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Ball Sort Puzzle - Color Game Game Description & Overview

What is ball sort puzzle - color game app? As the most relaxing and addictive color sorting game, this ball puzzle is designed to entertain and sharpen your mind at the same time. While sorting the colored balls to fill each bottle with the same color, the relaxation it brings will relieve stress and distract you from your daily worries.

This classic color sorting game is pretty simple to play, but hard to master. Just tap to take a colored ball from one bottle and stack it into another bottle, until all balls of the same color are in the same bottle. However, there are thousands of puzzles of varying difficulty. The more challenging the puzzles you play, the more careful you need to be with each move. Each move cannot be taken lightly, or you may get stuck! This Ball Sort game is definitely the best puzzle game for you to exercise your brain and train your logical thinking.

- Absolutely FREE color sorting game
- One-finger control, just tap to sort the ball
- Thousands of levels to challenge, varying difficulty & infinite joy
- NO TIMER, enjoy the Ball Sort puzzles at your own pace
- NO penalties, you can restart your current level at any time
- Use "Undo" to go back to previous steps, or click "Add" to add an extra bottle
- Train your brain in relaxing games
- Simple but Addictive gameplay
- OFFLINE game, no need for network connection
- Family Game, suitable for all ages

- Tap any bottle to pick up the top ball, then tap another bottle to move the ball into it.
- You can only stack the ball into a bottle with the same color ball on top and enough space.
- When balls of the same color are sorted into a single bottle, you win!
- Each bottle can only be placed with 4 balls.
- Use "Undo" to go back to previous steps.
- Add an extra bottle if you get stuck.
- You can restart the current level at any time.

This challenging yet relaxing Ball Sort game will never get you bored when you play the color sorting puzzles. Share our brain training game with your family and enjoy a full day of entertaining and relaxing family time in sorting colors.

Are you ready for a colorful gaming experience with this ball color matching game? Download now and play with your family and friends! Who will be the master of Color Sorting?

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App Name Ball Sort Puzzle - Color Game
Category Games
Updated 28 March 2024, Thursday
File Size 409.68 MB

Ball Sort Puzzle - Color Game Comments & Reviews 2024

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So. Many. Ads.. The game is fun, it makes you think several moves ahead, recognize patterns, and take chances. But there are way too many ads. Ads when you want to restart a level. Ads when you win a level. Ads when you undo a move. Ads when you add an extra tube. There isn’t much more frustrating in this game than sitting through a 30-45 second ad before a level, making a couple of moves once the level starts and realizing you messed up and have to start over, and sitting through ANOTHER 30-45 second ad to restart.

Must Watch Ads to Solve Some Puzzles. When you first start to play the game puzzles are easy and they start to progress in difficulty like any other game. The issue with this particular game is that as you progress the puzzles get to a point where you can not solve them without watching the ads to add extra tubes. The ads do not add an entire tube at a time, they add sections of a tube, so you have to watch four ads in a row just to get another full tube. I understand that developers need the ads in order to make some sort of revenue from the games but at this point it’s just greedy. Also, if you have issues with a game don’t leave 5 stars and then complain about it in the review. That doesn’t make any sense and causes games like this to get higher ratings than what they deserve.

How do I spend coins?. I do enjoy this game. However, I gave a three star rating for a couple reasons. One reason being the obvious umpteen million ads for every little thing! I have to watch an ad if I win , I have to watch an ad to get the extras which brings me to my second point. I earn coins, but how do I use them? I have close to a thousand now, but can not access them in any way! I have checked for updates to be able to use them with no luck. So, my instincts are telling me that I will only be able to use the coins if I purchase the “no ads” option. I WILL NOT DO THAT. I’m stubborn and I’m on a budget. I will either continue to ignore the ads, or I will simply stop playing and delete the app altogether.

Good game, but the ads…. This is a definitely a good game! This game has a good variety of difficulties and I love the tools you can use to help you if you need it. They’re actually helpful and pretty easy to get. Although, if you’re stubborn like me, after a few tries, you can get them on your own if you’d rather. Also, in my opinion the bonus levels are super fun and easy and give me a nice brain break in between levels! The only problem with this game are the ads. There is an ad anytime you want to restart the level and anytime you finish a level. Which I guess doesn’t sound too bad, but when you’re on a roll and are playing for a while, it’s a lottt of ads. Anyway, overall a really great game, exactly how it looks, and I would recommend!

Potential. this game is so fun, but the ads on this game are insane. literally an ad after every single puzzle and the majority of the ads they give are unskippable and at least 30 seconds long. unfortunately i deleted after about 8 puzzles bc it was just too much. and $8 for a no ad game? that’s CRAZY. i’ve never seen any apps price it that high, including new game developers. i know they’re gonna pull the “well we’re a new company”. so are a lot of companies and the ads there aren’t half as bad.

It’s The Best One Yet. Firstly you can turn off game data and no ads. Easy peasy. I’m on level 148 and stumped the last 20 levels have been so hard to pass. I LOVE THIS! I hate when games recycle their levels to the point you’re only playing games at some point and have them memorized. The levels get harder ands harder, and then they throw in an easy one to keep your moral up. I love being challenged and enjoy this game so much! Even with data off you can turn it back on watch an ad and get your upgrades. I adore it! Thank you!!!

Advertisements do not disappear even if you pay. Agree that this game is fun and nice when you need to take a break. The ads are annoying, and the price to get rid of the ads is $7.99!!!! I decided to pay the one time fee to remove ads. Much to my surprise, THEY DO NOT GO AWAY! The ads last for up to 2 minutes even after you pay to remove them. Maybe just my opinion, but it screams dishonesty

Fun game but….. This game is a lot of fun keep you thinking but my only two problems are one I paid for the add removal and yet I still have ads in between the games and also when I try to add more tubes. That’s so annoying and a waste of money. Secondly receiving the coins it’s kinda a waste I wish we would be able to use them to purchase more tubes during the games or to remove ads or for hints that would be better. It has potential to be better.

Cool game-too many ads. I do enjoy the game but having to watch ads that at a minute plus between each play is sad because it does take long to get tired of it. I read review after review of everyone complaining about the ads. The responses are always the same but no fix to the issue. Slow down the ads and listen to the people who are playing your games.

😀. Hey I sure like these type of puzzles but I’m just here because of your advertisement. You see you may have invented the best game yet. The part in the ad where you depict the tube turning into a candle, I liked that about it. Kind of made me feel it would of been a good idea. It would also make the game enjoyable. I would give it 5 stars then. Thank you for your time. You go guys.

Classic bait and switch. SCAMMERS Should be shot. They lie for money. I guess internet financial crimes are legal. Anyone want to do a class action lawsuit against these Chinese scammers?? Here’s proof. My complaint I submitted: I paid $8 for no ads but still get Royal Match ads. Long ones. What’s the deal? Their response: Hello, Thanks for reaching us! The Remove Ads service is for removing the Banner Ads at the bottom of the game page and the Pop-up Ads between each level. But it can't remove the Bonus Videos for adding an extra test tube or more go-back steps. Hopefully, our answer could be helpful to your concerns. Please feel free to let us know if you have further questions or suggestions. We will try everything in our power to make the game right for you. Thanks again for your support and have a great day! :-) Best regards, Devin

7.99 and there’s still ads….. Ok. No gonna lie… This game is great. It’s fantastic. It should be 5 stars except 7.99 to remove ads but you still get ads? This is unacceptable. I did pay to remove ads. I paid well over the norm to remove ads yet after I clear a series of levels, I’m still subjected to ads just to claim my “reward” for having cleared a series of levels? This sounds like a company that is double dipping to benefit from both the company that’s marketing ads and from the customer that pays to remove ads. Be weary if you plan to purchase to remove ads… you WILL still get ads.

Love the game but….. I really enjoy the game and try to solve it without using any of the five “undo’s.” I succeed 0ver 90% of the time. Then I come upon a game that has more hidden balls than colored one. I don’t mind a few but several of the games now have so many hidden colors that it becomes luck more than strategy. I can still win the game but sometimes have to use all the “undo’s” several times. I suspect that is so the developer can force more 30 second adds. I just deleted the app because I enjoy strategy games over games of chance.

Nonstop playing. I play this game so much on my phone that I wonder how many levels there are. Is there a number of levels that it will eventually stop, or does it keep going on and on? And if there is a final level would I have to start all over again?

Great game!. This game is so fun! I play it basically every day, and it is so relaxing. Every level is different. They have events, and all that fun stuff. I am going to say that 1 thing are wrong. First is that if you press that “let this app notify you” or something, it will be so annoying it will be like,”Do me a favor and sort these balls🔴⚫️🔵⚪️🟢🟤🟡🟣🟠🙏🙏🙏”and,”A 5-year-old girl just got to level 1000😱🤯😲"and stuff like that. Otherwise I really like this game because it’s fun, challenging, and relaxing. Thanks!

What’s with the take back moves. I really enjoy playing this game. BUT! For starters the ads are ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to see an ad after every single level but my biggest gripe is with the iPad version of this game. On the iPhone version you get 5 take back moves for every level and if you run out you gotta watch an ad to get 5 more but with each level you get 5 more automatically however, on the iPad version once you run out of take back moves you only get more when you watch an ad they don’t automatically refill on the next level like it does on the iPhone version, it makes me not even want to play it at times because of how annoying this is please fix it

He ripped me off Royally. Hey Dev, First off, congrats for your start-up here, but the false advertising cannot be tolerated. First, you advertised the “No Ads” as being like $4.99 but then charged me (my bank account) $7.99 as another review states. Second, I’m still having to endure these 2 minute long ads for the infernal Royal Match? Either cut my ads out as I’ve paid for them to be bypassed or refund me the money you skimmed off my bank account. Even as a start-up, and I’ve been involved with many, are not going to go bankrupt for giving me what you advertised, giving me what I paid for or simply making it right. I’m sure it’s just a clerical error that slipped through the cracks.

Why am I still seeing ads??. I enjoy this game whenever I have a little time to kill, or if I want to distract myself from something else. What I CANNOT STAND is any game that shows ads between every game played! So, I broke down and PAID TO REMOVE ADS. But, WHY AM I STILL SEEING ADS BETWEEN EVERY GAME?? I “restored my purchase” and *one time* I blissfully played two games in a row. THEN THE ADS RESTARTED BETWEEN EVERY GAME. What do I have to do to *get rid* of the ads? I’m certainly not going to pay your full fee every two games to be rid of ads. If this is a bug in your programming, please fix it ASAP and release the fix ASAP. Thank you from a very frustrated user.

Horrible ads, even after paying!!!. This game is fun and relaxing for the mind. However the ads are out of control. There’s ads between every single level. I paid for ad-free and yet there’s still ads in order to use any special features or claim your earned new things! And those ads are like a minute long. Why did I pay for “ad-free” when there’s still ads?! False-advertising! It’s not ad free after paying, more like reduced frequency but longer ads. Not cool.

Too many ads. Fun game but too many, long ads. After every level, you have to watch an ad. The initial levels are insanely easy so you’re watching more ads than playing the game. Not sure why I mention too many ads as so many others have on this game and every other game. Apparently, they don’t care. I understand the need for ads on free games but if there’s so many ads it makes the game completely unenjoyable, it won’t be played and there goes any chance of any ad working. Definitely deleting this game.

Unbelievable ADS. The ads are LONG AND WAY TO MANY! "IF" You pay to remove them at ridiculous price of 8.99 there are STILL ads! Fun game but gezzzz the ads are WAY to long, WAAAAY to often!!! It's eaten up my battery life and makes my phone hot only after a few levels due to the unbelievable amount of ADS!!!! Some lasting up to 3mins! Thanks but time to move onto a game without alllllllll these ads after you pay to remove them .....???? Not cool !!! 🤔🥲

Relaxing and awesome!!💫. I would definitely recommend this game for people with stress because it’s very relaxing and very good for long airplane rides. So I would definitely recommend it! I was playing this game in front of my friend and she right away asked me “what’s the name of that game? I need to get that!!” I’m looking forward to play this game for a long time because I have a 14 hour flight soon!!✈️💨

It’s ok. This game is amazing but it has a lot of ads like after a level there’s an ad. This game could be a lot more fun if there were less ads. I bet people have said that before but it should be gone by now. That’s just my opinion and not everyone has to agree. I hope the developers have an amazing day and know hard feelings.

Fun, but the ads are a killer.. While the regular game is fun the constant ads are extremely annoying. When I hit the reset level button an ad pops up on my screen. It’s ridiculous. I heard that you can pay money to remove the ads which is terrible. You shouldn’t have to pay money to remove the same ads that keep appearing. If you like this game get it. Just be aware that you’ll got multiple ads in under a minute. If you don’t read this or something like it you’ll see how it is.

Don’t pay to have ads removed!. So I love the game, but I hated the ads. The App Store description said you can pay 8.00 something to have the ADS REMOVED. It doesn’t say “ SOME ADS REMOVED” it is written to make you think it removes all ads. So I paid the money and I still have to sit and waste time watching the same ad over and over again. Y’all need to reword the description on your remove ads info. It’s misleading and quite frankly a scam.

Game gets 5 stars. Im rating this game 5 stars because I really enjoy playing it!! BUT I’ve never had any sort of music. It is silent the whole time I play. WAYYYYY too many ads and the ads run forever!!! No you can not skip them after 5 seconds. Kings Ransom game ads play for a minimum of 2 minutes after I complete a game. Game is good! The rest is lousy

It’s a great but ads are too long!. I paid the $7.99 to remove ads but I hate that I still have to watch super long and repetitive ads anytime I want to add an extra move or get the option to undo a move. The fact that I paid money to remove ads should either remove them completely or at least give me shorter ads. It’s so frustrating. Other than that the graphics and the game itself are great.

Awesome game 😌🤨😍. This game is great but I have a suggestion. After every level there is an ad. People who might see this, if you are having trouble with the ads, put it on airplane mode. That will block out all the ads unless your watching one on purpose. But I can’t keep putting my phone on airplane mode over and over. When I play music and play this game all I hear is ads so when I put it on airplane mode I can’t hear my music. What I am trying to say is PLEASE LOWER THE PRICE ON THE ADS. 😩😩😤🤬 Other than that it is an awesome game and it is relaxing.

Not very challenging—can keep playing forever if you are bored!. Aside from the super annoying ads, the game itself is fun except that it gets to a certain level of challenge and then never gets any harder. I’ve played about 500 levels so far and it has really plateaued—each level seems indistinguishable from the last. Airplane mode is a good option at the beginner levels but eventually you need an occasional extra tube and then you are forced to watch the same dumb ads over and over—even if you have installed the product. The ads are really offensive to your intelligence—mind numbing, actually. The company claims they need to charge a lot to remove ads because they are a startup, but that hasn’t been true for many years. This game alone is 4 years old. And the. They don’t actually remove all the ads—very deceptive. Technically well implemented but their business practices undermine the hard work of their developers.

Fun game. This game is wicked fun and helps me fall asleep at night. There’s a ton of ads which is annoying but I consider the gameplay well worth every single ad. This game is challenging which I love and the fact that levels get harder and harder to beat is really stimulating for the mind. Overall great game and it’s worth playing ads or no ads. Thanks to everyone who helped create this game as it helps me quiet my mind, focus and sit still which is hard when you have adhd(trust me on this🙃) This game is one of only 3 games that help my hyperactivity which truly surprised me. I look forward to future updates for this game. so again thanks and everyone with adhd should try this game to focus, sit still and concentrate😁😁

Good Game but MY GAWD THE ADDS!!. I needed some mind numbing game to play to pass time away. While playing this game is fun and sometimes challenging. HOWEVER, THE ADDS ARE OUT IF CONTROL. You are forced to watch an add for the same game over and over after EACH game is finished. You have wait and watch for up to 5 seconds which really is t bad but when there are one right after another it’s more like 10 to 15 after each game. I went back to my crossword app I have had enough

Frustrating adds. I’m enjoying this game, but the constant adds are annoying. I paid to have the adds removed, but they are still there. Even though I am enjoying the game, I probably will stop playing this game because of the adds.

Ball game. I like the game. Except I paid not To have ads but the 799 didn’t get me very far because I still have the ads and they have my $7.99 so don’t fall for the trick cause you’ll lose your day you lose your money and you’ll still have to put up with the annoying ads but the game is fun the ad you’re annoying. Still not worth it very deceiving I still want to refund because there’s no difference. I still have to wait at least a minute and a half to two minutes between games it’s annoying and I don’t want to pay 799 to have to still wait.

Glitch or Not?. Besides having Ads every time you beat a round. So far I’ve been playing for 2 or 3 days and I’m on round 171 so far. My issue is that it keeps promising coins if I beat a certain amount of levels but I’m haven’t seen a single coin and I’m not watching an ad to get coins. Fix it please. Edit response to the reply I received. Unfortunately I deleted the game. I was around level 200 and all of sudden when I reopen the app I was back at level 66. So I deleted it.

The ads. Overall, the game would be fun if it weren’t for the ads. I understand companies need the ads to keep the game running, but that doesn’t mean I need an ad after every single level. Im also not paying $7.99 to have no ads. I’m uninstalling it to be quite honest. Maybe you could have ads after every 5-6 levels or something.

Super Entertaining. I absolutely love this game! It is so fun and very challenging! I play this game all the time: this is my go to game for when I’m not busy. This game makes me feel so much smarter with some of the harder daily puzzles. I love this game and would recommend it to anyone of any age!

The game is addicting but too many ads. The game is fun. The further you get along the more you need help… so you have to watch ads. I understand you can pay to get rid of them, but the developers probably make a lot more money from the ads than to go ad-free for a fee. Especially if you accidentally click. The ads are long and aggravating to wait. I prefer to just kill the app, re-open and retry than to wait for ads a lot of the time. The response saying they need the ad revenue to continue to developer is a trash response. This game is not a difficult one to create, it’s the same thing with more colors and tougher puzzles the further you get. It’s not like they need a team to continue fixing glitches or something. The play time to ad time ratio is terrible. Use shorter ads… please.

Rigged to play ads. I was enjoying this game and I paid to have the ads removed but they have it rigged so that in order to get an extra tube you STILL have to watch an ad that is over a minute long and it’s always the same freaking annoying ad. So I paid for no ads and the majority of the time I still have to watch a minute long ad during every game. There’s no other way to get out of watching the ad for an entire minute because it is set up that way. Who has time for a minute long ad per game on their break? Skip this one.

Addicting & fun but….. I would’ve given this game 5 stars but as others have stated there are way too many ads. It’s to the point you spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game. There’s literally ads for & after everything. Complete a level *ad*, restart a level *ad*, refill undo one moves *ad*, claim an unlocked new theme *ad*, multiply your coins *ad*. It’s truly ridiculous & yes, you can pay $7.99 to get a no ad version but in this economy some of us have to watch every dollar we spend. Also, skipping ads when it’s an option doesn’t do much. I’ve solved levels quicker than it took me to skip an ad.

Fun but annoying. The game is fun when it works but I keep having an issue where I select a ba and try and move it into another container but it picks up another ball instead of placing it. It’s infuriating because sometimes it works fine and other times you can’t even play the game since the whole point is to pick up a ball and move it but when you go to move it it just drops the ball and picks up one from the container that your trying to drop it in..

Best game. I think it is the best game because it is a good game and it is kind of easy and hard but I like the. Challenging and there is a little bit of ads so I will say that it is a good game but it has to many ads so I think there should be less because it is after the game it is a ad every time but I like it

Very adicting game. I love this game! I just got it, and I’ve been playing for about a day or two, and I’m absolutely addicted!!! I feel like I’m using my brain to figure out the puzzle and the satisfaction of having the power to sort all of the balls with just a tap and another tap is very rewarding.

Bug Fix. I love this game. However there’s an annoying bug in a particular ad that causes me to shut the app down and start again. I think the ad is called Match Three! I click the X as it appears in the top right, I tap, tap tap and it never goes away and doesn’t let me continue. Please contact the app’s developer and have them fix it. If they won’t, please remove the ad!

Wears on you after time. The game is well made, decently fun, and has nice art. I get the use of ads, absolutely I get it, and I’m fine watching a 30s ad for a reward and I understand there being shippable ads in between levels. But y’all NEED to stop running 60s unskippable ads, plus most of these ads have a 15s timer after the videos done before you can return to the game. I used to play this game a ton but it’s pretty much been ruined.

Well, that didn’t last long. Love the concept of these games. This app lasted on my phone less than 15 minutes. WAY too many ads. If I have to sit through a 20-30 second ad just to play a level and finish it in less than 15-20 seconds that’s too much. Oh, and most of these ads you cannot mute. So you have to turn the volume completely down if you’re in a place that isn’t conducive to a phone speaker playing loud music. Don’t forget to turn the volume back up once you finish playing or deleting the game.

A great game. This game is a very nice game to play it challenges you will also being a very fun colorful game I am a big fan of marble and I think they’re really cool to play around with this game put the fun and playing with marbles not to mention how you can play the game in real life pretty cool isn’t it and not to mention how this is a sorting game it’s an amazing game we should play at some point I tend to play with my brothers on the PC he’s my big brother and I just like to play whenever he’s doing it to pass the time or just go to sleep

Fun and user friendly!. Love this game! Actually enjoyable to play, it’s clear this games creators want you to stick with the app and not rage delete it like so many others. With no need to spend real money to progress in the game, simply watch an ad or two to get the help you need to get to the next level if you need it. With a goal to get different themes to decorate your gameplay like different balls, jars, and backgrounds it’s great. If you want a fun and user friendly app for any age just to pass the time or to thoroughly enjoy, get this one! 5 stars, definitely not disappointed 😊

Ball Sort: fun, challenging, ads overwhelming (and not removed with paid). I’ve enjoyed the game. It does promote pattern retention and analytical thinking. I do wish cracked additional stats to provide goals at higher levels (such as first time solves, number of times a “feature” was used to solve, etc…). Ivectakenctimectocprovide such feedback. I’ve also shared feedback that as removal should mean ad removal, not just banner ads. The videos to employ a feature or to skip a puzzle are absurdly long. I do pay to support apps I use. I paid the removal fee here, which is higher than many games. I might could even tolerate videos that fun 30 seconds, but these are 2 minutes+. It’s gotten old enough and with enough “we have to make money” messages they now I’m deleting it. Good luck developer, you are now chasing away paid users (this one at least).

Don’t pay the $8 for ad free-it still has ads. I was so disappointed to pay so much for such a basic game and then it isn’t even truly ad free. I’ve paid less for games that are actually ad free; you can use all the playing options without ads. This game only eliminates the ads between levels all other functions they make you watch ads. Maybe if the game was cheaper that wouldn’t be so annoying but who wants to pay almost $10 for a game and still have to watch ads. DO NOT waste your money or your time on this game.

Relaxing and rewarding. This game is very relaxing I’m at level 98 so far and I love that every level is a different difficulty and the further I get the more time I spend figuring out how to complete the level which I enjoy. I like having choices for the backgrounds and styles gives the game a bit of personality. Overall amazing game my only complaint is the amount of ads that pop up consistently after you beat each level. I don’t mind how the ads were before but recently it’s been very irritating.

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More ads than game. After level 8 this becomes an add riddled mess. The ads get longer and more frequent the longer you play and the more level you pass. Deleted after level 15.

Keep sharp. Great for keeping me alert.

too many adds and far too long of adds. reduce the length of the adds

Adds. Worst app ever so much adds and long ones as well not worth it

Ball. I love games that test my mind

Kaz. To many add

Don’t pay to remove ads. The game is fun but I decided to pay to remove ads because I play it so often. I paid $12.99 to remove ads but it only removes the ads between games. If I want extra tubes or to claim a reward that I’ve earned for passing so many levels, I have to watch ads. In my opinion it should be more clear that the $12.99 doesn’t remove ALL ads. Very annoyed at the misleading advertising. I can’t even restore my purchase because the option to do so doesn’t work in app.

Ball sort. I love this game as it helps my memory to keep dementia away.

Too many ads. Another good game ruined by a time wasting ad after every short level. I understand that apps must be paid for somehow, but it seemed the ads took more time than the content.

Excellent but misleading to remove ads. Excellent puzzle game but purchased for 12.99 to remove ads yet there are still long ads. Please add a message as to what removing ads actually means. Also it would be good to have a pop up when no further moves are possible

Unnecessary ads. Unnecessary ad after every 10 seconds

Scam adds. I purchased 2 items from your advertisers for Xmas and both were scams. As your games promote these platforms, you should be responsible for their veracity. Don’t buy anything from Cantav or Enovloce.

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SO many ads!. Can’t play for any time before another ad.

The ads are annoying.. Many ads don’t even have a close button after watching it for over a minute. You have to shut the game down and relaunch it.

Too many ads, one after each game. This would be a fun game if there wasn’t an ad after every single level, I’ll seek out a diff similar game with either less ads or a less costly “ad free” option

Review. Way to many ads.

Too many advertisements. Don’t download it. After every level, there is an advertisement. If you refresh, there is an ad. If you make a wrong move, you cannot re-do it, and if you refresh, there is an ad again. Game sucks.

Some levels are impossible. The company makes this happen because you can actually go a long way without ads by turning off the internet. If you want to skip a level or undo a play, you can only do it by watching ads. So you have to watch 5 minutes of ads in order to do either. IMO that is dirty pool. FOLKS there are easier more fun ways to go crazy. Unless you have more patience than Job, stay away for this one.

ADS. Booring!Toomanyadds.

No way to play this game. It’s annoying to play this game due to thousands and thousands of ads popping up all the time. You spend less than 1 minute playing and other 5 minutes trying to shut down that annoying ads.

Ads. Why is there an ad after each game. Very annoying and considering deleting. Not much fun after each game to have an ad

👍. Great game

Hate the ads!. I hate when I really get into playing Ball Sort !!and have to wait for a ad or two before I can play ball sort again!

Move up to harder puzzles more quickly. ! Title says it all

Tube game. Too many ads

Points are useless. Keep collecting points but can’t use them for anything. I also don’t get any moves to use to correct a wrong move. The game gave me five trial moves. Once these were used up, I couldn’t buy any more moves with the extra points I accumulate.

I love:3. The balls are rlly fun:3

I Love Bubble Ball Sort. I love this game because it forces your brain to solve different pathways. It keeps my brain tuned up, grin.

Too many ads. I like the game but the ads are too much. Specifically Royal Kingdom!

Too many adds. The game is ok, but there are way too many adds. One after each level!!!! It’s way too annoying.

Way too many ads. The game could be okay but they allow way too many ads. Almost equal amounts of ads to game play. The ads are getting trickier and harder to close, only you watched enough. Terrible.

So-so. Not that hard

Scam.. Paid very high in-app amount to remove ads. Still get ads.

Fun but ads ruin it. You spend as much time watching an ad as you do playing the game ! very frustrating to the point I’m done and moving on . You can’t even tap out of them , you just get bounced around and then finally you can play the game but that’s goes by relatively fast and then the ad starts again, they are long an super annoying . I loaded this to play a game, not to play …try to tap out of this ad. At least deleting the game is fast lol

Ads…. Trop de pub! Mais, Ces derniers temps, quand on demande de réinitialiser le jeu ou d’ajouter un tube, une fois sur dix, il ne se passe rien, seulement un écran noir. Pas de pub, pas de réinitialisation, pas de nouveau tube, rien de rien. Proche de désinstaller le jeu. Réglez le problème svp!

Too many ads. Not difficult, quite boring. None of the levels seem too much different. Ads pop up between nearly every level and button click.

Ads. I loved the game and decided to pay to remove ads when I’m playing but even if the payment was made, I still get ads when I am playing. What’s the point of paying 12$ if I’m still getting ads? Could this be fixed please I really enjoy the game.

Too many ads. It’s honestly a fun game, but you spend 8x the time clearing ads than actually playing the game.

What happened?. They removed the special level puzzles. Why????

Ball game. Far too many ads

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Rite-on cool. These marbles take me off track and into a speed race to just switch everything up ad you know what? I’m not stressed any more wise it played onge

So many ads, so little play. At least at the easier levels, you spend way more time watching ads than playing games. The ads run a minute or longer and sometimes they seem to have “technical issues” and when the long awaited X to close appears and i press it, the ad restarts. Can’t believe people put up with this.

Color Blind. So me and two of my siblings are color blind. I’m seeing three shades of blue and trying to decide what is supposed to be purple. Amazingly I can actually tell the red and green apart this far. Still no idea why there are two versions of white/gray.

Define Remove. I understand the need to support as a business but when you charge to remove ads shouldn’t that mean I don’t see anymore ads period? Redos? Ads. Extra beaker? Ads for each level. Claim new backgrounds or beaker designs? An ad for EACH one! What in the world did I pay $8 to remove? The game is great but exercise your patience and save your money.

Of course, love this ball sort. One thing I would give 5 star is to see more than 4 balls per tube. Seems after every easy ones solved, “challenge” mode comes on. That’s pretty easy too with few tubes. Come in, I M looking for challenge!

Very addictive. I been diagnosed with dementia and I looking to keep sharp doing challenges. Found it, can’t stop playing. Even got family and friends to play.

Could be better. Would’ve given 5 stars but they hit you with an AD after EVERY level. I don’t mind ads, I get they are needed but I play a level for like 30sec and then a 30sec+ ad, rinse and repeat. It’s too annoying to keep playing, gonna delete and go with the dozens of games exactly like this but don’t spam with ads any chance you get.

it’s okay. the game is fun and it keeps me occupied but the thing i hate about it is that every single level i beat there is an ad right after EVERY one of them. and when i even restart a level it goes to an ad.. like every move you make there is an ad. why???? nobody needs that many ads

This App is a Ripoff. I did something I usually don’t do. I paid to remove the ads on your game. I’m still getting ads. Does it take days to take the ads away once you get paid? Are there some special secret steps we have to figure out once we pay to remove your ads? Why make a fun game and ruin it with lousy service.

Review. I’ve only been playing this for maybe a half hour. So it’s early to give a full recommendation. The colors are nice, and the game plays easily. However, I have yet to find if any rewards are given. No coins, no options to purchase different balls or backgrounds. Nice game, but without any challenge it could get boring. Maybe as the game progresses, I can be more positive.

Too Many Ads. Game was great but too many ads, even though I paid for ad removal. Could not advance without watching 30 second ads. After I paid cash for ad removal expected these to be gone! Disappointed I removed the app.

Good mind puzzle game. It is a good mind puzzle to play , but thos ads kinda stinks because when you want to ues extra vials to play, ads make us start over because ads not working properly. Thank you

Ten out of ten would recommend. I always lose my mind on this game and just wind down, I do stuff everyday of the week and instead of a nice warm bath I play this game would so recommend.

Rip off. Even if you pay for ad free, there are constant adds. It’s a fun game, but the promotional ads ruin it. It’s too expensive and definitely not as free

Way too many ads. There is a LONG ad after practically every single level. I deleted it after playing only a few minutes. Most games I’m aware of only put ads periodically, such as every three levels, or randomly on average of one in five levels.

Doesn’t work. Had high hopes for the game, the reviews look promising and so do the previews. Unfortunately on level two I already started experiencing game glitches and I can’t even move the balls to different slots. I’ve tried restarting the app multiple times now and unfortunately keep running into the same issue. I do wish this developer nothing but the best for their future endeavors.

It could be better. I like the Ball sort game. I thought though that the 2023 version would be better. I think I prefer the 2022 game because you at least had options on background images, tube shapes, caps, and balls. They looked more 3D than this version of the same game. Update the graphics and options and I may continue to play. If not then this game is a delete for me.

Love the game but freezes up. I’m really enjoying the game but it tends to freeze up every few levels. There are a lot of ads but I expect that will get better over time.

I like it 😬😬. I love this game it’s very calm and sharpens your brain but there is one problem, there are a lot of ads which can be frustrating at times so if y’all can cut back on ads that would be a five star game!

Ads. Love this game! I don’t believe in putting money in games but I finally decided to pay for no ads. It took my money but the ads are still playing.

It’s fun but glitches. The game is fun but it freezes and the only was to fix it is to delete the game and reinstall it. This would be the fourth time so I sent an email and if not I will try another one. Once it freezes you can’t continue to play. I’m so frustrated as I’m on level 289. Fix the game

Game ok, ads not. The game is fun but the ads are not fun. You play the game for 30 seconds, watch ads for 1 minute or longer. There’s no way to move quickly around the ads. For every change, there’s an ad. I’ll probably end up removing the game because of the frequency and duration of the ads.

Too many ads. You cannot progress to the next step without having to endure tortuous adds for similar games.

Paid for & still get ads. I paid for the game because ads are a nuisance. I’ve contacted the developer three times, yet I continue to receive ads. If this is not corrected, I will have no choice but to cancel my subscription and advise my family and friends to do the same since we compete with each other.

Deceptive ad removal policy. It’s incredibly disappointing that they charged me $7.99 to make the app “ad free” and yet still make me watch ads in order to get things within the game (a new theme, extra chances, etc.). The only thing that $7.99 did was remove the small banner at the bottom of the screen. I’d rather be charged $15 for a game that ACTUALLY IS ad free. The developers of this game shouldn’t be misleading people.

Excellent mind game. Excellent game to make you think. It helps with problem solving. Making one think steps ahead of time. Keeps your mind sharp. Excellent game for your mind.

I NEVER EVER get my x5 coins. Can you say why I never get the x5 coins? I’ve been playing for a few months now and every time I claim the x5 coins by watching an ad I only receive the bare 200 coins instead of 1,000 coins. Am I misunderstanding what x5 means? I think you owe me some coins. If it’s a programming error you need to correct it pronto!! I’m hooked on this game! Love it! But it’s cheating on me. 🥴

Still shows ads. Hello, we purchased the ad free version for $7.99, and there are still ads every time we click on anything. What’s going on here? If this is the case I would like a refund for false advertising. How can we get this fixed? We would like the ad free version. Thank you!

Fun game and a challenge!. Thinking has become a good way to challenge my brain. Having fun doing is enjoyable. Some of the words are easy and some harder. Try it out!

Complaint. I love the game but have never seen one that has so many ads. I know you need some but everything you do another ad comes up. I keep quitting it to get a break from them. It’s really ridiculous.

Color ball puzzle. Much improved over the other color puzzle offers on the web

Still getting ads. I like this game but was getting sick of having an ad after every board. So I paid for the option to have ads removed but I’m still getting ads after every board. Will have to report the charge to my credit card

Keeps freezing. This is a great game, and I’d love to sit and play a few rounds continuously. BUT…aside from the extremely tiring/annoying/repetitive ads, for games I’ll never play, and to which you’re treated any time you need to add a column, this game freezes for no reason. The freeze lasts long enough that you’re done for the day. Disappointing.

No backups. I loved this game and I was at level 8000? or so, then I got a new phone and moved all of my fav games expect this one ‘cause there is no cloud or sign in or any type of backup that let you move your progress to another phone, what’s the point then..

iPad gets so HOT, ads after every third ‘click’. TOO-TOO MANY ADS!!!! And my iPad is hitting up so much, getting very HOT! HAD TO TURN OFF WiFi - helped a little bit! I don't know what this software does on the background! I even turned off background updates…- didn’t help.. otherwise it’s a beautiful game, would be nice to play without frustration… Im ready to delete it from my iPad, get something else..

The freaking ads…!. MUST there be an ad after EVERY level (AND after just refreshing the level you are on)?!?! I understand free games need a way to get revenue but this is ridiculous. I have other free games that will at least give you a two or three level breather. The game itself is challenging and fun but I’m a tweak away from deleting it.

Not what was advertised. I picked this game because it was going to grow. The tubes should be longer, more balls, more colors. I have played for weeks and it’s still the same.

I love the game but the ads are disgusting. I love the game, I don’t even mind sitting though the ads. But the new Family match ad starts with a puss filled ear on a child. Seriously can we block the disgusting ads and play clean family rated ones? Every time that ad pops up I will force close the game.

Awesome game, but way too many ads.. The game is great way to pass time, and it is fun and challenging. However, after you pass the first 3 or 4 levels there seems to be an ad after every single round.

Hello. My mother had one, but she dropped it. When she went downtown pick up her son. When she got through, she forgot why why she went there. So she went back home and cook dinner. She went to bed.

Fun but holy cow the ads….. There’s an ad after at least every other level. Sometimes after every level. Most of them you can’t skip after a few seconds so you’re stuck there for a whole minute. I spend more time watching ads then playing the game.

Ads are ridiculous. Downloaded the app yesterday. Enjoying the game itself, but got to a level that seems impossible to pass without adding an extra tube, which requires watching an ad. I understand ad revenue is important, but when you design the app so that success in a game depends on either sitting through a 30-second ad or paying to go ad free, you have a poor business model. Uninstalled.

too many ads. I have played ball sort games before, and wanted to try this one because it looked like it had some different size tubes. But ads after every game which is too much. And I don’t mind paying a couple bucks for no ads but it’s $7.99 and that’s ridiculous. Find another Ball Sort game to play.

BEST VERSION. this one is the best version of this game and I’m completely addicted to it, I just wish there was no ads, tough it’s good that I can skip unwanted ads without rewards after 5 or more seconds

Annoying. I’m pretty good at these games but this one doesn’t even come with some free back moves. Some screens are impossible and you end up watching more ads than playing. I kept getting a headache. Had to delete. Every game should start with some free back moves.

No ADS Please!. The game can be challenging for some people. I’m just starting and I finish rounds very quick. Even if I was terrible I’d race my personal clock. After each round there is an Ad. I just would like to play through. If possible only downfall is the Ads. I love the simply colors and effects. Straight to the point, with a clean game delivery. Thank you

Would be better with out Ads. Ads take too much time. No ads will be better.

games is fun but. i paid for the game thinking i would be able to get an extra tube or redo moves without ads. i did not mind paying devs for the time put in when i am playing the game so much. however, it only took away ads from in between games. I will be moving to a different app with this game

Excellent Mind and Focus Exercise. I’m huge into physical fitness through the day… This is a Fabulous workout for the Mind… Easy on the eyes and all of the color is Beutiful… It’s highly addicting and fantastic before bed to be able to lull into sleep more fully… I Love this App. 💜

Ads. Game was basic, but fun, but ads between every level was a bit much for me. Most games I try, ads are the reason I delete. I understand ads are what makes the money.

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Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.17.0
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

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The application Ball Sort Puzzle - Color Game was published in the category Games on 16 July 2022, Saturday and was developed by Guru Smart Holding Limited [Developer ID: 1499790773]. This program file size is 409.68 MB. This app has been rated by 68,679 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Ball Sort Puzzle - Color Game - Games app posted on 28 March 2024, Thursday current version is 2.17.0 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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