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Geotag Photos Pro 2 App Description & Overview

What is geotag photos pro 2 app? Professional geotagging solution - all you need to geotag photos taken by your EXTERNAL camera (DSLR, mirrorless or compact one). Supports JPG & RAW photos. Great for use with Lightroom, Aperture, Picasa and other photo apps that supports geotagged photos.

Try 3 trips for free and then unlock the full app for a one time fee.

- Geotagging App of the Year by Macworld
- Repeatedly recommended by leading Adobe Lightroom professionals
- Recommended in many great books such as Lightroom 4 UnMasked,
- Lightroom 4 the missing FAQ, Lightroom 4 Roadmap for photographers,
- Praised by leading photography magazines and websites all over the world (Techradar, Ephotozine, Fotomaf, Xatakafoto, Lightroom Secrets, Digital-Fotografie,, Photoplus...)

- Complete solution - mobile app records your position while you’re taking great photos and a desktop app that geotags your images using recorded data.
- Flawless Lightroom Compatibility - GPX files from the app work flawlessly inside Lightroom’s Map module for geotagging
- Dropbox, iCloud Drive and Google Drive support - automatically export all your trips as GPX files
- Smart watch app - dedicated app for Apple Watch and Pebble to control app from your wrist
- Automatic trip upload - the app automatically sync all your trips ( you can switch to manual uploads in settings)
- Battery usage optimised for whole day of geotagging.
- Choose the logging interval and accuracy for whatever you need.
- Organised trips history
- Statistics of your trips
- Export to GPX

Adds GPS location to your your JPG or RAW photos quickly and easily! Works both online and offline and there are version for any operating system - Mac OS X, Windows and even Linux
Supported image formats: jpg, nef, cr2, crw, dcr, ciff, erf, orf, k25, kdc, mef, mrw, nrw, pef, raf, tif, tiff, raw, arw, rw2, srf, sr2, srw, x3f, dng

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App Name Geotag Photos Pro 2
Category Photo & Video
Updated 13 June 2022, Monday
File Size 136.06 MB

Geotag Photos Pro 2 Comments & Reviews 2023

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Work really good. Use this app to geotag my pictures taken with Sony a6600 and it works. Download the gpx file from web browser on my desktop is straight forward. Definitely a 5 stars app to me.

It WAS perfect. Although it’s fairly pricey, this app functioned well previously. Easy to import gps coordinates into programs like Adobe Lightroom then geotag photos. However. Last month or so has been horrible. The last updates completely messed up my app and now every time I open this app on my iPhone, I find it losing the coordinates completely. This is not why I wanted to pay so much money for an app. Please fix this. I expect better for an app that charged so much.

Automagic. Being a photographer, I need this functionality very often. So glad this app exists, it’s integration with the entire Apple ecosystem is marvelous, you never have to download, airdrop, sync up anything at all: phone app uploads the track to the cloud automatically and likewise MacOS app takes it from there. So automagical for the user. Developers, keep up the great work!

Great but not perfect. I love the capability of using gpx files to do geotagging and the initial reminder to synch the camera time at the beginning of a new log. And I additionally use the app to see what time it is including seconds (the iPhone's native clock does not have that feature). But logging could have other time interval options, such as every 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 seconds. Otherwise, it works great.

OMG it works!!!. I am untethered!!! I am shooting three different cameras and now all my shots are tagged

App. This app is useless .. Who care if the images if you can not get directions back to the place ..

Perfect. I don’t usually write reviews for apps but this one deserves the extra effort. This app is about as perfect as an app gets. It does exactly what is needed in a clean, easy to understand, and use, interface. I love the free desktop app too. If you are like me and simply want to add geotag info to your photos with virtually any digital camera, the ability to use the data elsewhere easily, and have the basic stats and a view of it on a map at the end of your journey, this is the app for you. Just enough features and options. I couldn’t be happier with it.

Pretty good. Works well with Lightroom. UI is OK but not totally intuitive. Seems to go easy on my iPhone battery.

Geotag Photos Pro 2. 0 stars. The most frustrating app I have ever encountered. Does not work! Their directions make it sound easy--don't believe them. There is nothing that I could do to make it work. MAYBE, if you were a computer wizard you MIGHT be able to make it work. Their support is worthless. Save your money.

Essential tool. If your camera doesn’t have GPS, this tool is very valuable. It’s easy to use and power consumption is much less than other apps I’ve used. I really like that uploads to the cloud can be automatic.

By far the best I have used. This app is super easy to use and the best part is that it can continuously track all day long without killing the battery! Amazed at how much more accurate this is on an iPhone compared to a dedicated GPS tagger.

Nice update!. I have always been a big fan of the old version. The only downside was that it tended to eat up battery. Granted, that may be uncontrollable by an app. But the functionality was always rock solid for me. Love the look of the new version!

Awesome app. Great for tagging photos and to track the path of your trip. Indispensable app for travel.

Works accurately without any problems. I use 2 Nikon DSLR’s. I would need 2 external GPS units - at a cost of about $200 - which inconveniently extrude from the camera. GeoTag Pro 3 costs $13. If you need to geotag, this is perfect.

Works but expensive. Had a fault getting Dropbox to work. Tech support was responsive. Works well now. However, the company charges $8 and $9 respectively if you want the logger and the tagger app. $17 is incredibly expensive for something easy enough to do in Lightroom or using freeware as long as you have a gpx file. I would 5 star if the company offered a bundle deal for both apps at $12.

Super app! Works great!. It has always bothered me that photos taken with my Canon DSLR and G15 never had the locations in the data the way the iPhone does. This app takes care of that in a very easy to use manner, I have used it for several years now and love it! Good work Tappy Tap! Very impressive!

Perfection. This app is actually much better than I can explain. I was looking for a gps attachment for my Nikon D810 and came across a review for this app. I was very skeptical but there was a free trial so I took around 50 photos of birds around my home to see if I could use it on an upcoming European trip. I was really impressed with the results so spent $11.99 and bought the app and then went on my trip.... In Europe I took around 2,000 photos. When I returned home I started on the process of geotagging. What an astonishing result! Easy, remarkably accurate and even helpful - if you forget to change the time zone on your camera you can correct the time photos were taken in the geotagging process. The accuracy and resulting attached map are perfect. Not to mention the savings of at least $250 over a physical gps unit. I could not be more impressed.

Easy way to Geotag photos. Just got a new camera without GPS and the Panasonic app that offers geotagging is clunky and stops logging without warning. I got Geotag Photos Pro (now upgraded to v.2) and started testing it out before a trip to Asia. Its easy to use and I’ve had no problems with it so far. If you’re traveling with an iPad, you can use their companion iPad app GP tagger (along with the Apple camera conversion kit) and tag your photos after downloading them to the iPad. There is a watch app, which is good, but would (will?) be better if it ran natively on the watch. So far its a little to slow to load (presumably from the phone) so its quicker to take the phone out to log a change in location. If I could do it from the watch I might set the logging interval to be much less frequent, log new locations from my wrist, and thus save some battery power on the phone. I’m hoping they’re working on the watch app to get it natively on the phone. Nonetheless, even with 1 minute logging intervals, my 6 plus is using only modest additional battery power with with frequent logging. This is an excellent GPS tagging app to consider for non GPS cameras.

GeotagPhotos doesn't work with iPad. Original version worked great. I was a Beta tester. The new version will not work on iPad. Works on the computer no problem. I have tried and tried to get help for weeks and nothing. I will be looking for other Geotagging solutions.

Needs update for version 15?. Seems like a good idea, but can’t evaluate. After logging the first trip, the app now crashes at startup. Restarted phone, reinstalled app, same behavior. So a good idea rendered functionality useless by execution Edited and updated to 4*: Not sure whether it was Apple or TappyTap, but the app is now stable and works as advertised. The location precision seems a little jittery (but that may be down to hardware accuracy), but certainly close enough for the intended purpose. A vastly better solution than trying to keep the camera linked to one of the camera manufacturer’s apps for transferring location info

Works great. Works great and doesn't drain the battery that much, however when you're on vacation and using your phone you should probably have a battery nearby anyway. Kind of expensive but very nicely designed.

Phone APP Works Desktop Doesn’t. I communicated by email before I bought to insure the desktop app would do what I wanted. They assured me it would. Phone APP works but desktop doesn’t. I emailed support over three weeks. I received a very poor support responses. Almost no explanation, they sent two short videos that were worthless. I suspect language may be a problem with my US English. Not recommended due to poor support.

Easy to use app but not particularly accurate. Bought this app because a geotagging app I'd used previous just quit working when I upgraded my iPhone os. Geotag Photos 2 is easy to use & isn't too hard on iPhone battery life but I found it often wildly inaccurate (the equivalent of a block or two off from the actual location) - I found this frustrating enough to quit using this app in favor of GPS Tracks which I find as easy to use & very accurate

Best I've found. I've tried several other programs and found this one to be nearly foolproof yet comprehensive. I especially like how it keeps logs of your individual journeys. I use this program to tie my pictures to the mapped location in LightRoom when traveling. You don't need to use cellular data. Just put your phone in Airplane mode. If you automatically back it up to Dropbox using WiFi, you can match your photos very easily to their exact locations well after the fact.

Perfect for photographers. I have a DSLR camera and want my photos to have geotags, and this app does just that!

Overheat Iphone. Left my iPhone on the dash and it overheated. Had to force it to power off and resume. After resuming it lost all my tracks from morning still 3pm Latter I went online and realised it uploaded my previous track and nothing was lost Great software

Did we pay for Geotag Pro 3???. After I bought geotag pro now there is geotag pro 2 and for sure there is geotag pro 3 and 4 !!!!

Exactly what I need!. After changed my primary photography kit into a Ricoh GR3, I did need an app or a solution to tag GPS info on my photos. This app does exactly what I want it to do, log all the gps location info and with another app I can easily put gps info on my related photos. Just wonder if there’s any upcoming updates for iOS 14.

good. good!!!

Not functional. The app cannot find my location. It stays stuck in the “Getting position” dialogue and never can record anything (even though location finding works just perfectly in other apps). Would not recommend this app.

Useless. Records only the first point, useless. Update: developer response was prompt and helpful. Issue resolved.

Pretty good overall. After my previous geotagging apps were put out to pasture by their developers, I made the jump to this one. And it’s been pretty good for the most part. The UI is nice, I can get the GPX files out if it without connecting it to a cloud account somewhere, and it seems to be fairly accurate. So what don’t I like about it? The app doesn’t record position updates except in 10 yard intervals. So, you can set it to log “continuously”, and as long as you keep moving, it will dutifully log your trek, 10 yards at a time. However if you stop somewhere, it’s not going to log anything until you move again. This is a bit annoying, at least for me. I’d much rather see a continuous setting that is actually continuous, or at least the ability to turn off the distance interval.

Lost Trip Parts. The Version 1 used to work flawlessly. The Pro 2 Version is not saving trip parts and losing them once the app is closed/restarted. I think everyone should be using Pro 1 ony.

Exactly what I needed. This is the best geotagging app I’ve seen. I am able to geotag my trips and then automatically tag photos I took with my mirrorless camera on my iPad. Great job and thanks!

GREAT app. Have used several geotagging apps and this is the one I use exclusively. Great app - not one complaint or concern so far.

External app required to geotag photos. Blatant deception from the developers

A great app. Works great very easy to use and works with Lightroom, a big time saver.

Works Perfectly and Easily. Had no problem at all setting this app up and it performed flawlessly I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this app

Epic Failure. I have been using the original version of this app for some years and decided to upgrade. Bottom line - It does not work. Only logs the start and finish coordinates. Been back and forth with their support team (reasonably responsive) but they have been unable to come up with a solution. I would not purchase until this failure is resolved. UPDATE they are still trying to figure out why this new version does not work. Original version still works A for effort but so far an F for function or lack thereof.

Love it. Works extremely well when paired with the desktop app.

This App Used to Work Well. I’ve had this app for years and it worked perfectly. Earlier in the year, I started having problems where exported tracklogs no longer contained data; they were blank. Now in order to export tracklogs, I have to sync to Geotag’s website, log onto my computer and download them. Additionally, I’ve had issues with the time stamps being incorrect on the tracklogs so photos are tagged in the wrong location. I’m using the same camera and do post processing in Lightroom. I’ve reached out to Geotag’s tech support and they’ve been very helpful in showing workarounds, but ultimately I just want the app I paid for to work.

iphone5 not support?. this update is not suppprt my device. I use iphone 5. check plz

Works great, but I often forget to turn it on. I love the step by step accuracy of GPS tagged images on my iPhone, and would love if camera manufacturers started building in GPS radios. Until then, I’ll keep using this app to provide GPS location info for my photos. The workflow is great, providing I remember to start the trip in app — which sadly I often forget to do.

Unfortunately not reliable. For some reason there are huge gaps in trips that are not logged... even though it is on. I have changed settings as to log continuously or every 30 seconds... no luck. Sometimes it logs and many other times it says that no log exists for that time span. And this happens in sections of the city it has logged many times before so it’s not a signal problem. Very frustrating. If it worked it would be an amazing app.

Unusable Without in App Purchase. I downloaded the app hoping to give it a try. I'd gladly pay for it if I find it useful. Until you buy the full version you can't record a trip. So, there is no trial, useless unless you buy the full version with the in-app purchase. How do I know it will work as expected?

App has lagged behind Watch Ultra features. I use this app heavily, but have been disappointed to find that the watch app can’t record unless my phone is nearby. The ability to run fully on my Ultra, without phone tethering, would be excellent.

Won't run. I was logging a trip on continuous and the app stopped responding. Can't get it to open - just hangs and crashes repeatedly. Needs a fix!

Very well done. Does what it says and does it very well. I just tap start and go about my trip. When home use the desktop app to tag my photos. Could not be any easier. Though the displayd clock I with had a toggle for 24/12 hour setting. Some of my careras set via 24 and some via 12, I have to change the phone settings to make sure all is correct. Wish it had a toggle right there.

I'm gonna lose my mind. Unbelievable. It took about 40 seconds to tag 850 images. I'm gonna lose my mind. Everything was so easy. I think I have tears in my eyes, from happiness. I used to spend hours to tag my photos.

Discount Not Received. Great app for tagging location coordinates while you're out photographing. Its updated interface is easy to use and a pleasure to work with. My only problem is that I did not receive the discount for upgrading from the prior version. The developers were responsive, but after several attempts, they were unable to help. However, Apple support was extremely responsive and rectified the problem once the developer admitted defeat. It's a great utility, and I would recommend it, but if you're upgrading from a previous version, be weary of the expected discount.

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Fantastic App. I have been using Geotag Photos for a couple of years. It is a great app. Simple to use and geotags all of your digital images in a flash. All you have to remember is to turn on the app, synchronize the time on the camera with your phone. And start tracking. Power consumption on your phone is minimal. Highly recommend this software to anyone that has a digital camera that does not have an inbuilt GPS

Brilliant. Used this as a trial yesterday, before paying to upgrade. I needed something to get GPS/Location data into my photos, as I didn't want to pay around $200 for physical GPS Unit which isn't an essential for a hobby. Easy set up, tapped "Log Now" when I took photos (not sure if I really needed to or not). Today, I downloaded the Desktop version & other than a minor hiccup getting the synchronising going (just took a quick read of the User Guide), all worked very efficiently. I think for an App, the cost of $AU17.99 for upgrading to be able to continue using it is quite high, but the Desktop version, which is free (and simple to use) makes up for that. One thing that seems not quite right, is upon first read before downloading, is that the trial is three trips, but after using it yesterday and opening it today, and further reading, it appears that the trial is three days, not three trips. Maybe if I didn't open the App today, I would still have two opportunities to use as a trial. I haven't done a second trip & only have one more left before needing to upgrade to continue using. Previous reviews which were posted over a year before mine & some were negative. The App has been updated a few months ago and runs great. Overall, before upgrading, I would highly recommend this App. Well done to the Developers 👍

$13?!. How do they justify this when the only changes over version 1 are a couple extra cloud sync options and some inconsequential UI changes?

Disappointing. I was very disapointed - it's tracking function is highly inacurate even at low intervals like 1 min and 10m distance it tracks only a point when it feels like it. The generated gpx files show the completly inacurate route taken which is useless for the intended purpose of tagging pictures. Of 50 pictures taken only 2 could be matched ... I do a lot of macro flower photography so don't move very much but even when taking a bus of 15 minutes I? get only tywo points even when set to log every minute.

Brilliant Photo Locator. This app is brilliant for locating photos taken on my high end DSLR. It works well with Lightroom. The 2 minute logging interval works really well. It's just important to synchronise the time on the camera.

Great new design and simplicity.. Love the new app.

Unreliable. Wasted my money buying this. Sometimes it logs a good number of points, other times it might log only 2 making the whole exercise pointless. Paying a premium for this doesn't mean better performance. Buy something else.

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So, after we buy your first app. You want us to pay for an update!!!

This is a great app. I used to carry around a stand alone GPS tracker device this app allows me to leave it at home. I love it.

Log files don't have extension name!. I have to add them one by one on computer so lightroom can recognize them.

Perfect Photographer Tool. I am a traveling professional photographer that love to geotag photos while I am traveling so I can refer back to the location later. I used to buy dedicated GPS modules for my Nikon dSLR cameras but sometimes I would have to buy new modules when I upgrade my camera and the current GPS doesn’t work. Dedicated GPS modules for cameras are expensive and takes time to setup each time I take my camera out of the bag. I discovered Geotag Photos 2 and it changed everything! Super easy to use with Lightroom and allows me to use it on my Nikon and Fuji cameras. No need to pack another accessory. I just start the app at the beginning of the day and then stop it when I am done taking photos that day. Crazy simple and works flawlessly. Wish I discovered this years ago!

Fantastic. Great

Love this app!. Easy to use. Easy way to tag location in photos. I shoot in raw. Takes seconds to tag.

App great, upgrade policy less so. While I like the app, the upgrade price for existing users of the version seems unreasonably high, given the limited amount of actual new functionality in version 2.

A necessity. I did a fully trip around Scotland with the free version and loved the app so much that I would now call it a necessity. It’s very light on battery and pretty accurate. It’s going to make my geotagging a breeze!

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Nice way to geotag images. 4.12.17 By deleting the app, restarting the phone i was able to get back to the restore purchase screen and get back my full app. Now i will be back to using geotag pro 2 on ash upcoming trip to Holland and tulip country. I anticipate it will be its usual great way to geotag photos. 3.25.17 I have purchased geotag photos pro and geotag photos pro 2. Unfortunately the icons aren't clear as to which is which and when I deleted one it was the wrong one. Now there is no easy way to restore my purchase of the unlocked version. I wish the icon made it clearer which is the latest version. Not sure whether to keto using it or explore the alternatives. When all set up it does work will but it does mag some and if one is indoors for a time will stop recording even after going back outside. I've been using brush for almost a year and find out a great way to geotag photos. Using without internet access requires waiting for accesses before tagging the image files. Need to get data from iPhone to computer. Still it is the best way I have found to geotag photos.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.5.0
Play Store com.tappytaps.geotagphotos2
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Geotag Photos Pro 2 (Versiyon 2.5.0) Install & Download

The applications Geotag Photos Pro 2 was published in the category Photo & Video on 2015-10-15 and was developed by TappyTaps S.r.o. [Developer ID: 326082490]. This program file size is 136.06 MB. This app has been rated by 156 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Geotag Photos Pro 2 - Photo & Video app posted on 2022-06-13 current version is 2.5.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tappytaps.geotagphotos2. Languages supported by the app:

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Geotag Photos Pro 2 App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

The Dropbox integration was improved in this version. Thank you for using Geotag Photos Pro!

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