Uber Freight

Uber Freight [Business] App Description & Overview

Uber Freight is an app that matches carriers with shippers. Carriers can just tap a button and instantly book a load, and the price you see is the price you get—no more back-and-forth negotiations. Loads on our app are exclusive to us through our contracts with shippers.

Before you can start using the app you’ll need to sign up. When your account is approved and authorized you’ll be able to access our exclusive loads and book them through the app.

From pick up to payday, the Uber Freight app is your all-in-one tool to book loads faster.

• Accessible Load Details
• Upfront Pricing
• Instant RateCon
• Submit PODs In-app
• Free 7 Day Pay with POD
• Fleet Management
• Post Your Truck
• Searchable Loadboard with Local and OTR hauls
• Smart Load Recommendations

Have a question? Email freight-carrier@uber.com

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Uber Freight Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for using Uber Freight! We’re constantly working on making the app better for you. Here are a couple of the enhancements you'll find in the latest update: General improvements and minor bug fixes Love the app? Rate us! Your feedback keeps the Uber Freight engine running.

Uber Freight Comments & Reviews

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- I like how the app works.

Many bad reviews on here, but that has not been my experience. What I like! Paid always in 4 days or less. Free quick pay also. Have been paid for all detention requests over the last year, only a few times was I detained though. Only have had two loads canceled in the last 12 months from Uber, but it was while I was on another load. So no big deal. Actually found a better load both times. Have had a issue with 2 or 3 loads on incorrect PU#s, but was resolved in less than an hour every time. Was called back by the agent handing the load. Have always been professional with me while on the phone. Love being able to research shipper and receivers before I book the load so I can avoid place that seem like a pain to deal with. Never had a issue in 12 months of the app crashing or not working properly, but I do use a iPhone. What I don’t like. If the app is on and running, getting check calls from someone in India that I can not understand is annoying. I’ve always turned my phone off at night but I do notice missed calls in the middle of the night while on my 10 hour break. So not to bothered about it, but seems kinda of stupid to me. Thanks

- Horrible/Greedy...what a joke.

Arrived 30min early at Shipper for 1pm appt. Got out after 7pm. Thats 4hrs at $75hr=$300. Shipper messed up, loaded me the wrong product, had to unload then reload again. During this time uber kept calling and calling to get an update. I was in contact with them 30min before hitting detention and the rest of my time at shipper. I did everything legit in order to get that detention. Checked in on the app, called support to notify of detention starting, and shipper also clearly stamped, marked and signed my in/out time. At Receiver same thing, 4hrs there. So thats 2hrs detention. Once again I kept constant communication with support team, since this load had to be delivered the night before, but due to me burning 6hrs at Shipper didnt make it. Once delivered I pulled out of receivers property and uploaded my BOL with all times clearly marked, along with detention request. Received an email confirming of my detention request right away. So waited a few days for my direct deposit. Noticed no extra money for detention!! I call support, and whats their response? “We’re sorry. You cant claim detention after 24hrs of delivery”. How am I suppose to know they’re not going to pay me? It takes more than 24hrs to get paid. By the time you notice there’s money missing its too late. All they said was “heres the detention link for next time”. Really? Bunch of thieves, scammers.

- They started out a good company. But now...

This review is my thoughts on the unprofessional behavior and lack of concern from management at Uber freight. When it comes to payments for loads I think Uber has a very good system setup. But when it comes to resolving issues Uber is terrible at rectifying any issues in a timely manner to satisfy all parties involved. Uber freight needs to understand that us(the carriers) keep the bills paid and money in their pockets. Uber Frieght doesn’t have the fear of losing it all so they treat us(the carriers) like trash. You can not speak to any mangers one on one and the brokers have been made to believe they’re the highest of authority, so they talk to you any kind of way and treat you horribly wrong. I don’t understand why we(the carriers) cannot speak directly to the managers; do they think they’re to good to speak to us(the carriers) this has to be the worst company to deal with to resolve issues. Uber tells you that they’re escalating your problems to managers but no one calls back! The app was updated a week ago and they’ve made it harder to use. Why change things? If it’s not broke don’t fix it! Cooperate should have a better relationship with their carriers, show your carriers some respect. Without the carriers there would not be an Uber Freight.

- Easy access

This load board makes moving and booking loads easy with being able to see appointment times and pick up and delivery locations before you book. No need for factoring, UBER pays within 7 days most of the time. Customer support is awesome. I like not having to front the money to pay lumpers fees. They take care of that right over the phone. The only 2 things I wish was different is the ability to bid on a load in the app and to start the detention in the app. (You do need to pay attention to the rates. They do start off low sometimes.) I believe this app is a must have in an owner/operators business toolbox.

- Constant issues

We can’t get through a week without an app issue. Whether it’s “error finding loads” or “something went wrong” or “can’t connect to servers.” It’s always multiple devices, and we always keep the app up to date. I have sent emails and logged phone and messenger complaints and always gets told it will be notated or passed to the engineers yet there’s always a glitch. Two days ago the driver had the app continue to force close when trying to submit a detention form which caused extra time on the phone as well as delayed processing of payment. Today’s latest was not being able to decline (or accept) a dispatched load within the 30 minute window, or even click on the load to get a load number. More phone calls. Hours later we started seeing loads marked as “assigned” with other driver names not with our company, are now we are totally unable to search at all!!

- Really Disappointed

First load was just completed. Rate sheet has appointment time listed at 10:00, delivery has appointment time listed as 13:30. Driver arrived at 08:46 am, exits facility at 14:20 I called and verbally talked to an agent about detention, explaining this is our first load and we want to make sure we are doing this correct. I was text a link to click through prompts. Ultimately arrive at “we’re sorry but detention request cannot be submit until delivery has been complete”. Went through in app prompts to request detention and again arrive at “we’re sorry but detention request cannot be submit until delivery has been complete”. Delivery complete, POD provided, lumper receipt and I email to make sure.. AGAIN.. you have everything you need.. we are new and trying to make sure are handling this correctly.. response Detention Denied-We did not receive a request for detention 30 mins prior to entering detention. Please make sure tracking is set to “Always on” or that you call in. I was initially excited by this app even though the rates aren’t great. I’m pretty confident this next load will be our last.. losing a good carrier who proactively called over $80 in detention due to flaws between the app and office. Next stop Convoy

- Something Has Changed

When I started working with Uber Freight in 2017, they were awesome. Over the past month (JAN 2020) they seem like no one and nothing they do is in the same page. They changing they policies to meet the national standards they say! They started to call in the middle of your eight (8 hr) hours break asking for a status on the load, are you gonna be OnTime, how many miles are you from your delivery. I could just send them a status update on the app and it must trigger them to call you 30 minutes later to ask the exact same status you sent using the app. I thought that was the purpose of the app. I complained about it and they started calling and texting me more, as if our breaks don’t mean nothing. They really need to get back to where they was when I first started to pull for them.

- Bad, greedy company

I’m hauling Uber load and I had to deliver today December 27th but hwy58 is closed and I have been stuck here for 15-20 hours, instead of paying detention one lady from Uber called me and saying that I can deliver this Monday and they are not going to pay me anything. What a joke ? Why would I stuck with 640 dollars load for next three when i can make couples thousands in theses couple of days. Last she’s threatening me and saying she’s going to close my Uber account if I don’t deliver this on Monday with a same amount. She’s probably doesn’t care bcz she’s in the office not on the road so it’s easy to threat from office. But all I asked is detention. And she’s threatening me instead of paying detention. Pls close my account I don’t care. I request everyone’s pls get good price if you haul any load for them. Uber is doing bad business.

- Payment verification

The app it self is very user friendly. Only reason I won’t give it a 5 star rating is because when they pay out they don’t specify what loads are being paid. They send emails with the rate confirmations that but when they sometimes payout 3 loads in the same day and I have 3 other loads pending to be paid it’s hard to tell which of the loads is being paid out. Basically what I am recommending is that every time they pay out that they can also send a confirmation of the load they are paying with it.

- Uber Freight uses your ELD data...

Uber Freight uses your ELD data to provide your analytics (one of them being location) to any 3rd party as this wish. Isn’t that why we use your Uber app so you know where we are at all times? Read section 8 of the new carrier agreement. You can email Uber and they will turn off that function stated in section 8 of said agreement. Read the whole agreement very interesting material on how Uber wants to use the Carrier data. For the time being I’ve had my drivers remove the app from their company iPads and I’m not picking up for Uber Freight. I need to investigate into this with my lawyer before picking up any more loads. This feature should have been an opt-in by the carrier...not an opt-out by the carrier. No worries though let’s see what the FMCSA has to say about this new feature of Uber Freight.

- Horrible Carrier Customer Service

I agree 100% with reviews of bad customer experience. Uber is set up now as a uneducated call center. No professional dispatch people. They follow a script, if you fall of that script they are stumped become rude and offer no way of speaking with someone more educated in trucking. I think it’s insulting to deal with a broker like this. They started out so well. Now either success has taken its tole on this company or they can’t keep up with their growth. Judging from the huge financial hole Uber is in I don’t think it success. Listen up Uber Freight, as said from others here, No Carriers means No Uber Freight. Stop treating carriers poorly. This is our industry and we demand to be treated with professionalism and respect. That former Chicago mail building will be awful quiet if you continue this current path.

- App is great

The app works fine, I’m sure with time they will get more loads to post. the problem is with the customer service. You only have one number to call, yes there are a few nice reps, but there’s a bunch of rude reps that won’t give you their name, or if you ask to speak to a Manager they say it’s them. They're extremely rude and will just hang up on you because you can’t reach them after that. And if you want to talk about your pay they say they can’t transfer you to accounting because they don’t have phones, and you have to email them. If you are lucky they will call you ( remember they don’t have phones) back in a day or two.

- Stay clear from this evil company

There is a lots off reasons you’re better off to stay clear from this app, 1st when you thought the price off the load you see on the app is not negotiable In fact they pout the same load on a load Bord for other to call and bid on it, a Freind get the same load from them by calling them for $350 different than the app says, 2nd You won’t get detention pay, they will tell you your let according to there GPS even though there is a clear record off time kept at the shipper and in all the bills 3, they are not here to take out the middleman, they’re here to mine data for there driverless truck they working on, they will pot you out off business just like they did with cab drivers, stay clear..

- Needs some improvement

The app works good. It needs a button for “LOADED” and “UNLOADED”, like some other brokers have on the apps. That will tell you the status of your load, and not just a location where you are. And will eliminate annoying phone calls from India where they can’t speak English without heavy accent. You have no idea what they are talking about. Like many reviews mentioned here, the customer service is the biggest problem with Uber Freight. It’s impossible to resolve any issues with a load no matter what the issue is.

- Load Weight is changed but Uber pay you the same price

Yesterday I booked load for 19,000 weight but after It loaded my truck when I checked the Bill of loaded the weight is 43,000 lb. it isn’t the same weight what they posted on app. I called uber but I didn’t got respond or solution for 7 hrs finally the called me and told me we(Uber freight) do not buy you extra money for the extra load this is the way how it works Uber freight. The rapped me and I left with empty Pocket. Don’t work with Uber freight please, always the took you advantages, the poorest app ever, load heavy weight, to got solution need 7hrs on shipper. Bad customer service even they don’t speak good English. You have to delete Uber freight app right now before rapped up next🌶

- I do like

I do like using Uber freight app for most part the only issue i have is it only happen once .but a customer held me up getting unloaded which made it where I wouldn’t be able to pick up load when I called to explain the situation which was out of my hands the person was very rude... things happen in this industry sometimes which is out of a driver control after this person spoke his piece he hung up .other than that Uber freight is okay sometimes some loads are just to far to DH and it takes for ever seems like when u bid on a load to see if you were the one that gotten load ......

- Improve Detention Requests

Make it easier to request and receive detention instead of making it more difficult. If a carrier does not call at the 1hour and 30 minute mark there whole detention should not be dismissed because the detention was still served. However if it’s UBER policy to be contacted at 1.5 hours of being loaded or unloaded and carrier contacts UBER at 2 hours then Uber should have the 30 min from the 2 hours of holding to get the carrier out the door and any time after that 30 min can be paid detention. UBER IS BETTER THAN THAT. Or so I believed.


1st time, the showed the amount owed for detention but I did not receive any “official emails” or the “retacon” so as soon as I told them about the issue they fixed it by erasing it from my view; problem fixed I guess. 2nd time, Very conviniently the option to submit docs go away during detention.(this happens often) then it turns back after the 24hr limit to claim detention, also these people never know when I made my delivery, do they not have the appt time son their screen? They’ve told me I made deliveries on the day before, when they are the ones calling me to request updates. In conclusion, Uber is great for water loads that’s it, Quick $200 $300 loads, it’s not for real truckers, you won’t make money here


The app is great for looking the load and details of information about shippers and receivers. All these couple of months we have a great communication about the offer because we can add bid without stress. And I just saw that, today you take it off. I don’t think it’s a good things to take it off because if we don’t want your offer to booked the load we only can call to talk to Customerservice and sometimes it’s a lot of stress to communicate with them. We use to do that and didn’t worked. please bring that option back! This is why you get these 3 star ratings. THANKS!

- So far so good!

I love that you can see all the load details. It cuts down on wasting time calling brokers to try to negotiate rates. Or bidding!! With Uber it’s straight to the point. The loads are normally worth the rate. But lately... not so much. At least for the longer hauls. I hate that they show you loads picking up so far away. Would be nice to set your deadhead limit. We haven’t had a problem with customer service. I have a rep (Monique) that I work with when I have an issue and she is AWESOME! Super chill to talk to.

- Started Out good

I use to hear good things about Uber Freight, but as they progressed, they’ve picked up all the bad habits from the industry. Like reducing detention pay from $75 an hr to $40. Low balling rates with no way to negotiate because customer service agents are from Bangladesh, Columbia or wherever else they can land cheap labor. There is nothing short of collusion between these major brokerages. They set the prices they want to pay us. Take it or leave it. Guess what, I’m leaving it and your app in the trash where it belongs. Taking advantage of essential workers during a crisis is the most despicable thing a company can do, especially when they’re filling their pockets. Shame on you. Will never use this app again.

- Ability to place a bid/offer

Please, please add the option where we can place bids/offers though the app, many times there is a right load at the right location, however the rate is under the . Currently the only way to place a bid is to call in and talk to a live person which might take a while to get a hold of somebody, it just a waste of your and our time.

- Updated today and having issues

I just updated to app today and I can’t do the same searching as I used to do. Once I wanna check loads around my area it is starting to showing me loads away from me over 200 miles even you choose to locate closest. it shows similar loads you have done before but doesn’t put in order. Also you can’t search for the new loads the day you are making delivery. Updated app is useless for now. In order to see all the loads I have to post my truck and go each of the loads see what is closest to me. If you don’t post your truck you don’t see the loads. Bring back the old version, please!!!


This is the BEST load board app ever! It is great for new people learning how to work the load boards or need help with rates! I worked with Shachar and he was very easy to work with, not rude or fast talking just pure HELPFUL! The app people are also nice and friendly to work with and email back FAST! I am so HAPPY they contacted me about a local load and had me download this app! Download it and take the time to call and set up account you won't be disappointed!

- Need accurate Deadhead and range parameters

Love, love, love Uber Freight concept. We’ve worked two loads and it is by far our favorite option. However, it is cumbersome to find loads as the majority of the loads reference deadhead miles as “NA”. That means I have to research deadhead for each city. As well, the app will suggest loads that are just too far to have been reasonably included in my search. For example, I’m looking for loads out of Philadelphia. It gives loads shipping from Virginia. Please fix these two items and keep us moving.

- Annoying

You do the search settings based on deadhead and equipment . When you look back in the app after 15 min, settings are going back to “ suggested” and all the equipment you actually don’t need to see. You have to set up the search type you need again. I choose dry van only, for example. When you return to app , it goes back to all kind of equipment, and shows you again loads located 300 miles away. Nobody on their right mind will deadhead that far away. You also don’t have anymore the option to bid. Lately because of all these , I am not doing anymore business with Uber Freight.

- Terrible app that will make you lose money!

I wouldn’t even give one star. It is so difficult to work because the load you booked will randomly disappear from your “my load” section. Impossible to talk to anyone from support because they resourced their work to over seas and most don’t speak English or heavily accented that I cannot understand a thing they are saying. I had my driver sent to a location they provided me with for the app to stop functioning and the load disappeared from our “my load”. Overall, I am losing money and time for using Uber Freights. Save your time and use DAT or 123 load board.

- It was 5 star app

It was cool app before you guys made it useless for dispatchers, my company doesn’t allow drivers to seethe rate. So, please unlock this function to use app without driver using the app, or keep driver using it, but take off the rate that they can see, just do it like many other apps does. You can see drivers location, you can communicate with him thought the app, but they do not need to see the rates. So, once you have done this, me and my colleagues (25 dispatchers = about 160 trucks) will keep using it and keep booking loads with this app. But as of now, this is USELESS app that was uninstalled from my phone!!!!

- Halfway there

App is easy to use. Can find some good paying loads. Just beware about 30% of their loads cancel without notice, they pay almost nothing for the wasted time and dead head miles and absolutely refuse to help over the phone while your waiting there like a fool. So if a company that had their act together and had a semblance of customer service it would have a rating of 5. So use it for the occasional good paying loads but know there is almost a 50/50 chance it will go no where and that you will get zero support

- Banned

This app has incorrect data collecting I picked up loads on time or knew the shippers that had no issues with anytime pickups usually open appointment ! But they banned my coming for not being on time because I switched drivers who wound pick up loads but were always on time but they banned for small reason which wasn’t even true Few of my drivers Have. A flip phone where they can’t even download the app to track still rediculous hold times are 40 mins or more most of the time never reply back on time even do driver is stuck for whole day

- They need a option to put a after phone

I love working with them but my only problem is they can only put a cell phone number as dispatcher they can not put a company dispatch and after hours phone numbers . And they keep calling me all day all night 27/7 to ask me a update. Even if i am not dispatching at that moment.

- Low Rates

• recently I’ve been seeing loads for $50 on your loadboard which made my jaw drop • If the shipper says that the load was cancelled and I have exceeded my 2 hour wait time, don’t expect me to keep waiting at the customer for free without eligibility to accrue detention until you can award a TONU. • when you book a load and want to book another load. After booking the first load the app refreshes and UBER hides the rest of the loads that were shown initially.

- Horrible !!

If I could give a 0 star I would . If you know nothing about trucking this is the app for you. Since the ppl that work here don’t either. If you do know the trucking industry get ready for many disappointing phone calls and upset moods. The customer service are horrible they don’t know many what detention and TONU is. Also most of them when you call are on a power trip and sadly Uber would never do anything to correct this because they think it’s the same as running Uber TAXI. Very very bad they need to stick to what they know delivery food.

- Fraudulent business

I booked load (Rexburg IA to Los Angeles CA) and then verified from broker to change pickup time from 10 to 11:30 and arrived shipper 11:10 as promised. The shipper is closed thrift store and nobody here. I spent hours to call broker/shipper and always be told to stay and wait. After 5 hours waiting and finally got the information the load was rescheduled tomorrow and was given to another cheaper carrier because I were late today. I believe they are maliciously waste my time as backup, at same time looking for a cheaper carrier. It is really a fraudulent business.

- Just Awesome

I used the Uber Freight App since the month it came out. It was great then, and it has evolved to a level of perfection that is second to none! They have a great network of shippers that is growing rapidly. In case there should be an issue that can not be resolved within the app, there is a highly motivated team of professionals available 24/7! ohh, the wait time in case you call... most of the time you talk to a team member right away. no wait! look at the loads, see one you like, at a rate you like, book it with a click in a second. I would not do it any other way anymore! Ferdinand Heres Heres Transport LLC

- Do not update

The new update prevents you from seeing any other loads for that same day, it’s horrible! I have a delivery at 0100 on one day, but due to the update I can’t book or see anything else for that day because technically I already have a load for that day. It’s the wrong mentality, against generating the most revenue possible, it’s ridiculous that I have to wait 23hrs after my delivery in order to be allowed to see other loads, I’m completely against that. Please revert back to previous functionality.

- Long hold times

For some reason now it’s a long wait on hold trying to reach someone to help with a problem. I do understand that you all have many of carriers with problems also but 10min wait time is becoming ridiculous. Please find a way to try and improve on this, it will definitely help my opinion in scoring in the future.

- Personal shipper

I couldn’t find any place to ask a question. Hopefully this will work. I was trying to sign up to ship just a very small personal load from Arizona to New Jersey. All I could find was a form to fill out for a company. Is that all you do?

- Needs improvement

Should allow carriers to bid jobs within the app instead of by calling support. Posted prices are too low compared to other brokers. There is a lot over head in running a truck. Diesel prices are very high $4.15 gallon. You can’t make profit hauling a load from Bay Area to los angels for $495. For that price it’s like doing it for free because that’s your fuel money. I like the idea of this app but not the prices. If Uber let’s you bid jobs with in app would be nice to try and see if I can get my rates.

- Doesn’t work at all

If I could give this app zero stars I would. Upon initially downloading the app and trying to create an account it would not complete. I created the account from a computer instead. I now have an account and have several shipments completed. But still cannot use this app. I log in and get a screen that has an error message that cannot even be read because of the configuration of the screen. Absolutely useless.

- Worst service and poor understanding

U go late, load is not ready you won’t get any thing so many hour waiting still load not ready and you have to do delivery on delivery time, even if you don’t have hour to drive on your log book screwed up because of this service. They give load late and delivery on time look like I don’t drive semi truck, I have jet plane. Uber screwing all industry. This is trucking industry early late happen here. If I am late but my load is not ready.

- Owner

Uber team! Please add bidding option to this app, you have to be competitive with other load boards providers. Each time I want to book a load, I have to call Chicago office and negotiate. And now I noticed that most of the brokers in your team becomes ignorant, don’t want to negotiate and hand up the phone. Every time run in a problem with pickup or delivery, Uber team is useless! You guys were Number 1 in the passed, now it’s really hard to work with you, because lots of deception and NO help. Please solve this issue! Thanks

- Never pay detention

These guys don’t paid detention at all . They tell you to call 1h and half before entering detention because they know you gonn be sleeping and forget to call until it’s late for u to call and they never pay u even if stay 10h at shipper receiver just because you forgot to call 1h half ..worst of of the wors! Everyone knows detention start after 2 h if u still sitting shipper or receiver. Why play games with drivers carriers . They charge shippers and receiver and don’t pay you ridiculous..

- 95% of loads disappeared from app in the past week

The app was working fine for nearly a year but now for the last week almost all the loads disappeared. No matter how busy area i search i only get like 2-5 loads for a 2 week period. I have no filters on. For example normally Chicago, Indianapolis or New York would show 5-700 results for a 2 week period, now it shows, 7, 4 and 9. They couldn’t possibly have lost all this business in a week.

- Poor Set Up

Really only built for owner ops. As an owner of a fleet the app is not usable. You are required to have driver on the app, which allows driver to look at other loads and for the drivers to use the app. Drivers must confirm the loads on their app for you to be able to book. When you call support for help they transfer you to a broker who then says they can get you the load but for much cheaper than on the app because your drivers are not using the app.

- Set password before to log in

Easy to use but there is a issue, any body can log in as administrator using the administrator phone number, as administrator of my fleet, i need to set a password at the time to log in

- Awesome

I love this app, makes it easy for me to book ahead, they seem to always be on top of the game, done about 4 loads with them haven’t had any issues. Thank you Uber for making things easier.

- Horrible communication

As soon as you run into a problem (and with trucking you have lot of situations) - good luck getting any help. All they have is some rookies who are not decision makers, who don’t know anything about anything and it’s gonna take forever to get issues resolved. Slow, not reliable and not responsive. I can’t make living sitting and waiting days for them to make a decision. I would rather stay away from this crap

- Not great

You don’t have the option of bidding and there is no one to talk to about rates. When you call to ask for a different rate they say we will bid for you but they never call to let you know if they have a different offer or your bid was rejected. This is trucking industry it’s a store or car dealership where they have signs that say take as is. Trucking industry should have a room for negotiation. With bid I’ll probably rate you guys differently

- It can be so much better if you were more concerned about what people want.

Carriers should be able to place a bid on the load they want to take. And most of the broker apps have that. Instead of doing that you guys are making it even harder because when you call and place your offer no one freaking calls you back at all. Or they might call you after you waited for half of day.

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- Owner

Hi this new update is so bad , nothing is working correctly so,you need to go back month ago and leave it the old way I like it,and absolutely didn’t ha e any problems . Now everything is upside down please fix it or go back month ago Thank you

- Uploading

It would be good if you let us upload bol for previous load or loads done by our drivers hence we don’t have to go to the email which they take long to respond and you dont know if they received it or not....

- Be able to submit an offer.

The app missing the option of submitting an offer.

- Great platform, horrible results!

Uber does a lot of things great but the freight business needs work. Loads are not paying great but if you just need to move they work. The Great: Super easy app to use and customer service picks up The Horrible: just because you booked the load doesn’t mean it will be there! Customer service picks up but they don’t do anything and you can’t be transferred to a supervisor! Tonu.... haha good luck!

- Was working fine until...

App was working just fine. In fact, it was better than most apps out there... until I updated it. Now, I can no longer “tab” through loads with multiple pickups/drops to see pick/drop order. Also, I cannot click on any reloads if there are 3 or less reloads. Only if I click on “see all reload options” (option that is only there on 4+ reloads) can I actually see the reloads. Not sure what the thought process was to change these options and make life more complicated. Addresses showing incorrectly now. Need to put address into GPS manually. Otherwise you end up at a completely wrong destination.

- Bad Customer Service

I’m giving one star because I can’t give zero. To the drivers who work with Uber freight: good luck because no one will ever help you. I had a problem with a load and I wasted my whole day talking to customer service but they did not help me or know what was going on. I kept asking to speak to a manager but they wouldn’t connect me with someone who knew what they were doing.

- Pay could be faster

Slower to pay than convoy. If i find similar loads in convoy and uber i would go with Convoy. They pay within 2 days, Uber seems to process payments on certain days only and takes much longer

- Best load board

I absolutely love uber freight! This load board is easy to use and easy to book loads. Plus I don’t have to factor because they pay super fast!

- Customer service

The customer service is at the border of being horrible, before we had an option to put an offer on a long, where now it is not available any more. I will not put more than 2 stars until I see improvement.

- Too low but....

The freight rates are too low. I love the platform not dealing with brokers on the phone. Wait time between loads is bad. Those appointments should be open window unless you can reschedule appointments 10 hours is too much in my case. You need a ‘bid option’ fuelsurcharge and something for deadhead miles.

- New version needs to fix

I updated to latest version, but it has some bugs. Sometimes the screen display is different and also it doesn’t sort load by deadhead miles when app open in new screen display, when it open in older screen display it works fine and also sort load by deadhead miles.

- Truck Drivers - Do not let uber use your trucks!

Please trust me. They will not pay you enough and they will destroy your industry. I am an Uber Driver rideshare partner and they're constantly withholding earnings, trying to force things on me without my consent. They're manipulative and will take advantage of you first chance they get. Your hard work is worth far more than what they will pay you.

- Lack of knowledge

Unfortunately Uberfreight does not count on an experienced team that is used to delivery services. When hiring the service, they expect you to know all details about equipment that will be necessary to do the work. Tried to use the service, talked to the transportation company that was hired, heard complaints about Uber and had to hire somebody else to do the work.

- Beware!!! Not paying the their bills!!

I have been using UberFreight for a year now and have had no problems until 2 weeks ago. I have 3 loads that they haven’t paid me for, yet all loads were delivered on time with clean POD. When I call to check the status of payment I get the runaround..can’t speak with a manager and a new person answers each time.

- Owner Operator

In general is not bad, but is really bad communication with brokers. No option to make a bid. Any time you have to speak with someone who doesn’t have any idea about and they make a request to broker who is never respond you. Guys make a bid option too.

- Great app

2 things : 1) wish they have bid option 2) Uber gps needs improvement Other than that, love it!

- The app is worse

I gave a 2 star because I was nice now it’s a 1 star ... so if I book a load for a driver which isn’t me I can’t look for any other loads because it says I’m booked for that day ??? What the hell that is so stupid , now I can’t see loads for myself when I booked for my driver , Uber freight fix this !! Fire your tech guy this is horrible !

- More loads

They need more loads on the app other then that it’s perfect and simple no calling just book and go on the app .

- My Loads - Past Loads error

Please fix the option to look at past loads. For over a month now I cannot view this option. I’ve uninstalled the app several times and reinstalled and had the same results. I called tech support no help.

- Love Uber!

Love Uber freight app, better costumer Service that Convoy! No problems paying detention.. no problems paying TONU! I will like to see more loads to get more loads with Uber!

- Cheapest loads

Past year or so I have only booked one load with Uber but do check daily. Uber doesn’t wanna pay good and that’s fine but people who picking up cheap freight hurting trucking. If you haul cheap freight and make enough, might as well get out of trucking and work at McDonald’s. Some people might not agree with me but real truck drivers will support.

- 1st impressions

Well first impression is horrible they hounded me to sign up and then I do but team so slow to respond and then to get me setup. No support team for app with issues. I sent all info and then they say we will send you credentials but never received. I tried to reset password myself to get on but when I do the app goes white and will not open.

- Very very poor communication

I was delivering a load and I have rejected 36 kiss because the expiration date is not good I couldn’t even solve this problem I have the product two days on my truck I reach out Uber freight no one could help me they just said they waiting on a customer they should have their own respond

- Log in problem

Reset password like 2 times already and still says wrong password

- Deceitful

Appears to be great until it’s time for them to pay. They refused to pay detention and claim that lumper pay is included in load pay when it clearly states to contact them if lumper is included. How can lumper pay be included if each company rates are different?

- Plz fix my app

I have new version of the app but still not see bid options plz fix it

- Could be better

Overall the app is great to find loads around the area and decent rates and the people in Uber are very nice!

- Difficult to use since last update.

The app has become less user friendly since the last update. It used to be much easier navigating from ‘for you’ to ‘long haul’. Now it seems all I see is ‘for you’ loads.

- This app is BS

There is no way you can get in touch with the broker, there is no visible option to add drivers, there is no options to bid on the load, there is no option to ask any questions about the load.!! This app is a total disaster. They try to make an app that works just like uber ride but it is impossible.

- Question

any update on when and if smaller loads like office parcels etc that will fit into cars/pickups/suv's is nearing a decision? I would do this for packages delivered using my own pickup or suv . . . i see potential in a courier system using your app . . .

- Terrible....

This platform crashes 95% of the time and often won’t get you signed in, even with the best internet out there. “Sorry there was an error. Please try again later.” How about fixing this before I stop using your service. Possibly the worst app I’ve used to date.

- Would be a great app if......

This would be a great app if it didn’t take an act of Congress/ pure miracle to have more than one person set up as a dispatcher. I find this ridiculous since a lot of companies, such as the one I work for, have more than one dispatcher.

- Just signing up is stupid

Once you download the app, you go to sign up, put in all your info, then it won’t let you finish, it just keeps saying, in the DOT#, “has to be a number” even though it’s the right number and verified multiple times, it will just say that. That’s sad.

- Don’t waste your time.

Loads pay horrible, you’re better off booking through a broker. At-least there you can negotiate a price. And many of the same loads are booked with higher prices through brokers. Uber is literally pocketing a lot from each load.

- ?!

The developers don't even read what people write like one guy wrote "there are many bad reviews but thats not my case" and nothing more and the developer wrote "thank you for your review that helps us improve that app.....

- Error app

Most of the time if try to search load. Massage pop up something went wrong ERROR. Even if i search with wifi connected or cell phone connection. Uber need to fix this issue. My other friends got same issue.

- Could use some improvements

It doesn't let you bid on jobs which is what we carriers kind of do!!! What’s the point having this app when I still have to make a phone call and bid on your loads????

- Not correct load serch

It dies not show me loads around the chosen location. This app has no option where I can set milage range for search. As a result the app shows loads from all California if I select Sacramento as a pick up location. I can see loads from Weed and from Carson but not from Sacramento area.

- No help at all.

Won’t even let me log in and when I call to get help they don’t even know what to do. They say they will send me a link to get logged in and never did. Far as I’m concerned they need to get their stuff together if they want to keep business going.

- Uber fix this!!

perfect idea but there is no selection on the straight truck , 12ft , 24ft , truck expedaite ,sprinters, weight!!! More drivers waiting for this!! No more 100% fess from brokers! Loads straight costumer ! pls Uber team fix this

- Terrible customer service

Our company was not paid for over a dozen Uber loads. We have been attempting to work with customer service, but they do not respond to our emails and the phone reps haven’t been helpful. These unpaid loads really hurt our company.

- Unable to register

When signing up for a shipper account it doesn’t recognize company email addresses with yahoo or gmail on the actual website. Good luck trying to register on the app the signup button doesn’t even work.

- Transparent

Free to use, why wouldn’t you at least try it

- Good app, needs updates

App is good, easy to work with, but need updated so owners can make offers to the load and add something like chat or email to broker about offers and questions. possible to shift PU/Del time changes...

- I don't get it

I'm a truck driver with 4 trucks, MC/DOT# and it says I don't qualify, what do I need??? Edited: problem solved, great app!

- Fair

Uber call you 4 or 8 hours before your appointment time just because they want to k ow were the hell i am??? And my location in on! All ways calling me when im trying to sleep! They have to send you a msg and we answer when we can

- I like the app a lot!

App is great! Can you guys put Power Only loads, too?

- Cannot login

I use the service via website, but cannot sign in with the app. It just freezes and gives me some error text under the textures, that I cannot read. Awful.

- Drains battery

App works fine. But why location has to be on when I’m not under a load? If you look at battery usage, Uber Freight is on ways #1.

- What a joke

Easily hands down the absolute worst load board. Both loads and runs are a joke. Uber has to be taking well over 30%. Complete waste of time. Deleting. Even their responses are a joke. Anyone who uses this gets what they deserve. Screw Uber.

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@lifeisgoodinRED There's always those delivery apps. You sign in when you want. As long as the customer happy, they dont care when. And it dont have to be food or groceries. I think Uber now handles "freight" whether that means store purchases or real frieght IDK.

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How would you measure the success of Uber Freight? Post your answer! #productmanagers #productmanagement


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Uber Freight has some new offerings: an enterprise application and a visibility application for freight outside of Uber's systems. But they will only work well if shippers and carriers hand more data over to the technology company.


We continue to be in awe of generous organizations like @UberFreight, which has helped ALAN and many of our non-profit partners like @Good360, @WorldVision, @ADRAIntl and the @AfyaFoundation ship more than 1.2 million pounds of donated goods this summer. Thank you, Uber Freight!

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Uber Freight exists. I wonder how many people/entities use it.

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Are Uber Freight's visibility tools worth trading data?

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Remember that article from a day ago? Meet John Sullivan @MrAndyNgo this guy was featured by @Uber in a national commercial campaign

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@KittyLists I wrote an article on him yesterday. Wealthy upbringing, Olympic hopeful.....@Uber commercial! Crazy story

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Capital One & Uber Freight: $500 Off First Shipment For Spark Cardholders

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Utility support is critical to electrify transit, freight and high mileage vehicles like Uber and Lyft. Without these investments, we can't reach our climate goals. Any vehicles on the road should be clean--to protect our climate and our health.

Uber Freight 2.42.10001 Screenshots & Images

Uber Freight iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Uber Freight iphone images
Uber Freight iphone images
Uber Freight iphone images
Uber Freight iphone images
Uber Freight iphone images
Uber Freight ipad images
Uber Freight ipad images
Uber Freight ipad images
Uber Freight Business application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Uber Freight Business application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Uber Freight (Version 2.42.10001) Install & Download

The applications Uber Freight was published in the category Business on 2017-02-04 and was developed by Uber Technologies, Inc. [Developer ID: 368677371]. This application file size is 99.9 MB. Uber Freight - Business posted on 2020-09-21 current version is 2.42.10001 and works well on IOS 12.4 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ubercab.UberFreight

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