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Power Slap Game Description & Overview

What is power slap app? Power Slap is a thrilling turn-based fighting game that brings all the fun and satisfaction of a virtual slap contest to your pocket. This game is designed to test your timing, precision, and strategy skills with playful humor.

Step into the arena, rise through the ranks, and become the undisputed Power Slap champion!

Power Slap is free to download and includes optional in-game purchases (including random items). Information about drop rates for random item purchases can be found in-game. If you wish to disable in-game purchases, please turn off the in-app purchases in your phone or tablet’s Settings.
You must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Power Slap. Use of this application is governed by Rollic’s Terms of Service, found at https://rollicgames.com/terms. For questions about the game, please review our game support page in the game or contact us at info@rollicgames.com.
For information about how Rollic uses personal data, please read our privacy policy at https://www.take2games.com/privacy/en-US.

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App Name Power Slap
Category Games
Updated 30 October 2023, Monday
File Size 553.31 MB

Power Slap Comments & Reviews 2023

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We need to force developers like this out. I’m sick of it. This game is just like a million other games with the exact same recipe. Ad around every single corner, garbage little packs to try to trick you into spending money, and a boring, un fleshed gameplay. It’s time we start running developers like this out of business and off of the App Store. They load games with ads, try to get you to spend money on dumb in game add-ons, and then have the nerve to make what is quite possibly the most boring gameplay I’ve ever seen. 0/10 would not recommend this game or any other app these people develop.

Where is the ad remover?. I also purchased the ad remover and am still waiting through every ad possible. Please fix this or credit my money please.

Great game. Should beable to keep the hard earned money after fully maxing out your player!!!!

Recent update. I lost everything after this last update. All that work gone…

Steals your money!!. Bought a few things along with ads remove and this does nothing. After a while i lost all my items and restore purchases dont work. Horrible game

Why so many ads. Gameplay is decent, But why so many darn ads? It’s so so frustrating to be forced into ads everytime I change screens. If I click the button to proceed without ads it still plays an ad so I might as well choose the reward bar and continue because there’s an ad either way. So frustrating

No Ads Permanently. Liked it and wanted to support with no ads permanently. What a lie. You still have to watch ads for bonuses. Oh even more ads for winning a match… Oh wait even worse. Finish a round lose all your money. Wasted $3 and time. Not even fun

Money grab. This game was built around its ads. Even if you have no ads purchased, what should be basic features of the game are locked behind more ads. Everything pushes you toward watching more ads.

Close game to bypass adds reopen game.. It’s simple to bypass ads, just close the game completely and open the game back up. The ads can be annoying. Thank you Dana White you greedy bafoon.

Good but…. Good game and is tons of fun especially if you follow the sport, just needs some bug fixes plus need to add some kind of character customization (ex: hair eyes etc) other wise fun little time waster

Too redundant + $3.99 ad removal is just fraudulent. Played for a few days and had to delete. Training involves slapping a bag until it breaks, watching an ad, rinse and repeat. Win a fight, watch an ad for extra gems, watch an ad to claim your reward for winning the fight (about 50% of the time the reward is free), rinse and repeat. If you happen to get knocked out, you’ve got an opportunity to watch an ad to recover some health. See a pattern? Ad ad ad ad ad. They do offer a $3.99 ad removal tool, but that absolutely nothing in removing ads. Defrauding players from the onset is not good for the longevity of your game. The game is also far from being a polished enjoyable game. All of the animations are the same fight after fight, plus how can a power slap game only have 4 real power slap fighters (none that are playable)?

Few more things need to be added and worked on. Can’t wait to play with real people. Punching bags need to be updated tired of the same ones and why can’t our stamina go up is still at 15% but besides that fun game.

Paid to remove ads and ads are everywhere. Paid in app to remove ads permanently and the ads are still freaking everywhere. What a rip off.

It’s in between generic mobile game and well made. The cover for this game and the loading screen had me thinking that this was going to be a good slap fighting game and when I actually started playing it just turned out to be a get money click multiple upgrades game with popular people in it. It had potential just make it less generic. DO A SKILL TREE INSTEAD OF THE UPGRADE BARS PLEASE UPDATE

Do NOT pay to remove ads!!!!. I purchased NO ADs before previous update. After the update they upped the price from $3.99 to $9.99, while resetting the everyone’s access. It’s only 4 buck but I reported for a refund. Game gets boring anyways, very repetitive.

Needs definite improvement. Graphics need to be tightened and add the full aspect of SLAP. From using the whole body creating fouls amongst everything else. On top of everything the game keeps shutting off after 30min. And I have to restart the app

Still getting ads after paying to remove them. I paid the $3.99 remove ad fee and I’m still forced to watch ads to upgrade my character, heavy bag and just in general. Very disappointing for a game that’s so highly ranked according to Dana White

Cool game. Cool game, but i paid to get the ads removed. After the most recent update, ads came up again and they want me to pay again to get rid of the ads. I am not paying twice to get the ads removed.

Great game BUT. I purchased the Permanent NO ADs and after the most recent update, the ADs are back and I have to purchase the NO ADs again. Is there a way to restore purchases? I’m not paying 3.99 again.

Money. I love the game but I do have one thing that I would like to see. I wish you got money after a win, even if it’s like $100 I just feel like it should be something.

Beat joe Rogan and wife came back. Long time divorced man here who loves power slapping. I was crying while playing because I was remembering my wife then Joe Rogan appeared and challenged me. I had to except. I put all my force into my biggest slap and actually knocked him out. My wife then knocked on the door and said she wanted me back after seeing me beat joe Rogan up. Would recommend.

Don’t Buy The Permanent Ad Remover. I purchased the permanent ad remover but I still have to sit through every ad. I never got any random ad so when I bought that remover, I thought it meant any ad button I click on, it would skip it and I would receive the reward that I would of normally go for watching an ad. Permanent ad remover was a ripoff and not worth it at all. Save your money!!

Ads. Game is fun, but all the ads are so annoying. Paid the $3.99 to have ads removed permanently and it didn’t absolutely nothing. Still an ad after everything I do

Could be better. Game is super repetitive. Same knockout animations used. Online head to head would greatly improve playability. Fun for a while and then its super boring. Also the amount of advertisements is criminal. Has potential but not as it is right now.

Restore purchases?!????. I spent $7 to start this game and deleted the app and redownloaded and I’m at lvl 1….there is NO WAY to continue a saved game NOR does the “restore purchase” work?!?!? I was above 1,400 power and its like I NEVER played this game at all….pretty RIDICULOUS is an understatement

Remove Ads. I bought the remove ads option but still have to watch them when I break a bag please change that the game would be a 5 star if y’all remove ads for the people that bought the remove ads option thank you

I would give 0 starts if applicable. This game gives you ad every 15 seconds, on top of that l heard if you pay to get ads taken away, after you break the bag in training they still give you an ad. To make it even worse this isn’t even an online game, so if you go into airplane mode to try to prevent ads you can’t play. And so what if you paid the $4 it stills gives you ads. It’s a repetitive game and I’ve also hit on the line perfect multiple times and it will glitch out and act like l missed. Overall 0/10 would never play again

Purchase won’t restore then game deleted progress. After making a purchase I was stuck in a loading purgatory, I closed app hoping it would load or restore but nope everytime I try to restore I just get stuck loading again. So I delete the game to see if it would load but nope game stole my progress and money

Cool Game, However…. I purchased a pack that promised me no more forced ads forever, and after the most recent update, my forced ads are back. I don’t want to pay $4 again, especially because I don’t want to lose the $4 I payed when the next update comes. I would also like to not lose to robots with 6k less power than me despite hitting all perfects. More customization options would also be appreciated. Finally, I would really like a skill tree, or at least some form of a way to truly control what kind of fighter you want to be. I think it would be cooler if instead or just raw stats, there could actually be strategy through selecting a certain fighting style and having a skill tree based on that ie; Heavy Hitter build could have like 2% extra crit and 4% extra damage or something like that. I feel that this game has the potential to be really really fun but it just seems a little underdeveloped right now.

Fantastic. I like the way the game is developed can’t wait to see the upgrade for it. Very fun and motivating for you to continue on next levels

We need to go against real people. I would of rated it a 5 but it would be better to go against real people!

Absolute trash. The goal was to make a dumpster fire mct sim. They were successful.

Great could be better. I got this game one night because I was up late it’s a fun game to play to pass the time. I do wish that when you win a fight you earn money! The only way to earn is in training mode which you have to slap the bag and keep it in a streak mode in order to get the most money. I also don’t like that once you level up your money starts completely over! Sometimes I like to let mine build up and then level up hate having to start over. I would also like to be able to be a woman in the game instead of only men! Bc there is a woman’s league. Other than that the game is fun me and my boyfriend can’t wait to play against each over in pvp!

Very awesome. very fun i really like that you can change bags

NEGATIVE 5 stars. i get it blah blah money must be made, but the overwhelming amount of forced ads are absolutely absurd, not to mention after paying for the removal of ads just to keep getting forced ads is also absurd.. the game has great potential, i mean different training exercises would be nice instead of just slapping a f@#!ng bag, but it really does have great potential, but the tremendous amount of ads practically ruin any good the game brings

Invasive Advertising. I will never know if this game was designed well, fun to play and keep playing, or worth the fee to remove ads, because there is an ad displayed every-time you press continue or every 3 minutes what ever comes first, then you are forced to watch the ad-forced to play the ad-then when you finally think you can exit the ad- the arrows or x to leave takes you to the app store-and hitting back takes you back to the ad and then that continues-forcing you to exit and reopen the game. I don't know how you get away with it whoever is responsible its disgusting and I'm going to tell everyone i know how bad this game is and not to download it from the app store on iphone.

Ad game. Fun game for the 20 seconds you play between ads, ads and more ads. Ads after winning, ads when changing bags, ads for money, ads for upgrades, ads for everything. Oh yeah, dont buy the ad remover, it’s just a cash grab.

Downloaded this to see how stupid it was. It was really stupid. After the tutorial fight your guy loses stamina for training so they can entice you to spend money on upgrades. A cash grab made from a cash grab, please don’t spend money on this

Complete waste of time. Perhaps the lamest game so far of 2023. Take a really stupid idea of a game, add some horrible optimization and bugs then top it off with an exceedingly large amount of forced ads and you end up with this steaming pile of historic crap. I’m amazed a few people actually like it, I suspect there’s more than a few positive review left by family and friends of the developers after they were pestered to do so. This game truly is that bad, go ahead and see for yourself, I dare you. Paul Pelosi approves this review.

Power slap. Enjoying the game but sad that I can’t customize my character 🥺

bad ideA. I delete the game because of the automatic playing of ads during the game, it is very annoying

Waste of money. Purchased the 3.99 no add deal. Then I clicked on an ad offer and it made me watch it. Tried a few more, same thing, had to watch every ad. Don’t waste your money on it, you will have to watch ads regardless

This game is great. This game is amazing please download it (Dana white please let my family go)

The game is good, but I would like to improve the graphics.. The game is good, but I would like to improve the graphics.

Everytime I win a match boom an ad. Everytime I win a match a stupid ad appears out of nowhere and its really making me mad because I love this game and I didn’t really want to give this game a 2/5 star rating it will be a 5/5 star just lower the ads rate so people can progress through the game

Can’t even enjoy this game. Stupid ads.. The ads on this game is ridiculous. All the games I’ve played this by far is the most ads and you can’t even by pass them. I deleted this game just because of the ads. Can’t even enjoy the game.

Good but ads. The game is fun but after a while the ads and the repetitive same animations make the game lack longevity. A little better graphics true ad removal and yea we’re good to go and of course PVP

Okay so…. I'm sure this game updates. But why do you always put a lot of ads in this game for no reason. That's like… too far. You may not wanna make your viewers mad.

Add more things. I like it but I think y’all should add blood to the game and I think u should actually be able to see your title

Remove All ads. The remove all ads feature does NOT in fact remove all of the ads. Please fix this feature or refund the purchase - there are so many ads in this game I can’t escape them.

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So many ads ya so money hungry Dana white. Bang

Top game. Game is great to pass time and fun to play

Too many ads.. Amazing potential and mostly a great game but you can’t progress without ad after ad and I can’t play because it’s just getting to be too much

Ads still show after purchase. I paid for no more ads but forced ads still make their way into my game! I want my money back!

Ads. Full if advertisements 😡😡

Too many ads. Chuck some more ads in it bro, I was almost able to play the game 🥴

I just wanted to be the first review good game though. Freaking great game, shout out uncle dana.

Ads. So many ads

More Knockouts. Great Game! But it could be better if there was more different knockout animations

Fun, but….. I was extremely excited to jump into this game and try it out as I’ve been watching everything related to powerslap and was eager to slap myself hahah. I really do enjoy the game, but like someone mentioned in the reviews there are way too many ads. I thought maybe I could just turn off wifi and play that way and it won’t even let you load the game up unless you’re connect. If they can somehow manage to lower the amount of ads this game would be much more enjoyable not just for me but for all the powerslap fans!

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Too much ads. To many ads are in the game need to remove

Ads. Way too many adds. Crazy amount, taking away most the fun. This could be a big game on new consoles. Don’t ruin it with greed (ads)

Best game for best Sport. Not for beta boys. This is pure man, absolute T, high adrenaline thrills. If you miss when men were men, and women were women; if you love America and are a red blooded patriot, this game is for you!

played 5 seconds. Got a 20 second ad.. So confused,,,, actually played literally 2 practice slaps and got a 20 second ad. Instant delete.

This game has broken. Every record

Can’t load. Stuck on 79% every time i try to load smh

Yo. This game is gas. Recommend this game to everyone, and Steeve will do it ur a legend and Dana you too.


Chuchus. Thanks big bald slap happy

Kind of fun. It’s entertaining if you like slapping people in the face. My issue that angers me and made me quit is all the money you win from each city just magically disappears after you win the championship. I built up a bunch of money from my slapping and it’s all gone. Just makes the grind painful.

Pretty good. Finish the game 😭😭😭

One Star Rating. The reason why I’m giving this game a one star rating/review is because this game has too many ads and the fact when I paid for no ads I kept getting loads of ads and the fact the resources that you need in the game is hard to get that tries to forced you to do in-game purchases in order to enjoy the game freely (probably could also be a scam like the no ads I paid for).

Dookie. Bo

Let’s goooo. Beauty game boys

I paid for no adds. I paid for no adds when I first got the game now all of the sudden every time I beat someone I’m getting adds again what is this scam of a game doing

Add. Fun game but too many ads 30 second videos after every move you do made me stop playing

Great. I love power slap and UFC

Dana do a better job man, this game stinks 🤮. The game quality is garbage, I expected better from you uncle dana

It’s Power Slap!!!. The legendary competitive sport that test the limits of the human body is now a mobile game! It’s a fun time to pass time. Does have a lot of Ads but there’s an option to pay to stop them.

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Definition of mid. Game is unrealistic and to many ads

Review. Great game. Lots of fun

I think it’s awesome. I’ll be a famous power slapper I freaking love this sport!!

Annoying ads. Ads are annoying. I just wanna slap! Lol

Sign me up Dana. Wanted to knock someone out after seeing Aj Hintz getting rolled

Amazing. I love slapping people the best app to get anger out

Slap box. This game gave me so much free packs and got a lot of stuff

Game Crashed. Level 6 progress completely lost after the update. I get a black screen and can’t even play anymore. Thanks a lot!

Ads came back?!?. I purchased to remove ads and they were gone for a good week but now the ads have returned. Give me my $3.99 back or remove the ads.

THIS GAME WILL BE #1. First day playing and very addicting game!! Fun to slap everyone around ! POWERSLAP TAKING OVER THE WORLD!

This app is malware. It’s sole purpose is to serve you ads and collect/sell your data.

Fix the danm game. Hey um maybe make it we’re you can load in there was no bud there was nothing you made it basically unplayable for the people who actually want to play

THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY. Not the type to write a review but this game really took mine and lots of other peoples money with the recent update. This is why I never make in game purchases on phone games smh.

Took my money. I thought it would be cool to buy the ¢.49 pack on here since it’s worth nothing and they didn’t even give me the stuff for the pack

nice but. good but too many sudden ads

Absolute donkey balls. Paying for no ads only to get forced ads is pretty wild, so is releasing the game without multiplayer. Dana won’t steal all my cash, be wary gaming addicts.

There aren’t women. I don’t think it’s fair that there isn’t women. I think y’all should add them

Pretty good. Let us create our own characters!!

I want to be the best in the world. I am still a beginner

🤬. it’s a cool game but there’s a the ad part is annoying every time I press to not watch the app the app plays anyway

UNCLE DANA DOES IT AGAIN. This game is awesome, thank you so much to Dana White for providing me with the ability to pursue my PowerSlap career.

Games fun. The game is fun. But you barely get to play it it’s way too many ads. You spend more time watching ads then playing the game. If the game wasn’t actually fun it would get no stars.

Steve will do it. Steve sent me great game

Updated. The app was updated yesterday and doesn’t work!! Removed and downloaded again still not working to bad it was a fun game.

It’s terrible everything about it. I was never a fan of power slap and I pray on their downfall, the game is a pay to win and there’s so many ads, I wouldn’t download it, the audio is glitchy and the sport is horrible

Power slap. This is just the beginning of this game. Soon it will be on all gaming consoles. Big dubs for Dana white!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

MP lies?. It’s been a month add online you clowns. If you do I’ll bump to 5 stars but the lies are insane. A month and no online still!! Stupid

Can’t play. Keeps crashing

Iron Palm. You ever wanna slap the holy spirit out of someone? Now you can!!! Chris Rock and Will Smith bags or too soon?

No ad is a rip off. Dont pay the 3.99 for no ads! It doesn't work. I tried twice think the first time did not take and got billed BOTH times.

Ruined by ads. Another game with a lot of potential ruined by FORCED ads and some of the FORCED ads are just gross.

Ad Revenue Simulator. Dana we get you need to pay your ufc fighters but this isn’t the way to do it.

Knockout!!!!. Best game out, get it now!!!! Dana send me $10K

Best Game Ever!. So much fun! Feel like I’m dizzy from getting slapped.

Ads. Way to many adds. Every time you win or anytime you get a new punching bag you have to watch an add.

Ads. Way to many ads, ads ads ads ads ads

Is El Perro in the Game ?. I really want to see a lot of power slappers. I want to see if I can beat Azael “El Perro” Rodriguez

SCAMMED ME. I deleted this app a couple days ago and now they charged me for no reason.

Too many ads. Sometimes you get a constant loop of ads and can’t get out of it, don’t play it

Ads. The game is good but the Ads kill you, anything you wanna do u have to watch a 30s Ad, and if you dont want Ada u have to pay $20.

Great Game!!!!. I loveeeeeee This game!! I can play it All Day. Lol

Enjoy watching ads. Horrible

GARBAGE and Dana White should be embarrassed. What a garbage game, dumb, barely any skills involved, toms of ads that you have to watch all the time. Dana White u r already a billionaire, but I guess its not enough. Stupid sport, stupid game

To many ads. Way to many ads makes me want to delete the game

Sucked. Kept freezing after download

Adds. Way to many not worth it will definitely get rid of this app if remains the same

Game. It’s ok it says vibrate in settings I turn it off and it still vibrates

too many ads. There’s a new ad every 10 seconds, great game tho

Aggressive garbage. Feeling aggressive? Go workout out. Don’t sit and play a useless app with too many adds wishing you were hitting somebody. This app is pure trash.

5 Stars. My man loves this show!

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 0.5.2
Play Store com.uncosoft.powerslap
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

Power Slap (Versiyon 0.5.2) Install & Download

The application Power Slap was published in the category Games on 24 May 2023, Wednesday and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This program file size is 553.31 MB. This app has been rated by 13,335 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Power Slap - Games app posted on 30 October 2023, Monday current version is 0.5.2 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.uncosoft.powerslap. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Power Slap Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

ONLINE PVP MODE - Challenge friends in friendly matches. - Rise through the ranks in 13 competitive leagues to become the ultimate Power Slap champion! COACH - Train under the guidance of DANA WHITE himself and 3 other exceptional coaches. CUSTOMIZATION - Personalize with new faces, hairstyles, and tattoos. AND NEW FEATURES: - Learn fearsome new skills: Fire Slap, Stamina Slap, and Double Hit as you progress. - Pro Pass Season 2 is starting!: Dive into a new season of exclusive rewards. - Try out the new Slap Bags: Robot & Watermelon! - Welcome 2 formidable PS strikers: Russell Rivero & Vernon Cathey! - Experience a more user-friendly support service.

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