using the app for about a year. I love how it keeps me informed on how my baby is doing and connects to my phone so easily. I’m so glad I didn’t get any special equipment to make it work. It’s the only app I’ve ever purchased and was worth the $. Thanks

- Does exactly what it says it does

I never write reviews. I’ve used this for my last two babies to help them sleep in a noisy city. The app has only gotten better over the years. It simply works well. The description is accurate.

- Super convenient and easy to use

Works perfectly and love the fact that you can play lullabies and hear every sound in the room if you want to.

- Everyday a new problem....

This app doesn't even work!!! First, it took forever to even start then when it did it won't show video! It just says on the bottom "starting video" but never does! They sort of fixed that problem so it the video works sometimes but now the sound goes in and out. What's the point of having a monitor if you can hear anything?!? Don't buy this app! It's a waste of money and has never ending problems.

- Family Reunion Help

This worked beautifully for us when we had a family reunion and watched our 18 month old grandson. We got him down, used our phones, sat by the hot tub and knew what was going on/not going on with our boy!

- Awful

If this app didn't crash at least once a night it would be a marginally useful product. Problem is, you don't know that it's crashed until your baby is wailing loud enough for you to actually hear them without a monitor. It would also be nice to be able hear all noises that baby makes despite having the background noise playing. Unless it's silent, the noises happening in baby's room are intermittent and cut out.

- Great monitor

Best $5 spent. Lots of constant updates. You can take it anywhere it works off WiFi and your network. Can set it to which sounds to pick up. The only monitor we have used for our guy.

- Baby Station 3G

We use Baby Station when grandkids visit for their naps. We toggle between 2 baby stations from the parent station quite often. Always connects without a problem.

- Worth trying

I use to watch baby turtles that have had to be saved several times when flipped upside down. Thank you

- Favorite app

We've used this app for... at least three of our eight kids. Maybe even four. So, for awhile. Tried other apps. This one is just that good. Very simple and very easy to use for both my wife and I 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

- Works great

Could improve allow phone call and social media recording without termination of monitoring or secondary devices for multiple children’s rooms

- Perfect, no need for the 200$ units

Just set up wherever it’s needed. You can easily move it around and no extra stuff to carry with me while visiting friends or while on vacation. Very clear picture.

- Great app!

I love that you can be doing something else on your phone and it alerts you to movement/awake baby. The ability to turn on/off the light of the baby’s phone to see them is awesome!

- Awesome App

Love it! Saved us while on vacation ! Forgot our baby Monitor… we were able to go to the beach 100 yards away and check in on the sleeping baby

- I want my money back

I was so bummed that this does not work consistently. At first I thought it was the answer to my prayers since we have had trouble with our more expensive monitor. It worked during my baby’s afternoon nap but when my husband came home it refused to connect to the WiFi even though I had a strong signal. Just another disappointment in a long line of disappointments for baby monitoring.

- A god send

Using this for my wife who is dying of cancer. Had an old iPad and my current iPhone. Simple. Works great. For $3.95, unbelievable instant use vs having to buy a baby monitor.

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- Great App

We have found this app a great alternative to an expensive baby monitor. Our room is close to our son’s but we have fans for white noise and so the monitor just gives us that reassurance that we will hear him when he needs us. Night mode is unobtrusive. The light on the device can be bright in baby’s room if you are receiving notifications. I charge the baby station during the day and it lasts all night. We used an older iPad as baby station connected by wifi to my phone. We only use it for audio. Remember you need a 3G device if you’re going away somewhere without wifi. Highly recommend this app.

- Amazing app

I don’t usually post reviews but I had to review this app because it is so good! I use an iPad as my ‘baby station’ device and my iPhone as my ‘parent station’ connected via wifi and it’s fantastic! Video is great, sound is great, I’ve been using for about 2 weeks now and it hasn’t failed me yet. If you’re considering buying a baby monitor and have a spare device, definitely try this first!

- BabyMonitor App is great!!!

This app is absolutely great substitute to usual baby monitor👍🏻 and it’s much cheaper too. Only if you have spare device (iPhone or iPad, sorry not sure about other brand)to leave in your baby room. We used our very old iPad and it worked absolutely fine! You can hear all sounds and watch your baby over the camera! I totally love using it!!!

- Buggy since latest update

I've been using this app for almost two years now and for the most part, it's fantastic. Until the most recent update. Now, 9/10 I have to reset the monitor each day in the baby's room because the parent station can't connect to it. Do you realise how terribly annoying this is when you've forgotten to restart the app and have to sneak into the baby's room at 11pm to fumble about in the dark trying to fix it?!! Please fix this bug asap!

- This is amazing

Seriously, do ou want to save hundreds. This is the app that does just that. I use an old iPhone that I had in a draw. It was one that I had on a plan from years ago. It does the baby station better than any baby camera on market. I Veiw my baby in 4K.

- Good however affects the settings on my phone

This app has been great, however I find that when I use the mute function, it affects the volume on my phone (the highest volume on my phone is lowered), and the video function on my camera disappears. Both are restored when I turn my phone off and on. I have tested a few other apps, and it’s this baby monitor app that appears to be affecting it.

- Fantastic

Great app, really worth every cent. Even if your just using it over wifi like I am, nothing comes close to how well this monitor works. The 3G function is pretty good as well it’s great just knowing it’s there if needed. I would recommend this to anyone with multiple apple devices!

- Awesome awesome app

Cannot fault this app. We use it with an old iPhone 5 as the Baby Station to monitor our two little dogs in our Motorhome if we go to a Café or restaurant close by. Works faultlessly all the time. Over 3G or 4G. Even wifi hotspots like Telstra Air. Can even play them a lullaby to calm them down. Worth every penny.

- Reliable and clear

Cuts out ambient noise mostly and picks up all sounds from your baby. Highly recommend, prefer it over my video baby monitor worth hundreds, and far more reliable.

- Lucy

This ap is excellent, we use it for every cot nap and overnight. We started using it at around 12 weeks with our first who is now 3.5 and will continue to use it every day for both children!

- Worth it!

We use it all the time! It works really well. Drops out very occasionally but I think that’s more to do with out internet service.

- We love this app!

Really helpful if you have the internet for it. Great to just have a bit of piece of mind especially if you are visiting overnight friends places/ extended family etc.

- Saved us a dedicated monitor

Great for travels and for home. Would be even better if both devices are on the same network it didn't use cloud

- Great tool

I love this easy to use app. My 6 year old son has to be tested for sleeping issues and this records activity nightly and has an easy to understand summary to share with the specialists.

- Great when you have reception!

Great app. Would love to see some new features like delayed notifications, (notify me if baby has been crying for 5 minutes). Thanks!

- Brilliant

Can have monitor turned on on two devices so if mum is out and dad home, mum can still see baby asleep and not needing to rush home for feed.

- Tends to drop connection

Video transmission often won't work, and connection frequently drops in and out. (This on an ubiquiti wifi system that no other software has trouble with.) Apart from this significant flaw the app is otherwise good.

- Peace of mind

Great app, live remotely so great that sleeping toddlers can be monitored while some work gets done outside. Thumbs up

- Great

Great app, lullaby feature is good, would be better if you could have a playlist rather than play one song only or looped

- Works well

Easy to setup and connect. Would like to be able to change that any noises under 5 seconds aren’t alerted or recorded in the activity log.

- Reliable baby monitor, but...

Needs to be able to monitor two babies at the same time like other apps.

- Highly recommended

Great app. Gives us such peace of mind on holidays when we're sat outdoors and the kids are indoors!

- Brilliant!

Great app! Amazing for us parents that want to do a few little jobs outside when bun is sleeping!

- Amazing. Works great for a simple easy to use monitor.

Amazing. Works great for a simple easy to use monitor.

- Disappointing

Was really disappointed by this app. Even with my settings on high sensitivity microphone this app could not sense baby crying (while other apps can). Really inadequate given this was one I paid for and the other apps were free.

- No night mode

Quite disappointed as the app keep showing lost connection and also that theres no night mode where you can see your baby in the dark room! Pretty annoyed that I wasted my money buying this app!

- Wasted my money on this one

Connection lost message constantly while other apps ok. Then showed connection ok for long while. During ok period did not detect our toddler wake up and walk out of the hotel room. Phone was well located next to toddler. I want my money back.

- Baby monitor 3G

I just love this app It’s just what I needed And it’s cheap as well

- Don’t bother

Really buggy and not worth the money. Kept dropping out despite being in rooms next to each other. Had an echo in babies room and sound quality very pitchy. Wouldn’t waste money on it.

- Great baby monitor app when travelling or at home


- Great app!!

This app has been soo useful!! Soo great to keep an eye on my little man!!

- Perfect app

Very easy to use and very helpful

- Brilliant!

Works very well. Thank you!

- Great app but keeps crashing

On my 5th gen iPad plus 3rd gen iPad as well as Samsung s7 and hubbys Google pixel 2 we gave regular app crashes.... Nearly time to find an alternative....

- Love it!

Use it all the time.

- Good app

This app is great for me to use with my little ones. Works great.

- Absolute Junk and a waste of mony

Its a waste of money. Video quality is delayed and very clunky compared to similar apps. Tried it, tested it and it failed, I want my mony back.

- Good app

Good app but sometimes drops out

- Two things holding it back...

Great app, we've been using it for almost two years now! I highly recommended it however two things are holding it back from being a 5 star app: 1. Baby monitor auto reconnect. When wireless drops out etc it kills the baby monitor. Last thing you want to do it go into a sleeping baby room to play with the phone in there! 2. Ability to remain wifi only. The 3G / 4G function is one of the greatest things as you can set up a monitor system wherever you are with two paired phones however if you're at home on a wireless network & the internet drops out the monitor is cooked.

- Great

This is a very handy app!

- Charges

Hi there, I got accidentally charged for this app. I never bought. Regards Saksh

- Ian Mulgrew


- Everything we need!

Highly recommend! We bought this app as we had no baby monitor and needed one for a party. $4.49 is really nothing compared to the cost of an actual monitor. Note that you may need to purchase twice, as we did, so both devices have app. Free if same iTunes account (eg my iPad). It was, and is, really worth it! Working off 3G is great as there are no distance/range problems. Sensitivity setting is very helpful. Love the 'last baby noise 3minutes ago' comments incase you missed it buzz in your pocket. Alarms if internet or battery drops. Video works a treat! All up a great purchase and highly recommend!

- 5 stars with a few suggestions

Overall a great app. Some suggestions: 1. Baby station stays connected and open for unlimited time even if parent station disconnects- perhaps a timeout, of even an hour or two will be useful. Many times I have forgotten to close app on baby station and it has completely drained the battery. If left on charger it will stay open indefinitely, even when not in use, which is a waste of power. 2. When connected, baby station screen is way too bright. At night I have had to cover with dark cloth or flip device over to stop the light. Which then leads to problem #1 as above. This brightness is amplified if using iPad for baby station. Perhaps a screen that completely blackens after a time (while still monitoring) is the answer. App is pricey but I use it everyday and is worth the cost. Overall a great app.

- Is worth the money

This is a great app I live that u can use your iphone iPad ect for a baby monitor I use it for my toddler and to be able to speak to her without having to go into her room is great. The only thing I have a problem with is the light I don't have the light on the app so to see her in her room at night I have to have her lamp on otherwise it pitch black and I can't see her at all. I thought there was a light on the app?. Otherwise I still recommend the app for any parent.

- Golden

This app is fantastic. We used it on a 3G connection and 2 hours of constant use it only used 1.2MB of data to monitor the baby between an iPhone 4S and 5. Didn't drain battery either, lost 8% over those 2 hours which is practically nothing. It did drop connection a couple of times but the app corrected itself with no issues. Plus you get notifications for everything too. Extremely happy.

- very useful

I never thought I would have a need for a baby monitor, but it became apparent that one would be useful while we were away at a wedding. We didn't have wifi at the hotel, so we needed one that worked over 3g. This was the only baby monitor on iTunes that worked over 3G when I looked. It worked for really well for us - well worth the $4.49.

- Great App

As all apps have some room for improvement, I have given this 4 stars. This app saved us big time on a recent holiday. Used it via 3G at a retreat so we could have some time with the grown ups while baby slept. What a relief. I did have a few connectivity problems, but we still had peace of mind because the app alerted us when it lost connection. It works to resolve its connection losses, and usually was back in connection within 5 seconds. Just setting it up at home to try with video, but the picture mode while on 3G is intuitive. Only wish iPhone had night vision so I didn't have to turn on the flashlight remotely (wish this app does!) Overall, well worth the investment, especially in a pinch, as buying even a cheap monitor while we were away was going to be 10x this price.

- So easy!

Fantastic app to use because you can see your bub while they're sleeping as well as hear every noise and even talk back to them! Easily hooked up between devices. Only thing is don't like is that if other device locks the screen it shuts down but the white background can sometimes be too bright at night even once dulled. Perhaps changing it to a black background could work better.

- Great app

Love that I didn't have to buy a separate baby monitor that could only be used as such. Just got a secondhand iPod and set that up as the baby station. And when the babies get older, they use can the iPod! The only thing I preferred in the older version was the ability to turn on the LED light. I can't seem to find that function anymore.

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- Greatest baby monitor ever

Works on all our devices, old and new! Always seamless and hassle free. Have had it for 6 years. Can’t say enough good things about it!

- No continuous video monitoring

Despite settings adjustment

- Don’t bother

App does not work unless you at in perfect service. Thought it would be good for the weekend getaway. Don’t bother unless it’s for your at home use with wifi

- Sound doesn’t work

Camera work fine but I can’t hear when my girls are awake it doesn’t even says when they’re up

- Pratique et peu coûteux

J’utilise l’application depuis 2 semaines. Il me permet de garder un oeil sur ma fille pendant la nuit. Je dois cependant utiliser une veilleuse pour la voir car la lumière du téléphone est trop forte.

- Did not use

Seemed great in principle but did not work well at all. Doesnt allow baby station ipad play its own music. Poor functionality. I bought a nest

- Game Changer for sure

This app is the perfect thing! We live on a rural farm and it reaches all around the property. Even into the shop so o can go down and work down there and still have perfect connection to baby. I used it for my first and now my second baby. Video works well too although I don’t use that feature much. One thing is it’s a bit finicky if you are listening to say an audio book also, the app automatically makes the volume quiet of anything else on your phone, but you just have to readjust the audio volume and it goes up again. All around a great app!

- Perfect


- Most adaptable monitor

Was in a bind on a trip, tried multiple options and none worked until I found this one. It works flawlessly, even cross platform. I love it, it’s so versatile and I can set it up anywhere very quickly. Very well done!

- Overall good value for price!

The app is pretty good and I like it for day use when my baby’s room has a bit more natural light in it. The reason for four stars is because at night time it is very hard to see anything without putting the flashlight on and the mic doesn’t pick up subtle breathing sounds, which for me at this point I would really like. That said though, really great value for the price!

- Good app


- Elsa


- Parfait

Très fiable

- Very helpful

You can go around house work knowing that you will be there if baby won’t sleep.

- A game changer!

With only a couple of old iPhones our baby’s world is always within our view.

- A must have great app!

From functionality to UI. Wish it would have the ability to connect to more than one station simultaneously.

- Great app

Easy to use, and gets the job done. Love being able to use different devices as the parent station.

- Game changer for travelling

A friend told us about this app while on a trip when our own monitor wasn’t working. We downloaded it and have never brought a typical monitor on a trip since. We have used this all over the world with great success. Best money spent with devices we already have. The only draw back is that the video monitor doesn’t work in the dark. It would be amazing if they could create night vision ...then it truly would be the best monitor out there!

- Love it

I just had a new baby, and we have everything except a baby monitor. I had an old iPhone 4 laying around and decided to try out this app. It’s very responsive and it works well. There is one con though. Because the baby station phone is so old, the app just sucks the battery dry. Even when the device is plugged in. It would be nice to see an option to just use sound and turn off the camera.

- Great baby monitor

I love this baby monitor, I also use it for my dogs sometimes too! The only downside is that there’s no night vision, so I can’t see anything on the screen. Otherwise it works great, love that it’s on our phones so even when my husband is at work he can check it!

- Weird

After a few months of usage, I can’t share it with my girlfriend’s ipad anymore. What’s wrong?

- Great!

Love it! But just know if there is low or no light you won't see any video. Simple and easy to set up and use. I do wish there was an option to view on my PC though. It’s been glitching lately though and I’m not able to always see video and it disconnects sometimes.

- Terrible

It worked fine at first and the last couple uses it hasn’t registered baby crying at all so he was screaming for an unknown amount of time and I had no idea.

- Pretty Flawless

We’ve used this app for both monitoring both our little boys over the last 3 years. It has worked so well for us! If you have an extra device to use (phone or tablet) all you need is to pair the two and you got a monitoring station for the price of an app. Would highly recommend this.

- Recommandable

Bonne application. Connexion sur une grande distance. La caméra bug souvent par contre malgré une connexion Wi-fi. Serait meilleur avec une vision nocturne.

- Léa.Milann


- Best App for working parents

i love it and its really works for work distance

- I use it to check in on my dogs thru my shift work

Good for humans and dogs!!

- Garbage

App disconnects after using for more than an hour and it’s just glitchy and terrible to use.

- Enable pairing without wifi, thanks, bye.

I like it but it would be nice if you could pair the phone and iPad without wifi so you can use it in places you don’t always have wifi, camping for instance. It’s especially important to not rely on wifi if this app is the main method for monitoring the baby. For instance, power outage I wasn’t able to monitor my baby once I put her to bed... 😕. If this was changed I would give the app 4 stars. There’s other things, but they’re minor.

- Review

It is a decent application 👍🏽

- little disappointed

Would be better with night vision on cam😒

- Superb

Fantastic baby monitor app!!!

- Spectacular

Great baby monitor app!!!

- Works great most of the time.

If the internet cuts out the monitor cuts out... we use an old iPhone for the baby side and it works great most of the time. I would love the option to pair the phones via Bluetooth. That would be epic!

- very satisfied

I tried many other apps and almost gave up when they all failed to maintain a connection. This one holds perfectly. And I can put to good use an old cracked iPad 1 running iOS 5. Note to developers : please maintain compatiblity with old devices if ever you change the protocol. Please stop the popups telling me to upgrade to the newer version when it is not available for the older versions of iOS. It is annoying.

- Awesome!!

I love this app because it works so well for long ranges! I have one phone inside connected to wifi and my other one using (just a teeny bit of) data so I can get work done outside while kids are napping! Also great for camping...excellent for long range. I'm unfortunately not able to listen to music or take a call while using the app as it doesn't work with other apps that use up sound.

- Excellent !

Excellent !!!

- Great app.

Use it all the time

- Baby monitors 3G

Great app

- Better than any camera available in stores

This app is simply the best in its field. Better than any $100+ camera in stores. Works over 3G/LTE etc. 10/10.

- Awesome app

Works wonderfully- great on holidays

- Love this app!!

This app is great. I love not having another device to monitor my child. It's great having it on my iPhone/iPad. The only thing I would change is to be able to monitor more than one baby at a time on the same app but I might be dreaming big. ;)

- Baby phone

Super application, très utile. J 'aime

- ** Check it out. Works great!****

Very consistent application that works perfectly for babies or, in our case, dogs. We are able to check in whenever we want, and it has given us great peace of mind. The App is worth the money. Give it a try. Seriously.

- Awesome!

5 years and 3 kids later, we are still using this app. It works great and is better than a $$$ baby monitor!

- Works great!

I used this app on my Mac as baby station and on my iPhone as parent station and the connection was awesome over LTE. Always notified me when baby was crying or even moving a little. Also night vision was good, the screen light from the Mac was enough to see the baby!

- Skip this app

This app looses connection and stops working all of the time, especially in the middle of the night ( the worst time). Parents need to be able to rely on a monitor and this app does not provide that at all. I don't recommend this app and suggest getting an actual monitor so you can rest easy that your precious little one is ok.

- Awesome at a fantastic price

Fantastic app. Lets you watch over your grandchildren for complete peace of mind

- Do not update

I have had this app for quite a while and prior to updating it I was relatively happy with it, other than not being able to use audio on other apps while monitoring was in progress. Since updating this app is terrible. The background monitoring does not work at all! It crashes every time I try to use background monitoring or it says that audio can't be played because another app is using audio, even when that is not the case. Very disappointing and will be finding a new app.

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Baby Monitor 3G 4.16.0 Screenshots & Images

Baby Monitor 3G iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Baby Monitor 3G iphone images
Baby Monitor 3G iphone images
Baby Monitor 3G iphone images
Baby Monitor 3G iphone images
Baby Monitor 3G iphone images
Baby Monitor 3G Lifestyle application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Baby Monitor 3G (Version 4.16.0) Install & Download

The applications Baby Monitor 3G was published in the category Lifestyle on 2012-01-17 and was developed by TappyTaps s.r.o. [Developer ID: 326082490]. This application file size is 109.31 MB. Baby Monitor 3G - Lifestyle app posted on 2022-03-10 current version is 4.16.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tappytaps.Baby-Monitor-3G