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What is blob hero app? Blob is back, and it is mightier than ever!

While Blob uses its arsenal of weaponry, it needs YOU to guide him through the endless waves of evil enemies and become the ultimate blob hero.

As Blob gains experience through hard fought battles, you decide which skills it learns.

Are you a fan of survival games or warrior games? Even if you only like Blob Runner, you will love Blob’s show stopping survival craft features! From a complete noob to warrior, combine the best skills to destroy enemies and become the conqueror! You can create thousands of unique skill combinations to overcome the challenges and survive each wave of enemies’ attacks.

Forget the other blob games! This time, Blob can shoot Blob Balls! Blob can throw Blob Grenades! Blob can cast Blob Magic like a super wizard! And much more! Any kind of attack is possible with your friendly jelly warrior.

If Blob is out of HP, your blob run will be over. But do not fret! You and your Blob friend can always come back stronger than ever.

Be the savior that Blob Hero needs!

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Blob Hero Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Blob Hero Version 0.7.9112 August 2022

Bugs? Eww! But worry not! We have called our exterminators (aka, developers) to fix the issues affecting your player experience..

Blob Hero Version 0.6.127 May 2022

Performance improvements and bug fixes.

Blob Hero Comments & Reviews 2022

- Good game for a VS remake

Like the title says it’s a fine game for being a Vampire Survivors remake. VS is a $3 game on steam and just had some really nice updates, check it out if you like this game. Enjoyed this game as it is a mobile version of VS. I paid $3 to remove ads yet you are still forced to watch them (unlocking characters, rewards etc.) This is irritating and while i respect the need for money, removing some of these forced ads would keep players happier and maybe make them happier to spend money on the game. Game could use some quality of life updates. Not even an option to quit the round and restart. Also noticed a bug where my game froze after watching an ad and I had to close the app and lost my progress. I’m sure these will be fixed over time. Other than these issues, game is fun and I will put more hours into it. Think twice before thinking $3 will completely remove ads because it’s a lie and should have been stated more clearly before you purchase. If you want a solid ad free game like this, that is more fun, spend $3 on steam for Vampire Survivors. Best $3 I spent in a long time for hours of enjoyment and grinding.


I enjoy this game, and even though paying $ to remove ads only removes the automated short 5 second skip ads, and free skill upgrades/certain character unlocks/full treasure chest pickups still require full length non-skippable ad playing, I think the game is still worth playing. That being said, there is absolutely no way to report bugs or contact support, other than digging through the developer website, via their link in the App Store, but I still haven't found a successful way to contact them (the bug report option says to select the specific game, but there are no games/only two games listed, although other pages of the site boast a list of 20-30+ different games. 🚨🚨MAJOR BUG REPORT-- Idle rewards simply do not work. No matter how much gold you spend on upgrading the idle reward stat, whenever you open the game it does not pay you the idle time gold. Sometimes, if you open the app, immediately switch apps, then come back, you'll get the popup to accept the idle reward payout from the previous time the app was closed for a long period, but if you accidentally tap ANYWHERE on the screen (which starts the gameplay) before trying the above workaround/trick, kiss your overnight idle gold rewards goodbye. P.S. the workaround itself only works a small fraction of the time, as well, so it's super frustrating when you know you're due a large gold payout when you open the app, but you never get it. 🚨🚨


I love this game and you should get it To the devs: You should add a prestige like button where it resets your chapter and upgrades but you then can upgrade different powers based on the amount of chapters you finished but only unlocks after chapter 3 For example you could have a slide tab on the bottom that you slide to go to the prestige button and upgrades that is locked until you are done with chapter 3 You could also have many different kind of upgrades like speed up time up to 5x for if you have a lot of upgrades but the first few chapters take a while but you kill every so easily or coin a multiplier with no cap but it increases exponentially or cheaper shop upgrades or quicker level ups or even higher levels for certain powers so it can be better. All of this would be amazing for your game and would make it more complex and less repetitive compared to chapter 1 and then 2 and then 3 and your other games that just go with what ever people seem to be playing then so you should do this as an update or a few upgrades over multiple updates

- Fun but laggy

Game is fun time killer at times. But there doesn’t seem to be a limit to how many enemies load and they will just load around your character so you will get swarmed to death even with a decent build. The game has ads galore, there’s a constant ad at the bottom, you will level and select a upgrade which at times will load an ad for 15 seconds, chests will load bonuses which you get ads for those are 30-40 seconds, randomly in idle of the match you get loaded to an ad, sometimes multiple. Not sure if the game itself is buggy or if it’s the amount of ads that cause the bugs. A common bug is you will be moving then stop moving and have to tap the screen to get moving again. Many times you just freeze. I was almost done with chapter 4 (on the boss) was dealing with the swarm of enemies and then got loaded to an ad. Game crashed after several minutes of waiting for the “close ad” button which never came. I was going to buy the “no ads” but based on the reviews it’s false advertisement and does nothing. There’s also a shop icon before the match which doesn’t seem to do anything.

- Great game just a few bugs

I love this game!!! It’s a lot of fun to play!!! Been playing for a few days now. I do agree with the rewiew I read about having different upgrades the higher level you go also I think there should be an option when you level up if you don’t like the upgrades you should get at least one chance or even with a video to reshuffle the upgrades. One big bug I wish they would fix is the ads and game crashing. I paid for the no ads but still do some adds to get more upgrades and they always seem to crash right at the end and I have restart the game. Also a few times I’ve almost beaten a level and CRASH so aggravating. Otherwise it’s a great game to play!!! Up to level 4!!!! And playing for days there is no way to beat level 4!!!!!

- Some player notes and a real message to the devs

This game is literally ad watching simulator. There’s only 3 micro tranny’s which are the one to turn off the unasked for ads, and two characters. I’d make an option to pay for no ads for midgame level ups or altogether. The aura’s with and other close range stuff with magnet is meta. I watched tons of ads to level up the coin multiplyer to make things easier for me and I like it that way. The bosses are too easy after about level one or two. The game got really boring when there weren’t any new weapons to unlock, which I got to after 8 hours. The weapon you get rewarded with after beating the ninth boss doesn’t even do damage. I should definitely have watched enough ads alone to make it profitable for you guys to add more content. You could add ranged enemies and enemies with fire/ice/wind to make the game less one dimensional too. But yeah, all in all, I had a good time.

- Pretty Fun Game for IOS

I think it is important to say that this is a completely biased (obviously) opinion after playing the game for a decent amount of time. Although I do think this game has potential to be awesome, I do have some concerns I would like to present as well as what the devs have done a great job on. Pros: • Colors and assets in the game are very vibrant, and fun • Practical controls, and very simple rules • Good way to pass time • Engaging for all ages, and minimum amount of violent effects if at all. Cons: • Not necessarily a big issue, but since there is so much going on in the game, your phone may start to warm up quite a bit and use more battery (may just be a personal issue that I have noticed) • Micro-transactions are the largest complaint I have with the game. I ended up paying to remove ads for the sake of writing the review, and to further support the devs for making this game. It is really the only thing I would recommend paying for because everything else can be played without use of tickets. I hope the players as well as the devs find this review important. It would be neat if the devs added a co-op mode, and endless rounds. Just an idea but definitely not needed. Thanks!

- Good luck on chapter 2

Now don’t get me wrong, the game is very fun to play but the deference between chapter 1 and chapter 2 is like forcing a mouse to fight a black hole to the death and win. It’s straight up impossible. After 30ish runs of non stop fails the best I could do was reach the 25% mark. Enemies spawn way to quickly to the point your being chased by a hoard that covers 90% of your screen only for another hoard to instantly spawn in front of you. This means that you will make 10 coins at best and that’s if you even make it that far. They need to add an update that makes less enemies spawn at the beginning and keep the original pace once the player reached the 50% mark. Can’t even level up because you have 10 seconds until enemies get stronger and due to the amount you can’t kill any unless you use AOE spells but the XP gets drowned to the hoard behind you. To stand a chance you would have to watch every single ad. I rather play a dark souls game blind folded while wearing a noise canceling headphones because at least it would be doable. Developers need to stop being greedy for money and actually maintain their game to a playable decree. —— Quick run down: To many enemies at the start results in the inability to gather XP/coins to progress. Impossible to play casually.

- Please cut down on the ads and fix the lag.

I enjoy this game 100% it is tons of fun (when there’s no lag or ad) the main problems the devs need to fix is the lag the ads and the phone heating up. When I play it’s always getting a level up and getting an ad, when I get back to the game my phone heats up and I lag like crazy. Plus I get like 4 - 6 ads in one stage. I don’t mind getting 2 or 3 ads but when there are consistent ads, that is a problem because at that point, you’re not letting anyone play the game with that many ads. I also wonder why my phone heats up so much when I play and why I lag so much when I play? For the game devs, I would recommend y’all look at the reviews for your game and figure out how to fix it because it seems like you guys might be just ignoring your players.

- Insane amount of ads

The game is fun but forces you to watch a ridiculous amount of ads. The ads sometimes freeze your game so you have to start over or just goes to a black screen and forces you to start over. You have to watch an ad anytime you want to get an extra level while playing or every 5-6 levels you gain unless you pay 3 dollars to remove ads. I payed the 3 dollars expecting to not have to watch anymore ads and it still makes you watch ads for any extra level boost you want in the game. Absolutely insane you pay to remove ads and you still have to watch a ridiculous amount of ads to progress your game on the off chance the ad doesn’t ruin your game from the start. It’s a serious issue that makes the game almost unplayable and needs to be fixed. IF I PAY TO REMOVE ADS STOP MAKING ME WATCH ADS TO PROGRESS MY GAME

- Frost aura only way to win

My title says it all. The game is pretty fun but it seems impossible to win if you don't have frost aura. I think there should be a way to get it every game or more abilities that actually stop enemies from reaching you. Nova is okay but only after it's been upgraded. Also some abilities like life steal are absolutely useless, how can I kill something with life steal that has 2500 hp and recieve 5 HP back? And the and things like lightning and meteor are strong but not very helpful when they hit something on the corner of where I'm at.

- Play Vampire Survivors!

If you have a computer and like 3$, get Vampire Survivors on steam. It’s a much better version of this game, it doesn’t lag NEARLY as much, there’s weapon evolutions, different maps, and much more. It’s so much fun, and I really hoped this game would be too. Unfortunately this game has stupid amounts of lag, many ads, and essentially relies on you getting one specific weapon, frost aura. Please, dear reader, if you have 3$, just get Vampire Survivors. It’s just a better game all around. Edit: Hm. It seems this game completely ripped off another game, Nob Hero. It’s free on the app store, and if you looked this game up, it should be right under this one. Many of the same weapons. If you can’t afford Vampire Survivors, or just don’t have a pc, get Nob Hero instead. It runs much smoother than this ripoff.

- Love this game!

The game is good about slowly but increasingly getting harder with each level you finish. I would love to see an endless mode with a bunch of upgrades besides the ones presented. I also like the character upgrade selection y’all added, although I would like higher levels for the character as I achieved max level on all characters in just a few hours. Also saw this in another review that they would like to see some sort of prestige tiers. I’m loving the game a lot and hope any new ideas could help or assist the developers, I’m here and will be patient with any ideas updates to be released. Thank you!!

- Addictive but Buggy

So I really love this game and I don’t mind ads to level up. I enjoy collecting coins to level my characters up and keep pushing through levels. However, I keep encountering 2 bugs that drive me nuts. One is if someone calls or I have to stop in the middle of the game, even for just a few minutes, it starts my game over and I lose progress and get no reward coins. The second is that if service is even a little spotty (like riding in the car) and I watch an ad for rewards, sometimes it will lock up after the ad. Then I have to force close it and it starts me over, again losing progress and getting no reward coins. Otherwise, this is one of the most addictive games I’ve downloaded in a while.

- Fun but don’t buy

I really like this game, it’s rather addicting! I made it to chapter 3 and decided to buy the no ads. I thought paying $2.99USD would get rid of all ads but it doesn’t. The only ads it gets rid of are the ones that pop up randomly after leveling up. I thought I wouldn’t have to watch an ad for the “upgrade skill” feature, but no, you still have to watch full length ads for those. 😔 Suggestion: Either lower the price for no ads or let the upgrade skill and/or chests require NO ads. Basically you are paying $2.99USD just to get rid of the “pop up” ads, that’s it. In my opinion that’s pretty steep and not worth it. If this aspect of the game were changed then I’d definitely give 5 stars but I feel like for 2.99 there should be more bang for our buck. Such as making the “upgrade skill” require no ads(especially since we bought no ads!) or maybe throw in a new character, something! Right now, it’s just not worth it and I’m warning anyone who reads this, don’t buy the no ads because it doesn’t get rid of them fully, it’s a waste right now, until this is fixed. Thank you


I don’t usually do this, but I really really enjoy this game. I love the last update adding the new characters and abilities, my one and only gripe is the amount of abilities. Phones now have the ability to perform well with big games. Long gone are the days of doodle jump and temple run. There’s full length games and rpgs. Devs, I would really really love to see more moved and abilities added. Something like a corrosive slime trail left when you run, or little blobs that split off of your blob and fight for you. I love this game, and really look forward to future growth for it. The possibilities are only limited by how much you limit them!

- Terrible game which is ripping off a better one

I’ll do you a favor, go to steam, lookup vampire survivors. It’s about as cheap as removing ads for this game and it’s triple the game with quadruple the passion and style put in. This game rips off that games success, and this game falls to all the regular mobile game annoyances. I get you want people to pay to remove ads on your game because it’s a free game and you get profit, but I played one round of this game which I ended up losing only because an ad loaded while the game kept running in the background and I lost all my health. Don’t play this and don’t pay for removing ads when you can play the game on steam which introduced the style of game that this mobile version is ripping off. This game was probably developed in like two weeks after the other game found popularity. Go play vampire survivors

- Deceptive IAP

**Bottom line: unless you like to spend 45 seconds watching an ad for every 15 seconds of gameplay then avoid this game** First of all, the gameplay itself is ok, probably a 3.5/5. But the amount of ads they force you to watch is asinine. I don’t mind free games with the ability to watch an ad once in a while for a bonus. This game gives you that option every 15 seconds of gameplay though. And it’s 2 ads at a time. Now there is an option to disable ads for $2.99. I immediately bought it because I like to support developers of good games and will gladly pay for no ads if that’s the case. However, it only disabled the mid game ads that you get every 5-10 minutes, not all the other ads that you get every 15 seconds. Feels like a complete scam and will be refunding.

- Great game, small issue.

Hi guys, love the game. Just wanted to let you know about a little bug in one of the ads. I know they’re not you’re responsibility but you probably know who to contact to fix it. The ad for State Of Survival doesn’t have an exit button after it runs it’s course, at least not one that’s accessible on an iPhone 13 pro max. Might be lost in the corner. The rounded corners on the 13 pro have had issues with a couple other games as well. Anyway, that’s all. Otherwise it’s a great game. Solid mix of strategy and gratuitous crowd slaying. Thanks and keep up the good work.

- Too Buggy - Not Worth It

Update: Seems like they’ve added some performance improvements to help with lag and heating issues. The idea and play of the game is great. Straight forward, simple upgrades. However, the processor burns hot to run this game which promises to shorten the lifespan of your phone/tablet. The game also seems to constantly eat memory or something similar to the point the game lags worse than any game I’ve ever played. The longer you play, the worse the lag gets. Eventually you just have to close it for a while. The ads might be worth watching, but since they tend to freeze or crash the game, they aren’t worth it if you have a choice. I wish this game worked well, but simply the coding doesn’t allow it.

- For the developers

Game is really fun but getting asked if i want to watch an ad every 20 seconds for bonuses is really frustrating and interrupts the gameplay. I understand advertisements are income but an option to do away with them completely would be nice. Whether its just toggling them off and only getting the one skill or chest reward without interruption or another paywall like you have already to get rid of basic ad’s that gives you all of the bonuses. Id happily pay for uninterrupted play time. Thanks and keep up the good work updates are nice.

- Fun Game, But with Severe Performance Issues

This is a fun game. The gameplay is simple and fun, all the unlockable abilities are cool, and it’s really satisfying to gradually get more powerful and mow down the enemies more easily as you progress through the level. However, the game also has some serious issues with lagging. Between the insane amounts of enemies that spawn on the map and all the gems left on the ground from defeated enemies, the game starts lagging really badly once you get far enough into a level. Sometimes the game even crashes because it can’t handle all the lag. I wanted to give this game a higher rating but all these problems make it feel like the game is being held together by gum and popsicle sticks.

- Please do not download this game

It’s absolutely terrible. The amount of ads is ridiculous. You use the same 4 powers for each area you go to none of the other powers you receive after are any good. Stopped playing after I did no damage to a boss with max powers and a constant barrage of ads. If you want to win an aren you have to use chests, boosts, or revive yourself because refusing an ad spawns hundreds of enemies. Genuinely a good idea for a game but is completely trash. And on top of that In the late game the lag is terrible. Mobile games have really gone downhill and this is a prime example. Please if you would like to keep your sanity do not download this. Do not support the degenerates that made this game simply to give you ads the whole time. 👎

- I honestly love this game!

I started playing around two weeks ago, right after the update which added new hero’s, currently I have everything unlocked and I’m on chapter 36 and Even though I’ve unlocked everything I’m still enjoying playing! I feel like the ads are very fair in their dispersal, being able to sometimes watch an ad to get two extra perks or level up an individual skill a second time. I can’t wait to see what else comes out of this game as i continue to play!

- Fun, but literally can’t beat the 2nd level

The first chapter was fun. I liked trying out all the cool abilities, and it felt like a good introduction. I can’t get more than halfway done with the second chapter, even after watching ads. The entire screen gets filled after like 3 level ups and by then you can’t even keep up. The enemies get way too much health, so your attacks can’t even keep up. Even if they could, you can’t even reach the stuff they drop, so it’s just chance that you’ll find a magnet, or watch an ad to revive, then collect everything they drop and hope to get good choices. Game has great potential, just scale the difficulty a little slower.

- Don’t pay to remove ads!

This game does not honor its offer. It will offer to remove ads for a reasonable price and when you purchase add removal nothing changes! You’ll be force to watch ads for power ups and regular game functioning. No power ups means no new levels. Your character dies from swarms of enemies that you’ll never be able to beat without forced ad watching even when you pay for the game. It’s a scam and it’s a shame because the game has potential if they build on to its concept. This was a waste of my money! Where can I get a refund since the company didn’t deliver on its promise? Don’t waste your time or your money!

- Fun game, see how update fairs

Game is fun. I wish I saw more magnets and dynamites than I do. Each chapter is quite the jump in difficulty and could be reduced. Also this game uses alot of battery power and resources. Hopefully some updates can help. My biggest gripe is their "no ads" gimmick. It's a lie, plain and simple, and should say "no forced ads". I've played plenty of other games where no ads means no ads. Even for additional upgrades that once required watching an ad. I could see the main screen upgrades not letting you free upgrade, or make it a once a day use. Please fix this LIE of no ads!

- Too many ads

So even after you pay the $3 “no ads” fee they still have the game so you can’t actually win unless you repeatedly watch ads. It’s rediculius. What should be a 5 minute play through is instead a 30 minute play through because you have to watch ads to get the upgrades you need, the get coins to upgrade and to even get full use of the chests (keep in mind you aren’t winning if you don’t get all 3 upgrades every time). It’s ridiculous and such a waste of time and money. The game would be fun if I could play it for longer than 30 seconds without having to watch another ad to get full use of it.

- Fun game, but don’t buy the “No Ads” option.

The game is stupidly addicting. I’ve enjoyed it and decided to go with the No Ads option because there’s so many “hey, get more power ups by watching this ad!” Moments that I figured to give them my $2.99 USD and not have any more ads. There’s still ads. It did absolutely nothing. There’s nothing in game yo tell you “this gets rid of the 2 random ads you’ve experienced but none of the others”. This needs to be advertised better or fixed to remove all ads because purchasing the option is useless. Play the game though, it’s fun.

- please fix

In this game, there’s nothing really wrong with it, it’s just there’s too many ads, you can barely make coins, so I’m sure people would love 1 ad for 7k coins, and they would use it, so I’m pretty sure if you added that it would be much better, because there’s to many ads, I understand you need money, but when I don’t click on an ad it still gives me one and it bothers me, MAKE LESS ADS, I’m sure people would love 1 ad for 7k coins, considering you barely get any. Thank you for reading this.

- Vampire Survivor ripoff and Pay to Win

Game is okay, literal ripoff of Vampire Survivor on PC but regardless; it’s ok. Only negative is that it’s literally a pay to win. You can “watch to play” with a ton of ads but the game is pay to win. I went an entire round watching every ad, guess what happen? Suddenly I had a horde of enemies come from every direction and I insta-died… don’t worry, I had a “watch to revive” opportunity… while having the exact same thing occur right after. Funny thing is, when I’m in airplane mode and can’t watch ads, that doesn’t happen. Sorry but I’m not playing this game in airplane mode every time, I have friends and family that reach out to me. Game isn’t that important or entertaining. *uninstalling*

- Buys “no ads” for $2.99, still gets ads for powerups

So the developer finally fixed the invisible enemies at stage 4 problem that a lot of people had, which is great. However, now they added a “no ads” in-game transaction which is kinda misleading. Normally, a lot of other games immediately give you the bonuses that you would get when you watch ads if you purchased their “no-ads” promotion. This one doesn’t. I guess there are random ads that occur throughout the game and that’s what that promotion stops. If you want the bonuses you would get from watching an ad, you have to watch the full thing even if you bought the “no-ads.” Pretty lame tbh. Don’t waste your money.

- Fun to play

This game is incredibly fun to play and very satisfying to watch. The biggest thing for me is the sheer amount of ads. I understand that they need to make money and I respect it. But I don’t appreciate ads appearing mid Run. Sometimes the game doesn’t pause when they do and I load out of the Ad into a death screen. It’s quite infuriating and as much as I’d love to spend money for ad free. I don’t think there’s enough to justify it at this point in the games development. I trust that in a few updates it’ll be very much worth it.

- Half the time the ads lock up and your game is over

The game is fun when it works. Unfortunately 2 out of 3 games will end with you stuck watching an ad and it freezing. This happens with both - ads you choose to watch to get bonuses and ads that happen on their own when you say “no thank you” to the option. Which is pretty odd that you get ads even if you say no thank you to the bonus option. Also a lot of the ads are very inappropriate. There are ads for games with full on bondage sex. Not something I want my 8 year old daughter seeing when she is playing a game on my phone.

- Great game, must play

It’s a great game I love the concept of the unlockables and chapters for new abilities but the only issue I see is the damage buffs there seems to be a lack in that for example mines at 200% damage increase but for all the skills it seems to not exist like with the continuous frost ability it’ll only do three even with buffs from your gold and ability buff just doesn’t exist as for most of the skills, if that’s something can be improved that would be amazing other then that it’s a great game

- Ad watching simulator

I wish this game had less ads than it does, but it is balanced around you watching ads to get bonus upgrades, otherwise you won’t be able to really continue progressing. Even if you buy the “no ad” purchase, you will still have to watch ads. The only draw this really has over a much better game, Vampire Survivors, is that you can play this on your phone. Vampire Survivors costs the same as the “ad free” version of this game, $3, so play that instead if you have a pc. It’s a shame too, because this game is enjoyable if it weren’t for the need to watch endless advertisements.

- Excellent game! + some frustrating bugs

Really loving the game. A couple of bugs- the game doesn’t save mid round. Sometimes there are bugs when loading ad or need to close out to answer a message and all progress in a round is lost. It’s frustrating to get so far then have an ad not load up and freeze the screen so you have to refresh and lose progress to play again. Would enjoy much more if it saved mid round. Hoping to bump this up to a 5 soon!

- Do not purchase ad removal.

Paying to remove ads is a complete rip off. This game comes loaded with a banner ad at the bottom of the screen and occasional pop up ads. They also put ads in to help you boost your skills and upgrade faster. Like most games when you pay to remove ads, ALL ads are removed. However this game does not remove all of them. You pay 2.99 just to remove the pop up and the bottom banner. All other features that asks you to watch an ads are still enabled. Removing your ads is false advertising. You still get adds. If the dev team is reading this, you gave false advertisement and I want my refund!

- My review

All in all I like the game, that being said there are a couple of issues with it. Like for one the projectile, for me at least it doesn’t upgrade past lv 2-3 and I feel like it gets repetitive. You could add a prestige type thing to it or make it possible to get certain effects more consistently, like you buy an upgrade to up the chances of you getting a preferred ability

- Taking 97% Can’t complete to literal

This was a fun game to play learning the combos and mechanics of what you could do. As you rise it becomes noticing that the stages are harder as well but once you reach stage three you can not beat it unless you want to wait hours on end. Once you get to Level 60 You’ve maxed out possible actions and are soft locked and can’t continue the game at all! and if you have a way OP combo the game counters it by throwing in red npc’s that can not be killed and are way to fast! This game needs to fix how it reacts to stronger set ups and to set a MAX level cap so players won’t be forced to restart that stage all over again! 👍

- Decent Passtime

The game is fun and good for passing some time. It is very ad heavy. Sometimes when you decline the option to view an ad to get an award you will still end up getting an ad. I also noticed that if you go too long without dying the game will make it so a random mid-to-low tier enemy will be able to one shot you. Thus making you need to watch another ad to revive. Of course this could be mostly solved by paying to get rid of the ads, but let’s be real. This is no more than a game to pass the time. No need to blow money on it.

- Ads…I paid to remove them but…..

I played the game for a couple weeks before I was offered to pay to remove ads, and I was thinking…yeah I could see that being a pretty big upgrade from a game that is already great yet absolutely riddled with optional ad upgrades. My thought was well if I pay to remove those ads, I could get all those bonuses without the often lengthy ads and just enjoy the game. Well…long story short, I don’t get any of those benefits and still have to pay you in ad time and apparently in the form of 4 USD….boooooo devs boooooooo

- Good game - sole purpose is for you to watch ads.

The game is fun. I paid to remove ads. Since then other ads are in the game. Get a power and if you watch an ad you get 3 powers. Suddenly get mobbed watch an ad. Since I’ve paid to remove ads I’ve probably watched 150 ads from this game in 3 days. It’s not worth it. Too much competition in the App Store. I’ll eat the loss and am uninstalling. Why? Because I just don’t watch to watch 20 ads per game. 30 seconds per ad time 150 = waste of my time. Enjoy it while you can devs. This is shady. Maybe say watch an ad every other game would be fine but this is too much.

- Rewards are ripped off!

At the end of the level I watched a video to multiply my winnings. Several times I have watched these video ads and when it’s over, I get no where near the amount it told me I would receive! Very frustrating! Would be more fun if it wasn’t lying. Also, sometimes during level, ad will pop open and boot you from the game. This causes you to lose everything you earned and start the level back over from the beginning. Very frustrating when it keeps happening on boss levels.

- Game Becomes Unplayable Due to Ads

The game itself is really fun, I love the concept and it’s actually very fun to play. Serious issue is the ads. Not only are they constant and everywhere, the ads will actually inhibit gameplay. Time and time again recently the game has been bugging in such a way that an ad will play and the game behind it won’t stop for another 3 or 4 seconds, and because I’ve got a large horde right behind me, I’m usually torn apart or brought down to really low health. It’s infuriating to lose a good run to something like that.

- A good rogue like mobile game

I found this game via an ad on another mobile game, and thought it looked fun so I downloaded it. I expected it to be completely different from the ad like most other mobile games, but it wasn’t! As a fan of the rogue like genre, I finally having a good rogue like mobile game to play when I’m away from my computer

- Better If Ads Didn’t Kill

It’s a fun game with little to no pressure, just kill waves of mobs with abilities of your choosing. Which makes it all the more unfortunate that the ads can/will just kill you by leaving Blob vulnerable to the horde while you’re in an ad and unable to do anything. I usually don’t have a problem with ads in games like these, but having to start over a really good run because the ad wouldn’t load is really hitting my bottom line.

- Game itself is greasy!

However, there are a few issues; if you play for too long at a time it starts to lag. The ads they use will lock up and cause you to lose all your progress. If you pause and turn your phone off it doesn’t always start back up, so you again lose your progress. I have had to start over so many times I can’t get past level three, without it failing. Still worth playing though.

- Literally unplayable

I played this game for a bit and it was fine, I figured I could deal with the ads. After a while I realized that the game was too fast and had too much going on to pause in time for the ads so I get killed whilst the ads are playing. I tried to stay as far enough away from the enemies so that when the ads played they wouldn’t kill me and yes that worked for a while until the enemies got harder and faster. I’ve been playing it off and on for a few days now and I’ve come to realize how trash this game actually is. Don’t get it.

- ⭐️

This game is very very fun, however…. On chapter 2, you start out slow and work your way up, and the enemies are extremely easy at first, then… After you kill one, it’s like a bunch of mad bees swarm you and sting you until you die, or if you mad a hive of wasp fall and they got mad and stung you to death, or like forcing a human to kill God with only their index finger. There is no possible way to beat it, and if you have, how did you manage to scrape by. I get attacked by so many it’s like I’m getting flocked by a flock of chickens that have razors for wings, I just can’t get passed chapter 2.

TransferWise 💸

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- Needs a bit more content and it would be 5 star

I enjoy playing it but I’ve unlocked what I think is the final ability. The green mine thing. And now there is not much reason to keep playing. 7 or 8 more abilities would would round out the game I think Maybe a deck building system would be nice. So instead of all unlocked abilities going into the ability pool you just pick 9 or 10 to take into battle. That way it be a bit easier to test out specific combos and strategies.

- Very fun game, addicting af

Very cool abilities and upgrades, has a lot to offer including different heroes, levels, enemies, etc. Sometimes this game has hooked me for hours on end. The only thing I would criticise is that all the enemies (except bosses) have melee attacks, which apart from different tools and colours and sizes can seem quite repetitive. Also regarding the ads which other reviews were solely focused on, yes this game has a lot of ads, however, if you just want to play for fun and not try beat each level in 1 go (by getting the reward chest and watching an ad to get 2 extra upgrades or by increasing strength, health, and coins permanently by also watching ads), you can easy launch the game with wifi turned off and you will get 0 ads, simple.

- Broken and paying only removes certain adds and breaks game.

It’s mindless fun and not really that inventive and is probably using a random generator for enemies so I doubt it’s much behind the scenes but I was willing to part with $5 to help out a developer. Too many of these games with the same bland graphic style on the store and are all made to pump add revenue. So I coughed up the $5 AUD to remove the adds, cheap tbh. Yet you still get adds to unlock bonus chest upgrades or take one only, you still have an add to revive (only happens if you are online otherwise it’s perma death) adds to unlock certain blobs but the buttons don’t work anymore so you can’t. I will be requesting a refund, sure it’s $5 but you can give it back.

- Misleading Purchases

TL:DR Don’t purchase ad removal, it doesn’t remove them all. Fun game for a bit, gets reparative quickly. Actual review: Don’t buy the ad remove option, it doesn’t remove the ads as it says it will. Only the forced ones that pop up. There is still many adds littered throughout the game. Very disappointing and misleading. You can and should get a refund if you’ve purchased the ad removal. Now onto the actual game. The game in it self is nothing special, good time waster and novel idea for a game. Needs a bit more variation in the skills and passive. Frost aura, dmg up, radius increase and pickup area increase are all you need to cheese every level. I’m on stage 28 with every “hero” fully unlocked and the only times I’ve failed is from not getting those skills. Can complete it with other skills but definitely becomes harder and at some point the game can just kill you by surrounding you completely with enemies.

- Early days great mechanics

The game is really fun I enjoy the gameplay immensely, only problems are that the offline earnings is bugged and works very inconsistently, so far only worked when watching an add once but never since and, the remove ads option only removes forced ads and none of the optional ones which was misleading and disappointing, I’d expected at least to get the extra chest content and the revive. Definitely some bugs that need squashing but so enjoys the aspects that are working a lot.

- Scam game

I paid for ads to go away, there are still ads. I paid for ads to go away, ads don’t even work most of the time. The ads either are black and break the game, or they don’t work and the game freezes. This game is fun, but the people who developed it are greedy, lazy and should fix this garbage. It’s a shame, because with a little more work this game could be really good, but unfortunately the development team are a bunch of c***s. Fix your game.

- It’s so good

The ads are annoying but not like other games also if ur that dumb and don’t turn off ur wifi u don’t need wifi to play this unlike other ad filled games

- Paid for add block

Good game but. I paid for add block and it only stops the random pop ups if you want the extra skills you still have to watch adds

- Good random game

Not bad if you have a spare 5mins and want to kill some time. Only negative is if I pay for ad removal it should be all ads, disappointed it makes you watch ads after giving you a pop up to increase a skills level

- It’s too difficult

It is just so stupid that even if I level max everything, I will still lose because all the enemies are coming at the same time from all direction, and also it keeps decreasing when I touched the enemies, please cancel the pushing animation so that they won’t keep on hurting you when you went out of the cover web.

- Great idea, not execution

Fun gameplay, except riddled with ads, and if you want to remove ads that’s $5, and you think that will remove the 30second to 2 minute wait times on getting extra abilities through ads? Nope. They still keep that. So you pay to remove ads which stay anyway.

- Tedious

If you like boring, repetitive games that have ads that constantly pop up every 5 seconds, along with ad banners and ads to improve skills…this is perfect for you. Developers really need to stop catering to those who are either 5 years old or lack the mental capacity to play something worthwhile. Shove your ad ridden garbage back where you yanked it from.

- It’s actually really good

I downloaded this game as a joke cause I had nothing else to do, but it has really grown on me, it’s a surprisingly fun time and I do recommend it.

- Blob hero ads

Ads fix the dam ads popping omg stop updating other things in the game and focus ad fix I keep getting just before the boss chapter 6 and some times the first chest I collect and watch an ad and bam locked out because of ad won’t let me close out of it get onto it guys asap ready to uninstall the game till I see an update saying ads are fixed

- Blobball OP 10/10

Ads heavily kill performance, if you want to remove ads, you have to buy ‘FutureMind AdBlock’ and look up a tutorial to use it. It’s $2 and GUARENTEED to remove ads. Gg and enjoy

- Adverts

I understand the need for ad revenue, but by god, there are way too many ad pop ups on this, hard to ignore some also as they will appear as you play so you inadvertently click them. Would be an enjoyable game without these getting thrown down my throat every 10 seconds.

- Purchasing No Ads leaves tonnes of ads

So I paid for this to remove ads but it just removes the banner ads at the bottom. Everything is still ad orientated. Not impressed with that. Otherwise a fun little game.

- Fun game

Pretty fun and simple game. Only grouch I got is ads, so I paid to have no ads but still have ads. Love for that to be fixed or money back. And once you die go for the 3x coins by watching an ad, watch the ad but don’t get 3x coins

- Great game but…

It’s a great game love the frost aura skill wish you had a fire lightning or some other aura skills but other then that great game to east a few days in

- Ads…

Decent game but I paid for the ads to be removed and yet I’m still getting ads constantly. Literally no change after I paid. Would like this to be fixed or refunded.

- Broken ads

Most ads are broken especially when I’m at the end

- Laggy

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy killing time on this game cause it’s pretty fun, but with the crazy amount of ads popping up the game begins to freak and get super laggy. Other than that it’s still a good game 👍

- Did the game cause ads to not be skippable?

Alright so this game is fun but sometimes the ads can be skipped and the ads cant be skipped. Why does that happen? I need to know and I also need to know how to stop this, how do I do it though… That is the only reason why this game is annoying If the game is causing this, FIX IT, PLEASE

- Another Infinite Ad Cash Grab App

You can’t escape the ads without paying. The game forces you into Ads regardless of which power up you select. No Ads? No way! You need to watch a shorter Ad. Also no “levels” just an infinite loop gameplay. Pass.

- Crash game

I’m not here playing for 10min straight and got reset again because the game just crash. The game is good for chilling but it just anoying, i’ll come back whenever it’s fixed.

- Nothing but Ads

Ads pop up every 10-15 seconds, it doesn’t allow you to even finish your run before forcing you to watch ads you cannot skip.

- Ads

I understand an ad after you finish a level but putting 4 or 5 ads in while trying to do the level it’s gross chill out with the ads what a joke of a game

- There’s no sound??????

This game is good, but there is now sound or music??? It’s not engaging without sound effects or anything.

- Ads

I quiet enjoy the game lots of fun but I brought the ad blocker and I’m still getting ads.

- Paid to remove ads..

You still get ads even after paying to have them removed

- Game is good if they get rid of performance issues

It lags soo much sometimes that its annoying

- Lots of ads

Trying to.. enjoy the game play, increasingly difficult while constantly being interrupted by the ads

- Fun game - crashes all the time

Fun game but after watching one or 2 ads and getting several power ups the game just freeze screens and crashes.

- Paying for Ad Block doesn’t remove all ads

Paid money to remove ads, but it doesn’t remove all the ads. Sad.

- Lagging

So lagged when higher level

- Freezes all the time

Fox your game my game freezes all the time for no reason and my wifi is good as well please fix this bc I really enjoy this game

- Not a good game

Game becomes very laggy as the game progresses. Your phone becomes hot and the battery drains like crazy. The game will eventually freeze and the app will shut down by itself.

- Don’t purchase

Don’t purchase add remove option, they are not working, have to contact apple to get refund

- Another deceptive pos

Paid for no ads and still forced to watch ads in every aspect of the game. Honestly developers like this should be sued for deceptive trade practices

- One f the dumbest games

Very obviously fake reviews. This “game” is completely nonsensical and pointless. Didn’t even rate hgh enough to con me into watching an ad.

- I want my money back.

I paid for no ads, not no chance to double up by CHOOSING to watch an ad.

- Ads

I pay for the ads but still need to watch . Cheat my money

- Too many ads

I paid my $$ to get rid of ads and the only ads I got rid of was the thin line of ads at the bottom that didn’t bother me. The ads that piss me off are if I wanted further upgrades, if I get these further upgrades I shouldn’t need to see ads cause I paid for no ads. 😡

- Kept freezing

It’s freezes and I die worst game

- Waste if time

The game as a consept is good but it glitches so much that is unplayable, i wouldnt downvote it if it wasnt so bad. Game is literally unplayable

- Don’t bother

Don’t but the remove ad’s as they don’t get removed.

- shocking

if you go out of the app or restart which you lose progress on the level shocking

- Adds bro

No body likes ads

- ..

Đang chơi quảng cáo như cặc

- blob hero.

I paid 5 bucks for no ads and I still.get ads. I want my money back.

Payoneer 💰

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- Beware!

Very challenging game but once you now the trick you’ll get through the game. But there are tons of Ads in game. I don’t mind it. That’s how they earn profit through ads and that’s how you help the developers if you don’t pay. Fair enough for me playing this for free. My time killer. Beware! I am not paying anything because this game is not creating any account to bind your progress. So whenever you wanted to delete and reinstall the game everything will be lost. Won’t be able to transfer to another phone or tablet because you have to start from scratch.

- Ads

Great game, but so many ads that it’s start to lag and you end up losing, because you can’t even control your blob!!

- AD’s

Oh! J’aurai dû lire les avis, donc j’ai payer pour faire enlever les annonces et Bam! Ils sont toujours là! En quelques sorte ce sont des voleurs non?

- Pay to still have adds

Pay for no adds still got them Tu paye pour retirer le annonces mais il y em as quand meme

- No ads not working

So i bought no ads and its not working… Good job stealing our money! I should do the same create a game and scam people.

- Good game ruined

Good simply game ruined by being unable to play without 10 ads in the middle of everything. Unfortunate

- Liars-still get ads! Wow Apple says no eligible purchases also! Both in it together looks like!

Like really? Yea at for no ads, but still get ads?!? Fun game but slowly making me want to just forget. False advertising what you pay for, not going to put one more cent into this game for sure unless they at least fox that!

- A waste of your time and money

I stupidly purchased the no Ads feature at $4. The game should be ashamed of themselves. Charging for no ads but the ads continue. What a rip-off. Add to that the game is boring and set up so you fail and you get a bad game. Save yourselves the money and aggravation and DO NOT download this game.

- Sauvegarde

Je suis vraiment déçu pas de sauvegarde donc si on a le malheur de fermer l’app ou meme juste fermer l’écran trop longtemps tout est a recommencer…

- Way to much ads game is fun but way to much ads

Game is fun has hell but way way to much ads

- ad after ad

Seriously this game should be called “find the button to close this ad”

- Common Cash grab scheme

Cool game packed with ads only way to actually progress later by watching ads for boosts not recommended

- No

Illegal access to my volume switch and unauthorized access to open new tabs in background

- Its okay i guess

Im not sure why people are complaining about the ads when you can turn on airplane mode. I think some of the complaints are preventable, its alright i guess.

- Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is nearly impossible to beat cause you get swarmed right at the start and ther nearly unkillable

- Fun but unbalanced

The hammer dudes at level four are not balanced. Otherwise very fun and addictive.

- Éviter le jeu

Premièrement, il y a beaucoup trop de pub, ensuite le premier niveau est beaucoup trop dur. De plus il n’y a même pas de tutoriel pour te dire comment jouer, une vrai perte de temps.

- Pay to continue to have adds

Very much enjoy the game, unfortunately paid to get rid of the ads and still there, making me not wanna ply no more

- Fun and quick

Pretty simple game but very fun to play when you have a free couple minutes

- No low quality mode

This game makes my phone super hot and then it slows down even when I’m not on low power mode which combined with the ads makes it slower because I have to load the ads and then reload the game

- Good Game

Great game, but the ads are a bit overwhelming and my phone is burning hot after ~10 minutes. Also, after the ads, you can’t move and the boss can kill you for free…

- Scam


- Ads every 1 min?

Cheap game with ads every single minute during playing. Do not install

- Awesome but lots of ads

I love the game but it has lots of ads and a few glitches ❤️❤️❤️

- Way to many ads

Not worth the time!

- Don’t pay to remove ads

I paid to remove ads and nothing changed, I still have to watch ads to advance in the game

- I found a bug

The game was pretty good so far, unfortunately ppl just need to buy the “no ad” so they can have the real fun. Anyway in chapter 22 these worm things can instant kill you; like, if they attack you from an special angle, you’ll literally go from 100 to 0. Overall a good game when ur bored. I also wanted to say that you should add an option to skip an ability, i worth it to not have an ability instead of having an ability that ruins your combo. Thank you

- No more ads

The game is good but the game is awesome with no ad

- Adds crash the game

First time playing and an add has already crashed the game

- I paid for no ads and still got ads

I was asked to pay $4 for no ads, but everything is still behind an ad wall. Scam.


Don’t pay the freakin no ad. There’s still tons of ads. This is a freakin SCAM!!!!!! I’ve never been so mad about a game. Lol. But it’s a good game. 🥸

- Fun but hard

If you are a kid DO NOT BUY IT, it is hard

- Amazing game with a few minor issues

The game definitely needs more optimization, my phone gets really slowed down when I try to switch to anything other than the game itself like that 1% barely alive battery slow if you know what I’m talking about. This even prevents me from getting notifications on other apps because I guess my phone just can’t process it. And besides that when I go to other apps my game restarts and I lose all my progress when I return. This is a very very annoying issue because I often need to swap between apps to do more important things or more time sensitive things and end up losing an amazing run. Other than these issues it’s an amazing game and I look forward to updates and more content to be added because it is very enjoyable especially if the issues get fixed. For now 4/5.

- Impossible

The first boss is way to hard for starters and it super hard to have money. The ads of the game is fake and there annoying. If you have fun playing this trash it not my fault.

- Too many ads

I’d get it if there were ads at the end of each round. But no, there’s not only constant ads to get free upgrades but you also get ads DURING your run

- Lots of potential, but way too many ads

A fun game overall but way too many ads to make it enjoyable. Purchasing the no-ad version, does nothing: and you still receive tons of ad, that take you out of the game. I also wish the game had sound but the ads issue is by far the biggest

- False No ads purchase

I paid the 3.99 for no ads but they still pop up for upgrades. What gives? No sound in game. This was a total scam. Graphics are good.

- Fun game

Really fun game, a lot of ads tho but good game overall


game is so bad, u can’t even get past this one level without grinding to get upgrades (early on level too) because they just flood the map with guys so only the first couple levels are actually good and then the game just sucks. (DONT WASTE YOUR TIME)

- Ads not worked

Good game

- I play this game and I love it

EDIT: They came out with a very nice update and balanced some skills. I can’t wait until they come out with more. I hope in the future there can be a pop up that shows what changes they have made. I also still want them to rework the way you collect offline rewards. Keep the nice updates coming! I love this game, but it comes with a few issues. I love the variety of damage upgrades and utility upgrades. I love that you get a new loadout every single game and you have to choose carefully and find synergy. The only problem I have with this is that some abilities are way worse than others and should never be picked unless you want to lose. I would love to see some balance changes be made to adjust the worse abilities so they are able to compete. Another problem is that the offline bonus is very finicky and doesn’t give very much. I would love to have a menu you can check and collect the offline bonus you have made in the amount of time since you last claimed it. I also would love to see a gold amount increase in the offline bonus because as of right now it feels very underwhelming. Something I love about this game is that you can watch ads for progress and for more upgrades. Something I would change is that sometimes a random ad comes in and you have to watch around 5-10 seconds and then you can exit it. The problem with these ads is that they interrupt the gameplay severely and can impact the fluidity of the game. I feel as though they should rework the in-app purchase of the removal of ads. They should make it so the only ads you watch are the ones for progress and in-game upgrades (this will improve the player’s experience and make it more likely that they watch a full ad consensually). They should make it so instead of having to watch an ad, after you purchase the in-app purchase, all bonuses come at a tap. This will make people that want to spend money be able to play this game without interruptions. I would also love to see see upgrades and new content added to the game. I hope the developers read this review and apply some of the suggestions I made. I love this game and I hope to see it progress in a positive direction.


One of the best mobile games I’ve ever played. Basically vampire survivors with better graphics…and less things to do, but it’s a good time waster especially when you’re taking a giant sh-

- Fun but

Please let us select abilities from a list instead of giving us 3 random ones, I'm tired of restarting over and over again until i get the abilities that i want.

- Best game ever

This is my fav game when I’m bored no ads because I put on this thing called airplane mode so don’t give it a 1 star review because some people don’t know how to also keep up the great updates

- Ad watching hero’s

If you don’t mind watching ads longer then you play it’s a good game but never played a game with so much ads popping up before

- Unfortunate

To be honest, this game -could- be a lot of fun. It really could. But the ads that pop up or the ones that come about when you get increases or treasure chests tend to crash the game. There are some fun dynamics here. There are some good offensive and defensive elements, which sometimes harmonize but usually don’t. The biggest complaint I have with the game is that the game often sputters and possibly freezes. It may be that I am on an older phone (despite most recent iOS) and having lots of memory. It is not a bad game. Just a frustrating one. I do enjoy playing it when I can but there should be a way to make this better. And sadly, right now, there isn’t. I think the game starts to grind when there are too many enemies in the space which is more a logistics issue than a phone or computing issue. It can be fun. It sometimes is. It usually isn’t. Sorry. Two stars from me.

- Love the new abilities

Great update with the hero selection and the new abilities are so fun! Adds so much more variety to the game too. Keep it coming!

- Soooo paid for to have ads removed…

Don’t buy this… even after paying to remove ads there still ads obviously I was really enjoying it enough to remove ads then I got to the second chapter where apparently mobs triple there hp and become damn near impossible to kill so o figure I’ll got back to chapter 1 and build up some coins and level up some more. NOPE after you clear a chapter it is gone and ready or not your forced into next difficulty. Enjoy already sucked my money up good job! So unfair

- Amazing game

I love these kinds of games, ads always make them annoying, but the game it self is fun as intended, the only thing I don’t like is in these types of styles in gaming most creators don’t put much more of an idea, they don’t expand anymore try new things, or even add other mechanics like a talent tree and/or leveling system to keep a player entertained rather than getting bored after a few games cuz it’s all a repeat after u beat it a few times and try a few different builds. Just my opinions.

- Would you like to watch some ads

I get that they need to make money, but the ads are extreme. Some don’t even give you a reward at all. I do not recommend this game.

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Blob Hero 0.7.91 Screenshots & Images

Blob Hero iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Blob Hero iphone images
Blob Hero iphone images
Blob Hero iphone images
Blob Hero iphone images
Blob Hero iphone images
Blob Hero iphone images
Blob Hero Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Blob Hero (Version 0.7.91) Install & Download

The applications Blob Hero was published in the category Games on 2022-03-27 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 328.55 MB. Blob Hero - Games app posted on 2022-08-12 current version is 0.7.91 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.quok.blobHero