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What is dog monitor app? Check on your dog while you’re at work - know when it’s barking, talk to your dog remotely and see live video.
This is the first dog monitor app in the App Store with unlimited reach. It is a must-have for any dog owner.

With the Dog Monitor app, you can easily turn any two iOS devices into a full-featured dog monitor in a matter of seconds. No registration or connection adjustments required.

Now you can immediately find out when your dog barks. Wide sensitivity settings assure that you won’t miss any noise.

Is your dog barking or chewing up your new shoes? Do you want to talk to him even if you’re not home? No problem. The Dog Monitor app lets you talk to your dog remotely from anywhere.

"Sit", "Stay", "Lay down" record commands in your own voice and keep your dog entertained and well behaved remotely.

Ever wondered what your dog does when you’re away? Watch video of your pet and see what they are up to. Thanks to our adjustable light feature, you can check-in on your dog even when it is dark. Video stream requires iOS 6 or greater.

You’ll always know what your dog is up to because the app works on both WiFi and cellular networks.

- Every Noise - sensitizes the sound for you to hear even the tiniest noises.
- Vibrate - be alerted discreetly when your dog is barking
- Reliability - app let’s you know in case the connection is lost or something goes wrong
- Security - entire connection is encrypted by SSL

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Dog Monitor Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Dog Monitor Version 4.10.002 March 2022

What’s new in this version: ● iOS 15 support ● overall video improvements ● minor issues fixed Thank you for monitoring with our app. We will be happy for your feedback!.

Dog Monitor Version 4.9.214 April 2021

What’s new in this version: ● iOS 14 support ● overall audio and video improvements ● minor issues fixed Thank you for monitoring with our app. We will be happy for your feedback!.

Dog Monitor Version 4.8.411 December 2020

What’s new in this version: ● iOS 14 support ● overall audio and video improvements ● minor issues fixed Bugfix: ● crashes that happens on iOS 9 devices.

Dog Monitor Comments & Reviews 2022

- Thank you! Thank you!!!

This is an update: This app eventually helped me better get along with my neighbors!!! My dog used to “cry” when I was away and my neighbor kinda complained. I bought this app to use for both my iPhone and my mac (priced separately), I literally corrected my dog’s “problem” by talking to him whenever I heard him “crying”. Took me some effort but eventually he stopped crying and I was so thankful that this was even possible! I definitely recommend every dog owner to have some kind of monitors like this app so you can help change your dog’s behaviors when he/she is home alone. That way your dog will become more likable and welcome not only to your neighbors but also to you and your family. Original 1 star review (YEARS AGO while the app was pretty new): I like this app, great concept and I purchased it for both my iPhone and my mac, I'm giving it 1 star for 2reasons: 1) because it keeps showing a message / envelope icon with a number badge on it on the app's initial screen and doesn't let user dismiss or let it go away! You don't force users to read what you want us to read, that's annoying! 2) no matter how hard I try, I can't video stream on my LTE network. Video only works on Wifi, despite I've already enabled it in settings.

- Not sure what I’d have done without this...I have

An injured mini dachshund, named Sugar💝. She has spinal issues in her neck. I almost thought I was going to have to make the worst decision of my life. But, She is finally pulling out of it...albeit slowly. But I was able to watch her from work, and see that, when she was starting to feel better, she was trying to crawl over the fence in her little pen that I secured her in. I was able to call family in to go to the house and take care of things. I never would have known this was going on, nor would I have been able to monitor her pain threshold. I’ve also been able to see my other dachshund, pepper -as well, and how she reacts when my sugar is in confinement. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without this app. I’m happy to say she is on the mend and I hope it stays that way! This app is a LIFESAVER⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Get this app

I cannot believe how much this works for separation anxiety. I have recorded my dog on my iPad while I’m away and she would cry and wait by the door the whole time. With the app’s voice feature I can call out my dog’s name while I’m away and comfort her with my words. As soon as I left and said her name and words of assurance she went to her bed and slept. Every 30 minutes I called out her name and comforted her and it was clear she knew it was me because she would look toward the camera, and then go back to bed. Of all the expensive crap I buy to make my dog happy, this $5 app is one of the most effective and best things for my dog. Thank you to the developers who clearly work ahead and listen to the reviews. I can see that they listen to past complaints and continue to improve their app. That is all you can ask of an app developer and they clearly go above and beyond.

- Great App!

I never review apps. But I can’t help but rave about this app and how much it has helped! We recently moved into a new condo. My 7 year old Yorkie Mix was having troubles adjusting, and barking at all hours of the day and night. I went out and bought everything I could think of to curb this new behavior, while realizing it was just the environment change she was adjusting to. I’m taking all of that back after downloading this app. It’s so easy to use and has been 100% effective. When she starts to bark, I open the app and tell her to stop and she stops. It also gives me piece of mind seeing that she isn’t sitting there barking all night, just on occasion when she hears a strange noise. I am much happier knowing and my neighbors seem much happier that she isn’t barking uncontrollably.

- Would give 5 stars if...

This app is absolutely incredible for the price! If you already have a second device, like an iPad that stays at home during the day, then this is way better than buying those other expensive products! I can see my dog all day, and even talk to him to tell him to stop chewing his bed if I need to! It also alerts me if he is being noisy (can be turned off). I only have one issue with this app...if you want to keep the camera running and monitor your dog all day it lowers the sound on all your other apps drastically. The only way to raise the volume is to stop monitoring your dog. So unfortunately I have to start and stop the monitor all day while I am using my phone and hopefully remember to put it on again when I’m done. That being said for $5 this is a great way to check on your pets throughout the day! It would be perfect if it did not effect the volume of all other apps while running.

- Great concept but needs a lot of work

I get the purpose and I understand why a lot of people like this app. Don’t get me wrong, I like the app and its intent. However, my biggest gripe is it’s notification feature. As mentioned by others, it’s really annoying to have actual noise coming from the Dog Station go through your phone. I get that there is a solution for that by muting it in the settings and still get normal device notification sounds. But here’s the thing, that is not the reason why I’m not giving this 5 stars. This app is required to be running in the background in order to get notifications. For most, our batteries can’t afford to have apps like this running all day. I want to love this app and continue to use it. But until you guys figure out a way to still get notifications without the app running in the background, I’ll have to stick with Alfred. Maybe you guys should ask them how they figured it out.

- Great App for checking in...

If you are a working dog mommy or dad, this is perfect... Its easy to setup. I use my iPad & Mac Pro as dog stations & my iPhone as a person station. Be sure to have all devices plugged in, this app drains the battery fast..if you plan on connecting your Mac as a station, you'll have to pay again. However you only pay once for iOS systems.. My yorkie is a constant paw licker & this is great for monitoring & telling him to stop... funny how he looks around wondering where my voice came from... You can also record your voice & give voice commands. I use the recorder to sing He loves it... really wish the camera was two way, so he could see me as well. But for the price, I can't really complain!!

- Great for the price

This app gives me so much peace of mind. Our Havanese puppy isn’t loud or rambunctious, so I don’t normally use continuous monitoring, just check in through the day. It doesn’t drain my battery, and I’m able to see that she’s just as boring during the day as I want her to be. I have also been able to use continuous monitoring when she was sick, and I could tell if and when I needed to send someone over to check on her. The video quality isn’t the greatest, especially when she’s moving around - sometimes there’s two of her on the screen, which looks a little paranormal. But for the price of this app, which is a tiny fraction of what a high quality pet cam would cost, I am delighted.

- It works, and it works well!

This app is perfect. It works, which is obviously great, but it works really well for the price. I put it on my windowsill, facing my living room, and it catches every bark and movement my dog makes. You can put the alerts on silent and your phone will vibrate when he barks (if you want this setting on). It was great because while at a wedding, he began barking because we were running a bit late getting back to him, I speaking to him through the microphone and he stopped! The microphone worked perfectly. So if you have an additional wi-fi ready device that you can leave home then your in business. Get this, it really really works!

- Does it’s work, love it!

No issue pairing devices, checking live video, no app crash. Also the power saving measures are really awesome, because initially I use my iPad camera plus airplay to do the monitor work, but the battery drain so fast such that even a power adapter can’t catch up the power consumption, then the battery just died out. The only thing I complain is the iPad camera is not enough to cover the entire room I want to monitor. So I’ll probably settle for another device that has a camera to provide more angles. Not a problem with the app. The price was worth it!

- Works well and helps with my separation anxiety

At first I didn't like that you have to pay $5 for each device you download this on but after doing so and using this App I think $10 is an absolute steal. I just adopted a puppy and work 30 mins from my apartment 8:30-5 so it's been hard being away from him. I set up my computer to face his crate and check in on him every couple of hours. He's usually just snoozing. I have not figured out how to talk to him through my computer yet but I think that would freak him out anyway. Get this app it's awesome!!

- What Is With ALL THE Interruptions?!!

This App has twenty different interruption’s in ONE DAY?! Alerts that tell you something is terribly wrong with a big RED SCREEN-CAUTION 🚫and then say it’s “Shutting Down” ❓❗️AND Video Is too SLOW⚠️ and RESTARTING VIDEO ⁉️ BUT THEN you push a button or two and EVERYTHING is FINE ⁉️⁉️Another SIGN says OVER and OVER ❌That there’s a problem with the PET STATION sign so you go check (Lunch Break, Night Time Etc...and AFTER ALL THAT, It starts working just fine?! AND-You have to BUY THIS APP for EVERY SINGLE DEVICE‼️It’s more expensive than the usual apps and I bought two but my husband and I would like them on our other devices‼️We PAID ENOUGH for THEM‼️I don’t like writing these reviews, but this one is driving us crazy, and now we have to find one THAT WORKS‼️Yeah, Not Happy esp. when my animals are scared or if they get hurt‼️

- Wonderful and easy to use!!

I have a pup with separation anxiety issues and, according to upstairs neighbors, he used to bark like crazy when I left him. I got the app to use while training (I’d leave and come back over and over starting with just leaving for a minute and working my way up) I used the app to watch and make sure I came back before he got too stressed. He’s doing great! Now I use it for peace of mind so I know that he is resting quietly while I’m out. And if he wasnt I would know and could help him! Using iPhone 6 as dog station and iPhone SE as person station.

- Worth every penny!

I downloaded this app when we first adopted our senior rescue dog because he didn’t react well to being crated and I wanted to keep an eye on him. Since then I have used it when I go to work to make sure not only my dog is safe, but my house, too! I have never had a problem with this app and am so grateful that I found it. I’m not one to rate apps- but I believe this is one of the most useful tools I have found for my iPhone/iPad and saved me from having to spend a ton on a camera. So happy with this app and the peace of mind it gives me!

- 10/10 for this app!!!

I don’t like to pay for an app, but this was the best $4.99 I’ve spent on an app. I work during the day and I got an informal complaint from a neighbor in my apartment complex that my dog barks all day. I only had to use this app for one day to know that it’s not my dog because using this app I can tell my dog sleeps all day. I use my iPhone at work and use my iPad as as “dog station.” I’m going to set up an older iPhone that just uses WiFi for another view because I just like checking up on her now. 10/10 for this app!!

- Frustrating

First there are a lot of features that this dog monitor has that other apps do not have. However, it is very inconsistent, even with strong wifi. It disconnects VERY often and there are many times where you can’t see your dog. You can only listen. I also noticed that you can listen to your dog through “Every Noise” but you can’t listen to your dog while watching your dog. Maybe it’s a glitch... The app lags pretty often as well. I have a elderly dog so when I want to check up on them often. The first couple hours works perfectly fine and then it stops working. Sometimes it states that it does not work but if you keep crossing the app out, you can see your dog. It’s just frustrating because I want to see them the first time..

- A big help with our new puppy!

I have been contemplating buying a monitor for a while for our puppy (Mochi) since I will have to start leaving her at home when I go back to work. This is the best $5 I’ve spent. I have an iPad and an old iPhone that I’ve linked up with this app so I now have a full view of the space we let her play. It’s been really helpful watching her on my phone when I’m cooking or when she’s trying to get into things I don’t want her to. It’s easy to set up and saved me lots of money, I’m sure. Thanks!

- love it!

love the app. one thing that would set it to five stars... it would be fantastic to be able to get a daily report emailed. i live in a multi-unit building and am always nervous that folks will accuse my pups of being too loud (from past experiences before i found this app) and it would be great to have a record of the activity log which shares the times of noise and length. then i could be like “it was only two seconds!” Update: You can already do this and the developer was kind and taught me how! Five stars!

- Good but has a few bugs

This a good app for the price. You can’t beat $5 dollars to watch your animal. With that being said mine has an issue where it will show a picture at times rather than a video or it will say “Unable to start video on Dog Station - it seems as if the Dog Station is in sleep mode or running in background mode. This is a restriction of IOS - it is not possible to use the camera when the device is in sleep mode.” I have a brand new ipad pro that is set up to not auto lock. I have no clue why this says that. Hopefully I can get some guidance on how to fix this issue. It happens every so often.

- I like this app, but would love a feature tweak

This app is great for keeping an eye on your dog without the outlay for a Furbo camera. I would like to see a small tweak to the “hear all sounds feature” so I could hear and see the live video at the same time. Currently, to hear all sounds, you need to go to a screen without video. Otherwise, it’s been really helpful with keeping an eye on my dog while I’m not at home. Update: still loving this app and would love to be able to hear all sounds while seeing video, but otherwise keep up the good work, DogMonitor team!

- Like the app but notifications are unbearable!

I just go the app a few days ago. The app is so great for watching my dog while I’m away. However, the notifications won’t stop! Every peep he makes my phone vibrates and the sound plays through my headphones. I have notifications turned off and i still vibrates. Can’t it just keep the log and I can check in as needed? UPDATE: To stop the phone from vibrating, there is a setting under advanced settings in the app. Now this is definitely a 5 Star app!!!

- I want to love it.

The concept is good the app is ok. I find all of the features useful and helpful in dealing with my dog’s separation anxiety, but all of the features don’t work all of the time. I’m only able to connect to the video 50-70% of the time. How does one of the main features of your app only work half of the time?? It’s pretty frustrating when I’m trying to see if talking to my dog through the app is helpful or not. Also, I went through about a week when the recordings in the activity log were blank. Also annoying. I’ve tried to contact customer support, but have yet to hear back from anyone.

- Worth every penny!

This is such a great app for monitoring a dog. We use it to help our neighbor watch his old guy. We use an old i-Pad as the “dog station,” and more than one of us is able to access it to see how the old pup is doing. If he’s distressed, then we can run next door to help. It has given us and our next door neighbor friend new-found peace of mind, being able to check in, or keep the app running to be alerted if the dog is barking or moving around. Six thumbs up from me, my wife and our neighbor!

- Love it!

Only just started using this app, and I love it! Seriously gives me so much peace of mind being away from my babies while out of town. I have checked it a couple times now and it works fantastically. I can see them, I can play prerecorded messages, and I can even just touch a button and talk to them. I paired my iPad and my old phone, so I can switch between both screens from my phone. I recommend this to anyone wanting to see what their babes are up to while away. Best $5 spent!

- Great app!

I like this app so much that this is the first time I am writing a review! Easy to use and set up. Wife is away and can can check in with pups from 1000 miles away, while I can make sure they are not getting into trouble from work. I set up one angle with my Mac and another with an old iPhone. Really easy! Only “complaint” (not really) is that I had to purchase 2 versions, one for the MacOS and one for iOS. But, still, less than $10?!?! And, so far, it has been very reliable. Thanks!

- Great App!!

This app is great for monitoring our handsome Doggo. The main reason we downloaded this is to use in an upcoming hotel stay. We’re leaving or dog in the hotel room in the evening for dinner, or an afternoon museum run. He’ll be in the room very little by himself, but we need to know if he’s making noise or anxious so we can come home early. This is literally the perfect app for this purpose as I can just set my iPad up to monitor and check in while we are out. Chances are we will become lifetime users at home too!

- Fantastic

This app is a game changer. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a pet web cam, this app does all that for a fraction of the cost. You can gave multiple log-ins, so the whole family can watch Fido while he is home alone. We recently got a new puppy who is crate training and Dog Monitor has relieved all my anxiety about leaving him home alone. I can check in on him at any time and know he is doing well and not driving my neighbors crazy!

- Great product, great value!

I've been using Dog Monitor consistently, every day for over a year now, to keep tabs on my rescue dog who arrived with anxiety issues. Being able to check in on him when I'm out of the house has helped abate MY anxiety! The camera view is relatively high quality, given that I'm using my laptop's camera, and using my phone to watch the dog couldn't be easier. And all for one low payment!

- Great but volume control very inconvenient

I love the app to get notifications when my dog is being noisy and see what she’s doing, but I don’t appreciate that it has started to seemingly disregard my iPhone’s volume setting. I shouldn’t have to worry that I’ll have a noise pop up if my phone is on silent and my volume all the way on mute. This seems to be a result of recent updates as it was not this way originally. Now there appears to be a mute feature but why can’t it use my phone’s volume.

- Perfect for rv

Use this in our class a motorhome to watch our three dogs. Leave one phone there (as dog monitor” and use another as the “people” monitor when we are out and about. Can talk to the dogs, watch there actions and notified when the dogs are “noisy”. Can move screen up down and around to see all areas. Even able to send prerecorded messages with touch of a button. Works perfectly!!

- Great

As someone with a dog with separation anxiety, this was a great purchase. Definitely better than the two hundred I had planned to spend on a camera. There is some connectivity issues but I can usually get a picture of her if not the livestream. I do wish it saved the mute option between opening and closing the app tho, I don’t think the whole office needs to hear the radio I leave on for my dog.

- It’s a good app...

I’m giving it 5 stars because I feel like it deserves it. It works. Now I wish they had other features. My mom would love to see her grand pups, but because we don’t leave close to each other, she can’t see them. I’ve been using it for over a year so it would be nice for them to update the FAQ’s Still think it deserves 5 stars because it does exactly what they described.

- This app is a lifesaver.

We use this all the time. We set up our iPad at home and can check on our dog from our iPhones. Both my wife and I bought the app, but it's totally worth it. Our dog has some separation anxiety issues so it's amazing to be able to watch him. The pre-recorded commands, which we can play with the push of a button, always help our guy calm down. Love this app!


I’ve used other dog apps but this is far the best one !!! I can see clearly and even has an HD option, my dog can clearly hear me too and knows where to find me when I call him on the dog app! Absolutely love it ! I would recommend adding other things to the app like it being able to keep the recording and than automatically deletes on itself after two days so I can go back and watch what my dog did but overall it is a good app!

- Puts my mind at ease!

I just got a new puppy and although my partner and I take turns who goes home to take care of him every couple of hours, I wondered what he was up to during those times he is alone. The quality is great and for only 4.99 I’m able to spy on my puppy! Turns out he just sleeps most of the time 😂 I am definitely going to recommend this app to other dog parents!!!!

- Feature request

This app is great and works exactly as advertised. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, get this app. Only request I have is that the developers include a timer feature that auto-plays chosen sounds at fixed intervals. It would help in situations where one can't be opening/manipulating the app, while still offering the dog some feedback to help with anxiety. Many thanks

- Does the job, but notifications are awful

You cannot leave this app open without being inundated by constant noise and vibration. And these notifications are not because my dog is making noise, they’re from the dog being quiet and there being some inability to play audio through current source. Devs: please chill on notifications. I’d like to get one notification if my dog is making noise, that’s it. Right now I use this app by opening it, going to listen to all noise, check to see if my pup is making noise, then I quit the app so I don’t get constant annoying notifications and buzzes telling me nothing.

- Excellent

I adopted another dog and had to monitor how the two were getting along. I was able to use my desktop for the living room and old ipad for bedroom. Great that it notifies me whenever dogs are noisy....thankfully very quiet but at least now i have proof in case neighbors complain. Purchased nest and returned it after using this. So easy to use. Recommend highly.

- This app is great

This app is great. Our dog according to neighbors used to bark and howel when we left him alone. 1 day with this app, an iPad and iPhone and he stopped!!!!we watch him now as he plays and walks around the house and no barking. Sometimes when he rests while we are gone he lays down facing our iPad, kind of like he thinks that's the connection to us. Really helpful with separation anxiety.

- Cheap and effective!

Incredible value for $5. I had no problem installing the app on my iPhone and IPad. I leave the iPad pointed towards my dog’s crate while I am away, and open the app on my phone when I want to check in on her. It alleviated a lot of anxiety when I first started leaving my puppy alone at home. WAY cheaper than any of the pet cameras on the market.

- Great! Especially for Post-surgery

I downloaded this app when my dog had to get surgery on her broken leg. She was on crate rest/minimum movement. She was on a lot of medicine that made her act funny. I work full time so it was very useful to watch her while I was at work. I would definitely recommend to everyone! Very good quality sound and picture as well!

- Worth it!

I have have been getting complaints that Ryder has been barking excessively while I have been at work, downloaded this app to check in and he was being a good boy! Nice to get the notifications only wish was if I could have exported the videos from today! Love this will be using a lot more!

- RV'rs best friend!!

We love to go Rving and we take Our dogs along. There are always going to be times that we can't take them with us. This app has helped US overcome our anxiety of leaving our dogs in our trailer while we go eat or to places they can't come along. I share this with all our RVing friends!!! Thank you so much!!!

- Easy and efficient

I needed an app that would work with my existing hardware so I can monitor my puppy, Dog Monitor allows me to do that without purchasing any additional equipment, it is easy and efficient, exactly what I needed! Down side I wished it would allow two users so my husband didn’t need to purchase it..:-)

- Great app

Update. Great app. Very reliable. I'd like to know if I could use more than 1 camera so I could set up in any room. Plus, ability to video tape would be a great feature. So far if it's available, I haven't figured it out. Bottom line I recommend it highly and have to many friends.

- Great easy app ... can save a lot of money on cameras

I have an old iPhone and iPad that I don’t use so I payed one fee of $5 and downloaded one on my personal phone and the other on the iPhone and I just prop it up wherever I like and I can zoom in and see around. I can also hear everything. My dog can’t see me that part cost extra. But useful app besides that.

- Perfect

This is the best app! I feel so much better getting to watch my dog while at work making sure she’s safe and not getting into to much trouble! Super easy to use and only 5?! Compared to competitors which require you buy there camera this is a super cheap reliable app!

- Ongoing connection issues ..

This has been happening so much lately that I’ll check on my dog .. then minutes later I go to check again and it says the app is running in background mode and can’t connect. Why does this keep happening? I have all my settings set up so that no notifications pop up or it that my Mac won’t go on sleep mode! What’s the problem? Fix it!

- Peace of mind

Worked perfectly as advertised... We were away on vacation and brought our dogs with us so they were in a strange house so it gave us such a peace of mind to be able to see and hear them while out having a good time while on vacation.. Thanks 🐶

- Works well

Works really well. Notifies me when dog wakes. She likes to sleep on dtr a bed but can’t get down so I am notified when she wakes so I can help her down. Only suggestion would be to be able to rotate camera view on dog station. My iPad is used forndog station and only works upside down according to the app camera so my. Use is upside down. Otherwise it is great!

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- Easier way of proving a nuisance neighbour dog.

My neighbours don’t care about their dog, sadly. They just leave her outsides alone all day and night to make a nuisance of herself, boredom barking her neighbours livelihoods away, making life really hard with having to work from home with covid and everything. This app automatically detects the sound of the dog barking and it keeps an activity log of barking activity so long as the app is connected and running on both devices (after disconnecting the recordings disappear, so save those videos before closing the app or you’ll lose your opportunity to save.) In order for my local council to act on my complaints, I had to provide a bark diary consisting recorded entries over a period of no less than 7 days. This meant I had to hover over my pen and paper and hit that record button on the microphone whenever I heard it bark (and hit stop when it stopped barking.) I treat the video camera as a mic, so I have the camera facing down on the table (so it captures sound only) then once I’ve saved the videos to a designated folder on my google drive I simply view the files in google drive as a list, in name order, and voila! Logs. This app makes the complex real simple. The only inconvenience is not being able to view and save all logs on a remote server or something as opposed to my device. But hey, I’m not complaining. The amount of work and effort involved in seeking remedy action has been reduced 90%. Thanks so much!

- Good app. Should stop overwriting the volume button.

I love this app. Give me peace of mind when I am at work cuz I can keep and eye on my puppy. Such a relief to know that she is doing ok not crying the entire time I’m away. My only problem with this app is that when you’re monitoring through your phone, even tho your volume is set to 0 and the phone is muted and the notification on the app are set to mute... you still hear her bark LOUDLY.... (even when your phone is locked) I had my phone with me at a meeting... while the monitoring was on my phone was locked... suddenly loud barking noises came through my phone... (my boss wasn’t impressed) If you could fix this issue, I’d give five stars.

- Burglar monitor in disguise

I’ve been using dog monitor for about two years now to watch my pooch while he is inside on hot days. I watch him from my desk at work and use the pre recorded commands to settle him down when he barks. Funnily enough I was using the app to prove to a nosey neighbour that he was not the culprit barking all day as she accused. Whilst doing so, I actually caught my neighbour breaking into my house over the dog monitor! The app saved the audio recordings of her admitting to being inside my house without my knowledge and I was able to export them to the police. So not only is this a great app for dog lovers, it has also acted as an effective burglar catcher for me! Thanks dog monitor.

- Best $7.99 i have ever spent!

Had 2 complaints from someone in the neighbourhood about my beautiful aussie shepherd and my dashy, so setup the app and figured out it’s the nextdoor dog thats been causing all the trouble! Barking non stop for hours day after day! Completely put my mind at ease being able to see them, and knowing they are safe and completely well behaved. Would 100% recommend to anyone with a spare device!

- Volume control

This app has helped me understand when my dog was getting stressed and helped us to ease her anxiety by tailoring our training! Iwould give it 5 stars but there’s a couple of little things the developers could change to make it perfect. It would be good if you could adjust the volume. I’ve had my dog howling in my pocket and I couldn’t adjust the volume. You can mute but adjust. The volume also lowers your music volume whilst using the app. It would also be good if you could control the notification noises

- Amazing!!!!!

I had no idea how much anxiety I had around ‘if our puppies are barking’ - because a cranky Neighbour kept complaining - until we got this app and I could physically see our little dachshunds were just being gorgeous, quiet and living their best life spending the days sleeping and playing together. This app has seriously been a game changer for us. Thank you so so much! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

- Love the app

I had one of my dogs have a leg operation and he has to stay in a cage for 6 weeks. Didn’t know how I was going to juggle work and keeping an eye on my boy at the same time. Searched on the apps and found Dog Monitor which has been a lifesaver. I keep an eye on him while I’m at work and can get home to him in minutes if needed. Thoroughly recommend for peace of mind.

- It has some cool features but not what I was after

I bought this app to replace another, seemed like a good fit based on description and reviews. I like the interface and the logs, which are really cool, user friendly etc. A previous app I used video recorded when there was motion or noise (barking/howling). I have a dog with separation anxiety and a new rescue dog. I see a BV for my dogs separation anxiety and I need to produce video evidence when I visit, which this app doesn’t allow me to do. Also a radio/tv usually gets left on to help with the SA and this app picks that noise up as my dog being noisy. A really useful app for those that want to see what their dogs are up to during the day and to take photos. Unfortunately - wasn’t what I needed! Keep up the good work! Hopefully it’ll suit my needs better in the future!

- Worth the purchase

Works like a dream. Downloaded within seconds and working within another second. $8 is well worth it. Better than a dog camera thank you for developing something like this. I wish it had night vision! That would be my only suggestion. Otherwise keep up the good work !!!!!

- Love the bit where it works

We had a neighbor complaint about our dogs barking through the day. We bought Dog Monitor & realised that our small dog was getting upset when the TV was off. When we leave the TV on = no upset. Both my wife & I can check up on our dogs through the day.

- So far so good.

It was easy enough to install. Only just started using it. I don’t use my voice commands because it sends my girl crazy thinking I am home. I recited some music and just some noises to get her attention to the iPad so I can see where she is. The only problem is connection if not on wireless it keeps dropping. If alerts pop up on the screen it blocks the viewing.

- Great for watching dog

My dog can get a bit crazy and trash the house. I set up camera on my tablet and linked to phone so can watch and make sure she doesn’t hurt herself during the day. Also check to see when the dog walker picks her up etc. well worth the money and I leave it on all day.

- Relief.

Great app! Easy to setup and use. So good to be able to keep track of our pup through the day. We hate leaving him alone for longish periods but a necessity in this day and age - gotta pay those bills (and buy him toys and treats 🙃😏), and actually being able to see and hear him is a such a relief. Thanks.

- Best app ever, changed our lives!

Well worth it (all my other apps are free) very easy to set up and use with iPhone 7 and iPad 2. Extremely convenient, useful features. I show every pet owner this app. Great tool to use in conjunction with training your dog to be home alone.

- Perfect for our puppy

Our puppy settled quickly but we love using this all to check in on the days she is alone for a long time. Gives us peace of mind knowing she is happily sound asleep rather than barking or crying for us annoying the neighbours. Lost 1 star because sometimes has connectivity issues or drops out. But mostly good.

- Dog monitor

This is a fantastic app allowed me to check on my nervous little dog and see that he is fine ...just love this app I don't know why you don't have a baby monitor this is just a fantastic app love the ease of mind when we have to leave our fur babies alone !!!!!

- Reassurance for me and my dogs

I have found this app to be such a relief for me. I can check in on my dogs when I'm at work and give them a few words of reassurance. I even used it while I was overseas recently. I don't know what I would do without it now

- Perfect!! Cheap and sufficient

I was thinking to buy Furbo to monitor my dog but luckily found this App. At$8, This is amazing!! My dog still has separation anxiety but using this I could find it and now start training her and the behaviour is getting better day by day. Thank you a lot!!!

- Great app

This app is exactly what we needed and wanted for our new puppy. So cheap, and works perfectly. Quick and friendly support when I had trouble setting it up. Would recommend for sure.

- Love it

We got a shelter dog and due to anxiety she used to bark when we went out, she barked for 8hrs straight once. With this app we can give her commands which calm her down and no more complaints from our neighbors. I strongly recommend the app it is amazing👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- Great Ap

I love this ap! I can have 2 iPads set up at home and easily log into each to check on my pups. I like that I can add my commands. The mic doesn’t seem to translate to the dogs when trying to talk love but the prerecord commands are great!

- Fantastic way to look in on pets

A great, easy to use monitoring app. Works well, and provides different video quality options to accommodate poor internet service.

- Fantastic! Gives me reassurance!

Fantastic! This app has given me reassurance that my pup can be at home alone. Wondering if I could pair my husbands device so he can watch her while working away

- Good app to keep an eye on my puppy

Great as a basic one way video device to keep an eye on my puppy when she’s alone at home. Able to hear if she’s noisy and get notifications. Good price

- Awesome

I've used for a few years and I love it! Can see what my dog is up to and hear her as well as talk to her. It's great when I'm at work so I know she's ok, no problems with connectivity ect I love it.

- Great app to check on my pooch

Great app to check on my pooch during the day. Sound is clear and easy to use. I love that it records all noises (handy for neighbours that complain about barking)

- Remove the watermark

Handy and most reliable app I could find. Bit stupid that the image capture has a watermark when you’ve paid for the app though 👎🏼 Would be great if you could turn on your camera to interact with the dog as well the the mic

- Charged my card 10 days later

The app does not clearly provide any indication that there is a cost involved with it. I downloaded the app 10 days ago to evaluate. Technically I can really use the app. Today my card had been charged for $7.99. I complained asking for a refund. My request has been rejected. I have been charged for something I am not using nor I intended to use.

- Good

Great app, would love to be able to record video with it in the background as I am not able to constantly watch my pup who seems to be Houdini. Other than that well worth it!

- Great value great product

Still using 3 years later. So good. I would like to the product to include a temp gauge. To say what the temp is at home. Like a baby monitor. Just saying

- Great App

This little app is just brilliant, why would you pay $300 or more when this works wonders. Highly recommend it!

- Very good app!!😀👊

I was very happy to find this app as we are going on a holiday and it’s just amazing how you can check and talk to your fur babies anytime you want. 👍👍👍👍

- Waste of money

This app is terrible. Cuts out continuously and message is to restart dog station. How can you do that when you are already out. Also states you can use on multiple devices but you can’t, so I purchased twice but can’t use on daughters device as well as mine. Emailed support but no response. Don’t waste your money.

- Good

Good but I would like alerts when the dog moves and you can go back and look at the alerts

- Helped so much!

We have a dog who had bad isolation distress. And the dog monitor was a great tool to help us train our doggo to be more confident and eventually totally comfortable alone :-)

- Fantastic dog monitor

I have used this for many years and it is so good. I can tell my dogs to stop barking when I’m not home. Love it.

- Always being improved

Very impressive for the price.

- Works well

Works really well for the price. Just wish I could record video.

- Dog monitor

It’s the best thing It’s makes the work day separation between puppy and mummy easier to deal with. I highly recommend.

- Worth it!!!

I recommend this app 110% sooooo easy to use, and u can link multiple devices to ur phone!!

- Great app

Great little app for people like me who are worried about their dog being noisy. Easy to use. I also recommend it to my clients as I’m a vet.

- Dog Monitor

Fantastic app, absolutely love it, I have installed the app on 3 devices and can now see what my dog baby is up to while I’m out.

- Awesome App!

This app is so easy to use and such a good way to check in on my fur baby when I can’t be home.

- Buddylove2015

They’re watching me all the time ! I can’t do anything naughty around the house !

- Don’t bother

Not a great user experience in this app - especially as it doesn’t let you record commands when the info screen literally says this is a feature. And you need to buy it twice for it to work on 2 devices. Just seemed like a hassle and a waste of time!!

- Cost question

Hi, do you have to pay $7.99 on each device you want to pair?

- Wonderful App

This app is so good. Simple to use and provides peace of mind for dog and puppy owners. Really great. I look forward to using it daily!

- Easy & does what it needs to do.

Easy to set up & works well

- Great app

Dog monitor is fantastic for when I need to check up on the pup. It gives me comfort knowing he is ok. Thank you Dog monitor!!!

- Great app

Not bad for $8. I can see the pet and can hear what’s going on. Quick to download and easy to install.

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- Awesome app

This app works wonderfully! I have a laptop and an old iPad at home and was able to connect both in separate locations to keep an eye on my dog. It’s a bit addictive to keep checking in on them! My only complaints are that it was not very clear to me from the description that separate apps needed to be purchased for iOS and for my MacBook. Also, I’m still unclear as to what the best settings are for being alerted to noises while not draining my phone battery.

- Serving as a “kitty cam”

We have a barn cat who has just had kittens. Mama is not suuuuper friendly, so it has been great to pop an old iPad in there with her and her new ones just to keep tabs on their health and progress. Also, they’re stinkin’ cute to have on in the background like our own personal cast of Big Brother.

- Pretty awsome doggo cam

This is the only cam I have found that actually works flawlessly and doesn’t charge a yearly fee. Best 7 bucks ever

- Love this

This app is awesome! My girlfriend and I were both able to link our phones to monitor our puppy throughout the day when we’re at our separate jobs and it makes us feel so much better about leaving him home! Thank you!

- Have to pay for each device

Misleading, you have to pay for the app on each device even if you are trying to link an iphone and ipad.

- Love it !

Love love love that I can watch and talk to my puppy when I’m away

- Doggy phone

Merveilleux . Je peux partir la tête tranquille 👍👍😜

- Amazing!!!!

I love this app! Works really well for me when I’m at work

- Works as intended.

Overall this is a pretty solid app. Couple improvements could make it better. If it’s running in the background it messes with the volume of other apps, even if on mute. Also, including the dog station code on a linked person station would be useful for adding additional person stations at a later time without having to set up the dog station again. Otherwise the app works well and I like that I can remotely turn the flashlight on or off to see our dog when it’s dark.

- Peace of mind

This app is great and for a great price, really gives me peace of mind when I have to leave my puppy alone. It does seem to drain my battery really fast though, even if I’m not using the camera to check in on her. I keep the dog station phone plugged in 100% of the time, and usually have to charge my person station phone at least once throughout my shift. I also wish that when it alerted me by vibrating that she is noisy that it wouldn’t do a constant vibration, just one every 5 minutes or so would be great. Highly recommend!

- Super facile et pratique!

Fonctionne parfaitement pour garder un oeil sur toutou quand on est absent de la maison, pour un prix modique! Je recommande fortement!

- Great monitor

Works great !

- Inexpensive and comforting

I love this app. While training my puppy to be at home by himself this gives me a peace a mind that he’s not tearing my house apart. Sometimes if I see he’s awake and wandering then I may even attempt to be back home earlier. Otherwise, if he’s asleep, I’m totally at ease. Thank you for a wonderful APP!

- Love it!

Great app, I bought the monitor after a bad experience with another app and this is the best by far! It never disconnects, the image quality is great and I can even talk to my dog if he’s being naughty! Love it!

- Great app to watch your dog while you’re out

The app works really well, I’ve used it for 6 months now and haven’t had any issues. It’s good because as long as you have data or are connected to the internet you can check on your pup!

- Good app!

Easy set up. Works well 95% of the time. You need to ios systems available to set this up. I love being able to watch my pets while away.

- Works great but...

I am able to see my puppy really well, but the video loses connection very quickly and I usually have the tv on while we’re at work, but the app would keep buzzing that my puppy is making too much noise but he’s resting. It is very sensitive to noises like the tv and my puppy playing with his toys. The video on one device shows the whole space but the second device, cuts off half of the room. I’m trying to love it but it’s too sensitive.

- Pour 7$ on peut pas avoir mieux que ça!

Meilleur application payante! 7$ et je peux toujours voir ce que mon chien fait quand je suis au travail!! J’adore!

- Perfect for Long days away

I have a cat, but I like to use this when I spend long days away from her and to make sure the automatic feeder goes off on time. I’ve been using it for a week with zero problems. Great app! One thing I absolutely hate though is the loud and terrifying alert sound when connection is lost. Way too loud and scary if your volume is at full. Perhaps one sound effect could work, you don’t need it to repeat over and over

- This App is Amazing

We brought home a puppy a few weeks ago, and wanted to ensure she was happy and settling in while home alone. This app was so easy to install and set up, and has given us great piece of mind!

- Love it

We watch our pup all the time when we are not home

- Works great!

This is exactly what we needed. We didn’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on something like Furbo that does the same thing. Getting use out of a bunch of old iPhones!

- Love it

This app is amazing. I highly recommend it if you have a puppy, so that you can monitor its behaviour to help correct when you get home.

- Amazing!

This app is amazing. I’m so happy I found it. It solved many of our issues with leaving our puppy alone. It helped us with training her to by comfortable by herself. Using the option of recorded voice commands has helped with communication with her while we were away and helped her to understand what we expect from her. It also gives me a peace of mind when I leave her in other room while I have to work at my desk. I just set the camera up and watch her on my iPad while working. That way I can stop her from getting into any trouble and keep her and our place safe :) I honestly recommend this app to anyone who has a puppy as it’s a wonderful tool how to make some parts of their training and supervising easier. I have never had an issue with it. I use old iPhone 7 and sometimes my iPad as cameras/dog stations (yes you can set up to stations and switch between them so you can monitor even bigger area). Video works very well even through cellular.

- Video down

At first when I got the app the videos were great. Now for some reason the video doesn’t load, only allows to take pictures and I’ve changed around the settings to fix but still having the same issue. Wouldn’t spend my money on this app again.

- Not versatile or user-friendly

I chose this app over a competitor, because this app allowed me to use my Macbook as the recording device (other apps require two devoted mobile devices, which I don’t have the luxury of owning). However, this was the only positive feature in my experience. I have two cats, one of whom has been peeing in a consistent spot outside the litter box. I thought this app could monitor the behaviour to see exactly what’s happening. WRONG. The app only notifies you if noise has been made, and my cats are too quiet to cause an alert. There is no motion sensor feature (unlike the competitor’s app), so there are no alerts when they move on and off-screen. Additionally, only audio recordings are saved to refer to at a later time if I miss an alert—there is no ability to view video after the fact. This is absolutely NOT practical for those who aren’t able to access their device at all times (i.e. while at work). I also had to purchase the app twice, because it couldn’t be shared between my Mac and iPhone despite the same Apple ID. After not even 24hrs of owning this app, I’ve submitted a request for reimbursement to Apple.

- So wonderful

As long as you have an extra phone just laying around, it’s perfect!

- Doggy phone

Super, vidéo is normal....!

- Simple to set up and use

Works great. Exactly what I was looking for. Prompt support by email when I had a question of how to set it up through the Apple family sharing.

- Dog

Super 5 étoiles

- Exactly what we needed

After looking into many options we chose this app due to its ratings, I’m glad we did. For the price point the picture was decent, alerts were responsive and the command option saved our pup from getting into some serious trouble. This app diminished our anxiety of leaving our dog home alone 100%. Oh and the recording of the day helped us understand our dogs alone time limits. All I can say is it works

- Just what I needed.

I have an obnoxious neighbour who complained about my dog; using this app I was able to accurately monitor every instance of noise, and using the microphone function, stop my dog from barking. Instant success.

- The exact app we needed

Our dog recently had surgery. She needs to be watched constantly or wear a cone to keep the site clean for 2 weeks. Then I remembered the dog monitor app I downloaded "in case I ever needed it". She was able to go without the cone 'cause we could watch her with the app. We could be any where in the house & she could relax without the cone and only wear the cone at night or we weren't home. We could even watch her at work when ahem was wearing the cone to make sure she was safe. Dog monitor gave us such freedom and our dog much comfort. Easy set up and connectivity. Five stars easily.

- Awesome App - one small request though!

I love this app and use it daily to monitor how my new puppy is adjusting while we’re at work. It’s been so helpful in sorting out what works/what doesn’t to keep him content while we’re away. The only thing I wish it had was a summary of how long my puppy was noisy, rather than the amount of times he was noisy. Knowing he barked for a total of 10min during the day rather than ‘20 times’ would be super helpful.

- Good App

Very good monitoring app and very much enjoy the ability to talk through the microphone. Just the vibrations can get annoying after a while and not clear how to change this setting. All in all good app.

- Amazing!

Love it so useful! Stopped working at one point it would keep crashing but contacted support and they fixed it right away and since haven’t had any problems! :)

- Great concept - keeps glitching

Dog station will shut down for no reason

- Very good

Love it

- Good to a point

But I was hoping to look at a video of which of my dogs were being good or bad. Just noise tells me nothing. Besides I was home when the program was saying they were noisy. They were playing but not barking.

- Beefs: Double Paid & Activity Log

Not happy that I had to pay twice to use the app with my laptop and iPhone. Not happy that the Activity Log doesn’t also save the video, it only saves the audio files. Boo.

- Essential for my new puppy!

This app has provided me so much peace of mind when I leave my puppy home in his playpen. I downloaded the app on my MacBook which I set up in my kitchen, and keep an eye on the puppy on my phone. It kind of sucks to have to buy the app twice, once for the laptop and once for my phone but it was well worth it. Still way cheaper than buying one of the fancy dog cams. Works great and does everything I need.

- Best app ever!

I love this app! I can know how my puppy is adjusting to us being away and can monitor his behavior and wellbeing from my phone. We can make changes to our schedule based on the information we learn from the app... as well as improve his environment so he is more comfortable etc. I highly recommend to anybody!!! Brings such peace of mind!

- Amazing app

Great app to watch your pets

- Perfect App

I moved from Colombia to Canada with my 11 years old Teckel and he started to show symptons of separation anxiety, so I decided to look up for an App that helped me monitor him and Dog Monitor has been perfect to follow his improvement during this time. I highly recommend it!

- Best app ever

Seriously, I tell everyone about this. The only improvement I could suggest would be little charts “your dog was quiet/noisy for 60% of the time” or something like that :)

- Dog monitor

Amazing worked great right from the start.

- Amazing App

Great app for my Husky who get separation anxiety. He’s much more comfortable being able for me to communicate with him and give him commands to mentally stimulate him.

- Great

Great app. I enjoy being able to catch the attention of the dog by the voice feature

- App rating

Great app 🐶

- Does not even open.

App doesn't even open.

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Dog Monitor 4.10.0 Screenshots & Images

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Dog Monitor iphone images
Dog Monitor iphone images
Dog Monitor iphone images
Dog Monitor iphone images
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The applications Dog Monitor was published in the category Lifestyle on 2013-08-16 and was developed by TappyTaps s.r.o. [Developer ID: 326082490]. This application file size is 55.92 MB. Dog Monitor - Lifestyle app posted on 2022-03-02 current version is 4.10.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tappytaps.ios.dogmonitor