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What is matchington mansion app? Do you have a knack for home decor & matching puzzles? Match pillows for a house makeover in this fun match-3 adventure!

Download Matchington Mansions for Fun, Exciting Gameplay:
Match pillows & decorate your grand mansion – incredible boosters & power-up combos!
Piece together hidden objects, interact with in-game characters & reveal the hidden story
Unlock hidden areas – dozens of rooms & thousands of DIY decorations!

Hone your interior design skills and protect your new house from a mischievous cousin. Follow the adventure story, unlock new rooms and discover hidden secrets – all with a cast of quirky characters in tow. You can even spy on your neighbors and see how their design choices stack up. Are you ready to navigate this challenging match-3 puzzle?

Decorate your mansion and deck out your garden in style.
Unlock hidden areas & makeover each room with interesting decor.
Puzzle out the adventure story, aided by your friend Tiffany, quirky characters and a house cat or pet dog along for the ride!

Matchington Mansion is FREE TO PLAY, with optional in-game items for purchase. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

The MM team sincerely hope that you like our new match-3 puzzle game! We are working very hard to perfecting it, so If you run into any issues while playing or you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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Matchington Mansion Version 1.111.028 April 2022

Are you ready to fall in love with the Rock Show? Your mansion will have it all, from awesome guitar riffs to epic pyrotechnics! But, the show doesn’t end there. Once you’ve set up your music festival, join Tiffany and Anne in the theater to help her decorate the best seats in the house! - New Room: Theater Part 4 - New Themed Season: Music Festival - New Decoration Event - Rock Show -Fixed known bugs.

Matchington Mansion Version 1.107.023 February 2022

Hello World! A new friend is waiting for you at the mansion! EMM-E is here to play and share the latest technology. Join her and help to decorate the new limited-time room, Tech Town! Enjoy 54 new levels and help Tiffany solve the mystery on the final part of the bridge. - New Room: Bridge Part 2 - 54 New Levels! - New Themed Season: Cyberpet - New Limited-time room: Tech Town - Fixed known bugs.

Matchington Mansion Version 1.104.022 December 2021

Lights, camera, FASHION! The new Dress Up Event, Pink Chic, is about to begin! Join Tiffany in a brand new story and unlock three new outfits along the way. Your journey on your cruise ship continues in the VIP Cabin. Will you be able to decorate your outdoor paradise while avoiding Rex’s tricks? Check out the new events and play 50 new exciting levels! - New Room: VIP Cabin Part3 - 50 New Levels! - New Dress Up Event: Pink Chic - New Limited Time Room: Daydream Castle - Fixed known bugs.

Matchington Mansion Comments & Reviews 2022

- I like it but it frustrates me!

I like the game, it’s fun entertaining and love the overall idea. The thing that frustrates me is how slow it is to add up some stars, yet, they disappear so fast! It is not fair that some levels are rated as hard and very hard yet you still only get one miserable little star for passing them! But when it comes to trading stars for furniture or even some silly undesirable task that we have no choice or control over! we have to spend two or even three stars at a time! I would say even it out and make it more star rewarding to pass those harder levels. Fair is fair and more effort deserves more rewards and those imposed undesirable tasks should be no more then one star. I like the game but I got so frustrated that I stopped playing for a while. I have recently come back because I specially like the special events but I still get very frustrated at the unfair and slow star earning pace. Another reason for my frustration is the unfair give and right away take of my earned rewards! Like when I earn bomb time or life time “right away”! even before I get back to the game start screen “the time is already running” and I have to tell you...”I feel cheated”. Please change those issues and I’ll bet you less players would leave the game out of frustration. I will stick around a bit more this time hoping to be I said I do like the overall idea...I do like the game.

- Fun cute and entertaining.... however NOT perfect

I have been playing this game for 2.5 years.... started as a fun task to earn gems on a game for my son while he was away at camp. My son and I love playing the scenes together. The characters are cute and well scripted for their personalities. The events are fun but TOO SHORT... We have been DISAPPOINTED TWICE now because a special event room has closed before we could finish it ... one time it LITERALLY closed as I was working the game and had ONE piece of furniture left to finish... game designers said they would have an event to reopen unfinished specials... have seen NOTHING as such so far... during the event have spent ALOT of money trying to finish because it’s so FAST and seems those purple HARD LEVELS come more and more as you truly progress in the game... maybe make true to their word? Have a special to reopen those extras? Love the game... enjoy it with my son ... but how about making it fair and extending the specials time a bit? Other games I play have special events and they last WAY WAY longer... ONLY FIVE DAYS seems short when the levels take so much time to pass and you only get five turns without having to PAY... please consider making an event to reopen ... I am giving four stars because it IS fun just too hard to make the grade sometimes...

- Sad I can’t buy pieces I want after how hard the game is

I really enjoy being able to decorate my own place but I HATE seeing exclusive pieces only available in the weekly gift box so I only flag those pieces while admiring other people’s mansions. Do I get those pieces in my weekly gift box? NO I DO NOT!! I get some hideous lamp or painting that I’ll never use. If I can’t be given what I let the computer system know I would prefer and they want to make it exclusive, let me pay money for it out of the money I accrue from play. I earn it and then, ludicrously, have to pay cash to get the coins I earned thru game play. June’s Journey certainly doesn’t require that. Also, to get a dining table,it has to be examined, a chandelier fall on it, break in 2, , work to get out one piece, then the other, and then work to get a new table. Approximately 18 games have to be won to get thru that. It’s ridiculous. Now I’m having trouble with the wish tree. It keeps asking me to update my system to see exclusive new furniture, and I have looked high and low on this sight ( as well as my two gamer sons) and we can’t find a place to update the game. Uugghh!!!! I am so frustrated. I don’t know how much longer I’m gonna keep playing if things don’t change. I know they’re just trying to FORCE ME TO SPEND MORECASH THAN I ALREADY DO, but they’ll be getting none if I quit. They need to attract more players who spend a reasonable amount of cash. There, I’ve said my peace!!!

- Fun but...

I really like the idea of the game but as some of the reviewers in the past have said, it’s waaaaaaaaay too slow to be interesting. I would much rather spend my time on the actual decorating than the candy crush type game play... I mean that’s not why I downloaded it... I didn’t even know that there was a matching game to it. I saw an ad from a different game and this is not at all what I thought it would be based on the ad. I can see maybe a different type of game for different challenges and also different amounts of stars, but you can’t increase the amount of stars that we need to complete tasks and only give us one star for completing each level. Plus I’m on level 29 and it’s taking me forever to complete the level. They progress so quickly in difficulty, and looking at the size of the “mansion” there is no way in hell I’ll be making it past level 50... I also don’t want to have to wait 10 mins to get 1 life. Either make it make me wait 1 hour for 15 lives or make me wair 2 mins for 1 but it’s way too long between running out and I definitely do not want to pay for anything. There also needs to be more coins given away because 20 a game is not getting me anywhere. I’m going to keep the game downloaded but only if there’s an update coming soon because there need to be quite a few prominent changes. Overall though, there is a good foundation to the game but there need to be changes to the game to make it better.

- PLEASE fix the crashing

This is/was my favorite game. I am/was truly addicted. A couple weeks ago, the game started crashing rather often. I reported it but nothing improved. Then in the last update, the game severely broke. The game now crashes when entering the game, trying to load a level, during a level, after a level (if you’re lucky enough to make it to the end w/o crashing). Every time this happens, you lose a life. I don’t have a life as it is, I don’t need a game rubbing it in. All kidding aside, this game is now 100% unplayable. I’m not the only one with this issue. It’s not me. I updated the game, my iOS, rebooted, freed up a ton of space, entered the game w/o an internet connection to make sure it wasn’t my connection, I’m not running any other apps, etc. I sent another support ticket in a couple few days ago and haven’t heard anything back. If it’s because it’s too graphics heavy, add an option to reduce graphics in the settings. The game will just keep getting more and more graphics heavy the higher level you get. Either fix this critical bug or just give us the option of reducing the graphics so you aren’t disappointing loyal players. The game is completely unplayable the way it is. I’m not even being dramatic. It’s literally impossible now with the crashing. Please don’t let this game crash and burn. Pun intended. If/when the game gets fixed, so we can actually play it, I’ll come and revisit my rating/review.

- It sounded fun at first but...

It sounded fun at first when I saw the improvements you can make to the house, but it started getting harder and harder and impossible to pass one level! And after you’ve passed it with too many attempts, you are forced to spend all your hard earned stars on trivial things like greeting people and teaching the pets tricks! If you wanna make the levels harder you should at least give the player a lot more stars as the difficulty of the level increases! This was not the game that was advertised! That was completey different and that’s why I installed it! The decorating is fun but it gets really long and tiring with all the trivial things you have to complete before you can actually start to decorate the rooms. I am thinking of uninstalling the game! It makes me so annoyed after I can’t win a hard level and I just leave and start playing a game that gives me pleasure and I actually have fun playing it. I think if you don’t fix the issues like having to spend too many stars on trivial things and if you don’t speed up the process so we don’t have to spend so much time on little and unimportant things and if you don’t make levels actually passable then people will start to uninstall and install other fun games where you can actually enjoy playing! and this is not just me, I have read the other reviews and have seen that other players have similar issues! With no improvements to the game you will be losing customers pretty fast!

- Good but...

I like that the game is like bejeweled twist and how it is creative and with a story line. But there are some levels that are a pain to get through just to get one star. Whenever i run out of moves sometimes the and ad is available and I can do the spinning wheel but there’s a low chance of get extra moves. When the ad is not available there’s the 500 coins to spend just to a few extra moves. A 100 coins for 1 freaking move, not to mention the amount of coins I get depends on the explosives left that I got on a level. If you plan on making levels harder why can’t you just make it so that you can earn more stars based on the difficulty of that level. I am on level 1767 and I am playing the new version on the time limited room where you earn a certain amount of lightbulbs that depends on how many levels you’ve done. I have done 32 levels and I don’t get enough lightbulbs like I usually do with the previous version. You already got people complaining about how some levels are hard to do just to get a star then spend like 2-3 stars on some trivial things. Now I know you extended the days to 8 to complete the time limited room. But for me, I personally like the previous version where I can match the cushions that has the lightbulbs and I can get more that way rather then doing like 3 levels and get an award of 40 lightbulbs.

- Tasks equal

This is a really fun game! I like the people who stop through for help and gifting to liven up the story and it’s cool that the interior designer is there to move things along and make suggestions. She does sometimes, wander around without a purpose, or a clear vision. It feels that the tasks only arrive when she makes a suggestion. Is there a way to buy stars with coins, and replay a level for say 100 coins, not 500? Sometimes, the matching levels take a lot of tries for only one star and one can really wipe through their coins for remodels and projects. Maybe open rooms more often? Also, the concept of the cat is nice, but so far, it gets more coins than the house, while the house is waiting to be repaired. One coin, not three should lure the cat out of the armor, or give it a bath. For that matter, one coin should be the price for every task, except for greeting neighbors—that should be free. Also, how cool would it be if the food items and furniture that appears at the top right of the shape-matching levels, are “set up” in some of the unopened rooms? A little motivation for when we start renovating those spaces, something familiar to look forward to. And the interior designer can even mention that she “put them in the mansion for later.” This game has all the foundational makings of a hit.

- Do you read your reviews?

I like your game but I read your reviews and most are about the same things. I seen and played with the feelings that they express. So obviously you don’t. Otherwise reviews would be better. You do have good graphics and storyline. Decorating a mansion is pretty awesome especially since I will never afford to live in one. But in my family we all play this one game and I have already payed over $200 since the first of the year on this game. For this gaming company this I just a raindrop in what they make in a month. I check their monthly revenue They have everything in their product that is lacking in yours. I research the company and found out why they soared to the top in little over a year. They studied gaming company’s and read their reviews. They listen to what people wanted in a game and incorporated into their game. Maybe you should listen and incorporate yours. I am sure some of you even played the game especially when you tube is blasting away all time about the game You have a great game but it could be better. If people are excited about playing your game, they’ll tell friends and so on. More will play and more revenue for you. Make the game exciting and achieve able goals. When you can not level up at a reasonable pace what’s the use. Rewards when you level up that’s paltry,what’s the use. The idea is decorate a mansion on less than minimum wages, why play.

- Deceptive advertising and gameplay

From other games in-game ads I found this game. It is NOT at all like the ads. It is a typical match 3 game where you earn stars to ‘buy’ what you have to accomplish in order to advance. That part is all well and fine when you actually start playing, but again, NOT at all like the ads lead you to believe. The real reason I give this 2 stars is because in the mid 20’s levels you have to break crates that a wind up mouse is hiding in. This mouse moves to the next nearest crate when you break it, moves off the map entirely when there are no more crates. WRONG! When you are down to the last mouse, when you are down to your last available move, you break the crate and the mouse should go away OFF THE SCREEN because it has nowhere to go and you progress in the game. Nope! It ducks down into the crate and pops back out like that move didn’t matter. Can’t pass the level now, start over. This is rigged. During these levels long before I’m close to running out of moves, the very same move eliminates the mouse. Get down to actually beating the level and the game has its own rules to keep you from winning. I’ve replicated this very thing over 11 times across 4 different levels. Obvious cheating trying to make you spend money to continue. Treat me like a dupe and the game is forgotten about. Make an actual game that isn’t rigged and I’d HAPPILY pay the Devs money for their work.

- If you like to wade through in game advertising, this game is for you!

Several months ago I would have given this game five stars but having to wade through forced advertising(for the game folks! Not ads!) that you can’t skip for the most part. Below is a typical game start. Open app and wait for the expected ten second load. Pop up of holiday event, hitting go to event or exit out makes no difference, you go to holiday event wether you want to or not. Ten second load screen later, you arrive at holiday event. Hit exit button to go back to the main game screen you wanted in the first place. Ten second load screen latter and once your back you have a pop up advertising the game sale of X and X being on discount. Hit no and another pop up of a in game event, luckily there a skip button and you bypass the dialogue. Ten seconds later, after the animation is done, another pop up of an in game event that can’t be skipped. Fourth five seconds to a minute latter, you can finally exit out of the forced dialog event only to finally be greeted by the daily gift pop up. Collect gift and somewhere in the neighborhood of three to four and a half minutes later, you are permitted to actually play the game. Seriously devs, are you trying to tick off and drive away customers? All the events are great but make them skipable for crying out loud.

- My thoughts on this game

It’s a good game with good graphics and nice characters. But it gets to difficult to where you almost have to spend money and I’m guessing that’s the point... which is annoying. But once you pass a very difficult level you sometimes have to use your rewarded star on something like petting the cat or greeting a person. The story line is almost to precise. We like to be able to get out with the old, in with the new and be able to choose what we want that’s new. Not have to do extra little things. It’s very annoying but I still play it anyway because getting further in the mansion is worth it. I suppose... There also needs to be more ways to make more money than just video ads. Beating a level doesn't hardly earn you any coin. And everything you buy to help you beat a level is so expensive. Even buying hearts/lives. I think there should be no limits on the hearts. If you receive more hearts that should be added on the the previous. There should be no limit. Because getting unlimited lives is very rare. We’d run out of hearts still anyway so why give us a limit? For ads to run?.. that’s also annoying. Anyway, I’m leaving a report because this game has good potential with a good idea. Thanks.

- Fun and incredibly infuriating!

This is a great game, until they set the difficulty on “hard” levels such that it will take anywhere from 8-20 sessions of burning thru your 5 hearts to get thru the level. In that time all of the side events that get you extra lives and coins have expired and you get nothing from them. This has been getting worse as you move up in levels (I am currently around level 650). Totally annoying and frustrating. At the rate this is going It is very possible getting to the end if the game will take years. The whole game can’t be easy - it would be boring if they did, but to make some levels THAT difficult is absolutely ridiculous! This is a follow up to the first review. Nothing has changed at all with what I put in there but have more to add. - One of the rewards that is won from time to time (or can be purchased)is a certain amount of infinite lives. This time is in clock time not game play time. There are times I have won 2 hours of unlimited lives. This sounds great until you realize you only have a significantly shorter period of time to play. If I had purchased this time and then lost it because something comes up that pulls me away from the game and loose the time I bought I would be fuming mad. No way am I spending money with anyone who is going to treat me like that!

- App Support... or not

This probably belongs in App Support, but clicking the link labeled that just takes you to a web page with links to download the game. Uh... yeah, I have it already, and that’s why I was looking for support. Everyone says about the too many levels to get anything done, and they’re right. The whole point of the game is to have a sense of accomplishment on the screen. I’m at level 3,593 so trust me, it matters. What’s more frustrating right now though is the teams. I’m in a team —my second—where only about 5 of us are still actively playing the game. The inactive players include the team organizer. There needs to be a way to have the system kick people out of teams when they haven’t passed a single level in, say, 3 weeks. I’m considering bailing on this team again because this feature is missing. You’re really defeating the social “excitement” you’re trying to build when people leave the game and there are Thousands of teams filled with deadweight players who have quit playing the game. Please do something about that. Also, it’s really frustrating to not be able to get back into special rooms to complete them. There needs to be a way to do that—if it’s like spending 2 stars for access for 2 days or something. But that’s just annoying to have unfinished stuff that I can’t do anything about.

- Please stop making me play with the cat!

This game was fun at first. The levels were challenging, but not impossible. However, now that I'm up to level 75, the game is getting quite frustrating. Some levels are so difficult that you either have to play for days before you get a passable board or purchase lots of coins in order to buy power ups or extra moves. Then, once you finally do clear a level, you get a pathetic 30-50 coins (meaning you have to pass dozens of levels just to purchase one power up) and 1 star. Worst of all, after decorating the initial rooms, almost all of your tasks involve answering the door or playing with the cat. Seriously, I've wasted 10 coins in a row doing nothing but getting the cat yarn to play with, rescuing it from the suit of armor, buying it shampoo, and giving it a bath. And none of these tasks are optional. I haven't decorated anything in days, which is what I downloaded the game for in the first place! I see lots of complaints about this in the reviews, but judging by the developer's responses, it doesn't seem like they are addressing the problem. I will probably delete the game soon since, frankly, I hate cats and the game is quite simply boring at this point. Add edit: Another issue: I have contacted customer support several times to report an issue, and there is never a response. This game doesn't seem to receive any developer support at all.

- Love the game— but...

I have been playing this game for a long time now.. I have made it to the island. And though I do sometimes get frustrated at some of the levels that take forever to get past- I do eventually get past them. My “but” has to do with you most resent update. Supposedly we should be earning stickers to get Halloween decorations, but even though my screen shows that I am in Halloween mode ... no stickers... no decorations??? What’s up with that? It has been 2 days since the update and still nothing? I would also like to say that I would like to see more decoration options - choosing between orange, blah brown, and ugly green is not really a choice. It’s like picking the presidential candidate that makes you want to vomit the least. And enough with the flowers already... I have like 25 different flower options ( and like 7 are slightly different cacti- 6 different fruit trees ( 2 barely different orange and 2 slightly different lemon). And to be honest, I am tired of spending stars on flower pots - I would never put so many flowers in my house, let alone in one room. Maybe flowers are the easiest thing for you developers to create for the game, or maybe you just have flower crazy developers, but enough is enough. It like for every piece of furniture, I have to add 3 flower pots.... it is starting to make me not want to play.

- So much more than just a puzzle game!

I normally don’t write reviews, but after it kept asking if I would like to rate and support them, I considered it because I realized I’m on the game more than I would like to admit, lol. This game is so much fun, and I love to play when I have a day off and need to rest. It keeps you entertained by having a little bit of everything in the game for you. I love the puzzles, I love how I get to decorate my own mansion and gardens, and the story is quite cute, and very family friendly. I have to say how I absolutely love that you have events that you can play every day, and earn extra lives and extra tools you need to get by certain levels. None of that ‘you have to pay to get passed this level’ stuff in this game! That is what drives me away from most games like these. Overall I gave it 5 stars because of every little piece the developers put into the gameplay, you can even earn extra furniture/plants/rugs/etc. by just visiting your friends mansions and adding to your collection. Changing up my look, and turning it into my own without spending any’s just the game for me. Thank you guys, and I fully support this game. Keep up the great work!

- Interesting

I first downloaded the app due to ads in another game. It is nothing like the ads (like you’re not picking tools to fix stuff, you just get to do the actions available using stars you earn solving puzzles). I enjoy solving tough puzzles and completing rooms; but the irrelevant side quests irritate me to no end. Currently Rex is being the Butler. I know Rex is the Butler. My only option is to spend a ton of stars hiring him, getting back things he swipes, etc. I’m here to decorate not stop swiper from swiping in Dora the explorer... I could have finished maybe two additional rooms if it weren’t for irrelevant side quests. I think it would be helpful if we could turn that part of the game off and just decorate the mansion if we want. You should also get more stars for solving more difficult puzzles (especially if you’re going to drum up the number of stars one needs to complete a task). Sometimes I enjoy the game but more often than not I’m frustrated about it not progressing more quickly. Once I beat over 70 levels in a row in the 400s and barely made a dent in what needs to be done. I would also like the option to make Tiffany go away, she’s useless and annoying. I was wondering how far I have to get to explore the cave behind the house or dig up what I assume will be pirate treasure under the palm trees that form an X.

- Great Game!!!

I’m not much into games, but I love this one and I’m very addicted to it! I used to play Gardenscapes which is very similar to this game, but I quickly got tired of not being able to win the matching levels. The games were next to impossible to complete, sometimes took a week to get through just one level and I’d get very frustrated and was always tempted to delete the game. Then the tasks got to be ridiculously redundant, they got to be for very minute details and you’d rarely get the opportunity to landscape the gardens. Isn’t that supposed to be the goal of these types of games? I went on a search for a replacement game and found Matchington Mansion!!! As you go through the levels, they become more of a challenge. Sometimes you can get stuck on a level and it will take a day or so to complete, but they are WIN-ABLE! Some levels are hard, some very hard, but then you also get some relief as a few levels are a bit easier but always a challenge. It’s a perfect combination and I don’t feel frustrated when I’m done playing, and with this game, I always want to come back for more!!! Matchington Mansion is the best of this type of game that’s available to play!!!


I’ve been playing this game for awhile now & really like it...when I actually get to decorate & play to achieve something. I totally agree with all the other reviews about wasting time & points earned on trivial things: Greet Edna, pick up Rex’s flyers etc. We want to decorate!! So I thought all that was bad, now I’m at a point where there are no tasks to complete & all it says is “tasks coming soon”. So in the meantime you are put into a “bonus” area of playing this game. You play a level & collect birds!! You can’t advance, decorate, oh yeah, and you don’t get any points for completing your level that you can use later to do tasks. It tells you you will win prizes in this bonus limbo of BIRD HELL where you’ve collected so many freaking birds that it’s like a horror movie. So what are the great prizes you get? Bird statues!!! Are you kidding me?!?! After they finally make more levels/tasks, you can continue as usual, but they only make around 40 new levels so before you know it you’re back in bird hell!! So I’m basically playing for nothing right now and wasting money & time as you cannot even collect points for future play. I’m getting ready to uninstall this as I’m in bird hell for my 3rd time now & it’s just ridiculous. Whoever thought of this bird hell limbo is insane I’m sure!! Did I mention I now hate birds?!?!

- You must have steel nerves to play this game.

This game is designed to force you to pay $$$ for useless coins and power ups that supposed to help you to pass some levels. I haven’t spend any $$$ and I am already on level 574. I kept playing some levels over and over and two or three days later program allowed me to win. All you need is patience. If you can’t beat the level leave it, come back later and eventually you’ll do it. Also, never spend golden coins, pretend they don’t exist, just make bunch of friends and ask them for lives, watch advertisements, use bonuses like infinity lives when they available. If you completely out of lives just take a break, remember to be patient. I do agree that scenarios can be absolutely idiotic and you can spend bunch of stars for just greeting guests, or playing with pets but the game is still interesting and worth playing couple of times a day. The last thing I want to say that I would only spend my money when the golden stars would be available for sale! I don’t understand why developers can’t do that, for example $9.99 for 100 golden stars:) at least once in a while, like New Years special or something.

- Too hard to get stars

When I first played the game I thought oh this is gonna be fun but then when I kept going I noticed that the levels were getting harder and harder and harder and it was sad for me because I thought that this game would be more of a designing decorating game more than A Game where you have to figure out how to get all the stars and I’ve been stuck on the same level for like weeks now and I just want to design and I’m working on the garden and it takes like three stars I think just to clear a tree and that means I’m playing the really hard matching game three times and then having to go back and get more stars I mean if they’re going to do that then they should at least make it easier and have the stars be given more like maybe like are your friends can mail you stars or some thing like you have to like maybe it would just be like go design you don’t have to like pay for anything you don’t have to do anything you can just go design that is what I wish it would do and I’m probably going to delete Matchington mansion if this does not get fixed Matchington mansion is a great game actually it’s not very good but I just think that the star thing is the most annoying thing ever and for the makers of Matchington you’re going to need to step up your game or else you’re not gonna get any reviews nobody’s gonna want to play your game

- Unfair

The game is definitely addictive. Although they don’t give out boosters and coins according to how hard it is. Easy levels take way to long to pass, and hard levels you can be on for days and weeks before being able to pass. After you use all your coins and boosters to pass a level, they only give you 1 or 2 levels if your lucky, you can pass, but they are extremely greedy with coins and boosters. In addition the amount of useless tasks such as acting like a chicken, playing with the cat, and greeting and talking to other avatars. The game is fun only on the lower levels, after that it is no longer a game of strategy but of luck only. Getting ready to delete the game if I can’t move on more than 1 or 2 levels every couple of days. I don’t seem to have this problem with other games. I personally feel they discriminate if you let them know when boosters don’t work or that they have issues with certain levels. In addition I have noticed all my Playrix games have basically put me in a do not pass list since I have complained about levels not being passable from strategy only luck. You can’t tell me that out of 5 different games that I am having the same issues, when I don’t on any of my non-Playrix games!!! My last level took almost 300 times to pass, all my coins and boosters, now that sounds like discrimination to me

- Great game but...

This is a really amazing game I started this morning and I’m already on level 42.I have a few things that I think would make the game much better and enjoyable. So want to start out with the positive it’s wicked fun and addicting. I love unlocking new things when I visit random people’s houses. Now for the negative it takes WAY to long to get lives I would say 2 minuets for a life or 15 minuets for all 5. I find it really annoying that I have to play a different game for 15 minuets then to come back to only one life 🙄 that is really the only negative note. Also another opinion is why I ain’t there any option for unlimited lives for like $5. I would totally pay that if it meant I didn’t have to wait 1 hour and 15 minuets to get all 5 lives back. Thank you for reading this and I hope to see something like these changes coming soon in the next update. 😊 one more quick note I really wish that when you do get unlimited lives for like an hour you could choose when it is activated because recently I’ve been getting a lot of them and I only have a few minuets to play then I get unlimited lives for like 4 hours and it goes to waste. Thanks for reading

- NOT as advertised!!!

Almost every advertisement for this game shows some portion of a kitchen where you are trying to make sure not to ruin it or destroy it but when you install the game, there is only rehab on the mansion. I’m in the 1700’s and I think I’ve gotten into enough rooms that if there was a part of the game where things were going to go wrong and expect you to fix it, it would have happened by now. The other very serious problem with the game is that you could spend days on the same level unless you spend your own money on moving forward (and even then, sometimes you still don’t advance). You’re only given one booster per day for free and IF you do win a level, you’re only given one star. It could costs upwards of 150 stars to complete a room and most times it’s a simple thing like one or two more moves until you win a level but that costs 500 coins (for 5 more moves) and your reward is usually only about 25-40 coins so your balance doesn’t grow very fast. Bottom line is that this game wants your hard earned money!!!! Sometimes they have “deals” for coins: about 3000 coins for $4.99 but they don’t last very long as you can imagine. On the positive side, they do host events very often and there are teams. It is a fun game but it can be extremely frustrating and I know many people who agree with me.

- False Advertisement

I don’t like the fact that I was fooled into purchasing this game. While I was playing a zombie game, the ad got this game was being shown several times. The ad involved one of those games where all kinds of plumbing incidents are happening in the house (e.g. the bathroom) and you had to select amongst three things to fix the problem. For example, the tub was over flowing with water, the toilet was clogged, and the sink was running over, so you had to choose the correct object to fix the problem. If you didn’t then you failed. So I was intrigued by that ad, which made me purchase this game once the name popped up after the advertisement. I’m upset because Nowhere in heck did this game advertise having to match objects. I’m currently on level 68 and I have yet to come access the part where I’m fixing water problems in the bathroom. So I feel that this is a scheme for the owner to stall the players in order to make MAX dollars from us having to purchase additional coins, expensive bundles, etc. before getting to that part of the game. AND make it so bad, there is nothing written within the game that tells you at what level or the amount of levels you have to complete before getting to that other part of the game. So a player could have been playing for months and have spent a large sum of money before getting to that destination. End result, FALSELY ADVERTISED!!!🤯😡

- Decent game

I really actually like this game a lot, my chief complaint is that the puzzles get much harder and you still only earn one star. I mean, it’s fine to make the puzzles get gradually more difficult but to be using all of your power boosts and still not clear a level several times, then when you finally get past it you only get one star. It’s my main complaint but it’s truly aggravating. I could honestly say it might be enough to make me delete the game and be done with it. It’s such a lackluster victory to get past these levels because you are rewarded with the same reward as you would get from one of the easy levels. The only other thing I don’t like is that it asks for stars for every stupid thing. Talk to the jia. Greet Rex. Talk to so and so. Then you have to get more stars to get them to do what you’re after in the first place. Seriously, with the levels increasing in difficulty with every one you complete having every single thing cost stars is a bit ridiculous. They need to work on a few of these things and then the game would be flawless. I hope they consider people’s input because these can be some make or break things for a game. People don’t like working hard at puzzles to be minimally rewarded and then asking for those rewards at every turn.

- Fun Game but rigged to become expensive!

The game is fun to play but it gets to be very expensive to play the harder the level because you literally can’t clear the boards without purchasing the special items to assist you. That means you have to buy coins to do so and they don’t give you a lot of coins when you clear the board compared to what you had to spend to do it. They also make the bombs and special items less effective so you have to use more of them to clear the board which means more money. It’s all a gimmick to make you spend more and more money and what was once really fun now becomes really really annoying. They should stop being so greedy and allow people to truly have fun while they still make some money of course but this is ridiculous. I would have loved to continue playing but after spending close to $200 in less than a week that’s my limit. That’s ridiculous to be honest but it was good entertainment for the time I played. Would have loved to have seen the mansion completed but oh well. I didn’t join a team but now I see that is only a way for them to obligate people more to spend money because many of the teams have coin requirements each week. Can’t imagine how those people afford to keep playing and pay their bills too. Lol Maybe they know some tricks I didn’t learn in a week. Oh well!

- Not worth playing

I’m majoring in interior design in college, so I thought this game would be good practice. I found an ad for this game where you didn’t have to play any of the “candy crush levels” and it was very fun. So I decided I would download it. When first opening the app and being bombarded with endless amounts of the seller trying to get me to buy their coins, I became very frustrated. The game is free so promoting spending money on it is ridiculous. I played the first few levels like a breeze. They started very easy and I was honestly enjoying the game. I was a little upset that you only had 3 choices for furniture and such to pick from, but I didn’t mind it that much. When the levels started to get harder I realized that they kept taking away how many moves you get. Being a candy crush expert (over level 1,000) I though it was extremely to difficult to beat the levels in this game. There is definitely not enough moves to complete some of the levels without buying their coins, power ups, etc. Which to me is really shallow considering this is a “free” game. I did end up spending $0.99 on this game, and I regret it completely. This game is not worth any time. I will most certainly be deleting it. And to the makers of the game you should really be ashamed of yourselves for just wanting money, money, and more money. Don’t download this game at all it’s not worth any time at all!

- Not what I thought it would be

The advertisement for this game made it seem like a completely different type of game. Come to find out it’s more like candy crush. That being said I enjoy the game and play it quite often my biggest complaint is the fact that I would like to be able to use my stars to have animal control come pick up that cat. I don’t like animals in my house and I don’t know why anyone would want one in their mansion. I don’t like having to do tasks such as feed the cat or buy it a bed. I wanted the game for the remodeling aspect not to pretend I have a cat. To me that’s just a nightmare. I know some people adore animals so I think it should just be an option type situation. I actually switched games to whichever one has a butler fixing up his parents house and literally deleted it once I got to where an animal showed up at the door. I switched back to this game because I thought I was done with the cat now that I’m on level 132. But guess one I’m not done with the cat, now it’s time to “read a book on cat tricks” or whatever it said. I’m thinking I’m going to delete this game now and download something else more soothing that deals with remodel or even coloring. I play games to unwind. The animal aspect is just an annoyance and stress to me to even think about.

- Nothing Special

Saw the Facebook add and was intrigued by the idea of guessing which tool fixes what item, but quickly realized after downloading that this is nothing more than a candy crush spinoff. While it’s a good time waster, you still only get five lives to complete levels which earn you a star. Ok. But the kicker is when every action requires stars to complete. If the next step is to call the repairman, that’s a star. Then another star to answer the door when he gets there. Then 2-3 stars to fix the thing. There’s your five lives and that’s only if you complete each level every time. Some levels require you to use special items to complete or your 500 coins for five more moves. Ok. Coins for moves is nothing new, but if you complete a level, you only get between 15-30 coins each. This means you have to complete a TON of levels just to get a chance at five extra moves. While the game is soooo much better than its other version with the guy butler fix his house, this game could use more ability to earn more coins. Get rid of those fraudulent adds or either actually put those as levels in the game. Say every 10th level is the game seen in the add. People would be more apt to continue playing with the prospect of something different around the corner.

- Good concept, but...

I will agree with most of what many others have said about this game. First, the ad that got me to download it was very deceptive in that it implied nothing about a Candy Crush style game. That said, I prefer this to Candy Crush since it has the added elements of decorating the mansion, which gives a sense of accomplishment . At first, the game was good, and I like that some levels were challenging, but doable. But now, several of the levels are near impossible unless you buy power-ups or get amazingly lucky. When you have an hour or more of free lives and can't clear a single level, you know something is badly designed. I've gotten to the point where I won't be keeping this game much longer for that reason. Finally, I will echo what others have said about being forced to waste stars on the cat or other events that don't advance the mansion. Yeah, I know the developers say it isn't all about decorating the mansion, but since that is how the game is advertised, the developers might at least understand why it is so frustrating to have completed a few levels only to waste the stars on stupid things like saving a cat from a suit of armor or giving it a bath which doesn't give any sense of satisfaction, completion, or progress.

- Beware...not a fair challenge

Like all games of this type, the beginning levels are fun and winnable. However, as you increase through the levels, they make it impossible to win a game without buying additional moves. The points that you win are very small compared to how many points you need to do something. Also, later levels require you to win two levels before you can do something, and even then you may only be able to look at a project or talk to a visitor. But the most important thing to remember is that this is not a skill based game. They control the game play, including how many moves you get per level. Even though you make the best moves you can, the pieces fall in a very unpredictable way, making the game impossible to win without buying additional moves. I often need one more move to win a level. Since I refuse to buy moves or additional lives, I often spend several days at a level before being able to move on. After awhile I become tired of the rip off and just delete the game. Just be aware that their ultimate aim is your wallet. I can see gamers sinking an amazing amount of money into this game without being aware of it. I still think a skill based game is a better bang for your buck.


I wish a negative star rating was an option for this awful game. The game is fun for the first few puzzles, sort of. The version I downloaded looks nothing like what was advertised. Puzzles are fun and challenging at first, then quickly become IMPOSSIBLE to solve, unless of course you pay tons of $$$ for upgrades. Otherwise, if you cannot solve a puzzle, you cannot move forward. Upgrades become EXPENSIVE FAST as you may even need to use several expensive upgrades just to complete one level, earn one star and try to make progress to the next puzzle. If you do pour money into this bottomless pit of crap to solve a puzzle, what does that earn you in the game? Nothing. One puzzle solved equals one star. Everything you do in the game costs at least two, nearly impossible to earn stars. The money grubbing jerks who created this game are counting on you, their player and customer, being enough of a moron to dump thousands into a game where you are barely even able to play and make progress. If you've seen the cute ads for this game where you get to decorate a home, build a garden, that's all BS. You will not get to do this part of the game without solving hundreds of puzzles. I've solved 40 and all I have to show in the game is a partially decorated living room. Wow... Epic fail. AVOID CRAPPY GAMES LIKE THIS. BETTER (even free) OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE!!!


Ok so this game is exactly like Gardenscapes which I did NOT want. What I wanted was a game where I can actually fix things and complete levels so and so. But, NO APPARENTLY THAT ISN'T A THING all you do is play with some S T U P I D CAT AND ANSWER THE DOOR and when I actually get to decorate something I get 3 MEASLY OPTIONS and they call the “variety” and then when you actually do the levels all you do is rather spend money because the levels are CHEATING you, or you do it again. See when I got the game I just wanted to fix things over and over (LIKE THEY ADVERTISED) and then I get some random girl named Tiffany and a stupid cat named Rex. Don’t get me STARTED on the mouse levels they literally H A U N T your life and trust me I’m going to give the developers multiple messages for them to rather make another game LIKE THE AD or MAKE SOME NEW ADS LIKE THE GAME that is all people want. It’s pretty sad that a lot of developers are hopping on this trend of false advertising like if you actually do what the people wanted then people will not have the feelings about the game. For example the is a pottery game where you try to make the vase exactly how it is on the picture but then when you actually play it then all you get is really hard levels and die just because you touch a small bit of the color. If your going to get this game then LOOK AT THE REVIEWS. Thank you this was my ted talk :3

- Good, but Could be Much Better

Overall, this is an okay game. It is fun to play, and works well. But there are several issues with this game. For one thing, the ads for this game show something completely different than what you actually do. They suggest that what you will be doing is playing rounds where there are problems with your house and you have to choose the right tools to fix the damage, or they show it as simply picking out furniture for the mansion. But in reality you are playing Candy Crush with pillows and getting stars for that, and using that to buy furniture which takes much longer than the ads suggest. Also, I think that the difficulty of the levels increases much too fast, because I am now only at level 26 but have been playing the game for a month and a half. And I assure you this is not because of my capability as many of my other friends have tried to pass the levels but couldn’t. Also, I am at level 521 in Lost Island, a game that is virtually the same. Lastly, the game progresses very slowly due to the fact that you only get 1 star per level. I would not recommend this game and will be deleting it soon. If you are looking for a better game that tells a story, try Lost Island, or if you want puzzles that look like this try Candy Crush.

- It’s ok.....

This game is pretty fun but it is pretty boring at the same time. Although there aren’t many ads like other games (if there were this would be a 1 star game) there isn’t much to the game it’s self. Sure the game is challenging and fun but it can be boring like u said already. One thing I really don’t like is that to upgrade even one thing you have to complete a level each time and it gets really annoying and the levels get really hard and I can’t seem to get past level 41 so maybe make the levels easier. I e had this game for about 3 months and haven’t played it that much because I either loose all of my lives and I have to wait or I just can’t pass a level and I eventually just get BORED. So maybe they should upgrade a few things and make some minor changes but other than that it’s pretty fun. I would recommend this game if you wanna waste some time but if your looking for something to get attached to DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. On other thing is that the ads for this game are nothing like the actual game. Like company if you want people to play your game, give them an ad that is like the game, like dude. Other than that thank you for reading this, this is longer than I thought it would be. And I’m not giving a fake report on any of this, this is all true.

- This game is addicting

I got this game in January of 2019, I’ve been playing it nonstop since then. When I usually download games, I play them for a few weeks and then get bored and abandon the app. But this one is really fun. It’s easier to win than other similar games, like candy crush, and the design is more satisfying to look at. I also like that you can do something with the stars you win after each level, by decorating the rooms. It feels like you’re making progress. The game also makes it fairly easy to win unlimited lives for periods of time, so I don’t run into the issue of being out of lives and unable to play. I’m currently on level 3800. I like that the levels don’t necessarily get harder the more you progress, to the point where you’d get stuck. They just introduce new obstacles you have to learn around in the levels. The game keeps everything fresh and fun, and they continually update it so I never run out of levels. This is my favorite game I’ve ever downloaded. Also, each level only takes about two minutes to play before you’re out of moves or you win, so it goes pretty quickly.

- Favorite Game to Fading Fast

Updating to a one star. Once again, stuck on the same level for days. I get wanting to make it fun for all levels. But it shouldn’t take a week or more and straight up blind luck to get past one level. When I can actually play, it’s a great game but I get stuck so often that it’s not fun anymore. Since most of the tasks take 3-4 stars, I don’t get to do much in the mansion anymore because I’m stuck so often trying to beat a level. And I’m not putting more money into it. Definitely sorry I made that mistake. I downloaded this game excited to decorate this huge mansion. The first few days, I loved it! Love the matching games, the choices when decorating, etc. Now, I’m around level 250 and just waited 12 hours waiting for the dog house to be built and then used about 20 stars acquiring the dog. Now I have to get 3 more to introduce the cat to the dog. At least I got to do one task of decorating the dog house. 🙄 I’m gonna give it about 5 more tasks (which will probably end up being 18 stars to make the animals do stuff 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️) and if I’m not back to decorating something, unfortunately I’ll have to say buh -bye. 😫😫 I am going to give it a 3 because the beginning was fun and the concept is good but Man. It started so good! I just wish the game was really like the add and how it was in the beginning. I’m so disappointed.

- A fun concept, and well written, but...

After a while, the levels become too difficult to win unless you are willing to spend money. The time passes too quickly, and you find that you must spend 500 coins to gain a tiny bit more time which usually isn’t quite enough, so you either give up and lose your 500 coins, or pay 600 more to finish the level. I have spent an additional 1200 and even 1500 to finish levels, because the time you buy so dearly is very little. I have beaten some levels without spending real money, but more often I have had to shell out or quit. Then you win 30 coins, which doesn’t begin to make up the deficit. When you are trying to beat a level without spending money, your lives run out and you can’t play, until some time passes, or you go begging to someone else to give you lives. Unless you win coins, you, can’t decorate or complete any of the tasks, so pretty soon you are left with nothing to do. I think the game designers need to make it not quite so hard to beat the levels and/or make the payoff for beating a level more than 30 coins. People will still spend money when they are close to winning, but they will not get frustrated and quit, as I am close to doing.

- I’m sure you’ve seen it before... fun, but...

Just like so many before me, I like this game. Just like so many before me, it’s grating on me. It’s getting impossible to play levels without spending money. I generally get through one or two levels per day, sometimes far less (I’ve been working on my current level since Saturday and it is now Tuesday. This, in turn makes it had to participate in side games, like renovating a different site, the board game, the car races, and so on. It’s frustrating to spend 500 coins or more (I’ve spent 2000 coins) to pass a level (because 3 or 4 days is like going insane, ie “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result) and getting 10 coins for the effort. Rarely do I get unlimited lives, because I can’t place the side games, and rarely to I get power ups, I have none left within the game and nearly all of my reserves have dwindled from the choices I have to choose from prior to each game started. It’s now getting to the point where I will find a different game to play, like so many others before it, Fishdom, Home Scapes, Toy Blast, Toon Blast... all gone by the wayside. I’m not going to pay you tons of money to finish this game. It’s thievery to expect that people will.

- Love this game!

I’ve seen several bad reviews but I genuinely love this little game. So many of the bad reviews complain about the game progression and how if you want to get further along you have to spend real money. My rebuttal to that is GET A LIFE. I do not spend hours on this or all day. I play this in my downtime and love decorating the house. It’s just a fun hobby and nothing I dwell on or take too seriously. Obviously when you get stuck on a level it can be frustrating BUT isn’t that what makes it a challenge? I love the little bonus rooms they do occasionally and the little extra events they host. I even got my husband to play so we can send each these lives. Ha! Recently I have noticed some changes good and bad but no game is perfect. I am loving the new random star bonuses and the ability to have team competitions. The things I haven’t cared for is the change to how many coins you win on levels seems to have decreased which is a bummer but they do gift you coins so I guess it evens out. I’m not a game player, this is the only one I play so for me it’s just fine and I enjoy it! Can’t wait to see the new levels and rooms💜

- Good app but can be better

I downloaded this game because I thought it was like the add, where you fix the house by picking the correct tools. I was really disappointed to find out that the game is nothing like it. I still enjoy the game but I wish it was like the add. I kept playing because I thought that there would be a mini game like the add, but so far no. Could you please tell me if there is a game like the advertisement or if you choose to update the game and add he mini game, I will vomit to play this game though. Also, I’m stuck in level 41! I can’t beat it! I have tried it about 30 times and no I’m not exaggerating. When I “played the board game” I got unlimited life’s for an hour and I tried about 20 times. I might quit just because of that level. You should make a skip level option, obviously it would be expensive. Another thing, if your stuck in a level and have less that 500 coins, you can’t hit the continue playing button because you have no money. I think you should make a way to get money with out paying real money other than the daily reward. Lastly I think some tasks take to many stars, like get nightstands. Seriously just one will work. I hope this review help and I hope you will make those changes.

- Great Game. One suggestion

I LOVE this game. It’s fun remodeling the different places. The story line is fun. I’ve downloaded different games like this and become bored over time, but this one is different. I really like the different side rooms you can do from time to time... this is my one suggestion. On the rooms that expire that you don’t finish building, I think that when there is an active room, if you complete that room, you can go back to previous rooms that you didn’t complete and use the remaining time to finish them. For example, I just completed the Aurora Lodge, but never finished the Secret Beach. I still have a day or so left for the Aurora Lodge, so you should be able to use that remaining time to go back and finish completing the expired rooms. Other than that, I love the game and can’t wait to see the other places on the map. Edited to add, on some other games, the “Hard” levels warrant bigger rewards (more coins, more starts, etc) I think we should get two or three stars for beating the hard levels. Some tasks cost a lot of stars for what they are worth, so earning more stars for harder levels would be nice

- Misleading ads and ridiculous levels

I’m going to just toss it out there that this is NOTHING like the ads I was drawn in by....but u do u. I’m annoyed right now because it seems like the higher the levels the more rigged the game feels. I’m almost on level 200. I’ve gotten hours and hours of infinite play and KNOW what time it began and yet it ENDS an hour early every time. 30min early. I’m on level 194 I believe and there’s this ONE BOX in the bottom right corner. I get down to that single box every time and since u have to tag it three times before u can get the dang bear, it’s left there. You want me to buy stuff. I get it. I would just rather use my coins on a level that I NEED it on rather than when I feel FORCED. It’s utterly impossible to get that box without using a boost of some kind. I could eventually do it with hours of an infinite lives boost but that’s what u do....u wait til u see we are stuck and then throw in a “gift” to get us beyond it. I’ve played up to this point but I’m not more frustrated than I’m enjoying it. I like the levels hard....I couldn’t have gotten as far as I have in a single week if I didn’t enjoy a challenge but some of these are ridiculous. I do NOT enjoy taking days or hours to clear one single level. I will just pick a new game.

- My review

I really love this game! I love how you can choose how to decorate your own home and such. However, I do have some things I don’t like about the game. I realized whether it’s 3 moves or 17 moves you get the same amount of coins usually between the 38 coin range which I don’t think is fair. The second thing is, I think with more of the harder levels here and there, we should be given two stars instead of still one. And lastly when we use 500 coins to get an extra five moves, I wish if we only used one or two moves we get the other three back in the hundred we paid for them (1 move=100) instead of three or four coins. Besides that the game is wonderful. It becomes addicting and I hate waiting to get a life when I run out haha. UPDATE: this game is starting to make me mad i went to get my daily coins and I was on the second one for the day and it glitched me out! Not only didn’t it give me my coins for the second time watching an ad which finished btw!!!!! But they took my previous 30 coins from me also!! 😡 I really loved this game but I’m starting not to anymore. I had taken a star away because half of the time. The things that need done don’t go towards even redecorating the mansion, which is the main reason it’s to be played! It’s really unnecessary.

- Terrific but...

I love how interesting this game is! I love how after each level you get a reward such as coins or a star and that once you get a star you get even closer to revealing a new part of the amazing story that is within the game! But, once I started getting to higher levels I started to notice the game getting super hard. Don’t get me wrong when I say that the game was getting super hard because I am always up for a good challenge and I love solving the hard levels that are in the game. But, the game tends to get a little frustrating. I also originally downloaded the game because I thought it would be more like fixing everyday house items such as sinks, microwaves, refrigerators, etc.... as it was shown in the ad but, as I started playing the game I noticed that it was more of a candy crush kinda of thing. In conclusion I just want to say that I would love to see changes in the game such as receiving more than just one star when a level is completed, getting more materials such as spoons and firecrackers to help you get through more challenging levels, and finally fixing the ad to be more like the actual game. I would love to see these things in a new update if possible. Thanks for reading and understanding!

- It would be fun...

The developer gives u hard puzzles and dang rats it’s a pain in the neck! It tricks u and u get stuck all the times for one freaking star ⭐️ and the tasks are 3 ⭐️ or 2 ⭐️ or 1 ⭐️ for the task that requires to decorate ur mansion. U only get one 1 freaking ⭐️ few crumbs of coins everything is ridiculous expensive. Also, it takes 15 minutes for one life now multiple by 5 life so u have to wait almost 3 hours for 5 life to play the game. It gives u these dang hard puzzles! Frankly, I spent more time playing Township or Fiends or Home Design less stressful! It gets to a point u lose interest in the game bcuz no matter what u do ur stuck on some of these levels! Finally, I give it two stars but really deserves 1 star! It’s NOT really decoration in the mansion it’s another money 💰 $$$$ pit!! I been stuck same level for the past week! It’s NOT really decorating at all!! Wish it was more fun but it’s starting to be stressful and I’m about to delete this game!! Only good thing why I gave it 2⭐️ is bcuz u don’t need WiFi to play it that’s the reason otherwise it would had gotten 1⭐️ instead!! I really liked the game at the beginning but now it’s nah so so game! Again Township yes needs WiFi and Fiends no WiFi needed are the best game! Ty for reading my reasons... plz developer fix and make it fun.

- Love the game...but

So I love the game, like a lot of people do. I’m up to level 234 rn. But I have to agree with the other people, it is getting more and more challenging. I get that it’s supposed to be challenging, but sometimes it takes me close to a week to pass a level. And i get that playing with the cat and all the extra stuff is part of the storyline, but really I’m just here to decorate a mansion, so wasting ten stars on a cat is a little annoying. But that doesn’t matter as much to me as the fact that it doesn’t even out. The tasks are requiring more and more stars to complete (really, three stars take a drink of something??) and the levels are getting harder and harder, and once you complete those hard levels you get one star and ten coins. How about, those ones that you design to be really hard, you actually give like two stars for? Because considering that we need more stars to complete tasks now, it would seem logical. Ok, but other than that. Vivid colors, excellent design, good idea with furniture. The storyline is good, even if I’m not there for the story, and the characters are excellently developed. Just, for those really hard levels, could you offer more rewards?

- Disappointing and frustrating.

After playing this game for a few days, on level 56, it starts to get very expensive and even so almost impossible to get to the next level. Only 1 star per level and most times it takes 2 or 3 try’s to win. Most of the renovation items take 2 stars to use them. And there are many rooms that need renovating. I was really wanting to play this game because it would be fun to get into all these rooms and reno them. But I can see it would take hundreds of dollars to complete this game. AND I am only to the THIRD room! There are things along the way to help like 1 or 2 hours free lives to win levels but I’ve done that and I have never won unless the conditions are perfect. So for that reason I will play out my lives and delete. It needs to be a little simpler but still challenging it’s really too bad. But the cat is adorable. I hope you relax the match 3 rounds a little so I can continue to play. Update: after reading all the reviews I have decided it’s costing to much money with ZERO results. Another greedy developer who is stealing people’s money. Hell I should become a programmer. But I would never be rich because I have a conscious and I want TO BE FAIR. Geeze hope y’all can sleep at night bcause you should all be ashamed.

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- Fun but frustrating

Dear developer, It is a great game! I love it! With the side quests and the special events. And I really love the designs that you can choose. It has fun challenging puzzles and exiting team events. BUT! This game sometimes gets too challenging. It’s okay if it is fun and challenging but it is sometimes FRUSTRATING and challenging. There are a lot of times when I get stuck on a level for WEEKS! SOMETIME MONTHS! And to finish one room you need to use about 30-40 stars! And then you only get 1 Star for completing each level. And if u get stuck on a level then what can u do in this game? NOTHING. And if u watch an add to double the rewards it wont double the stars. (This is getting long) And you don’t get a lot of money from completing one level but if u want to get more moves you have to pay a lot of money! (Game money) Maybe there COULD be easier levels and more money earned and more STARS earned from each level. And’s really nice that we can go see random people houses to get new items. And *deep breath* finally I’m done...I think 🤔 Oh well, thanks to anyone who read till the end. This was longer than I thought it will be. Please respond developer!

- Friendly and addictive

This game is addictive enough to have me still playing, yet not all-consuming. You can pick it up and put it down at will. The new inclusion of guilds is a nice touch though they (the guilds) could be more interactive than just a message system and occasional event. Being able to negotiate entry into a more competitive guild would be nice too. I become frustrated at the clashing and often times ugly decorations. Visiting people allows you the opportunity to add friends to exchange lives with while also giving you the ability to pick up some more ugly and clashing furniture. The storyline can be quite funny, in particular the 'band' of monkeys with Gene Simian tickled :-) I mainly play this as a time waster because I enjoy the puzzles rather than decorating the extensive mansion. The levels actually do become more difficult which is refreshing, using my brain is a part of the appeal of gaming for me. Spending now and then can get you over a stuck part if you are determined to win an event prize but it is not necessary to achieve progression with this game. There are plenty of ways to collect enough coin to buy what is required to make it through. All in all this is a 5 star game, I hope you enjoy

- So addictive but needs an upgrade

Im on level 400 and something i just wanna bring up a few things 1. When u watch a video to “double you rewards” u get double the coins but yet only 1 star a star is part of ur reward this should also be doubled 2. The mini ingame quests (snowball fight, racetrack, and future lady) u do these and you get no rewards i recon you should receive bombs and pans ect for what ever level ur on when it finishes. 3. why does it cost 3 stars to do a single renovation and you only get 1 star per game level. Coins are minimal when its 500 to continue or 700 to buy bombs hard to continue when u only get 50 coins max on a good round apart from watching a video u cant get many coins unless u buy. Maybe a video can be 100 coins 4. When u complete a room there is no rewards either weather it be coins or bombs or lives or free play i think this should be thought of im getting to hard stages and its turning me off playing once it gets to hard ill delete it. No way will i spend actual money on this game. Sorry hope you guys take some of these issues ideas into account thanks ✌️

- Fun game, but needs immense improvement

I’ve been playing this game for over a week now and it is really fun and enjoyable! BUT,,, I’ve read other reviews saying their on level 200 and on i know I’m only on level 29 but I’m stuck and can’t get past this level. Each level (I’m assuming for much higher levels as well) get extremely hard and frustrating for only one star just to have to waste it on something like greet the neighbours or jump on the bed. I used to play Homescapes but I deleted it because it was too hard and frustrating and was hoping this would be the easier, more reward full version but I was clearly wrong. A MESSAGE DIRECTLY FOR PRODUCERS Please, if your going to make this game better in anyway here are my thoughts; make the levels easier and much more reward full and please don’t make us waste precious stars on jumping on the bed or greeting the neighbours!! Please also make it an easier and quicker process in finishing the mansion, and my thoughts are that once someone has finished their mansion they then are able to go and chose a whole new mansion out of a small selection to then start evaluating on.😊 I really hope that I don’t get to the point where I delete this game all because it’s too hard, I really like it except for its flaws.....

- Frustrating!

I agree with what most people have said. This game is clearly rigged and intended for you to spend Hughes amounts of money. Some levels seem impossible to complete (where the foam is chasing you, or where you need to cut through five rat cages for each rat), and take like 30 goes, but then you get some great matches and complete it with 15 moves to spare. It’s obvious that the gems are not loaded randomly. Furthermore, you have to pay a star for stupid things like answering the door, which do not work towards improving the mansion. Finally, I got this game after seeing ads for it on other games. At first I downloaded the wrong thing because it was nothing like the ads, but then I realised it’s the right game with false advertising. In the ads, it’s like a puzzle game where you have to figure out how to fix the mansion (eg stop the fire on the stove, fix the windows, etc). Instead you just play the stupid matching game to earn stars and update furniture. There’s not nearly the variety of choices the ads suggested. I’ve looked around and there are a million versions of this game: Homescapes, garden scapes, etc. they all have the exact same format (even the same power ups). This is a scam company trying to manipulate you into paying cash money under the guise of a free and innocent app. Don’t let your kids play!

- good game but too much content

I love this game, it has so much content to last you for years honestly, however every time I launch the app it feels like all i’m doing is closing all of the pop up side quests for like 30 seconds straight. You launch and there’s 3 different events going on which makes pop ups that you have to close one after the other, 84 packets of furniture to download, once you play 1 level after that level it brings up 3 more pop ups of side events going on and it’s very frustrating. The game itself is great, I love the premise but jesus christ there is too much content going on at one time. It’s frustrating to have to close so many pop up windows of content that I dont really care about at all because its always just repeats of old events just to get to the actual game. When I first started playing I was hooked on the game but then slowly started losing interest because every time I go to launch the game I get a feeling of dread knowing I have to sit there for 30 seconds just closing pop up windows.

- Game’s fun but could have improvements

I love the game and the good thing about it is it’s so addicting I’m nearly at level 200 (which I know I haven’t done much) but I enjoy it so much. Sometimes too challenging but I guess that’s just the aim of the game. The concept of this game is amazing sometimes I think there’s to much going on but that’s fine. The annoying thing is once you get stuck on a level it’s really hard to pass and most of the time I don’t have 500 coins to give me an extra 5 moves. Anyway, another good thing about the game is I once deleted it then a year later or so I went back in and it had saved all my progress! One other thing is before I ever got the game you would see the ads saying oh you have to put the fire out or stop the bathroom from flooding or something along those lines but really I got the game and none of that happened. Overall it’s a great game especially if your up to a challenge or like interior decorating games and it’s heaps of fun!

- Great game

Hi, everyone who is looking through these reviews, please listen to what I have to say. I’m at level 147. Coming up to this I have had some levels which require more than a little bit of effort. Though at times I found them tricky, I always kept going knowing, I would be rewarded at the end. And I am. What keeps me going is a friend. Not someone I know in real life just somone who I requested to be friends with. She used to be at level 42 with me now she is past 1780. It is amazing. It just shows every level is possible and that’s what keeps me going. I enjoy going on and seeing her having sent me some lives. If your the creator of this game, Well done, I love this game so much😃 I hope everyone else does too. Though everyone I’m not saying this game is not hard, because it can be. I used to get my brother to complete a level for me when I got stuck, but sometimes he left me to do it, which is what has brought me up to level 147. Please everyone I highly recommend this app. It’s amazing 😉.

- Challenging is fun

I love this game, I’m past level 2000 which has of course taken me a long time. It’s a match 3 game that keeps introducing new variations and challenges. Sure some levels are very hard but that isn’t a bad thing! Easy is boring. You can earn bombs and coins to help you by passing levels or by watching ads - always your choice whether to watch an ad to get a reward. I have never spent any real money, I’m just persistent! You get one star per level which goes towards decorating your mansion, and there is also a bit of a storyline. Like other players, I wish the difficult levels earned you more than one star, and that you didn’t have to waste stars on answering the door and talking to guests - I wish the storyline bits were free and you just pay stars for decorating. I have joined a guild and also friended other players which means we can all give each other lives - I rarely run out of lives this way and just just play whenever I have a free moment.

- Great game, but needs a lot of improvement

Great game, but very hard to progress through. I feel like getting one star per game completed is extremely frustrating as small, seemingly useless tasks require 2 to 3 stars and you have to complete them in order to continue. However some of the levels are so difficult it takes 10 lives to actually beat it which is ridiculous considering the rewards you actually get. I feel like the system needs a major rethink so that players feel like they are actually progressing in the game instead of being stuck on a level that is almost impossible to beat without power ups. Probably won’t keep playing unless it improves because it seems ridiculous that I’m almost up to level 200 and have only unlocked the library and bedroom as I’m stuck trying to get enough stars to continue. Please improve this as it seems like the only way to play it is to spend money

- So disappointed

I have been playing this game for a long time and until recently have been enjoying it. I now only get hard games and takes forever to get out. I had the Japanese tea garden and barely won any games to be able to finish. My progress didn’t even make half way. I am not spending money on extra time when I’m not able to win the games. If the developers want people to spend money they should make the games easier, not have to spend stars on such ridiculous things as answering the door and having more choice in decor. Need to get their act together and stop being so greedy. When you get bonus rooms, quite often you can’t finish them unless you pay a lot of money. You always need at least one extra go to finish a game! If you finish bonus rooms within the allotted time, it should let you then go back to a previous unfinished room. Would make it more interesting and worthwhile. During this pandemic when people are not working and don’t have spare money you realise which developers are kind giving so much bonus time and which ones are just plain greedy. This game is the latter.

- Great game but crashes lots (for me)

Hello, this is a great game. I’ve passed level 1000 so I clearly enjoy it and keeps me occupied in my spare time; however ever since the “free booster”, “win moves”, “claim rewards” etc. were introduced the game keeps crashing every time I watch an ad. It finishes till the very end and then just before showing my prize it crashes and sends me to my home screen. I don’t get to collect anything. When it’s a small (not so helpful) prize it sometimes comes through. Anyone else experiencing this? Can this be fixed? the frustration of continually watching the same/similar ad only to crash, is enough for me to contemplate deleting the game altogether. Which is a shame because I really enjoyed the game up until now. Assistance will be much appreciated. Thank you :)

- So Addictive

I have been playing Matchington for at least three years now. So I am of course on a very high level, 3000 and something but that’s not the point. This game is crazy addictive! The only issue I have is that you only get 1 star for each level, which is frustrating. But the rest of the game is amazing! I love the stories and I love helping Tiffany on her journey, this game inspires me. It makes me want to write books, paint, draw pretty much do A LOT of art. I really like being on teams and choosing different furniture to decorate your mansion. I love how the game has the ability to send lives, observe other people’s mansions and we can achieve new furniture on the way. My most favourite thing about this game is that the story is never ending. After you decorate the mansion, Tiffany has a whole other story to accomplish. This ga e is amazing and very worthy of a five star rating!!!

- Expensive and tiny rewards and I’ve played 3789 levels...

This game starts out fun but very quickly you realise how little you are rewarded for passing any levels or completing challenges. Team challenges are a waste of time as 90% of your team doesn’t play and even if you manage to complete one you get rewarded with 1 firecracker WOOHOO! Complete 50 levels and you get 500 stars which only buys you 5 more moves in a level or 3 firecrackers. The amount of levels required to get a piece of furniture or paint a wall or any task borders on the ridiculous. Complete 2 levels just to talk to the builder, landscaper or even the delivery guy is just a rip off. I don’t mind buying extra stars or other things but the price is so expensive and if you think you can get anywhere in this game without forking out money THINK AGAIN. I’m on level 3789 so I’m giving you a honest opinion of someone that has played this game a lot. I actually find the game repetitive and very boring now.

- Addictive despite its issues

For an app that’s advertised as a design game there are way too many side stories that take your time and coins away from actually designing. Wish there was an option to skip them. Especially when it seems impossible to actually complete them (and get the related prize) within the time frames set. Some of the levels are incredibly hard and when it’s taken me days of replaying them to get passed I have ALMOST quit and deleted the app! Wish you got more for the harder puzzles. Also the designers have a weird sense of style - often there isn’t matching items to select when designing your rooms and the result is a mansion that looks full of op shop purchases! In saying all this - the game is still incredibly addictive and I find myself playing every chance I get. I’ve deleted all my other games as this is the ONLY one I play now!

- Fun, but not what is advertised

I saw the ads, and thought that this game will be interesting yet easy. Maybe wondering how many rooms or houses I will get to decorate, however that isnt the case whatsoever. It is advertised to be a fun decorating game where you fix things and or add them. But not in the game, where it is a stupid puzzle game which you solve puzzles, which are sort of displayed in candy crush, and you only get a star out of it if you finish the level. You only get one star, and there is no way to change that. Further on the tasks take up more and more stars, where you will be playing all day just to get three tasks done. I suggest maybe making some levels give you more stars, such as 2-3 per difficult level. I also suggest making less ‘in app purchases’ or lower the prices because just for a couple thousand coins doesnt need to cost €4,-. Maybe it is just me, but I have read the other reviews and I can tell you that they agree with me.

- Love it, but getting ready to delete.

Some levels are easy and some far from it. But what really is getting me frustrated and ready to delete this game is, 1- only one star reward for each level, you could get a hard level take a day or pass it and it’s only one star, then the next level is super easy do it first go and it’s one star reward. Reason 2- you then have to waste one star to greet a neighbour or play with the cat or jump on a bed or read a book or help the bird find its nest, When all you really want to design the mansion. Reason 3 which is really getting to me is, I’m up to level 200+ and still have only had access to decorate lounge room, bedroom and library, then they make you do the gardens, I really wanted to finish the mansion, then move on to the gardens. So please if you want to improve this game and keep me playing and for me to recommend it, these are some tips for you.

- Best game ever!

So I am on about level 200 and I am loving it! I have no complaints, my friend suggested this game to me and I have loved it ever since! I really like how you can customise the rooms to your liking and if you don’t feel like it you can always change it. I also really enjoy that there is ALWAYS a limited time event however I do wish they changed it so then it’s not always the same one and also it is really good how you can go into party’s and request for lives if you have ran out, one thing that I would like to change is maybe jack could work a bit quicker because he took 24 hours to build a fire place and at that time I have 7 hours of unlimited lives, other than all of this it is the best game ever, I totally recommend it!

- Excellent Game!

I love this game! I enjoy decorating the mansion as well as playing the levels, I’m currently on level 350 and there are some really challenging levels that sometimes require a few goes, but I enjoy that the game isn’t too easy. There is soooo much to do in the game, it has a good story line and things to work for. I love that there are new updates and mini challenges regularly, so it keeps the game rewarding and exciting. My only minor negative about the game is I don’t like spending multiple stars on a small task, having some of the side tasks cost less stars would allow me to be able to play the storyline and decorating side more. Overall though this game is super enjoyable to play. Oh and no ads (unless you choose to watch for an extra life).


I agree and have the same problems as all of the other users (low & high levels). This game is good but not if you aren’t enjoying it, because you’re stuck on the exact same level as last year and aren’t able to be a part of any events - I don’t usually use apps that are bias and unfair. It’s just that the bad reviews and problems with the game, are being hidden from new users. If I had known prior to downloading and being stalked by their advertisements, I would NEVER HAVE DOWNLOADED it. I won’t recommend this game, all I can say is: You never know, unless you experience it (unnecessary anxiety, stress and frustration that was NEVER in the description) yourself! I have PTSD and other health issues, that this app and developers has NEVER HAD PERMISSION to interfere with or worsen. Hence the reason I consider this app to be unfriendly to those who suffer with PTSD and from various types of emotional/mental/psychological health issues caused by other people and their stupidity, like I was recently diagnosed with!

- Great game overall but a few downsides..

Hello I am writing this review for the fellow about to be players of this game. I discovered this game on an ad in game. I thought the game looked amazing and I immediately went onto the App Store to download it. After downloading I realised that the ad was nothing like the actual game was. The ad showed you freely decorating a house. However I realised that there were tiny tasks for precious stars like calling the carpenter and searching paintings. I am now on lvl 11 but I am told by other reviews that the game gets harder as you get into the 100’s. I am hoping for the creators to change the cost of the less interesting tasks into 100 coins or something like that. Overall, I think that this game needs a few improvements but is great if you are looking for a puzzle, decorating and story game!!! Thankyou very much for taking the time to read my review

- It needs work

I’ve been playing for about a week now and am finding it a little frustrating. I find a lot of levels are too hard. In lots of cases I’ve been stuck on a level for 10 lives. You are also not given enough money or enough stars as a reward as things can cost up to 3 stars and once you complete something, another thing is thrown at you that is even more expensive. You are also giving 500 coins for five more tries on impossible levels and then have to wait an hour to just fail again and lose all your money. I also find that there are completely pointless things that you have to complete in order to progress. I enjoy the game but get incredibly frustrated with it. It needs better balance between reward and cost. Please update it to make it more enjoyable. Thanks.

- Annoying but fun.

It’s a great game don’t get me wrong but it can be very frustrating at times you have to earn multiple stars to do one thing for example: investigate the box for 1 star look for the key to the box 2 stars to do it! Open the box 1 star I mean I know it adds some levels but like couldn’t it just have been find the key an open the box? Ok I’m getting a little bit off track. So any way besides the hard levels and long waits for the lives to regenerate it’s a fun and cool game and I enjoy it. So please creators take these things to mind 1. you can select for each level a difficulty, easy-medium-hard. 2. Could harder levels maybe give more stars because if you complete a hard level that took heaps off attempts then it can be quite annoying only getting one star for it. 3. For completing a room shouldn’t there be an award I mean I just spent so much time decorating and matching 3 little pillows in a row and no reward?!!! Anyway thanks for making a great game and keep up the good work PS. Eventually I was able to open the box but it only had knight armour in it I mean really!? I have to admit the armour is kinda cool K thx cya


Really fun game, highly recommended. The best part is that it’s not that hard, they’re very straight forward levels. I prefer this game over other puzzle games as you get rewarded through building your mansion... But it doesn’t stop there, once you finish your mansion you can continue onto your whole island which is full of beachside hotels, holidays on the slopes and much more. Been playing this game for over 2 years and I’m still addicted, I’ve maxed out my levels would love more to come. So now I’ve turned to the team events and started my own team. I’m a super committed teammate and would love some active players. Feel free , Name- MAGIC MISFITS

- Fun with a side of frustration

This game is addicting, even though it is nothing like the ad that I originally downloaded for. I really appreciate and like this game because I don’t have to spend money to get full gameplay. Instead, you can watch ads for extra rewards, which is much fairer. Another upside is there is almost always a different event to earn more rewards as you play, without spending any money. My biggest complaint is really the storyline and the stars. Each level earns you one star and each room takes dozens of stars to complete, but only because of the very many side tasks. The game isn’t just about redoing the mansion, you also have to earn 25+ stars to greet a guest, hear what the guest has to say, do one part of what the guest wants, do three more parts, speak to them again, and wait 12 hours until the task is complete. It only feels like, and probably is, so that you wouldn’t finish the game so quickly if you were only earning stars to fix the mansion. There are many matching games like this one available, I had hoped one would have a bit fewer side quests. Current level: 569

- Could be better!

This game could be so much better! I’m not generally a fan of matching games, but I love the fixing up of the mansion part. I was willing to deal with the matching side of it for that reason. Started out great, do some matching, earn stars to fix your mansion. However as the game progresses you have to use your hard earned stars on ridiculous goals like play with cat (2 STARS!) or polish armour! It sometimes takes many turns to earn those stars and it really peeves me off to waste them. Those sort of goals should be optional, or at least only cost 1 star AT MOST. I’m only level 64 and I’m assuming from the size of the mansion it only gets worse as the game progresses. This makes people like me who are more interested in the Reno part lose interest quicker. Please consider this for the next update.

- Game good but the rest is cheesy

The game itself is great but addictive! The commentary and language is sickly sweet and annoying, but if you can get past that it’s tolerable. There aren’t much for earning capacity or usage of boosters compared to Homescapes or Pet Rescue but you can get by in patience and without having to spend $. Way better than candy crush (ugh too busy). The characters are annoying, the design options only give you 3 options (none of which are ideal) and it looks nothing like the ads present. BUT, the language and characters are clean and safe for kids, and overall it’s great I’d recommend it. I’ve not spent $ and I’m on level 600+ which I think is pretty good in the scheme of things. Thanks for a great app.

- Suggestion for update to the game

There are a lot of players who have to wait for new levels and keep playing bonus levels for the time being. I would like suggest that for those players , the not complete renovated rooms in the side games are being reopened and we can finish them while we wait for new levels . I think it would take some frustration away from players who don’t want to spent money for boosters but still want to play those rooms if they get stuck for a longer time period. But that would mean you have to allow us stars for bonus levels too.

- Don’t waste your time.

This is a good game but frustrating to progress through as I’m nearly on level 300 and I’ve only been able to complete 3 main rooms and a few things in the garden. Activities like training a dog or cat and making tea for the neighbour just seem pointless and a large amount of these activities take 3 stars or more, which is even more frustrating when each level is very difficult pretty much straight away. Understandably games shouldn’t be easy, but they shouldn’t seem pointless either. I will probably die before I finish another room. I am quite regretful that I feel as though I need to delete the app as I gave it an honest chance but I’ve had enough. This game is a money-grabbing, anger inducing waste of time with little to no satisfaction.

- Enjoyable but......

I love this game but it frustrates me. Currently I am stuck playing bonus levels with out any gain of stars or progressing through the mansion. And I find the rewards quite low, have you considered evaluating the coin rewards when completing a level as the cost of using bombs etc don’t really add to the value of completing levels. It is a big let down when you spend 700 to be rewarded 30 coins upon completing. Evening out the ratio would be more fair. I have been waiting for more tasks for nearly a week and I am sick of waiting and playing bonus levels. Have slowey started playing a certain other butler game due to boredom of bonus levels for no purpose. Please update and making the game more fair to cost for players so I may continue to enjoy playing. Thank you

- Challenging fun

I love playing this game and agree with other reviews that I get stuck sometimes for days on some levels that you may have rated as HARD then blitz through levels rated as VERY HARD, but that’s ok. One problem is if having to go through ads for an extra shot either before or after the game, the ads get stuck on get or download and I have to repeatedly tap the ‘x’ to get out of it. Sometimes the design choices for rooms don’t match or there’s 2 out of 3 are different shades of the same colour, neither one matching the other furniture I’ve chosen. Overall though, a fun game

- Q..

I absolutely love this game! But, I am up to level 4615 and I want to know why the level of stars have gone up to build something new? A hard product would be 3 stars and now it’s any easy product worth 3 stars, a small wall paper was 3 stars?? A small decoration is now 3 stars as well. What happened to it being 2 stars? Makes me not want to play anymore. & when I win on the chest either 2nd or 3rd I am not winning anything?? I don’t know why that is and I’m not sure if your videos have been taken down to watch so we can get free money? Not sure why everything is so much more harder now?

- Time consuming

Dear developer, I’m now up to level 3,396… and I’m not happy. I believe this game is making me sick. Do you remember Rubik’s cube? Where divorce was on the increase. Well every time I now open up the game, my dog frets because she knows how disappointing It’s getting to me. Every second or third game I’m getting ‘hard’ or ‘very hard level’ ..WHY? An hour has gone by and I haven’t got any closer to nearing an end to this… and I’m angry. This is the time I want to write reviews, not when you decide because I get one or two out in a row. RIGGED. I used to like this game but now find I will come here, even when they give me an extra hour, for 5 mins of my time. I have other things more interesting. YAWN … You’ve made it boring

- Disheartening

As much as I love this game it’s becoming very disheartening and boring by having to repeat the levels sometimes up to 10 times just to pass! Which by this stage the points drop to just 2. Especially when you have paid for the pass and each stage requires more and more points to attain the mansion items!! Seriously Matchington can you either keep the points required consistent or make the levels with more moves or do something to make it more worthwhile. Sometimes I get so sick of trying to pass some of the levels it makes me want to delete it altogether. Totally frustrating, especially when one works full time and can only play this every so often. :(


Hi I love this game because it has lots of fun things to do and play, it has a game inside of this game hope you love it too as much as I do. I love playing this game because you can change the mansion and it has a app inside inside of it well a few app’s inside of it sometimes! How do you like to play it?, write a message back to me and I can see how you like it and feel free in it, hope you like this game. This app is great for kids and grownups, let me tell me a secret my mum play’s it and it is her favorite game.! Bye bye for now. LOVE NORAH! Hope you have a great day today and bye again see you soon bye thanks for now

- Not like the adverts

I downloaded this game because it looked interesting on the adverts and was exceptionally disappointed. The game is a gem game, absolutely nothing like the adverts they show, they are very misleading. I persevered for a while, got 150+ lvls in but it’s still just a gem puzzle game just like so many others out there, you complete puzzles in order to get stars to do an “action” to help fix up your mansion, which half the time does pretty much nothing, if you’re lucky you might get to choose a couch from 3 ugly options. I’ll give it 2 stars just because the gem puzzle games can be a bit of fun, very frustrating when you can’t pass a puzzle but can’t move on to a new one until you’ve passed it though other than that it’s one of the most boring games I’ve played.

- Rigged

Do not get this app the game is rigged it makes you play so much for me time I almost passed a really hard level and had moves to spare but all of a sudden the game ended and I payed 500 coins for five more moves I played my move but moved a completely different one so I keep playing. The company wants your money that’s all. Another reason is it’s completely different to the adds I thought this game would be cleaning the house but no nothing about that’s in the game maybe you have to reach a certain level to get to it but the levels are rigged so I probably never will. Lastly you have to use stars (which you get every time you pass a level) to do dumb things like answer the door. They do this so they have more things which require stars and they are hard to get so you buy them.

- Love this game !

Loving this game it’s one of the few games like this I enjoy:) but why is it that regular levels are at times a lot harder then the hardest levels, I have just had a few levels in a row that have been insanely hard and stuck on yet another insanely hard (regular) level using as many lives as one should on the hardest levels maybe you could do some thing about this and also could you make a button so I can send all my friends lives at once I sometimes miss a couple doing it one at a time :( love it other wise an amazing game :(

- Fun, but not perfect.

I really like of concept of the game. The side events are fun too. I find it frustrating that the match games get quite tricky, and you’re faced with side tasks like “talk to dog” “play with dog”... sometimes it takes me all of my lives for a single star that I have to waste it on a meaningless task. I just want to build and customise the house... that is, after all, what attracted me to the game. If I had a map to track my levels and their difficulties, it might be a little more fun to face a “difficult level”... but I have candy crush for that. If I felt as though my time spent with this app (playing the match games) would actually help me to progress through its missions (even just 85% of the time), I would spend more time playing.

- Love the concept but..

I love the concept and unlike some other games like this I feel I’m completing more on the House. However the levels are getting harder and harder (I’m only on level 230ish and have spent over 15 lives on 1 level and still haven’t cracked it!) I feel like the developers should take into account how many lives you used for a level and give out a ratio of stars based on that. Used 1-3 lives = 1 star, 4-6 lives = 2 stars and so on and so forth so it’s worth it after being stuck on a level for a day and a bit!! Plus the wastage of lives on such small tasks (aka making potion 2 stars, person drinks 1 star and you drink 1 star, for nothing to happen!) it’s frustrating but here’s hoping for a change soon!!

- Fun but doesn’t pay off

I’ve been playing this game for a while now and I’m on a high level but throughout the whole game I’ve had one huge pet peeve, the rewards are far too small. You don’t get enough for how much you put in, for example, you would use your own money and sometimes you’re spending so much but the game only gives you 10 coins. The average amount of coins I get is 30 and I don’t think that’s anywhere near fair. Also, once an event finishes you can’t go back into it, you can only go back into completed ones, that’s not fair enough, especially if you’re the type of person who has to finish things. It’s fun to play while you’re waiting in a dentists office but that’s about it.

- Room for improvement, but Love Love Love it!

This has been the only game I’ve stuck with over the years. I’ve grown tired of the rest and have delete. Matching Mansion is my favourite, even my niece and nephew know it! Some suggestions though. 1. It would be really nice to be able to get access again to the side game of completing a room that you’ve run out of time on. 2. It would be really nice to get more than one star when you pass a hard or really hard level. 3. The big bomb is dodgy when you combine it with the coloured ball. It doesn’t blow up the areas it should. It’s like it counter acts another bomb that’s appeared close by and only blows up one square next to it. 4. I hate the encroaching foam! That’s dodgy too sometimes. Moves quicker than it should and always goes for the pillow I want to match! 5. Agree with a previous review that sometimes it takes ages to pass a level and that’s when I don’t play for a while.

- Not as advertised

I installed because of the ads showing you have to fix different disasters that happen in your mansion, after completing my first mansion I thought I would get to play the disasters part but i have since found out the ad is just a complete lie as I am now on level 2555 and onto my second mansion with still no sign of disasters. Also you only receive one star per level but you have to pay up to 3 stars for some renovations and pay stars for stupid things like answering a door. You the coin rewards after each level is too low considering you have to pay 500 coins to get 5 extra moves 1000 for 3 spoons ect. The game is a good time waster but is not as its advertised.

- The best match 3 game there is

I love this game. It is the best one of it’s type and not too many advertisements which is fantastic. Some ppl have mentioned getting stuck on levels for too long, but I haven’t had that happen too much. The only thing that I would like is to be able to change items for free. Because sometimes you buy a couch for example and then when the chairs are available there isn’t one to match the couch you chose. Then you have to pay to change the couch. I think this should be free so we can gi back and change things for free if we want to.

- Challenging and interesting

Combing winning levels with revealing rooms and completing decorating tasks keeps this game interesting. The type of game you can play for five minutes or an hour. Only complaints are that some levels are a little too hard and some tasks which use up your stars are pointless and frustrating, especially after a really hard level. But overall has kept me playing for well over a year once or twice a day. Great time filler when your waiting for a train, having a morning coffee or just relaxing in the sun.

- It’s ok

There are no adds which is great! But the levels are frustrating because if you are in a hard level or even just past level 70 it is unachievable and you feel like to get rid of the game it is that hard and to the people who made this game and want your game to be better make the levels easier, It will be less stressful that way! Quick quote to the people who make this game can u make the levels from 100 up a bit easier cause I’ve been on the same level for two months and I sort of want to delete it now and can u make it we get two stars or three cause those levels are too hard to beat!

- Super addictive but glitches/scammy

The game is super addictive but the more you get used to it you notice the game does not react the same as in the beginning. When getting the powerful ball when you use the big bomb with it, each bomb does not react the same as it would on its own. Nor do the bombs that effect a line, there has been many occasions where I have watched two bombs go off and my bears should have been let go and we’re not. Not only this but there have been multiple occasions where I have taped on one icon to move and a a completely different one has moved instead. Glitchy It makes you not want to play the game, especially when you’ve been stuck on a level for days that you know you have actually completed.

- Challenging which is great brain training

It’s a great game, yes there are levels in between which can become frustrating as you may need to do over a few times, but that’s the challenge. If I’m tired my focus on the skill is lost a bit...but up to level 1247 now...and my team are pretty advanced too. Join a team, do the awesome group challenges and build your mansion between waiting for hearts. I’ve also added heaps of neighbours which is a great way to always gave free hearts on hand - I ask them and help them every day I play.

- Rip off!

I wouldn’t get this game, I have been paying a hell of a lot of money to get through the levels for insignificant monetary rewards to get to the next level as they are very hard. I can’t see why the rewards are so small when the levels are so difficult to get through. It has sometimes taken me 10-15 lives to get to the next level on at least 7 different games. I’m at the higher levels & still getting 1 star per game & small monetary rewards compared to what I’ve paid out to get through the levels and I’ve never got $100 back despite having a board full of firecrackers and spheres on it at the end of a level It’s a money making game for the makers!

- Fun game, but needs a little improvement

I’ve been playing this game for a long time, and it’s really fun! But you run out of lives quite quickly and it takes ages to refill. Also some of the levels are impossible, and some of them are really easy. It’s fun unlocking new rooms and all, but it takes ages! I think every item should take 1 star instead of 2, because what if you’re stuck on a really hard level that takes ages to get through, you just can’t complete it. Also a suggestion is that you should get coins for every power up you get in the level. Please take in my suggestions, and play the game just be aware of the stuff that needs improvement.

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- Fun game

Lots of fun, I wish we earned more coins per level or if power ups were less expensive. Good fun

- Super Fun

Awesome game! Very addicting and I love the decorating part of the of both worlds! The games and the decorating 😍😍 only complaint is the win to spend only get 1 star per game which wouldn’t be that bad but the amount of coin it takes to buy or use vs what you gain is WAY unless you want to potentially take a really long time getting anywhere you end up spending a lot of coins....still my favourite game!!!

- False advertising.

Nothing like the ad showed. Way stupider.

- Fun

Great game!

- Nothing like the ads!

I've seen different ads for this game and ALL of them depict a problem-solving game. Not another match 3 game!! You guys need to learn that ads are supposed to give potential buyer/installers a little preview into what they're getting, not to completely mislead them with gameplay that would be way better than the stupid Candy Crush knockoff

- Misleading

Just another dissatisfied customer tricked into downloading by misleading ads. Please change your advertisements to accurately reflect what the game is. I kept playing in hopes there would be alternate mini games or something but there aren’t. Such a waste of my time.

- Poor

They make the levels very challenging. I am at level 71. It’s very hard to earn stars and then when you do, in order to keep playing or open a new room you need to WASTE those hard earned stars to “play with cat” or “jump on bed” or “read diary”. Real reason I downloaded this game was NOT to waste my time playing a cheap version of candy crush but was to interior design. Big waste of time and will be deleting unless it is updated properly where you can design and decorate the mansion and not waste all your time playing to win those hard earned stars only to have them completely wasted on things other than interior design.

- Addictive

Fun and addictive game. Wish the power ups were more frequent and won more coins though. The only thing I really don’t enjoy is how slow construction is. All this greeting people is boring. I keep skipping the ones that don’t include construction or adding new things to the mansion.

- Disappointed

This is nothing like the ad. I was hoping to try the pick and drag choices to fix things. I will be removing it.

- Not as advertised, and blocked!

This is a candy crush-like game. There is nothing about fixing furniture and saving the house from fires, as shown in the ad. Also, I’ve been blocked for weeks on a level, which makes the game not fun. I do not recommend this game.

- Fake ads

Its fake. Doesn't match the ads. Smh

- Like many others : false advertisement / copy of a better game :Homescapes

Don’t download this game, go more to homescapes. Why? 1/ they show a false advertisement with NOTHING in common with the real game. Very disrespectful for their users / customers. 2/ pale copy of a great game. They just tend to make money upon homescapes , doing the same game but harder for getting people to pay for lives. 3/ the game is not well done, so much harder and frustrating than homescapes and the scenario is in so much way bad. Please delete this game or don’t download it. Just pass your way.

- Nothing like the advertisement.

Downloaded but found it to be a completely different game to the promo. Deceptive.

- meh

this game looks nothing like the add. after i saw the add i came to check it out and it’s like homescapes but i got it anyway because i like interior design. it was fun in the first room but then we got too many tasks and we never got enough stars or coins. i would get it again if you updated this game but i don’t even think you read these reviews.

- Download Bait.

The game is nothing like the ad for it.

- Disappointing

Not at all what was advertised. Seen a lot of ads for this game on other games and it looked like you could clean each room individually but it was a farce to cover up a game just like every other such as candy crush. Deleted.

- False Advertisement

Literally nothing like what the ads showed. Not nearly as interesting either.

- Décevant

Pourquoi est-ce que votre jeu ne ressemble en rien à la publicité que vous en faites dans les autres jeux?

- The ad is completely different than the game

Don’t waste your time

- False advertising

There’s nothing wrong with the game itself, it’s simply the false advertising that annoys me. The adds seem to promote a completely different game.

- Not as advertised

Not at all what the ad made it seem. What a waste!

- Bad

The commercial is not the same as the game 😡


not like the ad at all.

- Garbage

Nothing like the ad

- Disappointing game

This game is not what is advertised on advert ‘Save Your House’

- What to fix first?

Still waiting for the game play to look like The ad that brought me here.

- Add is misleading

I am really disappointed with this game. When I saw the adds popping up I became interested in it but after downloading this I realised this is a copy of candy crush and nothing more ( -_- )

- Why is this not like the ad?

Seriously? Hate false advertising.

- Not the game promoted in ads

Thought this was going to be an interesting, different type of game. Turns out to be just another swap game.

- False advertisement and copyright

This game is nothing the add showed and is just copywrite of candy crush. When you make an add you have to make it true and they didn’t do that. I could easily get a diffrent game that has true advertiments or candy crush and diffrent games. Do not buy whatever you do!!!!!!😡

- False advertising

The game has nothing that the ad showed

- False advertising

You should be ashamed for manipulating people into thinking something the game is not. P.O.S.

- This doesn’t match the ad

I downloaded this game because I saw an ad for it where it was more of a problem solving game and instead, I discover that it’s just a matching game. Extremely disappointed.

- Fake video ads

I was only playing because I thought I’d actually get to do what the video ads showed me but NOPE

- iPhone Xr issues

Loved this game on my 6s, however the game exceeds the screen, on the Xr, when in the mansion which is an issue to play as there is no play button and cannot select furniture 😢

- Fun but too hard for kids

Starts off fun but some of the levels are stupid hard. It makes it unfun. I continue to play because I enjoy trying to finish fixing up the house. Having to do the same level over 10 times stinks though

- Cute game

This is a fun game ! Super cute ! The only thing I find is that it moves very very slow ...the levels you go through don’t add up to the stars you get matter what get 1 star...other than that fun game and challenging .

- Fun

Super fun game!

- Bugs

Been playing this game for a while but since the last update, it keeps closing by itself. Can’t play!!

- Nice

Great game

- The advertising of the game is different then the real game!

The add is Showing things to fix and it is cool but its not the same thing as the game! The real game is ANOTHER match 3game! What is this? False advertising on a free game?! This is ridiculous the game is just a copy of too many of those match 3 games! It takes forever to earn stars and decorate the house they force you to spend those stars on things that dont relate to the decoration like playing with the cat....Please advertise the real game in the future stop fooling people with false advertising! Its not a fix objects game its a match 3 game!

- Tired!!!

Good game but sick and tired of it always cutting off. The more i update the more it cuts off and can't even play.

- Not at all like the ads would suggest

This is just another match-three house upgrading game like Homescapes, not at all like the home disaster puzzle game the ads suggested. Big disappointment!

- Deceptive ad

I got this app based on an ad that posed a challenge of what tool to use to fix things in a kitchen. This game, after a day of play, has nothing of this kind of challenge. It’s candy crush with pillows, and rewards of home decorating choices, secret diary and hunky carpenter. If you’re a stereotype female, you’ll love it.

- Developers please read this

I love the game, but I often travel for work and spend a lot time playing offline on an airplane. Unfortunately all my efforts while offline do not count toward any of the team efforts. The team chest rewards and team tasks do not update when I reconnect online. Could you please change this? I’m addicted to this game and want my contributions to count. Thank you!

- Not really like the ads

You don’t really get to repair any thing and there’s not a story where you can see a dude cheating on the girl but overall it’s a fun game

- Not much fun

Was having a great time on this game. Even in the hard ones. Now I’ve been stuck on one for three days, and getting pretty boring. And I play at least 8 hours a day. That’s how much I liked it. But now I’m getting bored on this one game.

- Fun game, but frustrating too

This game is great, as long as you can keep winning levels to do what we actually play to do, decorate. Some levels are so hard, how do you expect people to keep enjoying the game if we’re stuck on one level for days!

- Keeps kicking me out of the game

I love playing but over the last 3 months it keeps kicking me out and I have to rebuild items i have already done makes it really frustrating right now I would love to play but can’t get into the game I have updated, removed app, re installed and re booted my iPad and nothing is working so disappointed

- Very disappointed

THIS IS CLICK BAIT!!!!! You think your going to play a fun problem solving game but no you have to play a dumb knockoff candy crush!! False advertisement! Very disappointing if I could give a quarter star then I would. Total rip off!

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@fullofhunny Omg me but with matchington mansion 😳😳

Jack's Dad

Currently culturally appropriating the shit out of Japan on Matchington Mansion. ⛩🍣🐲👘🚅🏯🍶🍵

‎ᱬ 𝙼𝚊𝚛𝚝𝚑𝚊 ♡'𝚜 𝚁𝚞𝚋𝚎𝚐𝚎𝚝𝚝𝚊‎ ᱬ

@meliuwu_sn Matchington Mansion


@Vallikat Ohhh Matchington Mansion. I was thinking back to this recently for some reason thinking you'd said EverMerge, which I recently decided to try out. Holy crap, it's fun. Lol.


@rizzoliscrime @vanitesfaye matchington mansion, gardenscapes, homescapes i candy crush

Jump in

GiuLiAnO played Matchington Mansion (Google Play) in the last 24 hours #exophase

Sarcasm & Cookies

Matchington Mansion came into my house, called me out for being on my phone and playing it so early, and reminded to feed myself because breakfast is important. Wtf.


@heyveevee *matchington mansion 🤣

Matchington Mansion 1.111.0 Screenshots & Images

Matchington Mansion iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Matchington Mansion iphone images
Matchington Mansion iphone images
Matchington Mansion iphone images
Matchington Mansion iphone images
Matchington Mansion iphone images
Matchington Mansion iphone images

Matchington Mansion (Version 1.111.0) Install & Download

The applications Matchington Mansion was published in the category Games on 2017-10-11 and was developed by Magic Tavern, Inc. [Developer ID: 1399403555]. This application file size is 399.54 MB. Matchington Mansion - Games app posted on 2022-04-28 current version is 1.111.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.matchington.mansion