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Get the incredibly addicting word game that everyone is talking about! Starts off easy but gets challenging fast. Can you beat the game?

This modern game combines the best of word searching and crosswords for tremendous brain challenging fun!

Never experience a dull moment once you have this most addicting word puzzle game!

► Escape from boredom and stimulate your mind by visiting the beautiful destinations of Wordscapes!
► Over 6,000 puzzles!
► Starts easy and becomes challenging!

Wordscapes is the latest top rated word game from the makers of Word Chums, Spell Blitz and MixTwo.

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Wordscapes App Description & Overview

The applications Wordscapes was published in the category Games on 2017-06-14 and was developed by PeopleFun, Inc.. This application file size is 178.85 MB. Wordscapes current version is 1.3.2 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Bug fixes

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Wordscapes Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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alphaomega777   5 star

Brained. Great mind. Stretch!

Myrtlegirl2   1 star

Needs Uodate. Freezing up. Ads popping up in middle of games without warning.

dillpickle.rn   1 star

Annoyed. I know this game has ads, but in the last week or two, they are out of control! Come up after just playing a couple words, and if I’m in the middle of playing a word, it freezes my game! So freaking annoying! Please fix this!

A plane gal   1 star

Great game but........ The game is lots of fun but with the latest update, the game is interrupted in the middle of finding words by apparently an ad that doesn’t fully display. It’s not just one in a while that this happens but six or seven times in one set. And it’s causing the game to freeze. This needs to be fixed quickly.

CFDiecasters   5 star

I like it. Great fun good for the mind

KPSFO   1 star

More ads are not improvements. Will only play offline now if at all

Goldenchild_4_99   5 star

Great Exercise. Great exercise for the brain!

Marly01   5 star

Fun. Fun and challenging

hollybeanbag   5 star

Get smart. You can see immediate improvement in brain function. Challenging, meaningful and useful game.

devAdmin   1 star

Latest update hacked?. I’ve been playing this game for months, and I really like it. However, since the latest update, it repeatedly and frequently opens my default browser in an insecure web site. I have deleted the app. I hope you fix it, but I’m not sure how I can trust it again.

Creonunits   5 star

Fun!. I play every day.

Linda from STL   5 star

Addictive. My husband and I love playing this game. It’s hard to stop once you begin. Challenging but not frustrating. I look forward to it daily. It helps to keep my mind sharp.

Anieca M   5 star

Wordscapes. Its a tough but fun game. Keeps my mind moving constantly.

bano raed   5 star

Its nice but one more thing that might help it. I love this game but I think that you shud give the whole word not gust a letter but this game is asome it’s a must play

salfontane   5 star

Fun quick game to fill gaps in day. Do yourself a favor and buy out the ads for 2.99

Salvadorsalvy   5 star

Salvadorsalvy. English is my second language and this game Helps me with my grammar.

Scoutmamaof4   5 star

Unlimited play. I love that play is unlimited, and that you never run out of “lives”.

c-effn-m   5 star

Game. Fun and Addictive

Melvis79   5 star

Fun!. Thanks!

Alice99*   5 star

Wordscapes. I enjoy this game as it makes me think. It keeps my mind sharp.

tacoeve   5 star

Great brain teaser. I like exercising my mind to stay alert

Karrrrrita   5 star

Great Brain Exercise!. Fun way to exercise your brain! Definitely worth it to pay the money for the ad-free version!

orckus   5 star

Fun but challenging game. Great game

Theqat   5 star

It’s good. It’s good

Steve Sweat   5 star

Steve. Good pictures and the words make you think

jrt1213   1 star

Easy game. It’s a easy game. I got to level 15 in 4 minutes. It keeps freezing up and not letting me play.

Think!!   1 star

After level 1000, tons of ads. Seriously, there’s so many ads now DURING a puzzle instead of only after! There’s so many that it makes the game freeze! I refuse to be bullied into buying this piece of crap. Screw you guys.

Kingred35027156359   5 star

Super Goodddd. I love this game simply because it stretches my ability to think!

yohann617   5 star

Not bad fr a free game. Not bad for a free game

The Real Big Manny   5 star

Good game. Good game I love it .....especially after really good sex

Advertorial    5 star

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Mapagmatyag   5 star

Fun. Great game. It enhances my English vocabulary. Reminds me of words that I do not use that often.

KN Cookie   5 star

Good app. I like this app

nickname that I don't want   2 star

Adds are unstable and annoying. Good game. I turn my wifi off before I play

whitetail37301   5 star

Word search. Great relaxing game

Ty905   5 star

Great game. Good stuff

maluchik   5 star

Fantastic game!!!. Love playing this game...

nmdmw   5 star

Addictive and fun!!!. Fun

vigogov   5 star

Amazing. Good

Armin,minecraft fan   5 star

FRe. Great word practice game

suckysuckyLaura   5 star

Laura Widdifield. Addictive

jia210   5 star

Jia210. Great game

Natacha Dupuis   5 star

Nice game. Would be fun to have challenging puzzle with a timer or something like the more words you can find the more coins you will make. Like the bee power up but with a timer, once a day. Otherwise I love this game. For the ads... I put my phone on airplane mode 🤷🏻‍♀️

I Like 2 Save   5 star

Brain Power. Makes me think and get creative

Brainy powers   5 star

5 Stars. It’s very challenging

LuluMama1705   5 star

Fun!!. Keeps you sharp! But it keeps freezing up.

Polar Tink   5 star

Excellent game. It is wonderful for word puzzlers!!!!!! Highly addictive hard to put down. Even fun with your spouse. Figuring out the words has been a blast for us as a team


Good game but needs some RAZZLE DAZZLE lol. Needs some perks and some different kinds of prize puzzles. I meen,if we watch the ads for nothing it’s kind of non stimulating. ADD SOME RAZZLE DAZZLE💥💥💥💥

po2039   5 star

Ma. Nice game

ITS LIKE OMG   5 star

Hard but fun. It’s VERY hard to get the words but it’s SUPER fun:)

Nspiper   5 star

Fun pastime. Relaxing word game

connorcamp1   4 star

Great game!. Super fun and well worth the download

mustangcelery   5 star

Super Fun. Great game

frizzelly   2 star

L3Harris Technologies Ad WAY too long. Just about ready to delete my Wordscape app because I’m forced to wait FAR too long before I can get back to my next puzzle. Give us all a break and make the ad pauses a reasonable amount of time. Please stop them before users get completely POed. Thanks!! (If not because of this complaint, I would be giving a “5” star rating!)

Marie Mitchell   5 star

Zippy word fun. Provides a great chance to practice your flexible thinking!

Madmcneil   3 star

Too Many Ads. Far too many ads. Very oppressive. Ads are longer than game play. Rolling ads at bottom of screen also slow game play not to mention they are a distraction when concentrating. So frustrating I am looking for alternative puzzles.

chintzgirl12   5 star

Fun. Less ads

myomyme   5 star

Good for the brain.. Makes thinking fun.

Pennysipad   5 star

Lots of fun. Addictive word game

Big R & Little L   5 star

Great game! 🤗. This game is so great! I have nothing else to say. 🤩😍😄

Defiant17   5 star

Addictive. Hard to stop playing!

Advertorial    5 star

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Katrena Rose   5 star

Great game. I love this game the music is great and the imagery is beaut! Great colour and game flow!

wateva10   5 star

Fun to pass time. XO

Kidderco   5 star

Fun and stimulating. I love this word game. Pick it up anywhere any time and keeps my brain active 👍🏼

titan 30   5 star

Wordscapes. I really enjoy playing this, makes me think. But don’t like the ads which come all the time.

Merrynator   5 star

Excellent. Great game for the mind❣️

Georgiiiiii   5 star

5 star word game. Love this... such a good way to keep your mind sharp

gododiydo   5 star

Good game, hate the adverts. Fun and super easy. I understand advertising but this is another level. Constantly interrupted so I’m deleting it

minlee29   5 star

Fun. Fun to play no need to pay either to keep playing

Debna40   5 star

Wordscapes. ♥️♥️♥️ this game keeps my brain active ✅✅✅

yiorkiou   5 star

Wordscapes. Good brain teaser

Beautiful Freda   5 star

Freda Faierman. I enjoyed playing Wordscapes

humm......   5 star

Wordscapes. The best app ever!!!

Stikibeek   5 star

Mental fun. Great game, I play daily. Enjoy !

classic queen   5 star

Word craz. So addictive

Death_KTM   5 star

Big nan. Love it

Maggie_54   4 star

Fun. Challenging but fun.

Shi48233   5 star

Addictive. Great fun

mpatt72   5 star

Heaps of fun. Awesome game, makes me use my brain but makes me aware that it’s like any other muscle - use it or lose it!!!

Jagodinac   5 star

Good stuff. Like it

Pheke   5 star

Addictive. Fun as

Hilly AUD   5 star

Gret game. Excellent

jaydal 1925   5 star

My name is Madalynn. It is so good because it makes your brain work well. I love this game I can’t stop playing it. I’m 9 years old so it more complicated

JMDiamond   5 star

Lovely. Very relaxing puzzle. The backgrounds are beautiful.

no more bull :(   5 star

Καλά. Πολή καλά

Gazman of the Highlands   5 star

Me. Fun & good for getting rid of cobwebs!

Dougal without Ziggy   5 star

Wordscapes. Great word challenges - good for keeping the mind sharp

Katey Jane   5 star

KATEYJANE. Good way to pass the time and use your brain.

Green girls   5 star

Great word game!. Love it

MelindaGP   5 star

Better than social media time wasting! Addictive!. If I’m going to waste time on my phone, I’d rather use my brain. Great to chill out and generally gives you something to do to switch off. Love it!

Happywithbump   5 star

So entertaining. I can’t put it down

zebra131   5 star

Words. I love the power of thinking.

Bobbi Jessee   2 star

Ads override sound settings. I really enjoy this game and play it a lot. Unfortunately, the most recent update opens unsecure browser windows, which I am suspicious of and don’t care for at all. I sent an email with a screenshot of the browser window that opens, but I haven’t received any response since.

SummitLife   1 star

Ad Links To Criminal Internet Scams & AdsThat Try to Access Browser. Oct 2019 an ad forced open my browser & opened a criminal scam site with no escape option. The 11/19/19 upgrade included ads that force open your browser to some malicious site that triggers my malware defenses. The need for ad revenue should NEVER cross the law enforcement/fraud line. I’m done with a game whose purpose appears to be to defraud players or harm their devices.

arlimax   1 star

Too many pop-ups. The most annoying game As you play, animated pop ups of other apps won’t go away Stops your game completely!

sandwichestime   1 star

Ridiculous amount of intrusive ads. I understand that ads are a part of any free game now, but there has to be a breaking point. Start up the game and resume and win? Ad. Play a short four word game? Ad. Do nothing? Ad. Not to mention that the game has a surprising amount of words that it doesn’t recognize. Not a bad game, and worth trying, but it blackmails you into buying ad free, so assume you will at some point if you want to continue playing it.

Vampmeout   5 star

It’s so fun. I love word games and this one is super awesome

RGSRider2   5 star

Wordscapes!. Most games are very challenging!!! Enjoy playing!

Surry Mom   5 star

Wordscapes Daily Puzzle. My granddaughter andI have a wonderful time doing these puzzles together

Mell؟   4 star

Wordscapes review. I really enjoy playing Wordscapes! While it’s fun and addicting, it can get hard at times. My only issue in the game is the lack of coins you get in each level. You only get the amount of coins equal to the amount of extra words you find. Which, in my opinion, isn’t the smartest thing ever. Let’s say the player only found 3 extra words in a level and wants more coins to use the find a letter button or something. He/she can’t because they only have 3 coins. Now they have to play the game for hours, only getting 2-5 coins per game. The player does get the option to do servers and watch videos though so that helps the problem. This isn’t very practical and I’d rather there be a different money system.

iphoneuser1066   5 star

Good. Good app

s_malone   5 star

Good game. Amazing game good job

adamsph   1 star

Wordscapes. Worst update ever. Now games are interrupted in mid game. Are you trying to dissuade players?? Too many commercial interruptions!!!!!!

MiMi oh My!   5 star

Fun with benefits. Fun and helps improve brain power! Enjoy!

lol shasha   5 star

Pretty fun. This is a pretty fun game. Good while you’re bored and need to waste time.

Di67348249   3 star

Ads are now locking the screen. Used to play every day, now the screen locks up constantly due to the pop up ads at bottom of screen. I know, pay the ransom and get rid of the ads right? No thanks, I’d rather play for free.

tardylynn   5 star

Wordscapes. I love it’ it really tests your mind

Dave3805   5 star

Fun. Keeps my brain alive

WillNNawlins   2 star

Reservation. I loved this game until tpc.googlesyndication started popping up every 30 seconds. Had to delete it.

Sunny1948   5 star

Ms retired. Fun game for a brain workout

Sippinjoes   2 star

Pretty Good at first. Wanted something to pass time that wasn’t a completely brainless activity. Started off good, but after this last update, googlesyndicate keeps popping up while playing and makes it unplayable. About every 30 seconded the safari like pop up appears as of loading an add, but never actually loads anything.

lynok8888   5 star

Fun. Makes me think!

Ifly2Fla   5 star

Fun. Addictive

farp1   4 star

Gunner. Game is great it seems to have my brain working faster and being quicker to work out problems

Country Surgeon   5 star

Good game. Challenging enough to be fun and easy enough to be successful.

yappersan   3 star

Starting to become boring and too easy. I’m at Level 4613 and words are becoming repetitive and not too many new words are being introduced. I also have accumulated 16000+ points and haven’t needed them in a while.

RunDaniRun   5 star

Fun game. Good to play with kids

Theodore0925   5 star

Awesome game. Great

mistress kari   5 star

Fun. Cute fun easy word games with no time limit or penalties. Very relaxing and helps with vocabulary recall

Queenishaaaaa   5 star

WordScape. Mind relaxing

Jesus Wins!   5 star

Awesome game!. Awesome game! It challenges your brain!

superfields   3 star

annoying ads make available to purchase to remove it. i like the app just not the annoying ads. why is this becoming acceptable. if ppl would stand together and stop giving these developers license to bombard you ads without ever offering the ability to remove ads they will continue. Here’s hoping they will listen and offer an instore purchase to abolish the ads!

FrenchieQC   5 star

Tried the game again. The game has been greatly improved. Thank you

Caya Ro   5 star

Amusing. And didactically interesting

bamiya12345   5 star

Great fun. Must have

Ali Abbas.   5 star

Quick Disappearance. Hi. This is very good and knowledgeable game. But please after the game finishes the grid of words disappear very quickly specially after the input of the last word and it’s unable to review the words or their pattern. Some method should be made so the player should have the option of reviewing the words and the pattern and start the next word on his own.

Mkgtcvj   4 star

Hello. Ads are too long

PhiLiP s. SchMidT   5 star

Wordscapes. 'Wordscapes' engages the grey matter. It sharpens the brain. It challenges the intellect. It heightens the senses. At times, it even boggles the mind. Consider my mind boggled. PhiL >^•_•^<

agesofmpires   1 star

Rigged like a carnival game. This game can be fun but they purposely discourage you from guessing correctly in order to use bonuses and ultimately spend money. For example, if you guess a three letter word right it may go into bonus words and then you try to use it out of frustration a few words later knowing that it shouldn’t be accepted because you’ve already guessed it but it is accepted later meaning that you’ve wasted your time trying to guess because you’ve already guessed that word. No thanks. Not going to waste my time. It would be fun if it wasn’t for this. Even willing to sit through the constant ads.

RL1432   5 star

Fun brain exercise!. I like it!

FunkyMonk42   5 star

Cool. Cool

Elly&riverside   5 star

Wordscape. Very entertaining!

sheathe   5 star

Love this game!. Very relaxing

virtual_iceman   5 star

Amazing. Love this game!! Keeps me thinking!!!

flossyj   5 star

Fun. Love it

UyenBuBu10   5 star

Awesome. Relaxing

george😃   5 star

great. awesome

CinemaReel   5 star

Love. Excellent word puzzle game! I thought it would be easy but it’s actual challenging. The higher the level the more difficult the words.

EMacC2   5 star

Wordscapes.. Great mental game. Simple but with speed added makes a fun challenge.

SerenataInE   5 star

Very soothing. I’ve been having anxiety problems lately. I also love word games. This one is fun and also very relaxing.

FrickerSticker   5 star

Good so far. Finished level 20. Good so far.

300shooter   2 star

Irritating!. This game has WAY TOO MANY ADS!!! I deleted it.

Tirisaan   5 star

Improve vocabulary. It is a great app for improving my knowledge of words

sheepdogg2029   5 star

Easy fun game. Fun game

sally sallysally   5 star

Wordscapes. I think I’m addicted

asadtgg   5 star

Wordscapes. Good game

Jggxgghf   5 star

Good game. I enjoy this game a bunch. What else do you really wanna hear?

MohammedOttawa   5 star

Awesome. It’s true I’m spending too much time on Wordscapes but it’s worth it. I’m learning new words everyday. Thank you. Mohammed.

itz molnar   5 star

Fun. Good fun and sometimes challenging

roxcatroll   4 star

Wordscapes. Great fun! App works smoothly.

Aunti Col   5 star

Wordscapes for your brain. Great

zip08   5 star

Great game. Makes you use your brain in using words not often used. Keeps you thinking.

Sammy_1   5 star

Very addictive. Great fun game love it.

Ishyyu   5 star

Love it. Love the game Challenging levels addictive and brain storming

Napier215   5 star

WendyMc. Love the challenge!

daza58   4 star

Enjoyed. Great relaxing time

hhfgjgyjhjnte6griby   5 star

I love it. This is the best game ever, if makes you think further than you usually do

Damsel G   5 star

Fantastic. Want a game that challenges you and keeps your mind active, well this is it.

Good job2010   5 star

Great game. Great for young kids to play.

The Togt   5 star

Wordscapes. Great, even better for children to learn words & spelling.

Nana 45   5 star

Good game. Great game, good exercise for the brain. I am 74 years old and it keeps my brain working.

DavydNorris   1 star

Ad Scape. The ads are every single level! I get you are trying to make a dollar but this is ridiculous and totally over the top. Such a shame - it’s a lot of fun otherwise

Stevescx5   5 star

Cassandra. Addictive game

fran sim   5 star

Surfer. Am enjoying this it appears easy but it’s not I have to think all the time

Anj Barker 10   5 star

Brilliant. It’s a Great way to fill in time and or relive stress

PatrickGran   5 star

Wordscapes. Great way of improving your word knowledge also great fun.😃😃😃

TillyTwitter   5 star

Tilly Twitter. Cannot stop playing. Love it

OleSilver1   5 star

Love it. Cheers

TeeJay52   5 star

Great Game. Really enjoying this game.

mrmartster   5 star

Love it. Amazing game fun but addictive recommend it

nayhdjdkdbdi   4 star

To many adds. To many adds but good game

annasfowler   5 star

Fantastically addictive. This game is fantastically addictive and easy to use, fun to come back to again and again and just a good way to stretch your brain. Thoroughly enjoy!

sherriedawn   5 star

Addictive. Great brain workout, nice graphics

Mickeydrippin'   5 star

Solitary Word Game. I love Scrabble but I don’t have anyone with whom to play. Wordscapes is a great way of making words. I love the little challenges that come up as well.

lingsoonngi   5 star

good. good

Lykns   5 star

First timer. Quick easy fun

iekdmfmf   5 star

Great. Great

宝宝963   5 star

Full of fun. Like it

Travelicious   5 star

Fun for Kids and Adults. I play this with my 8 year old and its fun for both of us, please he is learning without knowing it!

VBonte   5 star

Awesome word game. Very addictive, love this game keeps you on your toes

H4rry74:)   5 star

Peaceful Game. Thanks for making the best game. I really love this app. The music is really good, The pictures are pretty, and the game is really peaceful. So as I said the game really is the best 😉😊🙂😄

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