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What is level up cars app? Collect gears and smash lower level cars to level up, avoid obstacles and higher level cars to beat the track !!

Upgrade your car and explore different levels.

Unlock new car packs and expand your garage.

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Find this site the customer service details of Level Up Cars. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1610355554/level-up-cars/contact

Level Up Cars Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Level Up Cars Version 2.7.215 July 2022

Bugs? Eww! But worry not! We have called our exterminators (aka, developers) to fix the issues affecting your player experience..

Level Up Cars Version 1.821 April 2022

Bug fixes.

Level Up Cars Comments & Reviews 2022

- Life changing

This game literally changed my life it’s equivalent to the works of Mozart in our modern world the fact that you drive cars and have the ability to level up said cars is truly inspiring I was in a rough patch in my life and level up cars helped me pull through when my friends left me level up car had my back truly a masterpiece of the modern age.

- Could’ve been better

This is a very well made game but it has many issues that need to be fixed. The racing is too laggy and hard to use. The car is hard to maneuver and stays in the same place when steered. It makes it hard to swerve into a direction to get a part for your level. It is very laggy and freezes for periods of time. I’ve checked my internet and it doesn’t seem to make a difference whether wifi is on or off. The Near Miss upgrades are worthless and not worth spending money on. They do not help with gameplay. This upgrade is supposed to help with leveling up even if you barely miss the gear. I think this means the more you upgrade it, the farther you can go from the gear and still be able to level up. No matter how much you upgrade it, it does not work and you still miss the gear if you are not directly on it. The amount of cars in front of you do not make sense. There is always one car that is collectible and five that are way above your level. The car that is collectible is almost always trapped and you have to really steer your car to get to it. Most of the cars are out of reach no matter how much you level up. The higher you level up, the higher the level of the other cars. This game is really fun but could use some work. Definitely a 6/10.

- Honestly the Best Rollic Games Game

This is not only one of the best car games in the App Store, but is also the best Rollic Games game I’ve ever stumbled upon in TikTok. With beautiful back, graphics, animation, and a decent variety of cars, it’s not only addicting to play but it also reminded me of how fun car games are. My only complaint so far is how near miss works, as I’ve nearly hit the cars above my level and I didn’t get it. Also, it would be nice if there could be more backgrounds to unlock like beaches, snowy mountains, etc. Overall, even though this game needs work, it has potential and is super fun. In addition, this is the only Rollic Games game where what was displayed on the app is actually true, unlike other games.

- Fun Game, Needs More Content

I downloaded this game about two weeks ago and have been played for about 30 minutes each day. It does give you ads after every round, but if you want to level up quickly while watching the mandatory ad, you can just click a different button after the round. Anyways, I fully upgraded my car and unlocked all of the packs, even making it to the highest level at the end, but there was nothing special waiting for me. Kind of felt like I wasted my time. It’s fun casually, but if you’re looking for a game that rewards you for completing it, look elsewhere.

- Lag and ads

In level up cars the aspect is to get your car to the highest level. But how can you do that when you lag to the point of teleporting around the map. When I read these reviews I thought it was going to be a really good and not laggy game. But as soon as I got into the game I immediately started lagging and getting so many ads. It was to the point where I just wanted to turn the off and never touch it again. But I started playing and it was cool to see the cars level up. But I would NOT recommend installing this game. It takes up to much storage and it is not worth it when you could get a much better game for the same amount of storage.

- Very good but…

This game is very good but the issue is I’m never able to get to the very top at the end of each level. I recommend that the creators make the starting car level higher the 40 like 70-80 would be nice. Other then that this game is a great time and easy way to pass the time.

- Level Up Cars

This is a good game for not having ads every time you complete a level and it asks if you want to upgrade your car for just a ad it’s not that bad to download this game and it has other cars In the game so you can level up faster

- Lags & Ads

So Ive been recently playing this game and i honestly think its good but with playing the game for quite a while now it starts to get laggy each level i play, whenever i dodge the obstacles it lags, when i dodge the cars it lags, even when im trying to get the screws it lags. If the game wasn't lagging that much it would honestly be good. And with ads showing up most of the time when completing a level it’s honestly really annoying

- Ads

Too many ads so I play offline but other than that it’s an amazing game try it if u haven’t already it just needs more content and less ads

- Good game but…

This is a amazing game I would give it at perfect 5 stars but there’s way too many ads. Every time you complete a level you get a ad. Please add a premium upgrade where you can get rid of ads and get other benefits and make a free trial. I would pay money to get rid of these ads.

- Good but repetitive

If you pay attention long enough, you can notice that levels are very much repeated. I feel like the simple solution would just be to make the car levels more random. Add new mechanics as well and new level design? Otherwise good game. Maybe relax on the ads though. Don’t be like every other app.

- Fun but lacking

It’s a fun concept but now I have maxed out all three options and I still can’t unlock the viper pack. What do I use all the money for and how many levels are there?

- Suggestion

Can you please make it so you can buy more starting level and other thing. Over all the game is so good I’m addicted👍🏼😁

- Its a hit or miss

After about 10-20 minutes of gameplay I had a 30 level starting car, and for some reason my game crashed and I had to start all the way back at 10. It’s not a bad game by any means, but with this inconvenience I don’t see this game fully playable.

- Ok game

Very good game although I don’t like when ever your trying to get the screws and it lags and you don’t get any thing and also I’m tired of when ever it has the bar to get double the prize if you hit no it will always be a add after the level

- Needs an update.

I love the idea behind this game. But I’ve been maxed out on upgrades and it’s so hard to want to keep playing when you’re just stuck at the cap. And the ads every run are annoying. I literally finish a run and close the app and open it again just to avoid.

- Best game ever!

I got this game and now it’s my new favorite game. It’s fun to play and I love it. If I were you I would get this game it’s really fun.


I looked at the some ratings and they said no ads but literally every single game I play there’s an ad after it. Literally I’ve only been playing this game for like 20 minutes and the first time I played it and I’ve already seen 50 ads this games is the biggest cash grab I’ve ever seen . So people looking to play this game just don’t it’s a waste of your time.

- No ads

Surprisingly when I got on this game I was expecting it to be one of those games that just slap you with an ad every 2 games, but it didn’t, I think it’s cool for that

- Ok so…

Great game but one problem I read a bit of reviews and tHey say too many adds but I’m not getting ads so I’m stuck with the first one and a can’t use a add the claim my diamond one so…

- It’s too expensive

The game idea is alright and I like swiveling my car around but the upgrades are way too expensive. It’s almost unplayable until you get you car to level 50, and it takes hours to do that.

- Way to many adds

There are some comments saying ( I’m guessing they are the creators friends or some crap) that there are no adds but after every level there is an add because you can’t click on the MISS OUT button.

- Honest and best review

This game is unbelievable level up cars is the best app I’ve had!

- Fun but a lot of adds and short rounds

So I would play and every single time I won or lost I would get a add and the rounds where short so I could not even get to 100

- It wasn’t that good

The game itself wasn’t the problem. In fact it was really good it was all the ads. Every round you played there would be ads and sometimes it was laggy.

- Garbage ad farm

Which developer decided that the game would play an ad even if you select "no thanks" on the offer to multiply your level reward by playing an ad? You can't go thirty seconds without a minute long ad that lags out your phone. Totally unplayable.

- Amazing amazing amazing

Love this game and adding fast and furious cars makes me love it more

- Just plain bad.

Game is boring and bland, with little to no actual fun. On top of that, constant ads, and the games is so laggy. The game would likely be more enjoyable if the game wasn’t lagging so hard, all the time.

- Crashed and reset

The game crashed when I was on race 80, It reset all my upgrades but it kept all my other things. So now I’m doing race 80 with a level 1 car and only making like 12$ a race.

- Ads spaced too close to eachother

Ads are too close to eachother, so I literally have to wait 30 seconds everytime. Space out the ads and i will rate 5 stars

- If you love watching ads, this game is for you.

Pretty neat gameplay however there is just too many adds even when you aren’t trying to level up or acquire new cars.

- Fun and addicting

I do have a slight problem, I wanted to get the viper pack but I didn’t and now I’m sad.

- I Love it

This Game is so fun u get To Stella level from others

- I love and like this game because it is so much fun to play


- I like this game

This game is so good and soAwesome and so cool so you guys keep it up

- I’m so dissapointed

I grinded TO LEVEL 100 WITH ADS EVERY LEVEL FOR LEVEL 100 NOT EVEN TO BE THAT GOOD. Whoever made this game at least make it where you can acctlly get ti that checkers thing above x10 because it’s physically not possible to get there at this rate. I’m so disappointed🥲🥲

- No

It’s fun at first but at the third time I played I couldn’t control the car and i lost all of my high levels. And I think it’s just an app for watching adds.

- Ad Problems

Fun game. It is hard to progress when the game won’t play the ads to get bonuses and packs.

- Game

It’s good but it keeps freezing up and I end up losing my numbers

- Thank goodness

Thank goodness for everyone

- Too laggy and over flooding of ads but good

Just dont play it you’ll thank me later.

- Really fun but

There’s way too many ads

- Lies And Truths

So the ad for this game was a lie because I did not see any cars go inside me the only truths is the gears and spiral

- Fun

No glitches that’s a surprise love game

- Hate this game

Terrible game to many ads can’t even play the game without having to watch at least 3 ads

- Ads

If you enjoy watching more ads than actual gameplay, this app is for you.

- I love sports cars

This is the best game ever made😍

- no adds

So when u play it it have lot adds I saw so much adds

- Get rid of ads!!

Someone said there’s no ads but when I got it there was ads every two games get rid of it pls

- Po

Thanks for your reply

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- Alright game

The mechanics are smooth and the game is playable. It’s kinda fun dodging to get the right levelled cars and dodging other objects in the road that affect your points. Unfortunately there are a foul amount of ads. Like you’ll finish a 20 second level get a loot reward multiplier if you watch an ad. Thing is, if you don’t watch the ad they’ll still play you an ad after you declined the ad reward… and get no reward. Not only that but they try and force your hand by having the upgrades locked by an ad rather then in game money. Like it’s a fun concept but it’s just one of those money hungry games that reminds us all capitalism has made most app games terribly exploitative and unplayable.

- It doesn’t reward progress.

So the object is to collect nuts on the road to increase in levels and then hit cars lower than you to steal their level. The problem is that I’m now level 55 I think. You collect maybe 20 - 30 nuts per trip, but, some nuts are placed in areas that you cannot collect without a penalty, so you get the point and immediately lose it. So the next issue is that the cars you can hit are almost always lvl 5 to occasionally level 15, BUT, the other cars are 160+ and now I’m seeing level 240 and 320. It is literally impossible to grow enough to start to harvest into that level. It’s VERY ad heavy too. A typical game lasts maybe 45 seconds. You then have to watch an ad. If you want to upgrade quickly you need to watch an ad for more money. Then an ad for an extra level. It could be fun, but the stages should be longer, have more achievable goals.

- Yeah

What else did I expect this ad was on instagram and everyone in the comment was saying it was bad - they were righty. Ads after every level, unsatisfying results (every time you finish a level there will always be 20 cars that are twice the level, which is another way of marketing). The only smart thing about this game is that they use so much ads for rewards/no rewards this company is making so much from these ads. The whole game is a con with bad bad bad audio(audio is very easy to implement into a game bc all u have to do it add a “play sound if hit > yes which they have done miserably) Nothing fun about this game if you want to support this company and make them profit ig go for it

- Cool

Cool game but way too many ads. Uninstalling soon.

- Yet another excuse for revenue

In a world full of crapps, this is yet another shining example of a game made with very little effort in order to profit from a non stop stream of ads and in app purchases. Unfortunately it seems the App Store is full of “developers” that want money while doing very little to earn it.

- What’s the point

Even if you pay for the game it still requires you watch endless amounts of ads to level up.

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- Ads are broke for me

The ads are broke for me and I can’t claim any of the cars :/

- Too much ads

Every time I press “no thanks” after finishing the level it still gives me an ad. The game sucks

- Too many ads

An ad pops up every five seconds

- Hard to play

There is an ad after every single round. You can barely play the game.

- 1st lol

I’m 1st lol

- Different App Same Garbage Generation

Title says it all another in-app purchases POS

- Adds make it no fun

Endless adds makes the game no fun to play

- viper

how do you unlock the viper car pack

- Ads ads ads

The most ad plagued free game I’ve ever encountered. Even denying double rewards for watching ads will still get you a fifteen second ad. Ads for skipping ads!

- 3rd lol

I’m 3rd lol


way too many ads btween each and every round that’s wayyyy too much

- To much ads

It ruins the game you barley get to play

- Repetitive

There is like 5 different levels and after roughly level 50, you run out of things to buy. Work on your game

- First lol


- SO MANY ******* ADS


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Level Up Cars iphone images
Level Up Cars iphone images
Level Up Cars iphone images
Level Up Cars iphone images
Level Up Cars iphone images
Level Up Cars iphone images
Level Up Cars iphone images
Level Up Cars iphone images
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The applications Level Up Cars was published in the category Games on 2022-02-24 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 770.76 MB. Level Up Cars - Games app posted on 2022-07-15 current version is 2.7.2 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.Tinkerbox.LevelUpCars