SmartThings [Lifestyle] App Description & Overview

Quickly and easily connect and control your devices from a single app!

Control your Samsung Smart TVs, appliances, and SmartThings-compatible devices

With SmartThings, you can connect and control multiple devices quicker and easier. No matter where you are, you can monitor and control smart devices, home appliances (refrigerator, wine cellar, washer, dryer, oven range, dishwasher, cooktop, robot vacuum, air conditioner, air purifier and etc.), TVs, and speakers registered on the server.

[Key features]
- Remotely control and check the status of devices registered through a Wi-Fi AP.
- Group multiple devices into a Mode and control them simultaneously.
- Configure your device settings, including the time and operating conditions, and operate them automatically.
- Invite others to a location where devices are registered to enable shared control.
- The notification feature allows you to receive status information about your device.

※ Some features may not be available in all countries.

[App requirements]
Some mobile devices may not be supported.
- iOS 12.0 or later / iPhone 6 or later / iPad mini2 or later

※ App permissions
The following permissions are required for the app service. For optional permissions, the default functionality of the service is turned on, but not allowed.

[Required access permissions]
• Bluetooth : Find nearby devices using Bluetooth or BLE.
• Microphone: Used to set up ultrasonic sensor-equipped devices

[Optional access permissions]
• Camera: Scan QR codes.
• Location: Automate actions using GPS. (GPS is optional.)
Find Wi-Fi information to add device in iOS 13 or later.
• Contacts: Verify user information that will be delivered while sending SMS.

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SmartThings Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Flex IoT life with SmartThings. We’ve got some new features and we’ve upgraded our menu to provide better service.

SmartThings Comments & Reviews

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- April update

Fixed my issue with alarm notifications and appreciate the other improvements made with the April release. Thanks. In most part I’m 100% in agreement with the previous review about the new Feb 2019 update. However, once I changed(Reorder) the home page, I do not have the issue with my home page resetting back to the default after I close the app & then reopen it on my iOS device. And who uses the term “Reorder” to to identify the procedure to rearrange, edit or manage the home screen? I originally thought it was for reordering of more devices. I do agree there is too much wasted space and would prefer the information being a little more condensed vs. having to scroll down the page. And, I also agree with the alerts/alarms. I’ve checked my settings numerous times, but if my iPhone is locked or if I do not have the App open, I do not receive /hear any notification from the App of a sensor being tripped. Notification can be resolved with IFTTT but would think the App itself would be able to provide that notification. I would the ability to remove a room from the home page, but have yet to find a way to do so. I do appreciate the improvements that Samsung made in an effort to improve the App and suspect there is a learning curve on my part, but I would like the user to have the capability/flexibility to manage their home screen the way the user wants it vs how Samsung thinks it should be.

- Working better

Much better but I am having issues with some app integrations. like smart life and Meross. Update (8/1/20): Emailed and also called and spoke with someone at SmartThings to try to solve my issue with the device integrations. SmartThings customer service were very easy to contact and where very kind and helpful. They tried to help as best as they could but it appears that not many Smart Life app devices are currently compatible. Hopefully this will change in the near future. Meross said and SmartThings confirmed that they are working to improve their integrations in the coming weeks so hopefully my issue of not being able to turn on device in SmartThings will be resolved soon. Tp Link Kasa app and Bond app integrations with those devices are working great! So, in short I believe SmartThings developers are working hard to improve the app integrations and experience which I really appreciate. They have also been very responsive and easy to contact for help. I just received a reply to this review as well which is also why I am adding a star to my review. I will add the fifth star once I am able to fully integrate my smart home in the SmartThings app! Thank you SmartThings for continuing to work to improve your app and the customer experience.

- Removed functionality without notice!

In 2017 I purchased 2 multi-purpose sensors. They were great on garage doors. Once connected to the hub, it was less than 30 seconds to attach to a garage door and they did a great job of indicating the door was open when horizontal and closed when vertical. No more wondering “did the door close?”, a notification indicated closed and was part of my security system to indicate someone had opened the door. Sometime in January 2020 the app made the sensor a bi-purpose sensor only. No warning or notification! The tilt function removed! I went back to the classic app at suggestion of Samsung support (very time-consuming as I had to reset the hub and then had to completely re-add ALL sensors/lights etc... to BOTH apps!). No tilt in old app either. I attempted to connect one sensor as a contact sensor but with the rails and wheels, this was very difficult (the WHOLE reason the tilt function was so great!). Also once it was installed as a contact sensor, it only took one opening of the garage door to knock the magnet off somewhere along the path and jam the door! I’ve spent at least an hour re-doing both apps and reinstalling a sensor and still have no solution! I reluctantly give 2 stars because it was a great, simple solution for 2 years. I suppose if I buy a newer version of the multipurpose sensor it might work?!??! NOT going to keep buying sensors and I have guarantee that will even work and for how long?

- Unacceptable demand for location information

This app is a key part of the user experience for the Frame TV I just bought. It is recommended by the Samsung site, by the information that comes with the TV, and I think as part of the TV setup as well. Ok, fine, I downloaded it and signed in. But it demands “Always” access to my location, rather than “while using the app” access. I don’t mind the latter, but it’s unreasonable for Samsung to insist on having my location information “Always.” I deleted the app. One star for being completely unreasonable about your customers’ privacy. Update: Samsung responded to this review, saying the app “needs” to run in the background. I call b.s. other companies offer the customer a choice. I’ve bought my last Samsung TV, that’s for sure. Second update: They responded again, explaining that they need location data so they can show all connected hubs and devices and so I can share access with friends and family. They’re missing the point. First, I don’t see why that requires “always” location access. Second, even if it does, there should be an option for those of us who just want to control their expensive TV without connecting stuff or sharing access. They could certainly program an option for location permission “when using the app” if they cared to. Clearly, they don’t. If I could, Samsung, you’d get -1 to this rating, but it doesn’t go any lower than it is.

- Widgets no longer load in iOS 14

Among so many other issues. Fix your horrible app. Update, Replying to the developer: I’ve reached out to your support, many times. Your support team is useless. It takes at least a day between responses. Their goal is to initially blame the customer and assume everything is user error. I’ve been a SmartThings user since it was released (before Samsung bought it and ruined it). I’m very familiar with your community forums and am comfortable adding devices and smart apps in the IDE. So trust me when I say I’ve already tried fixing it anyway I can, way before I contact support. For any support request it takes at least 5 days of “have you tried restarting your phone, have you tried deleting the cache, have you tried deleting the app and reinstalling” before they’ll pass the support ticket on to someone who can actually help. How about this, why don’t you (SmartThings Support) hire developers who will install iOS 14 ahead of its release and test your own dang app to make sure it works. And then Update your app before iOS was out of beta. It’s obvious from talking with the support agents that none of them are actually SmartThings users, or they’d understand all of your customer’s frustrations with just how badly you ruined one of their favorite products. The new ST app is a joke. Classic worked, this does not. I’ve lost so many features and functionality. Good job ruining a great product.

- Limited smartthings ability on Samsung smart TVs

Samsung promotes the ability for a connected home. Yet their own Samsung TVs don’t have the ability to run the app. It would be great to make smartthings widely compatible with your tv’s across model. I purchased a new 2020 TV and the feature is missing. Yet you can set it up and control by the app, but you do not have a total connected home experience if you can’t even use your tv as a smart monitor as well. Please fix this. Smartthings also can’t do wake on LAN. It would be great if smartthings could send magic packets to their smart appliances to turn them on and off. You got the turn off feature working flawless. Make the power on ability for tv’s. Improve the loading of devices in app. Takes a long time to load a device to control the settings. Make the app have the same ability as classic to landscape the screen. When using a tablet as a control center turned sideways it stays vertical. As if you only designed it for a phone. Which is typical with the smartthings TV setup. We use multiple devices daily not just a phone. Please make these improvements, it would make things so much more enjoyable.

- Overall a good app

As with many people I’ve been using smart things for many years and had to transition to this new app. Initially I found the migration process to be a complete mess. I found it easier to delete all my devices and re-create my automations in scenes. While this what is time consuming, I Have a better understand how the app works now. It provides more functionality than the original app but does have a few bugs with screens particularly when you’re editing automation‘s. For example after you edit an automation and save it the window doesn’t close and required you to press cancel which prompts you that you have not saved it. Another issueI found is when you enter the dimmer for a light if you don’t actually move the slider it won’t store the default value of 50%. I’ve also noticed the times are strange when you select sunrise and sunset initially they both say sunset or sunrise until you actually change the time. I’ve also had a couple issues with my hue lights saying they were off-line in smart things but online when I launch the Hue.

- This app is sadly limited

You able to use this with a 2018 Samsung Smart TV. Now you can search for shows from the in app hub for it. But I see shows in there that I know are on Netflix but it does not state that. Same stuff for some other apps. To put icing on the cake, its a smart TV which at times requires typing things into each app, yet does not have a on screen keyboard in the app that I can find. There is even a internet explorer where you have to use the tv remote with an on screen keyboard. Now i get it maybe you are trying to push people to buy keyboards and set them alongside of your TV. That I have to say is pretty annoying, I already have one and it is annoying to switch between remote and keyboard. I traded in a different TV that had was supported from a competitor nick named Goku TV for this comment. In that app, not only can you type on your TV screen through the app, but you can stream the tv sound through your phone. It is truly innovative compared to this application. That can only control on/off, +/- Volume/Channel, 0-9 numbers, previous channel, up-down-left-right, and power. To top it all off its pretty laggy. It also has accurate searches through the app. Its sad that I will probably replace the smart side of this TV by plugging in a Goku TV adapter to the HDMI port.

- Horrible App

Garbage app and garbage developers. This app worked fine for the first year I had it and lately after an update (presumably) all of my 60+ devices show up as disconnected. I can still function them if I click on them individually to see their status but in the main window they all show up as disconnected, THEREFORE, the user has no idea what the actual status of any given device is at any given time. Which makes this app useless. The whole purpose of having an app to control home automation devices is so that the user can not only control those devices but also to know the status of the devices at any time. Furthermore, to make matters worse, this app has NEVER provided a proper log of actions. The app should be keeping a log of actions for the devices so that you can view the activity log to see when a device changed status but that has NEVER worked from day one. I’ve called to complain about these issues on numerous occasions but these issues still remain unresolved. I’m very annoyed and I don’t recommend anybody to buy a Samsung SmartThings Hub nor to download and use this horrendous app. I’m going to sell my Samsung SmartThings Hub or just throw it in the garbage and buy a different brand that actually works properly and doesn’t require the user to call and complain every week about these issues.

- Motion sensor needs to show date/time

I recently transitioned from Iris by Lowe’s to SmartThings and bought the hub and motion sensors (among other things). Found it tremendously difficult to connect the ST hub to my existing kwikset and schlage locks (which worked seamlessly with iris). I’ve also been unable to easily connect my Honeywell thermostat. Separately, the ST branded motion sensor is essentially useless. In the app, it will only show me in real time whether there is movement or not (and takes a moment to connect when I go through the app - it’s not always available). I would like to be able to see whether there has been movement during the day (and at what times). Iris used to showed me a bar graph where I could see the movements in my home throughout the day (e.g. no movement between 3-5 pm, movement starting at 5:30, or something like that). Is this something being addressed in an update? So far, I am not a fan of ST, and purposely delayed buying additional ST devices until I could figure out whether it worked well or not. I only bought the few items I did because Iris gave us a gift card to compensate for the shutdown of their service. I have a Samsung TV and will eventually get around to connecting it in order to salvage some utility out of this thing.

- Getting better

I’m impressed that Samsung keeps working to improve the app. My concern is they think (IMHO) that this is all about automation. Well it is called home automation, but it is also about keeping an eye on your home while you’re away for any major issues. I am fortunate enough to have my home in Florida and a cottage in Michigan. I think you’ll know where I am in the summer and winter. I monitor the home in Florida for humidity (I don’t want mold), temperature and water leaks. In the winter I monitor the cottage for temperature and water leaks. The new and classic SmartThings app needs to have better notifications. How about a badge on the app icon if there is something out of range? How about having the ‘tiles’ in the app change color to red if a sensor has a warning (the little red dot isn’t sufficient)? Those are just two little things that would make the app more useful and user friendly. I believe that it would be more helpful if at a glance the end user can see if the lights are on, there is motion, the dishwasher is leaking, the air conditioner isn’t keeping the humidity down... you get the idea.

- This App is Great! One Complaint....

The Smart Things app is very user-friendly. I like the new interface, along with the options that it provides. I also appreciate that Smart Things added Geo fencing into the app. That was one of the reasons why I hesitated to switch over from Smart Things classic. My biggest problem that I can’t seem to solve is that I have Phantom notifications - text message notifications specifically. And example is that I changed a routine, and changed the time of when it should happen, and I still get a notification for the previous time. Also, I have notifications from my previous set up in automations from Smart Things classic. It is so frustrating because I get these notifications that are not in my automations. It’s so annoying! I have read in the forums that others are having the same issue. I hope that the Smart Things team is reading these reviews and addresses this issue.

- Forced “upgrade” is a disaster

I’ve been a SmartThings user for 5+ years. Product has steadily declined since Samsung acquired ST. The App Store ratings are artificially inflated. The “classic” ST app (built prior to Samsung takeover) is light years ahead of the “new” app that is bloated, slow, riddled with glitches, and lacks critical functionality the “classic” app provided with intuitive ease. I was forced to migrate to the new app several weeks ago- after hours of frustration - still only have about 40% of the functionality I had under the classic app. This iteration of the app is not only a GIANT step backwards- it’s more like 50 GIANT steps backwards. And Samsung is not listening to user complaints. In massive company fashion - where they mistakenly believe they know better than their customers- they’re refusing to listen and react. I’m sure I’ll receive the canned reply of - please send us screen shots and detailed descriptions of your issues. I’ve read hundreds of detailed user complaints repeatedly covering the same deficiencies in the “new” app. Yet no progress has been made fixing them. Utterly shameful. And I’m giving a one star rating because a well-deserved ZERO star rating is apparently not possible...GRRR Regards, Intensely disgruntled soon-to-be former customer.

- A black eye for Samsung

As the title says, this app is a black eye for an otherwise impressive company, Samsung and SmartThings. I bought into SmartThings over 5 years ago, and have gradually added more of my home automation to its ecosystem over the following years. SmartThings Classic was never perfect, but it got the job done and I learned to live with the deficiencies. Over the last couple years I have periodically checked in on the “new” SmartThings app to see if it was ready for prime time, and regrettably it never was. So recently when I was notified that support for ST classic was ending, I naively believed that the new app had finally eclipsed the classic app, but boy was I wrong. I won’t go into the details, as all the other reviewers have already listed my complaints, but in almost every way the new app is a step backwards. It is so bad that I am beginning to wonder if this is a poison pill by Samsung designed to kill off the SmartThings line over time. To those responsible, please either start over and create an entirely new app, or bring back and improve upon SmartThings Classic. As it stands I am no longer buying any more devices or spending any more money within the SmartThings environment.

- Good Start - Not Too Complex

Easy to set up and get going. I used classic and i really liked the feature that used our mobile phone as an arrival sensor. I have not been successful in getting that working again. I deleted the classic app like I was told to. I decided to use an old multi sensor to monitor the temperature in the garage. After replacing the batteries and mounting it I started getting an intrusion alert every hour and couldn’t acknowledge it. I completely deleted anything I could associated with home monitor and it is still going three days later. Hard to sleep getting an hourly alert that cannot be turned off. Samsung representative contacted me via email and presented a list if instructions to follow on the classic app. I had trouble finding the classic app on the Apple App Store, but the instructions motivated me to try again. I found the Samsung Classic SmartThings app and re-downloaded it and deleted everything I could. The notifications stopped and a Samsung SmartThings rep contacted me via email to ensure I had resolved the problem. The problem is resolved. Thank you, Samsung SmartThings team.

- Crappy TV remote

I was super excited to have a remote on my phone so that I never have to search for the actual remote again. Sadly, the TV remote on this app is terrible. The number one issue is that if I switch to use another app on my phone, then come back to the remote, it is no longer ready to go. I have to select the TV option from the app’s home screen again and wait for the remote to open. Why can’t it just stay open so I can flip between apps? By the time I get the dang thing open, Netflix is already playing the next show or preview! I don’t even have any other smart devices in my house—why do I need to select “TV” to even get to the remote every time? I wish I could bookmark the remote somehow so that it automatically opens when I open the app (and have it STAY open even when I swap to read a text or email). Secondly, why does the remote have a huge square button with tiny little arrow buttons around it to navigate with? Swiping across the button to navigate is clunky and not intuitive. Get rid of that and just make the arrow buttons bigger!

- Horrible app to go with a horrible TV

Has potential. Firstly, I don’t need another app that wants to control every device in my house! Secondly, I don’t need or want your TV and movie suggestions. All I want from this app is a better way to control my TV. Put the TV control, sources and apps all on the same page. Sources on top, TV control under that, apps under that. I should only need to go to the next screen if I run out of room for my apps. Simple, efficient and effective. I don’t want to jump around from screen to screen. I want to open the app , turn on the TV, choose my source and app all from the same screen. It would also be helpful if the app stayed open when switching back from another app on my phone. This could be a great alternative to a horribly laid out remote that came with the TV. Maybe Samsung could consider a dedicated TV app instead of grouping it with their desire to control my entire house. Update - the app is the least of my worries. Their TV constantly drops the internet connection. I will never buy another Samsung product. Period. Can’t wait to get rid of the TV, then their crappy app will no longer be an issue.

- New user, disappointed in this app.

I just got my SmartThings Hub v3 yesterday. I really just need it to push to Alexa, which announces when doors open and close but I was getting quite annoyed with this app. For one there was no setting to switch the sensor to Garage mode, secondly, there is no option to allow me to set when doors are ajar, something I read could be done with SmartThings. I finally decided to get the old app, the one Samsung is planning to Sunset and wow, what a difference! That app is full featured compared to this. Not only are these options there but that app also shows me all sensor activity so that I can see exactly what's going on with the sensors. I understand that this app is new and you're moving new users towards it but it's a bad idea to do so when it's so very half baked. There are too many missing features to be directing new users to forget about the other app and use this one. Right now I have both apps installed but I use the old one mostly. Hopefully this one catches up sooner vs. later. I see nothing wrong with the old app and don't understand why this one was made.

- Good but could improve

I like the app and enjoy the ability to access my devices with or without my remote. However, I have some suggestions on how to improve the app so that it is more usable for a tv. First, the left and right arrows are well sized but the top and bottom are much too small. Those buttons are important so that you can hold scrolling rather than constantly having to swipe up and down. I often find myself accidentally selecting a show because I have to look at the tv when scrolling rather than the remote. Second, most times I go back to use the remote the home screen appears with a list of my devices when I really just want to use my remote again. It usually takes about 15-20 seconds to get back to the remote. That is about the time that a next episode on a streaming service will auto play which makes using the app sort of a wash. Anyways, thanks for hearing the feedback and (hopefully) look forward to some quality of life changes! Great app other than those minor things!

- Missing key feature from Classic SmartThings app

I have been a SmartThings home automation user for four years, and was wary of the forced upgrade from the classic app to the new app, since I had seen some negative reviews. It turns out I right to be wary, as one of the key features I used to rely on in the classic app is gone from the new app. Specifically, when you use cell phones as device presence sensors, the app doesn’t show the phones in the device list. So you can set up rules and alerts based on them, but you can’t actually look a person’s phone in the system to see if they’re at home, when they arrived/left, etc. Developers, PLEASE add this capability back in! Beyond this issue, the app has an appealing look to it, but I agree with other users that it uses too much real estate on the home screen for the various rooms. I wish I had the option of just listing a few favorite devices on my home screen, like I could in the classic app. Also, it’s weird that all door locks are listed under a section called guest access - I am not a guest in my own home!

- Misses the mark

Disclaimer: I only use this app to control my Samsung smart tv. I have three issues with the app. One, it is incredibly slow to load the remote control portion. By the time I launch the app, wait for the tv to show up in the appropriate room, then launch the remote, enough time has passed that I could have refilled my glass of water, ordered a pizza, then dug the remote out from the sofa cushions and changed the channel. It's even worse since an update a few months back where when I finally do get to the remote section, the tracking pad is hidden under a ”Show more” revealer. Second, the inability to use my phone’s keyboard is absurd. If I have to enter a lengthy password, the last thing I want to do is click button by button with the remote when I can just type it in, or better yet, just auto-fill with 1Password. I forget what my third issue was now but I know it wasn't a big deal, so I’ll leave it at those two. Not sure how to fix the first, but the second should be a no-brainer.

- Classic is a much better app

I don’t know if I’m just too dumb or I’m missing something, but I can’t figure out the new app. My presence sensors are gone and I can’t find my routines. I set up an automation to replace one of my routines and it didn’t work. I don’t enjoy the layout and it seems to not give me nearly as easy of a time navigating. I’m planning to stay classic as long as possible. If I knew that the new app would be like this, I wouldn’t have gone with Samsung as my hub. Wanted to like the new app, but it’s just not working for me. *edited to respond to chelsea* Hey Chelsea! Thanks for responding!! I appreciate it :) Unfortunately, I received a notification that it was time to switch over. And not only that, but the classic app would not disarm so every time we moved or opened a door in the house, we’d get notifications. Our only option was to switch over. I think I figured out automations, but my routines are gone. My presence and my husbands are not recognized. I just can’t seem to figure out how this was supposed to be a smooth transition when most of my devices and routines didn’t transfer over. I’d love to switch back to classic for good.

- I highly recommend this

To help make life easier, You should outfit your house with smart lights, digital locks, security cameras, thermostats, and more, then you're going to need a smart home hub to connect them all together. I’ve researched and tried many smart home, automation gears available on the market. I think Samsung SmartThing might be the best option. Samsung SmartThings hub can connect to more than 200 devices(more than most other hubs)and lets you create a wide range of different scenarios for all of the gadgets in your home. Installation remains extremely basic, largely a matter of plugging the hub into your router and setting up an account with Samsung. (Like the first-generation hub, the second-generation does not integrate Wi-Fi.) From there, you can start adding devices to work with the hub. SmartThings has its own branded sensors and other gear. The hub has both ZigBee and Z-Wave radios onboard, and two USB ports for local devices.

- Recent update does not show Smart Home Monitor upfront... have to press a link to see current status; Armed, Arm, Disarm. This is very inconvenient for such an important feature. SECURITY! All other switches and sensors maintain a graphic visual of their immediate status? 5 Stars for everything else. My network includes V3 Hub, Alexa v2, some integrated WiFi (2.4GHz) devices, exclusively Zwave protocol (10+ yrs), broadband with Comcast (no complaints in my area). All work beautifully and flawlessly. It’s painful and frustrating to read many of the seriously negative reviews. On the surface, although claims of user-friendly abound, all digital devices are complex and technical on the inside. If unable to install/setup yourself, obtain the assistance (shop, pay, barter, beg, etc) of a certified IT/network specialist (min 4-5+ yrs exp). Even non-certified “DIY super geek tech junkies” are able to make it all work smoothly. Nowadays, there’s at least one in every neighborhood ;)

- Old App much better

This new app has a few nicer features, but they didn’t carry forward all capabilities and will cause me to lose some capability. Simple items like favorites that provides a nice, small list of the heavily used items is not available, neither is selection of a custom background screen. I also can’t be warned if a door is left open anymore for more than a preset amount of time. The bigger issue is that I still used the old app to pair my doorbell after SmartThings loses connection with it. For some reason this doorbell isn’t listed in the new App and can never find it on its own. Similarly, the only way to diagnose why my phone location isn’t working correctly is with the old app. Now I won’t be able to automate simple things like turn on the alarm when I leave because I can’t figure out what is wrong. I would have thought they would have worked out all of these issues in the years both apps have been running in parallel, but I guess not. This reflects poor quality control and customer support.

- Looks Good Works Poorly

The interface and UI are clearly designed well, and when working the app is fine. However, it frequently doesn’t work. As an example, I just bought a brand new Samsung TV. I was setting it up with the app. I got to a point where I had to change the name of the TV, and glitch, couldn’t click on the name to change it or continue with the factory name. My only option was to fully exit set up, restart the app, and start over with the TV remote. The next day I log into the app and it’s asking me to complete TV set up despite me having finished set up using the TV remote, and again it freezes, restart app, etc. I’m caught in an idiotic loop on something I don’t care about. I just want the TV to work smoothly. I don’t care about being able to ask my TV to order a pizza, my blender and trash can already do that. Focus on what matters. Apps like this are worthless if they don’t work and it’s incredibly frustrating to have wasted time doing a set up only for the app to crap out on the insignificant name your TV step.

- Hello SmartThings / Bye Wink

Thanks to Wink announcing they’re going to hold accounts hostage for $5 per month starting in a week, I jumped ship and landed with Samsung. One feature needed is an Apple Watch app - even if it’s just a shortcut for 8 scenes like the widget. A critique; there’s a lot of lost space in the top of the app that requires me to scroll way more than I should. (1/3 of the screen is taken up by my home name and a wallpaper.) Correct the wallpaper and toss us a quick Watch app and this’ll be perfect! Update - After a developer note, and a restart of my iPhone, the Scenes which were not populating appropriately in the widget now work just fine. This has been a painless transition; I spent less time loading my lights, connecting apps, creating automations and setting scenes all from scratch than I ever did just troubleshooting Wink over the years for silly issues. Thanks, SmartThings!

- Room Order/Organization

I like the app pretty well. Switched from Wink once it stopped being supported. My issue is that the app randomly reorganizes the list order of all the rooms I have set up and also all the things within each room. I can fix it how I want it but then the next time I open the app they’re all messed up again. Very annoying. I’ve stopped fixing the order just because I know it’s going to mess up so why waste the time. It would also be great to be able to globally change the brightness level of all the lights within the same room instead of having to go to each of the four lights in my living room and changing the brightness of each one from 100% down to something darker when I want to relax and chill. You could do this with Wink and I’m surprised you can’t with SmartThings.

- Worthless app

I bought a new washer and dryer. Was very excited to use the wifi as I am often rushing to get laundry done. Hey now it can get started on my way home and when I get home I can just switch it over to the dryer. NOPE. Half the time it doesn’t work and you have remember to push a few buttons on the machine(s) before hand- even though you can see it through the app/communicate through the app you have to manually do other things first. If you want to start it at a certain time, forget about it. You have to set your phone alarm then go in and take care of it, that is if the app hasn’t shut communication off. The only thing you can do is start the laundry now or start the laundry now and have it slow the process down so much that it can take up to 24 hrs to wash a load of clothes. No one wants their clothes washed for up to 24 straight, it’s too rough on the clothes. The app has timing functions, it has starting functions. They just decided not to put them together. Which is such a disappointment as that was the main reason for me buying this set.

- Converted from Vera

Recently upgraded from Vera to a SmartThings hub. Primary use is to monitor my home for temperature and leaks when I’m not there. Like to set the temp to 60 when away but when its’s really cold out, I.e. 20F and a strong wind pipes could freeze. Vera saved me several time since I can turn the heat up remotely. Installed several SmartThings Water Temperature Sensors, set up was great, setting up automations to provide notifications and texts was easy but doing the same thing many times was annoying (think copy function). The biggest thing I don’t like about the SmartThings app is that you can’t see any data on the sensor icons on the home page but “dry”. Duh, if it wasn’t dry I’d be getting notifications and texts! When I check in to my house remotely I want to see on the home page what Vera gave me, the temperature and battery level at each of my sensors. Researching this it appears that there were ways to do this in what is now called the “SmartThings Classic” app. Amazing how new and improved can become new and less.

- Works Okay

Needs some work. First, home screen order is reset after long period of not using the app. So have to rearrange everything each time I use the app. Second, it does not activate my Home mode when I get home using phone location. Old app worked great and this one just seems to do nothing. Third, UI needs work, so much wasted space and finding things can be very cumbersome. Fourth, widget is pretty useless since it seems to only allow scenes, why not devices so I can see a quick status? Also, some devices do not seem to work correctly, in particular trying to get a multi-sensor to show temp versus motion. Tried altering the device handler and did not seem to make a difference to the tile on home. Maybe I am just not smart enough on that part, but old app seemed to be more reliable and easy to manage that stuff. Lastly, sometimes I get duplicate notifications even though I only have one entry for open/close events.

- Slow, unreliable, and only getting worse:(

The old “classic” wasn’t perfect but at least it was functional. The new app is dreadfully slow. Launch the app and wait 20 plus seconds for any type of device control. The work around is to use actiontiles or sharp tools for quick functions. The automations rarely function and if they do the are massively delayed, rendering them useless. Once again you have to use a third party integration, webcore, to fill in for these deficiencies. It is really frustrating to have spent large sums of money on this eco to have an app render it useless. Hopefully someone will create a new hub that allows for us to quit Samsung altogether. This business unit is not a priority for Samsung which is evident by the linage of this app. This app is so far off base that they really need to scrap it all and start over. They should model it after the philips hue app which is consistently reliable and simple. I only write this massively critical review to hope that someone takes ownership of this and works to restore the confidence of its users.

- Don’t “upgrade” until you have to!!!

The new app has totally hosed up all my automations. Members “arrive” as they are leaving the block. Or not. They may simultaneously leave. Or not. Members may or may not “arrive when returning home. Impossible with the new app to check the status of member’s iPhones to determine if the hub thinks we are currently present or absent, so troubleshooting is off the table. Impossible to tell when doors will lock or unlock, or when lights will turn on and off. I assume Samsung will work all this out eventually, but if you are wise you will give them some time before letting them make you a beta tester!! October 10 update: 6 weeks later, at least a dozen interactions with Samsung support, deleted and readied routines and devices multiple times, sent timestamp data and screenshots multiple times, and there is no germ of hope on the horizon. Arrival and departure are detected only sporadically and if so are not recognized correctly. Automations are triggered only sporadically even when arrival and departure are correctly recognized. Terrible!

- New App Needs Work

I have recently migrated over from Iris by Lowes to STT for 3 different locations. The recent update in the app has some bugs in the iOS platform that need to be resolved. First, the app shows no device activity at all. Another family member has the app on a Samsung S8 and it displays all device activity properly. It does not on my iPhone. Second, as others have mentioned, the app should have a setting for notification tone selection. Without a setting within the app, Apple devices default to a short notification tone and display which is inadequate for a security notification. Third, and less important, the locations have an option to change colors to differentiate them. Unfortunately, after changing respective colors, they all change back to pink when the app is subsequently opened. Again, this occurs on my iPhone. If these 3 improvements would be made, I could give this app 5 stars.

- Finally working

When I first downloaded the app it didn’t really work well with my Samsung smart home devices. But recent updates and now everything in my home is working seamlessly. Automations for my robot vacuum actually start without me having to force them and my laundry room informs me about my washer cycles. Good job Samsung on finally giving the app some needed attention. I have been slowly getting smart home appliances and was seriously considering a different manufacturer for my future purchases since I couldn’t get the Samsung app to do its job correctly. Which would be a shame since I enjoy the Samsung home product line so much. Maybe apple needs to build home appliances so everything I own is on one OS platform. JK Samsung, just keep improving cross platform apps and keep up the good work!!!

- It’s so bad, it motivated me to write my first review

Three weeks ago, I was informed by Samsung that they were ready to migrate me from the old app to the new app. I went through the migration process and received a message that everything was complete. Then, I opened the new app and saw that my hub and several devices did not migrate. I called Samsung support on August 10 and reported the issue. I was told I would be contacted by a technician in “a day or two.” A week later and two additional calls for help, and I was told that I would be contacted in a “couple more days.” Finally, ten days after my initial call, I received an email from a Samsung technician. She asked me to describe the situation, the third time I’ve been asked to do so. A day went by and she emailed again and asked if I can see my hub and to send a screenshot. I replied. Four days went by and she asks me to reinstall the app. I did, and I replied. I get one question a day—at best—by email and I’m no closer to a resolution than I was three weeks ago when I reported my issue. This is honestly the worst customer service I’ve ever seen. Something is wrong with this company. I also recently spent a day installing an aftermarket solution to keep my Samsung refrigerator from leaking water onto my floor because of what is widely described as a design flaw that Samsung refuses to acknowledge or fix. Don’t waste your time with this product. It is buggy and support is not there to help when it breaks.

- Completely nuked my setup

The title says it all. I recently migrated my entire setup from Lowe’s Iris to SmartThings. The platform was completely exceeding my expectations until I opened this new app about a week ago. I had been using the “classic” app but thought I would try this one. Very, very bad idea. It split my home into two different virtual locations. I have cloud devices (Arlo, Ring, etc), my hub, and a handful of devices in one location. In the other location I have the remaining devices and all of my smart apps. About 50% of my devices show disconnected at any one time and I do not have the ability to add new smart apps. I’ve spent literally hours on the phone with customer support. The new app does not seem to have the ability to move devices from one location to another. Basically, this app is so buggy and wrecked my system so badly, I have had to reenable Iris so I have control of some of my devices in the interim. Hopefully, this can all get sorted out by the Iris shutdown deadline of March 31. Avoid this new app at all costs!!!

- App is still broken...

I recently switched to this from the classic app because I was notified in the classic app to switch over. Thinking they had finally fixed this app, I moved everything over with their quick transition tool. I have had nothing but problems since switching! My automations no longer work by presence, only manually if their system isn’t down like it was the other night. I had to make virtual switches to see what phone was causing the presence issue, my wife’s, because they removed that feature in this version of the app. Btw, my wife and I have identical phones and I have done everything I can think of to correct the presence issue to no avail.. In addition, I noticed that if I go to edit my scenes and I click on the one I wish to edit, a different one opens. I currently believe the correct scenes run when selected. So if you haven’t already switched, don’t! This is nearly frustrating enough for me to get rid of this hub for something else.

- So much better than Wink 2

I give Smartthings Hub 3 and Smartthings app 4.5 stars. I really wanted to like Wink 2; I like its UI and its lack of brand association with smart devices like Samsung. But I finally got fed up with its unreliability when it came to including and excluding Z-wave devices. I couldn’t get some Leviton dimmers to pair at all, I couldn’t include smart shades that were 20 feet away in line of sight. And I couldn’t reliably exclude things that stopped working so I could include them again. Smartthings is night and day better. Z-wave is still kind of a pain, but once you get the flow of how to exclude and include Z-wave accessories, Smartthings Hub 3 is VERY reliable. Sometimes it takes a minute or so to finish including something but I can rely on it to complete eventually instead of crossing my fingers and hoping. Is there room for improvement? Yes: - Too much scrolling on home screen, need a more compact layout to show whole house in one screen - Some tasks take 1-3 more taps than it should - It would be nice to have more customization (add my own wallpapers, icons) - Failure to include should automatically get you to the exclude procedure instead of having to back out, find your hub and get to the exclusion utility.

- To SmartThings hub from Wink 2

There is a lot to say, but to make it reasonably short. Wink is a great platform. But, Limited in manufactures that link to it. It seems that it just stopped in development. It is faster in robot response and for me, much easier to program. SmartThings is a tool for everybody, and everything, and development continues. I still can’t get thing to work as it seems it should. Most of the functions that just fell into place with wink just are harder, but perhaps time will make it happen. I see a generation 4 on the horizon for a faster processor, more memory (like the cell phone, more is better syndrome). I’m not sure the market is there. Additionally, internet training is prolific with video an written nonsense, but little real advice and LOTS of unrelated adds. I am a little frustrated.

- Getting worse not better

I’ve used smartthings for 3 or 4 years now. It’s never been very stable. I changed from the classic to the new app as we’d done extensive remodeling and it made sense to start from scratch with the new app. Joining new items seems much more robust than it used to be but geolocation never works and the app requires me to sign in every single time I use it. Smartthings has always been a beta release which you end up working around or living with it’s limitations. The new app is a two steps forward, two steps back sort of thing. One day it’ll maybe do what it’s supposed to but don’t expect it to be now. At least there is more overall support but the downside to that is my coding skills are getting rusty. Oh and one more thing, the security issue. I was in a store the other day and my app asked me if I wanted to sync with one of the TVs there. That could have been fun...

- Bad UI on new app

I have over 80 smart devices in my home. I would like to see the rooms and then click that room to expand to show devices in that room on the main screen. Otherwise I am scrolling down a lot to get to desired room. Also support for Spruce Gen 1 sprinkler no longer works so I have to upgrade Sprinkler system or do some custom coding to get it to work properly. Samsung support just says it is no longer supported. Notice at times that the application does not have correct status if a light is on or not. Light is on but shows off so I have to click button in app to turn on then off in App to get light off. Seems isolated issue to wall motion wired sensor light switches. I would like to see a screen where I can see offline devices and those with low battery. With so many devices I have to go in app room by room. Does have an icon that wiggles if low which is good. I plan to add more devices and probably will be over 100 soon so the app needs to enable those with a large volume of devices to manage them easier. Should have a analytics engine or allow export of device history so one can put into a DB. Another feature needed for battery devices is to track how long a battery lasts so I can tell which brand of batteries last longer than others for a device. Enable the ability to have a reminder that says “you have x devices that are below y%. Have or order batteries.”

- So much potential, but misses the mark

This app is extremely frustrating. There is so much potential with this idea, but the app just misses the mark in so many ways. I mainly use this app for triggering scenes for my Hue lighting, but the functionality is so limited, and the experience is so jarring, that it makes me want to trash the whole app. Trying to dim/change groups of lights (Ex: all 4 of my kitchen can lights, 4 living room lights, 5 basement lights, etc) is infuriating. Basic things like setting timers for various groups of lights while I’m on vacation is so much more cumbersome than it needs to be. Who, realistically, takes action on one light at a time In their house, especially if you have fully invested in Hue lighting in your entire house? Please think about how your users actually want to interact with their smart devices, and design the app to aid with common tasks they are trying to accomplish every day. This will make this app useful vs cumbersome.

- Horrible! Had to buy a ROKU to use my new Smart TV

Clunky interface gets one star. The overall software platform gets a 0. It’s an app for controlling a smart TV, but the limited remote is actually easier to use. Interacting with the browser is a bad joke. After the tedious process of getting to a website, logging in, and navigating to a page... all I get is an error saying the browser doesn’t support certain features on the page. You can’t effectively customize your home screen because it won’t let you remove several unwanted (and unnecessary) channels/apps. Samsung made a business decision to force you to look at at them on the home screen. “Consent to targeted advertisement” shows up AFTER I spend all the time installing the tv. I paid $1600 for a TV and your platform is going to dictate that I have to wade through crap to watch what I want? I am serious l considering uninstalling this hamstrung app and returning the TV. Even after the trouble of the purchase, setup, and install.

- Some Good, Some Bad

Z wave inclusion and operation is good. There is occasional hiccup where devices disappear, but, overall it’s decent. This is the 3rd brand of hub I have used at 3 different properties. If it weren’t missing some very basic properties I would say it is very good. However, if you are trying to manage pin codes for a rental property, it is laughably bad. You have no ability to see who opened the door and when. Yes. You read that correctly. Functionality that has been out for years in lots of hubs is not in this app. Your can’t tell when your housekeeper arrived and left. You can’t set a time window for active codes. I can’t imagine how they missed this with all the managed rentals out there, but, they did. Update: Developers asked me to uninstall and see if it would work, but, I have already spoken to support and it’s not broken. The functionality simply does not exist to differentiate use among multiple guest codes.

- New ST app getting better but still needs improvement

Current list of things preventing me from moving away from classic app. Over all new app is getting much better. Love the new reporting and quick device actions, ability to drag and drop devices etc. 1. When viewing device in old app there was a Tab (SmartApps). Which showed you which automations were associated with a device. The new app does not have this option making it difficult to troubleshoot when an automation for a device is not working or I need to quickly change an automation rule. 2. In support section of old app there is a section called Help Us Debug which made it easy to gather and attach logs when working with support, this is missing from the new app. 3. New app doesn’t allow for custom automations in Smart Home monitor. This a major issue since most of my automations are built around SHM custom automations. 4. No routines in new app is disappointing and scenes don’t allow for the same simplicity. See point 5 on why this is an issue. 5. Scenes can’t be triggered or more specifically are not available to other smart apps, like routines are which is why point #4 is an issue. This isn’t necessarily new app issue but is a major problem with new apps reliance on scenes as a replacement for routines.

- Love the smart Samsung!!!

I love how the smart function works on the Samsung. I have a smart home and the integration was seamless. I only wish that I had more functionality on the gas dryer. Samsung can you work on that. Make more function on the app for the dryer. I don’t want to have to purchase a brand new dryer for it...I just bought this one and being a military family we only have so much money. This washer and dryer, I bough the flex version so that I can wash my husband hats and dry them flat without Messi g them up in anyway. I much tell you it works exactly as advertised. I am so pleased with our investment. All of our appliances are Samsung and I am overjoyed with what it brings to our home. Thank you Samsung!!! Signed by the Wife of a (still Active Duty) War Hero (to his family).

- Art Mode does not work anymore

UPDATE - I have changed my rating to 5 stars. The art mode is working now on my iPhone to get my photos onto my Frame Tv. Yeah! I’d give this App 5 stars if it would do the one thing I need it for! Art mode use to work and it was great. Now when I try to use Art Mode to get photos to my Frame Tv all I get is an error message or a message that art mode is unavailable and to try again later. I bought your Frame TV so I could use my photos along with art from the art store. With the app not working now I can’t make photo collages. I tried reporting this issue 2 times thru the app with no response. Maybe giving you 1 star will get a response and the issue fixed on the IPhone app. Frustrated! Please fix.

- Prepare to wait

Normally when you open an app you expect it to connect to your device and be functional almost instantly. Not so when you use this app to try and control the Samsung Flexwash washer and dryer. Once you open the app, if it connects at all, you have to watch a loading screen for 20-30?seconds before it connects. And sometimes repeat this process a couple times. Basics rendering the app and ability to control the units useless. It’s just quicker and easier to control everything the old school way, from the actual units. This is quite disappointing considering I bought both these units primarily for their “Smart” features. And one more thing- these units are not just a always connected, like every other smart device in my home, you have to hit a Smart Control button on each unit before running a cycle before they will connect to your network. Yet one more step.

- Frame TV integration no longer works?

Recently I splurged on a Samsung Frame TV. Literally the only reason I purchased that TV is because if its ability to display personal photos as “artwork” while in Art mode (ie, when the TV is in standby mode). Despite being a pretty finicky process, I’ve still managed to get my photos on the TV via the Smart Things app many times. I have roughly 40 photos stored that I can access at any time. Recently, the function to add photos to the Frame TV via the Smart Things app no longer works. I’ve read every troubleshooting guide on the web, deleted/reinstalled the app, updated my phone, powered off/on my modem/router, hard reset the TV, etc. No matter what I do, the option to “add personal photos” remains greyed out. I simply receive an error message. This is extremely frustrating as this was the only reason I purchased the Frame TV. What a waste of money. What’s more frustrating is that this must be a support issue, as it previously worked and now it doesn’t. I’ve been a Samsung loyalist—purchasing 4 TV’s over the past few years. But this is really disappointing, and given that it’s a support issue it just makes me really aggravated that Samsung/Smart Things apparently takes their customer base for granted. Honestly this dev issue should be a simple fix. Get it together guys!

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- Quite a good app

I'm relatively new to the smartthings platform and found this app to be clean and easy to use when I was first setting everything up. With that said however, it only took about a day before I realised I needed to use webcore and custom device handlers to achieve much of what I wanted to achieve with a home automation platform. After having a go setting everything up using webcore I then realised that this is where this app falls apart as many devices with supposedly fully functional device handlers simply don't work here. Enter the classic app, and it's just a significantly more mature app that has far broader and deeper support for many more devices and smart apps. Combined with webcore the classic app has helped me implement an outstanding solution. Anyhow I'm continuing to use this app as it's clearly the future and a sustainable model given that the web UI gives me the ability to configure much of my ST network now that I've set up using classic. I I just pray Samsung don't drop the power of the classic app in favour of a basic solution that works for more people but only half as well for half the available devices.

- Apps’ not bad, but could be better

This review is for the app (only) and not the robot vac itself (w/c I’m having issues with its “return home function”). The app is basic and easy to use. I particularly like its “History” feature - allowing you to see where the vac has been during a particular vacuuming session. But it could be better. Like scheduling options. Ie. multiple times in a day, different scheduled times base on which day (ie. weekends vs weekdays etc.). But I use it so I guess it means it’s useful to me.

- App is junk

I have the latest iPhone, and one of the newest Samsung TV’s. I’m pretty advanced in my use of technology. Other apps and devices work perfectly and our home network is superb. I’d hoped to use the Samsung app as a back up to control the TV because the remote disappears occasionally in out busy house. The samsung app just doesn’t work. I managed to set up the TV initially but when I open the app it never connects to the tv. I tried to remove the TV and set it up again from scratch, but was instructed that to remove the TV you have to reset the TV to factory defaults, which is unacceptable because we have Disney, Foxtel, Prime, Binge, Telstra TV and more set up and the setting for each would all be lost. Really disappointed that I assumed that the app for a Samsung Smart TV would work really well, but it doesn’t work at all. We are fortunate that we still use Telstra TV. For all their faults, the Telstra TV is in a different league to Samsung. We have three of them and the Telstra app works every time without fail. Compare that to the Samsung app which never works.

- Extremely frustrated

I naught a Samsung robot vacuum - never owned Samsung I have all apple devices. So I thought I’d spend over $500 on this vacuum, tried the app for iOS... not too bad but from reviews and watching the google play app and says that with the app you can map your home with the vacuum. So heck I decided to buy a Samsung tablet just for the app ($200) to be exact. I then realised NOPE once you download the app it asks you to either sign up or log in with existing account... so I did. Well it then takes you to a webpage where NOTHING happens , you get an error page that says “this web page is not available “ ?? Tried to go to support page and chat and even that was not helpful at all the guys or girl on the other end just stop responding!! I need a refund and this app is just so disappointing... hence why I will always have apple products I really regret even trying!

- Soundbar connection to wi fi

I have never had to deal with such an irritating and frustrating app. It is unable to connect my soundbar to the network. It is the only device not to do so. The application is awkward to use and so slow on a fast iPad Pro. It is unusable and I tried several times. Nothing just works. It does not find networks. You have to name it. The steps are superficially simple but is awkward and frustrating in use. It spoilt my whole experience with the soundbar. Surely a multinational can employ competent people. Forget about the service. It is hopeless. I couldn’t even get any sense out of them. They said there is something wrong with your network. I have built complex computer programs, but I am disappointed in this. Samsung has serious quality assurance issues in my view. My wife’s first concern when she saw Samsung was to make sure it is unplugged at night in so it would not set our house on fire.

- No more smelly washing!

I love this app and that I can start a wash wherever I am especially if going away for a few days and not sure when I’m getting back. Controlling the TV is great too except I can’t access the guide. But really great for turning it on or off or even turning it up if stuck sick in bed and hear something interesting come on. It has changed my life and I actually enjoy doing these things now. Can’t wait to add more Samsung appliances to my life. Only thing I dislike is that when I’ve adjusted the exact wash I want and then go to plan what time it is to start, it doesn’t hold all my options. Other than that. Awesome app! 😊

- Airdresser not supported in New Zealand market

I downloaded the app in order to connect to my Samsung Airdresser to access the downloadable special cycles and Clothing Care Manager features. Despite the product having been for sale in New Zealand for several months and marketing material discussing these features - the local version of SmartThings still doesn’t support the Airdresser. Contacting Customet Service isn’t much help they told me to re-read the instructions on how to connect my TV (it’s not a TV) indicating they had no idea about the product. I recheck the app weekly to see if there’s an update as I really like the Airdresser but Samsung’s technical delivery promised a lot but hasn’t delivered much to date - happy to re rate but at this time, the app is simply a memory thief until it actually is fit for purpose.

- Terrible, avoid any Samsung products

After spending $10,000 on a Samsung ducted Aircon system with remote connection you’d think it would work? Wrong! 2 weeks in and I haven’t connected once, I’ve contacted Samsung support and a week later still no connection, the instructions provided are in broken English. I downloaded the app in the instructions only to be told it’s actually the wrong app and to get this one. The previous app had 64 x 1 star reviews out of 64 reviews and this new app it just as bad. I’ve worked in IT for 25 years so I am no stranger to technology and this product has killed my inner nerd. Do the Smart Thing and avoid Samsung products, it will save you the frustration of dealing with unfinished, semi developed and abandoned products.

- New user

I’ve been using the new Smartthings app for just over a month now. It’s layout is pretty intuitive and easy to set up basic automations like using a motion or door sensor to turn on lights etc. The products it supports natively are generally quick and easy to set up but the list is limited and not all products are currently available in all countries. The original SmartThings app gives access to some extra functionality around “smart apps” and the ability to add your own devices but at the expense of a much more cluttered interface and is probably better suited for more advanced users. Overall a great starting point for smart homes, but some users will outgrow it quickly. Hopefully the number of supported manufacturers will grow over time to expand functionality.

- Slow as hell

I have the full Samsung home sweet from tv, fridge vacuum, washer, dryer (and more) As much as each device is great stand alone but the smart thing app which is meant to bring it all together is a massive fail. Takes about 45 seconds form opening the app to be able to control anything and even then doesn’t work all the time. Defeats the point of having a smart home when it’s not useable. Come on Samsung, this is embarrassing to your name, get with the times. Example: robovac turns on while on the phone: Let’s turn it off.. Open app wait about 25 seconds for app to load then establish connection with hub then load all devices another 8 seconds , then click on robovac then it initialises for another 8 seconds then hit stop then it thinks a bit then it turns off, at this point I may have walked over to the robovac about 7 times and done it the old fashioned way.. pointless, fail, embarrassing

- Very good but there's a room for lot of improvement

Everything currently is very good. I would just mention the things which can be improved or enhanced. -More apps in the app store, especially popular apps and games -Ability to type/search from the smart things app while searching for anything on any of the apps running on the tv. Basically my phone should become a keyboard for my tv. -More intuitive/refreshed UI

- SmartThings Review

I've just recently purchased a new Samsung TV and I love the fact that you can put Photos on the screen whilst it is in the Ambient Mode. I currently have 8 recently taken Christmas photos of my grand children on the 65" Screen which looks fabulous. Now I'll be able to put photos of each grandchild on the screen to celebrate each of their birthdays during the year. It's just great!

- Good app, needs a lot more functionality

I’m new to smart devices. I’m finding the SmartThings app good, however there seems to be some basic things missing. For example, I have motion detectors that I wish to trigger lights only when it’s dark. There’s the ability to trigger based on sunrise to sunset but not sunset to sunrise? Seems like a simple oversight that eliminates a lot of control for night time and when you live in an area that sunrise and sunset can vary greatly depending on the time of year simply selecting an hour is not sufficient.

- Almost very good

Good App but some little things (non technical I guess) make it a bit annoying: 1, scenes in the app can only be sort by pre-defined order; 2, old scenes in the widgets setting can be ordered in whatever way, which is good, but why old unused scenes can not be deleted? Would be great if these can be modified.

- App poorly designed

Hi Team, Though the UX is designed well, it appears that the main app useability was not kept in mind. 1. I created my Samsung account when I was in India. When I moved to Australia and bought a Samsung device, it just wouldn’t show up in the app. Ultimately I figured out the problem, created a new account with a new mail Id specifically created for this purpose and then was able to use the device. How did the designers assume that a user will not move countries? Could they have given the provision to change their account country? 2. My device is now , for some reason, not able to connect to the app. The app shows ‘remotely locked’ . As a user, there should be specific reason provided for why the device is remotely locked. How else would one be able to resolve issues??? These are very basic designing aspects, isn’t it ????

- Apps good but issues

I found the Ap quite good for using on my Samsung tv been working very well but since I updated to the current version on my iPad I have issues once tv is pressed and then press the home function to bring up my tv menu I go to scroll left or right it looses tv connection go back to device screen then to tv it works again then stops but old version on my iphone works great still

- Poor functionality for a high end brand

Just got a Samsung Frame TV, this remote makes the functionality of the TV relatively poor. There is no obvious way to have a full keyboard to sighn into accounts or type letters other than a old school click of a mouse. All the buttons are hard to use and i find it almost pointless trying to use it. This app ruins the experience of what is a expensive tv. In the long run ending up using most stuff through google chrome as the functionality is way better.

- Great but little slow

I am enjoying the app, can control my Samsung TV and Soundbar via the app. It is little slow to respond. It is also slow when you start the app and everytime I lock my phone it goes back to the home screen.

- Waste of time

I’ve registered my washer and a dryer so many times, but after a week or so it alway goes back to showing as disconnected, so the app is useless. Smart Control is enabled. I then have to go thru the process of reregistering again and when I do it tells me the product is already registered? The app seems to be out of sync with the cloud. The app itself is pretty clumsy and hard to navigate. Should be rewritten. I bought Samsung for this functionality. Very disappointed.

- Robo vac

The app is great for setting up the schedule and seeing where the vacuum has been. The history stores a virtual map of your house but can’t be used to isolate areas that need to be done daily or cut areas that don’t need to be done. This would be a great feature and is a feature on other vacs.

- A good app

This app is good but I have had a few bugs of it disconnecting and then not reconnecting to the tv without restarting the phone, it would be great if it had Apple Watch support like other smart home apps do, so you can use your watch to activate the scenes from the Apple Watch.

- Great UI, but frustrating quirks

Love the UI, and on the face of it the app works well, but automations is letting the app down severely. The geolocation side of the app works perfectly, and my vacuum happily goes about its business when I leave my house, however, it completely ignores the time conditions set in the automation. Whilst set to activate between 9am and 3pm, when the kids at school, whenever I sneak out for a pre-dawn run, the vacuum fires up and wakes the whole house. Fix this one, and you can have two more stars 😉. Fix the anomaly where the app dips the volume on the phone when it loads, and the need to download the interface for the devices every time you use it, and I’ll return your last ⭐️ 😁

- Terribly buggy

I don’t know why this app is so bad at connecting to my washing machine. Literally have issues connecting to it all the time. The washer is connected to Wi-Fi constantly and I’ve reset the thing at least 3 times and also reset my Wi-Fi network too. Have no issues with my LIFX, Hue’s or HomePod. Just this washer. And the only way I can use it as a smart washer is through this stupid app. Please make HomeKit support, or fix the app, it’s terrible and driving me up the wall.

- Pretty useless.

Mostly using for TV, since this app is recommended to replace the decommissioned TV app, but it’s useless. This app can’t be used to turn the TV on, only off. And when you want to connect the app to the TV, you need to use the TV remote to allow the connection. Every time, not just the first time. What’s the point of using an app to replace a remote when you need to use the remote anyway? You might as well just keep using the remote.

- Great App

A great and easy to use app that enables the user to manage all their Samsung connected devices in one easy spot. Keeps getting better with frequent updates and under the hood device firmware updates!

- So unreliable

Things constantly go off line. Regularly having to reboot hub or restart app to bring things back on line. Automations don’t always work, some days great and others not, with no changes in between. Classic app works better than new app. Gets 2 stars as much more convenient way of programming automations than the Fibaro HC2 I used previously, but half the reliability. Disappointed

- Almost useless

We are primarily using the app for our Samsung The Frame TV and Art Mode. Saving photos from an iPhone will bring you an error message. Sometimes it works but most times it doesn’t. Also the other functionalities like making a collage has failed to work on all occasions that we have attempted. Overall very buggy and clunky. Very disappointing.

- Infuriating

Have tried to connect TV to app countless times. Gets 98% through setup and fails when trying to register TV to my Samsung account. Says there’s an issue with the wifi connection (there is no issue with wifi connection, clearly it goes through all the authentication steps without issue, also streams video from the internet well). Factory reset the TV, doesn’t solve the issue. Reinstalled the app, doesn’t make any difference.

- Improvement Required

I like that I can see all my smart devices on one app for sure. I find it a little buggy with it but accurately reporting the status of devices, it can take sometime before it catches up so often I have to revert back to native apps. Some improvement is required on that front.

- Love it

Doesn’t always map every cycle but works soo much better that other apps I’ve used and connects automatically I’ve wifi 5G Other brands and apps only connect over 2.4G wifi 100% recommend

- Samsung continues to be terrible

I just want to be able to change channel on my TV. Why does this terrible app need constant 24hr access to my exact location? Why does it need my date of birth? Why microphone and Bluetooth? Please just do your job. Terrible approach to privacy and security. For years Samsung have disappointed with software - sad to see they are continuing the trend. No wonder they are losing in pretty much every area they compete.

- Disappointed robot vacuum not accessible

Just purchased my powerbot plus today and whilst the app connects to the vacuum and I can see its charging and press play/stop. That’s as much as I can do.. When I press the vacuum it doesn’t connect!! I hear this is a problem you are deliberately not fixing as it’s an iOS thing. I own a tv, sound bar, fridge, washing machines of Samsung’s and you can’t even do the app right for all people who buy your products.

- Does the job

Using with a soundbar. Easy setup, haven’t had any issues at all. Would like the ability to change source on the sound bar.

- No local Support

Samsung in Australia, do not offer support for SmartThings devices (no local support number or other ways of contact ie chat) Any support listed in the SmartThings app is for overseas only! I personally own SmartThings Wi-Fi and have submitted multiple tickets for support and never got a response to most or any that was in anyway helpful in the selected few that they did respond to many days later... like almost a week :-( Since the forced rollover to the latest SmartThings app from classic (Sep-Oct 2020), everything has been broken, cannot add rooms, cannot add smart products, not even Samsung’s own Smart Robot Vacuum and Washers. The SmartThings Wi-Fi is almost useless without this functionality. - not Smart hey!

- Privacy disaster, worthless app, garbage company

Just to give you a TV remote, Samsung want a massive load of legal agreements that sign your life away to Samsung. The app is a stupid, offensive nanny. It rejected my email address because “contains a banned word” (this never happened before) and then rejected the secure password that my phone generated! (“contains repeated letter”, “password too long”). Also refuses to offer Sign In With Apple, which should get them kicked off the App Store. Then it couldn’t find my brand new Samsung TV, despite it being on and connected to the same network as my phone, whilst I stood next to it with Bluetooth enabled. Samsung are holding up their reputation for most customer hostile tech firm after Google.

- Great app

Great app once it is installed it did take the better part of a day to sync up. But loving the features so far if you having problems please go to search for ways to sync up

- Fantastic app

The way that all different apps + Foxtel can be controlled from the phone is outstanding. I can’t imagine there would be a better system in the market.

- Can’t even create an account

You would expect that a massive company like Samsung would be capable of writing an app that works; you would be very, very wrong as this woeful effort shows (based on the App Store reviews - I can’t even create an account and apparently I need the app to connect my shiny new hw-n950 sound bar to my wi-fi)...technically I can’t slag it too much as I haven’t actually been able to use it but hey ho, get your act together Samsung.

- No backup function on SmartThings hub

SmartThings has so many great features, however a major flaw is that the SmartThings hub has no option to backup. This is a major drawback as when a reset of the hub is required you then need to spend hours/days setting your smart home up again. Not sure why Samsung have not addressed this...

- You don’t need a review to know this app works well and does what you need it for

That’s it... it does exactly what you need it for, it works as a remote for all devices in your house that use it.

- It’s a good start with a long way to go

Samsung software is usually as good as their tech support but this app has a glimmer of hope that it might turn out to be really good (one day). For the moment it passes when you need an app to replace your remote. Not there yet by any stretch but heading in the right direction

- No support don’t buy SmartThings

I have attempted several times to contact support using the contact us option on this app as there appears to be issues with an automation feature to auto turn lights off that use to work perfectly but has stopped working for me. The support team does not respond I would like to know why as a customer am I being ignored by you?

- All works great,

Nice clean app, works with 8k 65inch TV and sound bar. Looking forward to getting other Samsung products to link in and manage through this app. Keep up your great work. Thanks :)

- Slooowww

App is slow to connect every time it’s opened and not very responsive when you press buttons. Trying to turn up the volume took a very long time. TV assumed I wanted the volume on max. I tried to turn the volume down for about a minute before I gave up. Sometimes the app works well though

- Works well

Could be faster at loading connection to devices but works well.

- Works, but could be improved

I haven’t been able to locate a QWERTY keyboard for use with my new Samsung TV. This makes passwords and searches more difficult than it needs to be. Suggest just copying Apple TV 👍

- Good system, easy to use.

A little slow at times, but what else would you need from an app that controls your technology. Love it.

- No privacy allowed

Absolute joke that you can’t use the app without ALWAYS sharing your location. I have no need for location based services, so why I need to share my location at all is beyond me (not really beyond me - big data is big money). There should be a warning on the SmartThings boxes regarding location based services. I would have gone elsewhere if I’d known.

- Fred860

Each update causes different problems, the latest is the TV channel can’t now be changed

- Won’t be purchasing another Samsung product

How difficult is it to test your products? The app shows non-connection to the TV almost constantly. The app’s remote skips and has a serious delay. The app said it stored backups of the TV, this was not true. This app is junk; slow and worthless, along with the TV. Your software is miles behind that of apple.

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- The Frame

It’s almost there .. I bought the TV for Art Mode ... and I really like that feature. The motion detector feature needs more explanation or support. The application of the Matte is restricted to size and resolution which doesn’t make much sense to me. Customer Support suggests that you google You Tube for explanation of features but I can’t find a “you tube” video that helps me.

- connection impossible

l app ne peut même pas ce connecter au conte ou a juste une page blanche. ipad air 2.

- Can’t see my TV

No luck with connecting to my NU7100TV. Useless for me though.

- Don’t migrate if you’re using Smartthings classic

The whole automation and monitoring is down and nothing works. The support team do not respond to any support ticket. My system has been nonfunctional for past 30 days. It’s horrible !

- Slow

Unless there are settings I don’t know about, it takes about 18 seconds to go from clicking the app to accessing the remote for my TV since it has to reconnect every time I reopen the app. (I’m not fully closing the app, so I don’t think it should disconnect every time.) Also, why is there no keyboard option to type when searching on the TV??

- New App is Terribly Buggy

The new app has broken much of the functionality of the classic app. New problems appear weekly it seems.

- Interface is lame! Smart lock REMOVED!

Did you actually compare your classic and new interface!? Even 15 y.o. kid can do better! And removing smart lock settings!? Fixed it!

- Controls not working yet

Bought washer and wifi adaptor with Smart Things app compatibility in May 2020 and I have yet to have the app work properly. I get Only Monitoring available every time. Very frustrating! No one can seem to resolve this!

- Don’t waste your time

Absolutely horrendous. It’s externally slow IF it ever connects. Expect a 2-3 minute wait after opening the app before you can actually control anything. Just complete garbage. Same wifi network, still takes ages.

- New Version is poor

After being forced to upgrade to new version can’t get interface to Alexa to work and can’t change times that scenes automatically run.

- Disappointed with Samsung

I bought this hub for my home before I started my renovations and did a few trial installations to see how it behaved. The end result is the experiment flopped, and thankfully I wired one room already in such a way as not to depend on the hub but to have a default where if the hub fails that I could still have lights operate normally. I connected 5 lutron caseta switches. Here is were I was disappointed with my purchase, one switch is for the bathroom exhaust fan where if I open up the options page for that switch on the phone app, it gives me an option to set the time of day or a particular day to shut off the switch, also another option is to shut the switch off at a preselected time after the switch is turned on. I selected the maximum of 1 hour. And back away from that setting for it to take effect. It worked but it will not repeat again the next time the switch is turned on. For me to have that option, I have to open up the app first and that takes several seconds before it populates the screen. Then I have to select the switch on my screen, once it opens up, I have to go into options page for that switch and select the timer off setting. If I count all that time, it usually takes at least 12 seconds. There is no choice here but to do this each and every time I want to use that feature. My fans tends to stay on a lot, as I leave home right after a shower. Another example is I have used their feature called, “if this, then that”. And this I use when I turn on the exhaust fan, the bathroom lights turn on in dim mode. And that feature works 75% of the time, the other 25% is for the reason that all programming resides on the SmartThings server and if there is an interference in the signal for my wifi, it will not operate. I’ve watched this for 6 months now and for my location it will not work 25% of the time. Also, when it does work, it will have a delay of 3 to 6 seconds for the lights to turn on, and I learned that the reason for that is it has to go out to their server and back to my home instead of going from my SmartThings hub to my Lutron hub which are physical side by side. That is also annoying. I’m surprised with Samsung that they would allow their name on this hub as it has too many limitations and could easily be programmed to clear up the flaws, yet they don’t. I’ll be putting it back in a box and selling it soon.

- Bad update

Since the update, I can no longer use the track pad in the TV remote section of the app. I can only use the top part (volume, home, etc...). Please fix this ASAP. I use this app all the time and now it is useless.

- What is wrong? It might be me

... the previous version of this app was quite a challenge but eventually I figured it out and made it works for me. I so wish I could go back but the old app won’t connect any more. No-one loves their Frame tv more than I. I made a point of adding new pictures and scenes every week, it was an amazing creative outlet. This version is proving to be a challenge to learn. But learn I will.

- No keyboard, invasive

Please add keyboard input. Please add the option to not always track my location in order to use the app.

- Crap app

New SmartThings app no longer recognizes my Samsung smartcam hd pro cameras. What a waste of a app, plus they are not even on the list to add to the new app. Is SmartThings still made by Samsung??? Someone dropped the ball on this upgrade that’s for sure. Back to classic for me.

- Okay...

Touchpad portion of the control doesn't work...

- Can’t connect Iphone 8

I have the iphone 8 and I can’t connect it with my 58” 7 series TV or to samsung sound bar. My girlfriend have the iphone 7 and it easily connect. Very frustrating after creating an account and giving all the acces to my phone to the samsung app (mic/location/notification)

- Connection problem

I connected my 7100tv and theres always a "server error" and I can never connect to my tv.

- Nice

Nice app

- SmartThings Review

It’s taking time to get used of the new App, hope you keep developing it. Smartthings has worked very well for many years in our homes and will continue to support/use the system.

- Awful

Not intuitive and won’t work with iPhone and Frame TV unless you use a hotspot of another phone and even then it infrequently connects. Asks for Bluetooth and location to be enabled even though you connect with wifi. Extremely flaky app. The old app worked with my oven too and this one is not compatible.

- Nice


- It’s great! Just laggy!

It’s convenient to have, especially with little kids around but it’s pretty slow and the kid’s tend to get impatient!

- SmartThings

Best app ever! If you need a app to control your TV this is the one.

- It’s alright

It does everything I need it to however it is constantly making me confirm with my tv that my phone has access when I’ve selected to remember my phone.

- Tu Samsung

Good application i love hits whit m’y Samsung tu

- New app is better than classic

SmartThings still needs a proper desktop user interface. The IDE web interface isn’t particularly intuitive or feature rich. The web core interface is good if you’re tech savvy. I find the response times mediocre for controlling smart devices compared to local hubs.

- I love Samsung I love there products plz download it

I love

- SmartThings and Samsung

I have two kids and this tool which enable me to controls what they are watching and when I can turn it on especially during this pandemic period where both of kids are studying remotely

- John

Great app & product Easy to use

- Perfect app

You need this :)

- 58” smart tv

Best tv yet!!! Always bought Samsung and never disappointed just gets better every time !!! Great for any kind of viewing from games to movies. I recommend Samsung every chance I get!!!

- requires to create online account

it requires to create online account which I think it is unacceptable. So I uninstalled it.

- Intuitive

Except for setup in my case with Samsung range. Tip: don’t connect wifi to range, before setting up in the app-as I did. Maybe a bit more dummy proofing required in setup.

- Hot trash / never works / hassle to connect

Constant connection issues. Hate this app enough to avoid Samsung products.

- Perfect app for home automation

Good app for home automation.

- Pretty powerful

Used Webcore integration to do custom programming and connect a number of devices together (smart things, ring, Alexa) to create complex custom automations. Works well!!

- Sooo easy to use - enjoy the whole home speakers


- Makes my dishwasher work!

It lets me remotely set my new dishwasher

- SmartThings in Canada

I just purchased a matching washer and dryer set. Dryer, DV45R6300 and washer, WF45R6300. I now see that the dryer model is certified in Canada for the SmartThings App and wifi control but the washer isn’t. Why is this? Will this washer be certified in Canada in the future? Otherwise, I’m very happy with my purchase of this appliance set that is replacing a 9 year old Samsung set. The dryer still worked perfectly but the washer stopped functioning.

- Does the job

Installed this a few weeks ago and so far so good. Using it with 4 Phillips Hue lights and 9 Stelpro thermostats for baseboards and it seems to work reliably and remotely. Paired nicely with my Google Home mini and I can control everything with my voice if I wish.

- Great

Use as substitute for my remote control

- Great

app is great can shut my tv off when I want my kid to goto bed

- Leviton

Love the ease of use.

- Not bad

It works ok. Any issues I found if u delete the app and reinstall it fixes most issues.

- Samsung did a good job

Boost my wifi and it works

- Good

Nice to have app to control your tv

- SmartThings is a great application.

SmartThings is nice, because I can insert my selected photo, as a background image. Only thing I don’t like is it requires Samsung TV to be ON, in order to apply certain features.

- Don’t waste your time

This used to work but not any more. It can’t detect anything. And forces you to make choices it wants you to make. Most Samsung stuff is junk. This goes on that list. Terrible.

- Glad I switched from Wink

I switched from Wink when they decided to start charging a monthly fee. No regrets here. SmartThings handles all of my 30 odd devices without any issues. I wish more Sonos devices would be added but that’s the only suggestion I would make. Other than that it’s been perfect for about 6 months now. Lights, plugs, door and window sensors, tilt and leak sensors and. All of these work great!

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- So far so good

I finally got SmartThings hub, couple multi sensors and a plug, a few weeks ago. So far so good when it comes to using the app to run and control most of my devices. I’ve been able to run things automatically and its made my life simpler. It is taking me a bit to get used to going to the SmartThings app as I was used to going to each devices app in order to control things. The apps interface is good and navigating thru its features is pretty simple. Still a lot to learn however but I feel I made the right decision. I hope that SmartThings continues to add many more compatible devices. Will update once I have had more time with playing round within the app like controlling specific things with my devices and setting up scenes etc etc

- Horrendous application for a smart home

Majority of recent reviews are people trying to control their Samsung TV, which I could care less about as a legacy ST user. For those looking to use this for more than just TV control — run away. I used the old smartthings app for a long while. Now that we are being forced to this clunky interface — I think I may be convinced to migrate away from smartthings to a different environment. The app is the main interface to running a smart home environment and the app is now the worst attribute of smartthings. My biggest issue is the refresh rate and responsive is so laggy compared to the past. Half the time it tells me my devices are disconnected, when I know they are not. It honestly has made all of my connected smart home devices more annoying to use... because the new app is just such a piece of junk. This is totally counter to the concept of a “smart home” The are tons of glitches with basic functions like smart lighting. Selecting a time for turn on/off lighting shouldn’t be so complex. Half the time the prior menu in the app doesn’t disappear and hides a current menu while navigating. Run away from smartthings since this “new” app has been around for awhile and is still a solid piece of junk. Wish I could give negative stars for how much this migration has turned me off the whole smart home concept.

- Connection to devices is spotty.

Setting up devices by Konnected and Meross, have the following problems: 1) Meross devices don’t show all the same things as on the Meross app. For example the garage door will open but not show as open and will not close. Also the smart switches will not update their status when the timer changes their status. 2) Whenever importing any third party authorization, EVERY SINGLE other device will change it’s location to where you put the new device. So each and every time I install or reinstall a device I then have to go back and put all the devices back in their correct rooms. Compounding this problem is the SmartThings troubleshooter that has you delete and reinstall any device that stops working with the app, which is all the time. 3) Not enough intelligence. Too many just dumb things happen. For example you can set up presence sensors to arm and disarm your alarm... but it will send me and all other members a push notification every time anybody comes and go’s from the house telling everyone it is disarmed even though it never armed because some other people are still in the house. With four presence sensors that equates to so many push notifications that I just turned it off entirely.

- Accessibility!

I give this app a one star rating. If I could give it zero I would! Samsung does not have enough accessibility in their apps for those who are blind or visually impaired! Can hardly do anything in the app interface with the Apple products using voice over! It is very difficult for someone like me who does not have sight on speed dial. You would think by now they would improve the app. Apparently they don’t give people with disabilities much consideration or thought. I guess if you’re blind or disabled. You are not important! Please take us in the consideration. If it is not too much of an inconvenience! We enjoy and do the same things as regular side of people Dale. How about making your apps and website 100% accessible for those shoes voiceover on the Apple Pay products and screen readers on other products. As of right now I give this thumbs down. I regret buying it. I do not recommend this for anyone who is disabled blind or visually impaired.

- An improvement, but some glaring omissions

Overall I think this new app is an improvement over the old one. However, there are some glaring omissions that actually make it less useable: 1. There is no way to set security modes through automations or scenes. I'm the old app I had it set up so that when we left the made changed to Away and the security was set to Armed (Away). I can't find any way to do that now. 2. Cell phones used as presence sensors don't show up as devices. If there's an easy way to look at or change them I haven't found it. At the moment my phone is listed twice and I have no idea why, and no way to investigate or change it. 3. The current mode is hidden in a menu. This is a fairly vital thing to be able to check, so it seems like it belongs somewhere prominent. 4. There's no widget. That's a HUGE usability downgrade.

- Losing faith daily

I have the Samsung fridge with the AKG speaker and the Samsung DW80M9960US dishwasher. The app doesn’t work with either Samsung appliance now. In fact, the dishwasher doesn’t work at all and it’s 2 months old. The app itself is good but I’m not impressed with the entire line anymore. I really tried to like it. The fridge is great, I love it. The dishwasher worked awesome when it works but now it doesn’t. I was able to connect internally on my WiFi for awhile. Then Wi-Fi stopped working. The fridge couldn’t connect to the dishwasher anymore (which sounds crazy I know but it should). I couldn’t connect to either device on WiFi. Shut off WiFi and I was able to connect to both over cellular data. Now can’t connect to either any way I try. I scoured the internet for router settings and ports to open and couldn’t find anything that would help. I give up. App works good with other products like my Hue, Wemo, and Ecobee thermostat...just not it’s own brand 🤷‍♂️.

- Helping hand

With a big family it’s helpful that everyone could split the choirs and a lot can get done in a shorter period of time. Now that my two sons moved and living their life and my daughter off to college with goals of being a lawyer leaves the bulk of the work to my wife, youngest son and I. But withe robo vacuum it takes the work away so we can focus on other things in the house. I just set it clean and let do it’s work and I can honestly say I happy with the results. Clean floors all around. It’s able to move around on all the obstacles in its way. One of my biggest concern of it falling down the stays, but the magnetic strip along the edge of the steps saddle prevents it from goi g any further. Overall I really love this product.

- Solid System

I’ve been using SmartThings for over four years and have built a system using close to 100 devices. I seamlessly migrated the system from the classic app earlier this year. The new app is robust, reliable and flexible. I use some automation and scenes, which are easy to implement. I use the History feature to interrogate events that happen in my home when I’m away or after I hear something that wakes me up in the middle of the night! Primarily I enjoy the openness of the system architecture and interoperability with different protocols and manufacturers devices. I hope that more is done to integrate more manufacturer’s smart cameras in the future, but am overall very satisfied with the system.


Nothing changed in reality even after years of update and what so ever. This whole SmartThings product suite is just not up-to standard they claim. The sensors still go offline on and off. Battery drain indicator is just useless, it shows 1% left still works for a week. Replaced battery, it says 100% and next day its 70%. In the App the some sensors appear as offline, but if I open they seem to be working and they even trigger alarms. Tried to remove and add them again, but it keeps happening with some sensors at given point in time. The Automation Rules are just weird, some rules just don’t work even if they are so simple. Using iphone as location sensor is seems to have its own mind. When I approach my home some days I get notifications half mile away, saying monitoring is disarmed and somedays even if I am at my door it doesn’t do anything. I don’t know how this Rule engine works, but if I create conflicting rules( for testing ) it doesn’t work at all, neither it says anything. I work for Apple, I Architect software sand apps day n night across platforms, I really feel hopelessly sad about this App. Just saw simplysafe products in someones house, its kind of flow less compared to SmartThings. I will switch and comeback and update my review. Old review a year ago. Just a newer version of the same JUNK and WORSE of course!

- Vacuum robot still not responding

I have had my robot vacuum over a year. Since July vacuum no longer returns to base to charge after scheduled cleaning. I have cleaned sensors, cameras, base, turned device manually off, deleted and re added device to my app multiple times and still does not work. Deleted app and redow loaded as well. Result: Nothing. I have read forums and app has broken communication with the device. Called Samsung and they just advise to do the same thing and “you may want to get another device as you are out of warranty”. Completely absurd!! I have had a competitor robot vacuum for years and no issues like this. Either the vacuum is garbage or the app has made the device firmware inoperable and app as well or Samsung does not care to update firmware or software in a timely manner. Device goes to clean every day and just dies out in random locations around my home. Samsung get your act together !! Listen to your customers!!! 😡

- Certain frustrations

Switched from Wink and the set up of all the devices I had was super easy. The functionality and the responsiveness is super fast (at least compared to Wink). My biggest complaint is the on/off button in the top right corner is tiny. If you click anywhere else in the rectangle it takes you into a new menu to adjust setting or dimming etc. It just feels like these two functions should be reversed. The on/off feature is the most used and it so small. I also don’t like have to go into a new menu to dim the lights. It would be nice if it had a slide feature on the front. So far Smart Things has been great and moving over from another platform was simple. My 2 star rating is based on the limited ease of use of the day to day functions of the app. Wink was horribly outdated but feels like it was better in a few key ways.

- Decent, but could be better

This app has some good features; such as the trackpad like feature to navigate on screen menus, and the virtual keyboard is way better than trying to search for something by name using the onscreen keyboard with the remote control. But it could be a lot more robust in that I can’t change the volume of my Samsung sound bar that is connected to the tv with an optical cable. Also registering the app etc was not as easy as it should be. But as I said before; it is better than the standard remote for navigation. One other thing is that you can’t turn the tv on with this app. TV must already be on to connect and even though there are only three devices on my wireless network and they are all within proximity, the app frequent reports it can’t find the tv etc.

- Very good once you understand it

It too me a min to set everything up, I found it not as easy as some of my other devices for my smart home setup. This was purchased to replace my Wink hub which decided to start charging a monthly fee after all my investments. Samsung SmartThings was one the only devices to be able to handle most of my devices. But I did have to invest in a hub or two and make several contacts to get help setting up devices. The customer services was very helpful in getting me started. So if you are looking to for a all around controller are switching out Samsung is a good choice to look at. My reason for a four stares no five is there still can be more done to increase user friendliness. Hope this help.

- Powerful and functional app

I have used it for a few months now and I’m very happy with the reliability of the app and the hub. I connect lights, door sensors, power switches, camera, motions sensors, button and everything’s has worked well. It’s also quite snappy when turning on/off devices. There are a few quirks with setting up the camera properly for motion detection that I haven’t quite figured out. For comparison I had sink for many years and I was happy with that. The only reason I switched was the subscription resent my announced. But after using smart things for I while I like it better. Mainly for the more flexible configurations and it just feels slightly more reliable.

- Nice redesign BUT still no cloud control

A substantial portion of this type of automation is to be able to remotely control everything while being away. iOS users don’t have the option to enable cloud control which takes away from the whole essence of the experience. Please address this issue. UPDATE1: contacted support like the developer suggested. All the do is send you generic information explaining how to reset your network settings or reinstall the app which has nothing to do with the issue I’ve listed here. I’m still waiting for someone to read my message and get to the bottom of this actual issue which is lacking in the iOS version of the app. UPDATE2: After weeks of talking to support they’ve reached the same conclusion. Remote control is not supported unless you’re on the same WiFi network (which beats the whole purpose of remote control). This is true for the washer/dryer at least.

- If you can't find Ambient Mode icon..

The Ambient Mode icon wouldn't show up in app, and couldn't find resolution through an internet search. So, after trying unsuccessfully to remedy the problem by uninstalling/reinstalling the app, I decided to try deleting/reregistering my TV in the app. It worked! An Ambient Mode icon showed up in the upper left corner after clicking on my TV in the app. I revised my rating from two to three stars. App doesn't get four (let alone five..) stars because of the difficulty I had to get a simple feature working, the photo (when adding a photo to Ambient Mode from your iPhone gallery) cropping doesn't work, although "click-and-hold" to move a pic does work, and because the app force closes pretty frequently. Fix things, and I'll fix your app rating, Samsung.

- Samsung TVs offline

I have 5 Samsung “Smart” TVs in my house and all connected to the internet via Ethernet. First, SmartThings doesn’t like if the TVs are connected to Ethernet, the only way to complete the SmartThings set-up is to disconnect the TV from Ethernet then reconnect via WiFi. Once set-up is complete then you can go back into the TV settings and reconnect via Ethernet. Why does it matter how you’re connected to the internet? Next, if you power off the TV then the SmartThings app shows it as offline and the only way to get it back online is using the remote to turn the TV’s power back on. So the power button via SmartThings is really only good for turning off the TV. I don’t know if this is intentional or a design flaw. Last - I don’t want the universal TV guide at the top off the app... I keep moving it but every time I close and restart the app it’s back at the top.

- Good value for the money

My father, who lives with me, has dementia. He has a habit of getting up in the middle of the night thinking he has to go to work. I recently installed the Samsung hub with inexpensive sensors to alert me when the door is opened. Works good. The only issue I have is that it can only send me a text message, which I may not catch. I’m investigating whether or not there is a stand alone speaker I can deploy. I also installed the GE brand Smart Light Switch to turn the outside lights on or off when I’m not home. It also has a timed function to do this automatically. My house was built in 1965, therefore it took a while and several trips to Lowe’s to get everything I needed. Overall I’m well pleased with everything.

- Routines no longer stay or work

Tried the new app almost 2 years ago when they first announced it and it had no functionality compared to classic. Now that it’s finally finished and forcing me to transition, these features and functions were added but don’t work correctly. I’ve programmed very detailed automations to replace my routines and they don’t work at all. Not only that but they randomly get deleted after a day or two and I have to keep re-building them, which is much more tedious in the new app. Huge fan of SmartThings but disappointed in this experience... Update: I’ve been in touch with support for about a week now with no resolution. My automations are malfunctioning still, causing my alarms to go off non-stop without the ability to shut them. The whole reason I have SmartThings is for home security and none of the security features are working correctly right now.

- Terrible. Classic app better!!!

I have been using smart things for several years. The new app is terrible. Devices are not listed any longer to easily access. I have to click twice to turn a light off, why????? The new app should easily tell u what lights are on, sorted, or in a list. DUH!!!!!! Every night I have to scroll the list and figure out what lights need to be turned off. Why?? I have many people living in this home, I can’t turn off all the lights or do scenes depending on who’s here. The classic version allowed me to scroll the list and tap off. The new version is TERRRIBLE and cumbersome. Also it takes too long to load and also it doesn’t accept commands quickly at ALL. When dimming there is most times a delay. Terrible terrible upgrade to this app!!!!!! This is the first review I have written anywhere because that’s how strongly I feel about the app using it many times a day!!!!

- Not as funtional

I used my Samsung connected devices with Alexa previously. Now, Alexa no longer recognizes my Samsung Hub along with any of the Samsung devices. Have tried to “discover” devices more times than I want to mention. This may be an Alexa problem, but not sure. The actual app seems to control the devices OK but I have lost Alexa compatiblity. Update : User error caused my problem. It seems as though I inadvertently created 2 "home" locations. I deleted the one that contained no devices and my problem was solved. Thanks to support for tracking down the problem! That being said, there are a view bugs that are immediately noticble. Hopefully they will be worked out in updates. Hence, 4 out 5 stars!


After 2.5 yrs of being a very happy ST user, I have had nothing but problems and wasted time since I migrated to the new app. I’ve contacted the support team about 3 different issues. they are responsive- but haven’t fixed ANYTHING after over a week of daily back and forth. And unfortunately, once you migrate, there doesn’t appear to be an ability to go back. Now, my automations aren’t running properly (the wrong devices get triggered), my scenes often don’t run completely (it usually stops after about 2-3 commands), and now my hub is showing offline in the new app, even though it is running automations (which are also shown in the history in the new app) AND the old app shows it is online. But because it thinks it’s offline, I can’t control anything from the new app or through alexa. ERRRR...I am beyond frustrated!!! So I decided to warn the rest of you....

- Excellent app, works with all my smart devices!!!

I was not real big on smart devices until a friend gave me a Tp-light bulb. I added a couple of smart plugs, and I already had a Honeywell WiFi thermostat. I also had a Samsung smart tv. Problem was I was using three different apps, one for each different manufacturer. The SmartThings app links up to all of my smart devices and puts them all in one app. I DO NOT HAVE A HUB FOR ANY OF MY SMART DEVICES. SmartThings works seamlessly, without a hub, and even allows me to group them by the room each is located in. I’ve seen other apps that do what SmartThings does charge a fee. There is no fee to use SmartThings. Once again, Samsung has hit another home run.

- Needs to be tweaked...

I am CONSTANTLY loosing connection between the app and the TV. It thinks the TV is off and it’s on, I close and re-open, but it still can’t figure it out. When I first turn everything on, I have to turn the tv off and on through the app twice before the tv ACTUALLY turns on, it’s frustrating 😡 Come on! This is not a new feature and we still can’t get it right?!? UPDATE: The developer took the time to reach out to me and troubleshoot the issue after my review, apparently the app needs to ALWAYS know your location, not just while using the app. Problem Resolved, THANK you for taking the time to care about your Customers 👍

- No support for iPhone or Apple OS

Apple users steer clear! Although the app says it supports Apple products, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Initially after I purchased the smart plug, great price compared to other manufacturers, the smart things app worked fine. However after an iOS update I tried to rename my smart plug but some how deleted it, user error I agree. Here is the issue though, when I reset my smart plug and tried to add it back it would not work. After many email conversations with the support reps at Samsung, I was told it was an issue with the iOS, haha good one Samsung! The issue is it fails to register every time, Samsung says its a WiFi security issue and Apple has to fix it. However, they are the app developer and are bound by terms and agreements, of which are requirements to keep apps up to date with the current iOS version. After a few weeks the Feb 2020 SmartThings update was finally pushed out. I was excited to get this “smart” plug working again, to no avail. At one point I was even told I should go buy a Samsung smart phone to set this up, weird business plan but I guess if it works for you go for it, hopefully it’s lot illegal to do that, shhhhh. Big fail on this one Samsung, if you don’t want to support Apple products don’t advertise that you do.

- Only one month - REALLY?

I am appalled. I and my husband (and kids) ALL use the dryer forever, but EACH MONTH I must be INVITED to use MY washer - REALLY??? This is stupid. Allow me to have a PERMANENT invite, or to have two people registered to their own accounts but with the same device in both (each with their own preferred settings), or allow two accounts with the same address and device to infinitely use the account. Any of these methods would eliminate this ridiculous blockage requiring me to accept an invite to my own dryer each month from my husband. Also, I should NEVER have to keep Location Services set to ALWAYS ON. I’m happy with ON WHEN IN USE but I don’t like leaving an internet access to my house in a permanently ON position. Since I only use this for my dryer, why can’t I have the more secure setting of ON WHEN IN USE? Otherwise, this app seems fine - it found the dryer quite easily.

- Really good!

It’s a really good app. It allows for me to see the status of my TV, Washer and Dryer. It also allows me to control them remotely, see which cycle is going, how much time left for a load to be over etc. very practical and convenient. The only thing I wish that would improve is that for some reason my washer and dryer won’t connect at the same time, so I have to select the individual device for the app to give me more info if both are on at the same time. If only one is on, then I get the summary right at the initial page. It also gives me important information about appliance statistics (usage/energy/etc) and maintenance. It also informs you of any issues with a full diagnosis.

- Disappointed in Feb 2019 Update

I lost the custom “Modes” that I had created for use with my automations. For example, I had a mode called “Vacation” so that I could easily change my lighting schedule while I was gone for an extended period of time. I have quite a few automations that trigger on Mode, and it’s not easy to find them all and change it to something new. Ridiculous. Not only is this mode apparently now gone, but it’s very difficult to find where to change the current mode. (For example, from home to away.) One last complaint is that I’m not getting new notifications in my history. This app definitely took a turn for the worst. I wish I could go back to the previous version. Update: I opened SmartThings Classic and everything is there and working. Going to start using that for now.

- Great product, but could be even better with a few adjustments

I bought my SmartThings hub primarily to use for my smart locks. I would love to see the capabilities of setting a ‘scene’ to unlock the doors. Right now there is only the option to lock the doors under the scene settings. Also, adding a time to the scene setting would be amazing. I could set my doors to automatically unlock or lock at any given time. This is not a “safety issue”. If you forget that you have your doors set to a specific time and something unforeseen happens, this is the same as not having a smart lock and forgetting to lock the door manually. This option would really transform this base. Timers need to happen. Thanks!

- Worked better before!

New update is terrible! I can’t see all my devices on one screen, now I have to scroll to get to them because of all the wasted space between rooms and at the top of the page (I couldn’t care less about having my devices separated by rooms, I just want them on one screen). When I change the order of the devices or the background theme, it always reverts back once the app is closed and reopened. And my biggest complaint, and why I may have to completely get rid of the SmartThings system if not fixed, I no longer get notifications when my Schlage deadbolt is unlocked. This is literally the ONLY FUNCTION I truly care about an now it’s gone for whatever reason. Also, go back to changing the color of the device if there is a problem (unlocked, disconnected). It was much easier to quickly assess problems that way. Please fix!!!!

- SmartThings setup and install

Completely happy with what it took to get started with this Hub. Limited install to start: the hub, some Aeotec Multisensor 6 and at thermostat. Instructions for both the Hub and Sensors were easy. Had everything running for 5 rooms in a couple of hours. Made one simple automation for low temperature. Took a couple of minutes. The user interface for this hub is pretty simple. Two things for improvement. 1) it took me a little time to figure out where to Edit the sensor names rather than relying on the room names. Room name setup was easy: select existing one or add your own. To change the name on the sensors had to go thru the menu icon, all devices, pick the sensor click and icon in the upper right and then change the name. Maybe I missed something more intuitive. 2) I can’t seem to find a way to dashboard the temperature readings for all the rooms at a quick glance. I have to go into each sensor; not a big deal but it would be nice to have a way to have a pane or panel to review quick stats on the sensors.

- Hold up, wait a minute.

I was one that jumped on the smartthings band wagon back before they were purchased by Samsung. What I see now is a shadow of their former selves. This app makes the SmartThings experience more painful than pulling teeth. To find what you are looking for will take minute if not hours and good luck remembering where it is. This thing needs help, a lot of help. In addition,it looses connection with devices intermittently(eventually regains connection, or forgets their programming altogether, forgot 2 Smartthings buttons). Samsung Galaxy has a better UI than this app, borrow one or two of their developers? I’d tell new adopters wait a moment ,it may be a while ,before we have the experience we paid for. That said some blame could go to the Samsung Smartthings mesh WiFi, but being the app is my only connection it gets the brunt of the guilt.

- Updates needed and false promises need to be kept

Called about my camera that had not connecting and could not reconnect it. Service was very good and polite but was not able to resolve the issue. They claimed there was a bug that wasn’t allowing soMe iPhones to pair with the camera and that there was an update to patch the issue coming out on March 9th. The advisor said to be safe, I should update on March the 10th. So I unplugged my device and waited. March 9th came around and I didn’t see there was an update to be installed, so I waited again. March 10 came and still no update. I have purchased this camera for more security in my home yet all I got so far was a worth’s piece of equipment that takes up space in my home and false promises to fix it by the company. If I were you I might want to think about finding another security system because obviously this one is obsolete.

- Love it

Having an app like this is so useful in many ways. You can leave the TV on for various reasons and turn it off hours later from anywhere. You can check to see if you turned it off when you left. I turn my tv on and off at certain times so we appear to be home like when I know UPS or FEDEX is leaving a package or when I leave my cats alone for longer than normal etc. it does have times where it says there was an issue connecting but that’s part of technology it is going to happen hopefully it gets smoother as the years go on. Overall I love it. But for the time I am going to leave the one star for improvement possibilities.

- Sleeker isn’t always better

The new app has a sleeker UI than the old app however..... I am new to SmartThings having moved from Lowes Iris. I downloaded this newer version of the app and began to install my devices and immediately ran into trouble. No ability to set contact sensors to chime, no way to add my Keen Vents, no way to send push notifications to more than one phone. I called support and they were perplexed. Had me to a factory reset on my hub to no avail. On a whim I installed the old app and bingo settings for turning on the contact sensor chime and the keen vents were in there but failed to add to the system. Still no support for push messaging to more than one number but hopefully the app developers will fix all these issues in the new app with a future release.

- Exactly what I expect from Samsung

SmartThings is complete garbage. I came over from Wink, which worked really well but unfortunately the company seems to be in financial trouble and is no longer updating their products. Light switches, garage door openers, and other devices that used to connect seamlessly with Wink require expensive add-on equipment to work with SmartThings. Furthermore, the UX of the SmartThings app is absolutely awful — as usual, Samsung has confused making their products aesthetically pleasing with making them usable. Even basic tasks are confusing and laborious. I have a degree in computer science but still can’t figure this thing out. Does Samsung do any usability testing on their products? I fully regret buying a SmartThings hub and switching to this ecosystem. Save yourself the hassle and choose a product from a company that actually cares about the user experience, like Apple.

- Not at all integrated with other Samsung products

Having spent over $4,000 for the Samsung “Smart” Refrigerator and another $1,000 on their “Smart” TV, I’ve found that Samsung have abandoned the software on the fridge, the corresponding applications (Samsung Smart Home and Samsung Family Hub) with the promise of integrating to their acquisition of SmartThings. However, they have failed to integrate before pulling the plug on the old apps and software. This leaves me with decidedly dumb appliances that do not work together at all. I’m holding out hope that someday, perhaps, they will. Until then the big display on the fridge does nothing but tell me time and weather. I pulled the plug on the TV since the app really doesn’t do anything for my TV then duplicate the included remote control, going back to a set top box for better smarts.

- A lot of issues.

The Classic SmartThings app was a much better app in all aspects. After being forced to upgrade to the new SmartThings app I’ve noticed multiple issues. The widgets no longer work, it just shows “Error” on my phones Home Screen. Every time you create or edit a smart app, scene, or setting it alerts you that there is an error. Individual commands randomly fail making it hard to turn on or off individual lights. Since I can’t run my routines/scenes from my phones widgets screen, as noted above, I have to run them from within the app. The scenes run half the time, they fail the other half. I have to try and run them from different screens within the app to try and get them to run. The phone location feature for presence sending was broken when Samsung first introduced the new app years ago. It is still broken and it’s annoying. It always thinks my wife’s phone is mine and combines our accounts. My scenes never run when presence is detected, like when someone comes home run this scene. Lights randomly turn on and off throughout the house no matter the time of day/night or home mode. Overall I am unhappy with the new app. I’m almost to the point of giving up and trying something different.

- App totally useless

I would give it 5 negative stars if I could. Everything was fine for over a year. Updated to a new iPhone and had to log n again to my Smarthings classic app. However it keeps showing my password is not correct-the same password I use to log into the Smarthings web site on my desktop. Updated to this app and still a no-go and same your password is incorrect. On the phone with customer service for 40+ minutes and told to reset my password which just locked my wife out of the app on her phone. Then I am told not being able to login into the app is a “known issue”. Still waiting after a week and still no resolution. How is not being able to log into an app with your password a “known issue” that is not being immediately addressed? Now I have a SmartThings hub that is completely useless.

- Track Pad Function Lost

Adding to the many, many other reviews that say after the May 2020 update the ability to use the track pad is lost now. I can turn on my TV, volume and channel options work along with home and basically the top half of the remote. Once you want to change from Netflix to Disney+ or any change in the app, good luck. Is the first show on the list what you wanted to watch in the app selected??? It better be, you can’t change it so that’s all you get. It’s truly sad that a tester/QA didn’t catch this or it was ignored and rolled to production. Basic functionality, it’s not some odd combo of things that cause it to happen, how does that happen? Fix that and I am happy with the app. I don’t have much other use for it now, it is just a remote. Smart Remote will be what I use until it is fixed, maybe forever.

- Get ready to waste your time

First of all setting up a new tv has never in my life been more difficult than when trying to use the smart things app. First of all if you think it’s faster than normal setup, you’re right, except for the fact that if it’s your first time working with this app your pretty much entering a world of trial and error switching between smart things and manual setup. And when its all said and done, the app’s actual ‘purpose’ is just barely met with a cracker jack software that the coolest feature is one that we’ve been used to for a while now and that is using your phone as a remote. And even the smart things app couldn’t get this right. Xbox’s controller app is 5x better for comparison. Don’t waste your time, just download this app setup your tv and keep it on your phone for weeks until you forget about it.

- Finally Samsung started to update the app

I’ve been using SmartThings since the first generation smartthings came out. The older app was great, but when you update your hardware products they asked you to update to the “new”app. It sucked for real, nothing worked and almost every camera i had connected weren’t compatible with SmartThings anymore... BUT this new app has a nice design and now finally when they started to integrate their stuff with other apps it has become an awesome app!!!! The last couple of updates have been great. Keep it up Samsung and this app will be number one for smart-homes world wide !!

- One TV Maybe, But Definitely Not Four

The promise of central control is absent in this app. Perhaps it is the discoverability of the devices that governs things, but I have little success. I have four Samsung QLEDs in the same room. They all work fine if they have all been recently discovered. Let a bit of time pass and it is impossible to connect to any of them. I am able to hard wire all of them to the network to limit the wireless noise. Connectivity from the app disappears entirely. Apparently we are depending on noisy wireless broadcasts rather than L2 identities to discover devices?????? This app probably works for the single TV owner and gets a kick out of controlling their device from their phone. As someone who wants to use the app as part of a serious home integration system, pass on it. It can’t deliver on multiple Samsung QLEDs where the product was born.

- Worked Great & Now Mulfhnctioning

It a so-so app. This app makes me grateful for the old fashion TV remote. It worked great when I first downloaded it to my phone. I loved using it. Now it seems to either clash with the new iPhone update or just doesn’t work at all. I’m able to turn on the TV with it, flip through channels, mute, and volume now. I’m not able to go through the menu to pick the app, pause, rewind, or anything else. I re-downloaded it twice and Nita. So, I’m just going to stick to the tv remove instead and delete it. Perhaps they’ll fix whatever glitch they now have in the future and I can use it again. It’s a great app and useful but two stars off because I can no longer use it and just try in the remote.

- Great app but...

I wish the app wouldn't refresh every time I open even if I didn't close it from the app switcher. (for example when I go to my remote and then shut off my screen, then unlock my phone the app completely refreshes and brings me back to the room selection screen. It also does the same if I were to respond to a text etc.) this is not too big of a deal, but it does get kind of annoying. I also wish the interface was simpler. It's kinda confusing and cluttered. All aside, the app is overall a great app and it does do what it's built for, but it just needs a refresh. Thanks!

- Requires Geo Location To Home & Rooms

I was trying to set up my TV through my phone, hoping to save time but when I opted to not allow SmartThings to know the geographical location of that room that process ended and I was not allowed to continue. I don’t understand why my geo location is necessary to set up a room. Oddly the app, vía Bluetooth had already discovered my TV and went through the validation step. But that connection ended when I opted not to share geo location. 🙄😡 This is the first smart device app I’ve seen that requires to know the physical geographical location and home layout to even use. I understand that by not enabling some services for an app certain features may not work and I make decisions on my comfort level. Why the heck does this app need to know a physical geographic location to a home or business to add devices?

- Good app, still room for improvements

Transitioning from the Iris system to SmartThings has not been without its challenges. Many aspects of this app I like much better. While I understand scenes and automations that occur when I arrive, the scheduling of thermostat temperature changes at specific times feels very cumbersome (unless I am doing things the wrong way). Another example is an outlet that has an electric blanket plugged into it. With the Iris system it was very easy to schedule it to come on at a certain time so that my wife’s side of the bed can already be toasty warm when she goes to bed; then turn itself off at a preset time. Overall quite pleased with most other features.

- Samsung smart things hub

Love this thing. Works much better that the wink hub 2. On wink hub 2 , smart light switches kept dropping out. I would have to reset them all the time. Jelly contacting wink and they basically told me they were aware of the issue and a fix would be possibly coming in the future. 2 years later no fix. Finally decided to switch to smart things after wink decided to start charging me for service. Pay for service and it does not work properly? I don’t think so. Switch to smart things and so far smart thing working great with nothing dropping off z-wave network.

- Abysmally failed UI design

Hey Samsung, you messed up this good app just like you mess up everything else you touch. How many touches did it take in classic UI to get to things vs how many touches in the new UI? Did one have to memorize where things were in the classic UI? (Nope) Just because your idiot designers focus on your app all day and can remember how to get to items buried multiple levels deep doesn’t mean the rest of us should have to. And just because your idiot designers got a chubby when they found out kinetic scrolling was easy on phones doesn’t mean the icons should by enormous to force you to scroll for days to get to things. You aren’t showing off. You’re showing your childish design tendencies. Refine and deliver a sophisticated product instead of getting hung up on using every design feature possible. Simple is better.

- UI Needs Some Work

I’ve used the Classic App for a while and have used the current SmartThings since it was available. Functionally they are both pretty similar in functionality and in stability I’d say the new app is actually better/easier in programming automations and in adding new devices but where they took several steps backwards was in user interface. The icons used to turn off and on aren’t as intuitive and it’s easy to tap the wrong area because of their size. The Classic App used more obvious changes in color for status indicator and allowed you to customize icons for devices and were smaller in size. The current app doesn’t allow any customization of the sort. Additionally backgrounds in the classic app could be customized with actual pictures of the room whereas the current app uses default backgrounds which are drab. If you have access to multiple houses (hubs) like I do, this can make can make it harder to distinguish between locations. Hopefully they revisit the UI issues in future updates as well as include SmartThings into the widgets functionality of iOS 14.

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@brianlagunas @Ubiquiti Why do you have two smartthings hubs? 🤔 also why two ports per room? Do you have independent loops or smth?

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Experiential Retail and Customer Experience a Target of AI, IoT and AR #IoT #IioT #IoTPL #IntrernetOfThings #Sensors #Network #Tech #Technology #5G #SmartThings #InternetOfEverything #Industry40 #SmartCity #Digital #DigitalCity #Retail #RetailTech

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A tutorial GIF from the latest version of the SmartThings Find's app shows the design of the upcoming Samsung smart tracker. The Galaxy Smart Tag, will come in two color options, Black and White. The rounded square-shaped design with a circular button in the middle of the smart..

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@hnshah The only way to change country setting on @smartthings home hub is to delete the account and start over attaching all the Iot devices one-by-one. Especially when they set the country as random error for me. Suggests they have some country level grey market scams going on.

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Liked on YouTube: DIY Star Wars Room Build - How to - Star Wars Automatic Door Smartthings EP4

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@GoveeOfficial I got some of these for my niece and nephew for Christmas and they like them, I'm looking at installing 5 strips or so in the summer and the big thing holding me back is no smartthings compatibility. Literally your light strips become the best item on the market with that.

Peter Harrison

@IFTTT Or, cancel your subscription and use smartthings.

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Control a Group of SmartThings Devices | Trend Setter Smart App (2020)

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Debating on whether or not I want to drop $50 to try to make one of these to be able to automatically turn off the electric blanket.

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Million Dollar Idea: An app that seeks and destroys all the pre-installed apps nobody wants on a new phone. #Games #Bixby #SmartThings #DevicePulse #ThatPurpleDollarStoreInternetBrowserThing @SamsungMobileUS

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@jodyalbritton Hey Jody! Any chance you'd still be open for this offer? If so I'm mainly just looking to turn off/on connected lights.

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@ring smartthings app issue, is there a resolution?

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Samsung's SmartThings IoT hub is growing- SamMobile

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@bml_khubbard @shanselman I setup an IFTTT rule using MyQ & SmartThings to turn on a ZWave multicolored LED bulb in the house whenever the garage is open. Useful b/c we were constantly forgetting to close the garage...

SmartThings 1.6.57 Screenshots & Images

SmartThings iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

SmartThings iphone images
SmartThings iphone images
SmartThings iphone images
SmartThings iphone images
SmartThings iphone images
SmartThings iphone images

SmartThings (Version 1.6.57) Install & Download

The applications SmartThings was published in the category Lifestyle on 2017-06-20 and was developed by Samsung Electronics CO.LTD. [Developer ID: 359580642]. This application file size is 527.61 MB. SmartThings - Lifestyle app posted on 2020-12-22 current version is 1.6.57 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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