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What is weapon evolution app? Are you ready to Defeat them all?
Evolve your weapons from zero to Hero!
This is Weapon Evolution!
Start with stone age weapons and upgrade them to futuristic guns in this fast paced runner/shooter game!
Pick the best time gates to upgrade your weapon from Spear to Laser Gun!
Kill all the enemies with different weapons from different timelines. Feel the progression with weapons from the changing era.
From medieval sword to revolver, destroy everyone with UNIQUE weapons!
Defeat all enemies, upgrade your year and income to earn more!
Aim your weapons to doors, improve timeline and multiply weapons to win!
Fun weapons to discover!
Easy navigation!
Unique levels with unique weapons!
Lots of content for free!

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How to contact Weapon Evolution (Rollic Games)?
Find this site the customer service details of Weapon Evolution. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1598710684/weapon-evolution/contact

Weapon Evolution Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Weapon Evolution Version 4.3.305 August 2022

Bugs? Eww! But worry not! We have called our exterminators (aka, developers) to fix the issues affecting your player experience..

Weapon Evolution Version 4.3.006 May 2022

Performance improvements and bug fixes. Enjoy!.

Weapon Evolution Version 2.7.022 February 2022

Performance improvements and bug fixes. Enjoy!.

Weapon Evolution Comments & Reviews 2022

- Could be better could be worse

OK so don’t get me wrong this game is a decent game but there is a few things that I think could make the game a little bit better for starters I think there should be more guns and maybe there should be like some side quests you can do and I know just a few days ago you guys added pets but I think you should add a kill noise if your pets kill one of the bad guys besides that screams an extremely good and I think you should get it. -BroSlash

- I have fun with this game sometimes

Whenever I have nothing else to do I enjoy this game. Before I play it I always turn of wifi and cell so there are no ads because if I keep the two on there are so many ads but that method is a quick and easy fix. I had a flight today and this game kept me company for some of it. I do wish the levels were longer and got more challenging but it’s still a fun game overall. I recommend this game just turn off wifi and cell before playing.

- Couple things need fixed

I don’t mind all the ads, except if you don’t do the multiplier for the coins at the end of the game, the next run gives you significantly lower numbers to evolve your gun. Which I think is ridiculous, whether or not you watch a 10 second or 30 second advertisement shouldn’t determine how much you get to evolve your gun the next game. My second complaint about this game is with the moving targets. Sometimes even after you pass them it will just barely clip the back of the hitbox subtracting points from your evolution even though your gun is already past it.

- Played too much so it broke

I would play this while watching tv and its a good way to do something when really bored. Anyways good idea for an update would be to increase how many coins one can hold instead of having it goninto negative numbers, and also to have a way to buy multiple upgrades at once. like spend all coins on one big purchase of updates. Like x1, x10, x100, then as many as you can purchase with the amount you have

- The problem

The reason I gave it four stars it’s because every time I reach the end it always stops and then kicks me out this annoys because I can only get to the third level because can’t do anything so please fix this because I’m on the verge of just deleting the game because it’s so annoying

- Could be a lot better.

The only pro I can see within the basics of this game is the originality. Even that is iffy because why get this game if there are millions of other games with the same goal but different graphics on the App Store? It’s insane! And why make us pay for no ads whenever there is no doubt an app that’s better on the App Store without ads like roblox. The shop is a stupid idea because it shows your current collection and real money weapons and “pets” which will obviously never come out. Pretty stupid concept and game.

- Bugs and such

Hello developers of weapon evolution! While playing this game, I noticed a few glitches and bugs in the game. In level 22, halfway through you will fall through the ground. There is no way that I could find to fix it so please look over it. Also, sometimes when opening the game, it completely freezes up and crashes. I also bought the no ads option, but every time I complete a level, it shows an ad. Please fix because false advertising could be a lawsuit.

- I love playing a game with my ads

Gotta love how every time you do one of these pointless rounds they shove ads in your face. Game was made solely for the purpose that they could fill it with as many ads as possible. There is no content and it’s honestly just an awful game. Just another developer that doesn’t care about the game in the slightest just makes pointless games to put in ads so they can put some change in their pockets. Definitely don’t recommend even downloading this. It’s a waste of space

- You need to fix this

Okay only thing I see annoying about this game is the adds if you done the level it gives you the choice to watch an ad for it you press no thank you it gives you an ad.

- Zero effort

This is just another clone of those “scroll to the left or right to get more points” games. There’s millions of them. I didn’t even play the game cause I can already smell the pop up ads you probably stuffed the game with. Not to mention the ad I saw for this game made me actually want to break my phone. You literally just didn’t move the weapon at all. You just let the game run without you doing ANYTHING in it. And the text on top was like “I can’t do it it” You’re basically just spitting in peoples faces So in total: - Over done, non original easy to make clone of a game that there are tons of already - ads as far as the eye can see (you only did this for money) - you literally couldn’t have possibly been lazier about the execution of this app. You’re just the worst

- Great game for when bored in school

I play this game whenever I am bored and done with work in class and I’ve been doing this for the past week. I’m level 293 and had so much money they put me in the negatives. I can’t level up anymore either. Just play it tbh

- Amazing game but…

Alright so this is an amazing game and I completely recommend it but when it gets to the point where it would take you hours upon hours to upgrade stuff it gets annoying. Please add like a x10 or x100 or even x1000 or all please. Amazing game though.

- Great Game a bit laggy tho

This game was is pretty good ngl, just remember to turn off the Wi-Fi when you play and you might crash sometimes. But I like the simple gameplay all you got to do is move left or right while adding multiplying dividing or subtracting. Pretty good game to me.

- No I’m not a bot

This game is actually good. I will admit that it had a lot of ads. BUT I’m telling you that the three dollars to get rid of ads is worth it. I was playing the game for half an hour before I though, “I should right a review” and here I am. And again, no I’m not a bot I’m a real person

- The game is ad spam

I downloaded this game in hopes that I would be able to enjoy it for more than one round without watching a ad. But sadly that is not the case every time you do something whether that be finishing a round or upgrading your stats once the game or make you watch an ad for either another add filled game or a game to scam you out of your money. Overall this game is mid maybe it would be funner if I played it without Wi-Fi or mobile data turned off.

- Was good until

So I got the game because I like evo games and I played a few rounds until it started crashing. It crashes when I get to the money part to see how far I can go until my weapons stop. I restarted my phone because some of my games crash because of that reason. I won’t play until it gets fixed. Thx

- Fun game, but ads are too much.

The game is fun, but it’s way too focused on ads. Forcing the player to watch ads every time they want to progress a single level is incredibly annoying. Every 4-5 levels would be reasonable. Plus if you close the game it punishes you with lower year increase sections. Overall, is fun, but creators are too heavy on adds

- Hello I have a question

Can you make the money cap more cause im hitting it and can’t use the money I make also can you add we’re you can buy multiple upgrades at a time the games fun and I wanna keep playing it thx

- I love this game but there’s one big problem

I’ve been playing this game for a while now and I managed to get 30 million coins at the end but it maxed out at 1 million I want my money back all 29 million of it also please fix the money cap as soon as you fix it I will change my review to five stars thank you

- Hello

Surprisingly I like this game because usually these games get boring quickly but I don’t know this one’s diff but add more ending guns it’s really quick to max out your gun multiplier and then your stuck using the same boring gun and it doesn’t even look cool

- Quite literally makes you watch an ad after every round

After every round there is a bar to double your rewards that leads you to an ad but it doesn’t allow you to skip past it so you are then forced to to watch an ad that sometimes doesn’t even let you exit it after it has finished. Obviously a game thrown together in a few hours just to make money with ads.

- Decent

This game is okay and fun, but there’s not enough weapons. and some of the timelines are wrong the the ak47 came before the Thomson. The game also crashes when your internet is on, and there’s a lot of ads.

- The most good game

This is the best game because I played all day long and that it’s like how you can like evolution the guns and all the other stuff because I like gun I just don’t have any

- “No ads” does not mean “no ads”

I got the no ads option for the game and I’m still given ads on the multiplier at the end for coins and the extra keys. Don’t waste your 3 bucks like I did because the only ads cleared are the end ads after a run.

- It ok but some bugs

It a ok game but some times it will just send me out of the game and what ever the special weapons are for they don’t work because when I try to use them they put me on a ad then just send me out and there also too much ads as well so please fix this and it would make the game way better

- Pretty good

There is quite a few ads and the levels are repetitive so I’m pretty sure this game is just a cash grab. It is fun however and i like watching the different kinds of weapons appear. Overall you should try this game out but be warned of ads.

- They kinda ruined it.

The game concept is really good and fun, but they ruined it completely with the ads. Sometimes while I’m in the middle of an ad and I hear the level start, and when I finally manage to close that stupid ad, it literally finished the level. Please make ads less frequent.

- Why you should not get this game

Every time I played it would lag or freeze then crash. No matter where or when it would do that. It’s not that cool anyway, if you really think all you do is drag a weapons left to right increase your years multiply or anything else, upgrade you things and continue. I hope this helped anyone.

- They made the game worse

Before the update there was no cash cap but now there is a cap of 10mil while I’m getting 21 bill it would be 5 star if the cash cap was non existent.

- Worst

I know this game is supposed to be mindless fun but cmon it cannot be this bad. For example, an ak can go through the pillars 500 years and turn into a Thompson. The Thompson came befor the ak in history. That happens with multiple firearms. Trash game with all the ads. I would pay nothing to remove the ads because the base game just is mind numbingly bad. Who ever the devs are should be ashamed of themselves.

- Ads, ads, and even more when you pay for no ads

The game is decent for when you want to kill time and enjoyable. Paid for no ads just because for 20-30 secs of gameplay was watching 1-1.5 mins of ads, and all the ads still exist though the option to purchase no ads is gone.

- More time spent watching ads than playing game

Disgusting amount of ads that you end up watching more than looking at the actual game. Should be an infinite course, but instead every 15 second level is met with a 30 second ad. I thought this game might be a fun enough idea to get past the obvious money grab design. That is incorrect

- Trash

The mechanics of this game alone or garbage. Poorly thought of and horribly executed. Literally every aspect of this game needs work. Not to mention right out of the gate forced ads. When are they going to realize they can make more money with shorter ads that are not mandatory. If I was in charge, games like this would never make it without serious fixes

- Not Historically Accurate

This game has potential, but is utterly ridiculous. The minigun is portrayed here to have been released in 1250, but in reality, it was invented in 1960! How are children supposed to learn the history of weapons if the dates are just plain wrong? Very disappointing.

- Mehhhhh

So I got the game downloaded played after 2 levels it just kicked me out I don’t know what was wrong so I uninstalled and tried again and it kicked me out not after 2 levels so I restarted my iPad still didn’t work and I saw it needed an update updated and worked for 2 levels I don’t know how to fix this I am not a genius.

- Stupid glitch on iPad

When you’re almost done with the level it kicks you out of the game and you have to do it all over again and that keeps on happening to me every time I go back into the level so can you please fix it please 👍👍

- Too many ads and lag

So right off the bat in all the ads it seemed like a fun game so I downloaded it but when I tried to tart it wouldn’t let me it kept exiting me out of the app and you may think I just had bad WI-FI but I had a very good and secure connection and even in the middle of rounds there would be ads it could be fun but it just wasn’t for me

- Great but still…

I love this game and it is really fun but I was exited to play this game when I got it, but when I was playing it, it kept kicking me from the game and having these lag spikes. Please fix these annoying bugs.

- Honestly just why?!

Ok, this game is kinda hard to play here is why, first off it took 30 minutes to just download it! Second after it download it won’t even let me play it!! Like really!?

- Could you add a endless mode

The game is run. Very repetitive quickly, but would really like to see a endless mode.

- Remove coin cap

Really enjoying the game but I got to hear 28 million and was supposed to get 1.5 billion coins but only got 1 million to spend

- Weapon Evolution

Worst game ever. First of all there is way to many adds. Second of all after you are done with a level it gives you the option to get a special prize if you watch the add and there is a button that says no thanks but if you click no thanks it gives you an add anyways.

- Coins

I gave 4 stars because whenever I get over 1 million coins it just automatically makes it go back to 999k coins

- Just turn of WiFi

So first of all I never thought of this but you can just turn off WiFi

- Read

This game could be lots of fun if more updates were put out. This game is very easy but they should try to makespecial weapons and also get maybe skins for the weapons or three little people who you kill if more updates this could be lots more fun

- L A G G Y

Fun-ish game but you really can’t add a graphics adjuster (low, mid, high) or just better optimization? Im on an XR, which is a bit dated, but should be more than enough for this simple game lol have played plenty of different types of games and never lagged like this. It’s like sudden frame drops. You got ray tracing or something in this game? Lol.

- Ads on crack, cash grab.

Wayyyy to many ads, like every 20 seconds there’s a 30 second ad. Game is somewhat fun? Wouldn’t recommend downloading it though as it doesn’t offer anything new, and there’s a dozen other clones of it with ads far more tame.

- I take cool but One problem

Why on earth does this game make my phone so slow

- I good game

It’s a good game and I recommend other people play it too. It’s real fun and I just want to play it all day long

- ❤️

The app is really good, there is no ads and I really like it. I don’t understand why the rating is so low.

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- I love this game

I love this game

- It’s ok overall

Tbh there wasn’t as much ads as I thought the game is good but the ads make it come to a three star but it’s alright overall

- To many ads

Once upon a time there was a game that was too boring and easy and had too many ads I do not like this game it is very boring I deleted it in like five minutes it was so boring and the end.

- No ads pack scam

Purchased no ads pack and you still have to watch them to claim any bonus rewards, so much for no ads.


When I played this game I thought it had no ads but it has! It’s was pretty boring:/

- Doesn’t even work

Gets stuck on a purple screen every time I open.

- To many add

I luv the game but to many adds on messes with my anger problems I had it for ten minutes and deleted it

- Ads

I understand that how they get money, but the game is too trash for how many ads there are.

- Just why

This game is very fun but it kicks me out of the game all of the time and I deleted it in the five minutes

- Ads

Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads, oh and did I mention ads

- bad

This game is so easy and bad is is brain numbing and is just another horrible mobile game, do not cop

- Ads are easy to turn off

For people who keep talking and blabbing about ads being bad JUST TURN THE DAMN WIFI OFF

- To many ads

An add after ever run

- Super bad

No point to this game it’s just a waste of time

- Amazing game

The graphics, the soundtrack all of it is amazing oh wait is this the wrong game yeah it’s sheit.

- Game is so trash

This game is horrible

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- Not gay but fun

Gay man is trash

- Icxmm

I am gay so yes

- Pretty gay


- I’m gay

I’m gay so I hate it

- Gay

Im gay so this is mediocre

- Idk

Dici from McDonald’s

- Damn

Get kicked hella repeatly

- Sucks

When I play it lags all the time and while I’m playing it will glitch and keep kick me off the game so take the mf

- Ads

Every time you finish a round you get jumped by ads…

- Make more efficient

You hit critical mass after a week. At least make it so you can buy max upgrades at once please.

- Ads

It’s just a vehicle to deliver ads.

- I literally can’t play

So I downloaded this game and went through it a bit small bugs really and adds instantly close, that’s fine but as soon as I got to level 8 I literally can’t get past it kicks me out of the game as soon as I win. The current form of this game is not playable it’s too buggy it’s like this was never updated ever they do not patch bugs. The game is fun but in its state is steaming garbege

- Not good

Just not good

- a pathetic excuse for a game

Don’t get me wrong the gameplay itself is addicting I will probably play this game more often and beHitting the Grindstone but that is simply not possible my disappointment is immeasurable I know because of one simple factor The ads It is OK if it is an optional ad that I can click at any point in time when I want to weather being upgrading some thing I have a cost of an ad or an ad every five games But in this case there are more pop-up ads the shady adult entertainment website and it seems like every action that I do when trying to access the menu there is an ad that followed suit if I could give this game is zero I would an absolute disappointment of a game

- Garbage

The laggiest game I’ve ever played and you don’t actually get rewards for watching the ads just freezes so you have to close the app

- Trop de pub

Trop de pub

- Ads and concept

Way too many advertisements, regardless of your selections. Also no option to pay to opt out of all ads. In terms of concept, all I will say is that the drone comes earlier in the timeline than the bow and arrow. Smh.

- Good game but too many ads

I like the game but the ads ruin the game, can you make it so that the prizes are optional?

- Fun

It is fun because you can level up quick.

- Garbage

Game won’t even open on my phone

- Publicité :(

Bcp tros publicité :( tbk

- Add an endless mode pls

Add an endless mode pls

- Advertisement Simulator

Within the first 30 seconds you’re greeted with an ad. At the end of each run which takes about 20 seconds you’re FORCED to play a 30 second ad for your reward.

- To many ads

This game is pretty good but to many ads and to laggy

- too many ads


- Fun game overall

It’s a really fun game I love the weapons and the creativity! Props to you developer

- ads

wayyyy to many ads. you spent more time watching ads than actually playing.

- Wow

Oh vay smeer

- Trash games

Rollic only knows how to make one type of game istg bruh.

- Homosexual

Asked me if I wanted to watch an ad for a reward and I clicked “No”… it still gave me an ad without the reward; Therefore Homosexual. Case closed.

- Gay

Probably the worst game I’ve ever seen. Lags uncontrollably, the game plays like the dumb ads look like

- Gay

I’m gay so I like this

- This is super gay


- Gay?


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Weapon Evolution 4.3.3 Screenshots & Images

Weapon Evolution iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Weapon Evolution iphone images
Weapon Evolution iphone images
Weapon Evolution iphone images
Weapon Evolution iphone images
Weapon Evolution iphone images
Weapon Evolution iphone images
Weapon Evolution iphone images
Weapon Evolution iphone images
Weapon Evolution iphone images
Weapon Evolution iphone images
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The applications Weapon Evolution was published in the category Games on 2021-12-08 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 306.28 MB. Weapon Evolution - Games app posted on 2022-08-05 current version is 4.3.3 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ozn.weaponevolution