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Uber Eats Manager App Description & Overview

What is uber eats manager app? Looking to order now? Find Uber Eats here: https://jme7v.app.goo.gl/u4Fw

Manage your restaurant or store anytime, anywhere.

Uber Eats Manager is a trusted business partner in your pocket. Access live data for all your retail locations and act quickly to resolve issues and respond to customers. It’s the innovation you need to reach new customers and keep them coming back.

• Monitor all locations at a glance

• Get instant alerts when problems need your attention

• Connect with your customers, staff, and business partners at the tap of a button

• Receive insights and recommendations customized to your business

Run your restaurants or stores from the palm of your hand. Uber Eats Manager empowers you to operate your business anywhere you have a signal or internet connection.

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App Name Uber Eats Manager
Category Business
Updated 09 September 2022, Friday
File Size 74.79 MB

Uber Eats Manager Comments & Reviews 2024

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Our restaurant never got paid. Our restaurant started the account with Uber eat 3 months ago and since then we never received any payment, every time I call customer service it’s someone from overseas that can’t do anything except saying they will generate a case number and that someone will contact us which never happened, I also emailed them with no response, I called them over 12 times and nothing happened.

Not working. Getting error message for about 2 weeks now. Developers not fixing anything. Crazy a company this size wouldn’t have this fixed more urgently. Also tried to delete and reinstall, no help.

Very difficult to use. It is very difficult to use

Crashed as soon as you log in.. Hasn’t worked over 2 months. The website works but data is 2 days behind.

Notifications Issue. Every order that comes in, I get 4 different notifications about it, making it seem like it’s four different orders.

Fix. We can’t hit the Send button when replying to customer’s review! Please fix

Worst app ever design. Won’t work it will keep giving error at the opening

Needs work. There’s a bug or something that prevents me from sending replies to reviews. Cannot scroll down to the send button.

Used to work great. This app used to be great for managing my restaurants but now it does not work and just gives error messages

Hasn’t worked for MONTHS!. This app was very useful to monitor my business in regards to Uber orders when I’m not around but it has been MONTHS since it has worked. It’s just a white screen with an error message. I have deleted and reinstalled countless times. I don’t understand how one of the biggest companies can have such a faulty app for months. It’s pointless to call because not one person who ever answers can answer your questions because they all work by scripts since they are outsourced to another country. With the amount of money you guys take from us, we deserve working tools! I’m very close to ending my services with you. I know I’m an ant within all their clients, but eventually it will add up or someone will do better and overtake. Get it together Uber! You have something strong here.

Missing payments. I am a new restaurant owner. Never add the Uber eats service to your shop. So far I know 4 restaurants reported same problem. We lost all over $20000 at Uber because they stealing you money and telling you bank account been change to different one. They don’t take any responsibility. Sounds still acceptable then change back to my original account through a lots paperwork and approval forms. How they change my account so easy but hard time to owner ? That’s my question, and without any notice to you. They didn’t paid out their payment if you don’t pay attention. They’re service are terrible and no way to contact to right department. Phone representative will tell you Sorry service only by email but never replied back or wait. No matter how many case numbers you create with them. Now I still have missing payments since 10/02/2023. Stop their service. You should be lucky not having their service. Today it’s 12/10/2023. If I can update my review later then I will let everyone know how my progress ends up.

Business. Unbelievable ! No way to open the app !

Doesn’t work anymore. App doesn’t work anymore just says error

App not working on iPhone 10. For about 2 or 3 months the app will not load. If I could send a screenshot I would but will describe. I get a red triangle and black with an exclamation in the center. Below that the words error.title. Below that error.sub_title and below that error.retry with a circular arrow

They want you to fail. There merchant service took over a week to reply to me when I couldn’t log in to my account and turn on .. I lost over a week of sales because of a terrible company .. I really hope y’all fail over time

Bad bad bad. Really bad interface worst app ever, can’t believe how billion dollar company owns things like this… unacceptable Uber! Can’t even open the app for last 2 weeks, totally a joke

Can't Log in. It cant log in. It opens a pop-up window through safari, that asks you for your email or phone number but does not load up a "next" or "log in" button.

Why Can’t I See What’s On the Screen?. I hate this app so much because it never shows the order full screen so I can’t read the order. I have to delete it and redownload it every time just to be able to see what’s on my screen. I have to do that for every order because it will only fix it one time. I always check to see if you guys have “improved that bug”, but you haven’t and I’ve been using this app for six months now.

App showing error.title. App doesn’t work

Locks up on reviews. I can’t exit the reviews screen to get back to main menu. Nor does it show all restaurants we have on Uber Eats.

Most Useless app. This app has to be changed for manager base. There is nothing inside we can see details I dont need to go all the time to website and check everything one by one, if its too much for you to make details, insights, stats in app etc. why do you keep this app live??? Who did this app , your trainee something?

App not functional. Developers… your app is not functional. Please update.

need more dashboard. Please add option for multiple dashboard ( add more store account in app ).

App does not work!. I have installed uninstalled then reinstalled. App only shows an error screen.

Says error:title. It has been a month and it is giving me the same error:title where i cannot log in or anything. It just stays there with a red x, basically stuck.

No use. I really see no use for this app like it shows your earnings for the day but you can simply go to the website or check your tablet. Letting you write reviews is cool but again, no need for the app just use the website. I really recommend adding some unique features like editing menus, changing store hours, and more. Hope they update it some day.

Useless. I am unable to make menu changes from the app. Also no details about orders can be viewed either.

Suspicion and shady work. Uber has added a few that they don’t mention they give it a different name so that they don’t have to explain it and then want to claim that the charge has always been there new flash it hasn’t I’ve work with them for almost the same amount of time time that they have started so I’m well aware that the fee is a new add on from you to make more money when you already take about 30% of the gains!

Uber manager app - always has errors can’t download. It’s been over 2 months since I have been asking support to fix there app. They always say we have sent in your request to get it fixed. How am I suppose to manage my business when there platform has major flaws. I am better off sticking with door dash. There app works great with no issue thus far. I will give them a chance to fix this soon or I’m taking my business somewhere else. Not good.

Stop working. For last 2 weeks, manager app hasn’t worked. What happened?

Error. App error since last week.

App still down. This app hasn’t been down for weeks what is going on?

Error. Subtitle error while opening the app..

App not working shows error. Can’t signin or sign out the app not working and only shows error i have deleted the app few time since last week and can’t see sells or anything else other then that error msg

Doesn’t even open. App doesn’t even open

Manager. It’s not working

Pausar y des pausar. ¿Por qué quitaron la opción de pausar y des pausar los pedidos? Era una funcionalidad super útil y rápida que ya no está disponible.

Error on apps no able to open. App is not working, error about 3 weeks

App not working. Error message pops up after logging in. App doesnt work

Not working. It is not working, can’t sign in . Not good at all.

Not for new business. It’s unbelievable that they made me wait for 2 months telling me during all that time “call us again”, “you have to wait one more week”, “you have to fill up the form again” And today I called again and the answer was that basically they don’t want to add my stores like “mine” in Uber because it is not necessary, the have “a lot of stores like this” I am a florist, my flower shop is very different than the other and it’s very offensive and disappointing that they select just the people that they want or “need” instead of giving everyone the opportunity to their business, they didn’t even ask or know what I can offer. They told me that I have to call again if i wanna do business with them and of course I will not do that, i already opened several accounts in other platforms without any issues or crazy waiting periods like I had with Uber eats. I HATE WRITING BAD REVIEWS BUT THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE FOR EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR EVERYONE.

Chirag Patel. The App is really not opening at all ! I’m business owner and having issue with this app more then 10’days and I call for technical support they say just delete and reinstall the app and I did that for more then 15 times ! Still the problem is same and no one is responding at all ! Such a ridiculous thing to face on platform like this big scale!!!

App doesn’t work. App doesn’t work, would not open at all.

Starting to get very useful features. Managing 40+ stores on this app just got much better now that I can pause and resume any of our locations. This feature alone (along with the notifications) makes this app invaluable. Big thanks to the UE developers for listening! Pete

App doesn’t work. Has been showing an error screen for the past 3-4 weeks… totally unacceptable.

Great Idea but don’t work. I kept downloading the app over and over and it doesn’t work.

Delivery. Their delivery guy Gregory didn’t deliver to my address! He delivered to someone else!!! I ordered on Logan’s Restaurant website and now I’m given the run around about my order!!! This Uber Eats is hard to get in touch with!!!! Never again!!! Don’t waste your money or time!!! 🤬I would not even give you one star!!

App has an error every time I open it…. And the refresh doesn’t work…

No orders. I've been open for two weeks and I've only had three orders and Uber hasn't helped me promote my restaurant and I've got a lot of deals that people don't see Uber is cheating merchants

Hate it. I hate this app- I have 2 small restaurants, and I can’t do anything g on this app- I have to call in every change- not sure if it works better on an android Grub hubs app works perfectly

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Don’t engage with Uber. Uber made my business down. No one takes responsibility.

Issues with app. The app stopped working on ios after update

Doesn’t work after ios update. The stopped working after ios update. Pls fix it.

Reviews. When I try to press “send” when replying to a customer review, it’s actually covers by the options at the bottom of the screen called “home” and “account”. Please update the system so I can reply to customers reviews because this is very inconvenient and it can be fixed easily with an update.

Error.sub_title. The app doesn’t works on new ios

App is not working. Can you fix it? Uber?

Doesn’t offer anything. Most useless ever app that I’ve seen in entire my life. This is a shame for Uber company.

Never work anything easily with this app. Most terrible app In the entire world

Not working. Please check its not working. Even i reinstalled

Uber is useless. Useless app from a useless company, can’t even get into the app because I’ve apparently reached the limit of receiving sms verification codes from Uber despite not receiving any recently. The only reason I even attempted to get this app is because there’s an automatic promotion code being applied on Uber eats which is apparently unavailable which I then can’t remove and therefore can’t pay. Pathetic.

App not working. The app is no longer working after the latest IOS update. The is important to us please fix it

Useless. Do you guys at Uber want to something about this app? Can’t you see the reviews!,,?

Not working. App crashed

It doesn’t work now. I don’t know why but it doesn’t work lately. Nobody answer my request

App not working. I’m in the same predicament as the previous review. After IOS update the app says error- sub title. Please fix.

Useless. Most useless app ever

Great app. Great app but suddenly stopped working. Please fix

Error. Title error.sub_title. App has error.title when you open it up after ios update.

Doesn’t recognise email address can’t even log on. G

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Uber eats. Not working????

Not working since a week now. Fix the issue asap

App stopped working.. You would think with all the money they make they would be able to provide restaurants with a stable platform to use. They make a lot of money!!!

Pathetic app. No way to hit submit on responses. Cannot scroll down to see reviews. No live order data. Poorly built and tested. Monkeys can build better apps

Comment reply. The SEND button on comments reply is hidden at the bottom of the page with no access. Since June 29th update. Had the same problem last year as well. Please fix. Much appreciated

Stopped working. Uber needs to fix issues with its app. It stopped working for weeks now.

Needs a better UI. The chat window blocks quite a bit of data. Also if an order has a negative review you can’t click on it to see the details. A good start but flawed design.

Not working. Not working

SEND Button. SEND button at the bottom of comment reply’s is hidden, rendering the reply feature useless. Please fix as this function is essential!

Doesn’t work at all. 0000

App not working. Displays an error when opening an app.

Not able to sign in!!!!. After trying to sign in like for 15 time, even though the credentials are correct, it just goes back to get started page. How do I use the app?!

Need to fix their app. Not able to sign in on their tablet.

Update your App. Stopped working

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Can’t get in. It ask to send you a text with a four digit code then the code doesn’t work.

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Uber Eats Manager 1.105.10000 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Uber Eats Manager app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Uber Technologies, Inc. and other users?

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Uber Eats Manager iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.105.10000
Play Store com.ubercab.restaurantmanager
Compatibility iOS 14.8 or later

Uber Eats Manager (Versiyon 1.105.10000) Install & Download

The application Uber Eats Manager was published in the category Business on 20 July 2020, Monday and was developed by Uber Technologies, Inc. [Developer ID: 368677371]. This program file size is 74.79 MB. This app has been rated by 143 users and has a rating of 1.7 out of 5. Uber Eats Manager - Business app posted on 09 September 2022, Friday current version is 1.105.10000 and works well on iOS 14.8 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.ubercab.restaurantmanager. Languages supported by the app:

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Uber Eats Manager App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixes and performance improvements

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