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CALL US TO CONFIRM that you have purchased and are running a compatible STX desktop installation of version 2.5 or higher with an active iPhone module.

Already enjoying the benefits of STX for the desktop? Extend your reach with STX for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Make your staff more efficient and have your guests' information at your fingertips. STX for iPhone or iPod Touch allows you to view and modify appointments, tickets, service and retail history and much more. Now you can seamlessly connect to your STX desktop application while on the road.

With all the most often used features of STX built into this app, your team can be more efficient, more informed and more profitable. You'll love what STX for iPhone can do for you.

Display a list of booked appointments
Display your appointment book graphically
Display a list of financial transactions
Edit and Add Appointments
Edit guest information
Add guest pictures
Get notified automatically upon guest check-in

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- Just a couple of things I wish the app had.

I do like the app. The things I wish it would do are, edit an appointment. My clients who are my friends that contact me to make their appointments. When one needs to move their appointment, I have to reach out to the front desks to edit it. They don’t always edit the appointment, or they do it on the wrong day and or time. Another awesome future is, i wish it would notify you when someone books an appointment with you. Just like when they notify you when your client checks in. And also, it take a little too long to upload when you open the app. If this app had these features, It would get all 5 starts.

- Needs a serious update

Would really love an update guys. Essentially, this is just a schedule viewer, which is just fine and all, but after the thousands of dollars you need to spend on the desktop app, this app should be free. But, for a $5 app, I'd expect a more robust feature set. For instance, the book view shows all hours from midnight to midnight. Maybe there are salons and spas that operate during those hours, but for those of us who don't, it's wasted space. It's a minor annoyance but makes the point. There is, however, the option to control and add inventory, as if doing so on an iPhone is an obvious first choice. It isn't. The features included are arbitrary, at best. For instance, on the desktop application, you are required to change your password every 90 days, it must be exactly 7 or 8 characters in length(no shorter and no longer), use letters and numbers and not be a password you have ever used before. My brokerage account with my life savings didn't require such obfuscation. I've spoken, at length, with support at STX and was told features are a last priority, behind fixing bugs and stability issues. Makes sense, but without adding the features that seem obvious to us using the applications(both desktop and mobile), I'm left both trapped and annoyed. I will happily give more stars if there is an update since the bug fix of October 2014!!

- Easy to use but could be better

I love being able to make appts at my fingertips! And the app is very easy to use doesn’t take long to get used to. Would be nice to drag more time from fingertips instead of having to use a computer. Times on the appointment blocks so if we’re looking on our phones we don’t have to scroll over to see the time and then forget what spot it was in so you go back and than have to find the time again. Real life struggles especially when you in a salon with many stylists names and you on the end 🤣 when putting in someone’s info and you have to get out of the app to find the correct info and you go back and you have to restart all over again.

- Update needed!!!

We’ve been using stx at my salon for over a decade. I love how user friendly it is. However, there hasn’t been an update in YEARS and now it’s crashing left and right. It makes it extremely difficult to manage your business when this keeps happening.

- For gods sake, update your program!

Unfortunately I have to use this app because the salon I work at has it. I don’t understand that in 2019 there is such a poor working program. It takes a delayed 30 sec at least to bring up my schedule anytime I try to look at it, or not at all. Why can this company not update their technology??? It’s honestly the worst

- Needs more options

Wish I could view my schedule for to week like I can on the desktop version. Would also like to see and change tickets. Other than that it works well.

- ...

I just wish it was more user friendly when moving clients around. It’s very frustrating if you don’t hit the correct box for time bc if it’s not the correct time you have to delete it and then add the appointment back in.

- App not loading

Sometimes a little glitchy but usually works over all on iPhones. However recently the app WILL NOT OPEN AT ALL. I’ve been trying to view me schedule for 2 days and it just keeps saying loading

- Not worth $5

This app needs a major update. It doesn’t work half of the time which is ridiculous since it costs $5.

- Please update!

Developers please add the option to drag appointments and resize them as well as a cancel appointment feature and you have a great app, almost worth the money(It should be free though). Until then one star and definitely not worth the money!

- Owner

Love this app. I have14 employees, that all use it. Would love to be able to drag down appts like on the desktop

- Doesn't work half the time

This app is very buggy and laggy. Doesn't work half the time so I can't check my schedule

- Needs improvement

The server is always “down”. App works about... 50% of the time.

- Not worth the price

This app is a little costly and it is always down or unable to connect to server. I can’t tell if I have appointments. That defeats the purpose of this app. I wish I could get my money back.

- This needs some work

I am extremely happy that I can book directly from this app, but there is no way to adjust timing for services, which means that it is difficult to customize appointments remotely. There should also be an easier way to edit the time/date of previously booked appointments without completely cancelling them, and then rebooking them. This is actually a really big pain if the timing was customized on the main computer, then a change needs to be made remotely. There is no access to client profiles, so I am constantly having to lean over the shoulder of my busy front desk to get color formulas out of the main computer. All of those things tend to make this app sort of ok, but actually not terribly functional.

- Useless

Very buggy, constantly crushes or just white blank screen appears when trying to open.


This needs to be updated it keeps freezing and glitching and closing automatically. Please fix it

- Brutal

This app is soooo buggy, outdated, and annoying to use. Need to invest some $$$ into development of this


STX has changed our business & our lives (seriously!!) We were (miserable) Mikal users for 10years, and after spending 1/2 of what we did with Mikal in 2001, 2 iMacs, a MacBook Pro & 2 iPads, we went live on STX in Jan, 2011 and wow- STX is truly light years ahead of the competition! Amazing!! I can't believe anyone complains about paying a one time fee of $5!! STX is the best business decision I have ever made!! Is priceless to have 24/7 access to my business, no matter where i am! It's so worth it! I have a staff of almost 30, almost all of whom have downloaded this app on their iphones & ipods, no longer have to call the busy front desk to see when their 1st client for the day is! They can see their appt book before coming to work! We also have an iPad in the breakroom for the staff to see who's checked in, see their appt book, goals & daily totals, formulas etc. I'm not sure why others are having trouble connecting to server?? We are not experiencing that, but we leave our server on 24/7. STX & this $5 app has changed our lives! Thanks STX!!

- Served us well for 9 years

STX has worked really well for us, it keeps our staff connected and informed. You know when your client is checked in, even if you are in a facial. It is easy to keep client notes, you just have to go to the service date, then you know what date the notes are for. That is where I keep all my color formulas. It is true that I can only see one day at a time, but it's my phone! My staff can book appointments, mark out their lunches, see their schedule from home. My clients book online in real time, no waiting for a confirmation email, the receptionist doesn't have to do any extra steps. It's expensive, but it is a big part of our success, so it has served us well.

- I love the STX iPhone application

I have been using STX for 10 years and adding the iPhone capabilities has been my smartest purchase yet for my Salon with a staff of 40. I stopped printing everything except credit card receipts. I'm almost paperless now and you wouldn't believe how much time and money that saves. I really love the the "pager" capabilities of the new STX iPhone/iTouch App. Since we are on three floors this alone has taken tremendous pressure off of my front desk and allows my staff to be discreetly notified when their guests arrive where ever they are in the building. Thank guys, you have answered all of my questions very professionally and I can't wait for the new features to come out at the end of the month. Keep up the GREAT work!!

- Needs tweaking

This app has worked pretty well on my iPhone and iPad so far, I have been using it to book my clients for a couple of months now. There are limitations to it that drive me crazy. It would be nice to be able to change an appt length by dragging down another 15-30 minutes like you can on the full computer program for a client with a lot of hair that you need more time for. Right now I have fake services that say Additional 15 min that I add to the next time slot. It would also be nice to be able to see "week view" like on the computer when you are looking for an appt time for a client, not just a single day at a time. I have not had any of the crashing issues that other people have complained about.

- "Wicked Sexy"

I think Nick Arrojo said it all when he said “this is a wicked sexy app"! I knew when you guys finally put out an iphone app it would be great, and it is the best. We really needed this app to give us away to professionally sell our retail to our clients by filling their "prescription" right from the iPhone/iTouch. Then our receptionist has it all packaged up and ready at checkout. Plus, it makes it easy to up-sell the client services right from the chair. At which point the ticket is automatically filled in correctly and ready for the client at checkout. THANKS! Can’t wait to see your new break-even analysis report that I hear is coming soon.

- A Slap in the Face to STX Users

STX is expensive. So I expect a lot more out of this app and it's really lacking in functionality and polish. And even after the recent update, it doesn't even utilize the larger screen of the iPhone 5. What gives??? Update... Another update the day after the last one. Fixing bugs, are we? Although there's no mention of it in the update description (which matches the previous description). So now two updates since the release of iPhone 5 and still not supporting the larger screen OR building up the poor functionality. Ridiculous. STX, if you want to make a good app that will cause people to want to use your service, just contact some of your users and ask about what problems they have. Or just put a little bit of thought into it and you'll easily come up with a hundred ways to make an app that people will want to use and actually want to recommend. It really wouldn't be that hard for you to make your existing customers happy and thereby bring in new customers. Update... Yet another update from STX and still no full screen support for iPhone 5! Update... Is it time to at least increase the screen size yet? By the way, has anyone responsible for this app ever run a salon?

- Very Frustrating!

I agree with most of all the other reviews. STX is great when is actually opens, but it is a 50/50 chance that it will actually connect. It is quite embarrassing when you are trying to book clients and the app just won't work. Also frustrating when you need to view your schedule out of the salon and the app just does nothing no matter how many times you try to get in. I have also heard that this problem is being worked on, but I have been using STX since December 2010 and it has not improved. Please STX, please fix it so I can love this app!! Very important for running a successful business!

- J. Considine's

I love this app!! We have WiFi and it works perfectly all the time! All the people that are giving this app a negative review must not have a good internet connection. We have an iPad set up in the back room so the stylists can see when their guests have arrived and check to see their schedules without having to annoy the receptionists and we all love it! Stop hating and invest in some WiFi! Your guests will love being able to get some work done while they're processing and your stylists will be happy they don't have to keep checking the front door every 60 seconds!!

- $5 for an app that doesn't work.

One of the main reasons my salon switched our booking system over to STX was because we could DL the app to our phone, as stylist, and book on the go. The problem is that the app won't work for more than 5 mins. I have tried to log out, close the app, reboot the phone, and even deleted the app and re-download it. Still nothing works and after no more than 5 mins, the screen goes completely blank. It's so disappointing that it won't do the one thing we all wanted it for. Not to mention the fact that STX gets plenty of money from the salon and still charges $5 for an app that DOESN'T WORK. If 0 stars were an option, that's the rating I would give considering the app does absolutely nothing but turn to a blank white screen.

- Owner

Another home run for ST! I have been a dedicated user of the desktop software since the launch of the company. With our global society and mobile business climate it is amazing to have your business data at your fingertips. You can run into a client in the market and book themon the spot!! as far as price the iPhone app is less than a latte and the STX fee is about a dollar a day ..! Seriously people I can't believe anyone would comain about that. What is your time worth? Plus your clients will think you are uber cool and just think of all the referals you can book next time you are at a party! No more kitchen consultations just fire up your I phone & fill your book Ok enough! But I could go on Way to go team ST!! What an amazing App your book and client info whatever you are!! Love this App and great service from all at Stx This is the best thing to happen to stylists and salons in years

- Could be better... Much better.

As it is nice to have the app; the limited admin privileges are annoying at times. I would love to be able to retrieve and print reports. However this is an issue, my big problem is the log in/out function. Its location is poorly thought through on a user interface level. As you nav through calendar you continue to accidentally log yourself out; this is SO annoying its kind of a joke it has not been addressed before. All and all the app is poor to ok. STX please look into an iPad version as well.

- Love it

All our stylist us the application and they love it. No more calls every morning wondering what their schedule looks like for the day. They have started booking people on their own making front desk duty easier. Only complaint: you can not add a new client but only book excisting ones. Easy work around: we created a Jane and a John Doe. Every morning reception checks their record and adds the clients real name to the book. Maybe on future updates we will not have to do so. Keep up the good work STX!

- Makes my job easier

I love this app and I am very happy my salon runs off of it. The only thing I would change is it would be great if we got a notification when a new appointment is added to our books. I've seen a lot of problems where stylists are getting an appointment booked but don't check the app for a few hours and don't even realize they have another client. Also I feel like I don't always get notifications when my clients check in. Please fix those issues, it would be amazing!

- Goals feature is a winner

This investment has more than paid for itself with the goals feature alone. Every one of my SPs has their goals in hand at all times and knows exactly where they stand after each appointment has been completed. After the first two months with this app in their hands, ticket averages had risen significantly. The app does a lot and I highly recommend it.

- Totes stoops

First of all, who makes a booking system/app only available on IOS???? Whoever is in charge of this company should be fired, to honestly create software that's ONLY available on ONE operating system. And Apple? Come on! This app only buys into this stupid idea people have that Apple is the best ever. So I had to go out and purchase some overpriced electronic just to access my schedule from home. Now that I actually have it, there is no way to access or edit client notes so everyone crowds around the computer at work just to make skin notes. It's possible to make appointments from he app but it's really difficult and I just gave up. Totes stoops.

- Too many notifications

I have push notifications enabled and there is a bug. My client checks in and i get notified, thats fine, but throughout the day ill randomly be notified multiple times that my client is here even though they left hours ago. Every time one client gets checked in I get notified for all the past clients as well. This is extremely annoying and makes it difficult to use my phone regularly when I get alerted so many times. Pleeease fix this bug!!!

- Not very happy

I'm very disappointed. It's a great idea except when you're away from the salon and you'd like to add delete or reschedule appointments. When your salon is closed and your computer is off for the weekend, the app is useless!! It doesn't work when you're logged out at work. I mean, what's the sense of that. The whole purpose is to always be able to book appts when you bump into a client and she/he wants to schedule something. It really ticked me off when I found out the hard way. AND $5.00???really??? For what???

- Update is much improved

Thanks for taking care of the connection and pairing issues that at times have previously bogged down this app. No problem with connection for several weeks now. And now with the specific button in the settings window, no more accidental unpairings. I've always liked the app for the freedom from being tied to the front desk it gives me and now with these pesky issues solved, it's a total winner.

- Do it right... And it works perfect

Ok just installed STX, first thing I wanted to do to was put my mind at rest by getting the app to work which when you follow the steps and meet the system requirements it works perfect.... I nearly did not get STX because of the feed back/reviews on here, so don't be put off.. Now going through rest of features and transferring info etc will post again....

- Meh

The last time I left a review, what I had an issue with it actually got fixed!! Thank you! As of right now I wish I could reschedule clients rather than having to cancel and then rebook. It would also be nice to extend the time on my clients appts. It is a bit frustrating only because as an independent stylist I am not fully able to operate independently away from the computers at work where typically our receptionists are and the main server is in the owners office as well.

- Needs work

Thanks STX for fixing the some of the issues most of us had. Connections it still a problem even though it's better. iPad app is worthless. It's the same thing as for the I-touch and iPhone. The only plus is that you have a bigger screen. It would be nice to adjust the time for services. Adding a appointment could be a lot easier than zooming in on the calendar and hoping you get the right time. I agree with some of the other post that STX is starting to get greedy with there software. Mostly with there online services. I do not have it because of the $250 a month price. They are removing some of key items in the software and making it available through there online server. Bring back the admin part of the software so I can schedule my own back up!

- Should be better!

This is an expensive program and the ipad app is subpar. It's never been great, for example you can't see your week schedule, you can't move an appointment, you have to delete it and rebuild it, you can't look up client info, if you want to see their notes you have to build an appointment to do so and now to top it off it's stuck in horizontal view, with the times cut off on the sides! Oh but wait, when I tap it to make an appointment the screen flips. Super annoying. The salon I rent at uses this program otherwise I'd get something else.

- Works for me

I've been Pleased with this app so far and find the one time price reasonable. Sometimes says cannot find server, but then I will just check a minute later,and all is well. the developers. Please move the unpair button or update the app so that it asks "Are you sure you want to unpair?". I personally haven't unpaired accidentally, but a lot of staff has and it is rather annoying to keep having to pair them up.

- Ok app

This app could be great, but it's just ok as is. The logout button is too close to the date change button. My staff is constantly logging off or un pairing when they just want to see the next days schedule. I purchased iPads for our color room and break room but they are constantly either not logging in at all or "cannot connect to server". The bugs and design flaws need to be corrected for this app to be 100% useful.

- love stx on my iphone

i love the iPHONE STX app. When i am on the road teaching it lets me know when guests check in at our studio's, at the studio it lets or team know their guest has checked in and this morning when it snowed and a snow emergency was issued, it let me check our books, call team members and guests from bed. a hairdressers gotta have app. p

- Newest update crashes

After installing the latest update we've experienced the app crashing whenever we click on appointments. Will you be coming out with another update soon that may address this bug? Had no problems with the app until we updated.

- Wouldn't waste your time

I was very under impressed. Always disconnected from server....can't view...see...adjust schedule. Not user friendly At all. I'm coming from a salon where that system was over 10 years old ...but Much more efficient. No place to add pop ups on clients or check in all for a client with multiple bookings...over all Not impressed! Seems like more of a pain than a helpful tool! I would not recommend this app!

- Needs more access

Can't access my clients profile card on the app. Can't adjust appointments that are already booked you have to redo the whole booking process. Things like that. Needs more access that helps do hair quickly and efficiently without having to walk over to the computer and logging in. STX is amazing. The app needs work.

- Done right it works great

We've had STX at our salon a long time, we've never had any major problems. Being able to manage our individual books from our phones makes life even easier!

- Last update: over 2 years ago

I just received a notification on my phone that STX may slow down my device because the developer needs to update the app for it to work more efficiently with iOS. This is not only the story of the iOS app, but the desktop version as well. The only other group of people that has done less in a two year time period has been congress. Please, make STX great again.

- Don't waste your $5 unless you are prepared to spend $395

I am an stx user and I pay for the monthly online subscription after already paying over $2000 for my software. I think charging $395 for this is an insult to your already dedicated users. There are numerous programs out there that work almost as well. You may want to remember that. I can also tell that they're people wrote the 5star comments. That's just my opinion.

- Stylist

I love this app!!! It is really easy to use and there are so many great features! It makes such a difference in my business to be able to book appts from wherever I am. Great work Salon Transcripts, I highly recommend

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- Decent software, bad business.

The desktop software required to use this app costs $1000. To use them both to their full potential, including online booking and basic receipt emailing, costs another $99, per month, minimum. Updates? Another $120, per year. Need to run it on multiple computers? More $$$. They even charge per call and per minute for phone tech support! This info is pulled straight from their web site. Their base desktop software performs adequately (with annoying quirks), but when coupled with this app, not nearly well or technologically smart enough to justify the ridiculous and outdated business model they choose to run with it. Salon Transcripts once were the only option for a salon working with the Apple ecosystem. Thankfully, there are now other options available...better and easily cheaper options.

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- Features

Great App but need more features for owner information and stats. Please!

- Doesn

Don't purchase this iPhone app unless you have already bought the $395 additional module for your desktop Salon Transcripts (STX) software. I spent an hour trying to figure out how to pair the iPhone app with the database before calling STX customer support.

- It's great but logs me off a lot

So convenient booking my clients at home but Almost ALWAYS logs off! Please please please fix!

- Amazing!!!! Can't wait for the update.

So far we have bought this app for everyone in our salon and they are over the moon about having access to there schedule 24-7. Setting goals and keeping track of tickets helps boost sales and profits in our shop. Thanks STX for the great software:) Colin...

- Dissapointing

We spent $1500 on the main program specifically because of the ability to use this app with it, but it is SOOOO frustrating that it only connects not even half of the time. PLEASE fix this. It would ROCK... if it worked!

- Great idea

This app is a great idea and when it works, I love it! But at least half the time it won't connect. So frustrating when I see a client out and about and try to book them an appt and the app simply won't connect. Please fix!

- Not Good Enough

Great idea in theory. When it does work, it's awesome! Best thing our salon as ever had!! Problem is it works VERY intermittently. Always has trouble connecting to server and loading the schedule. It is hit and miss. I really wish Salon Transcripts would fix this. Even if it would connect 80 % of the time, I'd put iPads at all my stations. Too bad, it is a really good app, just can't connect to data.

- Great app but...

Great app love what I'm able to do but I wish I could access client profiles because that is very important. That's were we have client colour formulas. Also if you could take a pic with the iphone that would also be awesome instead of bringing the client to the front. Excellant app stx but if u could address these problems the app would be even better and if more use

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STX 1.7.6 Screenshots & Images

STX iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

STX iphone images
STX iphone images

STX (Version 1.7.6) Install & Download

The applications STX was published in the category Business on 2009-12-17 and was developed by Salon Transcripts, Inc. [Developer ID: 345667706]. This application file size is 2.76 MB. STX - Business app posted on 2017-04-27 current version is 1.7.6 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.salontranscripts.STX

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