12 Steps Companion AA Big Book

12 Steps Companion AA Big Book [Lifestyle] App Description & Overview

The ORIGINAL & MOST COMPREHENSIVE sobriety tool available for members of Alcoholics Anonymous.

With a feature packed Big Book reader, search tool, sobriety calculator, notes, AA contacts database and more, the 12 Steps AA Companion experience is unmatched! Every member of AA will find this app very useful yet quite simple to use.

Also, be sure to check out our 12 Steps Speakers app for AA, NA, CA, OA and Al-Anon.


• Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

• Completely rebuilt with great, new features, functionality and layout improvements
- Beautiful new icon and app design.

- To protect anonymity, the actual app icon does not show references to AA

- View your length of sobriety each time the app is opened
- Calculate the length of sobriety of all your friends

- Highlight text!
- Adjustable font size.
- Collapsible index categories.
- Built in dictionary. Select a word to define
- Read the main 164 pages & more
- Read 60+ stories from 1st & 2nd editions
- Original forewords
- Portrait or Landscape layout for reading
- Tap the screen while reading for full screen view
- Page numbers for the main 164 pages
- Quickly jump to page number (page button)
- Search / Concordance Tool (magnifying glass)
- "Return to Bookmark" from any note made while reading the Big Book

- Morning prayer for "on awakening"
- Night prayer for "when we retire at night"
- Prayers from the steps
- Prayer of St. Francis
- The Big Book's suggestions on prayer

- Extensive gathering of promises throughout the Big Book
- Promises on Experience, Strength and Hope
- Promises from the steps and more!

- Enhanced note sharing via Facebook, Twitter and email
- Copy and Paste or highlight text and tap the note button to auto insert text into Notes
- A great study tool
- Jot down thoughts and ideas for later

- Reach out to US central offices, areas, districts and answering services
- Tap contact buttons to immediately call, e-mail or visit their website
- Edit and add your own recovery contacts
- Contact Support for help via email from contacts
- Built in routing to find contact addresses and quick access to Maps app for specific directions


Thank you everyone that has downloaded this app! I am grateful for your support! I hope you enjoy this app as a tool in your recovery and others.

If you have any comments or concerns please visit www.deanhuff.com


- Only stories from the 1st and 2nd editions could be included.

- The 12 Steps Companion can only be made available to US customers.

*Big Book and Alcoholics Anonymous are registered trademarks of AA World Services.

*Please always support AA by purchasing a printed copy from your local central office

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12 Steps Companion AA Big Book Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Fixed UI issues.

12 Steps Companion AA Big Book Comments & Reviews

- Nice app, but has a glitch **FIXED

*** Update *** Messaged developer Dean, and he walked me through how to do a no-cost “delete and re-download.” Works fine, glitch was during the first download and not the app itself. Dean responded quickly, professionally, and even did a follow-up to be sure I was happy. Well done, and I AM happy with the app now! I recently downloaded this app, and it seems to be everything I wanted. But sometimes when you select a sentence or passage to highlight, when you actually hit Highlight, sometimes it works, but sometimes it DELETES the selection!

- Excellent Design, User-Friendly, Comprehensive!

Well-thought design with sobriety calculator and quick, easy, access to the every day Big Book components you’ll need for meeting readings, shares, prayers and more. You can quickly access topics like The Promises, so you’re expertly ‘on topic’ if you don’t have passages memorized. I also love the ability to zoom from the screen. I highly recommend this app for your sobriety toolbox!

- Please add page numbers which correspond to page numbers in Big Book

Please add page numbers which correspond to page numbers in Big Book so we can keep up with Big Book study’s in meetings. It wouldn’t me necessary to keep them is the same order as the book as long as we could search text by page numbers . Thanks ;in advance.

- Fantastic app

Great search feature. One thing though since it's a one day at a time program, maybe consider listing number of days sober first in the opening splash screen instead of years. But I do understand the progression from years to hours. Keep up the good work.

- Page numbers

It would be extremely helpful if the table of contents listed at the minimum the starting page numbers of each chapter. The alternative is to guess which chapter I think has a specific page and go in and out of eChchapter until I find the chapter which contains the page I’m looking for. It is frustrating to have to go through this process all the time. I have gone back to my paper B.B. frequently instead of using the app.

- Easy and convenient!

I have all these apps and I found this one was the easiest to navigate! Always love the sobriety calculator. Easy to use, if you are in a book study and forgot your book, its all there on the phone.

- Great App

Sobriety counter changes your sobriety date by mistake when you change time zones. That would be my only complaint. I use the App daily and love it.

- Up to date?

I’ve been checking my app for the last few days for my seven year anniversary and every time I check it doesn’t seem like the hours are moving at all, it finally did jump them one more day but doesn’t look like it’s working right

- Not working in IOS 12, NOW FIXED

This App has been a favorite of mine for over 10 years. This beautiful software was nonfunctional in iOS 12. IOS 12.1 fixed it. Thanks.

- The best recovery app on the App Store!

I'm so grateful for finding this app! Hands down the best and easiest to use! The 12 steps, 12 traditions, prayers and personal stories are a nice bonus to have on the go too!

- Great app, but one request

Love the app, but would love Dr. Paul’s story from the third edition (page 449). He talks about acceptance. Would love to read that daily on the app. Thank you for your service!

- Great app...

App is nicely laid out and organized. Like the note feature but is there a way to sync between ipad and iphone?

- Perfect

Simple, easy to use, all the basic literature you need... and BEST of all THEY DON’T ASK FOR EMAIL or other personal info!!!

- True Companion

Today I celebrate 4 years sober and this app has been with me since Day 1! What a gift.

- Disappointed!

The app photo shows content from the 12&12 but it's only the big book. I already had a big book app and it was free. Wish I could get my money back.

- Question

Why isn’t my chance to live in the personal storys

- BlakityBlake

I have had this app for all of my 8 1/2 years of sobriety. I upgraded my iPhone to the iPhone X two weeks ago and now I’m told that I have to rebuy the app. It just doesn’t seem right. Why must I repurchase an app I’ve already paid for just because I got a new telephone?

- 12 step AA companion

Useful basic app. I was super pumped when I found it and told my program friends with iphones right away. Thanks for your hard work Dean. Just a few questions/suggestions. I understand the copyright laws limit the content but where is the preface and the forward to the second edition? The basic text is included but the book is incomplete without those chapters. Bookmark feature would be much more useful if multiple bookmarks could be added, viewed, named and chosen from a list. Font should have feature to change default (size) used in program. Highlighting would be a nice frill feature. I don't know what adding these features requires, I am only an app user. I'm a little concerned about the money thing, since we always need to be protective of the welfare of the group. I'll trust the issue has been reviewed by "the elders".

- Missing story

Missing “Acceptance was the answer” in the story section. Which is a big disappointment.

- So disappointed

I lost all my info on this app. I couldn’t open the app so I off loaded it to reinstall and none of my information for the past 8 years is there! I am so disappointed and discouraged!

- Needs update

Pretty nice app but it unfortunately does not have the 4th edition of the Big Book

- I Love This App!

I only use this app with my Big Book!

- Useful app

Good to track years in the program

- Where can you INCREASE THE FONT......

Please help!

- Absolute crap

Absolute Crap

- Thank you!! Wonderful work!

This app is by far the most useful app I've ever down loaded! I was so excited when I came across it. I can't believe that any person in recovery would even consider giving this a bad review. If people would take the time to read what the devoloper states about the copyright laws then they would know that the traditions and steps (12x12) are not allowed to be reproduced and only the material from the first and second edition is allowed to be used in publications like these because the copy right has expired on them. Take a second and have some gratitude that someone made this app available to anyone with the ability to download it and that the price is only $2.99, which is considerably cheaper than what I spent to buy my small soft covered edition of the Big Book to keep in my purse, which has print so small that I can barely read. I'm looking foward to future updates and other applications from Dean Huff. Great job!!

- Thanks for the update!

I didn't realize how much I depended on this app till I crashed on me! I really appreciate the work that went into this and I look forward to improvements coming down the road. In early sobriety I've run into many other aa's that use it and I recommend it to others that don't have it yet. Wishlist: I would like to see the ability to annotate the text with my notes, having them visible either highlighted or italicized. I would also like to see the ability to highlight sections of the text. The way the notes work now is kind of cumbersome and not very intuitive. Is there a way to enable the multitasking feature instead of opening the app each time with the splash screen, or even to have ability to disable the splash screen to open right back up to the previous page you were viewing? Overall- great app. Highly reccomended

- Great app

Update: Thanks for restoring the old calculator. The home sceen shot on the app store is now out of date - showing the way it looks now might help with those who were frustrated by the calculator change. ----- This is an excellent Big Book app. I wish our GSO would catch up with technology and provide current and complete versions of approved literature on mobile devices. As long as they don't, I greatly appreciate efforts of people like Dean to give us as much as they can responsibly and legally; and, this app does it simply and very, very well. I particularly like the search feature and the separate sections providing quick navigation to the 12 steps, prayers and promises associated with each step, and the preamble (this last is handy when somebody forgets to bring the secretary binder to a meeting). Hmmm, highlighting? Is that new?

- Almost Perfect

Awesome start. I use this every morning. I have also bought a few of the ibook versions, which miss the boat completely, since the pages don't line up with the printed version. (duh?) This app really needs the rest of the pages of the current text, so one can follow along with someone reading in a meeting, right? Seems like without that you still have to carry a printed Bigbook, and that defeats the whole purpose of this app. I'd gladly pay more money to have the rest of the book, 'cause now I get a resentment every time somebody starts reading from the back of a later edition. (jk) ...Looking forward to a finished version

- Updated review

Update: thank you VERY much for putting back the old sobriety calculator. It means a lot to all of us and please I beg you never to change it again it doesn't need fixing the color the look it's all perfect! Thank you so much for this wonderful app and now I can post it on facebook because it's pretty!!! :) Old review was 1 star Calculator Now looks very ugly like some weird cartoon diary. The app looks tragic. Put it back the way that it was! 29 people have complained about the CALCULATOR how many have said they love it? Was such a nice app. Who complained about the old design inspiring the change that no one likes?I will no longer recommend anyone wasting their time or money it's turned into a total joke of an app. Rate this app what it deserves.

- Amazing! Thank you for putting the work into this.

Every feature is beautifully implemented and very useful. Landscape book reading is great, sobriety calculator is awesome, and central office contacts are incredibly useful and linked perfectly to Safari, Mail, and Phone. I was considering writing a program like this over the summer, but never got around to it. So $2.99 sure beats the hours I would have put into my little project! It would be very nice to have page numbers, especially when people refer to a specific page in a meeting or something. But I can't even think about a good way to implement that, so I can't mark you down any stars for that. And please add in the other appendices, or at least the Traditions appendix!

- iPhone I crashes with this App, even with iTunes Updated

I realize you don't have a large "Quality Management" division but would have hoped that by updating to the latest version of this otherwise helpful app I wouldn't find my day count--and all other content for that matter--wiped out. When I touch the screen to open this app after accepting the 'upgrade,' the opening screen (displaying apprently celestial visions of clouds) appears for about 2.5 seconds before the app crashes back to the home screen. It's hell! someone wrote below (many thanks) that by upgrading to the latest version of iTunes and synching iTunes with the iPhone, the problem can be eliminated, but this has not worked for me using my 'original version' iPhone. Can anyone suggest how to solve this vexing problem? I DO like the app a lot--when it works. Thanks for your detailed response how to solve the problem!

- Great App!

Thank you thank you!! There is no reason to mess this perfect app up with the 12x12 or especially the 24 book. This is and has been the main book for many years now. Mine still works fine even with the 3.0 If people want those other apps, they should look unto it. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!! This was a superb idea and is perfect for meetings.. I'm a thumper myself and I don't think the other things hold a candle to this precious piece of God's sweet grace.. If you add contacts for areas and intergroups and hotlines, that would be great! But it already has a bunch. I travel for business and I've found bunches of meetings all over! God bless the service God has instilled in your heart. It's great to be a recovered alcoholic..

- Love it

I recently purchased this app because I am so used to having a big book on my phone. Even after almost 8 years sober I still forget to bring my book to meetings! Thank you Dean for putting this together. It's much better then the previous one I had on my old phone. Words where missing out of it and so far this version has been flawless. Purchasing this app is like Tradition 8 for me '...but our service centers may employ special workers.' new age form of special workers and service centers. Plus the fact I can copy and send paragraphs to my girls is awesome! I love how the meditations come from the book as well. This is how I got sober! I will enjoy this app and easy references so thank you!

- One app at a time

This app is great!! I love to have the big book wherever I go without having to carry a huge purse. Now I have most of it in my phone! Thank you soo much to the developers. Also to the handy sobriety calc, I have 1,001 days sober today :) which is pretty awesome to SEE. My mom'll have 15 years in january and shes amazed how the word of AA can be literally always at your fingertips. I'm truly never alone, whether in traffic or waiting at the post office, I always hAve plenty of time for my "bible". My only request is can we get page 449? Acceptance is my favorite story. Thank you again soo much for this app. It is truly amazing. I'm sure Bill is smiling down on you.

- Good app

At first I had a problem buying this app considering that this is the one way A.A. makes any money to be able to spread the message. After correspondence with the apps author and World Services. I have decided to purchase it. I have to say that the author has created one Hell of a useful app!! This is a great tool especially working with sponsees that have questions or arguments, as we new AA'ers are apt to do. It is also nice to have all of the central services phone numbers and addresses. Many thanks and kudo's to the author! Keep it up and I hope to see some updates to this highly useful app. As to others with some of the requests... Remember our primary purpose is to help the alcoholic that still suffers. Other apps would technically need to be written concerning issues unrelated to alcohol. Lots of us in A.A. have had experience with other substances, which are different programs... As to stories... I'm pretty sure those have different guidelines. And none can be used from 3rd or 4th Editions God Speed...

- Great app!

I can't tell you how much I love this tool. I think it's wonderful to have access to all this at the push of a button. To the folks with negative feedback... GROW UP? Do the right thing and correct it so the people thinking about buying aren't swayed by silly rantings, it speaks volumes about the quality of your sobriety to slam something for a glitch. He might have done it on purpose though so he could have people yell at him... Or maybe he can't fix it because he is so wealthy he's retired now after selling all of these. God bless us all we really need the help and thank you for the great tool it helps!

- Sobriety calculator

I bought this app for being able to highlight the big book and the sobriety calculator. I also like the ability to write notes. My daughter pointed out that there is not a time in the calculator. I know a few people that know the time of day (1532 hrs for example, yes I was in the military) that the had their last drink. I am not trying to say adding time to the calculator is necessary, but it would be useful for those that might want a more precise recovery calculation. I know I would use it.

- this USED to be GREAT

man! i completely understand the challenges of being a developer, but to rebuild something from the ground up and NOT pull the sobriety calculator information into the updated app is BAD DESIGN! the calculator, for MANY, is probably the #1 feature of this app and not only do you have to re enter that information at first launch of the app, it DOES NOT REMEMBER the data you just entered. so every time you open the app, you have to reenter your sobriety start date. RIDICULOUS! luckily, i have mine written down in my ical and i remember that date in my head. this should have been rigorously tested before being available for the public mr Huff! PLEASE fix this ASAP! i know soooooo many people who use this app! it was a great app prior to the update! we support you!!! :)

- A program necessity!

Love this app! I love having this at my finger tips to be able to take out when I need it. I love my BB too... But I can't always break it out when I want/need to. The ONLY thing I can point out that would need to be an improvement or fix is that: I went to look something up by a page number the other day...but it doesn't work. There is an option to click to go to a page but when I type it in it says page cannot be found (because there are no page numbers!) If that could be remedied...that would be awesome!!!

- Thank you Dean!!! :)

I must say that I was very grateful to see that the app was updated. I work grave shift and finding a 1 by the update icon really made my day; even if it was 3AM. When I updated I was very pleased to find all of my old data was still there. A simple showing of the sobriety counter lifted my spirits in ways that are hard to put into words!! Dean you are the man!!! People, please make sure your device is running iOS4, and that you have the latest version of iTunes installed. Performing these simple actions BEFORE updating the 12 Step Companion will make you a very happy person!!!

- Fantastic

I downloaded as soon as a friend told me about this app and I was hooked. And, this was before the update that included the Drs. Opinion, stories, etc. I thought the price was perfect as was everything that was included in v1.0. My one complaint is not with the app but with the early, hyper critical reviews. The price? Give me a break--it is less than a drink or 2 cups of coffee. Missing some parts of the BB? Be thankful for the ease of having the first 164 pages and be grateful that someone took the time to even develop the app. Again, thanks for developing this app. I and many others thank you.

- Great and helpful app!

I believe that this app is awesome; it has been very helpful to me. As for update 1.8.0, yes it had it's bugs but as addicts we should not put all our pennies in one bag; if the app is not working for you then contact a sponsor anyway; don't blame the app, or the creator, for any slips that you have....take responsibility, make ammends, and move on. If this is the only thing that is keeping you sober, it might be necessary to revisit your program...remember, meetings, meetings, meetings....nowhere in there is the idea of app----although it is helpful it can't be the cornerstone of our program.

- If agree with AA's methods it is great

I bought this app because I had been suffering from alcoholism for the past two years and woke up one morning with the will to stop. I did not know anything about AA but thought this would help. I am an atheist and personally take offense in being told I need to accept a higher power to stop. If you are okay with the religous aspects of AA then this app is for you. I do read some of the stories and use the sobriety calculator to chart my progress. Overall this is a well constructed app. If you are religous or don't mind being preached to then you will like this app. I am and always will ne an atheist and I have to say that the good portions of this app outweigh the bad.

- Another Comment

I am still very grateful for this app. Personally, I miss the originall AA type logo. I had it on my main screen and more then a few people asked me what it was. I am not a prostelitizer, nor am I always feeling "proud" of going to a 12 step meeting. But, when my Higher Power puts someone in my path that asks, I feel compelled to take the time to pass along my story and offer help OR a phone number. Recently I had the opportunity while traveling to use your App to give two people in one week their home AA contact number. Thank You!

- I love what is there, missing some things.

The 12&12 would be great on here but the one thing that makes this app useless in my AA meetings is that it is only 1st and 2nd edition. My meetings use the 4th edition..... Why is this not the latest edition. It would be great If this app had everything needed for AA meetings. Steps, big book etc..... The app is awesome. So easy to navigate and I love all the content that is there, but it is missing some of the most important things. If this had the 4th edition then it will be used much more often in AA meetings. It would expose this app to thousands of potential buys who would also want this app. But right now I have to explain that this app doesn't have the 12 steps nor the 4th edition....

- A primary resource

The search features are powerful. The ability to enter a single word or phrase, and find all instances of, is immensely helpful in my studies. This is the second edition, not the current fourth edition. The differences are minor and so subtle you may not recognize them. There has been extreme reticence over the years on the part of the active sober members of Alcoholics Anonymous to change anything in the Big Book ... "IF IT WORKS, DON'T FIX IT" ... All changes made have been minor in nature, and reflecting the growth of the Fellowship.

- update with page numbers, AA preamble, twelve traditions, and Freedom From Bondage story

This is not a complete application without the page numbers! it's like buying a book without page numbers! Chairpeople are constantly referring to the page numbers in the literature during a meeting. So why not include as part of App? Also include the AA preamble and 12 traditions so a spontaneous meeting can be conducted without having printed literature. Also if possible add the Twelve By Twelve to the App. Great idea but needs to be completed. And please include The Freedom from Bondage Story. I believe the lady who wrote Freedom from Bondage was one of the original members of AA in Chicago.

- Great application

This app is very good and handy. I don't think anyone ever claimed or intended it to be a replacement for a book, he even mentions that you should buy a real copy. You're paying for the time he put to organize the information and make it readily and conveniently available in an app. Nowhere does he state he wrote any of this information. And if you really have a problem with this, just don't buy it and leave it alone. "Keep your side of the street clean." :)

- Very useful and polished

This excellent app provides your sobriety count with one tap and features the Big Book in searchable form with the ability to add notes. The contacts section will be useful for those who travel. If I had to register a complaint, it would be the load time, but that isn't enough to detract from the five star rating. This app is well worth the price. The new additions like adding page numbers and new icon are icing on the cake.

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12 Steps Companion AA Big Book Screenshots & Images

12 Steps Companion AA Big Book iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

12 Steps Companion AA Big Book iphone images
12 Steps Companion AA Big Book iphone images
12 Steps Companion AA Big Book iphone images
12 Steps Companion AA Big Book iphone images
12 Steps Companion AA Big Book iphone images

12 Steps Companion AA Big Book (Version Install & Download

The applications 12 Steps Companion AA Big Book was published in the category Lifestyle on 2008-11-14 and was developed by Dean Huff [Developer ID: 295775659]. This application file size is 34.6 MB. 12 Steps Companion AA Big Book - Lifestyle app posted on 2019-11-20 current version is and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: huff.dean.twelvesteps