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Give desperately needed makeovers to help people achieve their dreams! Choose highly fashionable clothes, hairstyles, makeup, and even furniture! Deal with dramatic characters like egotistical fashion icons, scheming assistants, or stubborn clients in dire need of a new wardrobe. Play challenging fashion-themed puzzles to help find that perfect look! And don't forget to customize your own signature style with your avatar!

CHOOSE from lots of fashionable clothes to create the perfect look!

MAKEOVER helpless clients and give them the confidence to follow their dreams!

DECORATE a person's room as well as their appearance!

DRAMA is everywhere, be ready to meet some extreme personalities!

SOLVE addictive puzzles with challenging obstacles!

STYLIZE your avatar to stand out on the red carpet!

VISIT FRIENDS and see how they dressed their avatar!

BLAST through levels with exciting power-ups with explosive benefits!

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Project Makeover Customer Service, Editor Notes:

PROJECT MAKEOVER strikes a chord with a shy client who dreams of pop stardom! Take on a brand new obstacle and new levels as you continue to show off your fashion skills. -NEW MAKEOVER: Hit a high note with “Face the Music” -NEW OBSTACLE: Stitch together buttons, but don’t get sewn up in the process! -60+ NEW Levels!

Project Makeover Comments & Reviews

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i have never been so addicted and engaged this much with a mobile app before. everything about this game is just so perfect. you get to play puzzles and complete quests and dress up your avatar and totally give the characters a astonishing glow-up! its so satisfying to look back at your work and see the befores and afters after completing character. people are complaining that it takes too long for lives to recharge, but 20 minutes is not even that bad. its a good way to get off your phone to do something else and not be on it for so long. also that the levels are too hard?? come on, you cant complain about that. part of it is just on you then because completing levels also require some skill as well like making the right moves. thats what puzzles are all about. and use powerups! theyre given and there for a reason. you wont die if you don’t use any. i do agree that some are indeed challenging, but its definitely not impossible to complete. and challenges are what makes the game fun to play. if its too easy then who would want to play? youd get bored too quick. whoever thought of this game app is wonderful. bless you for creating this game. i literally downloaded this like 2 weeks ago, and im already on the last character (the shipwreck one that recently came out) ill be so heartbroken and die of boredom. i hope you guys wont take too long to come up with a new character! (that is if im able to complete sandra by then!! haha)

- Absolutely phenomenal!

I am in love with this game! I only got it a week and a half ago and I am already on the horror movie girl, which I think is the fourth one. I love the game because the characters are always so sad and then once you glow them up they are happy again! I also love doing the puzzles and I know they might be challenging but that’s what the game is all about! The tasks are always so expensive because they want to make you work for them and I am ok with that. Another one of my favorite parts is picking out what you’re character style will be. I know you only have three outfits to choose from but it feels like you can help them and they are always commenting on how they love the choice! That’s part of the game I know but it makes you feel good. Thank to whoever made this game it is amazing!

- great game but huge money trap..

In general, I really enjoy this game. The character design is appealing, the storyline is interesting, and it is fun to play! However, there are a few things that upset me about it. The biggest problem for me is the constant need to do puzzles. How the game works is that you need to play these puzzles in order to get coins to do makeovers with. That I completely understand. One thing that bugs me about this though is how expensive each makeover task is and how little you get from each puzzle. The highest makeover task I've gotten so far is 900 coins!! And you only get 300 coins from each puzzle. These puzzles can be very challenging, so I might sound crazy but it took me almost 3 days just to do that one expensive task. And the only other way to gain coins, of course, is to purchase them with real money. And not only are the tasks overpriced, but they make you do tasks for every little thing! Want to take off her hat? Pay $200. Want to brush her hair? Pay $450. It's insane!! Also, as if it couldnt get any hard to pay off tasks, you only have five lives, and half to wait a while after using them to play puzzles again. So yeah, I really love this game, but I would also love if it didnt take me around a week to complete each makeover. Please work on this :/

- A somewhat lengthy rant...

I wanted to enjoy this game, I really did, but from the moment the stylists told me that the first girl’s glasses needed to be removed, I was immediately thrown off. It made me angry, as a young woman who wears glasses. I mean, how will this poor girl see without glasses? Instead of removing them, just give different options for glasses (just not sunglasses, please!). And reducing her long beautiful brown hair to shoulder length? Why? Instead of removing all that hair, she could have put her hair up in a bun, ponytail, or some other updo. Another thing. Why the makeup? She looked pretty without it. This is not sending a good message to young girls out there that already feel insecure about themselves. This game is basically saying you need to wear makeup and not have glasses to look pretty. I love these makeover kind of games but not ones like these that basically dehumanize women in a way. Parents, please do not let your children play this game. It will possibly make your daughter(s) and/or son(s) feel bad about themselves and make them feel as if they need to look like the people in the game. Another thing is, that the levels get way too difficult way too quickly. Barely past level 25 and already stuck. Needless to say, I’m deleting this game. I really wanted to like it but it just isn’t for me. Sorry for the lengthy review and the rant.

- Fun, frustrating.

The good: The game itself is adorable. The storyline is genuinely funny and engaging. If you seen an interstitial ad for this game, it is exactly as advertised, which seems to be becoming more and more rare. Needs improvement: Friend requests. What’s the point of making friend requests if the only way to get a response is through Facebook? Not everyone has it, or wants to use their profile for free advertising for mobile games. The in-game randomizer is so unbalanced I’m to the point where I don’t even bother to go see the clothes from the mystery boxes. When your avatar has only had 23 views after 5 days, why bother? The bad: The puzzles are challenging, as many people think, overly so. I don’t have a problem with this. I don’t have a problem with losing the mystery box because I lost the puzzle. I don’t have a problem with losing a puzzle on the very last move because things just didn’t line up for me. I DO have a problem with the regular “encouragement“ the game gives you to use a booster to complete the puzzle. I’m at level 105 and I’m pretty sure I’ve never gotten another booster beyond the initial set of 3 you’re given to begin the game. I recognize that the developers don’t want things to be TOO easy, but this is entirely too stingy. Balance a little better, please and thanks.

- Problems

Don’t get me wrong, this is a great game, but there are a few problems. First is that I went in to play today after letting the hearts recharge, tried a level, failed, and and pressed play to try again, but it said that I didn’t have and hearts left. That was my game in two days! The hearts usually recharge when I’m not playing the game as well. Second is that there is no way to beat some levels unless you have power-ups and enough diamonds to get extra turns. Third is that the hearts take up to twenty minutes to recharge, which is annoying when you have no more left. Fourth is the clothing, hair, and makeup you put on the girl characters. So far, I’ve only seen hair that is down to the shoulders. That is unfair to me because I am a girl and have short hair like a boys’. It is probably unfair to other people as well, with the fact that there are no hair options with hair long enough to go past the shoulders. Then we have the makeup. Not ever girl wears makeup, they only wear it sometimes to fancy occasions, not every day. Now the clothing. The only pair of pants that I have seen is still fancy, and the fact remains that there is no option for sneakers for the shoe choices. Thank you for reading my rant, and have a great day!😁

- Problems

Don’t get me wrong, this is a great game, but there are a few problems. First is that I went in to play today after letting the hearts recharge, tried a level, failed, and and pressed play to try again, but it said that I didn’t have and hearts left. That was my game in two days! The hearts usually recharge when I’m not playing the game as well. Second is that there is no way to beat some levels unless you have power-ups and enough diamonds to get extra turns. Third is that the hearts take up to twenty minutes to recharge, which is annoying when you have no more left. Fourth is the clothing, hair, and makeup you put on the girl characters. So far, I’ve only seen hair that is down to the shoulders. That is unfair to me because I am a girl and have short hair like a boys’. It is probably unfair to other people as well, with the fact that there are no hair options with hair long enough to go past the shoulders. Then we have the makeup. Not ever girl wears makeup, they only wear it sometimes to fancy occasions, not every day. Now the clothing. The only pair of pants that I have seen is still fancy, and the fact remains that there is no option for sneakers for the shoe choices. Thank you for reading my rant, and have a great day!😁

- Great game but updates would be appreciated!

There's a lot of little details that makes this game very visually appealing to me. Such as the way the hair and outfit sways when you turn around a character. They build up a really nice story line with each makeover character. They even have the character write a nice letter following the make over! So cute! It makes me actually want to do great job! They went with your standard candy crush matching style game for earning coins to renovate or update the clients style which is alright, except that I feel like they get oddly difficult very quickly. I think that might have to do with a lack of levels do to this still being a relatively new game. The only complaints I have after that is mostly just expansions needed. I really wish there were more outfits to choose from for your avatar. It being a style game I expected a bit more to choose from. One of the biggest plus' of this game though is the lack of ads. So many mobile games attack you with ads and it's a major turn off. Overall it's a great game with a lovely story and pleasing graphics, but a few small updates would really make the game amazing.

- Great potential, not utilized well

I really wanted to like this game. I enjoy matching type games & I definitely liked the makeover options for both people & rooms! They were all fun & visually appealing. However, there is no learning curve for the levels. They go from tutorial/ridiculously easy to absolutely impossible with the tiny amount of moves given almost immediately. You have very few lives that refill painfully slowly, & there is no option to just buy the game outright to avoid waiting forever because you spent all of your lives trying to beat one single level where they give you 10 moves to collect like 80 different objects. So most of your time is spent just waiting 20-30 minutes to try the same level again & again for a small sum of coins that will allow you to maybe complete one single goal, possibly not even that. The levels need to be easier or have more moves, you need more lives or them to refill faster, the makeover steps need to be cheaper, or you should be able to pay one time outright to purchase the game instead of a thousand expensive mini transactions. Until that happens, it’s not very fun to just wait and fail.

- I Give Up

This game is set up to get you to buy gems/boosters. Yes, it's a game, kind of like Candy Crush or Bejeweled, where you are able to earn coins and points to buy makeover items (from clothes to furniture). I thought it was just a makeover app, that it'd be fun - and it is, in a silly, mindless way, but you have to play levels to buy makeover items. Problem is, as you go up in levels, it becomes nearly impossible to beat a level without boosters - which you have to literally buy, because there are no opportunities earn them outside of standard play. Yes, some powerups occur during play, when you match four or five, but it's rarely enough to actually beat the level. I’ve played the same level 25x, and still failed to beat it - meanwhile, the game repeatedly suggested I buy boosters to win. I don't mind being beat, but it’d be nice to have a better chance. The occasional bone they throw at me, like a rare booster or some gems, are very scarce, and they have no opportunities to earn any - most games give you just enough gems or stars or whatever boosters to keep you going. I’d like to see them make the win/lose more balanced. I refuse to buy boosters for every, I am done. Which is too bad, because the makeover part is kinda fun.

- Same complaints as everyone else

This game is fun as everyone has said HOWEVER, the levels are far too challenging when you have to use ten+ lives to beat one match or some of them forces you to use boosters or buy extra turns with gems. The levels only ever pay out 300 coins and some of the tasks are far more expensive. It is incredibly nitpicky and every level higher you realize how greedy the gamer developers are. The levels shouldn’t be too easy but come on, this is overkill. I bought a couple boosters and was very angry when 50% of them were wasted because the levels were so hard that I was using 3-5 lives AND the boosters I spent my actual money on. I have had rockets go in directions I didn’t send them in multiple times and the game has glitched and shut down mid game and still took the life even though the game shut down. They are other game just like this that are much better. This one just needs some improvements and it would be just as good or even better. Also, half way through my latest makeover and I’ve already used 11,000 coins.... ridiculous.

- Too many side games, not enough making over

The game is cool, it’s fun to do the make over part but it’s pretty annoying to have to play “levels” which are pretty much candy crush in order to earn the coins to “buy” the different make over items. I spend way more time trying to pass the levels than I actually do doing the actual makeover, which is what I signed up for. If I wanted to play candy crush I would just go do that. It would be different if there was an outright way you could buy the coins but no, of course not. You have to buy gems to buy power ups that MIGHT help you pass the level, or it might not. I’m considering deleting the game because it’s no fun to spend 20 minutes playing candy crush just to spend 2 mins picking between just three options for each make over item. And of course there are waaaay more interior design items than individual items, which is the best part anyway. Sigh it’s a shame because overall the concept is good and fun and I would keep it if I could spend more time actually playing it for the reason I came.

- Fun but don’t recommend

This game is kinda fun but I don’t think it should be for such young’s children. It should be for kids that are 6 or older. My reasoning for this is for the first part it shows this girl that really just needs to brush her hair a bit and she would look great! The storyline is a bit odd. You are going to be a director of a show because their old director is mean and refuses to do her job. -_- When they do the makeover to the girl they take away her glasses that she needs to SEE. They could’ve instead made it so you could change the color of the glasses or replace them with contact lenses. They make the girl have makeup and CUT her hair to shoulder length or cut it and put it into a bun. For younger kids that see this may not know better and will probably think they will have to look like a model to look good. They don’t, this could cause younger children to have lower self-esteem. As if the actual makeover wasn’t bad enough they change the girl’s room to something completely different. They could have just cleaned up the old room and replace whatever may be broken or what wants to be replaced by the girl. This is just my opinion and I’m not trying to be rude to anyone. Stay safe!

- Extremly flawed

This game looked like it had potential. Then around level 90 its showed its true colors. I play a lot of these kind of game on my phone. I dont know why but these types of games just interest me. I dont usually encounter a game like this were the level gets extremely hard by level 90. They usually slowly get harder and by around level 1,000ish is when things start getting so hard that you are playing the same level several time. This started happening around level 90. Not only that but the game has glitches. The firecrackers will go off and the green cover wont be removed off the glasses. Also you usually get a lot of extra help with firecrackers in the beginning levels and they give you barely anything. Making the game easier for the first few hundred levels pulls someone in and almost makes them addicted. Toon blast And Mactington does an amazing job of this. Hence why they have stayed on my phone for a few years now. This game I can see myself deleting it by the end of the week bc I just started it and already really annoyed with being on the same level for days.

- Fun but a little too obvious with the microtransactions

Firstly, I’ll admit that I’ve been having fun playing this game! It’s very cute, even if the gameplay itself isn’t particularly unique. I find some of the makeover tasks to be a little insulting; like taking off the girl’s glasses or taking away the goth girl’s aesthetic, but overall the characters are enjoyable. My biggest complaint is that - for a game that is supposedly ages 4+?? - the levels are way too difficult. It’s extremely obvious that in order to complete the levels without having to repeatedly restart and wait for lives to regenerate, you almost NEED to buy the boosts. I swear, with nearly all the levels I’ve played recently, I’m almost about to beat it when the move count runs out. Seems like an obviously intentional revenue generator to me. Now I understand that apps like this make their money from microtransactions, so really, I’m just suggesting that there should be a way to earn boosts without paying for gems. Maybe you could add in a way to watch ads to earn them, as many other games do?

- I want to love this game!

My title sums it up. I really want to like this game or rather love this game. I do enjoy the gameplay of the match three type of game and I like the premise of giving individuals makeover. I really like that they include both men and women. What is hard for me to enjoy is the price is that it cost during the makeovers. It gets outrageous when it costs 300 coins to take off someone’s clothes and then another 100 to takeoff something like a necklace. It seems like they are charging so much because there are not enough things to do in each level. Additionally, I don’t like that it cost 300 gems to gets more moves. Gem are extremely hard to come by and it seems like if you want someone to get more moves you would make it more accessible. But I guess that’s how the developers want to make their money. Some of the levels are very hard to beat which stall the gameplay if you’re not able to do anything and you run out of money to complete the makeovers. I’d like to see those things updated and I think I would enjoy this game a little more.

- Great Game

Overall I really enjoy this game. It’s cute and keeps you engaged. However there are a few things I think would improve the experience for the gamer. Things that are to be purchased with gems are way too expensive. I feel that if 5 moves is worth 300 gems then gems should be something much easier to get without spending money. I understand that you would like people to spend money on your game but at least make it worth it. Gems get spent way too fast when some of the harder levels almost require you to use a boost or buy extra moves to be able to complete them. Another thing I think would improve the experience is to make the avatar more customizable. Being able to customize features is one thing I personally love being able to do. I want to be able to dress up my avatar as much as I can my clients. Otherwise this game is great. The story is interesting and I enjoy customizing the clients and their space. Thank you.

- I love this game but it keeps getting harder.

I love the game, because you came decorate a house instead of making a person look pretty or handsome. Also I like the drama, it’s really like a movie to watch, and this game has no ads at all! It’s perfect with a game with no ads! My favorite character is Gigi because she is the only good girl in the drama! I like the daily rewards, I like the one with infinity hearts. Well I like the puzzle games they are quite addicting, also I like the boosters, they help me a lot! But the puzzle games keeps on geting harder, the moves get lower and lower, each time you complete a level, also I hate the hearts, when I loss five times, I have to wait for hearts to complete a level! It takes long then i except it to be. Also I don’t really like the sound or voice of saying Beautiful, ravishing, cheek, chick, or whatever makeup words they say. But I am not complaining, but I love the game still, but can you please make the levels little bit easier though.

- Very addicting

The sentiments I share is similar to many others. The game is fun and addicting but the trouble points are almost annoying enough to make me not want to play. Some puzzles levels take days for me to finish. Some levels are much harder than others but I notice the rewards for winning are all about the same regardless of difficulty. Also they break up every little step of the makeover and charge an insane amount of money for completing the task. Removing a hat and a hair elastic, and then washing the hair would all be separate tasks and each task worth like 200 coins. I think certain steps should be consolidated because there are 40 steps to each makeover and it takes me DAYS to finish a client and at times I lose interest because it feels dragged out. Lastly I think there needs to be more representation and diversity. The skin tones and hair styles/textures need work. It is quite fun and I really like the puzzles but some are unreasonably difficult. If you like a challenge I would consider playing

- limited customization options

maybe updates have fixed the game’s learning curve, but i just finished carla’s route and i haven’t had a real issue with hearts and getting enough coins. my issue is with some of their choices! carla’s clothing options were straight up ugly (who wears colored, not to mention PURPLE jeans in 2020? give her red or brown or mustard culottes!) and her makeup was NOT good for her skin tone. tell me why the blush made her look freakishly bright. the lipstick was all sooo bad get her lipliner and give her a red or a dark lip option cowards! and i thought her eyebrows were super cute before i had to wax them all off! also no black characters or hairstyles thus far or for other characters as far as i can see. final straw is currently victoria - taking out her red contacts just makes her a normie and the anti-goth agenda is a bummer! let! victoria! stay! goth! i think she should start off slubby and we help her realize her victorian vampiric spooky dreams by *giving* her contacts and corsets and things.

- Great storyline, but game play is ugh.

I play A LOT of match 3 games. Unoriginal, I know, but I like them. I especially like when the plot lines and the things I’m earning are fun and different. This game has that. I’m very motivated to play levels to finish the styling. BUT, the levels are ridiculously hard. They gave me one hour of unlimited lives and I spent that and more on ONE level. I like the occasional hard level, but not every single one, and not when the cost of styling increases with each client. I don’t mind spending 3 levels worth of winnings on a haircut, but not if it took me 2 days to earn it. Also, as someone else mentioned, this company seems stingy with their power ups. You’re given 3 of each when they’re introduced and that. Is. It. I’m on level 114 and haven’t seen anymore offered. Ultimately, I’ll probably lose motivation to play because I can’t see the payoff being worth the time spent.

- Fun game but hard levels

This game was really fun to me, I played it nonstop every day since I got it. However, I'm stuck on level 163 and I have been for about a week now. At least 30 attempts have been made to complete it. I even let my boyfriend try, who takes 3x as long to complete a level than I do because he analyzes every possible move and what would be the best. He couldn't do it either. I just wish that after a certain point that they would give the option to help you out or even skip the level. I have no gems, no boosters, there's nothing that can help me anymore. My boyfriend used all my boosters with his attempts and still couldn't do it. Alas, it was a fun game while it lasted. But I've moved on to a different and better version of this game which I have managed to make it to level 300+ on. I guess this poor guy will never get his makeover.

- Waiting Times for lives

Now wall mainly the game is very enjoyable and while I do recommend you download it there is some thing that I really don’t like. It’s the fact that you have to wait up to 20 minutes to get one life that we can play another game to advance in your current “case”. If you want all of us to play the game then this shouldn’t be a featureI just want to play the game without any downtime that way I can have the most fun that I can. If you aren’t in the wedding then I don’t suggest downloading this app if this were to get fixed then I would have no more complaints. Other than that the game is perfectly fine there is a coherent storyline the characters are our fun and nice the “ cases” you get are fun to do and this game kind of reminds me of candy crush but a bit better in with a fashion story behind it. Overall a fun game that I would recommend.

- Very exciting and cute game

There isn’t much to not like about the game. Nice graphics, good storyline, cute designs, and difficult levels. If I had to pick something I don’t like is that the levels at one point can get unbearably hair-pulling phone throwing HARD. It’s not really a bad thing, but for anyone looking for something 100% relaxing. This isn’t it. The design and story part of the game is relaxing and addicting. The match 3 part of the game can get frustrating as you might take hours to finish a single level. Nothing a little patience and perseverance won’t solve. Overall, very cool game that I’m slowly, but surely getting hooked on. It is very much like Gardenscapes, but with a styling twist to it. 10/10 recommend for anyone who likes decorating, doing makeovers, and possesses great patience. :D

- Fun, but needs improvement

First off, I really enjoy the storylines of this game and that you actually feel like you’re helping the characters become better versions of themselves, finding confidence, managing stress, etc. However, after the first level, everything to continue with the makeover becomes WAY more expensive; it costs 300 gems to continue a level if you lost it (there are very few ways to get gems); 3 power ups are given of each type and they take away 1 just to show you how it works, unlike most other games that give you a freebie. Levels become too difficult too quickly to make much progress in the actual storyline. All in all, very frustrating when you want to continue with the makeover and you’re stuck on a level. As another reviewer stated, the game is very stingy with rewards and power ups. Not sure how much longer I’ll keep playing. 😕

- Not What I Expected

I saw a lot of ads for this game and the ads made it way more fun than it actually is. The ad made it appear that it was more makeover focused and that there’s a possibility to make mistakes during the makeover such as setting the curling iron too high. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. The game is less makeover focused and more puzzle focused since you need to complete puzzles to get coins to pay for the makeovers. The makeovers are also rather expensive as well. You would think these things would be on a budget due to the story line, but they spend so much money on things. It’s a cool game, but if they were closer to the actual advertisements it would be so much better. Overall I just find it disappointing especially since none of the ads I saw showed having to complete puzzles, but I guess you have to advertise what will make people download because I would’ve never downloaded if it advertised the actual gameplay.

- Great, except...

I enjoy the game play, which for me is crucial. I delete these types of apps if I don’t like the actual gameplay even if I enjoy the decorating aspect. I love the decorating/makeover choices, they are fresh and modern for the most part. It’s fun to be able to decorate and do a makeover all in one. Downsides; it crashes often and you lose your life. The game is designed to have you spend money of course, which is fine, but the levels get difficult and you have to play levels numerous times. I paid for a gem package once so far and I just felt like I didn’t get much for what I paid and the gems went quickly. I won’t be spending anymore money on the game, so I’m not sure how much longer I will be able to play. I don’t mind spending money on games if I feel like it helps me with the gameplay and I’m enjoying the app, this just isn’t a good enough value for me personally.

- Please add confirmation button.

This game overall is good nothing really bad. The levels can get quite difficult, but that’s what makes it so addicting. The adding of other elements such as dressing your own character and their space while playing the main game is fantastic. The only downside I’ll say is when you lose a level multiple times they’ll tell you to do a certain action or buy something with in game gems to help you win, but there’s no confirmation button so a little slip up that can happen quite frequently makes you waste your power ups or gems that you might have been saving up I think with the added confirmation button it will help with giving the players a chance of not making a mistake of wasting their power ups or gems on things they did not wish for.

- Good game but needs a few changes

I really really love this game I do...but the waiting time when you lose your lives is ridiculously long and you can’t get gems to pay for it unless you complete a makeover or you pay money for it. You could sign in with your Facebook account but some people don’t have Facebook or don’t want the game ads that come with it. I think this game needs a couple more design choices and they need more that match...because in one of the makeovers the design choices don’t match the style I’m looking for. As I said the actual game is really REALLY good it just needs a couple changes to make it even better. Thank you for reading my review and I hope that you have a great day and an awesome rest of your week! 😁

- I do not like the candy Crush part of it!

I know in the beginning of the game it is super easy the candy crush part of it but it gets really hard. I was hoping when I got this game it would be pure design but it has the most basic thing ever in it to earn money! I HATE IT! I don’t mind doing an Bella he to earn money but I don’t like that challenge it ruins the game to me. My sister was going to download this game but then she saw that it had the candy crush part in it and she didn’t want to buy it. Can’t blame her because we found a pure design game and it is super fun. I gave my rate a four because everything else is perfect 👌 in the game ?apart from the candy crush part) I love it ! Love the dramas seeing what other players look like their style and helping fake people find their true fashion! I love it. Thank you for reading!

- Match 3 gets challenging FAST

This game idea is genius! Fashion makeovers, client home space makeover, a gripping storyline with someone trying to sabotage you, your own self as a fashion icon, and a fun Match 3...ALL AT ONCE! At first the levels are easy...but still challenging enough to want to get through to the next one FAST! Making money & getting surprise boxes as you go along. As long as you have can quit matching & go to makeover mode. They even throw numerous boosts at you to help you battle levels. But by the time you hit level 20 you are going to find yourself using boosts and maybe even losing lives ALREADY! So get ready to have fun, be challenged, then wait for a while (while lives refill) and then go back at it! I’m hooked so far!

- Addictive but could be improved

It’s a cute little game and quite addictive. However a couple of things could be improved. One, the ability to add friends from Facebook, rather than just random people. If the people are active in playing that helps, but otherwise it gets stuck where you have 100 random friends and only a few percent are actually playing the game. The other thing is when you lose a game and click to play again, sometimes there’s a pop up and, for instance, it says ‘buy bombs’ (with your diamonds, which are slow to earn unless you buy them with real money), and a few times I’ve accidentally clicked it — because I’m used to the ‘play’ button. So maybe add a confirmation that I want to spend the diamonds. Pretty aggravating.

- Cool fun game but...

I love the visuals of the game, the decorations and gameplay BUT I hate that you need almost 10,000 coins to complete 1 story and how do you get the coins? By doing those candy crush style puzzles and if they get too hard you’ll need boosters and if you don’t have boosters, you’ll have to pay money for them 🤦🏻‍♀️ I literally say NO to ANY game that has that ‘candy crush’ style mini games because quite frankly I don’t have the patience for them and I don’t like them, I don’t mind losing but I just HATE these type of mini games because that’s basically ALL you’re playing in the game just trying to gain coins, I’m gonna have to uninstall the game, as much I wanted to love it I just can’t sit here for hours playing those annoying mini games and not even be able to play the main game because I need coins for literally EVERYTHING ☹️if that’s what I wanted to do then I would just download candy crush 🤷🏻‍♀️

- Very Addictive

i don’t know why people are hating on this app. i think it’s the right level of challenging and fun. it’s a nice game to play when you’re bored or you’re waiting. if a level is challenging honestly that’s good that means i’m exercising my brain more. yes i agree with some of the reviews saying some tasks are expensive but if they were cheap then this game would be finished faster and it wouldn’t become as fun. i don’t mind waiting and completing the puzzles to get money. i love how there are some many parts to this game: the stories, puzzles, character dress up, room decor, and of course the avatars and the ability to dress them up and decorate their rooms. anyways this is a good game and i recommend it being downloaded.

- Amazing buuuut...

I love this app. The fact that you can make friends owned and customize your own character is awesome. I love it but the fact you have to was 20 minutes for 1 life seems like a rip off in my opinion. I also wish you could use the money you use for your character customization could also be used for the boosts. Another thing I wish you could app is a way to customize the make-up on the women yourself and not by the pre-made choices. I really like this app because of the limited ads. Love the concept and the Drama videos! Im not a fan of when the men ably have towles on their body, though. Overall this app is amazing but has it’s own flaws. My biggest concern is the 20 minute wait thing. It’s really Annoying and keeps me from playing as much as I would like.

- Fun but.....

This is a super fun game and I’m addicted but the only problem is, is the lives, I’ve been stuck on level 53 for over a week and when I run out of lives I just go play some other game and eventually forget about project makeover. Another problem I have is the glasses, when they remove the glasses it probably makes young kids think that it’s ugly to have glasses so they might say mean things at school to kids that have glasses! My final problem in the game is how rude the bad lady is to her assistant! I get it that every super villain has a super villain partner and they’re always mean to them, but when her supervillain partner tries to talk she always yells at her to shut up and says some really rude things to her! But my overall opinion is that it’s a stressful hard game, 200 coins should be that max for buying things not 600 coins, and last it’s kinda fun.

- Meh

This game is fun and addictive at first but it’s frustrating when you’re stuck on one level all day. This game DOES CHEAT and can be infuriating. Some of the puzzles start is close quarters where you can only do a few moves. Sometimes you have games where all you’re doing is wasting turns because you have no other moves available on the board. Perhaps they intended to be this way? Also I hate that we have to spend coins for every single little thing. Even when they say in the story line “just need to add one more thing!” That is a lie you will have to do three more other things to move on to the next portion. I think this game has potential to be great but it needs more finessing.

- The game would be a lot of fun, but....

You have to play levels of a match game to get coins, which are required to make progress in the design portion of the game. Which is fine, except they make you pay a lot of coins for really ridiculous stuff. Normal things you pay for while helping a client include styling the hair, selecting a new shirt, pants, shoes, jacket, etc, and then room redesign stuff like putting in new floors or walls. But they make you pay coins for ridiculous stuff like -removing chef hat -taking ponytail out of hair -removing the clothes the client originally had on -dusting cobwebs out of a room All the extra random stuff really adds up. I’m at level 105 in the match game and I’m only on the fourth client! And the match game gets so mind numbingly difficult that I make progress with the client maybe once a day, because it takes me 10+ tries minimum on some of these levels to win. And you only get 5 lives at a time. So I can only do one or two things per day(and it’s even worse when it comes to the room redesign portion). Basically- by the time you get to the fourth client you will be progressing through the game at such a slow pace that it doesn’t even feel worth it to keep playing. At this rate client number 4 will take a week at least IRL to get through. Not a great game design.

- Love/Hate Relationship.

I would be happy to give this game a full five stars if the developers weren’t so money hungry. The makeover stories are fun and the puzzles are bright and colorful. However, every task (even small ones like removing the persons hat or putting on their blush) costs an astronomical of coins. With only a 300 coin prize after every puzzle, it tends to take excruciatingly long to complete the most menial of tasks, let alone the entire makeover itself. The higher up I get in the levels, the more I’m losing interest/any appreciation for the game. It takes days to finish one level now and I have been on the same makeover for over a week. Of course, if you want more coins, you can always pay your real hard-earned money for some fake coins. If my kids didn’t love to try to play the game, I would have deleted it already

- Needs some work

I love the idea of this game, and the characters are so nice and wholesome. As a fellow game developer, I understand the struggles of making a game for others to enjoy. You don’t want it to be too easy or too hard, because then users will lose interest or become bored, I get it. That being said, I think a couple things could stand to change: if you lose a level, I don’t believe you should lose the mystery box, cause where’s the fun in that? I also believe it should be a little easier to get extra moves and/or gems. I don’t particularly care for games, that lean towards wanting users to spend their hard earned money for every little thing, to really enjoy the game to the fullest. I’m not saying make it so easy that you have an abundance of everything, just make it where you have a little more leniency.

- Amazing but hard

I love this game and I am totally addicted but the only two things I don’t like is that I can’t often get one task done without doing five levels it would be nice if tasks stay under the 200 limit and the only other thing is that this game is pretty dang hard half the time I have to stop playing for a week just to figure out strategies to finish the level! Other than these two minor flaws this game is perfect, cool cutscenes, amazing designs, and the crew is kind and funny. I love this game but to the game creators try to make it less expensive for tasks and make the levels just a little bit more easy, to players be prepared for expensive tasks, hard levels, and an ABSOLUTELY AWESOME GAME!!!!

- Fun

You’re a director of a life makeover show ala Queer Eye. Use coins to give people new looks, wardrobes, and living spaces. Earn coins by completing matching levels, which have a number of different mechanics to keep it interesting. You earn a set number of coins per level, and an amount of cash based on how well you do. Cash is used to makeover your own personal avatar. The game encourages you to connect through Facebook, but the social features are unobtrusive. There’s no penalty to not connecting accounts. In app purchases revolve around gems, the premium currency used to refill lives, and extend the number of moves you have on a puzzle. However, you also earn gems upon completing client makeovers, so you’re not dependent on irl money. Lives are used to begin new client makeovers, and also allow you to retry match puzzles. Once you run out, it’s 20 minutes to get one additional life (with each life remaining taking less time, so if you’re down one life it’s ~5 minutes). With a fun theme, lots of customization, light pressure to spend money, and a campy storyline, I would recommend this game if you enjoy makeovers and puzzles.

- Love it but...

I really love the storyline and concept of this game, but like many others have said this game does get hard. Having a limited number of moves isn’t a big deal in the beginning but it’s challenging when the game goes on. Makeovers take forever to get through because the puzzles become harder, lives are limited (unless you use gems, which you buy) and the coins you do get by doing puzzles are often barely enough. I wish we had an option to watch an ad and double our coins like in other games and didn’t have a limit on the number of moves because often I only need one more to win and I’ve already exceeded the number which is frustrating. I enjoy the art, story, and characters but the puzzles can be rage inducing

- Good Premise but ...

The game is super fun at first, the premise is awesome, the graphics are very well done. Love that it’s three dimensional, and the people receiving make overs aren’t just in it for the looks. The problem lies in the matching games, which you have to do to earn coins to complete make overs. Some levels are so hard it takes days to pass them. There’s no added benefits to finishing a level early, and you can’t use the $20 dollars you win to purchase coins or purple diamonds, which serve no purpose other than buying boosters, which cost 400 diamonds for a pack of 3. You don’t earn diamonds unless you complete a make over, but you can’t complete a make over without coins, which you can’t earn because you spend eons trying to pass one level. It starts out as fun, but quickly becomes frustrating and tedious.

- Money Scam

I liked the game for the story line and being able to do makeovers. However, it’s clear the app was built to get you to spend money. Got stuck on a level for days, it’s takes about 30 min to get lives and you use them all trying to get through an impossible level with very little moves to do so. I almost cleared the board but the blasts wouldn’t clear and in order to continue without losing all that you’ve cleared you need gems, gems that you have to purchase because there’s no other way to get them. Otherwise it’s start from the beginning of the level and lose a life. No option to watch an ad to refill gems or allow the same clock that refills the lives to refill gems. Honestly it’s a scam to get you to pay, there’s no way these levels should be THIS impossible. I just ended up deleting the app, not worth my sanity.

- Challenging and annoying

I like how the game is challenging and cute. I like dressing and passing the time with puzzles. Twenty minutes for each of the 5 lives are bit much and little lives. I did notice when I’m on the last puzzle goal, the whole puzzle wants to throw off something. Just before this review, I was having like the biggest streak and then the app crashed. Of course lost a heart from that. When I went back on the puzzle, it’s just there’s no way of making a power up until I got 2 moves left after trying the puzzle 4 more times. So the game does feel a bit of a cheat after a while like some Nintendo games. The greed really shows. Especially when you’re one puzzle goal away and some how the power up doesn’t hit the one when it’s in the area of it🤔.

- It’s alright but not a very good life lesson

The concept of the game is fine but one thing I don’t like about it is what it teaches people. What I got from some elements of the game is that you need to change your appearance to be happy. The one level where a girl with glasses had to have her glasses removed kinda upset me. I myself do not wear glasses, but a lot of my friends do and I do not think they would approve of showing people that getting rid of your glasses would make you more beautiful, since it does not. I got the message from the ads for this game that you need to change your appearance and not your thoughts in order to live a happy life. There are some good things about it, like the complex puzzles that could potentially have some educational purposes, but there are also a lot of problems with it. Overall I most likely will not be sharing this game with others.

- Ugh

This is honestly ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong; the game itself is a wonderful idea. You guys seemed to put a lot of work into the story and so on, but when it gets to the puzzle it turns crappy. How do you expect us to get around 50 things and pass onto the next level when we only have around 23 moves?? You guys want us to get shirts, a few of the shapes. The shirts come out of nowhere they’re STACKED onto each other. THEN after that, you want us to get the glasses that happen to be behind the shirts. The glasses are behind a few more green blocks. Which takes around half of the moves you get. Hopefully in the future we get to have unlimited moves OR a few more lives to continue playing. Also, the price to buy the extra things to help with the puzzles is ridiculous, 300 diamonds for a pack that only has 3 things inside it?? No thanks.

- Cute! But difficult..

So like many other reviewers have said, this game gets DIFFICULT FAST. I am only on level 30 and I have spent two days consistently letting my hearts charge up and play only to make it through one puzzle successfully. It’s very discouraging, especially when everything I need to finish my character story costs SEVERAL games worth of puzzles to rack up. Example: I have to buy a jukebox for a room to move forward, a jukebox is 600 coin, I have to win 3 puzzles just to pass this one task amongst many more. It’s almost impossible. I don’t want to spend real money on diamonds for just one shot at 5 more moves. Maybe I’m just not good at this game style and that’s why? Maybe not. Is it fun and graphics lovely? Absolutely. But if you’re like me, be prepared to be annoyed.

- Frustrating

I love the game so far. I think its something I’ve been looking for, for a long while. Unfortunately, I think the actual gameplay gets very easily overshadowed by how greedy the developers are. —Now, they are definitely not in your face about it.. but wow. The puzzles get very VERY hard after basically level 5. But don’t worry! you can always PAY to advance quicker! (Sarcasm) You can buy items which make it so easy to solve the puzzles, and also pay for your hearts to automatically fill up when you’ve ran out of them! I’ve been on stuck on level 24 for a while now... and I’m getting really frustrated. I cannot afford to put a dime into this game and I really, really do like this game! However, they are really trying to make you put money into this one. I want to recommend this.. but I just can’t.

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- Good, mindless fun

I was addicted! Couldn’t wait for my lives to refresh quick enough, but managed to hold off on spending any money to do so. It becomes quite hard quickly, however I have managed to finish it and have been waiting awhile for new levels. Hoping some new levels come soon before I lose interest and delete.

- I’m worried about influence

I love this game and all but I feel like that it could influence people to want to change others so u fit into “normal society”. If you look at influencers found on the internet on every platform children and vulnerable people can often follow along with what they see a fit person. I feel like that although the game’s characters are trying to help “ugly” men and women I believe these are not values a game aimed around tween girls should be projecting. And I saw one very goth character in the games and it says around the lines of that she should have a more modern makeover. In today’s modern society I think you should be free too look how ever u see fit as long as it’s not exploiting yourself or others without being shamed or called “ugly”. Everyone is beautiful makeover or not. (To anyone who reads this not I’m not a Karen or anything such just a girl expressing her thoughts and opinion.) Now overall I think it’s an ok game just some values may need to be changed. I do think there is room for improvement as every game does. The way the match three works I think needs to be improved as well as the in game currency.

- Enjoyable but flawed

This game is enjoyable, the drama and the make overs are fun and even in the beginning I didn’t mind the “candy crush like matching game” that earns the coins to do make overs. However. 1- The game states the “cash” you win is used to complete the make overs, yet you can only use it to dress your avatar which serves no point in the game. 2- the levels get harder (not very well thought out levels) and the prices for make over gets more expensive, yet the reward stays the same. This is something that needs to be addressed. I am at a level which is unable to be passed without purchases due to bad layout and so can not continue making the game pointless. I believe if the rewards were higher for harder levels or the further along you got it would be much more fun. I know this is early stages of the game. It’s worth a download even more so if you are happy to purchase gems to buy game boosters lives ect just needs fixing!

- Challenging & Interesting

I feel like some of these reviews are really unfair, I’ve been playing this game a few months now and I’m on level 249. I actually really enjoy it! I find the “candy crush” section really relaxing and although it may take me a few goes at these higher levels (or 20 goes!) I still look forward to vegging in front of the tv playing. I like that it’s a dimensional game with the background drama as well. The graphics are really nice too. I do wish you earned more as the levels increased in difficulty and there were additional ways to earn money to spend on the makeovers OR free boosters up for grabs. All in all this is a game that I keep coming back to and I hope they continue developing so I don’t run out of levels!

- Constant directions on what to do frustrating

I like this app but I stopped playing for one reason. After playing this games for the last 10minutes I’d like to make it clear that yes, I I got the gist of how to play this game and I knew what to do in the first 2minutes, it’s not rocket science I don’t need constant reminding how to play puzzles that are basically like candy crush, soda crush and what not. I got highly frustrated by this and left the game. It’s fine to show players how to play the first two times you purchase an item of clothing and that you have to play a candy crush version puzzle to get money and what not but perhaps there should be a help button that people can press after being shown what to do in the first 2minutes. This is the only reason why I gave the game 3 stars. Apart from being told what to do every 30seconds I did like the game.

- Great Game So Far!

I’m really enjoying this game so far, although I’m only on my second makeover. I like the fact that you are transforming both the person and their living space, also that the different makeovers have different objectives. I also like that it doesn’t cost anything extra to change options before the final reveal. The backstage drama adds an extra layer of interest, and I like being able to play a few levels of the match-3 games at a time so you can build up the coins. And NO ADS, which is a huge plus! The only question I have is, what do the green money notes or tickets (or whatever they are) actually do?

- Fun at first, becomes too hard and boring

This game was fun at first but quickly became hard and boring. It was exciting to start with especially with the advertising but when you don’t have enough diamonds, it becomes extremely expensive to buy them to keep playing or getting boosters, well unless you just keep playing over and over again. This game doesn’t reward you for visiting others with coin to help with the game, unlike other games. Other games I play reward you for visiting other’s games, for having extra boosters left over, giving you boosters for each game completed and let you go back to previous completed activities to move things around, sell things, store things and more. Each section you finish you should be given a reward, so when you have completed the room, that’s one of say the three sections and you get diamonds and boosters or coins. This is all in American money from what I see and quite expensive. We should have houses where we have challenges and can collect rewards for taking part. Have a look at other games out there. Developers you really need to lift you game. This is not really worth playing much.

- More of Candy Crush stuff than actual fashion stuff

It is an okay game at best. You have to play a million of fake Candy Crush mini games to earn the game currency to further progress each stage and what you earn from those mini games ain't shiet. This game just wants to milk people to put money into it to speed up the process of mini games, not even guaranteeing that you will get through them. Each stage of mini games give you 300 dollars and it is not enough to even pay for a thing. Very smart at making money but also very low quality for what you actually pay for. Think before you download.

- Enjoyable but slow

The makeovers are enjoyable but some of the clothes are not very interesting or don’t match well. I’ve done 6 makeovers and that’s all there is. Been waiting weeks for a new makeover but there seems to be no new ones coming soon. Will give up if there is nothing new in the next week or 2. Some of the levels are impossible without spending money, so if you want to advance, expect to spend big! Most games have a minimum game spend of $1.49 but in this game it is $2.99 so it costs twice as much as other games.

- Kaylee (9 years old)

This app is good because it’s not only good for little kids but for teenagers and adults and it is also good because you don’t just pick out an outfit you actually earn money with the game and you actually get videos to see what’s going on back stage and it’s really fun and me myself I’m only nine years old and and think it’s really cool and fun so I think you should download this right now.

- Games for Coins Infuriating

Levels are often too hard and take too long to pass! The developers would be well aware of this due to all the feedback! Games get boring when you often can’t do anything, kinda no point right 🤷🏻‍♀️ On another app I’m well over level 1000, so taking days and days and days to complete make overs on this game is ridiculous! I refuse to spend any money, I would IF the game was more enjoyable and I knew I wasn’t just wasting further time/money for nothing.

- Good but annoying.

Great game for the most part but there’s some mechanics about the gameplay that really annoy me. If you combine a rainbow power up with a bomb or fireworks, you get a bunch of them spawning on the board. However it seems each tile can only be hit once, so if for example you have 4 shirts piled up and it gets hit by 4 different power ups, the tile is only counted as being hit once and you only lose 1 shirt. Can you please discuss changing this so if a tile is hit multiple times it will correctly reflect?

- wastes a lot of time

The quality of the game is quite good, there are lots of animations, good graphics, and good interior/fashion styles. However, it can take many days to win a single match-3 game and you don’t get anything for all of your wasted time which is frustrating and makes the game have long periods where you can’t do anything. It would be nice if lost games gave some consolation money based on how close you were to the objective, that way you could actually progress.

- Amazing!

Ok I am downloading the game. Based on the 4 star ratings I wonder... OMG! this is the best game I’ve ever played! It’s candy crush except choices! If I had 2 choose between homescapes or this, it would definitely be this game! I will compare Homescapes: 1. Levels harden at level 20! And are impossible to beat and cause stress 2. Ads lie and say it’s a choice game 3. You’ve got 2 pay for everything 4. U also need to pay a ‘star’ for the game Project Makeover: 1. Levels are fun and easy to beat 2. Ads are honest with the game 3. You barely need to pay money for this game 4. You get atleast 200 or 300 coins For anyone, get this game and I trust you, this is the best decision you will ever make!

- Loving this game

I am addicted to this game but I wish to be able to do more in it. Clothing could look better.. wish for cuter items. And a better friend adding system implemented would be nice. Hard finding people to friend with .. most never respond but they probably don’t know how to even look to add.... Hoping more content and better play soon!!! ❤️

- Awesome game, just needs more levels

Really enjoyed playing this game, and doing the makeovers are super fun! Wish there were more ways to earn money tho, not from just finishing levels. Maybe something like spotting hidden objects or spot the difference, to add some diversity to the game, idk, just my opinion. But over all great game and I can’t wait for the next makeover !

- Needs more updates !!

This game is super fun and it is awesome that we are given the chance to makeover the person and their living space. It is so much fun and unique to other gameplay, wish there were more levels though and I hope there is an update soon !!

- More money

The game is fun, but as the levels go up the prices for the makeovers get higher but the reward stays the same after each game. Maybe after each level increase the reward from 300 and add maybe an extra 100 or 200 to make completing levels a lot more attainable instead of sitting for hours playing those mini games. Or add rewards after each drama completed. Already over it and I’m at the 3rd makeover.

- Gets almost impossible to get through levels without spending money!

I loved to play this game until the levels became impossible to win in so less moves and the boosters were just one time use. No way to earn them later. It’s very rare to earn diamonds but you need to pay for things with them. The only way remains to buy the diamonds or get stuck on a level for days. Absolutely annoying!

- Love this game.

Love this game but been waiting over a month and can’t go onto the next stage because the game has updated. Why do we need to wait so long for the game to update. If you want people to keep playing don’t keep them waiting for updates.

- Well, 5-star for sure

Love this game!!!! The graphic is just stunning. It’s just getting harder when you keep playing. I don’t really mind as the developers are not trying to make me purchase anything or add any ads in the game. I really appreciate it. Good job guys, keep it up !!!😍😍😍😍

- Fashion Fun

Project Makeover is one of the funnest games I have ever played. The levels are easy to win and you get to give the people a makeover and also design a room in their house. One of the things I love the most about this game is that there are drama parts that you can watch.

- It’s ok

Hi fellow reader, i just got this app and it’s super fun but the part where u run out of money is really annoying because then u have to play these weird games to get more money and it’s fun at first but then u get sick of it. It’s a great app and extremely entertaining but it can get annoying that’s all. I advise u to get the app but also not to waste ur time. Have a nice day/night/evening 🤗

- Ok game, but they steal your money!

I started playing this game through the pandemic, it’s a fun time waster. I made a few purchase s to get through some levels. When I checked my bank statement a few weeks later I noticed they had charged me twice each time. (I got the $7.99 and they also took out $2.99 ) Apple have refused to refund and don’t care. Do Not Purchase Gems!!! They steal from you! Twice they took $2.99 out of my account piggybacked on the $7.99 purchase.

- New player with style

I have played many 3 match games but I gave up on them because I got bored with them, with this one you not do you make up the clients but you also make up their lives as well as having a story behind the game. Great work

- Meh...

Overall it’s a good game, however using coins for things like removing old clothes or furniture really eats into the coin you have left for the makeovers. You end spending more time doing puzzles than makeovers. Definitely a big downfall. Would be great if tasks such as taking off boots or sweeping floors didn’t cost coins, or at least so many coins.

- Enjoying game

Will change to 5 stars when I stop getting the “surprise errors” when I purchase’s cost me many many chance to pass levels and it’s annoying to lose lives ..otherwise I like the game

- Levels need work

This game is fun, but the levels seem to have been designed without any real thought. Some levels are near impossible to beat without using all the power ups. It has nothing to do with how well someone plays, it’s purely luck. It’s really annoying because I like every other aspect of the game and I want to like it. But it needs work.

- Not enough gameplay, hard to earn coins

Starts off ok but after the first two makeovers the puzzle games get too difficult to pass so earning potential is low. Obviously the developers want people to spend real cash to keep playing. After waiting for lives to refill for so long it just becomes frustrating and boring

- Hard to Earn Money

I find it very fun and addictive but it’s hard to earn money for the tasks. My current task is to buy a handbag and I need 900 coins for it but have been stuck on the same level for 3 days. Should be able to replay older levels so the makeovers can progress. So frustrating.

- Enjoyable BUT..

I really want to give this more stars!! I’ve been playing for over a week now and I’m stuck on level 154. I’ve even paid money to beat it and felt defeated after spending $10 with your game to still be stuck on this same level. I won’t be in a rush to spend anymore ..

- Enjoyable but a waste of money

I really enjoyed this game but what really annoyed me is that some levels will not let you pass until you spend a certain amount of money to buy extra rounds so you can actually pass the level. It’s ridiculous how much this game scammed off me simply because I wanted to pass a single game and couldn’t by just playing.

- Need help

Great game! I just have one question How can we claim the daily gift? I supposed to claim today’s reward but need to stop playing before I couldn’t claim the reward. And when I online I can’t find the claim reward.

- Okay but gets boring and expensive very fast

The reality is all these games are them same. The one issue I have with this game even though I enjoy playing it, is it’s too expensive. There is very little opportunity to earn diamonds and if you get stuck on a level, you can get sucked into spending money. No differently gambling really

- Fun but could be better

The game is really fun and the visuals are really nice, but I wish the reward was higher as you advance levels since objects become more expensive. I’m stuck in level 152, I think it could have a couple more moves.

- So hard

The actual game is really good but the game bit is really hard and it takes a long time to complete but I love the actual game and I would definitely recommend it

- I’m an adult and this game is too hard

Got this game 24 hours ago and I’m already having difficulty passing levels it’s just frustrating at this point. There needs to be a level of difficulty so it’s not boring but it’s just annoying having to repeat levels a bunch of times using all the boosters to pass the levels.

- Took money

Game is okay, don’t understand what everything is so expensive in the make overs, can barely afford to do one task from play if a level. Also annoyed I’ve been randomly charged for gems which I did not even purchase and I can only cancel my card to avoid it happening again yet that means I can’t use my card on my Apple account anymore which screws me over for other games.

- Awesome

Loving this game so much, only problem is it’s taking too long for an update. When is it going to be updated, I’ve been waiting for weeks 😢

- More levels please 🤞🏽

I LOVED this game! So much so that I have sadly finished all available levels and makeovers and I want more! Will be checking my app daily for the next update 😘

- Not to bad

The game is fun some levels are a bit stupid with what task they want completed and how many moves you get and the more people you go through the more everything cost but you don’t earn extra coin which is unfair.

- Keeps shutting itself down

The game was great, not too easy but not too hard and no unreasonable goals that can only be achieved by spending real money. However as of yesterday the game started shutting itself down whenever I opened it.

- Great Game

Be better if there was any easier way to get extra lives to keep playing. Up to the third makeover and already I’m stuck on a level & can’t match it to pass.

- Its an ok game but would not reccomend

Its not very good that you have to play games to design and upgrade it would be so much better if you could just design and upgrade if you change that it would definitely be a 5 star rating

- Ready For New Levels

Nice little time-waster for me. Enjoyed the levels played. I’m pretty chill with your format & game structure. Your side distractions were appealing...change your avatar, group drama🤘🏽

- Brilliant

Very addictive enjoyed it so much I’m already for the update though can’t continue to play until it’s done.

- No updates!

The game is fun but seriously been waiting forever for you to update. I’ve done that many bonus levels waiting for the next makeover it’s actually ridiculous. Curious as to how long other players have been waiting coz we’re all stuck at the same level! Just give us one more person at least!

- Good! But gets hard...

I love the quality and design options of this game!! It’s so cute and I loveee it. But I’m up to my 4th makeover and the levels are getting hard... it’s got to a point where it feels like it’s almost not worth it anymore

- Meh

Was enjoying it, I like the makeovers and good graphics but it’s like as soon as you get to the 3rd person it gets harder and harder like you can’t pass the stage unless you actually use your own money to buy the “boosts” which is annoying.... so if you don’t mind spending money on it then go ahead but I ended up deleting the game.

- Great game but it is not even close to being finished

I have enjoyed this game and got right into it...and then only realised that there are no more levels. Why launch a game, that I have put real money into, only to have a few levels.

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- Coins

There needs to be bigger coin rewards as the game goes on. 300 everytime isn’t enough. You spend so much on the makeovers, and then get stuck on a certain level of mini game for days, unless you want to spend a lot of money on gems for boosts.

- ARE YOU KIDDING?? teaching 4 year olds abuse!!??..

The husband is dissatisfied with his wife's appearance so he roughs her up. She gets all beautiful and then he loves her. WHAT KIND OF MESSAGE IS THIS?..

- Horrible Ads

I only downloaded this game to leave a review. The ads for this game are appallingly awful—a woman tries to sleep with her boss, but he calls her ugly. All she has to do is change herself with a little makeup and a change of clothes and now he wants to sleep with her! Gross. Terrible message for men and women.

- Too many mini games

There are too many mini games, I would play more without them, or if there was more lives. They just feel like a ploy for people to pay for more lives. I just wanna do the makeovers like I’m part of the fab 5 come on

- Don't even think about downloading

I only downloaded the app to write a review. This app has been coming up for me a lot recently and this is absolutely horrid, because the message behind this is that; You will only get a guy if you change who you are (in this case change ur hair, clothes, and put on makeup.) The examples of adds they display aswell are Awful. I'm so disappointed. This game is an example of toxic society.

- Parents Beware

One of the avatars was criticizing my daughter’s personal name. That was within minutes of playing the game. Although the graphics & game itself are good quality, parents beware of built-in shaming that the avatars feature. Our kids don’t need this kind of psychological conditioning.

- Nope.

It’s all about looking “better” than you already do so that people will like you. That’s a bad message. Also, the fact that you have a certain amount of live makes the game 90 percent harder than it should be. I’ve been stuck on a level for a day.👎🏻

- Forces you to buy diamonds

The storyline is decent but the mini game gives you levels that are literally impossible to beat without spending money on diamonds. I would rather go through some ads than to be stuck at the same point in the game forever. Seriously, this game would be more fun if I could actually keep playing without being forced to spend money.

- Boo

This game is bad you can’t get past level 11 and it’s like candy crush games it only give you a certain amount of moves I hate this game I wish they would fix it so you had unlimited like can’t anyone in the universe think of that guess I’m going to need to create a fun good game

- Crap

This game has unrealistic levels and hard to beat... literally no fun when all your doing is wasting your hearts on trying to beat a level every single day. Not fun at all.

- Project Makeover

Frustrating! All I want is to improve the dress of the person, I don’t want to play an extremely frustrating game and only get five tries until I run out of lives before I have to wait to try again. And I don’t want to listen to a story of what’s going on in the lives of the original owner.

- A Money Pit

That’s what they should have named it. Game crashes all the time, wasting lives. As soon as you’re over level 100, you grind to a halt unless you buy boosts because there aren’t enough ‘moves’ to clear the board. Too many ads bog down the game play meaning you pay more money to stop the ads. Deleted

- Need Changes

The game is ok....not enough lives. I don’t read the storylines and could do without them. I simply skip through the story. I just enjoy the makeover part of it. Way too many mini games that are annoyingly hard to beat so making them simpler and allowing to move forward faster would be beneficial to the enjoyment of the game.

- You guys area so sensitive

It’s a goddamn dress up game. Of course it’s gonna be about making people pretty! And the character making fun of said persons name is the villain! They’re supposed to be evil!! Maybe you all should stop being Karen’s and stop sheltering your kids from the real world.

- Paiement

Bonjour j’ai payé pour avoir des diamants et je l’ai rien reçu mais bien sûr j’ai été facturé

- Main game is fun but the mini games are not worth the effort

The main game is fun, but there are wayyyyy too many mini games and the matching games do not have enough moves. Obviously it’s designed to get you to spend money to get more moves but in reality it just means that people won’t play for longer than a couple days until they get tired of waiting for more lives.

- Not impressive, play candy crush instead

Too much mini games, not enough boosters, not enough moves to complete a level, everything cost hella expensive and some levels needs boosters but you have to pay for them. Ridiculous how 1 transformation takes a weeks to complete.

- Fine at first but did they run out of content?

So I think I played through and did maybe 4 makeovers.. now am stuck doing these “special” mini games which I thought would unlock more. I have done around ten and no end in sight.. are you developing content and this old lady is faster than you?

- Not

It’s really cool if you like advancing to a certain point, then have no way you can beat levels without spending real money for bombs and other perks. No thanks.

- Bad game, spent all your time playing mini games

Lame game! Wanted to play a makeover game, not a million mini games. Literally for every 30 mins of mini games, you get 1 min of makeover game time. Waste of time

- Too Hard

We are the levels so hard that they’re next to impossible to beat? Would love this game if it wasn’t for that, it’s a shame.

- Enjoyed until it got racist

I couldn’t believe it when the game depicted a black/POC woman (the chef) and when it was time to take off her hat she expressed upset about people touching her hair and the crew’s dialogue was to the effect of “now don’t be like that, play along”. Touching a black person’s hair without consent and then tone policing their response and acting like that is normal—that is some classic white supremacist nonsense. I immediately deleted the app. WTH, app developers? So disrespectful and unnecessary and racist. You need to educate your staff on n Black history and culture and then hire some Black leadership because your company should never have let that storyline past the initial pitch. Your company’s leadership needs take responsibility and steer the company in a better direction.

- Transmitting a bad message

Its all about looking good for other people and i hate that! Its like if the caracters weren't good enough because they don't necessarily dress good or look good. Horrible message really but the game itself is pretty good

- I like it

Pretty good game. Could use a little more diversity in skin tones when creating your stylist avatar.

- I love this game BUT...

I originally gave this game 5* but as I’ve played it longer, I’ve lessened my likening of it. Not because the game isn’t adorable and fun and challenging, and you don’t have to watch ads non stop- but because the reason you don’t have to watch a bunch of ads is because they make some of the levels IMPOSSIBLE to beat unless you purchase diamonds (which you have no way of earning otherwise). This is where they getcha! It cost 300 diamonds to continue playing an impossible to beat level. And they charge you stupid amounts of coins to “remove shoes” or “remove hat”. I got suckered out of enough money because I absolutely could not beat a level- therefore, I’m deleting it. I’d rather watch an ad to earn diamonds.


𝕋𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕚𝕤 𝕒 𝕘𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕥 𝕘𝕒𝕞𝕖 𝕓𝕦𝕥 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕝𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕝𝕤 𝕘𝕖𝕥 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕝𝕪 𝕙𝕒𝕣𝕕 𝕒𝕗𝕥𝕖𝕣 𝕒 𝕨𝕙𝕚𝕝𝕖. 𝕆𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕨𝕚𝕤𝕖 𝕚𝕥𝕤 𝕒 𝕘𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕥 𝕘𝕒𝕞𝕖.

- Ok

It’s fun but the levels are extremely hard and annoying u can’t beat them my whole family tried each 10 time 10 times 4 equals 40 we tried that many times and still couldn’t beat it

- Finally!!

Been waiting for a lighthearted game that incorporates fashion for years!!! Slick, fun, and colourful. And really, who doesn’t love a makeover!! Great game!

- Way too hard

Games to get points way to different and near impossible to complete.

- Had High Hopes

I was really enjoying this game. But it seems I’m now playing a different game. I am no longer playing a makeover game. I feel like I am now playing the game to get enough points to actually make over my client. The poor girl I’m trying to do a makeover on has been in her underwear for two days because I can’t seem to get enough points to put some clothes on her.

- No updates

Have been waiting for new tasks to start for about 2 weeks now. Going to give it until the end of this weekend and then just delete the app. Ridiculous

- what kind of people think this is ok??

The ads for this game are so bad, like what kind of message are you trying to tell little girls?? That if they don’t wear makeup and dress the way people want that they’ll never find love?? That’s so sick!!! Also, I’ve been stuck on level 28 for so long that I’m getting really upset, I think I might just download Candy Crush. At least they aren’t getting a toxic message across

- This game

When I downloaded this game I thought it would not be fun but actually this game is so so much fun I adore this game I play it everyday and I will not delete this app. Ps I love this game

- Too many ads

This game has to many ads. And you need to much coins to buys things.

- Always crashing

It’s a fun game but it’s always crashing like every 5-10 mins and always right as I’m about to complete a level so I end up losing my life, mystery boxes and it’s very frustrating when it’s your last life

- Offensive Massages

Not only is it another Candy Crush rip off, this one adds the message that if you aren’t like everyone else you have a problem. The way they talk to the goth girl is completely offensive.

- Meh

Good game, if a little challenging. But for the third makeover (the goth girl) I hate that you have to dye her hair! She had beautiful white and you have to change it to this weird ombré🤢. And for the chef, the only natural hairstyle looked super weird with ALL the outfit choices.

- It’s okay but the ads..

The ads for this game are terrible! And some of the story’s are... upsetting to say the least. I think if you changed the ads redid some of the story’s and the story’s lines it would be 5 stars.

- 😘

Lovely game

- Vol

Pay for diamonds and don’t have any

- Mini game is impossible to beat.

The mini game is literally impossible to beat. Not enough moves at all. I really like the makeover idea of the game and when you actually get to makeover the people it’s really fun. And at first I thought I was cool you just had to play some levels to keep going but the levels are impossible to beat. And it’s really frustrating. I think you should either make the mini games easier. Or think of different ways to earn coins.

- Normally don’t leave reviews

Okay so I normally don’t leave reviews, like at all , but seeing all the bad reviews from this game, I’m confused . The game is challenging yes, but fun! I don’t get how people are saying levels are impossible to beat . Some have taken me a few days but I am on level 243 so it’s definitely possible! Story is cringey but in a very cute way

- Not worth it

Not worth the hype at all. I wonder why this game is still up and running

- Crash at the first level start


- New fashion game

Fun and frustrating at the same time

- The Games

there are far too many games that take ages to complete, with so little moves. i have to collect 70 shirts within 20 moves? it only really works if you use a power up at the beginning of the game. everything is way too expensive and takes way too long to complete. i suggest more lives, more plays, and games that don’t need power ups. overall, the game sucks and don’t waste your time.

- It’s nothing close to good

I don’t like it sœ money

- Boring, also sends wrong message

First off the story lines and dialog are so cringe. And I only got through one and a half makeovers. Message it sends is you have to look good for others, not to feel good about yourself. Like taking off your glasses makes you beautiful? Ugh thanks I wear glasses. There was no option to leave her glasses on or give her different ones either, nope take them off they’re ugly. That was the first red flag. Then a mechanic has to get rid of his motorcycle and work bench and turn his garage into a coffee shop? What!? Ugh So change who you are and what you like to do because it’s not appealing? And by the way don’t you dare look and dress like a mechanic even though, your a mechanic. Your a hipster now who has a coffee horrible Besides all that, it’s not even fun, it makes you go through way too many steps for uninteresting rewards. Mini games get challenging too fast and not in a fun way. Not enough selection or choices during makeovers. Graphics are way too cartoony like it’s meant for kids, but the messaging is NOT what kids should be reading at all. Worst game I’ve ever played. You want a fun dress up game, play covet.

- Another money grabing scheme falsely advertised

Like we needed another one like that. Game is fun and polished but just seeks to empty our pockets

- Missing the game plan

After a few levels they make winning money and clearing levels so difficult. It gets boring after a point. Developers, if you want longer engagement of customers learn from games like Homescapes. You have to make things interesting!

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- I never wore Makeup!

Muziklook3....I understand your concerns, but not every game IS suitable for everyone. Maybe look for a child makeover game that teaches about self image. But I really think that self image and self esteem comes from parents. That said, I’m 68 and I’m adoring this game!! I have just started 90 minutes ago, waiting on a timer in a different game. Today’s’ shock was that I played for a straight 90 minutes...think about that because I don’t want to jinx anything...yes, you got it, if your playing! You know what I refer to. It was so delightful just to keep my head in the game...concentrating on the playing...wonderful! Thank you to the owners because I intend to play until or if this changes! Thank you...I’m having a (sorry...) blast. (1980 word...) I’m happy!😀😀😀😀💖💖💖💖🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 I have been a firefighter, no makeup, kept short hair.... the one time I went to Church in a skirt.....I ended up doing CPR in the middle of a busy highway.....the cars blasting past me? They had a great view of my underclothes.... he made it. So this is FUN for me....

- Fun but frustrating at the same time!!!👍👍😡😡

Before you start reading this I’m not tying to be a hater I’m just trying to get my opinion out there. The games are sooooo hard at level 30 and you don’t have enough moves to finish. Like one time I was almost finished but there was only one more move so I couldn’t finish. That was so frustrating. Another thing is that when you start the makeover for more people everything gets more expensive and then you have to play but when you waste all your lives over one level I have to wait again. If your at the end of this rant I just wanted to say again that I’m not trying to be a hater I’m just getting my opinion out there. Other than all of that I think the game is fun wish there were more updates but fun.

- Its ok. Good concept, not good execution.

Although I get the concept of giving people another chance is wholesome, its just not conveyed well. There isnt many diverse choices for the characters, even though the characters are diverse, the clothing could be more avaliable for all the characters. Also maybe give the option for people to either take off Samantha's glasses, or trade them out for a different pair, or just keep them. Showing off a persons eyes are good and all but it doesn't make sense for the glasses to not be the thing that makes the eyes pop. Also exclusively heels for Samantha even though it was mentioned she could switch to flats, maybe add more than three options to give a variety. Good story line but needs to be more diverse, and not force clothing options away from people.

- same. old. thing.

i really love the concept of design and its fun to design the characters. then i got to the candy crush type part. this is something very boring which makes the game uninteresting. another thing. when they gave me coins for free to customize my character i went cheap because i thought i could save for tasks. nope of course not. its a different currency you cant use for tasks. also when you are first starting you will be forced to buy a couple things you dont want to. and lastly, this is a TERRIBLE example for children, 1 the very first step is "remove the glasses" there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with glasses, people need them to SEE. also why cut the hair shoulder length? it was was more pretty long. and makeup is not necessary to look pretty. i enjoy makeup but nobody is "ugly" without it. this game is truly terrible overall and i am deleting it asap. STOP COPYING CANDY CRUSH ITS VERY BORING!!!!!

- Not worth it

I have never written a review for a game but this one is so disappointing, I had to. Cons: each new make over gets harder, sure. But there is no incentive to keep playing. The pay out stays the same while everything costs dramatically more each time. And I have to pay to undress the characters? Maybe if the pay out increased a little with each person, I wouldn’t mind but it doesn’t. I’m also not comfortable with undressing the characters either. Personally, I had no idea this was a connect 3 game. The way it’s advertised, I thought you got a budget and tried to spend within your means, which I think I would prefer to the connect 3. You also don’t get many options to choose from (pick 1 of 3) and they aren’t even good choices. And don’t get me started on the gems. The only way to get gems is after the reveal (which you also have to use coins for) and it’s only like 300 gems. Which can only buy you the first 5 extra moves if you need them. Anything else is like 700 + gems which is just bananas. You don’t get enough for it to cost that much lol. You’d end up spending so much of your real money just to make this game barely worth playing which makes it less worth playing. Pros: Mildly entertaining stories. This game is just not worth it.

- cute but difficult

Just another one of those games where you do match-3 puzzles to gain in-game currency to decorate stuff. It is a very cute game—the characters are likable and it’s fun to choose how to style the rooms and the guests. It’s all very well-designed and visually appealing. I will say, though, that the puzzles become weirdly difficult after a certain point, which makes moving forward feel very sluggish. I’d suggest adding an option to view ads for power-ups or something. Also very very confused at the genuinely upset reviewers who’ve said that because you change the guest’s hair and clothes it’s a bad influence on children and sets high beauty standards or whatever. It’s called Project Makeover... what were you expecting?

- Cool game

It’s a fun cute game, I’m not much of a fan of match 3 games but I liked the theme of this one. It is good so far but I have a question when you are in your room and your avatar is there, where can you find which emojis other people have voted more for you? Maybe it is there but no one has voted on mine so that’s why I don’t see it. But anyways cute game but why did it have to be another one of those match 3 games? There are loads of those games maybe you could have made the way to get coins a different way. But great game so far, I am only on 36 so I’ll see how it goes. Update: so to see what emojis people vote most for you is after you talk to Derek and then u can customize the room then you see the emoji next to your name.

- Good game, but disappointing.

Project Makeover is a really good game so far, very enjoyable. However, I have some issues with it. So, first of all, the very first makeover was a little iffy because they removed the girl’s glasses and you can’t give her a long hairstyle, which is a little weird. It’s not really that big of a deal, but I don’t understand why these fashion games always remove characters’ glasses. Just a weird thing. My biggest issue is that I’m only on level 28 and it’s already dang near impossible to complete. Why do the levels get so difficult this early in the game? I think that the developers should really consider making the levels easier, because this is just ridiculous. Otherwise, it’s a very nice game so far, but I don’t know if I’ll play for much longer.

- Sloppy graphics, levels way too hard

The storyline and decor for this game are cute, but the levels are too difficult for it to matter. I understand that developers need to make money and I don’t mind paying to play, but the levels are so insanely difficult that I would have to shell out money every single day in order to progress. EVERY level is super difficult and takes a day or more to beat, just depending on if they give you what you need. Boosters and gems are impossible to get without spending real cash. Also, the in-level graphics are slow and bouncy and constantly doing moves I didn’t make, which isn’t a problem in the other match 3 games I play. This game has a lot of problems to work out before they get any of my money. Update: I’ve been stuck on the same level for 4 days now. This is the opposite of fun and I’m uninstalling.

- Freemium at its most freemiumest

This game perfectly encapsulates Freemium gaming. It’s a little bit of fun in the middle of an expertly crafted attempt to frustrate you into paying money for the empty promise of more small amounts of fun. You play to do the makeovers. The overdone match candy/gems/pillows game is not what you show up for. As such I am on level 197 and have been able to complete I think 4 makeovers over the last 1-2 months. Such a thrill. I refuse to spend money on games like these. Let’s be honest games such as this are why we deserve climate change and plagues. As consumers we need to demand better and be better. Put it down and don’t play this crap and definitely don’t give freemium games a single cent. If they had the capacity to create a fun game, they would and you could pay for the game and play the game. Freemium needs to die and these vultures need to get a different job

- Great Game but the Levels Get Unnecessarily Hard

It’s a beautiful game. It has a great storyline and it’s super addicting. I love the choosing fashion and doing interior decorating. But after a while the levels take forever to try and win. The limited moves is a pain for the harder levels and the boosts are great but they don’t do as much damage as they should. In order to keep people hooked on this game you need to make the levels easier, get rid of the limited number of moves, or have the boosts do more damage. If you’re gonna keep the limited moves at least give us more of a chance to collect shirts, combs, and clear patches for sunglasses. Becuz I’d hate to quit such a fun game just because I can’t get past a level.

- Eh...

This game is pretty fun, and it’s actually exactly as advertised. So you do get to do makeovers on people and buildings. It’s a classic match 3 game to earn coins, which is fine. The levels are challenging and fun, but you only get 5 hearts at a time. And each heart takes 20 minutes to regenerate. You can easily lose the same level within 5 turns, and then have to wait an hour to retry. Very frustrating and annoying. Also, as you level up, each makeover item costs more and more coins, so you can’t really do much with the makeovers unless you’re insanely good at beating the levels. Naturally, it’s all just a ploy to get you to pay real money for diamonds to have more lives. Probably going to be deleting this soon. Fun but not worth it.

- Fun but needs improvements

This is a very fun game although it can be frustrating. I can not tell you it took over a week to beat level 15 and I just beat it this morning. I am having a trouble beating level 18 now. If you made the levels less challenging people can get though game quickly. I am not saying make as easy as the first levels but maybe make them hard enough so we don’t get it on first or second time. Also there are task that have no meaning. Like moping the floors that cost 300 coins. I think we should just have it clean when we are cleaning the room and please don’t have us have like 21 turns and 50 shirts. That is nearly impossible. I love this game but I think these are improvements can change in a future update

- Game should be a little less harder

So this game is one of the best designer games on the App Store in my opinion. What I think that should be a little less harder is that the games that you have to play to get coins I am on level 15 and it is very hard at that point it should at least be just a little bit less harder. But over all the game is very fun and it is very cute, all of the decor on the game is very cute and all of the characters are just adorable. It is a very good structure for a iPhone game and I think should try it Out. Most designer games have a lot of ads I am so glad I found a game that doesn’t have any ads that I like in my game taste so if you would like to try it I say go for it.

- problems

reading the other reviews, i’m SO happy i’m not the only one who sees the game as a gigantic money trap. i love both the puzzle and makeover sides of the game, but it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get anywhere quickly. tasks are entirely too expensive and levels get way too difficult to not spend diamonds or even real money to get through them. it’s like some levels are designed to not be able to get through on your own, to force you to spend money. they drag out the tasks just to make them more expensive, like why is taking off a character’s shoes separate from the rest of their clothes? it’s sometimes impossible to get through a single task in less than a week because the levels are so outlandishly difficult. the game has such good potential but it’s robbing the player.

- You MUST download this!

I love this game and am hooked! You need to download this. I know that the puzzles can be frustrating but if it was easy then it would be no fun! If you are hooked like me, then running out of hearts is a good thing! It gives you a bit of time to play another game! And if you do not need a break, it is only 20 minutes anyway. This game lets me show my inner diva and shine! The puzzle games are good because there is no reward without hard work. So many outfits too and it is not too hard to earn diamonds. What I am trying to say this is a great game you should totally download! :3 Take it from a kid!

- Fun Gameplay Concept, Problematic Attitude

The gameplay itself is not bad. It’s your basic gem-swap to earn money to achieve goals kind of game, but they make the gem-swap levels relatively challenging. It can be played f2p as the recharge is sufficient that you can play a few rounds at a time. What I find annoying is that even the “good guys” in this game come across as kind of judge-y jerks as they’re making over the clients. There’s a lot of snarky mean-spirited commentary about the people they’re making over and their previous styles that makes me think I wouldn’t want any kid of mine playing this and picking up that attitude. I guess they’re trying to mimic that sort of reality tv fashion tone, but no thanks.

- Lovely

There’s nothing wrong with this game in my opinion. Everything runs smoothly and everything in the game has s really fun. This game is kinda perfect for me, since I love fashion, and I plan on being an architect. I really love the puzzles and how you get a outfit after you finish it, though some outfits do repeat. I also love how there’s drama going on, even if it’s cheesy. The only thing I’ll like for the developers to add is more options. It’ll make me happy to have more options to choose from. Love the game! ^w^ Edit: the rockets and bombs are the trans flag colors! I just realized that! It has nothing to do with the game just love that fact!

- The game is good but....

It’s a amazing game but the puzzles are WAY to hard it’s already took 12 times to beat level 20 and i still can’t beat it! And there’s not enough hearts to help beat it! The five hearts are fine for the first levels but then it will get annoying buying hearts and if the game is 4+ there will be kids playing who might take money from there parents JUST to beat a level, it would annoy the parents AND the kids because the levels are hard. But other then that it’s a 5/5 game and would recommend to my friends

- My only two pet peeves

The game is really fun but my two pet peeves are these: 1.) Obtaining lives: I think there should be teams formed by players where we can request lives and get small amounts of coins (maybe ten coins per life given and we can only give one life per person?) and participate in silly monthly events if we wanted and we could earn boosters, coins, and diamonds depending on how well we do in each event this way and not just pay for them. (Thinking about future users too) 2.) I wound up getting into this game! It’s charmingly corny and the graphics are really nice for an app and I haven’t seen many ads so I don’t have any complaints other than the one above.

- Too few lives

Fairly decent match-3 type game, nice little bit of interior design and fashion mixed in. But the artificial cap of 5 lives (5 failed rounds), with one recharging every 20 minutes, is far too limiting. The only way to get more lives is to either spend real world money on in game gems or to wait 20 minutes. There should be an option to pay and get infinite lives, without having to dump massive amounts of money into these gems. Especially when some levels take 10, 15 tries to pass, if you wait real time, that would be at least 3 to 5 hours waiting for lives to recharge. It’s totally artificial and solely designed to squeeze money out of players. Either add an option to watch ads for lives, or give the option to pay once for infinite lives.

- Everything wrong with mobile games

If you like fashion and interior design, this game isn’t for you. Instead of makeovers and room redecoration, you’ll mostly be playing off-brand candy crush to earn enough credits to progress. Half way through episode 2 (level 36 of the game within a game to be precise) it becomes impossible to move forward without paying for bonus items. They’ve also made the bizarre design choice to make it difficult to exit the app. Even the most fun part- picking out furniture and outfits- is extremely limited. In any given task, you only have three choices. The only reason this game is downloaded by so many users is because it is heavily marketed on social media. The actual experience is deeply disappointing, even for someone just looking for a casual phone game experience.

- Nice game but...

I wish that as you go up in levels you would be rewarded with a higher coin amount. You get the same amount of coins in level 1 as you do in level 100 but the things you need to buy for the makeovers go up in price constantly. The levels are a lot more difficult in this game to pass then other games so sometimes you might be able to get two items of let’s say more than 30 items needed to do a make over in one day. Also the fact that you have to pay so many coins just to remove an article of clothing or a pair of glasses is insane. That should be free. Other than that I enjoy the makeovers if and when I can accomplish it. Please think about this.

- Very fun BUT

This game is super fun. I love how you get to design everything from the characters to their living/work space. To earn coins, you have to play levels of a matching game which is also fun but can get frustrating. What I DON’T like is the fact that when you move onto a new person, buying furniture, clothing, makeup, and hairstyles gets more pricey. But the amount of coins you win in each level stays at 300. So you have to play the levels longer to earn enough cash to buy things for your makeover even though these things are essentially the same for each character. Of course it’s a money grab per usual but I don’t spend money for games. Another thing I don’t like is the fact that it costs coins to undress the characters and clean up their living space or get rid of furniture. 300 coins to take off boots is extremely ridiculous. So I love the game but I have very little patience for games like these and I don’t suspect I’ll be playing it for much longer. It stops being fun when you have to play 15 levels just to get enough coins for 3 out of 20 tasks.

- Complicated puzzles Not enough makeover

I don’t normally review but after being ad slammed for months for this makeover game, I thought I would give it a try. I am a grown adult and after two days of trying to play, I immediately noticed every single task costs too much. Remove shoes, wash hands... everything. And you have to play puzzles to gain more. The puzzles are very complicated. I don’t know how the developers thought that was a smart idea. If you market a makeover game make it be about the makeover. If I wanted to do puzzles I would load candy crush. They need to simplify this game to make it enjoyable. I know it’s a ploy to get me to buy advantages with real money. So far I don’t see anything worth splurging on.

- What is this????

I downloaded this game because of the 1000 ads I got on my phone to try to stop them. They didn’t even stop. I decided to try it out since it was wasting storage on my phone anyways, and it was fun for like five seconds until I got to the cheap and impossible knockoff of candy crush. I don’t know how you can advertise a game, make it nothing like the advertisement, add a terrible story that doesn’t affect anything in game, and then make you do levels that are only tolerable up to like level 20, then you have to spend hours and hours trying to figure out how to win. If I could give this app zero stars I would. There should be other ways of getting money on this. I just don’t understand the point of putting the levels into the game in the first place. Do not download this game.

- Fun - but expensive!

I enjoy this game a lot. It’s engaging and there is a lot of variety so it keeps it interesting - The cons are that the levels become really hard to pass without buying boosters. Obviously the goal is to make money but it would be nice to see some of the tasks cost less in the app so you can do more before having to pass another level. I also just want to mention to other reviewers that think every single person in the world’s tastes and preferences about hair styles, clothes and such should be represented in this game....It is not the developer’s responsibility to make this game tailored to look or dress like you. It’s a GAME.

- It’s really good but..

You can decorate rooms, dress up ppl (including yourself) and has a mini game to get coins. But the second person and the like third or fourth game I’m really stuck on. And it doesn’t help at all that I only have 5 lives. At least it only has a short period of time to wait for your lives. If the developer could change the mini game, deactivate the amount of moves or something that would be awesome! But I don’t think they are gonna give me special treatment or take my suggestion if many other people enjoy the game. Thank you for understanding and sorry if I sound spoiled or harsh. I am just trying to give my opinion.

- Fun but...

The make overs are fun but it is almost impossible to get the amount of coin you need to complete a makeover. There is no way to earn enough gems to increase your life to continue playing without having to make an in app purchase. I don’t have extra money to waste on a game so I wait between playing to earn back lives. Additionally, the cost of items to do the make overs are too expensive so you have to keep going back to play the puzzles to earn coin to pay for it. The puzzles are challenging but there is no way to earn bonus items to help with the puzzle unless you have thousands of gems which you can’t earn with game play. I am getting ready to just delete the game unless they make it better.

- Great just a few suggestions

I’ve only played a free days but so far it’s great! I wish your avatar could be apart of the story more somehow. On the technical side if things that might be difficult for you though. I also love how different everyone is, different ethnic, careers, body shapes... Although you can’t change body shape on your personal avatar. And also your blonde hair color, it’s not blonde, it’s pure yellow...😞 And ask of the clothes fit pretty well but the dresses are way too big and blousy. If you could try to fix these simple things they gave would be even better😁 thank you for all of your hard work to make us happy.

- Such a disappointment.

I like the idea of this game and enjoyed doing the makeovers. What I didn’t like is how it started super easy then the levels became way too hard too fast and you have to use all lives on one level. No move in the match game ever has a large impact like with games such as candy crush. Not even using the boosters are that effective....when it’s even possible to create those. And the thing that made me delete this is how much you get to makeover compared to playing the match game. Especially when you have to waste coins on things like “remove boots” and removing other items they are wearing. The first makeover was not like that at all. I’ll see if something better is available bc this one is deleted!

- Needlessly difficult at low levels - pay to win

The game starts easy enough but the skill vs luck ratio quickly becomes an issue. In order to win many levels you either need to play repeatedly and wait the time it takes to replenish lives before trying again (sometimes up to 20 times on the same level) or pay real money to continue 5 whole moves and hope you win, buy items with real money, or some combination of both the last ones. At best it is a fun game to play on and off if you don’t care about progression. At worst it’s an obvious cash grab that wants to exploit your desire to continue playing to get money in levels it knows are too difficult to reasonably do with skill alone.

- Too Expensive - give more attempts

This game is way too expensive as you get farther along. The candy crush game gets progressively harder but you only get 5 attempts then have to wait 15+ minutes to get one more turn or pay $9.99 for extra crystals. There is no other way to get more chances and honestly I’m on level 107 and the games are harder and I really like the challenge but you should really get more attempts before you have to pay. Great concept just wish they didn’t gouge you for the attempts. If you only get 300 coins to per game played and it cost 200 coins just to remove makeup from your makeover person... just imagine how much you will have to pay in the harder games. My suggestion is give less time before you can try the level again!

- Fun at first, quickly turned to a pain

the game overall is really fun and in all honesty I was addicted to it for the first few days but after a few levels the amount of coins you need to complete one task in the makeover is ridiculous. I mean $150 coins just to remove a mask?? isn’t that part of doing a mask in the first place? whatever though, right? it’s an easy to play game with good graphics and a good storyline so you think you’ll deal with it but then you realize you only get $300 coins per level you beat. but then you have to pay that amount to take off clothing, wash hair, wash the person; at some point you’re just playing to start the real makeover on the person you’ve been given. it’s a really cool concept but it’s just not worth the time and the hassle in all honesty.

- It’s ok I guess

So I gave it a three star just because I didn’t really know how to play the game like I don’t understand like I don’t really know how to do this game and I try to switch the game until another game because you have to complete these tasks and if you don’t have enough money you play a game but I don’t understand the game you have to like flip these cards or something I don’t really understand so please fix this because no one like people don’t know how to play this game especially me because I tried to get more money but I don’t understand the game so please fix this it’s really annoying and if you don’t then I’m deleting this came off my phone I’m sorry....

- It could be fun

The graphics and story are cute. I originally thought it was a makeover game but it’s really like candy crush and I don’t really like those puzzle games. Also the levels are very difficult. Some are easy but most of them are way to difficult or have unrealistic expectations. For example they give you 20 moves to collect 80 different things and some of them you have to clear before you can even get to the other ones. One level I replayed more than 8 times. It takes away from the fun of it being a make over game. I’ve spent far longer trying to get money to complete the make over than actually doing the make over. Overall I’m really disappointed with the game.

- Glitches my iPhone10

I was going to rate this game three stars, for obvious reasons, waiting way to long for new lives (literally wasting precious minutes of our actual lives) or how the game starts to drag and get boring and repetitive by only the second person that needs your help, and cringe dialogue. HOWEVER, this game is also not compatible with iPhone 10! When you’re done playing a game and want to exit out, maybe scroll through social media while waiting for new lives, the game literally REFUSED to let me exit out by swiping the game away, EVER! I searched everywhere I could in the game for some kind of an exit button and there was ZERO help. I’ve had it for 24hrs and if I want out of the game I have to completely power down my phone and restart it. Will be deleting.

- Warning Addict Alert

I love this game and I’ve been playing it a lot there is one sought about this game that the levels can get really hard the phone throwing screaming hard but! It’s a very nice game though the layout is amazing I love when you get to dress up your character and also the drama is funny so I would highly recommend this game! But if you don’t have a lot of patients this is probably not the game for you but if you love makeovers designing and patients and a live for drama this game is for you all the way! Enjoy this game if you download!!

- Addicting, but annoying

This game is really fun when you get to do makeovers, however everything is extremely expensive and there is not point to much of the makeovers. For example, you need to pay over 1000 coins just to clean the room you want to decorate. The levels are difficult once you get around level 100, and I understand that it can’t be too easy, but I wish they’d give you more coins when you complete a level because of how difficult the levels are. They also need to give you more moves because they barely give you any gems or boosters, and more moves cost as much as 300 gems for 5 more moves. You also only get around 30-60 gems when winning them.

- I dislike Hearts

I hate how there are hearts because I like to play the game but if I loose and then I am out of hearts I can not play unless I wait for a bunch of minutes also when I am out of hearts I can not just buy hearts because my parents say it is a waste of money. So I can’t just buy hearts as you can see I do not like the lives/hearts so I think you should let people loose however many times they need and some people have time limpets for their iPads / phones so we can not wait that long for lives to refill Finally more kids might even play the game because there are no lives/hearts. Thank you for you consideration also I love your game so so so much

- love the game, has issues

I downloaded this after getting an add because I was bored. It was really fun and a little addicting. My biggest problem lies with level 108 specifically. There is genuine no way to get past that level with the limited number of moves they give you. I have been trying ALL DAY and still do not even get close. Please add more moves or take away the rotating belt because it is impossible to solve. I understand making changes like this are difficult, but please consider. It’s incredibly frustrating to be unable to work on my client because of an outrageous level.

- Eh.

I want to like this game, I really do but I have a lot of concerns first off some of these levels are ridiculous ! Very limited moves when clearly it needs more. Now I love a challenge but come on ! Majority of these levels require power ups and use of diamonds . Why are the cost of another try of a level require so many diamonds like Jesus ! I understand you need to make your money but be fair. Another thing I don’t appreciate how you base some of the makeovers by removing glasses , cutting the hair , adding makeup .. why not let them embrace the natural look instead of sending the message , “ everything is better with makeup “ . Hope you read this thanks !!

- Good but hard

This game is really fun and what I love about it is you don’t have to pay for anything you don’t even have to pay for the character or items you get to unlock them but once you get to level 33 it gets really hard it’s taken me like 800 try’s haha but that’s not a problem because I love matching games but anyway I definitely recommend this game if you’re into free stuff and looking for something to do when you’re bored then you should really get this game it’s AMAZING 🤩 😀❤️🤩best game I have ever played!!! Really awesome 👏 app

- Could be great....

I’m only halfway through the second story. This could be a great game if it weren’t for the constant glitches. Every single time I play, without fail I am booted completely out of the game. Usually after almost every level. Every other level of the makeover process. And, every single time I try and give a makeover to my own character. It’s extremely frustrating! I spend more time being booted out of the game and going back in than I do actually playing the game. Eventually I just give up. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and rebooted my IPad, continue to have the same issue. I feel like there isn’t much left to do but stop playing the game entirely which is unfortunate.


in the ads, it looks fun, right? Designing people’s outfits and making them look great. But no. In order to design someone’s outfit, you have to pay 100 coins! And you have to play this puzzle game just like candy smash or whatever. It’s mostly all about that puzzle, because that’s how you earn money. I honestly thought all you would do is design different people, but you have to pay apparently (coins in game). I bet that one of the devs might say that the coins make the game more realistic, but this is a children’s game. No need to bring reality into a children’s game! We just wanted to design outfits for free! Without playing a puzzle game to win 100 coins. Please fix this. Also, children do need to be prepared for the worlds reality, but the age rating is 4+. -.-

- Fun game, but some of the makeovers are ridiculous

I’ve very much enjoyed this game, but some things about it are problematic. First, most of the makeovers start with “remove glasses” and never get new glasses, as if you simply can hit be fashionable and wear glasses. Second, when making over a scientists, they remove his lab coat because “he can store stuff elsewhere”. This completely misses the point of a lab coat. Lab coats are to add an additional layer of protection to prevent possibly dangerous materials from coming into contact with your clothes and ultimately your skin. Saying a scientist shouldn’t wear a lab coat because of fashion is stupid. I kept waiting to give back the lab coat, but it never happened.

- Like it but going to delete it

This game is a lot of fun. Cute graphics and engaging and fun storyline, just like the ads show. I’ve been playing it 1 week and got the negative picture pretty quickly. Stuck for days on impossibly hard levels (strange how I lose about half with just 1 move left) only to win and not win enough to complete a new action. So, back to the game and another couple of days trying to win enough coins to remove shoes. What’s next? Remove the right shoe, then the left? Brush half her hair, then the other half? Win enough to put one earring on at a time? Once it reached the point of being ridiculous, I stopped wasting my time playing. Too bad, it’s actually a cute game.

- Gets difficult too fast

With match-3 games you’re normally looking for a gradual slope of difficulty. Not with this game. The games are easy and then suddenly plummet to very difficult. Why? Because this game is money-hungry. I can forgive a certain level of greed from mobile games, but this is ridiculous. Within maybe a day or two of playing it casually, you arrive at a place where you Must buy in-game transactions to progress. Frankly, it made me angry. Yeah, it’s fun to play for a bit, but it just gets impossible to play for the average person that doesn’t have tens of dollars to shell away on a dress up mobile game. I have deleted this app and can’t recommend for more than a day of casual use. :/

- Trap

I’m tired of these games that rope you in, and let you play for free up to a certain point- and then make it impossible for you to continue unless you pay for diamonds or whatever in order to advance to the next level. I don’t like games that deliberately cheat you. I used my last move which should have cleared the board- and somehow- I didn’t. This, after using all of my “lives” to try to clear the board the honest way without buying diamonds. If you want people to play your game and you are going to charge- at least be up front about it. Don’t design the game to make it seem like you can play without buying and then cheat people in order to get them to buy diamonds.

- Confused😑

I have been playing this game for about a week now and I am stuck on level 30... I really like the story though! I am transforming the red haired mechanic guy right now. I just can’t decorate the coffee bar room anymore because I can’t earn more coins. Other than the levels being practically impossible there is only a few more things. I suggest that there could be more ways to earn money. Also I think that there could be a few more clothing options for the male profile. There isn’t nearly as much as the female profile. So yea that’s all. Otherwise it would be a 5 star game! I mean it’s amazing song get me wrong.

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@PR0DHAN project makeover 🥶🤳


Now let's focus on games. I've been addicted to this game called project makeover and trust me, i love this game. It makes me feel good abt myself. Teehee

Diane Wiens (she/her)

Almost every in-game ad I see is for a game called Project Makeover, the content of which is highly offensive. Anyone know how to block certain ads within other games? I know how to hide certain ads on IG/FB/etc. but not within games.

Paul Supancheck

Complete your #garage makeover project with ideas from this article. #homeimprovement

Heathered Nest

This #bathroom project was 100% #DIY and was finally 100% done after a good 9 months of work on evenings & weekends. Not all projects are quick & easy. This master bathroom makeover was a beast, but I'm SO HAPPY w/ the AFTER. What do you think? #renovated


ive been playing that project makeover game that has ads on youtube for 2 hours now im so sick

E🌟verything T🌟wice

Jihyo is so bored these days 👀 Sana and Jihyo were showing games they play This game is cute 🦄 don't laugh at me 😁😂😂 Sana playing project makeover !!

Soumendra Jena

New project for next 30 days - BALCONY MAKEOVER!!!⠀


Cleaning up hard drives is fun! I think this project is still one of my favorites. Another candidate to get a makeover with more recent blender versions, tools and skills. 🐙🐙🐙 #b3d #throwback

Miss Guided 🔞

The whole Makeover Project game ads hits me weird. I mean, I think this is supposed to be a cis girl and she’s hit more of a beard than I do.

Richard Tipper

I was then back at PVHQ for this Jaguar Project 7. One that I’ve looked after from new and having its annual makeover. #pv2020

Manasi Phadke

For some, 2020 was a good year. The first set of Mumbai’s Bhendi Bazaar residents moved into their new homes as part of the first phase of the city’s largest urban renewal project. The entire project is expected to be complete by 2025


@luizdavipaolilo Project makeover

Shekhar Gupta

The first planned inner city renewal project... Mumbai’s Bhendi Bazaar makeover hits phase 1 milestone in Covid year, 2 towers up & running Manasi Phadke @manasi87 reports for ThePrint

terra ♡

@JVA_KuroTetsuro project makeover

Project Makeover 2.3.1 Screenshots & Images

Project Makeover iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Project Makeover iphone images
Project Makeover iphone images
Project Makeover iphone images
Project Makeover iphone images
Project Makeover iphone images
Project Makeover iphone images
Project Makeover iphone images
Project Makeover iphone images

Project Makeover (Version 2.3.1) Install & Download

The applications Project Makeover was published in the category Games on 2020-11-15 and was developed by Bubblegum Games LLC [Developer ID: 1483058897]. This application file size is 231.57 MB. Project Makeover - Games app posted on 2020-12-30 current version is 2.3.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.bgg.jump

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