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Uber Eats Orders App Description & Overview

What is uber eats orders app? Looking to order now? Find Uber Eats here: https://jme7v.app.goo.gl/u4Fw

Manage orders for your business on any device.

This app allows you to manage your business’s orders on Uber Eats in a single, centralized place. Whether you’d rather have a single device in your store or an app that all your staff can use on their own phones, Uber Eats Orders flexes to fit your unique needs! Here’s everything the app offers:

• Device flexibility. Run the app on any combination of tablets and mobile phones.

• Realtime syncing. Run the app on multiple devices at the same time, all your staff will be able to see and manage orders with no duplicates or missed orders.

• Control in the palm of your hand. Can’t be at your store all the time? No problem! The app lets you cancel orders, mark items out of stock, and turn your delivery capabilities off and on from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

• Order monitoring. You’ll be able to get notifications for each new, in progress, canceled, and delivered order.

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App Name Uber Eats Orders
Category Business
Updated 28 March 2024, Thursday
File Size 209.09 MB

Uber Eats Orders Comments & Reviews 2024

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App doesn’t work. Can’t login to the app because my account doesn’t exist, only it does because I just placed an order on a desktop computer. Also funny, because as part of the app sign on, it sends a security pin to the phone on the account that supposedly doesn’t exist. Help is unavailable from Uber unless you live in California. So this app is useless trash.

App NOT LOADING. App was working great until I got logged off one day a few months ago and when now I can not log back in. It just seems as though it is loading but NEVER Fully loads. It seems as if soooo many other restaurants are having the same problem. It is very important that I am able to monitor how my employees are handling orders when I am not there. PLEASE FIX IT ASAP!!!!!

App new update not working. After update the app stops working. Spent hours on the phone just to be ran around in a circle with not a single person that can solve the problem. Uber is out sourcing their call centers and these guys have no idea how to do their jobs. Horrible customer service from such a big company like uber

App won't open. After the newest update, the app won't open whatsoever. It goes white then just goes directly back to the home screen. Customer service was no help. Please fix it! I'm losing money!

so frustrating. Did all the paperwork, other than some things that say optional. And when the app says invalid account, contact support, there’s no button to contact them? And when I go to the website they want a million different things for me to ask a simple question. Jesus

Can’t even sign in 😒. I’m not even allowed to get into my account. I haven’t used it since last year and when I try to sign in on the app it says I have an invalid account but I can sign in just fine through the browser…..what’s going on??? Can I please get some help

no reason to be this unreliable. been in business with them for awhile and lost countless money due to their very faulty software. All of their storefront apps and management apps are inconsistent, i can’t even tell you all of the inconsistencies because even those are inconsistent and constantly changing, never runs smoothly!

Crashing and not connecting.. I’m a restaurant owner and a chef. The tablet they provided us is the cheapest tablet it crashes and never connects to the internet our internet is fine we have other devices that are connected fine it’s only the Uber tablet. We have called them many times the have send us new one and it’s the same issues.

Very unhappy. You took out three times for one order should’ve only been $56 and some odd cents not the other 40 some dollars and eight dollars and something I want my money back

This app is trash. Whoever is programming these Uber apps needs to be fired. How does such a big company have such awful apps? I can’t even log in to the app because it just loads forever. I just want to manage my orders and can’t even do that. This is so frustrating.

Customer support - hang up / put you on hold. Literally no one to help with problems 🌎on hold for 1.5 hours . If your a restaurant partner . After 4 weeks literally your restaurant name does not come up . So as a restaurant you hire extra staff to accommodate orders then your 25 orders a day turn into 3 orders per day . If you complain no one gets on phone . They pretend to not understand you ! But everyone knows the deal .

Uber. I’ve been delivering for Uber part time. I’ve not had any problems that weren’t solved with the help of support. I love this job. The app is great!

App Problems. The only problem I’m having is Uber Eats is the only app that automatically summits a order and saying is ready for pickup and also the estimated time on it is way off! Another think is you really can’t add time to it at a certain point which is stupid! Also why does the the time on it start counting down before we even have a chance to summit the order??? I say either fix these problems or Uber Eats ain’t gonna be running for much longer!!!!

Be aware!. This delivery apps will make business pay for their drivers errors if you don’t verify your weekly payment. You will lose a lot of money and Uber will always be the good guy, not your business.

Never worked. This app has never gone past the loading screen for me. As a restaurant owner, this is very frustrating

Help. So I downloaded the app but the problem is that it’s saying to put your email and password and I don’t know how to sign up

Broken. I sign In then it goes to a loading screen and won’t come off I even deleted it re installed then signed back in and it’s still broken.

Best support team never. I like this app and everything, but the calling the Uber support is a complete joke. They put me on hold after literally every sentence. And super long hold. I’m not talking about 2-3 min hold.

The worst driver support!. Uber Eats has the worst driver support service. I was on hold for an hour for help with a simple problem and all the reps were transferring me from one department to another. I was like this for a full hour until they hung up on me and no one ever helped me. at Doordash they help instantly when calling, and they also have Spanish-speaking representatives for my region. The worst of the worse!!!

Don’t get it. Tried so many times to sign in to the app saying that i don’t have an account with Uber and then when i try to make a new account it states that my email is already in use. I tried to change my password and it worked for one day! Then when i used my Uber eats app my first and last name some how changed to my last and middle name. Y’all need to get all of these bugs worked out. It’s ridiculous.

Disaster of a company. Customer service representatives are like robots. I’ve been getting the run around for 8 straight days trying to open Uber orders app. They provide no proper solutions and just waste your time. A most unprofessional company if there ever was one.

Uber orders needs improvement. I like the app but you guys need to improve a couple of things. It keeps pausing my orders even when I’m on the app it saying I have missed the orders but I always be on the app. Also, the app on the phone needs the option of managing the time and giving more options to contact support like it does on the tablet The tablet functions of the app doesn’t match the functions on the phone. Pleaseeee Improveeee your app

Can’t even use the app. When I boot up the app, the screen remains frozen loading. The same images of food and cars filter through without end. No amount of restarting my device, uninstalling and reinstalling, and update checking can help me with this issue.

**show. Listen I’m all for Uber and Uber Eats I put my information and tried to get a login going. I keep getting the runaround on the access of my account. Someone reached out to me via Text which is helpful but said that I was too young (for some reason it says I’m 19 not 21) your guys app still glitches and very confusing imma need like ten tech guys working on this app

Last version is bad. Latest version from last week have complete distroy the version for iPhone. None of the good features from previous version works. For a company this large you should beta test your apps before launching.

Losing money. Most of the time people complain about missing item and overcharge the restaurant fee. Plus they retake the money from your balance many times it’s been happening where you make $100 your only gate pay 75 and order adjustment about $50 a week and you end up with $20 be all me this is being ridiculous happening all over again especially after Covid and inflation Uber eat work against the restaurant with the customer favor

Terrible.. They End up taking at least 50% in fees etc. Impossible to get american support which is very annoying, and double charges for advertising, even on days you’re closed. Terrible. Zero stars if I could, you will lose money here

Wont even work.. I’ve tried many times to deliver for Uber eats and everytime it won’t connect to my internet, nothing is wrong with my internet and I’ve tried multiple different like areas to try and make it work but it never does.

Promotions are a scam!. I signed up because of the 300 deliveries in 90 days and make no less than $2400. I finished the 300 deliveries a day before my deadline. Then Uber started their games. The app would give you a running count on your deliveries and your deadline date. When I finished, the part of the app that kept my running totals disappeared. I called and emailed and called and called and emailed. They kept saying they would “look into it”. I gave them a WEEK before I emailed them to ask if someone was going to respond, their response.....they closed the conversation so if I need more help I would need to call or email. Sooooo I’m back to square one!!! I don’t believe they have ANY INTENTION of paying out. If you want to drive DO NOT sign up for one of their scams!!!!

Sign up. I’ve been trying to sign up for a few days now to be a driver …. Well it only gives me the option to sign my restaurant up… not myself. They should make it a little easier to use for others who aren’t really tech savvy

Scheduled Orders are Cancelled And Never Received. This is a very good platform. Nevertheless, we have discerned that we never receive scheduled orders submitted by clients. When we receive them we only receive a cAncellation notice. This needs to be fixed.

Only people giving 5 stars are bots.. I’ve been driving for Uber for over a year with a nearly 5 star rating kept the entire time. They kept making me deliver meals 45 minutes away and the customer is not satisfied with the temperature and gave me a couple thumbs down so they canceled me... been a great and highly rated Driver for over a year and they really hurt me by canceling me even though I’ve been 4.97 rating with 0 complaints to them. Can’t believe they are so cold. Terrible customer service, the “perks” are terrible as well.

Finally. Finally working and updated.

Never worked.. I don’t know why does this app even exist. I had it for 3 weeks . It never worked . Called them so many times and they say it’s a glitch it will be fixed . Why bother?

“Connecting to network“. The app never works on an iPhone 13. The app continues to display “connecting to network” and never becomes useable. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and the same issue persists. If there is a fix for this I’d gladly give a better rating.

Over it !. I have been trying to log in for the past 3 days and it tells me my account is not signed up for uber eats. However when I sign in on my browser instead of the app it says I’m active and all my documents are accepted. Customer support is a joke and you can’t get help unless you are able to log into the app. I have full faith that you all could do better and I’m really hoping you do ! I’m just trying to work.

Horrible Company. Honestly, why is there 3 business apps on here, and none of them work as they should. This app will not connect to the server at all. Can’t event bring it to Ubers attention, because they don’t care and brush everything off. Orders are ready in less than 20 min, and sit on our counter for over an hour and a half before being picked up or canceled. Every time we call Uber about an order not being picked up in a timely manner, they say “our system will automatically dispatch when available” and end the call. Have not once had a good experience as a business owner with Uber.

App problems. I redownload the app to start driving again. Logged into the app with info. Once logged in it just continues to load and it won’t go past that. Super inconvenient

Need split scree access. Since now charging rental fees for the use of tablets provided by Uber. Allowing split screen on the order app would help us a lot to use our personal devices to its full capacity.

Can’t load the Uber Orders app on my iPhone.. One day I logged out and since then I can’t log back in. When I load up the app, it does nothing and keeps loading. I’ve tried deleting the app and resetting my phone and everything but nothing seems to work. As a restaurant owner it’s important that I have access to this.

It’s not loading anything, just constantly on the loading. Can’t seem to get it to work at all. Strange and sad because I need to use door dash but I prefer Uber hit me back up if you fix it. I rather use Uber

Confusing Setup. There are so many apps and it’s NOT clear which one is the DRIVER app vs. regular food delivery. With Lyft and all the other apps it is very clear. I do not understand why I have 3+ years of perfect driving history and zero accidents at 39 years old and a 5 star lyft score why I cannot drive or get this setup to process. Very confusing app.

Order notifications. I received 4 order notifications for every single order that comes in, making it seem like there’s 4 different orders!

App doesn’t work. I gained interest/the need to do a side hustle and thought I’d give this app a chance. I got notified I’m now approved to drive and pick up orders but the app won’t move past the log in screen. Have tried deleting and reinstalling app but no luck. Horrible..

Bad. Very disappointed. First time using the app was great, however that’s the only time so far. For some reason the app doesn’t like to connect to my service. All my other apps work fine but not Uber orders.

Costumer service. Your costumer service is really slow to respond and almost every day I my tablet says “paused” And the I have to speak to 2-3 people before I get to the right person pizzamark1708

Uber Eats gave scammers our money. We are a local small restaurant. Somehow less than a week after signing up with Uber eats someone was able to get into our merchant account and put in their banking information. There is no way on the app or on the merchant website to change this information. You must contact Uber for them to deal with it. We contacted them 4 days before Uber was supposed to pay us for our customer orders. Our case was never dealt with. They actually closed the case despite us responding to it. They then sent our money to the scammers bank account. We are now going on two weeks and they still have not addressed the issue. We have tried to just close down our store all together but of course we cannot do that on the app or website either and we have to again go through Uber customer service. We now have to manually shut down our store daily so our customers do not order with us through Uber eats because their money will ultimately be given to scammers. Its really disappointing how uber created their app to give their merchants as little control as possible and how they refuse to help when their is a major issue. It makes me wonder if they staff is behind the scams. Highly suggest any restaurant business owner avoid using Uber eats.

The workers. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell the Uber drivers to wait until the people press ready because they get mad at the place when the foods not done and they get there early when no one has pressed ready on the order

Fantastic. Work great support while tab goes haywire really earn orders and save reputation of not missing any single order on the run awesomeness:)

The app needs updates or some revision!. I’m a Uber eats restaurant owner and I’ve had countless issues with this (both tablet and phone app). The tablet would be running in full effect and then at a certain time of the day it just pauses and say too many missed order. That happened for a whole week at the same time. Another issue is there’s no way other than calling support to report the customer saying they didn’t receive something (which most times they’re lying). Doordash is way more convenient in this case. Most times us business owners gets busy and can’t call or don’t realize until it’s too late.

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Not able to log in at all. Unable to log in to my orders at all since the iPad tablet program updated .

doesn’t load at all. downloaded the app to start delivering with uber eats. it instructs me to sign in with my email and password which i do. then it starts loading with the bowl and never stops loading. have the same issue after i delete and reinstall

The app doesn’t open at all. Immi tried several times but it doesn’t open deleted and reinstalled but again same result

Not able to connect. Not able to login anymore

Don’t use it. Uber made my business down. No one takes responsibility.

The new app is sooo bad. The new one changed a lot. Now It's the worst app, worse than menulog and doordash. The previous version was the best. Now we can't delay orders, menu can't change, automatically ready orders? We want the old one!

: "Installation Issue and Unsatisfactory Update. "I am unable to install this app on my iPad. It was working fine previously, but when I tried to update it, it became inactive, and I am dissatisfied."

Improvement. Would be great if restaurant partners can create one login to access multiple stores. Making accepting orders centralised from one app.

Should have an option for driver to use when own delivery. It would be good to have an option on there for our delivery driver to say your order is here. So the process would be : 1 order accepted in restaurants app 2 order out on delivery in restaurant app 3 with the app driver can notify customer , order is here But no options and the app is basically useless

Can’t login. Can’t login

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Great app. Smooth and easy to get started. Was able to get my restaurant online in minute.

Great app. Seamless app, works well

It stopped working. It keeps saying “No Internet connection” while all the other apps are connected to internet and working fine. Both Uber apps for restaurants owner stopped working

No notification for new orders, only for missed orders. App does not send a notification when a new order comes in unless the app is already open on my phone. It DOES send notifications for missed orders though. Why send a notification for a missed order but not for the order in the first place?

No notification. Fix the notification issue! Not getting notifications

Doesn’t work. When I try to log in it just tells me I am not authorized to use Uder Eats App. Asks me if I want to log in with another user name.

App Still Doesn’t Function Acceptably.. I appreciate UberEats and think the whole service idea is excellent, but as a diverse produce and products processor, the app functionality falls well below acceptable still. My operation spans a ten acre area and being unable to manage orders with a phone app, the same way I do for hundreds of other aspects of my business is utterly ridiculous. All the app has needed, for years now, is new order notifications to be pushed to the phone version of the app. It’s impossible for me to cart around an extra tablet device during my work hours, when I do virtually every other business operation through my phone! For goodness sake, update the phone app so that it connects through the internet to the tablet Orders app, so I’m able to actually use this function to be a successful part of the UberEats family of businesses. I am 100% behind this company, but currently I am unable to utilize it until this SIMPLE technical fix is made and the app Patched!

Never use this again. No customer service at all, the just take your money and gave you bad service

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App. I wish we could adjust the pricing.

Uber driver. I’ve been with Uber almost four years now. I delivered food from all kinds restaurants you imagine almost 120 delivery I never had an issue even if I had an issue it’s not big deal it’s a job I get paid for it plus it’s not bad better than nothing but if I complain about any small problems every time then I recommend whoever complain most of the time and they think everything it should be easy and they won't work hard for it ,then-its better for them to go and sit at home and be a caddilc.for me I enjoy it and it’s fun.

Don’t download. Says account not valid it’s a scam

Won’t let me sign up😀. Won’t let me sign up😀

Can’t connect. Restaurant owner, need app to see the orders. App just says “connecting to network” non-functioning. I need access to live orders. Please fix asap

Latest version is unusable on iPhone. 30.134 updates a couple days ago and it no longer gives order details on iPhone. I have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling the app to monitor restaurant business. 3 times in the last two days I have had to uninstall to get it to work again. NEEDS FIXING ASAP.

La app no permite ver los pedidos mal servicio. La app no permite ver las órdenes mál servicio

Scam do not download. Phishing your password

Too much bugs. This app has tons on bugs and it’s very hard to work i with it

Not for new business. It’s unbelievable that they made me wait for 2 months telling me during all that time “call us again”, “you have to wait one more week”, “you have to fill up the form again” And today I called again and the answer was that basically they don’t want to add my stores like “mine” in Uber because it is not necessary, the have “a lot of stores like this” I am a florist, my flower shop is very different than the other and it’s very offensive and disappointing that they select just the people that they want or “need” instead of giving everyone the opportunity to their business, they didn’t even ask or know what I can offer. They told me that I have to call again if i wanna do business with them and of course I will not do that, i already opened several accounts in other platforms without any issues or crazy waiting periods like I had with Uber eats. I HATE WRITING BAD REVIEWS BUT THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE FOR EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR EVERYONE. It’s unbelievable that they made me wait for 2 months telling me during all that time “call us again”, “you have to wait one more week”, “you have to fill up the form again” And today I called again and the answer was that basically they don’t want to add my stores like “mine” in Uber because it is not necessary, the have “a lot of stores like this” I am a florist, my flower shop is very different than the other and it’s very offensive and disappointing that they select just the people that they want or “need” instead of giving everyone the opportunity to their business, they didn’t even ask or know what I can offer. They told me that I have to call again if i wanna do business with them and of course I will not do that, i already opened several accounts in other platforms without any issues or crazy waiting periods like I had with Uber eats. I HATE WRITING BAD REVIEWS BUT THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE FOR EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR EVERYONE.

Problem. The app is not loading

We can. I don’t

Can’t log in to my account. Please fix it!!!!!!!. Guys, what is wrong with you??? Can not log in to my account. Please fix it!!!!!!!


Doesn’t Work At All. Cancels accepted orders.

Deceitful Theives. This company although headquartered in San Francisco but with customer service in Philippines has and. Hires inappropriate drivers and customer service reps. Their service are dishonest and their drivers are dangerous. Abusive. So please take heed. Beforwarned...

Good. Good

App won’t load. Downloaded the app, entered my log in info and all it does is load (buffering) and goes no where else DoorDash would never !!!!

Not competent. Doesn’t allow to switch between own delivery staff and Uber partners on app. Only works on iPad. This is ridiculous

Scammers lol. Hot dog water

App doesn’t work. App doesn’t wanna load

Trying to charge me. Uber is trying to charge me $40 to use the app. I called support because apple said it’s from your end. Nobody can help me out . My android is shot and I can’t use it anymore. It’s asking me for a payment method then declines it .

Owner control. If i want to Verify the connections, orders, time, etc. of 3 or more restaurants at same time I can’t do it!

New update ruined mobile. New update destroyed the mobile app. Garbage now. Can’t even use it

Frustrating. It’s not even allowing me to enter my vehicle. I’ve tried support and they are unavailable. I didn’t have a single issue getting started with DoorDash.

Doesn’t work. Doesn’t work never opens just says trying to connect to network dead app

Comment section. I’m just here for the comments🍿🥤. Lol


Maybe have an app you can sign up for?…. DA

Not worth the time. Dookie. Registered me as a restaurant in app and made no attempt to fix it. L app.

Mmm it’s ok sometimes.. Many unusual issues need to be taken care of. The alert tone will sometimes not chime. Restarting the app or phone/iPad do nothing to fix the issue. Sometimes the store will pause itself for unknown reasons, even if there haven’t been any orders to overwhelm us. SKUs sometimes display as a long string of code. The iPhone version has a lot less you can do than the iPad version, which I can appreciate the size of the screen being different but a few handy tools of the iPad version are absent in the iPhone. Such as rating drivers, or easily being able to edit an order the way the iPad can do. It seems like an odd oversight to make them 2 different apps. It also doesn’t particularly communicate well if 2 people are using the app at the same time. If 2 people are picking orders and come to the same order, there’s no way to know 2 are doing it. Thus resulting in double picked orders. Now it doesn’t mean 2 of the same order will go out the door but it takes merchandise off the shelf and creates piles of go backs. There are other things like the service becomes suddenly unavailable and says the store is closed or suddenly cancels all our orders. Another issue is it not always syncing with our inventory. We clearly have 0 of something, it’s been 0, but product will show up anyway. No matter how high up we go with our concerns within our own company they all seem to come back and say it’s an issue with the app. Another issue I’ve noticed is drivers showing up who don’t match the photo on the app, and giving them a thumbs down every single time they show up and putting that it’s because they don’t match the photo seems to do absolutely nothing. They continue to show up, but for my store it’s not worth waiting on a 20 minute phone call with customer service to report it when they’ll just come back anyway somehow. However, when this app works, it’s much better than other delivery apps. The tone to alert you of a new order is loud and distinct, and the products will display properly and can be easily filled out in less than 5 seconds. Most often this app will work properly but the shortcomings drive everyone insane.

Couldn’t Load on my IPad. I can’t use the app anymore after the update

Could have more stars for what a loading screen.. Your app cant even load🤣

invalid account!. I completed sign up for ubereat online. Even received text messages that said my account is ready but I could never log in. ALWAYS SAID INVALID ACCOUNT!

Not working. It won’t load the app at all.

Are they stealing my identity. I keep seeing the same people with the same problem as me?!? Go ahead and try it cause you will not get far with it. I will be alerted

Uber eats. I get free food by making a account taking orders and deleting the account

Worst service on the planet.. I wish I could block all of the this developers applications. Period.


Stupid app. This all has literally no features, this app has to be joke. My 2 months old song could build a app better than this

Gross.. This app is garbage.

App not working fine. Ubereats order app is not working fine . My screen is squeezing in .

Sign in. I couldn’t even sign into the account sooooo. I’m really surprised this company is allowing this much negative reviews and not fixing the problem

Not what it says. Excuse me! Hi! What is this? How do I become a delivery driver? I wasted 30mins of my life to sign up and start driving.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 30.180.10000
Play Store com.ubercab.Restaurants
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

Uber Eats Orders (Versiyon 30.180.10000) Install & Download

The application Uber Eats Orders was published in the category Business on 28 March 2019, Thursday and was developed by Uber Technologies, Inc. [Developer ID: 368677371]. This program file size is 209.09 MB. This app has been rated by 772 users and has a rating of 2.7 out of 5. Uber Eats Orders - Business app posted on 28 March 2024, Thursday current version is 30.180.10000 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.ubercab.Restaurants. Languages supported by the app:

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Uber Eats Orders App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixes and performance improvements

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