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What is scanbizcards app? Business Card Scanner App | Scan Business Cards | Scan Conference Badges - Capture More Leads at Events, Conferences and Tradeshows

Scan cards and badges in seconds or submit tricky cards for 100% accurate human transcription!

** Latest additions to ScanBizCards **
- Email signature capture now available to worldwide users (earlier restricted to US users only)
- Export contacts directly to Hubspot and Outlook (limited to 10 card exports)

* Unlimited business card scans
* Export directly to Hubspot and Outlook (limited to 10 card exports - unlimited on the Premium app).
* Easily add contacts to iPhone address book
* Create new contacts or merge scans with existing records
* Scan both sides of the card--never lose a note!
* Scan in any direction--it detects text automatically
* Human transcription available for hard-to-read cards

* Add notes to each contact
* Forward contacts to colleagues (text, image and VCard)
* Send instant email and your VCard to new contact
* Search and sort cards with cover flow 3D view
* Compatible with ScanBizCards Enterprise (available on the Salesforce AppExchange)

* Add unlimited business cards to the address book (USA users only)
* One-time credit of 2 card exports to Salesforce
* No assigning contacts to groups

Install ScanBizCards Premium for instant access to unlimited business card saves, full calendar integration and CRM integration, group creation, email signature import and much, much more.

“Pretty amazing stuff” [Apple Gazette]

“Bringing order to the chaos of business card collection” [New York Times]

Winner of the 2011 MOBI Award [Sept 21, 2011]

Featured on ABC TV

LANGUAGE SUPPORT (21 languages)
Czech, Danish, English, German, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovakian, Spanish, Serbian, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese

ScanBizCards is the favorite business card app reader with reviewers because it doesn't just scan cards into the address book (better than other apps) - but goes much beyond, offering over 27 premium features not included in ANY other business card scanner app.

For more information please visit or email us at

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App Name ScanBizCards
Category Business
Updated 25 January 2024, Thursday
File Size 172.53 MB

ScanBizCards Comments & Reviews 2024

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Very nice.. I’ve installed at least 7 other business card apps and this one is by far the best. Great job devs!!! My only feature request would be to have an option to see the business cards when the app starts and not have to see the scan option first.

Love this app. I use this after every trade show and meeting I have where I collect biz cards. It makes short work of getting biz cards into our SugarCRM. I had a problem with the upload, and the helpdesk got it solved in no time flat.

Highly recommended. I have been using this app to scan and store business cards. This is a great tool the not only scans business cards but also enables a quick addition to the contacts app. Works great and I never experienced any issue. There has been a change in the interface that moved a button to access your cards to below the home screen view. I reached out to the developer support and received a prompt response regarding finding this button. Very much appreciated . Highly recommended app

Invaluable and so convenient. One of my favorite business apps. As a salesperson, this is a great repository for contacts that you need info on to conduct business, but don’t want added to your permanent contact list.

Horrible app. I scanned 3 cards when I got the app, and there were major mistakes in at least 3 fields for each card I scanned - misspelled email addresses, names, urls. I spent almost as much time fixing the mistakes as I would have just entering them completely by hand. That also created a lot of extra anxiety and distrust of the app - how could I have any confidence that the info for my scanned contacts would be correct. Waste of money and time.

Works great!. I stopped looking for a business card scanner after I got this app. Works well on business cards. I like that it suggests company names for contacts that are similar. I even use it to scan signature lines on emails off my monitor screen. Needs occasional editing. Overall very accurate. I’m very satisfied. Highly recommend.

ALMOST THE BEST. I’ve tried several Business Card scan apps, ALTHOUGH this is the Best App Infrastructure wise, the Scanner is terrible. This could be why it has a hard time recognizing the text fields. It would be nice if it could scan the photo into a clear card such as other apps, rather than scan/keep it as a photo.

Great app!. I’ve been using this app for several years. Recently I had a problem accessing a backup due to migrating to a new phone. I sent one email asking for help and they replied quickly. Not only did this resolve my issue, but they checked back to make sure all was well. If I had to choose between an excellent app with mediocre customer care or a mediocre app with excellent customer care, I’d choose the latter. But in this case, both are excellent.

Gamechanging Relief!. After, finally throwing in my “tough guy” towel in my life I finally started to get things organized in my business and personal life. One of those things I needed to organize, was the insane amount of business cards I had. Getting something like this has been on my stubborn mind for almost 5 years! Way too long. Now that I have this app and have seen it in action I now don’t have to worry about ever saying to someone I failed to reach back out to, “Hey! So sorry I didn’t reach out to you all those years ago! I lost your business card that you gave me at that conference/cafe/etc.” The 3$. I’m a business owner so every penny counts but I also understand that I need to spend money to make money. Worth it. If you’re a serious business owner or someone who is just in business, this is a necessity, not an option, in my opinion. These guys who made this app, made it happen, so you can make it happen, out in the chaotic business world. Thank you to the developers and anyone else who was a part in the creation of this app. Bless up!🛫

Great App. Easy to use. Mostly get content corrected. Allow easy export to phone contacts. Back up available for icloud and Google drive......awesome for cross platform use. Would get 5 start if you could send a card to airprint printer. Makes it easy to share. Would also be great to text vcards via imessages.

Get your act together. So I opened this app to scan a business card only to be greeted by full page explanation of the app's new version....not necessary. However, hidden at the bottom were two options: "Download App" and "Remind Me Later". I chose the later three times, yet all three times the app forced me to the App Store. I decided, AFTER THE THIRD TRY, that I didn't need an app that tried to force me to download something that I do not want. I deleted the app.

What a lousy app. A one star rating is extremely high for this app. I installed this app a month or so ago so that I could easily scan in business cards in my phone without having to scan them on Dymo CardScan device. The problem showed up after doing a about 120 cards and attempting to sync with my contacts. The app took anything that was already in my database and randomly linked them adding email addresses to totally unrelated contacts as well as phone numbers. So, I have been going through my 800+ contacts and deleting the unrelated details for each contact. I suppose it would be easier to just delete everything and start over using the Dymo card scanner.

Email contacts capture is Awesome!!. The way it creates contacts from email is way better than my iOS suggestion. It is easy to review and add to address book. Save me tons of time!!!

Does not work!. I scanned the first business card and it did not recognize a single digit or letter, promoted me to manually transcribe it and deducted 1 out if 2 credit; 1 out if 2 credit for permitting me to type the business card info as indexable information for a photo. Something I could do for free in iOS Contacts. Scanned a 2nd card and prompted me with a pop-up that the app will transcribe it in 1 or 2 business days. Took a screen shot but can not attach it to this review. Very disappointed - a total waste of $2.99. Asked for refund - no replies!

Why have you not uploaded this app?!?. Has to be the best and easiest way to keep up with contacts that are important to you! No longer have to keep up with cards, just scan and boom it’s in address book and you have a pic of the card whenever you need it. Plus the ability to send any card to someone via text or email!! Absolutely can’t live without it!

Keeping track. This app does a nice job of keeping me up to date with business cards. It is quick and easy as long as the business card doesn’t have too much going on as far as complex graphics. Happy so far!

Need to do a lot of Correcting. It doesn’t seem to separate multiple phone numbers when on same line and tends to double send contacts to address book by default...if you don’t filter new scanned cards first, before telling to send to iPhone address book, that needs improvement. This morning I was not able to resend password for online card syncing and no real help Link is in app! It never sent resent link but said email was valid so I don’t know what’s up.

Not salesforce compatible. I paid because it said it could export to salesforce. Because my salesforce has required fields to save contact info such as a sale type it will not let me export. The app does an ok job of deciphering the info on a card and putting it into the correct places I’d say about 60%. I don’t mind editing it a little, but I’m not sure it saves me any time. Pretty much useless to me if I can’t export to salesforce. I think maybe I’d just prefer a photo Rolodex.

Needs work. I had some business cards that I wanted to throw away but didn’t want to lose the contact info so I downloaded this app. I like the idea of keeping all the business cards I have in one app and if I want I can export it into my contacts. The problem is I scanned 3 different business cards and all 3 I had to edit. It would put the name of the person into the wrong field. Had the address wrong in the one and had the phone number wrong in the other. If you could get it to scan all the correct info into the correct fields it would be perfect. I’m going to keep the app because I like the way it organizes it. I just didn’t want to edit every business card, but oh well.

Great concept but needs work. I love the app and the concept. Huge time saver. That is, if it would only capture the information actually. I would say 0% of the cards scans have loaded without mistakes. It is still often faster to correct a few problems then enter 100% of the info from scratch but if you are not careful it almost always has an error or two, or 3. There has been a couple that if not corrected and saved that would have caused either a problem or worse. Again, great app and great concept. I hope they continue to improve and send me updates. If it helps to know, I am using an IPhone 6S-P so the camera is good and not the issue.

Very good app!. Downloaded this a while ago but got out of the habit of using it. Just started using it again and am thrilled at how well it works and how easy it is to use! Also thrilled to get rid of this pile of business cards on my desk!

Works Perfectly. I thought it didn’t work but tech support told me my default settings needed to be changed and now it works perfectly. But if you want to scan biz cards and have them go to your Contacts you have to disable Quick Scan, which seems counter-intuitive.

Keeps business cards accessible!. I love this app because it scans the card and does a good job of translating most of the time. Not only do I not need to spend time organizing my business cards and trying to remember why I kept them, but it also allows me to bring them with me wherever I go. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to tell a friend or colleague about a contact, but had to get back to them, because my card case was at home. Also, it allows you to add notes, so you can remember why you felt the importance of keeping a particular card and this has become a useful tool for personal contacts just as it is for business contacts. Went to an important dinner recently and they were three different people whose names I could not remember. I knew which company they work for and so I pulled out my handy-dandy phone and got their names in a minute.

Customer service fail. Like you, I got tired of keeping cards and selecting which ones to put in my phone and which ones to add to the 1990’s Rolodex that I still use. I did some research and selected this app to buy. My mistake. It wouldn’t synch with my work Exchange account and I kept getting an error message. I sent an email and they asked for the email address associated with the account. Huh? It’s the one I emailed you from but whatever. I responded immediately and didn’t hear anything back. I sent another email and ..... nothing. Save your money. Pick another app. Update. I’m an idiot. I was incorrectly trying to pair it with a non-existent account. They called and walked me through the process. Well done.

Great app and great price!. I always hated collecting business cards. I would throw them away but now with this app I can save them and share them. One big suggestion, please work the excel export option to include the picture of the cards. Thanks!

Great App. I would rate the app a five, however I have a persistent problem. With how it behaves when integrating contacts with my iPhone. Whenever I add a Contact to my iPhone the button to return to the app is frequently unresponsive, it’s stuck inside the IPhone address book.

Why?. This works well. I mistakenly turned quick scan on at the beginning so that all translation had to be manual, but once I disabled quick scan then rescanned the cards it was able to translate them to contacts without having to pay extra

Card-User 1. This is a great little app for maintaining and keeping your cards organized exportable information goes to your address book relatively easily, edit it from there and extremely useful tool!

Biz Cards. I seem to gravitate to just a few characteristics when evaluating Apps of any kind: ease of download and setup, intuitiveness, ease of integration with other Apps, plainly stated directions (DEVELOPMENT TIP for APP developers-check your spelling, grammar, and properly formatted sentences),--this is not meant as a criticism of Apps from other countries; but if your description and directions are not written in plain English you may as well just watch movies rather than waste your and your customers time. BIZ CARDS meets all of these criteria. Love its ease of use, despite being a relatively complex program with tremendous and straightforward integration with other APPS and the iPhone programming. Congratulations on a great piece of work.

Not very user friendly. It does a decent job of reading the card but many times could not understand the company’s name because the name was in the logo and not just basic font type. In less it’s hidden in a setting somewhere it won’t allow you to add the new card to a specific folder. You have to go in and manually and change the folder after adding a new card. A great feature would be to open a folder and add a new card from within that folder so it goes directly to that folder. I will look for an app with features and options that better suite what I would like.

STX SALES. Best business card scan app I have found to date, and I have tried many. I came back to this one and ended my search. Very functional, user friendly, works well on the fly, accurate in a variety of conditions > 90%. Well done.

Something must have changed.. Everyone says this is a great business card app. Something must have changed because I think it’s horrible! I downloaded it paid for the pro version because of reviews and find that not only doesn’t it set up new contacts but I have to pay to have the card reviewed and all the information added. Not cool! To make me think it’s good download it with money then find I still have to pay to use it at all. Horrible!

President. I have used ScanBiz for more than three years. But NOW it is even better. VJ walked me through upgrading to the new server for transcription. I jus completed a large number of cards. All of them were err free! This has simplified a time consuming job!

Great product and great service. I have used this app for almost a decade, and it is terrific! When it first came out, there were minor issues, especially with OCR, but the developers were actively interested in learning about those issues so they could improve their product. They have actively and continuously engaged with their users to refine their product, and now, they have one of the best business card scanner — eRoladex — I have ever seen! Having been a user over the past few years, I have definitely seen this app evolve into one of the most powerful and useful tools on my iPhone. This is a must have app for mobile professionals. 👍🏻👍🏻

The only business card app you will ever need!!! Excellent!!!. I’m not one to write reviews for apps but this one I must. The app is fantastic but is matched by the level or support they provide. Download the pro version and you will be happy you did!!!

Great App Support. Not only is this an invaluable app, but today I experienced their top notch technical support. Very professional - fixed my problem - then made suggestions to improve my experience. Thank you

ScanBizCards more accurate than many others. I've found that I have much more success with this app getting accurate data read from the scans!

Great app. This is a great time saving app for adding new contacts to your Outlook contacts list. Quick scan and edit when needed and you can add it to your address book with one click. The reader is very accurate for all but the busiest cads. I highly recommend it.

Poor scanning for price. I thought the paid version would be worth it not only for removing ads, but also for a slick performance and interface. Turns out, the scanner does NOT automatically crop or enhance the photo. And, the accuracy of the text recognition was a little worse than the popular free app out there. While there may be another advantage I missed, I didn’t stick around to find out.

Helpful Again. This is an update to a previous review. After my comments, the developer quickly addressed and (as far as I can tell) has completely fixed the problems I was having. The app works well for me now, like it did before. The fix was fast and effective. Thank you. ——- Original Review: I’ve had the program a while, and bought the pro version. Within the last year, it has become worse. It does not recognize things on cards that it had no problem recognizing previously. At one time, there would be one or two typos in the transfer. Now I’m retyping most of the card. I don’t know why this is, but it’s disappointing and the app is really no longer helpful. ——-

Fantastic support. Received calls back whenever I called and received fantastic support even outstanding support from “VJ.” This solidifies continued use of this App that I’ve been utilizing for years. I’ve been very please with ScanBizCards ability to capture front and back business card information.

Extorted me for money after I paid for the pro version last year.. I was using thos app for over a year on the paid pro version, now all of a sudden, I get a message that says I can't scan any more cards unless I buy credits! Unbelievable! I honored my end of the bargain when I bought the pro version, now they changed the agreement by demanding more money. Now I have to spend hours of my time exporting business cards to another app, hopefully run by a more honest company.

Waste of time and money.. Okay, so the app can’t take a photo of any cards (25 different cards used business and government) and change it into usable data. You can set up an account, pay and I guess a team reads your photo and then changes it into data. So what do you get with the pro. Well it takes photos like your phone can do without the app. It can then start a new contact and display the photo of the card. Or just take the photo and do it without the app. Good for you guys, you got my money and that of others. I don’t see any value in this app at all. But people pay for free things all the time. So if you want to pay for no real value then this it your product. This might be the think for some people, just not for me and my company. We just wasted the $2.99 so it’s not a big loss. We almost pulled the trigger on all of our company cellphones. So a happy ending none the less.

All the things, none of the junk. Easy, clean, no gimmicks, nothing flashing, no ads, no subscription! EVERYTHING I needed and nothing I don't! Also, love the profoundly reasonably priced human transcription option. It's a great and flexible way to manage your time and your budget. Best of FOUR attempts at getting a scanner

Used to be good. I like this app and it saves a lot of time However, lately you keep getting pop up dialog boxes for add on transcription services which is very annoying. How many times do you have to click “no” for them to stop asking you each time you scan a card. Besides, if you wanted a transcription service wouldn’t you get a different app instead of a scan app? Common.... use common sense !!!! I knocked down the rating by 2 Stars because of the constant annoyance

Credits. I bought the app pro version years ago and now it wants me to buy credits to scan business cards. If you need to sell advertising instead of making customers buy credits.

Great app for retirees. I really like this app. As a retired business man I would of really used it back in the day. We travel frequently and pick up cards from businesses and people we meet. I like the ability to make folders that allow me to quickly find a card related to where/why I have it. Keeping these folders separate from my contacts is exactly what I need. I recommend this app to everyone. The scanning is great and very effective. I started with the Free Edition and became familiar with the uses and quickly decided to upgrade to Pro Edition. I needed a little help to transfer cards from free to Pro Edition. I contacted Customer Service and received immediate response and follow up. Great App Company.

Bait and switch!. Bought this app with the understanding that it has built in OCR capabilities, would scan the card, turn it into ascii text and place the info in your contacts. Simple right? NOT! You have to submit the card image with additional credits you must purchase and they manually turn the info into text for you. No OCR involved at all. So it’s not instant plus you buy the app and you buy credits. Waste of time and money.

It's OK. I realized when I tried to take a pic of a business card it didn't readily snap the photo and crop just the card. My bank's check reader does this why not a business card reader. Secondly, these are business cards why when it appears as a contact (not yet input to your personal contact list) highlight/bold the name of the business instead of the person. I deal with multiple people from the same business. It would be helpful to list all people associated with a business instead of having to search for someone.

Login Email Address Changed. My logon email address changed. Normally not a big problem but my email address was ~8 years old and many changes and improvements were made in the interim. Customer support quickly gave me a very clear and thorough procedure to fix the problem. Very nice to see a company manage the little things in such a professional manner.

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Freakin Awesome App. I have had this app since iPhone 3GS! I paid up and grabbed the paid version. It's SIMPLE - does what I want and 'they' don't loose my Cards. If this isn't in your top 20 apps ... Well you've only got yourself to blame.

Best I've used. I've used quite a few scan apps. This one is the best. One new field they now need is LinkedIn. I've just had a couple of cards with this on. But it is the best I've used!

Very useful. This app works well for most cards. It can struggle a bit with the more unusual ones, but generally the scanning and OCI function is a lot quicker than manually keying in contact details. It is quickest if I scan the card and import it to my address book without doing any checks or corrections on the phone; I wait until I have synced with my Mac and do them with the computer. Thoroughly recommend this one.

worked well. Was able to scan all my business cards perfectly and am pleased with the result.

Still wont work with salesforce. After reporting this problem over a year ago, it still isn't fixed You can not tell this app where to login. Salesforce has an option to prefix your salesforce web address with your company name or whatever. This app only directs you to the standard login screen most other apps for salesforce let you customize the web address to login from. Not this app. After a year of knowing this problem - poor response

Awesome, great new features. If you've been looking for a simple way to scan those business cards, then this is it. The developers have been very responsive to input from their customers and have added various new features. Important to note though that you need a good quality image for a good scan, and it works best with fonts that aren't fancy. Having said that, scanning errors are easy to correct, and you can then save directly to your address book with a copy of the image, geo-locate cards on a map, connect to LinkedIn and many other neat tricks. Great value! I've tried others, but came back to ScanBiz.

Works pretty well. Character recognition is not bad but could be improved. Overall good app to get the job done. I have retired my old business card scanner. Integration with LinkedIn perhaps?

Simple upload to CRM. I've used a few biz card scanner apps. This update is by far the simplest and easiest I have ever exported a biz card straight into my CRM. Worth the money to go PRO.

Card scanner. Good program would be better if you could force the flash as lighting is key to it's use and the iphone seems not to switch the flash on early enough

Almost five stars from me. Needs the crop option soon after card has been scanned or either before to remove background of where the photo is being taken. Other than that the app is great and does the job. Shame that the backup to web isn't free like cardscan, or at least more competitive.

Easy and quick. Great way to update the address book, while keeping the card details accessible. Love it!

If at first you don't succeed try again.. Terrific app! Try to take photo in best lighting to make sure it does not affect visibility. I find it take 1-3 photo attempts to get it right, but much easier than typing in all the information yourself.

Poor performer. Great idea, but I get the feeling that for it to actually work, all business cards would need to be of a standard size, and plain white with black text of a generic style all running in the appropriate direction. Transcription should be provided for free until the app gets good enough to scan business cards as they are in the real world. Colorful and creative and individual.

AAB. I’ve been using this app for a long time and it’s great until recently where it does not allow me to save the card to my contacts

Super easy! No more data entry.. Excellent app that interacts well with Sugar CRM. Sure it'll do what it says in exporting to other software. Needs to be used in good light etc, but still much better than manual entry. Worth buying for sure.

Quick and easy. Simple. Scan the card, it saves the image and enters the information into your contacts for you. Beats holding onto all those business cards you keep but never look though unless you need them.

Awesome App!. Well worth the money! The scan feature has trouble recognizing the occasional business card, but overall it gets most things right! Saves me heaps of time from manually sorting business cards and entering them in to my contacts. Keep the updates coming! Cheers!

Valuable. Love it. I use card scanner all of the time. I can be in a networking event or immediately after scan the card and send an email saying hi. Excellent tool

Absolutely Awesome. Excellent app, has everything what you need to build your contact list with business cards.

Is still in my top 10 apps list.. The new features with reminders to follow up with contacts, sorting by name, date or company make finding cards easy. The key with this app is good strong light when taking the photo to scan, and turning off pre-processing if the image is good (like screen shots of contact pages on web sites). Not perfect, but the best I've found, and the support is still very responsive.

Best app I have found. With a switch to google chrome from ms outlook, at work over 3400 contact details were either lost or corrupted in the data transfer but I fortunately have my trusty ScanBiz Cards backup, so could fully restore from all past scanned data. Have been using this app for quite a while and still love it. Use it almost every day, not just for business cards but for scanning email signatures and for phoning or emailing out of the app. Iphone sync (like google) sometimes deletes some of my contacts and/or data but this app keeps them. Great at conventions and on the plane too. Meet a potential client and can scan their card and send my details instantly. Always impresses. Not sure what they fixed in the latest update but it seems to work faster.

Great for business. This is a great app for business, can be managed across Apple platforms and has many options to use the information that comes from the cards. The scanner has been upgraded and works very well. Only improvement suggestion is to have the app available for your Mac, then it would be perfect.

LinkedIn. This version no longer gives the ability to send a LinkedIn invitation .why has this been removed? Why have you not notified your audience that you've done this? Otherwise a very good app for scanning business cards and having them go into my Apple address book John

System Optimization Specialist. Awesome app! Great value! Has made my business networking follow up's so easy - no more sifting though business cards & hours spent on data entry! Just take pic, edit where necessary & add to contacts! Even keeps image of card on file - 10/10 guys! Keep up the good work :)

Excellent so far.. An initial scan of a few cards to compare this app to another that I recently purchased proved this app to be superior in all respects. Accurate results with only minor editing required. Thanks for a very handy little app.

a nuisance in the app. Just bought this app today. It works OK. The quality of the business cards has a lot to do with whether you get a great or average read. This is not the publishers problem. The thing that does irritate the heck out of me is it keeps after a few card reads asking if I want to add in another part of the App. I say yes, but Apple says “not available in your country” so why the heck does this keep happening. Either sort out the app to switch this off or get Apple to wake up.

Fantastic & support second to none. It just amazes me the range of what this little device can do. OCR in the palm of my hand, I mean WOW. As long as you take well lit, straight photos you'll have no trouble at all. Tech support is great. Well done.

Excellent way to organise a card collection. Good text recognition (although a little US focused - has trouble getting the .au in website addresses) with the ability to sort and share info.

Biz cards is fantastic. I am so glad I tried the lite version as I am addicted to this time saving app. It only took four business cards before I purchased the full app. Absolutely the best app I have.

Very Effective. I took a bit of time checking all the lite versions, and this app was the winner - just. Then I purchased the app, and I have not regretted this at all. Once you get past the fact that none of these apps are perfect, the way this one is built allows FAST editing and that was the deciding factor. I already had 100 cards to scan before I purchased, and I knew it would be faster to scan these with a standard flat bed scanner, and put those images on the iPhone ready to convert. This app handled those images with ease. You do need to accept that you will need good lighting to make a picture work well (maybe the iphone4 with the built in led light might work well - I have a 3GS). Features I would like to see... 1) As you edit things like the URL or company name, the program should use this info to re-evaluate other unknown things - like the email address. Chances are they will have a common URL. 2) you have to expect that the software will combine multiple items into the one field. It would be good if I could select text and move it directly to another field. So, if you "cut" any text, you automatically get an option to "paste" that directly into another field for later correcting, leaving you to finish the field you cut from. 3) bulk import of images. The user creates a directory that the software checks, and auto runs the scanner on any new items found. The user still has to review these later before they are active.

Keeps getting better. With every new release ScanBizCards just keeps getting better. The new web-based scan feature simplifies adding new cards.

Ripped off. Installed and trialed lite version. Liked it so clicked upgrade to full version and paid for app. Then needed to reinstall, so I down loaded the full version instead of the lite version and it charged me again. Rip off!!

Great App. I have been using ScanBiz for many years now and strongly recommend the App for those that are managing many business cards daily. Thanks to the ScanBiz team for ongoing improvements!

Does the job. I have tried several of these apps. This was the best at recognizing most cards, if a field is wrong very easy to edit. I like a lite version to see if it is as good as the reviews and makes a worthwhile investment. It is. Makes my working day easier.

Time Saver. This is a great app plain and simple Works well every time

Brilliant. Very quick and easy to use. Highly recommend getting this app if you collect a lot of business cards.

Makes dealing with business cards easier. Scans most details accurately or with minor editing only. It lets me get the details in my phone and then throw away all those cards that otherwise sit on a shelf somewhere taking up space

First card didn't work. Not good sorry I parted with my $$$

Can't do a trade show without it!. This is the best app I have when it comes to trade shows. Set your quick intro, scan the card, hand it back, and send. Follow up done before the next appointment. Sync with CRM and done! Saved me hours. 😀

Not bad. Very handy app to have. Great to be able to capture business card details with quick scan. OCR needs improving but it works really well on plain business cards

Manufacturer. I am very happy with this application. If the card is simple with clear fonts and few logos it is close to 100% accurate. If it has textured paper, lots of logos and looks like a dogs breakfast it will make mistakes. Mistakes are very easy to edit because the software displays the relevant section of the card. I struggle to remember names so looking through my address book is not very helpful. Flicking through the card images is a great way to jog my memory and the info is also added to the address book. I would buy this application again.

Review of Scanbizcards. So far it's obvious good light when taking the photo is essential ( I'm using an ip3). The 'send an email' from the card address did not work so they need to look at that. I wonder what capacity I have for the number of cards.

Doesn’t really work. The text conversation is quite poor, I generally spend more time correcting the errors than it would have taken to just input manually. In some ways it’s not all their fault more indicative of the fonts and colour combinations used on business cards.

Well worth the money!. Just downloaded ScanBizCards and I think it is a great app and well worth the money. I had a small issue with dates and time zones, contacted the developer and had a reply and the answer within 15min. Fantastic support!

Makes thing so easy. I love using this, have found it very easy to use and quick. The ability to send to Evernote and LinkedIn in is fantastic

Good App for Quick Input. Works great most of the time, could use a bit more work on international addresses. Otherwise, gets the phone numbers, name and company 98% time transcribed directly into your address book.

ScanBiz. Great App - I can carry all the business cards I only occasionally use without putting everyone in my address book but can easily add them if needed

Must have. I use this regularly - saves typing in info from business cards.

Almost perfect. This is a great app very easy to use looks great and is very accurate only problem, the address when clicked should open in Apple maps or Google maps to allow navigation

Brilliant app. I have been using this app for a few years, and it has gone from very good to almost perfect for importing business cards into my address book.

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Love this app. I hate keeping stacks of business cards and then typing them into my contact manager. This app makes it easy. It's not always totally accurate because of different styles and logos but it is easy to fix. It is important to keep your phone very steady when taking the picture of the card. Easy to crop excess space off the card.

Impressive but.... It is great to scan and ad cards in your contact. However, it would be great if they had a application for your Mac or PC. In the case of conferences or trade show, it is a bit annoying. If the same app was on my Mac, I would simply take picture with my Phone and then do the rest directly on the laptop.

Why bother. The OCR does not function very well. I have to edit every entry anyway so why bother taking a picture.

No more pocket full of business cards. Great app. Scan a card, edit, add to address book. Awesome

ScanBiz Cards. Fantastic. Sales force integration is perfect!

Great app. Never fails

Life made easy. Used this app first time today: a chance meeting at the Apple Store and a business card given to me . Rather than awkward typing this app made it easy to upload the information with a scan of the card and then send off a quick introduction in seconds.

Ok!. It freed up my wallet so it wasn't so cluttered with cards.

Disappointed. I just bought this app. Scanned a few cards and most of information from the card was incorrect. If I have to make numerous corrections with names, titles and contact numbers, what is the point of the app? I should have saved the money and type out the information myself. This app should not claim to accurately populate fields if it’s not capable of that function.

Très bien. J’aime facile à utilisé et trouver

Useful App. A useful application for storing and sorting business cards.

Good but could be improved. Would like to be able to group the scanned business cards 😊

Very worthwhile. App works very well and allows you to either add to your iPhone address book or keep them totally separate and forward to your business address book. Only issue is the OCR accuracy as usual with these types of apps. Still saves a lot of typing, even with corrections required.

Almost.... Tons of features, but most are not really required. The one that is, scanning, is not that good.

Meh. Meh

Not a great app. Terrible app. Web based and far too many options, ie would you like email this contact and tell them about this app. Does not integrate well with existing contacts if you are using outlook and sorting by company name. Waste money for me.

Corrections required. After the latest update, the program is inserting spaces characters and number recognition is very poor

Should have known better.... Well there's five bucks and an hour of my time wasted. Gotta admit the video on their site made me think "hey for five bucks it's worth a try" Simply put... This app doesn't work!! Tried at least ten different cards numerous times. Not one single area scanned correctly. If it's too good to be true it usually is...

Hard to use and doesn’t work. Hard to use and I have to manually fix all the entries. It doesn’t go into my contacts on Apple. Waste of time and money. No support. Save your money.

If your in business then this one is a must!. I use this app everyday. I get handed a card at trade shows, when I'm on the road and sometimes just meeting a chance meeting in a restaurant. I ALWAYS scan the card, the other person exclaims "that's cool!" And I review the details and save. Usually I hand them their card back and say "I don need this now, I've got a picture and your in my contacts" Always impresses and you can't get a better first impression! Do yourself a favour, just download it and start using today. 😊

Bad. I had purchased this software long ago with all features and now they have changed so that I can no longer use it in a way I used to. It asks me to buy credits.

Sales. Follow the instructions....worked for me. Note that due to the layout of some business cards, some editing may be necessary. Found this more to be true when italics where used or on black cards.

Not as good as CamCard. It's been a while since I used these "card" scanning apps being in a largely digital world. (Used to work for a telecom). Now that I am back in a more traditional role with a different industry and I had to dig out the card scanner memory box. I have used the same Apple ID for a long time so I can see the apps that I used to use. However, I am always looking for improvements, better apps, etc. 66% off the Pro price so I bought this one and to be fair Mac World gave this a decent rating although CamCard was listed above it. But. The OCR was supposed to be the best? Nope, not even close. It would have been faster to plug in the card to the iPhone manally that use this App. It read what it wanted to FINE but placed things in the wrong place and missed (did not read) a lot of other things. CamCard did it 100% faster/better - same card scanned with two apps. And, as I now remember if you carry two adrress books and want to save the scanned ones into your "work" address book (aka Exchange in my world) CamCard allows you to save the scanned card into the correct address book which in my case is NOT the default one I am using on my iPhone. I have the default one set for personal. This app had no such function.

Works!. It actually works. Great app

Full feature set requires purchase unlike advertised.. Full feature set requires purchase unlike advertised.

No longer works with outlook?. Always asks to use transcription service and I can’t see how to turn that off. Seems less accurate than is used to be. Have had it for 4.5 years. Wouldn’t buy it again.

Amazing app. I love this app as it makes things simple & easy. Also attaches business card so easy to remember & refer. Few small glitches which I believe shall be sorted with time.

Very good app. Handy, simple and helpful

Amazing. Does exactly what it says. Amazing!

Total garbage. Should have read the reviews

Garbage. This app is complete garbage you can never spell anything out properly and it takes forever to scan doesn’t work well on my new iPhone or my old iPhone I wish I would’ve spent more money and got a better app because this one is a total waste of time

Good, not great, but may be worth it for you. So I got the paid version because it offered a lot of features. Does a decent job of scanning information, but editing is needed. (I kind of expected that though.) My biggest issue is the whole restore your cards from "the cloud" feature requires a paid subscription. Not super expensive, but it would have been nice to know in advance. The sharing feature is nice. I will be able to share client info with others in the office quickly. So, it's good, but I am still wondering if the paid version is worth it.

So far really great and no issues. Love this app. Works great and has great filters in scanning cards in various languages.

Excellent product!. Keeps getting better with features. As I mentioned in a earlier review, good light with a steady hand are a must for great results. Something I get each and every card I scan, a remarkable product that continues to impress me with it's ease of use and RELIABILITY. Great job, I use the app everyday and love it.

Director of Sales and Business Development. What an absolutely amazing and fantastic tool. Works great and a huge time saver.

Does not work. Bought the pro version and transcription stopped working. Now takes 2 days for someone to do it

great app. easy to use

Complete Ripoff !!!. They don't make it clear that the app DOES NOT WORK AT ALL WITH iPhone 3G but then when you open the app they apologize for not making it clear that it doesn't work with iPhone 3G. Why if they're honest is it not the first line in the iTunes store add. Thats what honest developers do. And apple thanks for your part in this rip-off.

Works like hell. When I bought it at first everything was working acceptably. The OCR was far from being perfect but acceptable. Then subscription feature appears. My god. OCR works like hell. Croping tool is so hard to use. When you manually enter a phone number it’s ompossible to put dots or dashes. Hard time to return to normal views after using the magnifying glass. It’s not hard to find a better apps then that. I really regret my investment.

Best time saving app ever!!!. Very accurate but watch some numbers like 3 & 8 It mixes them up also watch lower case L l turns to /

Excellente application!. J'ai accès rapidement à mes cartes d'affaires, et sans l'encombrement d'un classeur. Facile à utiliser et accès pratique sur tous mes appareils.

Great app. Cloud backup especially useful.. If you move companies or lose your phone, it’s fantastic that you can restore your contacts from the cloud. I have 1,500 cards which are invaluable.

Great App, Definitely Saves Time. Card reader is very good for non-reflective /non-high-gloss cards, as the best results are when the picture is taken with the camera light on, and the glare messes the reader up. Similarly, without the light, any shadowing can lead to strange results. Probably 70-80% of the cards are "read" accurately and require no touch up, most problems come from fancy fonts or logos. Categorizes phone number vs address vs name vs profession/title surprisingly well. Major con for me: aside from lighting (addressed earlier) the addresses default to USA (most cards don't list country in address), which is a pain for us Canadians. This should be adjustable in settings somewhere. Changing country to Canadian is a pain with the drop down style menu. Overall, a good purchase, and better than the other free apps I tested - hence I bought this one.

Great very intuitive. Very useful ...getting quicker all the time. Easy to figure out

Works fine for me.. Works fine as long as picture is square and level, and it is bright. Take pic directly overtop, not on an angle. Also take it in landscape view and fill up as much of the screen as possible. Faster than keying it all in including the extra time it take to proof the results.

Amazing app. Easy to use and it does what it says

Simply love it. Amazing app

What A Joke. So you give a message that says "opps doesn't work on your phone, and we didn't make that clear -sorry, you can certainly ask Apple for a refund". NO YOU CAN'T AND IF YOU KNOW YOUR DESCRIPTIONS ARE NOT CLEAR WHY DON"T YOU FIX IT RATHER THAN WASTE OUR MONEY AND TIME. Never again will I even look at your products let alone buy one.

Well, I've been scamed. I'm not gonna speak much, but my review is identicaly like the one before mr, so 1st i waisted 5 dollars then spend 1 hour of my time trying to scan, the final was a piece of junk, im asking for my money back, thanks

Terrible app.. This app was a waste of money. The business cards I scanned worked perfectly in other apps but this one was terrible. Text came out as gibberish. Don't waste your $$$$$!!!!

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Why do I have to link my email signature to Scan Biz Cards to export to SalesForce?. Why do I have to link my email signature to Scan Biz Cards to export to SalesForce? I don’t Have a Microsoft exchange or Outlook account and Google will not let me connect to my Gmail account

Good idea, but it has a hard time with most the cards I scan. I have had and continue to have high hopes for this app, but it just really struggles, enough that I have to carefully proofread things, and I sometimes wonder if it wouldn’t just be easier to type it all in myself.

Poor App & Bad service. I waited a full day to get my manual transcriptions credits applied to my account. Customer support told me it would just take an hour after that for my business cards to be manually transcribed. 8 hours later, only a fraction of the work is done and I’m behind on following up on my important leads. I don’t recommend this app! Money and time wasted!!

Love it but. Sometimes getting a picture perfect is hard and messes up the fonts to save. Sometimes the info is jumbled. But over all the app is the best app. I could not live without it.

Save Your Money. This app scans cards properly less than 1/2 the time, which means the user has to spend valuable time proofreading every scan to be sure everything is correct. It doesn’t translate phone numbers or email address very well at all. Also, it commingles business contacts with personal contacts, which is very cumbersome.

Customer Service. Had an issue with exporting businesses cards to excel and Viraj was very helpful in fixing the issue. Thank you!

Horrible Change to App. As mentioned in other reviews, this company changed their business model and now this is a worthless app given how they are charging for the service. I originally paid for the pro version which I used for the past 3 years. Now it makes no sense to continue. How sad it is for what was a good app.

Camera icon “take photo” button doesn’t work. Can’t even scan a single card because the “take photo” button won’t work. When I tap in the area on the screen that is supposed to take the photo, what happens is a yellow box appears focuses on the part of the image underneath the camera icon. Ridiculous and worthless as is... please fix this bug ASAP.

Scam - worst thing ever!. Why would I want to pay to have someone manually transcribe my card for me? My friend said this program worked perfectly, and mine wants to charge me for a manual scan. He said I should read the Manual? What Manual - the faq questions? What a joke - it says you are having a Blurred image or .... - my image is just fine - but it wants Me to manually transcribe each one and charge me. Why did I pay $2.99 for this joke?

Biz card review. I love this app it works very well. Even when I had an issue they got back to me right away and also followed up with me to make sure it was working Thanks Again

Beware. You have to pay to use this. I expected that it would scan and store my cards for me. I did not expect this thing called manual transcript that costs money in addition to what you pay for this app. Apparently I chose wrong. I just wanted a simple app to store business cards for personal use. Now I’m out the cost of this app

Cannot Export. Contacts Trapped. Please provide me with an email so that we can correspond with one another. We have an employee who purchased this app and now is unable to export her contacts into our CRM, but not even into a simple spreadsheet. This needs to be fixed as soon as possible as she, along with the rest of our company, has leads they need to enter into our CRM, but they are trapped inside the ScanBizCards app!

OCR is suddenly almost worthless. I used to really like this app. It wasn’t perfect, but I never expected it to be. Since upgrading to the latest version (9.0?), the results are almost not worth even using the app. I have to do so much correction, I think it would be faster in most cases to just hand enter the info on a business card. What happened? I am using an iPhone XS.

Biz card works - email sync does not. When reading business cards this is solid. Some flaws in ocr but correctable. Tried email “signature analysis” trashed my contacts that I already had and merge failed miserably. Turned it off.

Sales. I have had this app for a very long time but they came up with the quick scan and unless you pay more money for each card to scan when I have already paid for the app. It worked really good but now it scrambles everything unless you buy the quick scan

Horrible App!. Pictures do not translate information correctly regardless of lighting, angle or condition of the business card. Attempted multiple times with multiple cards and distorts information so badly that you end up having to manually type all the contact information anyways! Would not recommend and if I could give it zero stars I would.

Fixed the problematic update within a few days. Perfect Fast response to your customers’ reviews and request. GOOD DEVELOPER Thank you

Information is Rarely Correct. I often have to do a lot of self-corrections. Takes a lot of additional time. Application is pretty easy to use, but takes some extra time having to fix info. I often will just delete it out and keep the cards scanned at least. Like the idea, but needs some work.

Sales. This app was so much better before it was updated. It allowed you to add a follow up on my schedule but now that feature is gone. Which means that this is only a camera shot of my biz cards that I can take with my camera. This app would be far more useful it the scheduling feature was restored.

Horrible app.....sorry. Don’t waste your time or money on this app. Bought it, tried it, cancelled it. Wasted $2.99 on an app I will never use. There are other apps out available that do a much better job. For instance, the app I did download and now use simply scans the card, accurately enters the information and crops all in one simple scan. Buyer beware.

Very Useful. I downloaded the app sometime ago and just started using it recently. I wish I had started sooner. Great app and very useful in organizing all the loose business cards.

Bait and switch tactics. Bought this a long while ago it was seamless. Scanned a card and ocr was decent I had to make small corrections but it was great for the $. Today I had an opportunity to scan in 6 new contacts and no more OCR I now have to subscribe to make it do what it used to do for a purchase or manually add. I will look elsewhere for the same product.

Just a picture. All this is good for is a picture of business cards. The OCR is terrible. It’s faster to type contact data in the iOS native app than to correct all the errors that come out of this app: fields get totally mixed up; confuses email addresses with web sites; simple English words not recognized. There has to be better out there.

Poor recognition. I had high hopes for this app. I have used it for a week and It has difficulty scanning business cards with italics, especially IBM. If it can't accurately process cards from one of the largest technology firms on the planet that is fairly lame. I don't have time nor the desire to manually fix every card. I am deleting this app.

Now requires setting up an account to work. Used this app, (paid not lite version) and it worked great. I just installed it on a new phone and it tells me I have to set up an account to transcribe cards. Please just give me my purchase price back as I don’t want or need an account to put contact information onto my phone.

Great app. This business card app is very good. It is easy to use and works well. It saves a lot of time and makes contacts easier to find

Great Cust Support. Needed some help recovering my account. CS responded quickly with a fix and then followed up a couple days later to make sure it was resolved! Thanks!!!

Worthless. Don’t waste your time.. There’s no way to transfer the data to your CRM unless you use one of the big ones like Salesforce. I use a more affordable one, so there’s no way to transfer. This app used to offer web sync & transfer to csv (excel), but they discontinued both those features with no notice. So now I have no way to transfer hundreds of cards, unless I want to manually transcribe them all.

Gets it quick. Accurate and assigns the fields quickly

Was good, until the money gab for currency.. I used this app for several years as it organized all of my business contact. Even bought the pro edition years back. They changed their model to now you have to buy “coins” to use to upload a contact. Totally money grab. I’m sick of all these apps trying to squeeze the consumer for more money. Come’on. You’re an app. Not like your basic needs.

It’s 2018 this is perfect!. Great way to store all of your business cards in one place, never lose a card again! I love this app!

It used to work. It has never worked perfectly, regularly getting names, numbers etc wrong. I like that it saves images for this very reason. Well, with iOs 13.3 update, the app has died completely - kaput! Kicks me out every time I open. Tried phone restart, to no avail. Uggh. Will update star rating if somebody can help fix this.

Stopped working. I’ve been using the app for nearly a year. Some of the key features like signature contact info grab no longer work. I’ve been in touch with support for 4+ weeks. No resolution. Seems like the app is no longer supported. Save your money, I’m looking at new solutions now. In response to dev support asking me to write you. I did nearly 6 weeks ago. You haven’t fixed the problem.

My favorite app ever. I love this app! It lets me get all the info in my contacts and I am free from all the business cards I have in piles at home and work!!!

Not a great value!. Before this app started out great and have the Pro but if you scan over 100 cards within an a year, you have to pay for additional scans which limits you and cost more in the long run. I paid the additional fee for scans but can’t get it to scan additional cards and customer service is a waste of time.

Don’t get if you don’t have the newest IPhones. They don’t (or didn’t when I bought) state on the app description the phone models they support. I got it for my SE to test b4 allowing my whole office to get it... it doesn’t work! They say, in a nutshell, “sorry we don’t support you” and then won’t refund despite false advertising. Crappy. Bad practice. Won’t let office get this app. Way to lose a large amount of users ScanBizCards...

Almost worked. At first the company did the transcriptions then they stopped and the service I paid for was not completed. Customs service was ok but after rescanning 276 cards twice so they could get it to the right server I have given up. I hope you have better luck with the app and the transcripts. As for me, they can keep my money I will find another app.

Very Easy to Use. My boss made me get this app and I'm so happy that he did. It's super accurate even with my some of my biz cards having Sharpie writing all over them. I highly recommend!

Great support. Had a concern after I was let go at work where my CardScan system resided on my work pc. Fortunately I found this app while I still had access to my data. Was able to get my contacts migrated over and had great technical support from their tech center. I can highly recommend this product. Update Almost a year later and still VERY pleased. Have almost 5,800 contacts in my data base and any one of them is very easy to find. Great app!!!

So far so great! :). Hoping it doesn't try to make me buy other products via pop up windows (a lot of those in the beginning). Otherwise it's awesome so far

Used to work fine. Upgraded to the paid Pro version several years ago and worked great. Go to use it now and it won’t let me export to Salesforce (primary reason I use it) without signing up for the email signature capture feature which I have no interest in. Can no longer recommend.

Can’t update personal information any longer. New update crashes when trying to update personal info. Love the app but need to fix this.

TERRIBLE transcription. I have an iPhone X with an amazing camera and even on the simplest of business cards this app always scans something wrong so I have to read through what it puts down to make sure I catch the errors—it’d be just as fast to input it all myself most of the time.

Lousy job of auto transcription. Based on the reviews I purchased this and scanned 10 cards from 5 countries. Every single one had major issues that took up to 10 minutes each to manually edit. Why bother? There are better products out there.

My “Go To” Resource. Great product. Use it daily. Entering cards, easy! Editing cards, easy! Accessing cards, easy! Bottom line, easy program to understand and use.

Recognizing Difficult Font and Style. I often find errors in the transcription of a business card and have to fat finger in the right information.

Useful app, but be warned. This is a useful app, but don’t use it without backing it up to your cloud. I upgraded iPhones several times, but when I upgraded to the iPhone 11 Pro, the app reset and dumped all of my contacts. Years of stored cards are now gone. Support just said sorry. No solutions. I’d avoid it and find a more reliable app.

Not working for me?. The app is requiring I create an account and register for only two free transcriptions a month. Looking back at the information in the App Store it wants you to transcribe hard to read cards. However, this card is in relatively large font with no logos or funky stuff. It doesn’t appear hard to read. The font is easy. What’s the issue? I just paid $3 and I can’t even use it.

Time-saving app must have. Great app for keeping track of your business cards amazing how it organizes the information. Recommend to all my friends.

Deceptive. Don’t bother.. The paid version says it works with Salesforce. In fact it is limited to 7 imports to Salesforce. They try to get you to upgrade to an Enterprise version to be able to continue using Salesforce with the App. You can just take photos of your cards instead of using this app. After 7 cards you’ll have to type the info into your CRM anyway.

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Language English
Price $0.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 9.9.3
Play Store com.photoscanmobile.photoscan
Compatibility iOS 16.0 or later

ScanBizCards (Versiyon 9.9.3) Install & Download

The application ScanBizCards was published in the category Business on 28 October 2009, Wednesday and was developed by ScanBiz Mobile Solutions L.P. [Developer ID: 335047652]. This program file size is 172.53 MB. This app has been rated by 13,796 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. ScanBizCards - Business app posted on 25 January 2024, Thursday current version is 9.9.3 and works well on iOS 16.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.photoscanmobile.photoscan. Languages supported by the app:

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ScanBizCards - Lite Reviews 4.6 9,532 Free
ScanBizCards App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Minor bug fixes.

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